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The Rutland herald. (Rutland, Vt.) 1850-1852, May 02, 1850, Image 4

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lOU.. hia danger, id hastily ilackmcil hu vcr.iy iit fc tI i AnttUi.
It M&e Menus .file ITU. of till l! stream of nlt :tTid,f t
Vlli leC,. Auwa.rr.ri.hr of dc fnn the Hon e $ ix-jims appeared torat-L t. ,, u irti t.,iiii. u.t ti
. . t l I i fc .. l , J,Jr 4nJ then ' t4 UvA, fitnalH at f tie waml di.-
u.d tti4tti ll of ptlJen tumble with hit my.. air, ana wn,. ,.m,ii.e ht - iih tv
AmAt ntbt. 4t the altrer-t em oetrc hr line suddenly, he fired another Uir,,lrBj .r .... deewnv, on iiKh day t.
cmwj, , rc, , ... u. i ,ltl,trr ,h,t tlie rider f. vi.k rr. i Pt
t thr Imn grttwrj of tic M n.t d ftnm Uierevolvrr, ami we nucr f W(r,
(..J..J Urine ofl'f.iutr.fittferiof thr itntiMrJ frxm b M.ddVe. The victim AM rr.it nv, AJaIlttrate.r.
lliWU ....a. Ap,., .. t.. .
,.".. tkcniwrffifT.mitliidJinii A mad jell of grief and ragebroVc WAktw.
riri4, aai treatwr cf painted from the remaining trcr-pers as they (m; (,u,i)Hj:o ci r-dier. wanted .u.
titV OL ' it rtoriou Uit fr itieM'l t!ie fate of their comrade, f,f,t rate Lam. all tiered r.iU- t.j.nrt. t-
CJ 'SM i the Mint and ,U enect .ictf
In tit neat ( nuiwiiiicr joei '"H w,c .vi.v. ...v..,-.
nor .anti r.rarrr niJo tU inu of it Mt for tlicv pallofcd hltcrard in
the iUc i-l Ujc hour. Alfc' ro , it one lfJj, thctebv retanlinj their pro-
a verj different lwt of tmuic ft. ' that Neil reached the nxcr
m ravtit that oke four hvmlrc I went, hut plunged headlong down ie ,.,; , fnf ,h, ,,, pi1,(..,0,n,r.r
Tctaa rnji- and Uirir niaid four itect. hank into the current, and struck , ib am. d .; "m;'i '' j -"'''J
uit.ri their n imUr Mexican odier oil" for tlic other hort. The drajroons 4 " ' .
4 the Chief Ilutchcr diMrhnrcd their Ji'le arms ineffectual
lr, and ra' over the chase !
Hardwarp and UTOCkerv.' nKattom mii "? 'teiiVs.K
1 Urf and $ftM I'wtimnl
rramz tvacm,
wnrruuti, w. v.
Mt VpKtUtl lStU4 1 tll IK.
i!iu. IttrttHrti. .1 V P-M t,. kC .Wt
airrttUHlla thue who tr ... HIGIIT
i'r.orillr.rrb It, XtbO.
IViltr in WmI ln.i (inoiti. (WiKrliK.Oila.Kith,
tl,e rlitt
tri - ..... . J!.t..l ii. Iti n fail tri.itit. Ti-itl ttii1il And
tnotmi lo jide hefore Uie jot,"in the a soon a he felt satisfied that he was
fjiain street of Uic tillage ; and every really thved, burst into an unsuprew.
rvc .ikled Uiv. 4 every tmguc tblc lMirt ot laughter, exclaiming;
uttered its hout tie involunury ex " It "ill kill me ! Just to think how
a.tomhed the vellow tlcvil.t looked
I w. tM-.titir il rl R,rft MJ VWMni 1 . I . i. ,A,I mtfnt tnimtr
"..7.T I .V.VJl" T; J.lVTE-tS It-, l.hll.hnl lh.1 M l..J. ..(U tU , .1 IM. ll 1 .. It III f t V' 7m
k.iit Misl.CIMM.,i.ii mUrlM'IXf l. t-llprl. Aimoi, lb. .nlcU; u ih.tl. i ,.tiltlw.r, l .1 , " ' '
III t nlnlH th4 tfHMLI uim, ftlt ui-riin.r wvi.1.1 mrm mf xiirniicn n niwr
UoMtvi, Ju, I, lilS. Sttf MriKlvk Ijiittira ixIKm-M, itfl tiling l
. ll(ll!ilC ritlMMIMIS. tnJ rumUliinl llk nintl
1 1 f"l in HfJi C Mmr it in
U(l tlilt. MiI 1.I ll Pip, HirtifM Ttlm
mlr.(i. Sjffit Tun. niMllrir Cindef nB lr
ttlii Krvnlvfr, h4 0rttnifn TiMi!. lili rr
i N'.f i.il l! f lay rf I (. ipd lirp
llfiltuuu tc rft; jirtj.
A full itMitinml "I Airt of all 1 rn.l ami ffj
Orer Thrall k Smith' Oft.
IIANjin rt-ilaJ fnj "..ilnienl f ten-.
11 alxiaic ( 0lll l(uilclotn. n-Hl, l"tal I
of confidence and hot
livllc ?tuAnn! He it
exccut the treaty ! We
ihall tc fhij i'd hack to onr helot cd
t nitel htatcs . c fliall mo our
ilear friend once more'." such hcic
the cheerful cm it!i which the Amcri
can voluiwr. and the lew lexans a
when I hauled th revolvers out of wv
ir'nch na5 Col. Jolin Neil osscm
in,: a fund of humor that tin misfortune
cout.l ever exhaust, rind a flow of nni
iiuil .-t.iriu wrhich would have enabled
him to dance on the graves of all his
irf a and VrMlr.f . Alrt, THfa' Ttlrntiili.fa, ajtikk
b lor.
Ha bnpra flit fntd MiUbrilon I thot ahu n.tj
faaof Mm with toll
Uantlamrx taladlnf li ft! it euU Jo wttl t
rail. All (aiiiMitia .atiamrJ l full or no itla Il
ia aln fM. u Mall t 1.1 t uatomrr aa brrali'la
. Uatmanla it ill al.,J" nl In nnJar In aa viO aljle
ntden1 A. I OanUlt n.l -oilman. hip a. It. anr ol. i
WJUWT HUalfl awn. rimlli,r M iilhrfalo n.am d.I iranl.l in St
ATTORM-V.S A,f L'IVM"llOK. AT LAW AMI. Mr alWi haa irr-daj liia piln( frll f Faabiona.
varlrl) of farmrj'a Implanirnla trl'flUr Nalla arl
.IikI.. ila-ti l Siiprilnr finainj fn-m llr Ka.ri Mill
krit rAf,,uiiltw on lai.l Whnlra anil rrtall
Whilrhalt, X V , Jan S3, !.
IS.50, SlTchants
n mailt,
I II. ll.lliu.
K'-pt tJ W(K)I 4 lll-NT-on alfrl Ira.lmf to th
tpH, iLi'i.otv vr. j
tO-lprra ant Carriata of ari iJraciiplbn all j
a" oh LanJ. I
Maoulaclufrr of l,.t)U',S IKHVI S fV .SIK1KS.
(Sliop in the llimaril DuiMmc
rcong them, greeted the order to form dearet fiiemU, or to have sung Yitn
ia'.o line. ce ioouiu ni nn own exrcuiion.
ITio line was formed, and then hrol At a much later j-eriod of Texan
en into two columns, when every in- histurv, the writer had tho hapiiincas
lUuracnt of music in the Mexican host to mako the gallant Colonel't ac(ii:iint-
oundeJ a merrv march, and thev niov. ance. I he fimt time I saw him was '
ed away with a quick step over the at the city of Houston, in llic summer
.rairic towards the west. of .845. lie nas stauding on the
Five minutes afterwards, a singular ground tcji of the flight leading tin
dialogue occurred betwixt the two lead- to the door of ''The Star Hotel."
era of the front column of prisoners: Holding his sides with both hands,
"What makes ycu walk so lauio, ami emitting through his enormous
CVd. Neil ? Arc you wounded ':"iuk- mouth boisterous explosions, he seem-
e 1 a tall handsome man, with blue cd literally dying with laughter ; his
eyes, and bravery Hashing forth in all face turned purple, and the blue veins
their beams. " on his forehead swelled out thick as a
"Col. Fannin, I walk larr.o to keep man' thumb, while his eyes, gleaming
from being wounded ; do you coniprc- with savage mirth, remained fixed on
hnd ?" replied the other," with a laugh, a form in tho porch above him. The
and ueh a laucli as no one uiiuht de$- latter was lawyer Scth Allen, a ucn-
r-ribcil waa bo loud so luxurious, like tleman with the tall, meagre figure of
tho roar of tho breaker of a sen of hit- a barber s pole, a huge i3isficif,and
mor: it wa, in short, a lauah of of the great profusion of ruffles. He had
Idtne lip Maiia )
i imoit heart.
fought a duel, mortal to his autago-
"I do not comprehend you for I am nist, the previous dav, and was just
no artist in riddles," rejoined Fannin, then relating to a circle of wondering
smiling himself nt the ludicrous gaiety loafers the history of his prowess. The
of his companion, so strangely ill tim- contract between this skeleton figure,
cd. fop ish dress, and narrated exploits,
' You discover that I am lame iu hail struck Neil aa transccndentally lu
nch leg," said Col. Neil, glancing dicrous ; and henco his sudden and
down at the members indicated, and ungovernable merriment,
mimicking the movements of a confirm' "Whut are you laughing at, fellow V
ed cripple, as he laughed louder than Allen demanded, sternly, ns he mea
ever. J sured our FalstafT with ids eye.
"And yet," he added in a whisper, "At you," followed by another so-
"I have neither the rheumatism in my norouspcal, was the answer,
knees, nor com on my t es, but I "I'll leach how to make eport of a
have two hir, wwrm in my bo,l gentleman !" shcutrd Allen, frenzied
"That U u t i- laiion of the trealy,by with rnge, as lie fled down the ic.s
which we agreed to deliver up alt our and aimed a furious kick full at the
anns," Col. Fannin mournful! v bug- other's face.
csted; ( , Neil caught his foot in
"You will sec, however, liiat I fhall band, and then Htooping,
need them bcfoi e the sun is an hour thrusting his head between his leg?,
liih." rcnlied Neil. "Ah ! Fannin, and fairly raised him on his neck. In
you do not know the treachery of these that ridiculous position he trotted witlijnriii-u.'
lia$c .Mexicans. the Inmoiu duellist several times a
At tuc insuitii Uic sun arose in a rouim lllc y' as a Etron man
his right
BTtVmli al Una aliop ia ncculril iu the nrat
ral manner ami .arrnlrd -1 ly
rATSB' nArronvos ,
It L. .SI'K.N'CKA tut thia ,liy rrrtt.l COO
rolla IliHiin I'aimr. winch he will aril al pti.
rea wl.irh del; cnmprtilinn, April II, IS.''!.
Spilui; la cuiilli-, CKinlnp. Cnlnln, "
imv is the Time to Beautify
tlie inlctior of your Dwellings ,
ij mtmonialira tnu that the Inno f,,r cli'snin; I
lii.unri ii l titnil, and tliccrbld Chain, Sofaa, I
Tnhtra, Ilurriua, Ac , have Ihtii inorrd anil
elrancd to olWn that you arc ft'iifti! llii'y will
not briir audi mgr much longer. To llinir
lllictril wild thrae I lotiawket'iain Malidir,
Mraam. O O. A K. AOA.MH olTir the lolluw
ing remrdicii. '
SrrifUriri.from $12.00 to 00,00
Iturraua, 5,.VI lo Ki.Otl
Onter, Card & Crrcian Table, 0,m) to I0,(fl
llinina anil Drria ilo. I, fill to y,50 i
Slanrla of all deacriptioni, to 3,00
iledttraila, l,.'0 Iu r-,00
Canr aeat Cliaira of all pattern, ?." lo 1,.0
Common anil Dining wood teat do 4'2 to 1,1)0
Large and miiall caixitod wood sent
Hocking Chaira, to :i,00
Stllri'i and Loungra. 2,00 to 3,75
Aa we ate
a liberal diacounl m!l Le allowed lo the above
pricea for caah.
totlioae who may have been ao furlunate aa (o I
be indebted to the above firm, will make innn- i
ey by calling and arc if tneir accounts are all '
riplil. U. Ii. St K. AUA.MS
Ludlow, March 34,1540. 34
Wholo-aU Clothing Wrcliou.
i.KtMS r'f II AN FOIl D,
Not. 2:2,iif)l, '250 vt 25S Pbahl
Uttutin 1'ullcn St. and Jiutling & tip
Are the largest minuficlurert of
lit the Untied Stairs,
inJ arc now n.Terlnf t heir ?ttcntip naniimrnt for the
hpfitH aiJ ummt r TrJc, tutted Iu all titarkcl.
tO-AUo an rilmitt r aarottu ml iff While MiliU
Fhnnrl MSuta lmwr, ic
Oil (loihlrr. nJ Covrtnl Hala. Cattfii "f
Sk trnt by mail. OrJfM .roinpl filled. On- tnht
t v
Bradley & Canfield.
(at ri'in rrpUl ltM rharr. eet.ial jrat. ,
,n U yWnWtfMnn.i.l rTinf a ne '
, oivrallon ttainf Ihrmair-apMS pfl"i ' JT" I
It a l.fHnl .rl I M. . ear Mf P' l I '.'"j"'" ,
him le Mllaf hlmwlf ml V pallf nl, a.bllr h
nVro. aa'urtlUi hi. .ff.f In Wit.
ih. Aral .W.wfrtjf In rry nwr.Hi, anJ ranrali.. ui.ll
K.lotilaT nn, Al I.rr lime. M mar b. f.uml
at I. la KIT In MmkMuk Vl. Oiii.n.lfallMit aJ
,lr..l lo Mm it WHl.lcxwk llll- prvaipilr
tiS CtlK M t).. nolnt .'r".
,iW.V'in.arfrrf f Minal Tnlh,
rr Ui RtmoTal ami rtrmuru i
r nil m
AnA ftf iKtiaa I'mni lalbt. nln It ... ...... . 1
fillip aiii.Mii i( UT.ura.cM r Ii fc-a .
sinvvim HI KTKa,
Tola haaUfiil n.l ronrfufM
j For Ihr Trsntporlalion of Prnpcrty,
Prturfn Ration, Nrw Vnk, Allanr, Troy, all f"tl
mi Uf Lhairpum mm irral anil unri.rc
I l.tlvlLfrlV.I . T IltrifllVOt.
It h l..i.r aril Ifntti.ti' line f Mearr.eia and Darfra
i,:ttkh from kkv joiix m oLET.
Or.cnaa. tee ink ISU. I ?tF?l'!L . 'LV'l..''".'
a... Cia i lurrM and tha ITmtM Mate u I. n. . 1
l'A -in . t -i,- - , , . t 1 S'lH
Tv,... Twlh which lou mail- for ilra. ihmij, i wirftriy r itir
' icfard aatl,lru.ai leal nfrmr prudelrnfjr In th ' J, M,i ,Ui IU moat pri(t anl n,ut J
JV nulprnfeaaliMiiAndirnre pr..conli than ll.e ernii I ra.a. (
. mlenealnraa l ilia iriin uirm-ri.r.. """"" UKAKIlAb UKIIII.nl, lii
rr: rue oik ..ner.llieili.iiliV "Piirramnimwriwi. "K rlil ill. all ri ..
r- .. .i i. .1- ... .11. . ., ,1 rnmluil. Ih.i h. aufloawd III r 1 1 M, ' K l :. . . .. . . . . ' I l
"." . ti... .. ... ,u,.. ill Hi. HIA or iMiMir.ni i".. nun niri
nur i.i.T.vii ...mil. I. . ...- .
I'lirpoa. nf naluial trrth af 1
cnnifjrl. and aji.eilt l.ut Ihr Ian
....... i. l... ,a.r.i.iw Invnti.tlian Ilia In Ita,
aheran nnl unly tai win iiniii.nui um ant uut.
ur mnr..lunle o SKTIVOUR TBKMllllS Mln,t,4
lannora ile.lt.ll'tin 01 .uy mAHT Ar()P,iAV. MVMUM flil
that l
and no del i.linn.
Hie M l-iifiice Kiiifatun, C. W. abdall pnriaunthr
upper liltra
The pinprl.tnra rf llili Line liasli.f made ample
airaiigeineiit are pienareil wlili
Xrw nnd Subjlaiitinl Lnkr Itonls,
piiilne illrectty helwren New Vnik and IVri on ljiktf
(.'haniptatri in pre piompt ile.pali It In all proiefiy ln
ii.iMi.te. I In pna between tlie placea aNire named nilh
wlilch tley may lie entru.ted,
TIIRSunwrlberolTeral-ra.learai.iironl.ili.lne.VI 1 U"aia .;r una I. i.e are nyari.'. ir loe.n.y
a;ret,.iiuaieJone.iillen..ilh.f ll,.il,nd Vlll.ee, I "'"7" Hmlann Hirer, on. Ukr LLaieplrln -on
ih.i..aini..a.. Sal. I farm It witrird, fenred, I'roiwrly aclnally weltl.e. and aul.frfieil In the t'.ii.l
Imlt, i.nHlai..l eamfoilaMe hull.llnia. The purchai I'elay and and injury li.cl, lenl tn freijueii trn.biner,i.
er l.y paylnr a email turn d.mn can have at ..ne lime . ,n' ' ""'""-I'o" IUi Hnnker an.l I oltnn'a I. In.
i he eha,.,. in ,My lh remainder. F..r fnrllie r par- "f '"" '"' n.ir;re hli li lente llur melon Trl
llciilaraeiiquire1'fil....b.trlKronlhepreinl.ea. , Vf,T"J P""'F if !'."""
Al.oapalrufaly..raoldO....f..ra!,le. ),"'?,' forwarJeJ direct wllh reahlpmrr.l at
1 ' . . .. ... ...... . It.i.lln.lnn nn
.la ihellliamhly Canal for .Montreal. ()n.l'r. pnru on ! notetl.t all i'iAmr iiiein t
rA&M ron saz.e
.Allow me. Itierefore, dear lr, In eay ll.al thlt p.ere
rf work lia won our entire rni.fi.Unre In jour .ueri
or akllla. adenllal, And II afford me
Cieal pirarnre tn iM my leellmnnj lo Ihe Iranty,
ilurahilli y ami itntlifiilneta "I your woikjand tlmi rn"
llbol.,11 may, lollie wtll eameil iwpulaillj wliichyou
are lrca';' ei Jnjlnr
4 -
S3 Cm
RullanJ, Feb. I .".in I".V1.
Wareliouae lluiineat will receive
by tesael
Pebeultire and
prompt attention.
Profxrly loand from lloaton furiaarded
wl.en dealred
'AProperly to he firwarde.l by either of Iheof toe rail
lie aubfcribern would , """ uu'""Flon itetlva parllcular
reipeclfulU" infnrm the The prnprlelora Wlleeine their farllllie. for Ihe rap
r.ilizi'na of lliilland Ci. ' id irmamliaion of properly tn te unanrinsatd rtajieci
Ihnt they have ripe lied a ("f fonlimaoreof ruiri'i.are.
.tore in the ec.rtier build-' ,, A j,,n,nn, , c, nt.'" X,w Vo,k.
iiil', anulh of Ihe hpisco-1 c Loell,N. V and Damn Pnckeleffice.
pnl Church, uhere thev Lone. IVI.arl, Fi-iaton.
win kpi n constant v on .. - ..,..".......
c and welt rclcclod nnorlincnt of
in rt hi i! ii Liii: anil iii:i.tii
1 N S U 11 A N C 11 C O M P A N Y
OrKiiliizeilln llnrtfnrd, Ci.iili., Se t., IR4P.
Iu vested cniiit.il, $100,000
Ocnrral Ajrent for Vermnnt,
I.-O. HIN(;ilAM, Willislon
tk. sltlK .n.l CI1MT, I.I VI 11 I mirniT ril
fflMrLAINT. niSF.A.l.s' of the VH.Slii
OIK.SCV OF NFIIVOI" ,M rill Mr f i"
anj an jvmivih iitsr.Ast.s, tiui
from nn. tlmpl. eaua.-nimtly.
A PrnS.mnt of lb lUmu
I. I'Mlvnlta ...... .
wj- im ..i..ini. -.."ii i ii-.i nn.einl!
Cin.l inrir.lrfar ditiut, for t Ley mtit, fitt
ri.b oi in. airaa.iy pronitairi ijit.m J
alr.ntthenlna;, life (tltlnj. tiUliiinr iittimif.J
urn, aa appuan cy mia t.aauti'i,l ...J auA'Sil
rattnr. lo form.r health, timil, (tjj u.p
Til. (cat peculiarity and etrrlUiKtol
2r. OhristU's Gklvante Oon-Jt
eoniirtt, Inth. fart tint they arrt.l trlevilwi
.Mrw .finir.ii.n. in place 01 il i.ijWev.i
inf ami i.liyairiiinc in. patient till iib.ri!
ainka linneleaalt uniier the inSktna
2ary alienclaeit ltr vAale tyiliw ifi,.t.if rl. a.
I fi'.n mj llti IU4, pi.m.lr Mr rnMie.i -r ,..
I llifktnt liiiity n4tr any rnr....,,..i lvtfcj
hen all Imp. of relief ha I lru .na si. uiJ J
thins: .U. beau tiled in vain 1 m
hand a lar,
FiiirJiwrlry, Cold rms,
April I, IsM.
Marble Pillar
IIAVF. Juat received a tare, atenrlment of elc;aiil
tiuallv kept in a Jeneler'ii Slnre. winch will of I'etcrlpilon, In addition to their fjtmeratock,
be .old at the verv Inweel ca.h pricrN. ; "l',ch lh" ,n " "
Al.o Dentiat ii Gold Foil nf Ihe lir.t qual-' l.AUGER ASSOBTJIKNT,
ily, will he kept constantly on bond. than can be found In ihla vicinity : and they are al.o
warranted aa pure as eoin, and a great variety
N. 11 tt'niol.o. .r.,1 Ju,l... ,n. k rec.ivlnr every wark
...... " frhri.ecta.ly
rul tuni'.H nt.l rtAmn.i ton I 1 '
To wl.om n.,i,lieation. innv U .out from am rati . l,"raJ. " ' " u m,,"i "' " " "H
- i .i :. . ' mor. man
, . , 1. 7 , ., e.i I 60,000 Persons
J.i Central Ofllce ..f this apeiiey, riitl n.le of the ,nfMln. , claaae. and ron.hi,,...
Court House ."-nilare, Jliirlni.'toii, I. t ,r, . f,rf, numl..r of ladiea, l.o ar, f,i J
V VV A II II. Af !).. Me.lieal Kiamlnnr. " 10 "'" mpiainu, nai. tr.a
Applicatlnnr limy be inn do nt any time nt the
office ur lo the fulli'miuK nntmil pnmnr AReiilr
ni.it MrdiculKxiimiliiT', v. In. Mill lurt.i'li pntiiph
li.tt iitiv Itit'i.rinntion tlint inn be dcrlrod. hi
Llifl regard totlicCc.
.1oi.nt. R K.TIiriill.Cnmity Aeent Ji'utlninl,
Krrn .Lino, llramlnn ; lll lii v ilu.Hi.l.', I'ltttfonl, , II. a patient in a lower atatr, and v.n). in on:
fll....i..r Si.iior. f .'tihttrtr.ii ; (?nt.ii. Lit.iior.l. atler the ac.tiun tliua eacile.l l,a. tti i;i
ci. vii., XV II..,!..... fi...,i.,,. A Itliv. thl with the erlect teiiillii.r lr..m ll.f inli"ia
Pn-illnov! 1). K. Nlrhol.ol';. Walliiiir.fnrdl'KHV. I OAWAMG Br.LT lake a l).e,u U.
ctle rottor, I'nwict.
' II. Diurv. 'ittiford
A S lliiiit'l.ton. I'ntvlrt
J I) V.'oodwni.l.CaHlelnii; .li.lluli W Ilule.Ilraii. J'""' f".11 " ' I"''"' 'i:"" . ' V
dun; John I-ox, Wnlllngfunl.
Ai.rsTa. Binpliiim & Menovren.C'i'iiiit.v Asent",
thing elt. be. ii tiled in vain
To illuttiale lh. u of the CiALVAMf ICS
cunnnae the cat. r.f a rei.on alllirtel ifcititMa
cltililatinn, UVNri.I'MM, or ant itUM ln.: i
out Oianrn.r. In m.liuary raitt. ttiii!in'j
which, bt their actioii on th i.rii-in.1
tho ttoniaeh, afford IrneAiai rcl 1 al krftfct'
th. wnit. aymptomt of an att-cl., nt iFtliuaiM
arniiml the bmly, uinj the Mtaneiif IUiJmIsw
yrutrurlcr.ifiilianJjl In a thi.il pei.od IL. mi.nnMr tnit.'i..jt
1 ; A. Kemlricl;, Poulliiej ; lh. pontir. tl.m.nt of the Rait, iheirb r.wiiii
t; .S II llnMCii.f .'Inrciiilii'ii value circiiUlinu which will n liiunwiwn
expel ienced and competent workman
Htiland, Jan. U4, 1B50. 20"
Trades Union Store.
tJAVK o'ciied a ttnre nt
1 I Iti.'id I'i'pi.1 wlurc tl
and New Votlc. laree ad.llllon. In their
I atork, any or all of which Ihcy pledge thrinrelvea to
ten low aa tue towrll.
I Thankful for the very libeinl palron.iee which thry
i have received alnce thev con.mence.1 ihelr ctothlne ea-
. i,T n.iaiim" tabllthment. and havlnc Icated ihe MaitlePilhir Mure
I B AXi HOTICB. fr a trrm uf yeaia Ihfy will e.iileavnr to civ. gene.
, f and after M..r,i!ay, Janinry 7ih. Stare, wll' atlfacllon jith a. tnquallly uud pricea. they hav
y leave C.vlletonlo connect wiihtheCaraai WIik.' Int first f.cilillea for immrlnx ihelr Hock at the
hall jnd Kutlaod, every day, etcrpt 8innlay, aa fol" very lowi.l raloa. and aa lliey Intel. il In inrke ll. Ira
low. j Leave for While! all, al 1 o'clock a in and III permanent ekUMlthment, they ho to irceive a con-
.. ..'i . a, wi.ioii nuiiiri Wlln the 7 D Clock, a. m iiiiikuiec ni.uiu ii t'n.ti.1 imi roii. sc.
frnm ihel'r mannfictorrla In J nennlnptnn; N II Ilatchcller, Arlinptnu ; Uanitl
Uic Itutl.nd Itail
v urc dclcriniiitO
IicmCI. .if n
I and 4 n. in train, f.ir Tint.
, Leaiea for Uurllnflon and r-.aton. at fj a. in and')
p. in. Arriving it Cutland el 12 a m. anil 7 n in.
jam. Jay. Mace, leaf Kutlai.d for Wnn-lainck and
Whllehill, Jjuuaiy, IbW.
PI'.IXOLK, Halerma.i,
III t X. 1 1 Mir
can be rralmd l.y the ii.lmbllai.tr of ltutlar.d
County who wilt favor tliiln with tl i-ir nlrmi- ,
upo. ji hn I.iii.don wllh bir nuliliuil II Snr
pent will 1c ready at all lltnea In wall iq nn '
ibo.c i e h 1 1 1 k In ) tml me poi ilt nt d ctiilcnmr i
ii. nenr lit i nil.lt to (nrry rut the pi' mife
made. Head otir ndu rtln nu nli. nr tbev will I
coi.rtat.tl.v n..iiir,tn,d ll.cu (in.caud bu the .
llnover. Toee"ivt Thiirdv. and f-aliinla, -l .1 A
.... ...... ..cine, t.";anon aro i.uri.ta.ai 1 A .1 et
erj day eroept Sunciay. (.2
Ot HOW 1.1.1. riU.ll .V CI).
Whitehall, N. Y,
"careft llourc to the Itai! Komi Depot, ami but
a enori uii.ii cc iicm u:c qtcuiLout I.unditi".
Ill a new urarner mil in hnro. ,..,t,.,.,l I
-.iirrmv r- . ' Carriape und Rappnpe Waon In ami from
iel i uf Dilie 'a oat and Lure I lir.t. Ul Ull.Mllii;.
1 Cf nAfltKI.S nniHI) Half Datrelf Win-
SO ly
ikl I'lour ai.il rtl.er l-r.it ! Iut
reeciuilly 15 1,jimh.v i (Jtavri.
lllfi CASKS Nall, Spikea, and Hr.l, for tale
"l.y I.
. AN DOS il (Ja tvi.
LtM.ok Sl Gram...
on band at the New .vtnre. 15
La ro ti Oa vi ..
BL ACK Se Wheat, I rem tlrand Me jiitl rc- i
cehid, iuj crlur .iiaiit v. 15 1
i.A.snos at uai t.
Iflfl ShtiiMtrf, cured f). K.
I IUU frum Waibinctuii fnutitv, fnr nlc hv
fV lli.Tiper .Milla. All ndcri fir Powder
V uf the larleti" o,n!
...ttfia .... . 1I..I .. . .1 .
Cl. Neil was honi and brought upj inaarattne nenr ll.e- It. It. Uriel (tl e l.r.t I iw. d,
a fine tent on thelank of the Cum. ' ''" '" & f;"A' j -
ky of extraordinary brilliancy, and a mirij't Irot with a child, laughing
million flower eup flung their right noisily like an idiot, while Allen vocif
odor aluoid over the green prairie, as ' crated for his pistols ! Neil then walk-
an orTcring to the lord of light, when ca" R leisurely some fifty paces, and
th mandati: "to hah" was given by towd his burden into a mud hole,
one of Santa Anna's aids, and the tw o with a roar that was re echoed by the
columns of prifoncrs were broken ut spectators.
and scattered over tho plain, in small An immediate challenge was the re
hollow wiuarcA, enuivled on every side Col. Noil accepted, chos'C rifles
by Mexican infantry and troops of e largest size, and fixed the dis
hom with loalcd muskets aud naked tancc at a hundred yards.
ttrords ! And then came a momenta- " will onlv winji him." said the
ry pause, awful in its stillness ; and laughing hero, as ho took his stand ;
disturbed only by an occasional shnek he s too iioor to make good bacon !
of terror, as the most timid among the At the first fire he broke the other's
captives realized the impending storm. arm, and so the afutr onded.
of fire and extinction of life's last hope. A mere running icfercncc to the re-
And then the infernal work of whole-' main'mg fact of our single biography
.t i i . -i .t'.i.i a ' J
naic murucr was ucgun, ana a scene I""51 emsc inn sKeicn
ensued such as scarcely might be
matched in very annals of hell itself. 'n
The roar of musketry bunt in succors bcrland river, in Tennessee,
kvc rkls like appalling claps of thun- age of lo, ho ran away from his fa
kr, but could not utterly drown the tber, and made his way to the wilder
prayers of the living, the screams of "c of Texas. He there adopted the
the wounded, and more terrible groans profession of anns, which he never
of the dying. more reiiiiiuihed. He has been cap-1 " " ntON A STEEL. "
C! Kanniii fell among the fust vie SJ ra51iti?' a , H W Xl') Jf
Umi, but not to the giant Neil. W iih Kuaranjan to Mexican traders, nnd a1 uut.d su,ren.i h ir-.,u.rc. t'.nneci ic.
trie order of the Mexican officer for his Kcncral lcf catcher for the sheriffs of. Cl'1' "J s'i fis 'i. f-r ae i.y
men to fire, our hero almost stWM-d to mn wm"ic! J an,i Jct life has . . . ,,SD'"' .
Uic earth, ibat the volley passed en- lccn onc lo"n' merry laugh. RtTRZJNGTON GLASS-
Urtlyoverhim. He waiu-d not for a $jytov G SnUnMU,,
econd ; Uiniitmg a hand mto the leg f F "ect nght to laugh, ir ever man i, -Joind. tupphed tt w.e d. nutire .t man.
cf each Iki, heaitrM with a counlo of ha'1' f"r a brvcr, warmer, more gen- ir'. i nttf, wiih tbeaddnior. ..r Kreibt
-.t.t ' .1.. j.. . , (K.UI lirarl ne.e 1,1 in I I..- l' J5 LA.sct.t4 OaAvta,
n a wiiiuKii uic tiraAllv revolvers fit , v-. v. ... ..uu.an uv3-
Allen's paUnt-and commenced dis- .om' . ',c "leserves lo realize his favor
charging them, with the quick Tatidi-'"6 wi: "0 dic laughing." Sun
ty of ligbtening, into the thicket ranks la-v 1 imcs'
ofhisfcx-s hi immense strength en "
ailing him to pull ,ff both die triggers ,
hiimctnr. In Ihe old
m m r wr.pper rl.l the inar-
4.Jjawaayjrjgfcw ket avoj, ihem aa you 1
' - WtUild noLiin. I.tr tt.v .
area, dmcercur in their
annllCHtloo i
P.uy ll.lley . Kxliacn "Illy in the new drea. and 1
lar?e iHiiea you fain tirerly in thenii.n,ilty olOii.l I ,0I ,H' n'Mnvai. ani phmnkvi criiatr aiin-
mri.t nverthenld Ua an.l what Urn ire imio.nut yet lAfcEB Anisi.o ri.ow an nipctk atAis or tub
o.i atoi.t the .l.m-r ol iuu linmir. upm l.y a ni-o..n uk habit or Tim .1 .Ten, i iz.
Coui.ieifeli, and are certain of inline the tnuli e or' Scrofula or AVns'a Kril Ill.runwium, CUlinnli
Th.n....i.n ti.'.ei. .i. i in. .. I (''" "' .Vip.io. I'implt, nr 1'utlnln on Hit
lean infallible remdy for ihe wor.t ol lluroa Scal.lt, I
it .1.. i . i . i ' '.i.e'ioiaii.ui. i-ore tnumiitin?.! eyet, r.ritliw at
AT the lonot ricrf ol eoiir.e, now in Unreal salt Kh. un.. Cute, Wound.. Bruit... and all ciilaneooa
ai .1 ii.tlaiiiilialory di-earet. I
Mini this new dre. tet and larce It.xit, an.l that J. .
11. I'uujey, and .Mi l.i S. Ilurr.are my only travelin;
aroi. iu ine r.atiern rirfiea,
i'.n, Lvery hal .pent will I prnvl.led with a
I certificate, tlenenl.y my lawful attorney and bv the
j tMtelii.p .ev..t. yee t,. n- priui.d Clirula'r lor
, IVJ-lhey contain Inurli imp.iilaill and VAluahlr in-
lui.o.uoM ii Ljti.i.r,t no, uroacway, i oik.
Avire. Iltntrh'i flltrt C.'AroM'e .S'ore Ku't llin?
II orm i.r Tntlrr ficald lltrut, Rntntfritfttt uhtl
Pain fifth Hone, mid J'tititt, Smhttorn Utt'tt.
.Sv.nifie .Nyv.r.tm., .SVf.'ci or J.umlmto und
Hubert. Jr., Miitictiri'tcr; N II Douulatr, Slmlli
bnrj; Cvrut Ariniiiplnn, Di.rrcl.
Medical Hrnmlntrt. I.utber Mnfly,.1rliiipttiii,
NSnllt, Peiiuiiiptoii; II I) Mcucliiiiii,Maiicbcttri
V Julmruii, Sbnltebiiry.
( nliforniu Life l!iK.
taken al lowir rate! than bv any other C'tuipany
The bti'ine" nf the Cmnpuny nill l.c enndiiet.
id unnn the Joint .wlnclc. nii.l ui.uii the jirrfAi I
! rrii.ritial, nt the ol lion ol Die lli ill c.l, 1 1. H' un 1 1-,
inp the- want" nnd circutnl:iiice ol Ihe pnblie
more fully, it bclicitd, than purity mutual
eoiiipnt.lt'. cm do. j
(in the .luint Stock principle llio ii.lino.l will
pay ill l 1 pi r ci nl. lt'?s fur innirnioe t It .a it the
rate of the belt .i p.uilri .1 lnutiiul f 'niiipnuiia,
c r will ni'i h" wl.at I i iitivti'oi,t lo HI 1-3 per
cent, per n'.muii, in iluidci il i rolit. 'i.n il in ml.
j vance,' iti'lcad of rcctii ii.p mi ui.citloiii nmoiti.t
I nt llio end of each year in tcript eel tifientea, to-1
I iliTinnble nneerliiln contiiipi ni ii'., while nt the
inine tiino Ibc annual cull pajnn nt.aie iinTi.'i-.
cd 1 tl.c iutcre-t pi.id mi lic.lt slw.n fur h.ilf the
nun. nut of the prt inimn.
i On tlie 'Miitiml' principle, thin enni any pro
I poic to lniirc at the iistuil inter ol lnutiiul ('niu
jintiiea. di idiup the net liirnintrt inch onr civ
j inp 'ci ipl rci litii'iilia i tdi rum hie nllir u Mmii.ii
1 n Mi l ;i ii i? c- I tindul i wo lliln.litil I hiiii.nuil II..I.
Inr.- it iicctiliiuhilt.l, nnd ebiirpin a ci iiitni-riui.
fur cuiidm tinp that pnrtol the l.u.incyf, . .iii wi
lent tn only ul. nut in. o ball Ihu cine of Ihe
Cuinpniiy, icctirinp (lne- l.iinp Kjiinl) a hirpcr
fc.li I) ditideiid In tlif Mulinil Inniriii, brtidre
pitinp the liictnb tin a lieu upon ,. Joint Stui.li
Capital of One lliunlie.1 'I'lioinaiiil Ili.lh.r.-, u 1
larpe Joint Mi.ek Hiicrie I iiihI, whn li Bill he
litrtttriii:l troman ii,J,I,c'cw u. it .l.rru- pli.lpcM III iceill Ily fol p'ljlnclt of loamr, in
dallev s Animal galvanic
The t rraie.t, rhrapett. aid ino.1 reilalu reioe.ly ever
dijciirercd. fir the core of i!lea.ee of hoite, and catll.
I.unnra tur twellli.f, ttralna, ipiitirrla.nr, ealled,
neelr. and ahnuMMt liar. I or apivin liitnnt H curet
with rapidity ami ceitainiy ar.d no ca.e of 101. 1. K-
In thia prep iri ion are at ron sly concent iu led all lha 1
ir.rdi.iual properilta of dreupanlin cnhiiid with
the ino.i rffecliinl alJt, the inotl ailulary tireduciion.,
the nwl pilei t tlinplea cflhe veeetable kii.fil.no: ami
It h.t been .i full, le.te.l. not only by piiirnla them
llvet, hut al.n hy iihyalclant. lh.il il hot ncelnd
Ihelr unquallfled rrcnnimendat t and llm p.i..t i.
t i. i.i of 1 1,, public; and hat ettalili lied on II own mer
lia . repuiaii in for vaiea and airicary far nirli.r
t.uhr varii.ut comprui.tli trarli r il.e name of r.a-
iiii.,m i.ra.-u nave uecn curen .urn .a are n't
fulni.hed In Ihe record, i f lime patl; and wh.tltha.
in mutual Uninpnuiin.
'Thi1 cumpiuiy it not on'y one of tlie inntl
I rofpirnui. but u'fn one of the wry best in the
country . llmlfoid HMy CuuiUr.
.No f.'impiir.j In the Prion l.ar had ruch a
'run of buiiiKra' ua thia cuiiipiiny since it urjjau.
tn for California
arc almou unl i errally iinurinplu thiiCcnipanj
btfnutt turns aru to rrntonaLIr. j
1Ii.au or I AMit.ua nre nnxlniu to iuntre in
timioii. llHlt.iiie eiieiilttioi. throuah. ut the n.'it !
the mott aeiere r.tet oi Lit 91 rsiA 1 1 lil'J
DUFFIflK.Sf 10 LKAUILAlt llll. 1
Of lh incut I'mlouUltsI ( haurtir.
tm Ml aita uf th f'oittittj rmill tt itrr
u ai) column in urn tr
0 It fHircluiiraly prntM tlitt
Truth li stranger than Ficllctl
Rheumatlfim, BrouchltU ud Dyifs
of New Jrriej.of (,litinuU)irJ a(tiLitfcil
(riuiauon s
Rif.w Vour Jani Jtjlf :
Tin A II rHPiRTii Ur i it : nn wnaUUl
mf wlial lii I rth I lis r'tull Jn m n ti r m 1
cjlK.H i.f TIU. (MI.VAMO JJl.LT A.NU -Nl 1
M if) I) U Jt follow .
for at'iMil iiLttttu htutt I ha 1 trtn (nfft?rif l"!
f Kfr jar lit nt.tomt lrirn
could I tUniiiV'i"tiiini!it if fit-1 ft on ai) f um "A
tiritmcnt wliAicvr Atttt fnntttn imini'i
nt..tjcnr4 f linjiifrt ikotiiif in ll.n wrainr J
ciiHrf ff rn) i'ttornl lutlca, I ti r utnv n cr'tei'
i liiitinc Hlit.'unulinn, wliicli for yttur htir 't
rnr liit!ri ilml t anKUiih i-Jitlr t'i n1 '
feii-l in ri.n-cqM nc of jtreii lnnf( a fi.
nun bn.l tkii'iut cllifr rhuiflni in lin ft-altacki-'l
h) the HioiitKitiv which sr.! n4
t'i i'purp en lir.nifJialp nisi-f r.it vf f
anl at in) llinnrliitis t-crime wnfif. funniei i;j
riimnlwrt 'ir cnnitrct I ur.N carh fdl.ir
cojii tlaf if -t'fifiM to Ur no reit,-.!ir1 im wm
lh.it I I...'! tii(-if (fir ll.n irtirrrfikv lit ' fMwt!t,'t 1
At Ul I wai IfJ I,) iny Iiitii'S ixraaanw. Jfl
turn n1 tliotiKli wiih m trr guir t V ' J
rArinr),) I rMrrmliiM tatr tl.trpflclttf,J
MAOS'KTU. fM'in Iliii w ai ir, JuM l"
tihwki iimmsiiMiaiT. ix tnt lull Ml t'lt'"'!
uqi i m rtf.iir nail I wn riimti isirirJ
Toai. I4bui ; ro tmr 1 IPlI fit" '
inner ftw Hinl'li r,w tait l! t rL fill I ' "
auric trMtium iui rnnii " " rl
wi. Hurli ii th wunJfiful ar.J LiJJ
I 1.H
u,47 ' cfriaiiiiy Friu no ca-e .-i rui.i. r. airily tioim tor the tlmunanffa Hho davf ti.-.l It. U u .tt.Vi ,
.L bt. mm yi, feiUifJ the wnnlcribl pronie of cpMa of tlolm for tt-c InlHioiH mill r.fTrrli.ir jin.l i lUJ t-l,wl",'V; InMllutUii
"'"t ''' truly wrMiilffful feirf.Jy. rinKfliiiK Uh dietfe. Il pur I fie, rwn an! MAuttu .Mw, ore vnuriiig ill tl
CTl"Fruier ai'l i(rtfii ctf hori u ciii!t. lr k
ore tiA J(hj i'l nt rfr atriTia le ilrttil it
I Atfiits Pitu'itrit H Miimmla Bran J n, V Mm
l, lii'fl. Clii.rit i Llffnni t Muriin. RntUn.l
C(?XirM CiM'eiMi Alitn Ofoter. Weill, Wbe
don 4. Wiekam, PIft 1 1 l,n
h.rfnethcnt tlie fountain aprlnfa nf if-, bi.iI Infjiej hy tcw.
n.w is t inri'i .kui in? i'Oie animal iraina
At the1 poiiK.connsit, mui salmon juh j.
a icitiuti IIIC Oct Oljll' III
I.AMWX ti 1'l.AVI f.
lUf5 Ground Keck Salt thai bat net
lull It iar, w.itli'i; (re.). I uwr at
Lamis ii tSaavia.
1 7.NK-K N"lin.
1 I'lowi, t'ultua
Caitlug. fr a!et
Taoic slrieken itb. surprise and
fear, the Mexicans recoiled and open
, Don't lay in that posture, dear, said
Mrs. Partington to her nephew, 'who
ai d Air Tirl.t Stuicfi
and i'luw i'..ii.u an
l,tx. Si liiiili.
UAVK jtitt rtceneit n.t and SI..
WW,.!, and Itetall Thick llvol
nrrsTEBiEB or medicine.
Grtatrxl Dittovtr)- of Hit Asr.
Did you tter Mctl
liter. All He.'lnc Olul
ineni 1 (J-naii.it you lave
l ir mere are uw ir any,
whol.tve not.valUdlh-ln
.el tea cf lit ciirall te qu.l
net. ii uniy i,tr.lt a
rial to convince the per
nt utlnc It tint ii i ie
ally and truly tho iit tr
licit eltant. Ki.(airr of
the lent of Ihcj.ai .It ho
havatieeo Iu tl.. cooptar.t
lit. of it, .nd th.y wi I
va tiori a.i,ir y m otter 10 oe
mily while lot; will he aarprite.1 Ih.t ..u aretn
much he. il ihe tee at r.i.l to l.at u.r.) it Ktlore It
It no new Ihinr u bat lrn twfore lh. pgtilic for
y.tit ti.J It iLcrettine m thoat !m etifoialicn In
Inrh II It i.,1,1
JAMt.s M Al.lvfER. 141 Ftlton it. New Vrk
anJ all the lrojfl.lt in lh. Unllrd Siatta f.,ly
m. mm
llird Miklni'mtn, Inutl in tbi crnnanv lie.
AS'OIIIF.i; Cl IIKOFSCKOI I. I.A. I ca,1'c they regard it at the beet of faiitiK il.anl.t
The f..,lnniatrlkiu" and, at ill l p.rina-I Inlay U lltcir cariiinjt In ftr llicir wius and
r.tm ruieofan luviiemie ca'c of tcrcfulj roiniuenda cl.llilriii.
Ittelf to .11 almllaily .rrticted. - ' CVipnf..V. invcit will, tl.i, ennpany by tk-
M Sand...Cc,,:nlR:;!,h,rr!hiV.1-.c. ' '""I' 1 'I" " i7ehV;r7ard I, , I.
le.1 Imliire. m, t lufjrm vnu cf the leinatkaMv euie , """'ei' tn Id er rent ll.lt rrit.
a,. riCAmrnenled Ihe BI.I.T tr.1 ril'l
lie have I een likewite tuneiii.e fi"'1 'i' 1
I linna They have trlel ll.tli., tun "
! .m .t.tr.lr ,.ir llll trllil'.lt I"
nn ewunicTIF'l
- ' " . , an
r ...... i. . . Kii . . .... . . . ,, r . "
l auibat Ulol.rliitti, lnnammallol.il mt
and Hick llr.darhe, liirineit ol li t llt!
th. Face, lluitlo or llotlllir in 1"'
which It generally .Ncitout, aiiil till
ll.int, callij Tic Uoloitux,
I'iaiios for ?iilc
not at
l'itl kin
Mvr. iJlrS Hllli. AtMftlftt rlt P.,u.i.
was stretched uion a sofa with hU Xuo11? -'' Lor, Muwro Uuf,,
heels a foot or more MsLer than his MS rJt' hr, "''
a laaaire. tlirouL'h whiel. V.l head. I knew a vounj run who anco K''J r"'.4' r HJ tytbe nu
bounded, with tlie spring of a , anther hii ogi-ion of tie brain in eon-, E,i,mi I 'uC.,1,mu u ru,
- I l I w a.w a, a ..t9 1 11 a a ' li.. ..tt.f. .tl . .a. . a
;o ulllirailit All run " inm-tur tr a n
lit tail rvm. ii ihuiii itfia ti it. w.ti m .11
l . . lilttMlle.., at I.f. 1 T. ..a. I a. ..I. t.. . .. 11 . a7.
icrtt&f, rcr a vmic tt seewd
oubtfiti whether lite giaa Coiorx)
would not etcape tveo Utaa. to mil
and fied ar at If wings were tied to i lUf tflyuMi o
bis b-!s, while half a d'ottn Lortetoeii inl hl head !'
i wanitiou rte eft him
Ue HtUc sitting room.
had tkc periW ef tW eetdaa incrcai
4 im satitral tiMbaiy of kit mgu
txawTM. Ik tftmciitij ckrg7
fiteter thai) the ract eight L diKcm
d jatnsp; es Ui b'jcaa riva', and sp-
and with this ad.
wawtiou h left him to take itiin in i atrlajuly Lii) tbitn. 11. umi t.iici. ii .,t
Uie little, it(;,. ' ln.lj lrrl.liil.Te. Ilti ,t , ,or - Uli.
arena. Ufa Ital laaae ut !, lie coed we r't
uifht win ly fiarii.( t adui.turt.'' IS
fTIIK lub-eriler would hereby inl' iui ibcpiilo
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tell for catl. or apiroml credit and en tie
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I In in e I.e. r ILaii tiny can be i rocured in Ilot.
ton. He l.talu iteobd hand I'lai.o, which be
will till or loan. 'I Imr tl.creli.ic witbut: t.
procure adorable aid lri.lin.1 Ho, too l'iai..
ol ia "r tctet, ii.itt w.rrai.it.1 .ii year
will jleate ell at futltlou Sltnicary, befi n
purcLa.ii g cltcaLtrc. 14
Cattlcten Seminary, April 13 IhM.
elected hy your .an)4.(la in the rate of my wife
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entimrl. if thelaaly; tint xlands ol ihe neck er. '
(fatly f '.rfrd and I.rr lim'it much axolru. Afler
urTeriri;i.Ter a year and fiodint .o relief from the '
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the ki.ee uppnialid. Ilrr phya.elan advuel that It I
triiuldoe laid open, which an done, bul without anv
frmanenl l.nerH In lldt tituallon r h.tr.l of ai.il
were In lueed Inui. t-anrft' S.r.tpirilla Thef.rtl lo-.-lie
produced a decliW and fatmab1. .(Teet, relie.ne
Ur more than any pienptlon th had rtrr lakm and
oehf e tlie had uetd tli U.itU, in il attooiaho -M
aid delljl.l of her frlendt.ahe f uod hr health in
restored, lilt low ov.rt jr .n.ce ll.e rum wj. ef. '
i-etid and Icr httlih rrrntiot ii-l, tl. wioir thtc-lt
1 1 iKiroy jol y er.tiir.li. i nill.,,,trm Our
try liifl.it ol -.r,ilt S.ntMr li..
tou.t wnn rtjieti, JUI.IU I'IKK
Furaci from a Wtttr rtcitrdfrcm Mr .V w. Il.nl,
a rrrlltmaa well known in IaoiIi. county Ve.
i ' H"illeo.n-l have cured. lerrnUy ulmlr.cU th
I youi ar.arllla who w.a tll.clrd nh Scrofula,
..... .., . r-.'..ii.o. i.oiiij i oi.rt nu'y
Frtdencla Hall, Va. July 17, ISH. N.W.HAUI'.IS.
aea Sli.ritiu.A -It Ktnu alino.t unneret.a
ly lo direct attention to aa article ao writ known and'
.o Itt-rtedly ..iU. at thlt prtparalo.n nui iMiitoit
oflc n K. within u. lhetll.1 f, ,lH.t ,
ndutediniry w"rihi.i roinrtnind, V.r.nt lh. r.tu .
'.ul ceit.ioiet lili It or noneofih. virue of thlt talu .
tW. r .it- and t lhlnk canvit r.n(er a f rt.t.r
'-n6l on .nir rr.il.r, l,an r, rflrtcllnf Ihrir .Itei.lloii
lii the .dveiti.rtre.il i.( irt Mrttr. H.n.1. in .ru-lhar
r,ufrn Hi lil. ... nr. Ml, Le.n.ntarredto h.,1.1
t .purl arid ttww U Ml.k t..llv .twwlarlitt. will
led cneenir.it.l it. t hit t II ihe itieVirlnal talu. of U
TImt eirnce. of iWtan.li Kaa prote.l lit ,fi
acr In cerlr.r il v.riiM.. H. ... fc,f which It Itrtc.
ndit He prtMot tim. ntor. than ir.t
"net Iwrr.tra it Ih.t int'iclot u w ru I . in r... n..i...
.MlCl.iiMI and comlitioii, of men ciiturelu tl.lt
cotrp'ii.y l.icaiire, jutl cj they do n cry tbir.17'
in llartlord, when tiny meet with lostca, l.;lCy
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nn. ruDiarir'l
an. lrnajin nuni 1. ,ti
At. r..,., ..1 .... ....1.. t- . .... r.l I ...ait.
Spatmodic Cornr Uinta, and aei.tnl 't"et-;
. j . , . . . . . . , 1 . '
Of IIS Liberty Slrrtt, Stw York,
JKSI'hl.Irn.l.V MutlC..ll.. I, hatcper,!,
- hrancl. Rioie la Whli.h.ll, ,,. u ,'mM ,t
a'l llinet an eiteoaii. AMtrtmenl of thole. VIE-
eflheheti known vlr,i.; I.iQUOKn of th. mott
tuperior nu.lny : liii.,t,d P,..vrt Pickle., Fruiia
provtd hraodt A All of which h will .tmr.lv l.,a
ftctt, and think ! "'' l,J'"'.! '""rah .. they uu oiaalm
I" "'k He will arkmiwied. the pontic hy
Y.l. .J ;.'l,"'.V fliNl., cheap pure, and
i'i,' .! ." atore in WMltluill it l.ril
iC'i 0(f.c7 ""'h ,,'d " north of Ihe
"rdcrtrtctlte.1 by letter from Merchant, and Ko-'
u.'1",",.1" niiltdl."ely te.HiJtid to.
Wliiulall, UcloUra, IW5 3if
1 t . ' .. t. . itr
t.iw.i or .N.riotii Lntrri 111 ILe ht.hh
i of the hoi) ,
Tic Dolorenx and Nenralfi
Thee 4rt.lful ant arooliir.e cnl hi
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Ni... ..a Irv. U.I. a a .mi lv "7
.1 ... . . .. ., .. . .. . X.tt.T
...w.. ., .1 ..in. 1 11.. ... - - . t
U.e flail acta directly upon the tttrttl ,jy
w,.,u,.i,ii . 1 ,,v..r -
Or-a! toy kuMral t.'trtiArittt iio tXr.s
wjnuiry 1.1 i. moil aairaoiuiiry t--
ir.D. If taouit.J
- .. n.
0r- No IrouLI. or lnefv.rit t'l"'."
nk ciiumriK it a.ii.r.ixit. .ii'tlt. .
UlJ.r., .... 7. : ..i if "
aa t t.at to aa; tan of tl.t couctry
Vplr.M! - 1.
TV., n.l -t- aw.Ti Theaal
T-v. . rri 1 . . . i.. irDe'
mi. m . - ' n.nar
i uuTinie Bracauiu, ue
Th. abraatic rioid. Ota HO" ,
tU Iti .ifcitt .1 1 ow.p' . ...
rriHaivw. .ii 1 1. .1 . , ,. 1 r.atiil.u .tt full pun-""
fRAI.Vfc.iUlu,, Burllr.tte.fif.rBoi,,tS lit A, j WIU ntkoriuO.u
A pftller, luun Ilytk. Ming to' murooH. ; , "A"r
mto a vat. ar.d cried for t.-i- uru, Colt iu wt.u frt, I f iw p.vmi .1 Mli,,, irpt. t. iu u-iur,
.1. ' . laT T- VB, j awM;wtl UU thrrt r uid. The bw.ee it lty a e a j pMttcl e.a rai It. Iha4 yo.r knur la
uki un umiiif, "i cTr pull cat a r' pr" ti cM'-te .11 uk. rlVL w j V'.u' Ato
Heitt oitiii n . it. 11 twwt.way naiiLM ionr.1 . - . " - .,,....
rant tor a.r,t,cr, ai.i .rrit. ai I..ton at 3S5p
fliatllbuiu'. af.fl 11,. Iu .u. V.j. ............
JuiHlon will, in, Wrtt.r and Kaahna, N...l, ,
. ,.il
atrA. k aw . .. at 11. f UM r
ay tvaaiysr mw -a
in. r
rial of
IU ay-tawi for 4 UiAh( ofaaaoa.
PrpfrM ind -W hotaula tti& rinill i.f h B 3c D
'A.IM rnifttFlaMLn.i W KIlo at rr'
Arif WiHutiu, Nrw Viwfir rw.u Bw tjr firuifUU
Trliy mmbrtotyt lU ..tiM fctatM autj CAt.
nViA 644 L1 LUTHI.R
If. Hnuflllll.
Ilia '
Mund, tirl.li.e.i ..Viil,,iu u'".'.'' IW ln4i
.. Ur. ti I TO Rrtarni.., tiUu'! A M " ' SI'KVCLK Agent for R'
,!'.'l,n'.'.l1,l",lw"cl f M Ita a Kr w Vvrk
Ji' C'? ""' Bi!lnj(U.u tu Mil .vt.ir.. I'lflllP.
1 h flm irtin frkn
ifwlow Coaf.ecilof.l Bellow.
VILL Uat. Bhuw jtla H.iUiJ for UrliutM.
lwa B.rllftM, Wfxrfty WednwSty and FlkUj
Mwaltp, .rilvln. in Lumw hm ttt.irp,
ri'IKA CICK,.iili.klt,
Bawl, Ot ,H l" f I
Via way,, with iU KA.Iiw.n Kallnld. to wl...
in dail, cT..v rrlefhtTraluwun:
in uaiiy w4ci way, Huudaya t tcA.d.
ii na.fini,rn-tlu,ri. u t.it,,, wt h ,ew.
. - v. nu..
BV lb. Lead a
market Ilea,
Vh 12,
r tln. Pirn
for la. 1 iJ 'J
M t
n It. 143.
r.. 1
U.rll9ton and of
A t'i. Sop.riat.it4.ot
Ajrit f.
a otorta asBO
O L Kemei
AI KIV ittect of .It rre
acd f'rinti, trri L' '-a !'
r eo. lAin.
ai . al
I '
hand a -jr arlirlt ,1 C-
cod irvKR mi-

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