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i. -
This commerce, which is at present almost
monopolized by England, has cost its mil
lions of liven and treasure, and has been the
means of enriching more than one nation.
Since the cession of California to tba United
States, it has been discovered that much of
the trade which now, at such Jr?at Tls ex"
pense and delay, is prosee"'01 J wa7 of
Cape Horn, may te ir"
States by the constru""0? of a trans-continental
railway. Talue of Rnthh Pro
ducts exported imha m 1814, was 2,113,
437 ; in 184ft 0,023,192 ; and in 1858, 18,
283 85'. --'ie amount for that vear included
9 3,492 or cotton goods, l,9G9,227 of
crAoa yarn, 021,385 cf woolen and worsted
stuff's, and 489,789 of woolen manufactures.
The value of the British exports to India of
fbreignyprcdu. was $660,823. The imports
from Tndia were valued at 1 7,407,185. 'The
declared value of British produce and man
ufactures exported to China and Hong Kong
in 1858, 2,870,447: The imports that year
from China, were valued at 7,043,089, in
cluding 5,036,293 of tea, and 1 ,836,645 of
silk. The British trade between India and
China is large, but ninc-tcnths of this appears
to consist in the shipment from India to
China ; and one-half of the whole value in
opium. Thj! value of the exports of all joods
from India to China in 1S57-8, was 5,180,
496 to Hong Kon; and 4,186,341 to the
rCsl of China; total, 9,366,837. The ex
ports of opium included in this amount, were
37,353 chests, valued at 4,615,630 to Hong
Kong, and 30,651 chests, valued at 3,625,
405, to Other ports in China. On the other
hand, the total value oi the imports into In
dia from China was 915,858. Give us a
Pacific Railroad and a line or two of fleet
steamers, and the increase of this commerce
by that which would naturally flow into and
from the United States, may be faintly imagined-
'r the trade with the surrounding
"Sit, with the Sandwich Islands, China and
Japan, would be added that which would
proceed from the Amoor River, not to speak
of the whaling interest, the trade in pearls
and avalone shells, in valuable furs and seal
skins, and a thousand other sources of reve
nue ; nor of the immense passenger transit,
and of the avoidance of the passage of an
isthmus belonging to foreign and hostile na
tion ; nor of the final exorcism of the great
phantom of sectionalism, which would, by the
carrying out of this grand uddcrtaking, be
laid forever.
-V I'im-aotiku Skstexckd to Death
i on Anoi.iTioxis.M. The Memphis Argu.:,
of th-: 14th, m which wj find the following
article, is re.iousWe for the peculiar manner
in which it makes its statements:
A Methodiitpreaeher made his appearance
in Osceola, Ark., a short time since, and
wished to ventilate a quantity of his stock of
abolition rhetorh. His offer was declined,
the inhabitants feeling that they were quite
well enough posted on the principles of abo
litionism. Ha still persisted, and went about
25 miles below Osceola, where he succeeded
in getting employment from a number of
planters, to preach to their negroes. One of
the planters, a few days since, received a let
ter from a planter in South Carolina, warn
ing him oi' this man, as he was a dangerous
abolitionist. A committee of citizens was
immediately formed, who arrested the preach
er, and he was taken to Osceola, tried and
sentenced to execution, which was set for to
day. Letter ok Hon. John A. Campbell
This distinguished gentleman, Judge of the
Supremo Court for the District of Alabama,
has written a letter giving his views in regard
to the present condition of public affairs. lie
arrives at the following conclusions :
First, That the election of Mr. Lincoln
does not atTford sufficient ground for the dis
solution of the Union.
Second, That the great subject of disturb
ance, that of slavery in the territories, rests
upon a satisfactory foundation, and that we
have nothing to ask, except that the statu quo
ba respected.
Third, That the subject of the rendition
of fugitive slaves can be adjustad to the sat
isfaction of the injured property holder, and
without dishonor to ourselves.
Fourth, That in relation to the maintenance
of the rights we have, or those that have been
defeated or impaired, and in whatever con
cerns the subjects of contumely and insult
we complain of, there may be suQcient eause
for increased vigilance, for preparation, for
alliance among the southern states, for the
demand of new guarantees, but not for dis
union, until there is a refusal of redress.
In my opinion separate state action will re
sult in the discredit and defeat of every meas
ure for reparation or security.
A Fitou Stoky. The Hartford Press
prints the story about six ladies of Toledo
swallowing live frogs daily, to cure them of
consumption, and following it up with ano
iher, &e. :
A couple of gentlemen from a neighboring
town, who were called to watch with a sics
person, who had been given over by Lis phys
icians, and apparently had but a short time
to live, after some conversation relative to
the improbability of stories of recovery by
frogs inhaling a sick person's breath, resolved
to test it. The first frog placed at the dying
man's mouth was dead a; Julius Caisar, after
only three or fjur breaths had been drawn ;
the second lived some time longer and died ;
the thiid livtd about half an hour, and though
others were applied, none of them died. The
sick person immediately began to amend, and
Anally recovered. Tne parties to the trans
action, who tell the story themselves, are
highly respectable.
SenatokVvIui.:8 Spkkch. The Wa-h-ington
correspondent of the Tribune writes as
follows concerning the recent speeeU of Sen
ator Wade in the U. S. Si'na'ei
"The gilleries were cram ucd, and every
passage wiy thronged. The closing p lit oi"
the speech especially was listened to wi;h ihe
most profound attention by nearly every
southern senator. The impression left by it
was of the most salutary character. A frw
more such speeches, and secession would be
killed in its swaddling-clothes. Mr. Wade's
treatment of the war aspect was most happy.
He showed conclusively that there could be
f-o war unless the seceding States declared it
aga'mst the federal "overnuieut."
Goffstown Centre, IS. H.
. , ih : . - , -,
Tile following t'stimouials vt'il tell something !
about a Medicine tht is now becoming popular taster
than auv other article sold by druggist :
liev. J. K. Chase, of Kumuey. N. H., under Sate oi
April 4, I860, fvsm-"' Wlieu jour favor, (two bottles
of White Piue Compound.) was received, I was suf
fering from a most severe cold. I took the Com jound
and was able to preach in two days. 1 oelieve
the Compound is an invaluable medicine. I do wish
thousands who- know nothing of its virtues, would
become better acquainted with it."
Hev L. C. Stephens, Pastor of the Baptist Church"
at Uoffstown Centre?, in a letter dated Feb. IStJO, says:
"Some of my family have tried it, (the Coopound,)
with 8igdal success. J believe it to be one of the best
Cough Remedies ever prepared. Besides its value as a
Couvh medicine, I have good reason to believe it to
be all it claims to be for Kidney Diseases, and Dia
betes.1' Mr. Asa Goodhue, of Bow. X. H , was so prostrat
ed by Diabetes, iu March 1869, that neither b.iuiself
nor any who saw him thought that he could possibly
live through the month, As a last resort, he thought ;
he would try the White Pine Compound. They pro-J
cured a bottle tor hira; heiegan to take it, and to
the susprise of ail. immediately showed sicns of
amendment. Eleven mouths afterwards, (PVd. 23,
1360,) in a full statement ot his case, he says j "1 be
lieve Dr. Volaud's White I'iue Comiuund, under
God, hasbeeu the means of my recovejr.' thus i&cV
Hundreds of cases of Kulney otnp::nutv i vno
K.-i Tilt ELY by taking the, White Pine Cotu-iiiiid, have
been reported bv druzgists. Here are two sainp'es:
An aged man in Da'tivers, Mass., heard of the Com
pound, as a wonderful curative for kidr.ev c;m
plainU. Being a itreai. sull'erer from thnt difficulty,
he sent tothe Aptbecary fortwo bottles. They ouked
him. He said they were worth fifty dollars, lie has
since sold a good many bottles himself.
The second case was that of a business miai in Sa
lem, Mass. lie was also cured of the same complaint.
Afterwards he went to Minnesota. The great tatigue
of his journey brought on a return of his former diffi
culty, and seeking in vain in Minnesota for the com
pound, he was compelled to send all the way to Sa
lem to have it forwarded bv express.
"July, ISoO. Da. Poland: Mr. J. C. Eutterlield,
Jr., who sells Mur Medicine, Las requested me to
give a brief statement of what your Unite Tine Com-'
pound has done for me. I had been afflicted with the
Kidney Complaint lor a long time, and had a bad
Cough of ten years' standing, which caused me to
spit blood quite frequently. No one of my acquain
tances expected that 1 should ever get mv health
again. Bat two bottles of your While Fine Compound
have cured me of both the Cough and Kidney Com
plaint. 1 would also state that a lady, a neighbor of ours,
was so badly afllieted with a cough that sue sat np on
ly long enough to have her bed made and .we all
thought she was going ia a quick consumption, fine
took only on bottle of yonrCoinpouna.aud it cured
her. She ir just as well' now a she ever was.
Bradford. X. II.
' !.. Poland: I wish to boar mv testimony to
the value of your White Pine Compound. You will
remember how leeMe I was at the time 1 called upon
vou in .lulv lust. Mv chief complaint was inflamma
tion of lite ki't.f-tis la addition to other oi.sagreeable
svmptum-, 1 SiittVred dreadfully from severe pain.
l ou soil iuu :i bottle of the White Pine Compound,
and before I had taken two-thirds of that one bottle
mv pain had all left me . Though 1 had been afflicted
with that cempiaiut a iong time. I have not had a
return of it since, and have for many month pa.-t en
joyed excellent health. Youra trulv,
li y. AlKKN'.
Goflpown, March jr, 1360.
GEO. C. GOODWIN & CO., 11 Marshall Street,
Boston, General agents. Sold everywhere by drug
gists. P-Vly
rpilE popularity of thee Bittebs ib justly due to
A the purity of of the materials of which they are
prepared, and the delicate combination of pimple
alternatives and tonics so well calculated to act upon
every p-irt of the digrth-e organs, and through them
to reach and cure all complaints arixing from a di
eaaedeonditton of the Stomach and Bowels.
are highly nourisihing and fattening, and a aTonio
for Old Puoflk. Dklicatk Ladiks, Cox
PDMPTIVB I'atikntS, and all weakly penmn, they
citinot be surpi-ed. l'i all cases of Weaknew or
Debility, thev will give immediate relief, and impart
a strong healthy tone to the eyftem. Far" the cure
of DypeDia Indiges'ioa, Nwrvous lineaief. Liver
Complatut!, Weakness or Debility, Flatulency and
Sauea, and all coinplints ciuequent upon a disor
dered tat of the f-toia-ich. Liver and liowela, they
are net equa'ed. Ai an agreeable stomachic, they
are much admired; they tharpen theappetite, bright
en the iutellect aud infu-ie new life and vigor. No
one who uses these bitters, can be subject to au at
tack of Fever and Ague, or Diu-rhoea.
I'ut up in Quart Kr'tlea, in cfa of one and two
dozeu. and for sale by Druggists and Grocer every
where. W. F. t. A. W. GRF.Et.EY, Proprietor,
ii Trenvmt St., itn-ton. Ma.
For sals rhoieale and retail by l'OXDt mouse,
Rutland. Vt. v
-"irB r.unvr wondeu ok the
iVOl'f.r). BattKiS' Black I,inirnnt, a remedv
for the Million! The above is d"anjd to tie the
greatest Luiini-nt in the world for Mm or Beast.
Thin Liniment N a sure cure for KheumatUm,
Shoulder Sirain'. Goit. S-'r, Stitf .loir.t-, ISnii;',
Sprain". Cltiiblaius, King-Boues, Spavins. Cocked
Joints Sorin,'halt, Stiti. Splint''. I'ole E.-il.Tliitta-loeB,
Weak Back, and all other la?nnen that horse
fleh U heir to. i'his Liniment e'i'iaN everything.
Ring-bone, Soavin and Splint Salve, a sure cure for
Kiug-bone. Spivii, SoMuts. and Cilloues of all
denomination. Thii Salve will remove a Splint or
a rnall bone Spavin in twelve hours. Thi i" the
greatest Salve in the world; it outweighs all others
for vilue. Tliat nob e animal, the Horse, can be re
lieved from pain and lameness, and caa be restored
agin to value and u-eiu'uess.
None genuine unless signed bv the proprietor.
A. KKIGGS. Deertield, Mass.
S. "SIMS. Asetit. ICntlano:. vt.
S II O L E S .
Professor of D'iseases of Women,
The only Hegnlar Graduate Physician advertising
in Boston, givHs particular attention to D eea.si oi
Women, sspeciallv thoe RUtfenng from any disar
rangement ot the MKNsraUAL Sytkm. Married or
single Ladies may apply with safrty and in confi
dence, for relief trom the many misfortune peculiar
to the sex.
I have prepare I a Mltcioe for the purpose of reg
ulating the Monih'v Sielcn-ss, which I have used for
the! tteu year with the most unhonn'lfd success.
The following recommendation is Kutticient:
"ItJ uniform success, even in extrem cases, is as
8t"nishiiig a? it is satisiactory.'' Journal of Am.
M'd. Science.
I hve hundred of private assurances of the same
happy results, but for obvious reasons I cannot place
thn bet'ort-flie public.
. 't isthe very he.-t thing known for the purpose, and
in cg;sof obstruction, a:t-r all other means have
failed, ri surelv produce the de) rt-d effect . A cure
is guaranty case,. or the price will be refuiid
e'' t"Iv ye-et:,"'e. and perfectly s ifp at all times.
CAUTION. Xever purcliase anv medicine ot tbis
nature of an? one. if left about the'eountrv for pa e.
Such Fills and Daops are deserving of no confi
dence whatever.
Experienced nurses an! pleasant rooms for those
who wish to remain under mv care.
Address Dr. C. 11. SliOLEd, 127 CotmT Street,
Boston. 22-ly
iff --SaSL. wVi
tj . . OP N'KW YOK::,
The acknowledged Heads of the P refession in cithot
The best Diuretic, Tju'io. uud Invifffjraiit. The
3nt Ei.trr.ft of the ITALIAN JUNIKEB
BEEHY. The Purest and Most Costly Gin Ex-
Ptsmt. -
For Sale, Pints and Quarts, by every
Druggist, Grocer, or Country MercHant.
I, O N I O N J N S
Importers. 91 Liberty St..
b1 Mi r s"
i'X : i i Jk4 'Vr-JS ..r-.;
O L 1J S A C II E M 15 1 T T E It S
W 1 G W A M TONIC. .
FTUIESE delicious ad tar-lami-d Bitters are re
A commeudei by theiirot phyiriHn of Ihr
rosntrr. on account t their 1'UliIIY AJ,D
They are pleasant as nectar to the taste, and are
pronounced the best Tonic awl Stimuli nt ever offered
to the ftublte.
Their curative powers in cne ot GENF.RAL DE
etc.. are unpara'Ieled. and as a guarantee th.t we feel
warranted in claiming what we do, we beg leave to
state that our a-ser tious are endorsed by
Prof. SILLIM AS. of Yale College.
Prof. UAYES, of Maacliu?etts.
and hundreds of others.
For sale by Grvcers, Wine Merchants, and Drugg
ist generally.
For sale by Posd & Mouse, Rutland, Vt.
WM. GOODRICH, Proprietor.
ew Haves.
Principal Depot, 145 Wales St.. Xew York.
51 -ly
The attention of IiiTalids, Physicians. Clergymen,
seieutini men. and the I) iblic generally, are respect,
fully solicited to the merits utthis chemical prepara
tiOT, con'aiii'nj I ran, Mnlpbar and ho
rn, ami which it idetiti-.al in its compo-jnoii wilb the
Hrrnatir HUx-u'e. or rtd blood. In ai; dt:eares accom
panied with jLHia
pale count"nance and 1 ervous derangemeiit, analyse!
of the blood how a detfeie"cy of tne red gobu'es.
Ruddy complexion anri a ro-v tint ol the skin, is al
wnys indicative ot health ; whi'e a Ta!e. wai-like skin
and countenance. nhic't evincesa defi'ircv of the
red irlobiile". aoconipattie-a -Jisea-ed organism Pre
paratioiia of Iron i ae l-en given lor the pnrt o-e of
'lupijnis in n-a L"Ormies.-nr we contei a ihat Iron
alone. "Sulphur- alone, or Ihophrn a'one, will
not meet the deficiency in every ca-e. bnf tnat s jurii
cious combination ol a li. tlice elements is i-vct-ry
to restore the blood to its normal standard Ibis
point, nevnr before a'teridwt. has been reached In the
EfJlood I'onit. and its tii-coverv ranks as o e of the
most ss.entitic and Smoortant oftlieage. It? .fit.-cf in
arto ofieu tlie erti,h, brj,ce t'ie nerves, streTFfhen
the system. n!!av th- prt-t rating niiiht suea's, increase
the phtsitMl H'ni nientsl energv. ei.rich the blood bv
restoring fie lack'n? rel sr'ob'iles, inerease the spite
tit. rep,r., the c i'nr, ,nd e..the ;te ie!e,n frame
wi'h flesh. TO' Ittan l will he fcin a f?-
citi.; in all fiirif . of the Thrt or
l.vn;. s.Cii m Auhmt, '),',..,., Cnushs, &r. l'uh
)i: speakers snd iMi'ers will tjnrt it nf jjreat u'ilite jD
e'earing an I s'eiwtheni 'ir 'he ve! orjrns In flo.
ptpnn. '..irrr Cmil' 'a nl ' . Drnp . r'.p. Prira'n,
Serof tln. tira'-'l. St. Vit.n ' D inre. fever an i A-jur, Ife. ,
its etliOHCV is maked ai d instantaneous In iioc!ss
of diseases, however, are the henefle'al eft" c's of tbis
remedy so ensptcuona as in those harra-sing
to whi-ih th irent'er sex see liah'e. and which tend
towards Corisi-mpriop, such as snwes-ed or dift-cilt
H'nt'.rttat'on. Gren SicLnesi, Whites !fr.. espci'i'ly
when tlie-e c mi'ii..ts r- accomnani-d with p ilene-s,
a riin?y hue of oalior of the kin, depre.sion of sp'rits,
d' bi'itv -palpitation, want of appe'jte. ai d nervous
prostra'ion. We hive tbp n'mo-t cnfiileu'-e in re
commending the Rls4 Poof! to all who mav be
conscious of a lo of vi'alitv or pnergv. and to tho-e
whose mental or hodtlr p-xrprs are p-os,r:,ted throuah
ocr u, either m mind or hodv, and we deem it our
duty tossv that in e M of IFii.. and Kmnc a'mn,
and in sll diseases of the KirtNitvs or Ki. a do Kit, this
preparation has a c'aim noon the atteorion r.f suffer
ers whi"h ennot he over-estimated- A fithfnt trial
wi'l be fo'ltid thp most eonvbicing proof in regard to
is efTi-acy thit could he asked for. With the above
remsrks. and with the nnm-rmis tesiimor'als we
have in it fai-or. we offer the ln1 Pond to the
com-i Iprnt od ofthesffl-cted, knouiui; that it wil' be
a"knowed.d as rtee-eminent O' er all oter prep,u-t-io"s.
nafent or ofTtciat. in p int ef nsefu'uess. I'ir
cilirs eiviog the theory U"nn whii-h thi remedy is
founded, at-if, certificats of r-msriab!ecures. ill be
serf fre" when tpi--e-" We forward the It 'noil
F001I to sny ps't ot t'ip t'ui'ed Sfntes or I'nnada-,
upon receipt of nriee S te bottle. ?si for six hotftes.
lie carefnt in all cases ,0 fke iine but that lining
our fc--imi'e -igi.ature up u the wr"pper, Scue
other is genuine.
Prepared only by ('"liW't DFPONT,
No. 10.) Hn adwav. pw York,
And sold by them, and nil re-p ctab'e Drurai-ts,
I'oi d k Mors-, Rutland; Geo. 0. GooiHv'n & Co.,
l. S. Burr Co , Weeks & Porter, and Ueed. ''ut
ler & Co., Boston. 8-ly
This Regenerator is put up ia two sizes, and
retails for 50 rents for pint bottles, end $1 for
c,i!sut Iott!es. The quart bottles are much the
Who vants a Good Head cf Hair? Use
Mrs. "Wilson's Hair Regenerator and
Hair Dressing.
I'ies-e read a few certificates from the fo!!oirhi) n !ia-
lill'l well known peojik.
Mebs. IIkshv 1. W11 son & Co My wife is now
uii:jf your Ilejfi-iifrator for liie hair, nd prumiunci"" it
fir nperiiir to anything she trr nfil for the hair. It is
en-iiy ajili-d. does not soil in the least has no diai:rp--alile
odor, Increases the prowth of hair, prevents it fall-u-l
off, nd often cures the headache. I forward you
tl.i rertinrate unsolicitt'd, hfi-auf, I think n rti le
tiiat will d hat your Hair K'-niTator Kill, should he
wi'l.-lj' known. I think it is the tift article for the hair
ntiv in use. Ftetperlfultv r..
Rev. JACOB b'l'EVKNS, NenrlMirj'port, Ms.
" likt the Hnir Rtgenernlnr and Dressing very
much.'' Kev. Gku. W. Woouiso, Hartford, Ct.
unhrtitalingla pronounce it an invaluable arti
cle from the effect on my own neat 19
tt. A Hill, wifeof Rev. Henry Hill, Manchester, X H.
il It rendered my hair soft ani tjtossy "
MtsoT liKSAR, Saratoga t-prinjf. X. V.
" 1 feel confident that it ope rat ts sot as a dye, but
I.i rtiiort the molt to their natural healthy stale."
Rev. E. M. Kblloo, Nasi: us, X.II.
I most cheerfully recommend it toall persons "
fcsv. C. Ku.-stLL, Littlrt in, N. II.
November 1.
Mi;.ot$. Hksrt I. Wilsos &Co.: I have nohetitaccr
in saj'i.'i;, in tny opinion, Mr. Wilson's Hair Reircriera
tor and Hair llri-siMir arc Ihe lt hair prejiarations lioir
it ci-. 1 i:.:tl! cv.tinii- to u--e thetn with pleaur-r
hiiv. il. 11. ll.VUi Wi.LL. Latrreuee. Mass.
-MrssBs. HkM'.t V. W11 son k Co. : I Lave u,. d your
!.:a;r I'.vjrcnerator and Hair lres-.tnir. abtl davt; reeivd
eri-at benefit frn tlirm. I d-m the articles wm thy .f
l:ihcomuifn(!ation, and cheerfully rroniir:YU th-.ni to
sll who want to nutore frrsiy hair to Its ortrf! c il r. or
to any who are troubled with dandruff, or a ffl-a;rr"-aM'?
it -hin of the head, or humors, or to thufcc wi.se ba:r i
fal.ird from the bead.
Jitv ti. W. H CLARK, Great Falls, X II.
!tm. TIsnrt P. Wilsosi Co. : I d-rm Mrs. Wil
.i;i Hair Rnwra'jir and Hair Dressing the standar l
articK-s of ad hair preparatins. I have, in nisny in
stances, known lUnn to restore the hair where il had
f.ilien otT, remove dandruff, restore the hair to its orif inal
c ,lor, cure entirely the mnt painful headaches "d in
sum" instances nviit seriou, humors Personally, I have
ijeeii a sharer in several of thee lienef.ts.
Rsv. I1F-NHY HILL, Manchester, X. II.
Mrs. Wilson's IIsi Dressing Is put up in lartre bottks,
and retails for 37 cts per bottle, and for dressing the
hair of any person, young or old, there is not Us equal in
tne world. It will make the hair everything you wish It
to be, and moreover, it has a perfume that it inSmtrly
superior to any of the fashionable extracts, either fi-reit"
or -American, which alone should entitle it to a place on
every lady's toilet table.
I f! th Regenerator before retiring at Bight, and
in the morning apply a little of the Dressing, and our
hair will be even more lifehka in color and beauty.
I'se nothing on your hair but these preparations, and
use these according to directions, and we warrant you
a god healthy head of hair.
Manufactured and soi l at wholesale by Henry P Wil
son k Co., Manchester, X. lllo whom all letter should
be addressed.
l'OXU & MOUSE, Wholesale and P.etai! Affents
for Itut'ati i County.
Dealers can be supplied by tbVdozen at the lowes
market prices.
371y Opposite the Depot, Rutland. Vt.
Dr. Matti.Mjn's In Jian Einroenaf-ricrue.
Z7 This celehrr-!e 1 V -male Medicine
pftM-,-M virtu. uitKuown ol any
th'tiK e!e r.I t:.e siLd. ud proving
e ectusl frall other have fa led. is
prepared (run an Indian p'ant u-ed
In tln iistiiei )ur the mnie purpose
lr; 'ime inimeni'r:a , and lor
t'-e firt t me offered to the pnblic It
i r'e-ipiied'lop both mnrrte'i and ne!e
ladi't aitdi the verv tet tlnu ton n
lor 'he p'iri.ose. a it will lj r 1 1 ir on the
mnmthli nekness ill Cise of obstruction
f run anv exit, a'ter il l other retne
dice 01 the kind hsvi- teen v in. I his
1 Z.--J-: 1
v ,J
U r
1- erl nts ,e. fn ii rreihti p. hut it r mi! 10 snv
gf'jr-? -iJ r-e P"r u''tl refunded. IIHHI
"---", . ' litllTI.IS haie been sold iu eighteen
mont. w.'bout s snxle f liture her taken a. dirtcted
and with ut t he lea-1 11 ju y !o the health iu any ae.
It i pot 11 p in hot !e o: lhre did ren' strengths w ith
lull direction fur ii'irg. and sei t by K.' p'esj.. rovy
sealed, to ail pa its of the count rv. I'ric-.I uil MrMigt h.
?I0: Hif Mieiuth. Quarter IStreiifti., SJ.per
bottle, ifr't'em mber Tin medicine is d"iued
(xprfH for ibstiw te ('At in nhichail ther
remedies f the si d lime btten ttifii in mill J Ke
ware ot imjtHtinii ! Xune warrant ri unle- purcliaed
(lir-et'y of Irr. M or t his ouVe. l'repaed and sold
oM.v at M A I I'I.-OX IIKMKDIAI. IXftl'I-
TJIFf't f-PKCIAL LilsKA-irS, .No.!i L'uiouPt.,
lrovidnce. K I.
rrTIi Spe'iality etnhrscps all diwaes of a Prirate
nature, both 01 AI KX a U WjMKX bv a regularly
educated thvi-ician ot tw-nty ear' pacti-. e, Kiin
hisacAo.'e a'fei.tiou to them Qyt'ousultatious by
let'er -r nthecwi-e are siriciy Co . ti "enlial.aiid medi
cine1 will bernt hv Kxpres-. feurr from oArroJir,
to sll parts ol the L'uitei States. Aleo ac. ommoda
tions lor pa'ieuN trom abroad wishing lor a secure
and q iet Kfcl KEAf, ith good care, until reetored
to health.
r5!n theee mm ol medicl imposition, when men
ai:me to t.e phy.-ician without any know edge of
m-rti-i e hate ver, person cannot be too careful to j
whom 'hev applt , ht lure a least making some - '
o r, and e-p. cially in rel .tiou to those ho make ;
t he great-t pret-ntmns. Advertising phvsicians. in
bine ca-e out ol ten, are n.Jrj; and as the news
pai-rsare til 1 1 ol toe.r decelie adver' i ra tits,
ithout maV ii.g inquiry ten to one of ou will be
Imposed np . J-L)r M will Send free, by encln
1,1 onetiHop a alsive. a psmphlet on L1KA.K3
OF lO'IK. ud on Pr'fite D fas! enerallv ; alo,
irru'ars gi in full iiiturma'ion, tcii the moil ss
doubted r-i-renee an I t-s'irnonia's. itlmut which 110
art verti-inir ph soiii or medicine of tbis kind is
dvsertingnf ANV COM-JUKNlK W il A l K V - li.
Dr JI t t i -o i- the oiitv edncal'il pin siciu inl'rovi
dence. if not in w V. it'aod. ho a-l-'erises. mak
iti ii a sperialitv o l'rivare Ui-ea-ie" ; and he turnishe.
tlie verv be-i ree-e c -s and tetim uiials. both ot
H-hones'y and hi skill If there AUK any others
ir7"(rders hv mail p-omptlv attended to. Write
our addie- plainly, and direct to I).-. 11. X-MAii-IaOX,
as above. W-ly
Thla well known Remedy has beea ed exten
sively and with treat success for
Or Impaired and Imperfect Digestion t
Most of which originate ia
j . r
I .Voe-The failure of IBON as a remedy for J9y
j Vl'sl't, a bad state of the blood, and the numerous
I disease caused thereby, has arises from the want of such a
1 prT wation ef Iron as sliaJl enter the stomach in a Pao-
TOXiue state, and assimilate at onco with the blood. This
want the PERUVIAN 8YRUP supplies, and it does so it
the only form in which it is possible for Iron to enter the
tircnUtion. For this reason tlie PEEUVMN SYRV P oft. n
radically cures di.ea.s in which otlier preparations ol
Iron and other medicines have been found to be of no avail.
f ertificfite of A. A. iIaYf.S. M. D., of Btiston.
1 It is wi ll known that the medirinal effects of Protnaide
of Iron are lost by even a very bri-f exposure to air, and that
to itriintaina sttitnmif Protoxide of Iron, without further
oxidation, has iHn'n dwmcd irnpo sible.
In the I'l.Ul'riAXHY'UL'P tiiiadesirahle point is at
tained by cuMniSATto is a way Iiffobk lnknoh ! ; and
tliis solution may replace all the proto-caxbonates, citrates
and tartrates of the Materia Medica.
A. A. IlAYKS, Asayer to the State of Mass.
16 Boylston Street, lioston.
Orlifiratpof Jas. R. C hilton, M. D.. of New York.
The result f my examination of the Peruvian Syrup,
proves to me that none of the metallic or mineral poisons
are present, nor have I found in it any indication of vegeta
ble poisonous principles.
Tlie main active imrrcdient in itsromnoition is a salt of
the Protoxide of Iron, whirti is o judiciously combined
arid protected that il docs not undergo any clane by ex
posure to the air.
It i cUally well I;nnwn that it has been found very difH
C'.i!tto preserv e in aPLATAI!LE form, for a dVirabie length
of tim.comnoundi of the Protoxide of Iron. ItiC'Peru-
! vi:;ii Syrup," 1 am pb-acd to isv. aecomplished tint de
J t. .1.1 cr.d. JAM1.S R. CiULiOX, M. II., Chemist.
I W J'rincc Streit. Xcw York, Aug. b, lH'JJ.
: rerlifii-at" from well known f'itizersof Rrston.
Tin UT.d- havinff e: priencl the Ix-li'-ricial ef-
f r'-of the I'illl. -VIAX ( YBUP, not hesitate to teeoiu
I t:.ind it to th; att.-lition of the public.
! T.ev. Jotin Pi'rponf, Peter Harvey,
; Th'.nia,.V. iHrxter, J allies t). l)ur.n,
j S. 11. KemfJI, M. 1, Samui'l May,
( rr'.iiicatc froi.T well Iiiiami fltiyrns of X.Vork.
X'.-w York, Xov. 17-h. H.'.
The rx'wt.i - whl- h we Lave tad of tlw 1'KKI M AX
? UL'P ii'i l..'; i". 1 ieic-e vvl.ich h:.. bc-nrxhi't-:'.- d to 1:. of
its trr-at succ-s in t.fe cure of r. ,:jy ci -ase. - i-ii-fie. us
tit it i a uw-iiic nai ag. nt of r tijk-hl-r p w r ai.l de
serving the attention of iuvaliJ.,.
JO'iX K. V. li. J ! a MH,
I .:.lt uli.1 Crf Ietror.i;"jn X-'sTjk.
Her. AEEL 8TFA I.N?,,
kjtilt'T Christina Ad. oca:e A Journal.
r inn of liwt,n k Ri hmond, bl uhn St
r rtirrir Kew York Chrink le.
ISAAC V.FOWI.r.R. rji,
A'wsl uul-rr, Xtrw Vo: k City
On the efficacy of the Teruvian fcyrip an I the l-ene&ta
they have derived from its use ;
Rev. JOILV PIIlirONT, Medford. I-,l-Iu efflracy In Salt
I'JtMtu and oilier Cutaaeous htMtws
I'.rv. WAP. KEN BURTON. Ikwton. Ms.-!; flfl'aey In H-4-.
cxi-e, Le 4 Appetite, opproMM., Nearvls . N - r iu AUvc
leJbs. sod Oei.crsl lMfts.ity; lu V'-ou lt ClsrKJ uwu.
I 1t. ARTIIt'B B. FtT.I.KIt Its fftmey m Nrrv.ws llead
' s. he, i. shutiop. Nervousness, fuot.tijte I. Ah.oIm44: bptf
i u, srel Oritcrsl ietOity ; Its a ue 10 C err; n :s.
! li t. At (.OK K. PoPL, &omcrvi.ic, Mjua.--Cure for BoiiS
sihI Ui-ueral lc.'iniy.
I Iter. fiCKIUlN RORHIXS. nrtfcTr1. Ccrs -Its TTicarT in
Ovn't l-etihiv, Jj.er Ccf-.uui.t, itMiM, butwuiaiis
fur Anohoiic tslirr.uUnu.
Br- ' Vl.VAVI S COBB. Boston M ,..-! fss and Ffflracy
1.. Uiaiiyt tUm'jjnuvt, iet buebxtli ai itr 'lpUial ttttx
En.TIIOM. A HITTI MOKK. IVt,liJC-liririn(l Tl-
tu in F its, ia,ajit iermy r-ti(o( hrrttan-l adds.
'It gives m i.ssr buosuc-y ul spirits. Liasticit, ia Mutic
lr. l)HOHN MYKICK. Preomcrtown. Mass-lts LAcarm
At. Vtiut's lisnc,mnU Cbrutuc lirvaclitns.
Ker. F.I'HRAIM M'TE, isu. Iwrenee. h'srssi Territo-T. - Its
rticscy in J ! vi. lrbt.iiy, I'tvUiUeuu, sod AuootstMo.
Ue Western Ciiitisie Ureases.
Kev T.VOM AS II. PON's- Its EaScsej it Cssl Debility. -
ksu.le.ti ol .Servoui sjron.
Rev. RICH AKI MKTCAI.f.Bcston. MM-lu1'as a Pro-
ftHS,-r A J.itfet(H. soa ss ; It lisiiiTea Just l:c Iodic
tiiat I warned.
! li t. M. P. W f !ir,T TR Pftr.n V.ll. V,!w m Tv.p.j.ia
I Ctumife; Lkatlltuea. leTil.it uhi.1 i I I iver Bl.u Mon.vLh.
K.r.JD-l 11. rl.If.CH. H.Mun. Uu.-lu Ltccary ut Dur-
f li. ftl -l f,' lienl Imb.i tv.
j Pj-v. AiimlUM ACKfOV. Wslpr,. ft. II. Irs Efficacy
! in l'i.. I'fj.'.-, snd tiuhrall.'.y Ap-tit.
j I!ev. J Pf.AliSON. Jr.. .isburjpurt, sa.-Its tf.c-y ra
j l)tpii i1 l,.i.i'..
Rer. AITIIT I! It. K CRAWI.FV. IlTvhsifs. Eornish, E. I.
Ciiftmc I. hi!l. M.i jiif? til tl, Escrenute s.
: Prof. K VIi'AI.! fCillKB, IWon. Mms-Iti Borsti
I l' rf itt.r Je-. I slsit!i"n .1 in .Ser i S Mt ,11. mxvi
l'vp'P -'- l v"r ';i.ti.i.-L..vii w " rxhfU'B, 'l.t-liris, ClriKy
rueti siei f..L .-.
Iter llt.VRV I r:n Mass. Its EftVary in fiitpcp-
is tii i .- if. ct.. ; ti;. 1.1-. , r.
1 v. S. II. I:!ji' i 1 lO-tcT!. TvTiee. If, sV In ese of
i;r--h lis, IitHe'..!-.'! , J id Liter, .ura.g:. sua 1 vous
Ilcv. P. C. Itr:A' l.rv, Cwfi-'d "Tar. ! Cmn'wm
,a M'..'i i.t i.t iia i-th.iM-y in L-y " .r::.us
ai.U r(ri.it-r
p.-r. J n.r.t.VTE.tH. B''"n. Vs. flrnersl !!-e. ns
' .''..n, ' d I i 1 t tl. 1.4 in r l.ci- j. 11.-; -M & ....i,ti.ri its
j L:h' A- j In l sfetiA tud Jtcrv.;u ltl.il.
TV. 15. Pnwpl lots c-oiitaining letters f-om the
nlM.ve n-.iuie I I. ,-1.1 loructi ud tibe-r. on 1 iiin2
foil iiiiuriii.ili.n .f lie Syrnp, cau be tad iu np-blit-uiiou
lu the .triiih ir lu
I fTi'RB .'! MMMRI! !l:Kf.
iNist door o New !. UU.ce. I
SOLl.lnV ALL I) llthlilSTS.
A T W O O I) ' S
15 I T T E IIS
The rJet Aromatic Torre tvtr oiTfred to
tlie I'lil .!.
For its i?uieri()r Medicinal Qualities.
MM! IS elegant corrpound which has secured the
1 confidence and endorsement ol most ot Ihe lead
ing Physicians of Ne Finland, is a palatableand
efficient form of Quinine eontaitiinir all the peculiar
virtues ol Pekcvias baric, carefully combined with
va iou innict and stomarh ri, and cannoj fail to meet
the wants of the dehi itared.
It i a mild tonic to the stomach, increasing tn
appetite, assi-tinjr dijre-tion, pre eminentlv ft joA ia
dvstiep ia. s'renzthenine and invigorating tt the di-ire-tive
and nervous svstem after prostrated disease;
and in fever and ague, or kindred compiainm, its aid
is invaluable.
F'or diarrha-a. dvsentry and cholera morhp". the
public mav re-t assared "here is cor can he any l etter
general reme lv.
Doe of the verv i et Vhv!cians In Pos-fon ha Sjid
" lAif if is the et jr. p i ii.cn of Hitl'ti that has ever
been ottered to th' nuor.'1
I'ut np in half pint ss well a rinnrt hcttles. ill or
der that all may convince themselves of its sup. rior
For further pt.rticu!ars reference is made tothe
printed circulars.
C II A S . II . A T W O O D ,
And bv Drn?eist everywliere.
J-T-F orsale In Kntland, by I'osd k MoRfK.
Ioston,hept. 1.1S60. 86-ly

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