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I ! Liberty INiational Bank 1
P From I From
" i l 50c. Gives you on $25.00
j to Dec. 10th | to
fi $5.00 next i $250.00
s weekly ; plus interest
^ An never-easy missed, “get together” fund
L „™i for
-next year’s Christmas presents
-next winter’s coal or wood bill
-that nice coat you have so long desired j
Took For -short vacation in the Sunny South
The sign -that “something” you were going to buy
| No matter what the object, our Christmas Club is THE logical way to
make it possible. Join now. If you can’t call, write us. Just say
I Christmas Club—sending amount you will deposit weekly. Takeout
more than one card if you like. Pay weekly or more. No red tape— !
_No trouble.
Thorsen Farm Products Co.
| New Mixed Nuts, 30c lb Castanas, «23c lb
i Walnuts, 40c lb Sweet Florida Oranges, 45c doz
Grapefruit, 2 for 25c, 3 for 25c Cooking Figs, 20c lb
Fancy Im. Layer Figs, 35c lb Maine Maid Mince Meat, 35c can
Cranberries, 15c qt Malaga Cluster Raisins, 38c pkg
Stanzalone Coffee, 45c lb Golden Rod Flour, $1.15 bag
Gran. Sugar, 8 1 -2c lb Plum Pud., Fig Pudding, all sizes
Store will be closed Christmas day
' Thorsen Farms Products Co.
Orders Delivered Free Tel. 80
f Manufacturers of
Fhorsen’s Ice Cream—at wholesale
II “T he Quality Store”- |
We wish to extend our sincere wishes |
i to our customers and also to the Gen
| | eral Public, for a Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year •
I i
P !
P Austin Block, 1q7 Main Street
-Ellsworth, Maine
| Used Cars For Sale
I! Bargains in
I 1920 Buick
1921 Special Studebaker Sedan
1925 Ford Sedan
Water St. Tel. 117; House 230
p 1
Ellsworth Postollice.
Week Days.
From West—6.47 a. m.; 4.31 p. m.
From East—11.11 a. ra.; 6.27 p. m.
Week Days.
doing West—10.40 a. m.; 5.50 p. m.
doing East—6.15 a. m.; 4.00 p. m.
Registered mail should be at post
office half an hour before mail closes.
For Week Endng at Midnight Tuesday
December 23, 1921
station of the Bar Harbor Sc Union
River Power Co. in Ellsworth. Pre
cipitation is given in inches for the
twenty-four hours ending at mid
Weather Precip
Temperature conditions itation
4 ft in 12 in forenoon afternoon
Wed 23— 24— cloudy cloudy
Thur 15— 20— fair cloudy
Kri 16— 23— snow snow .21
Sat 6 - 17— fair clear
Sun —9 —l clear clear
Mon —10 10— cloudy lair
Tues —6 22— fair fair
Friends of H. 13. Estey are pleased
to see him out again, after his ill- '
Miss M. A. Clark is visiting her !
brother. Harold H. Clark, in Spring- I
field, Mass.
*■' Earle C. Anderson, who is teach
ing at Sherman Mills, is at home for !
the Christmas recess.
Clank's orchestra will play for a
New Year hop at Odd Fellows hall ;
next Wednesday evening, Dec. 31. j
Rev. George S. Brookes is at home
from U. of M. and Bangor theological
seminary for the Christmas recess.
Y Arthur Merriam and wife are
spending tHe holidays with Mr. Mer
riam’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
fMrs. Harry E. Rowe left last week
for a visit to her mother in Portland.
Mr. Rowe left Monday night to join
her there for Christmas.
G. F. Newman was taken suddenly
ill last Saturday evening, while at
Surry. His friends are pleased to
know that he is rapidly improving.
/ The firemen were called out last
Saturday evening at (i o'clock for a
chimney fire at the home of C. C.
Camber on the eastern road. No
/ Miss Delia Hopkins left Monday
for a short visit with Mrs. A. H. Coar
at Elizabeth, N. ,1., after which she
| will go to Jekyl Island, Ga., for the
| winter.
There will be roller skating at the
i Pine Tree pavilion Christmas after
j noon and evening, and every Wednes
day and Saturday evening and Sat
urday afternoons.
The hearing before referees in the
power company cases was completed
last Thursday forenoon. The argu
ments will he heard later, probably
at Bangor or Augusta.
Y Miss Dorothy B. Crabtree is at
home from the Emerson School of
Oratory, Boston, to spend the holi
days with her parents, Judge and
Mrs. Harry L. Crabtree.
Y Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hamblen, sou
Chardes and daughter Jane, of
Springfield, Mass., are here
to spend Christmas with Mrs.
Hamblen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.
L. Morang,
Blanquefort commanders', K. T..
will have the usual Christmas ob
servance at noon on Christmas clay.
Sir Knights are requested to assem
ble at the asylum at 11.30. All vis
iting Sir Knights within this juris
diction are invited to participate.
News was received Friday of the
death at his New York home of Hr.
Horace Stokes. Death resulted from
typhoid fever. Dr. Stokes had spent
many summers in Bar Harbor, where
he practiced. Several Ellsworth
people who have been among his
patients regret to hear of his death.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Clark, sr., ob
served the fifty-sixth anniversary of
their marriage last Thursday. A few
neighbors and friends called on them
during the day. It was a surprise to
them, no plans-having been made to
observe the day, as Mr. Clark is in
poor health. Refreshments were
The State highway commission,
after a conference with members of
the Maine automobile association,
has decided to recommend to the
legislature a $9,000,000 short-term
bond issue, a 3 per cent, gasolene
tflx. and the repeal of the law re
quiring license from, out-of-the
State autoists.
/ Main street had a narrow escape
from another tire yesterday after
noon. A lamp left in one of the op
tical examining rooms in E. F. Robin
son's store, set fire to the beaver
board ceiling and burned through.
An alarm was turned in, but Mr. Rob
inson had the fire out when the fire
men arrived. The damage was
| slight.
j ^ Tlie junior prize speaking contest
| at the high school auditorium last
I Friday evening was well attended.
I All the selections were exceptionally
i well rendered- giving the judges a
: task to award the prizes of $5 in
| gold. Isabel Frances Emery was
j awarded the prize for girls, and
I Chester Arthur Jones the prize for
J boys. Honorable mention was award
! ed to Merle Cronkhite and Helen
j Thompson.
/ Dr. Charles W. Campbell of
Spokane, Wash., formerly of Ells
worth, has just been elected presi
dent of the Washington State
Chiropractors’ association. This is
| the first time in the history of the
, association, it is said, that the presi
| dency has come east of the moun
tains. Dr. Campbell lias been prac
i ticing in Spokane about ten years.
His wife was Miss Marion Joy.
I daughter of Austin II. Joy of Ells
) worth.
j Mrs. J. O. Smith of North Ells
i worth has received pension papers
] from the government to lie filled out
1 by her son, Norman Tuck. Tuck,
who formerly worked for P. J. Phil
lips in this city and the late Fre
mlont Maddoeks in North Ellsworth,
left here about three months ago,
without telling anyone where he was
I going. It would be to his advantage
to write to his mother. He is an ex
service man, twenty-eight years old,
and has one wooden leg from the
knee down.
Among Ellsworth boys and girls
at home for Christmas are John
Whitcomb, from Bowdoin college;
j Leon Thorsen, from Colby; Kenneth
! Coughlin, Misses Sarah and Louise
i Foster, from Boston; Misses Char
lotte Sawyer, Ruth Whiting and Syl
via Hurley, teachers, from Water
ville: Miss Margaret E. Walker, from
the New England Conservatory of
Music, Boston; Miss Alice and Whit
! comb Haynes, from University of
j Maine; Miss Frances Malone, from
Greenwich, Conn.
' V Alston Wheelden. one of Ells
worth's most successful radio ex
i perimenters, who has the only send
! ing equipment in Ellsworth, had
j rather a remarkable experience for
J an amatehr last week, when he
j picked up an amateur operator in
London, Eng., and remained in com
I munication for forty-five minutes, ex
j changing messages. Neither had to
repeat a thing. This is not a world's
j record, Mr. Wheelden says, but is
I very near it. Mr. Wheelden has been
| heard in Belgium and Switzerland,
j The fire of Monday raises the
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Roller Skating
Pine Tree, Ellsworth
Wednesday and
Saturday Nights
Saturday Afternoons
20 HAIRNETS $1.00
| White and Grey, 15 for $2.00
single or double mesh, cap or fringe—|
real, human hair.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded
Route 3, Ellsworth, Me.
I __ |
Where to Eat
{ v AFE
‘ Cor. Main and
Hancock Sts.
Board and Room By
Day or Week
Repaired by the Goodyear Welt )
System---the best and quickest,
Send them by mail, we pay re- ■ _
turn charges.
I Ellsworth Shoe Repair Co. ;
j Whiting Black Annex
agent for
International Harvester (k>.
Tel. 202-5 70 Oak St., Ellsworth
I have on hand a large stock of
Cream Separators, all sizes, new and
second-hand. In order to close out
some of them right away, I will sell
for $10 off the regular price.
I have two B„ B. Churns, one Butter
Worker, one Feed Crindcr, one Horse
shoer's Calking Vise, one Singer Sew
ing Machine just as good as new, two
Feather Beds, one Typewriter.
All To He Sold At a Bargain.
Orders taken for Machinery, Trac
tors, Trucks and Engines.
I have a 1924 Red Baby I. IT. C.
Truck, just as good as new, for sale at
a bargain. Call and see it and get my
prlc< s.
Custom Tailor
Telephone, 7-3.
Complete Line of Fall Samples.
Call and r.ce them.
Kepairlng and cleansing of all tins
Id-inch Hardwood, Cord $14.00
Hi-inch Softwood, Cord $12.00
Tel. 154-34
At Home, >00119 tmd Evening*
3illlllllllllllUllIlllllllllllllilllll||iiflililii|iitiiiiiiiiii|iiii|||||(||||itii||iiiiiiiinii,iii,111111111)11111111111111,111111111111111,1111(1111111111111111111111111111111:11,: 1 .illlllllllHJHUil
= 2
2 2
= 3
To our Customers:
As we balance the book of life for the year
just passing, may it show a generous margin of
good deeds done and helpful service rendered to
those whose life and work come within the range
~ 3
of our endeavors.
Our whole business family joins me in extend
ing their best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a
Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Cordially, i
O. W. Taplky,
I • President. I
* I
1 i
r> 1111111111111 n 1111 ill 111! 1111 r. 1111 i 11111111: ill 11 n i m 1111111111111111111111111H1111111111111111!, u 11,1111111111111!' ' i m 111:1111 [ u I i 1111 n 111111 i 1 i h 111111111; ::i iiiiii:niiiP
Keep it .“Safe
from financial
loss with a Fire
Insurance policy
represented by
y°Home ! ^ c c-Burri11 & Son
Established in File an(j InSUranCe
Representing some of the leading companies of this and
foreign countries
| Bonfires Threaten
: Your Property
They must lie guarded. They have an appetite tor
! houses, barns, fences—in fact for anything in
Insurance is the only sure protection against fi
nancial loss caused by fire.
O . W. T a p 1 e y Co.
No Business Can be Operated Efficiently Without
the Aid of INSURANCE
I shall be glad to help you determine the most efficient and eco
nomical use of insurance in the protection of your business success.
M. E. HOLMES, Agent, Ellsworth, Maine
J. A. Thompson
Fire, Marine and Automobile Insurance
Representing--- The Equitable Fire and Marine Insurance Co.
>f Hartford, Conn.
Auto Repair Costs
are the night-mare of many car owners. In our
garage we have hung the slogan, “A Square Deal
for All,” and we mean to live up to it. Try us out.
DYER’S service garage
M. A. DYER, Proprietor
Main Street, ELLSWORTH, Opp. Station
Dodge Parts in Stock
Saturday Night
Gentlemen 50c; Ladies 25c
No Tax
In office every day until
further notice
! Graduate Optometrist and Registered
Eye Special 1st.
Office Over Moore'a Drag Store
' Residence, 04 Court St. (Bridge ^1111
Telephone connection.
Wood a*?d Potatoes
Prices Delivered:
4 ft. hardwood, cord $12 and $13
16 inch hardwood, cord $14 and $15
Potatoes, best quality No. 1
Green Mountains, bushel $1.00
Tel. 77-5 North Ellsworth
I '

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