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Rules of the Road.
The following bright little poem,
hrim fall of sound DhilosODhv appeared
in a recent number of the Boston Pilot
from the pen of John Boyle O'Reilly :
What man would b wise; let hlin drink
That bears oa its waters tne record of
Time: , , :
A messa to hi na every wave can deliver
To teah htm to cretp till ho knows now
' ... is,
Who heels not experience, trust him not;
tell hlra ,
The scone ot one mind can but trifles
The weakest who draws from the mind
will excel him
The strength of mankind Is the wisdom
they leave.
For peace do not hope: to be jast you
must break it.
Still work for the minute and not for the
When honor comes to you, be ready to
take It; -- .-. . .
But reach not to seize it before It Is
near. , - -
Be silent and a$le: HlJe.iioe caver betrays
you. .
" Be true to yoor word and your work and
your friend.
Put least trust in him who is foremost to
praise you ;
Nor Judge of a day till it draws to the
Stand erect in the vale, nor exult on th
Take gltts with a sigh: most men give to
be paid. - '
"I hud" l a hartiuha;.'I he.TC:l3 a
fountain ; , .I:,.-.-.-.
You're worth what yon fifoflV not the
million youmade. .
Trust toll, not intent, or your plans will
Your wife keep a sweetheart, instead of
a tHse.
liulo children by reason, not rod; and
min'l, marry
Your girl when you can, and your boy
when you please.
Steer straight as the wind will allow; but
be ready
To veer j ist a point to let travelers pass ;
Each see his own star a stiff course is too 1
m steady
When this one to meeting goes, that one
to Mass.
Our stream's not so wide but two arches
may opxn It
Good neighbor and citizen ; these for a
code, -
And this trutiiln eight every man on the
Has Jut as much right as yourself to the
Farowell to Summer.
Summer Is fading ; the broad leaves
reshiy green, when June was young
are full nit;
And all the whisper-haunted forests
The j unless birds in saddened tones are
From rustling hazel copse and tangled
" Pa rewell, sweet sum mr,
Fragrant, frnlty summer,
bweet farewell I"
Upon the windy hills in many ft field,
The honey bees hum slow above the
Gleaning the latest eweet9 Its blooms may
And, knowing that their harvest time Is
Sing.htilfalnlNbv and half aknell:
"Farewell, sweet summer,
Honey la1en summer,
. bweet farewell !"
The little brook that babbles 'mid the
O'er twisted roots and sandy shallows
Seems fain to linger in Its eddied turns,
And with a plaintive, purling voice is
Sadder ana sweeter rbau uoy song can tell:
'Farewell, weet summer.
Warns and dreamy summer,
Sweet farewell!"
The fitful breeze sweeps down the wind
ing lane,
Withhold and crimson leaves before it
Its crusty langhter has no sound of pain,
But in the lulls it blnks to gentle slgh
ing, And mourns the summer's earlybroken
"Farewell, sweet summer,
Roty, blooming summer,
&wvet farewell!"
brook and breeze
their loss corn-
bird and boa and
make moan,
With melancholy Eong
I, too, m -i-t Join them as I walk alone
Amorgthe sights and sounds of sum
mvr's waning ;
I, too, have loved the season passing well,
fo, farewell, summer.
Fair, but faded s' mmer.
Sweet farewell I
The Northern Star.
LANI). The following beautiful poem, the au
thorship ot which is, we believe.un now.
whs nub'l-hed in the "Poetical Album."
edited by Alaric A. WtV. Boston, l.2
n n ' was therein credited to the Newcas le
four ant :
The Northern Star
ShI ed o'er t he bar,
Boi'ndlotne Bilticsea.
In the morning gray -bhe
-treiched away
'Twas a wtaiy day to me.
And many an rour.
In Meet a d t-fcower,
By the lighthouse reck 1 stray.
Aii'i watch till tl a k
For 1 he wiriKed l ark
Ot him that's tar away.
The church ya'd's bound
1 wmOer round,
Aiiru'ir the grassy graves; ,
But all I hear
I the noith wird tfrear,
Aud all 1 tee, the waves.
oh roam no- theie,
Thou mourner fair,
Nor pour the fruitless tear;
Tl y plaint of woe
Js ail to low.
The dead, tbey cannot bear.
The Nor' hern Star
Is set a'ar,
et In the rasing sea ;
And tlie btllowssp- eau
O'er the sandy bt-d
Tnat holds thy love from thee.
"Only a housemaid!" She looked from
the kitchen
Neat was the k.fchen and tidy was she ;
There at h r window a seamstress sat
"Were I a seamstress, how happy I'd btl"
"Only a Queen!'' She lookod over the
was her kingdom and mighty was
she ; .
There sat an Empress, with Queens for her
daughtei s ;
"Were I an Emprets, bow happy I'd be I"
Still the old frailty they all of them trip
in I
Kve In her daughters is ever the same ;
Give her an Eden, she sighs for a pippin ;
dive her an empire,- she pines lor a
name !
A Trip to the Clouds.
Colorado francos. Sept.",
In our last commnBication-we were
nreDaricc to ascend Gray's Peak". Tbe
COmparitive merits of professional guides
And the faithtut use of one's tofcsrti aid
eye6 in ordinary rambling and traveling-.
ciosm mat jetter, ana ieaua us in mis w
crdtr to bo consistent to proceed the re
mainJ'Js; aaKtauce alone. ' We "had . well
nieh forirottcn to speak of sunner, -which
we ate at nine o'clock wit ha,', relisb, &ed
without discomf. f urc.. V -It--oonewtea o
fried potatoes, f iai- me&U. fried.;egep
fried doughnuts. brcvi, me.ehee6, case.
milk and coffee, notvnihetan&ngneitliej
mother nor grandmolhor, tteited tts.-;; .
Our intention being to see tbe aaa rie
from the commanding and glorious giini--mit
which bears the i.&nie-. of t) ray's
Teak, the best for this purpoee of all the
mountains of Colorado, it became ijeqes-.
eary, of course, to make an early .start ;j
though the distance wis but four miles.
At two o'clock the cext; morning . ve
were in the saddle heaJed for the. moun
tain trail. The morning. "was withoui a
cloud, which, with remarkable'uniform
ity, ia the case lor several montba. of
the year ; though from nine or ten a: m.'
on into the Light all these higher peaks
are for Uie moet part tempest and clond
capped. The stars were glistening with
an unnatural Dnmancy ana epienoor,
Everything touched was crisp, for,from
the start we were above the line of frost;
The wav we knew not . except by ; the
poorly marked trail, there having been,
during this season but one or two.yisiti'
ors before us to the peak, mere was
something so fearful in the position that
we more than half regretted, tor a mo
ment, the absence of a guide. Yet there
was something so thrilling and grand
amid those awful solitudes, that an at
tempted cry for help would have been
instantly choked down.. . There was.
too, such a wild, strange fascination in
the wierd unnaturamess on every nana,
that retreat was impossible, liverythmg,
eliff and crag.yawniDg gulfs that seemed
to have no bottom. broodeS'over by the
silence' of death', became a wifl-o'-the-
wisn to entice tns child on. v. He who
in-realitvoT in Ms- dreaffisfaas 'noC "felt
the chill of a dark and almost absolute
mountain solitude, where the voice i
denied an echo, and almost refusws . a
sound, ha9 in store an exporietic'. wMcb
will disclose some depths of his being as
vet unknown. I here is an alternate
lata an aHgei;wnicu-.is somettnoes: wfencti
lng W aVenslttve nature'..;' "tt Jhere aro'.
tnougnis or uie som wnicn one iints t
breathe into the ear of the infinite amid
the wildest solitudes and under the,hpjy.
eyes of the stars -thoughts-'cnth.0rt3gb.t
elsewhere. .
Almost before we knew it the moon
came up from behind a crag, converting
with its touch, the frost n4' ice into.
sparkling diamonds. Difficulties . and
lonesomeness then vanished. We had
lost the trail only once, but had learned
how to find it, namely, to be in no hiiste
to make the discovery.. Nay, more, by
rather preferring not to:, fiud it . tor a
while, whistling a Utile, m way .or per
sonal entertainment One, m: order to
find a lost trail, mut also be in nJ fiar
ry though on the very edge of a thous
and feet chasm. Twice the path was
blocked with snow, but after a delay of
Bcarctly five minutes w ' discoverea a
. 1 1
way rouna, ana were rapiuiy appiuauu-
ine tbe summit. The htgb altitude naa
its effect upon beast and rider. 1 he poor
brute trembled in every limb, aud its
heart throbs were felt under the saddle. '
Though without orders from the Socitty
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Dumb
Animals, we dismounted, bat had pro
ceeded less than twenty - feet before pal
pitation set in i ah ttnnatuial. buzzing m
the ears followed ; -we gasped for breath
and leaned against an ice cold rock f of
support. Previous experience prevent
ed alarm ; sixty second rest, the system
was charged with the exhilarating at
mosphere, and the recovery was com
plete, though a relapse followed, but
slight exertion. -The hst 'of aa :ehth:
of a mile wa passed- by .Vesting-every .
ten or twelve feet. In" climbing moun
tains, when very faint, one may be
obliged to lie or sit down upon the
rocks ; but this should be avoided when
ever possible : standing and . leaning
against the horse ia much 'better, . there
being k3S danger of receiving a chill and
of taking cold.
The sacred ligbt of the morniBg soon
began to show itself. We paused before
reaching the summit to watch the won
derful changes every moment taking
place. The blue deepened in the north,
south and west, in proportion to tbe
lighting up of-, the. .east. Under, the
growing light, .objtxrt far and near eom
menred to take ou definite outline. The
shafts of dawn light, owing to the ex
treme rarefication of the atmosphere,
were so feeble as to be scarcely discern
ible. The smaller stars faded out with
surprising rapidity; the larger ones,
twinkling like things of life with eyes
of crystal an hour earlier, were shortly
almost lustreless.
The mountains began to kindle, as
under some approaching and glorious
majesty. The wonderful machinery
moved on with all the reserve power of
Deity. How silent ! there was nothing
like daybreak. The glowing fires kin
died about a given point ; changes more
and more rapid and marvelous followed;
new objects speedily sprung into exis
tence ; all nature seems to stand, for the
moment, with uplifted eyes and await,
ing the sublime culmination. The eye
was fixed - almost blurred. Then with
an effu'gencc well nigh blindiDg, while
we seemed to be looking elsewhere, but
were not, a point in the far distance
kindled into white heat in an instant ; in
quick, almost thrilling succession, peak
after peak, and crag after crag caught
and banded on the glowing torch ; dark
ness fi'd from the beautitul parka aud
open valleys, as if dismayed and con
tustd, into the unexplored fastnesses
and gorges of the mountains; the whole
heavens throbbed with living light ; the
earth was in , transports ; and it was
sunrieo on the mountains.
gray's peak.
Having now gained the summit ar.3
witnest-ed the sunrise, we were prepared
to take more definite observations ard
bearings. This penk has the honor of
beim? called the ' Dome of the Worth
Ameiican continent," and we think the
tefrn is well bestowed. It is included in
the ' Divide," its western dopes sending
their waters iLto the Pacific, its eastern
into the Atlantic Ocean. The Colorado
Eeaks are nearly in the centre of the
lecky Mountain rane;e of North Amer
ica, aud Gray's Peak is central amnpg
the Colorado group. It is surrounded
by a goodly company ; fourteen moun
tains, upwards of fourteen thousand
feet in bight and fifteen over thirteen
thousand teet, can be easily counted by
the tourist who gains its summit. Its
own altitude is fourteen thousand four
hundred and fifty feet. The extent of
mountain ranges which-it commands' we
are bure will make very one who visits
Colorado tieSpf rate to scaleits 'skks and
reach m "flats out; ' : .:
Looking southward the eje will first
take in the snowy mountaiit, range -fur;
rounding Middle Park, OVer. width Gray's
Peak stands as the eoutheusj' Mtjfi-thiol.
In these tame labyrinths atiit'J VrtVfic;v
tions of granite alao stand horg's , Pe-tikj
14.2C2 feet in' hiyht and '.fifty rnilea d-iis--tant
trom Gray's ; also" darie's Pc&k,
twenty miles distant and 13,0(X) tee V
hight ; likewise Mount Lincoln,' 14,123
feet ju aH'itiidij and 'fi?ty; tn.iles ' Ji:
taut, and a jutltf -t?.tiae. w;s$ :oe. ot
the inof t. remarkable " pjbnntams -: in
the ; world ' tbe -.". Afount .' of the
Holv - Cross; : It is In the' Bawatch
range is 14176. feet in beighVarid .dis-tan-t
f rt in i bo point we now occupy rut
iixtf nnleal. . It' is well to hear iji ;nind,
whirle 't hiDking iif .. "these ttietances; that
. they vetnix- la. t fii tarified and .tranepa--'.
reif.atmo&pheie lets than half, as tar as
they would upon : 1 he ; seaboard la the
clearest , weather. -This Mountain of the
Holy Cross, therefoi'e, -Bee-ms at air gfeat
.uiaiaccp ;' ubb js eauy wcucitcu imu mc:
thought that he cyuld walk; the distance
in a lewihours.; , ;. The : JIaycR-ri--party,
however; were-, several '-'fWys. iu: tmiiiy
findinff the wav to its base. : its aseen.t.
subsequently bticg made with. the greaU
est difficulty.. Thisa the only mountain
In', the world, beormg -this cohgecrated
name. , Upon a nearly 'vertical .face of
dark, gray rock is a ; writ nigh .-perfect
Ki!ii-if niire. white snow.'-: It Is of sacli
remarkable' siz?, and so perfect and deli-
.Bite are its outlines tbatothere .w : no-d-ifflcaltF
ia reiCognit'-Bg -it : even at;tae
distance of a bundred raile3. The enow
fillsaa upright fiiHureX0. feet Jh: broadlh
end 1500 feet, ia length ;. tbe horizontal
arta ' hi 'the crcs9 is of the Bame'breadtb, '
ao'iiitf midsumroec; is about - feet in
iength..- It is estimated that the sriow. m
-theaa tWo immch8e fissures is from CO, to
-J0a,fet ia depth ; so that ' the, scas-iu.
througb.t here fltapxis tnat; paajestre r;ross,
1500 by 700 feet. There are eyes which,
ft 11." wi'tbiteara while i Jookin-. upon' it
gome' " tourists " .'.6hout out' their wonder-;
while ot'bers are thrilled with silent att-.
miraf aoth , :Your;rofrSDondent is Cath
olic enough to cross forehead and breast,
at this Bight, eo suggestive and magnifi--
We need not speak of other mountains
surrounding ."this . . bewitching .'Middle
farfc. ; iioyv cleans cool and beautiful
tho-se; four falls" of granite. caDDed off all
sides with snow, including that snace of
fifty miles by seventy, with dark, for-
ci, open meaaows, peamiiur-streams
and mirror lakesr Were this park the
other side of : the ocean, . Europeans
would be beside themselves with ec
stasv;: lV'';--.'v,!; ; : '':-':'::'''-:
Passing the southern boundary of
Middle : Park, the eye : .will trace the
outlines of South Park, which is thought
by -spine," in its delightful climate and
magnificent scenery, to exceed in attrac
tiveness all others. It is 60 by 30 miles
in area and, like Middle Park. "is bound
ed ogu all sides by gigantic mountains,'
whose-peak3 stand far above the-line of
eterdai frost ;ana". .sfeb'w, IPikt's, Peak,
i4is teet Hifc-liTttia m Wiles distant,- is
visible. Also the continental divide, the
tfawatch extending west of it still furth
er soutn, 15U miles distant, tbe beautiful
bpamsia peaks, upwards of 11,000 feet
neiant, are clear to the eye. Ex-Gov.
J3?ans assured us that this southern out
look commanded- peaks-at -a distance of
Sliek tSe viaw- 'f ronv Orav'R hlSftak in
"that filrectioii.' Now 'look . west for a
moment. Just beyond the peak already
described is the invitiaa snow; range
fet?ilt beyond' caa fee $een t he Uintah and
Wasatch Mountains of Utah, and; at
few points the far distant Sierra Nevada
range. Here again, in view of Upwards
ot 250 miles of. mountain : rangea . west
ward will -reward the effort expended in
reaching Gray's Peak; northward the
extent ot mountain ranges is about, the
6ame. I he divide between North and
Middle Pai k3 . are the , first mountains
.seen. .,. Long's. Peak, slab.ding at aa angle
of the east "and south'-' walla -of North
Park, is- prominent." In this last men
tioned paikfisli and game are far - more
aoundant than in either Middle or south
Parks. It is the place for adventure ; it
has never vet been fully explored ; there
is no uuucuity. in nnaing , witnin us
ooundarwa plenly-of ..wolves . and . ante.
lopes. .'.'. '-;.' ; : ',.:,.' , -; - '
Away m the ' distance stretches the
Rocky Mountaha range, which forms
the western boundary of this nark, and
tne Medicine l3ow range, which forms
au extension of its easterly boundary.
Not far from 250 miles, therefore", the
eye. ranges northward ; and- eastward.
just beyond Denver,', tfio vast plains .-rise
up until they reacn too level ot the eye
isow, when we take into our estimate
the number of lofty peaks in this iname
diate neighborhood, also the variety of
scenery lakes green as those of Geneva,
bluo as that at Lucerne, and others
which nre perpetually , frozen ; parka
which.the world elsewbepe can. scarcely
approach : lOTesta never- yet explored
. i I. . . t" - a . .
tent and vast sweep ot View, in every
direction lonely, lovely, terrible, and
full Of indescribable ; majesty we feel
like asking to be forgiven for .visiting
Europe an.d going into raptures over its
scenery before standing upon your sum
mit, O dome of the grandest continent
God ha made. If any of our readers
can tell us where we can find a country
whose scenery surpasses this; of Color?
ado this iSwitZiriand magnified we
will ak Ittj forgiveness, and go there
tho coming year.
Having feasted eyes and soul to the
full, though nearly frozen, we slipped
the bridle ever the mule's head, put the
arm through it, and made as rapid a de
scent as was safe down down among
valleys and earthly things. Cor. Boston
Mow Sho Went Summering.
"I do declare, Harry ! but I think you
are too cross for anything ! "It's a
downright shame to want to keep me
home, and you off so constantly. Just
as if I wouldn't enjoy a summering as
well as yourself!"
Little Mrs. Merle was quite Indignant,
so much so that her pretty violet eyes
looked nearly black, as they fli?hed ac
ross the breakfast table at her husband
a big, handsome fellow, with the
loveliest golden moustache and dark
brown eyes; which at this particular
moment were wearing an expression of
serere amusement, as he looked between
the 6ilrer sugar basin and cream pitcher
at the pink rose on his wife's bosom,
heaviDg so irregularly through her de
cisive indignation, that the velvety pet
als fairly quivered.
Mr. Merle calmly dipped his Bpoon
into a tiny pyramid of glowing currant
i ''Keallv, Florence, I can't for the life
of me see what you are finding fault
with. Haven't you been out to your
mother's all of June ? Didn't I buy you
all the new dr- sses and fixings you
wanted ? I am sure there is nothing to
complain of with your pony phaeton
whenever you want it, your ticket to th
paik concerts, this nice cool house," the
servants and the children.
Mr. Merle delivered his rernsiik-i in a
very matter of-ttct' way, as if hisjOpiu
ion of the case hi question fettled it. .:
But Mrs Mirl-, wiih a -bang:; of her
fork as she hi'-d it down; lrtfjtisjat differ
ently, euJemlv, an i rus-nrail the cudgel
io her owu defense quite YaJiatitly,
1 Of course it. was perfectly lovely tt
go horue in. June, but I am sure you
went as well as I ; so we are eV:ii there.
As to the home conveniences here, Har
ry, that is a settled question, and not
under consideration.-.- Of course I've a
dear; delightful home ; but that's no rea
son why I should ,' want to rsmaia for
ever -i it.. , Besides, if New. York is for
me, why not for you? Then to think
a woman never gets tired of the society
of her children, if they, are. such dar-
.Uns!5 aa;e&rsl"; ' '.'., ..;;";'.'.'.'::
ilft'r eaiJfkt animated faoe wad lifted tn
'see 'the eif f-ct .of her womanly argurnejif ; '1
tHitxoe oniy result, as . rar -aa 6he'.cou!a
observe, was an iuQi.-eased .serenity and
TQfprt:aue'e in' li&r-ry'B manner,"-patient'
hi the caol de-liberation, with which he
; s!tlt-d and ate hia fgg.--- ..-. : ' -
: , " i ou duu t unuerstarid, my dear j that
f alb . Women seldwia -do ; : and J think
it bar4y''Duce8safy iEat 'I ehOald' cx
pl;iin, every tune I leav towst for a few
,daj.e thai it' is r-arwly.jejteept;; nCrgent:
buil uefcJj not to the- pleasure exeursions
you seem', to regard them."' '.:'r,; ;. .
Inlor(?0et; ; Uitehed ; atteti'U vejft ' .' half
dovtbtfui; exprtssioa o.a ;her prett.y faee-i
: V.'"" Baslaes aRMpi, Han-y'.? ; Oily', last',
.weiek'you tiad business at Saratoga'" and
:hj)W-VeH, it seems singular Mhaf you
are obliged togo to Long Branch on. the
sacne errand, j uat'ia.- th,-'bight.;0f '.the
fashlo-nabie season, too.''' . ':yy':V::;:y
. A. ; Sa;reastic.: S:mi'!e; ' -bagan-; to' .-'. erdep,
around b'er 1 lp,' but ; Mr.- Merle. ; waa per
fectly qutjl let this ;8"haf t "-di saiire
'If," ae I said,. wome0: were capabie:' of
underetamling business in all its ins and
outs yoa would appreciate the necessity
of my" being' af.'.'.theylirah'ch', for. .a.-fey
days at least, duringthe fashio'nabh sea-eHi;'-,-wheii-
the wealthy Southern 'abd:
Weste.TB peopJe'arlhfre, and an :opporj
t'vlhi"ty f Sef dd' te eeurE;-their - custom.;?
.'.'I'm very Bure-,: Fl6rence't.his. in .qwi'e'
aa aggrieved toiie-r-that it is ,as mmjri
for yoij- and thQ babies v as for 'myself:
'. that i'-go.?;-: : ; '..v.i'.v.- ) chl'-'yHi'-
: '. Mis. Merle stirrefl Jier.chocotate siowt- J
Ii thoughtfully; thtM suddenly ; looked
up. '-'. s. .'.. -''. ' '.' i ',' : .'".-.' S ; ' 'i' :J
' -. .V.vVell,.'whatevei,your."er'rapdy T "insist"
t h at I iitight -Jast' as "well gd as. &o't,-:. M ay.
I( "was ' a point', WaDk 'Questida--ftfie;i
asked it eagerly her cheeks gtawiag nsa
he: 'daih ty ;blessapi5 k t ': Avl ttla'n.aer,- h er;
eyes' if ell of ccaiin'gt'sweetc;vi-'.-'-:-'.
';" A Charmingly pretty tape, .;th4'fairei:
of fljnres and Harrv kne w ii was .'Bti ';
mly that self. same sweet: i face ;;had . sat
quire but fifteen minutes - to transact
but of course that . was none of Flo's
.business ; and if .he chose to make a
fortnight's or a mouth's affaiF of it," be
had no one to ask, : -Only, somehow, bis
wife s direct ; question floored him -for
one second ,'. tbea he i arose,' in aigBifid.
indifference, ; from ' the elegant little
breakfast table.. : - ; .v .
VI thought that was all arranged, I'fe- .
rence.'. Of course, vou can't Sn. W6-:
men are a horrid nuisance, .whey a fel
low a on ; business, rushing f rom one
thing to another, -anti never daring to
stop until everythiriy'g clone."
, To his surprise, Florence received his
well, Harry, of course if your
business will urge you so, and keep you
from having a good time, why that's dif
ferent. Poor boy I don't noprwork
yourself, will you ?"
tiarry glanced at her, as he took his
i anama on the hail rack. Was she in
I fan ? Then a second glance at her placid
! demure face, reassured him.
"Never fear that, dear And for be-
ins? sucn a sensmie little woman, you
shall have the bandsoment silk in N$w
York text fall. Pack my portuwat;ni.a-
will you, wifey.--'&nd have- ft . ready:
for the afternoon btiat-rfive-tliiny.'?."':,''.;.
. He ki3sed herand rushed up to the but';
eery for a "bye-bye." ta tbe pretty young
sters in their bath, and then went down
town, to arfang matters for that labor
ious, unenviable trip to Long Branch. -,
She- watched him down . the street, a
slow smile gathering on her lips ; the n,
turning somewhat - abruptly . f twx tbe
window, she consulted the merrily tick
ing clock ;on - the mantle, t hen ttou.1 a
moment in thoughtful delibei'utitm.NAaa
1 hen hastened ti p fetair3." -', . '-,
i ";-.'V " . '
' A group of gentlemen were standizig
leisurely about, chatting and fcinokjag ou
the ptazza of . the OceanS bouse,.' watch
ing the steady stream of patting car
riages,, promenaders and well-:filled hotel
stages.-,".' ' .,;:'::.-:'..;., -J . .: :':::
' ' 'There ! -that's the lady .' I ; spoke to
you of, Miehaeison-yontTer, .la navy
blue; .with the dark;veil over hi A face. . 1
never saw such a. perfect picture in my
life, and Buch a. walk." ; v
Mr. Merle. Indicated quit, eagerly the
direction in. which he wished his compa-:
Hion to look. : . ''-:
. "She ? Oh r I think I heard she vyas
a widowMrs. Ryve. - It seems to me
I've . seen her several times with Miss
Cunningham, bo if you are fascinated,
Merle, there's your chance. Laura Cun
ningham' will introduce you, won't
she 2": . . . ; . ,
:. Harry stroked his moustache, reflect
ively. "Well, she may. .If sh4. happens to
bfe in one of her jealous moods,
though -"
. Michaelson laughed. V ;
"Upon my word. Merle, youre too
badl You, an oli married man, wife
and babies snug and happy at home, aud
going it bo deep with, every prctly face
you fancy."
.Harry knocked: the slender column of
ashes' off his cigar with scientific pre
cision. . .
i 4,Npt so bad, - old fellow. Juat re-i
member It all amounts to nolhing, and
juat forget there is a wife and babies in
the bactg-found"
"I'm agre-ed only I wouldn't do it.
By-the-by, yonder comes Miss Cunning
ham. Yes, she bowed to and exchanged
a word with Mrs. Bive. She is grace
ful, Merle."
Harry answered, enthusiastically :
'Isn't she ? I tell you she interests
me amazingly. She was the first lady 1
met coming up from the train the day
I arrived, and I felt strangely attracted
then. Laura shall introduce me, or"
"Such an Idea, Mrs. Ryve J Why no
one wears such horrible thick veils as
you do. I am sure there are very few
faces among us that would better bear
unveiling such a lovely complexion !"
Mrs. Kyve smiled at Gussie Cunning
barn's candid compliment.
'Besides," Gussie continued, "I've
heard how piqued a number of gentle
men are because of that very veil Mr.
Harry Merle particulaaly. You know
Mr. Merle, don't you ? Laura's admirer
betrothed, for all I know to the con
trary." A sudden white pallor swept across
Mrs. Eyve's face ; but she averted her
head so suddenly that Gussie did not eee
"He's a real handsome, stylish felLw,
we think. There, Mrs. llyv. hare I
succeeded in pinrjiht; that, apray of cle
matis properly ? Thank you ! Yes, we
like turn aiUEyngly. Laura teems per
fectly eiiraplcred with him.-' -
Mn. llyvf toyed with her gilt-hatdlel
fa:. : ...
.?"Aad,VTr. Mr. Merle, you Paul lus
rjatiii was was piqued becau' I wore a .
: OiPWf laughed. : . ,
."o liura said. He wasls n ittlro .
du4 tma to you. . I'll give -it, if you 6ay
A little flish of Mra.Ivre"seys.O)ea '
hi r answer :
I tank sou' No. Mie Cn' n nc-
harrr.r 1 wly ani .frir: q-wct, -ami
hahit of . i brrvaCiou natural to I
don't Hi nil eare fur soeli-ty."
Ail riht l uassie. returned, cood.
natureiUy, "Alrhmigh,'.- why ever yry
came to the ISranch tor 'quiet. M can't
Mr. Myrle stood before hia lit tle look
ing glassy carefully arranging bis hair.
and gtvlng sundry, fiuishjag .toueueg-M
nis immaculate white lawn, tie- h:ind
some, gay-looking. ; fellow,'; treating hi s
thirty-five years very-lightly wi.iu few
worse faults than, considerable vanity,
and an insatiable thirst for flirting, with
every, hew,; pretty, face;-;': .Not that he
didn't love- Florence' ; ' dearly ' . imd truly
$irtitfg-0'ndlyv V; .'V-;A'.vV-"t ; :-.-,'; '
' .-Th i time,' Mr s. -. B v ve .w as : lh .ebfcf
.attraction,"-; before -; whose ; : -rtysttriocs
grace-;- even ; Lattra ' Cubriirighaai paled;'
feeveral attempts at ari.iBtrwduction' had
failed 08d& f ailiire butv'addirig. renewed'
Zegt t 'the- ehas,!, .untili" in - b.oaii.rv' .rio-
spaifr;-Harry -had' sent her lh ; m'ofst -elegant
basket. .'t)f 'ffa'wers, icOrit8lh.ing"a tiay
note that.-told Ms "ke'en.-.a4utrk.ti-rii'- and'.
- .Aott-taerB haa -eome- a ".datBry ltw
bftck-faaBdeil Qotelet 'acceriti'riK' : ha: fofi
eate :off ef ifigj.'ahd .'assuring lfj- iMerie'f'
i"m t"s iniuuicp auu ' aprecia-
Then Harry .had wFitten.a2ain.. "flrld
in a.week'e tiHie a half a dfiszen .bouquets-;
uai iuuhu luoir.way 10. vas; evres. yase
In Mrs, Rytertt .ropta, -ai ."-.tostay . ar
dent letters to thedr - plaeglia'ber 'riort
the Ocean. ' Everybody is sure to be at
one or the other, and J. wm save a . de-
hehtfni walk with her - on the sands
then there will come a few days of rides
and walks and danees, and enjoyment
generally, ana tnen-f-tne ena ot it an y
and, home to Fio and the babies,' and the
Office." ;;;.', ' ;' " '..-.-;. V?
A -sigh his better nature's tribute to
,tha wife he loved, and yet was acting so
unworthily toward- her and then. he
went to the brilliant scenes around the
ball room, and the piazza, and the clerk's
oiEce, to await the wished-for. hour of
ten. ' ' : ! ' ' :'''
At twenty mlautes of ' it his patience
was exhausted and he started forth down
ucean avetme, now quite deserted, .save
by parties hastening in .full dress to the
greai ngnteu oan room.
Down past the pavilion." the Centra!.
Jaush's he hurried,." yet knowing perfect
Jy well he woukl be top.oon ; ihea Wi
oig, giooni vwai .s. , ,Qi - tae . west Jiiia
loomed up, atd IM row of far-between
summer Looses on- the ti'ff." ended m the
one; Ali's.-Kyvc hail' designated, iuet-thia
. N.O Sue-was in near vieinage, although
.IIsli:ry sw- several ladies promenading
ine - croquet lawn. .. Then,;. len,-. fifteen
.Ttiinutes he waited in. ina patient'-, eager
ness, and then bis faith was rewarded by
seeing her come down the flagging from
the West
and cross the avenue op
posite the summer houses-tall, slender,
sylph like in her . trailing white dress.
and misty tulle veil wound s ; graceful
ly, ao arustissiuy over her he3d and face,
acu . wound her alabaster throat.
.- Bhe paused slightly ou. the : threshold.
ILarry.e prang to meet her. - - : - .
'.'Mrs. Ryve?" . c;
bfi binved,; little .n-ervo'u8ly,;iaiid en
.ffertd '. ", '-,:"'.'.- . -; '. . : -.'
; -. '.'But , cau : 1 '.'ever . tuffljienlly-, thank
yon for acceding to my request ? If
you knew how impatient I had been
how I have lonced for this hour vou
would know bow happy you have made
me :r. - ... ... ... .: - ;
. She did not make .any reply, and Har
ry saw how . astitateo she seemed. - ,
In his heait he admired her the inore
tor it. -. ... . .....
; "I am 8.6 an jious. to hear.yoHr voice
io. see your tace, thf 1 know you must
be matchlessly . fair,, tq look in: your
eyes ! Mrs. . Ky ve ' will yon allow me
the great happiness ?" :-..:;.-;-.-.
He touched her gossamer veil,-as if to
unwind it, -She ; murmured a. faint as
sent, and, elated with all the exquisite
novelty and romance of. the situation,
Harry tenderly removed the mask.. ; ;
"Nowface io faGe,-. most; charming
gootl heavens !" : .
. He dropped the tulle searf as if an asp
hid been lurking.amid the. filmy folds.
A low,, s weet laugh,- that was . suspic
iously flavored with not far distant tears.
"It ia really X, Harry. I I did so want
to knovyr the terrible business, that kept
you so much . from. .homo. Harry, I
think I'll join the firmu . .; ,
Florence looked steadily at .bun, sail-?
cy, reproachful., half-cantemj.nous, - :
Harry stood like a petrjfifid fctone for
a tuinute, then a remarkably sheepish ex.
preBsion crossed his couatenanoe.
"So you are Mrs. Ryve, are yon ?"
'He tried to. be rQanifieent, : but failed
perfectly ; -.nd. the-n .the tears came
leaping' from ; Florence's eyes ' in-t silver
cacadia.- , .- ' - '
. "Oh, Harry J . "tat thick that you never
cared for . me .any more than than
tO" . . - ... ; -;,:.-'.:;.-,--
There wailj-a ppporfttEtitjr- to get out
of this . scraps-'.; ' and ; he ' filled himself
nsobt admirably, therein. -.-.; .'-. -
"Thetv, deardoa't icry f Of course
it was all a Tike, f that if8. Ryve busi
ness. As if X dLlQ't.k.no- you, the mo
ment I saw yoii,: the day I. cam s I .- Did.
you really thixk I wjs in earnest, you
little rogue ? Am I not even with you
for com i na; to aw what I -.was about ?
Don't cry, Florence t You know I do
love you dearly.I : We'll go home to
morrow ; and be ever: so nice and coey
won't we "r" . . . . ; -,
And she believed Lini. The eweet,
trusting, heart, -sore: little woman actu
ally let iiiin tma fort her, and took all
tht) bUiuc t t vsVl W ffivir.
But, ui"a.l you, 'while Mr. Henry
Merle cougratalAtBii Itiaistslf his cute
getting-cut of -It, he has. vrwed acy num
ber of vows never. ti do so again.
Indiati Botanic,
oppille hini: nearly- three' yeara;'.BOW, at j preclude yori -will knew ma by a toilet
he- waa'abitiof a flirt very rauch; a'-Ja--
d v's naan and pinibg- fr" Aa; ?Jairug ; u t
himself.'-: iif.iii r4uV&WW?sv vi
the thing: ; '.To: ; .be;: sure, -be: leauy.tna
have pusmess with' a ; geotieraaa;;ai wie
But rjever ail 'interfewi-;Witli rIV ti's'
pleading, to ''looka th- face- he knea?;
was go sweet- :aftd .-kihd ."wirh aU: hia
gr acef ui- c.daxinaf.- .' : be . ;" mptsvih iPXa
touch'.the hand that .seo i gtich wreJeorHe-'J
even the promise &t .aa inter yietw.i vh-tiiy
BOwVtwO hours before the tmie
-ed in "as open letter 'hat -lay 'Oq' Jtits
lEg-ease- sure sheet -of -i fthhsy-;, ' kttifu
.barred note paper bearipg.'5feyerai Jines-
qr airs, .liyv.e s.oaiti .trei:ty::back-haijd.;-;
V: He ;h'd' read it .rapturously; . Ver 'ad
over ' and: nowas he Ioo'ked: imrial imtl
ai, jim. ;w?igm reaa. jt.-.aani,:. i tlie
guage.'dltghtetf ftini.v'-:Vv '-.' '' ''
.'peaJ.iar.Merlei::"! h'ave ta' think-,
ing -perhaps- J -aia. jeruel In - longer : with
holding jnyself fppfa fie. who-i - has beeh
so kind. lit ypii reany mt-h. to ' Per mfi.
iatMf.'are willing t,. rain the. risk "of- a !i3-"
appoiatment, when. you find lam not at
:u:;ijuc iuea. woman ypu pamt me, I will
Ie-.at the femaji: summer', house -, ODDosite
West Und, ati ten ;. this evehicg. If
bv.iy possibility others ihouid be in
tne vtpinityv.'Whiclil . think the bona will
of whiter and a tliile veil, -on m v t,
and. f acej "iand . arb.uncL' lay heck." .
,' iJSTow it was nine, and from : his room
Harry heard jthe. monotonous tuning of
the'lmhdvV'vV;"r'vlv . .
: ;3' covili hpt have ' ehosen a more
auspicious time.- .There are hons at. the
Ocean houw-pwiness. . ithafc and here at
One of the rtriain 1 f-iauTj", i vuU kAOvn
luiHisw-rtHjtujv yarH.? rb ratayti
l)oi.it'Err,. ha- iitBvivl aftt -tuvtratfv
years' Al'."-fiKo. Jiin ojl-i."t aii .tlUa V
N a m CK vTEli fT V. R KT, HIT TL A Nl, V T.,
. K,t i-l y oppoKle I'ost Orlie. - -when-
hj will eiwe Stilt 'jaitit.,' Ua-neeF
. T-unjf iv, ttomi-. Const,iia.i jin, yi6
: sla, tit&v$, ttjwy, Ui avet, IT its, Uat'urrk,
t.unj ;aul- -Liver Uiicis -a,. ltlieaufiittiTn,
NMuTHlit:. Ki'ijut'e oaipIa tiiA - tf h statural '
U'lMtjj&e.. e.. ,-: ., -..v ..-;-..-;,
1B. -t;HAv-R has viifel-. .vni-lnn .ti-Lbea
Of lD(3ian, liotb Snhtli iiiiJ Wayts $n j 'l7
r?at lpttb1j: SnV jpnip' h ' ftalui'il :
many vahiabltJ stprtjt,. w.lniti- iiav -ftere
ttJoe . Ijen entirely ".UnUiiowit to. -th
IworUl.'.'aiisK,' al IU.-'io miiiy tea-TEVpf '
Mutly ahtl epV)Hen'i acx-uri?i "bttn to
txtiteve. iliac, he - t-an . at'.eompllh,-jil. in
chronic di-ta-s's-, thu jnay tm .fjjecrtel,
fiom ih ln-etl aeBy of inan. 1 in Van.
tai s, ;'ltanioi;9 .anu, Humorsi' t h'-&0etfr'
ctft.uU9 aupet-loritv. over all- phyt'eiaas pf: 1
the agya h never faiiaiito are -when-
takeri n a proper f-tifrc. . , - , :
-': liV Cha-,(i tells evety IndJvlewar.-iheiJv
'.di9eas3 (.wrthont asking . qTjlii?if,- end',
describe tltfit eelinsrs io: alniil .aytsry-.
ta-e. Krtoi-e.minntely than tJiy.au.;posaiT-.'1
bty-do thHtBey&, aria oa'ieti'irtly' Bciea;--tjflft'PTtocip;'s-
i i . - .'..; ;':.'.'?:"'..'': f-
Jiiuni-uatiias .antleoB siiltatiwna tsrof. .
'vMB.e hrara 'IrjBnifjl. (U'ttvi &t l-.i.',;
,f AN'll0i9D--V'mV!-:Ii0T HOW'
:1jL.' itE.-f ij re Or-:-i ' ';" '-: ' ' r;- - ' : r; ;
' J"u8t. published-,' -a-''e:'6$ilin' ef .Tiri'
Ciitverweir Vi'I'brauil : $ & y. . on '
THi'iioal eure.-twithoBt-inedietn!,V tf
HpoFHiatoiThoeii,' -or '.-oiainat ? Weakness,
lH V-ohmbary -emi-rtal rjjo.e.."Ifl(t-'toiicy,-Mn-feil
anct' JPhvsifa-t Inlcpacsit.j:, Iui.ped.t
.nittiits.to: Man '.i-g.'-fei!.-.'f .fclaov- 0iii3uur
Uot,'. Kpile iisy ait J Fit1, iu ,1 u eit by : sel r
inlu lenfa r -8Cx;b -ai .est't.'aVakaAce, t c.
;. jflnoa tii a fii!ii.lwi ii.vt;li3e, only '.aix -e'fev'.
'.',:''''. :
.TUe etviob'! atol Hui61ifia-."nr this Admirable .
-es3aj te'l.e'ai,Jy-lefrii(iTSt-7;a'teS -if ent -ttn ri y
.tbpj seaHU.rwi waeiiw, Lntutsintt alarm
;iiir.-Coii.;s6queh.pes: p ae-lf-abuse Miy . ha. J
.i:ttutnauyui-ed. 'Uh;OH.t felJB tianrous use
of hu-i-n',i,f -TmjJia'iwe.Or :tne-.appl-iGattioii'
f iti katt,', 10-1 ati-ag a -niOkiii :o.f eare;
.-j; tts. eijal,icijta4a aofet .elTetttaJ, .by
f whl-alviv-ei-y tmSutei; tio mai; At-
fr.tt6 R.i9 eoi(j'lt-to te4y be.rnay ewrniiina..
ei f T-Vveurj y'f yy-r va twi y an ft titliit&fljt.-:- ' '-: :
;.-.Mr.ihU'is&i-eteu:l'be t mu ha-ads-pi.
iy.ery; Staulh-' sunt, every Baaa. - i-a-, the'
Jaa;';,;V;A-:'-:'-:.: :''::";:''.
( ,' fe.H t ii ft ifir seaU in a. .trta.-i rt '. 'm vo I 'A YV- -t i
4tj-4re--!e8triai-Bu J-eewipt .'&. it.-
.(5WUB'Ui -i.vr.w post suaiJip.... , ;u j; ,:.
: -A.l'4f!iS the pntiiishers, ' ' '':'. ';'."; I; '
S'S ty.-. '- ' .-'--. . ttUttWAH: & -SOV;.' :;-i
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nj Minnesota, and for Madison, St. Paul,
itinneanotis inlutii and all points iu le
great North wet. Its
'' iuon nnit t. Peter 1-lue
I the only route for Winona. Rocho'-ter,
trwatonna, Maakato, St. 1'e.er, New I'lm,
and alt point m SoutUe;n aud Central
Jllune.-tota. Its
trrcen Bdf autt Marquette Line
U thti only imvi far Janesviile,Waie town,
road tn Lao. Oshfeosh, Avpltn. Green
Itay, . Esexitaba, K'rtjamiee, Marquette.
ltou((hwi, Ilmteock ad tlte Lake auprl
or Country." lis
reeort n.FitI Hubiiue l.li-.e
Ia tli only route tor Khjm,Kockfordst "w
port and al points via Km-ponv -.Its.--
Vhltnfo and Dli jwHUitea l.ino
Is.theold Lain Snore' route, and ia the
only bins paM4; through 6-vanston, Like
'eret,.Ui! M VarkvW aukegan, claenid,
Jk.ewosh-a to Milwaukee.
: futhaan Palace Car
ic run rti all Ui rough trains of t hi road.
., .This)-) thoUNLT LINE running theso
jcslv$ Uwrweeu Chicaeo and St. Paul, Ch i a
fA antt MU wau.k or Chicago and Wino
na. .' '.-- :
- At Oiwaha our sleepers -connect with the
'Overland' Srlyopevs on itli Union Pacific
railroad, for alt points west of the Miisou-ririverv.-.;.,';:.-:
-'--.'-'-' .:.
.' ih Srr-ival of the trains from the
-KHsrt, or Souih, thft ti-;t.:i of i Clticaffo A
North weiPterrt atlw!y t.fc.AVli (JtUCAUO
as follow.!. . .-'--''.-
- For CO UXCIL, JSL X.'Ff'S. O MA 11 A and
CALIFOKjyiA, two ThrousU -Tialiisdany
witti Full'Tiau I'ttlatO Drawing Room and
Mecptn'trCars throuK'' to Council Uliiil's.
Two Through Trains daily, with I'uilinmi
i'alace earn on both trains.
ior GREEN BAY and LAKE 8UJir
RIOR, Two Trains daily, Willi. I utltnuit'
i'alace cars attached,and running through,
to Marquette.
For MIL. WA IJKEK, Four Through
Ti a 119 daily, Pullman cars on olttb't tajr.
-Parlor Chair ears On day trains. - .
For SPARTA and WISONA and. pOiJits
in Minnesota. One Throufrh Train iaijy.
with Pullman Sleepers to Winonsu '
Ifor '.DVBUQUK. via Freeooi t. Two
Thronn Trains daily, with Pullman car
on niht. trains. .
Chotos; Two Throuah Trains daily; wjth
Pulirnan eirs ou nlghfi trainsta ILkGcegm;'
Iowa. ' v .
:tSJ'0 UX UZ Y and yAXSTtn, io
tratni. daily. PuiU-Bian , cars -.icr. iIS!Ou-i
yaHey-JuheWoh- '.- -'.t.'..-.
: For . i&ii&lC-.-M&XB VJLi - 'ottr-":-; traius"
dally..'. v
.NiMiHA, - YWL&j:..; KAIX. ..'.'Qllu:r:
poiatSf ' Vou.icaa ' Uave tswk .- il- itiw
train dtulvw---- : :'.-.". -,..-.'.-;..'-.:
VVjs'cw'ToriOTOCft, No-413 Browlwayi 116
ton otflee,-Jia.-5 tata sin-fll ; -ot&aiirji hmevt.
'25.5 Fai-nUatu, '?n;t ; San i'tttHWco - A-llIije,
.iit.MoBJffonjery ttretst Ciueair'.-T3cKt;-.
oillcea,.'t) 'Clarlc -std-e- undur-Sheitiian-House
comer Caal aA hi adjon streeis;
li-tnxi4 street depot,-cor.' W. Kmzte aud
C"anal ; Wolls atreet depot, cor. Wells and
'Kinzie streets . - .: . ;
For rates or information' not att it asiIsi
from your home tieket agents, aopiy to ::
Will. fcTKlSNETT, ,, JttAUVlN llUCUITT, -.-'.':
uen.rae8. Ag'6, .- . uen. Sup'tr,
With our printed directions, no instruction or mechanical skill is required to operate h.
The construction of the machine is based upon a principle of unique and unequalled sim
plicity, comprising simple levers working upon centres. The bearings are few, and they
are hardened and polished.
The machines are made at our new works in the city of Newark, N. J., with new special
(patented) machinery and tools, constructed expressly to accomplish what we now offer.
JZvery tnacJtin fully warranted.
"d6mestic" SEWING MACHINE CO.,
IS"e-w York nnd Oliieugj-o.
. J. B. MEEKER," Agent, Rutland.
N. Weeks & Sox,
Wall Papers'
Of nil grade, from 8 cent to
2.) per Holl.
Washable Paper.
Immense J$tOol.
House keepers are ltvited to call in ind
examine our styles.
A! s i, can sliow you a fu!l linelof
and FL'lOUTUftE.
gfgal stiffs.
The nndertfsmed having been appointed
by the Hon. Probate Court for the district
of Itatland, commissioners to receive, ex
amine and adjust ail claims and demands
of all persons ugainst Martella P&rris,
late of Dauby, said district, de
ceased, hereby give notice that we will
meet lor the purpose of examinlmr and
allowing aaid claims at the ofllce of J. C.
Williams, in said Danby. on Saturdays,
September 3), IsTO, and January 15, leT7,
from 10 o'clock t a. in., until o'clock p.
uu. each of eaid dy, and that flic
months from the lS)ih day of July,
A. D. 1376, is the time limited by said
court for taid creditors to present their
claims to us for examination and allow
ance. Dated at Danby thia 33th. day of Aug..
A.D. ls76.
27 w3
1() Merchants' How,
- Chicago...; -i
Hag made arrangements to fte' at 'WalHtts
ford House, WallingtoJd . Vt.V.ftloadajT
and Tuesdays; at the ttt Wailingtoi'd
Hotel, Wednesdays and ThHtedAys -r And
at the Bomoseen Houie, -Castleton,' t'rl
days and Saturdays. Persons la want o
deutistry of any. kind will receive first!
clasH work by applying to me. I ne noth
ing but the very beat' material and guar
aatee BaOafacuon, -.- ..JanaadAwtf
f'orirtt.fly VoKTHKlt! 1 UASPOKTATIOS
t:i. 1 . nf i-mng of
iNTAi.rit riusr ti,
O (t i ii NSBi It G .
osw (".; ( i.i Vklaxii, t leuo,
IUvIU'MT. p..R- lltl;O.N,
And a'l Pnint-t Wkst, North-West and
fcouTii-WKKT. Th Old Reliable Line
Ki?-Et:tl'ihcd, aid will leave Oti
DKNSUUhG. d:ti'y, at 1 o'clock
p. m., on th? ai ival f ti bins
tro-" li Soui.n nd Kast.
Th'u line h-J- rewnt y 'alhMt Into lljc
IiHiii- of it- form -r in tin )!, and no
jiains will bo s;-r:d to notk i iliU us here
tofore, THE PK'iJ'LE'.- F.WOUU'K KOCTE
All lirt t!u s-t tickets inclti ?e Meals and
The iaj"Hi.fr.fr hnsiness will receive rar-
tioul -r a' tent iin tlii s -aoii. an 1 the nub
I c cm r I v on tne Itoats Iotving Jxi-u-ritirjrou
iimt, ruiktng sure eonnnutions
for all romts Wtst.
; The Uo:i have bee-i thoroughly re
paiil and painted, have experienced
n??i n-i st ward , and h;ive lare Cabins
Ro.etiMAte Kixuu wtll f .mished for rir?t
i'H p f-venircrs.
KJ.tt.j for ia. -h we or freights al ways low-pr-i.fiau
onvotlior tine.
felMifO'ifli tu-lri-ts and other infoima-ti-ou
f-HJi be obutioeil at al' it iilroad and
Tieke otttot-s iu Near Krglnnd, Nortbeia
f.f w Y ' r ic h nd Oiiu ml i.
B3;t will b- for lhe inte'e-t of . p&Hgen
fersaml f tu iiif-f, goin.-? Wt-st, -to consult
theng.:ntof thH tine bt:ti'e jmrenHins
tickets cUc-whtrc. "
Prcs't and Gen'I Manager, Cleveland. O.
O. A. Kuuv, A?t.. Ogdensbarg, N, V.
V. W. Halbkkt, Pdsen(if Apent. On-dt-nsburjf,
. V. iswtf.
Be It remembered, that at a session of
the Pobate Court holden at Uutland.with-
in and for said district, oa tne 8th. day of
September. A. D. 176.
rresent: lion, Walter C. Dunton. Judsre.
Whereac, a certain instrument in writ
ing, under peal, purporting to be a copy
of the last will and testament of Joseph.
Gre.-lev. late of Nashua. N. H deceaju-d.
having been this day presented to eaii
Court of Probate, and duiy filed in lh
Kegister'8 office:
Therefore, it is ordered that all per
sons interested in the estate of said de
ceased be not i tied to appear before said
Court, at the Probate Oliice in Rutland, ia
said district, on the 1st Tuesday in Oc
tober, A. D. lsS7i. by publication of this
order.three weeks successively previous
thereto, in the Rutland Hkkald, a news
paper printed at Rutland aforesaid, to
show cause, if any they may have, why
said inst ument ia writing t-hculd not be
prove I and allowed, 5u tats .State as tbe
laft will and te;t.a!:Jtit of the sail de
TK1. O. UO It It I V S.
w3 Kegister.
The underf iffned havingbeen appointed
by tlie Hon. Probate Court for the district
oi Rutland, commissioners to receive,
examine and adjiutt ail claims and de
mands of all persons auainst Joeph
Rogers, laie ot '1 in'iioutu, in said dis
trict, deceased, herwby give notice that
we wii; meet lor the purpose of i.
amli inz and allowing sell claims at bis
lai re-ideiicem Tiiououtu. tha id Friday
of October, and tti first Friday in
Maiiti, is. 7, irom lu o'cloek a. m. un
til i o'clock p. in., euch of said days. and.
t iiat moit! J;s fi-oia the bt h day of septem
bri A. 1). 17 I- WW time limited by said
court tor frnid ct-tltora to pre!ent tbtlr
claims to ui lor examination and allow
ance. Dated at Tinmnth, Uii3 lj;h day of
Etiptember, A. 1. 7;.
Sa 3
Insurance Co.
1ST rt ico. of AseeFeraf-tit for 1878.
The members of the Vermont' Mutual
H'lle-Iiisi'irnnce Oompany are hereby noti
fied that the following asesne't have
been male by tlie Director on Notes in
force., on the toUowtugday, tcrwit
Au.au :t 7, lfc7.V
Angast -3, lro..,.
Bep fc - rn be r 11 , 1 7.
-C'titei-iibei' 2 '. IK75V
October S3, 1S75.'....-
November 6, 1S7." -i
J 'muibw 2 j, 1873.,;
January 21, IHiti
x.biravy. 5. IStfi..
reUrnai-y Jt, Isjil
March i) 3S7(j,..v.v..;
April 2t I71.
June-1. uG;..-t.,..
Jn ly . IV Ir7t5..,-...i..
July If, i:-if.
j,t-4 per cent
j.I- per cent
i'i tier cent
, .. l-i per cent
-M p-r cent
i.l-4 per cent
...1-4 P"r cent
..,1-4 percent
............ per cent
.1- per cent
. ......
...1-4 per csnt
,-l-tper cent
.1-4 per cent
........1-4 per cent
1-4 percent
Makiiv? ...
.4 1-4 percent
for ttoo year ending August 1st. 167'. to be
paid to tbo Treasurer,- at hi.s olue in
-iionrpf.ner, on or bero.r the IStft iay or
October. t;o. . -. O. J. VAIL, Treasurer
.:rontpe;i'-r,'Au3. 2, 1S7. . ' tepttwaw
Is now iestored to Its nat
ural color by tbe u.e of . .;
ntoa a nuprma
AlKir Hrttarativc.
'fhe improved article Is
now tatting the lead over
U other, leaving toe hair
'l-s&n., soft a.nd glossy. O.
v.- COok &.Oo.y Chicago,
sole Agents fir the United
states and Canada, bold
fty all Druggists every
rnere. Trade supplier! by
Os, ew lork. .
QETEsXNlAL SUIRTJ?. .; ' : .
- O fer f, male to measure. No need
to send away for Shirts. Yon caa get bet
ter made and better tit Ung Shirts at .N.
iLEiatLlW.', Xry tbem.. . . - .
Us it remembered, th:.t at a fcesnion of
the Probate Court bolden at Rutland,
within ai.d for t-aid Uitr ot, on the l&tb.
day of Septemtier, D.1S70.
Piesent, lion. Walter C Dunton, Judere.
VVheiea.-, a certain instrument in writ
ing, uri'ler seal, purporting to be the last
wul and te-tauient of ilnry II. Dyer,
late of Rutland, in said diattict, de
Censed, h ivin heeii thU day presented
to s iid ( ourt of Probate, and uuly flied ia
the Register") Oliice :
Thereiore. it is ordered, that all persons
interested in the e.siate of said deceased
he noiiiied to appear before said Court, at
tlie ProOute oliice ia Rutland, in said dis
trict, on the 2d Tuesday zn October, A
D. l7o, by publication ot this order, three
weeks successively previous thereto, in
the Rutland Hekjlu, a newspaper print
ed at Rutland 'aforesaid, to show cause, if
auy they may have, why said instrument
in writing shouli not be proved and al
lowed a- the lt wlil and testament of
the said dcceabe-L
Re it rememb-reft, that at a se-sion of
the Probate Court, holden at Rutland,
within and for said district, on the J9tt
day of September, A. It. lt7-
Present, lion Walter C Dunton, Judge.
Whei-eas, a certain in-trainent in writ
ing, under i-eal. purporting to be the lasi
will and testament of bamue lie mice, lat
of Pittsiord, in taid district, deceat-ed
having been this day presented to taH
Coartof Probate, and duiy file." ia ti.-.,
Register's orHce ;
Tnerefore, it is ordered that all persons
Ini erected in the estate of said deceased I
notitied to appear betore said Court, a '
the Probate bilice iu Rutland, in said dls
trict,on the a 1 Tueslay in October, A, 1,
187b, by pablicatiou ot this order turet
weeks successively .previous thereto, n,
the Rutland HeralJ, u new?pper printeo.
at nutlind aloresaid,tosliow cause, if &ny
they may have, why eai-1 instrument nt
writing hhouldnot be proved and allowe- t
as tho last will aud testament oi the saiu
36w3w Register.
- Iri Probate courft. held at Oastleton, in
Baid district, on the IStUdayot September
A. D. 1670- . ... ,
Henry Lathe, executor of the last will
of Albert A. Boynton, late Cf Pawlet, in
paid distict, deceased, presents hi admin
istration account, for (examination an
allowance. - . ,
Wheieupo", it la erdcred by eaa;couri
that 6aid account and maid application b
referred to a ession tUerertl, to be held at
the Probate Ottice In said Cast leton on the
Ktu day of October, A. D. lS7t for bearing
and decision thereon ; and it Is further
orderedjthat notice 'hereof be given Iq
all persons interested, by publication o
the same three weeks successively in the
RutlandHerald, a newspaper published at
Rutland, Vt-, previous to said Viae ap
pointed for hearing,that tbey may appear
at said time and place, and show cause, if
any they may have, why said account
should fcOt be alowed.
33 w3 Itegister.
jqOTICE. "
AU claims and deqi.ahas against (he es
tate of Fran klla laxditt fcnd the firm of
F. Burdltt A son, of Ptttsford, must be
presented to the administra-or of the es
tate on or before the 3. tU day of Septem
ber, and alt accounts due the estate must
be settled previous to iiat dite.
B order of the aduiinihtrator,
w(d . RAoOil CUEDIIX

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