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AttentiM Vcmwmlcrs ! !
Voont (Vmpsny, now
swftk Offtrt) Krirtii In Mm
ctCIa ItoMfng by (is branny, and
siUrt f'ndrl, that the Wood of
Hf l.irea JKihliin lloyt Kilt'
fleiws tn tbe Mint of tua liilla
hand !
"A lew moir f' ip.r Itrrr ml
t nan'ed Ncmt but 1 1. r
kt Ji4rmtird In trr ihe'r
country lirilitllj need iptX-
AlU'i'lCarHS. In order Ih I re-
felted, rn-tt l t leaat & feet, 3 tirhrt in
hi i 'it. klHpcn the area nl IS md 35 and
of rood cLaracler and Handing aiiMHig their
futow rtthrnt
Tllalflltl f ttittrr ti "w aim tut was
ITU MtlK '
Kscbpilialc jerrlta lligkiy-J' aWiW
)tX, ilnl of rtpenset Can ) tu rain
iimiv anil i.l "mr '
A taiiOffty )lttv ,f. aciri of lard It
pi ir li In in lUllK.tlm lain! at rxplral.otl of
Irirn of atrticr Tim lai.il i aunol ti taken l lie
fr any debt contracted rrtiout to llir clot
log of Ike m ar
II f an a I of Coiigt ('"' iiUTienmniii tinned J
flirar on n rnnnurndslioti of hi inimtnd
inp rffii rr. for ' iltnilnut rondiifl Mill It I
appointed Hrnvrl 2d Lieutenant, and titr
non tommlasloticd officers no tskan turn
privates, ilir way la open Tor promotion fiom
the tanks. I'm ira lor like service Hill
la-relvr two dollars additional piy
Musicians tecrlie B er month, Como
lata tl, ihrrrHe f f;r n nl 413, and Ihe Order-
I) 'fB'"''!
Th aum ( im dollar!" paid In inj one
for bunrir recruit In l' t crndrrtoua.
iioiii irr hoi'KIns.
2nd Lliut. Olh Inf.
Heciuliing Officer.
Rutland, Vt., Recruiting ,
Rtndet-voua, Orl. 1817. ' 1
CsLotiiiivu !
(Jentlcmcn viii'ing Iloiion and in want ol
first rale
are pattlculmly Invited lo rail at
Urown, Lawrence tc Slirknn's
Kop. 7 i) 11 nuil I'i Old Mute Ktrrel,
Fronting Slate Street, lloston,
Whrtr they will find the largest stock of
iwsniosAitL;: mm :, clothing
in the city, cnntixltng ol oiors arioty of
iMily umdu (jaimpnts, inanufjculured in the
liral manner nnl inont faaliionable alyle
vhlcli wo aio aellinn at pttrca t!;l "ill in
jure atifac lion
nriu'iilti mnilc lo Ordor.
Wo lo linito )ou to ciannne (before pur
chaaln ; our cttcnsio atorL- of uncut goods,
romprnmj n print variety of alin'cs of
ilh I-ur hull, French (j'rrman and American
Hliirh we will make to ordrr, in the noalrit
xnil most vturkiimiluo alyle and warranted
to fit.
IDM'ricca aa Inn- at' any clothing eatab
lialimeni m the I'm in
IN'memhcrOI.l) STATK IIOUSK. front
ing Slate Street. Hoston. II ly.
Q'aiNcy H ALL"
K E - P IE 00 E ID 3 3
Hotter liiirgiiiiifi thnn ever
rc ova
clutiunc; i:s adlishmi-int.
The .i.i"iou!i r" wb n ceulU oecitpicil by tlio
Mechanic I'tr, areiir'f re-opcMicd uttli fin
r.g q o jt
Kuriaiiiuj; any thinj; . f tLr kinU crtr ottcrri in
HJWO Uu. UarU aul brvm. ilntli ami
!.!! r ack, SK.OOlu '.'0,00
I'cUors and Frocks,
10,(rtOTff.l Caihntrdl .nd Cloth Ptl
, tw an J I'rttU S4.O0 to I'jot
1000 hluc and black Pilot and l.'lolh CI.
I0O0 Mt.fHan uml CwlilitiRlon s.k, 86. tn 10
Nl T'flS.cVf, SfiO'tofiOO
fC0OlUc).liltif aiiUilrad utlnfl frofkf ,rl.
300 lo fitiO
lllaixktt Coals.
7,000 Am blankft and retting nekl a'nil rurtouli,
155,00 to U,00
Dress and Frock Coats.
iJKO llut, Uack aud bruxn ilrti andlrocV rot
88 to 20
iv UilViril anil rUtd donkln pantt,
10.000 Butltk, ) lld ctitiuwro do,
SlflO Canada cr, lattstt and bcairr do
'JpJO Jrua i.l netcrtptn,
?! lo f,
l.Vlto 3
1,00 to 2
S.OOOrlfb jilk anJ latin rrin, 81to7
do do do do 2 In 4
4XMfl'tdruliwrrtaiid Cdn.lt.do. 7 to 3,V
SiiOO Morl(d valtnrU and cloth do .70 to 2
Parntttil iit irnnda, red (Unncl drawrrt. ihirlj
and tjudrrikirlvtripr aLtrta and otrrkallt,
anddcaoia frvcki In any iuantuir.
.litmus oh Miami,
Dealers in Clot'iltig and ctrangen viiitinp ,
Boton, "trill find It for their mtcroat to call ,
ami elect from the largett and choicest
Hlock of Heady Made C'Iotliin fn tli city
ami at prices that tbej- will find Mtitftrtory. 1
V.. iUllY"MA!LE- i
, . o rut a
tWranee. )fet Door in South Market St.
5--Sir 1WST0S.
TV) MatturactHrcr
MANUKACrrilERS who arc it
twut L10HTINO their MILLS or
8HOl8. but find at A.i. BROWN Si CO 'a
Fllebburp. Maaa., a comnUle aaaonmept of j
Factory l((iac and HlCe Solar Latnpa. '
AlI.MTipClaira, Cblmntei, all at laa
than atUWaton I'rleit. !
.4. J DROWN, & CO.
CflrJ IStKk, ntarly errattJa (! (flu, I
v VltebVurg, Oct lbt7, :3ra. I
trcr.ana tnctafitr n nirt
Dealers in frrry detcttptwn f
In all III Tarintit tyV kimI rgualilira adnp
led lo Ihe !tr J'.ft4, Havhrm ond W'c
trm Mt.lrin at i rr ikdcaale l"m
rainle I)uiid,n;. Not 10 tlx tl t' '
liirllr ofxMiie Mriil'aM'a How. 1 1.
lilting A- K'l" liaVr hnr on hand and
offer (r aale at iWeir rt'entiie arerM.rn
ihe larpeat an J uioat rontpltte aiauiiment of
ir rr rlrrrJ in Ali (ovntrij.
Our linalneaa heme conflnrd ei'liiaiirh
tit the WMrrtle TraJr, the rrearl rue I
takin in the aclcflioii of audi at) In aa m:
but suit t fit (nvMtry trade and aa ho Im
port rrr rua " tti, r lute no hesitation
Hi aayiiif;, ur (i It l rfiJJ. Tlieut
moat rair it taken inthe nianuUrlurinr;. and
purrhaaeia may lie aastued that our atnek
will compare favmatly with Ihe tmst cualom
made clothing
Deilcra in the rity anil from the country
who are buyuip, will do woll to lixik at our
atof k befote makiiic their purrhate (.
(' w. oai.louim:
JOiM'S It A LI, A. l'OOIC,
Y nalilnclnn Nltcrl, llii'lon,
HA V V. termed by recent arrival fiom
Knglanil and Franco, a laige and ex
lenaive aaaorlini IU of ihe follow ing ileacilbed
gooda, with many other kinda Inn numeroua
lo be mentioned, aeleclcd oaprctaly for their
vfholeaale Hade, and cnmprliinp, Ihe grcateat
variety uf artlclea tn be. found in the city. In
whkli the attention of the dtaleis arc uni
ted. Gold and hiKri walrlicx, of Lever, IKp
ine, .Inrlior, llorizniilal, and cipr eacapo
incut, of all (iialiliea nit! pure, from the
celebrated makcia In I.iicrpuol, l.uudon and
Iirle In Suisso.
Maiblo, Hotewood, and l'.linny Clocks,
Offico ('lot k and lilitiJny Timnpleios.
Onld Jewelry of all dcaciipliona ; pint,
lIMRa, bracelcta, anil clrtpa, fii head.
(;uaid chnina, cold and ailvi r pi-i.i it ; i
t.iclca, tliiinhlea.eyn c I. is so, y c i i pons, lock
eta, w lib a general ittsortineut olgold, aiU
vcr and clll fanev poola.
l'latnd cake baakcta. candlcalicka.cattnrs,
plated and llritaunia tablo and tea ap'iona,
forka, butter knives, kc.
Drilatimn tea mid codec pots, Migar and
cream pota.
('otnmuninn waic of all kinds.
Japanned ton tr.iys in acta or ample, of
nil ai7ca, card traya, bicau', Iruil, and knilo
Tablo and pocket cutlery, acUsnrs, razors,
fcc. fmm the crlebraied inanufacltirers of
Sheffield, Kodpcia, (Vooka, WnMeliolm,.Vc.
with many (hcapor kincs of table knives
and foikx, with bone, horn, and cocua wood
Slecl bac and iniri.e clnkni, vest nnd fob
chains, and inountmca, slecl leailn, Bjii'Ct.T
clea, tpectacln cases; allk purges, piiard
chains, w atch pi as sea, .spectacle ey lis, I imp
wicka, tin and shell music, boic jewel lieu
ea, bronzed and lacciueicd llicrmoinctoiv, ta
ble bells.
Watch tciol-i of every description.
Files, travels, and all kinds of itch ma-
totiala, both l'nglisb and Swiss manufac
l'urcliascrs may be afsurcd that nverr
Kind in our Hue w ill I n I u r n I f lir-it on na f.i
vurablo Kims as rati be procured (mm nuy
source. lO.eowlv
Dealers aic invilcd tn call nnd examine.
(iio. 11. Jom:s,T. M. IIai.i., N. C I'ooh,
Ititlmid 11.
rjMIK uudcisipned would inform their
A friend and the public that they have
bocome tho propnnlors of this xtell l.nmrn
and lung ritablnl.nl llnlrl, and ate now ire
pared lo wait upon all who may favor litem
w nb their custom.
This houe, ainrn it Ins crime into the oc
cupancy of the itubsriibcn, h boen mate
rially impmved in its Ulterior nrranpemcnts
new rooms and new furuitura added, and
no reatonahlu expense lias been spared to
mako the puesls nl the house comfortable
Attached and connected ulili top house i
the accnmiuodalion of Hlrangcrs and gentlo
mon vititinp Rutland.
Visitor for and at f nm-Minfi Kprinus
will also find horses and cnrrnpes at all
limes in readiness to convey them lo , fion
the Springs. J. M. I'lfTNA.M.
Rutland, Juv 5ih, i; 17. 3fi tf
L'oiiKUiiiiilion Curt r I !
Tnum)hanl tuctu if
RITIIAN'S linfitlllA.N BiLSIM OF 1.111),
Tht urral Knjlih Rnnnljr for Colilj, I'iiiisIu,
AMIima mitl I'oinsn million.
TllF.moit celebrated and Infallible remedy fT
ror coii(;hi. coldi, aatlnna, c.r any form of pul
monary coniiiii'tlnn. It the Hungarian falrain uf
I. Iff, dl'corrrril 1 Dr. Iluchan uf I.nndnn, Hu
tetled Tor upward! of icien yesra in Great llritain,
and en (he continent of tvurope. nnd IntriHliiced In
to the United Matea under the immediate tnptr
Intendenco of tl, iavenlor.
The ajlonlfhing tuccex of the l(mi)rarian Jlaliaiu
in the cure of cicry form of coniamp in warrant!
the American Agent In (aliening tor trratmcat the
wort poaaihle cme that can be found In the cum-mtinity-cuei
thai aeek relief In rain from any of'
the common remedies of. tht iUv, and hare l'n
Klten up by Ihe tuott illitlnKuWdrd l'byiicianii si
oonOrmrd and Incurable Tlir iluuarMii llaham
hat cured and will care, the moil deiprmU of cact.
It li na einaek notrom,Uut a itndard Knglub ined
leine. of known and eitatdiihcd cflcaey.
Krery family In the United Stalct ibmild le rux
plied with 7uchan jlau of Life, not only to
ctiunteraet the cnnmmptiie lendenclci nf the Cli
mate but t- be med a pretenttve medicine in all
pie of ci Lit e.'Urh j H 1 1 ..f lool, pain in the
tide ami ehf'i irrititnti ard an neei of the Iui-k''
bronehilU, dilhrulty pf breathing beetle (nrr.
i ihl iwrau, Kuaeiaiiuii. and central debtlitt.
Attbma, lunaeuift. hooputf rugb, si.d rreup
In ffte nf oetusl ditee if the lurtc or aestcd
eoniumrtinn it ti the only rpurecof hope. '
lly .Viio( annrilmnt. David I lAtarr
130 VVt.liw.rlon H. K-.,l..n, Man.. Sulc acent for
be I'uilCil Male', and Ilritub tneriesn Proiiueri.
American l'rlre 51 per h'-llU. with lull direc
tion! far Ihe reiteration of Hearth.
1'amphleti conlaininr un nf Kncliih and A
merlean eertiftcie and other evidence, rhnwiii
the unequal), d merit! nf thieCireal KiixIkIi Ueuc
dy.may be obtained of the Arcnlr gralit.
S'one genuine with"Ut the written ngnalnre nf
Ike Ameriran A gem rn a gold and I robied label,
lo rounterfieit which ! btrgrrv.
AotiT-Hull.bJ W HI" Stoddard V Hat
Uud.D Mirgu4. C C lletvii,lr Jiui,r.i,
fard, II .Simundi , i- I'vullner fun 6i llmrro
Brandon, V i"M and bv dealer! In medievue gn ,
trUlf throughout .New CniUnJ. iT ly
BAHRKTT k hON are now receiving a gen
eral atMrlaaenl of
to which the aUeutlMior rUir ruilteri and Ike
publle It reepwlfullr Invned. n
JUtlaad, Vt 1 JB47
5 l '
1(1 TO
0I1TT1C31T7 .
CpiMJ prpcceding fisure Is piven lo teprc
1 eent the Inannaiblo l'fratra(on. It Is
the picat fffrttolien for the Impurities of the
bod;. It will bo noticed that a thick cloudy
mist issnra Irnm all points of the surface,
which lii'licatei thai this pcrspiratiun Hows
uninterruptedly when wr are In health, but
i cases when we arexnk. Life cannot be
sustained without It It it thrown oil from
i lie blood and other juicea of llio hndv, and
diaposes by this meant, of nearly all the Hu
milities w illiin us. The language nf Scrip
tor la. "tho blood la tho III-. If it ever
bonomos impure. I
lo the stnppagv of tho insensible perifirntian.
Thua w tea, ail that Is necessary when the
blood is stagnant, or infi-rlcd, is to opcu tho
poret, and it relieves itself fiom all Impurity
instantly. Its own heat and vitality are a of
ficlent, without ono particle of modicinc, cx
eopt tu open thd ores upon the surface
Thus we see the folly of taking so much in
ternal remedies. A II gr iclilioners, how ever
direct their efforts to restoro tho insenslblo
pcripiralion. Thu Thnmsnnian, for Instance
steams, the llydropalhist bhrvuds us in wet
blankets, the llomopslhist deals out infinits
kintals, the Allopalhist bleeds and dosses us
with mercury, and tho blustcting Quack
bores us with pilN, pills, pills.
To pivo some idpa of the amnunt of tho
insciiMhlr pei "miration, we will stale that thu
.eirned I)r I.ewenhock, nsceilaiucd that
I'nc-eighls of i wo tcccivc In tho alomach,
pissen off" by ibis means. In other words,
if wc. cat and Junk eight pounds per day, vc
evacuate five pounds of it by the insensible
'Fliis is none olhr than the used up parti
cles of ihe blood, and other Juices giving
place to llio new and fresh ones. To check
this, thcrcfoie, is. to retain in tho system live
ights of nil the virulent matter that nature
dumaudf should leave the body.
lly a sudden lianbilion from heat to cold,
the pores are stopped, tho perspiration coas
es, and disease bcpids al nnco lo develope
Itself. Hence, a stoppage of this How of llio
juircs, originates so many complaints. Nino
trnlliH of the whole die from diseases induced
by a stoppage nf tho insensible porspiralinn.
Lei mo ak, now, every candid mind, what
course seems the most rcaannaqto lo pursue,
to unstop lho pores, after they are closed.
vt ould you ptro physic lo uniton tho pores !
Or would you apply something thai would do , I fully boliovc, willi the blessing of Provi
this Upon the auefacc, where tho clogging ac- ' J0nce, that It w ill affect n perfect euro,
lually ts I And nt I know of no physician Y'outs, vcrv Irulv, Adki.ine STA.-t.t.v.
who ma l.cs any oxlcrnal applicalion loeflecl ! The following te'stimonial from tho Agont
it. I ndcr these circumstances, I proeont to , ln tho value of lho Sarsaparilla in a case of
physicians, and to all others, nlcAlirlcr's I Leprosy, will bo read with interest bv all
All-Jlcaling Ointment or tho World's Salre.
li Ims pirner to realora priaiiuilou on the
feel, on the head, around old sores, upon the
chest, in ahurt, upon any part of the body,
whether diseased slightly nr sevcroly. It
has power to cause nil external surcs, scrof
ulous humors, skin diseases, puisououi.
wounds, to discharge their putrid mailer and
then heals them, ll is a remedy that swerp
olflhe wholo catalogue of culanootis disor
ders, nnd restores the euliro cuticle lo jjs
healthy function. It U a remedy that for
bids tho necessity of so many and deleleri
ous drugs taken into the slnmar.li 1 have
used it for the InM fuutleen yoats for all dis
eases nf tho chest, coiisumpiinn, liver, in
volving tnc utmost dnngar and responsibility
and 1 declare befote lle.iven and man, that
tint in one single case has it failed lo benefit
when tho patient was within ihe reach of
mortal means.
I have had photic hns. learned in lho pin
fe.vsion, I hac had ministers of the (!opel,
Judges on tho bench, Aldermen nnd Law
yers, gentlemen of lho highest erudition and
multitudes of tho poor, tisn il in every vari
ety of way, and thciehas been but ono voico
one united and unnereal voirn saying,
"McAlsier, ynur Oinlmenl i good."
Headache. The salve has cured persons
of tho Headache of ten years standing, and
who had it regularly every week, su that
vomcting oflnn look plseo.
neatness anu r.r ncuo arti neipca witn
like success.
ColJ rcct. Il is a sure sign of disease in
lho sysleni to have told feci. The salvo will
cure every case.
in hcrollnla, l.rysipclas, sail Rheum, Liv.
1 f ,n ' . ,D 1 nsr ioro I
t.i. , . i
iiruncn us. oroKcn or sole iiten.i u. .11
Chest disrates, such at Asthma, Oppression
Pain, also soio I.ip, Ohappcd Hnnds, Tu
mours. Cutaneous Kruptions, Norvoui Hi,
eases snd of the Spine thero is prnbablr no
mcd'cino now known so good.
Hums, ll is Ihe best thing in the world
for Hums. (Read the directions around the
Pimples on the Face, masculine skinTgrlfss
surface, lis first action it to expell all hu
mors. It will not case tlrawieg till the face
is froe from any mailer that may be lodged
under the skin, and ftrqtirnlly breaking out
to Ihe surface. It then heals. When
i. nothing but grotsnea. or dull rrPuU,ve
surface, it begins to soften and soften until
the akir. becomes aa smoothe aud delicate as
a child's.
Ucrmi. If parents knew how fatal most
medicines were to children taken inwardly,
ihr.v would bo slow to reaott to them F.t-pec-iallr
'medical lornges' called 'medica- '
led lozcngts'vcrmifugEs,' pills, ,c. The
truth is. no one can trll, invaitably, when I
worms are present. Nuw let aie say lo pj. i
rents thai this Saho will iMays tell if a
child has worms It will drive eery tea. 1
tage of them awly. .Read direcliont around
tho box, 1
Old Sores. That some soma n. .n ..ii.i
io Impurities of tlio aVStem. ia. Irnnca il...
cannot piss otTthtough ihe natural channela
of the intennble perapiralion. If such sores
aie healed up, the Imnurni
acme olhei outlet, or It will endanger life.
1 bia salve will alwaya provide for such em-
Jlheumattsm. It temores almost immtdi
atcly the inflamation and swelling, when lho
pain ol course ctaara
Com. Occasional use of the O.nim.nt
will slw.,. k.ep corn. (Z wrowffg IVo
ine i.Trc uctcr w troubled wiUi thernlf they
will nat it. '
As a ferally tnsdtciiie, no man ctn
rr Its talue. So nf as ihf aiais to. l alone
o.t Hi. Ilean.-M long man lieid,
lb earth, aul.Jectio ai Inutnuttrtol Ih flesh
I -ao lone aa dltea.e and alckneas I known
in.l n h.nr vnll tint eixi,! Oinlmenl lr
j..." I Vt i t
I olf the earth, then tto clcnuiel -villieiic.
1 and nt II. I then.
j ami: Me.M.isi i:ii, .j (',.
Side ptnprirtorr nf Ihe altotn mtdirinr
Price '.'5 cenla fet o. (Jiand dcol ill
Fulton at N Y -tl Gin
Rutland, I.utlmt llamels , I'maforil. Henry
Simonds llraudon, Volney ltn ; Ruilantl
Mill. Clemont eV l.ineotnb . West Rutland,
1) Morgan, Jr . A I' ., ( aaiUton, l'etkina
A Clagborn , Huebuiy, W allan ,V lljde;
Hydcvllle, It llodcca, Falrhavcn. .4. .1 J.
f Allen. Weilhaicn. II S. Armattong ; i
Unison, r tv tvaikei ; vtclls. irovr,
Heals .V Co , I'awlet, Whedon k Wirkhnni.
Tor the Ileinovitl nutl I'cnrnnriit Cure
of all DiMiiisos at isitttj from nn mi
jmrc slato of llic Hhod or .
Iialiil of llii-Sy.sliiii. vi.:
Sctiifula or King's JWil, llitnmuttsm, Ob
stinate Cutaneous h'runtwnt, I'nnplis rr
1'itttulti onthe Face. lllutelits, lilies Chron
ic Soie I've, Ilwg H'orm r 7Vcr,cni
llrad. Knlargttnrnt and Pain o f the Hones
rturf Joints, Stubborn I'lceis, Syphilitic
Symptoms, Sciatica or l.-iinbet;o, and Dis
eases arising i'i om an imudieiaus use of
Mercuri, Ascites or Diapsy, llxposure or
lmpiudtnce in Life Also, Chronic Con
stitutional Disorders,
fl'lir. iu ur mis preparation is now
J widely known, and every day the field of
its usefulness is cxlcndlnp. It is approved
nnd highly recommended by l'hysicians.and
is admitted to la lho most poweiftil and
searching preparation ftom the rnot that has
over ocen emplovcd in medical practice In
scrofulous and all external disorders, the ic
sull is a rapid healing of the tnre.- anil pus
tules, in rheumaliam, and other painlul af-
Inclions ol the muscular liure, a speedy re
moval nl lho pain, and In all cases a
r.i i" i '.. ' . i.i
of the disoaic Irorn tho system. It U put up
1 ...... .l. I... .. I.I. ... .
i.. . i...t.t ...... i r. ..
in a ingiiiT lijiii iMiii-'tu loiiu ior coiiveii-
mum ami pori.iiniity anu wncn ciiiuicii nc
cotding to tho illreclinns, each bottle will
mako rix times tho quantity, ccpial lo one
quart, and is then superior in medical value
tn the various pieparatlons bearing tho name.
Kat Foultniv, Vt. Aug 10, I H in.'
Messrs Samls In tho Spring of Ifill I
had the typhus fever, with which 1 suffered
the most iulensnpain, and when 1 recovered
from that I was attacked with tho spinal
complaint and inflamed sore throat. This
continued until June, 1813, when my throat
and lungs ulcerated, attended with a severe
cough, and my face was covered with scro
fulous sore. I cannot describe what I suf
fered for five years, threo of which I was
confined tn my bed and could not set up al
all. DiJting ibis period 1 received no hor.e
fit from tho vanous prescriptions of different
Physicians, and li id nearly given up all hupca
of ever being any better. Alibis lime 1 was
induced lo try your Sarsaparilla, from lho
many rematkablo cures it had performed;
and strange as it may appear, the first bottle,
effected a sensible change, lly continuing
its use my health ban so much improved
tl,.n I ran tinw nnt nnli cil mt lint un a ttrl
similarly nfilictod
HcAVt'R, l'iko Co. Ohio, Sept. 7, IR 10.
A. II- i D. Sands: Oerits. A man near
hero used six bolllet of your valuable Sar
saparilla for the Lnwiosv, nnd has received
mnro benefit (mm it than nil other remedies
rnmblncd for sir years past. It restored a
hand, leg and foot from a Mtualinn that no
person would have knnwn that they belunc
ed tn a human body, as nil appeared lo be
-cine mass nf pulrifying soro. His hand nnd
other diseased parts are all restored to llieir
natural si7n and feeling; am entirely healed
over, and his leprosy cured He intends
using a few morn bullies to permanently es
tablish Ins health.
fi . W. lUvMouia
Fen-runt TrsiiMosv. The following is
an extract ftom n Ictlci received from Rev.
William Callusha
Hr.riKHIIilt:. Vt., Oct. 22, IRIS.
Messrs Sands : I have been afflicted w ith
a seveio pain in my ndn, occasioned by a
cliteasod liver, lor Ihe las-t twenty years; sul
fering at times what hnguage canno convey,
hut since taking your S.irsaparilla I have
been greatly relieved, so much to Ihal I have
been able to attend lo my business, nnd
preach occasionally for tho last fifteen
months. I wholly discarded nil other medi
cine, and thoroughly tried the Sarsaparilla,
which lean recommend in truth ana sniper
i ly lo all those who arc in any way afflicted
Willi liny 7. i r .,rv.t... ...... ,lainlc
Tbcio have been some rctnaikablo cutes ef.
feclco by its use in this vicinity. Mrs 1
Shaw, by the uso of mi hlSItles.wa.s restored
lo belter health than she had before enjoyed
ioi ten years, ami imis . rttcvena, who had
broil severely alll.cted with frv.iola.. ,
. -, , .. . v . .
entiroly cured by the use of a few bottles
i ours, truly, Ytt, Galusiia.
For further particular and conclusive ov.
idonce of its superior valuo and efficacy, see
pamphlets, which may ho obtained of Agents
I, i ,,, ...... r.
l),uanui inr?? " "' 4 Wfiv"'
Wrugglil. 100 r ullon-st. corner ofW um
isriT 1 oik. mini also by
S.' " S. 1
. . i ,
Rutland : J I). Ilaamati. West Pnuli nov: l'V
Jamieion, Catlletnn; Warren A Uliss Bran
don; and by druggists generally throughout
the I'ntted Slates.
Puce $1 per bottle. Six bnttlea for
Ko VX" h. WSLM
I I' . r .. .
mat has buen and is constantly achicvinc
audi remarkable cures ol the most difficult
class of diseases to which Ihe human frame
ia subject, therefore ask for Sands' Sarsapa
ri'la, and lake no oilier.
Willi KilioiiN I'ilU ,o cure
.-.rr '' ,
I A' 1 M1" wariant them to cure Ihe alck
' headaclip, or nervous dehihtiea of any
md, or the Liver Complaint in it first ata-,
!, If Ihey don't cure return the box and
get your money. Dose from half a pill lo
two pilli. Puce 12 1-5 cents a box l or
SS 10 or mt"c of ,ho uln'rn 1,1 ov" '
tJV"n '", 'l'8 comil'' f(,r j1c ,)r JV
I sr. and Clement .1 Li
ktos il ( lachorn. Castlenon. Vt. 130 ly
.uvuiiiu, i.u.i. ..... 1.1
I As many people have though! that these
pills were manufactured by Duct J, I). Hib
hard, of Rutland, the proprietor thinks it a
duty which he nwei to himself and the pub.
ilc to state that Dr. J. II. Hibbard has no
connection with thrae pill whatever,
) y W. K C. Htoddard, Rutland
A YIIRY large supply of School Hooka
are now (fUred lo the P-ihlir verv
cheap by W V. C STODDARD.
TIIF. l'll.KS
, ( , roK,,,ri: SKrt KKi.
.... ,v-timivi im'MPIiv
I mt 1 1 ,,AM 1 iNTLIlNAL RhMl.lM
i l'tif i l'tl-t f7-"sfien nf tht tArtt 4n-t
I XriV'n . liin'IM Iter, Imh mnj UtrmiN f
lr .SJwt ttmrrti Sitn'v end AvAfer ; .
I,MH' , ,t, . Aum4llts . Mt'Nri
I,. 'It.. I. II, n. .. rf J(,ni,l,M H IA
Till: Itlll-.TAIlt K. l'll.K Kt.F.rTI'Alt Y
lnwt.tr.ll., Dr t t pham, iilUgiibel ph.v
, pfln of N w ork c ttj t! It unit !ueeefu1 retti
1 edt fir that dangriua. at.d dMrtWlng Complaint
i Ihe IM cir oliitedto the Amrriein piihlir
,lrk ll.l. . 111-40 internal rcineri) ni t ai it
Irmsl applioatimt, and will cure e ,.f Pil, .
eitlwr blrnlliig i r hllwil, Ittltrnat of ettrriisl , i .1
probably the nl thing tint will. Tliere l Mi tnl
lake about lU It la n wltle cure, eirdj and
permanent. It I" a eontenicnt lucillelnr t tale
and iinprnies the gennal health In a itinatkable
lUch box rniitaint twelu iluft. nl 8 1-3 Cent" a
dc. It i i n in i til In it, ih-i atlnii. and innv be
taken in eae of the inott acute luriainatlntt wilhuttt
ilsiigrr. All ritrrnal apphxationa are in tl e l.iaili -i-t
drirre di.sgTeeablt-, itiemit ri lent and i li'miir,
anil In .) I -it i . r nattite -.f the iIIm ni limpirary
in llieir iliert. 'I'hlf mnllelne attack! the ili-t-r
nt il 'iiurrr ami rrmoiltig the came, rrudrt! Ihe
t lire vritntti ami permanent.
f'nrr fur Life dimrantinl
The llleslnsrv eniitnlii! no mineral medicine
Oolite, ulii, (!atnl,.tge, nr oilier powerful and
iigl'urcaliie. No tear t.f Inking e.il.l while
irll iling I
innlrr it! inllufHoe im ehangr ol iltel nei"eear. -
It taken nroiirdlng tn the ihrrctloli u c irv lor li e
I pninintlril.
Paiuphlcts Rititig alnable infnrnialiun re)ect
lug thu mcdiiinc, nuy 1 nbtainidof agent' k'
ti. I). I', llrn.llec, l'to Wathliitmi t. ll..ton, (Icncral
Agent liir the Sew Cnglaud Mutee,
Aoi.ni.. Hiitlnml, v 1". I' StndilarJ W. Kill
I mill , 1). Murgnii & Co.- r'ntllrtnii. Ilr. Jaitiie.ini'
IMWrord H. Sllil'iiid' & V. I- roullney, Noye
a. IU,,.- li... .,1 V . .. and bv the ilralrrf III
tttnlicine, generally, througliiitit N. Ingliiliil
17 l
WjrHiililc Inliiiuiiarv
AS proted lt.df tin be. I iteinrillal Aeent
kni'tru for ( i ti irh' ( .Idi niitiiiitntinn.Atlh
m. i.n,,. S....I,,,,. ..r ill i wi,,..e...i,
1 Win ping ( uiigli,
....t ..ii i..i.. ........ .-. -...I .ii ..e ,i.J
l.tmgj, na ha and can be Ihihu from lite le.tininiiy
nf lho mot re'prctalde lihim-mni nnd t thrrr, nhn
niecnlillt-il to the must uim pir t inint..- bihef. Af-
s.ter having tried the many prepi.r.jUon., w.thi.iit
... l ulling lite i xperted relief mull Hide! are compel-
led In n turn lu ihe ute of the Vi ci.t M . Pe Ms-
auv llAL'AM, which thct neknuttU-dgr to he nttrr
n ii,bi,. ,,,iv known f,.r ih. i,.ee,n.,i.l-ii.t..
i j , - - , . i . .
llnmrc nl l imn rrlritt nm limlnliniis I J
dillllCll nc'.,,.), ..I "(arler'n Cotiitinliml I'lilmnnsrv llal-alil "
...... . ... . - i - -
Ainrrlcsn rulmonarv al.nm and ntlicr! in rl
: n,,r, T, . Zrr IZ't X .
nmi tee that it lina tho written (denature of llm.
lon'n ( utter upon u vellott liiln-l upon t lie blue
nrtpperi. ICncli hultlennd eal h itamp.nl, 'Vtgv
titble 1'iilmoiinry it'.am,'
l'repared by' Kkeii &. Citi r.a, .formerly Heed.
Ving ct (Tutler Importers and wluileule dealer
In mrdlelnrf, painlt, rlicinlral", and dyr-ttiiftr, IH
Ulmthnin lri-ct, Ilortnn, nud mid by ilruggiil'. a
pothi carlo nnd country merchants gi ntrnlly. IVr
partlenlar.s &l rrroinmenilntiiina rniuirr for mmph
b't accompanying eoch bottle. Price 50 tent..
I'or rule in Iltitlnud hy l.nther Danirli MVin
I'Ui8IOi AWUiVci'.'
And laics extending Pensions to Children in
cirtaxn cases.
PTinK subscriber, having been for a long
JL lime engaged in investigating claims
for pensions, nrrcars of peosions, hounly
lands commutntiun of half pay, anears of
mllitarv pay .Vc. ilc. and havini! all tho
Laws, l orms, nnd Kcgulations, Irorn the
PeiiMun office, is thercloro picpareel to aid
vlgornusly and promptly, al his own risk and
expenso without fen or rcwaid (when unsuc -
cessful,) all applications lor pensions, in the
following cases
1st. Where a claim has been rejected or
suspended for further jiroof.
2d Where a Pensioner, living or dead, it
tit w a kupposcd to bo onlitlud to u lotuer
tiension thnn was awarded
3d. Whciij n rovoltilionatv orticrr or sol
dier is now living, or has died since 3d ol
March 1831, nr where has ing served during
the war, in the Continental establishment,
ho has diod miicc 3d of March, 18'JO.
lib. Where a widow inairicd previous
the expiration of her husband's last term of
sciviro, is now alive, or hat died since 1th
of July, IBM.
Olh. here n widow married previous to
(ho 1st of January I7UI, is now alur, or has
lundrr certain ircumstaucci) died since 7th
July, 1838.
Olh. Whore a widuw ha.i been married
morn than once and is now a widow, or has
died a widow since 23 August IRI2.
7lh, Claims of every description, for ar
rears of Pension, due lho heirs of deceased
Those who have mulr efforts and fa lie
tn obtain Pension?, nerd not despair if they
trust 1 1 1 c i r ca.ii; lo his hands, -s ho has ob
tained pcnsioiu in many cases ulictn they
had been given up as entirely hopeluas, after
repealed unsuccessful efforts. Ho nut only
ilcvutej liis whole lime and iillenlion In Ihe
business, personally, bill has lho assislancu
of an agent who has boon engaged in tho bu
siness for fifteen, or tworitv years ; and who
visits Washington several llmca a tear, will)
all llio principal olliccs of records, of ihe ser
. .,( Irnvnlutionuv soldiers, viz Huston,
Concord, Monlpelier. Ilatlloril, IVcwpnrt,
Trenlon, Harrlshurgh, Philadelphia, New
York and ytlbany, whcie lie has access to
the old Rolls and Records and havmao
rrss tn numerous nrlvale Rolls, is. in manv
instance, enabled 10 establish claims.whore , tod .Status, Kngland and South America, in
agents with less facilities for investigating llm poaartsion of the proprietor arid can bo
them fail of obtaining what is juatly duo. cen by all Interested ia a aufficient ir
Ho wishes to bo distinctly understood, tnonstration that it Is Ihe best Medicine eirr
that he investigates all claims at bit own offered to the World. Oct lho pamphlet,
risk, without any enmpensatinn whatever, and study the principal ns thoro Ijidiown,
w here unsuccessful, and that no claim will of the method of rum Put cp in thirty
I c i. llliaill.1 cnniui, nuu luai
be rona.dered hopeless where
. .. , 1
pension ia
i v tit r.
j . i - -
Ti iims varied according to tho nature and
extent of Ihe servicca rrndrred, and the a
mounloflho claim recovered. All those
who suppose Ihey have claims, w ill, nn send
ing a slalcmrnt of facts tu the subsenber, bo
informed without charge whether or not llieir
claims nro well louuded.
Unexceptionable leferenccs given if re
quested. Letters n" inquiry or applirationfcjwil) meet
with prompt attention, If aildreeJ (ixist
paid) lo the subpcriber, al Hose, MViyrir Co,
.V )' (r, lOrti)
Ci IX Ictuiet on thcuseaof Hie Lungi.
5 Causes, Prevention and Cure of Con-
sumption, sthma and dlseates of the Ileatl. .
On the Law s of longevity, and mode of ,
preserving male and female healib, ayrnme-
try and bciuty , expotinc cautrt and cum
of thoso dltea.es that nroduco coniuiiititnin
"r ahurten life, an affection o the skin, tpine
s""nach. Howcla, Kidneys, Lnrr, Srroffu
,a i-jiua, i, rave anu 1 ema o l.omnhnnts
lit ru'os, easy, practical, and pure, form
a punt" 10 rlcl health and long life ;h
engraving, 321 pagea. 60 centa. Pottaei
0 1-2 cents Hy SAtiiri. S. Fmn, A. M ,
M. D., at 707, Jlroadway, .S'. Y.
Any person rrmitling fifty cenla free, will
teceive one copy by mail, lo any part. The
irade eupphrri fi Jyecw
Feb. 1617.
For tin t'v bh:
307 Btiatn Btret, tnffulo, N. T.
' i n.c c. VAKiiiN'.s vnorr.Mii v
i MFNT FOR IM7 "iCawr, I Sow I
; Cenyufrra'," Is mntl cinphallCally threat
with tint ailli it. Ditoaao has ever ylrldcd
to Ha moat maivclluus medical power
Wbeieier It hat gnno, and South Amcttra,
F.ngland, Canada, and tho I' lilted Slatra
have ptoted the truth ol this sMtemcp, l' n
alwive qunlatinn in a stioiip ami pit'iT "i'r
tancp. tells tba win. . klmv I lit' l t. o
in, in iple tipt.it Willi li mi uio i in. i iu,
lie know u lo )uu, luil the teaull nf a lti.il of
Ihe ntilcle is aatialarlory; ou nte rt'slretl
and the see trl ol Ihn cute remains wait 'ho
proprietor. I he medii Ine is a runipoi n ' of
t.,n .tvt, ,llliurl vegetable nccm its tail)
, , , ,.,, " ., .
i -i ,
elusive, uipdicnl ptoporty, conlliiliog imiI
nu olhrr compound eat li tool makes" Us
own eule and as a perfect ciuiibmaMi. r
when takon inlu the a)Mrtn,ll doca the wi th
which riAttHt:, when het laws were lll ca
I'bllshed, intended it ahnuld do- purifies
stienglhcns and tetote lho bii.kon down,
(leliiluted c iinaiituiiuii Drops), in nil ta
characters, will bo completely ei.idlc.tlcl
, 1110 i-vsieni nt na use. iiue psmplilol.
in ngeiiis iiantiN, ior iteo circulation llipy
treat upon all ilinc usna, uud shuw Icslimuuv
of cuius. Or.iM'l, and all i umpljiiils or the
urinnry organs, Inrm alsu the rauac of gtcat
.,H1.. ...... ,,,! t .....i.... i ,ii ,. ... t ...
,.M ..... ....h.i . ..,.,, n.n
ciutriKi no iiMll ( eli'iirllv over the coun'rv
j u)' 'he cute It has niacin In this dlatlissilig
class of alllli'tlona. So famed, it trcina. is
. tins nicdlcllio, thai it has thus attracted lho
n(,,ir.. ol one of our medical publications In
' ,., v . . t . i r . ..,! rr
1 No ember iiuuihor. IHIO.nflne 'Iluffalo
Journal nud M 1 1 1 1 1 1 fi'etlew ol Medical and
.Surgical Science," in an article upon taicu
. r. . ......
Inns i israses. nm '.n i-imi. ' i ... ,,t. -r
ler Until ine 1 1 in fart tli.il llm 1'i.nli.l, nn..
r - ...
einmpi rc purchased n seciel remtdr.
j ' PUjrlw.r in Ih03. of a
secict remedy, bv llm Lepialatuic uf New
Yolk, tli tl pays tribute lo lho fame )f the
meiltciuu '"Why do not our Iteptcaentnlitrs
iu Seiialc and Ansi-mMy convened, enlighten
and 'ilissolic' the ituffenng tlioiisands of lliis
country, by the purchate of Vaughn's eg
otable l.ilhonliipllc, than whlth no solvent
tincc lho day nf Alchemy list possessed
one half the lame '" Reader, heie is a pe
riodical of high stnndinp, nrknow.edgcl
Ihtoughoul a laige sccllou of this country to
he one of the best conducted Journals ol the
kind in llie I'nilcd Stales, exchanging wpli
the scientific works of F.tuiipe lo our ccrlain
knowledge, edited by Austin Flint, M 1),
and conliihuleil to by men ol tic highest
profi ssional abiliiy, thus Mopping n&nio lo
nciiice n 'hticrct icmedy.' Yuu will al oncu
unileibland no i;i(mtun and icoithlcss nos
trum, could thus extort n coinmeut from an
high a quarter nnd ennse qutnlly, unit as it
; oirectiy coniiirtett w nn ine iracinci ol i nit
i faculty, it mtmt havo been lis gieal "fame"
which has caused it lo receive Ibis passing
1 r"d. Kidnrv disutsr, u takness of the back
'""'. im ocir, painful and suppres'eJ
.lfciufnoicni, 'nor Alius, and the entlru
complicated train of evils whlth follow a
disordered system, arc tit once relieved by
tho medicine. Send for psmphlcls Iroul A-
gonta, anil youwlll luid ovitlenco ol the val
ue of tltn Lilhontnplic lliero put forth As
a remedy for the irregularities of the female
m--.t e in.it Ins in thu compound a root which
has been resorted to in tlio ninth of Kuiopo
for centuries as a sum cure for this com
plaint, anil a tesiorcr of tho health of lho en
tire system. Liver Complaint, Jaundice,
llilwus Diseases, Ar , nro instantly relieved.
People uf the Wet will find it I'r mh rem
edy iu I hose complaint, ns well as 1 cvtn
and Ant'L". There is no remedy like it, and
nn calomel or iwmnc forms any part ol Mils
mixture. No injury, will result in lit use,
and Its ac ttvn properties nre manifeMed in
he use of n single 3ll o. bnttlo For Five
a so A oi l, Ihlwus Disorders, tale no other
mrilicinc. Ritct'M stis.m, Ooct, w 111 find te
lief. The action of this medicine upon tho
blond, will change ihe disease which ong.
miles in the blood and a hcalt'iy result nil
follow. Dynpcpain, Indigestion, Ac , yield
in a few elms' use of tin medicine, hitlti
irat"i)i of the Lungs, Cough, ( onsumiili in
also, lino ever found rebel. Sirafula, J.ry
.upelai, Piles, fnthimcd Eyes nil caused I y
impure blood will lim! Mils arllrlu lho rem
edy. Tho system, completely acted upon by
the twctily-two different pioper'ies of Ihn
outturn, is purified one! reslored as a par
tial euro will nut follow. Tim train of com
rnon complaints, Pnlpitawn nf the llcait,
Sic h-Ilcaitachc, Debility, ijc , are oil llici rfi
Hull of srine derangement of lho system, and
llV (treat lteslorcr will do lis work. Tb
firouuses set forth to tbii ndvortisimcnl, aic
lated upon the proof of what 11 linn douci in
lho past fuur years. The w rillen testimony
ol ono thousand agents, in Canada, Ihn I'm
, ounce bulllra. ai two dollars , twelve ounces
do. alone dull ir each Ihe larger holdino
six ounces more than two sruall hottlei
Jrool out ami not get unpose-l upon Kvcry
bottlpjfii "Vaughns legetnble Lilhnntrlp
tic Mrlture" blown upon the glass, the writ
ten signature of '(, (' Vaughn" on tho
direi lions, and "(I C. Vaughn, HufUIn,"
alaniprd on Ihe cork, rtnno olhrr are gen-
liltip I'rrri.'ilpil ltv Ilr. I. I Vnnolill. nn,
sold al the I'r 1 lit ipal Office, 207 Main tireet,
irjliai'i, .11 JIIT hi ..nu i.an. ...i mien
. I .. .1,. n..,l .l .. N. r. .......
lion given lo lellris unloas post paid ctr((
regular rimslilalej Agents Cltepted potf
paid lettcia, or verti.ii contUMinlcuiions solic
itins ailvire, promptly atteiulci to, gratis.
Ilflirrs devoted ox:luanely to the tale of
Ibis article 132 .Natsau street. New Yoik
"") LNscx street, Salem, Mata . and by
",tl pnocipal Druggists throughout the I'm
ld Slalc s and CinaJa, as adtertitfd in the
Aor.tTi W. K. C. Stoddard, f'lernonl A;
Ltscomb, Rutland , Soot A Tomhnton, Cas
llelon . J M. KeUry, Fairhaven , J D Ilea-
nun, Poultney Sheldon A Allen, Patt!-t
'" w Walker. Henson, Calltn A Wright. Or-
wen, ii"i maiiuuu, i. oiiumiui, 1 nts-
foul, F., Hunt, travelling Agent
iJ ly
Hartford, ( onn.
6'npllnl $2.10 OOO,
Coniinuet to insure all kinds uf property from
the lo.s or damage by fire, on the inoti fatoia
ble terms Application mar b made ,
hi. I ll Pier i...
Rutland, March M6,7

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