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T ilTIHM'lir..
The latcit account of th'u nfTiir
say, that when within nlKint a mile
and a half of New Rochclle, or about
M miles from New York, the fonnnl ' u
: .1 .1. .... ...M il. ... r.n ,
car mi tli the third or middle ear fell
down, throwing the wheel off the
track, and with the axle, went off the
embank went. The forward cnl of
the car plowed thff tien ami track for
Kimc -') rods, when the connection
broke, ami Ibo car went off (ho em
bankment, turning a eomcr?ct, tho
tenter of tho top of the car length
wise, striking upon ft heavy stone
nail, smashing it in splinter?. The
ncut car followed suit, falling nnd
resting upon it side, the end pitch
rig into tho side of the first car.
breaking through nml preying it near
ly to tho centre. This ear lay about
hair way down tho tide of the cm
bwkmoi.t. The list car wai drawn
l.-ilf way off'tlie track, tho forward
ciin on wo biuc next uie iraoK. piuw
..ill i.ixi
.1 i . .i . i i
ing into the bank, ind the Iback end ;
keeled into the nir, supplied by the
. i. .. i.:i. , i i.-.i. i.i m-i. '
uuth, minn svkpi ii-iiv iitiih. j lie i
tnrcc can were aiinost exactly aorcasi
No pcrsoiu in the hack car were in
Tlic scene in the middle car, the
one astiitlo the stone mill, utteily
beggari dcsciiptiou. Tho first b
jeet lhat met my eye ( says n passcn
gt-r)wai ft stout young woman, appar
rently about 21 years of nge, lying
uon her back apparently lifeless. No
one was regarding her, ns so many
who gavo horrible- signs of life de
manded attention by cries never to
be forgotten by llioc who heard them.
The next objects which attracted my
sight were two women, mother nml i
iiiliiiH'.r, noiu 01 wnom weic
spic7.od between thedetatched top
and sido of tho car. mixed up with
backs and seals which had been cat .
through tho opening with them. Of
eouS'j the most energetic efforts were'
made by all the unin jured in aid of
all. A more complete wreck cannot
be conceived. The scats and their
hacm were strewn m every direction,
nii'i stripped oi every vesugc oi con-
i.ection. Liugmgo cannot painf j
uhj .sevue. ii sicini mir.icio inui
many were not killed outright. J lie,
arcidcnt, it is believed arose from the' was tho result of an old quarrel. U.
detachment of tho brake at the for- was formeily deputy sheriff,
ward eml of tho third car. A fan.i-, Tlio N. 0. papers contain full par
y twenty-five rods back, saw that ticulars of the lato duel in that citv,
something was wrong, nnd halloed at tt,ici, waH fouglt witj, double-barrel-the
train, lhe hrako, if this is the c,i Pl9l nt -10 paces. At tho 6ec
true state of facts, threw the v.hcels 0nd fire Frost received Hunt's shot
off the track, ami from that moment j his left breast and expired in half
the forward eml of tho car dragged a hour.
iiH)H tho track and ties, which it did, I
for some ten rods as thero nro plain) The American anniversary vf lnJc
evidences. Two sets of wheels vrcro pendencein Lmdon. Tliis annivcrsa
nt tho bottom of the t mbankraent, 8 ry was celebrated on the 1th by a grand
or ten rods back of tho spot whore concert, hall and supper given to the
the cars went off. The track was and Hon. Mr. and Mrs. Abbott Lawrence,
is perfect, and not a wheel or axlo is by Mr Pcabody. The large hall of Wil
broken. So thero is no reasonable ' lis' room was used for the occasion,
doubt of the correctness of tho ex- and appropriately decorated with flags
planation of tho cause of this ncei-' and emblems. Tho American eagle
dent hero given. It is not necessary j and coloi s on a largo scalo adorned
to say, that tlioso having the manage- the wall at one end, and wore suspen
meut of the train, could do nothing to ded over a portrait of Washington,
prevent this occurrence. Hut wo will while on tho lower end was a portrato
nay, that after it occurred, nnd thro'-' 0f our Queen, with tho appropriate
oh, u.ey acicu iiko men. u iie
duetor was in tho rear ear at tho time
of the accident.
A report prevails that a Miss Mil
ler oli.Massachusctts is dead
lly this accident some 2." or 30 per-!
sons were seriously injured.butstrangu (
to lay, nono other killed hut the one
above reported.
. . .
c L' " A"
Vmtvmeiamcnto al Puerto Principe
Desperate Strwjyle CovemmnU
r r, ueurea ,o u,e .uoumam,.
....,-m...h ,.,....,. j cheers, the band playing tho usual
IIwasa, July 17. 'heroic song that greet tho veteran of
It seems to he fairly confirmed, that Waterloo. Sir (Jeorgo Grey was
on the lth of July, at 1'uero Prin- present, and other distinguished
cipe, tho hone and sinew of tho land hersons. Tho concert, which com
pronounced against tho Government prised most of the vocal talent now in
nnd put at defiance the troops. Thcv London such voices, for instance,
were attacked on the oth of July ,aud as thoso of Uathcrino Hayes. Sofie
the troops were repulsed with los3 of Cruvelli, Gardoni and Lablaehs was
killed and wounded 28, which shows followed by dancing, which was kept
the desperate character of the strug- UP '1' greatest animation. The
gle, and confirms the number as hav-1 lateness of the hour alone prevents
ing been at least 5 or 000. They 1 113 from noticing the proceedings nt
have retired to ibo mountains, nnd put. tnc Slpper which provod. no doubt
themselves in a position for defence, conducive to tho pleasure of all pres
with munitions and materials to de- CL Need we say that tho wholo
fend themselves, taking with them scene was emblematic of the good
ihfl bll'AP r.f iMfilivliAn n ,...!.,!. , ,,Tilni2lnii.lt.irv . l.ij.l. nrtti ai linttfilu
U . IllfcklVil. ik I'lllllIIIUl
So much for tho Ant struggles of
the child.
Other towns havs followed the lend
nnd hi a few days the whole eastern!
pmiou oi tno Waml of Cuba will be
in a slate of revolution, and in sixty
diiyj, peihaps, Creole destiny will be
determined. The government have
been tending troopa to Mntnnsaa the
CM thore,c.!: T y n
can tncre, assomctbini' mora urzent
pirn mcok. but it socms they did not
pressed them castwird '
It'ii common to cliango the location
f troops often, U order that no so-
c?l attachments may be consummat-
..I ... 1 .1 1 . .
, ami the lato movements were in-
Mmated as of this character, which
iias misled uwnv na (iibr. immrisnoi.!
taanv DA to ibe imnartancf
attached by tho Government to the
progressive excitement now hearing
upon the tnindi and hearts of the
pK 1 do not see how there can
any mistake in what I writ V
be .
'rom !
(ho character of (he data wc have.
.t. . . . . r 1 ... ,
and the lources fivur who
is ectUm Cut U'eiuul CoauU CvjB abu,,,
reives (lint a cri&is is at hand, and he
is fn'jrcil to meet it, ami will do
with net c and ability.
The affair is alluded to in the Gov
erntnetit i .-rcMof this morning, hut
,s guptcd lhat (he whole story U
. .i . .. .i ir ...
not told, nml that it is thrown off to
nllav public apprehension here. Two
cinif sat ic? from (he L'nitcd Slates arc
HMd.cn of as being At the head of
this outbreak, which is onsi of the nsu-
al pttrjurrd mi-takea of the autlwii-
tic.-. Two otvle 'outfit, educated in
the t'liitid Stales, were at tho galh-
ciing, and probably mainly iustrumcn-
tal in ojiening die cry, hut there weic
no Americans mixed up in tho mat
i... n... : r..i.. -.... ,.r ii.w
11.1. J liV IUIIIIVMIiIIU (.illiou VI
niovetnent rests with the newly np-
tH.inted military Governor, by several
tyrannical and oppressive acta, which
pn.vu him incapacitated for the ic-
spouiblo and delicate trust imposed
upon him by his Queen, lie treats
the i, conic wiili "nciicrul orders" as
,,iMt nml parcel ol his own division ot
1 . . .
. . . .... ..
the. arm,-, ami comprehends no other
legislation to he taught and enforced
. .. . a
iiy tijy noi'll. Q, V, 0.
Slicipi:.- A young man named
Daniel V. IIowc, employed for three
veais in the unothcout v store of Car
ter, (.'oleord & 1'reston. comer of
Hanover and t'ortlnnd streets, wlulo
in a '.emporary fit of insanity, stab
bed himself severely in the right side
of his chest with a dirk knife, arid
died in the Clcucr.il Hospital on Mo
Lean street. Coroner l'ratt held an
impiest upon tho body and gave a
verdict of the canto of his death, in
accordance with the above statement.
Deceased whs 2I veai sold, of good
M nil( W.H tl,-Sl, 0f l)ndley
Howe, of LoudomleiTv, Vt., to which
place the body will be conveyed for
interment. The parents and a broth
er of the deceased were with him
when he dL-d. The deceased was to
have been married the nest Sunday.
,. ,
cocriii;i;. l-ints. Jialtimorc, .Ju
ly 18. The Liberia packet, is to sail
for Monrovia, to inoriow, with 00 col
ori.,j emrrran'.s.
j0m y. Wormlcy, a lawyer, dclih
nrntnlv shot hUsmi.in.biu- Antlinnv-.I
hi,:0ii. on Wodi.l.-ie. Tbr. n,r,!n,.
con-,arnn of Knuland. Though in char
acteristic compliance with American
taste.tl'.c lion at.d unicorn figured in
miiiaturc opp03tto the gigantic rcpto
gpiitntinn nt' tlw ni'rli ct:ira nml cli-i.
,1Cs, this fact was only noticed hv the
hypercritical, and affected not tho
spirit and gaiety of tho assembled
crowd. The company compiiscd many
0p (1C )CrSona,C3 0f Kngland,in
addition to all tho most favored of tho
nafiAes of tho United States nt pros
ent in London. The Duke of Wellin"
ton walkc,i , at alf .)Mt c,c
WM rcceivC(; gcVera, ro , f
MI,l.iaHIU1 i. v.. i .Ift,
. i i IT r
reigns oetween jngianu ami uie um-
ted States. London Daily Xctcs.
Tho new steamer Winfield Sott
made the run from the waters of tlio
Mississippi to the watc-n of the Hud.
son in 110 hours. She hriii'3 17A
passengers, and papers two davs in
advance of the mail.
es'",c 1an'l,,et t0 Archbishop
tr....i.... ,.n-, .
lur ,,0,ll-,
V, T
lL' S!nt,i," 1 1'' wI,0,u 'a,ac'l!
iroiu noil.
vashin -lor
i) niel ebs.er, I enry
ton Hunt, and others.
I An elderle ma,. .,! n:.i,...,.,.
V ' "miiivm a si ;v n ii V
was murdered in Burlington county
New Jersey, last week, by a tta
nflin-'d Stockton, who beat and stamp -
c'1 lo death, because of hi.i inter -
... . ...
."'y'y l" -ccu a woman Mum .
Till list) A V KVEXIXU. J I.T 3
SKl'TKMllKtt ,
For Governor,
For Lieut. Governor,
For Treasurer,
For Senators.
j0(X (R(,wi.cy, of Mt. I loll v.
,Amvs K.llvni:, Sudbury.
p;Ll!-,A 1jAhiam, Dauby,
lor Ja,l.es r.f Lounty Loutt
S. II. Kci.i.oiiii. Pittsford
. . . .......
B.wi.m:.- Imusiikk, .Miuilletown.
For Stale's Attorney.
W.Mir.c.v II. Smith, of ltutlnnd.
For Sheriff.
Jacob Km:ki:ton, of Rutland.
For Wyh Bailiff.
Li:vi l'nir.i;s, of Jlrandon.
Jmhje f FrolaUfor I'ivt. Huthnul.
lLwtviiV Hutton', of Wallingfovd.
laJye if 1'robatefor ilist Fnirlmvcn.
Ai.avpox A 1. 1. F.N, of Fait haven.
The. following will hereafter bo the
rates of poMngo on the Herald :
Jiitbu County of Rutland, FHKK.
Out of the County and not exceeding
fifty miles, Fivi: Ci:nts per quarter.
Over fifty miles nnd in the State, or not
exceeding throe hundred mile, Ti:x
Ckxts per quarter,
All Mibcribcrs to
this paper, will
furrished through llio
tinder the new law, nnd as the can
vass for the next Fall Elections, is iiiit
In mini, irn nro in I mtP4 Irk ini,u 0 nn
ndditional nuqiber of new subscribers.
Terms ns usual, 51,25 in advance, S1,5U
at the expiration of tho year.
cot- MTV
net.au ne.tl.tr t.mo nor space, in!
our.nM, ,o give more ina. tnc omcm.
report ot tliu Convention lielu onlhoi
1 Oth iust. and in now placing the lick-
et nominated beoro the Whig freemen
of Itulland County, wo feel that there is
no great or pressing necessity for saying
very much more.
The Convention was well attended,
and by such n class of men ns would
do honor to any community, and whose
presence ever gives asuffieient guarantee
that tho rights of the people are (o bo
protcc(ed, (heir interests securod, nnd
the principles of the Whig party main
tained ngainsl oil opposition from with
out or within.
We hnvo said lhat llio Convention
was will attended
It was so in a
marked degree, both us to number nnd,mit him to bo great.
character. Tho nominations were nil
fairly made, nnd in accordanca with the
old established usage of tho parly ; and
that n ticket thus made, will bo sustain
nnd triumphantly elected by (he Whigs
of tho County, is a matter beyond nil
doubt or question.
It will bo seen th&t only three chan
ges bavu been made in the ticket of last
year, leaving n largo majority of old j If we except the speech of Mr. Stant
and well-tried men beforo us, simply bury devoted mainly lo showing of lhe
that wo mny re-affirm our previously
expressed judgment as lo their honesty
mid integrity, nnd give to them once
moro nn expression of (hat confidence'
lo which they nro entitled by tho faith-
ful manner in which their duties have (
been executed heretofore. And wo will
hero say of 1I1030 gcnllcmen whose
names nro no longer upon tho ticket,
. 1 . t ...... 1 . . t I
inai ineyniso are entuieu to our sincere
tunnks for their long fidelity to the party,
their consistent action, nnd for llio
faithful performance of (heir official duty
to the people.
In any change thnt could have been
mndo in the ticket, under these circum
stances, nnd especially whero new and
untried men nro presented for the suf
frages of the party, it is not (n be ex
peeled indeed it would bo strange were
sothat tho action of any Conven-
t lion could meet tho enliro approval of
all. Private wishes, nersonal feeliiiin.
. individual preferences will always
. . .
uc lou,!" 10 m a" cl.nics nnd in
lmr,!c-a,", of t'oursc- "r "
. not ""Pt 'c iufiuences which
f""S d such motives produce
Lu. 1, ,, a nW rf lirillr. ' , ,.,
! ; f V'
. nl preferences and dislikes, arc here lci
! ,ncl han in other quarters, nnd
' -
cnQr:ilb' most readily surrendered
, 'V ' mein!icr of the Whig party of
! Vermont. They are far too intelligent,
1 two p.nriotio nnd u3 dtvoled lo tuinci-
I . '
pic to allon personal fethngor pi hate
luil-.ialwiij tc. swint lb m Um a
plain path of duty, or divnt llu in Innii
a tixrd and cll!t.-J purOie.
That (be ticket now preienled for the
suffrage of the Whigs of Itulland counly
was doignct! by ibo Convention (o be
made as generally accept ble as such
tickets u.'ually are, we havo no reason
to doubt, anil it now only remains for
the Whig tlu-ni?elrcs tu function thN
aclion, and give n clear vote Tor the
ticket. Wo Imve only two untried can
didates in the fielJ, (the popularity of
the new candidate for Probate. Judge
in tho vrurn district having long since
been thoi-mighly tc(eil, nud Ins fidelny
and integiity fully proved,) nud it is lo
be hoped that with our own i-nndidate
it will prove u " neek-nnd-neek " rnei
while we leavo our opponents fur in die
Li t it bo remembered that but n diort
time is now lo elapse before the day of
trial, nnd that immediate, organization
should be made in every town. It is to
be hoped lhat tho certainly with which
wo expect to elerfrour county ticket,
Hill deter none from tho vigorous action
necessary to keep our representative
majority good, nor render us foigetful
of our duly lo the Whigs of the Slate
Let us have a thorough organization, n
full vote, nml an old fashioned Vermont
Whig viet' ry.
G i:eiial Scott's Porui.MtiTY.
It would ho well and certainly mod
est for those who so pertly talk o!
the unpopularity of Gen. Scott am!
so arrogantly assert that ho is not
never was, or ever can be a popular
candidate lor the Presidency to re
member that other able, and distin
guishad men have, nnd do still disa
gree with them.
As we understand it, Gen. Scott
has long been regarded by many o(
tho ablest polititians of the country
as a Hrump cartV in the hands of the
Whig party, and held ready at nny
time- to bo played in case of emergen
cy. In tho Presidential Convention
in 18o0 a convention composed of
one of tho most able todies of men
ever assembled in the nation and
notwithstanding he had written .r.-,,
al letters to different members, that jubiIu,ion of ",c ,najo,i,y :vi,,,on,' ,ha"
, , ,. , . . ,. ,to join those within; and ns we were
jl0 ahould prefer the mination ofi
Uher c, . ,Iarriso ;f thou,lt
I more expedient ho received on the
. , . ,
l.nllnt .mwi'm llin Iftnf Ik. i!
voieoi me jxgw xo.t;, mew Jersey,
Connecticut, Vermont and Michigan
delegations. This, together with the
j fact that he is now tho acknowledged
favorito of Pennsylvania, Ncvv York,
01lio and othcr 5mportant States M
a candiJate fop nomhiatio
, , . , '
' h .
tleman above alluded iomay he mis
taken. When Daniel Webster, by
subscription or olhcrwiso, can mako
any such showing as this, wo will own
up that he is popular 33 wo now ad-
Dkmochatio Fukk Son. CoxvnK
tiok. Tlio County Convention of the
Free Soil Democracy of Rutland coun
ty, wns held nt this place on Snturday
last. Wo have seen larger gatherings
here than wns shown on Ibis occasion,
but a more quiet body of people we
, have seldom, if ever, seen congregated.
duplicity nnd iniquity of the Whig party
and illustrating the dullness of his own
mental or moral perceptions while so
long among them nothing occurred lo
give interest to the meeting, or draw
away (,0 rfist 0f the world" from
tliutr business or pleasures,
Tho meeting, we understand, was
quite harmonious, it could not have
well been otherwise, and tho follow
inggenllemC'iftiridiycousenled to stand Ucton has been perfected and to
as cnndidales on (ho liekcl of the party Jav fThursdavMho event is beiiic
nnreein not in " Pi-ek " nniil nrmp
rcun0 not (o 1 cck 11.. I aHer
rltr.lifin- tvlinn llin nntinln will nun
.... : 1 . .
them a full release from further service.
Tho following composes the ticket
nominated: For Senators B. 1)av
usroKT of Brandon, I. Maiiks of Paw-
let and G. W. Chaplain of Rutland;!
For County Judges J. L. Mausii of
Clarendon nnd I. Button of Brandon ;
For State's Attorney C. B. IIaiiri.v;
ton of Rutland ; For Sheriff L. M.
Wai-icku of Clarendon; For High Bail
ilT II. W. Lestcu of Rutland; For
Jude of Probate (Rutland District,)
I). S. Kwinc, of Clarendon.
-The N. 0. Crescent of the Oth
! .
. . . . . 1 11F, -. .. . :
i;oiii.iui3 a report, ui a nuig uicciui
and bitter contest for theCongrcssioti-
al nomination, between Hunt and
Maiks, which, it is supposed will lead'acrie saiJ to 1,0 1,10 largest in the
to another duel-hisses and cl.ecWt,J V0"..!? i".. V.?"
weic given for Iwth candidates
j'h: mcttin I i-.kc up iu a loiv.
r.r. tt'tnnUV, :M- I-OI I.TXKV. 1
The JubuVi) " celebrated by the
friendiof this institution on Thursday !
oflast week held a a dy of rejoiciiij;
in consequence of (ho recent relc.-ue of "'"hle enndidnle, (o be put in nominn
this cstnblidimei.t from the bondage of, ,ion for Uovernor, as he wni supposed
debt,- nnd to which nil lhe prcviou-. 10 bo 11,0 of ,1,u lmr,- i' lh"
sraduMcs of lhe school were invited
w;u a day made "gloriotu" by th.tlw non arrival of this ne.igc in seajon,
hosts in nllcr.danee, and by laany it or 11 nanifrtcd dininrlinnlion on the
will be remembered ns owe of the bright l'a" "f Mr- N' 'ad whc Mr. Peck
and happy days of lli.ir exislunce. To
the early friends nnd patrons of this in-
stitution, who aided iu its creation nnd
ear. fully watched over it in the days
of its struggling infancy, nnd to tlio-e
who since have held (ho " laboring oar" j
and guided its destinies in the severer
struggles of youth to independent man
hood, it wns a day of glorious triumph
or sweet satisfaction, nn.l a day wherein
, ,, . , . ., . , .
they could, m honest pride, contemplate-
tho successful result of those efforts, nud
......... A. . .
see anil icel Hint llieir uselui moors
were recognized nnd appreciated.
. , ,. , , ,
lo the earlier graduates of the Insti-
ttition and Uie older scholars, and those
who in day (jono by had passed through
tho "litdits nnd shades" of academic file
, ,. ,
together, the day xvns made i.eculinrly
'gloiious" by the ninny unexpected
meetings llio " ge.tlings together " of
' kindred spirits " from nil quarters- ,
., , . i , .,
thu many happy rc-i tiions. and by tho
J 1 1 J ' J
opportunity nfforded to talk over, laugh
over and sing of, llio scene of the " mer-
ry days when wo wcro young," and last, I
-.in-.- I-
(iifNeast in all save in the nueetion ol
thoso who love and caro for them the
younger portion of llioae. who Hill 6eek
shelter and nunuro under the wings of,
their old mother Sen "-the day was
a bright and roy one to them; and if
tho " indulgeiieo" granted them on tho j
occasion win not Miictly "plenary," it
J ' J1
was sufficiently fo to render the day
J , , ,
quiteai "glorious ns they could well
live up lo.
As for ourself, our observntions on
this occasion were entirely general. As
the day wns exceedingly closo nml sul-
try, anil as less man one tourlli ot tlioso
desirous of lintening to lhe addresses at
(he church, bud great difficulty in fore -
ing themselves within its walls, wc
. .
""ought it more pruuent lo witness tno
obliged to leave before tlio dinner and j Aktkknoon Snssiox. The- Con-
(he levee, wo can only speak of 'i'1"." 'e-u;sen.blcd ,l ialf-at one
; o clock. llio President eallud the
(he details of tho exercises from re- Convention (o order, and while wailing
port. Wc lenrii that the nddrcsses Tor the report of tliu nominating emu
nt the church were highly credita-' miltee, tho Convention was eloquently
blc lo the different speakers; that addressed by Win. P. Itriggj, Ksq of
, 1 ,. Chittenden County, nnd Hon. Paul
tho ceremonies nt tho dinner we i;ilinluun, of Wnshington counly, nud
quite snlisfactory ; that the leveo was others, in regard to the Fugitive Slavo
well attended ; and Ihnt the soiree mado , law.
a happy finale lo n joyous day. . Mr;. "raii.nrd, of Franklin county,
Tho excellent Hand in attendance,1 f,"m',,e noininatins cmmiUeo, report
. , , . , , . ... ed the nimo of II ok. Iimotiiv P.
(the Troy Arsenal Hand.) gavo add.- ( illcl,mliWi of Montpclicr, ns lhe can-
tionnl zest and pleasuro to lhe ocension, ( didatu for Ciovcrnor. The report was
who, nfter introducing a new day with n
.i.t:..i..t.i 1 . i..if..i.:..'
.. , ... i
citizens and guests, took their departure
nnd the last dying strain of music, nnd
tho last shout of the last reveller, passed
nsvny together.
Rutland k Wasiiinoton R. R.
Wc had the pleasuro of riding ov
er this roadrow Caatleion to I'oull-
ney and back, on Thursday last, tho
road being run during the past week
for tho accommodation of tho great
. 0
numbers in attendance upon tho ex-
nminations at tho Castleton and Poult
ncy Seminaries. This portion of tho
, . ', ,
road 1a not as yet opened to tho trav
cling public, not being entirely 'grad -
cd up' ;'-hut being well and thorough-
1 . , ...
ly built, it was tho 'general opinion
that tho road offers tho chance- for a
fair start towards Albany, and that
tlio blocking below should ho hurried
away as fast as possible.
Since writing the above wo learn
that the connection of this road with
sin- it? ,
uiu u iiiioiiaii uuu oaiaiuzik air Vim-
, . . . .....
,0 lho ozm of8omo ,iu,0 (,cm.
. . . ....
onstration on the part of tuo lneiula
of lho two roads. Two well-fillcd J's'ttivc feature of Iho Whig party in
- , c , I its present phase, as shadowed by Ibo
cars of tho Saratoga road woro this I present Administration, fidelity lo Sla
morning for tho first time passed very, the maintenance of its supremacy
over the toad of the Rutland and , and '"""'"Why. We shall therefore
' tritiiuii fit Whir rinrlu 1 tj r v 1 n 1 1 . 1 j
Washingtoa and handsomely intrc-
Hiiccii to 111c pcopto at tno uepot ol
tho Rutland & Burlington road. This
connection will add much to the pleas
antness of th'13 route to 'passengers for
Saratoga and Troy and will render
this the route for the South and West
1 1 . . 1 . . ...
travel, 'till the completion of the two
rival routes tho Rutland & Wash
ington via Poultncy and Salem, and
the Western Vermont road via of
EST Rarnuui'a Museum and Men
hibited 111 RutUnd, Mondav. Aug'Ut
r-.- The Free S..1I Cnnvrnlim, l.r t
on S:l,,"d.y, pacd n resolution rceoin-
,nclu,in" le State Convention, the
"0"0 -rrfAn;i, as (he most.
"hcilier, in ei.ioequciico of
U,UM 1 want to, we uo not Know; but
for """ crt,,4C' !t wi" 1)0 " l
coinmcntiatiuii wat not iieedeil.
,;rr.fponiUnce 0,"L ., ,,,.
coxvk.vtion op tiik ritKK dkm
MoNTi-i.i.ir.K, July 22.
The " Free Democracy" of Vermont
agreeably to u call the Slate Committee,
Yumb!c,,,in u,, 1Co.,,rt ,,,0,',i.n
plaec. to-day nt II o clock, A.M., for
,,, UrpiW0 of 0,nlnnling caliidate
for Governor, in place of Hon. Lucius
'1, II. ...1. ...I... 1 I , ?
" no unu uueiiiieu oeing n can-
I he Convention was called to order
,,y Kl,wi)rj , ,Ja,.bcPf E cl,nilnnM
of the committee, mid on motion of
Judge Thomas, of Orange county, Hon.
1-d'iumd Weston, of Ornngo county
was appointed President pro tein., nnd
ir. it. Sesslnn. . f Wn,l,! ...
county, was uppoiiited Secreliirypio
(cm. On motion of Mr. Dickey, a
committee was appointed by tho Cliair,
1 nomiiinle oil ire ii for tliu pcrmniieiit
,- , .'
organization ot the Coiienlion
Mr. Uradley, of Frankliu county, of-
fered the following resolution :
Jienolccd, That u committee, corres-
ponding to tho number of Senators in
1 , " , , . . , . ,, , ,
each county, be appointed by the dele-
,,.,U3 (,.om UiU., (louiily, to nominate n
candidate for Govunor. Adopted,
Ml-- Dickey from tho coininitleo to
"0,,.,i"',.,c ttff" fV,r ,l,u l,,'"!",y"1
gatu.ation ol (be Convention, reported
as -(1)w.s:
For President, Hon. Kdmond WtMon
of Orange county. For Vice President,
r ; l ..ft.'
V f V,, -' ' r couniy,
D. C. Grant of Chittenden county ; Jo-
sqm Sawyer of Wnshington counly;
j Harvey Stewart of ltutlnnd counly, nnd
A. K. Judevine, of Caledciiin county,
Pr Secretaries, M. 11. Sessions, of
nsiiinioii cuuiuy, .um inai ie ouiiiii,
' of Windham counly. Report ndopted.
ftr, itraj,.y movcd lhat a committee
' of five be appointed by lhe chair, lo
' report resolutions to the Convention.
Cliajr BPI,oi,',c,1' A1,?'MlV 1,,',a,JltJ''
i Kidder, Harbor, Kcdhcld nud liiiighum
,.,, coinrniL.e.
I , Te Co"vu"lio,n;v,!3 11,10" 'j"rncd
to half past one o clock P. M.
neeepted nnd Mr. Kodfield nominated
!....,: j".. it: ft:..i: ......
unanimous.y. 11m nomination was re
i ccivcd with rounds ol nppiause. Mr. It.
WJ )r(i,ent, al)(, ncee,e,l ,m noiniiia-
tin j ttn elegant nnd very idoipient
. speech, and sat down amid enthusinatiu
The report of the committee on reso
lutions wns called for, when Mr. lled
field, from tho committee, reported the
following :
Jlewhed, That w here again assert,
'us wc imvu heretofore, our unwavering
fidelity lo Democratic principles ; lhat
for?n!".st .TTl?- Pri,,cil,,w- wu
maintain that this Government was or-
daiued and tho Constitution ndopted,
- ' protect all its citizens in life, liberty and
Iroperty, nnd that the Government
I should bo over and perpetually active
in tl(. ,ii.,charge of that high trust,
1 Jlesolvcd, That nny attempt lo foist
hu inslilutlon of slavery into territory
under Ibo jurisdiction of Iho Union
nny legation of Congress that exposes
,1,0 iVeo citizens of n sovereign Stale to
' perpetual slavery, without due process
"f b.w-that denies the trial by jury,
and strips ofi the panoply of (ho grral
j writ ot- ,.1, ;j ., jva3j 0f the legil-
, iniato sovereignty of thu States, and an
'l,,fri"?,e"!ent of J1'", Bntica of (he
I Constitution, and should be promptly
Jtesohed, Thnt eternal fealty to tho?o
principles which deny nil these rights to
i ,1,J citizens, we cannot recognise,
j Democracy.
... .. . J
llio citizens, we cannot recognise, ns
Jtesoli-etl, l hat wo discover but one
it has none.
Tho report wns accepted, nnd lhe
resolution adopted. Near tho close of
the Convention, lho following resolution
was introduced and adopted:
Jtesoleed, That the Whig! of Vermont
by cordially aiproving 1'residL-nt Fill-
more s Attmiiusiraiiou at itieir laic 1.011
veiition at Bolluws Fnlh, endorsed and
tender 1111 issue upon lhe Fugilhu Slavo
law ; und that this Convention prornpily
accept the lender, and hereby itcoin-
mi.ni I In nil I licit- ln.lilii"il f. iittiil 2 mill
Ibis Stale, lo meet the issue in every
political gathering, nnd ut lho polls.
This was a delegate Convention, and
well attended. The proceedings were
charactuiijrd 1y bariuoiiy and enlbuii -
am. Mr. Redtield, thu nominee, U a
lawvi-r, n gontleman ol excellent ahilily
an t hut ailumtuenU
ariuvai. tiik Mi:nu-,.
i.VIT.ST I'ltUM i;t .,.(
lUi.irAX(Tu.t(iiuni Oinn )
Tuesday, July li.
The llritish mail slcamir, ,mir'
dipt. Lang, art Ivrd nt ,C dil tt-Sw
pnvl mx o'clock. M., la,iK
on the 12,1, I,,.,. Th. a!,,
brought 1,0 pnssegfr.. idudir,g ,
new Lord Ttlsbop C NotnSrwia III
lhe othtr fr Halifax. Sl
huge cargo, nnd ixiwrirhri i.
headwiiid.s all the passage.
Tliii steamer Ihi.nbul.ll, f,m N
ork for Havre, lauded !,rr msi,
Cuwe on the lllih iu.tnnt. N "
ican strainer had arrixed nt I,'tl
since thr sailing of the IVili,-.
F.Jtc.t.iKt.. hi (1. lsritisl, pMi
nirnt, the dtft-ats mlainid by K f
criiinent on Tuesday, nuriin a.
votu by ballot, nnd the annual in,,,
altornlcs. bine pu.diu-.d no ,irn(.lfll
results. Nothing has occurred in (iillfr
House, except the riiml .n..aKe tl)0ueh
thu Cominiuis, of the I, ill trj,, nj.
window tax ami cMabli-lunga lu-mfin
and the tgnominioiM dcfcnl, by a ,.,.,.1
2:10 10 IU, on Mr. Hume's r, .)ct,j
tempt lo throw dust uj,,,,. Sir ,lau.t(
Drookc. the injali of Saraual.
The (Jut-en's vi-.it U .
the two Italian Opcia Ib.u.f,, '.
events which hate vngm-tid mitniH,,,
this week.
N.-nily .f.'IOtMl wore lalen nt the n
hibilion 011 llin I lth.
The annual Si-olti-h lte .,aPt
in London on 1 lie It'ili ami 1, ,!
wns numerously atli-ndi d, tlrni'c il,,
extreme iiiipti':i:iiitiicj of Mf.nl,r
The bampn-t to lhe (Ju.cu (;U1,'
hall, London, passed ell most :iii, j,iu.
The Lord .Ma; or is to bo create,!
Ca.dinal Wi-cniitn was nrlnl in in
action al law in Jersey ; lt. j, i in.
UeporlS from Ireland iiiinnuiiro tU
lhe potato dica-c had rusppvnn-d, Tin
extent is only pariial.
A grand fete wa to bar- lal.oii W
on the 1 lth, 011 boaid thu I J sti .Siatn
.steauisbip Atlantic, alter ulncli lli-m
would be a mouttrr soiree ui tli Tumi
Hall Liverpool. Disliuguislii-d Amen
cans nro iuvitnl.
Fiiancr. hi Franco, M. do I'm
(pievillo has presented to llio Annlilj
thu repoit of the t-oiiitnilli'ii mi the r
vision of the Constitution, and t lit- nnii
is flrotigly in fas or of an entire rir'uimi,
but without any personal hearing nlut
ever. Indeed it is remarkable fur fin
gularly strict impartiality and i-iuvlit
lteporis aro current lhat (!cn lliiri
guay D'llillii'M has re.igned tlie s'tfn f
of C'oiniiiandei -in-Chief iu l'ari. (im
Fadivit-r i to proposi a motion ( ) r 1 1 .
election of I 1m Con-tiliient AssemM) Ir
unii'crsal suffrage, t-hu)l I lie roTiiion
be voted. Tin) debate on I lie ieuitif
the fviioii coiuliiilleu lake.i l,uc b'i
July l lih.
Thu Council of Slain by a snip el
18 against .r, have ri-ltlrd Ibo niuinii
bilily of Kxecutive power iu cnnfmmiii
with llio Coustitulion, 11 ptosiiimi i-f
which renders it high lreaon fur il
President lo subvert the i-uh nrlirL-cf
lhe ('oiililiiliuii.
Litlle news from Germany, oxirfi
fresh reports of arrangements coaciripl
nt Warsaw for die military dismiiiM
is Germany, so ns to suppress u" ro
olutionary attempt.
Hidfoid Slandard mys llml, nuuilj
in lhat cily, a married woman liucii"1
enraged because her husband 1 -fn- l (
slay iu the bouse, as she witli(.d,(.iu;lit
up their child, an infant i.1riii
old, and precipitated it out of a hh-ii'I
lory window. The child fell upon il
' nud strange to say, was hut linl I ""
eaith, in tho yard, heHtalli the
The strangest part of tint ktmy i
lhe child hnd been unwell, hut
f.rni.li.lltilt.in fii.nl ill!! wiiuliin llVlll'l
to1 mother, it has entirely rwncuJ t
Tub lloust: that saw im. h'
I'liAyT. A very reinaikable case
(be effects of fl ight iioii a Iww-, paj
tho Norwich Aurora, oecuricl 'f
Franklin a bhorl time since. A lw'":
belonging to Mr. Joseph rainier -n
grazing in the yard near (he fVnce, wb"
lho elephants belonging lo tin: inina
rio recently iu this city, wi re ,.v.ii7
along. The horse did not ub-'ne"'""
till they were qui'.e c!o,c lo liim,
looking up nnd seeing ibo huge ai.un-s.
ho Marled back in a fright, rna l''"''
oppositu side of the yatd, flw! f"'
moment quivering, and then ilntf'1
dead. Ho was literally frighted todutH-
Wool, KAisiNf! Mr. Citrlis L
scs, of Marcellus, submit? toftlie On
ondaga CN. Y.jSlandard antatcmcnt
of the product of his wool clip. i"!r
sistingof fifty eight Sauidi( MiW"
ohecp: aggregate weight, oU l'
averago per lleece, r pounds 7 w.--It
was sold in Syracuse at II
nee rviiiiul ! u-boli! amounted to c' '"
avcra;,c 'amouut per Heccc not f
flom to yy
j '
j )octo ilmd, who shot I'V-it at
;0Vf Orleans in tho lato duel, Ii"
)Qi.n achuitted to bail.
A fugitive slave named Jlivvktns,
waa brought before U.S. f.'tmw
ioncr Ingrahaiu, in Pliiladelji- U1
. . . I i.
the Oth lust. Jlo wai Ul.cn m
;,. caster, and belongs i Mr. 1
' f Maryland, and uboeoiided abv'it
year fcince. The Couiiu'iooivnct ''f1'-'
-,(l him to be Bent back to hu uiW
Hi Maryland.
It ij said that Casual M. Cbv
)0 J 0,000 V0U4 ill Kcnturk ,
t .-oianci aii'.u van Jidate iix 0' ,'.tu-1

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