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The Rutland herald. (Rutland, Vt.) 1850-1852, April 25, 1850, Image 1

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0 II HKAMA.N, KJiur uA l'uUithtr
t, A TLTTl.K.l'nuUf ;
j i.iiNi ri:n imh.
Tt l "f et't
"Is (Si '4 Mi :iUt lti,
" .,IllfcffcJUf ibrtli.i
W1H illll 4IT.
ml f I mj 1 1 t idclt,
l'.J .0.7 il ii ric
(1 ) tafclitt M( lie ll'lt
Tlnu it l Mi etl.Irj em'
liaal; Irtir jti-f ej. li Una,
Imikir tiwr, "fJiTt .
rt il t) rtb t) jm niturs
li.rvt.diad tut iltrr-lrr.
I, vfJ r tt dialled arict,
'r u j .r isfl iff Mil r .
Yil r Old Ir ilaiVir ftimi
Suddl- M Mriilif,
r,ik br frcm lltatin .ftr.j-,
Still wlrj lie flulrlt,
Iiu tl toitlj rkw.ra twajr,
Witt t.0-e clit-ct tit iwctliit,
f .rirtf l cl.rf r, Lut nl Jcitroy,
lMlat wliiftili
V tl tU fcittr.4 of it ley,
HiisU llL golden rUtlcUi
('lili, tLoufb .Kintal tlagrcel leu
W kick had wade jott wtej en.
( cur, cletf r clpi lit Crm
H ah tuiorg ll.i ilcf 1 era.
ti lh ijli iU jeur i julili la,
Ai.,1 n.ur l.arti all I'H'lcp,
Saff.f thtta to eons to use,"
ll.ll 1 m llllj l".Vn.
Hi fijruing of this magnificent Mruc
urr, loA(-il forward to with so much ill
icit! towl place on March filh.
,t 0 I .,1 o'clock in the morning three
p.wful enrinet, (the Camhria, the St.
lUtiilanJ the IVpaiiiis,') of from .r0 to GO
tv- poaerrach, decorated with flags of
u nn ions and union jack, steamed up
isd hinieied together, Marttd from the
llinir station. At 7 o'elocktho ndventu
."urtavny, mriTiug at a rpwed of N:en
uiei an lvmr, were lost ciglit of in the ic
irtjpf the vant iron corriilir. They wcte
Ifortltt.il :t a slow iocv, with a view ofl
I'lllv pnivin, hv means of a dead weiht,
ihoru!,iruof the hridce. ateven- haianl.
T!it teUl weight of the lo-oinotive.s wai jOiwny " '" tllat gathered in his eye.
la. The npjK.araneu of the interior of After n few nioiiieuls of eilencc, he took
lU tul during tho interefcting experi-', one of the ladies aside,- and requested, if
axut wa.i of a novvl utut renin rkuolc cliar-
The t-auvei that occurred during tho
rrtifrcM of tho tran-it furnithed an iinjxis
itr view of the interior of the eieantic
niclurc, whith, a.i contrasted with that of
Uunnel of uni'ilir Kugth, icndered
rfinparatiu-ly cluctful hy tlie ruirence
itiuttrytla of looiiholc? of lijjht, whiih
mc the three Ufcfiil jutq.-ves of ventilat
ing snd lighting, and divesting the tulc of
'nsn from the pacing engine. The lo
wtiv(s were hrought to a stand-still in
lU (entro of eaeh of the great sjians, wilh
M rau'ing the slightt-fct strain or deflection.
TU firtt pioecM ihbt d! going through
ibe tule and returning iccupil alto
jttLer ten minutes.
TLe Mwnd experimental convoy that
at tlrmijth coiie'istcd of twenty-four
V-iviIy laden vngtn, filhil wilh huge
lUVtbf HryiiiUi coal, in all, engines in
'Wed, an aggregnle weight of SOO tous.
Tt.lf was drawn dohlx-rately through, at
tl me at ftom eight to ten miles an hour,
tl M.rn working at quarter jxjwer. A
biiUilwBi silence privaileil until the train
ra nut with colors flying, on the other
H f f the tulo, when loud ncelaniat ions
trow, followed &t inten al.i hv the rattle of
Millcry down the straits, (,'jion the re
isrn, whkh occujiicd :dut n:cii niiuuies
jrilw demonMratiniM enuel, and during
tit j i.'greis of the train, thoN' who woe
linuM to asrertain any silile vil ra
rvptrtd that liny "could detect no
clle deflection.
An ordeal ttrongrr still wat then rc
Ud to; a train of '200 tons of ctal was
iked to rcM, with all its weight, for
iu Lour in the centre of the Camw voti
ve tube, and at the end of the time, on
!ht lotd being removed, it wan found to
titt enured a di fleet um of roily fonr-tenthj
l Inch. It b calculated that the whole
R laieht with tafety wul without inju
ry to itK-ll 1 deCeiicd to the extent of 13
hfhe 1m1, it it nxt material
10 rnw mlr, are iuunrnvly more than the
M!g will cm 1 called utrtti to lar in
ti itdinary nu of traffic, tltough tlie tn-r-i.rt
are ef wwiioo tliat it would mts-
o uh eaj, and viihout muth thow ofj
-i-Stioo, a detul weight on iu centre, of
vw ujt iwctve miles u nmsr l tlie
h&it of sp,l at which Mr Siephenmn
alad tluX traiim thall at lrt go through,
rticulaily m there arc aharp Mine
K 'h ttrmini of the tul.
AUyi li o'clock another toting train
uiea thnmrh tho tul. It .cutfd
uigniiis, the tlOO toot of coal
wd from 30 to t(l railway carriage, i-on--"aa?
ltwn COO Ui 700 (asnpn.
f'kiJ together a closely ai figs In a lut
all m chunorotu and eager to ' gi
tyvigij tLt lul," tlui il lccaici) iinjwwa
it U kco-molite iheoi.
'e glided iJowly into lh intW. ha
la4 by a load bun of ' Hole Urittan
fc ' ffuffl tn array of Luerpool nauaen
fiii iL U'wrrt of the tntraacc on
tl front of which, cot dcs-idr in the stone
w ibetmrda; hmu.1 Anno Permm, (
l)-lb,bt. h.itj4nn, cnnr. At
tuit-, eutne saivu w aruikry wrrc
Ered at cr.h end
Tlx: general opinion if the numeifma
engineer present otas'-ars to ! that the
Tiritlannia tut ltiJrv ia as trustworthy
at wiy tunnel on trrra finna.
Tition for crrv 1' traffto niav U- exjt- t!
il 011 the lfttfi iii-'t Tito maucnratUin ai
wmt to tale f.la.' on tlw
rik'Jav. out of cvjtiml
17th. St Pat-
t i! . ... .1, ... 1
VUKVi (IJIIllllllIIVIli lf lltV 1171
live of the rhivr hut that day Iisjk
jKnitig in fall on u Suitilay. thi rouhl iwl
acet-niiilL'hiil IawJqii jmjitr.
It is nn exploded iden, away buck,
that a frank, pw-rauit and lionett man
rnn tver wdire n fortunt. It i- tan ex
ploded idea, tlmt the Union could lcdi5
oled by bar-room diiiiei, nifer tra
der nrnl otftf r-ecllar literati. It i nn
eaplodfd iden.thrit JuMico (in Maearhu
winked und blinked ni she doe?
in New York nt the rascality and crime
of the powerful, while he has Argu
ryct, and rod of iron, for the poor nnd
friendlest. It is an exploded idea, that
ou help die cause of humanity, nnd seal
your own salvation, by sending a goose
to a minitter, or dropping a dollar in
" the plate," and knock a " quarter " ofl'
the weekly wagei of a war servant girl.
It it nn exploded idea tlmt " Symmcs
hole " would let a man down through the
earth, or that nn entirely urorland route
to heaven will ever be discovered. It
i an exploded idea that the fundamental
principles of ftrmi nint more available
capital than ieuius nnd n spotless repu
tation. It is an exploded idea that half
tne laws manufactured "to order, were
ever, or ever will be enforced. It is an
exploded idea that a man becomes per
feelly Imppy by marrying the woman of
his choice; or mere joiniuc church gives
a scoundrel a ''through ticket" to eternal
bliu. It is an exploded idea that this
nint a gicnt country, and getting bigger
at that.
The lluflalo Courier, in nu niticlc up
on the Uochctcr knocking:!, publishes
the following, und vouches for ils truth.
.Ajoung man called a day or two
finer upon the ladle in wlxne keeping
are the Hochester spirits. His hearing
was tad, and hit voice wus tremulous
with emotion. Sorrow was in his coun
tenance, mid a weed on hu hat. IIu
sighed ils he took u seat, nnd the bystan
ders pitied him ,n they raw him draw
,,orlu a poiat naiicuucinei nnu wipe
forth a nolles handkerchief and
cnnsisicnt, to be put iu communication
wilh the spiritual issencu of his mot lit i;
and here hc w iped his eyes rapidly and
A period of quiet elapsed an I a knock
ai heard, signifying that tho desired
cointpondcnce could be had, nnd with
a hesitating voice, the young man com
menced iiiejlioning the invisible one.
'How long had 1 gone Leforoyou died?'
A length of time was stated.
'Where uiejou now are you happy?'
The knocking indicated the spirit was
at rest.
'Are those of vour friends who have
gone before, with you ?'
'Ihcy were, said the knocking.
'Then you can recognise iheiu per
fect ly?'
Ihc noise certified the nflirmativc.
'Can you see me ut till times when
you vvibhr
rap proclaimed the perpetual ,
s of Ihc thakcrs vision iu that i
clearness of Ihc
re- cci.
I'l .1 1 1 I
,,.ge,;l,mo..see...eu m ,, ....
Taking his hat the mourner rose,
thanked the )adis, nnd, as hu stood iu
tlie door, quietly rcrnaiked
'1 hnve been very much entertained,
as no doubt my mother herself will be,
for 1 left her tit homo not half nn hour
tiuce, hasting a turkey for dinner.
FocitTT IN California. An in-1
tclligcnt correspondent of the Journal '
of Commerce, gives the following pic-,
lure of California Society :
"This mining biibinuA rusts a man I
wonderful!, and yet I find more liter-
ary men engaged m it tlian any other,
claw. In fact, tlie mines are all well
stocked with lawyer, doctors and 1
schoolmasters. The first of these'
have little in their calling to attend
to the second iilentr of tihvsiciiiL' I
but no rav tho third undoubtedly
find gold-digging a much more agree-,
able occupaUou than ramming ideas.
into thick skulla or Iclaborint! the un
into thick fikuiia, or ueiatwrmfe ilc un
feeling back of stubborn urchins.
.e. . ...
Of minutcn., the number is not a great
.t r.i.r iI.a rlfttnsriil urerv oflort
here to net un Sabbatli tDecting has
failed. The best wo can do ia io bold
a j raver or ccnfcrcucc meeting among
'J, 5,1', or more profeesiug Christians
of different denominations. The ra-
vinci are from otw to six miles ajart,
with high hills intervening, and the
cabins are even more scattered. Sun-
day, too, as 1 have heretofore told you
is washing day, mending day prospect
bunting ax.d gala-day. There ii no
marrying to do no children hero to
brtisc-co ucrtmenUl feast no fe
males to exert lillowcd infiuence- J
no homes to tie men
Such a I
state of society I venture to aasert h&s
ncrci- before existed in the world's
am impatient to net luck ,
to some jpot where the thirst for o!d Ih- big d,e,t,' I found an oil parchment,
has not iirunW up the nolher fiualiticj , which, though discoloretl by ng-, and tnt
of the human heart, and wane men ' cr''- hy former hard uage" attrncted my
hrutiish, jelfiih and unholr. I admit "liention, Upon examining it do-ely, I
there sre some eicejitirma'l.n f-.-Ml . found that it wai covrred wito curious
ly S.eakinK, tncu heto are not what
icy were at home. All restraint!
arc removed, and the cloven foot
- - -
i j
1 lit. i Si Al hll UOX .
In tnr statement, for Inlwir. f
the priiioncr, in March, 1819 i pUb- fhrncti.rs which teemed to formthe con
lished an account of n newspaper Lv, ' !,.ct""f? "' in '.hc d;ln ,f 11,0
which has excited much interest, and 1 ,UP "f h"c MT fotll'J U ".' T
I . . - , . , . "' -ean-d to approach mor nerly o the
m been widely c.rcula ed m various I primitive, or hiemglvphic ttyle' of pen
periodicals in the Jt.itetl fetates. Ma-1 manship . but a I i.ilcnd to transcribe n
tiy of my friend i have expressed a dc-, few of ihu chuweters from the origintd,
siro to know more of liii history. 1 for the henelit of my rnider?, it is un
now rcpuhlisli the account for "those necessary to describe them further at
who have not seen it. and that I may l,rce"-'
the more easily inform those who did Af,cl; Romc ,imo l,pnt ,n diligently
read it, how he is now doiti". co,n,-"'i"-? the different parts of the man-
Kuleiiug the Police Court, as usual !'l'ri'" wi!h ,eni1' otl,cr 1 lli'C0crt,J
ono morning, I noticed among tlte . t-nl;rcly l?' e"l;
unuit, ,.Lii .i i i i ' I'hove named ehuractcrs, each
pnsoncraa youth whow.-u, poorly c ad M foct jn il?elf ',, ils
and who was hathed in tears bitting m,:m,bt. .J d wilh t)j0 ni('csl orJer
iiown ry nis siue, l Pant to turn, " V by
itiu juu ouiu my sou ;
"J am nccused of solltns newsnan-
era, Sir, without a license !"
tnous offence.)
"Arc vou guilty?"
1.1- c-- ,,
"Have you been arrested before V
"Yc, twice."
"What for?"
"For selling newspapers."
"Why do you persist in doing it ?"
"llccamo T don't know what else
to do to get a living."
'Ilavc you a father V
'No, sir, my father is deud '
'Is your mother living V
My mother is adrunkard ; she does
not take any care of inc, and 1 don't
know where she is now.'
As the thought of his loneliness came
over him, he wept. I was much mov
ed. Where do you lodge ?' I inquired.
'Near Union street, sir. I pay
iiincpence a night for my lodging, in
advance, and I'liuy two plates of beans
in the conn?e of the day, for which I
pay a.s much more'
'How do you spend your evenings ?'
'I walk about the streets, or go into
the auction room-.'
'Cannot you si', down in tho houe
wheru you lodge, by the lite, and
read ?'
'No sir, the woman of the house is
poor. She has no room fur me at her
'Would you like to go into the coun
try and work, if a place could be ob
tained lor yon
jYes, sir, 1 would he glad to go and
work for iny living. I don't want tu
stay in lloston any longer ; but I have
nobody to got n plncc for me. I don't
want to go down to the jail again.'
1 now 8mke to the judge respect
ing the prisoner. One of the officers
of tlie Court said. It's no use for you
to try to do anything for him, for" he
has been sent to the jail twice for do
ing the same thing, and it did not do
him anv good.'
'That is a good reason,' I said, 'why
he slould not bc gent ,
if, ..
some ronversation with the
;reed to pay the costs of the
)iro,cculi(;I1 ,, iqfct( ,0 call le
line one cent.
Taking the boy by the hand to my
house, ho wu, supplied with food, shoe
and stockings were put upon his feet, nnd
a good plncc wa immediately obtained
for him iu the country.
Let us now see the result of this effort
to save a lad who had been sent to the
jail twice, and had not been made better
hy it.
Kntering my omen the day before
Thankgiving. I found there a neat,
healthy, comfortable el.id youth. He
nn"e BS 1 enicreu, ami raneu me i.y
Mulne; Fcrceiviug 1 did not recognize
',,n' L .""V td' a"J "Do"1 u
know John r
A,to, -,.,,, , cxcWmi:d HQrc
jolin q 3
j ain'
' Where do you now live, and how
are you doing t"
" I am livintr in llip (own wlir rr.ti
sent me, and w itlt the man who first took
nje into hit family. I have. Uught and
Pid for the goo.1 eloihet I now have
a"d 1 nm 'i JoIUn per month.-
Ut4iUt nt rxl.r.t.,..r ' .,, ..
cuaracrer preai y en--j
Iinnra' - e me lo lsilmr for ilu. antt atoin i.f
' r,i,- ... . ' , ' .
1 k-
Tlie golden Oregon corn lias a small
cob and a long grain, closely jacked
on the cob. It contains from 600 to
1000 grains to the ear. and will shell
one bushel of corn from one and a
I "alt bushels of tars. 'Ihe ordinary
require two bushels of tars
to fcliell ono bushel of com
Habitual reflection on the uncertain -
tr of time, tends greatly to fortify the
mind against the tntrei both of
... 1 j ......
pnty and adtcriif y.
Some time arn a I was rummaffiftg
atM.f. um ..1.1 imimh. uL k.J 1 1
tut v. nr. iM,.i;.mri.. ,i mi ii.. iMj(m ..r
charac or in, insenlcd apparently
," '")(-r,urn.Rur-
ii.' ' 1 1 ..1. ... 1 . .
distant recmblanec to ccrtnin italic let
ters particularly r and . Oilier resem
bled a, tn, n, Arc., mid were, h rlmps.
Jn t.c absence of proof to the rontrarv.
' ume to he the fact. The minor
ad regula.ity, through the groups them
selves were so closely crowded together
upon the parchment, that ut first, I had
supposed the whole to have been written
at random. J Ins discovery was ot un
speakablo service to me, iu the further
prosecution of my abstruse investigations,
nnd, perhaps, to it I mainly owe the bril
liant success which has, nt length, crown
ed by l:ibor,iii deciphering and translat
ing this mysterious document, for the
benefit of the the present und the future
general ions. For, be it known, that this
i? none of jour ephemeral works, which
are strangled by a critic in their first e
dilion, or din a natural death in Ihc sec
ond. No sir! the literati of future ages
will speak with gratitude and admiration,
not unmixed with respectful awe, of the
great translation of the wonderful manu
script of 'The Discombobcrated Angler.'
a li:geki or the wissahicom.
John Jones was a disciple of Izank
Walton. He lived along the Schuylkill,
in general, nnd no place iu particular ;
any plate between Tunuiqiia nnd Phila
delphia, or in either of IUcfo pluses, he
considered himself at home' In fact,
the deepest nfTiotit which could be ofl'er
ed to him was to designate any particu
lar locality as his resident?. On such nn
occasion John would assume a tragic air
and attitude, and exclaim. ' Is nut the
valley of the Schuylkill my home? Yes, ,
wncieter me iippung waters, Ol llm
'hidden river" can be seen or heard,
John Jonui is at home.' John had hut
two faults, vi... diuiikeiincss anil laziness.
While he could get liquor, either forlovu
or iiK'tiey. he would never he sober ; und
drunk or sober, he would not work.
There wa but one thing he would do,
and that was full. Morning, noon and
night j in season and out of season ; wet
or dry, drunk or sob'T, he would fish,
and a successful ungler 1m waa too ; sel
dom failing to secure a sufficiency of the
finny dup s. to purchase n meal, and fill
his blai:!( junk bottle with his darling
beverage, 'old Monongahely.' though,
perhaps, the rye from which it was di-.-tilled,
had grown in sight of the Schuyl
kill. Often he would start early in the
morning for some favorite haunt of the
finny tribe, and remain the whole day
and part of tho night, engaged in the
pleasing occupation of filling his ba-ket
aiulemptving his bottle. On one of these
occasions ho had gone to a considerable
distance up the Wisahicon, without find
ing a sati-fuclory location for the exer
cise of his calling, when he suddenly
heard a splashing iu the water near him,
and on looking in the direction of the
noi-e, he saw to hit surprise, an enor-
moiM catfish, with his head parti)' out of
the water, eyeing him intently. Appar
ently satisfied with the scrutiny, the cat-fi-h
retired, nnd it place was taken by a
Minfish, which was, in like manner, suc
ceeded by a pik, and this by n perch,
and so on, until Jhon had counted a doz
en different species of fish, which had all
appeared to have the same object in
view, viz., that of taking a good stare at
their terrible enemy, whom they appear
ed to recognize tho moment thty clapped
their eyet on him, as was evident fiom
tln-ir looks, which were anything but
friendly. John w.n rather iilurnind ut
first, and had halt a notion of leaving the
neighborhood : but here hit pride took
lh," u'ar,n
liat would I lie world say,
j " "J"' ",e 'ouhtah e John
1 J" J- r" ' !'"
I "rnanw of his duN. by the. cros, Mki
of a few fishes I For he argued thus :
when it heard ihat the ledoubtable John
' J 1
it every man's duly to provide for
i.a nun U'nrila tirtur I i-ilv rfi'iinni ,n
i these legitimate ways of doing this, vir.,
j working, fishing, and stealing. The flrt
I never 7u and never icill: (he last it
disreputable, and therefore unfit for me,
and lieaides, the Police have become, so
cunning, that il it near about at hard
work to escn(K! tiein aa to chop wood. -It
it therefore evident that nothing re
mains fur me but to flth, and flrii I will.
Ah! if I had those rascal that hare
bten staring ut savagely at roc for the
last ten minutes. I would hare linunruii.!
' lodrinc for a week, and a new shirt to
1 boot. Ht III I don't like their Inokt ; I
' never taw och eyewbefort, and all of
.l . t .v.it . I I.'.
iucuu vt muuyuv aiuus (vv. il t ilu
there's something up. hot n'importo. I'll
fling them a fly at all hatanU, wid If the
worttromc to Ihc worst, tfy mn't nn
fw Innd.' Now John had forgotten, thai
after absorbinc the contents of hi boi
tie, which he had this day completed
much earlier than ujital, he could not
run very well on Und hiuwc'f, nnd il
seems never to have entered hit mind,
that by any ponible contingency, he
might lie reduced to the necessity of try
ing how he could run in tcatrr. lie this
as it may, he now proceeded to business
in goml earnest, adjusted the fly upon the
hook, knd approaching the hank of the
deep pool, with nil the rtcadincu he
could command, he threw the linf with
n ikill nnJ precision that would have cx
cilul the admiration of Izank W niton
himself. Soaicelv had Ihe flv touched
the water when it was Inkeu. nnd with
such an unexpi-cled energy, that John,
who had not calculated on tha fish biting
as 'savagely' as they looktd. lost hit bal
ance and plunged head foremost into the
drink. Down, down, and down he went
und still came to no bottom. Ho never
knew there was tiny water in the Wis
suhieon half so deep. At first hit ideas
were so much confused hy Ihc sudden in
version of U portion, assisted perhaps,
by the ununnled coolue.-s of the bever
age, of which, though iiueh against hi
will, hc was forced lo partake rather
hugely, that hu could neither see nor
hear any thing distinctly. All that he
knew was, that he was still going down.
Gradually, however, hit cye and cars
became accustomed to the strnngo me
dium by which they were surrounded.
lie now perceived to his surprise, that
lie still held on to his fishing rod. Look
ing further, he discovered his line, nnd
nt the end of it, the very identical cat
fih which had stared at him out of the
water, 'towing him down, and lookini:
back at him over its shoulder,' with an
expression of roguish malice, which was,
to ue his own expression, 'horribly pro
voking.' Casting his eyes around him.
he perceived that he was surrounded by
an immense school of fl-hes of nil sorts
nnd sizes, all having their eyes fixed up
on him, with an expression of revenge
ful triumph, which froze the very mar
row in his bones. Hut if he was terri
fied by the siphts which met his gne,
the sounds which fell upon his astounded
ears weie ill-calcubited tn rc-nssure him.
'Who's that Cutty's Inking down,' said a
voice on his left. 'Oh,' replied another,
'its only old Jones j we've been watching
for him a 1 ng time, and now we've got
him. "We'll cure him of his fondness
for fish.'
'Yes,' said another, 'I guess the next
fish he catches will do him good.'
'Ah, I declare, there's Jones,' scream
ed another ; iU only a week since he
caught sixteen of my young ones for
bait, now I'll pay him for that,' and
....1.! i.: ..... i . - 1 .. i.:..i.
.us.iiutii 111111, i.iu 111-11. sjiut.i.ui, 1,1111.1. ,vi.s iiuO.M:i .0 fiou jii,im iiii-n-
ho now perceived was a large perch, 1 ed gruvcly to the indictment, the Judge
seized him hy the noe and begun lugging a.-ked Jones what Iip had lo say to it
at it with n vehemence vv hioli threatened 'Guilty, or not guilty '!' Jones was nbout
soon to elongate, bis nasal promontory, comm-iiiring a speech denying the nu
into a perfect prohocii. thority of thn court, A-c , but was inter-
'Lay hold, lay hold,' cxcluimcd an old j rupted by thn judge, and ordered to an
sunfish, seizin;: him by Ihe ar, 'he's fond , w r the question directly, 'guiltv, or not
of nibbles und bites, let us give him
plenty of them.'
A host of enemies now attacked him, ' pii-oiier in the ninount of one of his cars
and would infallibly have devoured him, 1 for lying,' said Ihe judge; 'sheriff, co'lect
hail not n corpulent old rocklish interfer-1 the fine, il is a perquisite of ihc court.'
ed, and informed the mob 'that the aim- j Hefore Jones had time either to rcmon
inal Join a va now in the custody of a : stnittf, or tteniin to evade the payment
messenger from the submarine court ;
that hv their present violent proceedings
ihey laid tl.emsxIvTs open to a prosecu -
tiou for riot 11 crimes w hi di ihey knew
. uug iik- always pun.s nea sovere.y.
On Ilu. most of Ins nssatlants instantly I the bench, presented it to the judge, who B,,t n,e claw of a tmall craU . tn.iw in hie
desinedlhonah a few of them grum-'. ncknowledged the receiit wilh a graceful , throat he, waa aurtinreil on his return to meet
bled at the order, Ihey dared not diao-I flourish of' his tail, and placing oor I 0,n! "I" neieliUi. ileeinc from theii liomea
bey. but gave him a parting slap in the I Jones' oral appendage, between bit lee.h, "'SxR
face wilh their tails. Jones n-nv began und smacking hi Iip3 with great nppn- ed him, ihatjenea, whom ihey all knew by
lo entertain soiim faint climnierings of, rent guslo, onlered tbe clerk to enter the aihi had aiiackej tiw ir n-ttleuwiii, and was
hope, and looked a vv 01 Id 'of gratitude nt idea, and the ptoicculion to proceed if'if-finc every fiih that came ulthm bia reach .
the old rockfish wIiom.. arrival had been , .Vines now became boistcroiis-thicat, n- riiech
so opportune- His hopes and gratitude, ' d the court, jury and witncscs, with in- rr i n p.ranuce. Tilled iih terrible fore
however, were, dispelled together, on 1 smut annihilation; but vvns again int'r- Lodmg, In- hstem d onward, m apitr of the
hearing his pseudo benefactor announce ' runted by ihc old judge, who ordertd "'"'"" ofh,. fn.nd., nnd the f.r.t ob
, " , - , , - .- r . ' , , ,, , 1 .1 r ijs-cl li,at n.et hi 1 aifer care, an h a lender ted
to the multitude, that 111 consideration of the sheriff lo 'collect his other ear, for !,,,)V,,j eitltvlt .uugytiii u uon thepronetaf
their ready obedience, he felt authorized ! contempt of the court, nnd in case of his Jonea' ng.
to promise, that as soon as the trial was ngnin interfering with tho procetdings ! Here the t motion oflhe witnesa wta tn vlo,
over, which could not but result in .he f .he. .ourt. to give hi, fingers and ... j XZ, rrtae' AVetW
conviction of ihc prisoner, Ihey should , 0f his toe to ihe jury without further ( w,iiis,,f Wrrr iio railed, e.ho te.t.fied that
be permitted to lake tho criminal from oidert. 1 they knew JonrainLi-ginUy of the inuider of
the bar, and devour him ut their leisure, ' On hearing thi, Jones subsided inlo ' '"he., having often aeen him engaged in
on condition of .hen and there paying ' a profound melancholy, and the tr.al ,.n, tVZrtr
unto liift honor Judf i'lkr, eleven win- credo!. Th; prosecuting nltomey made . ei(CB ..foducd amit n unloriunnirt
ting, and eeven jwtcii, nu sound arm in
Ain.li'lSr,n 'I'll M-lt I f tl ft i lirVt lli.ii
KUVU 'IIIHIIWII. "I"!"',' er3
.1, I.,.. tn..t.... in l.h n.l ll... ,u.eel.
.... ..
not ies mail .weivc. ii.-h:.jiiiii un;
mob raised a deafening yell of approba-
lion, and all appeared highly delighted,
except ihe whitings and perch of the re-
. 1 .1 1 I I ..H.... ...... .1...
ipiired size?, who began to make their
I way towards the 'edges of ihe crowd' a
expeditiously as posMWe. ihe luiui -
site number of them, however, were in
stantly seized, and having their fins pul
led off, to save thfj trouble of tying
I them, they were conducted, in company
with Jones, into Hie presence ol Hie ewurt
where they soon after arrived. The
Court room was a large area, surround
ed by perpendicular walls of rock, which
were fancifully ornamented with mas-es
of the brightest green. The floor wat
of sand, of beautiful whiteneca, except
' . i
where il wat stained with the blood of
some finny malefactor, who bad under-
gone the extreme penalty of the piscatr -
ml law in it, utmost rigor, w.och it
nothing let than b-ir.g devourcej by ihe
jury, in presence ol me roun. me
court, jury, witncses, nnu nun oi
tators, w.re atsewbltd, and eve
ready for the commencement
net, when the crier announced tlieijK:
tal mesaenger of tbe court, with the pns-
, ontr Jonet, b? were taitan'-ly admit.d
and Jnct conducted into th l-ox. Thf
monger then cainn forward and n -
. (pietied the court to discharge the rulc,
I which required him to produce hefore
his honor Judge Pike, and tUt htmoia
bleuliutnfint; court, ihrn holding, in ami
for the ditlricl of Wissahlcon. tUe bo.lv
ot the deleslalilc John Jones, chatgnl
wilh high crime and midcincAnor, un
der penalty of being detoured by he
com t on his return. The injunction hav
ing hern fulfilled, Mhs rule wn ilicliArg
J cd. In thw moan ilia, John hud timi
iu look around him, and hit heart failed
him, at ho rccounlied in tho peiw of
tho Judge, nn old plku which he had once
hooked, Hway up in the Pcrklumcn, hut
which, after a severe struggle, had es
caped with n 1" of a part of hit under
lip, which ,t'll showed a movt unsightly
i tear. The recognition was cvldenlv mil
tual, nnd the ferocious twinkln of the
Judge' cr, fndiea'cd nrcily pUinlv to
(he unfortunate Joil-s, what he had tu
expert from the 'trial hy jury' which a
waitel him. Among the. jury and Svc
tutors, he likewise saw tome faces, which
he had much rather have viewed from
above water. However, he was plainly
'in for it.' nnd il could not be helped, so
w ilh n sigh hc rigncd himself to hit fate.
The court was now called to order, and
ilu prosecuting attorney was jul lwgin
ning to state the indictment, (verbally,
of course, for (Wiet do not write, owing
to the dislike they have for Unit,) when
hc was interrupted by a deputation from
the people, who being permitted by the
court, stated that as t lie trial wat likely
to he n long one, and consequently very
fatiguing to the court, they begged leave
In present his honor, Judgn Pike, nnd
his honorable nssoclalps, a few flshet
which they had elected from among them
selves, to the dignity of satiating their
honor's appetites. Here they presented
the tiniest whiilngs nnd pel cli, which they
rind prepared for the occasion, nnd ex
changing wink" with the judges, they re
tired in high glee.
The nttorney nn-v procccdid, while
the judge were, dispatching a few of
their Pub, lo state lha indictment upon
which Jones vvns to he tried. It held
'that the prisoner nt the bnr.had. on sun
dry occasions, ns will before and after,
as upon the tenth day of th" grr.at flood,
conspired against llm lives of tho fishes
inhabiting the .Schuylkill, nnd all and
singular, its tributaries and brunches;
and hy certain treacherous practices, iu
which the prisoner was skilled, had en
ticed many of them to leave their native
eliment, und accompany hint to parts un
known they having never returned.
and tlmt on tho said tenth day after the
great flood, he did wilfully and wilh mal
ice aforethought, rnlice, entrap, ensnare,
nnd nut to death, the brother of his hon
or, Judge Pike; which, with ninny other
crimes of like nature, tho prosecution
-...1 11... ;.., 1:.,....
1 guiltv?' 'Not guilty, then' exclaimed
I Jones fiercely. 'The court fines the
of the fine, the sheriff, who was 110 other
llmr. the old catfish, to whom he owed all
1 his misfortune?, seized him by the right
ear, w hich with a sudden twitch he de-
, taciie.t trom the hca.l. ami car ying .1 to.
a ijort adW'cs to ttic jnry, in which ne
. flail fl.u I rtt . 1 1-( ft 1 1 i t( tli. dm v
III ti LI 1 1 1 IIIC 11,1 "II iiti.V'.
. ...I tl. ...11- ,1 .nM In tinrfnnn.
, ,,, ,. j .....v i-....-. ,. ......
1 .1 ' I .1 .1... . .. 1... I,..
anil Hie wisuum 01 ihu biii-iih,
chosen them from among the hostt of
j g0o,l fid.es and true, w ho v, ere eager to
assut in the. condemnation and cone-
rptent duttruction of their common rnu-
' ,nv for he felt confident, that were any-
. thm;: wanting to convict tne prisoner,
the gwl lense anil patriotism oi me
"entlenien nreserit. would convince I hern
'of the erp4incy of makinir ueh an i'ey .nijht rnver have aooil.r opp-tu.
, 1 r .i , ... ,ir,,., . I nilr J end besides, t added, if Jor.ee ctla
example of ihc pretsent del.nu.nent, a;ou'f tliM ,Uf ',, u',j n(J, r.,
SIIOUK1 no a tenor in . .uiuic n..hi...
He felt happy to inform them, bor.ever,
thai the evidence in the caae. wat amply
sufficient to convict the rooet ir.norent
,an alivc, much more, a wrelcti liae
, .loiiu, wUjhi ihey nil knew to be a nl-
i 1UII, ir.uted to murder, and .letped in
I iu .
,,e deepest guilt. He therefore waived
J Uuy further remark t on the subject at
, iin-ser.t, and would tiroceed Immediately
! 0 examination of tho
( n l0 be obK-rvcd were beconilng iiupa-
of spec-, Tbe fiat witneit calltd wat a villain,
Olbingliiigcilfrom i;otville, who
lit till... I . .!.. u..n., rr.l.l.llia OrcVUjUS 10 tile
, ijcni.
liW - - -" '
Great Flood, he IM ia clt;pOW:nl-- uwuiu eith lua h.n.fe,t wfct Mafafc
wat ei.fH in seUcting a quantiiy of -iiaet-Meeet.l oi th. Ju; m&P
I rl, from among tha heap of offal, kjefc
i "a twept lulu thn SchutlkUl frOM tk
Mausliter lHue, wit IM pwaM
J j thai having becotna cnggr4 U
, dUputrt with a catfish, about panic
larly chwro inotscl or two, the pntcr4
I d Innn words to violent, and WtfW
lighting furiously, when a certain ahant
inurnment, something resembling Mm
sccpire of his wrtjettr King Neptune,
wi sudduidy dariml down among thorn,
nnd pinned the catfish tlironah tha hd.
Il wot then Instantly withdrawn from
ihu water, and with it thn unfortunate,
calti.li, tnilmj ui I lie agnut of l-tW -That
litis J porl Ix-ina plre.nlj Uffili4
flnl ti ia.nr tlitltnc ig tlusn torn to iht ur
lrr f.f Un water, imJ en ImAing fa Ui dl
rrclion, si Ut iu(k'wJ, rT lh ten of taa
mm Jrr, lis mw iht jvitnnrr tt lli.-Ur tUo4
Dig in mntlt a... J iu 1 1 vrrr let oOl
Irirating tin munl-tou nt.pna from the lutn
girdUidy ,f hu in lifrlci. victim, ilrre a
i'.llii luuriniir of tuppiriufd tt-r rtt hctnt
thriiugUnul I lie nurl rnim,nd Trum lh vtat
nimit; with nhirh tlljoiitrd ta il, Jon t
I'crlcii nol'iitig Icm lata thai Hit ludte, jot,
wil.irin-s in- (ptclttiirt, wauldall stttc tad
filii.lt linn uat nf litad
Oid-r , liotrcf, rr.tornl.trd Ihe wit.
art iruci-rilsd tn tUlr, that tie itld tern liha
rsx-l tin. oprrsliun n-rrrsl I linn i iat.lt time
drauoviuf; t Call Tint llua dtponrnl If fl thai
pjilol tli fiuntir tint nl lit, ll;srtby toiiof
in rterllrnt it.utioii, In the grrtl itrliiroeat
cif lii fnrlurn-, lhnU);h, nj douiit, tu lli tttinf
t.f lua akin , li Ik- litd hrird finer, Ihtt Joaea
hul joiie the v, ry nil ntjrhl, by tnrtldif lit,
and (itrce.l 'Torr picVr il tilniwlf In lilt bed,
Tlie nrtl Hiinra a a Drrlr, pert little
chub, ffini Maiden Creek, wtia depaed Ihtt
he had frequently aeen tbe prlaonar tneafedia
cntr liinj fi.li, both with nrta and hooka, tad
on one occatiun, atw him f z a large sunftah
with a al;iri atick, under rircumsttnrea of a,
culiar tltroeitjr This wilnraa httlne rendu
dd bia icatitimny, triMhr f wta rrlleir
Tbia wta an otd-faihlonrd roaeh, from the
Tulpekoelirn, lm ludirrnua ronruaion, on
being callrd imoi mcli real company, extited
etiaiuer.ilile iifrriini'nt m rouil, At Aral, lb
wilnrta apoke n lutr, thol it wat .rrrr difficult
to uiidrratand what hi tald, eapeelatljr ai be
tiokein Dulsli
' Allf thxclu-trr llirhtrr,' he lgn, 'felt
kei.tie diraer aiiiilnikr ncht cut unit'
' Hpsvk Knjjluli, airiah, rtclalmed tha
Judc, 'or llir jury aliall ralyou in Qtre tnia
The p-Kir temlle'l rnaeh nnw proceeded ai
wall a he muld in Knghab, but aa I am not
partial to the to', mrvalrnt prarticit of murder
tlie Kind's l.i.jliah,' 1 hall report hie ev
iilrnre in my imiaf atle, rntrel; fitrinf the
exact aiilittsnc nfil, nhir.h vraa aa lollowa :
That he had know a the priaonfr a lunf
limr, ami alwaya te-ard himaniken of la the
arch enemy 01 nil the finny tnlc. That he Lad
olten area htm cnlrliing and rtrrylngf nf latgsa
riiiinbera ol (Ish, 1 trail aorta and ailrs. That
in his nt lltt niii calling he had aeen him Uae
honki,2i, anari-B, and nrta, and nn a ftw 00
cnninn, time nnd anculua Indicui, Thai one
be had liiintrlftnalluwed two pilla rthe lallee
tad wniilil inrvil.ttilv have lnt l.ia life, had bw
not taken n dazrn el Dutch clirce Immediate
ly, and that umuitrraetcd tllri llict oloae poi.
ami hy nnoilirr On one oersmon lite ptitonei
had t-inplird a targe liaakrt lull of lune mlo lh
ater, wleeh ifraiioyed vaal nuinl.ert of that
inhahitatita, at which time he twaltowed threa
tadpuh-a rrrry ninrinng br a week, ttfar
breaLfant, in otdrr tn save his life.
(lut-atinn by the court 'Are you a physi
cian, Mr llnaiih ? 1
' Yea,' replied the witness, ' I graduated at
the Spring Level College, and atudied nicdi.
cine under the celebralvd tr 'flout, of Nuillt
' Do yon eonairirr Dutch rhrrie and tadpolea
proper medicine lo adiuiniatri in caaeituoh aa
you have nieiiliunril '
' I do ; in the course jf my long and etten
aire praetire 1 hate neer found anything
wlneli could rompare with either of them, In
fuel, I unnaidrr the furnirr a apeeifin In alt
e.irra of poisoning, if admuilitrrrd lielore the
pstient '.nrna upon h.a baak It a a valuable
teat nl the airt-iigth of Conalitoliona, aa the
aloiiiacli Inch can trloin lo cuiiia nt Dutch
c In eae 11I the proper age, la proof avainil alt
roniinou pouuiia. Aa to the tadpoira, llli'll
hcahuitalleralive.and iiutntne proprrlira plac
t lie 111 at I no head n( the list of atiti-corroivet.'
' Very well,' said Ihe Juile,' If we happen
at any time, to mrd die aid of a plijeician, we
will call upon vou, brinj thoroughly convinc
ed of jour medical abihlira. In the mrautiioe
proeerd with your evidence,'
Tl.ir Doctor proceeded lo state that on lb
the ewfiin! helirc the Great Flood, liarinc lo
-.e , ,..1 "J, "- h"A
miMr, tin tmv isounx v hrur jf(itt
I'WT Jam ,
I II . . .1 I- it l 1 L 1 it
V11.1" ,U ' " .'" 1 "'l"k"'".
i-r,,,0,It.,l( ii, vvaiajinror; item every eitek
. ... ...... . .. '
and rivulet oeiHren I olltvilie and l o.nl no
j f'o'nt.came ale al. of w.tne.-., all ef whom
! Xtr",,
The enJir.ce having beer, rlo.ed the proae.
eunng attirnsy arote.and In a .(,ch of con.
,' .
,,,., o.ei.i ilui if they pemi,itd him to
e,ci- the i utiiihrnt nt due iu In. enniee. thie
wreak a terriiile vrn-eaere upon th inbabi-
tanla of theae vtatera tl.rrefore h wtee, mj
frirnda, ar.d bru.g.n a varditt that wi'.l a how
to Ihe world, that neither danen norrrenooat-
j h.lity eau deii f y ou fom the diaeharge 'ifjiAtt
. &, and that ou thf bv-ei ,. n,, f0od ef
jour nc and ihe dratrur , n f;.jr enru(
llere iU .io,,,-ry aadde ,n au.oj . .om
jpnlau from all ill l( room etceet Jore
,J, (me ()flh. Uairtt t,, tt ' , x
u tu joiije'a ub'.e '
TV Jodje eo t-i!d Jor, il.at if t- r fj4
m,.,d (, bet;,.f , ,e d.d "ot at
Itr.t uoriaim in rrrteng 4r it Jodg rr.
i wbi, . io vin-Mrj, rrpeauH k
I II I .
...r.f ,.,n.Wi u, ,mU .JT

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