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Rutland County herald. (Rutland, Vt.) 1848-1850, May 17, 1848, Image 2

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lw. new ri.
lie is t t ii'vi n .'
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IllTLIM) COIVrV ill.Il.M),
Wctlnraday Evening, May 17.
rx ,r,l ( j i
'! .! .all
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s-w. MmI A . bsaint tl . I fin I r, .
ppmon n p-ili: rip'etteJ .u
I A) qsMNt.t. tk Ihste hi i i an ; ,
l. I l.H I K MI.Mi ii
I a Ir.-m ,f Orleans t.asr ln tt-
cr.sM) w Mjf l,r KliMHi llefu-,
nt emaJ fivm Vra I'm o lb iM in
ran' N. iltfum 'fit.t Cngrett, i tlueiett
i bad y tn f ueher Hiim-n I li
ra f$ ol -ii' iilt'li rll W.il ss anting
lor itaonrt.on ( buiist-M The cumo as the tutu- approaches, mi ict in
U is (,' the Ctsgres h, afllif-, ci- ,...-,. ,.(! nilctr.l Jrrm-M III retrard to
' va!. g.-d ul true men-Imih any uh
' h.. h the country Us erer before lx-en di
rr ed.
The linte n l I'l'nl vxbs-n the Na
tional t, .!. rlilftt . f I.'k l ffTfil rt.P
of ibr ciiieilM ! I ') U- li'lirn .Mid "f
Arrlrul of Ihf Cnmljrla.
T hr Vtitath p I imt f I J)ti.' l
' torn Im'x i t A pril ? ' j n m 'I ti N
J Hl.mt or ?uu On mm Tl.f I'll!
rf.rl (l I'j Hit SfWito, nunc 'r' .
t, Mr. Hutlrr of . ('., U nl fililW
1 tir owiitrt to c:rh ami ur ttiir r4r ,
nli" Uif waile their riTHe l tr ff'8
' uii's-i rivii iHTHMi n lot mu:h talk ami
n i miall (!!cuMioti in tbi- iUre ticr ot
the iHirlli a ol routh. '
Tlii kill, aivorditm t" the cirr"pinIcnt
r at.. I ,.f P inint re nr,
r....,. (hrm..,.f t.,aS ' Utortlr wo, jmK,rUlll ' ;, .ther Mntr. the
'"'"i'c Uial Tl'vi m Hif. Dailoo, anj ' contMition;. Who rr to lie the npiMUg m,,(lr or agl!llt J)nl hnxo n tight to pi J
t.r fihfi i"iHii cruf-J of the Uti- mf rndiJU-f who run th m mlnnlr f, tty JWf ..f the 1. States ('our Is '
Jrr and Kii'.pi t: LuigUijr, u nil g"iug ,,, t,.0i frm difcal who vi tko r rrl.j; the same, or anj 1' S. t'l' .
, l(ia brine forwan! Ut eimrf Um?i ticlo- lfctor or I'uMmmter, nml iimlto nnth that
r,itlr in thr Munarmv ty1-M the q.irat. m daily ami hour .tteb ,ron i In .!.itf, ml .hall tkor, ,,.
h Meainrhip r...t.u.n Jem Mrno Ir nkl aruuml ua I" rcunnir, ire UIicvc t, rcrrirc oirtiH-ito of the fact, wl.irli al.a.l
JJ.oi.afi on ih- 13'.h u!t haJannrd A il....a ,.n..ii.,M run a 1 aiiawi-ni to the bo a warrant to tin- I .'i.trniisu m rr-
fit'irr saul JlaM' to in uwncr .ny (hthoii (
who hall aiil in liimlfriiitf tin? im-eiilnm of j
. . . . i - i
too H-r! ihii itti-Mii itio h ot.Mnroh t- tU urcr,a ,n, s ucr anJ l"c ""' ' ' , '
m..r.ff I- pi.mfiiM. J I. r.ill.nj of t(Kj k.fl iatllflll,in f ,.u.r lru,
f,f. ""!!JJ ImmdHi. lw.,J Wool, to V..h.nff ami h iicl hearted wl.ip, uho liks ei.tirth
Mil I M
' ri o' jk J
.'if hrraih aiiJ
.. of d,f Ix-enlsi ( I'nun
Hidum i,J In Iir.i and !he M urt l,i. uluint i'iit ord (hut a tb vi-nil thing' ihr ...liticall
fn ina i r mm fit r
' ' ''''"''' r ir it . IT, I- ' of the next Whig (J....,.ii..n, l.. .bter-
' v nm vil iiircmnl In", M.ih iiifinnalior. tliii'i -n I'rfc.i o '
diwontrti: on ih had d.'gm upon thai poii, in lucnl ticn mine the iineti.n ai to trAu shall li the
. ' Channtl Thf I'nte '.o proceed to ill rrlirf Hut findmjr. n.xt l'r.iident of thcc Tnilid Stitea! aixl
'to reei. from !l on hu nrnral ihn, (ht no jurh d ingrr , . no.ni.mtion of our out. n.cnti shnll
i. t li . ...4 . i itaBitla ft rinrthnilf4l ill lr ill innl In .!! . '
:7inif iweopsin,; On,; hero n,,,. be made kn. will be the .,, to
inaK inr .ficui.ii m - "lie oi wie true
Ml I
! i'.e n,r
;.!' n nub winch the o
r il e rrrs'i ie tirwed by
) anJ pamet thtouj'.ou'.
.-.nil tiit'il uliis : '
ii .'iinlcil to be.nr
thomninl il 'llnr?.
The ('ituii.ittiv iisin a reaon f"r re
Hjrtingtl.ii kill that the rutistitiitiiii.al rilits
of slave oiieri aro e.ten?icly diregatiled
by tho free elates, which iiiti'riosu nrioils
ob.'tailcs nn-1 veiiliou ilelayn in the cnn
of a slave owner attrmptitig to reenver his
rutiawny elaves from n fmc Stale
.Mr. Hale, wusiro elail Iimcl-, was irwpar-
f'nfinrl aptwarrd at the Con.
nn MoJr, and i'ied an ad
meni irami i:h fmm 1 MO lo ",Oiin troops
(iineinl Tm", the Mi xicn rlmi har
inp full. hi J the !.icr, noaiic J the nine I;
A'ti't a fru iliji poilry of n'il days ( ! n
I'n' attjui'.el, and lihou.'h a gallinl re
jif:anc nai It.ndi, lurcdid in Inliinir thu
r.t.nj of Ireland dm-cud lilaee, nnd eaffurin'' foiiiterii pieces nf nr-
it Iid Jfl.n lto;i ' word; iillery, V." 0 ihouaand mii.J ( arms, and soni'!
I CVrtuin it ti lhat t'.n pro- sOO.UwO w ortrr nf prop, ny
ISe Krtval A'lonatiotu ie vn uic I .n ri. i inc nmnun. nn , , ,, , . . .
f.!t,.ct.on..r.tl.Cmflr-r,e,i,ng rrt of his force to Chihuahua, lc,mnK r,l, or avaihb.Hty ol tluMliat, or tho other m,., . , ,un,
i I ronduc nf the vounrr ron- l.i 'Ul Col. Hills in command nftho re- camlidaW for tho whi nnminatinn. Wo lo willibold a .-lave from boiiilno than it is
The partiri who luvn Uivn itiamder, i:h otdei ; m ..How as soon ns ,(.lt.Vo still that wc weaken ouimUcs In f(,r t,R'ni ,0 "l!,k,' i-!"c'- "f Ireeinen we
ad,,ll,n..J r,tl ..oM.nJf, pric;..-tde Cirri. Tn.i- f .n y ollirrr... tVtluJttr.hl. 1M11.slillIi:l prosumr th north will ent.ltain ami think
ir am'i-mfi o ready inter, ami hu irim I w.-re piiolnl lln-.u.i- ,' , . . .
! r.n- the wok, and ...me of can: !" n I"'" Witt. .1. and si many mote '" '"1" ai M,rc ll,al "" or
been rr'-i''l will d.i'jbl!c wuuiilid Oir.?i was five l.iUel and rational jiidtnent can ko mud as to tlie
impb-sof Mr W. S. U'Urieti inrn'y w ounJid, ol wlutn two hac since ,lroi.cr Eclc:tiu of n candidate until tlio
on tho flood whitf ii.ii.iiu, and, it duu de ,,, (o mu(. t,j, l,jail Wl ( fsl.t
liberation and n.mid judjineiit .leails in o.ffered a ri'snliiliuii ilireriimj tho tame rom- j
the councils of the whips, wu believu that a mittie to en.juiru into the expediency of
noklo'and glorioiu ictnry will ke eeured pr.ividiuij for tho security of the eoiiititil- '
tons Wo luiv been fippo'cd to tho agi. tioiial jiri; ileje of the Irco cidored citi.em
tation of the (iii.-lioii an lo tho claim', mor- ol tho noiKslavohol.inii; stales. hen tho
of Mr Hutlcr'i j.rnjmi. ji ions.
Uy i.ae procrt.d'.'d lo Ibe S 'Uth died,
rpne ftf agnannn 'I n r. C
ot iii M ui ri m. 'i "r.R ciuttcrs
o i ns l I i I'M S o i
nomina'ioii of our oj.poi.ciits i.i made known.
Wc have in tho prc-eiit iuetnmo tho ad-
Sa.vt A n n . As our reaiieri have keen
informed, this rcunmicil Mexican cinkarl.
cd, fioinv time -inco, from 'era Crur into
which port tic had been -iiiiii.'1imI by l'res-
n.viri! in infri atinn the ofiriu!inni
0 1 tm , . ... t i ..I. . r l . l i 1
. Uken, prepMatiom couiinue to bo ' he .V V. t'K a yunc ol .ho I'll nisi. con. vantage Oi a lan .mow oi nana n n i,Junt p0: f.,r tlie I.-laml of .J.uii.-iii:i. At
! mt ou such a so lie bi plainly to lams the following letter irom the Lity ol ahoulil we throw away this advantage by a
lh.lihMlhrrtiMd.iilh.iJi premature oxpo-ition? wc .should have
-ar and i.nmintnt I loin - in Mi r. ' I h" ( ouri of inq my will he through , , ' . ,,
. I ltuilan.1 fvjo.re ha.e been or- "h the evidence h-.e this we. k. but n the bttlcr Trom our advereancs. 1 lay
tare bun? prrpir.-d for there- lof uniaiion hive rernved be correct, il are more cautium They, whilo condemn-
lfonp. AM I ho regiments in may be d.liycJ to mu iiga'c nnother case ing the doctrine n! availibilitv, are always
' 1 1 ' bfnadd,. e, on parade by I am lo!.J, nnd consul, r my nuihorily good, . to co fur it, mid that without rpganl
i . ! nt onVrtl atel ciu'ioneil Hib! s'Tioui charji s are to he preferred a- . . , . r
, nk,n5 any part many po- gi.n'Mom. S coil by the (iov.rnment. to pnueiple, or even tl.o pretext of
it.nu whatever " i on have dnubib-M Ik an that a council pttncipie. .wainutiiiy, a' ian.o.i oi n i:.i
llio tiino of the embarkation John Ih.nkey
had a friend who was present, and that
friend ha; furnndi.id lo John a sketch of the
saying and d iing.1 '-upon the eceasi ui.
I Ion: id an extract :
.. M
r.A n i. t'r-M i jn'tn.
Dure mrr from her heme
In a land far anay,
The oweet fpni.g halh ootnc,
And winter n;a r-ty
'o longer, but In wning,
lie dcea to the Ni.nh,
While natures erowmni;
The (Jneti of tl.g llarth.
To the hills and the mountain,
The meadows and xak.',
To the murmnrinir t.ninlnina,
nd lo the oft pnley,
A ihl apt 'II i piM-ii,
d'er all it i thrown,
l-'ruiu the bright realms of lltnxun,
Il tler.'ciol.- to cur own ;
A foretnrile il in.
I'litid Fancy doth fay,
(If the unalloyed I .lis
That is known far away ;
I'ar awny in you I leas en
Where the noids of the Just
ltepoao, when the spirit
Li'svn its mansion of du;t.
J OhSprinp! gentle Spring !
I riiehanpi"i thou art !
Though na'ioin arise,
I And 1 iopd.-m- ilennrt ;
' Thv fiuit: are ai riiideii,
Thy blnssoiiis as gay,
I A in aces olden,
j Thou appcap .-I ln.ila !
I The (lowers thou brouglil'-t
, To crown VVx.-o'x pale brow,
j May be l.iumi in thv garden.-,
1 6 Italy I now ! '
! And the hlosMims llmt Villilth
Oliee iherishi .1, illlllllO
The shadows that palher
Akoc hi lone tuiub
CtixtUtun, I t.
Aoriii:n iowm iirs ritor r.n nv l iil
I Mil A N
Arot'ii a (m. .May 1 1, IF IP.
The . hooner llleanor hut arrived at N
Oii.ani, from lialie, Ilonduras, bringing
(l:lii to the 'JOih nil
The n linns continue their di pred men'.
Tin y hnvc destroyed the town of Valcul
la by biirnint; it to llie ground.
Five hundred of its deft n.lnnts had retirrd
n.lo (oris, w Ink- the women nnd childri n
w ere tiikuip; rare of theinsi Ives as h. ?: they
rnulil, and w ere (lying in all directions with
out money or food
I'.ven llio inbaliiliinls of Bili.a were
ihrnlinnl xvilli nn attack', and had pr.psr.
ed to inert it.
Y iRi.iMt I'.urii s lie t i n I is
irtun.i fn.fn nil the cnuntiM it. .
elfrpt lout, l.ec, I'ofnlii'iiIJi, i in k
and Scjii, which are all suppmid m hm.'
elected l.oco 1'oeoi If so, the nccooi.:
ttaml a follow i Last loueof lilies'
7 Whig insjotily, net llro'e .". ,-
l-'oco inajmiiy l.sit Senair, 0 l,ncn I',,
fo majorily , tint Pcnale, 'i l,..co Wvn
majority. Ioco l'cco majoruy cn join:
uallyt, :i7.
C'rtN.sr' Tl l t- I nitcd Vtatrt StnU ri
At a eatirus (il llie whip mrmlieii ol lh"
Conmctirut I.ecnl.nuri, hi Id nl Nrw lis
en on we IneHl.iy evrnmp, lion Hop, iS
li.ildwin and lion Truman Smith wrrr n
grirsl upon ai the w big csnd.d.ilrn (or I ni
led Stairs Senators nne for tit yean, in
place of Jno M Niles, I ,'.ro, w I. o-e u tin
of set vice w ill r s pi re on the I1, h of March,
IS 10, and ibe other lor three year', in sup.
ply lh vacancy twca-ioned by the death ol
lion .lake 1 1 utitinglon, Mr Hmi'h is
novs the able Itepr. .sentMit r in tlie h.wir
llouso of Conjjh is. Imm the l,h lhs'r,,i
of CoiiiHCiiiui. Mr M.ildwin it now m
tlm Senate, by llie lunporaty appuiii'ui' i.t
ol l.ovirnoi IJissill.
Kxi'LO'lnN or a I'ow ih:r M si, sIM
A powd. r inspa.iue, roi.taining two bun I
reil and sixty five kegs of powdir, explo.i,
nl !'iekski!f, N V , on Saturday night .
Cnn man, Mr .Strphrn Onrr iiou, w as I. i"f.l
nnl leven or i .ght others were iciious y
Tlir powder bcbined to the conlracloi s
on tho thirty -s'-ciiud section of the Hudson
lO'or railroad The building is mpposul
10 have hem (ired by lomn Irish labours
w hu hail bi en in a M.rc ol disorder Inr son
days, On a tuin-out for higher wages
f' iM.il aeouiili f d'Si.tu'on of warwa lie Id whin the nrmy was nl whig party is one thing, and that practiced I zal ling yu inyzel :
u l-om the I'rov.nr.s I u-on. n Jeh .to 11... propriety ol tmyu.g , bv ()Ur OM.lonelll. it ,.llito aulbor.
. ' '.fil'piii,irs ol their luuds a peace hy adsancmg a e rtsm sum ol mo- ,' 1 . . , . ,, ,
.. a! Savings lUnki nppenr ney to Santa A una, hi, s. id lhat Cm. '!1 "he ease principle n ever adhered to;
n frOTi a en.) of msec in. Sco'l. ol.houjh the Coiin'il rf Wnr ibci.l.d in thu other, noxer Who but Henry C.y
Santa Anna nAbdrine flij;litin his
cigar.) I know not icli I ml darn tv ino-e
Mejlcauos or r.o ankoes. Alia I cl
from po!r:cs. distrust, apa nst ihc p'ari, intend m'o negoliat .on or one of like principle c.uld in
, Is as
I IMAM,. win sji.i.1 anna, tr.rougn icKintosn, to ,mNC ri.w;,,., t)ic mnninmi,,,, uf n whig con
's r tevobrion throu liout bnbu hint i r.hcr into a treaty, or not loop- . . . . .. "
,UiniW by t'.clincii and pose the advance of tho American army vent, m-or the v..to or tho whig party 7-
I'.Ji lv P'rc.pl.incv snl upon the Cipital , lh tt the sum w a a jr-cd And what other than the locof'oco party
V- laavctncnt had it ongin upon, and lha: MU.OO'i weie sdvancid as would have avowed their ioadino to go for deck in great agilalioii. I'n-ently ho oall- upon .S.in Antonio taken tho place, killing
niT'i-s icrm ihcro lo be a t- 'lamest money." I cjnnot behove that -,.,- m,nr ,,.,n nr xrlni mb.bt id lor unothi r eiear, nd sal doiMi 111.011 lha a number of the enemy and takint: mam
Vr.iiv Lsti: smi Intimiistimi ii:om
CAiiruiiMA. Inn lligi nee from Califor
nia ns l.itej a tho MOi h of March hai been
rccemd The New Orleans Times has a
long li Iter giving an account of the military i .
,..,,1 .I-..! ..Mnrnl.n... ll, l,,.n 'IM... P
,,11-t Mil."' "" IMIK'II- M, lll. 1 IIMHI 1 1,1-
Cyane, ('.apt I bipml, wrnt lo San Jose lo
relievo Lieut. 1 1 ry wood, shut up by the
Cuirrill.is An enpngeiiH nl ensued The
.M'Xicnns were di fenl. d will, considerable
Inji I, lent ('ol liits ton, at San Jose, had
leciivrd n rt-iiifircei!ient ofono hundred
and fifty men from I 'p; i-r California, from
Hero the iIlu.triou hero stuuiped tho the New York regiment, nnd had tnarclnd
Ai.-"IV Sihllrr'- T.ar."
I'l'ilT. II" (lfi'k I llir'l,
I r t.ske fun la li.il
(II tili. ... Wrn ('...,
i I'luielnrv 1 h.rzi.ok,
I HaL.-ii t l..t 'lam isrikee gun,
'. . hiiuilurr zu uiinf ...r,
An I "Un on ml v.kIiIi .i leg
At. iipe .u;i) no t..r.
Williams Co I. i.i.o I.. The address be
lore the Ad. Ipl.ic Ij'iiion, at llie next nun
ini nceineni, will be delivered by the I Ion.
' Coorge I'. .Marsh, of llurlinglun, Vt , and
thu Ora'ion before tho Aiuinni, by I lou.
John Dims, of Wotcc.s'.er.
iliir.u 1 1 sii. S i ort )i --( inn of the .ir
m. lest hull norms eser known visiled the
Seminole country, about I. 'ill miles Westol
Fort Smith, ArkHiis.a-, on tin .".ih ol March
llailsloms fell of tho siu of hen' eggs, and
some even larger. Tho wild geese nn I
brniu were on the wingth.it day migrating
in great numbers from South to Norih, an I
hundrids were l.ill'd while (lying by llio
h.iil. The Indians lirought tli''in m from
thu prairies by hotsu-loads.
MaIsk. The l.egislalillu of the Statu
of M.iiuo as'einbled nt Auguslu, r.n Wed
nesday last In llio Senate, Hon Caleb I'..
Ayer, of the Oxford Sciiatoiial district, wis
elected Tre-iilrjit ; Daniel T. I'iko of An-gu-ta,
S.'cri'tarx each leeeixini; 1( Mite-,
tho w hole number cast. lu-v. John II In-
lam was elected Chaplain. In I lit
llou-o ol KeprosPUlalixes, llui'h I. Mr.
("lellau, llsi , the former Speaker, wax le
electod. and .Sainiiol Iteleher, the Clerk of
tho la-t House, was also re-elected all
l.ocofoeos. The ite for Speaker stood,
Mc('lcIan, '.IT; Win. 1'ainc, whig, 4U ;
Scattering .T.
A orre.-pouiit of th
ir.H mt. i Older,
Journal of I 'oiu -
lnoree, writing from fscw Oileau, .Ia I.
...l . r 1 1. ...i: ..r.i... !
. and if. a it (.! n. Sfotl is guilty of llns, hut that a charco , , . '. . . . . , , : . ,i . r.iil and .sane another sono in Spanish to ' prisoners ; nlro retaking the American of- "J," ,' ' . ,. . ,
' '. . A . bo Ins l.riiu inles. who ihouhl receive tho . r. b.. . 1 '. . .... - Mates Ar in v arrived in our e tv xesterdav
-tt.ons prove f n orab.e to to ihe licet I have mentioneii, or somewiiai . the air ol It'iiim:'.- ,luv Hoioro- .. At- licerj anu mi n thai hml l.ecn in coiitinemeni f ... ,
- r mmlerote par-y, thes.er- similar, is lo be made, the character and po- nominal ion of the eoiixenllon? lhat the tl.r .,illg yery' path-lie Spanish for rnnnihs. Those relear. d were 'ass,d .-.'"''tl' "? ,1 . "lT ot I . tT'l"
in t, will pet a lairtrn in sinon of mv informant leavis mc no room locos of the North made .-uch an avowal soug, he rou, called I'i.r, and swallowed a Midshipmen Uuncan, of Ohio, and Warley ! '!' "' r, "". fa 1 " '
- . .. ......... i. 1 . ' . - .ilr. I r.sl i in t. miiv linn. 14 kn.iirniiKi
,-....l....L .1... ;.ii,.. ..f ll.I- t.l nn,,..,, hnrniiernf iinhtno ...o Ihi.n rcpoi.il i.lh n nf Sooth (.arr.I.r.:. with the tnen 1 1 i I r r ' .... . . '.
p.V. ...v,. .a-v ..., -. , - - - , . tllt ,hl, tr(,ftlv ;W I)(J ratlk,d
1. I
I hi i-bclioi.i lo the Aisem- to doubt
i l- ..II n it r-s t
n .. me Mrtinff topic ,n m nrvie itt.ua note on a aur.ia,-.- io)) u ft tni(h (u u )!pni(.(1
t.r. 1 r (Ki.tinh il tisat n it . I fill h m i ful 1 r I . t i f 1 1 1 1 ti v I mi v P fl n tin 1 1
v ce oflheelwiora wool I but icry fu.y w ords w til, the M.x.cnris, and f-r Van M.iui. with opposition to the An-
m. in I'aril till this morning, ihose arc to inlify llio Irealy rpnckly, and m xati .n of TeJiii ('.illi' iiu unit Tesas '
ii. spir.J to indicate the com ihe C!en ral in Clnf has w ul.iu a (ow days or Folk, JVce Trade, tind War! They
I !v w.'l assume The ,0M d.cUr.d thai he will be very soon cither in micwjc,i ln getting tho luur, and the
i ff mijoiiiy in I'aris in the era l)ruz or t l un taro 'I Ins i; the on-
' r lit. Uamv.ine yl. l. ly way lo deal with Mi xiean;, for tl.e.r '""ry has kh-d Iro.n cv-ry poro in conso
le 3J, (Jarnier I'.ig.s ; ph, strength is enlirdy in procrastination. ijiivt.ee Ac their next cmventinn is to ke
Mairist; (i.h, Marie, 7:1., The insurgents ul .o-hu, in the State of held on Monday the 22d iusl.we shall doubt- '
- Crmeain ; '.ih. Causidi- i tanijuat i, have rum 1.1 a 1 irmdibl" bo- be able iu'our n-xt paper to give the
I! ranir ; lllh Ciemieux dv Tlry nlrea iy nuinber more than 2,- . . . ', . .. ... ' , ,. I
.. .. . , ,.n . I . . . u. . party uotiimationa and xxhiuhwill probably
r, 14 h, lu irier: 1 tb (100 and they bae pariis ins evrn as far ns . i i i
hll-rifer. 16th Mi.imu. ITili the d.si.ici ol S.o I lip They hue given "'"" "eumi.-y i.
Ti,,, ipb 'i''' 1 lexiing, me loiiowing irum ."MiaKCS
I S.I In. mi ap j ift Con rsl S. i.tt,
Ait Tuil'-r ' in 'iln-li'.. i an 7l l'.,ki-,
'. I're-.'lent dc ltJ'. I'tli'li."
ll.tii all li- .Mrjirii, pi-i.pt itt r.i-I.MS,
An I. rrn itiilli iiis pr uii- me ml'in".
'. i I In I ii .mij; ki.'iirii. 0 ' iiui ouJ-LI
' z-' l'ir. a. mailt n hltei bip
rs.pnl....iitnf. ytfv no- rn murl. tfoM
Az nin.li smli.ti ti sirtiio. O ' fiunl hy '
1 1.." I hi. my irmpr t, i ile n urrst dig drum
'it-l. iii.i l . 7ii.-. uiuz.c lis.l u.tlii in. i-r,
it at! tt,i i.ri.l.- nml pomp ut.il tlin t '
A.. )' ) ii S'ankar rirm; (."unt" l..isc lliwats
I npr a.ii to tri- tiKuin, en'"l-tii,
Stasis A-.!. hm uu.iuk worr In il'i '
I lere ho pulled out hi. hair by the. hand-
iienon rays uiai x oininouore joncs in- u,,.. n .. ; -t-i,.. x-.,.i .i xx ...
inids taking Tiper. by orib rt from oiir 'f n,,, hu,, ' p invel v as, urn llui xsh.-o
govrriirnr lit. Commodore Self ridge has , M -jor Horn-." Xv.i. in llus (that) my, suu.n
sailed fur the United Slates j tune since, he ataiod ho expeMed in he it.,
I inoluj in a i'ursotship in ll.o nivy, lie
FliOM Sr I Inst i sen Accounts lo tht seernvd confident of the promotion, inasmuch
I '.(ill nil, have bnn received from .Mirag- n '"'Hoxv had promised it to bun.
untie, by the arrival of the brig Kllstvorth 1 1 lrrr-,,,rn " tUv '"'c'fl "' M' !lu!",' n'
C. plain W-Miams of the V, , .nfn,.,,,, , 1 mg a, the srulhon in doinp all Ocn. I'.iloxv's
thai anolbi r resolution had taken place a "
short Hole previous lo his departure. The lATF.-VI' FIIOM Mr'.XICO
inillato.s werr. wining themselves xxilba! The steamship New Orleans, Cpl. Au',.1.
tli teriiiionlion of ilntrovinc thu nrrjcnt n,l ai .. t Irl,.,.,, n tl... hth .n.t fn....
1 I
ly-dru Hjihnhas not been t- the cry fur anarchical pr.ncipbs, and arc praciiee.l upon the Free North and what Otrc ho pulle.l out hi. hair by t he. Iiaiitl- ,1(;nij of ,,, pov,.r,lln, , 'Chn utmost tx-' 'e..a Cru, which plice she l(i on the 3.1
dtstroymg all towns through w Inch they f, ticr prere has b-en made bv our nor- rusneu xuiii lury into ins cat.in, ami Clirmeiit prevailed on the hhnd. I Ms-.i. an pM,er. iv lh tt I' mi I'er.a w i1
I.OMBAI10Y pais. The fo cc: s-nt agauiM then have . , Mf,rr, ; and (.ub.er- u , i , 'r.Asumc the ,,M,o,i y rs.ilxir.f; th,
udy the .c.n of War has not not been sufficient lo .j i.ll the iniut nci.on. 1 . r" UouK,,,arc-'' ' . ' 14 ,,.7 . ,ic,-Tly ""pressed xv.th nyinpathy. FOL'U STKA MIJ i.TS HUH NT. treaty should a q..om. he ohumtd th sea
sngej during the wrtk The
' xrbf A'.b?ri, after hav ng bien
xieney to tlieir(.'!t! uii-l. ra. That the
The ratification ofihe trr.siv :ill un- southern wing of the demoeraey will con- 'Thc letter which will be found in
I'n rsnriK.u M iy 1 M.
I H.ll ... if. ... t (-..-.
. ,. , , t, t , "'ini.n I inn", iw..i'it, a.tu . u-,....!..,
A (ImnntL-h Iriitit Si .umi i.l Xl.,,- ft - . . . ... "
n.. I...,i..... J,-.,t...l XV rii.n.! ,h,t . I. ...r . . i .1.: ...U ..f .n,l another column relative to ( I cm S,-,.tt. xve ic.d .... .....,.....' .' HMU " nuinuor oi ou,er, .am- p.ts-
... ....... (niiii.ii up iu v..... -- .... u, ,,.,,,........ ., ...... - - i - .a, ii.u.uK.iira inu in sti i.ci.nn nv nro ni lenctirs In the .Nuvs I Irkans. e tuiloe fniin
in. ii. not wen i. kirn j con- iwon jpsn mi. m u;... ...... . n,lUj(j tnPV iacct il in re-noininaliiig i res- p""""i uis..ik iiic i.r;ti-niiii.ai...i. m nn lour sieninuoai'iuat morning, 11 Iho iMnry , this, 1 1. a t the I ourt .xlartiai haa rljnurned,
in m position on the banki1 ra Croi, by the snanicri w Inch hnvo just ' or .,!,, .,on ln(,ir ij.-jjt ,;,. eneiuiea t. oxertide liiui if possible the Mill, the Missouri Mail, nnd the Light-' but wo am without information reUiixe 10
. tho K.ng'lllead qn-ier. arrived at New Oibans It stitenhal ad- " If it should i.rove true that ho paid Sanla f""'- 'I'hn fire nrigmat.d in the Mad, which the result of 11, di.liherai.ons.
. and fiom all the account, vices from ihe city of Mexico wore down C as or as U Wore probable Urx Moon- v il00' xvas wtihoul ioiurnnce. All the rest wore ' 1 l-nnpi.sion ll.il tl.o treaty would he
'it mni body ol tbo troop to '.h 15tli of April one wek ubufiuent 6nor lien. Y'lK well may the alavoerati
e npht bank of the tivx-r o mn. x. aiwan met t oermnure. 1 my tnv j.,,,,,1, ,Pj, irt.,,v,.r nether triumph obtain
ed of their subservient friends o' the north.
1, r
'y a pause in the courage ol ripoilihat Pi innnhers of th' Congress at
xi lernaro svere st.i i anien' mm sir bpiht
r.iehed the c.ty on the I lib ol Apni Mr
I'l.llorJ having pic-ejui him three .Isys
An inii lliK-ent prnitrman arrival in
H'..l.... ... I... .v., nn. a. ll,. I ..I
utiiiii-:....! mi. .k .-. vi - ., , . r .1
k.ui.!M..fii....rxu... try to loog over tno nsi oi inoir sirone
trillion tinder AJ.mral 11 iu
.nj at th-Sp' ina at Naples
K ng was txcommj a ur.popalar
veri'.roit set mid inevitable
Mmio it i Mid has left Home on
'0 Uc 10 lli.glaiwi
IUdri w ha its moat dpi.jr.
. Tb inMiifieitti bad int.ma
' - s w laaed to capitula'a to the f nee
hffn ba u!J tif si vtvh n-n
Winn this nominati 11 shall kc made
known and not before will bo the time
for the hoiic-t and true whips of the eoun-
ttieaiavoeraisoi . , " ' . .. . . . insured. Tho mtirn loss i. ....;,,.., ,1 m
try wiiicliis nanllx lie to lielitm-i helhen j,,n ,. ...
1 i, 1 ... 0 OOd I he Alary is not quito u lota
made a better bat gam with bun than did hsy The boats were. II mtpf.
the cnnslituled head of the Army, l're-i-
dent J 'oik. Smi r.r.MNn 1. 11 ritiu It nppcan by
an nrlicle in the Wat. noun J. Ilersrunaii
II tlmot J rorrsoom Ihadid in Iliinm. that an . xpksi courier beariri'z Ii lien from
llll KintrslPn, C W . to the Hrtti.t. itonmer nt
ral.lieij is cotnlirmed ly intelligence ienfd
ny 11.19 arrival.
('en .Srolt iml slalT arrived at 'er.a ('tut
on 1I10 30 oil., and iminedutrly euih.rled on
hoard the hng Si. I'etersbuig tiirert h,t
New VorU.
Mvsi ltKldl'S Diss. ii-i iUAM.l. Mr
C.lvin 15. 1'isk sudd-nly dissppiared from
tins tovtn on ihu l"th of March Insi, and
has not becn'ho.ird of since, lie is IS years
ci 1 . ......
I lie Ijoenioco Mais! . iliVolith.il
v-rsoos vsbo liau n.t tt.e cuy o .Mexico- -v - ..". .... " noi. apns.iutcd ddcpatei to the National Hasto-i, xxa, nrr.st.d near (i.w.po 00 Km
is , unaei.woo n.s op.n on ... vrti tne trra. men. aireauy orougn. ,or.r ...,,..,... clTM1,; , , ,(l0V inl ur,y a,, b.. Mr , ,, " ,
,,. ,.., ... c. tr ,,,!, anu im saiiiott win 00 HUC- el a kwn a. cate of the U il.not l'r.,si. .Stales Misrshnl f, ..l.,..' .r .i... 11.... .. SJf about S.I f. 1 ... he, -hi tiro., r l.,l,
ly U) prove most aviilabb and cnablo u fo, then pasas-d a rcaolvc thai it was "un Oilicel.uvi The Inters .vc found in hit ''K"1 completion, light hair nnd cyo
the nioat etfeetually to eheek the further eecarily agitated," and U maku all sure, posiemon. xx ere seized, and are noxv in the "lun ,ie 'lft 'IU ''d on n itiufl colon d
adxaneenfiheruinouiuiarcbofoiirotino. i'-"1 -"'"H'er -hat the deleijates should m,eso of the Pun OHire Department co:''. n n"M cloth cap. and dark
.... ."' Vote 8. ft unit in the conventmn, and eait I'he acent, w hose namn is Ware run, I., his ' sheep gray pantaloons Over all be xvoro
lier.ia. f.-t the op.ne.,is 01 the r-rst inter ti, y ... , cx ,,rv ,.,,..;,. . ,,,;. , .,,m. fror. ,... nn s I... 1.., a Urine.) fijcL-. nn.l carried n small honhln
smong thitntelsi: in the d't'ribotion ol the
funds: but not oilier xs ise. 1 r is alio of o
pmioa lb it the Mrsicant xi ill agree, as
they ere much in want of money He
think 'hat oirt'- delay rns y take p'nce in
I in eonMj. I.,.t..,ir.i ih rat.t.r.uon of the irea.y by M.i.co, and . .,.,.. xVi,h lnrii , .'
'..in ..It . ..I 1. ! . .l.ai tt il n ! nrol at r thr rirhazife nf rat. ' . is'
si I'leifl ikhlisng
' .-I coa' i to
airJ, ai.d 'br
to pl .t)
'is !
. Jj
... - n
- 1 urn
a r.,r
'III) I:..
:n on an J putt .,
eeueai .,
.WS. !.,.
1 bli'S
.l tt it o ! prolai the rirhanje nf fa'.-
itii-.t-oni ssii! or can take pUcc ly lh- 1st
or 'ii cf t. m "tali (Cnioo, 1 riurtday.
Tin- Tat sty Wt have an important
.umnr zss tn .0 mnmr .n I l...i . . . . f
l-..ct. I am pnoran:, !! h- Tr niy bat H ki-stn and trill defined measures of f. ion The whi' members ol the I,.-gi. and the regulations of ihc PoMOlTicoDe
b-io rrie:i. J bi the Viet ct CinjitM.- l"liex adT-i-atel l.x the jiarty, are may trell laiure of tlx- '0.i (' .mm -nweahh ' have is- prt'.ment The penalty for each letter si
sotrtc nimri! not wi ll urilmio' d Mj hu c.i.t .ii.ing n pair of black pn.-s an 1 s.
Sine f'sft from l.fo arrived here U
u'.-o'lr In- dtv t'ingit.2 lint Hi-el ..ener liufnin
, , , '" m Mal'CO t- 'o '. I '. .! O.S 'S
. '.' 'lll fr"!- ir f m 1 m, - ..
.r i m - " ' "' e-r lh vtt.'
:,., !' S l,n vr. '?. ,-r
. 1 ... in a !e.tef from a pootf t . ' "
.t t - t '" ''"I M'l.co Kate that ' 1
m.'. tity nf;v.n. .n the M-t.ean Cn- Lite U-f--n sail. W.ut that 11
.....ii ak. S'tMi. -XX'.. 1 .
,-tnf Cotrrtpendttti Jsur Com. , .
Clay Scott, WtUler, Mcl'tta, mad otli- A n.'.j'irity of tin: delegates arc anti-Wi!- oh n statemr nt it appeared that Warn xvas a oll'er articles of clothir.j. Unfriends arn
er di'initi)nd statesmen before ua -all ,r"T'k"- '' IHinow is to act at. a unit paid agent of ihe Mmuh government, and Vl '' eh alarmed about him, and any in-
Mr r.gly id ntified with the prinei..!,. ,( the Yn"-,l'm- ,b hc 'd bn "' '""'"hs enPag.sl frm,(,on of .,s xvheresho.,.. w , ,ia,,k -
1 -i 1 1 ' " in sm'i.'glmg mailable mailer over U 8 '""V I'c.ivul and liberally rewardiJ
xs hi party, at .I ad tie c .an.piy.is (,f tl,.- (.,., f Utn hwrttt to the mail rou-es, coriirarv to the I .w of the I....H Newtpapi rs ate rcqui-sUd to notice.
Iliratiltboro Caglc.
may trell laiure 01 tin- 1 iu 1 .mm -neaiin i.ave is- punnrni 1 no prnaity lor each letter so
I - m metier smw ft f
" outtirsset 1M ttiU' atec
w.iwiiAi! UonrRttnt mutt tos.o l f "
. t ppi' 19 reWli.or., fcow.ver at !aJigter tats that '
- ' trsMiWis ibexr preicat forms t o its I Uktt AfJ
f ' (iosernmesiL be e!''d a fit '
Tft- a(v -1 M. ! r r ' . 1 - -s -'. a
and ssith il.e slrietest propricly look to, and lued an sibU e to th Whig uf tbsi I'lioii. smuggled 11 fifty dulir, and Mr Ware, if IO"A lailidioui young lady in wed sl.u
r. jar It1, availib.'.ity' of the ca-.dikt to II " cbaraeU-rtscd by a apirit of nnti.tiali he had been brought to trial, would have w"u,d never bavoan Irnhmau, a Pnsbyte-
1 r lt r.jfi . , ,, ,1 , o patri .turn, and of c-ru ihatioii. xsl.iU P'ooably beeo luitd two or three thousand "an, or a parson, and ended by matfymg
" " c unr' tU rlauuis .A the Kres- Slate, and of their dollart an h Preabytenan I'amn.
' ' u '' ' 1 ""'t front ; W11 .b.tit.juiih. d Seinu.n, are truthfully, 1
1 !.. 1 .... . or -a d wjr (Jiiuci dc idwlly. yet mletiy at f.,rth " V'f'Tb late d.tor of the (burner in 1 Reported for ihe Motion Evening Journal J
' ' ' by faiaehor. We e'py frii this admirable addreas a io ("u, M C.aillard.i, tayj tat New HJIKiUTON MAKKK T.
rtioeh a ' ur spaeo will narraut. anej smiuIJ ork I.iprrs., left us jn Monday in the '1'huridaT, May II.
Ill a .i. JI.I1 1- . . . ax- 1 ' .
paean amp apienjia iur liavif. Ilegoej At .Marin-, ... o Ueel UaUle, o.ij Slitep
un i.. pre
xs'i'.- c I
x--we. at we
.i. l tad H141- "K " ttlilitl: ly "ur readeti. Cn
' t!. das
no douU to iek bit fortune among tho He. n"d '-"J'iO Swine
I .... .
publie.nui of f'Afii. where K'iiional . rt.hi.
x. I OCT, a-T-T). i'l..ti .. XJ una u u hL.tu 1. . r-j
, -wi.--., ... .-ivituiy, mt a mat -, v ; u giuuusm man in
the pe. pie ,4 Sooth Car dun are opposed ntw j ork fi .m ihe hifher sBpreeifition
oicc u. ieudinf dels-sraut to the Is-tvloeo )" of ,b Ubort, icnicei aodiaenficw of
' - t ipt- j twsl Conventum. Tliey peftr anannrd '''
nn ieeat f e4 ' ne 1tral.1v The Mir urx i-.-. tl.i d r, t
' . C . . . T 1
ri ,',-. ' ' ' ' """it ls,,n..!i. 1 .1,
'' ' i 1 1 .' : . i v
Mstketdull, and nnM have decline a -
bout 'iOe pr cwt. on Cattle arid Swine
Pnttts Bf CsttleA frw Kitrs i?7,
00. Im rjual.'y, rO,50aC,75 , 'M ouai.iy
Swne At whr.lasale, 1 1 25 1 2t ; sc.
lee'ed ,.', 4 :,. ta :t 1
. 1 hi 1. j 1 , f, :

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