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1 II rj
0. H. iTAMAN,
TaVttfaf taw.erlk.r.
T Ofl 4 llalleeeelbtr,
, M tkWMUIki4tM.il,
A I eeUttat mw(cmmu1 J ert erff I
ytr iuri (ICIUaa) f-r Ihr.e Week.: 2ee,t.
ae . aa. tee will btkara4 fatataaWo,ari!t
MaMtacturert and leilrrln
fill kind, ataa Good warranted
Baled foot by tlii" doled.
Wnl Htaa; Seal . 3, t tfnfl.
THC SaLIr-BtMrM tCt.t.at.
t a so. r woaai.
To moon and att her Marry train
Were fediae; from the aaacaia aky.
When Ihmn tie kail-row belie t'r
ftrlarned With thrvbking aalae and brain,
Flatbed cheek a ad tfarfal eye.
The alemee that danetd borr hrt brow,
The. a rat. that aaatkled in hrt iw,
Tke lKt to luck k wotrid not I w,
Were laid asldethey mocked her now
Wbrn desolate aad lone.
Tkai aifkl ho assay heart ah won '-
Tka rearaiaf UK, k eontd not etir,
flat, lib lie altar U tanad ihe aUn,
ller suiters followed til but one
One all Ike world to bar 1
And thread lot him ! marrel not
Tle lady's eyee wltk teara were wet '
Though love by man la eonn lorgnl,
It itrtrr )el waawoman'. lul
Ti lovr and to forget.
Aak far ahW. Karaale bjf
Wall.ad, Vb. . MM. C near it
Tf; 0.eV4.W,Cl.tftK would re. perl
Jl i Mr lalnrw) lb inkabitacla or Hut
tl.d mm katait tbal the bat warned
Up.mrtttV' Sloek, Merchants Bow,
bent abt k4.ee for eat a good aeenrlineat !
OtWtdckti. Wattk Trimmtnjf, Clock,
'Jtwttrv. Sllttr Wart, Spectacles,
Fancy Good, dfC.c.
Ktalla Repaired and Warranted.
I write this ximiilc narrttito of tlie
Hfc of a New Yoik mechanic aa an
exnctiincnt. It secroa to trie that it
may be interesting and tucful ; but 1 I the bed room.
lo tka rltara frrly aeeaplad b O. L. Rb
Matwadoara aortboflka Court HoBK.wherc
aay b fna all aioaa or
annn lin ailOKX
far btb aaio.eklldran'a nr,ke.. o r
aklt teraw w at any atlitr eMaMlj.jienl.
flaaae eall aad t at. P.MfcrT.
Katland. Fab. II. IBM 1!
Patent medicines
II a mtde'raek arranreinenU that lie will
iMWfier $mfpiiU lie JTaaaararrrj
wltk all Ike popular
PATturr wMonni
if Ike lnMM oT trail I ra ttmrrtnltd te
may be mistaken in both. An author
has the same rartiaiky for his wotkB
that a rent has for his children ; his
babes are all beauties, and his geese
all swan. Still, when I read. in print
what! have wtittcn when my child
is dressed up in other clothes I think
I can Icok at it with more impartial
ity. Will the reader take this little
sketch on trust, and leave me time to
decide whether I rhall write another?
One evening in the early part of
winter the door bell rang with great
mingy, and the servant announced a
mm who wished to see me. A 'man'
is ono thiug with a servant, a 'gen
tleman another, and a 'person some
thing different from either. The man
stood in the hall, but I wondered why
he had not been called a. gentleman.
I was putzlcd where to place him my
self. Ilia dress was very neat but
plain and rather coarse. His linen,
that badge of refinement, was white,
in jerfect older, and almost elegant.
Everything abouj him seemed sub
stantial ; but nothing gave a clue to
hit position in life. la all outward
seeming he was dimply a roan. When
ed then briskly wltk mj hand. lie
was then wipeit (Try and robbed until
his whole body was growing like a
flats. Then I wnswa a Urge towel
ot of eotd water swat psrt k rend hit
throat, aad then wrapped Ma op m
blankets. The brave little fellow had
borae it all without a coca plaint, aa if
Ire andtrfttoou from hw tauter a eye
that no ham could corae to bias. In
fifteen minutes after he was wrapped
in blankets lie was in a ptoluse -per
spiratkm, In a sound slumber, and
breatuiug freely. The danger was
overso rapid ia this disease and ao
easily cured.
Happiness bad abed serene light
upon the countenance of the father,
and thrown over the mother s a glow
of beauty. I looked upon them, and
was more than ever puzxted where to
place them. There were no marks of
hiiih birth, or superior breeding not
the shadow of decaved ocntitit V about
them. It was rather the reverse, as
if they were working from a low rank
or life to a higher.
I looked around the room. It was
Everything in it was
ralKKS hcpokotomehisnJdresawaa sim
et ike '-Old Patent Medicine Kmporiuoi" pe clear, direct, with a certain air
nearly ppotile tit Fraakiia Hotel
Booka recommeiidrd
r.r ua la Kntland Uo. now on nano ana
r..r U la Merchant and other, at lo-
A Urge aupply of lb I
for uk la Katland Co,
Ayer's Ckerry Pectoml!
k. u avmxoam
..k. blv IDTUOaiStB AOKNT hi
Ifc. ....... anlcl.. KM-t fiffiSfc
(The msvim article,)
fte.Ua pioprietararreu broad. avCICS,
of self-reliance, the farthest possible
fron a vulgar bustle.
'Doctor,' he said, 'I wish you to
come and see my child. We fear he
is threatened with the croup.'
1 1 ut on my hat and prepared to
accompuny him ; for if the case was
as he supposed there waa no time to
lose. In thia disease a singlo hour
may icako a life's difference.
In a moment wc were iu the street
and walking briskly up ono of our
J he child, he raid,
neat and orderly. Thobcd
iko the cnb, waa excellent but not
costly. The white counterpane did
not cost mote than ten shillings yet
how beautifully it looked ! I ho white
window curlainh were shilling muslin
but their folds hung as richly as if
they were daroaak arhow very ap
propriatc they pecmed ! Tho bath,
with its snug folding doors, I knew
hnd not cost, plumber's bill and all,!
more than ten dollars. The toilet-table
of an elegant form, and complete
ly covered, I had no doubt was white
pine and coit half a dollar. The pic
tures on tho walls were beautifully
tinted lithographs better, far better
than oil paintings I have seen in Uic
houses of millionaries yet they can
be bought at Williams k Stevens' for
from three to five shillings, and a dol
lar apiece had framed them. The
floor had a carpet that seemed to mach
everything, with its small, neat figure
and light chamber color. It was a
cwcl of a room, in as perfect keeping
in ail no paru aa ii uu aruai unu ue
signed it.
Leaving the little boy to his un
troubled sleep and giving directions
for his bath, on his waking, we went
into the other room, which was differ
ently but just as neatly arranged. It
t ADVERTISE nothing that 1 do not keep.
Roaalan Llniamem, -
Rutland, Fb. 16, 18&2.
had been playing out of door?, had
cnten heartily at supper, gone to sleep
and waked up shortly very hearse with
a croaking cougu. lue case was a
pretty clear one, and I hunied my
walk still more and in a few minutes
was at the door. Wo went up, up,
up, to the fourth story. The last flight
. t : , . a . J 1 1
rr,iTTiTn in tin I oi stains was carrcicu, aim a eiiiuii
Kl tNlNlT rLUlJJ lamp at tho top lighted us up. An
AMB LAMPS. excellent and very durable kind of
rvtKIS day received at roat lay at the door. You will sec in
aZ.....:o7t,e7tor 'CSe ,ltUe rtlC-
ces, and landscapes; all such as a but we went cheerfully to work, earn
man of taste could select and buy
cheap, but which, like books, are in
valuable. And speaking ot books
there was a hanging library on one
side of tho chinney, which a glance
assured me contained the very choi
cest treasures of tho English tongue.
'lho man went to a bureau, opened
a drawer, and took out some monev.
What is your fee, doctor V he asked,
loldiug the bills so as to select one to
i-i-iJ I.,... r thm fbllowine una.'.
Lll iiirini J'". "d Mk Lamp. f" ekatek
S ft.-re, Aatiwt, Mantle, Kalry, and
land Lam 1 Porter' Ireproved Hunt
If Flid. Ail tt a'-me wilt be .old t city
'TaVtUaUrVlteiitlon ptidloordara far lho
T.rti.les. c,IA8. pAOE.
aUaawilsaa CPOanuaaaBOa
ruts rr k y f.
tr Wctr PoetTsav. Vi
I'.r uta
'Att' no w're l'vRf rteaW toek 6f
, Draw, Mtdicinf and Jyrs,
leOoklBf GUaaea.
pppfs 2nd shoes
fflmtffiS- Pile t Medicine
WSlV ar!fl"rU wfrVpnfil t ftraltk
JL kbibiMdiaad ctiaer. "Ilk lh""
ITOUTai IlATfl. li.
ALARfiK saaeHat.it af reslr hon-Tu
Uat. of all ,.alltk.. ft Mliclg
bjbw .
Drm ami Mttitintu
I entered the open door and was
welcomed by rather a pretty and rc
markably tidy woman, who could have
been nobody in the world but the wife
of the man who had summoned me.
I am glad you have come so soon,'
she said, in a soft pure aeeent. kit
tie William seems so distressed" that
he can hardly breathe ;' and the next
moment as wo passed through a narr
row passage where ho lay I heard the
UMtiikiakablc crouny sound, Uiat just
ly carries such terrors to the parent's
Is it the croupf doctor!' asked
the father, with a voica cf emotion,
as I bent over the child three years
ol age.
It is certainly the croup, and
pretty violent attack. How long is it
since you thought him sick t
Not above an hour,' waa tho calm
It was made calm by self control
I looked at the mother, bhe was
very pale but did not trust herself to
Then there is probably but little
danger,' I said ; nut wo have some
thin" to do. Have you the water
here V
The husband went to what seemed
a closet, opined two doors, and dis
closed a neat pine bathing tub. sup
plied with the Croton. This was bc
vond mv hones, but I had uo time to
wonder. The little fellow waa in a
high fever, and laboring for every
brctl. Taking him from his little
crib, where he lay ttfon a nice hair
att en , fct tor a pnsce to veep ou,
I took of ids clean night clolhea,staod
te tmchj said Ik. ' We hate not on
ly managed to live on that, frat we
have something latl ap in the savings
Will yoa hajre the coodtess,' said
I, just to explaia te ase bow yon do
it t for I waa resMy aaxieaa to know
how a shoemaker acd his wire, earn
ing but eight dollars a week, could live
tn comiort aad elegance, asa lay up
4 With pleasure,' he replttd ; for
you nay persuade others o better off
than I am, to make the beat of their
I took a chair, which he liandtd
rae. We were seated, arid his wife,
after going to listen a moment to the
soft and measured breathing of little
Willie, sat down to Iter aewtng.
My name,' said he, ' li illtsm
Carter. My fr.ther died when t was
young, and I was apprenticed to a
-I .1.. ." I ' r
puueuiuki-1,1 wiwi uiu usuai provision oi
scnooung. i uia as wen as uoys gen
craiiy ao at rcnool ; and as 1 was
very fond or reading, 1 made the most
of my spare time and the advantages
of the Apprentices' Library. Prob
ably the book that helped mo most
.I. - - !t.t . ; r ii:n:
ncre iiiu bciisiuiv wruuign ui ii iinaui
Cobbctt. following his example, I
determined to give myself a useful cd
ttcation, and have to some extent sue
cecdud. Vut a man's education is a
life-long process ; and the inoro I
learn, the more I see before me.
I was hardly oat of my time when
I fell in love nith Mary there, whom
some people think very pretty, but
whom 1 know to bo very good.
Mary looked up frith such a bright
loving smile, as to fully justify some
people in their notion.
' When 1 had been one year a jour
ncyroan. and had laid up a few dol
lars, ( for 1 had a strong motive to be
saving,) wc were roamed. I hoard
cd at her lathers, and she bound shoes
for the shop wheio I worked. We
lived a few weeks at her hor.c : but
it waB not our home the home we
wanted. So we determined to sot up
housekeeping. - It was rather a small
act up, but we made it answer.
spent a week in house hunting. Some
were too dear, some too shabby. At
last 1 found this place, it waa new
and clean, hrgh aud airy, and I tho I
it would do. I got it for fifty dollars
a vcar and thouuh the rents havo
advanced all round, our landlord is
thing tf liquor. Pray tell c pre
cuwly how yon live.'
'With pleasure. Frit of all, then, 1 1
moke no cigars, chew no tobacecand
Mary take no tnttlr.'
Here the pleaaaat nail caast in,
UK there waa no interruption', for Ma
ry seemed to kink her hwbaad knew
what be waa about, aad coald talk
very well without her aid.'
I have not drank a glass of liquor
since the day I was married, except a
glass of wine about four times a year
on Christma, Yew Year's, Fourth
of July, and WiihVs birthday. The
uat is our especial holiday, l bad
read enough physiology to make ap
mv Buna that tea and coffee braided
poison cotained no nutriment ; and I
tried a voiretablo diet lone enouoh to
like it belter than a mixed one, and to
And that it agreed with me better.
and aa we have read and cxperimcn
ted togother, of course Mary think
as I do.'
4 Hut what do ycu cat and drink V
asked, curious to see how far litis
self tanght philosopher had progressed
in tho laws of health-
Corao this way, and I will show
you,' ho said, taking a light, and lead-
uiK wo wiiv lino n capacious siurc
ry will get up n dinner from these ma
terials nt the cost of a Mulling, better
than the whole bill of fare nt the As
lor.' I was satifM. Here was comfort,
intelligent laslc and n modest luxury,
-ii a i... i i t. i i ...t.
,- , , . . , "!, . f-..t l . -i i B" emu!.-" uy u iiuiuuia uiiiiiiuiiiv nuu
heads, historical io- had littfo to put m it save ourselves ; knew,ow i;,., , ,,e c.st I have
might have answered for a parlor, on-satisfied with that, or takes it in pref
ly it had a cooking stove, or an artist's, crence to itsking a worse tenant.
studio, or a dining room. It was hung Hie place was naked enough, and we
ith pictures
fVaWSa" IMtffMaV ft M ttaJtfiMr
Mary OenJon was
Irnalale Us! a4a Itaew K i I let wkelt
ttsse was monopoliied on herself.
Every faak and lewiare. ad even the
earrkaf ef lair Ittad was C Swkjeet of
slwdy itii Nr. When she waa at a
parly the wu conlinwally thinking ot
the errrct the t.ranaeea, and when MM
was at home she was MMinf
orruuneat te wear ta iHialtc At charetj
sbe tpeM mr time in waeing from aa
rter Iter bonnet, to see who was aarnlr
iner her. aad ff any one was net.
Uf courte see had many beaux.-
She could never walk half the Icnrth
of the principal tlrecl, without beine
joined by tome gcuik-man ; and at
uancinx aucmuiy flic was sure to be
engaged for every sc), before the had
been in the room ten minutes. In the
summer, there was alwayt a brisk com'
petition fpr the honor of hor hand at i
pic nic. In a word, the had five beaux
where other young ladies had but one'
And yet tnmehow the wm still un
married. Her school companions one
after another, tcllted in life, and roost
of tin m adrnntngi outly ; but the wat
left tinglo, nlono of nil of that number;
if we except Kather Raymond, who
Obce wror. a taw a aaeer eM 04-
lew iiaated rJwn'tavaeTteel Irem at 8ewtt
em ewy epoti a MSrMtfUMi esnwraien wf
abessl ene trwttxred aanVsw lie wae
net twe a very oW Nwrw ttthsrt he
wsm mmm reny years ewer man water
he was Wn. TkU Mr (tawth flu wa
neteeWHeten Willi tea Maw pntttn
flMlily in tW aM.4 sTaHaat y
WBbI aaV HNan JaB HwHHy p)QkaH4rTlv9'na
ii avMvs tiawMtty. M
room. ' Here, first oi all, is a mill from MiyncM and excetive plainness
was generally set down at certain to
die an old maid.
If tho truth mujt be tnld. Matv was
excewlrely particulir. Her notioni of
hertelf were to high that the thought
but few suitors good enough for Int.
At hut, however, when llnrace Detail
ey returned ficm Kun jw, and tellled
ilowr, iu the largo old inun.ioti of hit
family, the llhtjru ngrred that rne
Ix-nuiy had found nt last n lover iqual
lo her ideal ; for I e n both rich Hnd
iin!cnted, and belonged betides to tho
uiot aristocratic set of the comity.
Horace seemed lo lmre btcu con
((uored, by her chnrmr the very flrat
uiiihl they met. Ife danced with Iter
which cost me twelve shillings. It
grinds all my grain, gives me the best
meal, and saves tolls and profits.
Thia is a barrel of wheat. I buy the
best, ami am sure that it it dean and
good. It costs less than three cents r
rsuml, and a pound or wheat a day, you
now, is food enough for any man. We
make It Into bread, muh,pies and cakci.
Here is a barrel or potatoes. J hti is
hominy. Here are some bean, n box
ol nee, tapioca, macaroni. Jterc is n
barrel ot tipples, the bent in r ulton Mar
ket. Here is a box of sunir, ami th'm
is our butter-jiir. We take n nunrt of
country milk it day. 1 buy lho rest of
our, living by the box or barrel where
nt, a, , , . ,
I can get it Utt and cheapest. Ma-i" rT"'V" ' ,m',''u,5
Li ,,.. , ' i.....i ' not dancing stood npHrt iteming "lancet
and nil made without bolting-ami p,,. r l Iki hong over her t
latoet, or hominy or rice, .he llu;,,eg. "daewmpan id her Ik
when the
mo. Kv.
an ensuBement,
the appeared
.u.. . ... . :... i, urvuwiy buiu ii
iuu mi,, Diuiir ifv ilia, n -juiim n wee r t m . .,
It not only ample, but allows of a heal-. for, ',f h" "".
.1 j ' .: v... not lets o
mr uuu oen luftiiriuua turiuir. rui i ... ,, . vt , v ,
i.i ..... ,t.i' r.i.. I Hut, all at onrc Horace Delnney
"".'ZVJl:? " "2T"rr:L." ceased Id attentions lo lho btauly of
mer wo have ttrawberriet, and peaches "? vilU.3c! nim f
- . , ., siduoU" in his alien ion lo htther Ray-
- 1 I Mnnil hi, Imil w.p l,ipti In lir mure
bcnutiful rival. Kverybouy was a,
founded, except a few elders of the
place, wild whom Either had always
been a favorite, who shook their head
saying that it was just what they ex
pected, for that Esther's amMiHity whs
a thousand linns oetit-r n an .iinry
av me.
JNow I had made up my tnmd be
fore I had got half way up the stairs,
that I might have to wait ror my pay
perhaps never get it ; but this had
chanced. 1 could not as 1 oltcn do,
inquire into the circumstances of the
man, anu gtauuate my prices accor
dingly. There he stood ready to pay
me, with money enough ; yet it was
evident that he was a working man,
and far from wealthy. I had nothing
left but to namo tho lowest fee.
One dollar does not seem enough,'
said he. ' You have saved my child's
life, and have been at more trouble
than to merely write a prescription.'
4 Do you work for your living : 1
asked hoping to solve the mystery.
11c smiled and held out his hand,
which showed the unquestionable
tnarka of honest tuM.
4 You arc a mechanic V I said, wil
ling to know more of him.
lake that, be said, placing a twon
dollar note in my hand, with a not-to-
he-refused air, ' and 1 wni gratily
yor curiosity ; for there is no use in
pretending that you arc not a little
There was a hearty, respeetiof free
dom about tUW that waa irresistible.
I put die note in my pocket, and the
man going to an opposite door, opened
it into a closet of moderate afse, and
displayed the bench aud tools of
4 Yon most be an extraordinary
ed all wc could saved all wc could,
and you sec the result.'
4 1 see ; but I confess I do not un
derstand it,' said I, willing to hear
him explain the economies of this mod
est and beautiful home.
' Well, it is simple enough. When
Mary and I moved here and took pos
session, with a table, two chairs, a
cooking stove, a saucepan or two, and
a cot bed with a straw mattress, the
first thing wc did was to hold a cctin-
: York Biakf.Utett.ttyUi. .; .!, l,l, iaU -nA made his fa
Silty arw' r thttc pad c( cold, tntcr, ulide 1 rub-
rIUUJtJ,rt..J,ltt. i
workman,' said I, looking around the
little 1 room, which seemed almost
luxurious; but when I looked at each
item I fouud that it cost very little.
' No, nothing extra. I barely man
age to earn a little over a dollar a day,
MarV helps some- Ufa the bouse
work to do, and our boy to look after,
she earns enough to male our wse.es
average eight dollar a week. W
btgau vita couiing wc live aa you
All this comfort, this reapectibitity,
this almost luxury, for eight dollars a
week ! I expressed my turpi tse
cil of war. 4 Now, Mary, my love,
said 1, 4 here wc are, we have next
to nothing, and we have everything
to get, aYid nobody but ourselves to
help ourselves.'
Yi o found that we could earn, on
an average, eight dollars a week.
Wc determined to live as cheaply as
possible, save all we could, and make
eurstrtes a home Our rent was a
dollar a week our fuel, light, water-
rent and some little matters, a dollar
more. Wc have allowed the same
amount for our clothing, and by buy
ing the best things, and keeping them
earefullv, we dress well encugh for
that. Even my wife is satisfied with
her wardrobe, and finds that raw silk
nt six shillings a yard Vt cheaper in
the long run than cakco at one shil
ling. That makes three dollars a week,
and wc still l ad our living to pay for.
That costs us, with three m our lam-
ly, just ono dollar more.
'One collar apicco f
rfo oner dollar for all. lou eecm
suririscd, but we have reckoned
vt over and over. It cost moio at
first, but we have learned te live both
better and cheaper ae that wc have
a clear surplus of four dollars a week,
after paying all expenses f rent, fire.
light, water, clothing and rood. X do
not count our luxaries. soch as an
evening l the theatre, a concert, or
a little treat to our friends when we
give a party.'
1 know a aouie came orcr my lace
for he continued :
' Yes, give a party ; and we hare
some pleasant onesy 1 essnre you.
home timet we nave a dozen guests,
mhtcb is quite enough for eosafortnd
oar treat of chocolate, cakes, blanc
mange, kc, costs as much as two dot
lars ; bat this is not often. Oat of
our surplus which comet, you tce,t
two hundred dollars a year we nave
bought all you ace, and havs mouey
in the bank.
4 1 see it til,' said I 'all but the
living. Many a mcchenic spends
mentioned, How much useless com
plaining might be fa vol how much
genuine finpptneiseniyciT-horr much
of evil and t uffering might be preven
ted, If all the workmen of New Yoik
were ns wire ns William Chtler?
I never shook a man or womnn by
lho hand with more hearty lcnpccl than
when I said ' Good night ' lo this hap
py couple, who in thU expensive city,
are living in luxury mid growing rich
on -ighf dollars a wcek,nnd making the
bench of n shoemaker a cliair of pntr
ticai philosophy.
Header, rf ytrtt me inclined lo profit
by this little urinative, 1 need not write
beauty. Let us look in on IIuimcu,
however, us ho sits ehutling with a con
fidential friend, and hear the real cause
of the change1
'You must know 'Timber,' he said.
Shu is modesty personified, yet her faf
enls are extraordinary, and her amiit
bility ami neeorffplishmonU nt great.
Indeed her modeMy by causing .shyness
makes many think her plain ; hut plain
she is not, nt least 'o nil who know her
for iu farmliiif conversation, Ihu entlut
siaMm of her eoul kindles her counten
ance into a epirilu-.il beauty that i in
describable. You were soon of with the bcaulifirl
Miss Gordon, of whom voir wrote to
A Hixo- Moitc. " Wound net the
heart whoAe love t boa art," wn the mot
1o on a ring of Mary Queen of Scots,
and now appears as the firot line of a
very simple, pretty song, by Lyra Bard,
io the Transcript
' VVoen not the' hear! whote lore lliotr.rt '
II. r hone i. round lliv bein itwini-il '.
Then how cantt thou with nurrow bo
The head that low-i, by word unkind .'
Wound not the heart whote lore 1h-n tt'
She gate PTtt-t life and soul foi thee .'
I w,iHl not Merrf.by word or deed,
The besrl thai did o much lor me."
Horace bldshcd n little, for he felt
how fuolith he hnd becn.ru he icnlied,
Vet the daisied me for a while.
but I roon found my error i Ihoogh I
eimnot yet forgive myself for being dun
td even for a week, by a pair of fine
eye and rr coquctl's artificial manner.'
Is the a beauty merely.'
Merely and entirely a beauty, never
' was woman more so. All Mm tinnks
' aliout is how she looks. Her mrnd h a
mere Mank. Of latmsr a shallow
utretm of which one gets the plummet
Yet you seemed so enraptured at
(Trst, that I fear she may have begun
to like you.'
Horace laughed, 'Jfo fear of thai,
my good fellow. Hhc lore herself too
intensely ever to love any man. Ah .'
what a continrt between her and Es
ther. It is like pafsmi from a crowd
ed, close bar! room with its glare of gna
IlAiin or Hm-ikk.- Joe U ,
who is an incredulous dog, was listen
ing lo a wonderful story told by old
B , in which his daughter Mary
bore a conspicuous purl. Joe looked
a pramktflt trah in Us jtAarnettr, It
was a qimUty which very mten it tent
Met ttuat toy, and satglrt easily WniMa
a en roe n try a tanai nn kmw ef ia
worW. He had niaalttated a akagakr
aaaaaaaaaaai aMauapaJlw AaaatfkaJ mm
senee of Snnd, sjndj ww'Jfwr frrsBenflj
reais about the streets nw ewrhV day
wlthont reeegntslng one of InV nwnier
oat friend apparently wlihoal fcelns;
aware ef the nature ef hit raurataniu
Till was Hr (Smith.
We were saying that Mr. Smith
started up on a journey on lbs Hen toed
BMchlne" ttoken of in John Bull. Af
ter travelling few mile, our pedentrian
tell tomewnat tiiirtty, ana railed at
small establUhmcnt, which looked a
though it wat about half a tavern, for a
A good nature-1 young fellow walterf
upon him brought him brandy and
water and k add lion furnished hiuf
with a bltu of breail and cheese' All
this waadeeideilly welcome and refresh
ing. When Mr Knriili had quenched
hit thirst and queuched hit appetite, Tie
thought ho tn4hr walk two or three
hours longer before ho stopped for din
His riMd-feumetl to be vary left,
and wns'skirlcd on one. tide by nn un
common high tence. bo he footcif it
lor about three hours longer, tniltt it
glance nt ihu po.il ion of the un tat
Ulied him he hud better piocurti him is
noonday meal. Ho called nt n small
dwelling by the roadii lo, and the fol
lowing dialogm enutd" between Mm
and boy standing in tho doorway :
'Who lives here, my ton?
'Mr Sampson tir',
'Do you kwerr " larefir
Why, sorter, and torler not we ac
commodate poopla tomutlraet.'
Can I gel a dinner hero V
'Yes tir walk in.'
Our traveller talked In, nmt itr thrr
coutu of half an hour -t nice comfort abli
dinner, tmoki.ig hot wot pluced before
ITfiiro he rcnewid his lauori, iion-
ever, lie look the precaution to fill hi.
pipe carefully and then lit it, Frcih and
vigorous ns ever no pushed nnenu ; nut
as the ran ererl down tho horizon.
Mr Smith bsgnn to feel wime degree of
wearinces stealing over Inm, dill ho
persevered (ill it was quite dark.
rinding innitoil oppokito to u smmr
house by the road side, he inquired of
tho youth seated upon Ihe threshold.
'Who lives hern my ton i
Mr Sampson, sir.'
'Can I g-l supper and lodging fiei tr
by pnying T
Cerliinly, tir walk in.'
Mr Smith crossed the threshold, law!
nsidc his hat and cane, drank a caw of
ten and ate IWo or three slices of foist,
rend four chapter in 'l-'ox's Book of
Martyrs,' which he found npon tho
mantel phscc, and went to tad. Whcir
he nwoko in the morning the sun win
just showing its broad red disc aho n
the tree tops. He found the brrnkf it
upon lhj lablo waiting for him. Hn
ftnished the m miing meal, and com
menctd Id travel lho second day.
One simj le thing n'.liacled hit allenlimr
ihe road was exceedingly uniform-
but the fatt cxeit'd no sorprlsc. At
norni he called at a sous hlile houw.
and asked a lad who wat gating nut ofu
Who live rrcre tttf tor. 1
'Mr. Saenpron sir
Our frnvehor paused a m imonl, re
fleeted, and teemed to be conning over
some name or circumstance iu hi. mind1
at Inst he said'
Arc there many of the name of Sue'
pson on this road my ton
'A good many said the bo.
1 tueughl to, Can you git mo
xiUc and doubtful
" If vou don't leliavo it, you may go
lo the hewze and aak Mary, and take it
from htr lift."
JO lOun mill hi ill. wvrii f .rro uiu !
.. .. .. . ,. , i
man loiioweu on io see site result aim
found Joe kitting Mary sweetly. j
" ulint on earth are you about.
44 Oh. lakinjr that awful touch tory
from htr oven tipi hut I, am tatufied
now 1"
tij"" I hale to hear people talk be
hind one's back," aa the pickpoctefsaid
when ike contfaote called stop thi-f."
ICy-Mrt. rartlrigton says the did noi
marry her feeend katband bose rhe
loved the mate sex, but jmt because he
wat Ihe size of her first protector, and
would rosae to good to wtar hi old
clothes out I
OrThe youth who le ft hit liome fx
caufe hi mother would rot allow him
to wear a standing collar, it now acting
at con copending secretary to a curavaii.
I should be very torry if we tetitmere than tint fvr cigr?. f" ry v.o
Scbk Cijuk- " Sea-ferpent oil" i
said lo be a sure care for too.uiuption.
To piotc clFeclui.1, howetcr, it must I t
laktii tAlcinally, internally and iter
iihllv, or, uutil it kilU or cuics '
tmrl its hum of mcauingles comer;-
lion, to the free air of 6eavcn, with Ihe
biid singing, the waters gurgling, and
the sunshine spaikling around you.'
Yo are poetical .'
And to you will te tooy when j'ou
knowJEstht-r. But corae put on your
hat, if is time to go there : and I want
you lo he quite intimate before you re
turn to he my btideowan.''
A month from that lime ia Horace
llaney married to Bilhtr Kayrnonff.
The Bride retal looked beamrftrf on
that autpiciout morning;' and what i
more, htw been growing more lovely cr
er since. Would yotrknow Why 'f Be
eau'c nn intelligent mind, united to a
generou heart r lho creator of beauty,
even where it does not originally ex
it. Miss Gordon it now a faded o'd
maid, with sunken ryes, a skin like
parchment and the sharpest of sharp
thoulder llader Her face ha a tour
and discontented W-k, which inrreates
with her yiaw. Ever sincif the lo
Horace DeUney she has been in fad
severity at war with ihe woild. Which
is ihe Utter, lo be plain and ftxl, or
merely a btauly.
ifinrrer here, mry ton )
Certainly, tir walk in,
BIr. Smith slcjqwd in swalrowet hi
dinner, and once more look lo- the rovl
When night eatne ew, fci ef eatir.o
flopped at the rktt liouse on Ms way.
A youth sat upon a whe.cfbarrow i ih
door, whittling.
Who lives here,- my ton J'
Mr. Sampson, tir.'
'Mr Sssspton i By Jupiter 1 1 vbuld
think fhey were atl 9Mttott Ut ll.i.
road. 1 gut dinner at Samrjon'i jr..
lerday, tlept at another fumpsnn'i U-t
nibjfit ami here 1 am m Mr BampsonV
gam. Itesidet the houiw;t 1 haw seen
on thit road all look alike it's very
Very queer. reullad ihi
leer wbicti teeiard lo tay
fool awe, old fellow.'
1 Can you give ine ir and kxl
ing? said Ihe traveller.
(Vrtalnly walk in.'
J'rn darned if this Ln'l qiei- son
of n country wkl lho uhl man at L
weal lo U.-I ( 'this Imks like the room I
slept in .ii night i Uu L supj-ue it
all' rigid,
k wat full I wo oVUx-k the next d ).
when, after travelling bri-kly at leas
sit lioiirs, Mr Smith stopped al a w
(ortaWe, tmall dwelling with the inl ii
lion of K'ruring h'n dinner. A buy
stood in ihdwr,
4 Hon d'je h t laMtia. Iu?
uiy wiiii v
r'yin can't
jajieje Jaw. jBtgaej, ;

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