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The Rutland herald. (Rutland, Vt.) 1850-1852, June 20, 1850, Image 4

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Fr- ilk taaUr ef-aat.
A HfM(,lLmSkV,H H9.
I vi TrUrr4y al MMt af
literary LiKtirMy, aa m trfr.n.g
m w ef a popular trove, of the Grew
MMiattM flttya thtcfc de
nm vrfrfe af PMKotic (mknm
fims U tnad M wwll M frta tLn
tA other l5Mti. There ttat
; vx ia Uwt tkinlih retaance of
trlV hrttftry, ftMK't 4dlgfiW ljfc
f JliM,dt, which tta to idcatify
with Mil of tha wtmtiit?
fjrMcw f a trwrt irrtcrtwing class
( lb j tcnoeiU uutor 01 tae imto
huiaa, Vhti of eKApcd jour
f fatnda, in we narrative oJ
t.f ttW (nek of ufii trad.-, one
,u,u,ww " 'V V . . r .L .'iiiwuiked of t. poli i:al party
JlUeVw Wrt Rivm, tbc;"; ,Ic ho uked to give
.UehmUr f M-ahKtU
niid New Hnphire. You nay
trse Irttnniorv the hoi uwtancc
t fiov, tWii U the d'ttrce of
loiitadaarid fufltue. till afur hlhitif;
Ml fct at tte Wder of thit lakf , Iw
fi vstufcUvd to (top here for the
rtorU'ii tf strrikth, fubiiitiuc
IJiuiC.'f uioh ratUcVuako Utat M
wounded In. I cwvig here, a
he thought, Wf nun final tnonument
' .i .: it. nf.
a tree.
, tMVaU n?i ,1.1 i.eer be-
u. I... ...L.l.l.
."TT. fIir TV.. lmt .!.h
WtN, It W. W it, lt ateep.
II) fUCII CirCUOlUIKa ,UI3 rcwrcu(
lHr h hop., and the ieond day af
be hertrd the
tr fearing liiu teenv,
cro iu vi a cock from
mfiit in PitUford, at h
imi in the ilderticf
ihfrc in Oreek hcrosc itory mora
:e awrj iiioru
Slieh rccollcc-,
touching than tin :
) occui to u from tho nat, a
j'lbr I
toarli tm domain t rvnare
meh inndcnU by the glon of natural
It m before thin, Iwwover, that,
I'.i. nintrt 1 .ULi. .11 imv.mi vihieli )
tuo name si toe lake ai utven, wntcii
w as dcetined to aupcraedc that Ucn v-
1 fmw a vanouiihed race, already
j ..1 j j .t. i. i r. ' :
irpantTU, awiu uiiuiKou wrvvir,
were from ita
uonier tun summer 01
IU Hii'moTY
In 1770. settlements
were already commcnc'ini in Uic
Vtcr creek portion of tU Champlain
vatley, by adventurous emigrant
from Coauecticut, the special hive
ut that age, which was already trans-
fr...f .ti UK.rlc. ..1 taut
wvrnis to the banks of the Icka-,
anaa and Wvoming. Such as these
beginnings were; however, they were
destined to retire again before the
t.ct of the Revolution. The jealou -
New York was aroused, as the settle-
...... . . .
menu were made under the authori
ties of New IFampahire anl the
MNrpation of Uic former colony had
xtended.in theory, ovct the New
England border la the Connecticut,
as rain an imagination, as it proved,
hi history has record of. Dunmorc,
whom about this time was Governor
for a few months at New York, and
always an enterpiising and somewhat
hereditary man, is said lo have made
an eieuratou aeruaps no mriuci
Nortli thanTicondcroga, te haw tiiit
vd this Lake, and to have Mttrad
and baptssed ii with all iU lfMrs.
&oe subordinate surveyor may have
.Je? this, hi dnty to his principal, at
as early period. The name waa rcc
oxnkta by Burgoyue, In lib map of
f tbe country, ami doubtlcia baa ob
uiaed a record authority nnsurpassed
by the patriot f Lwgon County.
!Tha ,Utr ad larcaatic Kcv.
Srdaejr Sasrih, for 'many years one of
th, contributors to the great Knglith
renews, mas dMcouneui oa we nuy
vl wu wr. a creature ;
A".cr.Tiw .?: .V "Tr
mtnnmoiuiet W.wage.er uic
hold him, creature or a
...I t . 1 L. ..!..!. .......
-4lMHZ mrvMcn imiuivc wyaKv in iui
the CrtAuleur f ljtUenesa. Penrhedi
ane trancur , .y' Y" "
......j-ev va m. wa..w., w.wj
wind of heaven strikes into hw". " ..r .fe.,!. ,
.... a .a.- ...i fj...l.t.!. -...1
1 1030 IBC tOtunCTal v uvain j tin aruui
. tt-ll't lie
flaau fn hta body like me ody fn.
m thc
heaven thrtmgh a labyrinth of wo rids t
anJ all lrneth ue creaiton ol uod.
i ... . ... i ,i. t. '
arc r4iwg aouvv u ui.
ibis a creature tJ make himself a
r j . .1 aZ i:a" rrrtLi.
to Baock at hU fcltow,' Miraag from "ere ana. ,UCIC- eK-a
ttuidttolucUbotho rtVr od.y-a calmto-morrow-the
tarn! Does ht aot ettfer. IK. rctng wuids of anUimu, and
he not die i Wlen U . is bo bkuJ umaer
never BWofjt-tsi by tlilicuUksT When, . ... . 7 ,
Le acUiieViever tetapted br rW : t T. f
ui! Whenh lim is he free from little urchin about twelve
,itt! men La dica can ho escape'?."" &,J. d laying hu liand ufon
Ii.- ew -e.t P.f ;. 7m hu shonWer, tliu addressed htm :
,t.. i,.i. . ;i:.- .i.,i,i
ktaVl. UVAaar e , a mm m . ntUHbua, MflV-tt-i
iit15 tat fit ffMAttit-r t Aiaa ftr ii.
woiajaace, Mtwr aad ujwlcctioo."
Th heart of th geaetwas watt 1
Eke the clouds of heaven which drop
man tle eartk tratla, iMtiase aad
lotrtta ; the heart of the ttgratcfttl tt i'-Why is a Sidle like a hand
lika a dsiitt of saad, ahsch swallow aomr jtmg lady 1 Uecause tain't ao
miW PiKuM tae tiaowcfs taat un
lu her b)aWta, a4
j tviuccth HaaihU).
Ufa t a uan ntaonug in
lircamt U
hie a atwtc
kiict tac.
Tbm in taM m cttcrl
arfxnwn klci to b, mm he
by WftlriWiw. TU Bib!, Trtrt
r ami Mt to cmcd on bjr ap-,
prab I lU fcUrality of IbcMW
talkt intern therein. To ask a
part. inm
rpiUo?i of Ortbodot Chrtrtwn to MaJ tm-i ti irx) Twin rpnwu4
lite for tLcir aprrt it only Mkit i. t.i r" f """,!
Uicra to ttrvTt Uic woocrrty tncir f-.,hi..,,1'iihjn,rtiotifi.itii ti
pxm,o.andtb fervency of Ximr v...-
failii. So-Mtth the wwui effort uf.1 i,1ih,4. MHM(itmj u . i
cbarch to propaie
arid inlicV
thr view
nothing rc;
fur pccuiitarr
inimry re craincnu ana iiMurc .owas
to hU ova view i of Divine Truth or
Public Policy it not wked to btow
Hui but to" crfjrra a duty. Hut
let a colltfctor for any church or par
ty u about soliciting from door to
door through a city, without regard
lo the fiilii of la he aldrcics
trusting to his chance of getting a
dollar here and fivo there- juite as
ofu-n to he rid of him without offence
from hearty flood viill tuid he
wou,d .MnS what i grly indeli
improper. 'Forcvcry thing
. time and .cuon.' and fit-
season, anu in-. ,
- , : - - ,
" JTCl
A.tki,lS ? f money
There i. MUiin 1-..;. rf,u KSJCTD: f.V
aJljf like tesginc.ia arjpcaia if,i utt.. Iuhuj iUtMi iK-wir V.''J'rA'"i,i d....
of lite contnbutiotMi iornc- u, w mhm. a in .,., t wtoii. , y.BnRttWBi""'tV,V7, iV:,7
a pioneer acUl-1 w,Ul Pu,( ,or .a tmr)i u 0tlAy ex' .
lapreaictl fainl-1 uf ? ' jdducinswrac good fcason',,,
iicaf. Vhati4,for.l,w,6lv''t- Tlio improper ajv Pr..
iilieatiuiii are so numerous and so
. - , ,
rr'lUC"t a 0 84:110118 harm tO tllO
OUier ort. .MitlV a man WHO WOUIU
not srudgoa hundred dollar a year
for aucli oiijccta as he ouglit to con-1
tribute to is so annoyed by iuccaaunt
applications of all sorts that he steels
',!-. . , iiii- 1 . . t
"ls "Cart ailU pa'llOCKS IIIS pOCKOt aim
1 . ., .
""v 8' ? ,
I. e haw ?lwken wiU no hope of
t luducniL' anv immediate or ccttcral
rf' 0 ,, "7., .... ... ,
- ;., , -, a
cannot casny nor apecauy oc,
remedied. Hut a free word prevokes '
...i . 1 1 r .i... 1
omen, aim a general exposure 01 iuu
nuiaaticc must tend toward
mate abatement. At all
its ulti-
there u relief in denouncing it.
waste 01 tunc ami energies, menus-
lti'' of tabnts which this system
of wholesale and complicated beggary
1 raiders it high time that
. omc resolute effort were made for its
1 suppression. New ork lribune.
Death ob a Great Man. Cay
t naanr. flio ,.minnl ffiomJal .tiort in
icnt chemist, died in
1 aru, Oil me Will OI WJ , in HIS I ou yapnK Stocklmldar arc hereby notlfwd tbat
year. LussaC, whose life has been1 th Director, bate ordered pajment of
. it... .. ., ... .... 'the fol'owln a.remnenlr to wit, trnierrrnt
occupied by a aenes of great and use-. motl,,y, vjMt 0IU third Monday of ecb
ful labors in chemistry and physics,' month, for ten rncceiie mvnlhi, cominenclnc
,m1a f .1... r,.r... ' tbe"0thday of .Unr, neat. I'aymenti may bo
Sn,w .vaj viV)iiuu.u, w .1,
tation lie waa toaernnre. llieint-nu
J . . :i r.C T..l...llna l, e.,i j:
and pupil of BcrUiollct, he first dis-
tineuislietl himself bv a Work on the
.-.. ...J f.:.l. .A l.:m
ttliva HH"MD, nitivit aiovt.va a.....
at Once by the Side Of Daiton. As a
m-ant he extended the bounds of!
science by the most brilliant and .
Startling dlSCOVCncS. Making lllS,
researches sometimes alone sometimes
in connection wifh other eminent men
Thcnard aiid Humboldt, for in
stance there is hardly a branch of
fihysical aciencc in which he had not
abored with signal success. There
is hardly a want in his study, or a
manufacturer in hi factory, but is
inrlpfifit In faaiv tjaauaae fnr aomn in.
vention, some method, same appara-
iul. onie acientific suirireition. which
facilitate? his labors and renders his
rcdults more perfect.
QucK TO An-Ui:fli:M).-"Zeb," ,
said a Chan to his chum the other'
(Uv, eems to me you didn't stay,
. i'. long at &iuire logger s last night.
' if. "No," was the reply, 'I was saying
.'a few- pleasant things' to the daughtc?
a. - ..i.,....,, ,',tm, ,t. ,t i
T.i 7 "ub
and the old man camo in gavo mo a
. t . . , . Zebrwhat
.... 1
l II V, lie gave
lri ui a nun;
, ...,,. ,t.. ,," ,... ;.,
aaiv IU li. Vl-livva IIWI.UUU li3.
h Q kc , . cowM(eJboo(
and ao I-loSk my leave !"
,, ,
If we would enjoy ourselves, we
. . worCi'M it is mix un
10 , , i , . .
a thousand spots of sunsh he a c oud
, l.l t I a t
i "Myaeo I believe the devil has
. . "
hold of YOU.'
.ii ii;.... t.. I,.. ... ... .v.-
"I believe b lias too." waa
significant reply of Uie urchin.
The prrtcber, at that time, vaiAOt
ti. tewiuwt bctuau.)
aBaeBaVettaa k. 4nBetaen.ar ajn a
rW if a IV a- h ataea. IXaia.
tUaaia, auag duet 4 ornr laterfi-eiva- Ora
tleauaiekwa-ke tt,e'l l lj,V nHK
aeia i-wtr imi , tutu .1 a -iV.j ..! i
Ut!l,.ty ICLHtllitv
wrTwr tsamo.vt i r -jsred ivt i
f tai4r e r..e-Aea I ejeajam, . at fa
I nm INILbU t IM I
I iiMhWIx eaic: ejet, M lb avk ty r -
WknoMHl AiAee. earioe taf l Ul
wiU W lMlMil f lUuN A, IaM f
are. I oaWI dietrert. intttmt, twit anaaitt
rftouM f t hit ftiH ta vvtiag, Mt
!'f,lJ:L' rLL
imf n nuh h mui mw i u
ix) nrt it t rmii
' f ''u i rrf 1
"j.rUfl romlnf, ou.lns, tomlnj,'
Now is the Time to Beautify
the iutcttur of your Dwellings
I JJinf)tiilif you that I lie liinr fat cloning
linux! t l iitnd, iiul llivte uld Clmft, Sufai,
Ttlf . Burr.ui, &.C, have Utii moved and
rlrtitrd norieii tbat juu ar fraiful Ihrjr will
nt.t Iwar tuch ug much loncrr. To Ihoas
afilxtrd arith Uu llmakrcpinf Malidira,
Mn.ii O. G &.F.. ADA MS oHfcrtbr fallow.
Iiitf roiiwdifi.
Hrctrunci, from ftlJ.fW lo 30,0
Murrain, &,fl lu Hf.OU
tVnlrr, Card Crrciati Tolil, 0,(10 to 10.U1
llminj; and Dnm do. I,M) lo aO
Slaiula of all dracriptiuoa, r lo 3,00
Jlrdttraila, lo
t:.oe l Ch.ir.or.ll pttiera.. 5 to
mmou.nd U n.n. do.42 t 1,00
, - . A .j .,
wtp mi imm tuit mi wwo ini v
ffi,e.. lo
Mlrra Loungea.
A) wc arc
librrnl diacoiint will be allowrd to tbe above
icra Tor eaab.
m.o. ...
,i ihoar wlm mar liar brrn o mriunaic aaio
be indekud to trw above linn, will mikriwm-
ry oy cailinj ano arc n iiwir axaium. art-
"low Mm, - AUAM
ryAliouiC TMOMI'SO.vjj hirt liuuk o(
,iintntad.l by lli cmnllgii or .-jupcilntin-
1 ,,,,,. -r,.,,,,,, ,u,,,,iid un iii.rai umi.-
sinJ. opitr is cci.ifc u. L. spM.r.
roll rale by O. t. HOBBINS,
Jan J, IK50
JJv watich fcr..w by
AVAXAl!CII.br Uiff.iiow,)r -, bj
. .."-r.,..
TACKI.K of Ilia (ml o...lll)f. iolJ
jorNuns tools
Jl'!' recitl an norlmcnl by
Itutlahil, Jub. IH.V): JUaartT tl St.
ISOWKtMON ran b t Irtn immrjlaul. h
I7ih Mjjt. IdH). K KOOT'
made either low. Burton, Kq., rliipcrt, II. J
iiraiea, i-.tq.,i.ranvuic, or to ibe -i r
rrcoaurer at
.t rouitney. A Rreatrr nniouni man leu
,,, at ,ny tllne. ah Pjy-
mrnla will draw luterc.t until tbe ttoadir built
and put in operation. .
II. CI.AltK, Treaitircr.
Treaattrrr'i Office, V. t'oultnty,
i'rlli!L,h5(L. 1431 .
j( io Mro ... tb., d.v fu.
M en uy on Kdwln Burke liia lim during
' r.mi..der i m. minority, and hail claim
iiuiiv ui ma .eti iiur I'aj aiir uavia ui ui
conlractlog after tbii date.
futllnc.tllle, MayfS.fSSO.
B All ETT, SVN k Cf.
orraa rota hale for cash,
l their new elorv fKiwt of Wa.hingUjri SL
near llrr Urpot) Molaaar in ilbd'a. bbl'a
and .-2 bbl'..
Hte-am Hvrup in IS gal. paekagra.
Kefined Crualiod pondered and Cas8u
llhd. and Box Sneara.
Kilra Mra and Clear fork
fVr LrarLkrd.
I'urc ground Wbt. J-etd in ' to 200 lb.
beat quality Linarrd Oil,
dprrin and Whale Oil.
Halaraloe, Trai, Bpirra Ac.
r int.
Black Stir Llir of Shlpi tailing urtklr from
1 ... H:
i . nv oa, .i.blnK t. 0d for friend, in tb
n. ou. i;ocr.r c u accoumojated win
n i'yif ia
I.. i,n.li..l...l ....i.r.i.. Ill.-L 11..
t.r.,t W, MV NIM..1I.I 1-111
AUom.mey remitted aafely to all parli ut lb.
ui i wia.
14.10 JOHN It. f'AOP-
A'alland, April 16, tSSO-
Orer Thrall t Smith' $ Office,
1 1 J 'td g-nd .tmet .f od..con
11 .ii-w o.. Heo.dih. no.,i,m..d..i
v-ting. Ai.r.u.'Tri.n,t(.n:b
fw awwi - mm-m.
HeMeivMtaer rooAaolllaactlonte t'Kva wSa roav
garf hu velth a call,
OtblaHoe wleklag U gel a anil won Id da well to
call. AU rtruauu war tented lo eult or no tele. Ile
e at raaur u wait aw ki cawiaoiire at bietilcre.-
Wrmeatt ! all kloAa rood la orwarla ee gwd etyjt
two uav-Dnii at ia aey cny.
Itlliaf M aatawr I aa. aod v.mtuc la ci.
He alee bereivdlaUraxkgl1iertvl Fabwna.
KaiUtxkd, April t jg
CASH w.llbuv a prnJ aair of Call or Coal
Brociu at ilAKli.V & IILMlY tj
Wrll.l. Uiy guoi wairabiej Vetdi aid SkoH
1 ol Mania 4t lltarr. 10 tr rent, ehramr
tb alauy other place ia Rutland.
THE I'unau af ILL- Strcctr, irlc .10 rent.
W. Waaa.
Ca.tlrtfa May It, 1AM,
leitttarg UanwleJUw yavtgvid err jut.
Hriatfrp Ktors or Canf-, tvHtlic'mg' tW
evftat rre-ry variety, gad batiof pa-rbaa-d
liw t tt Iter laU-t irdttction in prior,, jrift tag
f iklrj to tell fU-ui unuaavatll ki
ltitlrd. May tl, lct-O. I"
W It) V-v . j.ej aa,r f Rev, CtH Br-j:ti,
.MAK t' 4 IU.MI.
t - -1 L. - IL. .A.I UU. mLAII tba
MtffflB llFT ua tCUTI . '
Orfoalied l HarlteW. Chi, Stf4, IW
liresM capital, Iff ,m
Oeatral Agrbt fa Vrrit.t,
T Ue.7g fifiliratltc mmy' U ar.t rrmiUiy
t-atl ef Idt Rut.
Central OKr f Ihi aj:ebv, eail lijeofllif
Jaar. llaw Basal, giaruaf , -I
N. WAMI). Jlf. D.. Mettles) Etaminer
Airdlrathaa m tt Mai at aV tiea t the
.i. .Tiurm.tin..t.ybairJ,i-
Ett June, Df iniiun: C. A. Ilitchcotli.r
(Hi fur J;
Inr.r. Ttl.,.1 Jt M.P,...t. fVunlt lr.
IWnt.Iiictoi.. N II INteWllfr. Arlington: DanU-
Il..trl.,JrMnchrlfr,N It roURUii,Sliafti
l.ur; Cjrui Armlrston, Romt.
flU-Jitnt I'linminm. l.tilherMoMlyrUiiRlnri
Sitt,Hcnn(mInn: H!Micliaui,aiauctiitrr;
V JoUutuu, Skallrlur;.
California Life Biiki,
taken al luwr tiiei llti tijr&njutltcreoaiiianj
The builnfMof thcCnmpany ftfllbe eandiirt
fd upon Ihf Juixt Mick.'an J upon llir miti'ai
ptincipatt Ibiujitlcn of llirlrurcil,tliu inec'.
me tti waiiti and cirf uiuilanrn nf tin- public
mure fully, it It belletrd, tban purely mutual
conipaiiiri can do.
On tb Joint Stock prlnclpl tlir luntrfj wlf
pay II 1-3 1 rr cent. lr fur luiiiraiirc U.aii tin
raltt' f tbc brt vrsanlicit nmlujl Cunpaiitci,
or will rcctlic iit I. niultaKM to I -J pel
rcnL per annum, In di lilend iTulili in ml-
taiiceliiileitd of rrctirinj; an niiriTtaiu amount
at tli end of raeliytar in irrint rcrltfltulri, rr-
ilctinuL'.c on r trtain cuntlnjjf ncici, wlillo at tlir
time time tbt'annual cttb iiayinciitanra lucreat-
cjbytbe intcrrrt pkbl un nolci giieu fur ball
the amount 01 I tie premium.
On lh'Mu(iial' principle, tjiii company pro
po.e to Imtirv at the urtial rate of inutunlCvm
imn!r.lWidiitE tbe net earnlnei cacloear cii
inc .cripteertlRealn rdermablraflrr a Mutua
ItiiuRinceKund of Twoftuudreil Tbouiand Dvl
lur. Ii accumulated, and cliarplng a rotnmiifioi
for con J uctliic that part of Uic tmrincrr.C'iuiiii
lent to only about one ball the expenrei of (lie
L.oinpaiiy,iecurlni:(loei beitiR equal; a larpc
tctriy iiiMiient lo trie Mutual In.urira. lri Ue
S v i n tbe tatioberi a lleii'iipim Joint Stock
Capital of One Hundred Tliout.tnd f)olUr, a
lartfo Joint nic.clt Itr.crvc I uud, wlilcli "III l
plrilgpff a rcrurity fr-r tvmeut of lorin. It
niMitiun to flit- usual Capital and Koeric Fund
in inuiuai y. nmpanieii.
'This company i not nn!v one of the turn
prp.p.rout but alio one of the tryj belt in tli
country. Ilartfaid Ihih Courier.
No Oointauy In tbe Union bar bad ruch
'run of buiiucia oi tbia company tinceiti organ
Mtn foi Cnlifornla
are almort unit rrrally imuriiif; in tbiiCnmpan
uecaure icrinf areiorea.onaoii1.
Hr.AM or f'AMii-lca arrantious to imure in
tl,i Company, a aaf lnttit ult'.u.
Sal a turn Mix arveufurinKln tbii com pan
by rcore..
IIjtiI votking men.inveit in tbi company bi"
ratiic theyrviriirdlt a tbcbr.l nf.nlnn lank
to lay up their earning. In for their whu and
Capatalitti Inveit with thii company by '.ak
in;; out puiiciei for life, berau they regard it
a K'od a. money al 12 to Ifl j'tr etnt intfrcrt.
All cluie' anil coiiilitiotmil men en.nre in thi
company bccnil'e, jut as they do evar) lliir"
in If
1, when they mutt witb lone, they
pay "up" at ouct.,
Feb. fj
5 If
rcauaai P ar
IlOm.VSgX'S ASTRONOMY, .erriptlv. phytl
AVy cal, and practical ilealfned for tollefea, acade
mle,and private aim out, by H. N KtaivaoK, A.M.
tnnrMr Profawor of Alalbainatic U-1. Navy, and au
Ihcr of Kobinon'a Alfcbra, fblloaopiiy, Xc, kc-i
I vol. Ho.
ItoniXSON'fl ASTRONOMY, ir .choola and
cdenurf, daacriptlve, theoretical, ,and pbyaical.
I vol' 6o.
IIOIIINUON-S ALOEI1RA. for college, araJt.nl.,
and private atuCenta I lotSru.
airned aa Kirat Lraaone In that acteore. IVmn.
KOill.N'rlOM'H OKOMETKY, contalnlne Ucome
try, Plain aod bphaclcal Trifououietry, and Conic
cciim, Hwo.
ItOBWON'S fATtmI. rillLOSOPHY, with
reeulta anJ appllcaliuna, forclwx.U,acidenilMt kc,
ruAUiiuai. M.I.M.U rni:v. conta n nr
liont of Ihe prtncitilet of P.eadlnc and Public nak
log; alo, aaelreU'n of the beet plecee from ancient
and modern author, accompanied by Explanatory
Xotear. lha whol adapted to the purporea of itn
pruveinenl In Reading and Oratory, by fainuel Nile
tiwrel I enl l2mo.
THE KARMOXIA, a New Colkjeliop Of Kacy
lmig.compd and arriared for no, two, three,
and lour Voicet, wilh a new aelsf Uult audPracli
cal Eitrri, upon an original and cleritlfic plai
for th ue of rlcboola, ftlnctng (Tttieea and riocia
Circlee. By Wotoinon Cone, Teacher of Mo.lc In lb
Ponlic Sellout and Iilrectorcl Static la th 'ItttiJ
Preetiyierian Ckurrh, Albany.
rlculturr, or the connection between Science and Ihe
art nfPracileal Fminlng Prlia Keway of Ik New
York Mule Agricultural Society. ! vol lltuio. ckub,
ueallon,by Hamutl 0. Goodrich, author of Peter
Ptrley'aTalea I vol II'mm.
Drawine, by laioin IJ, llowaid, Teacher of Drawing
In lie New York fute XnrinalSctit
and lelog y, by Jamea W K Johnalou, P, K. .1 ,
Ac , AetbiK of Lecturae oa Agrkuliuul Chcanelry.
I vol, Itjinv. tall boend,
ef every deacr'ialon, tapgliad, wholrMie and rctaX,
at New York price
Kioktrllcr. Merchant, and Teacher, ran ba.a
e t their ordef linmedlatetr exeriiled. on the inott ee.
h I comniodatlogtrnii ami aala aeot, by exura or
oinerwta. aa ihey my direct.
X. H rrarhra wivbiar to eiaralneany of ihc t-
oe uik, aar . 1 1 liWtae adJrt K II P A Co 'j tl
waoiuiLa at aaraic
No. 47, Ann Steet, Boston.
We have ege-ned our etetk of bpcing and aeiraer
Cl-.l king, au) l-ra glveai grrat eaea i-J allentHn In
eeavung nr tiyia I giaalt, adaple to th
We are preiuredio oScitUnio the jblle, adapting
th oli proverb, '
A i-l by atriu economy lavor rtperteet, w are able
o i at price a War i any olber CM hi Of ILioa la
be Coiled Nile
Whs Boj it Vhsbalr,
Will 8-4 or aaaortuverit wortay of ibeir attention
II f gna oar rva-aul amain. I ouf boaioe.. anj
caatoeeai alio boia: ia I, ire i call irom all
a ny faao la 1U Uir pauaua.
tb V s lSt INS ,
Cotutantly on hand.
i l "e- la Ih euatie. aouf walk tare wet i ivupiiaM
I n,r tb UtMl (a.kltae
Orawa Iom tbe euan,, .jn h, ain-nj i, s(tb
priavplneaa a tat all at I ton.
corner og Ana and uitckoluev hirer u.
af a. til U WM-Ilttyii a. -u eo. . v ... a . . a
Saak, Ika4 aatl
I T lb old Kind I W.llHifed, ebeofag
at rbe Cketpetl .III auk dooe tkt. ttaUp
ail tsio ,te a iC ear ,aanev tutata 4.
- aaartleai
M MinraMaii ajwaiaa. nwmr i wmf
Tin (tauikav amaaaaa , aavwiaf
lal Ua alttr mitrf r ImH NIN
l unaVWff Hrf fcaiait M V W. prtrlW
maka tkM fiMIt aailaa:'iril aaM" aaaaMil
tilnaaf kraaek rf Ma pnhale. Ha paitaiilarly
taCa to atliMil-a f IV aaAKt la atrat
w neue ten or a irbb a t. Ttmr n.
a)blcklM laiU U llnmM rSwaattaad natfal tntttmf
M i. luoaaary wr r ia enr ar mi
I ISli kli aa Ha will enfat IKtnrw H.I a Mil
unanrniaMHl l.f nif ami aaarvimw f aar nikar
(iikUIkw, and al a innfh laver ma iKaa la tharftd
L mil o( ttM .aoM iualll lo Itw cIIIm,
(WvateJ lertk tiled and pMKi tmm farther da
til rillif replarad lixi rhirta. Drvtrat et
ealht MiWriber taiir.wrJ keenae a rucard of
Hj arneaOan Ukl.lf tha Mm of Ih paraan Sir ailiem
It irfi.rm an j t hi U nt hlaprattlreienabJIni
Mm 10 aail.l nimmi .na in paiieni,blfttr II r
r 6lM aar . oatkutar eatilt ar M
tr-rh ciltf tlait hU offira In Wiaaoa. m
h Sntf Mtndmir la vrv mnnllt. and ramalna unlit
Halurdar n. At all other llraaa b aiagr b nnd
at hi efoc la Woorfrtiek Vt. Communication, ad
,1ft Md to Mm al Waotlttoock )IITt promptly ah.
Prt.aiAr..M n , lnll Arrii,
Aad.VaaaaOarer f Mi-nat Tttlk,
r u. s. ce. .w. j).. irMfhc . n.
Qcacaaa, One IPth 1M9.
Pita Ki
Tl.ewl ofTwth ahlch vmt mad for Mr Pnill?. 1
c.M.ller lobe ane ol the Sural anrelmena of Itieriita1
n Antninc can etreetf iu Kautr ar Ihi work ano
the Itntlifulnea nf th Inllallon. Rut Ibettlumrh ol
our (i' nrer lh pttulinr dlffttuliiea of Die 1
ve ird tli truMl teat'ofrour prnfir.r,e)r In tlieiVn
lnrcfenn . and more praUewnnb than lb e.nnl
lt iiealnrti of lb leelb Ihemtelrea. A mniedlftVu't
could hanltr'becnnrelrpd. and amor erefut
tnt MtUf.rlnry oper.tbin, It tinpoa.IMn to aupti.
Th rk wa.an ntlt- dnnW. (iipprrarHl umlar) net:
and In In titllllv d tnmfwi, ih bar aurpaawd
our ulmo.l ipcttlnn. Ttte not only err all the
rurpnie oi naiurai inrin ar perannai nnearnen.
rninfirl Mndtpe rch, but INe far rnvr tWflrable one af
It war aoi W eratlfrlpf In vnu.tban It la to tie.
Ibit abe ran not only rat irffA tUm,but thai ahe dora
not rji at an trtrioMr ineni
Alinw me lbrefor, dear air, loaajr Hal thl flee
f work baa wnn oar entire cnnfld.nce In Tour nnrt
it ekl'.l a dentin, And It afford in
ereal pein In a.M my ttimonjr to thn bautr.
mran-niy anu irutnioineaa oiyour work. ami Ihua r,on
irlhuie If mar.tnlhFwrll earned populnilj nblchyeu
la aormij c,,rT,iir
a a a
i860. MerchoDts1
laxx boat Lara
1 Bradley & Oanfield,
For Ihc TransporlalioR of Proncrtr,
Rrtwneu laton, St York, AHmii Troy, all
in t.ice i.oaoipiain. .lioiureai ana uuanrc,
wlthllnokrr aodrfolKKi' linn of .Steioera and Barren
via th Chamhly Uioal for Montrnal, Q jebcc,noria on
the hi. l.iwrer.c, Kltiaton, C W.and all port on th
upnr lake.
The proprietor nf thl Lin having mad ample
irraiirementa are prepared with
New and Substantial Lake Boils.
ritrlnr directly between NewVoikand FortaanLaka
Uliaioplaln lu flv prompt .1 rape ten to all property In-
icioic-i 10 isaaa neiweajn vii piacea auov nam a wun
which Ihey may b ant mated
Tb Dual of thl Line ara Invariably tawed by
tcamrra on Hudann River, and Lake Chainplttn
IVierly actaally well bed and utierflml In the uaual
ile lay and and injury Incident to froqueul tranahment
By Ih caninactlnn with Hooker and Holton' l.ln
of atramere und Barro which lean lluilioflr.n Trl
wrekly, iroperiy paaelnr between Canada and New
Vnrk, will be fornarded direct tvlih reahlpmenl at
Uiirllngton only.
Debenture and Warchoua lluainea wl I receive
prnmnt attention.
liopny ti and from Hton f irwarded by re.au I
Property lo be f rwrded by clihtr of t he of I ne rail I
urn ucaireo.
nl line from Uurlinglnn will receive particular ,
The proprietor brllevlngthelr facilltlra forth rap
id tranamlevion of iroperiy In be unurp.ed reaped
fully alc for a conllnnanr of national.
L A Jnhnaon 9 Coentle bllp,Xw York
C Lovell, N. Y and Baton Pockelofllce.
long Wharf, Doaton.
Hooker A llattaa, MonlreaL
April I, ISM. Kif
Ufarble Pillar
HAVE juit rfCeii1 Urt maaortntent uf ttcftnt
of retry description, In addition to their broiaratnck,
which they venture to aay make a
than can b found in thl vicinity) and they ar elan
KchrnclaJy vd Nw Yortt, Uif tilJIlltw to their
rrteivmg eery week irom ineir roanuiaciorri 111
iiock( an or 111 ui wiii;tDtj pieogc intmatifca 10
ell Ijw at tb loweet,
Thankful for the very liberal patroaar which lhy
have rrcelved elnce t hey commencedi heir clnihlnr e
labllahiiienl.aiid baring leaed the Marlle PilUrMor
for a term of yeata, they will endeavor lo tlve gene -
ral eatitfactlnn both at toquallty andprlret, they hav
Ing grrat facilitlee for p-ocuring Ibeir Mock at the
very loweai ratee, and aa lliey Intend to make Ihleal
iiermanent eetabliahmeot.ihey hop lo receive a con-'
linnaaee and an Inceaae of patruoag.
Whitehall, January, l-iVJ.
fS urpaliigl rich and EiKiwire, andtUIra Ihe
1 early.ue.ta.il uf ALLPUKCHASIUtat al whole.al.
or UtU.iL Thl aaaoiiineni comrie all klndt of
In II lack and Fancy Colon, anrrlor Ouahilea and
Style " .
New and Freeh. !
Ofeiery known variety ar d Quality, from Ike hlghee
to Ilia lowe.t c-oal,
FaiNcn "icict, Vtantt, .Ma.sriu.tt. and all artlrlee
thai ate wi-ro a, eubt'itute for lialt. Aim nlka In
ine projier wtniiia ror thoae who prefer to make lbee
earmente for theuwtlvee I
l.l. Kfvnsor
Canton and India Sltawlt and Stilt:
tu pirllrular an timoerae variety nf Crvpo bhav-t.
Ki..'jt.ii.lere.. Plain and Dima.L Fieuted in a lallao.
evrliiient of color.
iiivimliaa-alinean.Mlke, of ll qualillee) Ceh
ner Surl and tlaatlea; Buck Silk awl Black hilk
Mia la, Bay Male Umr and Muaia bbawU, Caiwleon
vaunt and Kami d Chinee) Frenchriatlaa, all r"h
or.; lU.n'Mlio- ar.d Atpaccae, finel qualktl, Wide
bilk Velvet, f ManlllUang bhawl.
In orirl, rg mftO. aay Ui Kgrclijaera af1b ataive
I (Vr' '" V'r 1"ritity. .tntd or Urge thttwa ran and
.111 aupply their want, al lb. lolritile prlie.,
' and wilh audi qualinea aud i,lv if Good a conruX
I be fjund at other ttoree
-o. 2, Mill: Street, Ilotton,
March, a lfi'.
y 3rola,
laaoataatare aad eala tj Oa Bl 'lail.Laa
ht Ntw Kottatrd at d U'..ten T,.,i.
Wlavteale DetUra Will Cog aaroinlete and aagaahla.
tnock ga ran lie touiaJIn the rily wfcick Ipay arepr-'
VaTri K. ..IRI atiia.. I, . i m
il . ""a ' '"i iiiii, ereuraiir,! ni i.i aaaaa at maaMg aoa, WaraaaV fattawa oll.aaa.
rietn, netree thai In addtl.ua to hir legulat lanllabnienl thai he iiiicnde lo Cainllnue tbe bualla.ee
tili.ea,iutl IipMllg tad Ji bbirng )y tu.a!t al Ibe conccta on iba.aatneeyeleiii-i ti. larealece
lky lur eettblavbtd rav everlkair treaia alorrtur or. bjl at naliktaa) iKa-a Inaa. lha artlelae 1 a.eh
Mradinertlea ,he ovwt faepratde terrae. Ordeie tori HOWaE.rrlltlILNirj,nd luiaUhing allcl. caul.
teV JS.de Cl'dhing.oeaay atbef kl.tdDr.bwalai'' krpt many liardaei tfcd CVucAtry Mvie m In IV
""- "rr1 ' "i in nml iiaeamalt until n j u '-r- Bbeet tatad load Pipe, Heme Trlav
tbe ebaartatt laMleai.
Be.UM, Jao, 1, 1U.
t.aj tk
aa tkttf TtM.
WV OA.ni ItefUMiAlad
v Oil mj itratkra ti 1-irM A (-
I a-a V ..J a. , . .1 ...
VJt a. . """"g Ituaary via, euageai will A fell tavi ol Aaee of
k.u 7ZihZ!rrm """ wltkioet, yfcB. l P.n&ar'. I
TMM AJtVaTl tt-tlafavr a - - a J. . A a- --.a a. . - ... a.
fa g a-ayi! tftpaiUBj. w wmttw tAm vi naseritiriiu
I tm MAM Ut4 WtiUUUa! I a'cluLk a. cat. a&d 11 kcsM. camIaulLw u tw.
itaeaaa. at aa a. aa a-q it ajaaaaamaa,
r- 6 , rvauaoa i ia a m .eji e. n. evr tr-ui-w -i
. .ana. a n... -a,..,.. ' . . f 'IB. avrM vi
77 ' aaaa aaava v tHej.. a ara r.a.a ...
Ilaooier . T-etaJ,,,, Tteitaa.aoJ AlaHdar. aiiA...
.. j -i- a. mfvm cat) l.lwUat,t I aU ., (
r Uta'iri ttl )tuMlaMa, e ' taut frta tUitlaad
bird well, rm.fi co
roa vaaaaaiavaiaaBraaal.aaaf ctaacr au. eia-
aaaia aaiataa raoat am mrvaa rraia er tb
aLOoa oa ajaair o taa atrttn, via.
ScrtfUl ar King' Brit, lUkntmrntttm, OUiiman
l. W .min, - wa wr w '"" "2;
aw. ntotrku. Bllu. CUtmit Krt But ffni
Harm or fuller. SruM ifeod, A'iarni.enf anal
J'uia (A nanuana jcimit, siameern i'n
SvpVltlc Hfmpiemt, acitnti r i.m
Nvmnrom. Belfhtt er Z.-m6nr
ilirriiae arieirafrvmaa (pyMaTinrwawM
Inu frtmn inwidramiM ef .Urrca
rr. Atci'ra r Itremu, Rincmrt r Impttidmtt in
X.IV Alt C'Arvnic CmutUvlinml Uilctttl,
In .Ma nranarallsn an atrtae If canctattatrd altlha
medlclaal oriiprrilra of HdrNpaillla, comblord with
the moat trreciuii aio. in ran aaiuiar;
h autai nntant aimoWa f tb raaBtabl
v tiroducilrm.
th Btn.t pnUM aimpWaeftba vtattabl klnfdom:anil
It naa lieen 10117 iaaicu,in (uu.iii. ni.,,.
aelrra, but aim by plijaltlane, that It baa rrralaad
llutlt unauatlRrd tecommendatlnne and Ibearnroba
It baa lieen an fully taited.nnt anly by palirnl Ihtro
Hon ol lb i.ubllr: and baa eatabllabed on Ita own mtr-
It a repuiaiton. lor vai.ua ana arricauv larwwiini
lo the taili'U compouiHla heating lha nam if barra
niriila tliaeai bate ben earid. each aa are not
liirnl.hed In lb rrcorda f lime part: and what It baa
already dnn for th thnurand who bare ttaad It, It la
trntiiio, with tluraa. It piitlflra. clean and
air Mielhen the fountain aprlnt of life, and Infueea
M vtctribraachoultb wiioleaamii train
The Minwlneiirlklnf and. a wtrlbe ecn. nerma
n 'l euraofan Invatemt caaej af Krofula, commend
llicirio allatnllatiy ktnicicd.
HooiHroav. Conn Jan I IPtS.
Meaara. Hnd-Qeiilloien Sympathy for th fille
ted Induct m to Inform you ol Ihe reuiaikablr rum
eiTdCted by your teratpatllla In the tea of my win.
Mis waaavrlr afSicKdwUh lhactufula l n differ-
ntpart of thabody; tho flanda nf Ihe neck were
greatly anlarged and bar llmba much awnum- After
uffenni over a year and ftodlnt no relief from lb
reined I e od, lb dlear attacked on let. and below
l In knee impnuraud, llt pbytlclin illJ that It
hould be laid open, which waa done, but without any
permanent benefit. In thl alluallon we heard nf, anil
were Indneed lo uan Sndl' Sar.Dtllla Th firel lil
lla produred a decided and favorable effect, relieving
h'imore than any praecrlptlnn tlM liadever takn,and
before ah had ued lk tmtile In the ainulhiiienl
ami ilell'lit of her frlrnda, ahe f und her health quite
rn.iureu. tl it now over a year iince tne cure waa ei
trcird and her health remain rood, ehnvtlna the die-
eae wai thnreuihly eradicated frcm the ayatem. Our
nelghtior are all ktiowlng lo three facta, and think
very niruiy oi ranne r-areapariiia.
Youra wilh rttpect, JULIUvriKK.
Etlract from a letter received from Mr X V. llarilt
a gentleman well known In Loot cnont y. Va.
"Ornllem-n-f have cured a nafro buy of mine wilh
your Saraiparilla, who wjt attacked with Krtfula,
and of a crnfuloua family. Your, truly.
Frederick Hall. Va. July 17,1818 N.W. HARRIS.
SaoalaArAILi.i It arnmtalmstt unnecea
ry to direct attention to an article to well known, and
ao deaerveilly pipuiara Ihia preiaration' but pallenla
often who wiah to u lha Mirart ol Narnparlfta ar
Induced in try worlhle compound Iwarlnt the mm
but containing little or none of the virtue of thla valu
able root; and we think w cannot ennfer a greatr
benefit on our reader than In dlrccllagtbair altrnllon
to the advert iaemetit of lha Mraata Simla Inanotlier
column. Th twill hat rrrtntly keen enlarged lo hold
a quart, and thoae who with a really good ankle will
find conrentraieil In Ihiaall Ihe medicinal value of the
root. The ex)ierinr of thniieanda ha ptovrd itaelfi
caxy lo curlnc the variou diaraae lur which ll I rec
ommended, and at lb prerenl Itm mora tlian any
other, rhi, I Ihi medicine uaeful, In nreiring
the ayrtein for a change ol aeaaon. Home Journal of
l ?ciu. IO. J
Prepared and old wholmale and retail hy A. D. A D.
SAXlis. Druetlat and rhtuilata. Km hull
on at., for-
narof William, New York S.1.1 alo by )ru(relt !
reueratly tlironetiout tbe (toiled Mate amlOnadae
I'tlre l per floltlr an bottle, t.r ti. I.UTIIF.R
llAXIKI.vi Aneiil. Itullan1. IHeowiy ehg e 3m
(irtatttl Diacovrry of Iht Age.
Did you evtr uta Mc
Alliter'i All Healing
Ointment I Certainly
you have for there are
few t any, who have
lot availed themerivc
if Ita curative iualitie.
t only need a trial to
-Ainviace Ihe (laraon u
ni It that Ii i really
and truly th heat arti
cle eitant. Enquire of
the ten of tbouaandt
who hav been In Ihe
conalant ue of It, and
thevwilladvia von nee.
er to be wnouwi tbia anverelgn remedy, while Ihey
will U aurprlMil that ymi are mnch bflilhtMbtttf
11 nui ip mti uwi it won. 11 la no now nug ;
i hat been before the public for yeart. and lla Incite-
1 lug ' bnwe tbe eattmalion in which It la hel l
JAME8 M'Al.lhTKK, HI Falmn al,, New Vnrk,
' and all th IlruggUt In the Uullrd btatea. S,ly
1 - . .
pjf rlllTliriM
. UB II a a Ifl,
flf fifi Ilhfrfr Xtreri ffrm- Yrirt
-.J"' LAD;.r,J h nfW I0ra,
, IV . "h u
km ouneee I hal he hie oneoed a
Wkllaliall.wnara ma ha tnanit al
all time an ettrnaive aamrtmenl of Choir WINES
ufihe lieat known vintage; LKjOOHK of the moat
orior quality: Imported Priaervee, Pickle, Fruit
Of all kludai Taaei Clear, of the heal and an.
j proved nrandt, Ac. All of which he will aupply lo hi
--'--'i'r,. . Clnlv as lavinaoee a .rreyran D ureain-
dinNwYork. He will acknowledge the public by
, the euprrlnr quality of lilt gtnda. cheap priree and
pnimm attention. Ilia aloe in Whitehall la n.n
dmr to the Phoenli Hotel, and o,.e door north of the
a u.i unic
Drdera rerrleed bv tAtler. fentn Meeeh.afa aaA Ita.
lei keeprra, will be tininrdlauly eapondej to.
Whitehall, October J, IM9 3-tf
Wholsiala Ototkina; WwrliouM.
lewis Than ford
Sot. 2.V2 2.r)t,'JfG Sc. 258 Pearl St.
ifrdrao Fulrov Si. and Hurling Sfip,
Are? llielar(;etmaiiurrliirers of
In the United Statt$
and are rew offrlng tlalr eitenelve aaaort ment for lb
r-pring ar,dl:ainuir Trade, tulied to all irtrkrl.
ttAIo an attentive aaaoiln.ect of W bite bbllte
Fjaune4 hblltt Itawcr,4c.
Hit CV-thlot, and U.vrred llat CataloyiMt of
sJtk aent br ine.iL
ini no de.iallun.
uider prva.pl Slld On price
(2 ly
Hardware and Crockery ;
I large aid Splridid ItUrtOtat.
UHTlttjaT. k7 v
Willi kH ALL, N. Y.
f r. ADAMK, eucceieor lo Win, II. Lit.
fir the ftvote received of hie Vefioor
'erumnt liltode.
would li.lgrui ihtui that lie ha iuet received a tine
aod tuof, variegated teaortov.nl uf
Ihtn hat t.er been orTired ia thl vicinity, and taate
laa .ul.li.. .. ,. .1,. . ....a .l ...
I . o... .4.'... ,... '
Mortlea Lg. latcheatnd Emoe.endaJlklada
I laaoee. boratv Pea. gUwalaf Pvwe (JaaJ. rtga bar,
jr. la, Ka.Klicra, and L'iaoa pmol.. bloae waie,
. at a, iau,a, aa aaeHip Wgtteey
iiriiauau weil ery tejtely.
all knult. m! even
npienealagasertlly. Nail and
mnf inn ike B-aag aim
tl Wkrteball, N.Y., Jan.IJ.Jbta Kim
W taallaal 1 i tA -I a t
lell liatkalad land Tb
and Sie It bridge Turardk.
aaeiw, watea ta Kltat tU-
rcr fuitber parllculart tddreta, ro.t void.
. . WLuaoN W. JtOASa
natrrarse ayrii otb, iud, iv.f
ease- i &SaW
ABBrat-j-. .'.K-1
awgae Sfmm lf )5lt nm ny tlrlaT raaVjaawta? '
aV l.iii Hmjj i gw evil wmva a kw nee. - iS.
eauii aoy h aewedg h (toy. w aevaire 5f t!
atragat, Pai aier it
ere , Mg uf tl nrt efn., w ,.
rciw-i" a r ( o;.ri l-wj. A t7Zil
MWdinMa)l.liHt-.vb meat... iZ.
Wnm raratl by amy atlae mrgreK. St m t-jl 22!!
em of tbe tatieled paeauM, a to Ur. tfiJJZjT
aaatleWaa. awl nvr.1 lo ta AlTvalLf avtva
M la-lt nurl.l-eKa.he n.ty, hit Wen inrvj.
'nr, -U U w awhl weaiW l lira aauWt 4!,
wrUuliwanyaailwye.erwen', ' ""o
h " afl lb eiMtaang mJ rif,). n,,,
gowtfl aavl actlr a rbfevpanl.iei wbiA r '
Tb Ral'aro ie i M K.lraet, briM -
l aMfawiaeat a ere fm'UfH il4 a,. j JTi
ritffg aa,r, ike ewe 0
ad all SuxaM uf a nuliaov try annwi(a 1 .
My pror ao fatal ilet aritnaiy lreun.t, bB u3
Breast, Throat, Imp, and Run.
Till lULltAM Hlati aaa cur. Ckim" 1 1
h elavwiiore Mrrmtltf. aa .rWf a- .'m, aw 1
in Kataacr ee an.) twl ul"i. titmut. xv , nk
mrrt alp, it aeaeaof (V aewl rtaM (mi ,.f ,,
all Mhr rcsiedte bar aaed ladoyivj "".Wa.
Thcvoaanda of Conaumptloat
tad rlvtaaaf CeaaA alairhlaally froe h aarf.a. .
orti Haaaiia,aai It undonMed curartte a r, M mZJ
beating peofenvaa, in li-o Mlwtn ronriaiM. M ' -
vlr.i hWMMMlaili,rt,nilk2
eaa goi AijAt-gvawa, A'evrene ryaWar,, r.iiai. ,7T,
rlaet, gaWerw AtfrOra. Jaaaralerl aial .V,. C-ii ,
Clulirm aJ datw, aod tu, raxata Wtiaatm,
a dying. Woman cured:
VMli ibl cure, lo prove die roiata re . tt,. .u.
Ilila BALSAM I uyd,rn alter ll-e m ! .,i,
rvieMa flfof VVeadl lo V lu ll.e, fdl aaitf ,w.vu !
ovinawaml, la thl c,e, ntii .wi, rant n tutuin
it-aialcioriirf ieerebaajAC riritnrpo,r,o,.ftfb'M.e
and tr Trarvtal rwW eaaaill fx.Jvi li tUa rim.'k.,.
ui', tail, wa ,v,w, iu mir rm
I (MsraNe tg .aivrvl- nivaicuni
aletyut Um Ibl n Jaiituary, Ulli. aritf aa fu!Uii "lUtiUt
la Hip rvarutar fracticM ofnvdlciMi Iti thia plafor fr jtyt
iut wu oliUffrd rn quit lt prartln f)f OTfroftT.Wi b rr.
?ui-nc tf III health. 1 waa ao mrrrly afftwttsl with a V
rttfiM of tt iMmf. tu to tout ttx try thai I mi mt i
acmrt to, tt tjao'tbt. cmt;lrnl itlipoal Iti tasn.nl f j
day, and bad $rtn palrtt tunj awrriraa lo my tit, J
trrttat. I trlnl tUt n-nirdlM rt-riMurtitili-d d il rttof- to.f
of tha pror-Mlcm. all lu no apfrrt. WKCWpttn Uia aaasH aM J
M!Uy cauaew Ut tlm. I waa pn-Judirttd arainat f.urm ita;,
clwa, and bar mn fettli ttow t limn frrvmi.y Ht I
tndtict-fU-m an ivtwHritiit, mir ilitn iLnnirh laith-to n
I do here athDowlrdatr, fur tlm U-ir8tof lim afll ftt-O.w wUa
II may aTTt, that tlt t-fficl of It iia o m wu ib
prfunpt arid alulary tf any imtHclrtra t am w(tneaewi ,u
vfltTi tif lu all inv pftwl.tm. Mvtouifh iru twifWwW tti,4.
itxt In atout elrltt tr Irn daa I wu frt fnno cuuri,iia
rf lim chrat, atl pain, 4xl rwiT unalder aLd pt
a wti L WAK"
Dr. PncH la tinw rr pttciidgla irvfrftf al llllUdtk
Mea.r. ;. K. MPPINCOTT k SOM, rr.r-tul.l. reaolaea,
at IhlUyrort. Sniltmm roaab, JraaeVwiaar. wtol lo u Hi
12. UII. ltlng. arnone oltwr r.nrriT. vililcli hal U.
rived frumtlie-uaeiir VriANT'll PLtLMONARY MtLUM
thai ia. of tbvtr cuttuinere bad Jot tnfomied u-a, lb.: iai
child, arhlrb had laaen enliWial l rtt Ao- aweral vaanr.u
cured I t lb ua uf HHAST'S HAI.SAM.
Would mob bt In a Grave.
Mr, WILLIAM D lENNINOS. a m-rrt aoi ti rr-i
Cealee, ,atlaeU tmeal,, (Ala. wroi lo ue, Ikielair !. lot
nd a'ared amn of Cii.imrriM whlrb the ne of bkAvr
ISltUS rVI.MOS AH Y HJI.SUM bad effected in Mi. Mlh
LIAM CROrKKT.efanadlonitnglowB. It MM Mi ro
rt bad eoutlit rallef fruM the lai phyilriant and twain,
ludktne.. Lur founit nawe. foe M ratal Land of ih .1 ufti
lug nionatvr, Coataeaaalat, bad rahen faat bold (.11 lilt vtllla. I
ii odetiroylaganddebUltellnrklt lKaly,raafcw.,e
ekelofou. H woe gerea en by bGi pbycatiae aed ait k M
aa one who would eoai .aJbtbif geoe. But e.en In ih .
attremliy.tireai-aiaiid marvtillou a !iityoeiii,ytti lanaa
ll.al ItMiiMufonlrjIretvrHeiorilllANTS ISIlUN l'1'l VO
WARY BALAAM IwauiwlaTerMlbebaralorilivileal'iiier,.!
rritored Mr.CruckM lo beaUb, and aa It now a eali,, lavr,
H. n. DAN V, Kq. eaextoaf ant rear-aelee ( Jif.-, m
adjoining town, vow. lo u iait Cm turn near, and eae.
Utat tar waa araualittrd vttili Mr, Caeiair.aud tfWtei,
ct ac, und IA atorr j.
Could not Live Day longer!
Mar. H, R. CALDlVr.LL A CO , of JCef Oneeg. r"-f
Co., K. I ., niaperiable drugriMt, wrote lo o i IV bae Mi
brant, rhruuglt Mr. IVbib-wan, a reegeeiaal eiueia of tk
flare, of an Important rur of Cneva, (,, whlelt Itaivri
vlHaa rtLMONtev Hti.na baa pvaaloeaal no tlai wifcef
an aceriainlanee of hie, who relde In Iborowa ref ralerm,, a
thlt county, bbo hod been kmg efaaflaad ia bar lead, &ait w
to daagereaely dlaraeeit, that bee friend believed It truri-ai-bl
finr bee to lie avoreaW I1NE DAY UINOf.ll. Itut.abr,
all oilier bnav uuerly falled.alei coraeiancaid taking Hh.lS T'
VVI.MIS.tltr MALUM, owl Ma adlc3rncacy k t.-J
tn-r from a uvittc. aio, to tbat eh la now Wr
traaketl H Aer attataaH, A.a.at UI tXe wi abaVaa. Miarktn'
eie,and It le very evidm.tbMabeU ItulebiX to FtgANri
BAIIAX for bar recovery from a long, aavere, ent d.are
tat trlineMi aial lavr frleodt aad Mlgbbon coutider tlitt aia
lelne Invaluable,'
Mrtfi. PBATT k rOHTFn. aarWUtifi f Wn fffswT
Com aaid UK AST'S HALM AM bad cur 1 1
feu-Jr.i caM uf Coni MMlow In tlmtr town, that an f
ullw r ruuitli-rnvdtritift could la aw'Ul tlTii thai il ki ptW
artff at if torn th (aar annia (hal fti) air Una and ii. ft
fiimtda aaid MVHT D1K tn frtjllrman, lu pattiulf, u
ao far ton, thai lit a idiyatclan tuld Mm It w aa U - -
BorawtWnA. )n tl-it, ktm ut Atom wni ML hrae lo
BRANT.H HAL.SAM-vivV HKLU-aai m ssiif
W wtu!
Many Constunptioxyi CarecL
Mr. H. II C LA It K, twtrvhaitt, 14. Hm "-'v V T.
wrme lu In form u ili4 It ft A NTH rULMONARV HAUAW
aobi radlly at Clydo, aitdaaidi MUtti tiR.aiit vt w
uurtooat rtfotalila fmap), and pwmmtl, kili ljtf
can 1 rolU-d on, Ita tntsjtca vlrtuea Imv rumt rvwt-f
lira rVransM, waral of whom I tuo lacqtialaiad with, ho
ao btMloaaly aWk aa to li comidcmJ, by iyictau .'ni a
lirti. pmm fx rHl.ii I ty itt autWf. aad. yN. tU ftv't vf,
KAHTV BALAAM baa rtraiorad UH-ui u Hunt mm
Mr. Z. S. TF.RRY. eteeeAaaf, rfgeeai, r;ea- mal, .V )',
drra here. Il baa cured a man in ruaau ' that aM ue 17
ak-lana loid aU ia die. Whwaliacetoaiawerit ukle, !
Me.lieloe, lea could not rale bit liaoo! lokla Ua-li laiWafal
IA bote, and every ayatptovjl aea-ae to hallcale lliat be w
die ; but, aatoaiaklaa: le all, be I iiw abha lo labor, and t at, at
over tbe ajuunty. Ha uaed ajgf e UUtM. Il bat tv raeet
a young lady of ('eaaewMan. la Orkaoa euiaty, l-l
aioav ear aa aaaaar aaaya twrm.
Mr, Mf LLCS. Bwrdtaat of th
Uta IruiA at the abovw auuevroL
pteoe, ba ivri.fl t
Mr.COKNRLrL'S H. SMITH, mwebant, rUiae Taaier rm
e.v, N. V, January C, laeu, aald t " Your BRANr IK''
AN pl.'LMCl.aJAKT SAlaSAAl and HUANrS ri.'Rirl'n
KXTRACT ar reeaety all oJ4,aad I want taalai llaiely aoil
aapply. (or ttary aril toon, rag Idly, aOd etr gaUee lala.-ae.
Ikaa all tk ruber eoedletnea we have (Or aaaa. Tlie tijmmtn
gaiatw baa roleod a ldy tier frc3 a bM of dRf erov. i
eevere elckneaj. which all lb dortort bad glveu eg t lart'.i
atc. Tbrytald ketn.ir lot aitM OnnetnVH'1 aa"
Afhir all had prorHRiwl tlwi eaa ntrrt.cti, La r.E,eieaa
taAtag IllUSr'H HAI.ItAM-tii now iA u ire!.'"'
cnilll.Mt: D VHENTP.K V,
andSi'MMra Cowrt-atart, In rAggee urgeeva oereaii, rarel
aocAenCaagydWar eAeteree, Alto-
No mother need ever roouri, tb 4erk f bar rtld VT i
ctilM-dnatrt-ytng complete when laetang lu wana wCaRent;
Ctnlerd iMfamlvm, tt what ta ctlla-l JtMM,a COMrl-lleT-u
"UHAHTH r-UL.MO.NAKV BAIAtAM" lea autmriiient '
tb child It cbould, hoviever, ta eweA .. te baet ta rea
a. Utf eialaea a tbe dtrecrioo na ck bvcU gtrecib, tea
lb comj4lut 1 deecked.
XW Alt iMfn aad Oer ael te aaUenied la-
IM Mewadvear. Ngw Tr
I vripucr and in Un tnuchenUrtrd
Mia. .t PAUTIOX- Ova-
. --- J V t.rl.lliofD.11., .
r WIMkLW Kitractrer. In ibe til
V aax - arart-r ge.ai the rn.r-
aigHHPlMBSa-W ketvvld I bent a J'-
B21ilB---VaaBaala7 would (ell", lr tb
eaa'BRVVBBnVPA are dt,griur 1
VaattaMMBaBBaMaBBaaaaBa Ibeir appllcttbin,
lluy Dailey r-iiiocwr, only la Ihe new die '
lrg teitte you gain Uretly t tb quaj.tlly olO.l
meat near lit old tlitnd ablamur lanpoittn )'l
roil avoid lb danger t4 being Impoved by
OaiMerairtatad are reruls f gcltlag the gtautr-e it
' The (Vr ulna r).tly"alv,t.laaijta will t.et'fr
' lian mlalllt,! rttnedy far ibe wwtt of Here KtV.
Pile.. ltr.euraaU.tr More and Infaiinedeyee. Erjiqie'
rwit Kbeora.Cula.Wounil, Belaae, aad ll etiitt
ig.H I j Aak aa aa.a, t et.a at a. - - -
Wind tta, r w draaee and ltrg birga, and I It t J
a rNey. tied UttloK. Burr,! toy only Kt'idrg
egeete I te Kaatara aStatag.
M.B Kvtry VxoJ a gaol wlUU peavlaed wilt I
certlncate, tlgnM by my lawNI nr y. and by i
trtvetwg agent. Heat gtwa tu pel ltd Ctrcalii
lhygllby conioia rawrb ItRaorUal and vetiU l
ftiraaaakea. H. ALLt, J, BroeWwey, N. Yorl.
aiaUira awmax. AZ.Taiinc
The greetawl, ckeaBcetad aavet certalo naaad; "
dtrrd,fer the cat af flniiaitif Iwaiaa aod caule.
bkWMir, eorae, aflkag,riaa,qtlllilaae, gaJ.a
nc, aod gt iKiMaagi, bard -l geat,ia laiag ".""'
wMk ragadtt, ud carbtdtn aaaf aaaa of POLL r
V1L kt a fC eauetwltb wavi W taavlle "
OU greet goal truly frodiifl rwdy.
Ml aarair, at aaeae w ttaiw.
aasa aaat aai ar.U aaiw aaVaawaeda ba wrllaaVitt It
Agvaate-PIUadatd.N aae-ooaW. rvV,V
L liaaU. Caaaaa-tA Uet-aob D Mg, tUt-l,
C 0 NIcMt, CtMM Al.ee dnitr .
A WKg, Pee 11

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