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r ,,4J ovsr ThumJay OTornlnj. !
tsirn rr n vtAB. .
ngty.n rvutt,althc tubicnbtri eorJ
J)rlirr J in ptclngcJ, or taltn at
r,f,$.": ly mill, r0. Ddtv !
,4 't-r'.' Viltegt earner, (JS.OO. J
f nr MlTrrtTI'HO.
4 ,r -rmrntM twihmg ttt$ tkanonttquart
iifr'J ihrrr teerki for $1.00 fnMe
; nrr Moi ane tquar? irilt hi rir
: i 00 fr symart; 10 j,er ifutrt
I'lrrf fnr tath micrtion cnnlinutd
.- fV 'hiri ffrtt. ID Thrtc terms triM It
. ,tm
rutlanb herald;
Vol. oO"No. 27.
I rem lit Drtrnit l)ljr AdtritUT.
Tin: ysr, ok tiii; t-.ivr.
,-.:! lit th '.'Jnr.f. of the Whist tu;Efital !
hj the Snnj of Shirt.
ttt k ne'nniw.
W ,-ii la.t .,4 runctJ sad date,
0. tl irt rimjd up te-r.-
M Amot It Duknif a ttinUe Mill,
And rills nn hit ato crew
Pltinrn Slimt.i ' ltnim !
liilcliif , anil Crnir.rH aril all,
Jlwk ' c routl ertrn ! f rjm !
Tht pcrpk w.tli lltt till Fall !
"Ilrar Heir Heir,
1. rl nn not 6ithy J .
I fr a' fur trir,
flt fifplo ill tolc fnr Ob)' '
I) I i r ami I'uhctii and Dorr !
Uirr nJ, Durioo twl fllf.
rtM! ard it-ijo fi-wortler- str.
.tltack miIIi ftlttliaodi riro "
. r r lie!
I.ic ih forum and lull
I. if lir lie.
Onion, lUitnrt, .ill ;
I'nr Clsf eomrt in lilt migM,
tin banner lliuntt the Vv !
Ilrttrr In die llian yield In tli fljlit,
Tl.cn lie for jrour p-utj He !
"Try try try, . ..
Wlnl tlandi-rold nny do j
Trr try Iry,
W Lnt you can rtdd lliercln,
I'm I print print,
,lnd tianitn the truth away.
Ilini Innt hint,
Wh.it you can m;iint Cliy '
"i?tric strirc trir,
'I'n tarpifli Intgnnd name ;
Toil, auil "iriilo anil itrivr,
To n. Uy hit ucll earnoJ fjiiic.
O h'lt to line t lie pnw'r,
Tl.p pulitie will to may j
And rrutli in thermit llio well known worth,
or hand Henry Cliy."
"Willi tounjoi which ne'er know Irulh
IVIth hrirtt nficat'y guile,
Hnrifc nf hit early )nutli,
S'atidcr, ahutc anil revile !
O, for n "talc tn Hirk''
'I lul the pfeplr nuld hellfTC ;
Lit Krrmer rie, hl ancient lita
Alight, may he, Kill deceive,"
"Ploughmen inl arliantnf.'
Alcrchanta Mechanic! and all,
Wnik uork work,
Tn roll the great whiaih hall !
(iir in KUnr inpicnl nord.
(Dnimcrut'a lost lis pnv'r,)
otnclhii) nn matter how ahmird
Tuaatc in thia dread hour !"
" (Tome come come,
t'omc, Tor the pirty'a take i
Come eome come,
I'nr the Wlng are all nwnke,
M :il 1 1 mi , njid llind and Cipc
llivrr. nnd inlet rnd Inv.
kIimI nmuntain andylen, rinsith voiccinfmcn,
Cheering; our enemy, (..lay !"
Vith fil.ehomls rincld nnd stale,
OIC lair vauiped up anew,
fit. Anini it mikinp terrible nail,
And cilia on hit l.ixo crew ;
' lllair, Dorr, t-lan ni j
Cnire tn the rescue. prj".
Tlif j'll waken my liihet with their mighty ai.'o-
'Tm worse Ih in slmutinir for Tippecanoe,
'1'his din ofiho higs :u' t;lny
'.MoUior. I hare mads a firo in tho room ! cd that trunk I" cooly observed tlio Strang'
ivhtrc he is but '
'Spnk out child it ivns tho last stick.' !
'Kiithcr it was '
M.uy rrturneil with the officer, a polite
gentlemanly man for such should bo tho
character of the men who have to perform n
nart of tho drama of Itu. not unlike that of
ihoiiiduijilors of old. whoso nrovinco it was novcilv. ossiklol us in our distress not on
to torturo by tho rack, with this uitlercncc, uitli her nanus, out nor purse; snn is u
however; theirs was n 'physical' torture to mo as a servant, but one of my family
miri n 'rncnlnl' onu. administered with oil I for there is thank heaven -no such
! Had Pomcv Thr- Journal ol Com
mctco, in closing its notice of tho Polk
meeting in fcw i orv, says
"Among their numerous banners, (laj5,
emblems, nnd devices, was n neat wooden
monument, mounted on n warcon drawn
, by horses, and on the bnso of tho monument
! was inscribed in larjfo ltttem, 'Sacrcil to thtl
! memorv ol Jonathan Cilley.' "
I This Is liad nolicv, nnd will react with Ire
" 7 " mendous eireclngainst the Democratic paity.
lie hncw lor Wliai n S I 0 Was nbaut 10 'nnrr.ins Mnnai-'a Trtrnninrr. Tin ' AIOM nftlin mitrrtnfllin I.inn.nlii rv,.l..
DC SaCriheiil Ihnt ilornslnflnn ntnl linMrinr. Itiralitw it.aliil nnmnilnn nf Pmrji..itr 1 linA r..i.U. .l..l T !.. ... r...Ml.t
1 . i ...... -w . .......v.. owv , '.. . wi ....-w. luuiu llllt'l.1'. V1LII. jnCKSUIII .uuirut
'.Mr. Clifford I am not so old but thatnn"; would follow the footsteps of his henrt- j Morse's Majmetic Tolegraph between this many times, and killed his men Henton.
S . .1. ....'II :f ... Lti aa. . 1 1. I. 1 II 1 W .1. nnlnn ..lrtM .l.n .lllinn.'nl I in i . ' K 1 . . - ...
I can reseni an insult nay, win, n jm nni nra m ipn-s vtoinrn wnum uc vnj mm t'"" uu""f """"'f uiiioirom";ooie, xc. vvc.ive tlilio lint
carry this nrroirariu-and to mo strange, con- sacrificed to satiate the cruel drsiro of the , rccnl conventions, a- well a subsequently, ,1CS0 ncts wcr0 nCver mndo to iniuro their
auctmtich lurtlicrj tnnt rui lias occn
mo nnd mine, the best and I mny say
only friend ; shn has remainrd with us
. i . r i . i i 1111 i-niivnti miun n r" i t inn run tt riiiirrv iiiriiiirrii - - .
io cuin.icior ; leiiinfjiuo noiy inspiration n :,f ,T party slant ng ror we envo t int on n on
W ", f0t'8l,t rnfU, y,l ""I ,h I !el. 'Sr semM ! !o cxprrsLl by ol,ersbt wo lo say
m oss ol hlood and approach of death stayed imi. i,,...,,,,,,,,.. ,,h , nor.eml ! that it would bo bad no icv to mnkc that nn
ly his upraised arm : his ri flu was broken to iiteriilnett. urn miw tinlt'i,r1ti Ar.Lr.fiik.. iiititrinrnliln filiinlifin in llm ilorntinn nf nil
the nicety and precision of 'legal justice!'
I ho ollicer politly received tnc invitation
and endeavored to cheer his victims, by c
numerating many cases of a similar kind,
flllUllV Il.lllIiMllll III1U Ulfill l 0311114' 1IHIOUIU
base distinction in poverty that cxisis a
state of bIoatl wealth. Here, here, with
nothing but what we have upon our backs
the master and the servant arc ftial. Sho
part of my family, nnd I will protect ncr
evenin" passed heavily and cheerlessly i from insult. That trunk is hers, nnd who
nw.iv. dare take it from her? Not you, sir V
On the morning of the contemplated sate Air Clifford cast his eyes upon Mary,
thctowasto bo seen n crowd of people who nt that moment nrosn from the floor
flocking to tho house of Mr.Sunderdand. ' for a moment they gazed upon each other in
Some out of sheer, heartless curiosity, ' silence -'and she you say, has been to you
'friends' of the family who camo with n friend V
mockery on their lips and empty purses, j 'Indeed sho has--n kind noblo one.'
Others with nn intent to purchaso.but no one , 'Mr Sunderland, stay.one moment, my
among tho crowd showed tho least desire to j good girl, put down that trunk -take a scat,
aid, or sympathise with the distress of tho , madam ; permit mo rtiiss to nana you n
family. This is tho world; we laugh at chair; iMr. Sunderland will bo seated? I
the misfortunes of our follow crcaltires, and j have yet something more to say. When
even mock their distresses, by witnessing you requested me to yield up the wish I
in silence their sufferings. The auctioneer had to purchase this side-board, I told you
was now making arrangements, by flour- that it was my determination to buy it, and
ishing his hammer, rolling his eyes and I tell you that I will not sell it.'
ung his tongue. Tho motley crowd) ' 1 his, Mr. Clifliiid, needs no repetition.'
gathered around htm. Tho house was put , 'Aye, out it uois, and when mat young
up first, it was accurately described free ! lady made the same requests for her piano
from all incumbrances, ami subject to but my nnswer was ino same, atop, near me
very small ground rent. It was started at out ; no man would net so without a motive
five thousand dollars. There were several no one particularly, n str.ingcr. would
bidders, nil of whom seemed anxious to pur-' court the displeasure of a crowded room,
cliasnit. Seven thousand five hundred dol- and bear up against tho frowns of many
lars was nt lust bid, upon which the nuction- without an object. Now l had an object
cm dwelt for n moment. Mr. Sunderland nnd that was be seated sir madam your
compressed his lips together, nnd muttered j attention that object was to buy this house
lo himself, 'it cost my father fifteen thou- and furniture, for the solo purpose of rcstor-
peices, his pistols fell lo tho floor, nothing
but ins laithlul sword was left In tho ng
ony of death, with a terrible grnsp, he
brought this last weapon upon the head of
his nearest assailant nnd full across his body,
in the arms of death. In the corner of the
church thcro were 2G dead Alexicans, nnd
no other American having fought or f.illen
at that point, it is considered be.yond all
reasonable doubt that nil of them fell by the
hand of Tennessee's favorite son? All arc
now dend. Not n compatriot left to rear a
monument to their memory I But oh 1 nn
monument is required to perpetuate their
fame, fllagcrstown News.'
sand dollais.' 'Seven thousand five hundred
dollars. Going goinjr once twice
three, times for tho last time going '
eight thousand 1 'thank you sir going at
eight thousind once eight thousand twice
.eight thousand threo times goinggone
ing them to yon nnd yours ngnin V
'hir, is not tins n cruel jest ?'
'Is it possible?1 exclaimed mother and
Amazement took possession of Mary, nnd
her trunk fell to the floor with a crash.
what name?' 'Clifford' was the resnonso. cousins her small stock of clothing to roll
and all eyes rested on a tall, noblo looking .out, which she cngeily gathered up and
man, who had remained silent during tho 1 thrust back, without nny regard to the man
tho rapid bidding of the speculators and 1 ncr in which it was done,
who ns the whisper went round was a total j 'The auctioneer,' continued Mr Clifford,
strnnner. 'has my instructions.to have matters nrrnng-
'It is gone,' whispered Mr. Sunderland ed by the morrow. In the mean time you
to his wifi: ns he pressed her hand in silent arc at home, Mr. Sunderland yon arc in
griel. 'Wo Dnvc no Home now.' i your own nousc anu i, ine imrnuer.
'Now, cenllcmen,' cried tho auctioneer,
'we will sell this sideboard, in regard to
which I nm requested by tho creditor to
sny thnt it is nn old fjinily piece, nnd it is
. . .. . i
tho wish ol ine owner 10 retain u n possioie.
'Intruder, sir 1 Oh say not that I will
tell you what a relief this kwnowledgo is to
me, but I nm yet to learn how I nm to pay
you for all this and what could have in
duced yon n total stranger thus to step for
. i i .i i . ... i
0 Tim Aiiclioii,
iiV JAJtra ur.Ks.
It was a tempestuous night, tho wind
whistled fearfully, and hailstones whoso
size llneaieiiul to demolish the windows,
rattled against tlum with n poitinacity ns if
to test their strength. In tho parlor of a
fine old fashioned house, besido n i other
comfortless firo on such n night, wero seated
the family of Mr. Southcrlnnd, consisting
of himself, wife, djughtcr, nnd a faithful
maiil servant, a heavy gloom more of sor
row than of anger, rested on cneh brow, not
even excepting that of the maid servant al
luded to,from whose eager glances eve rand
nnon cast towards tho family group, the
closa observer would have noted the deep
inlerest sho took in the cause of their grief.
Tho picture wns a melancholy one, for
virtue in distress has no light shade, to re
lievo it ; all around and about it is dark and
sombre. Tho sensativc nrtist would have
thrown aside his pencil, if tho subject had
been presented to his view as wo havo to
describe it, nnd his heart would have receiv
ed an impression which ho could not have
transferred to canvass.
'To-morrow,' observed Mr. Sunderland,
'is the anniversary of the melancholy death
of ourdcar Henry to-morrow will be ten
years sin-e tho vessel in which ho sailed
wns lost, and all on board perished all,
'Alas,' exclaimed his wife, ns tho tears
coursed their way down hor cheeks, 'to
morrow will bo ri melancholy day.'
'Indeed it will, for to-morrow this house
. .1 l.-l i i- .i . .1 r ?.
which ucionRcu to n.y inner mo mrniiure ,
which time has made, ns it were n part of room
ourselves, associated with many a pleasing
event in our lives is to to sold torn from
ns by tho unrelenting hands of creditors;
but thank Providence, misfortune not crime
has reduced us to this stage of poverty.
'Will they sell everything, can we se
cure nothing?' asked the daughter.
'No my child unless with what little mon
ey a friend generously loaned mo, I can
iccuro a faw articles. Ellen my dear, take
your pencit and ptit them down first tho
sideboard, t'vo'bedj, chairs nnd kitchen
tlnnffs I he sideboard it is true, will be n . remain vnur tenant ; I was
iliU ns It bnmvn tn von ward. Ah a thourjht strikes mo gra
nder what circumstances the ihinrrs are cious heaven! Can it be ? look on me Mr
Clifford nay sl-trt not.' The stranger ac-
imo i,n.i ilm itr.lrr,! riTfet nn nnn 1 tunll v recoiled from the "lance of Sunder
,.i .,:iimr. in nrmind tlm nnfni i ii. ! land's c vc loolc on me. sir t Ims that ijirl
nato man, who started ft nt ten dollars j that fnnoccnt girlwho stands trembling
Twenty was bid by Clifford; twenty-five , there, any interest tn this generous act of
from Mr. Sunderland; fifty from Mr. Out
ford silenced tho anxious parents, nnd the
family piece of fnrnituro wns knocked down
to the new owner of tho house. A gentleman
that stood by remarked that the act wns
a cold heartless one. 'Was it? sarcastically
nsked Mr. Clifford, 'then sir, why did you
not buy it for him ?'
Mr 'dirwlnrlnnil u-n! miir.li nfieeteii nt
this little incident. 'He little knows how a light haired boy whom you cnllcd
much ho has laccrntcd this henrt. But 1 1
will purchase the the piano for my child.'
He stepped up to Mr. Clifford, and told him
the desiro ho had to purchase tho piano for
his daughter and ho hoped he would not bid
against him.
'Sir,1 said the stranger, 'I will not deceire
you ns much as I respect your feelings,
and the sympathy of this good company; I
cannot, nay, will not auer trie ueiennum
tion made when I first entered this house.'
'And pray sir, what may it bo ?'
'To purchase everything in it, nnd by
heaven I'll do it, though 1 pay double
vours? Sneak sir nnd let mo know at
once, that I may spurn your offer and re.
sent the insult.
'I will not deny, sir, but she has.
'Alv father, dear father 1 I never before
saw the gentleman's face.'
'Say not so, Miss, '
'Sir I--I indeed father, I
'Remembcrtcn years back call to mir.d
Brother! -
'Gracious heaven -Henry my boy
'Is here -I am your long Ins't son 1'
Need wo ndd more? Our readers can
readily imagino that a more cheerful fire
blazetl upon the hearth, nnd that Mary tho
faithlul servant was not lorgotten in the gen
cral joy that prevailed on the occasion.
"Por.Titv of Life." When tho cele
brated Dr. Samuel Johnson was nsked why
so many literary men were infidels, his re
ply was, because they are ignorant of the
Bible. If tho question be nsked why the
lovers of general reading so often fail to ac
quaint themselves with tho sacred volume,
one rcison that may he assigned doubtless
is, they nro not aware of its interesting ran
tly. This feature ofthe Bible is well illus
trated by Mrs. Ellis, in the following elo
quent extract from her recent work, entitled
tho Potlry of Life. Jour. Com.
"With our established ideas of beauty,
grace, pathos, and sublimity, cither concen
trated in tho minutest poujL or extended
to the widest range, wc canTerivc from the
Scriptures a fund of gratification not to bo
foundin any memorial ol past.or present time.
From the worms that grovel in tho dust be
neath our feet, to the track of the leviathan
in the foaming deep Horn the moth that
corrups the secret treasure, to the eagle that
soars nbovo Ins cyry in tho clouds lrom
the wild ass in tho desert, to tho lamb with
in the shepard's fold -fiom the consuming
ocus, to the cattle upon a thousand hills
from the rose of Sharon to the cedar of Le
banon from crystal streams, gushing forth
out of the flinty rock, to the wide waters of
tho deluge from the barren waste to the
fruitful vineyard, nnd tho land flowing with
milk and honey from tho lonely path of
tho wanderer, lo the gathering, oi a mighly
multitude from the tear that falls in secret,
to tho din of battle, and the shouts of u tri
umphant host from the solitary in the wil
derness, to the satrap on tho throne from
the mourner clad in sacuciotn, to tnc princo
in purple robes from tho gnawing ol the
worm that dieth not, to the seraphic vision
oftho blest from the still small voice, to
tho thunders of Omnipotence from the
depths of hell, to tho regions of eternal glo
rv there is no dcirrco of beautv or deform
it v. no tendency to good or evil no shades
of darkness or gleam of light which does
not come within the cognizance ol the Holy
Scriptures; and therefore thcre is no im
pression or conception oi tue mum nun mnv
nnt find n c.nrresnniulinir nicturc: no thirst
. , ----p , 1 . : ------ .
for excellence that may not mcit with itsi"10
lull supply , tiiiu iiif luwu.iiiii v. ii u iiiu ii
necessarily excluded from tho unlimited
scope of adaption nnd of sympnlhy compre
hended in the langnage nnd spirit of the
ledged i nnd after ilio labor of yoats, nnd tho enemy which is lolarnt-il in it friend. Tim
expenditure of a futtuno in its perfection, the j inconsistency of such n course wouid pro
worthy ( 1 lor..Mor in in a fait w..y of toanin", I vofn universal rcdiculo and contempt,
not only a hnndsomo pecuniary tnvtnru, but 1 mi
the well-earned liiln o a public- tienefactot. j "'""""
Of tlili impoitant invention, our render will i si i i "i
doubtless desire tn know something tclalivo
to ill origin nnd modo of action, we havo
tiierelote compiled the following p.irtirul.iM
from several slatomcnta mado in dillcront
quarter, which will bo found rorrcrl.
Although the principle- of lliU u.o nf the
magnetic power is nnt original with ProfcMor
Mnrsn, still its application In tho ptnctical
form in which It has been extended to Haiti
more from Washington Is entirely new, and
me result oi intense laoorami mental applies
I'mmthe Albmy Cutlirator.
We think it best to cut grass for hay, ns
near ns possiblo to the limo when it is in
fiillcu bloom.
Of course, if it is cut when
most of it is in thnt Slate, somo mny bo
1 lit Ic nnst nnd some mnv not Imm nnim
The principle is tho same prccijcly as renched full bloom. We know thcro has
tho eloctnc or galvanic machine. Many of
out readers have surrounded tho machtno in
tho museums, each holding on to Ilia chain,
and each receiving a portion oftho shock (ruin
the spark. Tho snark, running with tho ra
pidity of lightning, may extend along the wire
thousands'of miles around iho world if ne
cessaryand tho great ingenuity of the pro
sent improvement is Iho application ofelcc
tr icily tolho rapid convoynnco of Intelligence.
Colt's submatino battery is on tho samn piin
eiple. A copper retort of powder is floated
under a ship's bottom, from which a coveted
wire is appended, nnd tho powder ignited at
any distanco by galvanism. Tho turning of
tho glass plato or cylinder in an cleetric ma
chine produces electricity, which, like air or
water, seeks to establish an equilibrium. The
invcnlion of the galvanic battery by the Im
mersion of different metallic, plates in acid
produces eleetiicity as by frit-lion, and this
is the simple and rapid agent of communica
tion! One ofthe connecting ulrcn Is always
immersed in a cup of mercury, into which
other wire is dipped whenever a stroain of
dtcciricity is to bo sent along the cniiro line.
The agency is perfectly understood, hut iho
method of uniting or abbreviating, of sending
a message uy mcro lines or dots, is a upccies
of hand-wriiiug novel in application and in
wlitcii there is ctcat merit nnd inscnuiiv.
I 1IU luiiurvilig 19 1I1U UlMIUUCl IIBCU I
A pamphlet with this title has been is
sued in St. Louis. It is by Henry Brown
a gentlemen who has resided many years
in Tn Vnren. 'I'eirni!. nnd writes from ohser.
Rtrnne-e.' muttered Mr. Sunderland, OS' nn,l rnrrert infnrmntinn derived hv
he round his lamiiy in anotner pari 01 me. nqtiiry on the spot. It gives an account
room. J of Ftinning's Massacre, as well as the bat-
Tho stranger fulfilled his promise, and tc 0f Conception, Goliah, Snn Antonio, and
actually bought everything, from the houso ( ;n f;ict the who'e history the of war. We
itself, down to tho very axe in the cellar.' 1 COpy n part 0f iho narrative ofthe death of
After the sale wns over, and the company Crockett,
had retirol, Mr. Clifford requested the nuc-t Col. Crockett, wounded and clostly pur
tionccr to walk with him into an adjoining sued by a number of tho enemy, retreated
i . . i t r t I it . I I-
room. After the lapse ot n lew moments ( m a cnurcn, idling incin ns uiey uiipmacu
thev both returned to the parlor where the , cd. He stationed himself in n nicho in the
family still remained. Tho auctioneer corner, determined to face the foe to the last,
looked around. gave n knowing smile; wish- nnd sell his life dearly, with his favorite ri
ed them nil good day, 'I never heard of . fle, nnd a superabundance of side-arms, ho
such a tiling; a perfect romance, hal ha hat' hewed and shot them down with tho same
'You nrrTnow,' observed Mr. Sunderland awful certainty which was wont to charac-
tenze his mdominahlo spirit. His position
to 4ir ivini-iru, u.uu-.w.n u. , , - ., , ihi
let mat i f"uuti- mv...m nm. u.wv i.i.,.w
I am
.11' were
'V understand you, sir. but I will not long seemed to seize hold of tho assailants
"o n" to observe , " ul 111 " "u
Trom the 7ennington Itanncr.
We have been favored with the follow
ing letter for publication, wriiten by Gen
eral Isaac McDanniels of Dnnby, to Mr.
Tho's McDaniels, of this town.
Dnnby Corners, Juno 17, 1811.
Denr Sir, A terrible calamity visited
our quiet village yesterday, Sunday, nt one
o'clock, P. M. I stood by "my office window,
when suddenly tho building shook as with
an earthquake; on looking in tho direc
tion of Mr. Seneca Smith's old Store, about
cirrht rods distant, tho air was filled with
smoke, flames, boards, and shingles. As
snnn ns the smoke cleared nw.iy, tho first
object I saw was a srr.all boy crawling out
from under tho timbers, his clothes on fire
I at once concluded the boys hud set fire to
Mr. Smith's powder magazine which he
kent in his old store. I immediately went
to the ruins, where I witnessed a scene that
beggars description; mothers wringing their
hands, nnd in tears enquiring for their chil
dren .' On moving the rubbish wc found two
other bovs. They wero tho sons of Nathan
J. Smith", David Lane nnd Yaniah Brown,
their ages running from six to ten years.
They wercso disfiguied that wo could not
recognize them except by their clothes,
which were on lire I 1 lie first boy I saw
was Mr. Lane's. Ho extricated himself,
and on running a few rods met his father,
Tho operalor has beforo him tho two -ex
tremities of the wire traversed by llic eluc-
Hum aim 11 is 1111s wire, ciiiniii;;
and eoinc back which is to be
seen on the posts on Pratt street, the two
wires lucre visiblc( being in fact thn opposite
side3 of a loopof wire which would bo eighty
muos in lengtn wero It extended. " Jly
bringing the Wires in contact and Instantly '
separating them, a dot is made : by keeping
llicni in contact a litllo time a dash, and bv.thc
combination of these two, all tho words in
tlio language, nnd all the numerals, may be
written ana restl.l
The folloWiiic from the llaltlmnrn Amerl.
can fully points out Iho special advantages
which mar tesult from this invcnlion If
" The only rcmiinitig mailer tn bo noticed
is the mode in which it Is proposed to make;
tlio Magnetic Telegraph generally useful for
business. Let us suppose, for inslanee, that
it is extended from New York to Now Orleans
John Smiih, in New York, wants to buy
from James Urown, in iew Orleans, 500
bales cotton, nt 8 cents ner lb. Ho write
accordingly '.ho following letter. " James
Urown buy 500 bales cnlton nl rnhin
jonn smith." lie folds II. directs it. sends
a little broken
a " ""- " ... , , . .1 .1
Superfluous piece of furniture, but it belong- however.that there was two or three articles Lngl.sh, probau y nop.np ,10 nave me ,
ed.o mother, and I canno', and will not i which I am anxious to pnrchnse-thnt rml honor o P' '''' nc" my( J of
in" wuh ,t.' 1 siuvb0!Ul, far instance is n family relic-I , Crockett, 'Surrender, Senclor. A flash ol
1 iihurrii-ninnn o. i , ... "'r.r... i-ii... .i Tv,rl tho most sovcrign scorn darted from his
- . -nam ii i;o i will give v ui) ims, uu wnv-v , . , , . , l
The w ife sighed. ,h fathcr e ,, ms nn(, J,, nr!er the circumstances, fircy eVe as it p.crcrd hn. of he cnem hj
mwnnls the flickering fim n,l.i,.i,.,i;.r! :it .r... ,i.t. fn-nr 1 , seemed to bo transfixed. In a ioicc oi
wns silent. Tho fate , o pio de 1 I c nno . e th"nder Crockrtt
cided upon. A melancholy ""e in he 'OMuratc- mgra tef.,1 man.' No-- American! nnd he spoke
conversation pUinly toW ys was SI not let pa buy mv piano, sirf , ho sent a ball through the heart of the par
Iho alternalivwfor the l.uv never studies humbly nsketl Ellen. -He will give you n'ed foe. ,
Iho hVHngs of its victim, when exacting 1 ft nr ce It wh ch it was sold.' ' "e PPe"1.(br a noment I.kca wound-
tho anally of a bond. I qful for me young lady, to refuse ' ed tiger, strengthened and buoyed by ch
.-.- .... cut Mr c,u.. , , " " imiiiiui -. ii nilillimnnl ivnund. now hewin'r them down
I.. ;i, .!' . iiiiiin, aa. , Pven ih Iw I se notn ng noi even , ....."--- . , jt:n
drying the servant, 'go and revest the siw h h. cellar.' . I V. ,) . r.,fd. ."'i""?
; mc nron- irt, i. r-i:m,.,l ovrlaimed Air. ue-iiiii wn .......
.Ur n's o icor. WHO is waicmnz tne nroo.
city, to walk into the pjrlor; he is not do
in? hi du'y no doubt it is painful to him
as it is distressmj: to us. u-i nave a
T i r ' Lb b : literally drenched with hi, own'blooJ ; hi.
Sunderland, wo ha yo no business here , incr ,y
come, my dear-K.len get yo ur - e ; ' - ,M ' wro2htt0 .hehigh-
ai ii is uini""-o , , . . i mai s your band box lei us nun ' - ,-v . ,,. rrti.
sestatourfircanJacupofteafor ,t ,s aoj not ovS fri from insult Where rt exitement can jKsrforni t incredible prod
ices. i ma ""la hi tb wwitw.... w. -
3 .J .HimqllV
and guided by one of tho noblest attribuies
It is indeed a fearful night, observed - 'I am hero, sir the kev of mv trunk is gy of a powerful man aroused an mated
Mrs Sunderland, 'and we hire occn ruuc 0iX and , am f3tfni it 'Wlth a opc.' and guided oy one oi ino
to this raata. ', 'Stop, my girl-but methinUs I purchas- ,of Mm-love of liberty.
heretofore been somo diffi-renco of onitlloll
nsto tho Jtngn grata should be in whin it is
cut, hut wo believo iho experience of tho
best farmers is in ngrcement with the poti
lion above assumed. Thoso who are In
the hnbit of curing herbs, cut them when
in this stage, hecnliso it is known that they
contain nt that time the most of that peculiar
principle from which they derive their ef
fioacy and value. The sacharino or sugnr
principle; which constitutes one oftho chief
sources of nutrument in herbago, is found
In tho greatest qtinntity nl the period of
bloom. 1. sometimes becomes expedient to
cut grass heforo it hns reached this stalo ;
particular when it falls down, nnd is in
dnngcr of souring or rotting. When this
happens, it should bo cut, whatever stato it
mny bo in, because if it rcmnin on tho
ground it will spoil, nnd tho fermentation
which lakes place, will destroy tho roots.
Another great advantago in cutting grass
before tho seed forms, is that tho roots nro
not so much cxhanstcil,nnd the after growth
is much morn vigorous,
In some parts oftho country, it is iho
prnclicn to mow the grass nnd let it lio un
touched on the ground, 'thro' sunshino nnd
shower,' (or several days beforo it is stacked
or put in the b:Ul). It isqulta common to
begin Monday nn.l coulinuo to mow till
Saturday, when with hand-rakes and horse
rakes, nil turn in, take it up nnd stack it
and this dono too, without much regard to
tho state of the weather ut tho timo it is
raked, or to what it may havo been after it
wns Cut. Tho nppcaranco of tho nnimals
which nrc fed on hay thus managed, is evi
dence enough of its worth lessncss.
After gruFs is cut and partly dried, it
ought never to be exposed to wet or dew.
The best way is to spread out tho mown
grass evenly, ns soon as tlio wet hasji
lifted off from ho spaces between tho
swathes, anil beforo the evening, rnko it and
put it in cock. Where tlio crop is henvy,
considerable timo will bo gained in making,
by tl is plan. If it is Only wilted when it
is put in cock, jl will in a short timo under
go a siccat, which will much faciliato its
making when it is again opened lo the sun.
Many good fjrmors believe that it will
make moro in cock twelve liourj, tlnn
will make in threo days without being put
in Cock.
In making clover hay, wo nrc decidedly"
in favor of not exposing it much to the suit
after it is first wilted. Wn speak front ex
perience, having pracliced various mod.,
and we are certnin that it may be mar''
with less lubor, and that it is cf far superte.
quality, when cured iVcbck. than nny otln .
way. Vhcn tho swathes aro a little willcti.
pilch them into cocks laying it up in
such a manner thnt Uyvill stnnd tho weath
er, which is easily dono by the exerciso of
a little care. Exarulnc the hay from day
lo day to see how tho process of curing nil
vances, and when it seems so well madu
that with what it will dry with handling, if
will do lo put it in tho barn or stack, turn
over the cocks, loosten up tho bottom a littl .
with a fork, nnd proceed to load it. Ch
ver hay thus cured, is not likely to hurt it
. directs II. nemls ; .1 ...... i ,
it to .he Post Office marked .Magnetic Tele- .V. .'.:, " r '?? ,VCr ,cn:
n.apli - "ii iiuau a ivuuj n in i.u luuun io oe very nil
vcrv i
tritioiis nnd much relished by nil animal';
in net, wc neneveinai ciover hay, propel
ly cured, will mnko more flesh, milk, oi
butter, than nny oilier hay pound for pound
The prejudice against clover, has nriscn
from tho had manner of curing it. Knock
ed nbont as it fiequcnlly is, wet and dried
by turns, it loses its leaves and hends, nnd
becomes liitlo else than a mass of taslless
Is . ilisi.s innrn nnnft mint.
,..rn. iiiruiuwy w u - Uv,ent bv-a direct and exnosed nnnroach in
c.r,.w. ,;mn belnn- vnur land-' front ; and nftcr some eight or ten of them who enquired of him whose boy he wns.
, Sir for the timo bemg, J0'-),, brforo h,m a feeling of awe He cried, "I am yours 1" Tho boys all had
their senses when found, rtlr. Line s died
Sunday evening nbout 9 o'clock.Mr. Smith's
died to-dav nt one o'clock P. M , and llic
other, Mr, Brown s, is still living, but there
is little prospect of his recovery. There
was supposed to be one hundred nnd fifty
pounds of powder in the store. The boys
all agree in tho same story. They were in
the building at play nnd concluded to have
somo sport. They filled a quill with the
powder, and procured somo matches. Mr.
Line's eon raked one on the floor which
set fire to iho powder scattered thcrp, that
ignited the powder in the box nnd it nil ex
ploded at onrc. The ihock was felt through
the town, Clarendon nnd Mount Tabor-
It was to sevcro as to break out tho win
eiowb on two sides of Mr. Seneca Smith's
new storo, and shook ofTlho plastering from
one side of Mr. Yaniah Brown's dwelling
house, about four rods off, breaking out all
tho windows on two sides of it
P. S. Nothing is left standing of (he
old Store except the posis and frame. Not
a board left on trw buiklmg.
" Here it is at onco sent to the room of the
clerk of the Telegraph, who opens it, and
writes the contents to New Orleans, whore a
clerk in attendance at tho Post Office at that
end oftho wires, puts tho letur into eommnn
writm,, seals and directs It to John Smith,
and sends it oft instantly by a messenger in
waiting. Hut cotton is 10 cer.ts per lb., nnn
so James Drown writes back J.tmen Smith
wfnltnn 10 mnlu Tnm.. !1r,..in I rl'.
which Smith answers James Urow-n. bur nt 1 lems, which no nnimal will eat
10 els., John Smith." And all thin is done
!.- t." r i i x- i. . .. : ... . ...
ucmucil nuw uneansanu 1CW Kir i. I) HO Allrnrlinn vt fl.u.i T in minrw.
space of half an hour, , allowing timo for tho 1 powcr oftie comp,1S3 needle, may be enlir-
counting houses of Smi.li and Hroivn- Or ; iTZVlfT- iWClC
if it is desited that the corrc,ondcnee hulr. I "" thoj"icoofnn onion.
not bo known, Smith and llrown may agree 1 .
upon a combination of dots and lines differ-! f A Jf other CAsr..f Two children of M
Ing from the combination of I'rofetsor Morse, i Yen Worrner, in Waterslown, N. Y. wci
and then upon wending the letter in romo poisoned by eating tho leaves of the ni
..... i i .1 1. . i, ... (i - i i I , . . . r
aui.1. BiiaiiL-aBiins ; jonn oinnn. . plant, on Sunday, yth mst. J t;cy
' I , linr.flinlr.lt mil llnilnr rrt ... 1 n I i.n m .ml
1 . , j, .-.. , i iiiiwivtli uui;, uuu
I James Brown." to tho ...as i)Piftvtj ,..outj r(.,.nvpr. i,, ni fni. .
offie e, the cipher would bo copied nnd vent to '
iNcw Orleans, when the elerkwould send llic
slip of paper unwound from the machine lo
the counting house of Smith and so the letlei
would glvo information to no one hut tho per
son for whom It was inlended. For each
letter of the alphabet employed.Govcrnment
would receive, fay one cenl, so that tho first
ofthe above letters would cost 311 centn; the
Catting drain Early. Wo are sati'
fled that grain is very often left loo Ion'
standing uncut in tho field. Tho riik t
injury from storms is incre-eiscd -it docs nt
handle so well, either in culling, bindinr
ui M.u uiswtd juituia rruunnus, till UrlilH HIV t . i . II " '
answer lo it .10 cenls, and the reply 28 cents," j loading or flacking, and shatters out more
Congress will doubtless see tho import- I ho opinion is pretty well cilablishttl, the.
ance of this suggeminn, and at once pa.sajvhen whent or rc is cut early wo men.
law establishing n telegraphic bureau in con-1 before the grain is entirely hard, it makir
neclion with one nf the department, nt the quito ns much, and whiter flour, then if left
ame time apprnprJailng suflicient hwU for ! ,, the usual firne, Sinco writing thoabovc
its extension lo Philadelphia. New W, and wi happened to read it to an experience
Boston, before its adjournment. , miller who is nlso a gorl furmirr.
We cannot close this notice without ex- f he j, M(ifittJ thnt early cut grain (that
E5iitSu nd i"nTeS,hor " y nu.o reenjwi.l rallv
iho present day, i. this Electro Magnet.c yield moro flour, and . worth lewalccn'
Telegraph, and that among the roost dlstln-. ft bushel moretbau thai winch it luflerH
guished public benefactors Professor .Morse 1 ""nd III! the berry is thoroughly hutdca
will be hcimfiei ranked. Pilttmore Sun. j ed. Farmer's Cabuiet

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