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/In Efficient Remedy
. I’ulmo
. \ I u - tHKRRY
i miiz' d and
l ■ f' '*.■>: n, and
t“r the
i: i • vartl* l a« an
. It i' a
- t*• taken
«{Uu: • . an l a f* w *i« — ■»
. . : t. vt.: «*f ft
• ,
i if. TiKTO
. • v hat. ver that
s l ;rry Pectoral
- or r ■ number*
r'-i i *"pllM t:l of
. I'iM itioouia,
i inti i ir\ ( ..iiMiinption.MKl bv
'tii. ,;f*. It
• i u- lu every
■ i ! in-n. am (t i* a
• : • • r*» iu the [
i roup. i ■ f' ration of
iicti <-f Colds
uhar !y inct
’ ' h. 1’romptl
— m of thi*
• •.''tuuice. The
’ iii many ctae*.
I*< tt *t V\ :t«V
• i 'ti'inir with
• < a . w hi If the
i. 5 .r
i • f CL ti<*cdic*t and
_ s Cherry Pectoral,
prkparh i»y
l»r < . Ayer »V < *>., I r*w« II, Maaa.
Paints & Oils!
IMi? * \ irinMu's,
• 1 .1 Ti' ' »- • l*a:m. all
' • : • \ \ : Ku
' • V' ' ; * *• : r,-.l
• ' ' i *:• K 'cr-th* r
Line of Ship Chandlery,
• - ‘It ' ■: ; a
t •*-. i, , f
Grocei md Provisions,
‘ v - » urtr>
j-* !
1. M. GRANT.
1 ran naiiK t i m *i\ farmers
in this vieinily w ho Iasi sum
mer • ri iiis (| into Inn
ing various different makes
nf M ,■.>.ir,_r Machines, when in
reality they vv anted a
rluy got swindled ami now
iii to swap vviih me for five
one tlu-v should have
not Gin first,
Ini! their machines are no
good to me nor any oue else,
and they an* oul just what
they paid and in trying to save
<> they have lost s»0. Now
that is getting ahead back
wards. When yon buy any
thing inn iI:; I s -1 lot it is the
the mowing maehine that is
HOST 111 IHBi.E. and the one
whose s h s in \ew England
were more than ail others
(oinhined last year, was the
and that is tin* one jou
want and \0 OTHER.
Paste this in jour Hat when
jou ?o after a machine.
C. C. Young,
Main St.. Ellsworth.
n-. * ' iht :T '
* > "
••p- . ' {-*
bj Oew.1^ J
City and County.
Signor Boaco’s Entertainment.
Those who enjoy slight of hand performan
ce. hate been much pleased with Signor Boa
litert:tinment which took place In Han
« k hall Saturday evening and Monday
aiid Tuesday of this week. The adroitness
sh"w n by this gentleman in performing his U
lii' n- i- quite astonishing and goes far to
pr■ th it of all the senses sight is the most
hal»:< to error. You thiuk you set* it, but you
Tic living away of present* was a distinctive
feature intended of course to attract the crowd
hut it i- due to the proprietor to say that as far
a* we couid -•*•* they wen* distributed Impar
tlally -aid ju*t a* advertised. None were worth
less than the price of admission and some many
time, as much.
Sappho and Sebenoa.
The * Want n< w Maine t entrai -learner Sap- j
j h<> n ached Bar Harbor from Tort land last j
Wednesday night, “he made a splendid trip
nd has commenced running regularly between
V ..ft Insert Firry and Bar Harbor. The |
M . nr < mtral officials are understood to be
ri.d pleased with the l»oat. The -teatner j
“■ non w hich has Iteen running on this route •
i- 1‘ciiic thoroughly overhauled and receiving
j i i.:. Messrs. Marston A tiorham of Bangor
d« ng tin latter work. This summer she will
Im-u-«'d as a spurt* boat w ith headquarters at
Bar Harbor.
Whitmore Jt Clark's Minstrels.
The above-named company appeared at J
llanciH-k Hall, on Thursday evening of last ;
w .. k. Their programme, which was full of
fun. xx a* so well carried out that the audience
in attendant < were kept in a roar of laughter h
large part of the time. We think on the whole
that this company |« considerably ahead of the
:>xcrrtg« traveling minstrel companies,an<l that
in their last performance in this city they *ur- |
p any t.f their former efforts here.
Sad Accident.
Fran* - i.ro.s. whih at work in the woods
1 '• and Friday. w ts .-.night by a failing tree
o> i tcrown to th« ground where he lav for
?■ '■ u> nutrs f,.n . companions could reach
tn. It x\ t- thought at tir«t his hark was
1 • k- n. Hr. r. rrx *:»y* it |s not broken hut
1 - -i in« has receiv'd -evere In l uric* from
w i.fdi h. may not n «*ov* r. At time of wrlt
:i> his !<.w« r limb* are eompletclv paralvzed.
< ' J ; 1 r
F\-Mi» riff Taft. of W..J (ioul*Wioro Wd*.
:ii • ji last Friday .
.1 < < hii- • tr ha* N-en apj»nintcd "pani*h
< -iv-nlar ag* tit at thi- ]*ort.
<»ur engine • om panic* are frequently out
in the early < vcning f*>r practice.
A :arg* party fr- N« w York w. nt to the
F it k- r I! . Bar Harbor, dun*
1. 1 . <»;'•■*. of Waltham. 1* study ing law
Pit Ik off.. ■ fill!' A Hamlin in this city.
Mr-. \ F. l*r:rikwa?«r ha* returned borne
*• V:»-- 11u-i w h« re *Tk spent the w in
M \\ M W «tt-. of thi* el!>. ha* recent
n.r to look after hi* lumber in*
\ r.* v\ gravch-d *ide-w.tlk ha- I* <n built
llig! . -tr««t. exti nding from K. t». I'rann’s
\ Par. !u r‘*.
Th*-re were.>n* hundred arrival* at Bar
li '-.iturdav • t; th* -.earner* < ity of
1. .::iond .n i M unt I>•■»* rt.
M". * . W. Ma*on h i* l*en making very
• :t'!< ’ • ii- and improvement* on the
■ ? • r <*f i..» on High *tr»i t.
It - • xp- that o'er 100 Main* veter
an- " aft* nd th* C.rand Army National Kn
■ irnpinent :u**:»n Frsuet*oo in Augu-t.
IP .!.<«. Hi:: w :i- in town Woln<mlat
ii' -ht. IP "‘lit to Bar IIarl*or Thursday
h* " .* •.:.<•! later P> Mr- Blaine
\ i:«w ‘!r«t Tamp ha* Urn liuutr to u
< ■ ■ ii tii- -outh *id« <■! High -treet. n**ar
* f Ca|H. k. H.
IP 1 kilty
I k H .rmon of Orland fell down *tair*
■ ■n ti < Vi. n-t.. breaking hi* in'* k. He died a
P •' -ur- afterward. He wa* about of» year*
<• • Pmery . who represented Sullivan
in tin I.«wi%i..n convention, *toppcd with
!r .id- in Bangor and also in Kibwortb on
hi* return tri; .
•P M. But;, r. K.*q.. of North Hancock.who
! a- been confined to hi* hou*e by illoe** for
- '* ra! month* 1* now aide to visit thlacity and
apjH-ar* t*> 1* improving.
A party <*fju> enile pienb er* romfort
\ - a***! :n a bay-rack partly filled with bay,
an ! draw n by Senator Hale’* h**r*e*. went to
v iy N *..k on Saturday la*t.
i t*»r Lug* u* Hale ha.* lately purchased
of IP IP That* her. K*q.,of Bangor, thirteen
\a.iiaP> volume*, the word* of the (. * ntl
t.- nt •. < ongre** from 1774 to 17*?v
Mr. I K. Tapley. of No. Brooksvllle ha*
*•• * n *p pointed a*«i*tant light-keeper at Saddle
■ i. k Led.-* . in place of T. H. Orcutt, who ba*
b* • u trausfcmd t*> Wood i*lan*l.
<*ur neigblK»t> A. W. Grtely and A. H.
N r- - ha', ben making marked Improve
m- th- front* of their store*. In doing
' - ; .lint Pru*h ha* l*o* n called Into re
A new in.ri lamp j>*»*: liearing a * lo*r re
- ml- .1.* e t*> an iron *p<ndle on a half-tide
i_- . ha- r*.- nt.y U-*n put on Wiggin’
• i t * r. It i- a mark'll In., r«»\»m« nt.
****110 f the in-, and complicated machin
:' :ii ti»* time-lock of C’. Burrill'* bank *afe
- • <11: * d ..r*!* r a *hort time ago. and the man*
uf.. ' ,r* r- - nt a man down from Bo«tou to
adju*t it.
The report- which usually appear under
th* h a*i *>f “Sunday in tin C'hurehes/* were
u:.-;\ oidsbiy crowded out last week after being
j; in t y j e. They will be found on the first
._•> -f tbi- i**ue.
•m; r.rji*T> l' attending tne law term of |
the . '.urt> for the Eastern District of Maine, 1
w hi* li commenced [at Bangor on Tue**day of
tl.:- w«ek. Hancock count yj cases will be
• e h' d :dx.»ut Thursday of the present week.
Prank A. MeDonald moat successfully
i 'c*e! aii • Nomination in Boston recently for
: .. Man. • into the Boston School of T»*chnol
o-' • lb will enter at the beginning of the
• *u .ru term in >eptember next.
The iodie- of th« Waltham Sewing Circle
'* • -i'e an entertainment on Saturday, July
. f •: the Ixnefit of their society. A good
dinner and -upper a* well a* a good time and
uiu^it will Is furnidled at the town liall
in that tow n.
Brother Wood announces that a dally
pajHT t.* be called •• The St aside Oracle, a
la. . '.urnalof Mount Desert News.** will be
U. d daily from tbe office of the Mount Desert
It- r 'l>i during the summer of lhtsfi. The first
number will appear on or about Monday,
June i!l-t.
Mr-. K. I*. Parker, of No. Brookav file, who
!- eighty-six years of age. w Hiked to their mill.
w hi< h i- about an eighth of a mile from their
hou-e on* day lately, a thing she baa not done
l»efore for thirty years. Mr. Parker, who Is
eubt\-tbree years old. has sawed quite a lot of
-hingles this spring.
— Mr. Blaine's new stable now building near
hi- ei>ttage i-44 by 41 feet. It will contain a
- arriage-room, laundrv , harness-room, four
-ingle stalls and one l>ox stall on lower floor,
four rf>om- and a bay loft on the upper
fl.-or. Mr. John E. Clark was tbe architect.—
I braid.
— A cat Wlonging to Cyrus Emery. Esq.,
j of Sullivan, caught recently and brought Into
the house a young rabbit which weighed only
two and a half ounces. Mr. Emery 'put the lit
tie rabbit in a cage and has ever since kept it as
a much valued pet.
—Mrs. K. II. Swett. whose late husband was
a member of tbe Ellsworth Council, Royal
Arcanum, in this city, has received a check for
$3000. in payment of her claim against that or
I der for insurance on tbe life of Dr. Swett, her
late husband.
—Any subordinate lodge of Good Templars
within the County of Hancock which would
like to invite the next session of tbe Hancock
District Lodge which should be held with tbe
least possible delay, will confer a special
favor by notifying A. L. Young, Dis
1 trict Secretary, South Hancock, or J. C.
: Chi loot t. District Templar, Ellsworth, of that
—Even herb tea is not always a safe bever
! age. Sunday, the 6th, Mr. Emery Crosby, of
Aurora, w ith his wife, went to Waltham to
visit the mother of the latter, Mrs. Kingman.
While there all three partook of some herb
tea of some kind whieh bad been steeped for
cold*. There proved to be something poison
ous in the tea. probably some poisonous herb,
and ml were taken quite sick, Mr. Crosby be
i ing thrown into convulsion!.
—Dr. Abby M. Fulton, we are glad to re
port. ia able to be out again.
—J. II. West of Franklin i* cutting granite
steps for the new court bouse in this city.
—Dr. A. C. Hagerthy has moved into the
office recently occupied by the late Dr. K. H1
-The I'nitariau Sunday School will make
an excursion to Phillip*’ Pond, by rail, on
Saturday. July 3.
—Mrs. Amanda Watson Bowler is building a
barn, and will make some improvement on her
house at South Hancock.
—“To be, or not to be, that Is the question”
which some say w ill be settled to-day at the j
polling-places In this city.
—To-day (Wednesday > our citizen* vote on
the water question. At this writing coqject- 1
ures as to the result of the vote are futile.
—Workmen are engaged In making repairs
on the Interior of the store on Water street, j
recently occupied by Arthur W. Joy.
-We Warn that Dr. J. D. Phillips of S. W.
Harbor delivered the address before the alumni j
at Pittsfield on the 10th of this month.
—At the annual meeting of the Ellsworth
Woolen Company which was called to meet on
Monday afternoon last, no quorum was pres
—Senator Hale has Introduced a bill provid
ing for a survey of the harbor at Bar Harbor,
with a view of establishing a breakwater for
the protection of commerce.
—The managers of the combined New Eng
land and Eastern Main** State Fairs to
l*e held at Bangor next August, have Invited
President Cleveland to be present.
—James Crosswhite, proprietor and man
ager of the Boston Ideal Colored Troubadours
and Jubilee Singer* will give a sacred concert
at Hancock Hall next Sunday evening.
— Pr. S. D. Wiggln and his little daughter
have gone to Bangor to present at the gold
en wedding of his father and mother. Mr. and
Mr* Andrew Wiggin «>f that city.
Mr. Vlnal of Vinalhavcn ha* a colt by E.
H. Crcely’* stallion Jake Pate hen. that is one
rear and fifteen days old. that weighs 77.’* lb*,
for which he ha* been oflered f440, and re
fused It.
—The High School will close Tuesday. June
29. There will !*e no gprrinl 'jramxnati- n*,
but parent* and citizen* arc cordially invited to '
visit the •M-hool at any time during the la«t two
w eeks of the term.
—Wc hail a pleasant call on Thursday last,
from M. J. Dow, Esq., of Brook*. Grand
Worthy Chief Templar of the Grand Lodge
of Good Templar* of Maine. Mr. Dow
report* the order In a flourishing condition in
this State
Mr. L. Penney** bouse at South Hancock
was struck bv lightning not long ago. which
shattered the south end. It was a mlraculou*
escape for Mr. Penney. a* It struck near the
t*ed on which a few minutes previous he had
t»cen lying.
There will l»e a strawberry f«srtival at the
RaptM vestry on Thursday evening of thl*
week. A supper including straw lu rries and
m am will be served for 3ft cents. Ice-cream
ten rent*. It will doubt leas be a happy event.
Give them a call and get your *hare of It.
-The meeting of the Hancock t'ountv Met Il
eal Association at Bar Harbor w 111 be post|*.n
cd tii! Tuesday .July 13. b*H-au*« of the meeting
<>? the American Institute of Instruction.whbh
will be holden at the time of the first api*olnt_
— S»m« one ha* sent to the Belfast Journal
the following marriage notice from lh«
IIanr-.rk tinzeffe and J>nsd.*r<d Butri'd of
June 15.
Mr William Bean I<■ Mis* ’'arah K *«recnfie)d.
If far *h<>uld to ihclr wishes yield.
And '»u- true love leans
Ttme mar bestow mi this «rvendt 1 1”
A lovely cropof “Beaus.'
( apt. B. I>. Greene aud family wb - r«
ccntly r♦•sided iu < harU-ston. >. I . but who a
f« w day» ago returned from France aft* r a *lay
of several month* in Europe, are n«*w visiting
hi* sister, Mr*. A. P. Wt*well, In tin* city.
< apt Greene 1* a gra<luatc of West Point and
recently resign'd a captaincy iu th> regular
—Dr. Bragdon ha* ;u*t l*»ught of th*- **. **
White Dental Manufacturing Company. <-f
Boston, a Scabury dry steam vulcanlzcr. a hit*
Invention and v great improv*-m< ut upon th«
old vulcanlzcr*. In th* manufacturing of arti
ficial teeth, plate* ar» prevented from warping
and fit perfectly.
—E. E. Church, »|., owner of the M»
rlavllle tannery l* doing quite an extrndve
business at Marlaville and l* aiding greatly to
build up that section. Las* wwk he worked :
SGOO side* of leather Into the vat-. If•• will
peel 4A0H coni* of bark thl* *ca*on to supply
hi* tannery within a very -bort radtus of tin
latter. Mr. Church ships 400 ton* of leather
per year.
— Major Whiting, of < a*tlne, i* a graduate at 1
We*t Point and for forty years In the regular
army. He wm 1n the regiment In which Al
bert Sidney Johnson was colonel. Robert K
Lee, lieutenant colonel, and Earle Van Dome,
one of the major*. At the breaking out of the
w ar be was in Texas under Twiggs. Remain
ing loval to the union, for some time he lay iu
Libby prison.
—We saw . on Tuesday last, in the front yard
of ex-May or Holm'-*, a great natural —or per
haps we *hould say unnatural—curiosity
Growing on the branch of an apple tree was.
to all appearance*, a full-blown white rose of
u«ual size. W e were inform**] that there had
hen another ju*t like it w hich ha* now passed
out of blossom. It i* rather passed th* season
of apple blossom*, and ou the same tree are an
abundance of little apples.
--The coming Teachers’ Convention at Bar
Hart<or will bring together teacher* from all
over the country. Among those Intending to
be present 1* Mr. Jam*** Denman, principal of
the Denmau school. San Francisco. Cal., aud
at one time Superintendent of school* In that
city. Mr. Denman ha* never visited thi*
Stale. although his w ife wa* formerly a Port
land lady, a niece of Mr. «I. S. Rowe of Ban
— a iic .-<»u r rau< mu .yt'irniny * <ni ui *juu*
l.isays: Mrs. If«*nry Hepner (nee (Laura
Adams) left for Sitka, Ala-ka. last week, to
join her husband, who has become identified
with the mining; interest of that country.
Mr-.Matthew Turoeifsccompanied her a* far ns
Victoria. Mrs. Hepner was recently an Ells
worth lady who i« w ell known to many of our
—Friday of last week, A. M. Phillips and J.
A. Peters, 2nd. with L. W. Hodgkin*. Jr., to
see fair play, went from this place to Castine
and Saturday morning played championship
games of lawn tennis with Messrs. Boyd Bart
lett and Will Wltherlee. who represented
Castine. The game- came off on the grounds
of old Fort George and in favor of Ells
—The Boston Sunday Herald has the fol
lowing: Mr. Joseph Friend, a well known fish
merchant of Gloucester, was married to Miss
Susie A. Mace of Aurora, Me., in the Buifinch
Place Chapel Wednesday evening. A recep
tion was subsequently held at the home of the
bride’s brother. Mr. Anthony Mace. Newton.
The presents were many and valuable. The
couple will spend the honeymoon at “The
Friend" cottage. Cape Ann.
—The Village Improvement Society organ
ized at Hancock Hal! on Saturday afternoon
last, with the choice of officers as follows: Mr-.
A. F. Greely, President; Mrs. E. K. Hopkins.
Vice President; Mrs. L. W. Hodgklns.Trejisur
er; Mrs. Geo. P. Dutton. Secretary; Mrs. L.
A. Emery. Mrs. J. D. Hopkins, Mrs. J. C.
Chllcott. Mrs. E. Eno and Mrs. S. G. Rowe,
Executive Committee. Tbb committee will
havea business session (this Wednesday) af
ternoon. In tbe work the society has to do It
will ask for the co-operatioL of tbe Mayor,
Street Commissioner, other < Ity officials and
citizens generally.
—Mayor Chapman and the committee on in
vitations, of Portland, have issued invita
tions to tbe sons and daughters of Portland,
ita former residents and others to visit
“• • • the beautiful town
That Is seated by tbe sea.*’
The announcement is made as follows: “The
City of Portland proposes to celebrate its Cen
tennial Anniversary in an appropriate manner,
by suitable services on Sunday July 4tb; Pro
fession and Displays on Monday, July 5th;
Historical and Literary Exercises, Entertain
ments, Excursions and Re-Unions on Tuesday,
July 6th, next.*’ Such a celebration is worthy
of tbe best efforts of the citizens of Portland
and we wish it success. We acknowledge, with
thanks, the receipt of an invitation to be pres
—Tbe Maine Central R. R.Co.ls making some
marked improvements on its property in this
city. Tbe passenger station bas been raised
and tot ally enchanced in value by a stone
foundation and brick underpinning. New
floors of birch will be laid in the waiting rooms
and the building newly painted Inside and out.
Tbe station and baggage bouse have been con
nected by a wooden roof with tasteful and
.suitable finish, which will sene as »u awning
for baggage. Under this roof a platform will be
laid. Workmen art engaged in making exten
sive repairs to the platforms connected with
the station buildings and many marked altera
tions and improvement* are to be made in the
vicinity of the station.
-The class of 1961 of Bowdoin College eele
brate next week the idh anniversary of their"
graduation by a reunion at the college. Among
the members of the class are Judge Emery of '
Ellsworth, Gen. T. W. Hyde of Bath,Frank L.
Ding ley of the Lewiston Journal, Judge ?
Round* of Calais. Judge Hicks of Rockland. !
Hon. S. H. Manning-Sheriff of Wilmington. N.
C\. Hon. S. M. Finger.Superintendent of pub
lic instruction of North Carolina. Judge Lor
ing of Fitchburg. Mass.. Capt Slmonton U. S.
A., Prof. A. S. Packard, the distinguished
entomologist, Edward Stan wood of Boston.
( has. (». Atkin- of the U. S. Fish commission.
Henry J. Fur her of Chicago, and others.
Commencement Week at Colby Un
Sunday,.fulr 4 — Baccalaureate Hermnn by the
President, at 2 30 r. M . at the Baptist Church j
Annual Board man Sermon before the Young Men's '
Christian Association by Rev. Prof. John M. Eng *
llsh, A M , of Newton Theological Institution, at
7.44 1*. m
M<>n<iay, July 5.—Ivy Day Exercises of the
Junior Clas*. at 130 r. m , on the ( arapus. Junior j
Exhibitional 7.44 at the church. Meeting of the
Board of Trustees at thamplln Ilall at 7 JO r v.
Tuesday, July fi —Class Day Exercises, at 10.44 i
a. m at the church, at 2J0 r. M.. on the ( ampus
Annual meeting of the Alumni A-st*olat1on at !
Alumni Ilall at 2 r. X Anniversary oration hy j
Rev ^ dward Everett Hale, D. D , of Huotonat the ,
church at 7 44 r. M
Wednesday. Jaily 7.—Commencement Day. Ex
ercises of the Graduating Class, and Conferring of 1
Itegrees. at tbe church at 10.30 a m The pro
cession forms at Memorial Ilall at 1«V <
ment Dinner at Alumni Hall at 1 r xt Library
and C abinet open to visitor* from :i to 4. Prv*l
dent's Reception in the evening Commencement
Concert by the B«*rnhan1 I.Utemann Company, at
the Tow n Hall, at * r m
now Tni«*n«»itr « w<»»i>*ivn
As will be *ecn by i-ur Buck sport news letter.
Hon Theodore < Woodman has departed Lbt.«
life. hi*, death orrurlng at hi* residence in Buck*
l*« n at at>out lhr* c lock on Sunday afternoon •
la*t Mr Woodman «n a prominent dtixen of
Bu« K»|>*.rt and the county Hi* active life «»f near
ly 71 year* ha* l*-cn closely allied and prominently
Identified with the Interests of the community in
which he lived and his death will be * !<•** which
will lie severely fr!t hr all cla*»*«•» <»f his neighl->r*
and acquaintance*. In <>ctol*cr la*t while «*n ;»
visit toll* family of his brother In Dover. N H.
Mr Wo..!man **» *tri-ken w Ith paraly •!* win- h
threatens! hi* Immediate death, but he lingered
along Inistcn life and death through the winter
and *i ring. until a few week* ago be slightly
rallied, when In accordance with his wtahe*, he
was conveyed bv a • }*«■• lal <ar, most carefully fit
ted x.j* f<>r the purpo*c. t-> hi* home In Bach*|»on
Perfectly o»n*<i<ui* until the very last, he ever
ct-< ! hi* usual < arr and tn*.nghtfuli.* »* in making
hi* final arrangement**
Th- following wr ••lip from the IPS*/?
Mr W • -Iraan w.i« a graduate ••< It u ! in and
w a- a mtv prominent man In (hi* mcii.-h He had
represente*! til* tow n and count' In U*th ’. ran. he
ld the ,»tatc legislature ai d held manv other
public jM-sItlon* He wa* at the time of his death ;
and had been for many year* previous I*n «i-lent
f i ! - rt Sal * Mr. W Imai
leave* .« wIdow w*:.. will have the <lce|H-»t *vtn
path> of all tlie a* jualntancc* • f the deceased In
her affliction
1 r ft Mr.W
• • u . .
« lever. oVb<k
Krneat W. Bur rill haareturned fr m Cas
•••«■■• • has been .■■ ■ • . ng thi Nar
ms! *chon!.
Oscar Chase accidenta.lv shot himself
thr ugh the hand while handling a .
la*! week. The wound is not seriou*.
Nli*. Jennie }Vak« and Anmr came fr m
Bar Harbor on the tram s*r Friday. Mr*
}\ haa returned * > Bar Harbor.
Kev. S W. ( spin preached here yr*!er
day. He » !! supplr the C ngregat; nal
churches (-f Dedham and Holden for the
next tear.
Mr Fred A. Frve .* selling goods in
}'i*caiaqui» county.
June 14.
1 he steamer Mt. Desert make* three trips
per week from Rockland t » Sullivan and
intermediate landings. This arrangement,
however, is only till the 25th, when she will
come only to Bar Harlvor daily and connec
tion with the Bang' r \ Boston steamer* to
this place, will only l»e made by the bay
The new Maine Central ferry boat i* on
the route and the "Kin ta” ike an old friend
give* us direct connection with the tra:n\
much to the joy of our people.
M *s Katie Dunbar ha* returned from her
spring term of school at Steuben, aiso Mist
Helen Smith from Bar Harbor.
June 14. Rover.
Bar Harbor
More than 150 arrival* Saturday .the l*t.
Fbftv came bv the Mount Desert.
The new Maine t’entral steamer, the Sap
pho. came on the route and began regular
tr.ps !a*» Saturday. She is a handsome b a!
and is fitted up in fine style.
Almost everything rentable in the shape
of cottages at Bar Harbor has been a.ready
rented for the season.
The Grand Central opened for guest*, the
12th, the Des I-le has been opei a week, the
He.tn>»nt, the Newport, the St. Sauveur and
the Birch Tree Inn all ha\e parties. The
Kodirk is expected to open about the 16th.
When that great hotel opens, it is the signal
that the summer has really begun.
The doctors say there never was u time
when there was less sickness at Bar Har
bor than now.
>«»rth Haarork.
Splendid growing weather in this section
The hay crop bids fair to be be'ter than it
has l>een for some years.
The infant son of Charles and Stella Shaw
died recently.
Hollis Linscott. while in the employ of
Barlow Hall, received injuries to the ki.ee
pan compelling him to return home.
A y oung son of Geo. Mackay was kicked
severely bv a horse a short time ago, though
it did not result in anything serious.
i All the citizens of our town have turned
t out in a body to repair the roads. From
all such roads deliver me, though time that
softens all things may reduce our roads to
something like order before the summer is
; through. At least I have that consolation.
Frank Norris has returned from Boston,
' Mass.
June 12. N. Y.
The Cantata of Ruth the Moabitess was
given Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
The following were the personations:
Naomi, Mis* Phebe J. Hooper. |
Ruth, Mis* Annie II Sweet.
Boa/, Prof. W. S. McDonald.
l*t Reaper, Mr. Will Snowman.
Orpah, Miss Lottie W. Folsom.
Isr&elitish Woman, Mrs. A. F. Page.
Jewish Malden, Mi»*s Cora II. Hill.
Assistant Reaper, Mr. R. B. Stover.
Messenger, Mr. Walter Hanscom.
Semi Chorus, Reaper*,
^ml Chorus, Binder-.
Semi Chorus, Gleaners.
Full Chorus, Israelites.
Mis* Eva F. Pike, director.
Mrs. M. L. Hopkins, pianist.
Great credit is due Miss Pike for the un
tiring efforts made by her to make the
Cantata a success. Nearly one hundred
dollars were made in the two nights.
All the Commencement exercises were
successfully carried out. The prize for the
best declamation on the part of the gentle
men, vai awarded to Mr. £. H. Hadlock,
Islesford ; the ladies’ prize to Miss Page,
Orland. The prize for the best essay was
awarded to Mr. Wro. Crawford, Camden.
Dr. C. F. Ware returned from bis west
ern trip last Saturday.
Hon. T. C. Woodman died at his resi
dence Sunday afternoon, after a sickness of
six months. He was taken sick in Dover,
N. H., the middle of last December, and re
mained there until three weeks ago, when
he was brought home in a special car. Mr.
Woodman was widely known and universal
ly respected for his ability and upright
June 14. R.
Miirark Nat.
The Tarratine House at Hancock Point
is open, and boats run regularly in the bay,
connecting with trains at tfount Desert
Mr. I. S. Johnson is occupying his cottage
at the Point, and Mr*. Wing has moved in
to her summer house there. Mr. Johnson’s
brother and his wife are at the hotel.
A new store is in process of erection at
the Point by Mr. Aiken of Bar Harbor.
The upper part of the building will be fin
ished into six sleeping rooms, and these,
with the fourteen apartments of the new
boarding house to be completed next week,
wili add twenty rooms to the capacity of the
East I, am mu*.
We are having some case* of sickness
and accident in our location calling for the
frequenl attendance of Dr. Hagerthy of
>our city. George and Nelson Walker are
l»oth under his care, but their cases are re
ported favorably.
From all appearances there will be a larg
er number of *‘rusticators” this summer than
in any past season. Every mail brings let
ters of inquiry for accommodation and term*.
Large number* of our townspeople who
have been gone for vear* are on the way
and other* are coming.
Frank L Winterbotham, mate of the
steamer Rockland, is on shore taxing a short
vacation; he will join the Mount Desert
when she commences her daily trips.
Mr. George Ray has gone on a hasty trip
to Fast port and will return to-day. Monday,
by steamer Richmond. Mr* Ray, children
and the father, Mr. Thomas Ray, w:ll come
with them. They will occupy the Sage
(‘ottage again thi* year.
Mr. Frank Herrick iv with us again this
*eason. and ha* located hi* photograph sa
loon on the street leading to the *teambnat
wharf. Mr. Herrick has perfected himvlf
in the modern advances of photography and
no doubt wd! do considerable work in like
ne*«e*. views, group*, etc.
Mr. F. Adam* who ha* been a boarder
with Mr. \N F. Dcsisles for a number of
vear*. leave* for the far we*t b\ boat on
On Sunday the perpetual string of team*,
double and single, modern and ancient, led
your correspondent to brieve that societv
somewhere ar und u* had conspired to take
a trip to the laughing water* on our beach.
A* they pas*ed tin window thev I ad the ap
pearance of lietng devout!) happy, and the.r
merrv pea!* of laughter wei.od up like ht-n
i«on* of prai*e.
wr tie having just now stcam^N.at* in
plenty on thr water* • f our bay. Looking
out on Saturday ! n. tired four, passing and
repa**ing the M mr,t Ib**ert, Vcad s, Flee
ts and Sappho Naming boat* does not
have proper attention given it. I he new
ferrv f< a’, bearing the name of th** Grecian
poetess, ha* the deep has* tone* of an ocean
going steamer, and ! cannot roncrive the
g >ddr*s of * rg breathing her lay* in such
: ties. \fter two week* the Mount Ib-**rt
will close her bay trip*. The little boat with
the mvsttc name ••F.lrcta" commenced on
Saturday her three trip* a dav and cal!* at
Lanvune wharf, and the Acadia sometimes
will make trip* to - S rrento,” and Bar Har
bor. Wc are not yet cut < tT.
I nui*t a* usual make mention of the *ar
dine factory We!;, they have had another
week’s w.rk early and late, plenty of fish
and willing ha .d* to take rare of them, mak
ing it p • a*unt for both emp yor* and th< ***
employed. I shall be able by and bv to give
your reader* some figure* showing the
amount of work d ne by thi* c< mj iritivi y
*ma.l company . In the meantime allow me
?o “illuatrify " on this modern \mer;< an in
dustry., Little did the inimitable comedian
\\ .am Warren . mprebend f the work
m making sardines .»* he so quaintly spokr
the words **litt fiihea work
for miners f tin. lead and cm!; manufac
turer* <>f t.n. df‘ irat- r* of t;n arid tnnking ,
« f - ..h r f: m tin and ;rsd ; cutting of um
ber f»r transporting of tin from abr ad;
lumber ' mak« *h as t<> t*e make ;n'• • cas
es W 'k f r the .1 gr w>*r*. flav ring ex
tract*, mustard and vinegar producer*;
fr*-;g‘’s f r *ieamh at* an 1 sailing ve***- *
importing and transporting e *ck to and
fr- rn tlie fa- * -ne* in o ir S’atr . getting ---.it
matenai f. r an 1 1 dmg w*-.r*. collecting
and 'rar •; • r* • g -! thr fi*h from the weirs
which on reaching the factory are taken
from the b- v*. ; * • 1 n Urge table* where
men, w men. g.rl* an*l boys with sharp
knives rapidly prepare the fi*h for the salt
Lath ; af’er rerr*:n'iig there a certain length
of time they pas* into the hand* of the fiak
er*. then * **v are dried either naturally or
artificially and thr\ ate then taken by the
frven who Co k them . after that they pa**
t-» the packing tahie* and the packers place
them in •mail cat. with oil, spice*, etc., r
it may be with mustard the sealrr* •older
the head* properly «*n the can*, or box* *,
and they pa-* the bath room and there in
a *’eam bath remain a fixed time and pa**
: ver to Ik* hermetically -ruled and lastlv be
fore being placed in ca*e* the tester ex
amines every can casting nut every one that
ha* the slightest leak and then they ire
ready to Iwr transported to market. The La
moine Backing (’ mpany make their soider.
car.* and boxes at their work*. The above- i*
a slight description of the work of produc
ing Amen an sardine* which are equai m
every respect to French sardines.
I am ser. -usly proposing to uiyseif the
propriety and pleasure of making a abort
visit to your city in the near future. I have
no par*, uiar mission in view, but think it i»
about time I should renrw fellowship with
rnanv i-i friend*. *e«- your new buildings
and acquaint myself w.th purpose* your peo
ple are vying out t r the future. *rd have a
general good time. Although i have been
in comparative retirement for sometime pa*t
yet I have not lost interest iri movement*
which mav be of benefit to society.
}. <\ W.
Sorlh I imolnr
Mr-. W alter Young who has been on a
' i-it to her parent* at El-w rth (Mr. ami
Mr-. Warren Austin) the pa*! week, return
ed home on Sunday.
Mr*. Sarah Linscott of Hancock who has
been on a visit to her friend*, and aiquamt
ances in this district the pant week, where
-he ha- formerly resided, returned home
on Tuesday. Mr*. Linscott, though some
7*> years of age, seem* to retain her fac
ulties of mind to a good degree, and
*eem* as industrious as ever, finishing one
quill of patchwork, wh.le here and commenc
ing another. If her health remain* as good
a- at present she will visit friend* at Swan’s
Island in the coming autumn.
Our Union Children’* Day Concert at the
Lamoine Baptist Church, on Sunday even
ing, was a perfect success. The house
was beautifully decorated, the parts
were all finely rendered, and the sing
ing which was chiefly performed by
the children was delightful. A beautiful
poem, entitled “Only a Cup of Cold Water”
wa> finely read by Mi** Phosie Higgins. The
contribution which was quite liberal was ap
propriated to the purpose of constituting our
superintendents Mr. F. L. Hodgkins,
Lamoine, and Mr. Waiter Coggins, No. La
moine, iife member* of the IL P. Society.
Mrs .Hatfield who ha* been on a visit to
Jefferson the past few weeks, returned home
on Friday having enjoyed her visit and rec
reation very much. D’N'ETT.
June 14.
fire* n * l anding.
Jm; . e business is booming here. Two
factors - running full time and a third one
lieing fitted up in the building known as the
Kuss factory.
Mr. Wilder of Bangor seminary preached
at Union church last Sabbath and will sup
ply that pulpit for the coming three month*.
Lumber has arrived and work commences
this morning on the large pavilion being
built for entertainment purposes by Chas.
U. Russ. The building is to be known as
Music Hall. Much preparation is going on
for a 4th of July celebration to be held
therein. The Cornet band is to have the
use of the room, gratis, to practice in three
evenings weekly, also the hall is offered free
for church festivals.
Mr. and Mrs. James Swett of Wellfleet,
Mass., are among the late arrivals.
A hoise belonging to Rev. Mr. Wilder
was badly cut yesterday in the breast and
hoof by contact with barbed wire fence. Dr.
Bartlett acted as veterinary surgeon.
The Cornet band gave a concert and bail
last evening to a full house. They are talk
ing of an excursion to Brooklin and will
probably charter the little steamer Stella.
New carpets and pulpit furniture have
just been put in at the Union church.
Business ia as brisk with us here as “J. C.
W.” reports it at East Lamoine.
Goss & Small haveiust secured a con
tract for a new job on their granite quarry.
Parker Wells has fine stone steps just set
up at front entrance of his residence. The
steps were cut and fitted at Thurlow Bros’,
granite quarry.
June 12.
Perfect June weather.
Masonic meeting Monday evening,
June 21.
L>r. and Mrs. Bunker have left the hotel
and set up for themselves in the Fred
Stevens house.
Eugene Stevens has readv made cloth
Mrs. Sarah Townes died very suddenly
from pneumonia on Sunday.
llunnert. and peddlers were very thick in
the village to-day.
Surgeon Goodwin made us a short call
Mrs. Sarah Otis Hinckley came on Satur
When brothers-in-law use tongs as an
argument in a discussion, it is a sure sign
that s little law might be well applied to
Children’s Sunday was appropriately ob
served here yesterday; a profusion of flower*
was used, and the little ones were interest
ed, both day and evening.
Albina Carter has been having a serious
attack of neuralgia in his face, head and
throat. He has been confined to his bed for
nearly two weeks. He has lately had his
pension increased to $24 per month and he
deserves every dollar of it.
I. E. Stanley ha* so far recovered from
a badly sprained ankle, that he gets around
without his crutches.
June 14. lion.
Km! niurhlll.
There will be a celebration here on the
5th.—the following is the programme :
It. A. Trti»p. Orator <>f the I»»v.
U. (». Long, reader of l>eelarntlon <>f In«lepen«l- ,
F II Itln.ter. Marshal
John F W«»o<l, > Long. Henry Wallace. A*
•tstaut Marshals.
1 A! \ M, para'lr of fantastic* under «llree
tlon ,.f «„.> \ Marks
1- Horse trot.
3 I’nxi --Ion will form at the square and march
to the gr*'\ ••
4 Song hy lire Glee t.'Juh.
j. Prayer
*’> Ihaltnc lHs-laratt<>n of Imlepcntlourr.
7 's.>ng l»y the tiles* t luh
-. Oration
><*ng hy the t.!e«’ t 'luh.
10 pnNi's«i,.n uniform amt march to the Hall
where •tinner will tie scrvcl.
J1. Il««ai rwee.
11 Tut- race
11 k rare.
u Potato race
l-*> Turki-% rare
w F'-ot fs.-e
17 • Mhrr amusement* a- the i ommitlce mi v <
Uev. K. A. Ma$<>n preached here yester
day .
Rev. S. A. Blaisdeii ;* expected t<> come
here in a few day*, and remain during the
I* H. Binder has gone to New \ ork on
Seth Johnson :* building .» r ew barn.
J M. y hnton and Reuben Torn were at
home yesterday on a visit.
C’hriatopher Binder, K*q., ha* been quite
sick, but is now able to ride to the granite
H. A Tripp. K*q.. will deliver the ora
tion here cn the 5lh.
(»eo. !.. Mark* thinks his horse will win
the race on ’he 5th. (».
June 1 I.
Bartlett * Island.
The opportunities afforded by the la’e
good farming weather have been improved
by the residents of this Island. They have
finished planting an 1 some have . >mmrncv 1
hoeing. I he grass ami vegetation look
we. and the pK*pects f a g od harvest are
fax rahle.
Since the spring’s w rk has s acked up,
the young men ■ f the Island have Tgani/r i
a ha** hall ciub under the b ad of ( apt. F.
F. Dyer, wh is spending the summer at
home and they haxe made c- nsiderah.e pro
fit my a ready, and probably in the near
future the 1 iswofth b x« ». have • . • k
to thair laure s. I hey had a very n?erc*t
if g game on the after?’- ••?! of the ol?.. and
were joined by four Indian* i f th- Q . d
dy tribe, who were camped on the l-i nd ;
two r f them, member* of a club, wrfe t\
per’, p.aver* and gave our boys - -me g i
points m pitching, etc.
Sever* f r y mg me . iway
ere.mg. Those emp! \e i :n th*- ' r
fishery complain the scarcity < f ti-1. ■. 1
the very *ni.» returns t r same *• . . 1 t >
Boat on, o« g luantitiei
imported from the Province*. I*aa- Bart
lett \ ('<*. ar* engaged :n w- ring with
v a? ;ed succr**.
This < mmumty have met wnh a *evere
1** in the death of James (' Bartlett, (pre
viously mentioned in the A.MKKIi an > v x. rx
worthy x >nng man. He died on the lfi?h
ul' He w«* a member of the Mx*unt Desert
1 ige. T \ A. M . ami w a* buried on the
M " ■ \ • ir- ag<
he went w**t and met with ftir succe**.
Had been m g vernment em; \ part of
the tinie •; i..ding hr. Ige* and f ft*. serving
ns foreman. He .eft ('aliform i tn vear*
sg" ami returned home w.tr. his health im
; aired, .t mere ahadow ...f h.« or.ginal seif,
axing contracted a fever from the effect*
of which he never recovered. He wo* a
young man of excellent qualifies and com
manded the respect of ad who knew him.
I he grave had scarcely closed <>v*-r hi* re
main* before we received nrws f the death
< f Mi** iii T () *-r < of th* pi ac»- at B ir
Harbor, of diphtheria. >:.*• end oi the
iil*t of M iv, uged IT wars and •”» monf -
Her remain* were br > jght t > tf.e I-.and m a
meta... casket, and interred -n the -’-'J.
''hr wa* a »tiy estimable gui and «r ail an
ticipated a bright future for her, and her
sudden death ha* caused her fani.lv the
keer.tV grief. Thu* within a week two of
our smartest young people were "called
Our school ha* been in session fixe weeks,
taught by M;*s A.berta Thomas of West
Kden, and is giving good satisfaction.
June 'J. R
r ranklla.
The spring school in lbs?. No. ♦» closed
Fn liy af'er a very successful term «>f ten
week*, taught b\ W. L. Coggins, of S >uth
Hancock. Mr. C •gg.ns is a man of excellent
qualities, and one of the nest of teachers.
June 14. Cherry.
Everything is quiet here at present ;
crows and road surveyors Isold the balance
of power, hut we hope for a better state of
affairs shortly.
Will Card has purchased a very fine horse
at Cherry field, price unknown but said to be
way up.
A very successful term of school is be
ing taught in district No. B, by Miss Nellie
Hooper of this town.
A very interesting and instructive sermon
was preached bv the Rev. Mr. McCann, at
the new church at Taunton, Sunday.
J. H. West has u contract to furnish a
quantity of fine stone for the new county
buildings. 1'art of it will he c ut at his quarry
here, and part at his quarry at Sullivan.
Alfred Heagan has opened a quarry near
the site of the quarry opened by West <N
Wakefield, two or three years ago. Mr.
Heagan has been in business here but a
short time, but he has built up a large trade
and gained the confidence of the communi
A jolly crew passed through here a few
days ago, on their way to Beddington, where
they are at work for S. O. Googins of East
brook, who has a contract with E. E. Church
I to peel 700 cords of hark.
Moses Wilbur, while at work in Hail
Bros’, mill at Kilkenney, last week, was
caught by the carriage and quite severely
injured, but is able to be about.
The saw mill at Taunton, formerly owned
by Morrison & Clow, is to be started up to
morrow by Clark A' Scammons, who will :
saw the lumber in the pond for H. B. Ma
son of Ellsworth.
The mill owners seem to look happy this
summer, plenty of contracts is the cause.
J. H. West, Esq., has been absent several
days, taking ir« the State convention while
A party of New Yorkers are encamped at
Tunk pond. The number of fish has not
been reported but if the flies are as thick as
here, they must get plenty of bites.
June 14. Sherman S.
Birch Harbor.
Capt. J. M. Rice arrived June 12, and
sailed the next morning in the schooner
Rogers, loaded with cement for Rockland.
Mrs. Charles Lindsey, who has been suf
fering from insanity for the past two months,
has been removed to Hancock, where she
will be cared for by her mother.
During the last week, the schooner Ban
ner, commanded by Capt. A. J. Lindsey, has
been hauled up on the beach undergoing
some repairs.
June 14. Old Maid.
lyrtl 3p n r ni
Secrete# the bile and l# one of the most important organ# of the human system. Jaoadice, Indlgi#
lion, Dyspepsia, Pool Stomach, Variable Appetite, Sallow Complexion, Constipation and all the 1 » th
a company it, are all indications of Liver Complaint.
4* 1 hail a severe ca*,* of Liver Complaint with habitual constipation ; my apatite would Ik- good ore
4iy an<l poor the next, my eye# showed evidence of Jaundice, and I hail a tlr»xi, uncomfortable feeling ;
I bought one bottle of Brown # Sarsaparilhu It regulated ray liver and bowel# so that their actluu 1* as
good as crer. My general health is uow good. I owe it all to the use of Brown’s Sarsaparilla.
Hon. B. B. Thomas, Treas. Penobscot C<a, Bangor, Me."
Mm E. C'obb, one of the most prominent merchants of Bangor, has suffered from liver trouble# f
two years. Mr. Cobb has consulted good physirlans, taken various remedies, but got little or no ass.
an e until be U^gan the use of Brown’# Sarsaparilla. II#* say# it Is the best thing for Liver Complain*
that ever came to his notice, and freely recommends it to his friends.
•• I was all oat of Ax this Spring," said Mr. L. O. Oak*. merchant at Garland. Me. “I read w me of
th ■ testimonials, bought some of Brown's Sartaparil'.a, took one bottle, and am toxiay U-tu-r than i
have been for years. I recommend Brown's Sarsapanha above all medicines I have a* I know it to *
READER!—If you have any trouble with your kidneys you can And a certain relief fur it by using
Brown’s Sarsaparilla.
tWYv'ur money refunded if it doe# not do all claimed.
Brown * Sarsaparilla is sojd by all Druggist# for $1.40; « bottle# for $6.40. ARA WARREN, Pro
prietor, Bangor, Me.
Fire broke -ut on Mns >:i \ Cushman’s
land last Tuesday but by the promptness of
the people hen* it was scon |c t under con
There is quite a lot of bark being peeled
here this season. Hay is looking we. . I
think better than usu > ; *!her crops are rath
er backward ; the prospect ;s a;; abundance
of berries f all kinds
H ill’s drive is hav ,ng a hard drag of it;
the i • speed is that a part of the rear wo!
be hung up.
The 1 O. ! (* 1. I.odge is in a flourish
ing < >»ndi* on. If r> w numbers about 60
merr. • rs and m re coming.
FI s and mosqu;’ u s a»-e plentiful and
1 n-k k<* a g i cr• ; .
I r* are pj. *p< ts o' » celtbriu.on here
the > f Ju,v. S.
Ju i i
W inter llirlx r
> n* r I i • i r • ; h- re Saturday
» v »d i f lumber from F. w »rth f»r
( a; ' It. IVndle’on’s stable.
lb 11. Flint, Ksq . and wife arrived at
tb»-!r w * >.!?agi‘. I he Hocks” last >»l*r
day e v g, l by servants and
hustler. Mr. Flint has leased the ;< * j■»m
ing h.-. with house arid stable, former \
known as the (’. Stevens’ place, and lately
piircbao 1 by Hr. A J. Baker, f lb -ton.
1 b ■ s- b uif r St*d!.i. lafe v ;>un based fr m
I.am me by \Ir. J J It iberfs, has been
th r gh v repaired arid fr'e-i f-r the trad
lairteas, wh 1 Mi Roberta - - in to
engage in.
< r • \ S B kf ig y put
ting .’. -rder the - mer W . im Fr r.k
lin. which we under-t ind * »o be pur n the
bne between Bar llarbo; »r.d Ib-riand as a
regular freight c .irru r.
June 11. K.
f .r constitutional <>r -<*r*e;itarrli.
and for •on-uiiiptioi imlu.e.l by the -• rofu
\ - S - |
edy. It ha- • ur* <1 numlwu *• It stop
c itarrbal di-diarge-, >'■! relieve-rh- -ic L**n
ing odor—in-i: atmn- scrofula.
Two Year* tiro!
I wn-a-ight to bebo'd an-1 w a- II liable t<» • u
jo\ f at i M<>w ! mi Mi- .pii tur* -f Im iIth
nil 1 » .111 eat :;l:y thill.. N ll it ddil'' "ulptllir
Bitter- cured me *f In -p*p«ia and Idv* t- i ..m
piaint. after -urt* ring two \car-. IF. II.
II M ‘.n.W- r, V. II. ‘
— If there • o r was » -peeifl. f..r ant one
complaint. then t alter*- I.ittie I.iver Fills are
a »pe iti< for sick headaelie. and every woman
*du»u'd know !hl-. only one pill a do-c. F«»r
sale by S. I >. \\ iggin.
Files! Files! Pile*!
Sure cure for blind, bleeding, ami Itch
ing Files. «»ne box ha- cured the wor-e ea-e
of ten y«*ar-* standing. N■> -me need -ut! :•■»
minute- after u-ing th:- womlerful Kirk*- (»• r
ni’in File Ointment. It absorbs tumor-, al
lay- the itching at once, act* a- a poulti-• ,
giVes inatant relief. Kirk'- <»♦ rman File-oint
ment i- prepared <• 11!v for Piles and itching "f
the private part-, ami nothing else. Fverv
f*ox i- warranted i.\ our Agent. ' * ! by
Druggist-:-ent by mail on receipt of price
and jsi.no per h..\.
I>K. ( . o. BUN TON. Flu>r..
C lev eland, 0.
\ man* wlf*- *•!*■ *u?• I n!v\ «. he the *am> ,
especial|y to her hu-haml.hut if ■*!»• i%\vcakan<l
mrv»»ii*. ami u*e*» t'trter’* Ir**n Pill-, she can
not he, for they mad*- her‘•feel lik» a different
person,*’ at least so they all say. and their hu—
nands *u> so too! Carter** Iron Pills equalize
the circulation. remove nervousness and give
strength and rest. Trv them. For sale by s.
I>. Wiggin.
Grandmother Says!
When «he was a girl that her mother alwuv*
gave her sulphur and niolasse.s to purify her
blood, but n«.w she gives Sulphur Bitters to
her grandchildren, a- it i* the best medicine
she ever saw.— The Father.
June 17, 1886.
Apples dried—per lb .G»>a"8 Coffee--per IV. 15a.30
Green—perbbl Suxar -Granuiatid s
Beans—per bu l.75»2.'k) Coffee--A. A B. ."7
Steak. Beef—per !b .12a.2" Yellow. C. <«*
Pork. -lla-12 Maple, 15a. 25
Veal—perlb .05a.t.7 M-'lasses--pergal
Roasts, .lia.H Havana. .35a. 40
Beef, corned —per lb .libs Id Port* Rico. 45a '<C
Plate. .00 Syrup .60
Jerked, S3 Maple Syrup, 1.25
Tongue, 12 Tea -Japan per lb .40a.60
Pork—per lb .06.* to Oolong, .25a.60
Lard—perlb .00a. 11 Oil--Linseed, per gal .65
Pig * feet—per lb "I Kerosene. .I0a.l5
Tripe. -08 Wood--per cord
Ham*. 12 Dry Hard, 2.50*4.50
Mutton. -04a.06 I»ry Sort. 2.00*3.00
Lamb, .12a.14 Coal--Stove.per ton 6.5
Butter. 16 a.2<> Egg, u 00
Cheese. 12a 14 Ulacksmitn * 6.50*7.50
Cracked wheat- "6 Hay--perton 13.00al5.00
oat Meal, 05 Lumber—perk!
Meal—per bu 62 Hemlock, 3.00*10.00
Corn, «2 Spruce. 10.00*16.00
Barley, .75 Pine. 12.00*35.00
Data. 55 Shingles—per M
Cotton Seed—per bag 1.00 Cedar, Extra, 3.25
Shorts. 1.25 ** “ one. 2.25
Fine Feed. 1.50 ** No. “ 1.50
Eggs—per doz .12 “ Scoots. 1.00
Pickle*--per gal .50 Clapboards—per M
Fish—dry Cod.perlb .03a .06 Extra Spruce, 25.00
Pollock. '*4 Spruce. N'o. 1, 15.00
Flour—Super per Lbl 5.00 Clear Pine, 36.00
XX. 6.50 Extra Pine, 40210
XXX, 6.00 Laths--Spruce, per M 1.60
Choice. 7.00 Naus—perlb 04a.06
Buckwheat--per lb .06 Cement—percask, 1.50
Graham, .t>4 Lime, 1.15
Vegetables--per ba Brick—perM 6.00*12.(0
Onions—per lb .05 White Le*d-per!b .O4*.08
Salt--percwt .70a 30 Fruit per Ib—Figs .15*.20
Dairy--per box 20 Raisins, .15a.22
Sausage--per lb Prunes, .07
Bologna, .16 Tamarinds, .10
Turkey. .20 lemons--per box 6.00
Chickens. .16 Hides, Cow--per lb .<>6
Tallow, .08 CalfSkins, .12
Wool, .20a.28 Pelts, 1.00al.25
Rice. .07a.09 Clover. .14
Hens—perlb .14 Hay Seed—perbu
Olives—per qt .50 Herds Gross 2.50
Beets—per lb .03 Red Top. 1.25
Cabbage—per lb .05 Squash—per lb .05
Strawberries per box .18 Potatoes, .40
Marine List.
Ellsworth Port.
Thursday, Juno 10
Sch William Pickering. Hammond, Hancock
Sch Allendale, Reinlek, Portland
*». li Nonpareil, Eaton, Ikrr !
Aitim i i»
v. i, ( hari, - I il •!*rktr.
", h Ea^'U'. 1I.IIWS, It*.-ton
"aturl.v-. Juuo li
", h " . -t»': : ■•>. I-.nlan. !'t• \
"■ t ". sa-MU r. li." k.an l
"• h t,ra>e. Betts, |t.*-t.»n
\liltlN EI».
Mon-la- , June 11
- sea I \ . lari*
-• I- Ka!r lval» r. ■Mnlth. Boston
" A11. E l >
Tues.lay, June 13
"• Ii 1 -a <efh, < an !aif,’. liar Har'
- •, the Ea-t. i •:*,-•. »:..n.h .t
"■ h Battlin' re Bin* h
"• ?, M ' l.awn ii.t, Pattrt- B.-st.n.
", h ExpP’-s. I amp son, Bar llarl ■:
llnmr«llr Pnrti
Il XV ! June l‘». - !; II Curtis,If.'t-ke!!.New
Uo.»Tll!l\t \ r Jnm , - Emit * ,ts.,. l‘en
,»l,*e,>t f*>r B> .-ton
I :• • * r • .N -Ar June 11, * - Pavll , *S1 ik*, W I
Emerson. («• >tc. an>l M I < r • k«tf, i,,»tt.
« >rlainl
Ar .lum : , ■. I M W arren. I w ••. p... r
Nbw York 1 ilWP • Kai
Rle Janeiro
NKWHim »R1 \ I \
llarrtro.m. *, ;th Anil* •
1*1 RTtt ARtun "M Juno 1 *ch Annie K I - w
I. < ' Is. 1 ethp,.rt
I’lliisxnr.i.pm % \ ■ i . . • Wm H i * 1.
^ ■ -ter, *u ' •. i .
\ r J’. • • : ■ \ ':■!. I. W • - ter. "t J \ B .
i II W .il, "tan., . . - il It \ an
I'. UTt.vM. \r June 11. - h Ex-Mnwe. It &
m!u-t«r, New \ rk
\ • ' 1.
A i - i: •
~ 1 June li. -eh \ T Ifatin -. l>o*!*;e. • a-tllie
" x T11 t. v Kl\FR. \ r Juiu-'t, -h Cliff pi.
Cral tre. . I*r ■v Men- ■
\J\KVARI> II x \ kn — Ar June II, sell Car, line
K- l.'ht, «, -.1.' liar' .-! Mr W. -n.* :tl
sM -lun. -. - h Anna " M :• h, M:tr<h
lift • IsTIH Ar June . . t, Har.e-t 11. r.e.
H-Ukii.-, Riutf-T
Ca--* I r !i t Iit-Ile May ark At: in al<
K i - ’r-.tn Resarlo for it -r •
"A* K:m.i n It -:■! Jum \ • " :
I or !, v w \ .rk
-r J.'ih. n It -i l June 11. -eh N.-rtU* ul -.-nr
Harper, I'hll.i'lelphta
hil-worth -June li. 1 li, -. I»: i Mr
W :i. ii Jor lan ate! Mi" \: . - la lan-i, . ,f
E-l- n
II k Juno It!, J M But lot F - . Mi
Ml S '
Han. o. k.
' h* •>! ■ < !• II \ t
'1: Heury H Herbert - J Palmy in N \
an>I Mr- Clara W "te\ • ti- of Bln.-hi..
"an Era... • , ( il.. -Max . , at the re- [.nee
of the hr'.-le - parent- . .1 I* Bear*I. Mr 1 -ter
" i -.k. - n -f " < • -k ' f tht- ay. ami Mi —
Ma F .-t -an Era:
l a-' - • -k I .• • ! ’ 1 \\ Bunk, 1 F - , Mr
S. H - It 1 • 'I - v
II. F. , ha -• . of h raukitn
•lin e U. 1 -an »• Mr \f..-o- W W:.1 ami
M: - - < n.iri. - -a U : ar. — >tii ■ f Ea*thro«»k
Ofatnary >■ ».1 n>t the />atr Xante an.I Aye
’nast f e /»n<// •/' at the rate of ten Cent* a no .
1 !l-\*.-fth J i • 'I: - " -ph;-i I. Warren, <e«|
i ear- am 1 month -
i June 11. Ml— - ;-.v T Jclllnoh. :»„'•• : .7 y earn
ami 1" mouth*.
I tl U'Jii 11 -.luii'' It. Nil- -’I at) K. Townes ,g(>,l
'C ear- in ! 11 month
s illlvau- Jum? 1". I»r Nathaniel Jol n« »n, »gc*i
83 \ ear
re : tout -.June l". 'ir. Boojamin Murphy, aged
•S’ ear-. 1 iBonth ami ti ’lay- - E -well, Mass
I paper* plea-e e,»py .
/. Fo-t*r A: >'»u an- A2«-nts for Morton'
2rf«'•n-hous* - am I <:iii furnish flowers of all
kin-Is at short notice. 1\ r49*
The Maine Central Railroad.
Commencing, May. 10, 1836.
Tral »»run Dailv,*undavs excepted, as follows
Eastern Standard Time.
A. M. P. M. I*. M.
B%k Harbor.4 on 1 0o 4 l >
Mt. Desert Kerrv.l AS 2 uu 5 30
Haneo4-k. 5 05 2 15 5 40
Franklin Road,.515 2 3** 550
Kll8worth.5 30 2 A) 6 05
Ellsworth F all-. 5 35 1 0*» 6 \>t
ReedV Pond.•**■**» *3 32 ‘63.'.
Holden, George’s Corner. 17 * i 52 52
Brewer June.6 41 4 25 7 15
Exchange Street.6 52 4 40 7 25
Bangor.ar 6 AS 4 43 7 30
A. M. A. M. P. M.
B .. 20 - *>0 7 00
Exehange street.6*24 8 25 7 05
Brewer June.0 tl - 3> 7 15
H.dden, George's Comer.*7 oi *9 os *7 37
Reed's Pond.'7 17 '9.3*1 ?7 53
Ell-worth Falls. 7 42 10 05 s 2**
Ellsworth.7 47 10 30 >25
Franklin Road,. sol 10 3s >40
Huncork. >10 10 50 >50
Mt. Desert Kerry.ar >20 11 Oo 9 00
Bar Harbor. .".ar 9 10 11 50 050
(Stops on signal or notice to Conductor.
The 6.20 A M. train from Bangor and 4-30 P. M.
train from Bar Harbor runs daily, Sunday In
These Trains connect at Bangor, with through
trains on Main Line, to and from Portland, Boston
and St. John.
The steamer City of Rlehmoud has resumed her
trips l»etween Portland, Bar Harbor and Machia
port, making two trips per week from Portland
every Tuesday and Friday and from Machlasport
every Monday and Thursday,
Vice Pres, and Gen’l Manager.
F. E. B« tOTHBY, Gen’l Pass, nnd Ticket Ag’t.
May 1,1886. lyr 25
Wool Carding
The subscriber having bought the carding mill
property In Surry and put his machinery In good
i unning order, Is prepared to do
Custom Carding
for the.people of Hancock County, for seven cents
a pound. All work intrusted to his care will be
done promptly and in a satisfactory manner.
None but the best of oil used. Wool left at Whiting
Brothers’, Ellsworth. F. P. Merrill's, Bluehll! and
J. Eaton’s, Bluehill Falls, will be taken to the mill
and returned free of charge.
Surry, May 13,1886. 6w20
57 cts. a yard.
<55 to 75 cents.
Best Tapestry Brussels Carpets
only IK) cts., same quality and
style as advertised by Port
land and Boston Houses at
Lowell Extra Carpets
75 cts. Portland and Boston
price 00 cts.
Lace Bed Sets,
(d pieces), 81.08,
worth $3.50.
81.<mi. $1.12 1-2 and 81.25. the
latter price beinj' for latent
style and best quality in
A tncrica.
12 1-2 ct s. ('oiored iV 11it>
on 'prinir fixture'. nicke l
puli', a!! ready t" put up,
od ct'. a window.
2d ct'. a \ and.
Hemp Carpets Id cts. a ya; .
-!-■+> ++ -4"1- ++ -+> 4--K
Hr press paid on 1 im
pels to oni/ port of
CSeir /Cni/lmid.
S!m t pair.
White Crochet Omits.
do ct'.. would itc . at. at
7 7 ct'*.
12 I -1 < r<x lu t tjuilts Shoo,
worth SI .d« i.
Lace Pillow Shams 25c.
.'!i l-2, w i>rt ]i .i ct'.
Colored Silks & Rhadanes
7d ct'.. w ■ .fill S | .I it t.
Good i Button Kid Gloves,
latest shades for ."Hi rents
a pair, sent In mail and
ran he returned if no! sat
Enameled Cloths
2<* cts., regular price 20 el>
Pure Indigo Prints
d cts. a yard, usual price S. t<.
Prompt attention to mail
orders for any goods in
our store.
Butterick’s Patterns Cata
logues Free.
No store in the stale keeps
a better Hue of Lace and
Turkoman Curtains, Lambre
quin Poles, Curtains and Hol
lands, late stvle Cloaks, ele
&ir Usual Discount to
always in stock at lowest
If you cannot come to
Rockland send to us for
I special prices.

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