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" . . . . - . it . nt ... .11
A ita?'j?.al rsiodt, xaDSs SARSAIMKILL:1. 1U0,U s lUorr ?"". ""
i w-a. it ii f x i v i ' iivi:i.i i x i i.iii
Ifmlri fmr (fi'i'''l cnr 'ml P 'M tvrt
f tftn rr.Ht " tint i frvi I
Indian V erct:il)c Pills
f.r tri oTt annuo" fOU.ret r-r itrtTH.
IiHUSK nirrHnrf IMU are rompor5 ff
wMcfi ir pnntineoljr In etui own
oil, n I r irrtrfm Nller dped lo cut cf..'ll"
lion. ltiB rj4rtr rfr otlfii Irtun fH" d.r'f a,
boTtf rW trey may U cc-rnjwiuridcd; and it lb
i.mhan v:oi:rAui.E nu.5
t fpArd ujob t l linnple that lb human body
It in iruth
mijjr.CT to jiut o.xu dibkash
tli; fOffo;i humors, and that M wrdfrln curet
ltd. clri on
natuiial principles,
lV rtrtiir cd -wiW " ".,n L mln"
if..t ihtl sfibe car-mtul"! b not entirely exhaust
ed. a pmere t met m their '. according In .'nee
llun. U absolutely certain lu dthe disease of ccijr
mtn fmm the IwnJy
tiii: imjian vr.otrrAM.K pills
IK If found one of ilie l-eit, if not the xetj Vest
n,eHrlr,e In ll wutld fnr the. nnjlnj out this
grasp prmrrisa principle,
because the- eipel frnm the IhhIt ll mnibid and
rotcMM bnwi (il.r rat .e nf dlese) ill an easy
l N ATI' HAL HAS. Si: It. and while they ere-
civr. kasi: am) rM'.Asuui:.
disease of titty nime I rapidly driven from the
TMs Ii In Infiitm the public that alt genuine med
Irtric Imt m iltc tide nf i lie bom,
tVrtAl" Indian Vegetable Pills,
(lkt.UK ITKlMTUr)
pA North American College of Health.
AimIkWo arnund llif luder nf the Mr, will be
fiMimi in iinll irj". "Kn'crMl nrmliiln? I" Iho rt
nfomtrr,. In 1h- jrtr IRIO. In IVM. WiMdllT
in llir I'ArtV m r f ilir Di.itirt Cnuri, of the
Dh'iI-I ill IVnnjlvania "
Ii IiimIht Ih iii'MtM-t! thai iho printed diirc
1Mhi for uinij lliu m;ili inf. ulncti arrompxniri
tijit boi, mx ! rniptnd ncrnnllng to Arlnl Con
:ti -; iind the inw form uill bu fuuiid nt lliu but
itim if iltn fi
Tin p!i'iiir lll a!o rrmmbrr. lli.it all who sell
ir giniif Indian Vrcit.bli' l'ill., ate prurided
with rrlili"lf il nfnrx, inifd liv
l Nmiii Amrrican Cnllfgeiil Health.
Wfiiilt'atc Cnmity Acenlt.
Th" ivililir am raiiimnrd ai'iii't bitting of any
lil !h rrynlirlr iij'iinlrd ajlftlls n.Tnel)':
W B r. srOOI)HD. Rutland;
0 (Tli-m- n'i, VWt. dn.:
Jlmirn A- ('iiitinrriI
J. Jlurlmi'ipr, Shrei!)uryi
(j. A A. H-illard, H Ohrcndnn,
8. TnunsPiid, Jr.. Wallincford;
l.iplnm, Vail it Co.. .Snulli do.;
J. A S Vail A Co., D.inbj- (Horouglt);
S. A- N. J. Smith, do. V
N.'W. .caiTer, Tinmouth;
Vail A- Oln. Middleimvn;
11. ,M. Walkr-r, Chiendnn;
Hiplcj A lUilcr, W. Hutltnd;
S. D. Window," l'ittsfotd;
Warren A' Win, llrmdon;
Ira ilutton, dn.;
Ira Ilingh.-im. Hndbiitjr;
Neaing A: Catlin, Orcll;
W. (Mnpman Si Co., dn.;
K. II. t S. Aiken. Ilenfin;
31. S. Armstrong, Weil Haven;
I. Fletch A Son, Ilridport;
J. Fruit, do;
Wiipht Si Hurk, Shoreliam;
John .Simon. Jr., do.
A. Allen, Kairhavrn;
12. J.tmicion, ('asllrtnn;
J 0. Itichirdson, West Puultne,
S. Aears, Bait do.
Allen Groter, Weill,
Wheeler Ax Swallow, Pawlel,
1. O. LANGLEY, Travelling Apents.
K. H. All orders and communications muit be
adJicited tluu: ,Jj
New England Oflire and General Depot,
':'T 13S Trcmont Stioct, llnston.
rrctir alter exposed, 'j(lst i,oqur the prciendcts sink into oblivion,
d, which deranged j T(m jvCPian mndicinps, first introduced into this
no r sys.nn. i urp e or nvni mioh nppcarcit j rmlnlry by II. S. Mont, in 1830, have for the last inff any permanent it'lief.
i ..kin, .nipii.led with violent pain ofihe head; fm)r VMrs ,,rcn pparod bv him, and the increasing : Hanning's Patent Lace, nn
MM.iom licina nlimiinu.a phvsitian was call- M,c aUelR ,,)eir inlrir,sic merit; Ihev ccmptise two' it, surpasses nil my expeel
oprcM-nbed .luterinc and leeching, which srls 0f PiSl No. 1 and No. 2. in single boxes of so free from pain, nor enj.
Jan. 20, 1811.
200 Il3rn,,s Superfine Flnur, for
VK sale by the loid or barrel at a
small advance from Trnv prircs, by
jiAiuti. i r a (;o.
I).tri( t of Huthnd, m. thnt at a special
pmbi court held at Itulland ii, and for g.iid
dutrlctoniheSTth day ofJanuirv, A. 1). 181 f.
, ,, Present. Win Hall, Judao.
Almond P.m ell. ndmi.it.iratnr of the eslato of
Jum.tl.an Wll.Ut,. ,f Chittenden in saiddiMrict,
tZiTnkin'"Xyl'' ,mi,,(: "'U J le,en.ed hi '
eiiltnnin w i, i. rrp,e,,inR t,. j, U necc.aaiy
il l i-U il nin..r 81 10.00. rder to pay him
. e'lZM"' 1 ",'"''r f relahl. o
VS;!lna V? X""" "f ini.tr.tion.
I. U I J " RMliimll.flM (hr.,efor;
lb. 4ih.i,v ..f an I. now. and thai a convnlil i
lh,M.. in . Itu-land Her..ld? ne
M . ,l -il-r,.l. thai all ,.,, imercMed' m!T
Mr..". ,,V"lr,,t, !,,c WmM "f'he debts
H ".r " ..the,i,e object
tnu i.Pt fr cau,e
A Hue ropy ci rrrord.
0:7 iiexhy
ron Tiinnr.MovAi. and r p.r.manknt cum
uii'Uiu: stat i: or tub ni.ooo.oti
Scrofula or Ktnj'i F.ri, Uhtumatitm, Oitlinalt Cu
tan t mi Krutioni. PimJti or Puiltilri on ifie
Face, Dloichrt, liilct, Chtonic Sort ltyrt, I'mg
irrm tr 'l'rllc r, 4?ciW llraJ, EtilnratmtMt axil
Pain of the Honrs and Jmult, Stubborn L'lctrs,
Sypblitic Sytnptcmti Sctnlica or Lumbago, afil
Ihicaits anting from an injudicious ne of Mrr-
fury. Alettes or lhaptij, I'tpouiit or Imprudence
in Lift. Also, Lhronic C miltlulianal Unorders.
1 Tim preparation i a combination lierctulorc nn-
i known in the liittory of merit, inu, differing enliiely
in it character and opcratluni from the various
preparation of Satcapnillla whicll liatc been nl
Ulllcrcnt timet olleriil to Ilie titlulic. it a(t $e-
' clfically umn the wl old fystcm, tlieteby bringiiig
I It under Ha direct and inirneUlalc inlluence. Al
iIiourIi neaed of jwjwerful and contrullingeflVcts,
)ct it ii entirely harmless, mi ih.il it cannot injure
the mol delicate constitution. When in perfect
health, no ellect is produced by ilauc except nn in-
, ciease of appetite; but when ilcease is sealed in the
frame and hurrying fast Us victims along tho path
nl hi.', then its mylcnous influence is felt and seen;
Il enkindle new life and tisnr, and brings health
I and aticnglh back to the uflbrjng and diseased.
j Essex, Conn., July 25, 1843.
Mpsm Sands Gent : About ciuht vears since.
by being mcrhcated and and directly after exposed,
j was teizcu tvmi a severe co;i
the whole sysiem. Purple or li
on ion K!
Ihc sympt
cd wh
produced partial i.'licf. Hard, bony lumps formed
under li:e fkln on various parts or the body, and the
doctor pronounced my complaint hereditary scrolu
.i. it- w lor Hip fiM lime developed. The follow
ing u interim' iht failed in bolh eves; medi'-a! aid
wan aaain i soitfd to, which relieved my Mght dur
inn ti.e Mininier mv ime now pecan lo n riti.0 jn
n?eantl Hie whole body rapidly enlarged with
(ii'iriir.. swciiin". Ilie nose even crew very sore
t I 1 . . r ......-.. .. i
mm oisi'iinigt'u j.roiusriv inc mi'si ioaiii8nme suu.
itance. Mv whole system was involved in disease
tl.e lumps sollencd au.t dis barged freely, producing
gie.ii (ii'iiiuiv ; uxer.H now uroKo nut on the legs,
and lo compleiu my rui-ery, I lie muscles and sinews
contracted so that I was rendered nearly helpless
I rem tined withlitiip . banco in this condition until
last Oc tober. when I was suddenly seized with nn
Indescribable sensation, which rendered me nearly
unconscious, and my friends supposed it was the
willof kind Providence to rid nio of my sufferings,
uui .nun mis i rKruvereu oniy io suuer on; the ul
cers had become one continuous sure entirely raw,
It w-s in this condition I commenced the use of
your invaluable bnrsanarilla, which I was induced
to usn Ironi the many remarkable cures I saw pub-
iisneu. ii caine in mo as some guinlian angel; and
1 can scarcely tell why, yet from tho moment 1
heaid it mentioned I was impressed fully with the
belief that this was to be the Good Samaritan for
me and truly it has wrought wonders in my case.
After lisit.2 It fur a few davs mv nains onilor
tho swelling of thu body and limbs went down, the
ulcers commenced healing, and I te&tcd well. Af
ter sufleiing crerylhin but the pains of death, how
happy am Land how Grateful do I feel.
add anoiherlesiimonial to the efficacy of your price
less Sarsapirilla.
My health is restored, ami I I
" . , , - im.u I"U
nnles wiihont inconvenience. I superinlend mv
family afT.iirs, and in fact feel almost likn I miner In :
a new world I am induced in tmkn this public ac
knowledgment from a deep sense of dmvi Inn In vnii
as a means in tho hands of God of restoring n fellow
mortal from a premature grave. Language is inad
equate to express my reelings. May the Lord be
Willi i you and make his face to sliimi upon you, is
the dcslte of your much obliged and deeply indebted
rriend. To the afllicted I would sav. Do not des
pair; for, however desperate vniirn.no
surely have an antidoio at hand viz: SA:n3' Saii-
sparim.a. Trust to no other, however great their
preionsions. MON1SSA SIMMONS.
Middlesex Co. ss. Essex, Conn., July 25, 1813.
-Personally appeared the
Simmons, and made oath to the facts contained in
the foregoing statement, before me,
iiunmw b.MiTii, Justice ofthc Peace.
We the subscribers, being personally acquainted
rwMIV. GENllNE HVUIil.. U.mu, iim.
1 UNIVEILSAL MEDIAN n-AcctitAtciy ptc
pared by I)r II. K. Moat, ol Jcw joik. unm p..
original recipe used for many c' by bu late !
her. Mr. Thorn Moat, Vice Prciidci.l ofthc Htit
ih College nf Health. , ,
Twcntr j cars' successful admlnlitrallon or these
celebrated medicines in Europe, and mora than
mthr jcats to li.e United St.Hr li establiMicd
heir high reputation. Thousands of Imili sexes,
who hate been ifstnrrd to health, the numerous suf
ferets irroicl fr..m mematuta death, nntl volumes
f c cruficd cases of cute, embracing cverr disease
m Ihc long catalogue "f human ttiirciy nuisl con
inic ihc most incicdulous, or their snpeiiorily and
the truth ofthc Hygclan theory, resulting frnm si i
entitle rcsentch and expciiciu e, namely, that 'mm
is subject to oulv one real discusc, impurity of the
i uu niruirinrs urine ci'tn'U3vi mm . lo-in. fr..m i
o. v.ge.able matter, purify the bloo.1. and carry oir J Xn In" he
.1,. c,i.. I r ir. a n.anner to aim- ''sct "".r" ,n "lc
the cortupt humors of the U)dy it. a n.anner to sim
pie as to cite every day ease anu pleasure.
Man will bo born to daisnf lilts, compared to
what has hitherto been his lot, weighed down as he
has been by disease, infirmities, and suUerlngi
wbi. h no earlblv nower knew how to alleviate, mi-
til this d.srovcty wa presented to the world. The
weak, tlie leclile, Ilie Inhrm. tne nervous, uie pen
cale, me in a few days strengthened by Iheir ttpcra-
lion, and Ihc most nbMiiiite complainls ore remov
ed by pcrscvcrmcp without the expcne ol a plivsi-
cian. Ailaplcd to aU circnmsianccs and silintions,
ihey are tic b'sl Mediants, ever invented for tami-
tits, or to takj lo sea, pievcnling scurvy and coj
ilveness, requiring no change of diet, particular reg
imen, or care against taking cold.
The prepotency nf ihese medicines, has Indued
many speculators to attempt imposition on 1 lie pub
lic, bv forainff tho labels, or forcinc their Imitations
into police through thnmodium ofthc Press. Some
oflheni pretend to Ilygeian principles, by stealing
frnm the writings ofthc Ilvgeist, and copying whole
paces inlo their fulsome advertisements.
Hut as thev cannot copy tho medicine, mnir spe
cifics or theli deleterious nostrums prove to be una
vailing, their puflin;; and piracy become evident;
disappointment to the afllicted is eventual, and with j
Dv Banning's Patent Lace.
For Hernia cr Rupture of various kinls.
An Immediate reliefto Incipient Consumption, tho
llinnchim nl public speakers! Palpitation of the
Heart; Djspcpsia, Spinal weakness; Piles; I'm
lapsus Uteri and Atii, and Diseases of ptiiuricnt
and childbed Ladies without medicines.
THIS instrument has been examined by Drs.
Molt, Itodgcra, Francis and (.rlsromlt of Now
York, tho faculty ol Pittabuig, Hatifoid, New Ha
ven and Middleinwn, Conn., and has obtained An
itself ilicir faromble testimony.
I ho following will show what kind ol testimony
might be adduced in many cases.
Mlddlclown, Conn., June 25. 1643.
Dr. IJnardman Sir. In answer to your inquiries
icspecting my case, I will merely say, that I have
liecn sick since I strained mv breast and loins In
llut time I continued to crow
Full ol '3D, I abandoned busl-
each at 25 or 50 cents ; and Packets containing both
sorts, at SI, S3, or 93. I he egetable t-leansing
Powder", in large boxes, at 37 1-2 cents, with print
ed direct'ons. Each packet has n fac-slmilio of tho
sicnaturt- of II. Shepherd Moat, and lo prevent coun
terfeiters, arc signed with a pen by the district agent
and sub-agent nn a label of yelloic foyer.
Xvonc ate genuino unless nicy nave these signa
tures, and nro oolainen Irnm suu-agents who can
ptoduco their written appointments from the district
ngeni, and whose names arc advertised ir. their re
spectivo districts. H. SiiKPitrnn Moat,
rnnopal ollice, 50 Uanal-st. I. Y.
The above medicine can bo had of E W.
CLAPP, District Agent, at Jackson, Washing
Inn Co. N. Y.. or of the followinc Sub-Anents :
Wallingford, Henry H. Leonard, Rutland, W. E.
Stoddard; We: n-tland, Hitchcock A Morrran.
Pawiet, Harrington Landon&Co.; Tinmouth. Noah
Sawyer; JJanby, I. J. Vail. 30-ly
uess. and have not done any thine fciuco. I suppos
cil, (turn nil I could learn nbnut my case, frequent,
ly r liiing blood, coughing very hard and cxpecto
rating profusely; deriving no benefit from many-
Physicians, and all medicines recommended to tno
that my case was hopeless. Last winter my
brother told mo he had heard good account of Dr.
Ilanning's Lace in such cases, and was anxious that
1 should try it; accordingly I procured one Iroin vou,
and since 1 began to wear it my breathing, which
was vety shnilam! laburious, became easy and nat
ural; the pain and fluttering or palpitation of tho
heart has subsideJ, cough and expectoration great
ly lessened; my limbs, which were exceedingly piin
I fnl, have become useful, so that I can wnlk comfort
ably. I am able to shave mysulf with comfort
which foi many years I liavo not been a bio to do. -Tho
piles, which have troubled me for nine years,
arc nearlv eradicated. I worksomo in the garden,
and am able to rido four miles at once with pleasure
and bencft. Your, ike. Wm. Han.nev.
Dr. G. M. Duardman.
Sir. I have been much, afllicted for many years.
with headache, pain in tho breast, side, back and
limbs, altendcd with loss of appetile, dizziness, lan
guor, drowsiness nnd n general debility of the whole,
system; for which I have tried all tho usual reme
dies, bolh externally and internally, wilhout obtain
ing any permanent tenei. l was induced to try Dr.
nnd the benefit derived from
cpectations. 1 havo not been
pain, nor enioyed so nood health, at
this season ol the year, lor the last 20 ycais, and I
attribulo it entirely to tho use of tho La'ce.
Wm. Woodward.
Middlctown, Conn., June 25, 1813.
Mlddlclown, Conn., June 25, 1813.
Doct Doardman Dear Sir: In answer to your
enquiries leipecting tho effect of Dr. Manning's
Jiace in tho case of my wife, 1 will stnlo thnt for
twenty years past she has boon nfllicind u lib .i mm.
1 1 plication of complaints to which females are subject.
. Sho has tried all tho physicians nnd all medicines
recommended lur such complainls, without regard
to expense, and found only temporary relief. Her
most distressing complaints, palnitation of tho heart.
oppression and a serso nf great weight at iho pit of
(Jliil.ircii Cry
K. mny, I' r tlicy nic n. plr-nau nl nt the ben IV pflrnm't
C'.irily.nhtl psei all tlio pri.pirliea irqnhitr r.-r fun,.
Idem l-n mek. I)r, SnriiM.Hisan eip.rlenenl Pl.i ic.if
inula .Mriulirr urt'ie .Medical .-'feu ly tf tl r Cu ,,f
York . n u.l luit nliandntird n .itpe anil lucrative prarlif i,
rnnlii- dim to iiilruilucn ittcilicine in this plenrnnt f.rni
Fur years experience, and the cniiiumiilion nfun. I i..,.i..j
nn.l tiirnlr tlx Inns iiDiis l.or.eugca, lim placed I bin. rLe
jo ml doubt and uncertainly.
And miny uir.'r Ti.r mnnilia Ami etrn eat. Tmrn tl-tm
wlllituit u.perling the enute. Tdey may tie innun I,, ,'
hid liM-nlli, picking at Ilie nnre, ;nnMingnr Ilie Hnmic),
pile net. about ll.o lips nnd flusheil nlieek., Hirtinj in tirrn
(.rlndinir nniie teeth, pain In Ilie stomach, tally, fin. hi ,
j'.inU, llilif. of licit chill., drnn tinc., Iit-mlackc, fil. Ij
tn-to in the inmilli. dry ei.uali, fcveiinlmc. vnraeinu. ni.
lite. Icmnefi itching (.ftlie arm. Sir.. The imillnu.li-(,f
ca.c.tlir.c I.n7cnt-r. I.atc cured it ahnnil Incredillc unit
failure lias never liccn known.
I. often .aid by tlmro who nro sulijeel In n headache
Slierman'i ('.intplmr l.mcngr. will ruto nn rnr, nn miltrt
linw ad. in len minuie.. Tdey ruro I'.ilpil.nlnn nf llf
Heart, Pea Kick'!., l.mvnrp. ol' Spirit . , letpiimlp.rv,Ki.
liiue and nin-t Nervous Ilircoc. in ll.nl tlmrlfpanr uftim.
Tdey di.pel nil Idc dblie.fing ynipli.ni nl n niolit'. iliiill
pilinu, keep up ll.e .piril. nml eualfc n permn in under.
Croat inenliil and brillly toil. Tl.py cnalilid (;ro. Wad,,
lotion Dixon In walk 7i hour, uiilmut ir,t r iccp. He
end lie could not Imve dune it it limit Idem.
Say many nnd alill Ihey gn on neefcrting it till Hi nme
aall(iw tdeui up, Sdermaii'. Onuad l.iurnpr. will
dialcly allay all ordinary case.. Tdey cure Ihc mint i.luii.
uate rcrfnl unr. InnleW h.-urs nnd iieer fail luiln nn
In alliin.i,vdoupii.(i rnush, couph nllrmliug mcailri nnj
tiahlne.s nfllie edett Idry ulvn insiant leli.r, Cnnnutnn.
lion w-di-ie death ha. noUct h- c:it thrte l.xzcnce. '
re.lnrn the bloom to the hacpaid rherk and hialldtn ,e
otderwifO lost patient, 'I dej lnic mud a utent nmiiv per.
.nn t lint dad been piven up by their pl-y.ieiniii aid Incut,,
I'lipir eWnbrily (r ruiina c-nugliB nnd cold, m tiuu k mrl
en.ily i. known throupdnnt Ihc civilized world ..nd Mr
demind Tor tdrm i. hejnnd Ihe eiinrr ptien nf . Only
think of five or fix of there l.i.zcngcan. pca.ant to the Innc
n. a common mpir plumh mring lliu mott dimcriln
cough, in Ires than thirty minutes.
Patn and weiknen in Ihe hreaM, side, Inek or n.iy pirl el
the bodi; femaf- npakne..; Cillinc ofthc womli; piles .t-n.
cureil by .Sherman". 1 'oor Alan. Planter wlueli rnMs Mity
12 I 2 cent.. Applied to corn, it draw. them out hy tie
roots without thcieatt pain IVIien .ucd men a. idellnn
Aaron Clark, lion Bd. .. Purler. Hon It. . .eardt'ev
Itev Daria. Anthony. Itrv Sebastlnn Slreeler. Hev W'r
llnndenek. Doctor- Moll. Knrfprr., Kinllh nnd VanJc-ri-nl,
tue siomacn, prolapsus ol the womb, wore re- I M". . "cn'nn an" ai-U'ir Upliam lend t heir -auction
letved after wearing the Lace two limns, and she I Si ' "n" "1!,t . vc ''fen cured ly
esurcction or Persian
BEING composed of the Persian and Indian
vegetable extracts, are therefore purely vecct-
ble; and fur eradicating disease in nil its varied
forms, Ihey stand unrivalled. In their oporalion
they effectually remove tho very roots of disease
spopsia, diarrhea, dysentary and all diseases
arising Trout an impure stale ol the blood, or disor-
Icred sysiem. They are not unpleasant in their
ciTocts, end at tho same time restore and 'invigorate
the system. They quicken the circulation, purily
the blood, remove all diseased action, give a tone
to tho nerves, exhilirale the spirits, nnd give health
and strength to the whole person. No family
should be wilhout the Persian Pills, for it micht
save them from the sick bed of a Ions: and lingering
disease of suffering; also a heavy bill ofexnense.
The preventative is eaiily obtained and tho expense
small. 1 hey aio the cheapest as well ns tho best
pills in use largo box, 73 pills, for 50 centssmall
box, 35 pills, for 25 cents. A pamphlet containing
certificates and a history ol the above Pills, mav bo
had free, by calling on any of the ngcnls.
For list of agents, see Jew David's Plaster. In an.
other part of this paper.
Sherman'. Lozenpcr, none can doubt thoir .'real
queiiiina.)io virtue. .
HALL, Itegi-tpv.
Wfe'i', i:ri-"-',"1"EPP"niMII the Hon
rLLi '"f t!, ""i" f UutLmd..
In.atddi.wlM ,V"""raV "HidiUtoien
v. t.iti,,;.rr vr . ,,c. nc,r that
"""t orr.ee nf C. I)
with Mrs .Voniss.i Simmons, do not lip.iinin i(, mv
that we consider the above statement of her case
substantially true and emitlod lo confidence.
lir.cnEN 1'ost, Deacon Hapiist Church.
I. Him, Havdes, .lferchant,
Ciias. (irkesleaf, Stir. Dentist.
A. T. WiiiTTfionE, Postmaster,
For further particulars see namnhlpfs. tvldet. m..
be oblniucd of agents gtatis.
Itreparpd and sold bv A. II. Sand. A. P.. r.
gists and ChemMs, Granite buildings, "73 Hroad
tvay. corner of Chamberstrent. Now Yoik, nnd for
sale by Drugcivs thrnnchout Ihe United States
I flee fel per lioltie, six boHles for S5.
Sold also by DAN'IRLS UPrr r...i..i.
It:. . .... ... ..,,,, i.uti., no:
Iltc he... Is At.Mmgan, West nmland; B. Jamieson
L-Mleion; J Ileaman .t Son, West Poullney;
hemer k Swallow, pawlel; War,en A Hlt,
lirar,ion.n -cms fur the nroorietors. , i -
potnlmeot. 1 ' -r---"i-
i1?' ''.'; p".,,il0i;r0 respectfully requested to re
"fnS I' nV.' i" S1n'ls, Sarsnp-frllLilhai has andls
. . )ly n,',U'-ni:rb remarkable cures, nf the
most , fficult rlav, of d.eae- to which he human
12: lv
.... r'.. . .
Vu-, ,, our tiniantn.ini..
ii .
own on the "ott. j.. r i. ,,V""B,n" Midd c-
on earh or.,t4d,y, UD,U ftrl0k P m-
- - ' i. "
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Plonr, Salt, &c. Ac.
ill be Ucome, of fuj l ; ,i")e
fler lhl date. ' J W J'rl "J'cug
s nilirn hi mi nr. r . .
u irientit n ir...
'""I'lMhem. '
j tiuu ir inn 11 til. .1 r.
".ew Store" ii i ,t, V". -I tie
c in
litre a hranrlinf tl.ir
IllSIlI-r t r
ISltirn Iia .rt- .
rniHS may rrriif; that I Ure gf mr
M. Maries Mi. a mnu.r. Kl. j....'.
,em.,erofbi.roinor,.y .nd .lull chta norte " f
wuugt;f , Jao, 23, isa
bowiu) iWr.
Nilea'.fora.erlrr....;: ..i-.r"".c. Mgt. (at
Ib'v wilUjppi, te,m:,. '' "rC" ael..ry) here
ne.. Ac Ac at WmJl,ili ' ' Hour'
i.ttunonly. w,mtott lii., addins i,an.rM,r.
- 2,f
.4 'Ilttlrii
stop.- u, ".: ." ""U.'trsi
drew, po.t pid,
Ar. . DOWNS'
Vcjcetable Balsamic Elixir.
THIS is unquestionably 'he best medicine oxtnnt
for tho cure of Coughs, Colds, Consumptinn,
Asuimn, ana an uiseases o: ino JA'Nos. It is whol
ly unnecessary lo give any of the tlumsands nf rec
ommer.ds that have been given in favor of this med
icine. As a guarantee to community tho subsoil
her will hero slate that he sells none except that
which is furnished by Curtis & Duteher of St. Al
bans. Vt.. who are the General Anonic A lnrrro
; , , , . ............ do iin,uimn
--.-r-.- --1 - u -.ii, ni .viiujcanic ur rciun, v.i pi. i.ie .vhiii oi mis mechanic
-ii inu uuuanu DooKstnre uy
3:t W. E. C. STODDARD.
Balsam of Wild Cherry.
.... I .... - " U I . u TO Gaiu
man for incipient or lo ,nak0 all improvements, and ndont all real
The best medicine known to
has continued to improve daily. With litis view of
the case, I cannot uso language strong enough to
convey my approval of the instrument
Stitiien Brooks, Jr.
This may certify that n short time idnce I called
cuDoct. Hibard, of Rutland, lor advice in relation
to myself. 1 had not walked for five months with
out assistance, and not then will out extreme pain
in my back, hips and loins, ow ing to prolapsus nnd
a Hriiuui inipiijjuunn oi ino niiiiominal viccr.i, pal
pitation, nervous weakness, cnstlveness, n continual
hnllown-ss al the pit ol'lhe stomach, finally. contin
ual derangement ol'ihu whole system. Dr Hibard
applied one ul "Dr Bantling's Patent Lace," nnd in
leas than ono hour I could wall.-
any support but my own body, and almost entirely i!sm.' e"ul' ,ai" 1,10 Mc n'l,s' '"'n!'. .
relieved from those distressing symptoms whitli 1,,llfct-' ''cadnche, netvoas toothache. Arc; i
naieuecn growing more aggrav.tled ever Bfnce last
weccmuer. ah tho medicino I have taken has
uone me nine or no good, Uccnuso the richt applica
tion was not applied, till 1 applied to Dr Hibard,
and I feel ceitain that ftom present indications I am
in a fair way to recover. Maiiv Tiiaveii.
Attest, Daniel Thayer.
Airs, Eunice Todd.
Hampton, N. Y., Sept. 0, 1613.
DR. HI HARD, having pun based frnm Dr. Pan
ning ihc exclusive richt to vend the "Patent Lace,"
in th!s vicinity, will keep on hand an assortment suf
ficient for ihoso who may call for tho same. The
subscriber has. in his extensive chronic practice in
t ermont, for lliu last soven years, seen the absoluto
want ol this mochanical application, with the "J7e
Jormed Practice" lo meet the wants of the many
digressing cases for which the Lace is applicable;
and in candor and truth feels as ihough loo much
praise and graiitudo could not be bestowed on Dr.
Manning for his continual labors, for a number of
year-, lo invent this instrument on such accurate
physiological principles, so applicable, and afford
ing so immediate reliefto those cases for which it is
designed. The undersigned has made a nuntSer ol
applications, and in n: iustatno haait failed to ben
efit the patient, although it is but n few days since
he applied bc first. Ho feels t nnfidrnt n,,i
ofthc chronic cases which he could tint entirely cure
tvc fur Ilia tt-.nl ..fll.:n n.A.l ,. 1
.... ... ..in ini-uo.ioicni application, to
keep tho viccra of tho body in proper relative posi
lion, that tho patient, by cxerciso and proper medi
cinen.jiught be rcstoted.
Dr.TlmAitD, would lender his acknowledgments
r r",n.th 'r ,h libL'ral Pa"-ntBo ho has re
ceived for tho year past, and he will always endeav-
Consumption, nsihm-t of every stage, Illeediug of l)r.ovemnts, for ihoso who mav rely on him for relief
ihe Lungs, Ctughs. Colds, Liver Complaint, and r,tl,e various diseases of tho human system. The
a Hwnnco. r.l,o I..lm n . .'..I.. ... i Kubser i.r rrlll C. .! i V ... . "r-
II diseases of ihe Pulmonary Orcans. mav Im hml subscriber (till further
nf it nrtpitit nimp1 liot.tttr to ail nnd tn rnll - frm A ....-.-..... ... ' J
" "'-' . - Hum a iJiLuiit'K.iiii i i nnri ' -i
ICf'All puhliiihed suiements nf cures r errotmed days Wednesdays, nnd all days of ilio week
to aifend to calls from a distance.on Mondays Tues
days nnd Wedne3davs. nnd .!-,... r.i. ..... ...
by this medicine are. in etrry respect, TRUE, He a,Uend t0 practice in the vicinity, both by niln nnd
UutlandTV t.. Sept. 11, 1813. 37:lv
cateful sud get the genuino "Da Wivtau's Halsam
op ild CiiERitv,'' as spurious articles are abroad.
Orders fmnianv part of the country should be ad
dressed to Isaic Hulls, No. 125 Fulion street, New
Yotk. go; iy
DANIELS & BE1.L, Rutland.
Colombian Universal
timing Plaster
moval of weaknesses, pains, &c in
ol the Jfataan Frame.
on lamb skin,
1 m
1 size,
6'mallcst d
Largest d
do do"
For salo wholesale
Bookstoie, by
and retail
at the
Coimutujiloii .V JAver Complahti,
Prom 375 Jotrcry, New York,
TnOR the cure or coughs, colds, catanh, asthma,
JL soreness or tho chest, pain in tho side and
breast, raising of b'ood, 7.aer Complaints, llroncht
lis and all those afTectiotis I ihe throat and Lun"s,
which are a source of so much sutlering. and, unar
rested, so often terminate in Consumption this
remedy is highly and jusily distinguished, h is
purely vegetable mild and gentle it its effects upon
tne system, and ca n Im InLnn in (lit m.ii 7U1;..A
aw" e iVii'nSLi' W"" P,,-ic""-. J?0U "lc Hl.cu.Vatism. Ulcers ofallV
effeclVeveo Tl JlTl ""c"8 particularly UlceraIcd throat, nos.r lis. ',
with gre-t appro! B',r. " Has
I.... - . ' '
i or
30 cts,
12 1-2
iuiuv,uiiiir iTjjxiure.
i met
n ,,7",e,J"- ever discovered.
cle afloat. and aielr uri?us "'"j """terfeit arii .
.herefo,8CcarJ ,.ln,rodu.,:,1 in' "niry;
'ftom 375 llow.rv v ;KCl '" .cnu.rie,
legs, swellings,., ail d 7 he Mu Z
every other kindred disease. AI,o a sure ,' '0 fo
Pi es in its ln,,st aggravated form. I'or sale whole,
sale and retail at th Ru,and ,)()kstl)re me'
43:,n STO HARD.
.i i r I
ind un-
ForHilc l.y Itnfns lllcliardrnn, Sherliiirue:Strope Ai J7urk
rillsti.nl! Kual J'urkcr, Clarendon .North Flat-; Daniels ,V
Kcll,ltutl.iii(li Henry tjimnnde, Pillffordi P.. S.l.eonanl,
l.ijihain & Vail IFaHiimlordi Allen Grmer, Metis; A II.
Vail and Co. Dmby llnruugU; .Senica J tmilli, Danhy
C.irneir; V. Jmietnn, Cn.ilu.ip; . I ,, . ,,!,. pa,i
Frem-rick Kel,.Pg, .t I'nullneji Jolui C Hnwtrr 1 Suii
I.UMI K I) Hush, Orwell: Ira IIoil'I nm, h'uilhury: Wnrif.
S. Illi-., Brandon, Hooker & tVoo-ter, west I'onllneji
olnev Itos, nrnnd.iu: w.Clmpii.an. Orw.'ll. I5:ly
THE very best remedy that is known for all
ffin.ltt ,.f nfitn . i. r,t. Ir.......... - .
... Mii ... ni.iiitiii-33L-n, nut ii us rilf'ullli.-
ack and
in everv
case r Which it has urn-. oil an pfleclunl cure.
Thero is nothing better for ils softening and healing
qualities in cases ofscrollulotis humors, knots, wens,
white swelling, hard tumors, stiiTjoints, ague in tho
breast. A:c. It is also very beneficial in giving per
manent relief in eradicating pain and imparting
sttcngth in all cases of weakness weakness in tho
stcmach, weak limbs, lameness, affection of the
spino, female weakness &c. No person subject to
pain or weakness in tho back or side should be with
out it; married Indies in delirn'o situations find
great relief from constantly wonting this plaslcr.
The application ol this plaster between tho ghoul
ders, has been found a certain remedy for colds,
coughs, phthisic and lung affections in their primary
stages. It destroys inflanialion by producing copi
ous perspiration., No physician should be without
it. It is a sure cure for corns. Nearly all other
Plasters are spread, thereby rendered almost use
loss, by laying anil getting dry before using. 'I his
plaster is pm up in boxes containing suflicient to
spread six or eight plasters, price 50ccnis s box.
A raniphlct containing certificates and n, history
ofthc above plaster, may be had by calling on nny
of the follotvinpHkits :
W. E. C. STWdaR D.Rutland: Addison Duck,
Piltsfc.rd; Volnoy Ross, Hrandon; Ira Hincham,
Sudbury; S.Moody, Mtd.llebury; James A. Hodge,
Dorset; D. Andrews, Manchester; (J, 11. A: A. E.
Racor, Sunderland; E. Jamieson, Castleton; Hitch
cock .fc Motgan. Clarendon Springs; S, Mears,
East l'oultney; Wheeler Aj Swnllow, Pawlel; K.
Picsftlt, East Ruperl; Narrinoton & Co. Factory
l.inl- It llftrmnn Kn.ll. lt.hn!...inn. I.,l.., I'
ITaswcll, Ilennington.
Arabian Balsam.
XTAS Icon known and appreciated for thp efTica
Ji.JL cioijS nnd peculiai properly it possesses for
tho cure ol every kind of wounds, Bruises, Sprains
and sores; nnd is a never failing; remedy for acolo
and chronic Rheumatism. This llalsain affords im
mediate relief for coughs and sure luncs, pain in
tho side and breast, weakness in the back and loins ;
and is warranted In euro nny case oflbo Pilet or
fistula of however long standing when every thing
elo has failed. This wonder-working Dalsam will
restore numb or perished limbs, stiiTjoints or numb
ness in any part of tho body, and is a sure nnd pleas
ant application to Burns, Scalds, Sore throats and
Quinsies. Numerous and respectable cr.rlificales
may bo seen whero it has cflccied an entire cute in
all Jhe above cases. Ileinu prepared in aernrdanco
with strict and well established chemical law its
reputalinn has been and still is onward, and is now
extensively in,ed in all nans of the United States.
For sab' l.y DANIELS A: HELL Rutland; E,
Jamieson Castleton : J. lieaman A Son West Poult
noy; Wheeler As Sw-ilbnv Piwlet; D. Andrews
Manchester: Warren ft Illiss Hrandon; and in all
the villages in tho county. 42:Iy
White's S;.lvc
t i
Popular Medicines.
Rnssplx Iich Oinimenl. Romels Slnmneh Rilters.
Golden Hitlers. Circassian Hair Dve; LcwiV Tooilv
Pouder. Mhiim' and HniTil i Oil, Ross' Kvo Salve,
Ewens Anti-IIlllioiiK PilN. Any oflbo above med
icines can bo obtained at wholesale or retail by
railing on
13:10 W. E. C. STODDARD,
Villi's! 1 A
. It h.nh. ,11 l?nd H,M,V.,.e (,ly "r
erman n.tmm.. .j i alletoni A. Aiu ... -mieon, ".-.-.a,
v.... rtu. ., , r,f , -,,. 4(,yes A; Harris, ana has
" N HVDLHY&CO Town.nd.ir' WVMe.fiV.jM,1, 7WU,.,t,0,ns S,lm'l 1
Ui .. . cr,r.,,. . . las lliichcock A. Mi
i J l
Am!!een ed wilh ''encficial effect in rase, of
itnr.jiii.ii &m. na n in i. i . ..... .. .
pain in the hsad. .e. e " "r K ,,r 9 "e- i
lAI't. titrai ... f
cuts and even wi7 i" '"i"1 l,r .
Worm Lozenges.
"ORHPARGD nt the laboratory of Curtis
Duicher. St Allia ni. Vl. Tliese Lozoneet
r onilnjj ate decidedly better than Sherman's, or any other
armors have alo fmmd it eouallv n. . t r" . ' nolv,n "e' T'.v are pleasant to the lasie, and
wounr.. For s ile whulesala n rl si are a Jllre c,lro "r wnr,n, nn n,a".v "'I"'"' diseases
oi children; sold at wnoicsaie and retail at tho
.. rr... . " '
. , . ' . ... rt.r. in iriivpn ii'ut i
i w,.up, , r u winp. i . ii. . ."" ",,c wnuiejale and retail mm,.
" . 1 J I9tnftt Im at i M " .v.. at - UULfc, uiiait.u lIJUJLhlUrt1. Ml
inv JWre S3 1 49 It ' '
.Tnnn(nn I Rutland Bookstore ry

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