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Men s Section- MeigS & CO. ClotheS l
Better Than The Price I
Do You Know It? 1
If our clothes for men are as much
better than others as we claim they are,
that fact alone,all else being equal, must
compel YOUR consideration sooner or
Intelligent comparison will establish
the fact to your everlasting satisfaction
and profit. Why not make it? Want
ing the most for your money naturally,
Meigs & Co. Clothes are the kind you
will eventually wear.
You can't do better than to begin this
Spring. Hundreds of handsome Spring
suits, in all the wanted shades and
stripes, from $10 to $30. Spring Over
coats and Raincoats, from $10 to $25.
All rights reserved by Meigs & Co.
Meigs & Co. Hats, Shoes and Fur
nishings have the same better-than-the-price
quality to commend them.
""The Elks may well be proud of
M.ir new home." Prof. W. D. Sim-
"It is in deed a fine and beautiful
building tbe Elks have here." W. A.
' 'Nowlvere can a finer or more com
plete club building' be found than the
Elks' have here." P. W. "Wren.
The b- ys are surely housed in first
Class style, and don't they know how
to cater to their friends?" W. H. Mar
igold. "Well- this is swell and up to-date
hi every particular for the Elks."
Ralph Beers.
"Isn't it good to be here and enjoy
the hospitality of the Elks?" M. J.
"Past Exalted Ruler Ivers was ubiq
uitous and enjoyed to the full, look
ing after the comfort of the many
guests as did our own Sheriff Doolan."
S. E Hawley.
"Now will you be good?" S. T. Da-Vis-,
"Wasn't there a bunch of 'em caught
In that Darien trap?" F. A. Strong.
"Had they charged admission to that
auto trial they -would have made as
much money as they did robbing us
lutoists for standing room was at a
premium." A. W. Paige.
"We'll take good care that all auto
Ists are fully warned to be on guard
for that Darien trap." F. T. Staples.
"Fve gone and done it; joined the
big majority of autoists." Dr. E. F.
"I've lost forty pounds In weightbut
t am not worrying, I'm going fishing."
John Quinlivan.
"That is a natty looking loco chemi
cal for the Waterbury Fire Depart
ment." Chief Mooney.
The many friends of Mr. W. V. Dev
itt, clerk of the probate office will be
Blad to know that he is steadily im
proving In health and strength and
nticipates returning from Great Rar
rington, at the end of the month.
Speaking of the' Osier theory, "that
men should be chloroformed after
reaching the age of forty," it is true,
many men and women too, might be
ehloroformed long before they reached
rorty, without loss to the world, but in
the majority of cases, man's useful
ness has been most fully demonstrat
ed after that period. It is interesting
to know that from statistics gathered
by investigators among the govern
ment employees at Washington, as to
percentage and character of work the
average man does at the various pe
riods of his life, the following cheering
statistics are recorded, (perfect percen
tage 100) At 20 to 25 years of age, 80
per cent.; 25 to 30, 90 per cent.; 30 to
85, 95 per cent.; 35 to 55. 100 per cmt.;
65 to 60, 90 per cent.; 60 to 65. 8! per
cent.; 65 to 70. 81 per cent.; 70 to 3. 78
per cent.; over 75, 72 per cent. Now
those who think they are "down and
ttut" because they have passed forty,
had better take fresh courage, paste
these figures in their hat and "be up
uid doing."
The new Elks home on State street, J
was the center of attraction last . ev
ening and exceedingly well did our lo
cal boys entertain the immense throng
bf callers that kept coming and going
Brom the hour of opening until long
after the announced time for closing.
It was a huge undertaking, this in
viting the general public to enjoy the
beauties of their new building, and at
the same time partake of their bound
less hospitality. The task, to the Elks
It was a delight, might well make a
less confident board of managers fear
Tor the success of an affair of such
magnitude, but they must Justly feel
a ' thrill of pride, in the fact, that not
the slightest hitch occurred to mar
the extreme pleasure afforded the
thousands of visitors, who availed
themselves of the privilege. On all
tides, nothing but warmest words of
praise and honor are heard for each
Individual E3k Zrom Exalted Ruler,
down, who made every visitor feel
that he or she were among their own.
Xhe etnging by Ixwen Delbridge, was
thoroughly enjoyed and brought forth
rounds of applause as did the playing
of Organist William Weidenhammer
and the entire musical programme.
Hon. W. E. Burnham was in his hap
piest vein and exerted great influence
toward the success of the event. The
bountiful lunch, the beautiful flowers,
so freely distributed, the inspiring mu
sio and general feeling of spontaneous
good will exhibited throughout, made a
lasting impression upon the favored
guests who were fortunate in being
What prevented a more serious ac
cident at the fllammond building yes
terday is a mystery, and the sooner
the Building Inspector makes a visit
to the place and orders the necessary
safeguards to prevent a repttition in
worse form, the better. In many places
there are Assures in the wall and for
some time its condition has been a
matter of comment.
Why all this fuss over a member of
a city board securing all the patronage
he can? Isn't It a well-known fact.
that from time immemorial, every in
fluence was brought to bear by cer
tain knowing ones, for just this pur
pose. It is not right according to the
charter but it does make a difference
'whose ox is gored." LEW
Loretta Keough. Loretta Blersch. Se
lina Smith, Clara Bibeau. Rose Shee
han, George Hibeau. Ethel Hull. Anna
Neary, Lillian Youngs.Gertrude Neary,
Marion Harper. Irene Moore, Evelyn
Breene, Adeline Ward and the Messrs.
James Neary, John Kane. John Cun
ningham. Leo Hatch, Joseph Brimmer,
Carl Lindquist, Herbert Walsh. Ed
ward Cudahy, John Moran, Edward
Moran. Francis Dunnigan. Joseph
Mayne. John Neary. Frank Goery,
Harold Davis, Ra.3- Keating, Robert
Christie, Vincent Coates, Christopher
Hurley, James Lynch.
The members of the Jolly Tudor
Whist Club were entertained by Harry
Jewett at his home. 964 Noble avenue.
Tuesday. At the end of two hours
play the whist prizes were awarded to
Miss Mabel Weed.Charles A. Hopwood.
Miss Irene Probert and Frank Howard.
Over 125 couples, the guests of the
class of '05 of the City Normal School,
enjoyed a select dance last evening in
the Court Exchange ball room. The
music for the evening was furnished
by Speidel's orchestra. The patron
nesses were Mrs. Henry Lee and Miss
Buphrosyne Bown.
A concert which will be followed by
a dance is the attraction at Seaside
Club this evening. Miss Vera Came
ron Curtis, the talented soprano sing
er; Hans Letz, the well known violin
ist, and Miss Mabel Adams Bennett,
pianist, have been engaged for the con
cert. . The dance program contains 14
numbers. Music will be furnished by
Behtley's orchestra.
Tuesday evening at the Slocum gym,
the Elite Club, composed of a number
of Bridgeport's well known young
ladies, entertained their friends with
a social dance, at which there were
over 150 couples present. Music tor
the evening was by Speidel.
Bean the
The Kind You Hate Always Bougfct
Miss Bessie Blake was tendered a
surprise party at her home Monday
evening. She was presented with a
silk umbrella. The occasion was in
honor of her 14th birthday Among
those present were: Misses Alice Aber
crombie. Nellie Oliver, Arline Malley.
Helen Oliver. May Bruneau, Florence
Bruneau, Esther Rumage, Annie Polk-
inghorn. and Charlotte Blake, the
Masters Harold Gregory, Homer Col
ton. John Bundle, John Aiken, Ralph
Rood. George Waggstaff, Percy Weav
er, Clifford Roberts and Gordon Houn-slea.
The Woman's Guild of Christ Church
will give a salad supper in the church
parlors, to-morrow evening. A table
will be reserved for business men until
6:30 p. m.
"Breezy Point" is the title of an in
teresting entertainment which will be
eriven by the Girls' Mission Band.
South Congregational Church, in the
lecture room, to-morrow evening.
Mrs. E G. Whitney. 215 William
street, entertained the Universalist
Women's club. Tuesday afternoon.
Beautiful May baskets were distributed
among- the guests.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Mallett quietly
observed their 56th wedding anniver
sary, yesterday. Many flowers were
sent by friends who bore the day in
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Henshaw and
family, who are in Europe, will sail on
the Amerika. June 4, for home.
During tho past year Miss Mary
Mills has been in charge of the Kinder
garten in Hall Home and of the Girls'
cinb for two years, and her pupils have
done the teaching without charge. The
report made at the annual meeting of
the Associated Charities omitted to
mention this fact and to give credit to
Miss Mills for her splendid efforts.
At the meeting of Gen. Silliman
Branch. Sons of the American Revolu
tion, which will be held to-morrow
night, it is believed that some action
will be taken in recognition of the
honor that has been paid to Judge
Morris B. Beardsley in selecting him
to be national president-general of the
order. It is probable that the recogni
tion will be in the form of a reception,
at which he will be the guest of honor.
Miss Helen McDonald. Connecticut
avenue, entertained her friends Mon
day evening.
James Neary. 457 Bunnell street, was
pleasantly surprised by his friends
Tuesday evening. A large party called
and were entertained with music and
games. A conation was served at. 11
o'clock. Those present were: Misses
off AVer's Hair Vigor: Z22ttfE$
vSSSm Injurious here? Ask your doctor.
fmwk. your- ywwjur.
vrni ic nop TinK ' .
ilsali nj dtuidruff? Ask'your elector.
Does not Color the Hair
Captain John Smith and Rats.
The intrepid navigator Captain John
Smith in the course of his journeying
in the Bermudas had some experience
of the rat as a destructive force. "But
the great God of heaven," be writes,
"caused such an increase of silly rats
In the space of two years so to abound
before they regarded them that they
filled not only those places where they
were first landed, but, swimming from
place to place, spread themselves into
all parts of the country, insomuch that
there was no land but it was pestered
with them, and some fishes have been
taken with rats in their bellies which
they caught in swimming from lie to
ile. Their nests they had in almost ev
ery tree and in most places their bur
rows in the ground like conies. They
spared not the fruits of the plants or
trees or the very plants themselves,
but ate them up." All efforts to exter
minate these vermin proved unsuccess
ful, and the unfortunate colonists
"were destitute of bread for a yeere or
The Traveler's Joy.
The cream of tartar tree, which is
also called the "sour gourd," grows in
northern Australia and has a trunk
which measures from seventy to
eighty-five feet in circumference, but
which is only twenty or thirty feet
high. The wood is soft and juicy and
when steeped in water provides the
thirsty traveler with a refreshing and
cooling drink. Tbe fruit is about six
inches long, shaped like a lemon and
contains a gently acid pulp, which
tastes like cream of tartar. Wherever
it is to be found a small encampment
of weary wayfarers unfurl their tents.
When sighted in the bush the famous
tree is always greeted with a song
written by the early bushrangers
called "Sing Hey For the Traveler's
Joy." New York Telegram.
All Unreceipted.
A titled Englishman was speaking of
the Impoverished nobility of the old
"What a German friend of mine said
of his family is true of too many fami
lies. My friend was a graf. I was vis
iting his castle on the Rhine. He
showed me there one day many proofs
of his race's antiquity.
" 'Dear me,' said I, stifling a yawn,
T had no idea you went back so far.
"He pointed proudly to an old steel
bound chest of black oak.
" 'Why, my boy,' said he, 'I've got
bills in there dating back to the
twelfth century.' "
Salting a Diamond Mine.
A man in South Africa while walk
ing one day over his property with a
party of prospectors suggested that
they assay some of the soil. In the
search that ensued eight rough dia
monds were found, and offers began
to fly through the air at a rapid rate
for the land, when the host's wife
called out to her husband, "Why,
John, where are the other two?" Tbe
sequel to tbe story is left to the im
agination. Boston Record.
i lie is. i t icau vvj fc
Established 1857.
Sale of Oak Chiffoniers
and Dressers.
Offered at 25 per cent, reduction.
A collection of tempting values. Every piece is
of solid oak and well finished. "The Dressers have
beveled plate glass mirrors, and roomy drawers.
Value $ 9.25 for $ 6.94
Value $10.00 for $ 7.50
Value $11.25 for $ 8.44
Value $14.00 for $10.50
Value $ 5.00 for $ 3.75
Value $ 7.75 for $ 5.07
Value $ 8.00 for $ 6.00
Value $15.00 for $11.25
Wash Stands
Value $4.75 for $3.57 Value $4.50 for $3.38
Fourth floor, Carpet Store elevator.
Two Interesting Specials
in Wash Goods.
Percales 36 inches wide, both in light and dark col
orings, good material for house dresses. 8 cts. a yard,
Chambrays, 27 inches wide. Plain colors, and some
are with pretty borders, also stripes and checks.
Worth 1214 cts., for 10 cts.
Black Percaline Petticoats $1.50.
A very trim and graceful Petticoat, tailor made,
with a deep flounce. Serviceable for every day wear.
The Special Large Rug, size 9 x 12, which is offered
at present for $11.00, is well worth the attention of
anyone needing a rug of that dimension. Almost any
color can be had, and there is variety in design.
The Tea Room offers delicious light luncheons.
Your favorite kind of tea, coffee or chocolate with
cream, rolls, toast ,muffins, and sandwiches. Home
made Cake.
The D. M. Read Co.
Bedford B.Smith
1072 Main St. DEPARTMENT STORE, 89 Fairfield Av.
Shirt Waist Fronts .
Regular price 75c, with
xnese waist .Fronts are
made of very handsome em
broidery and cut just the
length for a shirt waist. Any
one who wants a very fine
waist and can make it will
find a bargain here. Splen
did 40 inch Lawns for waists
at 10c, 12c, 15c and 25c.
Money Loaned
To Workingmen and Housekeepers
We are the largest loan concern in the United
States. Our facilities for making small or large loans
are unequalled. Our business is so great toat we de
pend upon the volume of transactions for our profit.
Consequently our t .
customers reap th e
benefit. lief ore
we grant your
loan, we tell yon in writing the exact terms and
practically permit you to make your own terms
allowing vou to return the monev in small weekly
pavments, arranged and stipulated by yourself. We 29 Fairfield Ave,
pledge you absolute confidence and consideration. gjQDfpoWT CONN. 9
iliaa.li lA.iti.At lA.iii.Ai kA1.i4.A1. kAi.ifc.Ai. liii.ifc.Ai frfr. U.lftt
American Loan "4
Over Evening Farmer, B
yon are usually met by friends or
relatives who can not help a casual
glance at your traveling accessories.
If your bags and trunks show a de
cided taste for proper
there will be no slightest trace of
chagrin as your checks are handed to
the cabby. Our stock Includes every
known up-to-date thing for the trav
eler's baggage. "
1043-1049 BROAD STREET
lfl f 1M IT IT A "V 239 FAIRFIELD AVE.
JVllll r n I 9 4 Doors Above Broad St.
High class Furniture, Draperies and Novelties, re-upholstering
and refinishing furniture, Shades and Curtains in
great variety.
All kinds of bedding made to order and made over.
kind hi New England.
The only store of its
Telephone 732-3
"The fellow who tries to attract business
without advertising is like the fellow who
throws his sweetheart a kiss in the dark.
TTo lrnfYuro mtViji.t. Vio ia rlnincr Vint, nnhnrltr
else does." W. J. Bryan, f zs
Want Ads Cent a Word.
House Painters l AFJ?
Dealers in Wall Papers and Room Mouldings, Painters':
Supplies. Estimates Given.
'Phone 1164-3 777-783 EAST MAIN ST.
J 'mw mm mj rr rJ
New Made Spring Butter, fresh from the churn
Telephone GEO. A ROBERTSON 589 ' m
are the best made and the most advertised goods in their
line. For sale at the
Post Office News Store 1 1 Arcade
Good Bye Prices
on some Extension Tables too much stock. We
want the room so have made a special sale price-on
four patterns of Dining Tables.
Solid Oak, well made, good finish, have 5-inch legs
with claw feet, round or square tops to choose from.
Tables that sold for $12.50. Special sale price for a
short time only $8.00.
Intelligent investigation will surely convince you.
Est. 1842. 177 State Street
In Quality and Price
No matter what vou nav for cierars at D. D. Smith's
you are certain of getting greater value than else
where. Goods are always fresh, as stock is moved
quickly. Biggest line in the city and prices the most
reasonable. Box trade a specialty.
Fine line of Pipes, Cigar Holders. Tobaccos in Tins and all Smokers'
Di-v d 7VI ITH PP Foh's Theatre,
U ITll I ri, Fairfield Avenue
PINE Wines and Liquors
California Port or Sherry, 75 cents per gallon.
Port, Sherry, Tokay, Muscatel, Rhine Wine, etc.
Full quart Sherwood Rye Whiskey, $1.00.
Cooking Brandy, Liquors, .Cardials, Ale and Lager Beer.
Free Delivery. Telephone 264-3
Not a bit too early for you to begin casting about for a place to
go this summer. Summer's not so very far away.
You'll get the pick of the cottages the most desirable rooms at
the hotel or boarding cottage if you look about now.
Cape Cod's to be the vogue this summer. You really ought to
know about it.
Then there's Buzzard's Bay: there's Marthas Vineyard and Nan
tucket; there's Narragansett ; there's Newport; there's Watch Hill and
there's the beautiful shore line of Connecticut.
No other summering places can offer you greater or more varied
For information as to routes, train service, etc., write
A. B. SMITH, General Passenger Agent, New Haven,
With the B. P. 0. E
Unequalled Service, Finest Equipment, Fast Tune
For advertising matter. Information, etc., address
W. MASSEY, N. E. F. & P. A.,
170. Washington St.,
H 17 tf Boston, Mass.

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