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Ipabhshtxl rjr Thsr day Moral sc.
At llutlani, Vt.
tiivi rra vris.
"o Vlllt tuWnbrri, 2.W
iTf ird it the Office 10
!'o Mill ubetilrs, l.M
elTted by l'ot Iliders, U,00
Adre rilsemets coninlruouW Inserted for
brie dollar per oito for three wrel.; tven-
IT-liTf rents per Moare will to ciiargra lor
Barh stitnenuenl lneroon
Huainess ("srds Inserted for tares dollars
Mr t annum
Vol. 5..Xo.
mitr tcior or
addle, Ilnrnrc, Trunk, Vnllv, Car
pni-lMC MUrhel. JWc
door rl ,r 1 I'ufttr aio.
Hrtitalizcd and exasioratel by Unceas
ing tyranny, ihcy looked upon tho
whiles with secret but uitcsiic detestu
lion, nnd unceasingly meditated a
J bloody vengeance. In the year Ib(K)
(his class constituted twofihhs of the
' population of Mcxt
i Next in number Id those, but cvon
thousand strong, looked down ujon
the capital city ol .Mexico. Tho very
next day, when 11 bold attack would
have made them masters of the Conn
ie. V ictn.itrd. Seven days after
they were cut to pieces by the Spanish
army, and in loss than three months
Hidalgo was taken and tortured to
Lieutenant Governor of tho State of 'SKUVINC A srilPtHNAjOU I.OYK
era urnz, revolted ngamsi ine guv- S. l,A
cnmclit, and setrxd the castle of Pi rotei It is-singular what shifts lov
Phis was Ins first npix ar.tncc Itfore make to ammmhsh its nbiocK Holt.
tho public. He, however, was mime- gntcj. and bars.uto ofhttleavail against
diatcly attacked by the government Cupid'spicklock contrivances -hUnm-
troops, ucciarcd an ouiaiw, ami lorcou mni will devise ways and means in
declrr he will sue the lawyer for
$I0,iKM) tlvnngn, in mibpTinaing him
as a wiliic in a cose of which ha
knew nothing, and by which lost a
wife. It would Ui uovol suit indeed,
if he should do so.- -Noah' 'Weekly
more dele.sted.bccause more dangerous death.
were the several castes sprang Iroin I a$ I he dispersed army dividing itself
Mkp nar door em U i I'orur .iotr, up tuirt) . t lie in tcrcoii rwu ol the conquerors i mid d.iikis. maintained a descrate tvtr-
- If hII v,i VI. . t . I II ......... I: .... 1 . . . 1
, , mplr successors wnu uie Aimgio.s. ii7.an war. are liiiuer anoincr nriesi.
I KutUnJ, 17.
K out Doon MttTH or Tnt iriicoru ciu nrH.J
, tlr li inf. pifiiculit Uculico lo orimnvr
VrtrUrt In llic I'rncllec of McdlclnA nnd
Clitendan Hot . Vt
1) II Mricbtm M I) ,
. M. w, )
I There were four classes of them. Thej Morellos, rector of rsuciijK-tars, a friend
' Nitises or descendants of Whites and (nnd school fellow of Hidalgo, and a
! Indians thuMulattocs,dosccutU'd from patriot named Bayou, whose sjileiulid
, Whites a. Neir roes- the ZamlKs, from abilities would have honored any cailse.
Indians and Negroes, and the Salta-.The latter establishing hConqresB, the
H II (.M.wold.
I A S II I () N A II I' TAIL Oil,
(Shot, oicf llobbini' .Slot)
3 Hullind. Vl
('. l'ORTlilt, M. 1).
(Oflicc ottr Hurt ti- M.un'. Hlott.)
(, Itull.nJ, Vt
utras, (literally a spring backward,)
whoac mothers only were while.
All these, though dm'oring in complex
ion, were united ly a couiniou op
pression, for they were considered in
famous by birth, and had neither projt
! city nor safety, except at the will of
.the whilu-vvho hated and feared them.
The whiles themselves were divid-
' ded into two classes, who destested
! each other as they did tho hall breeds.
! The most numerous of these were tho
Creoles or the whites Ikhii in Mexico
most remarkaulc act ol wineii was
memorial asserting the cuiiahty of the
American and Kuropcati Spaniards-a
declaration which so oirended tho Vice
roy Vancgas that he had it burned by
the common hnngniaii. Tho other
fought bravely but with bad success
till 1S15; when he was surprised with
a "ieat lore.e, taken alter a iiurce resis
tance, and finally executed in the city
ol .Mexico.
Just as the lnsuieclion was finished
it was announced that tho army
part of the white population, possessed
nil the offices of the country, and the
II Y AliASSII fi )Vi;il,
HulUnd Vt
lloitr nn J Cnrrincrs to l.rt.
n rTh tulMcriir Uo cirnn on the lioichfrlnj thc atest share of its wealth
(I 111- I. ...... ... II I . t k'h..
r..":" I.: iV"'"' . ii,,. I last looked dow
Caltinfulllf . Vt.
Inn (lie most ixiwerfiil were the Span-1 semhled in Spain to help the SrMin
lards, who Ihoiigh only one twentieth iards, had revolted at Caiii7., proelaun
to retire into the mountains of Oaxaca
A month after, Zavala.C Jovcrnor of the
Stule of Mexico, was arrested on a
charge of corrcsjHindnig with the teb-
els. He Hod, but leturncd on nic
3t)th of November, m coniany with
the (ciitrnls duerrero and l.olato, at
the head of a great force. A bloody
coinkit that lasted three days, ensued ;
several diMininiishcd olliccrs were
killed the city was given up to plun
der t (inerrtro appointed President:
Hiistatnentc, ice rrcjodenl : .avala
bccn.iniyot l reahtin' : anuoania
c. . It-
na. oeereiary oi t ar.
hi ISIW, a Spanish invading army
at Tnrnpico, under (leneral llerandan,
was attacked and deleated by deneral
Santa Anna. Thc strange unwilling
ness manifested by fiiierrero, to lay
down the dictatoral jmiwcis entrusted
to him on this emergency occasioned
a ik-w revolution. In Deceiulwr, the
Vite President llustainente, compelled
lnci to alxlicate, and was circled in
bit place. Four years ;ifter,byall sorts
I'aitiirr in llir I'rnctlcc ofl.Htv
llutUml, Vt
(Office opi l.iulicr DinuU' Hlorr )
I ilfi I. Ormtbre, )
IMwin Dlgrtlon,
(llcunia undrr Judge Vrner' Orticf ,)
Ciitletun. Vt.
111 till! ' .
who (1cm
l a ( n o ' i
l.t be. h
:'..r bo' ii 'ii Sp i
ol llnr haiu'lity lyi.iiit,
i m r .Mexii an, even to
tho Legislature into a Council of five
He -ruled the country up to the last
September, in a manner so profitable
lo iiimsell that when (ieneral llerrara
deposed bf was thought to bo worth
twelve 'ins ol dollars. The last
news fnn. i .lexieo shows ns that ( Jen.
(Office otcr O. I., llnbbin' Store.)
t. j7pa(;f.,"m. l).
i a v s i c i an a n i h v n a r. o n
(llonma oer trie Sloie ol ihririt k Co )
G KulUnil, VI.
(Onpotite J. Ilrtmtn'a.)
.', Writ I'oullnry, Vt.
ed the constitution, and insisted on tlx
assembling of the Coiles theSpniiish of intrigue. Snnta Anna succeeded b"'i
gislative body. I he ellect of llns in : ini.. ! . .1 ..!!..' i I :i . i
,-n unon all the other .Mexico was to divide parties still more, central system prevailed. 1 he Mat
classes with profound contempt, and The iceroy Apodaca, with the 'An- weie converted into (lewirlmeuls, and
plundered and insulted them at plea- Idencia,' and most of tiieSpaiiiards,wcrc
sure. They carried their insolence ; f ir -.bso'iite monarchy, in opposiou to
a most intolerable height. How, v r . the poo; '. v In. clamored for the con
wealthy, however noble, however, t.il-1 -t i : n i. P"i ii"iislm Iturbido was
. .. . ... ,- , .... .1. i
"mi'ii.- ,i i. i roc, nun imc nuiiioriiy
,,t in. Kiii" i. New Spam. The rage
and con-h iii iiioii of his- party may be
imagined when, instead of doing so. Jlorrara himself is ovcithrown, and
he proclaimed thc civic equality of nil I we may daily expect (o receive intclli
tbe inhabitants of Mexico, and ostnb-1 genc.r; of thedownfall of his successor,
lished a constitution. This wns the , Paredes.
Hatalhcr.a nieinberof the "Audeucia," famous 'plan of Ignala.' The Cie-, Such inc. some of the principal events
or Council "No native,' said the inso- oles and Indians immediately flock- ( in iwoxican history sincetlie beginning
Inni Sn-niinril. 'shniilil be suffered to ' ed to him several Spanish "ofliecrs of our age. Our limits oblige us to
participate in the "overiuneiii, so long Joined bun with their regiments, and close without a word of rem.il I;, ex-
' . 1 . 7 .. .. . M .t o.l. "v- 1 lout il... ... il - 1.1....... ;..
011 me i ill iMjvoiiiuur, i.-j, uie my lej-i nun a iu,uiiiu ni i;,uiui,nii i-
al army capitulated and evacuated too weak to control a nation which o
Mexieo. In thc following month n Itcys no power hut the ariny.and whoso
legislature was assembled and it was Prerulents have always been ( Jenerals.
expected that a Republic would 1
oH'ii them all. A young c ntleinaii
had courted n bur lady of the ity. end
it was hUp;Ksed the two, in due tune,
would lccoinu "one Hesh. homo litth:
quarrel, of a trivial nature, as lover's
quarrels generally are, occurred. Nei
ther would eonfchS the wrong to Ik; on
were mutually sent I kick and III
match was broken off. Tho voting
gentleman immediately started forNew
Urleons, lo enter into commercial husi
ness, thinking that distance would lei
sen the attachment hrf really felt for
ine young lady.
When a woman is injured, or thinks
she is injured, by the oiieshe loves, she
is mory apt tlian the male sex to "bite
oir her own nose," as the saying is, to
inflict pain and lie revenged on the of
fending object. A gentleman that Un
voting Imly once icjected loiiowcd his
proposals, and was aecepled within a
week after her old lover I nil en, 5 , ;',.
for tho South. On ieai lung Ni w Or
.1 lUrh llfhrt Ii it iM ofihfMir
ini of of Tnnnahrni), llml wlira a young
nmii. nnd n.sprJ in bnillr, lie n ilium-
mr Hi hi I" killnl Willi n rstmon hull.
1 . ei t.. hi Lrnin in r y ibrrc
t,n l Ii cjr wcrn nt onco n"i upon
llic (jh.inly ohji'd, nnd rrinrl wholly lo
riijjro hu I lioti g lits- a itipermr oincrr
oluiTting him upjorl he wn inliitiidrt
led hy tin; iipht, nml nddreMol liiin in n
mnnnrr lo chrcr till JpuiU. 'I), anl
thc vonne Mnniuis uith rnlmccn but
scrcritv, 'I ant not (iightmed , I am only
puztlt-d in inswr out lirnv nny man w ith inch
n ijinnt ity of binin rrrr enmc to be held'
Jl j'A young lady in Phll.idclpliin wi
tntullid in ilm itrtci, hy Starched tin dan
dy, who iniutrd upon carrying hrr fan
Shcdidraroird to r id lo rJolfof him, when
hi imprtllncnen Womtng unWarflblB, ho
hit him n grntU dtp on thc nmu with bar
fitn, which IrTidcd him with tho ildo-walk.
Ilerort Witt gridiron!
S onio vounc ShcriJon layi ".Mr. Choato
drivrs a $ulilanhri and Ur." The follow
me sentence in his argument, inthe Thrill
cns- may illuilrntr-
"ll.iniing, clnntine, fond, ennmorrd, bo
wildrrrd, faacin tied foul that ho was."
lloiton l'otl.
their own CMililren. A taint express
ion of their h rimgs towards '':o Cre
oles may be found in the saying of
eaii? he found that distritice instivel nfl
.veakeiinur litt nttnrhmeiit, only made
, i ! ciime nielan
(.iu,,!y aie' low -spirited. The first let
i r be re. . ivcd from New York from
a friend of his announced that his old
sweetheart wns to lie shortly married
to another. His course was quickly
taken the next morning saw liiiu on
Ixwd a packet ship, bound for ( totli.nm,
The passage unfortunately was long,
and the poor feiiov chafed and fretted
so much, that the pimong rs logaii to
think liiinjderanged, or oho a fugitive
escaping from justice. The insiant the
vessel touched the wharf ho darted for
Mother, said a 1oy,oiioSnnday after
meeting, I lniH3 some time I shall lie
rich. 1 hope so too, my soiifyoll
ihl iniike a good uti of wialth : but
why did you think of that jtist now?
llee'aitso if 1 was rich, I shouldn't have
logo to mceiiug only once in a while
ii ml then hut half a day at a time.
A Vrtnth Hull. A pfirii Journal states
llmt n deputy, condemned lo (Until nt Ly
otis, lind utli inpird suicide, lirst by poison,
nnd then by thc knife ; "but,1 odds ihe tdttor
'mi-thcnl nssisinrtCo being' obtnincd,lio is now
out tifdiiuger, and cill to-morrow undergo
tht frntence of thr Itttn !'
as there is a mule-driver in LaManclia,
or n cobler in Castile.'
In spite of this detestable insolence,
a dread of the colored population com
j ellcd the Creoles and the Spaniards
to sustain each other
; renon
! to Spam long after South
revolted. When, therefi
I'nn'P .V. KVKRTS.
Atinrncr "nil Counwiinr nt i.nw nnd : they heard that XllV)leOll
Hollcltor 111 Chnnrrr
Hnlnmon toot )
Mirlln 0. KeiU,
Kulland, Vl.
. . .t r i t... ..r ... . . .
in each other, and this is uie lorineo, out me )arii..ins oi jmroiuc ;
whv Mexico remained faithful suddenly elected him lhniieror, and
....j - . . i i. ... . ' "e ouuiiuii, i i a. i uin-biaiui
America lind coinpuoeo mu legismmiu iu iiu iiimiK. tbnt n linii'.rv Jnrv nt a Into c
ore n. 1 SOS, , His power did not hist long ; he was y Sl:
had detl.ron-'df throned and flushed in a year, a id dnnco (o (o o( twhvn ,
T11KA1.L tc POM).
Attorney "'"I Conn.ellora nt l.nw nnd
.Solicitor iu Chnnrrry,
Uutlaod, l.
Itcibcn U Thrill,
The Stanton, (Va.) SHctator relates
court in
lid von
l party iH.viiig miiiii- , , . nV(,r
t .i .i r' I ;.. limn lm hill IMtn lhaif h'lmle ' 1
own brother on ine iiirone oi npam, m.wn.;.... ...... ...... ...... . ,... ... ,,.r..n0I1 . ,f. sherffwas
wus immediately sent by Judge Leith.wilh
ed King Ferdinand, and placed his I a republican party having sprung Up
An Iriik Relation. A son of the Kmc
rnld Isle, mrrimcn coitnlrVmnm whosrf.ico
the oflicc of Ins friend lawyer. It is to, was not pcrf.clly Tcmtmb.irwl, nhor salu.
be supposed the lawyer was much sur
prised to see Ins friend, imagining him
a couple of thousand miles away. Af-
h r the UMial salutation, lie exclaimed--
"My old fellow you arc just in time
to see the wedding'. Miss ' ,your
old sweetheart, is to be married this
ninrnili.r fit 11 nV1f..l.' rl lull .'nil tint
truth, 1 tion't licheve there is much love ! u'!?hYS
. . - 1 .!.-. .1 :.i ii.. I ""!"',
ting him moil cordially, inquired his name.
Walsh, wns the niiswer.
'Wnlsh! Wnlshl' responded Paddy, 'arn
yo from Dnulilin? I know tvo r maidt
ilicm of ihat name, ttataillier of them your
mother !'
Samiv Soii.k. --Old IJoussingatilt
knows a thing or two, (says Abraham
in the Y cstem oulllvalor,) but
about it, and that the girl really thinks ho hus nol SiUl.s(it.(l lhtf ,irccn farm,
more oronchiiir of your hem t urn of,,r ,nv linhl , (,(,fecl of
thforlini.ite bridegrooms whole bo- ,dny , .1(tuiv ,',, , clny,.y
, , M I venture to hint in home
Alcnilxrl I'" nil.
.'Milliner and .11 n n t u u - .11 n U c r ,
.Siop thee dn.ir.t Sort), of tht Burnt District,
A linrc lupplr uf Millmrv (iood ilwav nn lui.d.
m I r llulland, Vt.
I'roni NmI' Oatfttr,
ii v Ai.irr. . u i.r.r..
I'e been tbitikniR of my faulu till my heart
is like to broak,
How very many arc thc foes, how few tho
friends I mike,
And anil within my hidden hoirt inccro re
flection lies,
The piuelem gift of hnman lore, I woll
know how to prize.
Yet often thoin I hue the most, have not
nne thought for mo,
When looking up for kindly smiles, indlfler-
rncr 1 ion.
And then the ploasant wotdt that roue upon
mv llns have died,
Jeavinf; mo mourntully to crush, my sorrow
and my pride.
I ltrire that I miy nnt offend, I check each
nrrlen word,
I seek to hide from othor eais dark tales my
own have heard.
I would not even tiy a thought, add to anoth
er Riief,
Yet often 1 have given pain where I would
Invr given relief.
An! om ttmoi when my chingelul tno)d
bringn (eclinx wild mA rv,
iVi.en In my eajeiiio, I cernie to guard
whaU'cr 1 ay
ft word which in itself was rwucjst, ts made
to teem unkind,
Ought thoughts for evil ones ate chung d,
,ind tears foi smtius I find.
1 am lonely, rfry .,y, my hert is u.rob-
Yet know I ihn "by sofferiBj; the spirit is (piracy in h deathbed conras-sioiii,.
the Mexicans, instead of taking ailvan-1 when In returned, in
'tangeofittodeclaretheirindepeiidence, sn'i. orders to accommodate the jury with
. tiasieiteu to inspiay iiieirtiiisiia.teiiioy- .! , , a poimancntdaiicing room in the conn
ally to the dethroned monarch, in eve-! icioria was uie ur.si . res .... ... ; , W0(, ,,,, ,,,ss ,iabl(1
' ry possible manner, nut ni mis very , "a!u""' - i - mtermpt j titcir frolic- - Albany
time, the nionarch whose uiisfortnncs . mg the forms of our own, although
i they were deploring, sent a decree to the circumstances of the two people .V r(mims s of ;i jllry wo wcre
(them declaring them lo transfer their were entirely dillerciil. foreman of in Detroit. We could
allegiance lo thc usurper who had dis-j , )i' have already exceded our Inn. s, m r ,js ,,,. ,o(1 s ,,,,
possessed bun. aitiiougii our mu uy - , , .
Tlie pure Spaniards who composed . sake, is as bare as a table ot contents,
thc 'Audoneia,' or Grand Council cor- and yet we have twice as much to say.
...1 fnr ..ntl.ii.rr hut their nsc.otidancv. I New troubles came with the newgov-
iThey therefore delerinincd to obey the e.rnincnt.Two political parties came up
I decree, and their sixty thousand conn- i'cii u we unci tune we vo.m. u.n , nJf (,n ,,
' tiymcn wcre with them to a man. . rtakc to ncconni mr uic r origin. 1)raw ,0 , sni() ()1L
Hut Iturragaray, thc Viceroy, had re- l heyniixou i pinnsoury win. im iroi- ,Lo,s j. huu.'snid another,
solved to disregard it, and had project- Hies, a mi eacn party ...i.e.. .n. ... - q M10V0t .,r,.i..an, we just tuck
ed a "junta," or government after the forum lodges. 1 lie I.scoses or Scotch , , , w, , t fc
J ' .P r-, i i . . . a,I..,.o ,i...r.i tli. i firictnrntlf ivirlt- nllll 1 V ! 1
(rovernment ot l ie opanisn Jtinias, 10 .".i;, . , f ?,
she to b-
would keep us till we did, so we went
lmck to the jury room, looking mighty
'Well, gentlemen,' said we, 'there's
:..t.it i.l....( tut ifAL i Mtfit ( i f i iu
, - si- t 1 i il IH1l:UI liLuiil I'l v.il'-v v not
I.'s.s. .r.iti. Iiorl tiiMn tun M'niilM nnt ii n- ' ' 11 V ..1 .
to a man. ( dcrtakc to nrconnt for their origin
Be comt)osed of Spaniards and the most contained the old Spaniards, and the
.i...:.....,.;,i..w-r...i.. wl.ml. wns to 1 most wc.ilt v of the Creoles. J lic'l ork-
rule and represent the country until i "iocs' or ork lodges, contained he
further news from Furop. ! loplnr party which was composed of
A violent dispute immediately arose the rest of the nation. Hut he con
betweon the Spaniards and thc Vice- tentions between the.n invo ved not
roy, which ended in the former seizing , ofhee only, but the very existence of
upon the latter and sending him lii '(oo party at least. U e have said that
chains to Cadi.. The lawless measure the 'Lscoces were principally Span.
was sanctioned by the home
of cards
Nobody hnd any so we got up two
three wrestling and boxing matches,
and worked with great earnestnebs till
one of the jurors cried out, 'There's
Now Mike kept a capital eating cel
lar, and the window was opened in a
second. A string of handkerchiefs
was made,with some money and a note
j - .. : : ... r.. ,.r c..;..
ment. which, though struggling fonwiiii coiwj ir.i.-i ... i..... o.
i(K ..visi.-iiei. determined to retail) inc. "-" "i'-" r . ,
... , . . ... 1 0JT li,i,t T.'icc.wl .(..rlrirlilfr fill hill " I
Mexicans in slavery-, aim seiu oiu imi
one ci.d of which
long in
. .. .. ... -i.i. ... ...I'.-.r ...i
Pgra ns Viceroy for that very purixisc ""lives in oe in.i.g.o.e. ,,., um
1S0. 'other, soon after exjielled all Span-
TI.eseprocotKl.ngs exasperated the lards from Mexico! In conserpieiice
Crwlu. to the h.glut dw. They of ibis nnpoute "'ovenien a vast a
determined lo g r.d of the SpnniortU ; mount of wealth and ability was lost
rate. .More thi.il live iiunureii ..u......... .
imit..i in a con IJ"inre iiieiurious excitement wu.e.i
... , CM" 1..... ..,....1 .l...,l.iriiifr fill I.,,. UL
1.1 lOI II IIIW ,,LtU U,,...III .... u, . . , , , . .
1,1 ...... ..." , ri i-..rn Siinl.wi nr.. luwl tin f.-.l.l.. ..filin.r
was Hot
Mil ' I-, .'. 1 :i 1 v- i. ii
le country,' embodied iu the J ti
nt a
of the rrnr 1 1.,-u men
one dav
All McMfo was to rise in
this occasioned had subsided, the
it ,. Sr,.,..i.. nfflc.rK friends of the Stmiiinrds, and tho Ks
". . i . .1 .V ' 7 , r. iwirtv oenerallv. entered into nl!'" .
wuiviu imi..,." " , i . -,t, .,. uie iiiiiiwii, uiuuiai u iiii. ii u initicii-
fice, and all the teaporlt and fortified , wW'tX ! ed into court B.nle file, with only one
towns were to be taken and gambled. , and Lroke out ...to e rol a Oil iiiiU . mm wfj
pu; and cold chicken, smoking 1 In van
as, and drinking some of the Insst Ma
dorm in the world. The Wasingtou
icui!. we regret to w.y.had not yet com
menced th"" philanthropic lalmr. The
rofciilt w; etle' the noisiest racket
tlml ever u .is "liearn tell on in them
parls.The only sober man of the IkmIv
was the foromau. His honor hearing
t e marcli
"t.ood t .od ! here is
married in church?''
"Nn. At her father's lions...'
"My dear fellow, I -l yes no -
yes, I have il. I lave you any isecoin
nigon in either ol the com Is d 11 o
clock 7"
'Then fill me up a suhprnna with
the bridegroom's name. 1 hin't stop to
ask any questions. It matters not
whether he knows anything about
the parties in the suit. Hy heavens.
Julia shall be mine !''
His friend saw his object at once,
and promised to carry on the matter.
The subpuiiia was made oiitand placed
iu the hands of a clerk to serve on the
unsiisi ecting bridegroom the instant
lie was seen leaving Ins residence and
he was despatched in a cub to watch
the house. About ten minutes before
eleven, as the soon-to-be-happy man
was about entering a coach before the
door of his residence he was served
with thc Mibjiama.
"Can't lielp it,'' said the clerk, m re
ply to his gesticulating about ", d
knowing the jxirlios," "going to get
married,'' etc. "We shan't reach 'be
Hull now hefire eleven the case is
il..- i,i i. !'n c.'iinder won't
keep you but ten minutes. If you don't
g i heavy iine, imprisonment for con
tempt of court." etc.
The bridegroom, who was of rather
a 1 1 1 1 s nl naturu. finally consented, jmr-
.spun language? Il is well known
that there are certain vegetable matter
that are .piickly decomposed, as green
clover, green oals, &c.; and others slow
of decomposition, such ns line tiino
I thy, rye straw occ. It is also known
that the delect in: sandy soils is, piiuci
vally,that thelaud lacks a(lhetiioii,tiiid
is too .puck a conductor of heat and
air, while the reverse is the defect iu
elny. Hence the remedy is indicated.
With a clay soil, plow in hard woody
substances, as ripe titnothy, and plow
iu the fall. On a soil too sandy, plow
under green manure, and plow at tho
time that the vegetable matter is fill
lest of sati, say clover in blossom, o.
oats just beginning to head. Chemists
can tell us why and wherefore, and a
practical fanner may see the effect, if
lie will try.
I '.verythinii wiu prejwtrod for a gene-
mdj miri.
So 1 would calmly bar the psin God wills
I rih'iutd endure.
Hidalgo, a priest of Indian descent,
laud curate ot the village oi woiores.
(was deeply involved in the ( wisp.ra-
Some of the ('overninortt joined them,
among whom the moat distinguished
was the Vice President, Oen. Nicholas
Hravo. It waa" however suppressed by
the . nergy of Ptxlraza, the Secretary
of War; and Hravo lutving been earned
lo .Mexico and tried. wa banished from
' - i r l .1... -II ...... .).. I flu. 11. ni l l.l li-
cv. lien ne lotiuu mm . ,
elvcrcd and an order wa. ,-uod to lake Hravo had been a he head of c
him, dead or al.re, lie l.ancl to i 1-T.-
in one naiiu anu ""inrH;y - .-j-. -
M K X I C 0 .
There is &o miirh wild and so little
. r , .1... ... il,ii,L- a nnuui with a crucifix
5 S 'otu la,;; hilmryn; thf other, and let out ah the f Z t Z
U,e OdoUow" w.,l be likely to in- jsrim. J hjje J"" j dlt gSSS" teetaii
tcrott most our mdwa. , Untied by the nd.sa, ai in la nan . .
When .Mexico was conquers Dy two noun """TO",.."r.V !..... n-iu-,, who aled
-""-i; - i --r: -i a ..n.. Willi i nine nnitwi wiui
bpaniarda. ,e J n weie f Jt ire frntu ,h, Yonrun, and . ercI con
I (Is If i J 11 ' a-va v- j Mvaa
iti serfvV d.VKleti witn it among uie , rasximaiiu jo.neu m . ; .ju . mtu, vUrn a- dtoo of
out of Indiana k-pt continua. y nr.K. -- -- -- . ----- - .
rat towns and conftnM i rUU-. they rochl liiianxau tney , it .TZLZZLr,
" - .. K.I1HWI Amr.i, I I lav. fK WT . I"" '
gin, nnd piaiiUtKin,wiiioee' wetr
aiiad only to totl,wilhoul rcooiposii-e
ii. the maw or on Uw lands of the
c.ppreAftors. Tlwy were, in sborUrmt
i bf-VU, A lmH. n in.l ll,f usiii1
, , , i t i
tiic mad. ! aidenaUe tiiHtterjcc under th name of
Thev were driven out of) Indiana kpt continually arnvine. and
1 1.. ; tntceatfive' mao uui dmot
p(Hfi r'T. ., .j pMinza. thc onnotnitr candifUte, had
Tr ' ' MS....- '
'Mr I'oreman have you agrwd '
'No your honor; and we never can.'
'That's hie -f-f-fact; bl.xst u..'
Ine if it unit,' udd. d one of thc ju
Silence in court,' roared the ofiVer.'
Si-hi-lence yourself hie,' resjjonded
the juror.
Order,' shouted thc otlicer again.
'Order hscwlio V Aaiu nsapond
ed the indignant twelfth part of the
'Mr Foreman,' said the judge, his
eye twinkling with mirth, M perceive
t list your duscusaious I tare been unu
sually eic.iiing, and tlierefore shall dis
charge yon from further consideration
of that cax.-.'
Off the jury went tumbling over
I assoti end essch cnim, m taost ludi
er sua fswifaiaioii, iwtiaod inter.
rThere are OtHO ojraiivef-
"l.-,!. I if ilia-. '4 MS W, , .l.l.i
I , v. VI,
Oi.ovr.it KiKLns. All fields in clo
ver should have a bushel of plash r,
jer acre, nowii thereon as soon as pract
icable, a moi.st day lo Ixi selected for
the ojieration. Hy attending lo this
hull ten times the value of the plaster
will Ik! added to the product of the hay
-.. ( the soil ilsejl Will Im: clothed
with an absorbent that will continue
through the season to draw from the
atmosphere whatever there may Im
floating iu it that in calculated to en
rich the soil or furnish iabutum to the
plants; for of a truth, it is thus that
plaster acts, or so small n (pinntity as
I I I. ..I..- I
ne.iiariy as no . .e.K pro .use, .o e, , C0I1dn,.t produce the aHlonish
.. ......! n. Lib mliniut i.i II... ....I. ...ri... ' ' . . .
.1 1. I. II' J . .1 ...o .... ma. ... ..... ..'., T . .. j.
!1 nil in a large cloak
us bride in expectation
reason of his nlence. Tl reader can
uiKigiiin who this person was.
l'lovcn o'clock came, but still no
lridej?rfom. The gueals were staring
at eacli other- the priest bogan lo grow
impatient- and the bride that was to
1, liegnn to look le and agitated,
whn a carriage drove up. thc bell rang
and "Th'-rc he is! "There he ia !"
mutter many voice. A gentleman did
inded enti-r, whose appeareiice crnated
alntnst at much astotiishmenl m that
of Uix; ta H wens wood in (he hall of
Afthton Casiliyitihc marriage of I.itv
AdiiTOKfiu S irrr's Hnd- of I.iniMi.r
iijoor." The lady fainted privateex
plunation eimuA 1 I ween her wrt-fils
and the lover -and nv result wvnat
) -a'" iti ikuiik. isii ii n ii'i i so 1 1
". .! i wr"''rimg results which are so gratifyingly
1,1 "I' 1,0I,W' ,,f! witnessed by the observing fanner, and
i . M'la.u...gthe wh(ch wlltliMlUi go a(!y ,hl.
... . i . ft . . . .
suosiauce anu coimon oi iiissiock, ob
jects, wc are surc,dearlo the pride and
Ilea 1 1 of every good man. -( American
Farmer for March.
Dki.k ioui Aiti.i! PinuuNfl Ha
and chop fine half a dozen or more
according lothcsw, the Ixstt cooking
apple grttA to a rxidding dish, cover
ihe botUMit and skIos half an inch thick
with grated bread, and vcrry small
lumps of butler; then put a layer of p
pl-s with sugar and nutmeg and repeat
the layers until tho dish is Leaped full
I Wore adding the Inst layers, which
must N; bread and butter, pourovir
the whole a hacup full of cold water
Put it into the oven as soon as the
. . . . . . i'l. i iiiau . .ra .Frmi tvi swii urn
me iwo istu .overs w".- .. . j At,t ( ,wke t for 0f
sacreq ooivis ot mnuimour, "" '"ia).,,,,- i. 11U1V t
die satisfaction of all.
The bridegroom that was to Imivp
rym. soon afo r made his apfmrsMiesv.
Puffing and blowiflf- hat he aatd
and what he did.on betsolding h i n va 1 .
and beinf acq uai nted with the conditi
on of aSairs, waa really tragi -ci
''h, 'orv "f ' "Tir: ''lort1,-
Hi) mimiu. It may m Uak)jd the da .
before it ia wanted ; when It must Im
Ih!w1 thoroughly, liirued into a aha'
tow dMiartd sfHfakled with )mwaerel
sugsu. It requires no aeuce.- -Alio
icon Agncultor!.
Amcrtif variotw oilier thinga list !m
ma is allowed for lsmakfAi.t
I,, l.iu (In- milk of 641 rnws. Tins a,
,i,i.:iljr!u I to it'.ilf

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