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Vy.' -
Senator Carpenter of Orleans county,
nominated lr Charles L Edwin of New
01 1 : seconded by fcanator Uutterfleld, of
Windham county, and Mr .Ladd or Al
ienator Huntington .
countr, county, nominated Dr Hirxn H
At water, of Jiiitlini;ton ; neoonnod by ieu
ator W neelocU ol l.uinoillo county.
senator Davis of Windsor county, nomi
nated Ur Harvey S Calderwood of Greens
boro; aeconded by Mr Feck of Ira, and
Mr Eaton of Danville.
vnat or Huntington of Chittenden coun
tv'Mr Blodgett of St Johnsbury and Mr
Katon ot JJauvtlla were appointed teller.
1 lie ballots having been taken ana count
ed resulted as follows:
Whole number of votes cast
Necessary for a choice 11"
Kdwurd o l'orter haa 75
Charles L Erwlnhad W
lliram 11 Atawater had 3'.
Harvey S Calderwood had M
Scattering 3
And thereupon it appearing tnat there
was no election, a second ballot was tas
en. MrErwinof Newport withdrew his
own name, and iseconded the nomination
of Dr Calderwood of Greensboro.
Dr C'alderwood's nomination was also
seconded by Mr Colton of lrasburgli, ana
t,i.,inr Crnnt nf Orleans COuntV.
senator Huntington of Chittenden
rnnntv withdrew tne nomination of lr
II II At.wn.ter.
Senator Uutterfleld of Windham county,
Mr 1'eck of Ira and Mr Colton of Irasburgh
were appointed tellers. Tne baiiow nam
ing been taked and counted resulted as
Whnln n nmhfir of ballot Jt 237
Necessary for a choice 1-19
Kdwurd O roi '.er had lot
Harvey 8 Calderwood had 132
t-oat t.filnir 4
Harvey 8. Calderwood of Greensboro
having received a majority of all the
vnl.M msr. h wrs declared dulv elected
to the elllce of Commissioner oi the ln-
o'.no tnr that wr vnurt nPTt. ensuintr.
Mr t rench of Woodstock said that inas
much us a bill has passed this House giv
inirtho annolntuientof the Superintend
ent Ot the estate .Prison to the Governor,
nml I to bill havintr nassed the Senate
with mt slioht. nrnfmdment. in which he
hud xio doubt the House would concur, he
rrww.vl to lndpflnitelv nostDone the elec
tion ol Superintendent of State i'rison,
w i; It: h was agreed to.
TTjj'"l'trt iiAarof the State Prison
Senator Huntington of Chittenden county
Ti-jmh.ulMd lion u ai opauiuingoi jentuu,
..r.r.,.Aii hv Himntor Wheelocli of La-
Mr Martin of Chelsea and
Mr r.lodgett of St Johnsbury. No other
ntirn fceiug presented, he was elected by
a viva voce vote. .
rMi;i;niiil liirprtor nf thfi State Prison
Mr llnnrv of Cheat i;r nominated Asa O
F ter of VVeston ; seconded by Mr Sabin
ot .Myntpcller and Mr Martin or liOnaon
Senator Davis of Wiudsor county, notn
IniiU'd Klon ti I'ettiizrew of .Ludlow, sec
onded bv Senator eiuiona of Rutland
limit u Mr I.vnrtrt nf Marlboro. Senator
Huntintrton of Chittenden Icounty, and
Mr t'rpni'h nf VVnniktmlc.
Mr Martin of (Jholea. Said W6 have
two good men in nomination ana he
hoped we should elect both of them, one
at a time, however.
SutiKtor Simons of Itutland county, Mr
l.vnile of Mai lboro and Mr Sabin of Mont
ucller, were appointed tellers; the ballots
having been taken and counted resulted
114 ml lOW.4 i
Whole uuuib ir of ballots 6
Necessary for a choice ...114
Asa U Foster had
Klon G l'etiigrew 147
Scattering -1
Ami It. Hiiiii'iirintr that Elon G l'ettigrew
of Ludlow had received a majority of all
the votes cast ho was declared elected
second director of the State prison for the
two year next ensuing.
For third director of the State prison
Mr I5iihel(im- of Arlington nominated
Hon Amos Aldricu of Woodford : second-
by Senator Guild of Bennington county,
torliuilnx ol llonntngton ana Mr ranter
of UiKr.ir.
Mr Wooabridre of Verirennes noralaat
ed Cvrus Jcnulriua of Hubbardton; sec
onded by Mr fcsitby of Brattleboro and Mr
cimsieaa oi xownsnctuJ.
snnator Guild of Beniitnaton county.
Mr Kstev of Brattleboro and Mr Huitag of
liennington were appointed. leilsiM. Iho
ballots having been taken ana counted,
resulted as follows
Whole number of ballots ...42;-!i
Ntcessary tor a choice ..117
Amos Aiuricu Had an
Cyrus Jennings had 138
Scattering.... 14
And it appearing that Cyrus Jennings of
Hubbaruton had lucelved a majority of
all the votes cat, he was aeciarea auty
elect ed Third Director of the state Prison
for the two years next ensuing.
For First Trustee of the Ketorm School
Senator Grout ef Orleans county Bald that
Hon Paul Dillingham of Waterbury de
clines to servo lor another term ; he
therefore nominated Charles Kogers of
Wheeiocir, and he was duly elected by
viva voce vote. ... ,,,.!
For seoond Trustee of the Baform J
.. fr-l Knimtn, xiw of Vfnlctla county
a viva votiuitn.
t) Of tbAlinrnrm KnKnnt
Mr Martin of Otvolsea rouiiuateii: linn.
rick btevena of Vrgennen. seconded bv
12, 1874, relatiag to two parishes ,1a" the.
town of Westminister j lead, ttiicd titae
and passed. I : .v .. -
iuni 7T:f'(Mflw xtjf t.' jhi.',
artpronriatlua nvo hundred dollars lor the
celebration o I tftn t omiug centennial of
thebattio of Hubbaidion; refneatoa
special committee it tne senators irom
hulland county.
From the Houie, requiting reports of
costs, in criminal cases ; adopte-l.
On motion, aojouruea.
aktkhnoos .
The 8enHte met hi 2 o'clock, the Pr ei-
dent in the chuir.
11 30i, annexing that V T' of mr itaven
lying west i f I'ouitney itv- r o New im
was reu tne tnau timo aim, m mu"
tion of Mr Belden; ordered to lie.
At 2)4 o'clock the! senate proceeueu 10
Representalives' Hall to meet in Joint
Unfinished business-S 4ti, an act to pay
N T bprague, Jr, the sum hertin namea,
wu ttenn tin ana nraerea id id
Bias read the third time anapassea in con-
eurrence-U iio. to legaliza Cavendish
h 'Zi4. io leeaiizs eranu iisva u inn-
H 41. legalizing tne granuiist i oi jsiuuui-
H 377. lavine a tax on nan Klin county.
tr 9sr innnrhorAtlnsr the Wesson Branch
railroad companv (with proposals OI
MeporU From tne juaictary comminee.
an oct In orliHUnn lo KfC. A. h;m 31. a s:
rend twice and ordered to lie auu be
nrin Afl -
. . . . . ... i it i i : . if w
Jims oraerta io ve uwu, mm
relating to game and flsli.
11 1, relating to nsneries. etc.
On motion the Senate adjourned.
Senator Seymour of Addison county, and
Jl wa duly filected by a viva voce vote.
For Hist trustee ot the University of
termom riHitj Agricultural t;onege, flir
Colton of Irasbuvjiu nominated Hon Asa
hel Peck f JerlcLi, and be was duly elec
ted by a viva voce tote trustee for the six
years next ensuing.
For second ti usieo of tho University of
Vermont and State A srrioiv'Vtral College,
Senator Walton of Wahiaton county
nominated Hon Paul Dillingham rf Wa
terbury ; Mr Paul of Pomfret nomin&tttd
Hon Ciosbv Miller of Potnfret.
Senator Walion of Washington couniy,
Mr Paul oi Pom ret and Mr Abeil of West
Haven weie appointed as tellers. The
ballot having been taken and counted
resulted as (ol ows:
Whole number of ballots 2Ci
Necessary for a choice 1U5
Paul Ulllingham had J30
Crosby Miller had..... 78
And it appearing th , Hon Paul Dil
lingham having received a majority of
all the votes cast, he was declared duly
cmcieu sveonu trustee ior the, ix years
next ensuing.
For third trustee of the tniverslty of
lecmuumou ainxe Agricultural coiiege.
ocunwir simoiuut unuAttu county nom
inated Henry Clark ot Rutland ; seconded
kjt .jciioiui ueeiocK 01 xaiuouie couniy
Senator i.ynae of Orange county nomiu
nted Hon Crot-by Miner; beconded by Mr
Colton of Ira-bunr. Sir Lvnde of Marlhorn.
Mr Adauis of L jo&burg and Mr Harlow of
kenator Simons then with the concur
rence 01 senator Wheelock withdrew the
name ef Henrv Clanr. nl thcninnnn linn
Cioiby Miller of Fomfret was dulv declar-
cu eiecuu tuird trustee for the six years
licit DUSuIiil' hi viva viio vilu
The Joint Assembly was then dissolved
nuu me senate wituurew.
I'KIDAr.NoV. S4,
The Senate met, tho President In the
Heading of Scrlrtnre and prayer by Ecv,
Mr. Parker of Jt.jtidloe.
Bills, etc , intvu'lu-ced and rterredVL 1-tfl,
thtreln named ; read twice and referred
to committee on claims.
U 304, an act to return Tat) iek Sullivan
to his legal lights and privileges; read
-frtee-ana referred to general committee.
Unfinished bu.ijess s 42, sn act to repeal
sections 41 and 4-J, chapter 25, g s, relating
nj iiauiutjr ui lumia iui iivuiio namage,
was taken up as a special order, and, the
question ueing mi all me Dili ue read the
tiiira nine" senator Sowlcs moved to
auienu oy Buo-vuuting o y aitr section 1
Senator Walton moved that tlie bill b or.
dered to lio and made the upeclul order
iur va-jiioiTow uioi ning as o clock :
nfjavvs. tv jtaa ivt iiojo in,
if.fc, an act to provide lor tho diatribn
uou oi noueri;' uigesi, was taken Up
and tho amendments proposed by the
im committee agreed to, and the bill, as
"amended, read the third time and passed.
8 43, an act in amendment of sec 7U, chap
31, g s. was taken up; the question being
vi. ..uci iunii auiciiuit'cuis proposed OV
enator Pelden, the yeas and nays were
aeinanacu, wnicn were yeas 12, nays 11
the President voting in ibe afHimative ;
th amendments weie tJbeu eeverally
Ou the question, Shall the bill pass?
Senator Simons demandet the yeas and
nays, which yere-yeas It, nays is, the
President voting in the artlruiative; so
tlio bill was passed.
Senator Walton moved to reconsider
mo tui nn.iiuK o no, an act relating to
" " mo municipal cojrui:
agreed to and the bill recommitted to the
commit ten on Judiciary.
Itecttl the (Mrd timea, 157, an act to pro
vide ;'or tho printing of the Li?liMti
I 1 1 1'Ofil rt nnyi.rl --vw
H331,au act relating to the officers and
,M75cr-"Wtoe t-te Prison; pSfed.
uof the State: 4 luu DW0 lor
ii nam it'uumi': aureedto
Senator Sowles moved to reconsider t h
vote agreeing to proposal of amondment
of the committee; agreed to anTi Jri
rVaWd. lcatl tuo l0Ira "mo and
. -R1orts From cominittoo ...
lavor of S 107, an act to paVv iham ofi'in
romti'samein favor of H 2"4 an
orderecT. ""UM' mua reading
load fnr.nt.,..i V"
fused. uerj talrd leading
reading ordered. "6"DU to, ana tuud
From special committee. In f.vor of n
, au act repealing aa act approyca
Reading of Scriptures and pi ayer by the
. ....... . ii . . A A. . w. A . n (ii. r f
Jteaa intra time n ,w, m niuouuiuoun v..
section 2, cht.pu?r77, g s, relating to the
standard weight of grain, etc ; pa&sed in
H 7(1 to pnrnuriiP'ft tne Lrainine oi cjiu-
mnn anhoni teuctiers. mr bdhiiuuk ji
uorra unit Mr Guernsey of Castleton op
posed the bill at length, and the House re
fused to concur la its passage.
Beports From committee on euucaLioii,
In favor of it 216, i relation to normal
afhrr.- third rendinEr ordered.
itiotyy, nfimniitt.f h on luuici&rv. unaiuau
n 149. relating to practice in couits vi
chancery ; third reading refused.
vmm HP.fo.t commit' e on H 177. tore
man th oKHtera nttri, of the state, against
" . . 1 .... AM,.,,....a rf
Its passage ; on motion oi iui auuionsi i
lirlghton, oruereu to e.
irom commiiiee on juuiuiaij, kumi
n 227, to re ' section 10, chapter 9t. g s,
relating to tr he in intoxicating dilnxs
third readlnsr refuse'!.
Hnrnint tvrtlprll ssi. rf latin? to me re
form school, was taken up as the special
r,ril.r fnr tin oVlnok.
Mr Eaton of Dunvi n moved tnat roe
bill be i.mendcd by striking out the first
section. . , . .
Mr snracruo of Jirandni exniaincu hi
leuiith the action and views of the com-
r-ilt.t.o. fnvnnntr the olll.
Mr Ohamherlin of Sharon and MrLynde
of Marlboro lavored the motion to amend.
Mr Dillingham of waterDury mterro-
cntedthfl committee and discussed the
merits oi tne Din, tne management ui iuo
institution, the system pursued oy our
courts and Justices oi the peace in sen
tencing boys to the school for mercy
trivial causes or for vagrancy, and tavor-
Inerthn amendmunt as tvndlna towaru a
conservative policy of manpement in all
things relating to the school lie ciieu
the experience of other States, and
showed that relatively we hive many
more sentences to the school than tney
H orot.este.1 that he was crrttatlv interest
ed in the prosperity ot the school, and he
honed we should pursue a policy wmcu
would not arouse opposition in the State,
Mr Woodbrideu of venrennea made an
AArnnst ifanera.1 aDPeal iu behalf ot tue
children-the wards ot the- State. He ar
gued that It was both a duty and econo
my to noeraiiy support tnis ciass oi insti
tutions, and narrated an interview with
the lamented Lincoln, in which he most
earnestly recommended the reformatory
system of training boys who na t been
KuiltT of small atfenses. Ill detatet the
lilstorv of the lemoval ot ihe school to
Vergennes, and the expenditure attend
ant upon that removal, aad the uiaiiHHe
mnt of the school during the past bien
idnm, and eloquently pleaded for the
appropriation necessary to enlarge the
aocoiuuiodstttons of the school. He dis
ehdused any interest in the matter be
cause it happens to be located in his own
city, and .c!vooitd the measure on
broad general Principles.
Mr Olmsteau of iownshend discussed
the subject from ihe taxpayer' point of
view. He thought the necensities of the
inmates of the school would be most abun
dantlv nrovided for-wtthout; thU aonro-
prietion, and he should ppoee tha bill.
Mr A Hums of Knoabnreh fallowed (Jl Iho
Hanifl vein, and referred to the nossiWIi Y
of the establishing of a work-hodse- wdich
would in a JneasurB serve to - lessen- i no
necessity tor lurther aeootnmQaaM.nna
there. ' ; '' 'J:-
Mr Loaa o Aiourpf. opposa idb sppih-
prlatioM. as uTBecesary-, arcuinK v"i':
iK-rKW nwnt of- t.tve- ,'iiute ,BUr!"l'J - '
.'H .1 . .. . . ...... U .. r u. u , ! RtfiaiftlTUU
.iv iif tKx' vii .musUM!vta' w Uioji' U14 73-
. tlr 'Vfi'.K i)t: -fetrfittio.n'.-Slern&pjiecl'. tn
aves and navs. ' '.
. Mr Katon of Danville, "moved Ihe vrb
vious question, which demand was sec
onded, and the main question, ordered
and nut. to wit : Shall the bill bo amend'
ed by striking out the tlrst section ? - And
it was decided in the afflrmatiye-yeas
lif, nays 2a.
Mr .Evans of Moretown moved to amend
by striking out the words "five thousand
.i.n ..... . i j . i . . . . i .
uounrs," iu im eeconu uscuuii, auu. auu
stitute the words 'three thousand dol
lars." which motion was ruled as out of
order under the operation t the previ
ous Question.
mr itanaait er iiyaeparK moved to ais-
niss, wnicn wa aisorutea asontot oraer.
The bill was then ordered to a third
H 187, to abate and suppress nunanees,
v an called up, and on motion of Mr Mar
tin of Cholsea was made the special order
ior uati-past tnrce o'ciock tnis aiternoon,
On motion ol Mr Paul of Pomfret ad
Bead third thneS 120. in amendment of
an aot relating to private corporations ny
voluntary association, approved N'v. S'i,
ioiu; passed in concurrence.
Senate bill referred -S 106, to authorise
the removal of obstructions from. Paul
stream : to committee on judiciary.
S13I, relating to the atate library ; to
committee n the library.
S 153, to amend an act in addition to
chap 1, g s, relating to elections, approved
Nov 18, 4870 ; to committee on judiciary.
8 127, to provide for the printing of the
legislative oirectoiy; to select committee
on State expenses. .
S 158, In amendment of seo 8, chap 17, g
s, relating to State printing; to select
committee on Etate expenses.
S 1S9, in addition to chap 110, gs; to se
lect committee on State expenses.
Mt Blake otBartoj, called up Jf 38S,to
amend an act to incorporate tlievillage of
Barton, approved Nov. 21, 174 ; read third
time and passed. - -
Beports From committee on corpoi'a
tlons, in favor of H 32ti, in amondaietit-of
a n act changing the name of NorthftcVJ.
eismetery association, approved Novera-
txr, isoa ; read third time and passed.
From committee on o'laeation. in taror
ot II in addition to an act relating to
B.laek biver Academy and, school district
N o. 1 In Ludlow, with pro?H.als ot amend
ment, which were agreed to; read third
ti;me aiid ppssed.
tfom conitnir.tee on claims, against H
21i. to pay T J Morrill : third reading re
-From committee on education. In favor
of S 117, to amend section 19, chapter 22,
g , relating to studies in common schools;
in ird reading ordered.
From commute on Judiciary. In favor
oi S 145, relat ing to the rendition of fugi
tives from iutatcc, with proposals of
amendment, which were agreed to ; third
reading- ordered.
From committed on Judiciary, in favor
ot S li:8, relating to jailors' fees ; third
reading ordered.
F'rom committee on. Judiciary, In favor
of H 198, or the settiw.unt and equal dis
tribution of estates ot insolvent, oebtors :
laid on the table on motion of Mr Swain of
from committee on ntghwayH. uncces
and ferries, li 37, repealing an aat tnlaiiD?
to the expenditure of highway t sua as
sessed within the limits of the villains of
liellows Falls; passed,
From committee on game and fisheries,
in iavor or m. to protect nsn ; uiird
reading ordered.
From committee on Judiciary, against H
3?4, in amendment of section 81, chapter
is. irii relating to lailsdiction : or con
stables : third reading refused
From committee on corporations in
favor of a 4, authorizing the village of
Katland to borrow money on time, to ex
tend ana increase tneir present water
sunolv: with proposals Of amendment.
which were agreed to ; read ; tnird . time
anil passed.
F'rom the general committee, again s't 11
&37tocbange the name of W J . Pratt:
third reading refused. '
Mr Abell or West Haven moved that the
House appoint a committee of conference
rn tn disagreeing tows- oi w iwo
Houses on 11 10, in addition to sec. 25, chap
33, ti 8, relating t" the attachment of per
wnal property by writlett in ihe. town
clerk's ofhee: wbicn was agreed to. ant
tle Speaker appointed a eaid eohanitttee
Mr.VDell of West f laveti. air uoan or.
nan 1, and Mr Adams of Enosburgh; . ;
Jo int resolviion-ay Mr. wo we or. springs
flelct: That His Excellency the Governor
1b hureby directed to Jnstitut 3 such cor
respiondeace, or employ such other means
of e nquiry osie may deem advisable, to
asc rtain if the swoid now in possession
of H Hopkins, of Grand Rapids, Micb.
is truly the same which Col. Jfithan Allen
carr led a hundred vears aso while be was
In tt le service of the State, and if BO' to
purchase it for the state cf Vermont at a
pric e limited by his discretion. ' ;
On motion of Mr Martin of Chelsea," the
reso lutlon was ordered to He.
On motion of Mr Jenkins of Burke ad-
Journed, . '-'''-'- ;':
."..;" .''.,. SENATE.
' Satobdat; Nov. 25;js7tf.;t-
The SenatO met 'th A TrAalrlAnt In (hfl
Dpailttjs'vvf fha Siiriotnres and nraver
Kv C W C'arke of stockbtidge.
Bills, etc. Introduced and Beerred II
231, an act to Incorporate the First Con
gregational fcociety in cavenaisn; read
twice and referred to general committee.
H 30, an act in amendment of an act
granting ceitaiu powers to B ack Kiver
Acadeinv: lo.id twice and referr d to
coiii'Tiitte ; on duca ion.
11227, an net to incon orate tin- U-muion
AqueductCompnv : read Ltwico an 1 re-
feired to general committee.
H 38. an ac amending an act incorpor
ating the village of JUaitou; ri ad tice
and reterrea to com nf lee on n.iancn.
H 'iia. a-i net in -ludlti n to a i act re at-
ing to the North field en.e erv A- cia
tion ; read twice and r ferrcd to enerxl
H 357,aii act to rope'tl itn a t. lclatti.gto
expenditure of highway tax iu t he vilUe
cf Bellows Fallt; read twice an.l leferred
to committee on highways and oriuges
11 191, an act to amend section ti, cuap-
ter48, g s; read twice and referred to
committee on Judiciary.
ii'ttt, an act relating to tne normal
schools of this State ; read twice and re
ferred to committee on education.
Bevorts From the committee on claim-,
an act to pay William P Dillingham the
sum therein named ; read tw.co and or
dered to lie.
From committee on Judiciary, in favor
of H 2, an act in amendment of sec 9, chap
91, gs; third reading refused.
From the same against a vi, an act de
fining who shall be J adged State paupers ;
third reading refused.
1 rom the coiniuiuee on railroads, in ia
vor of S 133. an act in amendment of sec
83, chap 28, g s; third reading ordered.
irom tne commatee on c aims, in iavor
of S 12t, an act to Fzra P W ood t he sum
therein named ; reau tne tnird time ana
From tho RaniH without pxoressnn, on
n 116. an act to pay ihe town of Pawlet
the sum therein named ; read the third
time and passed.
Fiona the committee on insane asylum, a
report in writing, with accompanying bill
which was read twice, and ordered to lie
and be printed.
From the committee on "rand list, in fa
vor ef S 9i, an net prescribing the number
and teim of trtce or listers or assessor,
with proposals of amendment, which
were agreed to and third reading refused,
ayesl'J, nays 13
f rom tne committee on judiciary, m ia
vor of S 99, an act in amendment of, and
addition to the act relating to insurance,
annroved November 24. 1874. With propos
als .of amendment, which were agreed to,
ayes 16, nays a. and the third reading ordered.
From the committee on nrintlng, in fa
vor of S 156. an act relating to State print
ing and stationery, with proposals of
amendment, which was disagreed to, yeas
6, nays 17.
senator vv imams moved cer .ain amenu
ments, which were agreed to. On motion
tne Din was ordered to lie and De primeu.
Bead third time 11 306, an act to annex
a poiJon of the town of F airhaven to the
State of New York; read third time and
S 142, an set providing for the protec
tion of highways from obstructions by
snowdrifts; passed.
s 14", sn act to. amend sec 4, chap 108;
160, an aot relating to savings banks
and trust companies ; passed.
Unfinished business a 42 an act to repeal
sees 4 1 and 42, chap 25 g s, relating to the
nubilities ot towns for private damaae,
was taken uo as a special order, and the
question being on 'the amendments pro
posed by Senator Sowles, Senator Walton
deuianded the veas and navs. which were
yeas 11, nays 17, so the amendment was dis
agreed to.
Oathe question faha"! the bill be read
the third 1 imo ?
Senator Walton demanded the yeas and
and nays, which were ayes 8, nays 20; so
the third reading was refused.
S 162, an act t pay William P Dilling
ham the sum therein named, was taken
up and third reading ordered.
On motion the Senate adjourned.
largest pair of bootB in the box, rimply
t 'caua they co t the same as the pair
much smaller that fitted him.
4 Bulflnch Street., Boston,
JT. q. Kyam,
tSiccesaor to KTAN & BATCHELLEB)
The Senate met, the President in the
Benoris From the committee on finance.
inf.i.o f H 207. an act in relation to
how ll hi allevs : third reading ordered
Freinthe committee on the judiciary.
against II 74, an act in amendment ci sec
8. cnao y. tr s : tnira reading reiuseu.
From the same, in favor of H 125, an act
relating to liens on property sold, with
oranusals of amendment, whleh were
agreed to and third reading ordered.
Fiom the committee on claims, an act
to pay the town ot Pittsford the sum
therein named : read twice and referred
to committee on claims.
From the committee on railroads. In
favor of S 102. an act to establish a um
form system of keeping railroad accounts,
witli proposals of amendment, which
were agreed to, and third reading or
From the committee on grand list, in
favor oii 154, an act to lesalize the errand
;tjt-cf tke town of West Windsor for tha
jpftHSJUT.; r.rt'v-l Jie third time and passed.
.' IHiwvi viiijitw-'i. in. Jktvor of II 101, an act
ta lri'Vl.n'ri!.-iU'l 4it Of tha towiyof
. -ifrora Hie eoiiiui-L'U,B on (SmJWi!4,m '..vor
oi II 822, an act to puy FrancW tamp tha
sum therein named ;, read Uie'&tird 111
and iassed. . .
From the committee on' Jdd'elaiy,
anjact against H 112, an act In amendment-
oi sec is, cliap 71, g s; third reacuug re
. F'rom Committee on agriculture, in fa-
vor of H 350, an act relating to the stand
ard measure for milk ; third reading or
From the committee on military affairs.
in favor of HJS9 an act In amendment of
an act "for reorgnniztng the militia ;"
with proposals of amendment, which were
agreed to, and third reading ordered.
F'rom the committee on education, in
favor of H 24ft, an act relating to schools ;
. FTom the committee On ' education in
faver of H 3'S, an act to amendment ot an
act granting oertadn powers to- Jflact
Kiver Aeadeioy and school district 0 1
in Ludlow; read the third time and passed
From speeial eommittee in faver of H
27-3, an act to incorporate the Kennington
rsauie aionumenii Association : ordered
to lie and made the special order lor Mon
dav mornLntr-afc lex o'clock. . .
From the general committer in favor of
an act to incorporate the viiiatre of
North Troy j read the third time and
passed. . - -
F'rom the eam in favor of H 33, an 'act
to incorporate the village of West Ran
dolph: read the third time and. nassed.
From the general committee in favor of
u '4, an act to restore Patrick anlJivas
to his legal rights and privileges ; read
the third time and passed.
From committee on finance In favor of
H 28i, an act to enable tho pew owners
and proprietors of the old Baptist church
in Whitinghara Centre to dispose of the
same, with proposals of amendment,
which were agreed to, and the bill read
the third time and passed.
rom tne general committee. In favor of
H 272, an aot relating to the annual meet
ings of the I'le'a.sant Kiaae Otniteterv As
sociation of Theuord; read tho third
time and passed.
.From tlie ectannlrlwa oi s-ame airt twai
eries,-. hill utit'ei"Au act prohibiti?ig
ttic ct"o oi jny explosive material ior tue
inrpoe of cttching, killing or destroying
113 '; read twice ana tnira reading or-
From the committee on errand list, a bill
entitled "An act to amend cha 83, g s,
of the grand list" ; read twice anu ordered
to ue.
irom tne committee on arrand list, a
joint resolution providing for a revision
or grand list laws ; disagreed to.
From the committee on grand list. In
favor of H 323, an act relating to the ssrand
Bills, etc., introduced and referred H 390
an act establishing the Vermont Board of
Agriculture ; read twice and reierred to
committee on agriculture.
Mean intra nmeix J9. an act re latins to
nsnen.es ; passed.
H 352, an act in amendment of an act.
approved November 21, 1874, entitled ' an
act rcgulaiing the capture of fish and
game;" passed.
t 'ias, an act to eniaree the powers of
m inspector or nnance ; passed.
Unfinished business S 155. an act relating
to mongages, was taaen up and read tne
third time and ordered to lie.
H 2)6. an act to pay Charles Morgan the
sum therein named, was taken up, and
tne question being will the Senate recon
eiCfcr the vote agreeing to the amendment
proj)aa ny senator Simons, it was re
considered, and disgT-ed to.
Senator u-rout iiioved an amendment
which was agreed to, md tLe biil was
read the thu d time aud nassed,
8 161, an act In addition to see 4, ohap 81,
g s, was laken up, and tha third reading
oruereu. r . . .
S 116, ah act to annex the town' ol Con
cord tcutbeeounty of Caledonia, was taken
up. ana ordered to lie,:,- -. - - , . -
On motion, the Senate adjourned. ..
Gold Medal Awarded to the Author by the
"Motional Medical Association," March
JUST published by the Peabodjr Med
ical Institute, a new edition of the
celebrated work entitled the "SCIENCE
OF LIFE; or, SeLF-PaKSEttVATioN." It
treats upon Manhood, how lost, how re
gained and how perpetuated; cause and
cure of Exhausted Vitality, lmpotency,
Premature Decline in Man, Spermatorr
hoea or Seminal Losses, (nocturnal and di
urnal), Nervous and Physical Debility,
Hypochondria.Gloomy F'orebodings,Men
tal Depression. Loss of Energy, Haggard
Countenance, Confusion of Mind and loss
of Memory, Impure State ot the Blood,
and all diseases arising from the Errors of
Youth or the indiscretions or excesses of
mature years.
It tells you all about the Morale of Gen
erative Physiology, the Pysiology of Mar
riage, of Wedlock and Offspring, Physical
. .. rn .. i 11... i. a 4s4nv.
loniilr.SLS, xinw umi an , euiuiiiuisuji
Perversion of Marriage. Conjngnl Precept
and Friendly Counsel, Physical Infirmity,
its causes and cure, Relations between
tho S-xes, Proofs ot tue expansion oi vice,
the Miser'es of Imprudence, Ancient Ig
norance and Errors. Means of Cure. Cure
of Kodv and Mind. True Principles of
Treatment. Address to Patients and Inva
lid readers, the Author's Principles. The
price of this book is only JI.
Xlils nook also contain mor
than fifty nresctipiin for the
above uamfu a n d other dUeatek,
each one worlli more than the
price of tke book.
Also, another valuable medical worK
treati' g exclusively on "Mental and Ner
vous Diseases more man auu royai octa
vo pages, 20 elegant engravings, bound in
substantial muslin. Price only 82. Bare
ly enough to pay for printing.
1 lie liOOK ior youug auu uiiuuic-tcu
men to read jut now, is the Science of
Lifo, or, seil-rreservauon. tne autnor
has returned from Europe in excellent
health, and Is ngain the Chief Consulting
Physician of the Peabody Medical Insti
tute, o. 4 uuiuncn oireei,uosi.u, mass.
Republican Journal
"The Science of Life is beyond all com-
ivu ison. the mo.-t extraordinary work on
Phv tuology ever published ' Boston Her'
"Hone nestled in the bottom of Pando
ra's hnT.iinil hone plumes her wines anew
since the issuing of thee valuable works,
published by the Peabody Medical Insti
tute, which are teaching thousands how
to avoid the the maladies that sap the cit
adel of f.."Philadelvhia Enauirer.
"ltshonld bo read by the young, the
middle-aged, and even the old." JS
VYw-fc I'riUiiyit'.
The first and only Medal ever conferred
rmon an v medical man in this country, as
a repotniitton of skill and professional
BRrvices. was n.esented to the author ef
these works. March 31st. 1876. The presen
tation was noticed at the time of its oc
currence bv the lieston o'-exs, anu iue
lo-niinor lonvnals throuchoutlhe country
This magnificent Medal is of t-olid gold,
et with more than one hundred India
rtiamomlsof raro brilliancv.
"Altogether, in its execution and the
richness of its materials, and size, this is
decidedly the most noticeable medal ever
Struck in tnis country ior any purpose
whatever. It is well worth the inspection
of Nnmismatists. It was fairly won and
worthily bestowed." Mass. ploughman,
June 3d, lSi6.
Bar Catalogue sent on receipt of6o lor
Kither of the above works sent by ir ail
on receipt of price. Address Peabodf
Medical Institute, or. W. II. bar
ker. JTf . I Consulting Physician, No.
Bulfinch St., Boston, Mass., opp. Kevere
H. B. The author can be consulted on
the above named diseases, as well as all
diseases requiring skill, secrecy and ex'
perience. office hours, 9 a.m. to 6 p. m.
Also the Celerat id,
And mary flr -.laj3
Heating Stoves,
i zvwiy
Emm mi
r i 1 7"n
t'' nil 'Tii if
t- n. I i ii. s
Ktiikos at tho root of disease by purifying
the blond, restoring the liver and kld-.TM-ys
tohe:!f,ny action, nvigorating the
is not a vilo, bMTtft-ous compound, which
simply -purges tl bowels, but a s.fo,
pleasant remedy which is ure to purity
the blood, and thereby restoie the health.
VliUl!.XlJ(JS t
Is now prescribed in cases o? Scrofula and
other diseases of the blood, by many of
mo oesi. pnysiciaus, owing to Its great
success in curing an uiseases oi tnis na
Does not deceive invalids intofalse hopes
by purging and creating a flet tioa appe
tite, but assists piiture in- clearing and.
purnying tne whole system. lead log the
jiuuimiu (jmuu!!'- i. ptMie it iieujt.li.
Vk-'UKllMC . .
was loosed upon as sn expenrufnt foe
some iriuieoy noweot our twxt pUy iciaBs,
but those most incredulous in -regard to
its merit are now its most ardent friend
uuu Buijporiers. . . .
Instead of being a puffed up medicine has
wumeuiu wny. un to its. present aston
ishing .succesa ov actual merit iucurinsr
at rli.n... .i. l.i, i .i
tuociwa tno uiuuu, oi wiiatever na
ture. -
Says a 3iotM pbyslclan , "has no equal as
a -blood puritier. Ileajing of its manv
wonaerful cures. .ttc4-ll n.lip rorwuiiiou
nau iaiieu, i visited tne . tebrrrfttnrv nd
convinced myself otlts ctvnulne merit,, if.
is pTepared irom barks, roots and herbs,
rvvi ui n muu a' uiuiy- tiHtcwTe,' and
they are compounded in sucii a nianner
as to produce astonintng results "
is acknowledged and recommended by
physicians and apothecaries to hn the
bast purifier and cleanser of the blood
et discovered, and thousands, spi-nk in
us tva ise wild nave been restored t.n.
uot-ros. iit. 13. lifn.
Mb. H. B. Stevens :
Dear bir About one ver sliicn I found
myself in a feeble condition from general
ueumiy. vigeune was strongly raeom-
"muuou iu me oy a, irienu wno and Deoti
much benefited by Us use. I procured,
the article, and alter using several bob.
ties was restored to health and discon
tinued its use. I feel quite oonfident that
tnere is no medicine superior to it ior
tnose complaints tor which it is esMiii.
ly prepared, and would cheerfully recom-
menu n io mose wno ieei tnat they need
something to restore them to perfect
uemitt. iiesueciiiuuy yours.
U. L.. P-ETTK.NG1 T.I.. .
Firm of S. M. PettengUl & Co.. 10 State
btreet, Boston.
Wood Parlor Stoves
t all hoc
En m
Mintii Co.,
tisli, Boon
Wainscoting, Ceiling, Brackets,
Mouldings, Casings, Vindow& Door Frames
on hand, llard wckxI and hard Pine FLOORING furnished to order.
G. V. S.
Quackenbush & Co.
Broadway & Third Street,
A"e prepared to offer in all departments,
New Goods
Adapted to the season.
Ourj, eat sale having: nearly closed
out the entire old stock, the goods we
now offer are almost wholly new. We have
bought them for CASH, at bargains, and
propose to sell them at unusually
. .. ' Ii ... . . v .
, T t-Z
For Woo tl and Coal.
lhe eetelirattnl :ik .fitnv A MERI-
CA with bhTtt. nthl low reetyfir, 'and
many otbtr kind;:ircJttdiK'tbi"BTISII
AUa tbe 'li4it Line of
Cincinnati. Nov. 2(. mi.
Mr. H. R. Stevens :
Hear Sir The two bottles of Vslln
furnished me by your agent, my wiie has
useu. witu Kieut UbllBUl.
For a Ions time she has bean irmihid
with dizziness and costiveiieas ? ; the
troubles are now entirely removed by
the use ot Vegctine. .
sne was also troubled with dyspepsia
and cenerai debility : and has been Lrcnt..
y benefited.
, Walnut StreeU
Natick. Mass.. June 1st. 1872.
isar sir Throusrh theadvice and r
Best persuasion ot iiev. E. S, Best,- of this
ptace, i nave oeen tatiug . vegetine tor
ayspepaia, oi wtuen; i nave sanex-etl for
years.- " : 1 -1 '
'. X have used onlr- "two battles and ttiv
4y feel myself -a new .iaan, - ;, ; - . .,
jsespeeuuuy, '.x. J. v . ijabtek, ;
, . i is A; ArtrliKVAi3';
!-. . ;- boson' jinViir "lttJ.
- - DeaT Sir--This is to teerttt y: -ta t : x "have
sold at petaH J&t , 'dozen- V&!, bettlea of
your v egetme since Aprit yi, 1S7?, aa eaa
truiy-say that it has given t h best :satir-
imjuon oi an v rHiea v ior -tne emBaniaintn.-
jor wiirea i-i in reectmHienaou,' inai;. j
soia. - scarcely a aay passes wiiaoat
oi my ousiomers testifying as S3 its
on tnemseives or tneir menus. -
fectlv cofirniznt'Of several cases
ulous- tumors- being eured- by ;yegetine-
alone tm his vicinity:- .- t, :
:;- v Vef y respectfully,-. ':: c. '. '. : :
--. W Md- Ifon - ,'.: - i. ' "
' UPERIi.'
Barstow Improved Kango
. with high and low oven. ; : .
ftS. Call and look at mv Stoves lxfore
ui.wiMnng elsewhere;-. -
Weber Piano.
The Weber .Piano, which lor some time
h:i been such a favoiite with the musical
public, hits just achieved another jrrand
triumph at Fhilad elphia.v In no other
department at our great Centennial Ex
hibition was the com petition s sharp as
atnonj; the Piano Makers, and to have the
judges by their unanimous verdict give
the Weber Piano the highest award, and
declare that it more than any other pos
sesses sympathetic, p-.-re and rich tone,
combined with greatest power, is con
vincing prool that the Weber Piano now
stands without an equal, and it will
hencefoith bo considered the best Piano
in the world. This prand triumph at Phil
adelphia, find the splendid test jtnonials
of our best mu-iciims, which we give be
low, will make the Weber Piano much
sought alter by all lovers of music, and
we shall take much pleasure In showing
this truly magnificent instrument to all
who call at our store.
Strauss says : Tour Pianos astonish
me. I have never yet seen any Pianos
which equal yours."
Welili Hays : "Madame Parepa called
Four Piant the finest in the United fctates.
fully endorse that op nion ; they have
no rival anywhere "
We also have other Pianos of different
praties and prices, so that we are prepared
to 8atify all customers in every particu
lar. We aiso have a good assortment of
Orarna, which we are offering at very
lowjtlgures and on easy terms.
No. 58 West St., RUTLAND, IT.
Dress Goods,
Fringes and Ribbone, in
new shades,
LctB aud Embroid.-iits, Mouuing
Dress Gor ds, Cloths and Cai-Minerec,
Hotiery and Glovt-B, Prints ucd
Cotton Goods, Woolen
Blankets and Table
Carpets and Curtains,
Cloaks and Suits.
G, V. S. lUACKEXBUSII.;&'.C0.t
Cor. Ilroadway & Third M.,
1,000 Pairs
Boots and Shoes!
(hoy da shine)
I have just received direct from a large
manufacturing house the largest
and best assortment of
Children's, Misses'
iu all kinds andjgrades ever offered for
Bale in Rutland. -
IIO, I.adle' ize, for 13.75,
which catnr.t te matched in quality in
any ether place io the country for lets
than $5.00.
Having had an experience of fifteen
years in this line of good?, lx.f ides my
entire etock is new end tVi-"y article
bought for cash and paid for within ten
days from date of bill, is the best possi
ble reason why I can sell at lower prices
than dealers wno buy on time.
And again, I sell for cash, therefore
do not have to add ten per cent, to my
prices to make up for looses by bad debts
and expense of book-keeping, which is
usually the case with merchants who
jive credit.
The saving I make by Belling for cath
and the discount I get by buying for
cash, is a nice iittle profit in itself.
For the next two weeks 1 shall offtr
my entire line of
iuciudisg all the new styles, for
61 cents per yard.
Not over GO yards sold to aey one per
son. Remember these are all in good
dark chades, as I have co old summer
goods to show you.
2,000 yards
Fine Brown Cotton,
28 incLc3 wide, for
31 cents per yard.
4,000 YARDS
yard wide, ia extra quality, for
61 cents per yard.
Do not fail to look at this grade, as it
is the best bargain ever known in cotton
1,000 yards
yard wide, for
I have also just opened another large
line of
in all the novelties of the season, and on
many kinds the prices are 20 per cent,
lower.than they were thirty days ago.
Also look for great bargains in
Iaclies' Shawls,
Remember the place and look out fox.
the bargains.
21 merchants'
By t he use of whicM every family may
Klve their .Linen that brilliant polish pe
culiar to fine laundry work. Saving time
aul lahcr ia ironing, more tlian its entire
cost. Warranted. Ask Ior Dobbins', bold
ii N. Fourth 6t-, fhlla.
E. 1. KEYE3 & CO., Agents. a240A wly
Fresh Arrival.
and White Clover Honey,
Al J-'-. "VV. ,fI4IIM.iM.a!l.
furnishing Goods;
i e vej- vBcripnon8 coBBtaoiiy on laaQa.
Some i. ,' . ; 1 v
x am per . 1 ; . -: -; -.v :. ' ::' .v --.o ' ' 1 :.:
- Continued n- third pagt.J
- What the Local Papers Do.'
...An exchange combats, , with desirable
vigor, the argument that the eity-papers
are cheaper and. better than the country
papers because tney give more, columns
of reading matter for the money-. VD
the city papers, it asks ever give yon any
noma news i - uo they say anything ia
regard to your own locality ? ;-. JHotnmg,
Do they contain polices cf your schools.
churches, meetings,- improvements and
iiundrecB of other local matters of inter
est- which vour rane nubiishea without
pay ? . Not an Item.; they ever ..mr
lowpi ana aia iu. tneir .progress , ana -en- jr- . . .-: ; . '. .'.
terpi.se ,? .-. Not ft word. : AM yet th
are ieti kiib saae eueu uuatracieu views r ?."4rA.wjaj!Js.'a.. 1010 rwnn- vxnoox
of tbe matter that tmless.they are get- 1 flcevrtpt.Brer.ide.x-aa ; entirely new
..--il '- . 5 r com nilatfon; table of proper -aatnes.wiih
uagw W5 re tnvuva.. m reaaing 1 thei - meaning,, prooupeiatioiii- te; i- ta
ma'ter in their own paper as they do in bias .' of .weights,. .measures).. -iiames" p
a city paper, they thintt they are
getting the worth of their money.
reminda ua of. a person .who took
;': ; vifi.th best andjebeapeai mahaer.' ;. B
DOt I curiae, propur vies am.uivion,narraony, I- 5 W.V'.""'". : 7- ; I
the I ..; At" . B; N; MBBSIAMi r .' "- V rUi'' i ' -m-w -trV j
;1 l sojtl
..'..'-A.'t.-: -A.no tio 11,
- Th-e Ooodfl. ooaxUt V'v Mh's and Jxrys"
Ttneicanol Kip Jwt, .aUeV ind Chil
dren' sjif)i. od wi11' i Kl'I al f ' --tion
prises every day- Noiv ia y r ttm
to Kt your vintei Biipply at lo prie"
Laii'' Krenen -Ktd Uauoa fehow, . -'5
former pi-tce, .O-ftnts' Oalf Hwit, W.
JJoya' Boot. 15- All sher kind tJtiual
Jy as lows . itabler and Jieaser JJCHt
At No. 6 Merchants' Row
4- f , ,
New .A-irrirnl
Boots i Shoes
AT -
No. 35 Center Street.
RL0El'hl THIS PAY at the abovk
3r flan tiie Ciieapei
OiiHtom Work
No. 35 Center Street.
Nov.uo. is:!.
Ilutlaud, Vl.
A rare chance to purchase 20 or n ncres
of natural meadow land (all good mowing
for a machine), will be presented at an
uctloa sale of said land on the 11th day
Of Kovember, 1S70, at 10 o'ciock, a. m , on
the old Goodrich rarm.the property of the
late Daniel Wing of Rntland,?et out to tha
state ofDarid, north of the WestRutland
ouarries. A piece of pasture and wood
land will be sold at the same time and
place.'- '
' Sale adiourned four weks, to Decem
ber fcth. . , nov.tfd&wta-;.
wtMi tnetK wirrriff iaAio.weii
known tkrougioHt i3inlaai. as -the
whitest, finest and feest. -: u .-: -'
LKAD TArK. 3-8 tou :wld.' On" reels. iOS
LEAD mii&'J&, irom n- j-a.w. inca-of-
Wifle, on reels 101? Jtouaeva. t : : 1 (
At lowest, market prVj8 tax jwci.j
eqiial quality, -, 0.- , ,i
Bllll IXvW- tti) Haas.
Coughs, Colds, Inriuenia, Hoarseness, DffueuK
. Breathing, and all AfTeirtfons of ihe Throat, :
, . Kroncmai Tuhes, and Lungs, leading ,
. to Consumption. : '
Tins.-infallible Temedy is composed, of
the UQXJ.Y: of Ihe plant IIorehoun.(5,' jn
chemical . mwh vita Far-Balm, extracKd
from- tjKS'.I.If E . i'HiJrcrPLF. of tho forest
tree AciESiiLSANiEA, or, Balm' of GMead.
. . Tii6 J.loiie-vr of 1 1 orchound eoorn f.s ajsd
.SCATTK&-;&.vimfafioasv. and inflamma
tione,: ahd'the;TafrBolin' . clkanses. and
MeaLS tfie tJirsat and aijvpas sages leading
io. :the; liings.- ;F 1 additional ingredients
.fceEp.ffifr orjranS coo.I, moist, and in health,
fill Action, ; : Let no prejudice keep you from
SS.'.H. '.great-. medicine of a famous
Iootr.r,h6 .hag. gayed thousands of lives
byii iritis Iwgeifrhrste practic,' .' j
; :-VK .UTIxe Ta? :fcj?a has' n? jbad fisfi:
r;tt.?i;.;ivlV;;.v';-,.',;. ; .....
' ''' :-5'iavBt to. Uiy Urge tke;' ::
: rfttfcV Toothache Drops Cure': ki
S-siA ly all Drofgisl
BE M 0 V A L
Nail Works
to larger shop adfoining our I'oor Fac
tory on Furnace Street, we offfcr
now occupied, on land.' leaded of Thos
Hos, ltq-, rear of his Foundry.
tof ,act0iy. 20 feet by f,-j6u Sizq of
Se; 12 ft by U eet; othr .neda
tZtrJzb?he,X y'Thos. Ho3, Esq.. at
. Keliable parties wh will assume leae
expiring early la is77, can bay buildings
At Two-thirds Cost
or rent them. Apply to
Or to L. W. COLLINS, at Factory.

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