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The Rutland herald. (Rutland, Vt.) 1850-1852, November 07, 1850, Image 3

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p Vntn Mitt Em-wost xt'
kj.ij. .it. n ArrM
W. W. WJltr . KUjah Utbu.d j, inctodW North K.r,
fc ,Akt llopLj.. e,e ;,to,,ctttm. from fi,?h have tut
f.Ji tr the groood, MriMnK Ian,; atone j ,
Xk Uf.,rted iKe pr!.. A .park
wai cfodf frl. which !fniil lite flr
,o(Jf mttd doU Uwt ll rtM, rnl Jmbm Jili.irt. late Catiolic irict l 'V " Wt"
rat9moari4 to lur) qawitliy ofiC-Utillfl miicuA tut Mrjary, wmjf ,','"'"M'
ri,. r'"''' " MMlng. Tl.l. . jlrfuied at ComwvmV U in MMitwjimw Vi V.
trWl nn rrpnn nrnr3 iot nr-vcrai
, Ulowtnp the building to atorci
fiic tnajrafinc. a f? rtiJi from ibe
r ), o-mtalnirig 2'.'5 caV of rxuntlrr,
r i rtplirrlf). llm concnuioti bring felt
i H'h. lity mil' di.Unt. All tlw
lii. iitit fr a qu-rUr of a mile round
f c mori or If iujurtvl, mine lini;
tti ly Jpilrtijid. Of llic mill and
k-nni, with ihe cptmn of a frn
jit t of (imU'r, iWrn i ii'-i vrii-
P ti fminl Urpcr than a nin' liaixl.
s; 'M weighing tno tnn wen- UiroMrii
ij a it I tinner, of fil'ly lloltkilit
nii lAvclanil wrrc hutanlly killnl j
W alkt-r Itvril lonp ttitiiijjli login: :iu
i rAtml of th a'Mcnlr n mxn ufur
if J.
I.aiioi: T.r.ATi MlNf.5 A lnrg lead
i.ine liaa jut btn struck a abort di-j
. .i.t. i... i .ti
. . , .. . . ,,,
jiliia. IiifIi it aulil In Iir onn nl llir
tgel. if not thf l.trjreit ecr di'cnvrr.
' - - - -----
1 1 hi thi iciniiv.
lie oucmii'' thai,
i.ji If'tn worked extriids into n largn
a i ulucli iho fortunate tinder i-ti-n
i- to ciiilain n let than cni mil-
iiii.il- of ibe pun- galena. At
.! price lln uoiild he worth
1'''.'HI(l. Mr. Lev iii lmi been ninoiig
li. biiki-t miner who hae ever tri l
I'm- diggiliK. Hn preieill discovery 1
t inM at a very opportune moment, to
iric tin driMping hope of our min
f ljpulution gi-neially. Dubuuu
Trib'Ji.e. j
Tim: IiAtkst Comi'limknt. At
the W entborouj;h Cattle Sliow, as
iili.litcil .1 Iloijtc'in cow calleil 'Jen-
rv l.inil," witli a hull calfbv her side
bninrl "Uart:m:,, " I
. I
ta'Snuw fell in th'w region on tlic
,f in ,if lh Mth ti. il.o ibti.th of
.,v ... w. w ...v. ..v,.. ,
five inches. It i recovering itself t
1 .ncer, ami has nearly all iliiajij-ear-el
t.'iw. Wc cxect inoie of the
ratnf sort about these days, for snow,
hU-man, falls often. I St. Albans
1'nr.rtY iau Go.vi:. During a
heavy fall of rain, a fellow who had
taken a drop too much, huppeneil
t iie..oid.t himself tinder a water spout.
He thus, ling "alone in bin glory,"
i xelatmed, not a drop more, gentle
men ; not a iltop more.
The i-oiiulation of YashillKlon city
i '10,07 'J ; of that number, 9,99U
arc white rerson1-, 7,lt4 free colored
person., and 2,1 10 slaves. The pop
ulation of Georgetown, 1). C, is 7,l,-T7
and Alexandria 8,700.
T'joWtiii r. The Milwaukie Coup
itr I1U u that FrederiLa Itrciiiir, the
other day, wn invited lo il near thu
tire where forne other ladie were feat
id, replied, "Xn, you; you Ametican
ladio. nrc erv hiindsonii', hut yon ato
ti-o white. You sit down bv a fire of
to. white. You sit down by a rue ot
tour ownmaVing.and nrglert the great
fin whirh Coil hai t.lnee.l in the h.-av-
iif, whirh would gie you health ami
heller color."
l.NQfi sr. C-roncr l'ratt was call
id uhtcrday, to hold an iinjii'.vsi cn
the" hotly of a woman named Voting,
futi nd il.' ad in her bed at the liotiso
ff Patrick Water., J Porter street,
Last Coston. T he jury leturned a
kcr.lict that the came to her death
vhile in a tit occasioned by excessive
ir.tctiijicrancc. The husband of the
drceaaed committed Miicitlc about i.x
vecla since, by drowning, in Kaat
Cambridge. Advertiser.
Xcvr Anr.AN'orMEM.
-The Mail
to Rutland
Ptago from WootUlock
ill run cerv day (.Sunday? except-
i) from and after the first day ofj
Xwt ember, leaving this Village at ft
c'elvtk A. M., and arriving at Hut-j
land to take the ftr?t train of cars for .
Troyreturning after the arrival of,
tic car? from Trov, and arriving it
tnia Village at 8 'o'clock, P. M.
Woodstock Mercury.
Oorena r J
-a .1
aTinouni'i.' the
Democrats and
r.tvr Consrcjs.
of fifteen ,
to the
Col. llutJS, it is stated, is prepar
ing a history of the campaigns of Gen
Taylor, all of which he witnessed.
!pe it i true.
Hurler Wilby, the oldest
of Xottington, X. H.,
105 year old Ho m one
is now
of the
licked guard at Hunker Hill, and
Li still a
uvid recollection of tho
!. -
C.Nrii.KluTK PahI'V. A gentle
. i i. ....i
&tn travelling on norseoacK, noi 1011;,
?o. came uron an Irifhtnan -how us
"P0" . 1"M1""
'twtng in a inoit barren and de.olate
rvee oi ianu.
"Whit are you fenctus in tha lot
fcr, Pat J" faid he ; "a herd of cc
wM KUtve lo deih on that land.
"And hure, vour honor, wa'nt I
'1tl? it to kffti the lavir baStCf Out
' "
nston, ot l .v, omciaiiyip, ,tl.. .,.wcwiiou.
in - i. ccfniiw ii the I . H
ll..... ...... -J in . . . i ....
' , ' g .i . '
of &.
nrn. lie l.a Irt-cn mprfaetlrd by the
Intlmp, atnl left llir; comilry.
Dftw'r WASTr-Vaio nMhinj! A
crwt.lMif bir-ad may kcp li a naun-'
Ing lilnl. A larps and utful tolume
liaa all tn ritlci. uiil, one quill from '
llic s wiiii; of a sooict ami an inch or
loof paper Unarmed for a despatch
If) tare mi army from falling inlo iliu
po-rr of an enemy. W.ja nothing.
"(miliar i the freemen!, ihal rcniniu. 1
thai tlOlllifll l Iut." 1
Gl'n. Scot!. In hi enrlil. I.na fmr-r-,! I
n...o.ri of .1,. .,.,ki oi f,
fnim thtf three soldier .it l-iirt Conti-.
tilllOM, wlui utTii M.nlcnccil liv a pe tl V .
tuu 1 1 martini io wear mem a yeur.
flJostoti I'oM.
.. -1 . I . .
A lirnve man i nlwn hiimane. and
rejrard wilh contetiipl tint iietiy tvrAn-
in - .i .in iit..i..i. i ai...
At n meelin in Iforpin. afti-r a vio.
lni ili.litir C.A I.I ,,i , (T.. ,.,.1 .1... r.l 1
ent iHIm.c, IjJ. Ahhot ofiered the rob
lowing resolution, wlnrli were carried
by ii-elamntion. lt. Remixed. That
, i i i.
tlllt meeting I d d mnd. 2d. He-
solved,That thismeeting do now adjoun.
Sri'l'0rt Mcnt)i:i:. Tlir body of
T.l. I, ....... I... .1... ..e l l. .
Ml, f 1.111111,11 UJ HIV IIIIIIIU (II Ilttlltllj I
a found in the cniial nenf th iirst
lock in the eattcrn part of the city, yo
lrilay morning, terribly mangled. It
i supposed that ho wn murdered. All
nppearnnce. u well in tlw fact elieit-i
eil, COfiliniU'il Uio ,tlio5iUyn.--ra.
rugs Sieir. I
' '
TliA fsnridii. f a I .1 v martin apaii
I.., .llt!J tliaVil VillllU llbllPI .1 "
ricd couple iu Crccnr-emintv, Ohio, the 1
, i , o i .i . .
hunhana 18 and the wife IG year old.
They have been married four year, and
ln.il I tan ..,il,lr...i .I f lln.n. I,..i
- "-o
oer three year old !
The Maryland Convent ion in faor
of a reform of tha fitnlo Cotmlilution,
I met at Annapolii )esterduy morning.
The atlettdatice wa quite large and the '
proeeiiling', thus lar.are ol n liurmom
ous ehariicter.
Shot iiy a i'ci.itivk Si-avi:. On
the '-2d nit. a runway negto, having
tolcn a horse in Brown county .Ohio,
was pursued bv Mr. Cochran, the
' , ,- . . .i i-
owner oi the horse, joined by Ins
neighbor, Mr. Win. Gilbert. On the
party coming ui the nero fired, in
iliettn a ilangeroitj wound in tno
brcait of.lr Gilbert, and then escap
ed. The Governor General of Canada
has directed the orcatiination of an
r , 1 ii'n V. . 1
Independent Utile Company, to bo
formed of the colored men of the
County of Hadlitnaud.
THE l'l'lilTIVK
LoCofoCOiJ of
jtlSt re-elected
Who hi:sTAisri
?i.avi: LawV The
Pennsylvania have
' - "'-v -
I'Ol It members t
voteu for the 1-ugtti
Congress who
itivc Slave Law.
rr- I- i. ?.i ...
j lit; r.Mii.isn wnnetJi.Ti wnn tne
Lake .Superior Indiana liiu been settled,
the Cnnndiati govcrnnienl paying them
310,000 iu eash.an.l S-1,000 per 'annum
for ever in consideration whereof the
Indians withdraw ftotn the disputed ter
ritory, ami the. mining companies arc
fiee lo resume their operation.''.
Highly Important from Texai. The
Houmitiry Hill AccrptcJ. A dipnlch
from Xew Orleans, dated Oel. 'JO, ay:
"The vote in Texas on the boumla
ty que'tion givr a heavy majority in
faior of accepting the propo.iiion."
By tlir I.mlira A.mioi.sIioh. fur uirnlitl nil.
pioveiiirnt, at l.tiiUow, ft. Wi'.liu'wliiy eve.
lung, Nov. I a, -.'n.
ibd a of i nistirs
Tlir frgulnr frrri' of tlio S.wirlJ',
Mt Itradinz "I" thr putirr,
V.I Drrlaiuntioiu,
.Tl I ) im-1 1 m on.
iiv Tin:
Witiiian', Kiijbn, or a S.iliro iin t'lua
Mtt.o.l L.
Tin' llrhrrw al.il t'lui.liaii Maoli u
' mtuoir i .
I Thr mr rllii.r,. or a ei.tuttetltloii tor I'll'
. . ......,., .,..,. l.-dii,
. - -
Tin- Indiim fiirl's I.nirit,
By Kin- of tin- StiMiei'a m ajijii.iirwtt.'
c iliuur. I
prrp at llir lo.)ira ot tlir day , ('oc.i-tiiig
of .it acme C'liAiuctt'i. Ii til'." I.adir. i.l
ibr A.wiOiKtion. I
'I'bc rirrrit-'. will lu iiit.'i.pt'f.rd with
Mil. if and S-ingt, hy uiei.ilwi. of tile -.'
r.MK.il Tbc iiIjJ.tI of tin. .Winy, U-li.R
t.. puicliau n. l.ibviti) ,lb.' juildic mr n-rrt-lulii
r. fjnctrj l jmt.oiiixr ih.'ir Kill. I ..'
a.iiiit d I Jl tlinr kmdiir,. w ill br g"At' la ty
K.vn'iM. 1.1 coinmrnre at lull J.ait
at tin- '1 ' Mall
Adwittanrr 1 l-'J rriits.
j Hkilt t' 'HK"irt l llir ililTrrriil
.ton uli. I al llir d""f.
, j
III Cliltlt-inJetl, OctoleryiO,by Caen
i -.1 v.... M . Willif.ni I'ihU anil
tSSrTlc rx,utin of IU.Jc
..!. - 7 us ...r.ob ot c.n w u b.u m il.
jIix alary holler, both or U.Menarii. oftM fc u ur , ,eW i(, ,j
I ChittenJon. OctoUr 30th, br Ctt-'KalUi-d. on lb. fcr.t Monday, U.ng lie
i , . Th-iver of "' lti.r.A. u. uvj, lit mat ...
I'"" lna"l..Kli A,n'V. UJ"ri .'' U gl.ra, by ,.bu.bl..g a c fed
1 t.t II... ami Knutltne' .1. . .. :r n..uj.. .k.,..ii
, , (!lUfunjcn
' ' -
At San FranciMX), C.-.1-, on the 27tb
.i .Inlv lat.. Jn.enli W. Cnnatnan. for-
nierly -f Clarendon, Vt, .! ?0 year., j
Xnv Line of Mnll StaRc
A 4 1lt inM I.IiVijIk uUi '
ki w,l. in linr ofiUn.lian Hull...,.
tw (rlbrl. MMtd.irrV. Wi..ir lt,. .H
W lld.or, ti follow a
Uitr ItuUtnd tiMj dtj cn ibr ariit.lM
t'lr tart Iffio llorli.i'l..n iM " tot. and tint
UrrffMin llrnuii.fli.n. t X I Suelrn.' M 1
tut ruh u( tW iUr bmtd pUrrt, oi tit
' irwrj ai u tV- A hi , o4
KutllfMt in luM Im Imi Hfn
in Ukr Ik-rafifaf M'liivhtll, Ttey nl llor
lyrirr I1m!..1 nn lh irual r,f tl.c nr.
friini ltvliu arid alfur ixllullanj ll follow. (
"( oinirij iu lima fut ituff t l"ki
Ilia f.l.l nam of caia fur W,nr,, nd 1
nml.ad, iVV P ij
nr orTp.(lMoS ni(m
liututi tf Kml.nj, (If Uf-J
'ni n-r 1'iai.ai. ;krii r il.
'l'TVX V
lr. A li. IsVj
.... '''" "' "an a.r Jl.illon Ju-lff
Wlirtrai a i cllain inatf iiiuiul
oi'u inroni ajroi Ajifil, A l l-.i"), pur
!"'" A" ' "' ' "J tr.I n.r-,,t f
J Wii prramud ikIh-uhI 1'n.t.air lmi
"J ,," t riirin, Kip Kircuinr tliie
m.ne A, in mArt that tlir aaitl Inatriiiiiriit mnv
If duly proril and allnwrit tj anl Courl a'
aain laai Mtii anu If-iaintll
I lirtefo'f, II li or tr I l-j- laid t'mirt, that
iKat tlic pn.l.ila nnd alnnnnr ir l 1 iiniii
mriii at aalj lait will aoH IraNmrnt krtnd llu r
hfrei.y ar- rirf.l lo HatrK !' iifiii
j I'f l.at Conn U It J,th t ti e OHii i,l iIit
i Hnritlr"j r-i-l Coiut In mid lluil.ii. l. uu il r
f"ti M .h U, inins II. dajt ul l)rco.ilir, A
" ,tt' ",,t "ti thcriol Ucnn .
,,ttb!,.i,ii,K .t cfit.f.. ,1 of iu ir.-.,r.l .r n.i.
tlir tdn-e ifl-.ih-..-hiiIt ttiouiliniio
1,1 ,,,'tll.,!'".J 1 ' rcf 1 time J
l tilJ.'jjt'aiiJ. an.tc rcu'.ite.l In llic n.ltlili'.--
Inn I uf l,o- inlrrritol, In nrdtr tlml all 'tr-
"" lnirri-iiid tLrrtm nu t- tl.tn Hint ap-
ptar IxT.irt' ibid Omirt and cuntnl ll.i piotMlc
nll'iwjiirc nf laid inat ruin r lit b tilil Ijit
"ill "d lrtainht, If Oiej tf caiim,
Alrtifiuiiy i,l rcror 1.
4,t IIN1,'
1" ."
1 1 A I . I , , I'.rpi'lcr.
TAri. or i'iihom, ; 111; ti rriiirinUrid
HiHrii t oi lliitund, . s J il.nl il tlnud
lon of tli? rrol.ttCuurt .1 llic aid dlrlrirl
of Iti. Ilun. I. lu l l at Kiill.nid in nij litlrii I . on
il Cfjt Moi.ly,Uli.B H ( m
day of .No.., ,
lrcnt. on. lUrvrr Button, Ju.J
Where a certain Itiitruuif ni in writinr
i!ll lli VJih Any of tlir lUth umhiIIi. w)lt
ptif porting to U' tlie lat will ni.ti tf'lainciit of1,.
i!l.,wU V....tk, 1.1. .r ll,.l... t.. ....I H...:.. '
l,"IH ll7 H 'all'J III Ft.l llll!ll.l,
'll'";J. ' ',! I"" ','' '
I 'iu".itv" H i hi n.iuii iti'oir lilt ll.iiiclvl!"
M.i.,b,ib t.r.id Vn.lj, tl.c encuwr. tdtrrin
I itnd, in order ilui .aid iiitiunint nmj i,r
i !lu,l C.r.'"fc'1 ' J "lIoMcd by fi.ld court tald
l.t will and lintmiinii; Tbrrflorr
It i mdcird br laid l.'oiirt lliat tti bl in-
tlruraenl be and tlm ainu i brrcl rrfcrrid
lur prob.ilc and allowangc 3' aforcaid lo a la
ird ci"ii of taid court, to bo lirl.l ol tbr offiri
of the rr ..Ur of.ld courl iu .aid ItutUud. .
on tlir flrnl Mond-iy brinr d djy t
A. 1)., Ih.,nni tii.it notice llnrml
ill-It bv
jmbliiliing acfriifiidcopi ..f tbr rro.r.l ofilii".
order tbrt'! wrckt Hirer. mi'lv pri'tiutii tlirrr
io in mc ii'iiiAu i rjrrai. . a m-K'i antr nrint .-.i
at ,ai.I llutUnd, that all l rrtoi.. inUnvtrd
may then and tbtrr appcur bfforr aal!
and contcrl tbr prubalc and allowAiicr nlore-
a,a 11 iinrv ncc canr , inn. cop, ol rtcont, 1
43 IIKNItV IIAI.I,, Ittri-tur 1
stati; or vkioiont, n irrcmcmbcrrd
--trlet r u..tun.i, .. , u.ai .i . . tti
.Clou ol tbr prob.lr roiirt holdra at Hutl.mo
mand for ..id Di.tnrt oi iiuiinmi, n tbr nr.t
il t"' "" - ' Ur, a.
l'rr.rnt, linn Hnirj Il-.llon. Judgr
nrrra., vnarpii i iiiiiii'iiau), liiiarMiin ol
Jainra T. (iorlmn, nnd .Mnry K (iorliim tin-
minor liir nf Jainca tinrbaiii, Into nf IMU
lord, in .aid Oniric), drcranril, intosUIr, Im,
111 in day prraciitrd Iu llic .aid I'riibnir romt
a prtition in w iiting llirrrin arltin forth that
In. .aid nnril. an ai'izi-d by inlu-iilauci' of
crrUin iral eatat', that it would Ik) n.n.l. I
ci.' to llic inlon-.l nf .Aid u arila to irll rcr-
1 : , , ------'-- -
lain portion nf .aid real mlate, tn wit, llic
iiu.iir-Miucu in mr iii.i'iuory 111 inr r.iAut
nl aid drcrai d n tlir 1'nii' lot nf tlirrr a-
cri .,and llir Vrual llnil.c and l.nl, of aboul
1 J rods, bolh locatrd in aaid rill.lord,
aud tn put tlir ataila .aid aalr at inlrr-.t
and tlirrt'liirr .aid "lurdian, rrqumlrd aaul
e""rt to grant linn lircii.r lo t-rjj tin- .aid
Tllcrcr'orc u j, nrdrrc.l by .aid court that tbr
' hearing aud ileci.loii ol raid petition , bo nnd
tbry licrtby arv rrferrrd to n rlntr.l ic.ion of
,aiu prooa 10 court 10 lie item at mr umer 01 tlir
iir.'incr 01 ,;u,i court. In nnl.l Ifiillnnil, on
the fir't .1oiiiIav. beiui; tbr 2d div
f Die 1
ir ... 11 ni-.fl .i ,1...
be gum by pubiubiug u ecrtiU.-.l copy of'
Hie recurd 01 thit order thrco wrem .ue-
rti'i.eb in tbr Holland Urrald a i.cw.pnptr
printed at UotUiol ri iou lo tb: tunr .ip
ponitid lor ,uid beiiring, in i-rdt-r tbat all 1 i-r
,on intcrctlrd tbtrriu may iben and I. r r -appear
before .aid court, and (bject to tl-.c
granting ol aaiil lleenn, if they ice. eaute.
A true copy of ricord. " J
4'J 1IK.NK UA1.I.. Kr'gi.ter.
M'ATU JI-" VKIl.MO.N'T, I He it remembered
Unmet of ItutUii.I, ( llial.t a rl'ted
union of tbe probate court ol the .aid .luttkl
i-f llutland, liotdrn at HutUr.d, in and lor oiol
.iulrict. on I lid fir ( Muiolay, bcii. Ibe 1 1 la
' diy or iVnrrinbcr, A. I). IH.W,
1 lkre,enl, Hon. llrtrt nutt'-n, Ju ilgi ,
Wlirrea. a rtiti.in liaa tlii. djy bi u lire
crtrd to .aid 1'robatr Com I by a, la. II liii.I
and otlirra iiitrrr.lril it. tho r.titi' of
William I'.) lat. nf llutland, i.l s'nd d'.tricl
drcra,r'l, iiih'.tatr, rriurattrig a divi.ion cr
th" rr.idue of liic ical und peri'mnl c.tatr
' of. aid ilrccau-d, afirr Ihr ptyuieut of llir
, deb'jt and rvpciiw.'a aiiiong Ibtf lirir. ot .aid
, drcraard.
JaTbcreforr, It i. ordered bj .aid rnurt that
'Hi, btLrtii,; an. I decmoa ol .aid ptliiioo
J be ai.dt'.r) brrtby are re'srred to a .lated
, .ton of t.ld court lo be held at tbc rfice l tha
llrgnler oltaid court in yulland, hi (aid di"
tricl, uli tbr oral Mui.Jj;, bring Ibe '-1 day of
Hocroiorr, O IftVj, aud that notice ih.-rrf
be firen l.v puon.l. ..g a ct-dHad cc , f o' tbe
record nf t!. t urJcr tbria ttr.ki orcv.frly
pretiout th.reiu In ti.e Kultanl llfrilj, a
iien.pap.r printed at ..11 Kutiaiid il. older
tfatnli pi r."' intcreHel tbereiti may then
and tberj apt e.r bl i id eourl jud Lbj.l
lo laid d.tuiuii II iby ,ei ' -ii'd.
A trur cupy of rteoid.
. HK.NJfV IIA1.L, (legi.lrr
t-T.m: or kkmo.nt,
l.ttritt or Ajtla; .. oere that nl
a fprcial ....ion of Ibe 1'robatr t.rl ot the
uiu lintri.i ut llutland I. i 1 at lUIIi,dlii and
tor lb i.i . tli.lrict. on tb.SOll; day vl Oil,
A. I. IrtW.
Wlirtr.. II n fin Ricliirdwri, adniuii.tr. tor
of tlir r.'atr of liutui Kichaniwii lair of .Urn
don, in .Aid dittfict, drcraae.1, inlr.latr, ba.
day ptrarlilrd lo ll.a ..id probate court ti (
, tttion in willing tbrrrin nrtiinj tofth criiaiu
facta tending to !iou' that br cannot coin
ptelr tbr urlllrinriil of .Aid c.tatr w'lUiin llr
tunc alrrady alowrd tnni by Mid court for
tint iiirpor, 1 fiat tlir tunr an allowed will
ieip.ie llic I lib day nf Ui-rembrr A. D. I"'0,
and tbrrcforr rrqur.linj ..id rourl to grant
bun licritM- torttrnd Ibr time aforrt.id and
and alio bun un'.il thr Dili day of Decern-
Urr A. J) 1:0 to di,uM' of the Mid r.laU.'
and par Ibr debt, of ..id dremw-d
Tberifore il It rrdrred l.y laidl'robilc foatl
ibat the l.ratir; atd drennon of .lid prtilioo
b. and it. - .am. are teno, irl.ireu lo a fin.
i.eiTtij preiai ii.enu intt. asiUnd
llir. J, aeatpaper nana at .il mi t.
,1, ordir tbal all p.rat-ni ir.urnlr.t tbtffin
' R-at Ikraaait Iter apj-aar Wvi ttU I ami
', " ert i be S'ft-f '"'"'
. trat t n el rff'J.
tit ifll'u Vtz .1
ErilllS ea.trf,,. .Nl I lii.l .! !
ri'n in. ".a l'rtirt. A 1 "tit rr. and John t.
fillet thru tmlr duf.f-r thr. trvn'iidi
of llwif mmnfily, .nd u.it rlxm won !
"" earning. '" ? i'J lUul tlritr;oii
"xt't'S IU llii. rlatr
I'll i NK I.IN M'l.M'lt
WillinilutJ, NowinWi SJ, l"v'.u
B'T'TIIK nWiibcf h juat tfiTti a
Hdtntij of CUlk Ca Maird. an artrtia
l-d f,.f rnlin.rr trm Alat CoaWrrm.
Hoiarea, togpltirr Vith rt1 aafliiTt nf
Nnta, Ar l.Vl) k I UK' A W)lf.
llutland, Nor IV0 ' 4i
ooos Aim TAmiMMtTCmtU
ron .ir t. i. r in.t.1.
eltoH Ciootli.
lir.r.TI.iS,Miiit.ii, riiiiii-l., Unllini-.
1 h ",i;i', Watting, Wadding, V'ulinf, foi
i- ii i) r aim. i,.
KID Slipt, fntaiiit, Walking Sln-. GjiI
rn. 'olta Wk, Jrnnv l.md T", Ituii'i f
SIm-, ;nkiiif ti.il Itonlpfa, of tli- U at
tlra and quilitj, f.ir aalr lijr I) I1 JIKt.l.
illnraHi- aittlalmn cm filler I'lrrk, wrl
aidr.br tlir tubMiila r, aril m atnrd, undrr
(x,d ciitliralion. and m long pjr eay olfirrd,
plrttr call and i-ltminr llir piriiiMra
niil.ii' risni.it
Ctirriidnn, uv I, l-.V)
i as ta i. sn; f;i:(nfy
I) EM'tX'TITM.V aiinoiincttte llir rilinr.i
of KuiInikI nod ti ii Ilj llai lirnlll.i
til. IhMimn at Ibf I'i ankliii Hult I, on Mutdai
iSot 5ili. and rrituln a Ivni: ni bu ncM niitil
retpurt. wlin lir wid b loiiipj to iimu calli
front aiiv tUtnojr Inn protrional mm tea
Ail n ri ilunn it!.. I mad In n mrr.lH 'kill
fa.. II, ..r 'nj;li lutri rr, .tt.d viirt Anted. '11
For a Ticket to Jenny Linri'a
Concert. Gcnln, Dodge, and
ihc Expressman in tbc shade.
f1 M'TIO.V, mr r-ci- I not xy I I .an c nt
kar lli Nijrlilt' lie out I do lay thai I hair
nr.l.r.i it unv ' .iiMii,ni 01
(ti I will .rll low lor ca-b. t Tht tit iJiitr
ni iind WArl Ki ;r.ir 6r.n in miml lnt
miy ltok tlity m.iv iru'i r ''.rn rifii' ' r tutm
null till tht in at Itwt- n or Nir Vol! ; r ." in
w .nr. it iiTiy lnioittiUt Itoute. In- tnkh
ll.i4 ronrtf pi-rtont wj I im It- frfijrbt) 'l'br
"111 "rribrr will t.n rfi.ltrs.obirrl.ioi. in a'l
llic popular ii.i.rr. .Maj;.iiinr- & I'ampli
III. in II. r I. mini ?Ulr.
. . A. I.iic.in l ai-' nctu lor I'r I itch
Al .li.iniii.ibupr.orl.rn.Slioiildnr Urap,Hrr.iib
lii? Tub r, .ni.l Mcdn-ini't. nod I r.p. ofinili.nl-
U .mlbiiii.l Or. WlU-oi't S irni.nll. t
u '"f ". 1 r. ' , ... ., i-. .I.: . V. ' -.-.'ir..
i.,,,,,,. Tnv and Purr ConlrctionnrT All or i
ilrrp lur Hook., M-innfinrt, rorii.flira! fl'
proinpllj atlrndr.l to. I'urr Kitr.ict Toil.!.
Colocnr, on draft, at hlrtt prr 'uarl
. .. m ... . i. o t. .1... .1
.. ' , J '. '. ...... 1 . ..J- J: ...J
.. ',,,... . .
,lsn w . ,,-i.rr... in iiiiamnrui-i
U At IlieiignoC lb. lliok,l.iidl..
To be Siihi.
IIOr.SK and lot, rrry pltat.n.lly 'itiuitrd
on, miir north of Rutland ('ourt Ilomr
on tbr road lo I'ltulnrit. Tlicrr ! orie nrr-- ol
iod l-in-l, a erv -iinrrnirnt divrllii,-; lomir,
I ?"V- ,r'',r,? ''""''r!:'.?.''
nt l.ir iiMli.iiki. All llir iitiiiiliM) nrr notr'
i.iMvt ar.ii it. K'fMi.t r'piir 'I'crin- f fni y inn(
niii) r nii'l'i Kntilr of J-I tn r I.tfttr
hn iijiitiits O'f prf rui-itj.
liuli.ii.a,Oft 21, SV Ml.-iw
Cloak & Dress Goods.
V lll'.l.t...Trr lor talc
.111 woorllibrl.(.blncrc'A...r).Iar.,
i,,oprtr 1 loin, ami Aipnca in inr rAriou. cui
or., M, DcUnrt, (iinbumt, JVinU,
Turkrv llr.l 1 riiitt,
i llluck iniil Kancv Drf.tMllf.
' Vi-lict and Silk'TriinruIng, llrnn Bnttoni
(ilia and f'nibimrr IMaoIii,
M.111110I- lur llprr.i .iik.
Srotrli Wiilcrlo.t and Hit Statr Mill"
(' iilnnere and Opera Snirl., f.lovr. l..i,r.T.
ic. ie, Jl lt.illi.nd. Ort loAn.
, "w."..
"pi.l'.tM'.S, Tali', Arlificiilt, Sallr.t, n,i
I Iliiniititt, irn nrAi.i. nn.i nuiioi.t
Ju-t recited and for rale by D. I'. I1KI.I..
llutland, Uet., INW.
Rutland &BnrlingtonR ailroad
Comiiicnc'in; Wtnlntniuy, Oct '2, IS'jO.
i'ASSK.f;i-:ii tii.ai.vs
I. rare H'lrlingt.r dally fendaya r.repted,
f,r llii'lou Lowell, Hereafter .N'e York, in I
niierine.li.itr Milion", at b .t
in. ami 7 1 J
.rr.ung m notion ai.i p
in and t: in. ret-
ii-.ii.tlt. l'.trni-rr. by thr 7 l-I p m i rain,"
will Indgr at Kutland.
mm f vNf.-,
I.eire II .'Inn 1' 7 I " a. in niidll . m- and
arming In Hur'il.glru aid p. in. and I 4 a.
in. I'jt.ei'grr. ly I be II a. ri. Train will
ladn at iutlaml: Ibo'e by lh im.niing train.
ai'.I hue an bnui for .tiiinrr ut llrllons l-'allt,
both .'.ty'. eonitectiiig with the niornu.g and
. . . t.niL-'line or.'leir.irt on I.akj Chatni talk.
Pattern;! r. for . New York cm pn tinVtal
pule, Bralll.lo to', S ru.jf 'Id d .N,n Mmen 1
irbj I'itebburg Woree.irr and All.. I'tmr
I'reii'l t trjln lean-t iloilmglon atfi. in
an.l l!..tto-i f, p. ni daily, (to .da., firej.ttd;
turnugli n. ,"Vi lo.ur-
Ktpret. I'nllle Tr.n f-r i '.nil.ri.lge aid
Hriiii..n .Market', l.ate ltur.ir.gt.iu er.ry
Tiu- lat ui'jrnli.r at la in
I. HI'ii'.I.OA "u trn.tf idrilt
l!ur'ui:tjri(Oct. 1 I' Mil
-TTr. Ol V Kit MONT. I!- .. rrmeint er.d
Ditinei of I'Airti ten. t ih.t I'r. ontl
I., ort hoblen al I'aitltloo lu ar I lor ..id !"
Ir.oi'i, llir I th rfayf Mi-i'.lir li.ir.Vl.
WV.eie-.i, Jati'o. I'.uc It" ir n-n. t I'-i t C
lire ('urolii.r C Ilirr, Cjtb. nr.. Cm, Am
; a'.rl IVatrer Lie,, inn r and lent t
I iiltierll.e Itlf e,deret.,lnt j.fe l.tf-l I - 11,,
e uu birr, int p ltlit.ii In writ log rn r.in.iir f
i' .rein, that bit jnl aaril.ti-tt -wi "t'' "
about ml acre, of land, Uloat-d . i ".. and
t'attl.l. II. '.oi Ittlriel, lo-if. at la" -f lite
,id t;all..riiir wbleb iaterr.1 i- tl..- ei.nre
Ullr to .al 1 prrmiin efej.! tl" ....1 'iuirui.t.
lifr elate ft. tru ml by t . . ru'i'- nl furti.. r
r,.re.iLtiog that it t-i'i- m-r i .tl.t ititi re-.i
ol ..id inner. 10 ell tbeil ;lit and Htln ta
it I ml rtlate and put tlir proi-rid. tl.rrrof.
a', ihlrroinbd prayl ..- 'ai'i eourl ti grai.t
klt.t a lltrote ,. tell llir .aim ft r tint purptn-.
'Il'r.'ore. Il I' crdtred It laid eourl thai
..1 1 apidiejlioi. be, and thr - in- it b.rel r rr
lerrtd for hearing an I deemou lo a itoin of
.aid etarl la be beM .1 tl'f I'robate t.fSre in
t atllet .p. at I. "1, ua I'.r VMh u.y ! '"
r -u.Ur on! i. 1 Hut rtKli" thrr .1 I. guru
br pub'ieili n of a e- y tl ihr fi-r..r-l i.l Ibit
rdrr Ibre. urekt ,u.ri-t..ie m lb' Ittllan I
Her.'J, a I i.pf r prit-t'd at Kut'.i.din tun
M.te t..t i.1' (-rr.r.n. irterr.i. I m.r.iff.r
anA I r l.rtra in Ibe preianri If Ibcy tte r.u.e
A if 3c r,j.j f ree. rd
Ai a t iS'.ara Jnd?e.
1 IJr.t. Keltic., at I.twltia IV (tit.. ..
DW Oct SI.
bUO I-t, Jail r(.i''l .oi for ..I. I.y
Del. VI -JL l.jotlon t. itia.e.
al tL ilslthvurr rf
Oel 21
il I.ird.n ti f. rat e.
ilA TONI LJimaH COAX, for mi. by
V Octl'l. 41 t.4 u o. tir.ie..
liTLgigiidi rovmm iiTim
lafVimrV OOAX, ju.l r,e,n,A 4.
Ir fcy
Lttiut, ft. Int it
Hni1lrr ami Harare Itu-
'ITir n rrr.r I h.m u
I )'( f W' )) i.
I ( I I - kt. - tfM ff 1, ITvl,. I W f I. ) I-
n Km l.W tl tfH W J hi rf tfl t-v
ti II l-1hl a .ir.t n k4 ' i.kM,i t-'
f ) ' Vl Wit' l .Nil tfl fcf V I r
(t IlW4 tvtWrf- !.
HPI4 tf fM. t1 V
l A. ftMh U I i U ,. t i ..f. a Mt '
!aflt)IV Oik -ilJ Tvfttt't I t
(waKlat't taarft in jrcHnf fut 4 f fnj
4 1 If t. Ifr f. Of.RAX r.
AMI A I tt9 f f t.ft
ttrrsll : lv wtr lta.iNf tlM.1t
ttttwt U1 j4 f-l MtftMf'rt ft T f
K it tir 't n-,tl ii'
J nJt.t I a-r U't ' PiaUli (a) RwlU't. f -tr
fTitatrot !ft h f t rinlh tVJ tltVltt
Utraihrlt if i. i.a 4f t,( lf 4 i ..f
WIIMOI HMI, alf.l r.llUrnt h. .-,.1 .l..ilft
'Wftttil -J.et.lM t1a1rl aj,aJ i ( it4h lrtW
th-Tit. day r II 'dWt. tMe ktrl (" ihl
fattrtr f (t HiPfTlfitr l.ntNj t ftf ihfi r
HI tltfhi' ! 1K lHi-lrtf r-if a)3 tfUiftrDt
I H"' IUll' tlr- In KtitUxJ m 1l Vrl W..
1-5 f( iat fy wl ?lif I dtil, lri titi t f ht
M i -.1 H l I' .M t i. rf K . . M.-l .tt
li fotM MTMKi; tiM M,tm f.
tt.l -i "yjivwl Oil a-ltt t-i U
U'l. UHiiilifi t tpM. n"1 It lb Unit
r halo (."( ft t llr -Lut ft 1 , ' (J Ml lain I r nv
itr t r-i ta t ttii)i n I ft-Jtt't ill rUif mt ,
''ffiaj tti 11 J pf .) ftf t (itl l.f ratclp M N1 halli t
if) f .." Ulf vf lily lit t lilfirt if'i f .
if jirroi( lM'lf tjj Aiil . n i.Lli (rntn ll. Tl
l) t Itill. ttMt llfintt I.Jf Mitt ,Mift flf l'l
r.fn m On lhtff.it hfrti (l 0t' ll
Hl'l l I f. ( ll.f lutiitfa o( tnf tt -;. I r1 t,l
I I wm ftf Jft) f tflfa Irt Mtutt
n-Oif fi. tl-r Ijtt 'rtit.4t of tr.l.. fixl fjm '
V it'cffc A M "ti.1 I' M m ml ft.
Iar tl Ml- M" ' !-' Wv (V. M X-
A nil All 1 ILK i r.-. i
coMtmssioNEna notiob.
11 1 It.. ...i ntirr., I tunc ippjiiitr .) II,, It. -n
" th IVo'i.t. I.ou.l fir II. dl.tllil rt ltull.i-1
ommi.ttrncrt lo rl.t. fXIIPli'. .ml
iuii ..I I
III-,.., . ,1 Mt.i I, of .11 lih, rtllol I r.l.l, ll
ItVLllKN III 1 1.- I.I. r M.ittm. i. laid ill.
.t 1 .I..,!. I l.iir. Wf.l .J .....il, .i.l .ml .1 1 iiuii. II .
in.-n lir rt.ii d. .1 Ofirth.r. li.io .ll.wr.l t-y ,i-t t
jot fur lli.l f.uli.., w. iki llm.ii. I.rirl.y i. I
til. . Ili.t , will .llrn.l lo 111. I.u.lo.. ol o,;f Mid '
P n....,il.,l f A..!..r.,u(lliol..,.i,r I
oi th. in M.ii, hi of iviroiu n. i, fmni li'iM. i
. it. j.. ... o .i . ..... '
uollll.t.ii irtiR I' M-. on ..l.t iJ.f
i ii.i n ii r. i
MMt'H, hUMHll s
l:rlj. tl.r. O. I. Hi, ll-jO
Trottiutr Hotse Rattler
l!t FIHT')f - a iti'tlr. In tour iiti-rr 4.t,rt ,pt
.'I is lMi .Igi.rit Jihn WiIIi.ia. Jr.f.r.i ram. m
h.tiil l?lh In. i. A..00M pi.rnr.l,r. 1 rtptirrdto
S.w Yolk nrd i.w Mr-Wil.fiit, anil ofTi rrd to ar.
,.t tti, cfiall.rlr am! .lid w,, rrliti,.l .Now I pro
i". to lnt in) drr.r A'tllrr at.l1'"1 lb. rrl.tjulrd 1
ll'.r,. Wlllrh.ll, al an tin., pr.vii'U. nh, Ictl
il . i i f Nn..iol. r, ii, il. on !h. I'iiImii I'o ii-i, I, I 1
ml Tr t ..It, or. I tl.ir. In IW. f tv "l r I'HUI I will
il,po I lii lb. 1'nultr 'r ll k llltl at . f .r'riliiit
l lir allrntinii ol M Al '-' II). I' ol U'.l.'int f ml I.
pllirn .fly rnlltil lo i1.li i.i-llc, I n...li-itlai.d t.hn
u t- tb, ,uth, r..d rr r.t ol Mr Willitni.
tl JOHN Itl'iW.T
foulliwert part of futl.i.d Co In tolirf 'it, l"M
iHi-ia.ali. . r
Manufactnrraof '
Sheet I.ratf, nnd Patml Irad I'ipr;
Tins M...I Zmr
w.'i 0-1, 111.11. .11.
im t-r. Ihtn. anu Ctiaiit ruinni
Cui and Wroutht 1
ill A mfs t.'trlt . Ilrja K'wtltfs OM-iwr Htl
( vVtwtl Tifi, ht , Ar, ,
ri -nt VI. 41 Cm
to v ics and arovK imtk-i hii i
,A,MiM. ,V -liitV-
The tft )n Nf Knt?ln m! dr by
&m f11ir. ltiiili)it. tormrr-
ern hjr K. M (iirt.f nt
1 c- nivv tuir','i MrNic
I I ri 1 1 . 1 ..tn
' -- MM.- I.
, illou bih) ilclihtfully ittiil-il lioL.tr. ith
ttil Uiril- HliI fllCti tn Mff niniiniljl(i M tir
li br .old al u lurguin to any onn Miibinn
tokiep a public lioutc Tbliita good plocu.a.
it i, in tbe crntrt- of oiif of Ihc baiidiruicl 11
lit'a iu the tlate of '.ruuinl. Tlo-ri- it tun
o-r. r of tiiu ery be t of Ij .il. bcaiitilnl .bade
, irert, nmplv watered, nnd hMI be .old elnup
' lor rath, 'i'he plncr ran br i . 'd for JIMI prr
.-toiiiitn.ai.d will be .old for js'JOOO, a the pto
pr.t t.r bine mote I out ot llic county.
Apply to I, an Hon &. Cram i, ltutl.iid, Vt.
irg l.ard at
l.anclou A. fWati ..
IMiNhatid liiaik W.lnul bo.in!., st
l.ii-ttoo A. tiinte.
ITS tin. day ricritvd uinl lor 'a'r ..holetult-
an I ret.nl oy
Oct. 21.
l.'lli.loii 4; firiTf t
Tolmrco !
K arr receiving .upplie, nf Ale.andrf
(inrr'a Kuiokiiig and l!irni.ifr To
bacco on rnn, igninrnt Mrrrbatil. auftplivd
-i AlbaiiV tirirr.. bv
l,t. no. i)- Cm. vi a
Xew ami Filfi;i.M S.n.n:m
ok it Tlir
MichiganCcntral Railroad Line
it Detroit Slid ISrw Bulfilo, iiukir. l!ie ('-riifiB '
V l!oat lean. VVhlti hall oner in raeh ttrek
tti log to"t"i. or ftt.enrr. ,, I'.ital lo Ittil'.lo
ind p.t.rn.'i r. ind ;ri.i-'. .lumped if l ' Ir Kail
road lo eltet1' r'adr. at M . ano I' ,M
Iher.'-r to Kutr'r or fnrt, ttr.i luunt-diilelr on
.trie ll 'it nr. t'a'tri.rr. will 111 I It lo Ihno
mtilftt o I Htroiut lb. 1'or Tie V ro.V 111'.-
TltXCI' Mil'.
Tlrpropri.t ullinytt l'..r d !Teren' eb ir r
mg pl.er. .i' M.i,in .H'.i.iltoet t.foi.ul
p..t.njeri aod-pio.irl wiiboi.t del., or i
W r.IiDV 1'rnj.r et"r. Wbil'bi.l
11. It fa.
.11 til 'I V '"'nn,filn "'t.tmer..
W I' l.t.MOT. Itutl.rt.1 Vt
i V. I'VNlillOltN, I'ort lle.rr,
W II lir.'.l t. hcbejiee;..!!,
.M OXM.t.1 I .
JOHN MVU'.Iv rnrlinctna, -V fw
I'OMMINStfl.N Kll't .M'flCi:.
It 'I u.r aubecriber. bung t i
V lli.n I'.ob.it. (...uil Im tl..
li:r. 'it Ibe
lllttliel o!
fiolliitti I'i luitn.k.onrrt to ri e nn i.iuoi.r
.0.1 dtn-l .11 rl.tin. ,r-tl tlrlti.inl. til .11 pf.oi-,
tf.,i,.l ii e r.uir of I ItV.NM.I.N COIIMm'I.
I,', ol l'u:.od iii tn A lii.tr ft i,rt.,,d, i
pfr,, ntrd lewdtenl, a i4 . I irorrtr.. fr in tbr
!th day ol O t.dier l-.Vb lmg a !ocd b,i .a,,
court for I'nl tirpt. wr do It.efrfolr lieu 'jj
gl.e uohCe that wr ttt attend lo Ibr hfltinr., .f
ottr .aid apfttvinlu.rl I it thr tt.rllir; iKtu.r tf
J.inrt fir.htm, in ..id llntnd n lb. II. i-
IVrtlnrt. o outre netd M.rrb, rill r-.m
ttrteiirlf. r, until , it o clock r, m on eti h
ol .aid On.
lU.NT.Y W ViiH i It, , O-lntn...
i. Itl KIIIK.M.HIK. ) tivor i.
Italian! October IS. 1WJ. il
Kail Ituail Opc'iii'd
rn it t
0t trol after Morl.t OtloUr", tt ear. rn
tbe Kuli.wt .11 VV'hit'a't"t It.lliojjl h tl
U.te i.'.ttl.t o I r Uat'..o t at 5 14 u rioek K
M coon.rliag witk Ibe MiCtrn.egTr.io for ("
ln aero .tStt'etnck. I' M roatreltng witb i,r
l.aptc.4 Trntit tor Harii.l -n
l.roi Hi Unl e II ui 'tl. A M from I i
i on Trua tr. ta hii..o,t - lo I toy l.l at
i lo rjucli. I' M Iron Iiji.i. Trim li.
ltit'.MI. .f
t ii i i n.f oii.ii ! -
nniM or i sty iiai.i,
6SmiffiONS BLOCK.''
Jthu Siuiuions V Co.
tV fxMVfit. c4 tUt-t? f.i fr i.titwfd U
IIDIill M.lltK fiiDTillMi'.
tiu Ci.'..Litw. tt ti. j tv (.(.. U
Mr, rt, ltO&TUX Vm
To UffinN, foliliri, Widows,
and tuemft.
1 III tobalilK-l. bxilif r.l-ibhthfil Jli Jf,-r.
ry for oblainoi; Uo.iilv Unda and uaionr
udrr llir-art nl l.-iiO, mr now pirpundli.
nblan I, nd wamnla arid iftion triltfirttra
fur til tticb at tir i-lilillvi' to wit .
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t" pplK-ation, al our nfbrr at all Im
Jit il 'fill. II I a. u.tl'l-ll
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Itotland, Oct lo, ltv.il.
WtJUI.II nil'orrii lilt friciult and cti.tunirri
' tint II- lia ri'liiotrd lna i-.tablitliiliciil to llir
, building I'uriii'-lK ixjiMipii'd by A l))l A
I'ii .1. .1 Moir, w lirri in.v if I'.iuiid n jood
, aortini-nt nf j-ih.i1, nl tin- laid and uioat
f. In.ii.nl.il' alylra, rnu.i.liug of (iiriuan
Hr.i.dclulh.. Mot kin, ('aa-niio'rr., ralirtj.
and Tailor a Trinimiii'-,, ull nf wtiu'ti Iro of.
far. for a.lo at a pin-ill ail.auci' fntiii 1:0,1
Ifirnlli'iiirii uitlnnx to gi-l ,1 autl would dn
nrll to call All g-irus"iili warraulrd In ..lit
or 110 -ittf. Hr I, al.o frady to wait fin lua
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j for ollirr. inakr up, r hn, .t.n rrrrivrd
1 Ihr rporl of Ka.liion lor tlir I'nll nnd Win-,
kar'nf f:i)r, .JOtf
Kiitland, (:t, IlJlh, I P.rfl.
New Goods,
: llaa ju.l rrcnvr.l In, Kali and Wintrr Slock
I o fii.id,rmbriiring a grrat varu'tv ol
n a j Stair S Ii a w n ,
lHI.MMI.Nf.fi. IIO.N.NKT KlllltO.Xa
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I .11 of w Inrli u ill br told al pritra u Int Ii ctn
1 not fail to viti.Jv
j Oelohi r Hi, -in, 40 '
rarallvl liaihvay Axles.
cr.oitcK fiAitniNiiit a ro ,r. i.iiwrtv
Sipiarr, 11 1. ton, oiler for aalc 1'irallrl Hull
way Atl'-t. .if Mipi'riur uuality. Tlir I'nralli 1
Aba, from iati 1 prrmirnt. in llujliilu
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lo nr auprnoi to any ollirr. iu u.u
Oct. H, t."0, 40 'Jin
" 6. H. BOX. BROOK, '
.M.iiiiifartur.'r and Di aler in
of all k imla, nlao tiood warranted lloublr
Soled II.Hita by Inr itoi'.'ii.
Went Itutl.'lltd, i pt ;i, Ir.'ill.
t ) I'.AIIV.MADKI'I Oil 1 1. Nil ctil iin.tr,
I I ll.rs, l .r, Hixin o. Mini
'. CI.I..M i:t.
IV.itrr llutland Oi l 0. IHVI
:u i
J V HAV -VI ' C, MIWU.S incl.i.liiig
l rtrry t arii-.v ol rot- n n. I pi..lilv
i t i.i:.Mi:sr
f'rntre Itiillatid, Ort R, I !!').
:t'j )w
Something for the Curious.
THK. tl'criLT hf ai'U Jub ltttf,
ahifiit lis tn itli ciiil m titf h In t ilffiriiii t
diipiflnp ol on ri'ismntlt! 1 f tti. rit:
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' lltl I H.I I'lll I I .III.
l-l-I t .-I I.' i I.l-? I ' l
.Mention Ort . J
W Hi:iU:..S in wifr ...In Ir I my
and boanl w illtoul -.iiy ju.l cauo- or ptof.i
ration, llu n f tri. In., i. lo forbid a.'l i. i..uo.
Ii il boriitg or tru.tiiig iter en my loiinr, a.
I .ball pt nn dr' laid lirr ronii.riuig alter
tin. date' .MAllTIN 0ASA.M V,
Hbr. iv.Imi , t)r 1 1, -,',li lu'
Look out for Coughs . (olds.
SVIH I, ii p( tifi-n.
. in ih r i t '4-t r if
kitftftf .li. ( t I.- til. ffrtitt ftiinlv fur
f.oiiAt iol4t Jirtmtiitt: H.mi frrifufit
on tump! wn ami ( row ttrr fliv- n i'l. It
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;uit lt, ill.
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0 llllrl, nfl. ,.d '-tj.i.le till "H.fioin
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Hat. acd l ,p. t.,u.ii tti, I o..l .t ii-, i..r.,i
pr.re. IK l J JIC.I
ticnt's Furnlsliliis Goods.
rTNDKrt St, Hi. .,1 llr,.rn Mlrti, l o.Illi
I "e.r-. 'm-a'.,
,'f adj-l-lir; t-.' . at ! eir.'t,
tt.t, I i. II lUbUr.,
M.llrni 'i Viet Mt. t .,
tilk at I l. t.el. II U Itirierr
I'mbreh,. O.er I'o.t,, for air ly
lUtlaa 1 Ort. St tl II. P. iin.l.
M. ...ri.icf ,r toj Hu tttit Ucurtt
srsz, crvi, ;u imii . i "
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No !' I iin S r
V,iim?r?, Curo Year ;
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t r, f ll.n lr tr t4
I I Ht f wl f l Kififa, &r A
I Mi'ijit I tl" l,-l--'t nl tl M .It-
kllJf'tt II lafw-n - fi-ttl Mifrvsnvfiif frt i g
irrrniiESTiNO to rARMonn
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t-ihtr, wiili I u.mt vut.t ' r av ir i ift.t
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H V A V I N .
Tit- J'.1 -ln iu. T lo s .Ml l i f ttiri.- i ?
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n$ tn Hl,Vh itfl vm V'ittt . "fori riU"'1 ithl
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du'r!, Itut tr I in it f'irt M.
1 DOME srAvm CUliXD.
Ml ! W. lfn-!nl. Inr Hir -I livl A ? n
i ki f 1-41, all Ki. I lih l4i- pattr w pi ir h p-t
IO taj tJIiflt 0f It"". lif tltl'lat afUU tifla f Ntl'l
Wit Ik Hit if I llll-i't.! t- IT) Jtwif rrMfft.
llwfllittf iit. ulii-li.tii t ftWirl an -nti fiiK
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nnd tioanf tu Ut olititurii in tfm fiiiiiKrj
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Ioi I bolder.
Oi tn- U rtii.n V intuit I'ji
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i.jtb.r. II 1I1VI
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Oft"ir, nl lir tV V ;, fi.il I
I'v ! ri I'o r.t, Oel I li'..' V.
i Xoliri'.
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1 der id, firm ol f Iriitiai Ar U.tiooti , t a
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W. II l.l-t OMIi
Itutli ed. -'e;t 51 I,. IfVi. ' 7
111 I AHI.fi nf Tlio k flood.
II . Iw. I me I irlt.li fall li't.l.,
I " l...iule .S..!i d 1'ilf ll.,u,
III flu Ki;i II Ht, for . V by Ijodtri A.
lino-,, All Hoot, and ."b"-a 'ld by I V
f-arr a aiianiid a, gnt' aa tin- lit. I. Zj
2i itoxr.s iiictiitiM.H. inixi rn n
i ii us. v.v.i w ii k r . ;u
.UKII .it iw.lvt.1 -i4 I r .... or
i.min v i.ani"
i il.r-w ,,t im r r'ltilrf.
Ho, litsllrinnri Tritrliiu liatiU,
.i. te fai .... ... t) II, uom ik.,r, l-i r
1 tt.tl I', e l' ' , ' t , I" . .
n ti i 11 ae . o-l. a i.t r --lair
f.ir,r. bttr firk.t. . I fee, ... 4i..g n t
ura'oTre., n -I i e l'l . . I 'dull. .go.
. J ir' tt. ,. Ul.f m m l't !-. - b I'.f r t
itririftl'tt l. .el. .'ni- .joi.-li, t,f t.
Ord .
t t rtrl fit an all l.f n .
it. j lb' i.utt il ( r.j.i I-;
of Itr
A". 2 Milk f,rrf,
a- 111"! t-t
V I N'H I t 1' It... '. f"i 1 '. 1 -
r, d r t U n"l t.i. t.
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