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I'HK'r'. 'llltKI' '"'VI S
si.ro i i-.it yi;i:
The repot tcl defeat of dovei-nor l'etru of
M i-tii i- i wn- t im-takc He was re elect
ed, and his i 'ig.;i :il address i .n i I i -hfl .
Hi- expr'SM- the ;ii victim, tha .ilthohgh
the tedetal government mnv i able ' intl'"'
much suffering on 'In' iw.f'-(l''i itf -! .-. ami
to make th-- war bloody ami protr.i tnl
one. tht' ultimate cortpif-r of the Son h is
imposihle. In 1 1 1- .t-i! t i inr the reasons which
should iiid :! ;i strong am' '"tied effort to
maintain tin- potion of tin .South, the Gov
ernor significantly remarks : " If the sh'p is
lost, the captain yoes with it i' otir cause is
lost, all whoholil big plat -c- in 'he southern
late.- must pet'isli first in it- ' ill."
There is no doubt that nil the leader of
the reho!!i n will wiit to .i.--i,-r-ie meas
ures to prolong tin i-.i-;- i oi''h Southern
Confederacy, ami o ' ii- it independence.
Witli them it i- :i 'pie. tion oi 'lite or death.
If the Sout h is completed, and the seceded
State- return to their allegianc e, the halter
will claim tor its i tim- main v. ho now hold
bi places in the Southern State." while
hundred of others will spend the remaining
days of lives rendered miserable hy their
treasonable wickedness in expatriation or ex
ile. If the mad scheme of breaking up this
great licpublic fail?, as tail it must eventu
ally, the names of Jiff. Davis. Stevens,
Vponihs, Slidell, Floyd, and their eonfiees in
rebetNin. wiil hecome a bye word and a re
proach. ven in the South, and tlnir memory
will he execrated by '!' h scendants of Amer.
lea in all time to corre. There is every mo
tive ti.t icturc, tor 1e.es..; mei; to carry v tliv
war lo the hitter end : tor success, if it can
he achieved, will m ike them Presidents, Cab
met Ministers, and . mic'sadoi s. instead of
I'diiiiion felon-'. nw ale- to the penalties
ot outraged law and justice. 1: is becaus'
" the leaders must perish first in the tall "
that Mr. I'ettus pleads for united action.
Not for liberty, not for justice. not for ihe
red res of intolerable injuries and wrongs.
hut to save the necks of the rebel " captains"
Iroiu the halter. We do not doubt that ev
ery rebel leader now sees the folly of the at
tempt to dissever the I'nion, that every one
of them regrets the step which has been ta
ken. Hut for them there is no return. With
he. restoration of the Union would come
their swift destruction. No wonder the Fed
eral power to them wears a grim and terri
ble visage. They see nothing but its thun
derbolts of indignant wrath They have
forleiied i'- ' !..! proti-etion, .uid h'-n.'e'o: t h
it ha.-, in re-et vc In: them un! two upt ight
pots and a cross bar. with the ominous
rouse " daniihnir therefrom, or at best a fel
joa's cell and ball and chain in short, an ig
nominious end, and an execrated memory.
JSo lomi as such m;n can maintain their as.
0ndenev over the Southern people. lns con
test will undoubtedly be prolonged. IJut
may not expect the time will oor. ollie
Whl'll the eOj'ie Ot tin- S'Hltii wtio t.;ve
been misled into takii.i u; aims ,n:a:!;s' the
government, will rathrr choosy to tn'sni to
their allegiance and aain onjoy the benign
intlucr.x' of i: protection, than to per ist in
a truitlt-n thoueh prolonged war to tave
thetr prcM't'.t leaders? To them the re-tora-tiir.
ot' p ace will briii hap;iness. at.'l tree
dom ai d jno-pi i c . The m,..sses ot the de
luded people of the South have every mo-
tive to turn their backs upon ,Kfl. Davis and !
re top I
th. ir dt Mimes with the old Union. I
under the old flag,
piveness, an I amn
Ihey not so :
lessen on l.i vv!n
cial l owi i -'.aii !
i OmilK i Ce. lie i f.
vastati d tie-:- tc
our ji; i'cs:t i c:
and h.ip; :.ic.- i
tht ni ? ill ti cy
jm i i-h, l u' w 1
ii i I ,
tv and protectiot,. il!
.or i,
-' roc g c
ill. V le.irn t hi
ll: ! I lie Fed
I I .' C id-.! ni I 1,1 I (. i--
- V ,V : lli v per-: - Hi
i, !n i ; he duo; O! peace
i'oi.si.iii'U- hc;'.i ti. i: tc
i. (..t , Id the i up! jir.
save the si. ip '
IUciumtim; (huor in IU-ti.and. .1
n K.ti li .s i.eiioiie.r .1 (Oiimanv l.jr
the M.-v mh llegiiiicnt in thi- placv', has ai
ready o!t i
oictthirtv meii a'uhoi g'i his of-
cis no' bieii oaeii bu' ; week. This is
ratln r rele t' kable success, consideting ihe
fai-t that so m my hve g me from ihis place
in o ri .ia. ci,is already in the field. Mr. Ki;-
burn iicjH h io b;iv
ihopiKio have a full company in the
se ol ten davs or so P is- understood
the S. vt nth Ucgiment will serve under liii
Gen. Plielps, and thi- fn-t aUme i
(Cores to enlist
Ihe desiinatinn -if the Ueg-
imci I will p-obably be the southern . 0as'.-
M. k-.ii,,,, ., ' , o; . ,,,.1 , . .i r .
r. JviU'uu. soliue is one door i orth of tha
Loutt Iluu-e.
"I'll wot Id unites,
in'io! nci-il in o He
Resolutions have been
I . -isiai IP e OI l e.i ei ii
i, to the cXjiedici.cy ol
i . : ' he VV.Sc l 1 o. i r - "t
v ti,'ti ia 1 1 f -ii I.
I ) I , ii, s if, Ken n a feu week- ?ince
I to! v. ,-ti i" i ('.,( ihe c-.- ot the Vermont hriu-
J ade die I'ni'ed States service, one Iiok con-
j liiii in biriiikets, ti bed ijuilts. 1 uair pil-
I liuv and eaes. jiair wooh'ii ,o. ks. and
' needle hoi.io. and have just closed and
! t irw.tnl-"! "' boxes containing I t heet. "21
1 ...
!ows, ;.i pillowcases, l."s heij ipjilts. com
t'Htablcs. one blanket, is towel-, :!t napkins,
i 'iishioii-. ." pans woob .i -oek-. "J i :,'r -hp-peis.
tbuirei -hut-. 1 die--it ijown, 7
neejle book-. lbs dried fini". i
m siaiiie-. and a ipjanti'v of band
old linen aii'l cotton.
C?" A lady nt' this villa. -e tiai l upon our
table yestenl 4V m.)riiin; -everai full ijrown
violets, and t ., or three -'bachelor's but
tons." which -he had just plucked in ur jrar
den. tn inii ''. if nth tn m Di-cmhi r.
They did not appear ' have -utf-rd at all
rom -old or e,,o-un-.
Ait- mioii i-
ilile.l to tie
ineiit ot ihe -Uielai'd Fi-h and )-:ei mar
ket" in i. (it hej . .,iu,i fi Aii kind-of fish
in their eason
it this well
known esf:,bli-hii.ent ; also e. -'-r-. lob-fers
and clam-, and at the n,o-t ica-cr;.ible price-, i
The ladies of the Soldier- Kelief Soc'e- '
ly met December 3d. and adjourned to
incctiU the Hoit-e of 3ir. Jacob Eder- j
ton. Tue.-.iay, Dec. I0;h ;1t mie o'clock. '
I'heic i- plenty ot work nuv. on hand and .
a tllii ;;!tend.Mie- is .-oiii-jled. We hope i
now to -etui another box ot arfu
Ml.-. M. (.;. KVKKTS. Secy
l pe accompativ letter- liavt
received in nekiiowleilffciiP ni i.t'tli-
Iiei'l ti itofe sent.
( .'amp rillin. Fairfus ( o a..
Nov. 'jt'., l.st',1. (
Mtiilnitt : I have to-dav received a box
forwarded by the "Soldier- I ? -1 s t Socie
ty" in Rutland, containinc; article- tor the
telief of the -ohliers for the Vi-ntiotit
voiuiiteers. al-o a package for Mr. Iline
of Capt. Weston's Co. Sharp Sliooters. -I
will see that the package for Mr. Dines
i- sent to him bv the lir-l oritiorttinitv.
It is with the erentest pleasure that I re- '
eeive iVom our t'riemls. and the friends of
the noble cause in which we ar-j eipjaired,
ptickayes foi- gratuitous distribiition among
the soldu r-. thus -applying their want-,
and assuring them that they are not for
gotten by those now enjoying more ot the
comforts of life at home, and that genuine,
patriotism is not confined to soldiers in the
field, or to the hardier -ex. Accept for
the Soldiers Relief Society, thanks in be
half' of the liegitnent for lavor- received.
Very respectfully.
Your mo.-t ob"i servant.
I', r. PITKIN.
i.l M. 2d Regiment Vt. Volunteer-.
Mrs. Win. Y. Ripley. Cor. Secy . ii. So
ciety. Rutland Center.
N'o. 1' '1 bird Avenue. Cooper Cnioii. I
New York. Nov. lb. lsill.
Dint- Mnlnu: Ihe box from Center
Rutland, containing .- much to relieve
the sufferings I,)' our troop-, wa- received
by n- ie-tt rday. and we greatfally ac
Kiiowlediie (he content-:
if' pairs socks, lo blankets. 11 ouilts.
Jo pillows. Ifi pillow caes. 21 sheets, 1 'J .
shirts. I package dried fruit, magazines
aim new-paper.-.
These goods will be sctii where ihey
are most needed, as directed by the saui-
tarv commission. We have lately been
supplying lb- navai .-xpeum..n.s tint are
i: ..a- : i .... : l . i
lining on iiiiiii in i-poi i. oi.siui - i,(i i v coii-
umcnt to aslinigtoii.
Very rc.-pectfullv.
" K. II. St !i"t HYLKK.
Mi mb;i'
v. !;.,.; -v. c .,.
1 1 1 th IN ( 'a ait l'i Has
i In- p , -i ilea! b iii ! he r.ink
Uigniiiiil Im.U Plaet n tin- no pipit i,n
, .I, -
I,,, ,,,,,,! , ,,
. ' i j, , , , ' - . lis i,i OP'i p,
Suniiav. ihe ilece;i-cd v.a- vi-l:n A.I 1 1 .
Hani-, of 'ciiioti,a member of ;,, F.
lie died from congestion of ihe lungs ful-
lowing measles. Hi- u-inains were cop-
v yed to !lie Kuthmd cars Momiay inoni-
r conveyance to his borne, eight of
Ms comrades acting as pan nearer-, and
accompanied by the entire regiment. At
the depot a prayer was offered ami a few
remarks made by Chaplain Woodward.
Free Vu.
As one of the incidental connection- of
i - ii, ,
the preset war, we notice that an office has
been opem-d in Washington for embalming
ti.e dead. 1 heir system is that ot the. cele
i. ...... i s.1... i ,i"i..:. i....,
in aivo ounjuri, in i tn i- i' an ii jei thin oi
;, powerf ul antisi p ic fluid, which soon hard-
I ens the tissues to a marble like substance,!
! l"'''y 't'serves U.e color and fea
; lures, and keeps the body from all ofiensive
. , 1 3
t Km am irA'rio.N' in Kkn rucivY. We
understand that ihe l'i esidmit has. been
p-suied that the I legislature of Ivi tucky
V ib Mioti iiiain ipati all slaves U that.
;!... . i it-- iir-ii'g oy.i! "a i 1 a . is
Kortli- liutltuit! iierai!'
Lmu'.ii. WHO Ui"i 'j ill; Icllllitf r-ii
)s eotieiiiir en the tipmMiuir air.
It- lncuriilu' '.ailin- sadly teli
Ot ! :ij;titi'i! tinjH- aiwl dark de-pair
I lie Ainu? t !m.-!i. :imi wiutrv p;iia
t rv i Tf nt I iiu' I" H' va'e an1 liill :
V !., -ought in cestti their las repose
Wr, liiu art iionr cold itid chili '.
Woiirieiifii; I niteid. &sclii'nin Htole
I lie toi.es o' if iet upon mv eat
A -ailii' f- crept irto my so 1
Th1 'i" ct -ait'i arc very cit-r
Was it h maiden, luir. and youn g,
With liph'someffep. and mirthlul eye '
Wlise piai'e. in Ijmiuj net hall was ruutf.
Whosi" tone" nf mu-ic floa'ed hy'
VVs it a feeble man hoe vear
Spanned for the pack ( louirat!"-
Who ooMiited all M'v'- "mil's and tears.
And kinged the j .v of Heave" to know
Wa" it an infant tirow so fair.
Wher. on lore's warm caress was laid '
Or dreaming child that knew no care.
That passed weLen the flraimv shade'
VVa i' a mutrou proud ami tond.
Who mised no tear one 'rem oih hoard
Wher- love renewed each day the bond.
And choicest t.le-sinpK -re outpoured '
IVrchance a man ot w.-ltti and pri.le.
With intellect and vjir.r rite.
Who had no need ot -iiieht b-i-ide.
Avil revelled i" tli" trco I if lite.
A hri'le pchaii u-it;! rr.s crown 'd .
hi.-t eTireriij.' nti the path untried:
WNi-e laiMt aiel !uie. and tru-t were bound
In him. r eh i.-en Iri'iid and (r'lid".
It!' non- o!"the.-e." a voice replied
I f:at fcrok tfie -i'ence like a -pell.
Ir " ns a Wit in hi- prid
Who tor hi- pountrv. ihtin? fell
No Icvinp liami to -ipe 'ii- i'ew
That gathered 1.11 hi- .I' a'li cold brr
o loving te-ie t -o kin I i-Tct trie-,
jo eek his rave in toctii'-s-i nos
N'o pillow i'. r his tlirohbi'g h"ad.
light ofhoini- to t i. " I i eve
(lev found I'im. I ci'd und de-el
Where soply -miled the pitying skv .
I he last ot earth, a hi'te hour.
cif re oiid'v pealed the cannon' roai
W1;ei,-i 1 H!l IrHt. r'(ft: h'ei,f Tf(er pO Vf'T
And .-t:i'::ej 'lie T irl nith huinin gore
ii - .eep- i i hit: e u m rirc -ii v e
her- Kr-eoon. c -i'- a .ai.:h o'er tiiiti
1 1 1 pirni h 1 he -ar- ' cu a e.
!'h v ic o y -hiut. ' ri-eie in
Oh dod' 11- fioitth nut the lint 1
l- rein ope ta'r 1 uf -ere', e- -
A" dark ly ta'l- the Is ocdmg fig!.
O'er j c - no luurrow ci.n :-.urr
lie-ton fhy peace, is'ion the heait
V hie 'orrow a-i- fruiu ouder tuiir-
Ai.d t 1 th trial l.ca- ri.pirt .
And I'-ac- a.--ert i.-r fljw. r; rei.-r,
rl'MU. Vt
I l-'parttnetit ot Ma'e
Washington, Dee. !
To Aiaj. (ieii. (ieo. l. .McL -Ilati :
(ieneral: I am directed by the President
to call vour attention to the following -rbject :
' I'erOPi cloimeel 10 bt held to service or iabot
under the law- of 'ne Suite ot V irini t ami
actually einjiloyed in ho-til ser vice against
the government of the United State-, tre.
ip.iei.tly escape fro n the lines of the enemy'.
force and are received within the lints ot the
annv of the I'otoniae. This Department un
deis'amis thit sued persons, afterwards eom
nz into the city of Washington, are ii to
be -nested by theci'y police upon -he re
suu pti'jii arising from i-ohii. 'hat tiiey ,;re
f'ugitives from service or labor oy the :onrt!i
section of' the act ot Ccng.-e-s adptoved Aug.
lith, 18tl. en'iteld a'i act to confiscate pn p
ertv u.sed for insui rec' ionaty purposes. Such
hostile deployment is made a sufficient
answer to any further claim to service or
labor. Persons' thus employed and escaping,
are received into the military protection
the I'mted States, and their arrest as fugi- ! ln': "(Hnl m ul ' '-rreH to. vviieteii. -o mucli
tives from labor or -ervicc should be ianntdi- j weak lies? is cotife-ed. All tilings view
a'elv followed by the military arrest of the i ed. theref ie, the activity we -ee di-p!ay-
parpes making the seizure. Copies ot tuts j
couiiiiuincatioii wnl tje -eiit to the Alayor o!
ihe ci'v of' Washington, and to the marshal ot
the District of Columbia, that any olli-iou
between the military and civil authorities mav
lie avoided. I am ( ien.
Vour very obnheni serv't
' i;uyinc, thi: Nviiowi. Flao tv)
Ni v Cki.k-vns. Prominent iip-h from
the West bclcive that the imti from the
Western Stao-s can. before Siring, carry
the Stars and Striju-s in triumph to New
Orleans. A Si NsniM Oriviox. Tin-Washing-
top cone:
idctit of the New Ycik Kri -p.
in;' Post say that thcie hrc vai ious opip
j ions at tic capital n i -ct:pg she lei-gt!
nt tic i : - -i session c! Copgi's-. ,l(nlg
Ccl'iitccr. of N'eiinont. who is one of th
.-b:e-.vd -t pic" in Copgic.-s, ailvi-(-s
i . i ,. , j cm v aoiom utiietit. tie siivs " v-t ar t
of '.he ( av. hi y ' ' - . ,
. f I ii.ii.... I j.nce.c f in i.ii.lli I r I
t - .- -
!', F.xccutivc liu-it;cs- and t!.i
IIIOIIM -ni ii pusses oevono tn- lineill piovi-
.. . i ... ..i.i.
ding for tl
vs ;
ids ( t the VjOV el liup pf.
ami deciding the purposes of the war, to
sa ZiO'tv it shall be col.duettd. the whole
tiling will prove a failure.'' Jtoston Do.Jn
Iiik OrtAT I stern. A letter from
London say - : "Nautical men beie, ex
press vety discouraging opinions in regard
to t lit Crent Fastern. They think it
doubtful whether she will ever make an
other sea trip, and think that, after remain
ing awhile at Milford Haven, she will be
converted into a bath-house or a floating
i -.1
; Q jj f Im,;a wh ft ener.
' i , i
: cetio and practical war policy lias won
i hun
national reputation, siiriied in
Washington on Friday. He rcpoits that
! Indiana will foon have fixty ihoil-nnd
' m.n in the held. Ihe quota of the Mate
! 5 thirty-live tl-oti-.-iml. fl tving pot this
i :i armv ' ,! : ' ' '
I or the Kut auil iler.n l
li-VIS AMJ COCI I-.h. ,
Mk. Knn ou: If you should ask my
- opinion on rats." I should tell you that
I think they are a jolly nice. In proof
of this I will only cite one instance of
their practical jokes. One of our citizens
had a quantity of walnuts laid up in a
back chamber, which hav; been growing
beautifully less 0r some time. A chance
examination of an old cupboard in an ad
joining room led to an explanation of this
abstraction. One of the shelves contained
two pairs of boots, one pair of shoes, a
sap-bucket arid various other antiquated
domestic lixtures attracted thither by the
retiiemeiit of the place. It appeals cer
tain belligerent rats in ambush near by
recognized the important advantages of the.
position and appropriated it as a grand
military -torehou.-e. They filled each of
the above mentioned articles with walnuts
and aptly stowed a large amount besides,
to the amount of' more than a bushel in
the inter-fiees. They doubtless meant to
have a rri'l time over them.
Another unusual I'tTair has happened in
this town. One of otir townsmen has
made hi- vn'emind. IJut it ha-' frighten
ed him -o that lie has put his properly out
ot his hamis and run awav. The first
record of' conjugal atlair- we have, was
I I i:it of a man parting one ot' Ids j-ib to
raise Cain with. Hut Michael Caffee,
reversing th,- older, raised a eain and
parti d two of hi- wile's rib- because -lie
i!i-i-tel on correcting a young Cain, the
-011 of .Michael's former wife. I under
stand he linaby succeeded in e-tabli-hiug
hi- authority, but a- I -aid before, tin
mora! -fleet ot the atlair wa- too much 'or
him. A
McCl I.LOl 1.I1 Mi l'nn 1. tLAUi:iT.-
IM!. 1 here i- eii--en-iori in the rebel
camp in Mi-xmri. 'Ihe St. Louis Uepub
iican -av - :
'I -latest from MeCullough's com
niand represents that confederate genera!
its high dudgeon with en. Price, and : '--oiutely
disobedient to the hitter's oni : -or
reqite-t-. 1 It- is n-ported to have again
turned hi- ha.k ujion Missouri, and march
ed off into Arkansas. There is not the
same necessity for a forward movement
with (jen. McCuIlougli to accommodate
his men as nith t.Ien. Price. McCul'ough
may at any time fail back to Arkansas lor
supplies. ,V:c.. but the Atkan-as people
will :iot permit the M i-sourian- to come
atnorg-t them to eat them out. as it i- said
they have forbidden l'rice V. Co. to ' in
vade" 'heir State. Price'.- men, on the
other i and. wat, t to fight in .Mis-ouri. and
-onieta ng mti-t be done some movement
made io keep them together. The late
proclamation of the Major Genera!"
-hows iii-. His army j- in a bad way.
The te-ni of enlistment with a great
many las expired, ami tho-e manifest a
desire to quit the service, a- they want
to go home.' Nothing el.-e could have
-ugge-tel ti e piteous appeals contained in
ed by the rebel in some quarters ot tin.-
State i- tin spasmodic oil-hoot of de-pera-lion.
Ii is the energy of de.-pair. We
can feel tttisti-ii io VMtne-s tome nervous
ness and strength in even a giant's, kick,
when a-i red that it is his la-t."
I (jeti McCieliati has urged upon Gen.
) Uiplcv the necessity of having additional
light arlil cry of bronze, iron fi' Id pieces
being too lieav y for rapid tniti-portation
over the road of Virginia, which art:
very inn Idy at thi- season of the year.
! t is expected lh.it the orders for their
coiisirn. lion will be issued immediate! v.
Com Co'dsboro has been ordered to j .in
i (Jen. Ibiiii-i'h-'s expedition. The rebel- are
- much i tied oi r. g.ird to i;. and n;epo-e ii
i lies' I pe.i pi l'l tie- York- liner aid
-.weep tit- I'ei in-'il (, m.iki'ig an ifiii-avc
' iiiOvelliei: diree'lv aga il-t llichll .Olid.
! A ll.iih i'i li'istnn ! - X 1 1 i 1 1 1 I " g H new i
i-.veni'O" I v whic'i he makes loct- in fit- I
i t. -en minute-," and the Po-;on Po-t dechir. s .
I .! i .....i ... I
i to.: le oi lie iii- I ce vvoik ,e i am. unu'ii
.1 J mie H H'Clfl
he lime spec:
It i-said that the r. be Is uow have 75,
oOO lions at Columbus, Ky.
Tim proud have no friends; not in
pro-petty, for thin they know nobody;
I nor in aivcrsiity, tor then nobody Knows
Wm. M. G win, C lienham and L. Tirent
were released on Holiday, from Fort La
-ri r Vhnm Hndaet
AW t VI.. 1 IIU nil)' m "-'"- r
thinks tbsit the miixon, just captun tl, an ot;
usefully employed on lor ificat ions, but he is
puzzi ld o know what tn do with the sly it I
J hat was a patriot woe of a filame volun
teer, vho beeged of her bus-band lo keip out
of a bat Ie if he could, l'robahly hishttf was
not insured.
lie jiiber," fays Pat, " ibe tHvil a
eliow :i luan Ihh who waits tilMie'f 1
before he ucts on the. defensive."
Won ester, VeC 0.
P Ou.erv A'd id', vcpuhl.c m,
IV. IM 1 ICC -
Uashmgtoii. IJec. 10.
II II- t I- ,f 1
Anorny 1 ventral 10 r-jort hi-f as to j
the means of ohtaiiing a repossetsson of that I
nart of Virginia formerly belonging to the j
Distriet of Columbia.
Mr. Potter, fiom fhe committee on public I
lands, repotted a bill providing homesteads j
to actual settlers, anil providing a hountv for
soldiers, m lieu of grants of public r-iiid
The House concurred in thi Resolution j
from the Senate for a joint comrjiititee to in
quirt, into the conduct of the present war.
with power to send for persons and paper.-.
Mr. Pendleton moved tliat the in morial of
Messrs. Howard and (ialJehil and! Davis be
referred back to the committee on ijudiciarv,
with instructions declaring that) j Congress
alone has thu power under the Constitution
to suspend the privilege of the writ of hat eas
corpus ; that the axcrcis" of that; power by
another department ot the government is a
usurpation, and dangerous to ptilfilii
that the persons above named he
to the marshal to the end that the
liberty ;
mav be
indicted, with the ngbt ot a -.ee.lv trial, it
there lie probable cause for such proceeding
He spoke at ome length on this subj.-e'
Mr. Uing'-am replied to .Mr. Pendleton's
remarks. h, mot.on of Mr. IJin-diaiii the.
whole suf,ect was tabled. 10S again-' -Jo'. I
A ineage was received from the Senate 1
announcing the death of Senator Bingham j
of Michigan. Eulogies were delivered bv j
Mes-rs. Beaman. Trowbridge and (iratigeVi
of Mich., Mr. Sedgewick of Xew York, and
Mr. A-hlev of Ohio. !
The usual re-o!ution- of m--; wer" i
pas-ed. after which tl,.- House acj .uriie.J. ',
Skn aik,-Mes-r. Fe-enderi and Sumner I
tit-e-ented netitions for the em?iic;pHtion of '
slave- under the war power. i
Mr. Suiiitier pre.-ented a petit-ion from 1
I-' ran' i- A. Weadway. setting tort'i tha' h
h'-.d some time ago piesenPd omp'aiti' t-i
the S.ip-eme Court again.t Jell Divi-atid
O'Ikts, but was tol I they wen- improper pa-
pcrs Hftet he ha i pr, -elite t!f eil opla'llf s ;
'o 'he Magistrates Coutt. but with i-. efet t. !
IL.-ferrc ! to the commiit-e on ju-lieiarv.
Mr. KfKit oflere 1 a resolution tha' Waldo
P. Johii-oti by sympatizujg with ai;d par-t-cq.ating
in the rebellion agam-T the Cuifed
Stir---, had i -t n guilty of conduct meotnpa'- '
with hi- du-v a Senator of the Cn'ted
from th
in d that he therefore ex filled j or p report to vou t hat this morrcng it about
v. .1... ..i . .... i it,,. '. - . ,
nr..,: v. lire Ulllieil .Hl'ef, WUICU I
av.- 1 id over.
Mr ilson in'roluct d a joint re-obfio'i to
provide for the pav menf of the -immissiotiers
who were appointed to itive-tigate the claim j
ot t tie we-p-rn mi'itarv departuici,;. Kejerr- !
d to ii i- committee on finance.
Mr. !h'!ati ih'ro-J'j'.-e.J a bill tr, nitLonz" j
the P:e-idet.t to ;e-.; i re teiritory for the j
'tt'emei.t of jet-o!;s c Afiican .d-- -nt. - - j
Heterred to he commif.-i on p'jb'ij- land-.
Mr Wilson
ganiza'un of
'jdnci- i bill for! the reor
i.ie,:. depart uient ot the
ai mv which wa.- !
rc.J to the commin.
military alliirs.
Mr Hale called up the resolu'i-m otl-r-d
ve.-terday that the con nut tee on i ph' iary he
instructed to inquire in'o the expfdi-n v of
abolishing the present judh ial sv-'em of the
L" S and estalishing atiOsber in pursuance of
the Cons'itution and it was agreed to.
Alr. Nesmiih introduced a bi.'l to provide
for the protection of overland eoiigrant to
Calitoriiia and Orrgon. Il-.-f. tic llto '.h- com-
mittee on territories.
Mr Harris introduced a bid relative to the
sale of spirituous liquors in the District ot Cj-
lumbia. I he bill is d-signed to render more
operative the II passed la-t -nininerr and
firov.des lor trial hy any justice ot the pea e
It was referred to ihe committee in .ludicia- I
Mr Chandler announced the death of Hon
Kii slcy S Hiiigiiaui. late Sena'or trom Mn h
igan ami g ive a brief sketch oi the life ot
t'ie 1 ite bena'or. After a tribute to the mem
ory o: his deceased colleague M- Chandler
etb-red the custouiarv resolution that the
Senate go into mourning thirty ays and to J iial. to tne el'ect ili it lie had giwn n turiui
a''j'irn. Messrs King, Clark and Sumner tion to the eiieiuie- of' the government resid
spoke in fitting terms of the decea-ed. The j ing in F.iirtax eouniv . N j itn -sjes ou that
resolution was a-'reed to and the Senate a l-
j jurned
lk-rpoblicn ( iiacii-Tli hnt.il! I'.i-t.
N. w Ycrk. D.-c l".
The Times' Washington di-pa'cb -;iv s 'he
caucus of Ilepubhcaiis wasatn n h-d oy a'-otit
f'ltt V litem!. er-. 'Ihaddeus S eVcCS .iia.le a
I, icc si h i-i f'-nor oi oli.-'i'c: n -I'I'i'i. II--
d ic.uiiced (Jen. M C'edi'i a- try ng 'o . J
tm! : he !eg:U:ic aid cxe ut.ve '-O've:.- ot I
he I Vict.
'I c We Id's di-pat.-h sty- thit ti.e Sma!' :
Pox is .-'lit i' l'i -Ul'o!' by l;i'- ii-v!,-l:r- j
.s'irgc. ii (f-iieral, c
th s dts.-rt-e o
o'hi r p i'.'cii'.s.
! sail
It i- riimcred that a prominent m-mUT ol
lin ks' Mail has d.sappea: ed i:h i nputtatit
Coin Wiltet' Ileporf.
Washingioii, Dec. It).
Com. Wilkes' report is puh!ist,cd; 11:
savs ihe governments of (Ireat Uritani, France
and paTn having issued pro lainatio-is thit
the Con'eilerate States were viewed, consid
ered and treated as hell gereiits, pii1 know
in" that por's of (Jreat Uriiem, Franc-,
r . it i l !
vi.l o am in the v est inuies were
open to their vessels, and that they were ad
mliuiil in a l the courtesies and prote Hoi
1 mitttd to a l the courtesies and prole lion
i -
I, of the United States received,
every aid and attention b. i ig given tlicm,
proved clearly that they acted upon this
view and decision, and brought them wiihm
the international law of search and under its
rcfponsibilit.es. 1 therefore, felt no hesia
lion in boarding ami searching all vessels of
whatever nation I fell in with, and have done
.o. 'Ihe rpus'ion aiose in my um-d whether
I had a right io capture the per.-ous ol' these
coii.misMons, whiilier lln-j wen- amenable Ia
rupture. There was i o doubt I h id a rigid
to capinri! vt M- ls with w. mi ii i!is;ia'cl. s
'fl iv aot .;tu .is'Y Ich !!;' ! :'
ha4 knowledge of tlieir b.;iri oa hirl ua:
these gentlemen were not dispitches in a lit
eral sense and did not seem to come under
' a in J3ini
That thev were enin riis-ion-
'rs ' had ample proof from their own avow-
al, and bent on mi.scbievous an 1 traituroust er-
rands against our country. I then consider-
d them as the. embodiment ot dispatches and
n tiierHore became my duty to arrest their
progress and capture them if they had no
passport or papers from the federal govern-
met,t as provided for under the law of
tion-. As regards the Trent the ai'ent of the
vessel, the -one 0I the British Coniul at Ha
vana was well awre of the character of these
person.-. His fattier had visited them and in
troduced them as ministers of the confeder
ate States on their way to England and
France. They went in the steamer with the
knowledge and consent of the captain who
endeavored afterwards to conceal them bv
refusing to exhibit the passenger list and pa
pers of the vesst I. There can be no doubt
he knew they were carrying highly import
ant dispatches and were 'iidowed with in
structions inimical to the United States.
This rendered his vessel, a neutial. a good
pri.e and I determined to take xj5-ession of
her and -end her to Key West for adjudica
tion where I am well -atisfied the would have
been condemned tor carrving tiie-e per-otis
and tor resisting to be searched ttn- cargo wa-.
ol-o liable as all the shipper, w.-re knowing
t" the embarkation o! these live dispatches
their traitorous motives and actions to
the Cnicn of the C S. I tbrebore to si'ize
howev -r. in consequence of my being so
reduced in officer and crew and the de-
rar.gement it would cost innocent per-on.
tie-re being a large number of passengers
bo woul i Lave, been put to grea lo- and
mr''''v-hi''t" e as we:i a di-appointru-nt from
the iiiterrufitioti it wouid have eau-ed them
m not being able i j jo.i. the s'-- on-r t'rotu St.
Thomas for Kjrope. I thetefbre concluded
to -fi'-.-c;. e tii- int. o! my otiicers and
:ow in the prie ar. ! suil'ere 1 'lie -fearri'-r to
fcn liliunua l.imer I'tluiujr
Wa-hington. Dec. It-.
The Sc ret t; v o! the Navy o d iv receiv
ed tic- ;!'. wiiig let;.-: irotn U 11 Wymaii.
J.iej; eommatiding the 1'ioin.i ilotiiia da'ed
I. S s'-oner H trt iet !.;!-. Mi'awan
Cre. k. D c Is.','. Sir. I have the? hon-
ha.! pi-t tlllle OllO-ii -C' Olg tl'- .;h. UJVS
pn Ki t-, their c 'np wagons. .vl .i hioante-J
oaiiti g 'I'mti
ward 'if F;ee-toae Poitit and hiifmg a' -o-iie
buildup's near the beach. I dire p-.j the
s'eamers Ja. ob le-H and Ana o'a ;o -hel!
the buildiug- stood in with thi- ves-r-i a.
fr a '' e dratt of water would a low o pro
tect them in the event ot theenemv- Ining
mg a full battery to Free-;oije pjinf Alter
shelling tile buildings and hil! and driving
back the pickets I.ient eoiinnan img M -Crae
landed with a tew men and tired t:om hous-
e- which have -met burin-1 loth
1 gro Jf:'J.
;.et.-. A
tire -ub-id-tore-
ii'-liiv iired
Thev con'aiM- 1 -uticr- -'on -. tl i
, eigh'i-en loir-. lapsed before t
I ,., j t that the .juautitv 'o
! have been . oc-i i.-rabie, I'j,,
uu, t vW uj-kct -hots
Ilichard ( ) ' Jurman
.Juhii i ig.-. .J jdg.- Da!v and . ohe.-P.r IVit-
( new were .-'ireti,e cabaiet .j d v .:h ref-
I erence to a general exchange of pt soners
I and parti Uirrlv wi'-i r.-;. to .,! C'or-
; coian.
p. i- believ.-d from all t!j it en !. ga'her-
j ed tha' the rep, I lorce m n n: of our lines
' numtuT? at lea-' l'i'.'.1"1' met . .Fohr. Me
j ,ji- New Vot k. na- -u . i- d in intro-
j du in to t.i- government th- new .Mjrgan
te'i'. .oi l o.'dcl-
! ici iirmg them
; j jhii-
pe ken tin- a!.- '
Of 'WO gov el I. Ui
fll'.I- tieell JiVeP
A. A. .J c.i.-o:..
r luitai-
ici'l.er ci
C- PO ket
id -tati'H)
I: ot
nt :
ic.c ;or s..e and
the oth-r lor l.siii), i c.ie K on a iai.k Hi
Pitr-burgh tor sa.Von and in c i-h.
An additional harg- again-t Cub Kcrn
.i;ib was read io him to dav 'ic- court in ir-
point h ive vet been cai ed. I lie ex imina-
I tion t-j-d v wa- with ret leti e t. allege,
diunkeiiess and negU-ci ol hi- icgiupmt-
2ui Uiu:
.TI u ril r r.
IS liti.no-e. D -c !'
J'lii- aftt rnoo'i a sli.'.hi''; ::i-i: b-r w -co.i.m'tted
at ; . c cup e! t'.c ' I MiryUni
R-gl.i.ctlt. s il ;..:,c! oil t . - - i-iu'.i. ct Tie:
ci'v. Winlc ti tegl ic ii v 1- d-'i-.V'! 1 . MI
,ir, . in; ad- a i t iv i' i:.ci 1 L'a t- Ivim-.
i am" Hi.i! hi- :!.!. ' i
i in ti,,k
,l,.,;!-i i!c a n a' !J- :' W.'-'ci.
.- i atci
I i SOill"
i' a pn-
i kdh-d him on 'uc - ''e P i'p-i" it- .
j three weeks sdi. e Is ol V . i - 1 1 -
1 i,( r il-lilici ti .1 liii! p.-t-!-:e;,t t'l-Piitr-
I c .- I. j . I,, r ,,i fti.
ii'.na .'i i a. ii ;n. . -i .i - i. ..in. '"-
pickets, filling li'iii. K 'on-. vtio was a
trietnl of the decease I. h'tcrminc a to r- venit'
his death by taking the hfe of Lieu'. Witsja
The Lieutenant was a te-i lent of this city
and was ge in rail v esteem- d in the regiment.
(Jreat indignation is expressed in the regi
ment at ihe murder, and a disposition was
manifested lo take iiiniie'liaic v .ngeair'e ot
Ko"ns. but he was immediately scat a pnsoa
er to Fort Mc Henry.
I).t i r.lrt f ! f n.ilor. '
Frankfort, Dee. 10
Garr.ett Davis was elected Cuifed States
Senator for ihe remainder of Jjbn C IJreck
eniidge's term to-dav, bv a vote of St to 12.
'run W tirrliijf
Wheeling, Vra., Djc. 10.
In the L"pislature lo-d iy, Mr. Sfjart of
fered a resold ion reip iring all purioin ia
this State who take cut heema tj tratmct
any business, io fifst taketheoith t'jsiijiport
the t oi. solution ai.d restored goveruni ;ut of
Mr. 15. oivii of Iv ma wah i, ifl red a r-solu-
'.;.. - - .,:., f'-"

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