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Best Ci !riue K, 8 i fc
..a S (l.irJ tst. '.' : fowli
.-w v. it
n' ,'...Mrf, M.Hno K.rs.ftf. :
o:d belt. 4 : thtnl bcit. 3 : fcwtli i
I)VM HslX. J'tlUatd
HtTCk VitU; IVrtt Unfit.
I . NmtlT, Wjt'Mnxfcrtl.
TiLLtv Nouos. 7ii.uA.
MtxrptHCKr 1
llHl h-lr KTY t&tl tfirilllf. - : I
s-ert 25 Ket, f ; eccod Utt, 4 ; I
" . B .'
tkirJbtrt. 8; bctt 5 Kwei, 4; ce-
II. L. 'at.XH4M. J'oullney.
0 J. I.'iClCE, Darby.
IL V. Ho.iTiX, Hallartltin.
KhaUI HaU.. Watlingforxi.
J. 114RM5DION, Sti(l7ury.
lirt Gv Mutton Jrhre f, $3 ; iec
nJ test, ; third Lett. 1.
JaM Hl'MobV, ahrtwttury.
if. Coor, Wa'hngfQTtl.
KLUtn Ifjiwft, Pouttntj.
O. R. JIahaii, Ciutltton.
rut irnr.
ltit Fon. not let thin thret.onc'
Cck and to llctw, Jl.
licit ptiir if Duck, 1.
Itcst fair of (Jee, 1.
Ue1 pair of Tuiket, 1. j
and greatest raritfty of barn
jarJ Kob, 3. !
K. F. I'AttKhK, CaMelon.
Ua HltlON. Urandun.
A. NlCBoLfcOS. lirnndvn.
N. T. Spn.pVK, Hrandin.
II. L. Srf.xcKR. luttlanJ.
Bst Boar, five tuontha old cr up.
wards, $1; second best, 'A; third I
Best breeding Sow, 4 ; second best
Best litter of Pi. not lei than '
three in nnmber nor xore than one
csr old, $tf ; second best, 2.
V.. .1. Ham.wk. Vatthton.
Ii"Aac Mattiikwon, Mtndm.
A t.t.RN' PAUIKR. CattitUn.
ALFHrtn IIai.l, WhU tnn ford.
fciiBDKRtc Burrofs, Chlrmdon.
ft oL'AKitnt.D m iM'FAcrt'RKs.
B.-st ten yanls of Flannel mannfac
tnred in the count. SH ; ..m l.d '.
. , v- ,
Best ton yard Carpeting, manu
factured in the county. It ; soeond
best, 2.
!'.,.. trn v,l. P..II..1 r'U.t.
J rfl HI . UIII.U VlUkll, 11JJI1-
ufftctur-:il in the county, 4 , seoond
belt, SI.
Best t.-n yards rAg Carpeting m&n.
ufecturcu u the countv, 2 ; second '
bcst.l .
IWst Bug, 1 ; second best, AO ctx.
Bost ten yards Diaper, 2, second
best. 1 .
B?t ten yards Tow Cloth, l,5n,j
eco..d L"st,.0O cts. j
Best pi- ind Linen Thread, 50 cts., :
econd beat. 25. (
Best pair Woolen Socks or Stock. .
tfr? WC0 , :
i, -i ?0fc Tl I , ?-r StCk'
He.! lw h ' r,
11 civ Wr.U V. .... r.A ,
Hct Lamp Mat, 50 cti.
TV.. t.t tk r a
i.ui I'iri'sr .11 .111 1 a
Be.t Bed quilt or comforter. 2
lars, eeond bet, 1 .
BestCoreriet or Counterpane, 2'
dollm, econd best, 1.
ItocKwoci) Barrett, Rutland,
K.J. Buss, llrandon.
H. C (Jl.BASO!f, Skrtxtbury.
llhu T A I ..... . r. .
Miss. Almira lloBiir. '.,
' Klui Dmi rt.i
1 ijiuvri.t
P.nAi II... 1 1
Mrs. JonN Newell. Piu.fJ.
G. W. Palmer. 7rflj ,
M.S. F,,.s.,A Itouwun, jt,,lKdvni
Best Proe Ksiay cf 8 page or
more upon an Agricultural Theme, 1
dollar, recomi best, CO cti.
Best Pitoral or Agricultural Po
em of 50 Stanzas or mere, 1 didla.-,
second best, 50 cts.
Best Plan of a Farm House and
. out Buildings, 1 dollar.
Best Plan for a Farm Garden, ;'0
Btst Painting in Water Colors, 50
0 .
Beit Oil Painting, 50 cts.
Best Crayon Dtawing, 50 cts.
Best Penctl " 50 cts.
" Diguerrotvpa, 50 cu.
" 4 Bjueu, each 25 cti.
V. W, HorciNs, ItutUnd.
Paor. Newman. Jultney.
K. J. HaLLOCK, VattUtvn.
Mrs. (S. T. Hoi.oes, Jlmlami.
" Ciu'j Wukcr, I'itnford.
RasUrrctmen of Letter l'ren Pit,.
Di Far Hal. 82. WcoU trtt. J
Ilftt j.ilr of B:t. '
licit stcciu.cii Tailot' Wk, 8.1,;
. -
Bt Double Harnf, 8.
Bert TnitiV, 82; ccctd bct, 1
I Bc.t inJc 4 fe!c Lether, 3 ;
if"id best, 2.
I Best side Tfjcr leather, 8!J , ie-
Ond best. 2.
1!,. T1. ? P.lrLI. OO.
.,., I
licit imitaen of Cabinet Work.
1 1 teeond bl, .1.
Pelt five jiccri Tin Ware, 81.
, r ,1. VV
M1.11..V . ..a.iuiui . 1. n ,
three t.iece of diflcrcnt kind. 83.
Ikt Irtin t'asttnxs, cot !e than
H ticee. Si
IJf?l Cooling Store, 81-
Hcst Parlor .Stove, J'i
licit Double Wa
team use. 4.
llrst Single "
;ou lor
friu or
farm or
tram use. 8'-
He-it Double Tltaiure
Cfrriane, $4.
Wagon or
!U it Sincle Plcaiutc Wagon or
tarnae, f a.
sjcsi wane svvu .mDgic. f. , ae-
condbiit. 1.
Beit mdosr Blinds, 2; second
t I I AAA t A1
Ut ,' .. .
Ilest Window Sash not less than 20
light, 82; second best 1.
Best 1'anntl Door, $2 ; iecond best
specimen of Hoiiichold Silver
Ware, 82 ! second best, 1.
A. A- Ml.'ACtlA.M, lirandon.
John- Cain, Jlutlaml.
II. A. Ilf.sr, randon.
Cll'rt T. CoLnTRV. J'itUford.
I.. JUlIlKLliLK, WalUniifvrd.
Best thirty pounds of Maplt Sugar,
I , runnil wtai, u , killl'i ub.i) m
tourtli best, 1.
Hi;ky Clauk. Pouhnty.
I). S. Kwi.so. Wurtndoiu
11 . i i .... i -i . ii.:,,i
Parker Kinsman, Shrrtctbury.
Aaros Kktciium, Sudbury.
J. N. I'ltltCK, Clartrdvn.
Best Plow made in the county, $2.00 (
1 SerfiTid
1 00
l.UU ,
, Best Cultivator,
, Second "
, Best Harrow,
' Second "
i Beit Horse Ralo,
Second '
1.00 1
Best Drag Bake,
Orain Crable,
Seco"' ''
Boat Chccso Trcsi.
" Churn,
Second "
Best Horse Power
" Fanning Mill
" Subsoil Plow
" Boot Cutter
'' two Hay Fork
' two Manure Fork
two Axes
two Hocn
Straiv Cutter
Wit. Gn.M0itK, Rutland.
Josei'H Sm;i.nf.v, Fairhax-tn.
W.m. Oilman'. Shreii-slury.
B. R. Clark, IHnmouth.
V.. C. CAn:RT0.N, Hutland
Jkst N-ccimcn of unfinished sawed
M"b,e' six lccl 3r"' twentv-cight
s?!":r.1cain 11,0
Hest Slireimen mrinnfirlnri.(l m.r.
I I. a.l . II ...
uic, C i SCC0I1U Uesl, '1.
: 5CC"d h
H. W. Llsti:k, HuUauJ.
BoiiiNsoN Hall, WallmyforJ.
Moses Jackman, Cattleton.
PitlLLtl' Edobkton, Clarendon.
P. G. Clark. Wallintford.
. luny d0llar8 or ov". a
Thirty dollar or over, according to
'"",B 01 lno cocteiy, may ut
si.. r.....i -c t. .
"iucu ui unciUI arUC CC. (115CQV
1 -r 'ncn S'lV no ,'aIn(,1 ." he
'?rct50!K t 0 Premium, which m
"e l"Mn ' XUe?"'V worthy
the encouragement of the Fair or An
nual Meeting.
T. F. Bor.it. Pitttfurd.
J.M Hi sii, !),tvby.
I M. KirrcniM. Sudbury.
Oils Hamilton, F.iithmen,
Nor.Ms.f P. Hall. I'itnford.
HCTTlX AND Client):.
Best 50 rounds Butter. 5 ; second
best, 4 ; third best, S.
Best twenty five pounds Butter,S4;
sccoi.u ticsi, o ; third best, 2 ; fouith
, ben. 1
1 Best 100 pounds Cheese, S." ; sec-
1 Olid hest,
best. 1.
1 ; third best, 8 ; fourth
J-ME Hr.VTOON, i,rrtctl.,irv.
Jont Gootiwry, CaUlrtvn
Jonx MiLi.tn, Walli$furii,
K. J. P.Ll.j. Itmnd.yn.
v C. Allcm, Fairhax-tn,
1'. owing Match
ntir.sv it v.
yi ' iu 1 S tcic ukl en nnd
.bc. . ertt
i ! hot, 3 s tbhd beat.
2 ; foutth lct, I.
ok ti.ascs.
rrr Rowing J acre quirtm no
test. 84 : second best, !l ; third beat,
2; fourth best, 1.
JlliUI s.
n rfil- .Tr . Ituil.intl; Alfrrtl Hall,
Wallitifopl ; John A Ccmatit,
. II ' II... 1 U..I I..
M. j Harbor. HiiM f.rdlon ;
lisac PicVintwn. lk-nion ; .lesie Lit!
..... ,v..i ........... It J
V.-...A.-.I . iiLl:.. V I.. i. '
!, 110.. Caideiou: John Jackson.
Urendou ; Al.in Tinner, Bntland
J- K Hyde. Sudburv ; II. W. Lci
tt...l- I I
icr. liUl.anu. .
For Kulcs and llegulationi of the
Kair, and Constitution of the Society,
ce Hand Hilln, O. Cook, Jr.
V rrt.ri lo trr it.it inmn two or
three n( the Whig papers f Vermont
a ) a I 0
are roaa.ng anaiiempi-remtrKauie .or itA tUkntem f n.,url, ,uplort him.
iu Sanity-nothing elsf avry th!ri l slirc and
oniidon abroad that th publicaent'imeni sccceexl. '
of ibe Green Mounialn Stale Is adverse
lo tbe nominalion of Gen. Scott for
rrrndenry, and further Hint the
elected Jflrgatr arc going to carry out
their nn pi-roual predilections, what-
ever .n;tv lie tho sculiaients of the p:r
I. ,', , ...
y on .hi, ,,,.e,iion. Now, while we
'' (u deposed lo rest easy undor nil
tho circiintancc ntlenihtnt upon tin:
j tiomii.uiiji. ..f th'Sij delegates, believing
that ..owner inopportunely th.ir p.
. ,
pomtment. were made, they would by
their vote in the Convention aim to
Bire ,le rvA iL.n,mR.n, 0f Vermont
this oiittlur, yet are W'i unvulling to
ste them so boldly claimed as the op
punwit of CJen. Scott's nomination or S 8! ' Hutland wc arc glad to see
as pledged to sustain the nomination of the rejuvenized appearance of that old
any individual. In theabsence of any and time honored Hotel the 1 Frank
instructions in tclation to tl.U question, ' us.' 7 This popular and justly ecle
we hold that tho delegates should go on bratcd House tho t.uMic will be han-
untrammelled and aim only to give such
l. !.. 1 .1 ...
votes as will be in accordance with il.e
feelings and views of . the im.jotity of
v . wi -t-i j 1
Vermont Iiiim. 1 hat our dele:ile
-in . . 1 materially changed now y papered
will act contrary to their judgment in . " to J r 1
relation to thi matter wn .h.ll h... low!Rnd ratcd-aud moat elegantly fur-
1 . 1 . 1 ? ...... . .
10 oeueve, snu siioum tuey mrougti
any personal predileelionn for this, that luro oeuuing, ac.
or the other candidate-fail to give their j Pratt, the enterprising propii-
vote for the man best calculated lo give ctor anc keeper of this hotel, has
hope and Mrength to the party, thoy j spared no pains or expense iu making
will but poorly fulfill their mission and his arrangements, and his house will
?ire but little sMiifuclion in any quar-( now in every respect rank with the
'"We will not presume (0 express an firSt daSS hotoI.S of the countr- To
opinion mm lo the cliolcu of Il.e TTI.Igj . n? n,,a"a'n,d wh Mr. Prntt
of Vermont for President ; but in view 13 ""CCC3sary to say that he is just
of the chances,' we are quite confident tuc man 'or tn0 place he occupies
that seven-ten'l.s of the party are in anu ' al! others we would say that
favor of Gen. Scott as the candidate ' his well earned reputation is a suffi
His popularity in Vermont is of no aud- cient guaranty that his house will be
Jen growth. He has long held poses.j well kept, and hi guests well cared
sion of the confidence of our freemen, for.
In 1839 at the llnrrisburgh Convention j
he received the entire vote of Vermont.! llvrl'li k Washington Hah."
aiwell as of New York, even against R0lAn excursion train passed
Clay and Harrison nnd his popularity' ovcr ll,is roatl t0 Troy and back on
certainly has not diminished since that Thursday to accommodate thoso anx
time. Why then should it be wondered 'ous to seo a"d hear the great Magyar
at that very many feel anxious for hii at that place.
nomimuion now And why especially Wq understand that a largo num
should those expressing this preference ( her availed themselves of this oppor
be branded as disorgauizers and faction- tunity and that tho trip was made in
''s ' j fine style -leaving Rutland at 5 o'-
w 110 is to MKoo veiixok i clock and returning at 7 1-2 giving
The question as to who shall receive ' rangers seven hours in Troy.
the nomination an candidme for Gover-1 -1'118 road is b-cra'"g the great thor
nor to be tlccttd by the Whigs seems to ' oughfarc of the country, their three
begin to excite some considerable inter- trains per day being well patronized,
es.-and we are not n little urpri,ed fjy. Ri7ThnT the track
to see that some few of our State papers 0f the Western Vermont Railroad has
apparently governed in a measure by been uil as flir South Shaf(sbur
personal predilections or local conside- ntlJ will be completed to North Ben
rations, are discussing with some con- ning,on on Saturday next. This road
.derable sptr.t the question as to the ieu completed lo Eagle Bridge will
locality most entitled to tl.o honor of afford another outlet for Vermont trav
furnishing the candidate. Tin it ap. el Boing Sou, anJ w b(; an A No ,
pears u worse than a useless discu icn. road. It ,ia, bee deterrain(:ll l0 cora,
there is no locali.y in Vermont where mence and mmfltttt ,Ile Ny and ,.
a Whig has worked for .he past few 'ni ,on Railroad oon .
vears that 11 not entitled to a Governor", ,. - - 1
j -
I providtd it has a suitable candidate.
j In common with many Whigs among
. us we regret that the discus.ion as to
I a candidate should have been so early
broached, and we think we speak the
' smtiments of the Whigs of Rutland
County iu sayintr that while thev could
, cheerfully support either of the gentle
mn ,mm,:d ,n 'h" connection their
' p'vference of the candidates named-
under all (he circumstances would be
for Mr. FahlnnU This gentleman
ha, long been befote the party ; he ha3
bien long looked upon ai one likely to
be called to this position, and n very
general impression seems to have ob
tained that he was to be the next Gcv.
ernor of Vermont as hu doubtleis)
would be should he bt nominated.
Drath or Mtts. Ai.av!!. Mrs Adams
the venerable relict of the late John
Quincy AJm, Kx l'rrsident nf the
1 u.itj Matt), Hied at her resnjfnie at
, l.fcMOl K ITIC
TU. I.r-I two day, of il... cmrention
hsbccn spent It. marshalling the lines
rfMrltMUCltaHrr"'"? ' .
general action. A splendid tiiuon
on thlnr in cnrnil. iid more et'e
Hran-juliyK fo tbo proj.iiriy f fint crrnt-
. . . .....
u ,miiii.i r,w .
a a.ll..r... u I . In t.lll Iflir
i cudidniM. or wliMlH-rtlrst lo "OTiinate
.nndit.il ihcpUlfornno the proportion
oUhe occupi.U tl.o nine of .
;, wnsemlon thiougl.out tl.o entire
- .sccoud dy, il.e Wwliingion correpn-!
- r .1.1.:. r -.I t. !
ueni 01 IUC 1 uiwrip,iw rugci unutr '
date of June lit ay'
The il.it cartl i. now playing by the,
Vn Ituren men. in an attempt lo put
lluiltrand Dickimon, or ftiin,!,,,, I
nn (he track. Francis 1'- Ulair and Jot.n ',
! Van Uuren aie on the ground. John
A. liix is expected from Philadelphia
to-night. The two irti of estremiits
from the North and Soulh are itippos
'it In li in il.e Itultrr movemant with
Kentucky and Indiana, dating into
each others hands-
,,u,1f' ''MlldMiinJ1inJwIor ot S11"
The Mircy movement is lo nil in-
ic,,, "r'f I"".'0" dead. The light
(uftill between Cat. and lluchanan,
aII(1 ,ie t.,!lncR, 0f Douglass is hourly
increasing. The two sets of Mij4Uip-
pi delrgules have compromised on llu-
""""" ", .
the lirt convenient nppoittiuily the
Sm((. ,lla fa, hf,p vofi(r
I,m,;,jn.i will ndhero lo Cats. The ao-
eeMiun from Cms which lite friends
of Buchanan antifipile will pi lu
l;'Sl; ho on th, third or fourth
hallo! will be a stronger man than lin-
d,,,,,!,,,, at.. drawing from both tbo
lendius candidate:..
..i....... ...til. I .
rriAXKi.i.v iiots:i..
tliemany improvcinents go-
t cnrn.i,as ,JCC1 vitlli ,,, rast
npiitig entirely overhauled from cellar
' 10 Srrci us internal arrangement
0 . .. . 6
nislird thrniifliniil with entlrn nnw fur
Proposed intendment of the Jugitivt
' Slavt fl",Mr LiBgei chairman of
,',e "dec! committee appointed by il.e
1 Mnrylttnd f Delegites, to con.
siJcr so much of the Governor's mes-
fi8Se rela,e 10 he murder of Ed.
1 1 1 . ... . . .
waru uorsucn.anu the trial of the treas-
on case iu Philadelphia, was made an
interesting report, accompaui'd by res.
nl.. :.,. :.. o ,
oiut.ons instructing our Senators and
requesting our rcprestntativex, in Con- 1 Hood that Gen Armstrong will not sc
gress to urge an amcr.dinedt of the fugi-1 lect an editor until afier the National
tire Slave law, to as to inforce, by ade ' Convention.
quale penalties, the attendance and aid
of the "poise eomitiitut" when re
quired by the off.cr charged with
.the execution of the law. It is al-
o recommended that the Slate of Penn-
Ivania, in orler to furtl.fr the ends of 1
jutice, und allay all irritation ami ex - I
' -
citment between the citizens of Mnrv.
land and that State, should pass a' law
tirom m- lor the imn.frr hv tit nffr.
l.i It invoh il r ' p lalU'i c construe-
; ti, .!., f the fotth
clr of the tunsliPiliou of the United,
) m flf I
i(W , .,uprcm0
1 iiidirlJlliiliiinnl. nf iIm. miintA- for t. i- !
CiMi-nr.v rirsi:. The itubluher
a t . ... . . T
o! -Vic 1 orA- imcJ propose iwumc
a CAm.)ai(,n j)a,cr kly commencing
,, ,., , , L ,in.
ucJ unli, r,er llie c,ion. nl0 ,.
V(.m porUfIfr of il,r Time will, thn
Wl.igj of Vermont i a umcient enrn -
.i 11. 1 m l',m,,- . 'r:m,. trill b
j wanted iiinong! tit
It will (after the Jim number.) boV, wlu of MonMeun Mrm wi
.. , ... , , , , , , it"ii 01 .Montagun wn
' n Wednedny of eaeli week ' , ,f0Wi,ed on Tl.ur.day last, hile try
subscribers in any p-irt of il.e United
Slates, for the whole campaign, at the
following rates :
Single copies 50
A ropics In one address 12,00
10 copies to one address 3 50
20 copies to one address 6 00
SO copies to one address 12 50
C7" Payment in all eases must be
mjtfe WMrwc,'.'!,:Postt stamp way
be sent for fractions of n dollar.
JKB An Irishman wa killed on the
Wnurn ll.ll.n.,1 Cl....l... It.
.ivLviii ..aiiivuii Ull uumiUttY. 1IC
iiimriAn f,Atn IhA tpn,n urlnln if a
. . ... ...w ..... ...to iiu.
... , . . .
.i.f, v cji-vu, niruvii on ins iicau.
1.. 1 1
.i". uivnv Ilia IIWA. liu a 9llIJU3L'll
to have iinnned after Ida hit nn it
- .. , .1
blew off an instant before, he leaned
from the cars.
Ijjr Tho Jlrijitier my that at Bel
den's Falls, two or three miles from
Middlebury, n decayed tree vvns recent-
j ly diicovcred, which U puzzle to nil who
; have m-tn it. Tho trunk, which has be-
come thorc uglily rotlon, U entirely fill-
cd with bird' feaihers. The downy
portions are in a great measure disor
ganized, leaving the quills, however, in
perfect preservation. The tree Is ev
idently maple. How these feathers of
which theru is a qunntity innumerable
should have been so thoroughly dis
seminnted through every part of the
trunk, is 11 great mystery.
Tiik Jai-an Exi'I.mi rn.N. It is sia.
ted on the authority of the officers of
Il.e Dutch fiigato Prince of Orange,
that the emperor of Japan has strong,
ly fortified every part of tl.o coast, and
has a body of well equipped soldiers
ready lo give the expedition under
Com. Perry a warm greeting. The
Dutch officers nil think our force des
patched lo that quarter as utterly inad-
'equate to Il.e task of forcing an entry
into the city of Jeddo.
Tiir. New Gold Dollar. The
... ., . .
I'liilafiwii. lii.i ....i!....
..v nijiii-L-n 11 pjfi-viiiiuu
piece of the new dollar gold piece
which has been struck at the mint, andl
forwnded to the Department nt Wash -
. , e 1 , . . ,
inglon for approval. It .s about tho
size of a dime, with an open centre of
nearly ihc size of the present coin. On
tl.o one -.ide is tho word 'dollar' under
which is a wreath, nnd on (he other
sidc-Uniled Slates of America, 1852.'
1 (IP. liitjl nrriviil rnm f'u f.n
- -' . suns vititiui j 1 1
brought $l.r00,000 in gold.
ri 1 ,4. ..... ....
1 ne fugitive Slave 15.11 which has for The Model f7ifln.Sliire un
iome lime past been pending in the de-r ladies' bonnets as if thev had siUn
uvKuiniuii;, iia imsseii. Him win nrrm.
1 ,.. i. ti... t ..
!W M ! ,1. , ...
any opposes n,on tl.o ground tliat Us
object is insidiously to introduce Sin- ing ll.em while ll.ey navigate the slreeta
very into tho State. I") muddy nr windy wenlher ; considers
Apiece of gold weighing 305 ounces l,i,n'ulf P'irilfged to utter impeninen
and U pwts, solid and shining, was JXiwS?
found near Senora. This is the larp- on his gallantry, if the applicant is over
est lump of pure gold ever found Jn ,20, or has the inUfortune to be ugly;
' .
nicuiHsnnsi ni onn r rancisco
broubht several gentlemen with slaves,
ono with twelve, another six. another
seven, another five, another eight, knd
so or.
The Legislature have also directed
tho StotQ officers to remove, with their
records back lo Vallejo nt the termina
tion of the present session ; thns recog.
niziug that place as the permanent seat
of Government.
A.O P. Nicholson, (Cass's correspon
dent,) John Forney, Clerk of the House
and Edmund Burke, arc reported by
the nririir. n. imv.it.II.. 1!L..f..
r, ... , nKVly IO BUC.
ceed Maj- Dor.elson in the editorship of
.1... xtt-.i ; r . . .
'"'J Washington Union It is under
C3" An English writer represents
the whole American people as standing
behind oim long counter from Maine to
Texas, trading ayainst the rest of the
t. ,
e.jie 01 i uomai r . aiea.
I cher fr,,m it.t.i.u ., o.,
D , .,,,,,. f t(ial (.o.ouy
of Van Diemans land. ha. rausrd lir.
Iv r j., .1 . ., ,
Col Benton ha published a fctlrr
deciding a nomination to Uagress
lately tenderrd Mm by a caucus. 11c
he ,,,, ..m,, the people oon.
d will run for Congress on hi own
hook if he rUUS at .11.
' .
I ti e in iiiii iiiimm. t n in,
, lican of 'J'ltuwilav compute the entire ' cnr a lrrccti and ,
I ........... I . ' sX-!
I I il t-. . . t W V9 Mil..... II.. . - I
jom uy uo iaio iiru in hwi mice, in?r.tiiv
from $50,000 to $7.000. Sixteen
.i-.ii:,,., 10Um. the Method st Sun
Sc,10., , carpenter'
shop Wero JC4trcvvd. The buihhnr
' f .aj "
vi nwu.
HT A liitlc daughter of Mr Char-
ing to rescue her brother, who had fal
len into tho water.
Thomas Francis Meagher, the Irish
exile, held n levee yesterday, A. M., at
the olficu of Pierce and Brooks, Na
sau street. lie was waited upon by
an immense number of persons, both
Americans and Irishmen. Among
those Who called," We ime of the
most prominent of the Whig mid Dem
ocratic politicians. In reference to a
rrmnik of somu prou about Kossuih '
ff r , i t
.Mr. Meagher said he was
"u'""i iui i. un nira no wouii: uo i . i i . . ,
t, ir,,...,!. r i. .
:,,:. i,!d ,.. J . - ""') w
J J f V..UT, nilivil n,. i.j v..n..I.. ' li .
'.. iu .... hi.. n u
IfltiMllr.ul ,i-IIIi II.. I T IT . . i .1 ...
" """yHry. to aatt that Urceiinfrer1!
i., A ??hy f"ed lt week, on
uiu iiuufnii mer it.ii 11 Koad en
account of the discharge of Mr Houston
il.e road master, and the appointment Igallanting his sweet lint
01 Air Harrelt in his place. The labor
ers refused lo obey the latter, nnd
three of them have been arnsttd for
putting stones on the trn.ik.
William II. Dundas has been ap
poinicd lemporniy Assistant Postmas
ter Gcncrnl, in place ol Fitz Henry
v) nrrcn, resigned.
Accident. Four 1'ertont J)roicn'
ed. At Suncook Village, on Satur
day evening at half pnstjeven o'clock
tour persons lost their lives bv the tit-
setting of a boat near tho factory,1
in the Suncook river. The i nrtic-i
. , r. .. ... . , '. . 1 . . . : .
coneci inein arc as lonows: four. Aringti.nl will tit lit
girls, operatives iu tho factory, were, scorn."
aooui to cross a temporary toot bridge A lon,c puney 10 run 01
over the river, which for want of al0'",',IVy
1. . . . 1 ai . it ....... .
rniiiiif wni nnrmnn n twins a ki- i .m-ivs iv
" " w m "-' nun l UUUV 111 I
ted the girls to cross it. liis boat, into
which they nil stejiped ; when half
way across, from being overloaded, or
some other cause, the boat capsized,
throwing them all into thn water.
One of the girls was rescued by a per
son at hand, hut Mr. Bartlett and tho
other three were drowned beinir in
I the water nn hnnr nr lirn linfnrA
I " ..... vuviv IIIVJ
.. I111 . s. . .
1 count oc ifor out.
1 oliticai.. Mr. Robert Scot!, of
1 !r?",lu; " ?ly addn-aied
a h'ttKr I,IU several Doinocr.ttic Prci-
.idential cnndidates.usking their opinion
Jon the Compromise ninnsurej. Messrs
Houjjon, Cuss, Ruk, Dickenson, W.
. K P,'6, n,,"1,Do,)SU"' 1,avc "'rendy
renlied. and 1 hev nrc Ull llllPliSlt-fllt lit
fllVor ol nwiiitninin- ihe Compromise. ! , hw,ne-c4 f,,r. m";
The replica of the other,, huv mt v. ,,,,rr"w- At retail al'
1...... 1 . I ir f tllJIJ t T nv 1 I V
1 .1.-. fy n . ii.t-
11 1 1 . . . . , . . . . ,
n . ... " M ru"ii ww
a 1 1. ... . !.:). 1 1
the walk, wears his hat in Ihn tirr.nnnn I onr) or . n. ,.. t
. " m.vi uic iiihium nr xi .vn nep , ii rins r.'
. .f ln,1,e!': "ever lifu k w,,e" o hows to ordinary ftA.OO . Hide .
,,em: lakes narlicuUr in.er.t !..-.....
m-conipnsnes me puppyisri acuievement
of wearing a glass winked in one corner
of his eye j snubs his sisters, calls his
father 'the old governor,' iners at all
,''t holy in woman, boasts of his con.
drive tandem, is death on mint
iJ"'ep., enews, graoxes, drinks, and
The Model Lady.Vu her children
out lo nurse nnd lends lan-dotrs : lies in
bi d till noon, wear paper soled shoe.
no pincnes ner waist ; giyes the piano
fits, nnd forgets lo pay her milliner j
cuts her poor relations, nnd goes to
church when she ha a new bonnet
turns the cold shoulder lo her husband,
and flirt with his 'friend:' never saw
I thimble, dost know a daroinv nrrdl.
ml r . . : "
r j trom a crow-oar, vTourfers where iiizrf
. dingtgrowl eats ham and cem in ori
ui171 tjruiv i cats nam and ei n
' vn, "d dines off on pigeon's leg in
I m.lilie : rum miirl nfi... ,t... 1...
public ; runs road after il.e. lnt
fashion, doals on 5yron, adorts any
fool who grim behind a mouMache, and
when nuked the ago of her youngest
child, replies "don't knov indeed, mk
IQ- How many an enamored pair
hav.c courted in poetry and lived in
. ,i
tCA centlemau nreieninl
adlar to the object of his adoration, aud
n J:u.ur way satd : 'Uo not let an
one ele ruinnto it' iM .1. r.
'.ilZA fi"" V' . dear d
, ic "", 1 win laKe it on.
If 'silence -is r totDcnt' does it f
the Western Siatrs i,
looking exlrerady 1
jcason. The wlmer, (A
mm usually nt ffv!lk 1
tup earth uiout. and i,t.
prclicnd is the rt'j
'Poor old (
claimed Mr l'atiinuu, ',
ioc how muil. iiniB.il. I
the paprisare fullofirJ
6y My drat W; J
tton acquait.tanrc J
vii tin- nay CI f
very ulad to see you.' '
oc i vc voted.
EST John II. 1st...
.... j
tew Gays mdcc m a ,(,,
tl I... .
.1 ill. I'uuii'll, u.iirrf il
i; .Mis.) ofnr. l,Vifn,
r.nu after an ca:n,r.a:ifl
ti-ir n rwiLinri: . k... .
I keen mt thincs, n
kilobit.' les,' iUil(
to know where vwi I...
i" .... ' "J
i.uu. a.
isiXt. Tin. r,... ;. ..:
' ' Ik nn ' I ki.fiw it II. f.
ie wouh: uo 1... ... . . . ,
up with that gal na'r..
Fair- 4 Epliraini,' R
1 wSnl ilin n feilftw nA
- O ----- - -. .
it iiiv mini lias t s. .
lliA aril nninliSA 1 , i I
... V- . ..
4 -1 V
at a wiiiai pnriy, wnci. u
gOlllg I.OUIU WitS UBM'U V
longer. 4 Well, hcrtt.t!
almost as mad as flic een-i
- t . .; iv .1. ...
A null- lf .lllin..l fi. C r 1.
of other days.'
At Mitrkul lOO'j rW'j
Stores, ICO Swine nnd Ml
Price. Ut-ef Cattlt.-V
ily was exhibited this writ
and butler prices were cW
'like iiualily. "We mintr h
m'i,..i...., ... 'third 4,50 a. 1.00. W
Working Oxen. Snlrs ('
I ,lif'. lll.il rihli'... .SnlHi P.r
... la
30. n 3.i. ' m
btnrcs. ."So mini nouii
.Elision n. '.11 " , s
m. luic, . ueovps ami iiiri niorn.
.-,.-1.: -J m
lin". tven fi tls inn
ordinary 84,00 . Hides
per cwt. jauow ,
. rn ,1 r -A .
Pnt Q1 ft 1 vr f!
Stores-Working Oxer,.
90. 110 and 136.
ivti I'va vat VUli'
1 1 c - J1
A ' I V HA Vl V4 . AJ.
By lot. 2,67, 8, 3:0,
cAn. Nt, II A'loi Al
MoNDAT, ,Ju '
APPLES Dried, per lb.
GIIEESE Prime, per ID
Fair, EGGS Pr rlnrfln.
. . .in -.... . . . . rj i
r ... in biiif p. mm I I"
do sslrs.
Ohio, common
do fanoy
do nirs.
GRAIN Corn, r.orthf rn,
C..ll....n uhiif.
Wheal, wstt'
Rye, per 45 lb
Oats.uortliern"'' .' . . t
W nun lieaini"---POTATOFS-P.T
POUJ.TKY-.Prr lb.
WOOL Merer per It. &
Full blood Meie
S-1 do
Corn in 'in,
I on U'.iJiingt.,.i. o moid- !
jr ol nil tn,et n.-.n;
h jt inn her limrs coi.nii-.
1 . nu' 1 i.i " ... 1
.mi ri lll.ll 11,1-
light t'l kl.n n
dm.. I
W'inirii ;

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