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- vis!''1?' 1
i..oPi;n Yt-.AU
it sMutuiutl jhaala. ! president's message;
I m KSPAV, DEC KM liKli ...
,. fit" t t'-tcnlav, we inuiii-
rh" & iiatr ami Ho
V .1-
: ill'' Republican I .-: ft litl- ll'V-
-UtlH'l '' 'itilll 't :MltM'ilii- to
-'Ui-ti)li-r- railed i u ujM i'in!
jisj d ill- ' (.1,-Utlltloli in resji.c! l'i 'lae
n. in-i-tetl that it holds, at-.) ha- :d-
u:.s In ill. th:i.' Congress, hit-- n n-ti
lllliull.'il iWi I tu illti . ! ie With oi' cun
trnl the locai lr-ti lit inns it the re-pert ive
State-. :t:.d t i I the charge.- made by
their inenilarieii- ('nents tliai they are
Abolitionist-." in the ntfeti-ive sense of
the term, are malignant I fals ; false, as
shown l ilie Chicago I'iatlniin. and by
:he nniiuiin tn-titm of t!ie Kep'ihliean Par
ty in ( itigre-.
l!at "in article was merely inimdiieto
r :niolher plia--e of 1 lie general subject
dt -law ry. We mean the relation:- lo the
iii-iitu'ion imposed upon the government
anil people, and particularly upon tin Ar
inv. hy the rebellion Had the Southern
States remained loyal there wa- no dan
ger to iheir institution to be apprehended
from Republican interference. 1 Jut hav
inir thrown off their allegiance to the Con
stitution, and precipitated the country in
to a tearful war. which menaces its very
exi-teiice. i! it shall become necessary in
the progress (,t' that war. to crush the in- j
-titution between the uppe r aed nether j
mill-stones ot our power, sn onier to piv-
fully prepared
F-.iyie t',nzn
m'im-.. :
I'. tl- inid.-t ol unprecedented political tn.nln. '
have cause tor ;;reat gratitude lo God for ,,,,,.-11
L-l i?ood health arid most abundant harvests 011
.... ..... nmwu 10 learn that m the pecniiar
exerenc-H ot the time." our inter our-e with io ei -u
uBtiou lias been attended -villi profound solicit uu--.
chiefly turning upon our own domestic 1 Hairs
us oyal p.itionof te A mei :Van people have duriu"
t he whole eai lx-eu ,'n;c i m i.u itrerept to divide
arid destroy trie Luion. V na'v.u vv' i.-h endure
ta.itiii.is oom-stic div i-ions . .-Api..e , to li-re-pci-t
ahro-id. and one party, if no; i.oir . ,. -,,,t .,, r
later to iuniki- ioreivn interveuriou Nation, -hug
emptrd 'o intei lere are not al-.v: v s uli!e to re -' f
counse - 01 terming ejipeci n.- ) ui'iie--m utl
amliition, although measures a lop'e , under ucll in
tiuenees seldom tail to be irijiirioii- t.. tbofe adopt in
them. The di.-ioyal citieu. of tie- I'uiied Matr-s
who lime niered the ruin ..1 m.r ceiintrv in return
for aid and comfort whieii thv tiaVe invoked
sbroad lme rec-ive i less , H!ro..a ;'e and encourajru
inmt than th-i pr.diRbh vpee'ed. 1 1 it were iunt
to Mipp . as ii.surj-i.ts h ive s-. ined to assume.
th,.t tor. ian 1 I'im.s in ed . . .lisclaimiii); all
moral, social and treaty l.if.Mii.u-. would ac sole
ly and sellisliiy for most r-pe ih restoration of com
merce, including, e-prciallv. u-.uidtion of cot'on.
those l.ationrt apoeur a- et ii.t to nve seen Iheir
way to their obje.'t more diri 'U 01 .dearly through
the itestruction . linn throut;.! ih", r;rvation ot the
Union If we could dare r.i beMeve tlml foreign na
tions are actnat.-d h i,ohij.'h. r principle than this.
1 am quite Hiir a second arnuiiieiit could be made to
show them that ihev can leach Ihtiraiins m"re read
ily ami easily ,v aiding n cnsh this lehellion than
by xivini: enro!irj,eme-:t to it. 1 he princip il lever
relied on by in lirt'i t- l.ir.an 'orii:. nations
to hostilitv aaiiist us. as tl'eadv iiinrr.ic.-ii. is the
embarrassment of comm- rce I'1u.m i nriun.-. how
ever, no- niiprobjbty. aw front tli lit that it was
L'nioit which inadt a- well out to tin a our do
mestic commerce They can scarcely have failed to
perceive that, etf'oit for dirurioi. proiiuce- the
txistmj; liilhculr . and tun; stron? nation promise
more durable peace ana a more extensive, valuabl
anii reliable commerce than can the tame nation
broken ii.to.hos ile fra. ment.- Jt is not my purpose
to review our discuiwohs w ih foreign nations be
cause, whatever might be their w ishes or disposition-,
the integrity of our country and the stabiiitv of our
.'overnment mainly depend-, rot upon them, but I bU.-kain
I W-KO-- for m-eting demands cntemo'xt d b' tn 111
. - -ubinitt d 'o ' '..'litres., bv the -e i Th. ..I
br 't'reasury Tt is gr ilil jug o k ow f li- t p. 1-. -I
nni.'e ners.sarv by rebellion are not beyond .-e e
j ".'Uhvh .it the lo. a! (eopli andtob- lim - t'ta' M
' -aiM-pi: 1 ioti-m ie- 1 as thus far sustained tie
govfrnruent. ib roti'iicip tn Misiaiu it fill e-r and
; Tnion sbal! at.iii. .tes- iie l:i.d
TliK A KM V .
I respectfully refer to the report if the .Secretarv o.
War for iulormation respecting numerical strength
of the army and lor recommendation having ii.
view an increase of its efficiency and well being of tie
varioiisbranebes of the service entrusted to his can
Jt is gratifying to know fi-at the patriotism of the peo
ple has proved equal to the occasion, and that tin
number of troops tendered greatly exceeds the toive
whicli Congress authorized me to'ca!l into the field
I reler with pleasure to those, portions of his report
w Inch make allusion to the creditable degree of di
cipline already attained by our troops, and to the ex
cedent sanitary condition of the entire army The
recommendations of the Secretary tor an oi gaui11- ;
tion of militia upon a uniform raids is a subject of vi
tal importance to the luture safety of the country and
is commended to the serious attention of Congress.
The large addi'ion tothe regular army in coiinec;ion j
with the detection that has so considerahlv diminish- i
ed the number of its officers, give- peculiar iinpor- ;
tance to his recommendation tor increasing the corps i
of cadets to the greatest capacity of the military aead- j
emy. liy mere omission I presume Congress ha. fail- ;
ed to provide chaplain for hospifais occupied by vol- ;
unteers. This subject was brought to my notice and ;
I was induced to draw up a lorm ot a letter, one copy '
of w hich properly addressed, has been delivered to 1
each ot the persons and at dates respectivelv named
and stated in a schedule, containing also a 'form of
a lett. rmaiked A. and herewith transmitted These
gentlemen 1 understand entered upon duties desigi.a- i
ted at times respectively -fated in schedule and haw- j
labored faithfully therein ev. r-iiire. I therefore rec- i
oiumeitd that they be compensated at some rate an j
ciutpiuius in the army. 1 lunhcr sugg'st thafgener- I
ul provision be made for chaplains to sere at hopi- :
taisii- ell as - ith regiment-.
I'e report ul th. s.crs'arv ..' ibe
in -tail be Of.eraiioi.s ot that biai '
.ctivi mi energy "liclihi.ee
-I - ini-lration ;.!'. ie e t- I ni a-i.
it- . t'ac eocy and f - ''h h-.-.
tii'ii- t y cocstruci' n :i l otir tn- - t
Ii e' c e;i- . i
. V V pi set. Is
th- ..-rvi-.v.
1 il.cre;' e
r te i:,i lo'.v .
I". I'.'v sine- on i
ii( on the lovale. . virtue, p:tnotism and intelii g tice
ot the American people
1 he correspondence itself v:th usual resrvanot.-i--
herewith submitted. 1 vin'ureto hope it '...i! np
pear that we h ive practiced prudence au.. Ii: era n v
townrds toreign powers, avtrtin. causes of t litatioii
;iiil with lirnu c s 'naintan: n.: our own rights a:..:
-I n -1 1 a policy.
.-i rv" ,!ie I'nion. we art
to welcome and endorse
And in .-atiici tl.i-. are
with inconsistency. For while we main
tain in common with the trn-at Uepuhlican
Party, that under the Constitution. Con-i;te-s
lia- no power to intetere with, intich
ies to abrogate, the relation of master ar.d
-lave, in the -lac States, it i a far diib-r-
stioti as to now tar ttie intuuuon
s:et'e. howevt r. if i upp rent that io-re.
ry o' her .St ate . fore:gn iia:ut-rs nee --alii
i!otne-!;c diiliculties. 1 i eci innii-nd tin.; i!e.j
amde measure.- be udouted t.ir mainta.i.ing
l.c d.'I.-nces on ever; side; uliileuni
r.:coinn: ndation the prii-KU lor
Coii-t une rea..l:: . curs i u S". in t
a- aTteiitiori c! ' ..?. -s i in r 'r-.il
r - .v V
l in., e er Im 'oil
! 1.. t ii put at!"at. at '.
I uicreased ur naval r.
j ! v o : ; i m ! -p- .'
I tll-T'- "t t -'. T St ,r-.
t;.i: :: f!i- av b; :
T K- el vi ,-e. .1 he '
and un-a'.i i 'or . :.'
uep rnnetit ii.. it
lb- diflicoiti-s a;.'.i::-.
ircre-.-e the tffici-':
-1 .
been th- ad ::
at r in v :..'
! !-..ii. li: m
.-iuauron- ia.ge
i .ur fljg '.a1..
. iiC'le.: n . -1
i -I lot me 1 d e-l- '.v . cK
: wn
f.! altnt .. r e.- -ru iii
k.r a :i n.e pe .rga
r.idaiiii: ad '.'iona! ;n :
:it o r, .. . iati.o. is .le.-
is to iidtninister th same betweeu private' individu
als. 1 he investigation and adjti icntion ot claims
in their nature belong to fhej dicial department,
besides it j apparent that the aeention ol Congress
wiil be -...r than usually eng ged for some 'irae to
come w th great national questions If was intend
ed . ' he organiza ion of the court ot claims main
ly to remove this branch "I bu-ine-- fromthe Malls
oi Congress, bur a the cour' has prov- d t b.
an effective aad va nable meansofiuveviigHtion.it
in ag'. at degree fail- nieffect the object of its crea
tion for wan' of power to ma'-e it- jud&men - tinal.
I'lil'v i. vare ol 'ee delicacy, u lo say the danger,
o fieMibiect. I commend to your caretui consider
ation whether this power ot making judgments fi
nal may not properly 'e given to 'he court reserving
the right, to appeal on questions f law to the su
w in" court, with such o'her provisions as experi
ence ma have -hown lo be necessary.
I a.-k attention tolhe report of the J'o-t Master Cen
eral. the following being a summary statement of the
condition ol the Department: The revenue from all
source-, during year ending June Su, 101, including
the annual permanent appropriation of seven hund
red tliou-and dollar- tor the transportation offree
mail matter, was nine millions forty-nine thousand
two hundred and iiinety-iv dollars and forty cents,
being about two per cent, less than the revenue Di
loti. the expenditures were thirteen million six hun
dred and six thousand seven hundred and tiftv-inne
dollar- and eleven cent showing a decrease ol more
than eight percent as compared with those of the
previous year; and the revenue lor the last iiscal year
of over five hundred and tifty-seven thousand tour
hundred and si.xty-todollars and sevent) -one cents.
The gross revenue for the year ending J une :iO, ls.il,
is estimated at an increase "ot tour per cent, on that of
1-bo. making eight millions six hundred and eighty
three thousand dollar-. The total expenditures tor
lsij. are e-tiuiiited at twelve miliions live hundred
and twenti eight thousand dollars, leaving an esti
mated detie.i nev of three millions one hundred and
iortv-tive thousand dollars to be supplied trom the
Treasury in addition to the permanent appropria-tion-
tlSTKl I 1. 1' (.1.1 V I I A
I In present insurrection -how- I (hink that the ex
tension ol this ili-trict acro- the 1'otomac Itiver at
th- t:me ot establi-hing tin ( apif..l here n a.- eminent
ly w i-e and con-cqiieiitiy that tin- relinquishment ol
t'hat portiou ! if w Inch ii. s v. if f.iii t he sia(. ot Vir
ginia was unwi-e and daf, l"-i on- I submit lor your
ceu-n!eration the . x p-ediem y i I i. tamin, that'part
ot i';' !)i-tr:et ai -'l the u -'; a'ioii of tbe original
lioiindi:-ies tli-r.-i.:' through !: jotiation - with the
t;.i.' of Virgin:!!.
1 ;
a tend
I ''--
pi 1 11 " s I
lo natii
.i l. -p.
. Ie lie .
t 1.1- in: .
ii in.;,
.lii t lie
i .i. u :.
-.is ( t
; ii p. ... .
!' Ii.
;i i
IP p . IV
el t'lis genet iil
.''.eniilllg u':r
,: ci lili-cto.s;.
,.i - and n .'-
1'!' I! - ill! I de
:h h -.riy-r and
weli elecfeit
:.' impo: 'aiice
1 u-' ii. ten ti. !,
ex pi i: :i:
c -.
t oi' in ti ori -
fill ques
iiroiertion bv
i- nut b"Volld
the rebellion oi'th"-e Slate- where prop
erty in -hives (i-!-. There are but f w
who v. ill ih nv. that by lh- n-tii-'es of war.
l.-t 1 el.:.e.--el ;' n
I - coul.eclerl . i' !
i f I he I.' nion bv l
a- a Hi'.iitary to -a
coiis'r'irtiou t -Ixentnck
- v. i;i m.
I Ci
. i 1 1
i' en
i:aii.i.ai.is. j
:ce '.but the ,
-'em " ortii
:iii Otil
I. rhereb
I i:er.- are t v. o .
ttit riir con r . l 'A o
McLean, ai.d . nt
Cfiupbt I. I !:.-.
t:on to lii! I lie v :n
now -ti-.'e i wo
U il .'ii.l he s.t;tre- J
01 !)
I l'l'-S
tea i c i
Vtll. i
" 1""'
liir. '
' v l he r--l.:,
ii tar iorl-ott,.
.i ciej. ;,,r re.i-ti.,-
.w r-ver'nn Kv
a.lopf ,
; l .
'1 il O!
- ubr-1
1 r.
to ' I
. i .
lit tv.
.i report
mp.iin ing
everai hrm
il.-jiar: m
cl, Oli i
.1 !(.-, ;.!
- from f I
ur I ::
a .e t.ct
hi e f be
aiid t !.e i . .
:! r t . -nib-io
f be Ii. if S
I be re-. :: !
in i.:t e inni'th- al (
r. nib : mga ).. r e
r,. ( - s-;r-. to niuke
- oi ;!.e I
I St
ex t
ul I b.-..
e be. !. esfi.-cj
n' :i nl g i.'-i a 1
- ol the p..
hundred tl.
t:-.1-. -I.-; . ;.
.t.-rriip' ion f
I ntei lor. u it i. i he
the (oiidition ol
i-ine-s j ertan.iiig
ll.fl.i. I ei - ot tPe
ell in tie- opera-!!(.-
latids duriii.' Ih
- "; r !:i ni, - --
steps be taken lor colonizing both cl-ses, or the one
first mentioned, if the other shall notjbe h ought in
to existence, at some place, or places, in a climate
congenial to rhein It niigh' be will to consider,
too, wiiether file free colored peopltj already in the
L nited .States cou hi not -o far as individuals may
de-he, be included in such coloman in
To carry out the plan of colonization may involve
the acquiting ol territory, ami also (the appropria
tion of money beyond that to be expended in the
territorial acqui-itiou having prac ised the acqui
sition or territory lor nearly sixty jlears. the ques
tion o'Coiistitutionai power to do so U n- longer an
open one with u f be oo jer was at first questiou
eo by Jlr .Jeflci son. w ho. however, i j the purchase
of Louisiana yielded hi- scruples upon the p;ea of
reit expsdiency. ti it he said that the only .egit
jma'e object of acqHiring lerritorvl is to turnish
homes tor white men. this measuae etJectstbat otject,
for ttie emigration of colored men leaves adritn.nal
room for w h'te men. remai'iing or coming here
Mr. Jetiersou, however, plaod the imptrUneeof
procu-.ng Louisiana more a political and commer
cial grounds than on providing room for population
On mis whole proposition, incluuiLg the appropria
tion oi money with the acquisitioi ot territory,
does not the expediency amount to toiute necessi
ty, without whc-lj the (iorernment i annot be per
petuated while the War continues.
IHK KietuLui .
In considering the policv to be adopted tor sup
pressing the insurrection.'! h- beei anxious and
caretui that the inevitable conflict ;to- ties purpose
shall not degenerate into avioient aitrt remor-eless
revolutionary strucg e. I have t hen-fore, in everv
case, thought if prooer to keep the integrity ot the
union me prominent otjject of tne contest on ourpart
... a n. i ijue--. ,uns w men are not oi
importance to the more deliberate
Legi-latiire In the exercise ol mv I
1 have mi' e i to the blocade ot t'he
the inrui . . '- n stead of putting j ml
ciatratiou : e la ot eongra.s enfctl
ses-ion or Closing those p. rf.
the dit'a'e- ot lw. in-'eao ot trau-ite'.di ig it. 1 have
adhere! t ) t e a t of Cot. grew to cohlis.ale t.roi.er.
ty used lor in-urreciionar.- purposes. -'til ainlex
pr"seu m those docunenti.. I
I he la-' ry ot bop- ol prer-rv inj t i I nion ptaot
ablv txplred t tbe a.saue up' n fort -umt- r aLd a
review rt what I. u occurred since m.n ot be tjn
t.rontal.e. What wa- pa nlu i. tn..u then i- nuc i
b-tter Oebiie.: . and more ili-t'ii.-t i.oi.aioi the pi- g-re--o!
even'- l- painlv :ti the f.gbt ce. of on I be
iieurgi i! ..oni.iii ntiy c aim. i a s'roi.g mj j...it
truui t.oi'b o! lla-.ii am. bivu'. me, and l he
r;end-ot the t ni..t we.e h fee a rn appr,b-n-i'.iis
on t i.t- p.. ;ii! I lii-. how e . -r . 4. -o.-n .-' ed
ie-.t !V.v , aii-j n the right .
vital military
action ot the
s-t discretion,
port held by
orce by pro-
'f-d at the late
aiso obeyiug
It is net forgotten that a eonaid ratle number ot
persons mingle their own labor with capital, ittat is
they labor with their own hands, and also buy
and hire others to labor for taetn; bit tlis is
is only a mixed and not a distinct elasa. No princi
pal stated is disturbed by the existence of this mixed
Has Again, as has alreidy been sai , there is not
of necessity any such thin)? aathe free hired laborer
being fixed fir that condition for life. Many inde
peo' ent men everywhere in these States, a few years
back in their lives, ere hired laborer.
I he prudent penniless begar in the world labora
for wages awhile, saves a surplus with which to boy
tools or land for him-elf; then lab-jrs on his oa
account. Another at 1. ngth hires another new be
ginner to help him. T his is the j at and generous
and expansive system which oputhe way to all;
gives hope to nil, nd consequent energy and im
proveurjent ol the condition, to all No men living
are more worthy :o he trusted than those who t-oil
up trom povert) : none le.a inclined to tike or touch
what they have not honestly earned Let them be
ware surrendering a political power which they
ain-ady possess, and which it surrendered will eore
i) be used to close the door of advancement against
such as thev, and to fix new disabilities and burdens
upon them, till all or liberty shall be lost.
t roui the first taking of our national census to the
last are 7o years, and we find our population at the
end of the period, eight times a great aa it waa at the
1 he increase of those other tilings which men doetn
desirable has been even greater. We thua have, at
one view, what the popular principle applied to the
government, through the machinery oi the fstatea
and the L'nion, has produced iu a given time, and al
so, what, ilhrinly maintained, it promi-es for toe
ma eaiKirt
1 here are already among us those who. it the L'uion
be preserved, will live to see it contain iVi.OOO.OXI.
1 he struggle of to-day is not altogether lor to-day.
It is lor a vast future, also With a reliance in l'rovi
dence, ail the more firm and earnest, let ua pro
ceed in the great ta-k wtuch events have devolved
no: .e .; e I'e a.vare.eo on right tro'U
Mrfv.;;. Wis made to see .t e'aii.-'
'.il -o 'Jiirsvrre a-a j . - i r r .. . - a . ;
railroad tor.'i up within bei iimitr. :
man-. . j.- :.. ne nrn. w. ':.(.,' :.ri- ' ;
t -hf ii
,e :,r-t
t Ulo '
- liii limond dispateh ravelv informs us
that "Conyres' has refused " make any .iJ
vni e on tie pun ha-1-' of proju ( Irom plan
ters." Such an ': (joes not rt'piiri any
explanation, in view of lie fa' t that ccnt'ed
err'e fx.n ls are a ilru in 'he .Soa'hrrti mar
ket at thirty tier cetit. ilisi ourii. ar.J the reb
el !-a.h
hard -',
vt re
n. :. ot : ':
Ii. ' t :- ti
eeeri heri-
;l -
: I'
i tin:
roa 1
: 1
! ii- n
( ii
j'.i Le.
i ;(!
i' -Hi
::.::. t'-ruiil
l-iiir.i id. ale
.- -J-e!
juj :!.-:
; j- 111::
i h
property may
.. r. and even
It ej.i !!'
of !!.' I
ie confiscated like
ntilitarv !ieo--iiv
inb r
c ri-
i-nt to am! nc
ti : .:
ie- t nion. i ;.i - ' i
i.m! i pi'e--l from '!" ( '(
, ,: . l.ni i i i s i lb" law "!
vithout In in.U iiicoiisi.-ten; ii
are above
( 'oil-til tili'd), Ib'Vel'lh: 1
il,,- tii.i'- b. in1', "i" in other
ht i-istitu-war,
:i the
it lor
c.nie Kin'... 1
:ibe ance.
d'he in-tin. -ti"n wi
. . . i i i
s inno.i'.e.l
th- ll.--.d--
i '.in ,';-e-- on M'.'d:i
Ue.oe -licall
' ib .-ul'.
row t i
are eli'lt
and t't i Hy
: ion- i n
. !a-i 1.;
)! i. in
lb. held it
a'( I" i i l -T to
i into
i:.; .1.
gel--i ;ii in e: I.Tii
! co'i'Ii'Stt d Hi '
j w. ii . not ii:,! ,
a -. In Lie pel : .
I ail tut-.ii e tir:.e
! tie- inter' s'- ol' c
I lit io-. 1 mi'i'.rlanci
j sol. mteii to tii
! , i'.iiouh we !.a
lfierc.ai power- '
I t be i : jr ot in .r.
! ..tiuc-irjiis ti n;.i -
i Ccp' UCh a- ui : :
! o.-ourrei.cr.
1 invi-e V"i' r ::
1 t-.v.-Ti Her 'it-.- t.l
t ti -dtat. ;c.:
t'l 1 1 l-er-h.-hir-!
'i ::irt r Mj -.-; (. I;
.de A-il.
n ;. : .n i :o
ivnoxvili1,- or
l.e .te-fn.i:
i-n- c i op.-ric
' ;.- sl.c.rt t im
-. p-..e
Use :
" -toraiii'.'ti-;
r : v nle tor : ;.
-- c ----i'.:- -
-! tt.r..n-:i h-
-' ecti-.l; I i
C'.'iil.ec: --V
t!l- I o-ite -'.:
' ' i i
' "lib rer,
: nc-iy and h
" can b
w ii-n di! . ;
r am
:- ci
.'A .1.1
and :
l I! Peg
it :hr
i iti'i:;i
I -i,-:: :
A i- hi
'. w i r t h : ; . c
'i;-k chi- ii
s v itig i.o gru-. '
: c soj. ra'i
e -luiii oi ,
!..r I
n a iionrii:;.
oi - mi:. hoi :
: i iliivt ') in 1-:
-olia t !,',!.;-,-i,s f-u
1 ..'-He- ! ( il
nor pres-ti- j : ticiai
1 1 ' uiiiio.-inii -.'.::-'.Hires
t!mt :': :-. - -riiir
court-, v. t.il. . in
wa. K.-iti-ii-. 1 l..n.::i.
have I -v.-i- I ml ui -i:
r. lneJ:' : vvr hot!' h !
: "'I '?.'"; !''
i-ppoin'e-l in
.V s.-rv e nj o-i
Lome 'ent :l
. .' a! iijar : oT
-,'i.- s'i. i. tne b.-- en
:ii app -ii.tiiiei
. -'! iro.ii d-iiiig
: -in ot j .( U':e. at:.'
-'er t-'l the .V. ,- 1;
:i The -on; h iv.;u id
.Tld p : i''i'itif; it
iaiir .neiici:.! c::'ot
grew :n'.) an empir
-I 'ldge : x-; . e c ' " i r
'lUai-ce . : :-:i g in j
:..i':r e.i a:.d -e :
; - i v ni: ii "i - ore :
! u r ' e i. i i ., ti i: ,
he s'lne
b.ii cin
-e prob tl
ace I ! I!
'1 1.
----- i bv
: r p.
,1 i
Hi !:
I... . i. i " i.
in .'
1 tithe
-ei .1-.
tf-s ill a t
t the I i.ti
' one i i.u
e :..!nciio-
.e it .. ii'.ii-f ,i
"ie pen.
;.-'.irie -tion
. - I ;i- n on
- I.''. . '.- I e
it tna::' 'v ;
il d.
.t i :!, ri
led tbo
fir lor.-. .'.;;
i n
I ' I. ice HI.! be lii
uiii- rt us
C t - n ... ' I :
I h
u; oi
f tl.e
-. t'b
I.e n.-rth
ci cliin-d
i uoiiur-
i - o
a sing e regi i.'-nt o
In r bi i.ige atni r.i.i
Hie .".'.ert trei.t -
:;ci i !
aV ei:'.'.'e . n
ai .in late, on utij
hi :,::.rkv . .. .... t
t .'.( side Ot t !.( I l.li
t a
fin- t.me i:
: .p.: a N a
a. id ".pen to
' Il rej.ii-, ent-
. ' I- ' i.t mv .
a - -. arg--r
. a 1 - ' o Lin
nt . i- now on
tin Ii'" "UO'lL-II ti
It is s;,tteil tha our
proceed within
Charleston am
l.i:. to raise:
'r u r-nT ei-
.tit"H"s rati t.-il y
v.ry short distance ot' the
Sdvariiih r viiroa-:. land a
ijt a.
: 1 .
t v. 1
' 'id
1) :r
:. ! int.
ii be , c
. V:-c
.:i-. i
-in. Mmne
o i n . a a i . :
cii ( (-ti: '. - . nor c.-.n t i :
li.lije ..; -tetll. I I cm-
iipretn-- l ' ti! '. i lin.l;
1 .;ir:- it; ': .- ....; t ;t i
'r ::' ;i roii: ; :: . .-t K.r
..i I lawiv "1 aiiv so: t . and 1 !
c i r.
.i-ter ;
;:b ol
l.i :
,1::.! ;
i:a :o
r- in.
I i
i M'fi I
- I'll.
en r I i ini
, i-tiien
OH!"- b-
tr-'-- !.!
i.:e. e :
i a- t.
: cir-
. lo-
-". Ii.
ii b.
ii ol
i 'he
l:. 1
r, in
l.i I-
- Si).!-
I l.-.j.
. 1 I .
I l.i:
:-l :
i.i a tv
te.i ii -
-UCh !,
c "-in riser
- tve!-: '
i ti
t i
b i
r:'v t th" .
ai iu .
- "C'-arv
. : t ii- j - -r
, proof ':
ooure-s 'e.;
i tir-
veiruii bv
t Msii.iiL,
i.c a v .iiioi t
.v :, n ii g e r . i
'.:,e I i n oi. vv i
f ban a Thin: .
e len bout- ;,
, 1.
.,m. :. a:.,i.
i:,- msi.rr.i t.
. hn!u'v
lo'lose a si:
'. ot ni t '
dc Ol th. It ( .
: tl.;.t i.i;:n!..(
, . : ite:,!.:r::
. -I . a.-: ..
ot W
r .. .-. n e nt,:
r : 1 1 . i . ' ! - -,
a i ' ; : ' . i .
; f jr e ;inil ', -.ii. e.ilcr o
- S'slli i'-l.' r-" r.f'.rcetiients si; i,;
! I 'on iioynl (not;-- bad ariwci
: the "-aiui- ot the loiaoi-). a lie
i !. i t il tij oti :i.i it; iiti lat.'i
I la-ve.! that eith" r Charleston
si: i
:.' n-, V, 1:
II V: !,.;;.
An :;.-.j:
k. Wb. ti
hive n-a'-hed
tiii r.- before
or - i.o-dld
. .va-i i- is be-ii-
eo-dd be
'be lor's
i. , - , ,
i aptureil.
'jti-tru -t.
-Aithout l.i u h r
d lor 'he !;,'
te.-ri on
The C
ih it
s. tit h o! K ;:
ti ' T. 1 ( x '
N-u'es pi.
-1 !l.
'e J- 1,..
.- : e ir.-'.ir
" "en . - l.c , .
; !' i" on! '
V I!
I I '1
e:r p
:t -J
the ( ow
r- rf rj:
1 n -n e
I :c , r.---gaoteo
. ' II I ' l-' t t
. o :
ie ,,-
I. . Ii
i r i .
I 1 !
tiiiu .
I "-I :
tie t
- :..:.
1 a.-
i a"
: Hat-
, . ::, ..
tr.i tretu
':-, :rutum o!' tl,-a-
( ''Jfirci 1...- ty
v -ry ncii' h ( ..t
!'!:e e-r-ap" "I '!
i'o! : l.o rd wo..! i
tl,- tk-'-t. :.:"! .
t -loin,
s F.T-V."
Tiii- -:
rebel (iele r.ii i
L'- -- t'lio-: :;..ii '
.-fiii-a :!. ic-s- i
e'.iv te
t - tn
ol 1'
a mnl'.ai
.' -ur;. Lt
'o- li. a: in
-"'II to '!
-. r;
..It'., a i in v
n in, in: i '. . ni
v. :a;:-,t'iliv .
1' :
t l C ''
:i- p' en -e of
1 1- believed
:r hi-:.
ion I- i.u
: b
. If
: th o
-v.!.'.-1, these '.u
t'i- hi 1 ' i
l.-M e "ol. hit
Yancey a'id
ei. ( -ed
har.llv i a
;-reU! i
. t'.o:.-
it (
, Ahe
v :!.;.:
.- ri-K
tw if
-r ;
f the
i." If
-: 0-1
.no: I ii'
, I..C:
I M s A
1 hat. n hi!"' we ill- -la'tn Al l
i Nin.it Tin: ( oNT.-iri iH'N i" in-
Tl.KI 1 '."-I- OKliINAin l.l.fi I 1. AT ION
W illl -he illstiiiniotls ol
vet the war now . x i
, .-.-I,:
. i rr.-:
onni, i
the several States.
tin1' must be coti-
liiiu .- :;,ii.
V.V .(..-. r
t-at tei.":
at ;::t::..r
. ,- prvic
ciiit les v
1. !
Uld Ml-.
illicted accordin'r to the t'SAOIs ,M i other jus
I'.Kllll- K MII.ITAI1V SI HVK'H, ail'l IH I"l 1 1 JT
its coiit'.'Hiance the recoo-nized tuithority of
the inaNiin lliat the -alety of the Stale i
the hiLiliest taw and dominates ovki:
Itlo Ills Of n.olT.KTV AN1 CIVIL i-El.A-
tions, must prevail."
Fully conenrinr in
bodied ill the above
prepared, to concede a-(
resolution of Mr. I'.iiot
the tu'eioiiej. that the I'd
i 'f. ha., lie-
1 i
east oi
i.ot uniiKcr
i- ..f t!i- surj ni--!'h
;. view to "lie s;
liui- ol our cii t.-us a,
to mi'e ncrclivr In
tensive trade i! ii : t:
t tanpiri
cig in- priiic.;.iii
i re t to. ir ,-on '
". :H;i("ioii of Mich
:;cn.-t J:iuia as :i:
(o;ii-e .! our ex
are the
the doctrine
resolution, we
- declared in
next following
sident, a- ( Vdn
''' to emauci
rebel master--.
district in a stnte of iu-
:ie.-ii:ist the tiational irovern-
Biandi. r-in-( '!.i .
nate till slave-, a!
ir ruiy military
ment Hut ;i to t!ie propriety of Con
gress advising that a irocl-tin-ition of
emancipation bt- made by the l'reMderit,
we entertain, at present, some doubt, and
we are -dad to see that Congros.s .-ire not
disposed to act hut-lily in the premise-..
Dkimoation. The new house of wor
ship erected by the IJaptir-t church in Col-nhe-t-r,
Vt., will be dedicated to the wor-j-hip
of (iod on Thursday, the iftli of Dc
etinbi r next. .Rev. J)r. Foster ot Vur
iinyioii has been invited to preach the ser
mon. The mi' ie-e-, will commence at 1 1
o'clock in the morning. liev. Mr. Dunn
and J'res. Upham, of Fairfax, are also
expected to. preach in the evenin, of the
tilth, and on the following day.
I l'.y :u-t of 'ilh oj August la-t, ( 'ongre-s authorized
I tin' J 'resident to iii-tntct the commanders ot .-uifab,e
j ves-c's to (ie 1 1 nd themselves against, iiml to captti:.-
p-.rutc-. l hi- aiittioritv lias f t i-n exercised m a single
l lis t :i nee on l v l or the more elf. ctiiul protection ol'
our extensive and valuubl": c uuiiierce. in eastern sea
(specially, it M i-ins to me that it would ai-o be adv i-a
ble to authorize the coiuiiiaiiiiers of fiiiliiij; vessels ;o
r, capture :r.iv prizes which the pirates may inakeot
I nited Mali - v ess.-l-and cart:", and consular cou? is.
establi-hed by law . in eastern count, ics. to adjudicate
theea-es. in the event that this should not be object
ed toby local authorities.
11 A VH AM, LI IlKlifA.
It any good n a-ou exists why we should preserve
longer in W ilhholdiiig i nr n rogmtiou ot the iiiuepen-ih-iic
it Mum . nt v o! 1 Itiyi ;,nii Liberia. I aiu una
bleto disceti: d. I iiwillins. however, to inaugurate
a novel poia-v in regard to llicm vvithoiil tin approba
tion of Congress. I .-ubrnit b.r v on r coiisiiicration, (be
e.xpi-iiit ncv ol an impropriation for niaintaining :t
charge d allkirs near iiicb of thete new stale.-. If doe
not admit ol doubt, that important commercial nd
vantage- might be secured by lavorable treaties -with
I he operations of the Treasury (iuriiiir tiie period
which has elan.-ed since your adjournment, bav e be en
c onducted with signul success. 1 he patrioti-m ol the
people has placed at the disposal ol the (.overnment
the lar.'e means demandeil by the public exiueneie
Much ol the ii-itioiuti loan lias been taken by citizens
of the industrial classes, whose conlidence in their
country 8 failh. and ?cal for tbeircountry's (b liver
auce from its present peril have induced them to con
tribute to the support of the- Oovernment. the whole
ol their limited aciiuisitioini. t his fact imposes pecu
liar obliutioiiij to econoiry in (lisbursetuent and cn
rrry iu action.
iiii'; -vii- '!.: ... Ci::.--'i;
: i. t : :c ':. a ' adui'!.;.
r-.-aii:t i- : !:i- 'o
iic ed soiD.-- o" i ac.'- an
mo: e than i''.''HcIo-ei,
'.-. i ihrou-ii man', volt
Inc. e teen di a a o in
ca'.i' ion . so ' ;,:i th. i.-1.
tnem-' iv'--. or ai coi.il
':: ie. o: t a- :i
:..v ei ii ir : a-. :
'ration ot -bei
'i rtc. nt. ( ot
1 j in r. -oiuti
I'linter; j !,-
ones. -iajiv"
a li"
1 -I
nd without
s are ( tf .-ti
: cli ot;.er.
'- Mi.'lle
ab e : ,..
' i. erces
' I. .'.U'eti
ii ce the
-hi'-h li'll
are - at
ib-cire in
or :'.t least
' i..r even the b.-sf
preci-eiy w ha- the
:xte !
'arc i
i l-'rid;
e;u -.
ill 1 tiii
:-o i y ti I 1 1 i a- o i etiiier it e ti;c i
informed pei-o:i- to :i-c.-H:iii,
stature law real!'. :.-.
It .-eems To im-very impt-raiit that fi e stHfUte
laws -houid be made as p. am ami intelligible as pos
sible. anJ be r. duceii to as -rcH'l ;-. compass as may
con-i-t witt. the fullness and precision ot the will ot
the Legislature, and tiie perspiceitv of its lancuaiie.
lbe-e well done, would, I thwk. ureatly facilitate
the labors of those whose duty it 'is to a-sist iu the
admit i-tratiou of the mwi..antt would be a b.-tiuc
beuelit to :b" peopb . by p'. ienitr before them. it a
more acce-siblc and iiiielii' i :e tor in. the laves
which -'I deeply concern their interests aud their du
ties. 1 i. ii- inlormeu bv -orne w hose opinion- I r. -pect.
th.it ah tin- ac's ct Congress now iu force and' of a
perrnauefit ai:d (reuenil nature milit be revj-. d and
rewritten so j,, to be embraced iu one volu n- or at
lta-t tw o voliimes of ordi-iary Mid convenient size ;
and 1 respectfully reoommeud to Congress to con-.-luer
the sui.ie;t. and il my suL'.'tstion be approved,
to tiev im- -ut-h p'au as to their wisdom slmii stem
most proper lor the uttaiiiuient of the end proposed
One ol tiie unavoidable consequences ot the pres
ent in-urrectioii. it ibe entire suppression in many
places of ail ordinary means ot admiuisterm;.- civil
justice by the oihce-i", arid in the ioi uir ol existing
luw. 1 his is the case in w hole or in part in all the
insurji nt stales, and as our snuies advance upou
and take possession of parts of those States, the prac
tical evil becomes more apparent
There are no courts nor t flicers to whore the citi
zens o! other .States may apply for the euicrcemeut
of their lawlul claims 8j;ainst citiaens oi theusur
gert states; ard there is a vast amount ol debt con
Htifuting sn u cla, ,8. Some have estimated it a.,
highas ..,(; cjtrO, due in large part from insur
gents in open rebellion to the lev at ci izens who nre
even now making great sacritices in the discharge of
-iiiiiivi.niiui) iu suj port me government
Lnu.-r these cifcunistances l have letn -urgently
Bolicited to esiab-h by military Dower courts load-
minister eiimaiary justice in fucticase-. 1 bait ihu
far oeciineu to do it, not bicause
had anv linnbt.
The revenue trom all sources, including loans for i that the end propo-ed. the collection ot the debts.
fie financial jeer ending on the 30th dune 1861. was was just and right in itself, but because I have been
eighty-nix millions eight i undred and thirty-five ' unwilling lo sjo fcey ord the pressure ot necessi'v iu
thousand nine hundred dollars and twenty-seven I the unusual exercise oi power, liut the powtrs of
iv last. Henry K. I nice, u .son
di Stuv.u, a hid aged abuuf j
teli from a waioti load t.fj
' V.hci.
" hiii.
:;ii? ver hi- lie:.
cents, and the expenditures for the same period io
cladiug payments on account of public debts were
eighty-tour millions, live hundred and sevonty
eit'i'it thousand and thirty-lour dollars and forty
seven cents, leaving a balance in the Treasury on
1st July, ol 82,267,005 80. For the first quarter of
the fnanciiil year ending on the 'th of September
lSbl. the receipts from all sources including the Lai
aucv of July 1st were cue hundred and two million
live hund. ed and thirty-two thousand live hundred
and niue dollars and twenty -seven ceuts. and the
eyptij-es ninety-eight nullioui; two hundred and
lliirty liine thousand seven liundred and thirty-three
dollars and nine cents, leaving a bai-snce on the 1st
ol Uciober lst'.l oi lour millions two hundred and
IWliillV 'IHIUiailllU'vl'.'l HUM' lieu iiv:i,',i.j-"-' '
i?r -i: d I
ic:" '
- ai l
Congress 1 suppose are eciuil to the anomalnna at.
ration, and tUtrtl'ore I leler the whole matter to
Cou gress with the hone thai r, p'an mav he ileviaed
for the administration ol justice in all such pans of
iuc luruigmi omixo biiu ien .cones as may oe under
control ot tbe govei nment win.- her by a voluntary
return to allegiance uid order, or by the power it
our arms. 1 nig power not to be a peiiuunent insti
tution, bui a umpo.aiy ttbs:ituie. and to close as
toou as tkc ordinary courts can be te established In
It is important that some more convenient incurs
should be provided, if pos-iLie, lor tbe ndjusinient
of Ciainm Dgaiiiet tne (jcverr, L.,m. e' tciaiiv in view
o? their iticr":".! number bv rea--oi ..f the' war. i'
. . . '.. r ....:.' ' - OVer, O.eo- . I ' ' Li ' ' i
puitjip; jUjUvt anaJUt-t itself iu livor ol citi.ens :.-:
ri o ri
'nf 1
: i-o in '
- , - t ( :
r I "'en ,,
Trim l '
-., t
I i
tbe A iiit:
Depart niv
xe, ul!
lav e
t ol tut
i ar t! e - :pi-res-rc--:.;iv
::'t'ii Ic
tietiij life:! out
and cotiCemne,.
l-i. -a a ; ;.rf 'i'vbiy
A Ktil i.v Mai i: '1 i.AI'K.
jii of the laws tor tie- -u
i : t a
1 org ,
limit lets teen
ii ei lo: .
doli of
roi.ti'lCO to t :.-.
- jt..:!'.;: of c Jti-
'o.ii ipa:e
, ; have bt en
l-'i v e vessel
bt-eu seized
i the trade.
av er b.-ive
:ty of ii..e
u' w ith a
been con-
!l'.r:- vvliiT. ! uv(
on i t thi- inh'.iunei t:a
d w ii :i uioi-nai -!.,,, e-.
lor ilis -in , e ea(je ha-
1 wo rfV.es en . a ed o
and i ce per-on in e:uit'in a a ve.sel as a
ll'Clt Convicte'l MHO scbj-.-eti t" tin- :
and 'inBn-ijnmi nt. an l ..-ie captfin '
Car-o ot Irt'TvL-on hoard bis vessel, ha
victed ct tbe big ".t traie which i- dea-h.
the Territories ol Colorado. Daeotah and Nevada,
created bv the las! ongre.-. have been organized,
and civil i ilministratioii has 1 eeii inuugir ated therein
under unlavorable auspices, and. especially, when it
i- considered that the leaven of t.-ea-oii wa- found
existing in some .t t h e new countries w hen tbe lc-d-eral
fore.- arrived there. 'I he abuiio.-iit natural re-soui-'
i-s o! these Territories, w il Ii the s- cu'ily and pro
tection atlorded bv tn, organized gov: mnfut. will,
doubt!'--, invite to th.-ni ii large iinuiigratioii when
peace shall restore tin business" of the country to its
accustomed chani f s.
I si.bmii il... resolutions of the L -gi! ' lit e ot Colo
rado which evidences the patriotic spin! of the peep)
... .1... T ...... s.. ... II,., .oo'o inlv ot be 1 tliiCl
1 "
I.! -i I- I ,
1 . eo .,.
iiii i ilea'
vv It U -o i.:. ,
--aid that oi,
l.lil-S litid the
than tl at an
ii.onjh ,!.!. i
and nt . !..s.
Opel at;..!,- v.
a cotmuoii .-!
boo e oi me
, . r ' i
:it'( !
i i J l.i.
' o-:-.s ',
t .1
1 -
.m i "i.
!-,' ' o:
III l l
1 ; tier-.':
r.-!.i'ti. -
i ..f -. .'o. .
i 1: i.i : - U"i::ic
- c. fi-tj
. ;- t et:
iini-e ,i .
In". -
-id g n
. i i
.' t i " n ( (; . .
iid '.vi-
i a I i.- b. f.
-iivirg i-t!n.;I t;;ki J:
ai in is 1 i :ter tijiec:.
, .: t Iiii ;; l.v no. -tii-et;..! ,
,,i pi.si s a i,. t i.e same i
:e: e.n t ose eligaji i- c i
.1 in v i.-w. and can nilli :
n- Ina .-t. 'i in a! s a !
i, In
1 .
V. f. .1,1 O
i.i aii t o mo!
a -n:g ( in 1 1 i.i
e nt v ar.ai ee
i:e in ail joint
..C.e not... I lit
nly as t t he
tne on bo:i"d
when We '
nei, 1 1 ial
c or . ':. . -.e j'iue'
t-t nvrivi d an 1 !,
! rtt'C'eS 01: lv hy
K vi i i-',t l- iurra-li
is ;
IV ,1V
1 '
er lire j'i.l
1 -iv-ral
; ; -i.nut-:t
, on-
I!: '-.till.
' ill;- as
'..'Otil' IIO
'vi-ii a stove
Kiitot tahh- a.
vet not untie.,
l-.o tnaiiv ,.v.:i
allowed lo control
.lit! v
iiii :t
ofthe l'errfo-'. So far the at'tii '"ty ot 'be Lulled
Slates has be. ii upheld in all flu- 1 into: ns. It is
hoped it. will be in the future. I comm'-nd their in
terests and defence to the eiilight.ii. and generous
care of ongress.
1 recommend tothe favorable consideration ol'Con
gress the interests of the District ol Columbia. Ibe
insurrection has been the cause of much suffering and
sacritice toitsinbabite' ts and as tie y have no repre
sentativein Congress that body should not overlook
their just claims upon the government.
At vour late session a joiut resoli.'.ion w as adopted
autlio'riziiig the Tresident to take measures for facili
tating a proper repie-entatinn of the industrial in
terests, ofthe U. S- attl exhibition ofthe industry of
all nations to be holden at London in the year lsff
1 regret to av 1 have been lira! Ie to gi.e personal
attention to the subject, a subject ot once so interest
icg in itself and so extdisiv-lv and intimately con-uect-.-d
with the ma-eiial prosperity oi the w orld.
(O.tFlSOAT Oti VV 6 AVs, g C.
Tiirout'h the labors oi the -Se :. eiaries of State and
of the Interior, a plan or s. stem has been devised
and partly matured which will be I iid bttlore you.
Under and bv virtue ol the act ot Con r tess entitled
an act to contiscHft property used for insurrection-. ry
purposes, approved Aogtt-t tth. 1st'.!, the- legil claim
of persons to tbe labo and service of ce. ain other
persons have become lortiitfd. a- d numbers ol tne
iatterthus liberated have already b' come dependent
ontheUtiittd M'stes, ;;d must be proviriad lor io
some wav. Ties-Men this, i- is not Impossible- that
some ol the State- .vi 11 pass similar enactments lor
their own benefit-, and lespectively. and by the op
eration of which persons ot the -trre c'ass will be
thrown upoa them lOr difposal In such case, I
recommend that tongr f p'ovide for excepting
ench usrsoim from such h'ates aicording to sonic
nixl'i ol va'uafion in ben, p'O taoto, ot direct taxes
or epon son e U.er plan to he agreed on with rucli
s.ai.s r.siiective v. that u h person. ot: ftich ac-
C t, slice tli': '- Tsl C v. llltlK'l t St Tl'"'
.Jfc'-gJf.U ',M: 5 ti.ai, tiy " '" ' .
can vi-li the siiinio wiv an-i
ail no now n t'-geincr i.rau
and no siii"b iniii'- can b
-g; THR SOUL Oir TUE liEBU lu.
It cofint-" to cicve'ope that tl.", ii-arrtctio'i is
largely, ii not xclusiveiv sgaitist th'e tir-t princip.e
ol i, ovular govt nitwit, find the rigid of flie people.
CoiiclusivervideiiCeof I his is fruiu in the most giave
and nuiuiailv consideied 1 ublic document-a we'l
as in the general tone ot Ibe insurgents In these
d'ccuir-tM- wt lind ti c abringemet.t ' the existing
right of sufl are. and the denial to the people oi ail
.f)i,t io o-iiticioat'.!.- iu the seicctioti off ubiic oil. errs.
t-xc.p! tin I.eeisiutive brdy advocated, wi-h libcrcd
-r-'Uine'i;- to pre v. that laree control ot the gov
i rnmen! in the p. le is ti e sotiice oi all poiiiical
evil Jienarchv it-eit is sometimes himed at as a
, ....il. ,. r, nte iroin tne power o! the pt-opie. In
iriv prc-ent position Icou d scarcely Le ju.-'.ill'e i w. ie
I to omit Hieing a warning voice -gainst tins ap
eroach of reluming eespotism. It i not needful
nor 'itting l ite ib; ' ti general arguttent shoulu be
made in favor of pcpu'ar institutions but iheic is
oii point with it- coi ncctioiis. rot so bnckceyed as
most others, lo which I ask a bnei attention, it is
the .fort to place tapi'alonan citial iootmgwi.h.
if not above, labor, in the strucuie ol goverument.
It i assumed that labor is avoidable only iu con
nection with capital; that nobody; labor unless
somcbodv el-e. owning capital, some how. by the use
of it ii duci s h m to labor. 1 his assumed, it is next
considered whether it is be-st that capital shall hire
laborers end tlus induce iheroto work by their own
Lonntit, or bind them or drive them lo it without
tiitirtOLCt.,t. Having proceeded so tar it is natur
ally concluded that alllaborers are either lured ia
laborers, or, what we ca.l slavis; and lurtber. ins
assumed that whoever is once a hired laborer is fixed
in ttat condition ol life. .Now tiitie is no such la
bor as pssuoied, nor is there any such thing as a
fieinian btiKg nxed tortile in the condition ol a
t ed hbottr. Both of these assumptions are false
and all ialerences from them are gr undless Labor
i- t rior to, tnd independent of, capital Capital I
only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed
if labor bad Dot tirst existed.
l abor is tbe supnor ot capital, and deserves
ir. tub tbe hkber consideration. Capital has ijs
riiihis which are as wor ihy of protection a aoy o th
trrishts. or is it denied that there is, and proba
te. t.wa8 will be. relation between labor and
canittl. ijoducing mutual beixtits. The error is
in assiining that the wbole labor of a lew men who
ovn cspital. and .bat tew avoid labor tht-tnseves
sua v ith their capital bite or buy other lew to labor
lor them, and a larie m.-jori'y btlcnp to neuher
class : neiiher woik lor others nor hire others
working for them. . .
in most ol the Soutl em Mat s a nrjonty cf the
peopled al colors are neithtr slaves nor masters,
w bile in the North a large mfjority are reither liir
cis nor bin (I. Utnwith t hiir families, wives, sons
and dauuleern work lor tbemseHe on their farms,
i.i flie.T buns. . and in their sio i'S, ttiking the whole
tireducl to 'in fiiselvc; :; -.! as',:in;.- no favor ol capi- j
: ., 1 , .,,' ,(.,: . ' ' . :' I eeii ::'!o:t r.- "r -:av -s '
The w.;atber lor a .'t-w (b
itlv o;ir drill
s ha- t.ecr. line
.::,rc-uii:tin:r we
riiol (-(ilise.ltieli'lv
are drilled mostly m skn mishir.-i an 1 tv the
sound ot the huL-le. The Ijys are in line
sj.irifs and only complain ot inaction and i II
ne.ss. The ST'Oo jrer mon'.h nraiited hy the
State pevemment had a very l'avor'ole ef
fect on the eoiiitiany, judtiins; l'roni th- cheers,
"iven tor the (JoverLor and State Legisla
ture. The reatest misfortune we have met with
is the ioss of our Lieut. Col. Frederick Mean,.
who resigned his position a few davs since.
Il- was a thotoiifh soldier, verv strict, and
iniifht be called a severe
durin" the short time he n-as here won the
hearts of every soldier in tne regiment, has
drilled for service eleven thousand men dur
ing the present war.
'Yesterday was. Thanksgiving and of course
no drill. In the morning we attended divine
service, the remainder of the day the Col.
informed us might be spent in target prac
tice, and as an inducement for sharp shoot
ing offered a purse of 5 00 to the one who
wou?d make the shortest string at the distance
of forty rods, off hand, each having two
shots. "At three o'clock the trial began, and
continued until dark when it was decided
that A. J. Brown of the Vermont companj
had won the purse. So you see the Green
Mountain boys are second to cone in point of
sharp fchooting. Some companies procured
oysters for supper, and all endeavored to
make it neem as much like Thanksgiving jit
Lome as possible. 'Sr-vk
Good health is universal in the Regiment.;
we have none on the sick list. Whether we
shall o into winter quarteis near Washing
ton isa question of no little importance to
us all are very anxioua to get over the river
into the land of secesh. There are a num
ber of regiments building winter quartern
arcund the city and all seem dissatisfiedj at
the idea. Yours truly,
grThe sleighing iu Rutland is superb,
:ue i'. ef've- m;!U' ;ii i!ti(ul-e t-' li!.-siie.-

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