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nn: Rutland weekly herald.- Thursday, si:ptemm:h
We have received a communication
from an esteemed correspondent, S. F."
expressing strong dissent to the tone and
spirit of our article headed " A Muddle,"
published Thursday. He assumes that
Col. Whiting, having lost the confidence
of his under officers and men, no matter
for what cause, ought not to retain the
command, and should voluntarily resign,
or his commission betaken from him
Our correspondent may be right in his .
position ; and yet we can conceive that if
the charge of cowardice brought against
Col. Whiting is false, as he claims it is, it
would be asking too much of him to vol
untarily resign, and thus virtually admit
the charge to be true. His own self-respect
would prompt him to repel the
charge, and that may be done by institut
ing the investigation provided tor in the
army regulations. The object of our arti
cle yesterday, was not o much to defend
Col. Whiting, as to protest against news-
paper clamor founded upon partial and in-
complete statements. Adhering to. our
, ii-i ... , I
resolve to let Col. , luting s case be d,s-
posed of by those charged with that duty,
we most respectfully decline to open our
columns to a further discussion, at least,
for the present.
The appointment of Surgeon of the
5th Regiment is well made. Dr. Russell
is a bona fide physician and n an 1
has "killed his man !" He has, moreo
ver, a comical way of looking on the dark
ide ot tilings ; tie enjoy- bad weather, oad !
health, bad eating, and .'.iscomfort of ev- j
ery kind so heartily that it will be a pleas- j
ure to the "boys" to have him around.
Thk Am km can Loan in Canada.
The Canadians are investing considerably
in United State- bonds so extensively
as to cause the Montreal Commercial Ad- j
vertiser to state that thereby the solvency j
of savings bank- i- likely to be conipro-,
mised. Tie banks have been obliged to
realize funds for withdrawal for such in
vestment at much disadvantage.
r T-r , uv .
.'Plti-i l.'lllllTl.W II......-1.
Manchester, paed an examination of the j
Surgeon on Friday hist and on organiza- I
tion elected C. P. Dudley and M. Y.
Bronson, both of Rutland and members of
the Light (iuard Captain and 1st Lieu j
tenant. 1
A Batti.k Imminknt nf.ak Washing
ton. The Washington lb-publican of
muisuay e.v.piesses ne opinion inai a i
battle across the Potomac cannot be avoid- !
ed many davs longer. The enemy are j
. " " j
evidently crowding upon our hnes, and j
are pressing daily closer and closer to our j
fortiiications. !
fiTWe ur.djrstaitd that Engineer- M. !
S. liichard-ou
!)avi- h
dcrcd out botii Fire Companies for trial '
of their
ngme.- on Satilnniy afternoon
The Hon. Ibvu Wii.mot is hit
dangeroii.-ly ill ;it his boti-
1 owatnlil, ,
t (Mill.
The Middh-burv lit
fessor Boardman ha-, lvsigned the Pro-
iessorship of Khetorie ;i:id English Liter,
at ure in Middlebury College. His resig
nation is accepted, and Brainard Kellogg
of Chanipluin. N". Y., lias accepted the
appointment temporarily. The appoint
ment will doubtless be made permanent.
Prof. II. M. S ley has accepted per
manently the Professorship of Chemistry
and Natural History
The Philadelphia Press reports the ap
pointment of L. L. Tildu- of Vermont, to
1)0 assist ad t Libraihei of Congress, vice
Hinniiin, re.siijned.
The New York Commercial says that
a member of Company A, of the 2d Ver
mont Iicgimenf, died in Philadelphia last
week, while on his way home on the sick
leave. Ilis name is not mentioned.
Four young men trotn Ludlow, j
viz : Alonzo Grover. L. Whitney, James
. . e, ,, f-. !
Pi rker and Martin Swett were in town
L atutr auu
yesterday and made trial ot their skill at j
sharp shooting. The four fired 19 shots. I
14 ct' which hit the target, and two j
,T 1 -f t-i Q mill'-, ove !
shots bv Mr. Grover hit the bull s ejt. .
suois uj
Major Slcmmer, the defender of Fort
Pickens, is ordered to Western Virginia,
to report to Gen. Kosencrans.
Watiiisgtos Crrv,
August 27, 1SG1.
Editor IIkuald : Our national pros
pects begin to look quite encouraging. In
recent movements at 'head-quarters"
we discover evidence that the " powers
that be " have finally waked up to a com
prehensive idea of the magnitude of the
work before them.
The more than Itip-Van-Winkle slum
ber, which seemed to have possession of
our government authorities, has at last
passed away, and their waking eyes have
evidently discovered the fact tliat the
Union is really in danger, and that if it
is to be preserved in its integrity, they
. J , , . , .
that shall command respect at home and
abroad, and a vigor that shall insure suc
cess. The response to the late call for
more troops by the Secretary of War, is
so far quite satisfactory ,and has given new
life to every department of the army.
But the government needs more men and
must have them, so let them be enlisted
and forwarded at once.
Prompt measures are being taken to
cut oil ail intercourse with the rebel
Slates, and to suppress the circulation of
treasonable publications. The secession
papers of Baltimore, to save themselves
from suppression, have been compelled to
guarantee that they will publish no move'
liu'"ts "v m'w ,,f ,hu al in) ll ,u wullM '."
miv way be of advantage to the rebels it
(h(;m Th(; , W!st(.r (;,.n.
eral litis issued instructions to the Post
master of New York, not to allow the
News, Day Book. Freeman's .Journal,
Journal of Commerce and Brooklyn Ei
gle, to be circulated through the mails.
While this decisive action is taking place
in regard to dangerous publications, the
I government detectives are busily engaged
! in obtaining evidence of the guiity com
plicity w ith the rebels of traitors in our
midst, both male and female. The arrest
' of Mayor Berrett of this city a tew days
i since and his removal Ic-nce. nroduc -d
' i
much -eiisation among his sympathisers
in jt v.-;l expected by 'most of the loyal
citizens. It was not merely for the rea-
i son that he refused to take the oath ot
i loyalty as an ex-officio member of the
board of Police Commissioners recently
authorized by Congress, although this fact
may have hastened it. There are other
reasons, other evidence, good and stitli
cient to warrant his arre-t. Among the
it-male traitots who have been taken in
custody are Mrs. C recti how and Mrs.
Phillips, both well known in fashionable
circles. Thev, as well as other- ju-t ar-
I rested, are accused of giving aid .and com
! tort to the rebels. The Provost Marshal's
' docket is not yet .as full ol such cases a- it
' will be.
The employees of government have
i . ... , .", .aiK Op im mi i .iniaiii s
office " and subscribe to the following oath
of allegiance, u:
" I do solemnly swear that I will s.ip-
j port, protect, and detenu the constitution
of the l.'nited States again-t ..11 enemies.
whether domestic or foreign, and that I
will bear true faith, allegiance, and loyalty
to the -ame, any ordinance, resolution, or
law of any State Conv entiin or Legisla
ture to the contrary notwithstanding; and
further, that I do tins with a bill deterini-
nation, pledge, and purpose, without any
mental reservation or evasion whatsoever :
;,ml il"',u,'1 that I will wcli and faithlully
perform all the unties which m:;v be re-
, iW S he!;, m."- (bid."
i;ut few I learn, have refused to take
if, although there are many yet in the de-
partments here who-e disloyal sympathies
;' '- e'n-tant subject of n111.uk among
! loyal men. It due.- seem to me a- though
time enough had elapsed to have the department-
free fio:n the polluting to icli
of traitor-. That -uc'u in'ii are -til! ta-
plovcd by gov i-nimcti!. and iti thi- capacity
are doing u- more harm th e; a thou-au d
Beauregard-, no ontr can ou-.-tiou. th-
I crwi-e. how came the r
)cl- !tl j i--l.,--10il
, ,1,,. ,t.
if ;t map (d the plan oi attacai :U Lull
Bun, when there were only live in t-xist-ance.
and ilio-e made tit the War Depart
ment. But a few day.- a-o there was a
! sud-h-n niovemeiit ou ihe p.u t of th- r, b-
(1 I'll 1 1' . 1.1 ..! .1
-ls, which cieany muit-aici in:u inev nau
been :iprised of the plan- of (icn. Me
Clellan. Where dois this inteiligence
conic from unless trom those in the confi
dence ot the authorities and entrusted with
their secrets?
The health of the Vermont liegiments
inay be judged from the following, taken
from the la.-t official report of the number
in hn-pital. At Ceneral Ho-pibil. on E
street, Washington, 12 J regiment, 1 ; od
do, 1 : iit Union Hopiial, (leorgelowu, "'d
rt-iiiment. 1 : od do, lo; Seminary llos
pi'td, (ieorgetown, .'hi regiment. 1 ; Cen
tral Hospital, Alexandria, Va.. '2d regi
meni, .", being 2'2 in till.
NtoriiY 1 k.
Family Quarkkl at Bichmom.- We
laid the following bit of intelligence, in a
late Richmond Examiner :
"The Confederate Congress deliberate.
with closed doors, and no well advised
person could wish their session fo be the
arena of oratorical gladiators and thespec-
tacle ol the populace. But general state-
ments of the temper and intentions of par-
liamentary bodies will, despite of every
caution, iind their way before the public,
J !
and generally contain more or less of truth.
h is"now currently believed, with much
distress by judicious men, that there is a
small minority of Congress disposed to
organize a standing opposition to the pres-
n 1 . . 1
t i.xccutive of the Confederacy.
TriK Sdgak Citor. The New Orleans
Delta says the sugar crop is very large, but
planted don't know what to do with it.
Editor, of the IIkuald: There ap
peared in your isiue of the 25th inst., tin
irticle headed "Singular Aflair, with the
signature of N
Kinsgley, from New
to give an account of an
York, professing
ittempt at highway robbery in Mendon,
which is calculated! to deceive the public,
and does gross in justice to an honest, hard
working man. The facts in the case are
simply these, as now understood :
Mr.Kingsley alid party, perhaps on the
principle ( judging charitably) that the
higher up the more devout they could be, i na'1 n,;,'T1 ordered to flu Navy Yard, Brook
went to Killingloti Peak on Saturday toj lyn, for examination as an applicant for the
spend the Sabbath. In passing to Kil- 1
lington, they crass! a bridge and through
fields belongim-
t j l. Mebbins. Hie
plank on the hi;
l'lge were taken up to
i .
form, a cattle 'Miaul from the field and
crops on the opposite side of the stream.
.Mr. Kingsley's party placed the-e nl-ink
upon the bridge, j crossed, and left them
llld al-o tcJok down a pair of bars
tnd h ft then, down, passinir leisurely on
to the mouut iiu. Tiie con,cq.jenee wa-,
the owner of the field, (an hone-t. hard-
,..,,,.!.:, !.'.. i . , , . . .
working I retiehman, with a l;ir"- tauiilv
.. ., , . . - '-U"UJ
. ,,,, ,.,!,,! ,, urove 01
came eonsumiiig, lie prospective lread tor
his tanuly, and
toil. He was ol
reward of hi- hard
indignant at the
party who naa mus wantonly exjio-ei nis
ciojis to be d'-i-troyed. And when the
devout i,..rtv r..tliriti'..l l-.t.. ... i.
. 1 1.1; 1
tenioon, Mr. S.
and his atoti-iii-Iaw, as it
appear.-, met th
and demanded remu
neration, for daufige done him. ju-t a- any
hone-t man -hojild.
'1 he man witl a gun, who appears in
the redoubtable Dr.'s communication .-o
fearful a backi r of the robbers was a
neighbor, who v as out in search of his
cows and accidentally happened there at
this juncture, as facts have developed, not
to rob. but to help the Dr. and his be.-eig-ed
parly to e-cape unharmed.
It is hoped the Dr.'- m-xt Sabbath may
be le.-s eventful, fin the marvellou-. at
lca-t,) and be more quietly and appropri
ately .-tent with tho-.e who. having learned
the beginning of vi-dm, devoutly wor
ship in the sanctuary.
Wm. P. Mekuiam.
Orders from headquarters to hasten the
enli-tment of the Vermont Sharp Shoot
ers, with ail di-palch, induce me to alter
my plan of enlistment somewhat, and per
mit each applicant tor a-1 mis-ion to the
company, to make liU trial shots in pres
ence of some reliable person in hi- nwn
Eack one using rifle-, with glob" -ight.
or tele-i-ope -iht- will be rtquire! to
make t-n con-'itut i ve T i t trotn a tirm
re-t, at a target j "Jon yaI li, di-iant.
Each one u-iilg a ''onmoti rifle, with
nlaiii open .-ight-. wi" ' -- -j-t.- i .....i-
ten eon shots from a tirm re-!, at
a target IL'OO yards di-tant in each ca-e
! tin sum of the 3 istam -- of all the -hots
trotn tiie centre ot ttie ouil - ev- no: 1
-xce;d oJ incies uieti-uring troni the
centrt: ot each sljiot s.rparateiy to tie-centre
oi the bull's jeye.
Each per-011 attending the trial as at
testing witm-s-, will be required to en
close to me at V'e-t limdoltih. Vermont.
each separate
ntime attached
target with applicant's
thereto ; al.-o enclosing
j letter giving .-tile of s.ght
ni th- ritl"
h ajipli
i araiice,
i used in making th" target of
cant, iige, height, general
and statement at to moral-, and panicu-
larly tegardii.t
tcMiper.ltt habits.
i -triet regit-. lite- intem
perance, :md noj one will ktirn1. in j-,- be
1 -t
. hen
admitted who i- in th" habit it
foxicatetl. and it tiny are fa ind
1 1:1
x i -
f.ctmptneni, given r 111" iiaint : m:
cation, thev w ili be prouiptlv xp.
tVum tiie rcgitnenr.
.- lliere 1
'Hi1 be call
!n r tr;al.
! b,
make his t llgc! .-ii alls
j tittle or place.
i Advi.-e- ;i'.:i t
- MP- l.:e
lib Lll'ei-11
,;e c. a!
-et-.d- tin-maker-
I timtotan lo h
Ii !
. 1
1 co i . ' oa ,
it-i h-
1 gr. overcoat.'
I t'ol. Berdan. at
lilV icipie-t.
' ! 1:' m . s ot -o ne of t
name- ot .-o an
I'-st ri 't
the tuanti v :
Allen tV Wheeler, Woree-P
Morgan .bime-, l.'tii-a. New Vo
- Wheeler, New; Yotk City
stiys : "I am nbw te-iing a -
. Ma--..
k : ( ttiioti
he al-o
itu p ritlc.
made tor long ri ng- shooting, mid think
it will prove a Vciy desirable aim for 11-.
We arc now en-tag- d iti testing ilitlcr- nt
tiiake- ot rules. ' in the coursi
daVs we. -hall be able to dech
.;n..c 1 ii
... 11 .
. a
the best."
Let all wishing to enter ;h,
''"jiiioP'r-, gel a title to make their
t;.a ' t
with, and it tbey are accepted,
ihl-v have no ri' of their own, ,
if thi
. 1 i!A
or aiiow
y prcii r.
of no (,ip' of a particular ma!;
they need give tiiem-clvc.- no i;n. -a-nit..--about
;i ritlc, one wiii be found, every
way satisfactory that they can procar
The men will I
le numbered and equip- tl
peil at tiie expense
of the State. lOach
niiih lo find his
own rifle, the Govern
ment allowing him $('() for the use of the
same. The pay will be the same as thai
of any other body of volunteers going
from this State, tjominencing from the.
day of enrollment.
I shall endeavot
to see each applicant
if possible, before enrolled. Each man
will receive due Tiotice of time and place
of meeting, iis wftll a of acceptance. Ri-
lies are irefered weighing 12 or lb'
pouuds. carrying 80 Lulls to the pounif,
that will in good hands pick of!" a man a
half ;t mile. Four buglers are wanted for
the -ompauy. Any further information
cau be had by addressing me at We-t
Col, Berdan writes : ''For your conn-
try's sake hurry up the men companies
are coming in from the other States, I
hope Vermont will not be behind hand
with her Green Mountain Boys."
And il say ''hurry up" my brave com
rades let us get out our rifles and show
Col. Berdan that we are not only not lag
gards when the countiy calls, but that the
blood of old Ethan never slttmf"rs. Conic
one ! Come all !
Capt. Vt. Sharp Shooters.
Richardson, of Montpeher, who
P.. .J.
oflice of assistant I'4vniaster in the Navy,
' his returned.
I T examination was entirely
Major T. R. Clark of Chester, Drum
. uaor ?' lWt lst "rnion; ?"
,H;''n appointed tt the sam; position in the
' "'tlj R-gimcnt.
! The Satireme Cr urt did no husine-s at
i th.. rn.i.t t.'.rm at Hv.l..r.rlr. all tho
! ,.;., deferred to the (V.-n-r il Term.
! t , , .
I I e tollowin na-ne 1 pei , ns h 1 been
t . i i .- .1 1 -n 1
ciio-en l,v the Lijiioj Co.iipanv as their
1 captain. anU lieutenants:
(.H;if;un, U-utieti C. lienton : 1-t L:-ut-n
, ant
J. V. Stiles : 2 1 L eat., S. Satu.'ier.Jr.
-Tie- Vermont soldier who-e d-'ath a'
i-itt- 1
1 iiuaueipin-t was i.oie.'i a ows a-j
j w'1 dohn M. Fi-h. ol It .ya!'o;i. of Coaipiny
1 E. 2 1 Vermont R-.'jtijenf.
II. A. Pu'niin. a-si-rati! reeiuitini
otiieer. with ,u; otli e at Pi linli-l I. has re- I
ceive 1 a co:iii!i!ioii troai tiovernor I'-tir- j
banks a- T'-i ruiting otri -er. with authority to i
take char- of th" ne-ri who had enli-te l at
Barre under Dr T.-mjile'on the litter gen
tleman; having given up his paper. Mr.
Putnam has already cnii-'ed over liitv men,
atid wji doubtl -s so'j.i (ill up his eotnpany.
The Freeman hi- the following unler
the Lead ot unii-ual :'
.Ju-t before th.- Nortl.fiel 1 Company of
ihr-c month- voiuti' er- left tor the war, a
pur-e of several hun In d dollars was mad.?
up and eiven ''i C pt. B jyntou to be u--d as
the n- e--itie- ot th" company might require.
A geiiiletirm wlio iiijipeiie.l to Ii" at Nonh-fi-'.
1 a' th" t:m-. h it. w Ca;i 15. a ten dol
ill toward tni- fund. The ot'-er day
-ame gentleman 0-ang agam at ..ji!h-
field. Capt. I'm. n'oii ret-. rned to him the ten j their homes forthwith. Any meii ahs--;.ce
dollars, sax ing "but r hid hot been needed. without -uilicietit cau--? wiii held to be prv
and shou' i eotie- ba k to th" original owner. , -'jaipt-.on aga;ii-t them.
I This is certainly an exhibition ofthestri' t
; e- in'e-t 1'y .
. AiRtct'i.rritAi. FAiits.- Th- Cor-.ne. ti-
; '-lit N'aliey Fair w,:i be held a'. Whi'e liner
, -J u 111 tion. Sept. i. an ! ;.
J 1 h t aiedutiii Co inf v I ai iner-' Fair
I will ie l.eid at L-.t. dor. C-nt"r. We-ln-sdav ,
; O tober J.
he flt'h At.r.-i.i'. Fair of t're C'h irnpliin
ail y A.'ir-uloira! S-i'ty wiii i.e h. 1 i in
j er.-ei.n. -. We ii . .-ia;, . Ihur- iav and Fri-
dy. th - :h. 1 (, ,,.,1 .'.eh uj .Se(,teuil..-r.
F.hii.:'ti!i r 'he errnont
i- -0 ,.!, win (,.. !...,'. j iti
K.itlat.d o'i the
- ot S.'ft.'..,!
't.e 1 i-i
d'eme -. L i.
ll'h. l-h and lti-h
I t." II .1. Andre .J.;hn
- n ,ri j -enator from
:. i;.-d To d.-liv. r ?!,
ar.ici u .-in, ;-;,... .....
1 ic- tail Term ,,; ( he-t r A'-ad' tii v
commenced .,n Wedn'-d.i v. tic; 'J"ii in-t.
N"t with-tatiding tie- hard tine-.. it,--choo!
op.ei- w.-ll. and th" pro-pect j,
g'-o l tor a large attend tm-e. Th" teic,-
r-:. ! iiit" t-nt. :ii.l t li- t'-rms r-;i-on-ab!.-.
I". II. Clark. Drum Ma jor of th" 1 -t
ttnont I! g. tni. tit. op te d a recruiting
'!H--e in Ch -p-r Thur-lay. Ii i- th" i,j
tetiti'ii, i ih" Che-!' r I..1V-. 1 1, j;- e ,r-
respondent -av-. t-. ma!." :!o- a lack j
ctiifsativ ." Ii i i !;! 3 . j i ; 1 v . '
P.M RKiTI-M. I h Pi- IlcAs F.l'i- limes
sav- : - .M-.re 'han .-ni-;.-h
i r.e at.- : - -. . . 1
aj.-.at: V
ire v.
I: 1
Fift--: m--'
an .in Tiow
T:la j'ct, t "o
I e l j e.t, lis-. -,
te V 1 , ;
!--; . .
Fl iJ-.l-
hav" al-
!) it t..-
v.ry i ;
1 o.ep ir.
t to t ;
iv i ''i-
. 1 A 1
piibii-iie., i ,
I-i. We ;;
1 I'tcj. nt I ! ;.-I-.tcj-
as ;i.. ; , i
Soatii to ballh
to iiirui-h th--J
;-!. We ;
Woahllhei-i p.
of !i,e liati'in.
i: by I'n'ilrrv ,
a.iii;i' I'oi t v.i
dd. v.
lh--e-,,: . - ;
" hii-i, ,..; 1 ,
1" "": ' ,'::
so thai :!, I
- -i'!i eati -a
.- 1 1 .
I 1::
. -a
t 1 t.;:: filil. ill.
i:i' :i Nt tii
iil'li. or ;i d. .,
sec -v - .,- war.
a c o, .po-i d to th - w ar. and
' eru-h.u iiii tie- whole .ower
it- a-ithot-s who em:a nc-d
and b
1 Ooll-
. 1 1
1 I
f II
a ut
am, a
I M.t
1 i;i
Ii- ;
1 1
; at :
tie t I.
ol iii-
Mti- itll
1 1
' Is
l-ov. n am! 4 to
; ii-a r i! i i-i t -.
1:!,. We
would, then I
po-sjbl a by
1 lo
'o r.-o. laoo.
ta ai e.a. atsd
'. ..r a- -bin I il -V.
ho.' elfi'e oi'
eri!l)g ti
- 1 j - r c
-o a- ;,! tie- ea'Tl-J-1
momi-m to quell rebellion 1 fecMmliy. mid
perpf-tutil t ixati-ei hi reaftrr.
itu 1 e are ippo-c
d P.
d! paiiaiio!!
and propo-itioii- ot' peace or cornpiomi-c.
until rebellion j ; dh ai a d. and it- flag,
.-tecped iii thet'i. trca-on. piracy, ar-tm. re
bellion ;nid inur h-r. 1- torn down and b-
stroved. and until the- .-tar- :ml -tripe-
tloat over every Slat- c.ipiio! and i-verv
form - in tie- Union,
Uh. W Ii'-n th- roar of ieb-1 artillery
i- silenced and the -tipreiuaev of tie- ( 'oii-
stitutioii i - acknow 1igcd. we are. a- we
have hen, for guardiicr with s..-dulou care
every right which it guarantees to everv
section ltd tin- Union, and lor .-trt-ugtbeii-
ing the' tics ol brotla-i hood -un lered by a
set of jgracele.--. political robbers, acting
again - i th - wishes and th..- will o! the-
ma.-.-cs of th.- South rn people.
(i'n. I'i tm, i, I tin -i 'ins .Vurliul J.'t
i nn i in' t j ii ( 1 1 s U'f- ! ' nf i hi I iHiish ) r
tiiriniijhoui the S'at
iiiti. rrcri.oi.t isMled the in omrv nii.ei.a-
, iii.it ion on Saturday
morning :
i Head Quarters, Y
! ' ' .St. U,
-stern Department,
.: t i
Circumstances, in
iny judjjhineiit, ol suin-
, cieiit urgency, rei.di
r it necessary that the
j commanding getierUi of iLis department
i saoum ai.-uuic un; a
L I I .1
lniinistrative powers o;
'anized cuiidaioli. il e
nl authority, the tot A
! the Stat. Its di-o:
i helplessness el the
insecurity ot lite ;Jnd the deva-tai.cn o!
property by Land, 4' luaraud who inle-t
nearly every county
themselves of nuhln
in the State, and avail
iiiisibrtuiics and ttie vi
cinity ol Lost he. lorcjes to yralilv piivate ani
iieigliooriioou venge
knee. and wlio li id nen-
emv wherever thev
ind plunder, finally le-
mand the severest hi
arures to repress the
es aiid outtae- whi h
idiahit-iutj anJ luining
daily increasing cri
are driving o!i the
the Stale.
In this i ondiiion t
success of our arms
10 public safety and th"
require a unity ot ur-
' rose wiihout I-t or
hiiidraii' e 'o tiie jMoint t
' administkarion ot nm.
-01 . lu onler. then-tot.'.
I U'"I,T"J' '.J'"'jri1'
I ' lS'
liie :,ei-:i- atid VT
Ij .en . w u-i
-, maintain the jcijiie
jti'y and piotectioti 'o
iciiy ol loval eiti 1,-. I
r.d declare e-'alni-ii' d.
out .j!a,e o!' Mi .'i
riny oei-L.ja':ofi of tt :
rlt. dec tare;', U, evTi-t.d
' wn o! the j os' !
111 iit.ai nw, tiiioi.
1 i. 1 le: ii ii ol
.:.i-e are lor llje j,t 1
lioii is kv nwortii
Jtller.-ob Cry, Rj.lji and Jrotj'on to Cie
j (iirardeau atid the.
; All per-o; who
Mi-ri-s.pni r.ve:.
ia!i I." taiei, wiili am.-
i m their p.-se- :on wj.thin th
hue., g;,a.i be
I t r i-d ic. i ourl ma
; wi.l ir -hot. lie- 1
lai. and it touti i gai.u.
and peironal proper ;y of
ri, -;,j -had tske i;r
an persons i a .d.s--
aruis agfiiiist the L
I le dirj'ijtiy proven
I par' wrh their enr.
ated Mat--. or who siiail
onave tjACli an a.'lif
i ,
fie in the fa-Id, isd"i lar
j ed eoi.fl.v ated to tl.j
publi" u-". and their
I rlav.s, ij ativ th v
i -
live, are ln-rebv o mrt d
j lreemei
Ail jierrims vtho haa be proven to
I have de
trai-d. a!
r it," putii ati-ii ot this
tra k-. taidi'i or tele-
I ord r, aaiv railjoad
graphs, ihali sutler jhe x'n id.; p.-r.a'fy of the
law. .-ll person- er
i:; trea-onai.ie '-or
re-poiiilenee. or in
Li.ing to o: pro uui. g aid
ttie erc-mv ;
loiiii nt. i,g t.irmou.-. and
di-turbing puna" trai.'piiiii v ; cir-u!atiDg
la.s" r prt or iiic.-i. 1, -rv d. (-.mie'it -, ar
wamd tha' thev are exio-inj t'tieai-eives.
i All vnou who bav- bejn b-d away trota
tiair ai!egiaia-f are reqmred to return to
1 !. oni":t 01 l,is i--' jaration i- to p;ac
in tin- hand- of th" military a'j'hori'i-- the
power to jive irifantar!o!is ettect to exi-fing
law.-, an 1 to supjiiy sai h lefi..i"!n i, as 'he
conditi ji.s of ar d'-man J. but it 1- n i- ;n-te;.J-
: uj -u-jm-u-1 the- orditiary tribunals ot
c ;r t o ititry. where law -,i be adnjin.s'e J by
il ot;; . r- in the u-ual man: -r atid w:ta
tfi-ir u-tomary authority, while the suae
an o- t jiiv- adiiut.i-teri-i.
1 ija.mai.ui
.'ererdl will labor vigi-
iv t
.. ..-:!.'
i1-! 1: tie. Jt, 1 bv Li- t
te'v. Lepe- :j obtain no c,n;
but t I.e t rj.e j- ,.,rf ot the
u-l titrv
l'rovo-i M-tr-hal
..s i-sii.-d pe:.-n,i'
,-. , -.,,1, , roa; pri-sir
'. Fl:KMM
'i -n. C'-imman i.r.'j.
M' Kintrr ot t. Ko-.is
rj- 01 !.-r, forb-.d 1 te
,yr.,i !;- .mats I,'
i ii permit !tf m hisotii -e.
and o'L'-r ag.-nr- an
t.g 'icket- 'o any one not
the provost mar-hal.
ed -- ially to rea' h
ity !' ho-ji -j
prohibit- i trotn 1
ho!di:.' a p.i-s fr ot
- 1
1 1.1- orocr 1- ilesigri
r.atti -s i.-aving :h
at y tor the purpo- ot
or"m!im--a!i!' into, ata-ton to th" enemv
I'm '.ri
Wrt-!;ili.-!: .
World -
. e- .!(.;,.
r t 1 1: -1 -
1 ed. 1.1
n tut Ttie
t ri,.- N. V.
it '
in." -
.r I -.
I i- at.
ne 11 of th oai-
o .r r..v. w,
- W J-. .".ill
1 . '
. J'-a a 1.1
!! stiise f cr
e r. b- U m
!.... ,2
- -hv Wd-
! V i.e ,; t ct V.
1 J : 1 tor- 1
. tl; i : mat i
M KNlf-
1 It .li : ' - i ,1 ,
r: -:!,!.
, ; :.t o"
. . a w-,".
b -i- j
1 a :
-1 .
. it- v,
vt.r v'
Mil 1
Who i: :
it. 1 a: ., i- t.. ' .ed .
',' .r lajiit -
lb Ut-
i. an i-Wit t t.ii.e!.i .
S .Set a.,r. e. ; (-
:.' aad Pi -i h tit.
II.-- t e, !.
Unit- i
Vi e I ,
I.. -.r-i
tl des: ! i
e-ii arr .
par-v uatti
V !,!
' 1" Wa- fi',
I.' ttlVe.
11 di-p
t .'1 ii-.
t'.i-n in
: mim-lii-jible. in.-ti
ala'e. ;..-!! di v..k."
m. n a; d ; - i '
j .Hit a;,i.i - 1 a-. ., po
il 1 I n !..
a 1
' 1'
- as a.
lo j'. to
, aims, a::
.-oi - 1 '
i .iti.i i
. r ; in 1 r.i
ad ate (,:;,
Ileav a. -
able -d 1 -.'
t t aanadc
tl.e ! I
i-i thi
! 1. v. :i-
O.a Fl
. tj. .(
-tnut -tre
. N Y.
W la II
t t n e. -i
th- i
s u is -!
'!.. V t
p .:- w .. '
lel.t-.- ol !:.- r
Frt.ai.- t'
abaai V"
iin-v.i.!. Ii
II. liU w!
- Votl th-..;
bi:r bl.i 1.
He cult tiva ill'
n. 1 .
t o ' i
ov. 1 them. Fr.
ion. t. what in-
- I like t
leiji tij.tt wav, was iti.
i' -.
- . had th di.-li ta him
i ota lu 1 i. . claiuR-d :
-tit. ii. did ven Nothing
1 1
1 .
(i d - in-" :;o in an ediio-
.(. .a i . iti Canada of a a
wiili .L ilerson Bavis.
.leti , e t mpal ille
a e-.'i.'dem.m wi
eru a . ; . t
iiigp.a. .-eekin- '
ol '. i.-s c j.i!. 1 . y t '
No.liier-l . - '
lat -el v;ee to ihe -O-ith-ai.j
writer in Wa-h-u
ga the minis'! rial pres.,
if up -rii'e betwcei. thr
tl. . a'. Britain."
A I 1 M iv -
papers iii. .ri tl
-'I id ia i ti O'lllO'I.
e tajt i a ill thu E is'.CI 11
piiiiua is nvided in it
ii.y ot a.- naine of the
o .-'.ic,.. -i . ( ii'ii. Lyoti.
. other.- ,-igeI and ill
g.il 1. e i o I IH 1 -V
boa. - til it Sit-
O i, 1 - jil-eh'. Ills
I IJ.- t- .- l ac TM'Ufl.
.S' l..li,
sllARI' slUHt'SINf;.
( i.e-t. I'. t.. li. -j',
Kxilo;. Daii.i ';:i:ai.i: li
ppelirvo; J!l tiie J ,c ,(iWS
this Week atl ;e conn! ii a ui.ili.i .
tliOOters Sit the latter place. ,u
i;tr p
and Wfcdne-day .' !ii- wi-ek. liiita'r
and -o erroneon- 01 -ii'.'eiiK-iit tiJ(.
thought has in . ,. conceived i.y x.i.ir -.,r.
ie-ij!ideiit ami I'Ul joi on:, to iti'oi in v.ij.
(a- otif Oiij ii : 1- i;ikii lei..) :;.- ij,.,J-
tl Hi ?. I ' !;' !; The). U ic j.,-;id
up l.''ii'--- l,i I.- U.f a trial 1.; -i,.o t si.-.o:-efs
at Bellows l"'aii on Tii'"-dav. Sev
eral d our iepn: d In-st -hoi. n-pain-d to
Bellow- Fid I- ou that day. They aii had
a Jl.al. a- i.dverri.-ed. tt thtit la. TV
d av ea very windy ; f,nv two -ti.e.
ed in making ten -ucces-ive -hot . v ithin a
target of Jii! ijicj,.-. Th-e two -.,tne
from tiii piae-. It; the ac-'oUai "I the
to day- trial are mentioned. Th.-v
. were not pr-- .,. ' diie-'l.t l):Jt ivturn-d
lion." on 1 uo-J ay eveidng. Th-v -o;--jrf-ed
it a- final, but it m-i-iii, tha' -
'lai jtl ti.e i illi'V g'.f tOeth' t' the JJ..XI
day and trie.; rf ov-r 'g'lia with a butef
t'-iih to thetiiM-Ues appar.-t.tly. bu; mai.
i'--'iy uiifaii hi !, jv. o who bad made
tie ;
1 oi-aih aiitage .!' ;),.-
it'e ;,!,.;
not pi . -.
' 1j
-' to- p-.lm v.i...f, th. y ...a!-:
' U itJi -riti-faeti 11 t.
have ,!,,;,-'th'!il-
lent ll i
th.- l'.liovv-
lit I ,.i .1
..i- .1- ll. e ie-,,u Ol :l; -lj'X!,t" Oil
N edtn-.da v and 1 h'ir-lav .
Tern. . iiAitr Sijootu:- iv Bi.t
i.'v. - l'vi.i.- 1 h" trial for a lmi--i.,ri
into the I'otnpany of sharp -letter- at B.
Fail- or. We In - iav ami Ti,urslav ,t
this vv.'-k. und'T the su riuieii'i"ti- -F.
I. Stre. t.-r. resulted u. f0!;,)W-:
II. C. Thra-h-r. Ath-n-. :',) t',-4 it,. .
: W. S. ThH- li. ("h. .t r. 7 : .1
L. B.wh-. C!,-rei -T T.l; D Ii. ..
j,,.u. Stxton- Riv.-r. ."'I ; ;.
W 11. -v. Sax tons Rivtr. '.: l-l(i;
A. Wightman. Bejiow- YulU.'.'rJ, 11
(i. Wightiuan. ii. -How- Fall-. 'Z't ;
W. W. WiUm. Bellow- Fa'i-. 1 I-,
; -..r-e T. A.-rh-r. !. B.-!!,,w. r;t:.
1 1-1 ' : Wuu II. Puttiam. S ixtoti- 11
:5a: Wm. Tf . Biak . B.-I'mw - ValL. .
S. A. Fairbanks. Bellows Fa!.-. 'J..', :.;
Wiiliam B. Pr-nti-. B.-liuw I'al,'-. :;7
7-l. : L. W. Kimb.di. Sjxton- Iiiv.-r. :,
l-I;Jo-'ph Stone. Bellows Fal'-. J-J 1
F. F. stre.p-r. Beilows Fall-. 1 r, .;.
Bu---!l F. Ilolton. Bellow- i'a! -
O-ii corn pondent lu;rher -
" Lu-i Tu'-day two Ch 1 .t !-.v-. W. .
T.i:' H a:d Jam-- I'.oi!-- v.-ri- : J;.-J.
1 Fall- t try 'or :-. pia'-e iu tie- com
pany .f S!iarp -ho- .-rs. o);-. m , j. .,
-lung if' 'li inch.--, ami Tarb'-il .'J7 , -.
1 L y - iiw-; tie hat." and wi, proiiab-v
be a-e-pp-d. I ijef " an- a f-w more good,
-h'-t- ' ft h-r-. and -sf:ne tbitik i(. - e-.ri
b. at iu he-, but want to h-ar trom
.. I....I,. t. , ifie U-.-.1 H--I"V-1
.-eve., pound-, (ban tl j Y. S. 'I'.Ju.-i;
took y -t-rday trot:i m- hoi.- :, ri-r.
a t-w i'd- trotn thi-village. ('r fr..,.
w-igh-d tour iiitidt, and an --! t.-;'
weiglied three j-oun l-. Th- larg. tr -jjt
w. ig!,e.l 0 ounce-, and wa- jrtee-;
incln-- ji.ng. Vour m-potejt-!i:
to tn -ilte-riorit v t ..;
trom practical
t a little ahead
W t.-Ho l.. lul-MV. . V- W.
er he iul .m2 .!ero- from '!,- ('::.,
V.,v. y N'.-vt- .
If.-- V .-',!:.' e, ... jfi'x i , ;i
tute will 1.,-id ,v ('ambfidg, . o ; :: ...
: ' ' ti. " .,-i..-.iiii tw.i ..r
i; v
. M,
-i in
F..M .
two -
de. ;
ii- f t -:
i. .1.
m 1 1
N v v .v 1. Eve- p; 11
M. N . ihe U.
;- t, .;io-.i ing ii, j 1
.O'l I
i' iv;.
i i hi
I ' - t - '
- i ! .a i
a 1- -a
i o
. : tie
-i. ty.
itl !
o'l ih-
: war'
k- t'T
-1 l (
Nui in
- :i.'r-
J O-e
!e- ini' i -
( .'lldiill.l -oa
,,r -.jr'-
1 ti- to pl-
pnv atre
tic 1 .w
;cl t!
r o
I til' 11 J Ti.e
! lindii!" a -iii'li. rlor lii -m-cUc-when ;
-te d lv i.ur '.iiiioi o-h1-. Beyond ;
al pre-1 nt we a;- i,i! permitted '
.ecilic 111 tail' -tap tin IU- a- to the ;
ot the expedition. Wi
I. iav. iaw-t
-tie that lie -inking d'th" bulks i- po' ;
imh ibjeci. ;tnd t'ti'i; our r-:.d- r- wiii j
liable -oi.n I :iii thiii a -t-r,-- . ' '"
tip- v a. i-mi- aa along lie A.i.iiiii.- i ii-o
forwhi. ii t-.e pub!'.c h .- -" ani'f--!.'
loom d. -.iii Ii ue liea n thi- w ' K in;oJJ '
l:i;ed. ;id c may iiitiinr slat- '!.:'
tiiie brrrd lighting may !: t pcct'. and
il'ti.e 'Xpcd'fir.ri -i.OtlM be efy sUCfe--
i ill. ih- infantry troops -ti.i oinwdli -l
eimn with the squiidion.
ten. B.ittvr will iia- an opj oi i.o.r.'
f tlistingui-hing kiiii d: a'i'i ethicm.' "
llllj ! .1 -a oi H.i illo, V ot Big i";l'-i

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