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Rutland weekly herald. [volume] (Rutland, Vt.) 1859-1877, November 25, 1875, Image 4

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I i i
The Fisherman's Funeral.
Upon the breezy headland the Artier.
man's grave mey,llu' , ,p(ir bells.
Where, oVer the daisies and c owr , ueiis,
tbs Mrohm onncnw -v ln the
Above us me -
l?r88ecUfff the billow, were
r.hantinsr their ceaseless tnne , .
For the creamy line was curving
tiSVSw tide, were flowing
that no, wouia nue uu
The dir, tho 'wave the nOwter of
. D?ru'?"? "lu i hiflw from the moor-
But never a thought of the new
Hay tossl ng on su nny p "j Q -Or
of lilies deep in tue fluajuou,
rovw a-emmin? the lanes,
Woke in tue hearts of the stern, bronzed
men who Rathered around the grave,
Whlro tay -tTie mate who had fought with
them the battla of wind and wave.
How boldly he steere 1 the cable across the
When'the Iky Van black to the eastward.
and the bieaker white on the Scar ;
nSwhH keen eye caught the squall ahead,
how hi strong bund furled the sail,
Viwe drove o"rtlieantfiy waters before
nhdit and never a parson spoke ,
,iood wo 'is like tho he said to us.Vhen
at last the morning broke!
so thought the dead ma comradw, as
-,v-v,v,'--!...v...-.v.r. . . .
feUBSPAYy-v NOVEMBER 25. ,1875.
Tim.l TT W w a . m m m - " . ... . . . - ... -
' ' --rir , aid Countess
His apprehensions, were, however,
destined to be promptly relieved, since.
as he drove past the low boundery fence
or me uoum s gardens ne heard his
name called, and saw Anniette Galitzin
herself come running toward him from
amid the darkling clumps of shrubs.
Her dark hair was hanging . loosely over
her shoulders, and her little, feet in their
dainty Paris shoes, sank at every step in
the deep enow, making it evident tltat
in her alarm she had dartod from the
burning manor bouse, . having merely
the time to snatch the short hooded
cloak, lined and trimmed with costly
fur, which she wore.
The scared horses needed no' urging to
strain every sinew in the race as, snort
ing and gasping for breath, they dashed
into the wide, straggling main , street of
Vasilkof. -t , - ,
In the spacious market Dlace or nnh!b
square of the town a crowd had collect-
ed, in the midst ot
which the liffht e,t fc XPI7.T? TTAfi -IfYv
number of torches : fell on . ritora&UV MILXXX::-
as a "suitor
Lad induced-thrs; hand ; melted; -.like
Galitzin ebViea their., hearts .'were
for t hpijr-'da'geaePoras; aalf -eaci ifice. of
aaow, rn'-"youDg Mmau, - whGse-' praises
touVejy i;p( . ......it .iyS.y,
"TV r
,0 inu ";--, Hl,oci
W if. ih. ,m!kyer Wi8pruyed,tUe ble-sl-g
aid a I t he dull earth struck the wood ,
vnd ihe widow's sol) aud the orphan
wall jarred through the Joyous air;
How could the light wind o'er the sea
hl7w 011 ho Iresh and lair
11 w could the gay waves laugh nad
1 !f l indward oper the sand una htone,
w'e'l e wh. K"sw ad loved ,ha all
l"y yapped ln clay alonsf ; ,
Rat for long, when to the bttlirjf hijihts
thisnow tipped billows roil. i
tr, ?n t he co 1, aid 81, and dogfish
dart around the herrnig ; ,
When gear is sorted, and sails are set, nd
Af,a W ffie'h'rvest ti.e stat-
Hud.yXht 2S"d hearty word, they will
vvll'cgatthe heat
Fto.il CAfirn Monthly Magazijve...-,
Hard Pressed. ; , . .
"Stop, ic)D-t)din, stop '. la the name
r .u,. v.iL''il P.inaa-ia. rein ud and hear
.-Lf thf V.i'cirf
.... , ' . . .
me ! Vou will be giaa to nave neart.
enc, ftiislibu lord:" .
The crisp shining snow crackled bo
zicaili tlie hurrying feet of the speaker,
as, panting a'od breathless he came
burstiag through the brushwood, ; and
emerged from the pina copse into the
road, not a pistol shot from the two pil
lars of rod granite brought from the
Ural, that decorated the extremity of
the avenue leading to the country house
hard by. With some difficulty the driy
r of the sledge a tall, manly young
iellow.whose fir hair and ruddy cheeks
contrasted forcibly with the swarthy sal
lowness and black elf locks of the Rus
sian moujik who Jad thus suddenly ac-
rosted him broutht tue tierv horses to
a check.
'Why, Isaac, my good friend,' .he
said smiliuirly. "what news have you
for me that brooks no delay in the tell
ing? , II nfi somu tear killed a man,. and
does nobrklv dare to traversathe forest
road until 1 eettlet-cores with Brain, with
the aid of a brace of leaden pills from
the bi ntle ? Or have you been so uu-
fortuuate as to be sgain at 3 misunder
standing Willi the gtM9 d'armes? If. so,
"Excellency, itterrupted the man,
with a vehement eumestness which made
itself felt, "I r3i hf.re to day to pay a
debt. We Rii3(uaii3 have a memory te
nacious of kinduetS, and the poor vaga
bond, Isaac I'aulovitch, has not forgot
ten that but for your intercession he
would have tasted, tjefof-3 tii. of the
black bread and tile knotted ' tfcong in
Jitomir gaol. I've run to day uinetet a
versts tbrouch the t now to warn you
that the foreijrivr and the gtntltman
who trawls thi Vasilko road this night
carries Lis life in his hand. I knew ''h1
to be vu a visit to the liarou's youdt r.
lie's in l dtiit;'r, but wx; to every cas
run thf! Dni.THT fi-rrv l I'dithsIhw
TV.sttv'raj for thej' vU be, u nd :
"" at:tt m c rlsiufc. then, atuoifg.-.ito
CU'' hilii'd the ytmng En Hwt .in,
', ' id w," Rnwtred the young
-'V rtftaftA a nod 'The people
of twenty Villages have sworn the )ir-ai.
oath n the.G' s;'ls to rout out all these
Bobieskt r, J-.ii'elior,s.atd the rest 'ot the
nnbaptised i'tilish Counts and rriuces
that wring the withers of the por."
'Do y(ju mean'-Count Nicholas Galit
zin of Czerugorod ?" asked the young
man throwing ialeas ta. spoke.
"That I do," replied th moujik. "A
heavy account hv'H have to' settle, tbe
proud " . , ' r
But before the senteucc was cmidud
ed the yong Englishman had slackened
the reins ot his impatient steedt. which
darted off at once, like arrows from the
brow, and, to the ineffable surprise of
the garrAlous Isaac, thewhole equipage
rapidly disappeared along the road
leading to the very district to which his
warning had reference.
In the l.ourso of a three -years' resi
dence iu Southern Russia. EJgar Mars
stou, who was manager of the Land
bank at VesilkoiT a post of trmt t
which he had been appointed through
the ititlueneeof relatives of his, we-ilthy
members of the British Guild of mer
chants at tft. I'ett i sbuig had gained , a
thorough t into the condition of
the province it) which ho lived, and
knew tbe bitter hate which the Roth
nian peasants entertained toward tbe
land owners, most of which were I'o isti
t-oblcs who had won their estaUs when
Poland waa a wide spreadiog kingdom.
tie knew, too, mat Count UHliiziu whs
personally obnoxiou- to h:s la'e vaasaia
for a hundred arbitrary aclt aud petty
exactions, and he trembled lest he shrnild
not reach the lonely manor house in time
to give warnirg to is inmates of the
approaching evi1.
"And Anniette is there:" raid the
young man half unconsciously, as he
encouraged the mettled horses to do
their best. Yes, that was the secret of
Kdward Marston's eagerness to give
timely notice of the coming storm to
those beneath the roof of the Galitzin
castle. He had fallen deeply in love
with the Count's young and pretty
daughter tbe Countess Anniette. as she
was called in compliance with that
courtly Kussiau rule which bt stows ti
tles on all the memlers of an aristocrat
ic family and he knew that, his love
was reciprocated. lie had, indeed.been
formerly on terms of intimacy with
Count Galitzio's household, although, on
proposing himself as a suitor fur Ann!
ette's hand, he had been met vviili a i!e
cldod refusal.
Count Galitz'ui, whose large but ill cul
tivated rsta'e Jay n the' banks of the
Borystheues, but a few miles from Vas
llkoff, and who owed money to the fi
oancial corporafoi of which Marstpn
was tbe representative; had other views
for his daughter thau to bestow her on a
young foreigner who w a3 neither rich
nor titled.fand the visits of Edgar, form
erly a welcome guest at Czerngor.d,had
for some time wholly ceased. He was,
hswever, aware that Anniette, with her
parents, had for several weeks past been
residing at the chateau, and his first im
pulse was to hurry thither to preserve
her whom lie loved from tbe blind ven
geance of the half barbarous serfs, now
on the eve of revolting.
Tho short winter's day ws nearly
spent, and when Edgar reached tbe out
skirts of the village of Czerugorod, the
sua had sunk beneath the black screen
of sullen pine trees that marked the
boundary of the foreBt ; while , through
those trees glared an ommou3 ruddy
light, and shouts, 6hots and a roar as of
an excited crowd came confusedly to
the ear.
"Heaven help them ! The castle must
already be on fire ! " exclaimed the young
man, as he eaw a tall column of smoke
streaked by fiery showers of sparks and
burning flakes, rise high in the air.
"Wbat, by thif, may b the fate of
bos p within " '
"Mr. Marston Edgar!" shs exclaim
ed, with' terrific earnestness. "Oh, pray,
save me : 1 ai;e me with you before
thev eeek me out to kill me. I feel half
dead already, at the very sound of their
davasre shouts and trampling feet. Papa,
thank heaven, is safe at Vasilkof, wjiere
he and my dear mother went but Vf s-
terday, leaving me here alone . witJj the
German govepees ; and wherT the peas, J
tnouent 01 mnincs nui ner own enfc'.
and fled into the woods, and
' liv this tlow Marei'oa' had 'anr",Ji. '
the groa-id," .fastened .the mini t'fl'
jeotins bough Uiid. "by a -'vliftW o the
rapidly awar',lUU? P.,lla"ed Cft6lle- ,
The rS nicb-Lad 'lQrtQ traversed
aeultivj"-'d district,, at fbia point pluHg
ed Int' dreary, trtfet of iorest .land, ao
t ihe black pine trees soon.barred Out
the light of tbe dying daj and llittle
could be- aeeu except the white saov
'.-v l' - .1- j 1 . . ii . : . . . .
inai gteameu- t f ohj oei '.yee-a 1 ueir jjujee.
A chilly breeze- ?Rrauar. .Hp, ana the
evening grevv p'erc.epti'cJy colder, but the
sledge was well provided witn wrap?,
and Edgar was careful to draw a heavy
furred pelisse around the trembling form
of the young Countess, while, iu fond
and eootatng wortrs, he strove t .ca-ira
her . agitated . nerves. : she was sate.
.Within as bOiti ur two he should be able
to place Jier, on their arrival at. Yasi'l
kol, under the care of her parents, and
that, too.- before the alarm or tne revotx
of the serfs should have spread itself.
The-horses wcut well the distance was
tritU'n ,And . . .
What lutetrwr-ted Jdgar-j speech was
a'fierc, soarlmg ery, aompanied by
the quick pattering of feel auiODg the
snow and withered leaves and then a
Ion drawn. wbining howl that seemed
to issue foai fitly throats, wmie uarw
objects beg&ii to glance, phantpm-like,
between the trees.. ..
"Wolves! wolves 1" cried Acuk-ite,
with a shriek of terror, but already the
affrighted horses bad set oil at a mad
gallop, ewervirjg from side to side of the
road Ln a isafiBer that threatened to up
set the sledgvj. Aaln there burst forth
that horrid cry ; and Marston exerted
bis skill aid strength in maiufainiB a
mastery over the snorting horses. .Anni
ette, looking fearfully back, announced
the unwelcome, tidings that thy, were
"Y'ou must be co., iettt-st one, now,
fur both our Sake9 for rnme,v sa"d the
young Englishmao, as be cast a giaoce
at lim dark specas aouiDg .iue -smiyv,
"You can riye well, I know . Only
keep' the hoises in no and all will
yet be well."
As the young Countess took the
reins, Edgar took his trusty FitJw, and
levelled it wit luAvlibt'f ate aim- at the
foremost wolf, now bounding fr before
the rest. Tbe hue brute rolled over ou
the crim'n srow, with a cry of rage
and pain that was answered back by the
hurrying pact v ad ihen succeeded a
hideous medt-y of;,'. confused sininds,
followed by a period of silence. ...
' f'Have thy given . up the. pursuit ?"
asked Aaniette. . with white Hps' as
H arston reload1. )4 ,
"No ' m V answered Uo yq:j.uj; "'"'
k.t.'o-t-iV'.i l,r' ' VThe etcatuws fiave
t:t)f paused, as U 'Iw'ir eufit.oiu,
trj-.,, lt,ii. a.nlili-li i'OluOUlOll..
hilt an ic.stMl's breathing usr, which
: tie fired icriVtH.i rels as bspotee into
Then ewsvuwl.n .utribb- tion U-it of ijiei
trflweeh t he . gk'iVawt' bt;iijc,. wlkt -
bavoneta of steel nH'i)iaMi . iv
mounting of military accoutretpe't'r
column of the flat-capped' prel
infantry of the HunUn) liat- e?cwt
pared to march, whtlo ?am
encompassed two' or w Hac Q eCb
mounted on s'd worses had been
of which three optjt0118 iQ autbotity,
harnesseu. SutitJr,iary uciforms de-
as their -r.fofr'.Rftor-to ana Iro.. some
noted, weEfl- thers on foot, "while the
mounted'''' and! the trumpets" of - the ,1
drums - rent ' their -f'hTiJi : somfaons:
CossscVhe ftrtets as though to call the
threaa xvuo yet kogered to the muster.
:wflalt, there T halt,, I say V caned" bnt.
sentinel- roughly, es' the:.sledae that
bore ' Anniette swept like a whirlwind-
across - the market . place, , Scattering to
right and left 'in;, dismay all who barred
its frantic cottrae. 'And then followed a
Babel of loud outcries of rurprise
alarm and pity, -for-th picture tba;t was
then presented to the gazers.-1n-tne rud
dy glare of the torchlight, was not one-
ready to be torgotten. In tiis ski.j.
still mechanically holding the reinv aat
the 'error stricken girl, her face white
and rigid,- hw dark hair streaming lasev ;
for the . furred : hood of Jjer mantle bail
fallen' back; and her- beautiful head was
uncovered.. ' " ' ;
' Among those 1 who 1 ad b?e'a present
when the -sledge crossed "the-square bad
been the old Count and Countess Galit
in. They had recognized their daugh
ter's pallid face as she harried past, and
wifhin a few niomeats the hfiJirfaintiiig
"girl was in the arms of her parents, and
surrounded by friends and well-wishers,
who-seemed disposed to welcome her as.
one r'tsen from t he dead.
... "We were about. to aet out for Cfcsr
gorod," the Count explained when Aa
nfette .fippeared to . be .sensible to her-mbthei-'
czx&pef and endearing word's,
"with the escort with wuih the kind
ness -of Iti- Excellency the Governor
had provided, hoping -but hardly daring
to hope, tuy lamb that you would hav
been spared in the first outbreak of the
fury of those serfs, of which the news
reached us. but an hour ago. Troops are
about 'to ;ar?n for the scene of the ro-
; volt, but, fcinee yow a:,;, safe though
through what marvellous piece r,f good
fortune 1 cannot conjecture"
"It was through no such good for.
ti,ne," interrupted- Anniette, pitecmsly ;
"it waa hi lii'e his gallant, noble life,
dearer to me than !ry that he
gave to save me wretched me J Vef 1
am safe, but at what a price :"
And here a -darkness came before her
eyes, and her voice failed as she sank
fainting into the arms of her mother ;
but soon, as if nerved by the rwcollec
tions of her lover's danger, she roused
hersflf to tell, in broken accents, what
had occurred, to indicate the place where
she 'eft Lira, atd to implore tint rescue
tuSxht he sent thither without tlelny. f
hike wld6i iC h?1T3 Sew through
This is &-eona't:aHt8neeze,sneez8,neez
until yonr ncae and eVes diMeharsn crces-
aiye .q u-taUcies of mueiSj thia,-aerad,. and
pipiouikius. uni-ir,. iuuilg. ' rir .otvstiiesS' or
pleasure,. you Buoihei; yoursolf among the.
mob afflicted of mortals, deaUaea (,o suiter-
period letiUy, the greatest' tftstress
without .relief - ot eonsehi-tloist,- livery
draueht. everv' tn-pai,lt of. min.
ertemy in disaise. Th;? ipi6pejibr-eitUei
Ae'ute. Oatarrli. ad: comttfonly, tvl(i ru
th Itaad. Its eastaHt reeorrenteJ ia das
.to eonstiiTritlonaUy weak or diaeeW oa
sal organs and e.nteebled aeti.011 of the bw-
ppiwit-ory ffta-na?.-'. .In the perroarielt 0)r
(K thif dist cestvih" malatl y 54A.N fo rd4 B4i
;c.vi uis Fw CA'CAKaii is auevp-L'.trui-
epeei ..;. Jtuqiatit reHsr-.tpllpw3. ti1k. first
Wv-ttpesB.- t Rt'moBlrpte".c''ci'a.naf3 fc-ld-oh
pveillpise.peorfJc, t;o tiV& diea-fi, iud-i-.
w to prevent An auuek- ..'.Vhe-S'. br
-8pntffis,--01jstrfieVd'Di-RthhK; pal1"
ia JlpfiUi;e)f-0!iH or totU 'nOtsil3va tOP-.
pd up, "tiife4 p" ffeIiA ia the .ea,
'eonst tit blow'i.n of. the nose, disc mges
ft-om-rU' boss of a wtit-evy or thick illy-
S .grewnlsh- mueij?, .ffeqiintly sttuiloeil
wttk blood. . So.iHsifci-)es -jiiatwr be
epwios nej;nsfcul in tho nwtnl .pfeiise
and is 'remw-ed vrily by:-.pn'lonigjLJroi-t.-.
In tho morfhtg Oa -rtsmg- th- sylijaias
ure lha worst. "m'e.t biowlu, toiTitng.
nd siiUinsrtrit;i the' crusts hi-o rttaryei,
at teait psri-iuiiy, and the ih.!fat iBre.vi
fivta th m ittiir tlmt h-tS aceain ilit-d
during t!i jiight.. . finally lha Kiidno
secretions at'unclf th throat, DreJoQial
tubes lnu.43, te'ritjinaU'it!; in pujulsiatj'
oonsnmptl'Mi, aceofiiiaiued ly "a- iitof-
tensive mvA a ana impa-iiea owmji iuj
'--i'tave ai e'i&&nt tfCe&k Ju'si-rerifrtv'v'-"'
' '.! tt fi S R.; O O ) fS y ' ; :
'y$$$vfriMii&;:. ;.".'-'.. ,' I ".--''
; . ; . .. tijctf -BK r i.i j.ANTIN JiSv .
v';-';.v: '-' ,;. '-"v. r;.'.' v3UMekj,s; -.t.
in-d'.'H. tHt't'6 -'variety: stylte at 30er vtiith'
- :;..-.r.-haj-gaiusi.. , .- .
cjtoraiMi titeiiatiiiNCr 1
.Ad we kkve"80tne odd atvies and sizes,
which we will elo.se out-4-'ll,. come and
for yourself.. ;; ." 1 ...
. tatlies aid Cieiiti' Cntierw car,
.; : . . " ;boyTs Ai) ViroE, .
. .';.-.. -,'..- '..' .'-.-.,
Unbberk and Arctic, MVouorU
: : -;., Bubher U19.
;- '.' CARPETS, v '. ' ' V : -
"'v. : OIL CLOTHS, ' 1 . -.-
' ' '' - : - wall paper ;
;; ; ;. ' ; .Picture framed
3ew-joo4 eotie-ta'n-tly arrtyina; (.n-fhe
Millinory - Room.
T&UT in all the best shnpe?.
: ;' f BATHERS, FL'JWERS, 4e.
Old mnteriiil woi-tecl over into a ''bcw
tfty -...
NW PUIiXXSt just -ltieeavflfl.
v . ' j ' . ......
' '' "A. : HILL- & SON,
- Willing ford, Vt.
i'tda U t de-i rnet tre'ai.d t'sri;tute
ox the dtteast. lha whole is. vial ps
4rM.-intt'ir.t? -the e' e- ar.ti ear-'W the tc4
throHt, Uti-Hi.ebtil.tn;-i.'.;i atwi iw ns kmltHt,
one after another, atject'-'u. inii tme
cvriited., and- sucphb.Ij. 1 up'niJy "tn
frikhiful ineiiHt up. A cou!l-!tr acid
CiRtedaiid setatlibr'v 1V this
wtik-h. i'!rwetinsr thti biod, wen
and de-twya Its luovatinsf p fwer,
al'o-w,? the Mystemnooupor unity Xo t
iU' ttit mainly until tins poison fs
1 1 allfciid an 1 txpeheit. It i"j beret ha
fti'.B.t.i.Mml 1 mnt becomes of tne
Vital eoi'fouuen(.e, tmj-jiise vaiU-if
rested at tins nana the dlseuu. will u
rapid pi -i-t io n- els pn.iniom.iy
sumption. ,'.Sc'e ii.irren' hold
siciau. - - -
I; at
P-isroBHH ri AiiC i. Ci're rot: Cat a
W a sate cevtaid ami r.wnmtitiit crure
i;ut!iri h ff vv'vy toriii.mid is f-he '
peifect. icini'Jy nvr di:vi-ed. H Is pi
a.v'trctjl) eili-ti bit ion. au-l i- itpplie
cally bv intiU'Uin and roust.tt.iit.io!
by intt-Fuai t.iinntt,ain. -oCil3'
plved 'reti'-f U 'imUtnfineeui. 11 -uoot
iui iisatt i ei.'.4riM 4 ihe Klr.paHH?s
vry l'weUntf of 'lieavin-.s, oi-sttiVtLFt,
nivfl W d'i'.'iu.'s. ConSti W'o!Uy
mujift-e.i f ir tor.oviUns the btond, put
itot tiie ac (t no. mhi l(t winoii.it- 1
wxya tba. yj-.d in Catarrti, t-ttmulats.
ttui crowd, for the vhole iofui&tio oy" jte.vuLtu, r.rpr, and k';i:t.-,p-t-Hu
It - A
fimin.ni ii;9r.. i.rv t tun
ear, and ttw tr wnv anu svii,t: ot'tji
Zens .or tin' Risiny vim-!s Four , more
shots ir m Edgat'V rill!, brought ..down
an roitay wolvt, but they were tx ii(.ur,
ai.d too eager thf'ir rayerdp.g f ury to he
heaten idT. The ii'. 11.14; ot the toad,
too, enabled some of. the. 'Leaders . uf the
pack to gain .upon the.fat tljlng sledge,
and with a rare andacV 10 endeavor
to overleap its eidr, white Edgar, ' 11 aid
ing .down the un, Mashed at the . broad
paws and hairy .throats with the. kern
Llade of. his .heavy, hunting knire, and
succeeded, though with diflkulty, iu d:s
ablitig the two Loremns td , the assail
ants. The third, slightly hurt, slunk
howling away ; but a few rods in the
rear, the clamor ot' the remainder -of
the tierce drove told how ruthlessly the
chase was maiutairud. .
"There is but mie tiling to be done,"
muttered Edgar Meraton, wiih a' groan,
as he cast a despairing glance aloc-jr tlu;
road, and noted that airtady two (tf ihe
ga-iat nun u-rs wi n- neat iy abreast f
the fek-dije ; "Viikuf, as 1 reckon, is
but thre versts from ttiis, but before we
cover. the two niths that lit: between ns
aud safety, yonder vell'mi: bru'es will
drat? dow n . our horses and have us at
thtirnu-rey. At any cit AuniuMe imit
be saved, r.nd the -.v.oivts delayed "
He nve to hi., feet us he .--poke, and
looked to tin. riiiht and left (Hose to
t be roadtfah: 1
the hdt ,t:rtw a mighty
. lieech.trec. . Could he set hi? back to
that tree, kill or cripp'u the first of the
furious wotve.3, and ing hituself up
among th.e lower branches, t.-ut of reach
of the ' thers, he might have yet a chance
of life, while the fledge wou'd gain so
much vantage ground that it could not
eat-ily be overt sfceu- Yes, Ihe desperatr
venttm1 most be rsked.
Hastily the -young- m-u kissed A u
jiie?te'f cold check, and, bidding 1 e be
of got d' cheer, since he hud deviled a
stratagem that would outwit the wu-ves,
he struck the trainins; horses sharply
with tbe whip, anc with his hunting
knife between his teetb, took a clear
leap over the low brushwood, and fell
on his hands and knees a' the foot of
the beech tree.
"Edgar ! Edgar .'" cried the agonized
gill, as vainly ehe expended her strength
in the tlfort to rein i.j tbe witietl
horses. On they went like wind, while
the clamor of the exulting wolves told
that they had desUted from tut chase to
crowd arouud an easy prey.
Goaded by terror, the horses fkw j
along the narrow road, which formiate
ly at this part ot its course bicatne
straighter than it bad hitherto In-en, ami
the light sledge was hurried along as if
it had been a feather wtight over the
frozen snow. A whirl of confused
thoughts passed through the girl'u brain
as with relentless speed the sledge dart
ed on, farther and farther from the spot
where Edgar Marston bud sprung out to
confront what appeared to be inevitable
death. ; ., .... .. -. ;,. . .
"For me! for me!" Anniette mur
mured, as, after a last despairing effort
to rein in the unmanageable steeds, she
cast a glance back at the while road,
now gleaming, as the eled emerged from
the woodland into the eipen country, in
the first. Tays ot the newly-risen moon.
Of the dread pursuers the now g;tw
and heard nothing, but she shuddered a
the remembrance forced itself upon her
of the probable cause of the disappear
ance of the wolves. Her lover could
she doubt it ? had pu- -"based her safetv
with his own blood. Their four-footed
foes had been too many for mortal
valor to have Prevailed : in the unequal
content isgainst their numbers. .;'". he was
safe safe for now 3he wan arndne
fields and cultivated lands azalo, out or
the gloomy forest, and there before her
lay Vasilkof, the moon beams gleaming
on the burnished copper domes of its
churches ; but she scarcely realized the
fact of her own escape, bo busy was her
fancv with the Deril of him whom slip
loved. J
Vasilkof bad collected In xhc. stmn. tind
women, wepf. and men grew palo at the
E ws, while the exclamation of bystand
ers evinced the Irror,- fd miration end
sympathy which Edgar .ilarfton:. fnir.
pid self-devi; lion had evoked. Tie1
! voting r.-nflish mauawr ol the Lid
Bank wa '- pilai- 'iu the to'wii aucl
even Ual Lt? been a stranger, tie deed,
he had Join would have' suiiifVd to ruise
him to the rank a Lerr. ilut, ready
and witling to render assistance as were
all who be ard the story," the 'most s.ui
guine -could jw)f : venturr "to- exjuiu a
bopp that ai.I t-ottld arrfrc in tiuirt b Ins
o.Btrwcf t IntM.- '
-I11 spi?eo1 these .dis-'tu iarei'tuiifics,
it. .' w48..dt:v'rtb'it.J !;,st 1 t- an ni'HHt
should' bw hist in rurryntz brl-L;. lyliiar -Msrstoij.
if lui'.u?i.n. rrotiid iiidii.d
Avail: snd nhou! thirty ciinileiHfiu '"'o'
The Profmte Court lor Ui-e- Ihtrict pf
,Hiitla4 bit persona interested in the,
estate of Azor Oaoroa, late of . Uuttatid,
In said district, deee.d. eireetloiif I
By. the authority of tli-n-'Stote of Ver
mont, you aro hereby notified to appeur
before the st t'l obal'e Court, at the Iro-.
bate Oflice, In 'Rut-land, tn said di8triet-,on
tU,rth day' of Uueeab.'r;, A, l. 1S7,. 10
t?iiw cins, if any -yoa have,, wliy the ac
count of Mosuy titty ward, special adminis
.tiatorcf the etatof sitd deceased should
not be allowed, and also why the residue
of said estate shonld not be elistributed
to-the parties eatitled thereto.
Dated at iiutUnd, iu. said district, this
13Ui day of November, A. I. 17J-
. 111021 AS C. ROUP.INS,
'4437. . . llegister.
The nndersittcd bavin? been appointeil
by tho lion, Probate Court for the district
or Kuthmd. couunl-sioners to receive,
examine and adjust ail claims and de
mands of nil ptrsims against, tbe Rotate of
Obailes K. AVaro, lat of Kulland. In
said district, d. ct-aseO, bereby give no
tice that we will meet for tbe purpose ot
examining and ttllowingsald claims at his
late -residence on the ijth day of L)e
cember and' the X7th day of May,
from two o-'oIock p. m. until lour o'clock
p. in., each ef said dayn, nd -that six
montb'a fro the iTthday of November, A.
D. 1875.1s the time limited by said Court for
said creditors to prwent their claims to
us for extttamation and allowance.
Dated at itutinndTtiiia 17tu day of No
vember, A. D. 1875,
. EOBtaK C. TWR'VT.L, )
Be It retnetHbered that at a, session cf
the frobate Court hol'.leu at Rutland,
within and for said District, ou the 12th
day of 'oveu;bcr A. D.ls7.
Presents ' Hon. Waiter C. Dunton, Juclg-e.
Whereas, T.ency Zlounel. ad:n. tie, bonis
of Jnra"s M. ChHttertou ia'e of Rutland,
in said district, decoa-'e-'JiS this iay pre
sented to Slit court tils petition iu
writing, Svtt.iiiif fortli that it wid be nc
cesary 'o sell apart of th rent e-,tat of
said deceasHJ, for the piyment ot the
debts and enai sres of administnuion ; and
also that it will 1 beneficial f.-r all parties
interetei therein to t-ell the whole oi the
real est -ite C'-aid deceased. &nd therein
uiakin.? anpllcatina to said coart, or ii
ceiis to rniitie such 3 l'e.
It is ordered tljul all persons inter sted
la the estate of said dee used tie notified
to appear beforesaid conrt. at the 1'robate
othee lit Uutiatid, in said dl?tiict, on the
seven tn day of December, A. l. tilit
hu bundrt-d aii-i svventy-ilvf, by publi
cation ot this order tiuee weeks u-e-slvly
previous thereto in the Rutland
HukaLu, a liewsipupiT printed at Kut
liittd aforesaid, to show cui-e, if uv.y they
riiayh;ive, why ssaid iiceo-.u -.no il t be
iHo..M.V C. r.oRRINS,
Aboltitelr SArE J. .
I'cffectlr OdHe 1
nnrn In anr I-atup
- S3
Mauufactured-exprcsslj to displace the
irso of highly volatile and
dar2f;rons oils.
ITS SAFETY under every iKJSnlble test,
and it3 perfect Darning qualities, are
proved by the fact that hundreds of thou
sands of families have continued to use it
for years, ani
from burning, btojinij br handUng it. In
stirance Compknies have never paid a loss
arising from its use-; while millions of dol
lars have been saved them on aeeount ot
itj general introduction.
Xevr York,
Sole Proprietors and Manufacturer:-.
6 nrA 8 Custom lTov.se Street,
B o s T o 2,
t-y 1 ii.'ianit Asenu.
sreM.Kiti, wmv .r. iioo-.i. un.i n .1 s-
. ti-e. foj iniir-.-.v-irt ot Kan;!, iieHli3iy'1t.--4-i,
Awd.iHi; obiiLtti.C'-bi'.il-ot ei.'uttol v
r-tie Itst,"it'. 'it.e 'l:i-.a.!''kalil --MJ.-r(!
' pwsvet )i.ti ;i ! i li-r VMll!;'!if.i ut iWV
I'aJl. of s VtKt ? R.vfd- tl. Ct UV, ttr-eomoir-jtri
3i'tft f ilu.e-snji oi fi-,. . 1 .
itieut rJ uiH'ie -'jaiMniji H Hiut.tiun'iff
Vun-rf.-iLtttaH d O'S t-Cif.' tuOrl- jepwe.4.
i-ul ft'Hahltf ref.'t;-;'riO,.(.- Uin K'.tttad
.gooiC rue drf-'i-rte. and wc-Kltj' U (unftoijf.t
foach p.ietiti?' 1 jniii's! a. 'I'li.'Vtf.Me oiiu.
to rrh; 't.d lo. -fa-jiior-d's ttuprO-ved li.t.
in-jr ''.!. " ' .
5.KtHJ v ih-:vi, e r.RE ij f :m r"
lnt;rt"!i.. Pi Sfl-.!. .-f iiD pKiii:'
(iiiv wn of ttte l!n,u,.;d -irtat.- loi-' H
"e.d..vr.s-ti4. ;-.
1,00 8,0
s o l d
- S LN G E II 'BS -
. XEW KA.tiil.V
are swift, li)fht running and quiet, and
ftr adapted to any grade or c1bs of work
lor which the e'ewin Machine l.s used.
We cttn prve tliat thera were taore
Singer .Machines sold ia the Xonbern tit-r
ofctuntiei iu.tlibt itate lt year, than
were .old by any other Hewing Machine
Co; in the whole SH-sUti during the fame
Unw. .
Alo that 011c total rlm of ? 1-1, fit 9
machine 5,t ywr -were' ujoNi than dou
ble t.ha. uf aay. other Sewing" ftlaetiwie
Ooutpny ; koru of.vhe latter wiuli . it f-o-called
ciLpaeit; v of t,m uiaohinc- pr day
t-a the eon t-rary nut wtUistati Mn f.
We nro in & position to. deal liberally
With 0111 .patron., and desire. prudd men to
rprfoent our titiuihiuei all tciroiiijh tbi
TLe Sinyer Manufacturing oM
if t flercliAUbi H tf w ,
JOHN L. URA.I3Y, Ags.nt.
in 'itrlt-9'nei
-'- - VTO
i-nt'P stiouhl iP-rw to L'liA'At's fide ! V.iiP, s ji.i., en.-i t.. j i r -i i .-, ' .'.'.v.,-: V ''V'". ; rr-l
ThlMnuH tapwTt traver-Ml. vt,,! j f! y:'" .'-V.VyiS ? f:
asthe t-xp'-.nr ptty .rderr-.l h- 1 -r- I v-im. b,- i-.: U i-.u ! i Jt Z'ttt'-S?1.
est, a wtlii 1. eerrnlnl -u Hl i1 oi' -flJ !. u-i ... 0 ir Ail.. v--:v.t-!;
on the ntiflit Un. , -i.oc.-i'.;iviuiu ut ti-i? b.U'.-riv Vwimc k 4 . v ...i-JS-'-
h- U, t .;
oif tit a .r-v't tvief , wrtrd- liy hro h
. . .... . - - . . .l.v, ft,.,
jh'myr.tr -'hrtti9j5 i-itdetl .-t)
'They ar.-1 tu-re yet, !hr. fart of tlienr. "
cii'.'d old 5jn..n J'ejiLHi. Spunijijr
horse aud hatt'lMng Jtia gun. i'.lqs7j oh
and let u j'-.p--er sono x-,'f ti'iojr ,'trey tildes
at any rate "
But wolve-i nw eii6'tiug ' wcU
as fif re;', ami. when th :f.--vri oi:ie 10
sight, of thv at Imse.h t-rei-, ttwrnnu the
foit of which . tlui. p.nck-.. h.-iii. pillieml,'
jtrowlin'jr and whimt over a me object
at first iudistjuoUy visitjl the ir querulous
cry chnuerina; intt n ti-ote of ulanu, and
thry huddled (hfriwjvt-s too;etbrr anioit;
the chest Dttts artd fitrc.hes vitli thvir
bushy tails driWp'n, ard their bright
eyes s-hlning tbroturh tut d.trBnesa Jitie
points of fluiKv 4k irregular diochHrge
of mnskftry Pt'oci-ede.d while the
stiektf lower d their lances, and d.islnxl
forward with their nbr'ili -"hurrah 1'
though ch iruin.fr against huiuan S'v&.
Nei; iter lance uor bullet tiid tx-'curi'-n
aruotir the wolves, wlio, fair'y n.woi!,
s'unk .ilT into the recess'ft of tic
w(ku1s, whii,? tiie headmost liorsee.iiu
e:hj':ki el hi- wiry Mud, but j tt in iur.e
to prevent liore c.ncl rider from f.i!liu
bendUuur inlo a deep W n-trro- oit du
at the toot of the hu.e lurch tree.
''Holy M. Sophia of Klew! IJU-sscd
S Stephen of the Stepp's: VVhsf
w zrrd's work have we here?" t'xciain d
the sr jjtlier a- he wheeled his horse.
".My iiaiue u tint. Dinu'ri it I did i;o
utliiilibJe rtnu,-ixi.-!t. -n - n.ro-n ue-ed.,
Xf.t fivu tutnoi'st u''i--, hu'4 'a. 1 di-e. ft"
a.r:1j;; iniiur l:Y.ii, if V?etiii tl
iwl wWtu to ttji'-ia.tiOJi. There .
Ve'-tin :;! .' proyjdetl, liovif
;!-, -tin- Vlfjtl tii-i,-t,u:iM UAVe not lost llvf
power vf f.cM.io.u., jtl. Mxt.-m:iy be xairil
ill.. 4-yt:tr.sry ntwitJjitanHaK. 's
Vt ct-ite -,i j'Joiuttin t t the, taste, m'.
ta ltt ir.luj-tit-..,i;'t.nH-io,ul'e in lis aet
On' JiMeiw.
a,bie evt'
lisic.i vs iri rb-')-.. . ' . .
Copying Ink Pencils
Tn pl.tee m'cnpyln (
-5 40 0 . 0 0.
near a gn
bear tr.i;.i,
spots, lif .ir
swarm -f
nn lt"in
r'i,;s.io!h !
on ier
if i.?
lifer: v
:i:-t!;y t!:.l,mouri'lif. :
iit.ii as pi-twwitK in
.where. . the' Iiopey of Kjtiw
the wild hvrs lh l dw 11 iu
hollow frees w.'inro to
bruin to the. pitfall. And, fcf 1 liv-"
he added, after listouinc for ;i ai-omr-nt,
"there is some1 onlow.i thcrt ei'd rUvi
jonnjr 'Marston. for tliuss! tl a Ad
Cghw !"'
And wheu, by ruedus of ropr h;i?ti'y
coustructe'd ly lickintr'teethcr stirrup
leathers and buff bcltf, a ' Cossaek was
lowered into the pit, the truth of this
conjecture. 'wp-s cor finned, for Uigur
Marttrc-ti, pale, livid, and exhausted,
but to all appearauce unhurt save for a
bruise upon his ritiht temple, was drawn
forth from if. The bystanders crowded
round bun, .tvt he was taint aud weak,
and it was not until be had swallowed a
portion of the fiery corn-brandy from
the Baron's hunting-fSiwk that he waa
able to ppeak
Edgar's s;oiy,whe-n he was able to tell
it, was a simple (tue, anel had already been
anticipated by the matured pylval expe
rience of the Baroa. When he sprang
from the sledge it bad !xen with a foil
conviction that he was about to ve
AnnietteVdfe at tbe sacrifice of hid owe.
He had. however, mad a- desperate ef
forts reach Hi', great bee:ch tree, in
the poor hope that, by - setting his b:ick
aga'ut it and mskicg a vigorous use of
tua canting kane, he might gam time to
grasp one of the lower boughs and draw
himself up beyond the reach ' of the
wolves. . But to . Ins consternation the
treacherous surface on which he alighted
and which waa 'composed of 'rotten
branches aud ' dried leavea gave
way beneath hie feet, 'and
he was precipitated into the nar
row pit below, receiving aa he fell a
blow on the head from a projecting
stake, which stunned him for a moment,
atid when lie recovered his'senses it was
to hear tie furious ye!piDg and howling
of the dijsappeunted wolves that raged
round the brink of his prison, and to
see by the uncertain light their lolling
tongues and gnashing teeth, as they bent
over the edge and vainly tried to seize
the prey beneath them.
The tale is told. The prejudices which
H. fi . SlKVl N.C V.s.l. ".'If
Jie.ir - ir : Vvie..i utxrtit ids nton t-U.4 m ' i j
Vfee.ii-iut5(i l! (:u t i e Ml.inuvlttii tlied tn 6
the humor, 'ibv Iiu-hol- .pr-t a-l over i'
lo ?eU uti ostein t liar. X was i o;l:d m Ut 8
t-o I'l eveiU tve' !; -Mil !-"ei a'.t h ! nj in;,- ;Tci i. i
I Ijc t-;i-'-.;t-.i' lin -t 1 y r . t tied m ti?y"liud. .
tein.ttned m t iti s eomlittoit tiboufMye.vt
trontdt-d aii the time 1 y .soi-cs breaking l
my Ju':td and dt.t; h iru'lnar ccrrnption fi l
my car. At tiU time a small kcrnul :.i
pnuied oil my nex, jri-aduaUy inert-. w! j
tn s:ze tmti! minor loim.-d "of such i i
mi'iiK' 7.( 1 eou tl m' i', t;y turaii. ;
.-yes tin t.w-A'tt -.t tilt tauc 1 m.t-, (:,.
ln v:tt ion u.-iti(-.dit for ii, v blood wpi
out iiiu.-h ?-ub:j!-;intrd bene lit.
I then went to a prominent physic t-i
in i;o.st.n who, dnihiir hit trenttm-nt 4
61 x monlbt, ta-ice-.i-the t-iunor t-iKht tw,.
wliieh to.ii jivj nt-a'ily 5-10 . Th j toil, .
Willi a rotiii, hgarr.iVHtfd o: e, without
all dimtii'KitiMiK i he tumor, &i
in a .sickly, ft-t-bie eoiillltiotv 1 emuu.
Hwot!ir i.tiyuichm l.i .''jU.te.k. vlio. ati
eor:.-i'iei (ttu'e t ire.tf jneefd.t tu beli.
th1 sor.' w. 'thout-re.iu .in;; tlie v . At A I.
pedat. I cmnrtftr.iv.t tin-nux Vcsfetic
tiiroufrh th ii-.itl pt-.isu'.t -ioito' a idvi.
Alter 1 h:d t n, e: t.-.t.4 tiU.ctifir.e atif t o-
1 tk, I o.rr viiv .-l v.-.inO oi j u niis.t!j-l
My wnott; bticiy ii e.i f t t"? oi.!i"ie'i'.'
raeticixl cii'tr.ste. n'.t. 1 ituiit'v ihe iiuu
ftroke aittl t.t iselntrfrcO n iirliTfitl Q'j'.tjt-i1.-,.
rot ii Ibis titno it tivtuv lifted in f-wi nit
the bunch dis.ippeure-d. but iuy neclt s-t
bt'ius the uirly seara or' the sore and Jiiw
I am now healthy inul strong ai;d able
work every day.
I will al-o mention tht J have been i
acute suffeier liosn iriflammatoty rfce
mntiAm ever alnee I e-a'i rem -mbei-'nis
e.mimenciiitr the use of Vegatine, whu
aim -.st immediately, all rheumatic pat
ceased. ThU statement I volunteer f'
the purpose of benetitinj; other HutTcri:
humanity, hii;1 j'ou will confer a favor 1
giving it as iinijh publicity in thoiif;;
projier, Verv jrratefullv, . .
O. At 55AVKLS, A'sljliuid, Ma.
It is a compound extracted from hark
roots and he:bs. It is nature's reniedv. .
ia perfectly harmless IVoin any bad t-lfcij
uponliis system, it is nourisning; an
strengthening. It acts directly upon t.l
blood, it tjuitt- the nerwouK nystem. i'J
givei you a tfood, sweet ?leep at night. J
ig a Treat panacea tor our agetl Jatiiei
ami mor.nei'fl, ior it Kve9 t.nem strengtlii
(jutets their iierv'jj and ffives them tin
ture" swvi8lep i9 UAstljeeu proved hi
many a a?d i-eion. It ia.the xrei.8
B'-oud Pir,:tf.j. Je a goot h ing -sti4i;
for ciure'-hildrtn. It hai r-iiitvi;d aaid caitiS
tucii.tndj. Il is ve::y plwantt -to- takes
every child likes it. It reliovo and cnnJ
Kl! diseases oi initiating irt.ni intpra
bicod. Try the Vegetir.e. (rive it a fiti
trial for your complaints ; thou yM
nay to your friend, ue:gUb"r an l rtecraanti4
ance, '-Try it; it has cured me." ;
J.'i.riv.t. '.iue iu. tv'itiit ;i rl.
h Centennial Hole Paper,
i-t !b iovoi of paiieterl
11 Center St., RUTLAND,
IHvraicr or itrrr.AMU
lie it remembered, t hut at a session o." th?
Probate Court, ho! Jen fit i-iUl-.na, v. it.h
tn and for aaid dtsnu t, on tiie lbil: day of
Nnvembo , A. 1). HT-i :
Present: lion. Walter C Unnton, Judge.
Whert-us, D. 1'. l-e.ibody. aiimlnlstrator
of Kdwatd l)-o'in. late of Chittenden, in
said district, dt-e.ea-.: I, has this day vie
feoted tt) ii 1 eoui t his jt" i'iun In writ
iU, settiotr forth that it will b beneficial
lor ull jiai tie.s inteitsie t t' erein t ) sell t: :
whole of t!l-i teal eftte of said ie a.ed,
and therein uiaKiny applioati:'Mi to said
rout t lor license to iiiakv such siih-.. And
said fldi!dnist:ator fuivimr protbieed t7
all c m t th. Ksctuir i ii w i i; i itr f mi th '
heirs resi tini,-in ibii elate, inte;'-!..'! iii
sai I real e-taie.
Therefore, it i er.tt-.ed th..t all p:i--sons
interested in U".c e-?t.r.ti t..f aid de
ceased tie md.itie.'t to Anp-nr bolero idd
Court, at the i'tobauo OlliCe in Hut
land, in said dUuii t. tin the 7th dav of
IK ce.iniier, A.Ii. Ii;"., by publication of this
order, three wet k.i -tivis-.s vi-)v jaevimis
thereto, in the UnUitud Ilf- itAt-'p. a nr-i-paper
printed af- Kutljiad afoi t-satld, to
itliow eati .n. if any tt t-y may have, why
said Heemi Hho.tPt jo? l grunted.
I iie'i.M,H L'. lil'UJI'.lX.i.
.tv lieal-itfr. '
ptsTKit-T ok ur:n.ANi. ss.
Ee it re-ui ettol;r:C, Uiit at ii vo-F.on or
the Protide Court hej t. n ut. li-.tiund.
within and for a.tid dirtli.!. on the. 4lh
day of Noveutber. A. t . L-.T-'u
Present : H'n wittu r - f,nntui, j'nJjf,
W here-. trail kr;..tViV,' tm'mt
ttij. v.l Jvl itwix, Utf lit.
"e.ld, in said ui.--.r.cr, en.-.. ,,
this diry pri:vc.il.r i t t -jry.t, iij-
r- ti:tioit if1-! li-'n-, i-ottin imHi 4fcai. u
"-"l U& n'W-vvnry t vll u putt j.1fv.-
J.u i it .ttfWsWVr Si. j,.,'. - -,. "y :
xVi-i ; arid aS-o'-t'l'-'lf. v.'i'U tvvv.'.VhV,; "!
nf .ptir'.-ie.'t 3 iit 4 t: toftrl't;! t-Ii. tJvW
-liWUt;i i C-id.t-V,... . i- sd. t'.v.iiVj i, ;
and tliorc-v '. i'.rdUUne kvCiifjiiMi u'td '
Ci.vrt tor jiei ra.-0tfc nViti-Tikv A'l.t '
mi..r A.dtHiiiiva.- i k lswc a. -u.": vj-fii "j '
K.kltiOim the Hfii . .-i.-; i;: t-v "j,."1- i: '
iu-m v n.'.UM,; ut ".fat id - ,;tti; . -j-.J k. i
ijiiidrcal e.sttite. ' t
I . i- tm-Uvnc-d tbat a'.i y.v-t -'i? terete;' r-l '
in t-ne eil.te 1 Cvt-'f-l-er: ..rVW;';,-.!
p.-b..i-c;i.tU)n of tttlb Olde.l, liirtta vt-ck
stiec-,-vS-,i veiy previous ht;ert-ti,iitit;. liut
J.t:iil IltitALn, a li.ews.i-.nt'.r piiitud at
iiui'iiTia hfore.-al.t, to ;-,aV. chum, U '&r.r
they runy have, why sx-r.t J.tfu.. ta:H
uol be niniei.'
i ;b.tM - r. Tiar.uis1.
Brought out in anticipation of the Holi
day Se son now approa -l inf, this new
nr.d superior liook of Bound Music is at
tracl li. much ai lis 1. lion, aud is universal
ly conceded to be qua1, or superior to
any ever issued.
73 Sons, 232 Larj-e I'ajres.
flosucK t?r,o. Cloth. .1.0. line tiilt,
far pretteht-j, t-l.'-U.
35i?y Goods
G. V. s.
"itememcp'-tlint Cetr.s cf CnzlUh onf;
;as in fact ony otner or our bookii will be
sent bv mail, pod-paid, on receipt of the
rtttil price Try this method ores, and
you will be convinced ot tti perfect con
venience. Also for sale by U prominent
lnu.-ic dPaleis.
-.I'or C'Iiuir, dionine', Hvrietle.
I:oyl-,ton". Cluti Collection, tl.rj'j. Male
Vo't-t-s. M i!ir.ilcent 4 part music, nunc
jior nl'trin eonctrts.
i.i.o;;n Chr.ir, S-VJ. Choirs, Choruses,
ivrkiu-' AB'J.f ml'.i.oV, $ : . r.a-y un-Uk
Appctnriv io .HoorcS Utn yt-lopedia
Of lll'.C.
:er woik pnblStu d in Js'd,
evervthh.sr that was
to lht date.
.;siinslcal 11 is-
contains ulmo-t
hnowo about mu-ic pn-Vio.
'1 b A ps.-t-ndix :so c-t-.j t.riii
it !
urnp.'i v
ime. V
and theory r.p to the
:y usetut MiJ tnt-rest-
Ci.'A-. 1! 1 it.ON i CO..
:n iUu-.iiw.iv. v. i .
Quackciibush & Co
Have ia stock a very targe at J complete
assortment of "Wintrr Goods, ccmprla-
ingrs, Englifdi and French Liiaifonaln.
end full lines of Broadcioths and
tancy Cassi meres.
OVERCOATING-) fur B.javers, Ctlnchi:
las and Ratine Beaver.
110Li5EKKtP Nei G o o U S Blankets,
Quilts, Comfonabfes. Table Linens,
Napkins, Hu'-k and Dima-fc Towels,
'lnrktry Ked Dmaslis for iea Cloths,
Idapers, &c.
P2IM-. AM) DOMKUCS-Goo'l Cali
coes, fast color", at Cc.. tnglish,
French and Ameiican Dress Prints,
ol best sty es. Bla-tch d and Brown
Co'tona at l-s than wholesale price.
LYONCi OAti VLLVEIS-AMagniflcent
Assortment of be-t makes only.
SILKS Be.-t Eia;.k at fl. 1 1.3, i.5, lper
yar-i and upwa-ds. I'luiu. Colored
and Fancy, in all the new shades, at
very moderate prles.
PRESS 0fjS-earner's Hair, Merinos,
Caahmces and frerge", ia the new
Seal Browns and Baric Green febades.
Also, Plaids. Pjplins and low priced
Worsted Goods ol every description.
BLACK CA3HilEttK Blaclc Crap a Ete,
Clack i hioet hHWl-, aud all Moarn
inttG 'O'iam a Soeci-ti uepartment.
I.ACLS, t KINOES AND i.IB '.as iai
p ire and Yult Laces. Worsted and
f wi-t Eringvg, Cardinal, avy blue
and eal Biown Si-h hibbons. ur
an i Feather Taimmins, lead Gimp,
Lias Vfclv-t3, uuthintrs, Nectc 11
Jabot, Ladie bilH IlindKercM''"
Ac. ,t.j
Cl.'JAK-l AVO SUAWLS Beaver Cf.Tr,
for Ladles and Cfclllreru V.'Utl
ult, b.i
uuih.u aiii J i y t ij o e r wear
liurir-tti oiovt-s. ja-iies', fift ihfni:
Corset., and Small W aa 1,1-111
CAUPfc.l's-The rryfK
5tSTAlt oii.ce- aid Window
Ljrt?,ii A"- arif1 u? to crtr, la
the best tt'tut-
,,,,. the city me invited to ctli
ttb Ifitt'ihe store and the stock, m
a -sa tleiMirtments. Or. Ier will :e-
l"vrl'-.l attention,
idls'aiid Cfclllren, "1'
S.ttiues and Uvetsitirj oJ
rt-s and a 1 O'hejgj
'e aa 1 1 as ilonab'1 ,
c. y.s. ((ricKr.Mtrsii d .
llit- v C tiiireli riiiie
p i: ft k i A
.V 1
r. i w
TiiMbooV cr ntuin-. tbe. i fc-teinent-at-v
Lesson-. : t I-e U-t nitrinc? school le
pariment ana li.e lliiest Cobection ot
lvr.;!i. -I'u ties. Authetns and Choruses,
tintt U-tvt 'x't-n iiddished in any onebooy.
, Price1, tn per dczen.
tjveciriMin froi
c.V!'t'i SI
es ?iil fret' n,' .0!-tH:,: cn
AI.-o, JUs-i l't liUslii- n.
iv. V E P. 1 1 N ?.
-J Temple nf I'ashhin.
;-iti! eww in sii:--? Cvi-'f
tppear iMtturt v)d iknu:, i.c ;, Lfrr. 1
v otr.oi! iri iiijt i ''iiid, ii fc-U' -; '.r-r-.!
-wth day of Novtiati.vi'', A t. bv !
...... . ...... - :
Mr. lvi'kt- bus worked for ye.if i
l;;t) this bi.ek.. :tn-t all w.it exitnpn
wit! h'-d it li.f ir.o.-t t-i:riii.-t- in ;i.i;
s'elio.d Teacher evc-r publlih..:-.'.
P:i.'C tc.i p-r dr-.-n.
p'ci'.ren (.V.pies sent free of ..Oftaje o:i
l.-t ipt of Im cents.
Putdishoil by It. in -i;i.L i CO..
and J. K. Mil l.Klf.
l-,; Tieinnt f':c t.
-r-.o0Y Bot.:-.t. Mi".
j Great Jicduction in Prices
order 1 1
s ;ali st'll
1 1 r th
jeJ'.'Ci tu: lir.-e s'ock we
;'17 r.-O.-f.i'd icices
A lull uiid hauissne line Cf
-ly c -.-(:
6j se Jitce-l
rcd'iced to Sl.Vi
Orf Ordtiis by ma? I will Ut- prrjuipi.!
l.jndnd to.
A. V. Bates & Sj
Homos, jaiu 1, if;;, ii
Ihw t ?ir : TrUs 13 to certify t hat l rtav
eoid iit dozri vism bottles, ot toupVpow
iiae since April ii, ltfM, and can truly -(.'a?
that It-has given tho ixjst sati.?raetioa of
any remedy iwtai comjdalurs for trhioli
it is reoowmiemieu ; xnut; I ever a-virt.
8careely a day passes without some of in
eusiomtfia i,tsi.iiy io ii merits on them
selves or their friends 1 am perfect!
eognizint of seveial cases of scrofula"
tumors being cured by Yesfetlne alone tit
this vicinity. Very respectfully yours, 1
To II. R. Stevens, K-q. U -1
Vegetine is
Sold by an Urn a ei is.
novidl8m. SB .
Erokers, 72 Broadway, N? T. fiSwSSdJltfiy
a i.akgi: ANMiit rni'vr or
IS U V F A It (
AM1 -
Trunks, llais, Harness
&C, AC., AC.
15 a t e 1 1 o u s e Bloc li
O of ItuUnJid, s1J.
IjC it rtmeiubu-:d, -.'.t-ti i4.iorx -f
the i'robxio Coi'tit lioti; ut liatl.md,
within and for nai X dbttit", o.i the ua
dayol NoyfiHb'-r, A..f.. 1?T"'.
Present i it::i. U"iUer( lt:.-ti.t, Jod-re.
VVbureas, 1- I'vindl". nrlj.i-.iy-
trator ot Ezcro-i I:ind!o, i.-i'.e f 1' Mi -dltstown.
in S.i'l til-t'.if, i! r re'-st d,
hies this druf presented to -:dd
Court hi petition m vt ifns, s.t"u.;
forth tint it wii be nec'-a:y losel; ;t
part Of the ie.il e-:'.ate ot srad dec'.iied, for
the piyment of the ttebts and (h.ii'res of
iidmoi is! ration : and also t li.it it will bs:
bLiietieial lor all pm:e- in; en stct there
in lo soli the m lio'.i' of t lie real t t-tult- of
t-aid deceased, a--d tlu-reiu 'I'.akiiij npiit:
cuiion to said Court l.t.-i;.: . io n
such nab'.
And said A'I-xini.str:itoi invi;r vr-'d.-ted
to said eouit thu asci'.t in ivriiit.-; ; i all
this licit s ivf.id-.ng iu iU: Ma' v. i;";tv:c :-.d
ta add real esUi' o.
It is ordered uiu1 all p2io v, IntCie-rtM
tu U;e e-itato of 1 (ii:C;';i cio- uoiiiiod
to Hjp-'tir bufori s:i I Coin;, r-.t tne Pro
UUe. olliee in Jtuthtnd. in kidd tiist-iet, on
tilt; a,Ji day of .Novoaibir, A. 1). 1 ;", by
publication of this order, lb;e.; ee!s
-'cee-js.vely prcvion tio-i ct , in th ltue
HERALU, a sicw-paper print cl at
Uutiand aloresaid, io tliow cause, if any
l. buy may have, why taid license should
hot bo granted.
i."iw3v Begister.
thought of goia-j toCiU-:
V.'tsst, Nortii, or North-
:ow tl-.o best loutea to
! Ilmve yoa any
v: von soin-
VU ?
i oil tvaut It; 3
take ?
Tlie vhoiie,(.., .s.tfe.-jt, rpjickest and most
comfortable remits uro those owned by
tbe Chicago and North-Western li.i:aj
Company. It owns e-vcr two thousand
milt s ! t he be :t road there is in 1 be coun
try. Ask any ticket nent to shtiw you its
limps and time cards. All tickt-t airent?
can 'ill e-u through tickets hv this iouU'.
1'iuy your tick.-n u ihs C'te.r-airo and
'c;-!ij-Yt -.tern !':d2wii Jor
SaCffiiriOto. -:.'V. City, Chey-
t-n .f, I'Tinvr, oti.-i.cit, 1-fr.colti, Council
Bluffs, ynkv.ii. tspsex e.'i'.y, bubuqne,
Winona, ht Vn'-.i, J"di:tb, Marquette.
iiko-.r. M!i-;.'.'n, Jliiwaukee,
-.'t -: ': r.rtl.-wt!t.t of Chi-
Green lli.v,
and all p-.'.j"
:V .-'.(TOXS'OS BA-OQXTX. - ."
Bert materlftbK Thoroigbly made. : Bule
tous put o a tu rr i x, : prices low.
solicitok of pate:; is
Ktr Inventions, Trade Marks, or Designs,
No. ti fctate t-t., oppoaite lvilby st.,
After an extensive practice of upwards of
thirty years, continues to secure Patents in
the United States; also, lireat Britain,
France, and other foreign countries. Cuv
eatrf, Specifications, Assignments, and all
papers for Patents, executed on reasonable
terms, with despatch. Kesearches made to
determine the validity and utility of Pat
ents of Inventions, and legal and other ad
vice rendered in all matters touching the
Bamo. Copies, of llio claims of patent
furnished by retain tug one dollar. Assign
ments recorded in Washington.
No Agency m the United tatcq possesses
superior facilities for obtaining I ntents or
aaeertainingthenivtentttbiliiy of inventions
All necessity of a journey to Vv'ashington
to procure a patent, and the usual gretit
delay there, are here saved inventor.
"I regard Mr. Eddy as onoofthe mo.-'t
capable and successful practitioners with,
whom I have had olMcia! intercourse.
CilARLKS MASON, Commis'r of Patents."
"I have no hesitation in assuring inven
tors that they cannot emlpoy a man
more competent and trustworthy, and
more capable of putting their applications
ln a form to secure for them an early and
favorable eonslderat ion at the Patent Office.
KDMUND BTJKKK, Into Cornmis'r of
"Mr. H, IT. Eimr ha.s rnnda for mo over
THIRTY applications for Patents, having
been sueccessfuUn almost every case, such
unmistakable proof d giV;U taient and
ability on hU piU't,loadu me to recommend
all inventors to apply to him to procure
their patents, as they may be sure of hav
ing the most faithful attention bestowed
on their cases,, and Rt very reasonable
Boston. Jan l.:575. iaallwly
If you v;
lions, i
! outc, aud i!
!l 1 lie li.. ;.
u v ill buv
.ive.in JT ftc.eoni ;r.o-
yoiir tickers by this
laic n-. otliet.
Ihi-i popular route la unsurpassed for
!!poed, Couiiort and Safety. Tne ciiiootn,
el!-B tllastcd and Perfect Tracif of -fct-l
Rails, Wet-tingiiouso Air Brakes, Miiier'a
Sa.'etj' Platform and Couplers, the cele
brated Pullman Palace Sle-ping Cais, the I
Perfect Telegraph System of Mwvlng j
Truins, the regularity with which they j
run, t he admirable arrangement lor run-
nii g Through Cars trom Chicatro to all i
pidutH West, North and North-West, se
cures to passengers nil the C' M FORTS IX i
Pullman Pilace Cum j
Sro run on all trains of this road. !
This is tin; ONLY LINK limning the-e !
cars between Chicago and St. Paul orChS
Ciio and Milwaukee. j
At Om ha our Sleepers connect with the I
Ovtrlund Met pi-rs ii tlie Union Pncilic i
Railroad ior aii points wet ot the Missou
ri River.
On th-j arrival ot the trains from the
Eiist or South, the trains t! the Chicago A
Novtb-Western Railway leave ClilCAtiO
as follows:
AXI) CAL1FUUJSIA, two through tram
daily, with Pullman Palace Drawing Loom
and Sleeping Can through to C-ouncU
two through traina daily, with Pullraan
I'r.iaec Cars ntfai tied on b'-th trains.
i'.IOH, two tialr.a daily, with Pullman
Palice cars attached, and runuina;
through to Marquette.
FOR MILWAUKEE, fonr throncl.
tri t..j dull v. Pullman Cai s on night truli". J
ta. one throuch train unity.
Futt DUBUQUE, vit Freeport, two
thront-h trains uaiiy, with Pullman Cars
on nldhT- train.
via Cdnton, two through trains daLv.
ith l'ulunan ia- on idyht tiftin.
twotra ns cl.tily. Pullnjau Cars to Alis
sfiurt Vallev June.
F()H LAKE GENEVA, font trains tUUv.
OSLA,JANE!4VlLLE, and otner tvoitti
you can have Horn two to ten trains daiiv.
Kor Rate or Information not attainable li'rL
from your home ticket agents apply to 1 llf fh
SWISS Kelt liar.
and Sl.irj.
,.la all shapes aid colors.
A Kcductiou of 2o per eitt on
A fail!.., of SILK?, TURQl'OISE, CUOS
K tULZ, iu ali to.'or-s.
FELT i-TRT-s, $1.03
rcdncec .-rTSteuu.
t 7j ti'.-r,
i re 111 ! cent3 to
P! ;iu and fancy woolen etriped
Gloves and Gauntlets.
f)ur celebrated Lucca Kid Gloves, two
but tons, only $'..i-r.
A fall line cf '
cloaks, Eibs, fchoes, Iloods, Vests, Ac.
Just received, a new lot of
HAMECKGS ! n iMCUR'-is !
A ma!l quantity of IKLNXII SnOL
PoLlsii it ft, at only 10c
Sir. Ashrnnm bi-inrr now permanently
in Sew York, we have always bargain
and the Sniest styles and fashions at
Temple of Fashion,
Milliners "applied at Jobbinff price.
Will receive funds in trust and pay inter
est on t he same, as on deposits, in accord
ance with the Act of May 1st. icTi. known
as tho Cemetery and ahade Tre Act.
Interest on deposits comu.ences tho first
day of th month, at tbe rate of fell per
cent. Copy of the Act will be mailed free
on application to
le3d-wadJiwly WKKEY SMITH. Trost.
ilAItVIN IlL'tilliTT.
Uenerui ouperlaUsndeut.
v. ii. STENNETT,
Gen'l Pasieneer AwM,t.
I i
M M m c mm mat M Mft
TIIE OSIfY MEDICIXE that is wairant
ed a perfeet enre for all the vrst forms
of Piles, Leprosy, Scrofuja, liing-Worm,
Salt Khenm, Cancer, Catarrh, euralia,
Rheumatism, Asthma, Dyspepsia, Kid
neys, and all diseases- of . tb-4 fekfn and
Xilood. Entirely vegetable. Sentby ex
press, and money returned In all cases of
failure. II. U. FUWLE, Chemist, 71 Trince
stret Bobton. Sold everywhere. 11 a
liottltt. Sena for circular. llweowJCw
$25 0"?
" Ui1" CO., fct. Louls,Uo.
Troduce Commission Merchanta
os. 70and n Kaneull JJaUMarkt3o8toa
The celebrated Eagster's. thTeBehra
and he American f bta'&SASTS:
S23C', At E. K, tlEliltlAAi'S,
e.ure;je!irttiKia, I ace Ache, micutusUMo,
Gout, Frosted Feet, Chilblains, fcore
Throat, Erysipelas, Kruises or Wounds of
every kind in man or animal.
A Bevere Injury to my right ana causad
an enlargement of tho bone above the
wrist; gave me great pala and trouble.
Giles' Liniment Iodide of Ammonia eject
ed a cure. '; ADAM EXCEL,
Oytter House, 4C3 cth Avenue.
Sold by all L re ir gin?. Depot No- iA
Sixth Avenue, New York. Only 60c
U per botUe. uovdAwlm

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