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The Rutland herald. [volume] (Rutland, Vt.) 1850-1852, May 30, 1850, Image 1

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Ki.n,Nn, v r
0 II HK.VMAN lilits.r A: Pul-h-hrr
JLO A TI'TTLi'., I'ntikr.
TKKM Vt'Jl 1 K.UI.
2.m I
T Vi'(t ta.Wril'r
TCXt' Mil Mall tuUtiO-rt,
- im ai" Iw )itifp,
I j.-
i 1 1 ll
A Ji 1f.'.i nnf lnu.lj 1 t.xtlf'l f'r SI
.tiililf 'I'i ltrn (if llit.r '-,.'
1f Mil It thti'til tit latli ,uUutl,l
'lo:a the llott.n Wrf-Lly Man am.
tu f nun 01 " uiint
I iti tnlt Ijiiui ill.rr .-W., l.ilia,
till "irt . wr I. air tio,
I'll "l tljf ilchtt jmi'i e tti
Vs i.Jii.(( tlir 'i)-lu4.f, iLut
far ii) ftutn tlfuf lif
ts mLlt iootii) l.iliat I''
Mil, m-nr l'rt).fti hy t', oalfn tr,
A 4 d t.j I l.o l.r.li., b r Hit lt,
trr n th muui.laio l.lui,
A4 ll.ifWl", anil j.ajurr, an-l mr.ur, tliru
I 1 mUtll lo IiivV fur llir MliahLanli
Thai i ay lnliaMl nli Lcauiriiil lalllD,
X A m il. tl I h.si't.t Kln ami Rlan,
I ..c I Uim a l.. I U.c i.UnJ uit In tain.
Hoi I tn. ltvi In tk? l.rul I liurrlf.l '.-.
ft . t III M l ti Mntl.t,aml tlir rlraililue t
I f 'ancrtj at -lie float rr. rii ri ry una
U ih' lilil of a iiiaritluui Kti rjr ilrunn,
A-ii i.f erati c'a.lo oh an. I tin wry air
I) It latir luvlirr Sa.l jurt Urn dim'.
" tt-IVratil so.tnollift t sinf amil.1 lif t f!y
Trui iUt rao a aj.matli i.f aurli a 1 ' (tlim
Or tt tin- r'.iio 1. tliilc i tiif lislit llial
I i (loin ll.a ullli a il t.nl ll.tir uii I
I I I.I i. k il ai t Ike liilnc aim
f 1 1. fir larjr loc icr, ehlr jii.tnl nir
I ll.lnk il.rr ili' xluroir I l.nin
lr 1 1.' f'aJiiMi of (.riiiKine lite fui.li liuuii-,
a n J 1 1. r rxauMf i rr J.m ,h.l Muh xug rtli,
litl.r ralmtul Ilia I liixl lulli clullirj 11. im ,.
KU1IOOD. in i i. nit; laituiTi.
The light of Divine Truth, which
B'.i njjo cn.t like n Mililiiry torcli
into iliu Kgitinn nighl which bi-ooili.il
over the worlil, hin shone on brighter
iiml liri"!it r ninl lri"lilor unto .111 sil
Html ixirfirt tl.iy. Tho clonJs ulnl
clum of ti:iiiKvtuoin cxifuion hive
luly rollcil away ;iml licloiuil this
print truth .p;iiiiiiii like 11 r.iiiitKiw thu
nr hc:icn o( humanity ' (Sod huth
tnndt of' one Uood nil nutiout of men."
Strango, nt.-irtlin, ubiioxioiu truth!
hich t nervy lit iiilhe lCterual '1 hioue
anil fast, nil hutnin;; wth the oil of
liiavuii, into Hie inhNt of the waning
vorhl. The princijuilitics anil jiower
of ijaraviic? luvii k-auetl uith iii' ii
I'ruiu nu to a'ii to put out that liht
hii'h tin: tyrant coulil not be.ir. " 1'ut
mi that li'-ht ! " hns been the natch-
urd of War; ninl like thu iiocalyptic i
ilmon which John ban, it lias ilelu'fil
thu earth ftilh IiIixhI to iiiicuch tliat '
luavcn-lit star nf hope. '1 be freeman
put on his mail, and tho slave madu u
buckler of his tuuuiiclo, and ran with
the tnater and the monarch into the
crimson rift of battle; ami when he
mingled his blood into the same pool
with theirs the woIick and ravenous
kg which slaked their thirst thereat,
,aw as far n beast., could sec, that ( Jod,
in the hinhest sense of ther t.ei editions'
" hath maiit of one blood nil nations of
Thp earth has been one vast battle
field, where men have waged war with
Michael and angels, with the Gospel of
(Jod and thu (5osk;1 of nature, to prove
ilml thtre was no identity of the origin
und destiny ot the human race. Uelig.
ion mistaken, enrth-nedded religion,
villi her evi glaring with lire that nev
er burned in heaven, he has rushed like
fury to the combat. With her angel
rube all draggled in human blood, she
has stool noii high places of ihe earth,
and brandishing ihe llible in one baud,
as if it were the a'gis of Jupiter, and in
the other the deadliest wcaon of carnal
warfare, she hisfcd fur ihe nations to
.loin her sanguinary banner. The chief
tain who burniahtd his armor by the
buhl of burning llccla, came.
llccla, came. The
Cm .i.l titu .... ..Iifi Niiilfin. .il fli,. Tnrlli
l-i .1...:, ..Lmtn fmm the I
.unless shore, of ihe Kmxen Sea. The 1
--.I w.. ..I... r, I., ot lt'imirii-L. I
,v..t i
laMt.lMtTI iW IllllklllUI j.iiuu.n j
i i iii liiijiftv t i .liAMiidnf fc ii ! i
Ihe mailed .Southron, nnd both forgot n,',J, !l' of 1,c,r l'ivcnreaicd broth
they ever met In angry parlance there, f,r1'1' nJ ummoii you lo recognue
,, , .., i.,.f ,.,i the blood of their sanguimly !
while the clarion of a holy war resound
cd from glen tu glen, and from moun
tain to the All deadly'feuds, pri
iMe griefs, nnd clannish animosities
were mcrecsl into one intenre enthusi-
mk frenzy, which religion Ublised in-
... . .uil. .i i. .5!. i.i'a w.,. lr.
wunine.woru. seinB .uc N uuu.
r CtZ, ,? i T ,n,e.tf ,t 1 ,1
.urope, to the plam. of Wcstme, and
L.iu. fr!I ,'nirrm ,
3J uncl"mSinfiiuS
tlial ther hd not tuirt nor lot in Calva-
V . . I
i .1 I i .1 . . . ...1 ...1 f
tr nor in tbe counon blood of man.
From Pelcr the Hermit'
time tO
lly.n.n.W l,ta In lt.1. ...K.,1
,..,...v, .w.v .......... ... ... -s"'i
iltapo, afttnbe flood, the hjimn net,'
in concert with .every fiendish tpini that
Uoaiwmn, luitc w.geu Jstr-1
ltul crusde aguna Ut great truth
whk-b Taut uttered in the midst of .Mari
Hill lut did they succeed ? did the d am, cv teWHjrt),, tha, di.iiU up.
tUri puuwi of Ibcir nliematcd hearts, on ,he jtm Rnf, ,,ie u -Ut, ,, ,,VM on
r ail their mmwn uuci put out tliat ey jnch of ali, ,,n. j,,,, am,
S ' hV?!" fJI ' C ro?''-- ! in 0 gnii. glaildi ning Uhles of (J1V
Crowns frll like Mar in be (K,calyv,e ' ,((,K.ol(.ut,. atl,i
but did the Angel, tlrina throush lliejMjMte WTO ,h4 gratefallr oiii i
ii.t of heaven wiUt ihe everbuting; ,MVW t0 ariuV the l.uitsj molstuie of the
Klti, fuijverxj nu night ami rest upon
li folded inK. No; had we but
rt u bear any ihiug Lilt the din of
this nolsv, svrJfitt) world, e might even
now caich the aound of hit trumi-ef pro
tUsninf u he flk
(Sod httlh tnnde vf ont IJxxl all uit
tinnt of man .'
L htialiaiif, hrar it ! Hrnr it in the
li.iriiionict of the unitrrn; uml the oirM
, of viiiunlvM tiling hich couiniuiie liku
Hliifpeiin ntivU Willi human joul
lli ar it in il,u iniific of the bird", that
nrrrr lott a note to ittle anil iiiictiou
i (ia.t..i.i i.... : - 11
. 'I'""" : hi iinu nu iivtir
it ' the night md Hh, which have
fuuiteil iRiirnili (be liiirdcni. they Inno 111? rhildiru of one cotiiiniin FiUher Av
b'irnc from mi n-a of liuinnu Hulcln ry. t t)n jir tar'iiii;. i-nl.ui inlllimi in
, llrnr il ! whitpvr the umnar lircc;.v ('iirintnidi)in, mid iinrliiislcndniii hhall
tvhkh fu out ii Hooitij; the hitching thU 'ii1 jet ) jin:.irlnil with a w
tluwerj wf ctry .one. Ami ain the cr and purity utieiiallc1 miii o the da
mm; vmirif lot: over boundaries which of Paul, Thcic am a few Mill Miiall
.alone make enemies of tuition.). Hrml
your cur to the lily ami the ic and
hear il there ; for the gentle pirit of
the human (lower is the breath of nn
Kcl; and il come tip from every daiiiy
i that lifts itn yellow ptUU to the Man j
laud (dead the divinity ofthii hon,
Head it. for it it the autograph of every
iunbejun, w ritten at dawn and dewy ne
on every inch of the lirmament aliove.
Kvery rain dtoji distilled from the Oeean
that pattern aainU your niuilow, or
glilli.TMm the roin beneath, U eni to I
you with t Iii 4 special tnofnage of love,
TImmi there arc other voice", which
come trji in wliiipured wailing, ai
from n laud if itirit. ?i"hiiiL. Hear
U! AlmoM every inch of ground in i tiered at the Icautv of the llowers ;
Kiimpe U blii.hing wiih the blood of they wondered at the height and blue
koiiiu Hindered Abel, which " miu.IIh j ncsu of the sky ; they wondered at
rank to heaven," nnd rrie to (Jod ' the irrvuliinM nml i.or nf C.il
against the C'ain-likc profanity of the
man w ho layA lit- brother. Uie bones
of lather, sou, liuOiamli and brothers, 1
which were gathered up (rom the plains
of Waterloo, and liiirncd nnd ground lo
lime and toll to (he farmer by the cuk
lo iimnure hi-, lield these havoc voices '
"which plead like angels If limpet-long
ued agaiu-it the deep ihmuatiou of their
lakenoir," Mountain interposed mude
them enemies ; nml they ritahed into (
deadly combat ami cleft each other's
hearts to gain the immortality of human
glory which v:n promied them for t
aping fiend-'. Like kindred drop they j
had mingled into one, wi re it not for j
thi blol phantom which Munitioned I
them to the field. Hut they mingled ut i
la-t, the Itritton, and the (Saul and the
Austrian mingled their blooil in one
huge draught for the lliiisty enrth,
which blushed as ,-lic drank it in, he
caiHil she knew it was human,
ponderous mill-atones mingled
bones in one common ihnt,aml the farm
er mingled their ob-liimte natiunalities
at every handful of the pulvcrUrd hu
manity which he scattered upon his lleld.
t'tlv iliisi ! (iod's images cjoitnd to
i"e peaceful ' by the lender '
growing corn! for ye have '
ikiw iter : lie
blade of the
half ntiaiui d the honor of resurrection
to be mitcd from the battle-field even,
to this ba.-e use. Lie still and slumber
in peace '. let the w inds of henven weep 1
swiftly over yon, and the. evenins ze
phyrs whimper as Ihey pass by, that (Jod, j
angels ami men nan rattier )e slioiilil
bear spears of grass, and blades of corn,
tluiii murderous spears of steel, and
otmictanii bayonets lo ljulclicr men.
cner men.
-Sleep on '. let no malignant spirit breathe
on you; hut let Icr tlie angel ul.o care
it shall be to wake you lo a new exut
mice, keep walch over your di"-ecraied
ilu-t, and point mankind In your lowly
bed ; and (hen tu that eternal truth
written in characters of living light a
cross the heavens
God lutth made of one Hood all nutiunt
o f men t
Christians ! look upward! Do you
see that hand writing on the wall of
heaven? Can yon not read it ? Is it
not fairly writ ? Come, all ye DcMiaz- j
rers of the earth come look there! for
ye can read il without Daniel. Thu
Son of Cod himself has translated it in
to the language of the human heart, and
every thing that can sing of love, or
lovo to sing has sent that truth In Ihe
soul mu'ie of Us cxistancc. Ay, read
it ami tremble ; for it is Ihe ' AVne Tc
ktl, I'jditirtin," of your wanton empire
over the ibsiinies of men. Has it made
) "u 'reinblc on jourthroncs to recog
" li'ic"11 "" one Mi.all
iiaiiini . niidi win yv no mien an iiauous
"anon ; niidi mill
men aimll riMi tip in tbe mmnt
One Uood undone brotherhood ! wns
the capital idea proclaimed by the great
Apostle to the (Jentilcs, in the ears of
the cold-hearted skeptics, and philo.-o
... "
i Tnsidredl
I1'" ' nu revnerso, a. .ens. ,
of eent lines has rtillcsl those
pliers and revilcrsof Alliens.
' .,-.i
in"3 au,,!encr The corroding brcHih of
(nrhle tern-
q( M
eiter.fortUorirangp doctrines "pointed
,,,e ,n,,,,i,uJe w,,t" ,,e ",,crc'1 ,hc 6ub -
Hnc rovelatwis of the unity of human-
ifi flnf lif,l ffMsl f nitli ltv.- fin lif.
. ' . .., .
ttirv ifa aJraniv and Infant Ilfi.tiefita in flie
, in!: its strong and latent life-beats in the
,v.,nf l,j.rl nrlilirnfiri iilnr cnn.liitrf 1
" . . . . . .
out ,n0 t,,c minute.t veins ol tiie IxxJy
m (c of raiinVjnd t,c vital currents
of Mmpa,,v. It lives on, in
. ,in). of Mlurt lmllic arbledby(
bnw( of or brcc leiltymf, wi,h
,.'.. .. lm;i,.r i. ,,.,. ;.
cir, IU tilled from di-stant hea, or to ,
breathe in the breath of the whisjiering
lirwre from far off land se say it rev
erentlyit is one tf nature's I'auls, j
M4tIingoa another Mars Hill md in
the unct-nsciwu inspiration ns enn
l-autiful tuturc, tcM-Ling the ramc
(Sll.niL,ni, r ti
HoHiJ ,1" " "'"'
T..tl,o,.M.r of (iodV human fainllv.
- (pei ic pu aches', in- tin miner
revelation pn'lamtsl until (lift shall
hear il gladly, mi. I f ftnrti and it-inc" to tin?
1... .1 ..II i it . .
( ii-n, hmiui ,n,n 01 a li'intixili fattier
lion, and to the coiuinilii l.ntlKthl of
i i j .
Miicen crying in many n wildernew up
nnd down this Mii-feared earth voices
earnest, Mnnig with faith and Iioik-, and
tailing to thu toiliii". uiiIioiikiI
children of men to rally round the rtan
d.ml of tniivcixil brotherhi l, anil claim
the dignity nml honor, and patrtiuoiis of
of their liune lelatiou.'hip.
There was once a child, and ho
strolled about a good deal and thought
a number of thing. He had a mu
ter who was a child, too, and Ii'b
constant companion. These two used
10 woiiuer an aay long, jney won
made the lovely world
. . . . . - - - -
They used to say to one another
sometimes, supposing all tltc children
upon earth were to die, would the
flowers, and the water.s, and the sky
he sorry ? They believed they would
he sorry. For, said they, the buds
are the children of llowers, and the
little playful streams that gambol
down the hill-.ide arc the children of
the water ; and the smallest bright
slices, playing athidu and seek in the
sky all night, must surely be the chil
dren of tho stars; and they would
all he grieved to see their playmates,
the children of men no more.
There was one clear shining star
that used to come out in the sky be
fore the rest, near the church spire,
above the uraves. It was larger and
more beautiful they thought, than all
the others, and evnrv ni'dit tlw.v
watched for it, standing hand in hand
at a window. Whoever saw it fust
cried out, 'I see the star !' And often
they cried out both together, knowing
" ",el1 w, il wu''1 risc "'"l whore,
feo t,,L7 o'uw to ,IC Sh friends with
ii, mat neiore laying uown 111 ineu
beds, they always looked out once a
gain to hid it good night, and when
they were turning round to sleep,
they used to say, '(.Jod bless the star!'
Jiut while she was still very young,
oh, very, very young, the sister droop
ed, and came to be so weak that she
could no longer stand in the window t
...... ...
:u S'" ami uicii u.c cum iookcu
sadly out by lumscll, and when he
saw the star, turned round and saul
to the patient pale face on the bed,
'I see the star !' and then a smile
would come upon the face, and a lit -
tic weak voice used to say, '(Jod bless
my brother and the star!'
And so the time came, all too soon!
when the child looked out alone, ami
when there was no face on the bed ;
and when there was a little grave a-
the graves, not there before
and the star made long ras down
towards him, as he saw it through his
Now, these rays were so bright, of 'c life and poems of Mrs. Os
and they seemed to make such a shi- good, to whose death we have referr
ning way from earth to heaven, that --d, furnishes the following particu
when the child went to his solitary lars of her last moments :
bed, lie dreamed about the star ; ami " Shu was always of a fragile com
dreamed that lying where he was, he stitntion, easily acted upon by what
saw a train ol people taken tip that CVL'r affects health, and in her later
sparkling road by angcl.s. And the years, except in the more genial sea
star, opening, showed him a great ho3 of the spring and autumn, was
world of light, where many more frequently an invalid. In the winter
such angels waited to receive them, of 1SIT-8, she suffered more than
A1J these angels who were waiting, -'vcr previously, but the next winter
turned their beaming eyes upon the she was better, and her husband, who
people who were carried up into the ' "a advised by his physicians to dis-
i star ; and some came out from the
I long rows in which thev stood, and
fell upon the people's necks, and kiss-
Ctl lIiem tenderly, and went away
I with them down avenues of h-'M. and
! "ere bo happy in their company, that
lying in his bed he wept for joy.
fa m
did not go with them, and among them
' knew. The patient face that
0nce had lain upon tiie bed was clo-
! 1.1 l .i .t- i .ri
, - t3 '
nneu aim rauiani, uuims nacri lounu
! . i . ..
out his sister among all the host.
His sister's angel lingered near the
entrance of the star, and said to the
leader among those who had brought
the people hither.
'Is mv brother come V
And fie eaid 'No.'
She was turning hopefully away,
when the child stretched out his arms,
and cned, 'Oh, sister, I am here !
Take me !' and then she turned her
la wsa 4JaVS) u tiki V.
foaming eyes upon him, and it was '
nigh; and the star was shining into'
the room, making long ravs down !
towards him as he saw it through his
From that hour forth, the child
looked out upon the star as on the
t Hn&c he was tn ;
, when bis ttme
J,otild come ; mv he thought that he
" oi wioiig w me cann aionc, but
Xo tli0 mr bccc of l' '"
' 7. I I.. I . i
i ft .tit! rftm linriNMi
There was a hah)' tarn to
iirutiicr to the clttld : nml while he
was so little tout be never vet
pokeu a word, he stretched his tinv
lortn out on his bed and died.
Again the child dreamed of the
open star and of the company of an -
gcla, and the train of j-eoplc, and the
rows of angels, with their beaming
eyes turned upon those people's fa -
ct'V. ....
Said his sister's angel to the lead -
'Is my hrothcr come V
And ho unid, 'Not that
one, but
And tho child beheld his brother's
angel in her arms: he cried, 'Oh,
sister, I am here ! take me !' and she
turned and smiled ujkmi him, and the
star was shining
lie grew to he a young man, and
was busy to his books, when an old
servant came to him and said :
'Thy mother is no more. I bring
her blessing on her darling son.'
Again at night he saw the star,
and all that former company. Said
his sister's angel to the leader.
'Is my brother come ?'
And he said, 'Thy mother.
A mighty cry of joy went forth
through all the star,' because the
mother was rc-united to her two chil
dren. And he stretched out his arms
and cried, '0, mother, si-ter, and
hrothcr, I am here ! Take me !' and
they answered him, 'Not yet,' and the
star was shining.
He grew to be a man, wjiosc hair
was fuming grey and he was tilting
in his chair by the fireside, heavy
with grief, and his face bedewed with
tears, when the star opened once a
gain. Said In3 sister's angel to the lead
er, 'Is my brother come V
Ajid he said, 'Nay, but his maiden
And the man who had been the
child saw his daughter, newly lost to
him, a celestial creature among those
three, and ho said, 'my daughter's
head is on my sister's bosom, and her
arm is round my mother's neck, and
at her feet there is the baby of old
time, and I can bear tho parting from
her, Goil be praised !'
And the star was shining.
Thus the child came to lie an old
man, and his once smooth face was
wrinkled, and his steps were slow and
feeble, and his back was bent. And
one night as he lay upon his bed, bis
children standing round, he cried, as
he had cried so long ago :
'i sec the star.
v i.: i
. - wu.apeicu vue uuomc. ,
Ami lie sanl, 'l am. .My age h
' falling from tnc like a garment, nnd
1 1 '"ore towards the star as a child.
1 And 0, my father, now 1 thank thee
1 'hit it has so often opened, to receive
j those dear ones who await me !
i And the star was binning ; and it
shines upon his grave. Dickens's
I New Paper, Household Words.
The Mirror, in an elaborate notice
continue tor a while the practice ol
his profession, availed himself of the
opportunity to go in pursuit of health
and richc3 to the mines of the I'acif-
c- no icit ew ) orK on the atli ot
.i -t r di i
tetiruary, iOi'J. anu was absent a
.. Mr3 (JS hcaUh WM y
blc during the summer, which die
I-asscd chiefly at Saratoga Springs in
the company of a family of intimate
r...lj An.l n l.n y.r.l,l ,H...l. . -
""lwi ""' tull msmuis cuue
t .1.. 1 .1 I -
on, her strength decayed, so that be
lore the close ol .November she was
confined to her apartments. She
bore tier sunenng' with resignation, ,
and her natural hopefulness, cheered '
her all the while, with remembrances '
that she had before come out with the
floycts and the embracing airs, and
rlrnnmC lltnt clit trMtirl mnm I tr n
vvm, att "uiits lall lw 411
die world with nature. Two or three
i .... -. -
weeks ago her husband carried her
his arms, tike a child, to a ricw
home, and she was happier than she
I11 been for months, in the excite-
merit 01 selecting iu turnitorc, brough
in erectmens or rntttrns to her bed-
side. 'We ihall be so Itappy !' wxs
her salutation to the few frtcndu who !
yete admitted to see her , but theT
'hi, ami her pliv.-iciims mw, that hcri
, lire wm cbbtii last, and that she
would never n,nin ,co tho hrooknand
I I I I .. t " I I l '
r ", uwn w,c ' mt
a cvni auv oi me apartments nut me
: one Mte weeunifd of her own hoime.
. i i - '
. ' A friend cotntn
communicated the
rihle truth to her. in ntudiomlv
tic words, reminding her that in I cav
... .1 .:..t i i i-
f en there is richer and more dcliwous
, beauty, that there is no discord in
. the sweet sounds there, no ioisou in
the perfume of the llowers there, and
j that they know not any sorrow who
1 ri2 with Our Father. ' She read tin-
1 brief note almost to the end silently,
nnd then turned lllvon hor t.illmv 111..
' a child, and wept the last tears that
were in a fountain which had flowed
for every grief but her own she ever
knew, '1 cannot leave my beautiful
home,' she said, looking about upon
the souvenirs of many an affectionate
j recollection ; 'and my noble husband
I and Lily and Mary;' These last
are her children. The sentence of
j hot ft ienl was confirmed by other
j friends, and she resigned hciself to
, (Jod. The next evening hut one, a
I young girl went to amuse her. hv
making paper flowers for her, anil
teaching her to make them ; and she
wrote to her these verses her dying
You've wnirn mats rimml injr way
Anil clatlilrnrd all my ln-inf ;
llnw murli I th iil you nunc can ny,
Save unly llie All-iicing.
May lie uim j;nvo this lovely gift,
Tins love ot lue!y dunija,
lie miiIi ymi nlicrexiVr ymi go,
In rv'ry Iiom-' piirsuiiiga 1
I'm going tlirminli the Kternal g.itca
Kie June's aweel riiM-a liluvv '
Mi-nth' luvi-ly an"el leads iuc llirre
Anil it i tweet tu go,
May Till, I S.M).
"At the end of five days at fif
teen minutes before four o'clock, on
Sunday, the I'Jth of May as gently
as one goes to sleep, she 'withdrew in
to a better land."
There are many people who dislike
the name of Mechanic, ami who would
rather than put their children to an
honest trade, lug hard ut their bu-iness
nml live, sparingly fur the purpo.se of giv
ing Ihi'in a college education. They
think meanly of him who wears tbe
leathern apron and is not diessed up in
finnrv ami show. This we. believe is
the principal nason whv there are
manv ilettifie'ers nml other kind, of vau -
ahonds in the world. .Manv a Mm ha,
been rent to college, with the expecta
tion of hi, parents highly excitul; but
like the fable of the mountain, he pin
duced only a mouse. We think very
U'fill iif (Hie f-ilti4... .mil Itlj.rfirt. t.t-lifii-
tions and like lo cee them pro-per ; but
we like belter lo see an individual's!
mind turned in the rivdit current. There
are bundled, of lawyer, who would 1
have made belter mechanics ; and have !
Mtl.-lined M l.i.ire rnlril'.irliilil.. Iiv,.lilvl '
Anil we have no doubt there are manv
I !lt
mechanics who would have iood hi"h
the bar had ihey Ineu blessed with a
liberal education, lint if a child have
talents, they will not remain hid ; ami
no matter what his trade or pro'essinn
i, they will sooner or later hurst foilh.
There are many distinguished imliid-j
uaU in the literary ttoild who were
bred to meelninicul trade Mont- nf i
the editors of our bet conducted four-
nal, were mechanics, and do credit to
the station? they occupy. And our me
chanics, too, geneially 'peaking, are
the mo-it industrious and mo;t mom!
part of the c immunity. 'J'hey nte al
most always busily employed. Itul it is
apt to be otherwise with professional
men. They are often diliatory, la?y.
It is an elfoit for them lo bend their
minds to a dilficult pursuit. They are
well informed, because they spend
the much of their time in reading ; but
this i, an unprofitable biiiiie,uuless we
have some definite object in view.
We would not bn umleritrxnl to think
lightly offi professional men, for we,
do not. We wish to address our-elvcs
particularly to those parents who are
hesitating what occupations to give their
children. Are they ingenious, or fond
of mechanical pur-uits? (Jive them a
trade. Do they love study, and can
not they civil lliei.-ailcnlioii to anything
eUe ? .Send them lo College. Let
your children ehxis: themselves what
trade or profession they will follow ;
and what they select w illgencrally prove
mo,l advantageous in the end. JSul
never think a trade t(rf humble for your
mjii to work n, nor a profession too
not taut for him lo acnuire. Let everv
, parent pursue (hi, course with hit chil
I .1-,... .....i r.. ...... M i 1.1
.ili .inn n; in c I ,j,iii!j(-it llit.lv: Hiiil'l
be less uuhapiincs, und misery in the
world, You cm never force a trade
nor a profession into a child ; it must
natural to him. A disregard of u childV
inclination in this rerriee! ban often prov-
i ed hi ruin, or at least unfilled him for
,((, ,!,jes f if,.. v0 (av.. seen it
.1 e . . .. 1
1 (or.
lOTb Cbehire Railroad Co., N
IL, have re-eh-ctjl lad year's Direct
or, and uulborized the istue of bonds
10 ,he m"unt of t-'-'W" at J. jK.r
l0-1 ""d to bi rdeeuid 01 ti yi-r.
This issue will free 'he Company from
all it. floating debti.
UUlNS Ol" AN ANt'Il'.N V C t.l
Antiquarians w ill feel deeply inter-I
lis! in the iicuierv of tat reimu
of ancient ruin near S.m Diegu, and
ami within a dtv'i march of the l'acil- j
le (Kvati, at the head of the (iilf of
I California. 1'nrliim of temples, dwell-;
! ,RS '""V ,un" W ""''.
I lliee within a mile iuaie. i and mas '
.iie granite rings or eireul.ir walls
round venerable tree, isibnnns nml
block of hieroglyph'-', nil speak of
some ancient race of men. now forever
gone, their hi-loi v uclimll) unknown lo
any of the existing families of man
kind, In snme points, thee ruins re.
soluble tho teciitly discovered cities of
l'alempie, e., near the Atlantic on
M...i . i i r I
.'11 R.IH ll.l , III IIIIIT l, lliu linns l
ancient Ivgyptjin others, again the
monument of l'li.inici.i, nnd yet in
many features they dilVer from all I
have refeired to. I olncrvc that ihe
discoverers deem them to be antedilu
vian while the present Indian lime a
tradition of n gieat civilized nation,
which their ferocious fore'athrs utter
ly destroyed. The region of the ruins
U called by the Indian', ihe "Valley of
Mystery." Wilmer's C hronicle.
The conditions of tbe bridal race ate
th jse : The maiden has a certain start
given, w hich she avails herself of lo
gain n Millicient di, lance tioin the
crowd in enable her lo manage her
steed with freedom, so as to assist in ihe
pursuit the suitor whom she prefers.
On a signal from the Culler, all the
horsemen gallop after the fair one ; and
whichever first succeeds in encircling
her witi-t with hi, arm no mattei
whether diagreeable or not to her
choice, is entitled to claim her as hi,
wife Alter the usual delay incident
upon such occasion', the nriideii ipiii,
the circle of her relation,, uml pnttiui:
her steed into a ha d gallop, darts into
the open plain. When sitUllcil with
her position, she turns round lo the im
patient youths, and stretches out her
arms towards them as if lo woo their
approach. This is the moment fur j
giving the signal to commence the chase ,
ami each of the impatient youths, d.i,h j
ing his pointed heels into his courser', '
sils darts like the unbonded hawk in
pursuit ol his fugitive dove. Tim i
savannah was extensive, full twelve
miles long and three in width ; and a- ;
the hoi.scmcu sped across the plain, the ,
favored lover became soon apparent In
tin; efforts of Ihe maiden lo avoid all'
'others who might uppioaeh h
l length, after nearly two hours'
r. At
the number of p irsuers i.
reduced to I
four, who are all together, ami gradu-j
ally gaining ivi the pur-iicd. With '
them is the favorite ; but alas ! hi.
horse suddenly fail, in hi, speed ; uml
as shcnuxiuu-.lv turns her head, she. I
! P'trceive., with di-uuiy the Ii ipless posit
"""" "f'r 1,,v(:1'- " ,IIL' """v
furtiinate leaders, eager with anlicip.i
"''"npli, bending In, had on the
horse's mane, shotils at the top or Ins
Voice, "I collie, Illy IVli; I'll! VIMII
loier." Hut she, making a sudden
turn, and lashing her lior-e aluio,t to '
fury, darts ncros., their path, and make,
for that part of the chuminum (plain; (
where her lover is vainly eiuleavoriug i
lo goad on hi weary -teed. The three
others instantly check Ihir caieer; but '
in the. hurry to turn back, two of lln: .
hor-'cs an: dashed furiously iigniu-l
each other, o that both steeds and ri- '
,I'r- "ivr
The maiden .
laujiieit, (tor sni; wen knew unit sili
con hi elude the single hotseuian ) and
(lew o the point where her lover wns, i
Hut her only pursuer was rarely mount-
ed, ami not so easily shaken off Mak
ing a last Mini desperate ell'ort, he dash
ed along-idc the maiden, and ,tritlchini:
out hi.s aim, almost won the unwilling'
prize j but -lie, bending her head to the
Imrrc's neck, eluded his gni-p and ,
wheeled off. Kre the discomfited hors -
man could again ap.ir ia.-h her, lier loi-,
er's arm was around her ivaiit ; ami a- I
nid-l the shouts of the spectator, they
turned towaid.s the fori, Captain
liiiralem's I'eep into To ikistliau. '
Thk IStur.fi.Mrr.it I5i.tr. Soinj
cute Yankee in llo-lon, ha, inteiittd
and brought out :i grand concern for
nursing infante. You put your sipiall
er into the machine, and, by a eiius of
strap cies nml fcrcis, a-Mtated by the
pasmodic splurges of thu infant' arms
'and legs, tbe machine rolls gently over '
(ihe floor, while a specie, ot hand or gun (
mime if emitud eiiualliu ten m nuy
tulle ami n iloz.en luby rattle, . ll
' this fail, lo amuse the " Migar lump', '
im-lyou may lurn a screw and net in tmi-
! lion a manipulator, something like a
human baud, which "by ht muddciV
I mix ot diamond, ' tickles ami pit, it un-
id il mars with taught' r or goo, to;
lecj ! We believe the inventor in-j
lends lo make sundry nddiiioii lo his'
baby nurser, wheicby it may dresa and
uudre, ihe )oungier, fcid it, wah it, j
sve. If tln se liti; l anl.eea V.eep on a I
pell longer, the men may shut up hop
md ) a fi.biri", while ihe women lay I
back in while kid and 'play ovcrtinc, j
on the iiccordeon or piano This i 0.iU j
the patent " chipler, and knock the'
ttleseipe, for seeing through a buck,,
clean into tbe Fourth ot July.
fJ7ICIiliu Uurritl sailed in the Can
ada for Kurope. He g:w out on a
I'cacs: Mliou,an. mil l pr ,i m at
the IVarn Congrei; to be In id at r rank
l. r in tuiiiuisy
We seldom met tlhuch anhiitanm
of nff. ctin and self acriflS as Ilml
displayed lately by a jnsrtr IrMiman in
litis my. He had been iu Iho employ
of n genlli man who has n largn nuinbqr
of handa engaged, tiiul when the (lrt
pa)dat calm-, hi, employer could onkjf
give him a dollar on hi week's work.
The setiiml payday came around in Us
turn i theemplulei paid nil' his hands
ami was congratulating liimelf ihul I Hi
money held nut, when looking around,
he die nered the Iri-hmmi tosvhnm h
had only git cn a dollat tin; wc-k In-fore.
The gi ntlem in felt deeply mortified at
oierlooking It 1 1 ii , uml hi rmtM-cpient in
ability lo pay liim olf. Said he:
J.uuc,, I am sorry, but I Irnve only
oiiq dulUr lor you again. Why did
tun not speak ?'
' Sine, sir, you was Ininy, nnd could
w ail your coin aiiienee,' wa ihn reprv-,
' Cm you possibly gel along with n ilnl-lar?--l
will get von some more Mon
day mutuing.'
' y dollar 'II do I'te been living nn
a dollar a wake since I'm le cn in iho
country. I'm aiiti' up for the wife
and children iu ould Ireland.'
' Hut your shoe are all oil' your feet,'
and jour coat is nearly gone you'll
want some clmiliiug.'
Diiil n bit do my feel, care, or back
nilher. for that I'll let the money cavo
up in your hand till I git enough liisoud
lor thu old woman. Here's threo dol
lars I'vn saved, which your hunor will
plaz.e to keep for me.'
Wail here n mutnnnt,' said tho gen
tleman, us he stepped out. In n few
minutes, however, he returned with i
substantial pair of bonis and a comfort
able coat fur his honest workman.
The, tears lolled down fin) mmiT fid
low' cheeks as he r ceived the gifts;
and as tin: do ir opened for Ills cjji'Ck,
he mummied
'Ood bless your honor the wife's
heart will soon In- nisy, nnd ihu chil
dren'., too!'- -Ci'n. Xoiijittricl.
Ni:kiu; Wonuv or London.
The distressed needle women of Iin
don, have been made the olrject of n
Commission of Impiiry instituted by
the Morning Chronicle. Three gen
tlcmcn, well known in literature,
have examined the stale of this ut
fortunate class, and the result is, that
there lives in L indon a body of il-"),
(KH) women employed iu the business
of apparel making, of wlum liSiOU
are under twenty year of ago, and
a very large propoi lion of them are
subsisting, or attempting to subsist,
on their earnings, which are from two
and a half to four and a half pence u
The greater portion of these poor
creatures, living as they do, far be
yond the social state, resort to prosti
tution as a means of eking out their
miserable siihdstence , whenever tho
pressure threatens their extinction,
then they turn into the Rtreet, and
pauperism runs into inevitablu vice.
Since tho disclosures of the Morning
Chronicle, many humane persons havo
furwarded considerable sums of mo
ney to the ollice of that journal for
iii-.il mutton among the most necessi
tons; and Mr. Sidney Herbert hat
com'' forward to found u society for
promoting their emigration. Them
is something like Ii ill' a million of
women in excess of men in (ircat
Ilrtuiu ; tliero is a corresponding ex
cess of mules iu the J5nti,h Austrian
Colonics. The Society above men
tioned aims to bring these marriagea
hie panic- in contact ; and it is hop
ed, that when once it i, in operation,
Cioverninent will assist it with funds.
It costs some X l.'i to transport a pas
senger to Australia. Now, If private
beiievoleiieo raises a sum of X' -10,000
this will only relieve 'JO 00 of the suf
ferers ; a mere fraction, whose ah
seuce wo-ild not be sensible iu thu
metropolis. It would icipuiro ten
times that amount to lade out tbo
misery to the proper extent, and aU
to satisfy the wants of tin.- colonists.
Colonel (Ju)ler.of ( 'uylcrt llle, wiilnv
lo the (iene.ee Farmer and give them
hi mode of jirosert iug h-iun through
the summer. He say . ".Make u
iiiiiiiIht of common cotton bags, a little
larger thna your hauu, After tin; hams
are will unoked, place Idem iu tho
bags ; then gei ibe n ry bl kind of
,wi et, well made hay, cut it with a
coiling box und knife, and with your
h inds press it well around the h.iuis in
ihe hug ; tie your bags with go-id
strings, put on u i.-jrd the year, lo idiow
their age, and hang them up in your
gartei or some dry room ; and my word
for it, if -on h i ihcui hang for livo
;ear, lliey will H; belter for boiliiiK
I ban on the day you put them up. I
have kept them .i-u-n years, and have
oiue now that are four year old.-
This rneilcid ! but lit It? a, the bugs
fill la.t furi'-ars Th. die or bugi
will no; double ihe luiiii if the hay is
well pre,-l around lliem ; the weat
ing of the burnt will be taken up by
tbe hay, and the hay will impart a fine
l!.t or lo the hauK.''
CT.Iubal Harriii'.'ion. charged with
Irf-eig th'- author of Ihe lat'i cxphJoru
at Worcealer, ha.v !' n eiamined ninl
(II r i bail in lb- nn ol .o 0, H
' 1 Mined t l-oii'l".

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