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VOL 81, NO. 47.
7 . - -r- -
FOUNDED IX 1794.1 ; .'. -
Onolot tlie largest Weeklies In Mw Eng
land, published every TilUESUAl
morning. -
t oot of Center St., Herald Block, ttutlawo.
TBtivis. ai.oo a year; $1.25 for six months
invariably la advance.
' " . - B T . ':'.'
gutbttd Sailg Afraid.
foot of Center St., Herald Block;, .Rutland
Vermont. , .
'f KRt3."-$8.f)0ayear- H.OQfav six ip on this
91,00 for three months or 75 cents a
month. .
: i!k K 1 1 T f jl N D H Kli A f D .
Mr. William M. Grcsvenor funishts
ia the New York Herald au interesting
narrative of the oilgln and doings of the
St. Lou id whisky ting. The ring was
formed during Andrew Johnson's ad
ministration. Revenue officers accept
ed bribes to overlook irregularities and
the favored distillers spent ruooey free
ly to sustain the Johnson party. The
Republicans who knew what was going
oa hoped . a new adniiaiat ration would
afford theni Birnilar opportunities, but
. they were disappointed. General Grant
Vvi personal friends in St. Louis whom
: bji pointed to lLe importanl offices,
Mr. VKee, the senior proprietor of the
, : Dtmwini demanded the aonniiitmpnt
Consist te m
whu ice . .wvectatioo. that. McKee's
brother wouhW his deputy. But the
. President appoitfjnl Co. Ford, who was
uot known as a pokwian. General Mc
; Donald w as appointed supervisor of in
. tenial revenne, which made MeKee
. very angry and led him toUke an arrive
part in the contest in 18T0, which, re
sulted in a Democratic victory In the
State. Early the next year McKee in
lY.rruud Mr. Grosvenor, then the. editor
of the Ih-mtcrat, that he had reasons for
not opposing Grant any longer and that
arrangements' had been made which
WoiuM be highly profitable if
the)' were on good term with
the official:. If Grosvenor would
let him manage affairs, he said that they
could each make $100,000, Mr. Gros
venor refused to go into the arrange
ment aad . wa abruptly dif.iiiHs.eJ.
Prom- th at time the paper supported
Grant, and soon after the first asdics
tuent n the distillers was .made, of
which a portion was paid to MeJTce. In
1871 the dislfllers' were forced to con -tribuie-for
campaign nurroen:.
was " "obstinate he was torced mie
Cess. Such mea are ' more generously
estimated just '. because their : failings"
make tbem objects of .sympathy. - This
tendency to make what' might have beea
rather than what was . the prominent
feature in the dead man's life is " by no
means always a reprehensible one. But
in all cases to which audi charitable con
sideration ia extended,, the moral of the
conti ngeaey is overturned by the fact,.
The very temptations, -" the ' conditions
implied in the contingency, ' make -the
man what he was. Poe was, like Byron,
bound by earthly, passions from which
be vainly struggled to free himself. But
without these bonds lie would not have
been himself. If. he bad been a differ
ent man be would have been another
man. . One of our exchanges eays of
Poe, aad the remark applies just as ap
propriately to all persons of bis char
acter, that "what he might have been
as somebody else is a query thr.t must
oppose a thousand conjecture to be iU
self but a conjecture. All that the dead
can ever be to the living is the evil nod
the god that they were. If the world
would profit by such a legacy it must
forget the evil acd treasure only the
good. Those, therefore, who are con
tinually recalling the personal life of
Poe as a criticism upon his genius are
engaged in a useless work. Tlie day
will come when the good alone will en
dure, and even the evil come down the
years to show how marvelous was the
flight that was so heavily fettered."
It was said in tin article, in our last
paper, on a free library for Rutland,
that "when due Jn private" beneficence
libraries are the greatest of all monu
ments the giver can erect , to - make, his
name blessed for long generations." The
namu of John Jacob Astor is associated
now almost wholly with the library
which he founded, lie nas not i-.een
dead many years, but his name is now
known to thousands in the city of New
York by the Astor Library, who, if it
were not for the existence of this library,
would be ignorant of the fact that such
a man ever lived, in most of the large
towns in this State libraries have, ben
founded by private beneficence, la Bur
lingtOD,;. Henningto,,,;. Ili-attleboro ami
St. Johusbury libmrios have been lven,
and they are in each of tbtie towns wet
only objects of : pri!,- and gratlfleatW
to. the people,, but-centes Of . untwhl '.
alienee for good. . The people 'appreei
ate them and sliow their'. atmn-niftt trni '
Iioy ce examined :the - bond antl found
that it was as Gov. Page-, stated.';. The
Albans Mesaen'ger referring-1 .ikte,.
fikys "tlie humiliating fact' 'remains that
the.'cor.rt did ; not know ; whetber its of
ficers, placed ia charge; of twenty mil
Hons of property, were under any. obli
gation 'of personal security or not.' : It
only shows the' looseness with'wbieh
this whole bueinoss has been conducted,
and that there is a detrminatioa Qd.tbe
part of those who poeseBs the property:
to pay nothing ; for 'its ' use to prolong
sucli a state.' of ; blessed, immunity, by
eyery . laeans known to the law." A
motion will be made to haye this bond
renewed, and It was rumored that the.
court' was ready to grant the mot ion;-
Cam. Schcrz's recent lecture amoi
us ts already bearing fruit. ' The ques
tion of providing Ja' ' public library, ' a
reading' room, church sociables,, free Jee
tures and kindred entertainments, is SlsV
cussed more candidly, earnestly and
practically, by our citizens, than for 4
long time before. The moral 'sentiments
of the people are united in. favor of
temperance, and as soon sa they can see
what steps to.take In the direction iadi- .
eated.they wili;move,and when all would
do nothing to interfere, with health,' re
ligious progress, it must not le forgot
ten that people have Joielleetual and so
cial natures as well as religious ones, and
a harmonious, symmetrical development
of personal character involves the culture
'of ali that belongs to our natures " In !
f this matier of social culture-Wight there
not be. more, eirort given to social gath
ering of our several congregations, at
priv-1'e rendencea or in the Icettxre
rooms, some practical effort for a vil
lage library ; or a coiir?e of free h ct iiFcs
in the Town TI all '? At the same time
personal interest in the wants of the des
titute, as Governor JVck suggestP, would
not be. labor los-(.
Thk officer of the Wlnthrop '.Savings
Bank, near Augusta, Me., which was
robled of over 100.000 kst July have
made a settlement with the thieves and
recovered about one-half of stolen
securitii. Thia compounding 'with fel
ony is becoming altogether too frequeHt.
There i. nothing beyond tko moat selfish
pica, "tiiat o.-n b urged la Its f z'rt. '.'It
(:id have been better if the b&rik" ii;d
lc.st every' cent' of the .stnW ;roruy
rather tban joFn in a cpnspry jr tlie
?v!;e. of lvotdviag a part of it.:' .Tllsi af
fair siisuntes a ' greater puM;c conLt,-
This' cWenhiarAaricuituyaiv
find Machinery fali9Vr extnri--.
of the BuHdlnKS--SUggestlwriS ,v li-.--i"J..vt.-:' -
toVerm6nters(t6r- . f '-f Thomas aieKsory, .President . of
;.;';'...:-.. . ., the.. Delaware: 9nd-: HUdsorV
'; l drove out Iff tbs iafk ibis aftcrnooi.ahatCor :..-,''-'!
tural 'iienartment'.'- ' A 'few week's ' ago; :a 3
portion ..of.:, the parttAfly Jcua-ir.amy".
Ex.eTirj.' iloHy, Galnsba A'OroV iriad
: .'-ThrescOTi! years ago Jajailr ef eru
igf'irat.s ,wn jiaa. :tjaupB: sareweu, to- -a-
work was demolished; by. R 9&arp geVf
wind, but this accident cause4 no-appreH
eiablo .delay, an now ;tTie arches of .tM'tjg & home in . Ihe ';. Lowlands of
buildlnar that will. eoyef 'ten .'acrca are a i wiand landiil m .the wbary.es t Veur
Dati'cable' feature": rfroni ' 11'. portion's .of-fT yfr- Tbe.naeter. kad. . .a. barefoot 'boy
the ground,. . The cont
ley of Delaware, has giten lis sn: exam
ple of. hie energy in " tto '. early:, coiiiple'-i
tion of Machinery ,' Hall; ,'.vr il 1 . not..
fait to acqHi..fttai8ei-r-.. cxetirrawyw
! thia his .second' great. bmldi'ng lor ;: the-
!' Exposition.' The , pl'ans are ; bHi.ag
largwl . ' io msUe ;. room -' for" . exhibits,,
foreignerf , a well as our ' o wn. const ry-
men, seeming anxious to mate a uksp.ay
-iateni ' on-ly .'on ftaltBg ; some :'. place
iwbfe.bie. may earn bis; :iaily,;.:bTc&d : -by
.STRSiIy- toU '04w: IpiVtm search te
'p.Bfg''06t-:ef tfi'm'y;wl over thegpeat
' K-hni-pe State, -and nrakrss: his first;" hoaie
CTi:ewWo)1d'"im'Ko'rthrn' Pennpyi
feeat ia tic piacbtne sbrao-r ;:tbel)ela
w 'ire and' Iladeott Uanai. Cofnanv: and
tuts .boy yi'orks tn t heir mibe.' -- To-day
nf the resnrrtive fpture of thir jigri' v'3 Drlu- ua.iuwB wu -wy,
or the respective ie-..um.s ui tu u nriet,nt.uim nnrt fifth nnhtoat. .wrii
f'ns of man, and as the best and most-
The srouud' space . of ;' the. buiWings
erected by the. I'ti.ted States. commission
eopelusive argument lQ ' -bfciiaif of . the
sfirit and genius of : the-instHu't ions of
for exhibition -purp:Wo
the .'building,' 21.47 ; Memorial ; Hall, for
R;my wuo iroin.-penury aut-
pwr'liiUt'- watit . i-a ehildlioofl- . have
art ' gallery,: IJJ ; ' Machinery" ; flail, 11:; u.;Suifd arid a-'.oarv -:'by "their , own
Agrictilturi BuildiavlO ; Hoi'ticu'tural iiiliert'nt $trenjtb of ebaracter, climbed
Hall, 1 r.' beins a total of 4 AX stcrePw ie Mulder that ::leaa3: sgaiust the sky.
10 acre8"tov,rt.' f.ff cxhim tbfwi ;'f bowever, Itaye achieved ae
lu nvit o m v .-. .- ew-.njorc; creditable to the man thai-
was rvroyulrd at th tt-nna tiovMrn,. :.i:gt t(l(1 Kft .inh b.iv- -who. to-dv d.
not ooly by reading the Imw-rs but'-'bv I (5uotlt'0 be fact' that J.iHgi.ffctt
m'aki'ti? adiUtWs'k) thejw. "i' , 0j:-! ba3 8anctiond it. it may spembari to.
the'towtis referred to we ar ' UiKJttw&W'.?? 5. L callwiMp.m (uri
that veral bav, u:; Mt
wUls siru e w y ''X that th, ro t,$M
-TiiM--ff.otfb.1 '.'Mv;ir-i'-;. -:., rr. ?::-"j.-tuia;--W'".'
the largest ever li.-M in - the bit laiiijisJcrs-Xvitli. aaViinitb; ability , the af-
no supple-tuinitarv bMdii?3 are mc Juaeu, tQrs . ot one oi tu1? olucst amj piost
Two tempoi-ary will's- frill I added 'to rthy cat'erpt'ises in the development
the art cilery. xvh 'm feet longV :f f the Amctican industries. . If be . li a
mv ,, .. r. ; . ; -kaefact or "vv bo makes ''two spears of
Tbe.t-Wt.Hl Btate overonnr ltM;pg . . wilt fd one grew lbcfuri.
covers tour ami a i acre, i.ue w(, B)Ut Sj.mH Mikl of him who, aided by ;
man pavilion is. large- mm me scs.hut-initsdea capitalists, makes the tlm
sets will scat 4,000. persons c.icb, at oae-.'wC&B'l w&ite places tleooj and Ubjfcaoja
time. Altogether, it ' 5 estimated that .f ' r,,?e' opeuing the great iir
tt v -Tl if aver "00 crecial bnnd-n- tra'k' Imls together widely aep
there v, .n be ov r S0J - sf mai .l)ti.w at i pef-ples and unites ia lwnds of-lathe
other covering ovvr . i00 .acres ,ol .tces.t . sympathy jarring Hationnii
ground. The spaeu' in, FairmoB.nt Park t w ? '-.'ih.'splie wjti'd and frost, Dickson
set apart, for the cxhibilioa c-ornprises U"t 'broken fbroxigb'. the biirriei' of iee
430 acres, the cattle yards for the. dis- f-f .aow .i.bit heretofore for aimbfit
, - ,.,iv '. "::-'!tb;.y'ar,. baa soparateu us. , . IIence
pi3y o.-:,,' .""'"."i. -"W.: ftih big Io(:omotive3 will daily lay at
grounds for thv. mowing taacbme lrtal, yfijr fivX trsares of :black' dia-
45 acres. The. r'Intcr.natioual fixpoili; .ne-nida, la'.l'dt'ning.M't bo;rt? and warm
tioa of ISTG"' will W ft .'biglliHT'e, and fe n resides- ot your people of every
none need blush ;ff. it ; 'all :
will Ik) protul til i'., aad J.b6s
uriaa.'tlie Predicted transit-of the nlant
NaturB'Iot there is no- knowing what
; may Uarpetl;V- .The letter referred to bv
i.uc. i,rgtoger as naying ueen sent io the
iler-ald was printed in, tbe. Sunday 7pr
flW .of .'.Oct, 9,. lSC4-. aal . i8 beaded
'Uorescove of Abrabam Lincoln, Presi-
.dafj6.f the. Itaited .States. -1 1 oecapies
a nait column,, but thr. following art ita
.essential podate ,;.. ; .', ;', ;
..'Keader; our only motive ' ia 'penaing
tljo f fiflowiag. remarks upon '.6m worthy
president iato sec bow far aatrologic&l
rules wuiil io borne out ia . Ljs case in
.regard to throwing electtonk'., . .
tfWe ;telky.e.-tbat: the. finger of '.God
joints i,o Abraham. .Lincoln as. the right
fBaniH. the ngbt place, to "put down this
uiefewl .-rebeilioa j.and, -.furtber, w e be-Ik-ya
liiAt.be will. be elected on the- Stfi
pJE Jfevembsr next, from the fact that
upitc'kk JPu.Hng planet, wilb tw trios
itiiig.ov.ef .feis.-.asocnd&nt . in his own
ao-use,, ; astrogic.ajlj , speak mg. The
transit yl. the..pv-il4Un"et Siaxa pi oppo
sittea .w-Ufi fai? -asce-adaat, jxliunly shows
.tu.U.the etrutrgle will jsi U1J tbe month
of. ApriVl-SC5, -aboii t hkjii tim the
joes , of -the Union, ansa will be Com
pelled to lay down .their arms, InDe-
eeiter of 18C4, and again in January,
lft j ; Some deep, br? plot will be got
ilo against ike ptrson Ht tbe President.
shown by the transit of Alars, and that
plaaet. shows danger by pistol shot or
some: infernal-machine. During tbese
months awTt: th&n ordtiitry tuution and
wa'r.-havncss are higtuy necessary. Al
ter Ki-bruary that evil transit will have
n.osM'1 away.' Yfe could increase our
rcHiHrks in regard to tbe ierHv)nHl dan
ger, but beHevo that f orbenrane in this
CHsewoald be a virtui."
Whether the jlaneis had HBVtiiiag to
do -witb the matter or not, the oreclic-
tious f the a-tJ-ologer were fu'f'uid
wilh a good ileal of aeeurticy, the only
()i-crepucy oi niiy importance tt-iuji
tin diftfAnce af 1 1 the time of Sir.
L:a.iotnV:'jtit by. the baud of.. I be a--8a.
i'u". Bu'T'.'jlaV iotvbt the astrolouer
could j&tifcfaivtor13y' explain tbist fnwa
the '.tint UvitM'h he t'es la the tirsr
part-of .the teller; that -Ite whs uor in
pwaes-ioii i f the 4-sact.bur of the ony
or. niiilit wheu Mr. L-iiiCol.n ts borrr.
Vter,' as
"Don't crv: Sabbv" he interrunteil V
!'fdon't miod wbat ahe mvl
. . . - -
. " '.ry.to set nay tjaugbtw up 8gia me,
wut you j" sne hissed, as she brought
the peanut bar down on bis nose. -
"QbJ. ma I yelled the bride."
"You old wretcb!" biased P
he clawed after bet.
: . "None of the Whites will evr ratt"
over me," exclaimed tbe mother-ra.Urv.
as sne got noia ot h'e tbirt r.ollir rVic
hauled him round.
I'll knock jour old !"
"You can't knock nothinn!" she in-
ternipted, backiDg him against the ta
y eepa'ratofl fmrn the Harney's Peak re
gion. ' It does not exceed 50 tquarc
miles in area. TThe gold deposits are
small compared with those. on Hspl.1
creek, and are : remarkable for ,tbe ab
sence cf. quartz in tbe ryt' S'd
being delivered from "tit- Jr?s,ir.gra'ion
of fclfippar, porpbyry- erjb the 5r
fegnlaf nntHs of btia and maaganef e
ors. , ". .'-. ; . :
"Ma! Oh-bh! ma!" howlexl Sab'in-
The dozen oiber passengers in the
room, who bad been interested and
amused listeners, here interrupted, and
Peter was released from the old lady's
graBn, his collar having "bectr tora off
and hjs cheek" scratched. '
4iI expected this and prepared fr it,"
panttd the mother-iu-Uw, a she leaned
agaiut-t the wall. "This doesn't end it,
by any mems ! This bridal tower will
com - to a stop to-morrow, aid then we
will fiee whether 1 have sot any rieht to
apeak up for Sab'mtha or not !"'
As the train moved away the oil lady
wore a grim smile. Sabmtba was weep
ing, and Peter was struggling with an
other paper collar. Detroit Free l'ret
x-.ui-Ri viuurion, aiul bad to
clio. e tie! ween support of ihe ring ami
failure j:i buHiiiCBS. Things proceeded
thus until in 172 the Democrat wM sold
under a decree of the court to FWbbaek.
who succeeded McKee as proprietor.
This led to the founding of the QUle a
a Ornut paper, which is sai.i to have re
ceived from the ring in less than a year
$44,000, one-fifth of the sum extorted
from the distillers. Duriug this time
the President's confidence iu Ford and
McDonald wae undisturbed. The riii"
apparently believed that it bad absolute
power in Washington. When Co1. iV
died the ring secured the appointm"1
ot JHaguire and tbe Republican qu"m 1 I
nf lnfit. vpqr rtxrvr tlm .a,.,v..ite for i
State officers was tbe begiuniwf . the
ring's ruin. When Secret RriHtovv
heard of these frauds on U"J.jrevcnH,! Le
commissioned -Air. Colo"" cturumif!
editor of tbe Lemnmt. slecia! f,nt'er
of the revenue. W""11 8"fflcient fac!s
had been g;ttberecci!il ageuls wcr&
sent from wD8t011 to make seiz
nres. and that -'S'-"1 a was tele-
nranbed to Hrsaald, at St. Louis, that
!9 SIlpfHJ-rtv. :
v . . . v.-- .j..:.-. T .- .. i i
UQft'CF'--iriivs" oOt-.. in origin and one in. lan-
scu'ted will tivvci. Ct'Si-st?' to. Ttfgrct tbclr e'-ij;tJ"V " May the t-riendship. and- good
neffiie,iH"-" ab3 bu 'Of ,lriUit.-sii't.r.t.ei::'y ,-,f ilnir- peoplo ba. .as.; strong and
prise. .m . ; . . .. . ' ' A'ti-gi! a. :4Ue ' roii: 'fcid steel; bands
As'lBt-trt'SttajE to tbe dairy mew of. Very fcfc"4'.-B?r Uai- (ottber .'ttiwr ; tra-Jc aiid
mpnr, I -may: Btiaa .t&:ife- we- .expect sc :.c 'fniittfcx.
great lK-ttut -twiik pans - and - jriw'tu,: - Sfuyir lltii.Lm rinsliod st'ltte !
'V.v H'Hil-i.nMts auia Ww.ukVceciv.1. ; ( veP tli-cvy- bttMared : were; p-res
t.V!-..Vt. t.,
pi '".;
it W UKI f.: WlOWU to VU-'li'HV
the itltk-f attract roc:- of-ihe
i should tske our frieuos:.:t':'9'.;'.tJ
I now take l bfiij ' t,V .tii-'. ;'Murb1?-;.t'f iH-t-T-'
a to huiir'wtd.
SBterlum, . yVrc vay '1 H'at
! an -'eftWi made - by :.a ;. otmg
! Mens XxtoW .V?" -f
library, uu.ll avJ U-al W e cau, . But
... ,:i.rarv fjtr.iiot .be obtained wi'li
t a ntihiw; ' v '
! out a
large donation" of .money. We
jikii in this town who are bu:.d-
,:y.able to give
a library,
iiicn wui oo not vuy a grei pu'nic
benefit, '.but an Inmorablo monnn?ct:5
tbe uivcr for long t'':nt-rifl(iu-
After trying to work up a great u-
'will strike on Momlay
(irv, iJay lightning did strike The
jjgtM;.ics were seized by special offi
cej&rom Vasbington. Even when the
uDg was perfectly defiant, and predicted
that in a very few days every establish
ment would be released aud Secretary
Bristow removed from tbe Cabinet. But
the next morning's Dtmocrat contained
a dispatch of i;veral columns from
Washington stating tha nature ot the
evidence which bad been collected.
Then, for tbe first time, the Bing saw it
bad to light bard. Iudiclnients bad
been obtained against the distilleries and
revenue officials. When aid whicb they
profess to havefcipected from Washing
ton did not come, most of them pleaded
guilty. Joyce baa been convicted and
sent to the penittnliaiy, and others
are on trial. The prosecutions have
been pushed with uurelenting obstinacy.
r,The President would not even see Mc
Djuabl when he was last at t. Louis.
No oce now seriously believes that be
had any part in or knowledge of tbe
ring. Some one has falsely professed
to have influence with him to secure its
protection, and tbe trials now in pro
gress will now undoubtedly result in bis
conviction wbocver he may be. Presi
dent ;Graiit's direction, "let no guilty
man escape" baft Woyi 20 far
obeyed. ..... .
What he might have been.
Tbe life and character of Edgar Allan
foe bave been reviewed again oa tbe oc
casion of rearing a monument to. his
memory in tbe city of Baltimore, lie
was a man of gcD'ms, but of marked in
firmities. In the discussions of bis
character there has beeri much more
said about wbat be niigbt bave been
tbaa about wbat he was.' It Is easy to
say that he might bave been a greater
man, a greater poet or writer of fiction,
if his life bad been longer and more
wise. Postbumous criticisms of men
of genius usually take this turn, and the
fact that a niaa's life bad not beea wise
is of tea made tbe basis of yjsry generous
suppositions. This indulgence Is practi
cally extended often to - living men
whose habita Interfere with their sue-
C i.iFojisiA. is the ou!y
cJisuch property no;
eUement over Cuba aud a war wiib
Spaiu, the Domccratic papers now turn
around and ridicule Gen Gritit on ac
count of what they charged hiru with
.. . i . . I. TH r- f. J
aiu-'iupiii." iu no me i roy r says ( are J.carly f oil:!.
j that "it has been a lanieutuhje fnimbug .,-'..-.
.. .. J- . : -. .it .i , v-. . . . :
aim i:iiiure. kh tins t.Mioau outcry. l. is
now ratter comical than otherwise, as
we look back upon it. It has all b-eu
for nothing. Tbe avowed end of all
this dUqtiitt was mil enough. But the
monutaiu which was intimated lo be in
the way turns out to hi ve been a mid
dling sized mole hill." The New York
Herald pays "it is nothing but rbodo
montade." Having failed in this sensa
tion these enterprif-icg newspapers will
doubtless try something new. We do
not know anybody in these parts who
wants to have Cuba annexed to the
United States. No one certainly will go
:.':' W k -juvifctf fxl.'ttwuel J. Hiihlitj, .f
i-:!-i:syiv3i,lfl, . lms tb inside; ia the
9trpt:.4'U for the -'Speakcrsliip of 'the. ue.Vt
Ibfij;--. .: It. ..ia aSd thuC'h'w hns Jgfnl
biiiurt if, if eb-cted, .jt to rfgaai2.' the
coinitn-Uieoij 'as to'jrcvet any espressioa
f fslth oi'.opiuron upon aity sufject
now before the public,, and this is about
what the Democrats desire. They eviut
deb:rmind to pursue a mm-c'oiuinittal
jwjlicy. The Washington 7r divides
the dcx', IIohbc iv.to one ''htmdrod nnd
S'jventy-six "Siiu'u pure" Democrats,
j one bond red and two "radifjd" . Hepub
! licaii-s six ''liberal" ra-publicar)?, four
; independent" Kcpntiiicaas, and four
independent reformers. After a i-are.ful
analysis of tbe Democratic' dblt-gat ions'
from the different States and the politi
cal i'orcts bearing upon each, this same
journal cocci odes that the cUiccs of
II . itid'i'd 'ik1 Kerr f..r lb- Speitkerfhin
ke-yly.tMdv.it-'.fautf.re.'-?h ti-Jci;il 'D:ir-ti - Wil'liaiti 'IHavii,', jMei-
;t;Wi'l;4r-.l -f-"-trt"V -CitCiei'.
mucU o.f vabuetotiicm by.a Vi-ii t. I tu 3 '.tt'.' ' At"--P.. 'at! miDV of tiic
i. ... :.. 1 4..I .a... i . ...... fj sr .... v ''..
St.-ite iii which
evempt f'rofij
taxation' there
tbe heathen.
availed ''themselves of the cx-
sorts for
! vout thH it' was
all re.-U estate ua'ed
to war for that purpose The island
would add nothing to the wealth or
power of the nation. An army of 50,
000 men would be needed to preserve
order and compel obedience to law all
the time. In short, tbe game i3 not
worth tbe powder. The London Pall
Mall Gazette takes a sound view of the
situation when it says that if its con
nection with Spain could be severed in
a fair and honorable way, it would
probably be a great advantage to Spain.
Cuba now does but drain her of troops
and money, and there seems no likeli
hood that she will ever do anyttbg eLe
as long as she remains a Spanish pos
session. It is tot the jwer that hues
tbe island just now that .will be an 'ob
ject of pity 30 much. as. the power that
ffains Ui". ''.'.". ..',':'.' ;''. '.-: "'.-''.". ' '
. At the close of the I Jutland railroad
bearing at "St. Albans, Judge Thomas'
brought up the motion for an order to
compel the receivers to set asidei the
fund accruing from the. lower roads to
abide, the ' results of. .the suit. lie
claimed that the Tiutland had an equita
ble lien on this fund and that the mana-,
gera bad no right to appropriate it for
any other purpose than the payment . of
.tbe' rent. of . tbp Rutland road. . Judge;
Barrett Baid.tbat Judge. Royce informed,
him that the receivers were required to.
give a bond tor the payment of this rent
in the sum of a million dollars.' '. It was
Judge Itoyce's' jmpressiba that 'it r.was a
continuing bond upon. the directors,. aal,
Mr. Fifield said it w.m so; and .binding
now, : J adge Front 'and Gov; Page de
nied, that it was a "continuing ' bond, and'..
term . ot . the directors. : After ' tbe ;prb-
;ceeillng3 ' ended Mr; Jifleld : and Judge
tax!it;on, and'
emptiou of church property to evitde
taxation on their jv.s houses,- which are
v..ry nnmeroUA and maiuly u.i-4 ft r'-
t'piumi()kin'g,- and to pre-
found n-ce.c!iry to fax
or 'religious pur
poses. This subject has ixH-adiscusKid
a good deal in the Eastern-States, aud
the drift of opinion ifi -setting towards
the, result wlic-b a a s -j-n reached in
California, p, will not be many years
before some limit tunel l placed upon
the amount of property which religious
societies may hold without baring it
subject to taxation.
Tije Western farmers missed their op-.
portunity for cheap freight this year.
Since harvest, wheat bns, until recently,
been transported from St. Paul to New .
York for eighteen cents a bushel," which
is less than one cent for every hundred
miles. It has been selling for a good
price in New York, but less than one-'
eighth of tbe Minnesota crop had been
shipped up to the close.; of, navigation.
The railroads have now raised the rate of
transportation. " and charge; fifty-seven
cents from Rt. lul to. New ; York. : The
di ff ererice in' price of . wheat, at. St ' Paul
and New York, now is about forty .cents. .
CftiKi' jc,-;Trc;K.WAiTB has shown his
good sense and a just consideration of
the position which; . he holds by saying
in a recent conversation ' that under no
circumstances would .' be' ' permit his
name. to be used as that qt jj President
tial canuiaate. , tie saia tnat in the line
of: bis profession .be. .had' reacbed the
highest place, he cotild: evr " hope, for",
and that hi3 'ambittofr is 'f ally 'sat bfled.
- BBjiiijEB MthRAv', in the 0(llen RuT-
wbicb'as every one' k'nos, means' that
; dbrd sbbuld 'd6 sa be' would I'tke to be done
by,; tecoinmends," that '-;- "orayer fmeetirig'
, toresehouldbe killed, This would: be
aa effectual -way - of", 'suppressing them;
but, as a klixd 'lady' 'remarket It "'.would"
Said It ... Was. given .only:; for tbe'.ofaciarj be'aS..weU;tQ ivalt nntll. ;plr:.31jii:ray bad
actually testedtbe '-erpcrlaient ytifore
acting cpon h3 fidvfee, "
and j-e .-o:nt 6f oar butter. .RUi.ktr . and
they will b . amply epafeU.-V -DUT-ereia t
Sta'tetaud couBtriea will ..'-lisp-lay.' thtir
products, aa'tt here, ia a few 'Mur?, y-cnt
can see the agriculture of .-.tlie worhtj.
and know wherein on . lat-itH-'-e exert
atiotbef, aud ascertain iw.wt-U ..braafbe'j
of bnbaudry that can l ailYau5.:k.,ojiiS5'y
introducedv t.iffx'-u, etxttyoi. M-l.'Htr cjira-,-and
potatoes will bo cxJajbitd . side by
side. VerintMit'. farniers - caa. taalca a
good show of poia-Uies and staud a fSr
chaaco for t he prizes, if they sertl aa
good as I have bad sovwul- thsrivj f rmn
my friend Tberon Goodwin, of CHstk5-
ton P'ond. Your State can nwil-o a a;oad
exhibition -of . agricultural iie-plcuu-.H'ts
aud chu fed pretty cau-fidetst thit, thtr
bay forks made at Waljiuyford will
Stand second to none. lr. iTu- te-tiuj
of mowing and reaping' machines the
Centeunial commissioners Itave secured
a large tract of ground o; the N?;w ork
division of -the Penary Iva-ata rsikoHil, a
few miles out of the riiy ; they -tK-ing
detcriniwd to have a t-h.'r.,tK'h fiVli trial
on i rcjf-vi.Ur farm, -ip.tc;..l cf o: the
weil-kejt psrk gfontIa. CoRip'ti'og
ruicbiut-s vilt be. ptit, to the Miivt t:'ere
t.tr fend tbe pri'A?3 will- W .h warded
without ffjr or favor, by & jry com
osod of Ame-rit'ar.3 aad-foreinef s jilike.
For the iive Ptoek display the "old diove
yardfl of the Penahylvanfi railway liave
been secured, it having been found thst
it would be very exin-nsive to gride and
drain the grounds in the: park for the
purposes of a temporary Mock vr ! j it
is also feared that it would be offenuve
in such .near proximity to the. other
buildings. Using the railway .j-srdH al
ready well drained, animate run lio.la.ml
ed directly from the csr.i, ami hus hao
dletl cheaply and com fpj-t ably . - A jajgf's
pavilion,. -sheds, stables, sncl pens will
be erected aud a .'third oi a . :ni!- truck
for e.veroi-'in'g the. .atiimala couslrucied.
It is desired that all ' persons intending;
to exhibit stock shall make . application
without delay,, as it will facilitate ar
rangements very much. Accoinnioda
lions- for one thousand . bead . of each'
family will be provided, and they will
be Classed, and exhibited as ' follows :,
-irorse8,.'m.uos and asses,, from Sep'lBt
to Sept. l&h ; noat. cattle, from Sept:,
aO-lb to Oct", 5tb ; sbeep.atid awint from
.Get, ,10th to Oct. S-lth; beach-, show '.'of"
doga, from Get.; 10th to Ock ,25th t: powl'-"'
try,-from X.'3-"th to. Nov. 10th..
VcrraoBt.has a splendid opportuiiity
to gather premiums on her -live stock..
In horses and sheep particularly she ia '
rich, and I doubt not. . there are some
dogs around Rutland; that would stand :
a good, chance of winning if they should :
be allowed to compete., . 1 am glad to .
leara that there is a growing interest in
your State regarding the Centennial, K ;
is. to be hoped that your . energetic ratn
will push the matter to a.euecessful :cfa---clusioa..:
Since I wrote you on -October
21st, on tbe subject of State beadtpnar.
ters, and mentioned thirteen. States that
would erect buildings of their ortti, .'five
others haye come forward. aud signified
"their Intention of putting up State of,"
flees foe themselves,-.Th-ey are your ais"
ter -and next door neighbor, New Oam' p"-shjre,-
Vixgima;.We8t:Yirgiriia,vNeVada, :i
.antl-Iawa, aod; others 'Will , bertainly i
come too. It is .-.to-, be . .hoped all. our
States; -will :Ie here: fiuouroHe-huadredth
natal day, , Prkle; should : bring -thera,
t&e-almighty dollar will, for the Exposi-1
tioa.wUl be the; most . extensive sales-;
roooi :that. the world has ever seen, at
tie bicet rent. :'. Purchases will be made
by. persons that would never see. our
goods anywhere else, and goods thus ia.
troduced into remote regions will lead to
further sales, thus enlarging legitimate '
busiaess, -iaereaslng..indiyidual- profits :
and tending to . reduce, the : vbalan ef!
trade against. us. Stock-.raisers that take ;
tbe premium :6n their -"Lewis wtH-- finA :
ready: sal6 at :good ' .prlcea: iou'V-arl - they. :
gether of so many Cae catll tern '
i:! tbe- ab-n-e. :'
f4 by T.4BHy.p"icf.'av-" 1 Ion. G. A.
'1'!." 11 5k- J":V::.': PfHvq' hi . v:i
it; an
e rat Crant's Horosbopo-
lu ciHferprifclBij. re'rler of the : New
JJk icvz-irf, hav'tqg faliwd to iritefprel
( sti. Uraia'tr -.ivttrpst i roa;tt'rd. t.j the
iifi teviii by any' terrM-tr'taT 'nia:ti-if et--.
hai visited Pn-rf ".Lister, the Cbv
bited as-tfolVlst of .pivv York, for
rStly of llosioi), for he nrpie ot
olainie froia him- tlw cxlefttal tndica
tis of the- President's future course.
t,Yf !i Ivlng (it:?tior-eJ n to vhat: a
tiiloy had to say in regird to the third
HtC.tUe soe.r rwmuked a pile- - of pa
ar.4 produced' a iiKinuscript aud a
difram, which bo called Grant's b oro
s A'?, aad tliea iid gravely :
sic ; ttte ji ,wer and inllueuee of
ti r Presklent will brtLrin t wane ahorU
tlilth of March; 176.'. i predicted the
ass.-sia:!Vm -'f Abrahita Lineoln Scp
teabef ".:Mu IS74, setea months licfore
it . k place. L'nder this date I wrote
a-cjter to the Itoitoa Jli-rclJ, in which
I ?B'l : 'A dee base plot will 1 t'oriu
edigftinst the person of the Pisidei:t,
as fU.iwn by the planet laJ-s. The
phpet inlicntes death from pittoj shot."
Y't can refer to the files of tbe .Herald.
:m1j there read 'what I predicted. And
(i-j ':ti Grant. Several years ago I wrote
to bis father' and obtained the exact
, Lioir of our Chief Executive's ?irth. . 1
:'le.i.SiKd that '' lyases S. was born April
27,fe, at 6 o'clock in the morning,
1 -Aotc , the letter and deducted, niy
ewflasto'a'bi-ig before Grant was noru
aul tor the presidency the fir.Jt tiaic,
tiud five planets in the oriental part
n' the. heavens, v'ws : The Sun, Jupiter,
Si-tH'ii, Venus and Mercury. The Srtn,
H:'e;juneetioa' with. Jupiter, is the most
foitunats condition under which any
oil can be born. ' The moon was m fa
vorable position' with Venus, and Merca
fy,: the intellectual orb, formed' fc coi
-aiveet with Mais..' The .24th degrne of I
tfcfign; I aurus was; rising at lua Mrtu
iKnce Venus -became his- ruler, aided by
tb sua and'-Jupiter.: Tlie position in
wc'.jeh Venus " was at " th ' lluic olMiis
fuh, indicates that-be ia kind,' but de
(.lgiei miaed V soeiab'.'but vtrtnoaa.- Mer
ely and the moon-, both in the ' tropical
Jitgns at the time of bis nativity,; intiica.te
thit he i fond of distinction and always
ta'ies care of No. 1 j ;lhat be Is. very in-gejiions-
acute, inquisitive. The loca
tion of the planet Jupiter indicates that.,
though determined to carry out bia pur
pose,, be is kind and .even - maaaakaoas
to faoso whom be has subdue J, The lo.
cation: oi. .Satuta shows that be is a man
:of great 'caution and Quaint Qriginality
J?i me now lobk upon the positioa ; of
th(fean'tb.?'Kfe-giver. The location of
Vke stin at the time of his birth indicates
a strong eohstitution and long life.: - The
meat critieal period of his life will bo la
,'biS; 73i and 8Tth years. It is more than
:prbljable that he will attain tne age oi ..,..
Though, the' planets ehow blm liable .to
fire, fire arms and explosions, it is al
most safe, to say that ' lie vfiil die a
aatural death, "because the- sua - at ; the
time of his birth did not form an evil
aspect with Saturn or Mars. '
The transit of Saturn will sooa occur.
After It takes place the conditions under
which Grant was bora suffer a marked
change, and at the nioment the' transit
ocears the popularity, power aad influ
ence" of the maa will - begin to ateadily
''.'.It'mus't be gratifying td Geu, Grant's
fn'eads'vvbo believe Sa the- Signs and
wonders 'of the aock-at Btar.gazers, that
if Ovssea-'ls aot- to.be elected to tbe
iPreddeacy for a third term, - that "bis
cays-are to pe-loag.on ,t.a earm uuu
.tbatb wlii not be required .-.to pass la
ki Checks-until. his ,87th- year. -. Howr
cvfrr, it would be well to keep aa eye
A Productive County.
A w-iiter in the Albany Artum, srbow-
njr.ap tbe yiSt agrix-ulLural weaitli and
reonrc of St. Lawrence count v, in
New Yerk, says iw improved iands e.-
ceeu t hoe of AnzonCoIoraao-aionta-
aa,"'JSebraska, isew Mexico, Kbode la
awd, Utah or Washington. The value
.of 'its .farms. -exceeds tlw-se of all the
alj)'ve and Florida and Oregon combined.
The vala of .-farming .-. implemvnl? is
greater than those of DeJa-w.ar-e and Ore
gon. ;. the value . of - its farms exceeds
taotw oi .any o: Ue terrkortea, aad the
State of .Delaware, Florida Nevada, !Sre
braka, Oregon of RUoda Island. If
produccH, more batter tbaa . Alabama,
Arixma, Arkansas," Csliforaia, Colffa
dof : CofiiH'Ct-itMt, .Dakota,". Delaware,
MiriiptM. MmtitfiH, flirrida, Georgia,.
ida-Ua, - ' Kaas-AH. Lnntiruia Maryland,
MassacJiuaetta,' Xtyada, N? w llam-ps&lre,
New. Jersey, North--CaroUaii,' :tm'goa,
IthfHie'-JytarHl. -inwth'. IVwiiua,'. T ejta,
of 'ia: proved cro, vidne of fartnbg
iaifibriairatf, t-tal valaii of farming pro-
vUkVjiM. ..vaiaor. of - livir Kock. : nuuirx-r
if boraes, vf i:li cows and other aa-.fcrtiiiki,-
butliU of t-iriii wheat, tons of
by, pnrid rf butrcr, raa.pl.e augar and
'gtilmis of .molHose.. Dairying forms
the c-bb-f .ocriittHu-ral pursuit, and the
Ayrshire euvv meets . with much favor
Aiuoi'g : the dirymea - of tha eoun3.
Some of tha liai-.st Ayrshire herds to be
found 1-n America are in St. Lawrence
cottuty. .
The Bridal Tower.
There, were three ot them. One was
a bride, the other was a groan with red
cars and maiden whiskers, and tbe third
Wris the- bride's mother. They were at
the Grand Trunk depot j-ectcrdsy morn
ing to take the train west The young
man clasped, hi young wife's tat band,
rolled up his eye and they seemed bap
py, while the FiioUicr-iu-lMW paradel up
and down the sitting nxjm with lordly
air-and scchu d well WUihll-d. i'rttty
soot) the k room went out stud when he
returned be- threw five. ip corn bnlis
and a big bar oi peanut candy into tbe
bride's lap and handed th? old lady an
othtr. Mie turned up her nwe, raided
her sjiectack's, and thus addressed the
youag man with led ears :
See here, Peter White, you are mar
ried to SaW ntha, aict you':"
"Why, of coure."
"Aud I have a ngbt to feel aa inter
est in you ?"
"Of course."'
'And we are now-' -mi your bridal low
er, aint we ?'"
, "Yes."
"Will, now VviU have bten squander
ing money all along, Peter. You took
a hack, you bought oysters, you bought
a iack knife, and you have just thrown
money away. I feel that it is my duty
to tell yon to hold up before you make a
fool of yourself."
"VV hose money ia this?" he asked,
growing very red ia the face.
"U is yours, ami what is yours is Sa
blnlha's, and it is my duty as her moth
er to speak out when I st-e you fooling
yon r money away. " . .
"I -gapes- 1 caa take ears of - my
money 1 be retorted. :
"Perhaps you caa, Peter White, but
fhere are those iu your family who
cant-" '
r He struggled -with his feelings, as the
bride. ehwk her head -at btra, and then
asked: 1
. "Did I marry you r '
"No, sir, you didu't, you little bow
legged Apology for auiaa, but 1 have a
right to speak f.or my daughter."
-."You can speak ail you want to, but
I want you to understand that I caa
maaage my own affairs, and I don't care
for your advice,"
- '.'Peter White," she slowly responded,
waviag the peanut candy close to bis
nosey. "I see we've got to bave a fuss,
and we may as well have It now."
"Mai . Ma!" whispered the bride,
pulling at the old lady's shawl.
"You needn't ma rae, Sabintba '. Tbis
Peter -White has deceived us both about
bis temper, aud I'm going to tell him
just what 1 think of him ! . He com
menced this fuss, and we'll see ; who'll
end It." . :', -,.:;. -
"You miad . your business and I'll
mind mine ! " growled Peter.
."Oh ! . you hnmped backed hypo
crite!" she. hissed, jabbing at hia eye
with the peanut bar. "Only a month
ago yt) called me 'Mother Hull,' and
was going to give me the best room, in
the new house '
- "Vo'i'll never'll. have a xooui -. ju a
bouse of mine 1' he exclaiaied, : . ".
-. "Aad I don't want one you rtd eared
hypocnte 1" .
. ."Doa't PeterdouVaia i." Sobbed the
;:VIt's my. duty,. Babiatbaj H'i yonr
mother's -'"
The Fashions In Furs
Seal reinaiui the fashiouabie fur for
sacques, ami is also much used for inex
pensive sets, consisting of muff and
boa Seal sacques differ from those of
last se-i.-on in b.ing more shaped 'o the
figure and in haying from two to four
inches additional length. A stylish
sicq ie is from twenty-eight to thirty
One inches in It-iijtb. The neck is tiu-bl-el
wi'l; a lirl'i reveite collar. The
f leevi S are quite largn., and sonif JiV.'ie!s
are ice enough lo aiiow a cufrof'fur
beneath. Plain s.-ai sacques are still
worn, but rh se tririuued with ot'-r are :
mo" f'-ishiouabie; hei.c- ladies hbave
.inrf r.liiin ir-riiiis !(!! over from ore
vi t.eao(ii are having Ihem lenythen- i
ed t y adding a ihr e o.cij band ( i some
ittlie.r fur n i triutiniug.
A scal.-kin boa tbt i- lo be worn wiib
a hsh! sacqne, should' be only a yard and
;i fpilf long ; but if il is to be worn as a
sr ir shoviid he two yardi long. Seal
tm;t'jH ore of lutdiurn i-ie like tbo?e of
l.t wmur. and are trimmed with rib
b on 5kvs that are embroidered; others
have fa 'Jets, iru wme are perfectly
Anvo;i' Uie :not. fashionable wraps
are tho-e lined wi'U Inr while the out-si-'e
is very, heavy reppef black silk or
else Siiiiiene. The shape mostly wtrn
U Ihf plain circular, from forty six to
fifty-four inches deep, and forming a
per feet semJ-cirdi. Tay are male of
silk of txtr wWth ataoufacture-l for
the purpose.
Notwithstanding all changes of fash
ion, the crown Russia able remaias tbe
choicest fur ; it is as b2h priced as ever
and 'becomes dimcult to obtain
Pwh'pj; ttitf UK5t dn-s?y of alt the
fatiey i'rs int rcvluced lately is the silver
fox i -Ugh I blue g.ray fur, interspTsed
wlflY th.,i& "silver Jiint" or Whbe ttp
thai are tow taouiur to fciw so mm-ii t
the beauty of any tar.
Another fashionable groy fur for sets
and r!" Tor friranucs the African
It is difficult to determine tbe agricul
tural resources or clima-e of the Black
Hills, by the observation of a single pea
son, especially as Icoald gaia bet little
information respecting the verity of
the winter or tbe prevalence of early
and late frosta. The Black Hills ri-e
like aa island out of aa ocean of gnss
covered aud treeless pjins, watered by
occasional and caaty siippiies of rain.
Tbe winds in pas.-ing ovtr these plains
gatVer some nuieture which thf-y part
with as rain, on King chilli d by rontact.
with tb4 colder and more elevated n-.
eion of the central portion ot the 1.UN.
Tbe result of this i the prevalence t
fn-qunit thonrh not heavy riinfailf,
givi' g to the hi'ls a peculiar climate.
There 1-rw.arctly a day from May to
August, without ne or two sjowtis;
yet, owius to tbe dryness of Jbe atmos
phere, the climate was f.u;;I to be very
beabfty. During tbe pat sesson after
Anrus! l, very little raia wa exrteri-
enctrd, and some of the smaller streams
coiHined water iu poo's Tnat this
raiiifd!, in a region where the average
fall docs nt exce d ten inches fcr the
whole year, was Lot the exbih'il :n of a
peculiarly wet season, I can only judge
try observation on the grotto . f the
plan's and trees The abundance i
tre -s and the coarseness of their grain,
as w-ll as the growth of plant fr dry
hilbidf s, i-x posed to both sun and wind,
tend to show that the season which 1
ittiCKwd was by ni means a very aaora
ayus oi.?. tb' iigli tt;e amount of raia
may have been onu what jrreater thsa
The area of land suitable for cultlva-
l tion is, from tbe mountainous character
! of the region, litui'ed, as compared to
the vat area embraced in the bids, but
the soil along the streams and In most of
th valleys is deep and fertile, and will
be euflicieut for the requirements of tbe
population which the hills will support
&3 a sun k raising community. I should
judge from the observations which J
hive bad tbe opportunity to make thr.t
at least one-twentieth of the 3,000
square miles embraced i a the Black
Hills may be fairly described as arable
lauds, and that among these lands lying
near tbe streams and continuous
through the hiily country, are large
tracts of land forming tb slopes of the
hillsides which, while not arable, will
afford fine grazing, thus largely enhanc
ing the value of land3 to which they
are contiguous.
Among tbe rocky areaa of the Har
ney's Peak range and in the northern
portion of tbe hills, there are regions
where the grasses are comparatively
wanting, but generally throughout the
whole area of the bills, a laxuriant
growth of the tvueat glasses - is ' to be
touBdeven covering th1! ground-under
t"n" In r-t ivi,-in l p rl.
CUV HAtS DtlWClO XITT "r-t rmm-.
Tli ef-i - of richer l.Vd fur that were m
hjUv i.-rir.-.! U-T mmiiii are very difH- j
cult to pr.icta- now.
Sets of h- ti'ack mar' in fur, some
time?, rail"! Alaska sable, remain the
prevailing choice ia low priced furs.
The demand tor mink" furs becomes
more limited tvery season, yetthe dark
grades arc still wora by those who do
not cure fur changes of fashion, and
consider ii. stead durability and comfort.
Ermine, which whs considered the
most dressy fur, looks jxute, now that
fox and chinchilla furs are used.
Astrakhan, Russian lamb skin, krim
uier and other black furs, though no
longer r.ove!tses,are still liked for their
sort, rtca tur, ana may now oe oruaiue.i
at verv reasonable prices.
l-'ut triuiii-fngs are the most fusaioua
ble rnbure for sicques, cloaks and
heavy wraps of jail cloths, silks and vel
vet. Tic. re is an endte-a variety of
trimming furs, gome of which we have
already quoted, but the i-'.price of the
season" is-for dark furs that have white
tipped iltairs mid sopopularare; thew
that turners have resorted to sewing
gray or white hairs iu
the darK furs
when nature has not supplied tnem. Of
the. Utter is a fancy fur called silver ot
ter, which is a black fur with silver hairs
sewe.j or even pantoo m. j
The n w seal bats are no longer tur- '
bans but are shaped precisely like the
English walking hats now worn in felt
or sirw, except Hint the crown is round,
ia Derby thap'. A long ostrich feath
er of seal brown color, begins in the
froDt, passes over the crown and drops
behind. Wirivr 1!-Kvtr.
Resources of the Stack H lis.
Prof. Jenney has read Lis report on
the Black Hills. Of it we se!l the
most interesting paragraphs:
That portion of tbe Black lilila which
may be designated as Harney's Peak
gold fields, is almost wholly in Dakota,
and extends about fifty miles north and
south, with au average breadth of near
ly twenty miles, -covering an area of not
less than tight hundred tqmre miles.
The valuable go'd deposits however,
are found in the valleys of the streams
which drain that area, the gold being
derived from the disintegration of the
quartz ledges which are very numerous
iu tbe rocks of that region. The niost
extensive and valnable deposits of an
riferous gravel discovered the past sea
son were in the valleys of Spring and
Rapid creeks aad their tributaries, where
in almost every case, tbe gravel bars are
very advantageously situated for work
ing, and many natural circumstances
contribute to the profitable extracting
of the gold which they contain. Tim
bar of suitable size and quantity for the
constructioa of flumes and sluices is
abuadaat. Tbe water supply is ia most
localities ample, and the tall of tbe
streams sufficiently great to enable the
water to be readily carried above tbe
level even of the more elevated bars and
deposits of graveL
While a3 yet there have been discov
ered iu tbe Black Hills no depooits of
. gravel euftlcieBtly rica in gold to be prof
itably worked in the primitive manner
with pan or rocker, yet there are many
bars in the Harney's Peak field, especi
ally apou Spring creek, tbe folks of
CaBtle and Rapid creeks and tbe val
leys of those mountaia atreaais, which,
when skillfully worked ; by gangs of
miners with shdcvs.will yield a good rt
tura for the labor Majiojftd , and Ihe
moderate caoital required to be in
vested; ' But little could be done in a
single seasoa ia prospecting the aamer
ous segregated quartz veins of thhv.regioa
some of whicb aadoubtedly contain
gold. I have procured abuadant sam
ples for testing their value by assay.
The Bear Lodge gold field, situated ia
tbe extreme northwestera portioa of the
hills, i3 wholly ia Wyoming aad eatire-
The abundance and fine quality cf the
grasses and the shelter afforded to stock
rv the densely timbered slopes and deep
! valleys, will make it a region well adap-
:ed to stock raising purposes.
The timber of the bills ia a v;uittK-i"
pine known as yellow or kea-'fypiDe.
The grain of the wood is sirjMht, rather
: coarse, splitting readily; and where the
trees bave escaped tfee action of fires and
violent gales, good straight legs, free
from knots, and from 50 to CO feet in
length, and from 12 to 24 inches in c'i
arneter, can be obtained in " abundance.
Sprue of good quality is to be found
among the canons in the interior, and
white birch, oak and elm of medium
size, among the kills oa the eastern
slope. The w ater throughout tbe bills
is excellent in quality, mof tly derived
from the spriDirs among the lime-ston1,
granite, or schistose rock. Only in lo
calities among the foot bills is it coa
taminnted by alkali.
There was no evidence found that tbe
Indians ever lived in the biila, or ever
visited them, except in the spring to cut
lodge poles, or occasionally to stop and
bu; t deer ia th foot hi!l?, Lile passing
from tbe ugmcks to the Cpper Mbs-ii.
ri. The only reason advanced for tbo
Cuse of their nol living iu the hills ia
the prevalence of severe thunder
6tornis and the frequency of trees beisg
struck by lightning.
"All Sorts."
Disease, mental or phy sical, Li so .Oil
ly, that the community caa wtll afford
to adopt preventive measures against it.
Let us then bave competent teachers of
sanitary science in our colleges aad
schools, and tbe outlay for their ecrvicc?
and for the apparatus which they need,
will be more than reimbursed by the in
creased health of our people which is
such aa important factor ia their miter
ial as well as in their moral and Irttl .
Ifcctcal prosperity. BwVsn, Ghle.
Let it be once understood that there is
no hope of pardon ia life scntencts, and
the deterrent effect would be far greater
tbaa that of the gallows, w hoie terror
caa be routed by au hour f bravado, or
a considerate ration of whisky from
pympathizing officials ProrvUnc Pros.
About the most ludicrous accident for
a serious one, oa record, is'probaL'y that
which occurred to Mr. Knight, of South
Natick, Mass., who care;t!y put a
charge of rutro-glycerioe into his pock
et and sat down on it. Ue was blown
up and considerably burtjMid is not like
ly to try that experiment fcain.
A more general mnaik is pertinent
here; labor and real estate, food and
clothing, are all practically down to
ante-war and specie paying prices
What i3 more ia order, then, than that
the rest should follow eulr, aa3 the cur
rency itself be brought down tv'a f&f
with the labor and the law of the coun
try ? Nobcdy is gaining any thing from
the inflated currency now but the middle-men,
tbe dealers in luxury, the stock
gamblers and the money lenders. - Let
equality prevail, let as all go on to tbe
peace looting. Springfield Republican.
Mark M. Pomeroy, better kcowa as
"Brick," tbe editor cf the Democrat,
went iato bankruptcy oa Thursday. :
His creditors are aumerou3 and are scat
tered throughout the country. AmoDsr
tbe larger creditors are the following:
Jara Joae s 33,343 ; Perkins & Oood
wis, IS,000 : Charles Svkes, 13,200 ;
Mre. Asxa A. Reed, IMOtX) : Charter
Oak Life Insarance Company of Hart
ford, $1,000. The debts aggregate over
$140,000, and there are no assets except
bis weariag apparel, which is exempt
aader the law. Among the claims is
oae for 30,000 for diamonds which' te
purchased. A meeting of the creditors
will be held sooa to take action- ia the

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