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THURSDAY EVP.$!XC, JlttE 5. 1851.
o'.rr be'aJi An. "it tvru;k r.
A. t l'riniw.
V"tUs filthier rr
esM Mstttol.s-rlWS,
mkm psil in J?s.rr,
JlttrflVf mnll roiiiisitif1; .r1t'l f(M
as-r .fcire ilKtltrs) ff- ll-.rfr .(!; ZSttnli
U'trOM , , , t , , .
athlcUc-aoJ coal-bf rined figtre of forth from a disordered state cf feci
uq uae purBcr, awl 4be kalWnght- ing mar he the most terrible moduU
encil chdd, sinking into proUct'iM of tiou of the human voice. Tlic laugh-
hu UtW aUadow. An when a- of one asleep, even if it be a little
gain the lrM door m cloacd, tben child tic madman'a laugh the wild
Mppmed Uic Undor liflht of tbe ( screaming laugh of a born idiot arc
half-full moon, which yainly drove to sounds that we sometimes tremble to
trace out the indistinct shape of die hear, and would always willingly for-
neighboring mountains ; and, in the got. Poets have imagined no' utter-
ujipcr shy, there was a flitting con- ancc of fiends or hobgoblins o fear-
frrcgation of clouds, f till faintly ting- fully appropriate as a laugh. And
ed ith the' rosy iufisct, though thui even the obtuse lime-burner felt hU
far down into the rallev'tho 'sunshine nerves shako as this strange man
t had raniihcd long atid long ao. ( looked inward at his own heart, and
The little boy n6rr crept still closer burst into a laughter that rolled nway
to his father, as footitcfA were heard into the night, anil wn3 indistinctly
ascending the hitl-'iitlc, and a human reverberated among tho li!U.
Tlartt aia.tht lime hunter, ft. rough, ,,orni fhu,t th buslws that 'Joe,' said ho to hU little
a h lc wnswu irew, -scamper uown 10 me lavcrn in
EI i A,N
lb A W
on, tiiK utti'AiuioaBi.i:
rasMsUaiti. nrrt.
limw , i w .ills man,
ins heUi.it bis father's kuees.
Oh, some drunken man, t 6up
jojc,' answered the lime-burner ;
'some Ac try fellow from tho bar
room in Uic village, v)io, dared not
laugh loud enough within doors, lest
he should blow the roofofthe house
off Ho here he is, shaking his jolly
sil at tho foot of u ray lock.'
fjl that is glad.
Bo the noise frighten
cried his
n..' i. . r.mi .;a i.
father gruffly
man, I do believe ; there is too much
charcoal, sat atefing 'kiln, at ' ,4Uall(X I who is it i' ericd the lime-1 village, and tell tho jolly follows there
hiAtfall, 1hile hr little son'plavcd at rner, voxed at hi ae'a timidity, that Ethan Drand has wrae back,
WkliRg k6tiii with the scattered "tl half infected by if. JoTti for- and that he has found the' Unpardoul
fragment of marble, when, on the ward, and show yourself like a man able Sin !'
hill-side below them they heard- alor l'Hn this chunk L marble nt Tlie boy dnrld away ou Ids crrnnd,
i roar of langhtcr, not mirth, but slow, 'r ' l? wl,,c" h,,'a" ' rnn' mndo 1
I and even solemn, like a wind shaking4 ou offer me a rough welcome,' tmn, nor soeme.llmr.il v to not.ee .(.--
I the'boiW.s o'f tluj forest. said a R,0'Jn,y vo'cc 09 lh "nknown ".Ff,t a 'S of ood, looking s cad
t 2Ut?i St ? Aakoa the m drew nigh. -Yet I neither " '''Vn " "V'f
m i. .. . . . i ncaru ireaatng nrsi on use inilen leaves
io obtain a dutineter view, Usr- nnd ,he on the rocky mountain path,
tram throw open the iron door of the the lime-burner began to regret his de
kiln, wlusnco immediately issued a'pariuro. ll flt thnt the Utile fellow'
gush of'ftcrco light, that smote full . presence bad been n barrier between
upon the stranger's faco and figure. hi guest and himself, ami that he mutt
To a careless eve thorc appeared 1 now deul heart to heart, with n man,
nothing very remarkable in his aspect who, on his own confession, had com-
Kb'lM. xv ilnnf nf n. mnn in a rntran ncd tllO 0IIC Oldy Crime for which
IMI, Miner,-taut tno Ctnui more' ', ; "'J ' crime in its in.lutinH bluekn,.S, neem-
sensitive than the obtuse, middle-aged t?U and thin, with tho a affand heavy j . onniaAow llim. Tll ' hurn.
clown, M10 does not laugh like a man ocs of a waylarcr. As ho advanc j own f-msi0S(s U, wi,lin lim al)(
cu, ne nxcu nid eyes -.wncu were ,nn,0 hii meDwry ,ntaua ,vi,, n tiron!r
very bright intently upon the bright-j,,r evil shupea that inserted their kin
ncss of the furnace as if he beheld, dred with the Master Sin. whatever it
'You will never he nor expected to behold somo object ( might be, which it was in tho scope of
WOriliy OI IIUIO WIUIIII ll. nmu b cuiiu(iieu iimurs iu cuncuivi; mm
r,f ur mother in tou. Hark! Here 'Uood evening, stranger, said the tnonsn. x ney wereau oj one lomuy;
'M comes the merry fd ow now. You ' lime-burner, ' whenco come you, so "7 l" nnA , ro between his breast
m C 1 1 11 " 1 i- Mil in inn iliv' and Ethan Brand's, and carried dark
M shall sec there is no harm 111 bun.' , lato in tno ua . ureeiiniis from one to 1I.0 other
I'M i..i.. 11.:., i:.ii.. i.:i..l I come from search' answered greiings irom one 10 mo oilier.
Wt iuhv dm, u- , - - . - - - r " , 1 Then liurtnm remembered tlio sto
they were talking tim?, sat watclnng, inouiynnci, iur, m mai, u is. uutbu-
the satnc limo-kilu that- had been the cd-'
f;ccnc of Ethan Brand's solitary and Mirunk or crazy, muttered
iiMuiiuiivo lil-.-Lofora. ho..botfai-hw liartram to himself. I shail have
I search for the Unpardonable Pin.- trowhlo with the fellow. The sooner
t$ i . . I itrW-A httn nn-ftv flip hnllni '
.'ianv vcars, as nc nave bccii, nun v
now "claused tincc that Loitentious Tho little boy, all in a tremble,
ni"ht when tlio Iii:.L was first dcvel-
n.l 'l lu. Jin.vnvor nn it... llim tO Shllt tllC (tOOr Ot ttlC kiln, 80
mountain side, stood unimpaired, and1 tnt there might not bo so much
vtnctiv ittiimf hKlliCfid f.,on tin lm.l' litiht : for there was something in the
Sff iU.n ,! ,lnrl- ilwui.rKis ntn th in-, man's taco wincti lie was atraid to look
n tt nfil f.irnnif mnttrfl nway from.
.-ass ilinicflit lime-lmrncr'n
C-X '"''"I " - ' "O - - II i
that took po)csion of hi? life. It was cgan to uo in ;rcs,.(i ny an inues-
a rude, round, towcr-liko structure, cnimbly so.nciiung in mat unn, rug
about twenty feet high, heavily built pod, thoughtful visage, Villi the gm
of rough stones, and with n hillock of slcil hair hanging wildly about it, and
earth heaped about tho larger part of those deeply sunken eye?, which
its circumference ; so that the blocks gleamed like fires within the entrance
and fragment of marble might he "fa mysterious cavern. Hut, as he
drawn by cart-loa.b, and thrown in at closed the door, the stranger turned
l.m-Ai.b luni null ciinl'd lit n mtnt
i hi. ton. '1 icro was an onotaii-j' at - "r--
the bottom of the tower, .like an (oven'
lies which hud grown traditionary iu
reference to thu strangu mnn, who had
come UKn him like u xhadow of tho
night, and was making himself at home
iu his old place, after so lonfr absence
tlmt the dead people, dead nnd buried
for years, would have had more rijihl to
whispered to his father, and begged ' " Ione. any fumilinr spot than he.
i.iiiuu iiiuuii, u la riti.i, unci cmiveraeu
tlm ilnnr
witli aatan liimscir in tlic Ijirnl blaze ol
this very kiln. The legend had been
matter of mirth heretofore, but looked
. . . ill H "'J "Ulli J 4 1 llji IU till? Itlll WU"
And, indeed, even the J for(. E,inn ,5ran(l ,,,.,,.,,.,,.,1 on lis
(lull and torilld SCIISC cp.nrMi.tn lin.l lnin ..rc-.islnir.fwl In i-vnl:.-
. . 1 "
siioKe in a
familiar way, that made liartram feel
a? if ho were' a sauo and sensible man
after nil.
Your task draws to nn end, T see,'
said he. 'This marble has already
threo days. A few
stone to
mouth,' but largenuagh to admit .a
man in. stooping posture, which was
rrOvidcd with a massive iron door.
jjg- . .
Suinit-Xroia-Uio. cuinUand crevices oU utu" """n ""J5-
n,: ,inr nl,;M.Bf,P.im.l tr. ,mvp ad. hours moro Will convert the
S mittanco into the hillside, it resem-' hnio.'
k bled nothing so much as the private , 'by, whojirc you.' exclaimed
''4 entrance tolhc infernal rcglons,whichj the lime-lmrncr. '1cm seem as well
I tho shepards of the Delectable Moun 1 acquamted with my business as I am
1IIU .U11 1 U1UJ L' w , cam uivaiiair
n fiend fiom the hot furnace of the lime
kiln, night after night, in order to con
fer with him about the. Unpardonable
Sin; tlic man and the Fiend eaeh labor-
in" to frame tlio ima"c of some mod.: of
guilt, which could neither bo atoned for
nor forgiven. And, with tho first gleam
of light upon the mountain-top, the liend
crept in at the iron door, there to abide
the intcstost elements of lire, until again
summoned forth to share in the diend
ful la-k of extending man' po-sihle.
guilt beyond the scope of Heaven's else
infinite mercy.
nothing more likely but I'll bo sworn,
he is m madman too." """
XerenhclcM he fdt tfttifcnforlfthle
at his litualiotualftM'ttilh , Ktfcan Hrmt
on the wild mountain idc nn 1 was
right glad to In-nr tbe inurmiirVf long.irs
and the footstep of wha' ecmed n pret
ty numerous party, tumbling over the
stonei and ruilig through tbn under
bruh S.KJO ajipeared the whole Uty
regiment that wa wont to infol tho
village Invtrn, comprehending three or
four individuals who had drunk flip be
side thebar-room fire through all the
winter, and smoked their pipes beneath
the stoop through all the snmner itince
Kthnn IJrnnd's ilejarlir?. l.uugkiug
Imiilerously and luingling all their (ni
ce together in unceremonious tnlk,they
now bunt Into the moonshine and nar
row elrcnU of (ire-light that illumina
ted the open spare.
There, among othrr old tOAiaintan
ranees, was nonce uMquiuutuun, now
almost extinct, but whom we were for
merly suro to encounter nt tho hotel of
every thriving villajjo throughout the
country. It was the staao nuenl. Tho
present specimen nf the genius was a
wilted nnd smoke dried man, wrinkled
and red nosud, iu n smartly cut, crown,
bob-tailed coat, with brass buttons, who,
for a length of time unknown, had kept
his desk and corner in the bar room,nnd
was still pulling what seemed to be the
same cigar that hu had lighted twenty
years before, lie had great fame as a
dry joker, though perhaps, less on ac
count of any intrinsic humor than from
a certain flavor of brandy toddy nnd to
bacco smoke, which impregnated all his
ideas and ci press ions, us well as his
Another wcll-remcmbercd, though
strangely altered face was that of Law
yer Giles, as people still called him in
courtesy;' an eldery rng-n-mufiin. in
his soihul nhirt-sleeves and tow-cloth
trousers. ThoJ poor fellow had been
an attorney, in what he cailcd his bet
ter uays, u 6iiarp practionrr, ana in
great vogue among the village litigants;
but flip, nnd sling uud cocktails, imbib
ed at all hours, morning, noon and night,
had caused him to slide from intellect
to various kinds and degrees of bodily
labor, till, at last, to adopt his words,
he slid into n soap vat; In other words,
Giles was now a soap boiler, iu n small
way. He had come to be but the frag
ment of a human hciu, a part of one
foot having been chopped off by an axe,
and an entire hand torn nway by the
devilish srip of a steam engine. Yet,
though the corporeal hand gone, n
spiritual member remained rOr, stretch
ing forth lliu btuuip, Giles steadfastly
averred that he felt an invisible thumb,
nnd fingers with as vivid a sensntion ns
before tho real ones wero amputated
A maime.I and miserable
friend Then let me lell jrm the! who ml , , hi. own master, ni nn , ,tr0 , Mllmt,rr aft h.m. So much
truth. W haven., more found the per...,, ... tho ennpnny hud rlmm to for thn intMbxt ! Hut wW wrrt tan
v ..,,.,. .,.nu,c y ,,m.i j mlKr h.m, -. m , n-n.ler liltnUMI It Vfri , IMt, 'I'),-1 ,nil,..,l. had .ilhprr.l.
a crazv felluw I ' iitiul, c,l dmiwed old doe.iolnij n -mil ' I.,.. I ...,..i. ,i.l !..! l.,.i I i.-j
. . ' I .. . ...... . i. vii... .,..' iiiiiiiiiiuit 1 1 MM IH-I -
n.m one to auoilu..-. nnd. by by wny of ' i.t, J 1, M1 rrfVB m-.vnfinkef tho
l.t.... . 1..I.T- ..it l .. . i ii. . . . . .f .
to tic putted liy any
ha. You are but
told you o twenty years ago nflthrr
better nor wnrn than crniv frllow,
and a til cvmpuion of old Hum prey
He pointed to an ol.l man, shabbily
dressed, with long wliile hlr, thin vi.
ago and tinstrady errs. For some
kindly bund that
ould inke mii.-h trouble. Itul now
all of ti sudden, this grmn and vmeru.
blu qnndruped, of his own mero n.otfin,
and without the slichtct sursliou
years past thi aijed person has been from anybody else, began to run round
wandering about among th lulls, innuir- alter his nil, which, to heighten, the
big of nil travelers whom he met for his
daughter. The girl, it seemed, had gone
oil' with a company of circus-perform-era;
and occasionally tidings of her
came to the villigr,nnd fino stories were
told of her glittering appearance as s ha
rode on horseback in the. ring, or per
formed mnru'lous feats on the tight
The white haired fnther now np.
p reached Kthnn Ilrnnd, nnd gnxed un
steadily into his face.
'They lell mo you have been all over
tho earth,' said he. wringing his hand
in enrnstnc. 'ion mut have sren
ray daughter, for she makes n grand
figure iu the woild, nnd every body
goes to ,fcc hei. Did she send any
word to her old father, or say when she
was coming bad.?'
Kllian lirnnd's eye quailed beneath
the old man's. Tint daushtnr. from
whom he so earnestly desiud a word of
greeting, was the hsthor of our tale,
the very girl whom, with such remorse
less purpose, Ethan Brand had mndc
the subject of a psychological e.xpcri-.
ment, and wasted, absorbed, and per
Imps annihilated her soul in the process.
'Ycr,' murmured he, turning away
from the hoary wanderer; 'it is no delu
sion there Is an Unpardonable Sin.'
Whilu these things were passing, n
merry sceno wns going forwurd in the
area of ch t-erful light,besido the spring
and before the door of the hut. A
number of the youth of tho village.
young men anil girls, had hurried up
tho hill-side, impelled by rnrioiity to
see Ethan Brand, n hero of so many le
gends familiar to their childhood. Find
ing nothing, however, very remarkable
in his aspect, nothing but a sunburnt
wayfarer, in plain garb and dusty shoe,
who sat looking into the fire, as if ho
fancied pictures nmon" the coals these
young people, speedily grew tired of
observing him. A,s it happened then:
was other amusement at hnn.l. An old
German Jew, traveling with a diorama
nn his back, was passing down the
mountain road towards the village, jut
as tho party turned aside from it, and
iu hopes of eking nut the profits of the
diy, the show had kept them company
to the lime kiln.
'Coin.-, old Dutchman, cried nnu of
the voung meii.'let us see your piclu.es
wretch he
was; but one, nevertheless, whom he t if you can bwear they uro worm
could not trample, nnu hnd no riL'ht to ! it." at
scorn, either in this or any prcviou '
stage of his misfortunes since he had
still kept up the courage and spirit of1
a man, asked nothing iu charity, and I
with his one hand and that the left'
one fou"ht a stern battle against want i
and iio'ti e circumstances. i tion. lie invited the vounmnen ainigu
Among the throng, too, came another 1 to look through the f.'lns otiliec-; of tin
nersomi'e. who. with certain noints of i machine, nnd proceeded to exhibit n
ity to Lawyer Giles, had many 'cries nf the
Oh, vc., Captain,' :inwrred the Jew,
whether ns n mutter of courtovy or
craft, he styled everybody Captain. - '1
shall show you, indeed, iuinu very su
perb pictures.'
So placing his bos iu a proper po-d I
circle of
spectators. lhc pictures
were worn out, moreover, ta'tered, lull
of cracks and wrinkles, dingy with lo-
There arc many such lunc kiln3 in
that tract of the country, for the pur
pose of burning tho whito' marble
which composes a large part of the
substaucc-of the hills. &moofthem
built ve'ars ago, and long deserted,
many n year, and here, too, on this
very snot, llut you arc a new com
er in these parts. Did you ever hear
of Eathan Brand ?'
The man that went in search of
with weeds growing in
tho vacant I tlc Unpardonable sin V asked Bar-
...j. -r ... !.-.: i.:-i, mM n . tram, with a laugh.
,l Ml wild l owers 'The pame,' answered the s ranger.
' . . . . . 1-1
rooting themselves into tne ciuiiks oi
the stoncfc', look Uko rclici of OHthjuity
ami may yet be overspread with the
lichens of centuries to com;. Others,
whnrr the hmobtimcr still lecus IllS
, .... J ..!. firt nlln , IlCrC. MB OU ,
,auy anuii.gHwu -.-'- "vpara R;nc0 vou left the foot
He has found what he sought, aud
therefore ho cornea back again.'
'What ! then you are Eathan
Brand himself?' cried the lime-burner
in amazement. 'I am a new comer
and they call it
afford . here, aa you
- j-f. .u- ntArr . cichteen yes
monk Ac H. uiiastIf a?,f Gxfy 1 "vf. '
CoUood or a fragment of marble I the good folks talk about Lthat,
w? . , . ...ir..... UlrMfS ii the ti ae yonder, and
to hold a Cliat wim mc souiury
ItUi lQUoaotnc.wid.when the ciiAr-'- o" V. V," '
neter is inclined to thought, it may
' be ,iu Intensely thqughtful occupation ; , von
$M a It proved iu. tho case of Lathan -
M Brandy who hart tnuseu to sui
:m btranitt purrostS, 'iu days gone
Mf while" the uro in this very
man uraim in mv ,niav ,uii..v.,
; what a straniic errand
I from this lime kiln. Well, and so
have found the Unpardonable
Even so V said the strauger, calm
Tbe man wholiov; watched the fire
was of a very different order, and
troubled himself with no such thoughts
such a!
t... Mv
I.;!.. 'n mo question w n uir uuc, n pr
eceded Bartram, 'where might
many 'eries ni me mo?i o'jirngcou
more of diflercnce. It wns the village , ings and dnubings ns specimens ol the
While the lime-burner was struggling doctor, n man oi some ntly yenr,wiiom ' nnc oris inai ever an liinera.u sno.v
.. -.i. .i.- 'r .i. r.-.i. I nt an earlier period of his life, we should . man had lliu face to imposit upon his
wiiii in! iiui i in til iiiud; i urns l. i ira j j 1 1 win i
Hrand roso fio.n tho log and flung open ' bnvu introduced.as paying a profession
the door of tho kiln. The action was ' vl" t0 L,1,,a!' J",!",, dut'"S "bo lat
in bm.-I. ncrnrdiinrp with il.n ilin in ' er's supposed insanity. Ho was now
ltattram'smind. that ho nlmost expect- purple-visngeu, nnu brutal, yet half-
ed to see the Kvil one issue forth, red gentlemanly iigunyviiti something wild,
ruined, nnu uepei.uu in ids ioik, aim
in all the details of his gesture and man
ners. Brandy possessed this man like
an evil spirit, and made him ns sully and
savage ns a wild beast, and us miserable
ns a lost soui: uui mere was suitosed to
hot from the raging fumnce.
"Hold, hold !" cried he. with a trem
ulous attempt to laugh, for he was
ashamed of his fears, although they
ovcrinasteredjliiin. "Don't for mercy's
sake, bring out your devil now !"
"Man !"'stcrnlv replied Kthnn Brand,
"what need have I of the devil? I have
left him behind me on my track. It is
with such half-way sinners as you that
he busies himself. Fear not, because
nbsurdiiy of the proceeding, was a great
deal slimier than it should havo been
Never was sen such headlong eager
ucis iu pursuit of on object tlmt could
not possibly Im attiiitd; never wns
heard such a tremendous outbreak if
growling, nftrling, harking and snap
ping as if ono end of the ridiculous
brute's body were nt dcndly and most
unforgivable enmity with the othrr
raster and faster, rnuudnlmur.t went j fori
tlx cur; nnd rmlrr and still fitr fled
the Uiiapproachablo brevity of his tail : delicious fruit
and louder and Ik-rcer grew his yells
of rage and animosity; until, ultcily
rxhnuilcd and as far from the goal as
ever, th foolish old dog ceased bis per
formance' ns suddenly as hu had lirpun
it. The next moment he was i mild,
quiet, sensible and ropeclahln in his
deK!rtment, as when he first crnped
actp.aintauce with the company.
As mny bo supposed, the exhibition
was creeled with universal hiughfcr,
clapping of hands, aud shouts of euco.n
to which the canine performer iepond-
od by wngging all that there was to wag
of his iail, but appeared totally unable
to repeat his very buccessful t-flurt lo
amuse the spectators.
.Meanwhile, l-.than Brand had rc-
siimed'liis scat upon the log, nnd mov
ed, it might be, by n perception of some
remote analogy between Ins ow.i case
and that of this self-pursuing cur, hu
brnko into the awful laugh, which, more
than any mhrr token, expressed the
condition of his inward being. From
that moment, the merriment of the
party was at an end; they stood niihajt.
dreading lest the inauspicious sound
should be reverberated around the hor
izon, nnd that mountain would thunder
it to muunlain, an I t t tie horror ho
prolonged upon their caw. Then, whis
pering one lo another that it was lute,
and the moon almo-d down that night
was growing chill they hurried homo
wards, leaving, the limc-hurners and lit
tle Joe to deul as they might with
their unwelcome guest. Save for thf.se
three human beings the open space on
this hill-hiil tvns ii solitude, set in n vast
gloom of foicst Beyond that d irk
some verge, the lire-light glimmered on
tho slutely trunks uud almost hhick fol
inge of pines, intermixed will, the light
'r verdure of sapling oak'', maples, and
poplars, while here nnd there lay tin;
giga'.tic corpses, of dead pines, decay
nig on the Icaf-strewn soil. .And it
'wined to little Joe a timorous nnd
imaginative child llim lhc silent for
est was holding its breath, until soini;
fearful thing should happen.
huiau liiaiiM I J r ti t more wood into
the lire, mid clos'-d lhc door of kiln;
then looking over his 'boulder at the
liuie-liunn r nnd bis son, he bade, rath
er I lian ndvi'i-d, thf in lo retire lo revl
'For myself I cannot uleep,' said he.
'I have matters that it concer.iH mc to
meditate upon. I will watch the fire,
as oscd to do in the old lime.'
'And call lliu devil out of tho furn-
aco to keep you company, i supiioe,
uhivvrs.il throb. He had lot hll hold
of ilu magnetic chain of Immunity. Un
un no Inrigr-r a brother man. opening
tho chamber or lliu dungeons d our
common nn! urn by the key of holy sym
pathy, which give llim a right to sham
it.'all its ccrcn; hu wxs now a cold ob
server, lo'ikiug ou mankind n l ho ub-
i jvet of his rxpcrlntrnl, and, nt Iruails,
converting .nnu and w.ininn to Ire Ilia
puppets, and pulling-the wires that mo
ved them to such degrees nf i-ri.uo as'
wero deuiHiidci) for Ids stud)'.
Thus Ktban Brand been inn a fiend.
Ho began to lie . from the moment1
that his moral uMhre had rncd to
korp thf paw id improscment with Ids
iniellerf. And now, ns his hlohftst' 9U
and Inevitable df clopementM
I the brsahtsH)d'irora(ousiloniKrifidrlCh.
if his tail : I ,lhi. ious fi-iilt of his lif' Ulkir h
had produced tin, Uinrdoi)ahle Mini
"What more hate I losrck? WUit
more to achieve ?" sat.) Kthnn TTrnnirin
himself. -'My task is donf, nnd well
done !''
Slart'iig from' tile log with ft ccrtaiii
al.irrily In his gait, and ascending the!
hillock of c. nh that was raised against
the stone ciicu.nference of the lime kiln,
hu thus reached tlin lop of the Xucture.
I( was a space of per hups ten feet acroM
fiom edge to edge, presenting n view of
thu upper surdicc of the imtucriio maM
of broken marble with which tho kiln
was heaped. All these innumcrablo
blocks nnd fragments of marble weru
red hot and vividly on fire, sending up'
grent spouts of l.lun (lame, which nuly
ercd alofi nnd danced madly, as within1
a magic circle, and sank nnd rose ngnltt'
with continual nnd multitudinous nctiv-
ity. As tho lonely mnn bent forward
over this tcrriblo body nf firt lite blast
ing heat sinoln up u;niust if person
With n breath that, it might bo suppos
ed, would have scorched and sbriveleif
him up iu a moment.
F.ihnn Brand stood erecr, rttid raise,!
his arms on higlii Tho bluu flame
played uKn his face, nnd Imparted th'ii
wild nnd-fjn-dly light which alono will-1
hnvc mhnl its expression: it wai itiatv
of a fn-nd on tho verge, of plunging Iritis'
his gulf ul inleusesl toi'lfjhl
"Oh, .Mother harlh cneib he, "vh.
baceo-sriHike, nnd olherwiie iu a mnl I muttered liartram, who had been mnk
pitiable condition. Some purported to i ing intimiilc ncpiaintance with the
be cities, public edifices, mid ruined ens
ties in F.uropc: others represented Na
poleon's, battles and Nelson's sea-fights,
nnd in tho midst of these would be seen
a gigantic, brown, hairy hand which
might have been mistaken for the hand
be in him such wonderful skill, such na- ' of Destiny, though in truth, it was only
live gifts of healing, beyond any which j the showman's pointing its forefinger
medical hciencs could imparl, that soci-; to various scenes of llm conflict, while
ety caught hold of him, and would not its owner gave historical illustrations,
let him sink out of its reach. So, sway- j When, with much merrimeut nt its a
ing to aud frouponhis horse,undgrumb boininabltj deficiency of merit, the exe-
1 open the dtor. I do not act by old lint. i,i, k accents at the bedside, lie vi-i-. blti.in was concluded, the Gcrinan bade
custom, and am going to trim your fire, ite.l all the sick chambers for mile a- little Joe put his head into the box
like a lime-burner, as I was once." 1 bout among the mountain town, and Viewed through (tie magnifying glasses,
lie stirred tho vast coals, thrust in ' sometimes ruied a dying man as it ' the boy's round, rosy vi,agc, asnimed
more wood, nnd bent forward to gaze were, by miracle, or quite often, no , ihe Miangest imaginable aspect of an
into tin- hnllnu,- nrifim. house of ihc fire, i doiibi. sent his tinticnt lo a eriive that I immense Titanic child, the moulh grin-
regardless of the fierce dow that red. was du- mnnv a year too soon. The ning broadly, the eyes and every other gradual but mars elous change that had
o n - n v . v. - . . - .. . t . .. . i i
lliwinr bud tin cicrlastni" nine in his . feature overflowing with tun at Ihe loke. b.-cn wronglit uii.m bun liy the uwrcii
moulh. nnd. as somebody said, in ullu-1 Suddenly, however, that meny face! lo which he had devoted himself II
hhick IkiIIIc ntmve mentioned. 'But
watch if you like ! For my pari , I
shall be all the better for a snooze.
Conn:, .lot.
As tb: l.-oy follnwiil his father hi the
hut, he looked buck nt the wnyfarer;
an J the tears came rrrlo his eyes, for his
tender spirit had an irrtmlion of thu
hi ick and terrible loneliness iu which
this man had enveloped himself
When they had gone, Ktban Brand
sat listening to the truckling of the kin
dled wood, nnd looking at the little
spirits of fire that isiucd through thu
chinks of the door These trifles how
user, once so fainilisr, hud but iIip
slightest hold of atlcnlion, while deep
within his mind ho wns reviewing the
dence upon his face. The lime-burner
sat watching him, nnd half suspected
his stranger guest of a purpose, if not lo
evoke a fiend, at least to plunge bodily
into the flames, and thus vanish from
thu right of man. Ethan Brand, how
ever, drew quietly bnek, and closed the own fashion, earnestly inviting him to
door of thu kiln. pariuku of the contents of u ceiUin
"I have looked," said be, "into many I b'nek bottle, in which they avtrred, be
a human heart that was tcveu times would find something far betltr worth
hotter with sinful passions than yonder seeking for than the Unpardonable Sin.
furnace is with fire. But I found not , No mind, which has wrought itself by
it ' there what I sought. Not the unpar- intenst and solitary meditation, into a
donableain! high Hate ot eMJiutlavm, ran endure
art no tune my Mother, and into who!
bosom this flame shall never be resold
c.M Oh, mankind, whose brotherhoniC
I have e.Td oil", nnd I rumpled' tlty great.'
heart biu-Hili nry feet I CHi, star of
I fan veil, that ,hono on mo of old, ns If
to light me n n iv u ni and upward 1 fare
well till, and forever. Comu dc.-ully el- ,
ement of Fire hi-nrcforlh my fitmiliiiiil
friend ! ICmhrncii ui.t ns f do thee I 'k
That night the sound of n I'caiful pcJl
of laughter roltr-d h-catrfy through this
sleep of the lime. bniimr nml bin litlli.
son: dim shadows of horror nnd nnguirii
haunted their ilrcnms, uud seemed sti't
present in the ludc, Imvel when they
ojieiied their eys-st to tb' daylight,
"l.p, hoy, up ! ' cried the lime-burn'
er, hiariug noout limn "1 lunik Heaven,
the night n got e af lat, and laihec
than pass Mich Kin-ihcr, I- would watch
my linn, kiln, wide uutike, foru twelve
month. This Kihan Brand, with his
humbug of un L'upardonnhh: Sin, lia
done nn.' no -uch mighty favor in taking
my place !
He issued from his lint, followed by
little .Joe, who kept fn-t hod of hij fa
ther's blind. The ea.ly minshrun wn
already pouring its gold upon llieinoun
tain topi; uoil lluro-ftf llnj valleys w-r
still iu shadpw, ihry rmiied elcrfiilly
in ihe promise, of lliu bright day fSwi
was hiulcuiug onward. Thu village-,
completely shut in' by hiiU.which swell
ed nwny gently iibotrt it, louked m H' it
had rested peacefully iu (he hollow nf
the great hand of Providence, V.rrry
dwelling was distinctly vi,lbl tho lit
tle spires of the two churches pointed
upwards, und caught a fore. glimmering
of brightness from the suisin skits up
on their gilded wculhercocLs. Tlw
tavern was astir, and thu figure of thu
old suioke-diied stage agent, cigar in
mouth, was seen beneath the Hoop, -Old
Graylock was glorified with a g'f
i Jen cloud upon his head. Scattered
likewise over the hi easts of the sur
rounding nmimlains. there svere beans
I nf hoary mist, lit fiintnst'.a shapes, S'tnr
it was al- turned pah-, and iti expression changed ' remenibeied how tho night dew had , of ihetn far down in the vnllry, tt be ra
tion to his habit ot wearmg,
wnvs nlioht with hell-fire. " to horror, for this easily impressed and fallen upon him bow tin: dark furcHU
The.-o three worthies pressed forward excitabie child had become. sensible that had whispered to him how the 9li
and greeted Ktban Brand each after his I the tye of Kthen Brand was fixed up- had "b-iuned upon him u simple and
on him through the glass. loving man, watching his fi.o in the
'You make lhi little man to he afraid,! years gone by, and evrr rnuing ns it
Cuptnin.' said the Jew, turning tiji the burned. He remembered wi.b what
dark and stror.g,outline of Ids visage, tenderuecs, with what hive and Minpii
from his stooping posture. 0ut bk t thy for mankind, and what pi'y ' '
aguin. anu, uy cnance, i iiui. raus jon. man woe, ne run nrsi ie"iiii mnmnm-
. , I4UIIMIIIU .Jill , I I
t t.M l,;. cnn.r nn ! "What is the Unpardonable tasked' the kind of contact -with low and vulgar
thatl Brand InU Ins linger on ,ime.burner; ..Jd then he shrank ' modes of thought and feeling to which
his 011 hi.-att. ( further from his companion, trembling Ethan Brand was now subjected. It
Here !' replied he. ... ,. lest bis question should be answered. I made him doubt and strwige to say, it
And then svithout mirth in his j h U in that grew within my own was a painful doubt whether he had
countenance, bnt a if moved by an (jfeaji," replied Ktlmn Brand, standing j indeed found the Unpardonable Sin,
Irnnltintsrv recormitioa of the infinite , treci. with a pride that distinguishes alt and found it within himself. Thu
.... i. ., ... ...... , ....
absurdity of seeking
tavc the wry fgw that were requuiUi
to bis buaioen- At frerjuent intr
vaii, he flung baek the clashing weight
of the iron door, and turning ht face
s nf t l J iLmii
u'lgoiofla.oiwa.w , - f ,.mS(.,P fln(1 IooWn2 into
wilKtraSare' the hcart.save his own, tot
c ivunstWtflmct:and burn, i bidden m no other orcas
ini&ffij4ota iUi the broke u.to a kujjkof acorn 1
Sui.'stil,' school the I the una U.eYy laugh that
lliuaiMv - 1
to see somewhat that is tery tine, ujn
my wont and honor.
Ethan Brand gazed into me. oox
lilatt: tho'i! ideas which aflerwirds be
ciiuie ihe. ioH.inilioil of hi I SVs ; with
for what icw.-icnce hu had tl-'n looked in-
nn inilsnt, nnd then starting back, look-1 to the heart of man, slewing it as a tew
ed fixedly at the German. What had I pie o.iginally divine, nnd however de-
hu keen.' nothing, apparently; lor a I ccraledUN in w ih-hi surreu ny a nrom
l .. l ... I .1 ' . ...M. l..i,.flf...l..UI .1..,..
CuriOUS VOUIII, Wliu null ucriwu
m ul
only a
for what
breast, ho
that had
enthusiasts of his stamp. "A sin that whole question on which be havl exLaui
gruw nowhere else ! The sin of an in-1 ted life, and more than life, looked like
tll-r( lbt Iriunmlii'il over tlit, r.f .n ,l-!iiftiriri-
brotbeihoo. whit man, and reverence. 'Leave mc,' be said bdlerly, 'ye I Nuremberg, with a dark smile, I
.1' ... .. . .1.. . ..1 ll I.. ... a lii.vv rnntllir tn ItlV stlAW
tor sjchj, ami farriuctru
its own mighty claims !
voutli, who nau
most at the tame time, beheld
vacant snaco of canvas
'I remember you now,' muttered E
thau Bland to the showman.
'Ah, Captain, whispered Ihe Jew of
everything to .brute beasts, that have made yourselves
Tbe n'y sin t-o, shrivel!
that deserves a recompense of immortal 1 liquorr ! I have done with you. Years j Captain,
ing up your souls with fiery I ll
I have done with you. Years j C
it to be a heavy mutter in my show-box,
I ibis Unpardonable Sin I By my faith,
it bus srtarleil ray skouldtrs,
igonr! Prs-ely, were it to do again, land years ago, I gropedinto your hearts this lonjj day, to carry itovkr tbeiuoun-
lsitiM th fire auivercd on Uic,"0'1 aj.pw.eu w ,iu.-.u. WOoW I Incur ihe guilt. Unshrinking- and found nothing there tor my pur-
dartStsUioacV of thosurrouud'tngfor-lttherataeu me wajiarcra.upiiscu. j accJll ,,ie frlnbuiionr Ipwe. Get you gone.'
U.irsvlMvt.j "- , . Pi 1 ri. .n.Ilisrir mountain St,U was' -n U.HI.i.m,.,!" ,.,lr. I ,U'li -. .u.;;i u-nur.Jr! ' rri.l
ed lite lone-burner lo biaM-Jf. "He the fierce doctor, 'is that the way yon
'Pfrace.'nnswercd Ktban Brand.stern-
ly. 'or get ye into tli fsrrrrace yonder.'
.... , . .in;.!.... 1 I . I..
the .lews S-XUluiiwn nvi rcarcriy
est, aalrrd in tbe forcsrouad a
hut lt) iprin? ba ftt dw, tneoof pUcf, tahtttned, cr bursting ' m,y a unntr, like tlitrettef u-!rwpond to the kindness of your best evuehded, when a great, tiddly doS,
er. with what awful tear In: stud dfpr
(iilt-d l In; success of pursuit, and prayed
that thu ('npanlonabh: Sin might tier.
tr I: revealed to Mm. Then ensued
that vat intellectual dcvtlopement,
which in it progretj, dislnrbed the
amnterpoise between hii mind nnd his
heart. The Men that wesed his
life lu-l operated as u means of educa
tionjit hail gone on cultivating his xw
era to the highest pw.t f hieh thy
wera puiccptiblr; it had raixJ him from
the levrl of an unlettered laborer lo
stand on a War light eminence, whether
the ph.losophrrs of the earth.lndeti wiih
the lore if iuivwsri., might
high up linvsnl the siiiiiiful', and still
ottiers, (d the sainu fuu.il of Ai.st or
cloud leYiriiig in llm gold rmJienco of
I he upper nliriLriphere. Stepping from
one lo another of ihe clcuds llul reled
on the hills, and thence, to ho loftier
brotherhood that sailed in air, It seem
ed nlmost in if a mortal man might lJlu4
ireend into the lieuvrnly regions.
Knr'.b was so mingled with sky that ll
wns a dsyilrenm to look til it.
To 'upply that charm of the familiar
mhI homely, which Nature so- readily
adopbi iu n scene hke ibis, lhj ilagu
coach was rattling down the mount am
road, and the driver sounding his horn.
wMIe the echo tiiujht up th iiotei and
entwined them into a rich, and varied
And tlaWale harmony, of Which Ihn
origirml performer rtrnld lay claim lf
JHlle share, TJm great hills played ss
concert among tlieintelvee, etu-h con
trihutlng a Xruiit of airy sweetness.
LntU: Jirt-.'k (tea brightened at one
Dear fallier," eris-d he, skipping
cheerily to aud fib, "that stung mutt
is gone, and the sky and the mountains,
Jill scum gLd of it V
"Yes," growled the lime burner, wltfl
an oath, "but he has let ihe fire go down.
vainly no (hanks iv bim if fire huodre'l

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