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The Rutland herald. (Rutland, Vt.) 1850-1852, June 03, 1852, Image 1

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frnni L'hainbrr'i llilititnirli Journnl'.
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A tam: run vor.Nd vnotuz.
You are doubtlcsi aware that Green
wich may he reached both hy railway
and steamer : and if vou were there a
few yeais ayo, you iniht have notic
ed, near the pier, the hero of this nar
alive. He was then a pah:, aliyht
youth of di.xteen, good looking, hut
with the peculiar expression of coun
tenance half resignation, half anxie
ty which belongs to tho blind, lie
was quite blind stone blind, and had
been 3 fiom his birth. Ho had for
about two years played the fiddle at
the corner of a certain ptrcet. Ev
ery morning he was brought to his
ost by an old woman with whom he
odged, or sometimes by a little gill,
her giandchild, who aho brought his
dinner at one o'clock, andfetched him
home to tea nt six. lie never asked
for money, but at his feet lay a small
basket, into which halfpence flowed !
freely. There was a quiet.uu-
complaining manner aooiu nun ; 110 1
was so neat and clean, that 111 the I
neighborhood he was a favoiite, and j
all stiaiigcrs admired him. llut what
was curious and pleasant to seo was I
the rospcet shown him by all the sai
lors, watctmaii, and old college men.
Though hu could not see, they always
touched their hats to him, and said
fcir, when they wished him goon mor
ning or good evening. Hut then
Blind Walter was the son of a captain
in the myal navy, who had left him
without a father at six years old. lie
had had a mother, but Fho was what
is rarely found in this woild, as I dare
say you all know a bad mother ; and
that is the worst thing that can full to
tho lot of a child. She was not what
the world calls wicked, but she was so
really. She neglected her blind boy;
she let him pick up his education how
he could ; nnd but for the kindness of
an old musician, who took a fancy to
him. and when his mother was out
fetched him to his house, he would
havt known nothing.
The musician wta a poor old Ital-.
iar., a gentleman in his habits and
feelings ; and he taught tho boy to
speak Italian, to be tidy and clean,
and to ylay tho wliu. Walter be
came passionately fond of mnslc,whic!i
whn til mother made the discovery,
rather warmed her Teolings towards
her child. She had him more neatly
dmciivl iVi-in tufnr ntiit tool: him
wherever she went as a rrouniy. Wal-
tcr. who was an intelligent bud pleas
ing lad, was universally liked. lie
was petted and taken notice of, and
soon acnuircd the manner of lhe soci
ety to which he was now introduced
Tho importance of early traiuing arid
. . . '
education, which perhaps jus, now
may not be pleasing lo some of you,
was demonstrated in the case of Hlind
was demonstrated in
Wilir.f. When hr? fell into other cir
cunimnces he never lost his graceful "here be wa? going Jfcc u.,,idy or
tnauncri, his eoft tone of voice the dcrcd a very gl dinner, after which
turctt marks of good breeding and , informed the young musician that
good company ; and he gained hige- he had an uncle in Giecnwich whoe
IV bv it. Hut hi fall ws. sudden and ' daughter he was very much 111 love
u'nclmcted. His mother, the tor-' th ; that being t-oor. nith wry unall
i lioiile daughter of ur. proud eo-
'lie 1 2'vl iucdy. nhoai Waiter's
icil for her licnuty, j
died deeply in d
ivlit. and tho poor boy
fatlirr had married
. . .;. ... .. ...v ,., u, -iHiMi.T! nui spohrii (immciiTuo was too
miIi i
TUitllltl but In riollt). S.lVcti fiolli lliolvmitiT fur llint Imt lm uiik turn id.
t . . . . . ------ j
tllrhM :!. ......I. I.T"..I..- MM '
" "l" '" uniicuiiv. jntrejH)iijfa to mi alkedon. He was
lm' lctMi two years in 'Ircenuichuiow, however, a!out to lcao Khglahd
Ken Ihi? hiip.tfio(!, ami the fatlierion a three vcari' cruifc, and he wn
litvili f l.rt 1... 1 '.
..i,, luntu iiktii iiy ni" crew
futnc of wlrjin were now in (Jrccn
i? Ii llriiinlt.l ..1.1
licHt council. Thcv wouU have liked
; . . i "".i-v um iii.iiciuui.1
lo mitl the hoy, now their chihl, to
es, hut his Miiituc4i was a tcrious
Jiavhack ; they then atlvi?etl him to
try liti rortuno with the violin, nnd
Walter, wlio hail no othor fricnJn,
hi? father hating Lecn an orphan pro
tcctcd hv one now ilead fullowetl
their kind advice. Il'u first day's jri
Baying a wordr and thrwiii their half
rence ; and Walter A mot thanked
!od in hi? heart, wluMc fie thought
gratefully of the roor Italian musician,
some time dead, who hml been the in-
Rtiuni"iit of l'l evidence in giving him
lh! imaus of cniniui' his livelihood.
I lie took a neat.clean, I ut cheap room
iu the house of an aged widow, with
I nn orphan grandchild, a giil of thir-
-, teen years old j and after pnyiii; liit
WT.v. Kivtni: httl
e prefiil3 lo A lice.,
ana keeping Inmscirin decent clothes ontragemcnts muliiply.
and clean lineii, put the rest in the l'l 0111 that day lie nhandoned his
Havings Hank in the name of a clctk station in the street; he played at
In the Hospital, who icgulurly gave, evening paities, ho gave lessons, and
him twopence every week out of alloc all without neglecting his own educa
tion to the memory of his father. ition or that of Alice. Iiuhul- the
Scarcely any of those who had been
fi lends of Mrs. Ainot ever noticed
Walter, except to give him sixpence.
in a patronizing way ; hut he wanted I
.... 1 ..:.! ir.. 1 .1 . . . I
nui wifu uiu. 110 was luueneiiueiiwiiicn is.
he was happy.
lie Ecldum went out in the cvonin
Ho would get Alice to read to
hooks which a friend t.urchased for
him chiefly naval histories and talcs
an 1 lives of celebrated musicians and
empeiora. 11c rlhl not. however, for
get what w.u useful to her, and their
education went on together with won
derful success. Alice was soon pas
sionately fond of reading ; and as no
occupation is at the same tune so pleas
ant and useful, if you avoid bad t'ooks
the worst poison on earth their I
evenings weie delightful. Ncithcrl having studied and read, for Walter
did Walter neglect his Italian ; ho I was pleased, and she found a sincere
pronounced and spoke it well. He 'fiiend in Gertrude.
uougni a urammer. tiictionarv. nml
u u 1 '
ffoiae Italian books, and by dint of'ly two
perseverance scon trained Alice to
study with him. The old grandmoth-i
er left then to their own course; she
already looked upon Walter as the
future husband of her child, though
l, ct.,,,,1,. .,,! fi ,i-i,.-..i i.
iiv ivnini; uiiii tiiuiijr tiuviuiuii iiiiit
he would never be a burden to any
Woman, if ono could be found gener
ous enough to marry the blind fiddler.
About two years had passed, and
Walter was between eighteen and
nineteen, while Alice was a pretty giil
oi filtcen. the blind youth had learn
ed to icau ami write, lie had made
rcmaikablc progress, too, iu music,
and began to be asked to go to balls,
and even concerts, lie had a beau
tifnl collection of violins,oncc the idols
of the poor Italian, and this waa great
ly in his favor. One afternoon he
was blavim: some exnuisito Italian
i 1
music to a silent crowd, when a youth
about his own age, mi the dress of a,
lnuisiiiprnan, pusneii iorwarii,and witn
1 1 r 1 il
a blank and astonished air stood
zing nt him. Presently Walter
ished ; and the crowd, after Hrjwer
ing halfpence uj on him, moved away.
Hut tho midshipman remained.
' Walter A mot !' exclain cd l.-c in
tones of deep aMoiiishmcnt.
'Ah, Frank I'rescott,' cried the
blind youth with great satisfaction.
' Is that you .' JIow kind to notice
me now !'
Notice you now ! What ! the son
of the former captain of our tltqi !
Good Heaven, this is shameful '. this
is dreadful !'
' Not at all. I am happy I could
not be iivoie so,' replied Walter, gent
' .Nonsense ; you coold and fhall.
Just put your fiddle under your arm,
and come and dine wiih me nt the
Greyhound. No denial. I must tell
you uiy story, and yau tnnm tell 1110
yours. I wanted a friend in (rcen-
wich ; I vc found one.
Walter could not resist such hearty
indues and after bargaining that thev
Kinuncs ami aucr bargaining mat thev
should call at his home, that he might'or as a i.uril : and this day ho had
leave Iti fiddle, nml tlurs hare an ex-lbeen put in possession of h:s property,
cuse for explaining his departure from I and the lord-chancellor had appointed
his jost, they walked arm inarm upj trustees for the three months he want
the town. A heaitv Krectin did the ltd of bein" of a"e.
middy get from tvciy sailor and itiva-
I! 1 I. I .V . . .1
1 ''. . ''cry one wa? pvca-ed
. W see the blind nddier taken notice
. of, and Alice was iiuitc proud when,
handing her hu violin, Walter told
where he wa? going
j riw;fW, ' auwcalvd lm aiUctiw
fi' "-s '' mnivl lus vjuj.-i.
ficrtrinl( lo m.irrv some one tier cnnal t
in noint orrortuni. To Uertnltle he;
.... ...... f .ru, .v ... L" I u IIIV
ll.it ...
in a siaio oi ixni uiieuie8soi roiiut.
lie Incu not what miirht hnnnen in
i ti iT i'i. i
, i .
mo iiuv! ni. ur conm nin wnic 10
tho yotini! lady, as he knew the would
decline carrying on a elantJfstihe cor
respondence and he lovetl lior the
more fjr her delicacy. Bat still lie
wanted ?omc fiieml to nve him new
of her, and her hefts of 1mn. lllind
Walter volunteered to do, Ifis by tlio
hand of Alice, if liu coulii at any tlrrie
.:. tiif - r ' . ' i
h.k 1111 llHCIIlgcnCQQIfJMfJWr,- JJUt
iat he woulil net hu untie and cous'
in lo patronise him. Next evening)
there was to be a quiet dance, and he i
must come ami play. And Walter I
did so, and the cvenin? wa3 twico as
. I
pleasant as it otherwise would have
been. The blind 'musician entered
into the sniilt of the affair : nlaved ns
long ard as often as they liked ; was
a gencial favorite with the ladies, es
pecially with (icitrudc I'rescott : and
.pleased cvcivbody ;o much with his
I ..t.. ..I .1... I .. I f .1 r . I I
n aviii-?. that he icneefurt 1 found i n
j stay of Frank I'rescott the young nco -
jlc were insciterablo ; the midship. 1
'man was deli'hlcd with his old net'
mnintanco, and they parted attached
v . J 1
Mind Walter aelnallv Invivl WnnV.
for his kindness was incsistible.
There arc natures which cannot resist
tho influence of affection, w ho will love
a person who gives Ihcn a flower, a
word, a look ; and Walter was one of
those. When Frank was gone, ho
transferred his afTectiona to Frank's
future wife, without forgetting his
dear Alice. Miss I'rescott came oft
en to sec them : and when she found
that Alice wa6 a good Italian echo!
asked her home, and took lesaoriij
her. l'rouil indect'. was Ali of lirr
J hln:is went on 111 tins wav for nr.
years, when ticrtruuc reached
the age of twenty. Suitors now came
round in earnest, nnd Mr. l'rctcott
1 desired Gertrude to choose among the
'several competitors. Uut she could
not make up her mind she said not
1 .1... i 1 ir....- . f .... i.' 1-
I uiu uiji iu o u a uei iiiit'ciioilior r I ailK
Hut her father insisted, and himself
selected a rising young barrister with
lnilliaut piospccts. One evening she
was very unhappy. Alice was by her
side, and Hlind Walter was'hourly ox
pcctid. Miss I'rescott was very dull
and low-spirited, and nothing, her hum
ble J 1 icnri could do could rouse her
' What is the matter ?' aked Alice
earnestly, after vainly trying to get
on with her Italian lesson.
1 l'apa insists upon my receiving
the addresses of Mr. Williams. Ho is
going to ask him to dinner on Mon
day next. What am 1 to do V
4 Hut, tny dear Miss I'rescott. why
. rt .a . . . rvi
not avow your affection fcr Frank V I
jieeausc ray lather Ion;: ago for, -
. " ... . -
bade me to think of him
l' 1. t.,
'nothing hut his profession, which is
rbutl.H profession, which is'. ' ' '
rative eno'iiih to pleaso fathcr'.'l r,,youf . ., .,, .,,.
... . ' , . . 'J came, said Waller, with almo
on t know what to adv.se. 1 1 rhe ,lf ,.., on his fa-i
, alter was here, he would tell ,mt lu.r nilL.m(-, iheie-'l came n
I not lncratr
1 .1....',
At f?iat rery instant the door ojett -
ed, and the servant announced, in a
I loud voice, Hr Walter
Thev rose astouiided.and in walked
lllind Walter, leaving at the door a
servant in rich livery, who had led
him up. Tie was fashionably dressed,
but his smile was as gentle and sweet
11. . I 1 p. . 1
v , ' ' " i""-" lw ''"""
sat down between them. Jli try
wrw very bncf. fceven lives which
stood between Jus father and A bai
oinotcy of X'l'tfiOO a year had all
lapsed, save one, ling ago; and six
months previously the survivor, a dc -
scendant of his g'randfather's hiother,
had died w thont Kite and r.testato.
A week heforo that evening lliCEolic-,
ltor traced JJImil Wultcr as tho next.
of kin
all wa
He had kept hh secret until
all was settled, pacing pil the solicit
' nr na 1 l.nrll ' Hid llila ilnv- lin lifi.
' Hut yvt seem.in trouble said Sir
1 1 r 1 . 1 1 f t t 1
Walter, when he hod finished his tto
ry.for he always observed the slightest
difference in the intonation of voice
Alice, who was overwhelmed
what the had heard, timidly explain
.1 ii -i 1
. T." i 1 " r I1' dinner pany was inai uay 111 Mr.
the blind youDg batonot, after souioi rft,ltv uWe. 'yivro wtro i',a,
affcetion. itnid Sir Walur, and Grrlrude nnd
'And what 13 that?' asked tier-1 Alien. h.mk dtmurnd liitle nt ih.
(rude, aiiAiuuly. . 'imnniy oi lot friind, bet Walur a
' Y'.u tcutt k". ccuil )iu fi 1 Ud hai im iaii: tHim; for but 10
1 Et?i; uiiiv unr rcmeiiv. uiSL-rvcu
tliij I
day fnr I Am influential
rratiK Ms leave ci ntK'ticc lor tclve
mM.iW l.,..,t, l,!.n tA ....,
l"VIIU 1'vi.i.iiik: IIIIU iu 'IIIU IIU1UV
I.. . P . ...
It icems 1 am indispensable in a cer
tain cont.ty where minittcrs wan', to
keep their supporters in, and so they
can refuse tnc nothing.'
'Hood Sir Waller i' uxelaitncd (Icr
Uutif. im Alice.
'Ill 1 ml Waller (till with you ! Hut
listen until 1'ritnk rcturriA, I willkeeii
.it- 11 ... . . 1
on an juiiir. nny nouung, only let
oj always ! logeihtr u (hue, 1 mean
srtSil Ihe iiuick 1 arwl jirtinR taani ns lie
CHtight the wiuiul of a lililo igli from
Alloc ; and jour fdilifr will give mo r'tx
montlis nt leaai to think of il. Dul, my
3car friend, I'ulcn lo me J intut mu
ffViotr. Ih 'Whom elue. now ihnt 1
1 eonntin limn n wiif i rnty
thousand a year wanis somebody wUa
cn" tP 10 "l,cl"' 10 11 V1 1 rvmnn'
T1 '?r,' n. .w?".mn. t,K?ul.a Vr
llilfn lififl tflirli n lint-ilml nnitntt,l it line
Tltotc is but orto girl in the world who
can ecr be my wife. While 1
was poor, I studiously concealed my
fel lings ; liut now, my dear Alice, my
riches, my lank, are vnin, nre vain
deed if you refu.'C to be mine irhcn
Frank nliirns.'
'.Sir Waller! eiitd tho nmazed girl,
pale with a tiding uiuiu liko iihiiui
limn any lliing i-ltc 'n poor girl like
ine! What Mill your lieh frienil.i
Miy ?'
'Alice, you havo for five years been
my nioft deioled sisler; we hate Mud-
it-a 1 togelher, llionglit I'igelhcr, lenini d
irrgftherf let us now, if jour her'rt be
ieeoneiled u a blind
another. 1 nm not I
if run will not be th
UI 1 til Imsbauil, love one
lit lo lit: uloiui ; but
noor blind bov s
'guardian nngel I must 11 uM inytelrio
l i.i 1
some hired crv:inl
Waller ! Waller !' cried Alice, sub
bing aloud, '1 hnvu always loved nu
dearly .nit'imt lo beg 31m lo Irtko inn lor
your wile your guide, bad you re
mained poor ; for when mother dies I
shall be alone ; but 1 dan: not now ac
cept' 'Vou have accepted ' lexchiimcd Ger
trude, placing their haiidi one in mi
other ; and ns Alice could not kniI;,
lhe betrothal was over. After a lew
minutes silence they dUctuscd their
plans, and were in ihu midst of them
when Mr l'nscoit entered hunied-
Sir Walter, 1 nm proud lo congrat
ulate. I aai highly honored by )oui'
first call here.'
'I have 10 apologise for taking lhe
i;i...rt ..1
ierlT of romiiii! u. uiiccuinoiiiomly.
oura siuiftj to tliu BMisici.in become
perhaps unsiiilabl now.'
'Sit Waller, p'ruy consider my house
your own,' faid Air I'rescott warmly,
half from genuine pleasure nt (ho coud
tick of one hu liked, as nil did, nod
half Tom the reflet-lion I hat 25.000
year even with a blind lliironel, wa-i a
very splendid piospeet for his daugh
ter. From lhal day all suitors wilhdrcw
before the young Union"!. Every bn
dy looked upon the Ihing :n n'llled
Miss (jieitrudo and he, with Alice for a
companion, tliovo out loirciher : and
j what other icsult could bo :xp cled V
j Hut not one woi d did any of the two
say (lint mold be cont-tnuil into dftcit.
I Mr. Frcecoif allow d mailers to lake
I their couie, not.even sounding Ger
trude on the point he had at In alt.
One morning Sir Waller railed foi
mally on Mr I'rescott, and demanded
the honor of nn iulei view. That gen-
, ilenian bowed his joting fiiend into the
1 f , !.--. 1 1 ; , 1 .1
drawing-room, -iml his heart hcntiiu; ra
'.1 !..! 1.. .1
. 1,11 r Mu,ei'y
Usual, In: sat
tlown after handing Widier a chair.
.... -
vi mil my dear Mr i alter can 1 no
'speak to your daughter. Miss Geilrude.'
, Indeed!' exclaimed Mr. l're-coti,
with a ciy Imrinhss attempt at ply-
ill! lit tr,(..tt .-t III, , V. "..,.,'- . "
,1.1.1 ... .... ....,... .t 1 1 ... I - If l"llll.t 1,1
ing astonishment m his tone1
'Vou will be cry much surprised,
my dear sir,' laid Hlind Walter n Ittile
,,n' !U "l,ni ."'
'1'erhaps not suid
papa knowingly ;
I fancy
'lou haiu fancied wrong, .11 r
Ilia (s
1 roll,' saw Waller firmly, if you
1 M,pojed Hint i hAw conned
diiuddcr on our owunccouut.
first and b angry if you will afterwaids.
j I have cum led for another for a yoang
man who hues her, and whom ihej
1 lnve lienienanl in dm navy, oni
whom I smile llie day he marries, th' (
i s.um 01 I 0U
f have raiicd bv felling limber, which
wa. far lo Irtxriiiiiitt on 1117 esttfes.'
Hnl' cxehiinied Mr I'rescott, rjililo
inollificd al lhe wotds 'twenty thousand
pounds' and who was be.-idi s, a very
gnd hcnrled man al bottom 'but who
is tlie gfnilf man ?'
Your nephew Fiank,' said Waller
moling Iu lhe door as readily aa if he
could si-:.
Mr Proscott bnr-t into a Liugh ; he
saw at once iht nholc rontpira) and
when lhe next mi'niifc Frank and Ger
Irudo entered, and he tiled lo scold, it
3t , wH" of no Mail: bo writ obliged lo
1 i.'tii"ii anew, and when nam: wuiion-i
(every delail of the plot from hi ginning
fo end, be laughed stilt more. A br.ti-
t- . i
the next four month
tiuko hii fi iwh l:niy r Itip !1or
ms olilictl'lb ytVM. m Mr I'o-ll ile-
elan-d tbat Iti) couronl m nircn con
I:.- .1.
And they trerc all married a month
Idtcr. Frank retired from (V.e ser
viec at the ifquesl of (icrtiudc, and
accotuanicd Sir Waller and Lady
1 .rnot on a tour to Italy where lhe
.latter wilied to improvo their knowl-
' edge of the language, while Sir Wal
ter felt genuine iny on miting the
land of the poor musician, lo whom he
owed everything. Frank, on their re
turi1tetUcd ncai the harouct'a estates,
and hi still as drvutod a fiiend as a
man can wish for : aud Alice, whoaa
grandmother still lives in a beatiful
cottngo built" for Iter in the pafkf is an
ornament tj thg ejaes, ,io .wjiich r.lle
has risen. Her rdtid, refined by ed
ucation, study and thought, sho is
quite eijual to her station ; and oh !
what j iy ia heio inw, when tho ecu
lists have declared that in time Fir
Walter may bo brought to see. She
has children ; hut her blind husband
is her first child. She i-1 ever hy his
side ; she watches his footsteps, his
very glance ; and no tl.Mvard ever
was so careful of ids master's wealth
as Alice U of hor husband.
Ill TI.IMI cop.vri' I'A I ll.
The Seventh Annual Fniro" th'! Hut
hind County Agricultural Society will
he held at llrandon on M'tdniJnv nml
Thuiui iy Srpl. '.".V nml 2.W, ia.V'
Tdic following pM'iniunij :tro olN-red
for competition at the Fair.
vir.i.n mov.
Host ntrc, or mofi'.uf Wilder Wheat
j ; Miconil oust I ; third oust -; lotivlli'
best e.
Hest .'iile, or more. ofSpihig Wheat
'& ; econd best J ; thild besl ;i , lout lb
llet aero of Itye cl-; second best .1;
thinl best i fourth best i'.
llei-t acic, or more, tif com PO ; sec
ond best .'1 ; lliird best I ; iou'tlli hot 'J:
Vn'A aete, or nunc, of flats Sfl'; sec
ond bc-i ; third bc-t :V; loiirib 2.
Ik'.'t half acre, or more, of l'nlaiues
S,"i ; second best, 1 ; thirtl best ) ; font lli
best -..
l!e-t oiiefouilh ncie, or inhre, of
fir mis S.'i ; second best -.
Ite.-t niit.-ciglitli ucre, or more, if
Carrots, secimd best 2 ; third bcl I1.
Hesl oue-cij'hlli acre, or mote, of Hu
tu Haga; 571 ; sosoud best 2 ; thitd best
liesl one-fourth acre Flux ?3 ; fee
ond best 2 ; thiid best 1.
' .ratxi'i:.
Ti'-riii:it Damki.s, Jlulhimi.
FiiKMttrK Hunov. (Ifiirmlmi.
II. II. Dvr.ii, Hiitlaiul.
I. 11. KU.I.Olii!, f.Vx.Jiif
U. IJAIilll.lT, lititlitml.
Nurtery of Fruit Tice", 0110
ncre, S I ; second Irst Ii ; third
I lest
best 2.
'.. Ilnwi:, Cuftlcton.
,l.rtii Fli'SIHirn.V, fiutlttlti.
W. M. Fit, hu, Itnnnlvn.
11. 1!. Gu:uvsi., CtntUton.
Amos llifHcocp, l'ittJrJ.
vkc;ki' m.Ks ami rui I'M
l.argri and best vatietiy of I'otnloe
one peck of each Viriely S2 j and I.
Hcsl half bushel or more, of Onions
SI j second best 50 cents
He-t i heads of (V.ibage ?l ; scc-
-. . I...,
, 1 '
1 1 .
secoii'i best
l,V". El. uiiil'niiia .
k .jh i.-eius.
r i
Rust Melons TI ; second
bCNl o'f
Hest six Sqim-dien fer Mble usu ?l ;
si coin) best ."O'cenls. 1
Hest lot of Apples, not less than if
soils, and ten of rath sort, wiih tho 1
name ol the liuil allii-hed i'-i ; tecond '
best 2 ; thud best I.
-nrgesl and beet tnticly of Apples
S3; Mtond b.-st 2 ; Ihild l:st I.
Hesl lot of Plumbs, at least four sorts
S2 ; be.-t lot do. Iwciily fivo or more in
number t.
Het six bunches of Grapes 01 ; cc
ond best 50 cents.
lieU lot of Pears, (wenly-fivc in num
ber l ; second best 50 cunts.
H. F. AiAHS, Vattlelon.
(i. W. Palm Kit, Ilrandoi.
W. P. Uvkk, fiuil'iimi.
H. M. I).'i:u, KutlttPf).
Ki.i.i.Ki HooKt:tt, J'vuUmy.
H'-st .Man.- nnd Coll 1 itr side I
'id " " " .'J.
fist Two Years Old
2d " " "
Uesl yearling
2d " " -
P.est h'ueking Colt
2 I " "
i 2.
IluAlJl.Ur Flail, Ah.
I. (j- WllKATfS, '
.IaMLS It- NlJfll.K, Ti'hinnulh
A. A. Gnttirn, jiuihtnl.
J. M. P.W.'MM. HuUuiul,
( iititi.Kii; 11011.1 .
lit l pair ir.aiilnd llvsii i
''lid btot 1 , dmd h-' X
Ui4 tn'dtns in Mait j 1 .
t.et3- lifrd'lj:'iS.
W. M. Viw.ii, JrxJtN;
A. Ntu'f.i.t, Vtrtntkn.
.fAMU. WlN0.M:X, 10111.
llA.vsttiAt. WoonnttrK, TwmouXh.
Wait CitATTf iitum, Hnthind.
iTI'n UOM4.
lit rt .StHlhrtii. Ho Team old or uff
wanla, 5 ; icrond brut ; thlnl brat;).
Rest Stallion', four year old or up
ward, a." j st'cnnd Irett V; lliird ttoat 3.
llest Stnllion, ibrco ynur old attd'
upfan!'ii 8 econd bctt 'it ihlhl'twai'
Frcf. H. LHturs-tiu; dutlrtan.
14. F- C00KK, tilmt t,
Waho M, Lincoln, Jimmti.
Clfl.f.XH Mci)I.T.,H, Qifttrttn.
K. M. Wallace, Swlburg.
Hi:t Troiicr rcoml beat 2-j iliini
best 1.
. Howe, Citilrfon.
.Ititi 111 l'ltv rr, Huilnml.
I. IMI.lt FlSII, rtl.
N-a nt is I. rn a m, Ihtnl'i.
C. V UoKToV, Sudbury.
l oiiKiON muir.ni.
lli-d Hull of two yean and upward
SI ; second best .Tj third bcsl 'll
Ibut Y ailing Hull'. second boil
2 ; I bird best 1.
He-il Cow', three years, old and up-ward-t
if; secend bptt :i third bent 2.
He-d Cow, Iwe yeais old, 32 j scriind
le-( I.
Het yearling IfeifcrS! ; tecondbcil
" Cull S2 ; .'i-Ciind lies! I.
" lhe two year old Calilo ?.'
" five. Venrlinps 1.
" livs Calves f I.
TlIOM'Art If. l'AI.MIlIt, rlllffoitl
A. II. Post, lluilmul.
II. A. Sr.MNi:n, Unouhn.
J. M. Gooti.soi.dii, 1'iUfftnl.
ffAiinv 1Ioi.ii;n, Shrtivtbiuy.
DOMcsric and mixi:ii iiur.r.ns.
Iktit Hull of two ycaVA old' and up
wards $1 ; second bos! :l ; third best 2.
Hest yearling Hull, f !l ; second beit
2 ; lliird best h
H'est Cow', llirro year old nnd up
ward, ? I -, second best :i 1 thitd bolt 2
Host Cow, two years old 82 ; second
best I'.
liest Yeaillng IlcliVr S2; tocond'
bet 1.
Ties! five two year old Caltlo 92.
" (tvn Venilinga 1.
" fio Cslves 51.
II. S. 1'iiitn, Msmfan.
.Inns MniiWirnisR, Ihiuuhn.
F. Moitf-i:, 1'nnltiuy.
iloi.l, W AiN -wnltrn, WnlliiKjjaid
H cm St. .Ions, HiiUitinlton.
I'n-l Town Team cnnsistini; of eiybi
1 yoo of Winking (.'mile H ; second
I best ' ; lliird bet.t .
j Ili:t pair of Oxen, livo yenri old timr
, upwunU So ; second bet -1 ; third licit
Host pair Oxen, four years old CI ,
tifoinl best II -, third besl 2
Hot pn'r ot Oven, three ycwia old
3 i'l ; second beat 2.
liesl pair of two ycau old Steers
'broken to the yoke s2 ; second bum 1
Hrst pair ol ycailing Sucrs, bmUir
Id I Ik; )oke ?2.
I Host pair of ('dve?, I.tnlwiv to dm
,!l InH.'S.
I-;. II. f),;.f-o.N', Cmtlelvii.
W. S. Fmisihm, 'oiilhiit.
H.utvi;v Shaw, Wnllinufotd.
Ransom Hmuinr, l'ittfvrJ,
TltUMAN MoLI.THKOl', ItlltldU'l.
r.T t-x tr t.r..
?esl iir of fat UxvnV.i 1 2d bet 2
" Fut Ox or U'lrCrSJ'iMlMMl 1
" Fat Cow or Heifer 2 ; econf
best 1 .
I.-A.M' MATIIIKW'nO.V. Mriliton
, IIkskv Si.Mo.viiS, I'ittiforrf,
JoriTl.'f .Ir.TNINfiS, fuf-iitrdtOHs 1
.)ami;s Hi:yrojw, Shfeicthurifj'
OUVKK Pl.tMUI.Y, liramhn.
SAXONY titlfttft.
Hvt I'nick,
" yearTiA HueF.
" Saxony ;.,.!,
5,,'-oUy l-.imb,
u iff
Jl iii..
Saji'i. U. 'Atuoan, Til, $;
lli.sur. Mriuir.T", Uttnmt.
-nll.7i" Jl.Sk, firiuulaii.
I'll 1 1.1.1 1- Posh, CtiiileOiH,
Jons f.vsnm, Dtinliy.
j Het Hock, I , second brut il , IIiikP
b at 2 ; foiirlll bfat f .
1 lb-it yeiirling buck t'i ; cunJlbi'.r
2. ibir.l Iw-.l V.
I fJe.t five l.ainb t, iff ond beat
!Hiird-l-l 2, fouith Uit 1.
' .li-a.ii: I. )lilliii", Itulland , Jfovt-1
I' Kin;;. Mi n-'ii , Il.u iiuiii I Siofori),
Ca.lletitii . IImii.IH .illiir, Uuhl ,
HiciidlGioitaui WjIIu, tll.jiv

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