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Rutland County herald. [volume] (Rutland, Vt.) 1848-1850, March 28, 1850, Image 1

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mwltXhty Ml
vouniK rr.
li, ,,r, tl,. niti,
, t tlcf iVr,
' it Jf nfft,
t ' ' ! if n-tt nl tft J.!tfi,
I p I i : 'u It tt ,t c I.
"l" rrt4 Ij I'm ItlJtfl,
f f t if t f t tttill t'f ftufcfr will f
u. t I ' ! f H ttl..qlf fl tt.rrltt.in.
The Popular Creed.
I), n n.i tnilti ' tlnl in nd )lnir
A m..M ltl ' tlip wnfst iifrninn'
If llln' tin1'!. R.vp In tl lllftltl
T'tit.pif itit vfft int'i tlp ilut,
I'niiinijilu.itu ivp ft' ej'iil" tpv1lltir,
K'i rV liim T"( ' ki V Ken 'or filli'tjj !
If rn.it,'.. ui. oh ' Ph t lutflirr '
Soil V")'' fur k. " I lf' lllPI !
Ijirllll Ifl'l lllllUr1 lillll-iri 111 tlllll'
Ail f. ii('H puiiM't tin- worn! of crime.
1 ktlO HI if ll)l tV'tlll MI'llll,
W !,.,. huj.c, .fp Nnllt "11 .1 llllHrn'l lllllll ;
llul llir imiiii-n will lai-.k i r ion mmIi
Kit k.ioi'I riimclli litis.; iliirm llie-j
A I i.uw 'iftl anil -in piitv h'Mi),
A ft'B wlillllijol llll till! I'MIIiIy's red,
A nil well luiii'"! hi vuliiny". selio'il.
Ai I n.ti.iweol rli -lip kntiivplli Ihr rule;
IIiiimi nil ilollin' il'iliirt ami ilimp ! .
An r i n t y i'jckcl' llie wort of crime'
1 t i i mt a IjiiII 4ml linnrtl min,
l ho tltnrv lo Iir on dip Ctirnti -ill's pi sit ;
Hat u'if lie n. -t tit) pour will b ;
Arnri'il nil hlril lliinj I. lie ;
Ai I me lie mel"lli Mining wife,
.null Iip Irtilct'i leppr' life ;
I ft lt lilt e irutll a tearful odd,
" ' ! Mill nut I'll I I III" Pupil e,.,U'.
IJmi.p. .ml ilnllan ' ilull it aii'l 'lilli' '
A'i rn,l v pnrkel'i til'! wnitl ol i iiiiio.
S i jpt i- ili'i . n i 'il HlPf lui'v '
S f.pli n ik I nl ll nrh 1 ir w !
Simlliv ni'H. inl IimI liy (liy,
li in; i j;I in If K1 fi)
Ji.ni Tip n. tin li in I nper lurtikn lu-r,
in rtnt tin in tilt )our ni.ikrr,
l i tjiorrnt'. It ir, kil.ni' a'ltl fnnl,
II t iltm't p'i'ir n uictn' it lln rulp ;
1)iiiip. m! 'IniUrt' .Li lais a'l.l ilnne '
A ' I lll,'t pilfkP''" tin ' 11 f ' II HI''.
Mllto:.'.H Eve.
'M. linn's I'.vf' MilMn's I'.vo! I tc
pent .n, l'V ill'' ptUf iiml'it r f (r.
:!i' is mil 1 I'arv, w .iri .ilmi": v
may xnk vIi:tl no ilmilc. .Miltnii
was uiiai ; ltii a lie "I ' Hls
I 's'ti n'ns r u'lit ; lion' was Ins heart .'
II i a' I Ifnvi'ii ; holt) I w f i on
llfli II- si 4 Satan, iiil .Sin Ins il.tuu'li
tor, nii'l death their hoinlile ntr-prniL'
Anscls seirieil Iwloie him th'Mr lia't.il
'i us ; the Ioiil! 1 1 rn rf a(!a:tiaiit'iie.
Inelils n.ishetl hack on hl. hi mil eve
lull's the nntltterahlf 'pleiiiior nl lleav
ti. I IcviN 'jathered their legions in
Ins Mirht ; their tiiiii dis rnwuei), ain)
Urnislicd arniH- passed, rank ami lite,
x(on; linn. Mt'ioti tried to m'o the
tiri. ..oinan- but '-'are, lie .saw her
"You are hold to say so, Shirley."
r' r r ,1.
"Not more hold than
riiiriiii. il.
was his cook that he saw ; or it was
...... . . .
f. (ii . as 1 tiavt scon tier, mas-intr
, 1 ., , ,e .
ru'irmis, 111 nie neat 1 1 mi-hiu'-,
.4. .1 . 1 , n .1 ..,fi. rc
1IIC Clllll I llllli 11 no i....-
Irres and ims-ii'!i.iuis ah ill
'.1 ticed uindow pteparuik' a cold
. . . . i.i.j ...... ...1. 1.1. .1' .. ...'. . ... I
la.,.,.,! r the rccinrs-peseiyes .i.d!(iiin;)iri)m wn ,
.m ce, c.eams , - ' "'V
, . , ; , ..v ,i,
Mt!JM llll II H.-'WJ V.', -III w j
v.. ... 1. IJ.tt o 1 1.11 "' " "
,. , , . , 1 .,, 1 . ,
in 11 ..Il 1 .in. .a ii..l...ft!i1 : Itiit hriie'
i.."e afn-r tas'e. tipbeltl with kindliest
Cl.st sc." Shirley.
An Illustration.
f,j ,r t.- ..,,,. ., Hi- note niTn
C io) thitij ma wiihsiandiu hi
1 , , .. . I ,- 1 w - --
H ,r.tn; bis recent stay in this place.
1," was one evcmiii; se.ikintr of the
rr.-vadi ij lendancie of some relitrioli-
'.v tn I. ii'j p'.iyer, and return kid that
vc wnu'd I'm I no maniple fin these 111
!' sc'.:itures. The irayer of the
" . tint ; ubl caii was a happy jxct
al' 11. When Peier v.. is 1 mi. m vomit:
to walk 011 the water to meet Ins Mast
er, ami wn i.Uuit sinking, had hissup-l-
CJi'u.ti Ijwi as I0112 as the intro.liic
'i; to one of our in tloru prayers,
') he 01 half thtoutrii Acsnald v
itc Iftyftt! ti'iler V Jlrr ! !1aitr 7V.V
f "A-
TlicWlow.n.U.n lr,,aXd.
ti:.'.ioncd matiua a cannon : 'laRcn
s.iri hfl'p mjJ jv-etr b-i's tf tl ft
England's Eyca Opening.
In some rt'M tet the following mav
foundered one of the most remark
j ',0ahte articles that has appeared willmi
i'ii! the last year That the o'd nifiii,
I'rcl.ind, i hasten. liy towat'ls his do
1' i... k.,,1 1I...1 tl... ..i.iiiwp 'nil,. Aiiu.r
"' Ilea tins heeotiic In ecpml in strength,
'will, the pro.ni-c .-(son,, heromme
r j 1
.Hiui'" R,MH'r',"'i ls what, Willi the arro-
''' I'll" I'lll MI'. .,,...,
. . ..: 1 t
nance and as.sumption with xhich he.
!ha hitherto teaitled u, we did not
ex! ct to see, at present, 111 any way
admiiled. Rut hen it is in h'aek and
white. Gric.i Mountain Freeman.
I'rtttn tie I:iilriipl I.tIhIoi Net
Btgna of Decay.
Weate m'd (.11 h.-hat.ihority. that
. there is iiothmtr new. urn er the
, . ,
sun, that w hat lias heeu m.iy he a-
train -that all tlniiir revolve 111 an o,d
train- -mat an iiiuur reni.e 111 an o,u
nppniiited circle that for empires as
' well a fnr ludivduals Ihere is a pen
od of growth and a period of decay-
mid Ihat neither the mitjhty noi the
hutiihle can escape the op-ration nf
the iinaiiahle law which hxe. n pen.
ally for every tianstession, mid wlueh
" - ;
Inch am the lowly.
A model 11 wi lier, struck with 111-
power of these old truths, anc ir..cme
111 the paM ami piesent ln,tory nf
iireat liiitatu the operation .t eaues
which must, 111 the fulne-s nl tune,
iroditce ;ts fall, has drawn a vivid
picture ol a New elandei, siltiui' up-
on a ruined arch nl London bridge,
and uiorahzin' upon the tale nf the
once miLdnv empiie, become as iiiucli
a thin-of the past as ltnme, ( tieece.
ami As.yria. Rut win 11 we cad the
eloquent pa::", we smile at the t redic
Itoiint the writer. e cannot heheve
111.11 -i. in, mu, 111.11 iiii-iii en, u nn nitces we have iniiile. It was our am- of mankind when their possessor ex- ' work.hut I have never seen a haul
t;lnried in herelfane lived de icioii-ly, Inimu in become a 1 iiiint; power- -ji v-1 erciscs lliein without regard of whit er'task than to et n man to look,
who sanl 111 her heart, d sit as a queen the la w o the wor d - and we becann is due to ihc well-beiii" of society and liirough a lump of irold lo eternity.' lure of the wooden-nuluie.' trader :
and shall see 110 sorrow,' shab ever so : bin il v is at ;i cost of a debt of I. mi.... If a It 1. harder for a rich mini. rlc. ! -He has a stiruce. clean. IVcksmflia
ia 1 irom nei uiii esiate. 111: ii.i.iu
jtil the -vealth, the enterprise. I lie in-
do.intahli! cnuratre, the intellttreiice,
the zeal, and the piety of her sons--
. we see her wonderous progress in arts
lit...' 1 1 l - I
' lllill "leeii llllll H'Mllt: liviri i.ikj.i -
llie triumphs nl her science, and the
h'.essue's nf a eivihz ition Miienor tn
any ever enioyetl by the earlier ti-es nf
.1 11 1 r 1 1 . . 11
uie woi m. ami we inue.v in 11 in uu
'ihee limits there are -.ernis nf st.ibd-
hv t in inou'iess wine 1 -11,111 "io.t 11 1
did ll 'ttris.li in alter time, l.earmt; the
name iiml I tine, the power tit d llie
lory, ol (.real IJniain in me remotest
H' le i,dl"ns.
It i well, however, ihat we slioit'd
sometimes view the nl' er si'le nf tbe
, pic'ure, a'id as ouistlves more e.il n
IV win llmr nur euiplte is imbed so
lirndy rooted--so endeaied lo the
wutld hv its jiisitce, huiiiaunv ami be
te licence s. sii pm let! by itsown in-
rnlv .'u niueh reinovetl from al
piisibilitv nl I'valry, as tn defy then-
jencies of decav and nun, and stand
to the most distant tunes the Uueen
and the Model of Naimns The pic-
tine is mil qm'e ko hriL'hi when it is
. 1 . ...1 . 1
thus cousidert d. Ihe 'julocn unaire
IS found tn have feet of e'aV. The
fair pe e h of pinp.. ,ty iv s 'en to hive
a worm hiiIiiii it, ami the n.tahty e 1,
piie lo !, menaced with pen's from
within ami fr 'in without We see
that weh.ne no exclusive claim to the
piofessioii nf the virtues which have
raised Us to the hieh positi -11 we bold;
... ...
I ... ... I....1. i.l.I, .t. lir iii'i '
.1. . ...I I ..... .I,.,r., . ll.-.t
iill.lt il-lt e ii.ii.-. 11.. .-'i...' .
f ,, . . 1 . .
i men of our own 1 1 d and ..itin:ius-
,' , have j ernie.ited with our lu'elli'ence,
, . ,
I remotest ends of llie ear'.h : thai mil
.......j I. ...... -,..in,l ii.ii. ,i.ir.,c fit lime.
future to be more br.ll.aut than our
ir -..1.... 1 .1... ...1. ..
, on 11. 11 v.u 11 ..11; i;i...i ... ...
I t I...O I-....I ... Ol
I hi II 11 I " I. lll.-s.ouil li:iu ut..., .11 in-
' 1 ' .
loon or twet lv years licnc or even
ear'ier, fireat Ilritain will bvirr Iks
the principal seal nf llie -i rolls iace
of the An"lo Saxons ; and tba', althu'
mit iace mav continue to ni'e the
' worltl, it may not te fron the bank nl
dm hi had i)tic"10 1 '""""' (,r irom any pn m me
. ii., r . . . . r . t
! old c nintry that trave lliein birlii. the Mississippi, as mi the bank of the j,. no ca- be disiffreeab'e, if comri)''ri
j An empire twenty, tluriy, or fifty Thames ; and itt'e the world iVom the sens, and tbr nb'iV su-'t sMons be at
tunes as extensn e, and a 1 ich a . nrs Whi'e I lone at W.tshmc'on. with as nndedto,
has a'ready arien en the other side of much propriety as from the Palace of ll.iviiif.' had ?omr cxiwif ncc in the
die At'.intie, lo eimce into ins Iiwii .St. J mr. ' hue, and deemmt; ch-inntry a useful
' the Irsi blood whirh remrtms 1 1 us We liv?, indi ed, in a remarknbbi pe- p-irt of woiiian's education, I limn
The yuuu.'.the hr.tdv, the revciing er: d in which new enpires take the studied the v. bji-ct with some attention
ol' our t o.mtr. at d of all the conn- p'.-,re of old oik s with 'ondcrfnl r.q.id- cause u is nne of real interest to
ttu sol Kur t , thai tfro.in u .der tut- tjy ; nud in whc'i old 0 npires are pay- very family. I may at so ne o'her
I . I nt' .1. I ., n tl 1 ' I " J. . . 1 1 1 f it ... . . I .n I-..1 . I t . f .f f I t w.l rMu.r.ll M....llt . - ..I. 1 l..t.-....r - -.1
Wl'Clll t'l wis",.-, v..... . -.
iim,!us rrfmuir.l..i:i. and that cannot
sv to ihctf fcons. as ihe N W. ill
..txies ilmi -v.iv iii.ni if a man. wol
come, foi the take i.t' i.ts miiih.-.-.,
the L'.'iMt teaM of N iti s : '.Il.'i'
. is enoiiah and to spa.'t I u Uie tneatie-
ar, daily n ned to leave the of
Win i.nrojve, amiwuie
111 rii.:e v
rniis Am r o t Uie prow n
fall of (treat Hntnm. All the tinhap-
py circiitnstanecs that are (.f prejielice
to ti., tire nt l:nefit to then. With
n, llie innutiis that cla nor to tie le i
nre eaue of decay. With lliein, ev.
ety leldiiional month n mi additional
txi t r of Immls, nn-l every additional
(Kiir of lia'ids it 'in mce.ie of wealth,
power and iiitltioncr let in roic
ol'r millions mt'i the 're.it vallev of
'h" ,''M'pi. and " ,t w.ll hold 'and
feul them a'!, were their iniiiner quad-
rn.,,.ji yth is our ureat rival in the
the irre.it vallev id
milled. .Siicli is riti r ureal riva in llie
Vf.i. In the .South diore ts another
rival almost eipially formidnhle, eijiial-
'v splendid, fed in the sa ne m-miier
(tuin our eiilraii. and rising d uly u;
mi our fall. Who shall fix the hounds
of the future piospenty nf the yieat
Australian continent W hile 111 this ontd'ud to respect heu it promotes ' his lawless, ar.nan doctrine is mil- are he.ud of no more. Why '.' The;
old eotmiry the puier vejetales or the peace and improves the happiness nrally espotned hy the who have no did not a puticlo of pood in'this ni'i)
uiex, aeeti'seti m uie i.iiki mat pro-
duce-l him. m lhal new country the
,(u;.er hecemes a lahorei ; he no Ion--
" ' ,
,.r vejetutes, I, tit hves; and it he lives
(,., ,. ,,., he may hecome a pntri-
k,nL. en ,n-i he may hecome a pntri-
(trcli, .sittuii' under the shade of his
,avll (., K.(!i fllu eonnlint.' hv the
thousands and !en of ill nisnntis his
HoCl,-s and holds a new Job is inn
;,d of plenty, l-'erlile soil, delicious
clitnate.elh'iw room, and freedom from
laxatmn these are the blessings of
iih; 'I'iMiiiii.iii. 1 en. nuLiUMMiiiiii
enjovs the lust two in an imperfect
, ,ian tier ; the lit am aliens -he knows
rh-m hot, ami will never know them
wln'e I In-laml holds place amoii-Mbe
Nor .-'re thesi; the only daubers that
menace us. Allliouli our empire
stretches to the east and lo the west,
to the north ami t 1 the Miiith -thouirh
Vve hive our hands in Asia, our feet in
Africa, our arms-m America and the
.Smith Pacific )cean, our own u-culiar
teinlory is but a small sjioi in ,1 icinote
corner of F.timpe. We have only
he'd dial corner by the uiormotB sac-
.1. 11 1,1 II I l.lllM. thai patipenses our
ponula1 inn, and lies a perpetual kilbii"
wehdil upon the euctu'V of all classes.
In addition lo this .stiip-'udiious evil, we
,lmre the eirelcness of all Furope
MM : 1 .1 ' .1
I UITC IS Hill OU0 enihirO WIIIIIU Hie
Ivirope.ni boundaries lint is not woin
."i ised hy debt and exlrav -
;l;;,nre ; that empire is Russia; and,
1 i 1, .1 . ii. !
mh; is cuipiie nl all the res', ami desires
to use upon thej.- ruins. Vest my seems
1 1 nave u.ieo 1 IHT in 11 as 11 11, is irae 11
tint. I he Navouiatl n ces "ill IIH I-
t.ih v be the new lords nf Fairopc.
Tim Ate.:! '-Saxon race must becoflen
led to lie the lords nl tl.e
ir.'er ami
. .
llloie sph ndld inheritance
I Ameiiea
an I Austi.ilia.
In this eeewhat hi -
1 .mi. s . f the empire of ur-eat Rn am '
It I'u Is to the triotmd. and exists only
like oilier Powers and Potentates of
t!ie -Aoild--in the l oin s and smews of
its s n and Miecesois nt a new soil,
au.l eni.ivintr pnvi-'eji s. h,eisin''s. ami
opjionimities linni winch their fine-
lathers weie excluded. slnitru'lmt! together in a deadly fit;ht,
Let those who dieam of a perpetual VVith the madness of alien s, 11'itsscck
Rntaiii, llnnk upon theselhim;.. The Mli. v. i 1 1 1 inurderoiis weapons the lives
Sil':.s of decav are on every si le. In
... .... r A 1
..nr lal! we snail nave tew inemis. 111 mr-m or their Kindred. The (,i.iiuid
pios. nty we have not comp ited our- ss(,ake(l with tl.cir co niuinlin cries,
selves s 1 humbly, as to bejiisiitied in .M,,ri. levoltint: than the manned Vic
the evjiectatiou of s-, mpaihy or aid tuns, ihanlbe ua.sbed limbs, than the
from any quarter. Our very excel- pfeli s truuks.thaii the spatteretl brains
b iiee Ins m ide us foi"-, did our violence rc the mssions which ween, te ni.esi-
ami euniddv have enstian.-ed the na-
ijons. We may have peopled the
.1 .
. ...
en rill j we liny nan: spusiu 1.11 .nin
wide n'.e'rearth mil" aruis.niir eouimerce
and our civilian n, but- we have not
.. t 1 C. I
had st.uid,'! 1 ro:n b-r our own r re
l . i.t- are mmo p we
than wo are. W e must, sooner or lat- forn. be placed out of the reach nf chil
er, yi. ld mir p'ace to the more prudent dum. To use it put some of the salts
the less embarrassed, mid the more
v.n,nus otfsho .is of our race,
. ... i. ....... ,,r
coufCllt in nttii,';. mi- i-.tsj .n.w. .
.. . . . .1.. .,... il.... ...1. . ,w.
I .' una. I'tu I llll.ll- .10 , itiiiii
- . . . '
to re;ri't 111 tin-1. What is llure in
our'corner nf the clone that it should
i',iit;vrr ext'"Cl to trtve the law lo all
others Tue civilization thai is re
moved 1 not destroyed ; and the ire
nuts of our op!e can exert itself as
. , . , 1 1. . e . . -it ..
wi 1 on me uiiik 01 nie .ino, or on
,,1 i.i.j j.r.iu.. , ... ........
t,e luws of n.or.V.t v ami social well
:n c enm.ti. I Hem durn.a i..ar.y
- "PiierBtifiiis. Kinor3 has eni-ved
, -::ri j.s, . .slu- jj. tm t)ie cer
ne of the w.ir.d tt iminmn ! passim'
uom tier "fas;., i nn'.r-ttioii a m om
W fw.e of
tue iieiIUk ri iniuiBlii'v win vrt!,-.
t'.'fjiu 'vr on i" f r cv fu-ld ft- d on
were, Martini: nfiesli, and from n more. '
favralile MarUm point. 'I he lover
'. hutnaiiny can hut Impf that the new
civiiiz.umn wnicn may art win raK'
warninu Irom the error of the old ; and
that, in the decay and fall of empties-,
humanity itsuH .v i U emerge fiom each
change in hrliter luster, wiser find
juster. peace.ih'c and nnru reliyums,
and (Ji'in-' its much as miu ran (into
and dnim; its much as mm ran im lo
aul the c mmm; of the p.opheeied lime
when "people sh ill heat their swords
into plonylishare', and their sweats in-
into u hub Is iare. and their st:eats in-
to prnniin; hoiks; when nations, shall
learn war any mine."
Respect lor Genius.
Oeuins- strictly tfiieakinff is onlv
and couilort o! iiiatikiiid. What should
u o thin k of the uardener who planted
hi d'jwor he I wild liciihane and dead-
m. ti..ui 111 1 .mil luiiiiiiuriiiiii mull-
ly uihishade What should wu think
n'f the lreneial who. hem.f eninisie.l
of the yeneial who, lwiuir enlrusled
with nn nriny, and a plenhful supply
of militarv Mores, applied these pow-
,.rs to delrrailunr and eiislavin;: bis
owi contdry ? Tie should' be VMled
with soon,, and punished ns a traitor,
And why should the man who directs
the arlillerv of bis "emus. deleated(o
ih,u lor luli ami holy nurnosus, lo
shakiriL' those fotindat'ion.s on which
the happiness nf his species rest, mid
who applies the divine spark wiiliin
him tn the kindhn.r of low and dehas-
j,,,, t,:lssl0IIS. 1,,. allove,l to hear his
plaudits swelled in proportion as his
powers of dnin-f mischief become ap
parent? Talciitisalwaysaccoinp.nl-
n-d with the responsibility of iisuiil
r tihtly ; and the neglect nr pit v of me
, virtuous is the penally winch llie child
of yenms pays, or outrht lo pay fori
its abuse. However splendid talents
mavcomt'el our adiniratioti. thev have
no riht lo claim the ueneral estuem
The Cruelties of War.
Charles .Sumner one of the most elo
quent wi iters and orators ihat America
can ptodiice, thus sp-aks of the cruel-
ties of war : "These stare us wtldlv
' in the face, like lurid ineteor-li-rhis, as
we travel the i,i"o ofhistorv. "We'sce
. . . ' - . . ' - "
, ,,. desolan in and dentil Hint iilrstie
jls demoniac t" otstep.-, We look upon
,.-ie ;c( tnvi.s. 111,1m the r.-n-.i.-ed lem-
tone;, in on vi.laled homes we behold
.. the sweet chanties of ,fe clian-'ed
tn wormwood and tr
Our souf is
penetraled with the sliarn moan of
' 1 .
mothers, sister-, and damdilers- of
fntheis. biolhers and s0-i-- ho m bit-
erness of their hete.-n emenl refuse lo
be comforted. " ' Here under a
hnyht tin, Mich as shone. Austirlii.
,r Miihii-. Vnin .......Ki il.,, ....-if., In!
harmonies of Natuie, we behold bands
brothers, elnldieu of a common Fa-
ther, heirs to a common happiness,
of brothers who have never minted
. ... . J
hke.thrnnrh the flemli-h imniilt."
To Remove Iron Spots.
The best tliina l lake out iron spots
111 oxa ic acid This acid looks like
snlti arid is a poison. It should their-
011 the Iron spot and pour hot water
,,ni nf a m on it . (ill the sails are dis
solved, and.tbe spot will disappear.-
The spot shou'd then be well washed
The water fur washing should never
be used to warm. This is A-bat burls
the hands and spin's their looks, mid
- tl,.-httam makes the litbor more . irdiir-
( WVIniij is not such d.satriee.i-
. . . .
iu wor,. 1 s i.r a
as to others, and w ill
l lj;e, -e.-n trie m'llIit:iTiee Ol V'ltir Co:-
- mnns. frnm ivlnr', 1 huvn ..i.ii.nl tnnrn
information rr'imtf to inch iiilnnr.
ilin iivil.i.nLi nr mrmv ii-nt,
- o.'irf llranch. '
a :nr:mtini, ro-. us a e sip mm
--i- rn.acrr fcM.
"l" ......
tjp.r 'tadl ichim d 'Amen ' jc.M
Squatters in California.
I'roni nil neroimis there nre lil.e to
irv mtioh eniUMnns ln ti rni tiie now
sett ers ant the o'd lamliiiN ef Call
foitnn Sijuot tors have aheady cntn
mciiee l inroails upon llw i s'ates of
'apt. Sutter and o'Iht, rlaimmi; I.)
to have a jond n riyht as he In hinds
conquered I - the t n.tcd Mali s t .11 1.
coii(tiered hv the I'n.tcd
Sutfr and many other
lare tracts of lat.d ly vi
can titles - titles 1 ctfeclb
persons llnld
little of .Mi-m-
ran Idles - lilies t eiln-llv sti k-ietit n
' protect their owners tinder the rule
Mexico. The new coiner, or a nor-
tuin of them, assume tli.it these tides
ate no longer valid, Ihat the I'mled
.States ilisv, lived them hv la r coii'iiiet
nl"' mtide the whole tirritory pnhhe,
nmi'i ami who preier s(uauin". upon
improved i. rounds, tn tak
and iniprn; m it I'.r thei
111 wild land
I rilessilu; Uiuled .States yoveintneiit
settles this u-ie.stimi of Mexican titles
settles this qne.stion of Mexican titles
soon the worst con.seipieiice will tol-
'(UV'- ' bere can be nothing more ah-
srtl and wicked than the docnine
l,,nt conquest impairs the title of the
conquered, individually, to their prop-
vrlY- 'J ,U! I'mled Slates is hound to
protect those lesideiils of California,
iiny uukt cMiiqiiLTcu it'rnuiry, m an
tueir properiy nuiiis at 1 ut! tiuiu 01
conquest. Any other course than this,
would bo robbery of the Northern
stamp. It is hiuh time the United
.t. 1. . . . .1 . r
'States placed some restriction upon
speculation in public lands ; hut to tol-
erale the lawless partition of properly
already secured by individuals.accord-
,() tbe laws and customs of civil -
?-cd nations, would he a graceless out-
rnye. Sin.
Rev. Mr. Wheeler, in a letter from
'Sail Francisco, says, 'I am tryint! to
preach, to labor, to pray, audi love
ropulaliou of Rnston is 1 10,0110, its
assessed piopeitv valuation $1? 1,000-
000. There are sustained at public
charge 197 s hools, with 20,000 pupils
to winch (luriiiL' the past year : s.s.s 1,-
wre paid for tuition 1 and the nee -
SS11T expenses. 1 wo tuoiisanu oiu-
er children are at private schools.
Th'tj Say, WJienever vou hear
slop, conceiiiinu somebody or any-
tiling, pn faced with the stereotyped
phrase, 'tiri sii,' you must rest .issur-
"'lu' l,1,s '"" lp"' " is
W 'hen the aullmr ol a report must
1 ...r..a ,1 . ... 1... .... .i....i.
he suipressei, mere can tie no (.011111
'bere is something wroi)-: lnDeniiKiik.
No story, true in all its p .rls, need be
pf'biced with 'they say.' Let those
who Know 11. report 11 hn.'i y, or Heeji
It Secret.
Co.Mi'oseiti: iimiku Ccii.t. 'J'he
friend tif Ur. Wei Mer iirue that li"
could not have exhibited the eouiposiiic
be did after the crime of minder had
been committed, if he had been trinity
ofit,.is)t n known that he sat down on
the s one him a nl ik I iberatel y pl-y-ed
chi:ss. This is 11 't a certain lest of
innocence, as it is recorded of the
Countess of Soinetsel that she danced
,1 measure wi li a noble nan just after
she bad committed a minder, mid that
she as all t;acly and fiohe,alih"ti'jh
she had just done a deed wh eh. when
ill was discovered li'icd mankind with
honor. She and her hu-bnid wen
I put on tnal for the murder f .Sir
Thomas O veibiiry. Tin; Karl was
com icted ; the C -unless plead mnliy.
WnMts'sI'lcoMijiv.- flov Rtib'iiir
of v iriruna, in .111 address b-fire nn 1
f..rrlii 1 If 0 rr.l ., ,nt..t t sr. ! - lll I nl'f'ri'
.. , ., . r... .' 'a ' . " 1... t. 1.:. .
"" u? '
f"1""' f" 10 k"feVu" account of
HIS tieui.s ami linns in I'J pemi 1 1 nil-, no
I ' '
ma ter now lout: or niacu me um ; ,u,,n i;ivlli:, -lCrllM.( ;, (,!., m f,i,
hedoni leol; into .t his neitrhh rs will of t,.,orlillt; , lc2l. 0,s(.,ved -and
iimri. let him show it to his wif-,t.j, ls ,, ri((l; v. (lfte, aUf.ii.ixh belter ..
if he bad one. It a prud.'tit woman il ., ,i , .,i,t,.n t.r ,.. .1 ,1
will be of service; ,f ,m;.ru b ut it will
be po harm. I Jul there ;.ie u.w of ll.e
latter, -u.d I cheerfully b'ar evidence, j,-.sM1 k nr,. i:Tir -M.irne! a
lo the cate and economy ''fa woman. ,., (.r.,( ,(0 s. 't(.ady ''
V.'M'ii in a Munition to r.Uervo, I can ,l0 1M. ,. ia Ul rtll(,r' m()
snf. !y say, that I t..- cr Knew a wr i mi mo-room. Peop'e w , . ntra-'ed '
left to the cant of an emharassed i s- tnether. Ladiet, do not ditK: u '
tiif, that did not cslric.ie it -fit was j.OVei on, mid are pot n-ked t,, tr '
possible." winchy t,' ii'lfim p. There must
aialtce'ai f.revirv two i-erMmv
A Tiain ma tih. Tnirs. It is
acu.pius fact in the grammar of jmh
- ..- . ........... ... ,
lies thai when btatesmon L-u! nit.
i p'ac-i iboy U-t une cften nii'ivioiis
ii.eir nuPcedeiiu. but ato feldnrn f 'f-
petfu! of their relative?. - I'tthtk
j.v s . n n a i. on.,, .
- ;.?
...v . . .-.... -(-,
n 'but, 'it ir
si iir i !' inu-i
Unwashed French Lntllca.
.n Ainetiran latlv, wntititf frotn.
I'ap, av that li" ha la'e y iIivcih it
,.,) ihcvrri t nf die main l antiln! nti i
hrillmnt cmiiplt xmi.s ivii in thnieti;
i t fi ems that w nter is ( I'l.Mdi ted
the 1'iei rh Indies a the sjreat j dt .
n the skin, si lhal iin'eis smiio m.
tiiMiilciicnms'atife n-.iilv soils tliei;
fnees, thev ale not Uitn-lietl with water
funi, one weeks end U another. The
nii.ni.rve.iMii.nl i i..mt U-m wit i ., f 1 .
of'ruhlnii" with a die en.trse towel, and
relui)' water ahnoit entire fiom thoit
''Tlii)ti.iid of men hrealhe. move.
' at.d In 0 -pass oil' tie Mnj of life, and
.mu none were niesseii nv ineui ; non
cnii'd point t.i them as the msti iinieii!
nl llie.l- redellitil inn ! llul a line tin 1
, ...
wmle, no' a word tti- v spol.e, ei ui
he it called ; so thev leiislied : the;.
ben called; so thev eiish
lihi went out 111 tl.iil.ue.ss, 1
wcie not remembered nunc
msecls of yesterday. Will
and thev
than tlx-
von thti'i
live and di-? lave for somelhmi:.-
DotooiI, and leave behind you anion
timen: of vnttie that the stnrinsof tim
1 can never destroy. W 1 He your name
ny Kintitirss. iovo nun iH'Toy, on Uw
1 . .1 .1 1 .
nearis 01 the inoiisaniis you come in
contact .-villi year by year, ami y"f
will never bit foro'lteii' No!--you'
name, your deeds will he as legible u,
, the hearln vou leave behind, as tl
stais on the'hiow of evenn g. (.'nn 1
deeds will shit e as bnlitlv on the
earth, as the stars of heaven,
1 Few people can tell what they In,-
for, unless it is for the put pose ol irron
j hit: old. That seems lo be the otdv
object thev have 111 view, an all llint
the future' has lo idler them."
i nc Yanucc.
Whipple, the essayist, has 1 1 1 i pic-
wav of doitiir a wroua which i. 1111111-
I;WJ,., Rdievun:, after a certain fash
im S justice and retribution, he still
thmks that a sly, shrewd, ketm, suppl
yeiitleman, like himself, can dodo,., ...
j, utiiet way, the moral laws nl lie-
! universe, without any paiticulai j
,,r jeuig unule aboul it.'
Years rush hv 1 1 like the w hi. . V
nL(. t,o'. whence the cede comes, 11 . r
(h,. wbirlwiml its tending; ami wr
.seem ourselves lo witness their llmbi
ithnul a sense thai we are dimmed ,
"Wind yet lime is beuilmc man of
strength, as the winds mh the wood
.. 1- 1 n
() tirlr lohaje. lie is a wise man
who like the millwright, emplovsev
eiy-just. -Sc;f.
' -. -
Ti:n Pi ss - "In an imperial ci' .
lalel, a ciitninal was coiideinned to I
beheaded who had a singular iieh'hj
In play 'en pins. While his senleie
.,.1 prouoiiiiciiitf, he bad the lernu''.
to filler a request to l.e permitted t
day once inoie .-it his favorite a:n
al tlii: p'ace ..f ei Cttnn ami then, le
aid, he should submit without a im
tiiur. As the last iiayi;r of a ir.,,
man, Ins rn-pu si w as e ranted. Wh
antved at the ihesolemu.spotlhefiiu.i.
everything prr pared, the pins bavin
been set up mid the bowl ready. , lb
p'm ed with no little earneitiiessl n
the .Sheriff at lenlli si enit: that I.
showe 1 11.1 iiieluiali'in todcsiit,pnvat"
ly ord red the executioner to Mllf
the latal blow us he stooped for lb
bo.vl. The exi U o n r I'd so, and
the h'.nd diotj ed into lb" cuIpiii
hand as he raised himself ; imriieuiai'
ly ai ded at the ten, cnuceivme it ws
the bow I be "ras'ieil, Allien fnllm
the head loti 1
V excl uil.e I,
mot a ten miiki
Ur. jttUn.it)tt u
in: once in coinpn: v
. linn ;ien; r i .1 iiii.tt -uitiilei not; i t
, i);ap!;,. ()lll,.r KJ,.'t- ciinrncci
Wrt'i v v. HutUM ,it mivs T'
if lunmni koint ii t I
i '"J '"' ''I won mi i an einpire ui .'oi
ii'hii ifc an finpiro afn
e," of cnniflar'nev.'
of v'. '-Jrfc, nl cni)fiar'ney
r coinm'tml uie carcscf, ltr ni
v me ti.iff.'
aces me ti.,rf
To l',fvj V4int, W'nU. ill.-'
., . . .
Itt (Jfy ol,
. ..,..., ,i ...... ..

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