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The Fire at West Castletgjt. We
haye received by mail some further particu
lars of the fire at West Castleton, an f-"ant
of which was sent ua by telerjr'' Sunday
night, and was published our 77
morning's issue. '
The fire ced on Friday night, and
the buiKling burned was, aa hefore stated, the
barn belonging to the West Castleton Slate
Company. This, with all its contents, in
cluding seven valuable horses, besides sever
,t, al wagons, harnessess, &c, &c., was entirely
fcoasumaadjimulatfoboy3 (aatwor age
a- m " - - . a : T - a 'WJ 'aV
;. j.ne loss or roperrjr:. czuuiaie .uvui
' surance" in the Vermont Mutual of $800.
The fire was discovered at about 11 1-2
o'clock, and is supposed to have been caused
by the mulatto boy who it is said went into
the barn to sleep and was known to have
matches and pipes about him. His remaias
were found in the morning, burned to a crisp
near the part of the building where the fire
was first seen. An inquest was held, and a
verdict rendered in accordance with the above
Washington, June 5.
The Secretary of the Treasury's Report
is necessarily lengthy. The Secretary shows
an auffregate of ; ppropriations already made
of seventy-nine millions seven hundred and
ten thousand, and eighteen and seventy dol
lars and eight cents, and then proceeds to
state that the additional estimates for the fis
cal year ending June 30, 18(11, including the
deficiency caused by the application of $6,
298,837 to the service ot the preceding year
will require additional appropriations for the
civil list, foreign intercourse, and miscella
neous objects, S831,1C: ; lor the Interior
Department, 8431,523 ; tor the War De
partment, SI 85,296.3 79 19 : for the Navy
Department, S30,)09,520 in the aggregate,
S217,1G8,050 50.
In addition to the demands upon the
Treasury it will be necessaiy to provide fir
the redemption of Treasury notes due and
maturing to the amountof $12,039,861, and
for th" payment of the interest oil the public
debt to bi c reated during the year, which
computed for an average of six months, may
be estimated at nine millions. The whole
amount required for the fiscal year 1862,
may therefore be stated at 318,519,581 87
Provision is made for the interest on the ex
sting public debt in the sum of nearly S66,
000,00') already appropriated for the year
To provide for the sums required, it is
quite appnrent that the duties on imports
will not be adequate, and that the deficien
cies must be supplied from loans, and the
problem to be solved is that of so proportion
ing the former to the latter, and so adjusting
the details of both, that the whole amount
needed may be obtained with certainty, due
economy, the least possible inconvenience,
and the" greatest possible incidental benefit
to the people.
The Secretary is of opinion that eighty
millions should be provided by taxation, and
two hundred and lorty millions through
loans. The different modes of taxation are
limited by the Constitution to duties on im
ports, direct taxation, and internal duties on
The duties on imports constitute the chief
form of indirect taxa ion, and direct taxa
tion includes capitation taxes, taxes on real
estate, and probably general taxes on per
sonal property, including lists embracing all
descriptions, and valued by a uniform rule,
while under the head of interest duties and
excises may be included all taxes on con
sumption and on special descriptions of per
sonal property, with reference to use rather
thau value.
The principal advantages of a system
of direct taxes are found in the sensibili
tv with which they are felt and observed, in
the motives thence arising for economy and
fidelity in the administration, and in the
mauitest equity of distributing burdens in
proportion to means.
The advantages of indirect taxation by
duties on imports are found in the economy
of collection and facility of payments, adap
tability to the encouragement of industry,
and above all, in avoidance of Federal in
terference with the finances of the States
whose main reliance for revenue must ne
cessarily be upon levies on property. The
present tariff on duties will not produce the
revenue required by sound principles of fi
nance under existing circumstances. The
ec eipts of the last quarter were only $5,
527,210. The sum needed now is greater
than can be expected at this time from any
tariff. With the revival of trade and in
dustry the revenue will improve, even tho
the restoration of peace be delayed beyond
present hopes. 'I he sources of revenue most
promptly to be made available, must be
sought in articles now exempt from duty.
Of the articles now lightly taxed, su-zar, and
of those wholly exempt, tea and eoflee are
most important.
The secretary proposes a uuiy oi
cents per pound on brown sugar, 3 cents per
pound on clayed sugar, 4 cents per pound on
loaf and other refined sugar; 2 1-2 cents per
pound on syrup of sugar cane ; 6 cents per
pound on cand ; 6 cents per gallon of molas
ses ; 4 cents per gallon of sour molasses ; also
a duty ot 5 cents per pound on coffee ; fif
teen cents per pound on black tea, and 25
cents per pound on gTcn tea, and expects
from these duties an additional revenne of
not less than $20,000,000 annually.
The Secretary says that it will be neces
sary to raise the sum ol S20,000,000 for the
current year, at least, by direct taxes, or
from internal doties or excises, or from both,
and leaves the question as to which shall be
resorted to, to Congress. One-eighth of one
per cent, ad valorem on the whole real and
personal property of the country would pro
duce $20,128,577 ; a rate of one-fifth of one
per cent, on the States not under insurrec
tion would produce $21,800,000 ; and three
tenths of one per cent, on real property
alone in these States would produce nearly
23,000,000, either being inexcisspf the
sum required. The Secrttary is of opinion
that Constitutional requirements would be
satisfied if Congress, in the act fcvyuig
such a tax, shall apportion it -"ng the
eral States. s ' , , .. , , ,.
The Secretary ale- -"ggested a light di
rect tax from r? 8maU properties
mav be emP and suggests moderate
charo- on stills and distilled liquors, ale,
er, tobacco, bank notes, spring carriages,
silver ware, jewelry, and legacies. If these
sources of revenue be resorted to the amount
reqiured from loans will bo proporionately
Cong-re Extra Hrniou.
Washington, July 8th.
House Mr. Spaulding presented resolutions
ofth3 Legislature ot New York relative to the
iiroctty treaty Referred to Committee on
Mr. Vandever presented resolutions of the
Legislature of Iowa, praying for the establish
ment of a National Armory at Rock Island
Referred. ,tr t.n.7T?s
Mr. F. A. Conklia . prwseofcwl a memorial of
J.Me-A-w -' r-mr-t! at New York relative
to defences of that harbor, i V3u
"Mr. Hoi man's resolution was adopted that the
House will, during the present extraordinary ses
sion, only cousider bills and resolu'ions concern
ing Military and Naval appropriations for Gov
ernment and financial affairs connected there
with, and that all bills of a private character and
all other bills and resolutions not directly con
nected with the raising of revenneu and militaiy
and naval affairs, shall be referred without de
bate, to the appropriate Committees to be con
sidered at the next regnlar session of Congress.
Mr. Lovejoy offered the following resolutions:
Resolved, That in the judgement of this
House, it is no part of the duty of soldiers of the
United Stales to capture or return fugitive
Resolved, That the Committee on the Judi
ciary be instructed to enquire into the expedien
cy of repealing the law commonly called the
Fugitive Slave Law.
Whereas, Maj. Emory of the United States
army, resigned his commission under cicura
stances showing sympathy with rebellion against
the government, therefore
li-.'solved, That his restoration to service was
improper and unjustifiable, and that this Home
in the name of the people, demand of the Ex
ecutive his immediate removal.
Mr. Hickman raised the point that the resolu
tions were precluded by the order adopted at
the irvsiasce of Mr. Holman, which specifies the
peculiar character of business to be transacted
during the present session.
The Speaker overruled the point of order.
Mr. Kdwjrds moved to lay th3 resolutions on
the tab'e.
Mr Vallandighsm made an ineffectual effort
to amend the resolutions.
The House then voted on Mr. Ed ward's
motion, and laid the resolutions on the table by
67 against C2, '
Mr. Hickii an moved for a reconsideration of
Mr. Ho! men's resolution, his object being to
include a general question of a judicial charac
ter. Mr. Burnett desired a further extension in
oider that propositions looking to a peaceable
solution of the present political differences may
tie permitted, lie was one ot tlioe who hadnot
at aodoned all hope on that sat j?ct.
Speaker " Debate is not in order,"
The House then reconsidered the vote by
which Mr. Hotmail's resolution was adopted
and Mr. Hickman's amendment as above indi
cated. Mr. Vallandigham raised the point that the
resolution changed the rale, which could not be
done without the required notice to that effect.
Tbe speaker for reasons already stated over
ruled the point of order.
Mr. Richardson wanted the resolution amend
ed so that contested elections might be consid
er d.
Mr Colfax briefly maintained that the Con
stittttion provided for that subject.
Mr. Burnt tt again suggested an amendment
so as to allow propositions looking to a peace
ful solution of the present troubles to be intro
duced. Objections were made.
Mr. Burnett said gentlemen ought certainly
not to be deprived ot the right to offer such pro
positions. Mr. Wickliffe- of Kentucky declared in7'be
name his constituents, his country and God, that
the legislation of this House should be left free
and untrammelled. He moved to lay the reso
lution on the table. Motion negatived by 52
against 102.
Mr. Holman's resolution as amended by Mr.
Hickman's resolution was then again adotted.
Mi . Fouke offered a preamble setting forth
that a fierce and unnaturaj civil war exists,
caused by a portion of our misguided country
men, and concluding with resolutions that the
House should, daring the pending civil war, ig
nore all political differences heretofore existing
between citizens of the loyal States, that all ap
pointments civil and military, should be made
in accordance with Jefferson's plan, namely :
Is be honeat t Is he capable 1 and approving
the President's course, summoning troops hither
to defend the Capital, &c. paying a high ribate
to Gen. Scott's military skill and wisdom, and to
his loyality amid so much defection, and conclu
d:ng by saying that while we hold the sword of
justice, and have the ability and disposition to
uphold the President, it becomes our most sol
iemn duty to offer to our delnded brethren the
olive branch of peace.
Mr. Lovejoy moved to lay the resolutions on
the table.
Mr. Hickman raised a point of order that these
resolutions were excluded under the proposition
to day adopted prestrioing business during the
present session.
The Sneaker sustained the point as well taken. J
Mr. w asnourn onerea a series ot resolutions,
referring various branches of the President's
Message to appropriate committees. "Adopted.
All the contested election cases were referred
to the committee on elections.
Mr. Cnrtiss offered a joint resolution propos
ing to strike from the pension rolls the names of
all perrsons in rebellion against the United
States, and all aiding or abetting secession, &c.
This was ruled out, under the rule adopted this
Mr. Van Wyck introduced a bill increasing
the pay cf soldiers to fii cen dollars per month,
commencing from. May 1st, 1861 ; also, a bill
reducing the expenses of the Government. This
last bill provides that all officers excepting post
masters and consuls having no stated salary,
shall pay all fees collected by them into the
Treasury, and that tbe salary of all officers,
civil, milittry. and naval, be reduced as follows:
Over SlO.OOO, 3i per cent.; over $7,500, 25 per
cent.; over $5,0(0,20 per cent.; over $3,000,
15 per cent.; over $2,000, 10 per cent.; over
$1,000, 5 per cent.; also, repealing all laws
gram ng mileage to members ot Congress, re
stricting the franking privilege to one ounce in
weight, and repealing all laws and resolutions
appropriating money for newspapers and sta
tionery for members in Congress.
On motion of Mr. Vaa Wyck, it was resolved
that a committee of five members be appointed
by the Speaker, to ascertain and report what
contracts have been made by any of the De
partments for provisi' ns, supplies and transport
a ion, for materials or services,or for any articles
furnished for the use of the goveunment without
advertising for proposals as required by statute
61. Alto to ascertain the names of parties to
whom contracts have been given, the compensa
tion and terms thereof, and reasons therefor.
Also when proposals were received, if the
contracts were awarded to tho lowest bidder,
and if not, the reason therefor. Also whether
contracts as let, -are in accordance with the
specifications invited by the proposals, and if
any alterations, the reason tcr the same ; also
whether any person or persons have any interest
in contracts thus made and awarded," or have
been paid for obtaining the mne, nr have any
profits arising therefrom except the contracts,
and that said committee shall have power to
send for persons and papers, to administer oaths,
to examine witnesses and to rrport at any time.
On motion of Mr. Upton it was resolved that
the Secretary of War be directed to instruct
officers of the army of the United States taking
prisoners and releasing them ujio-i taking the
oath of algian?e to the Unite') States, tf report
their names and residence to the Secretary of
War, that the sam.3 nav he p;cor 'ed in his
On motion of Mr. Ca-iw!'- " 't ro-olved
that the committee on navaj .-.ff.iirs b irwu ted
to inquire into fhe expediency of j.rnvilinj fur
the appointment ijf tint full num t r of Cadets
from such States as have nr i v u the nnval
service the nutuh-r to which th y nr- enii'led by
existing laws, and if from any of ,i st it"s re
commendations are not made, the number shall
be taken from such ftatts in tho s.ino svetion
of the Union, as shall aply It tin-places in
said school.
On motion of Mr. Delano, it was re-nlved that
the cot-mince on Naval Affairs ! instructed to
organize and report as to the present ca..Hfi'y ot i
the iiation.il armory at sipriny field. I;.-s ,fur i
the manufacture of arms ; Jlso, wh:ir u-lticr x- !
pend.tnre, i' Jtny, i tiec-;sJrv f r optratiug that
armory to the utmost of its capacity. !
On motion of Mr. Loonns. it as resolved !
that the committee oa the
instructed to pre are and
a bill for a public act to c
Judiciary are hereby
report t j this House,
tjs-cate ti e properly
ot all persons holding offi
p, cither civil or mili
tary, under the Government of any State of the
L niteu states, or the so
called Cor;f.;deia'e
States of America, ho ha
who shall hereafter take
Government of the United
e taken up arms, or
Njp arms iigamst the
On motion ol Mr. Buell
it was resolved that
the committee on Military
to report a bill crrantinz a
lAff.iirs he instructed
ension to the moth
er ot the late Col. E. E. Klls worth.
Oa mo'ion of Mr. Elliot it wa-t resolved that
the committee on naval affttir be instructed to
enquire into the expediency of providing by law
for a tenporary increase ofi the Navy by author
izing the President to purchase or procure suita
ble vessels, and commissioh for h limited time
competent and skillfu commtn lers and oflkers,
with leave to report bv hi!
or otherwise.
On Motion of Mr. Divett
it was re?o!ved th t
following address
the Hous j and b y
if the Senate concur, that th
be signed by the Jspeaker q
the President of the Senate
. and that the Presi-
dent be requested to appro
e the sams and tratis-
mit a copy to tte Gorernd
rs ot the respective
Mates of this Kepuhm-:
Here fellows the ! Ire
tence occurs, namelv: '
n whtcri ft is 'en-
Vc thus en-re kr vo'i ,
not in dread of your poweij
but berause we had
rather persuade you aslrie
as enemits. We de-lare
ids than conquer you
o ir de'rrtn in itio n m
cae you pern! in your rebellion, not in a spirit
ot menace, nut that we m i
1 s-ipa'e a: 1 ide of
peace upon terms other tlian v
e supreme ev ot
ihe Constitution, that oua
dgsbail w:sv; tri-
umphant over this whole
e( uhiic, or it shall
cease to te a national e:
bieni I hi" is our
firm resolve. God and an enli;;htcnv. wcrld v.'ul
decide as to the rectitude
The papers wer; referre
on the Judiciary.
our i
iie t'ommitiee
un motion 01 .Mr. i row
ride, it was resoiv-
ed, that the Secretarv of
War be requested to
as practicable, ptns
furnish the House, as'soon
ana estimates, to be prepared hy the engineer ot
the D'partment, for cotn
bletir, the d'-tetisiv
works on the side of the I'oltomac near tins citv
and also, to report upon th
e expediency r f con
structing similar wo-ks on
the northern side of
this city , with estimates f
or ihe same, so as to
reduce to a iniunnutn th
lUtntwr of troops re
fl iired for the protection of
the Capital
On motion ol Mr.Potteri
it was risoived tha:
a committee of five be pppinted by the Speiker
to ascertain ana report 10
the House, the num-
ber of persons, with the na
fces thereof, now em .
ployed in the several Departments of tbe Gov
ernment who are known to
entertain sentiments
of hostility to the Government of the United
States; and those who havt refused to take the
Oath to SUDbOrt the Constitution nf thi Uni ed
Stftfps find fhar ain mnmntoii k q n f hf,r,?.ri 1
to send for purs- ns and papers.
ine House adjourned.
Southern- ExoDce.-f-A remarkable fea
ture of the ; present beilfigerent controversy
between the North and the South is, that the
helpless wives and children, and the proper
ty of the belligerents, an s 6ent over to their
enemies for protection ! This is a movement
heretofore unheard of anong fighting par
ties, and is now conlined entirely to the
South: We hear of bo wives and children,
or 'families rleein from the free to the slave
States for safety ! The tide of white fugi
tives is pouring into the towns and cities all
along the border. Of the arrivals at Cincin
nati, the Western Christian Advocate says :
"There are tbirty-nine arrivals at the
hotels in Cincinnati, of persons and families
from various parts of the South some from
South Carolina, others from Georgia and
Alabama, and others yet from FUnda and
Louisiana on Monday j Through the re
maining days of the week there were seven
ty additional arrivals frpm the same region.
We do not pretend to say why these persons
aDd families flee from he South to the North
while there are none that are fiteing from the
North to the South, Somebody knows the
the reason why. The reign of terror at the
South i3 becoming fearful.
A lady relative in a note to this office,
dated at Columbia, Arkansas, says that sev
eral negroes and white men had been hun
'for cause' in that vicinity, and that it a,
certain death to a man to say he was in fa
vor of the American' flag. Tarring and
feathering, shooting andjhanging are current
pastimes of the South, and the leading men
there know this to be true ; and they know
another thing, that no man has been tarred
or feathered, or hung in the North for any
utterances, either for or against the Govern
ment. Such is the difference between the
two sections. The talk in the Southd by
Doctors of Divinity, and preachers, an I poli
ti ians generally, is that) in this cond.ct the
North seeks only 'booty and beauty.' Will
they tell us how it is that they, bf ing at war
against u.s should sewl to in their htlplefs
women and children for protection?
Chicago, III , July 8.
A vio'ent tornado accompanied bv rain passed
over Freeport, in this Suite, this afternoon, do
ing considerable damage.
The Freeport House aiid the Illinois Central
railroad dtjpot were unrofed, and the machine
shop of the Racine & Mississippi railroxd were
demolished, and bridges over the Pecothia river
at Yellow C.ieek weie blown down. It also un
roofed sevtjral houses in Rockford .
A thunderstorm prevailed here all this after
noon, preventing the working of tbe telegraph
wires ; we' theretore are unsble to ascertain fur
ther particulars.
The Hon. Edward Everett delivered an
oration in New York! city on tue 4th, in
which he conclusively showed tbe utter folly
and absurdity of secession, and its ruinous
consequences upon those who now glory in
its shame. I It was brim full of patriotism and
devotion tbthe U .ion, anji ot course, unpar-
alclled in
ts diction.
Ptwrd at the Second Smln, which a ' began and
beld at the Ctt of Washington, in the Uixtriot el
4 olumbia, on Monday, the 84 dav of December.
lHtiO. and ended on Monday the 4th day ot March.
James Bcchaxav, President. Jouv C. BaxoKm
niDOK. Vice President, and PreuUent of tbe hen
ate. "William Pkswihotos, Speaker of tb
House of Kepresentativea.
Chap. LXXVII. Aq Act authorizing the Secretary
of the Treaury to is-oe Iteiisterto the Schooner
Perseverance, of Ogdensburgfo, State of 'ew
Be it matl'd by th: Snal ami House of Kfprtftif
tit of tit' Vnil'd Slates of America in Congrrss As
semb eiJ, That the Secretary of the Treasary be, and
he is bere'ijr authoriz-o"and directed to i-8ue a egi
ter to tbe owner of the iScbooner Perevermnee, of
'ileu-burgh, in the State ot New Voile, tlieraid
fclioouer or ves-el Imvinn been built in Caiiada: iid
taiJ tcttooner or vessel shall htrealter be coufwit-red
and iieeiue'1 to be a ehoone r or vessel of the Coiled
Sta'es, and entitled to alt tbe right aid privileges
accor.led by law to utiipd or ves-els built iu the Uni
ted .States: Pmvi'tnl. The Secretary thill beatistied
that the oner of eaid rcbooner is citizen ot tbe
Cuited State.
AI'Phoved, March 2, lVjl.
Chap. LXX VIII An Act to provid lor the com
pletion of the Military I'.ovia from Fort Cnion to
Sauta I t, and lroiu Taos to Santa Ke, New Mex
ico. fcc it innrfii by tut tnni' nnd Jou. itf Riprtttnt
tinsot th: Citiiid Statts of Am'rirnin Ctinzr3$ ai3em
bird. That the turn of thirty-live tbourand dul'ari be,
and is hereby, apprnpriao d, out of any money in
the Treasury not otherw ise at preprinted, for the
completion of the military road Irom Kort I n on to
auta Fe, New ilexieo. and for the completion of
the military road from laosto Sauta Fe. in New
ilexico, tilteen rkououud oollars.
Appbovko, March 2. 161.
Ch ap. LXXIX An Act donating to tbe 8tat ol
Miunexuta an-1 Ore?ou certain Land reserved bv
Couref lor th Territories of Minnetot and
Oreiron for university purpoe
Be it mvfd by tut fienat and Houie of R'pmenta
tivet of Int I'ntted Slates of America in Cmrret$ at
vmbltd, I Ut the laud reserved lor tlx uae of a
university in the Territories of Minnesota and Ore
gon under lection recotid of an act ot Cooeres
parsed February nineteenth, one thousand eiyht hun
dred and lifty-one, entitle ! A u act to authorize tbe
Legislative A rub he of tbe Territoriei of Oregon
and Minnesota to take charge ot tbe school lauds in
raid Territories, and for other purpose. v be hereby
donated to the States ot Minnesota and Oregon for
tbe u-e ol said univen-itv.
Approved, March 2, 1S61.
C'bap. LXXX Ad Act to remove the C cited State
Ar-enal from tbe Citv tf bairn Loi. and to pro
vide tor the M.'e of tbe Lands on hith tbe Mine is
Be it tiM'ttdby tUt Smile and lloutt of R'pretenta
t rei of tie Vmwd Stain of Am'rira in Conrrn as
sniM'J, That the Secretary ol War be. and be is
hereby, authorized and required to prooeed at once
to have tbe grounds now ud for the pnrpoe of id
arena:. in the city of St. Louis. iad off is to -block,
accord n? to th pre-ent p:n of that portion ot the
city, and to have the tame subdivided into lo' of a
converter t tit tor building porpo-ea. ai d utj-ct
the wert'm unoccupied portion ol the fme to rale
to the big'.e't bidder, at puMie veiidue. en mch
terms as to him may seem mo-t advantageous. 6rt
ffivjiig ny ua) rot ice by auvertisenient in at least
three Lefpaper'1. puLli-hed iu the tiry cf Saint
Loui-. of the time, plae. and terms of ale. wi'ha
a cnption ot the property to te fold ; Ihe (ro-cetd-.
ol such rale to be arp'id t" the erection at
Jeteron Karracfcj. in the S'ate of M;S' nri. of suit
able buildiiiitf 1 jr coiitaining a'l (lie tools. Imple-sient-.
uiacbi' ery, krni-. kit ! - a--na: now at aid
Mi'jt J.oaiii a;enal
.vtc 2 Aiul 'j: it jurtm r eiux' ltd. That tbe Sec re
taryofWar Le.aud beret-y i. authorised, a oon
as the buildi'-g above provided lor shall be in read
ii e lor thst purjoe. t" cau-e tbe buxfneri bereo
tore carried on at '-i ( Suit.t Louis aretal to be
fat'sferred to t Le mi'itary re-rvation rrwnatie
JrSrrsou ltarrc. in ti e county of Saint Loui.
aiid state of Mouri . atd ito to cause aJI the tool',
i m pitmen'-, mac inery. artr.s ar.d material now at
aio arsenal to be removed to said reservation.
frKC. 3. Audit It further tnn'.lrd. J hat, 81 tOOq a
pomble alter the re sn rival ot the arsenal from taut
louts to Jefferson Barraeks, the Scretry ot H'ar
shall w l. id the manner direeu-d in the Brat seetton
ot this act. all the residue r f the yrounr's a'tacbed
to the raid aiDl Louis arseua!. and tbe toildings
thereupon. Tbe proceed ot such sale aba! 1 be paid
into ttieCnfted Mate Treasury
APPiwtVED, March 2. 11
Cbap. LXX-Vl An Act to amend the provisions of
th- flft-ixth section of An Act to regular tbe
collection ot Dutie on Import and Tonnage."
appioved tbe second day of March, one thousand
ta hundred and inety-n n
Be it i mi ud by tn enat4 mud Home of ftrpretrnia
tiren of C4 LmitiJ S:atr$ cf America l a Ceagrsu iv
fmtied. That whenever any goods, mare, or mer
chandise, shall be imported into any port of tbe
Cuited iSutes from anv sorein port, iu any ship
or vessel, at tbe expiration of eight working days, if
the ship or vessel shall be less than three hundred
ton burden, and wit bin twelve working days, if it be
ol three hundrsd to a burden and less than eight
hundred, and within lilteea da;, il it De of eight
hundred tons burden and upwards, after tbetirre
within which the report ot tbe master or person
having charge er coinmsnd of any ship or veswel ia
req-iired to be nit to the collert ir of the district,
if there shall be found any goods, w re r mejeban
dise. othe' than shall have been reported tor some
other district, or some foreign port or pUce. the col
lector shall take possession thereof; tot with the
consent of tbe Owner or conignee of any goods,
wares, or merchandise, or with the consent ol tbe
owner or master of the vessel in which tbe same assy
be imported, the said gond. ware, or merchandise
may be taken possession of by the collector, atier
one day notice to Ibe collector ol the district.
approved, March 2, ISol.
Chap. LXXXIl An Act legalizing certain Entries
of Lands on j Leavenwoitb island, in tbe State
of Mis-ouri. I
Be it enacted (sy Is Senate and Huute of heprtttnta
ticet of the I'mtid Stales of Anvnca in Congreu astern
oted. I hat all Drt-eoiuLiflu entries beretolore made in
good faith at the land office at Kickapoo, in tbe
Delaware land district. Kansas Territory, of lands
embraced within the island opposite Leavenworth
f'ity. known as Leavenworth llDd. in the State of
Missouri, be, and the sania are hereby, declared
valid. In tbe same manner as if made in the proper
land district 01 the State ot Missouri: Provided.
Sch entries shall be lound by Ue Secretary ot tbe
Interior, in alt other respects to be in accordance
wi'h the preemption law.
Approved, March 2. W
Chap LX.XX1II An Art to organize the Terri
tory of Nevada.
Be it enacted iy the f-enale and House of Representa
tives of the Vnittd States of Amend in Cor gress assem
bled. I bat all that part of tbe territory of tbe Cui'ed
Sta es, included within the following limits, to w.t;
beginning at the point of inrerstction ot thefoity
second degree of north latitude with the thirty
ninth degree of longitude et from Washington;
thence, running south on the line of said thirty
ninth degree ol west longitude, until It iuterseets tbe
northern bounlary lined the territory of New
kisxico: thence due west to the dividing ridj(a sepa
rating tbe waters of Carson Valley from thoe tha
flow into the Pacific: tbtnee on raid dividing ridge
nortbwardlv to the forty br-t decree of north lati
tue,thece due norib to the scutliern boundary
)i eof the State of Oregon; thence due east to tbe
p'ace of beginning, te. an i the same iJiereby. errc
ird inbi a temporary government bv the came of the
Territory of Nevada: Protid-d. 1 hat to much of tbe
territorv w ithin the pre-ei t limits ot the Mate of
California shall not be ieclud" i withiu 'he Territory
un il the State of Caiilornia -hall as-ent to the same
by an act irrevocable without the conrent ol the C
nitd Mate: Provided Jurtnir. 1 hat nothiueiu this
aet coi taii.ed shall bee n-truei toimrair the rights
of ir son or property now p rtaiutng to the Indians
in said T. rritorv . so long as such rig hts shall remain
unextinguished by treaty between the Cnitid Mares
and such Indians, or to include any territory which,
by treaty with anv Indian tribe, is not, without the
consent of said tribe, to be included wit! in the terri
torial limits or jurisdiction of any State or Territory ;
but all surh territory sha'l be excepted out of the
b.nndarie and constitute no part of tbe Territory
of Nevada, until said tribe shall signify their assent
to the President of the Cniud States to te included
PBi:.2. And be Ufurtker enacted. Vbat the executive
power and authority in and over said Territory of
Nevada shall be vested in a governor, who shall bold
bis office lor four tears, and until his successor shall
be appointed and qualifi-d. nnle-s sooner removed
by the President ot the United States. Tha go vera pr
hall reside within said Territory, shall be coranau-mander-in-chief
oi tbe militia thereof, shall perform
tb- duties and receive tbe emoluments of superiu
tendeot of Indian affair, and shall approve ail laas
passed by tbe Legislative Assembly beiore they shall
take effect ; be may grant paidoni lor offrncea against
the laws ol said Ten itory, and reprieves tor oOVuces
aaaiutathe las of tbe.Ctiited State uutil.tbe decision
of the President Can b mtde knost n thereon ; be shall
cemmis ion all odioer mho shall b appointed to
ofhee order I be lav. s of said Territory, aud shall take
care that the law be Isitbfully executed.
MO. 8 Andbe itfierlket enacted, 1 hat there shall be
a secretary ot said territory, bosbaJ reside tbereiu
and bold I Is office for four year, unless sooner re
moved by tbe Piesident o tbe Cuited States; be shall
record aud preserve al the law and proceeding cf
the Legislative Assembly hereinafter cuostitu'ed
and all tbe act aad proce dings of the governor
in bis executive departmeuf: tie sball transmit one
copy ot tbe law and oneoopy of tbe executive pro
ceedings, on or before the fcrstrtav of December, in
each year, to the Pnsident of the Cmtsd fetates, and
attbe same time two oopiesottke laws to the Hpsak
er of M,e lioiiso of Keperen ati.es aud tbe Prrsi.eia
ol the Sennit, lor tbe use ol Congre" ; and fa cap r f
the death, removal, or resigna ion, or other necessa
ry absenoe of the governor irora the Territory, ih"
secretary shall bavs. and be l hereby authorized aud
required, to execute and perform all tbe power and
d-ities ot tbe governor during such vacancy or ie
esssry absence, or antil another governor shall be
duly appointed to fid such varaucy.
BC I. And b tt further enacted. That the legisla
tive power and authority of aaid Territory sha.ll be
vested in the. governor and a legislative Asssembly.
1 be Legi-la ive Assembly shall consM ot a council
and bouseof representative. Tbe council sball con
sist of nine niftn tiers, artncli way be increao d to
thirteen, baring the quiiilicatioiis ol voters as Lere
fnatter pre!rifed. who-e tim cf service shall con
tinue two year. The boue of reprewntaHves sbal!
consixt ol t ririeea ui uibers, u luun ma. be i;,creassl
to loenty six, pos-essmg the same u :iilica'iuii as
pie.cni ed fur rnemters t.t the council, audvtbose
j teiiiiol serticeshall continue one year. Auujpin.t-
lueut shail he liiaue, n nearly so'ial as prxct-csh e.
among th several counties or di-lricts lor tbe elec
j t in of the council and house oi rcpre-entat jves,
piviin to eaeb seciou f I he Territory repie-enta'iou
inthera'lo oi' its pnpiiatiou (Iulian-sxcrptil as
iieaily as may le; auu the inenibeis of tbe eoui cii
j ninl ol lb- house ol rtpre-eniauves sio.li rts deiu,
and he inbal i-tti ts of, the oisiiict iur which the
I may be elected, respectively Previous to the lirat
I election, the govrruur shall cause a censu orenu
j uieratiou ol the inhabitants ot the several counties
! aud di-tricts ol the luritory to betaken; and the
i lirst e'eeiiou siiall be beli at such time si.d
! aim oe c iinucieu in suen man
I shall appo.nt null direct ; and li
er. as i be govern or
i- sha'l. at me saiue
time, occlare tl:e t-uiuber ui
coubc 1 a; d huu-e oi r pierti.t
ol fiecoi'iities or disr:ct sha 1
he un-uibtn of tu
tive to w hich tscli
e eutitied uncer this
.orize1 to tse eleced
jie in each ot said
the council shall be
dulc lecvd tr, ihe
ct I lie i.udv er o' p-rsm s aut
having ti e l;l, In ct In uiber
counti: di-lricts lor members oi
declared by tne governor to 1.
eouncil; Biol the person or pert n s autbori-d to be
e!cte-i h;.viu lue grtbtert i.uol
'. ouiM'til te, reeniiitiv-, , iji):I
her ot vot ! lor 'be
lo ihe bumper to
a.l be ei titled, tiiail
wi.ii.-ii eacii couuiy or oi'atrict s
be r'eclureo by the grv.ruor tr
e elected mnnlm ol
the huu-e o' . preiei.Utl.rs : froerf. That tn ca-e
ol 1. tie, between lto or u.ore (
1 soil voted lor, the
rvert.'.r -iiisil orrier a wit t.
vacancy ln-ide by such tie.
CtlOIl to SLOLiv tbe
f. nil the irroiis tbu-
elec e l to ttie I-)-lative As-i
uch p.ar'e uioi ou such day as I
lubly shall meet at
he governor shall i.p
point ; but iberealter. the time, h; ace, and manner of
liOid iig an! Co. JuCtilii all tKfc:ioi.s L ti e otoo e
aud the 1 1 por'souing the repreieuta!:si s, in tbe
cveral counties or districts to t'ie cout ell and bou-e
ot repie-eotatives, aceoruiug trj the population, shall
be piescnbed b) li,w med aaj the uy of tr e coro-m-i.Cenienr
of tbe tegular sessions of the Legislative
A-semt 1, : Pror-idd. J hat to oi session aba 1 exceed
the term ot forty days, except I tbe flrat. which may
beete."rled to sixty oa. but bo longer.
Stc. 6. Andbe it furiivr enited. i hat every fr-e
hue male inhabitant ot the Ciiited MtH above tbe
ae ol twentv-oiie )cmrs, wbosiaJl have been a resi
uent ol ssiu Territory at the tipie of Ibe passage of
this act, sbill le entitled tovctjeattbe lir-t election,
and sl.a.i be eligible to any oifaoe within toe said
1 eri itory : but th- uualitiiatio :,s cf voter and of
boldiLg ullce at all eubocquejit flections .hid be such
assban be nre-cnbel by Ibe legislative As-eiully:
P ovid-d. I btt tbe right ot eull-sge and of holding
otf ce shad be exercised only l enit ns of the t ni od
Mates and those who shall Li ve declared ou oath
their ii.tmticn to become such aud shall have tae-u
it toll to rupt-rt the Cons rulu n of the Cuited
Mates. f
fcXC And heit further enacted. That the legis'a
tike 0er 0! tb I rrritory -b4;l exteuu to all rs,bt
tul subject ot lei-Ja-iou con lstsnt with tbe Lou
s i u'lou ol the L'l.i'.ed states i i d tne provisiuLS ol
tb s ; but 110 law sbali be j ad inttrtr ir r itli
tbe primary oispoaal l ;be o ; no tax sball be iji-pos-d
npou tue iceitv ( t' : Ci.nd Mte; nor
sna.i tur uiiUt or oiiier jiroi tt of Lou-resiuei.t le
taxed higher thaii the !td 1 r other properly of
ie-ii:rnis. uorsllail an law b piswd iut inug the
rights i,l pn at property : ut, riul. any ab-criuiina-tiou
l-e mane in t xing ciff,r t iiul f proirf-rry.
but aii piopeity suLj ct io ts4tiou sball K iu pro
portiou 10 the 1 a ue 01 I'.e pr.u--it. tsxid.
Stt. T. And tt fiirtf ena' .d, 1 hat all foam-hip.
dis:nct. aid coutty otter i.ot herein otberi-e
provi'leO lor. si.a i be aptoint.d rr iected. a tbe
cs- may b-. iu su'-tj iiin.i.er a sbai. Le roiiJed by
the goi-ri or ii U.'i.ii'us -en Lly ol the Terri
tuy. Ibe governor soa.lboa: nate and, by and with
the advice ino 1 c.i,.t-Ltci rbe iioiuTt cou ui.1 , ap
point a il theers not bei eiu ot liera i-e prcvioed lot;
and, n Ibe hrt ta-tatice, tbe governor aloue may
appoint .l aid t tbcer, w bo lUail Lold tbrir albces
uutd it's ei.4 of ISt-nr-t ss-io-.i ot the Legislative Ac
seuiblv . ai d sbail lay off tbe t;eoe-ary distrlts lor
mem! er ot the council aud bo e ol repreeiilatite.
iiiii all other oSieer.
SXC". And be It further enar 'd. Tfat AO Hitmbs-r
ol tbe Lei-iauve A euib.'v s:. ill bold or be appoint
ed to auy o!bce whs-h shall bai e been e eated. or the
salary orenoluments of whio i sna i bate leeniu
created w h:.e be sas a mDibti . Ourmg the term tur
whir tilieso eii cie'l, aud fur i ne ear alter the ex-piiati-jD
ol such t-rn : ana do ron holding a cons
ul ism ou or appointment until r the Cn;ted r-tates.
ext ep: po-lUix,tcrs. sbail be a uember ol tbe Ijtfii
lative Aa-euibl) , or sbsl: bold any office under the
gov en turn t of' said lerrltory.
Sec 5. And be tt. furmer hwi d. Thai tbe judicial
power cf sail lerritory shah U vested ia a aupreaae
court, aistrict court, probate ourf. aud in justio
0ftheeace. The supreme co irt shall consist of a
cb ei justice and two a-vociatc justices, anv two ot
wboru nav coi strute a (juorut i. and whosbail bold
ateiuiattbe seat of soverno. nt ot aaid lerritory
anuuali) , aud they sbail bold t ieir offices daring tie
period ot lour ye ir. Ibesaiu T nrory si all be di-viae-i
into three ja Jicial a i-trie . and a ditncl court
sba l be be d iu each of said di tricts by one ot the
jastice ot tbe supreme court, a such time aud place
a may be iirecribe by law; and the aaid judges
sball. al'er ttir appoiutmentk, respectively, ieKie tn
tbe district w hich shall be assigned them. Tt-e ju
risdiction ot tbe several courts herein provided lor
both aopeliate and original, ai d that ol tbe probate
coart-aud ol the justices ol the peace, shall be as
limited bv law: ProrrtUd, That justices ot the peace
snail not nave jurasaictiou oi auy mar er la coutro-
verst v Lent ha tiueei Douud
ries ot land mar be in
dispute, or where the debt or
.m claimed shall ex-
ceetl one hundred aollar: an
Ihe ssid supreme and
aiaUKtcouits, res-pectivel
tail pxaeae chancery
as w eii as common law jar:
lictiou.aud an'bority
lor rdress ot a. I w ronr comiamed rgaiust the Con
stituiK.a or lawaot ihe Caitrd States, or ol tbe ler-
ritory', a ffVetiug person or property, i ach distrsct
court, or the juHge thereof, sballsppoint it clerk,
who shall also be the register ju chancery, and shall
keep bis oflb-e at tbe place where the court may be
beld. Writs ol error, bill ofjxoeptiou,and appeals,
hall be allowed ia all case frfm the final decisions
ol sau district courts to the atipn-iae court, under
sucn regulations as may oe prescribed Ly law; but ia
no ca-e removed to the supreme court, sball trial -jury
be allowed iti said court. I Tbe suoteme court. 1
tbe jut ice. thereof, 'ball appoint iu wwucleik. and
every cleik shall hold bis ciiir at tbe pleasure of tbe
C rurt lor w hich he sball have been a; pointed. Writs
of error and appeals trom the tual derision of said
supeme court, sha I be allowed, and may betaken to
the supreme Court of ibe Cmted Males, in tbe same
manner aud under tbe same riegulauem as from Ibe
circuit courts ol tue L-nted Mates, where tbe value
o' the property, or the amount! ia controversy, to be
ascertained by the oath or kthHuatioa of either nan v
or other competent witnesses, shall exceed one thou
sand collars; ami each ot the said district court
sbail have and exercise tbe same jurisd'etion in all
caees arnsing under IheCons'lusuoo and law of the
Cnited Mates is vested iu the circuit and district
couits of th- Cnne i Sutes; abd the said supreme aud
district courts oi the -aid rert-itory, aud tbe respect
tive jmlt es t. ereot. sball aud may grant writs ol ba
beascorpu- in all case in which the Sams are rrsuia
b e by ihe judges ol the Cuited Males ia the Llistr.rt
ot Col ii Lis; and the tirt six days of every term of
s iu rouio. orso a ocn ihereot a? shall be cecessiiry.
shiib lei;; pro.nte.i to the tnal of cause arising
under the said Constitution ai d laws; and writs ot
eiroreudappea.s ia ail such cses shall be uiaoeto
tbesi preine court cf bant Territory the same as iu
ether csss.. "1 he s,id c.erk shall receive, in all ia es,
the same .ee bkrh the clerks ot the district Court
ol l ull leiri'ory nowreteive lor simihr services
SEC 10 And oe it further enacted, i i at there shati
be ppoinled an attorney lor said 1 erriiorv.w bo shall
continue id othce tor lour vcar. unless 'sooner re
move! by the President, and who shall recieve the
same tes and salary as the attornev ol tbe Cuited
Males lor ti e pierent Territorv oi L" tab. There shall
also I e a marsnil lor the Territory sppciuted, w l a
hall hold bis oiiice tor lour jears, un.rw sooner re
moved by the Pie-iueut. and who sbail execute all
picce-ses i so.ug from the said courts wueu exer-el-ng
the r jiri-diction as ci-cuitand dis'rict courts
of the Coiled Mates; be shall perform the duties, t-e
subject to the same emulations and penalties, and be
rnultslto the same leva as the maisbai ollhe uistiict
court of the Cnitsd Mates for the present lerritory
ot C tah, aud shall, in addition, be paid two hua
drod doilara annually as a Compensation for extra
ei vices.
Sac. 11 And m it further enacted. That tbe govern
or, sec eiary, chiel justice aud aasociale jus' tees, at
torney, and marshal, shall be nc miualed and. b and
wi b the advice and connect of tue senate, appoint
ed by tbe President ol tbe Cnited States. 1 he gov
ernor and secretary to be appointed as aforesaid
hall, beiare they act as sucn, respectively t au
oath or aOLrmaiiou before tb district judge, or sou
justice ot tlx peace in the limits of aaid Terri
tory duly aathoiized to administer oath and dirus
aiious by the lass now in lose therein, or brf-sre
tbe Chief Justice or some associate jusi'ce ol the
Supreme Court of the Cnited Mates, to support tbe
vuuniiuiius vi iae vj neu oiaies ana laltbtully
to ui-chxrge be duties ot their respective oflioes;
which aaid oaths, when so taken, shall be certihed by
the person by whom tbe at me shall base beea taken;
and sucu certiticates shall b rrceived aad recorded
by the secretary among tbe jtxecutive proceedings;
and ibe ibiel jus ice and Jas-ocia o jusiioes, and
all other oivil otlics-m iB lisaid lerritory, before
tbey act as Such, shall take i like oath, or athrma
tiou U fore tbe said governof or secret rr. or some
judge or justice of tbe peace, of tbe lerritory, who
my t du y coramisstoued abd qualihed, wbici said
oath or athisaatiun aball be cerbh1 and transmitted
bv b person taking tbe same to tbe secretary, to be
by hiut lecordeA as atortsi.ll. ard afterwards the
lise t aih or aciiruatiou shall be taken, certified, aiol
nsoroed lu such manner at may be prescribed b
law Tb4-,uvstr-e shaii -t -i 'sn snuua! tm-rv ct
fineen bnndred dollar a govern r. and one tboa
! dollar a superintendent of Indian affairs; the
j vniri j"ir auu s-i-imo justice anaii each receive
j aa anbual salary of eigbieea hundred dollars- the
I secretarv sball receive as annual salary ot eigLteea
I hundred dollar.. 1 be aaid ilarirs skall be paid ouar
i ter-j early att Treasury . f -he Coiled btates. I be
member of tbe Legislative As mblv shall beeoU
i Sled to receive tbiee dollars each l-ernav during tbrrr
iattei dsncest tl.eMs.ioi: thereof slo tb rte dollars for
every ttseoty tal es' travel in golag to sno returning
from the said sessiohs. estimated .c.tiinr to the
I eaiert usually traieiied route. Ibere shall te p
I firnpiiated anuualiy the sum ofoie thiu-snd doi
' lai. lo be expended by tbe governor to detray the
contingent expenses of tbe lerritrr. 1 ti-n shall
j alo be af r ropriate 1 annually a sullicj-ut sum. to be
: Li-ei ded by tlie secretary of I lie Territory, and upon
an t ina't ti he niadeb-' theeCTtar', ol Ibe treas
; nry ol tbe Cuiied ; tale-, todelray Ihe expei . of
I the LegirUtite As'iub!y, Ihe printing Ol the laws,
j and other ii c.di ntaj expeusc: and lbs secretary ol
the 1 srri ory sball am n lv account to the teretary
ol the Treasury ollhe Crite.l H'elea lor tbe manner
I iu w inch ti e tb.rei ad sum sha'i have b-ea eariended.
, Sli'. 1 .. Anil be it jyrtn.r rnneird. 1 hat liip iye-m ia-
tive Asrembiy ot ti e Terruoiy 1 1 Neta'i? ,haii bold
it- tir.-t s-'i-sion at such time and place in nid Terri-
lor astf e governor thereof shall ap( 0!ht nd d-rect.
j aud at said Hist region, o' as sooti thereat ter asthey
shall deui ep.dieut.ii.e governor aril Lfcgi-lalive
j n-tmbl rhao prcKtd to joca'e nu tr:abiis!i tbe
; i-it 01 giivcii.iuent lor said ierri-ory ai sncn place
'as they m? oeem eligible: hch pisce. iioaever.
I rha.l ther- titer be enbj-ct lu be chanted by the said
! jiCvuncr and I-i lalur- Ar-tiubi
frkt' Li Anil br tt fyrlker enartrd '. I bat a celt-gale"
j to tbe House ui fleprei-entauve of ht Cnit d ti.Tes.
to rtr e unrmg i -acu C'hgra ot fie I titled .-:n;
, may 1 e ei.ted by the oter-c)usl;ti-i to ict rcem
i Lets ol the biii- sme AimidI )) . bo shall te ecti
i tied to the same tight aid j m t g 5 a are t xerc;e
j uy a- utirhn - iniii H-vrrni tnr i err:torie
oi tue i i-reu piates To the -a l l u-e ci I..pr- setta
tiies. I he br-t taction t htii be l.eid at euth time and
p.svre, snd lie ti,i,i till in etth iosi.m r a tbe gov
ernor shall spcint and c.rt; ai d at all -ub-ej!j-nt
elections, the nrres. iece-. and inant erot holding
elections sball be pre-enbed L lis. l"he person
having tlie greiU-sl number o' mtt-s shs-1 U os!ir.
I e.i o ine governor to beujl. ei.-seu, ai.i a cenh
! rate t. er-oi -ha. I be giv-eu accoroingly
Ml'. 1. An.1 t,, tt furlnrr tmnrud . that when "he
I lauu in said lernt-ry shall be surveied. under the
, Direction ol the ijovernu-tnt ol the Cnited btates,
j pre aratory to brinsing the same Into market, sec
iioiis i.uuiLM-fru sixieeu ai-u tumy-six in aeh town
sbipiu iu said Teiritory shall sed -be saaie it
hereby, reserved tor tue purpo-e oi being sjpiied
to scboo s iu the Matts brre.l er to be ervcted out
of the some.
M.C. 15. And ie it furtur enoited. That temporarily .
auu until otherwise pronued bv lav, tbe goveraer
ol said lerritory my define tbe judicial dittricts of
said ierntoiy and as-igu thejeugts who may be ap
pointed lor ssid Territory to the several district,
aud also appoint the times and p sees tor holding
courts iu theieveral counties r sui divi-ious ia acu
of said judicial di-tricts. by pro laiuntion to be issued
by him : tut tbe I egi ause Assec bl . at their tirst
or any lub-eupnt sv-.ion. may organise alter, or
nod.ly such judicial districts, and -ign the judges,
and aittr the limes and pinces ot honin g tbe courts,
as to tbera sla.! seem proper and coi venn-nt.
MiC. lu. And be tt Jurtnrr enartfd, 1 Lat tbe Consti
tution ai d all laws ot thel m'ed Ma'e- w hich ar
not loeady uspplicab t shsu have te same fo'ee
and effect wubiu t i-e said territory of Nevada a else
w here w itbm the Cnittd btates.
."EC IT. And i" t ;r r t mawd. 1 bat the President
ol the Lnite'j fciaes.bv atd wi-h the advice and coc
sent of the Senate, sbaii be. and he is btrei y. au
tboiit-a to appoint a surveyor geLerai lor
Nevad,wbo sba l locate bis ettce at sucu piaceas
the ftstretsry ot toe Jrteriir sLa ,1 trotn time to time
Uirtct. aLd a hose daie. powers ob(iatiou. reycn-siboitw-',
coBipn.saiiou and anowatte lor e'erk
hire. t,tt te rent, lurl. nd u.cKlentai expenses, sha..'
l tbe same ae tboe ol tbe survevor teneral of New
Mexico, ntcier the direction cl the brcnHary ol tbe
Interior anasucb itvlrucion as be mty lrom titus
to i n,e or in it aovirsbte to give bim
At-i-ttov kLi. Ma.ch Z, l i
VENTION. l.diluT o f die; Jl-rald ;
I (ibsrtve in jour t aper a call tor tlisj Re
publican of Rutland Count v to tcs-t bv del
fiatfi in convention, on tbn" ICth of Julr. It
f-etm to us that tbis call i not at all uited
to tbe exijrsricy of the t'tnf. nor et all in av?
cordatKre with tbe policy marked cut by the
Re-publican parly ia tbe convention Lol If a
at Montpsdier.
Vljn the State Republican Convention
called tb Convention at Moutpelier, tbey
OfeneMj tbsi doors to all wbo are iu favor of
ufjeortiri tie Cons'itution and tbe Union,
and of sustaining tbe Fede-ril Government
in its efforts to roppres rebellion, and pat
down treain. Ju accordance with tai
call, many wbo Lave biiherto acted with tie
Democratic party, were present at the Con
vention. Tbe policy and right of tbe Repub
lican State Committee to issue euch a call,
was thoroughly ciiacuM! at the opening of
the Convention. The attendance was un
usually large from all parts of the State.
True and earnest hearted Republicans form
ed an overwhelming majority in the Con
vention, and they all. almost to a man. sus
tained the call, and the resolutions adopted :
and their enthusiastic reception by the Con
vention, showed it to be the universal senti
ment, not only of the Republican party, but
of all pood loyal citizens, that there bhoald
be a union of beam and hands, until thi
cursed rebellion is crushed.
The call for the County Convention shuts
out all who have not hitherto acted vrith the
Republican party. It shuts the door, as ir
were, in the face of all true and loyal men.
such as Hon. Paul Dillingham, orCharles
Linsley, Eq., who were esteemed and hon
ored members at the Montpelier Convention,
who heartily endorsed tbe resolutions and
the nominations, and who unite with us.
Iimrl anil ast,t 1m . 1 -I . 1 -
v - -- wAi, in Dup'jni uiijr ine vuminis
tranon in its efforts to put down treason.
This call then, as it seems to u, not only ig
nores, but actually puts at drfimre the a
tion of the State Convention, and what wi
there expressly declared to be the gentimtnt
and the true fiolioy of the Republican parry.
U'e trust that tbe call was not made in the
fpirit of defiance, but rather through inad
vertence. But whatever may be the reasxic
for the issuing of f-o exclusive a call. -ter
tbe action of the Stsjte Conveution. ws a.-k
the Committee, and as a Republican, we
might row demand of them a call mor ic
consonance with the expresslv declare-
views of that party who? ag-nts they are.
But should a Convention meet, atidi.tir
the exclusive fpirit of that cvl. its action
will be very like! to t-a appealexl from. ar.
oiher Convention held which shall more trui.
repretient and carry out the views ol tic
Republican of the county a Conven ion
not controlled by wire-pullers, or otSce
seekers, whether of Republican or Detno ra'
ie stripe but a Cou vent ion which shall reje
resect and Tarry out the sentiments of th
freemen ol the county. Ordinarily, a fe
acting ia concert can contrcl a political con
vention, but in the critical and stirring timer
upon which we have fallen, the people tiienv
selves are awake, and no convention no
matter how called t an succeed that does
not carry out in a clear and oneiuivoca!
manner, the sentiments by which the peoplf
are inspired. RtPCB&CAX.
Later fbom Europe. The Great Eao
ern arrived at Farther Puint on Saturday,
with foreign dates to the 27th of Jan.
She briugg news ol the death of Lord Chan
cellor Campbell of England, auddcnlr, by
rupture of a t bod vessel, and ollhe Sultan
of Turkey, who died on the 25th of Jane,
and u succeeded by his brother, Abdul Ais
Khan. All was quiet at Constiiiuople-
The loss by the conflagration in London
was over 2.0o0.000 ; some estimate are a
hiah as 3,000,000 or 4.0o0.0Of. Near!
all was insured.
Thvs recognition of the kingdom ol
by Kr.'ii. o i fomsllv ann-.ari el.

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