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e brothers '1031 Main st-i
: Eight Days TillJ
Christmas I
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How It W01 Be Applied Toy the Gov-
The New "York Journal of Commerce
condenses the orders of the Treasury
Department as to the levying and col
lecting of the corporation tax.' and
the gist of the publications Is given
Corporations have been divided Into
six classes, and the following deOnlr
tlons adopted:
- 1. (a) Banks and other financial in
stitutions. Gross income consists or
the gross revenue derived from the
operation and management of the bus
iness and property of the corporation
making the return, together with all
amounts of income (Including divi
dends received on stock of other cor
porations. Joint stock companies, and
associations subject to the tax) de
rived from all other sources as shown
by the entries on Its books from Jan
uary 1 to December 31 of the year for
which return is mud,
(b) Insurance companies. Same as 1
(a) above. . .
2. " Transportation companies. Same
S. Manufacturing companies. Gross
Income received ounnn uib j-
ail sources will consist of Xhe total
TZ . ..riainxi throueh an ac
counting that shows the difference be
tween the price receive I
as sold during the year and the cost
- monnflrturM. The
or such rwx. -
cost of goods manufactured shall be
ascertained ny an auumou e -
to the account of the cost of goods as
" . . i ,iriiir th vear of the
sum of the Inventory at beginning of
the year, ana s. crean to w rT
of the sum of the inventory at the end
of the year. To this, amount should
be added all Items of Income received
during the year from, other sources, in
cluding: dividends received on stock or
. Intnt stnelc eOlD
ponies, and associations subject to the
tax. m tne ueieranvivM v. .....
of goods manufactured and sold as
rz.." v. hall mmnrehend all
charges of maintenance and operation
of manufacturing pianw
ties, but BhaU not embrace any allow-
' MiNuatWin nr losses. Which
Items .shall be taken account of under
the proper neaoing as a obukuu...
4. Mercantile companies. Gross
. nMm navimd dnrins- the
vear from all sources consists of tne
J . . 1 tk.Bn.h in-
total amount uceniuc
v-entory. or Its equivalent, which shows
the difference between the price re
ceived for goods sold and the cost of
(roods purchased during the year, with
an addition of a charge to the account
of the sum of the Inventory st begin
ning of the year and a credit to the
aocount of the sum of the Inventory
. e th. vMr Tn this
mount should be added all items of
Income received during the year from
" other sources, inciuoina: uimjeuuj
celved on stocks of other corporations,
iolnt stock companies, and associa
tions subject to this tax. In deter
mining this amount on account shall
be taken of any allowances for depre-
arhlrh 4tmn shall be
taken account of under the proper
beading as a oomanm.
5. Miscellaneous. Gross income
consists of the gross revenue derived
from the operation and management
of the oueinese m yi .j w
corporaUon making the return, to-
gemer wim " '
eluding dividends received on stock of
other corporation's, jumi wiuyiu.
The flower loving woman
the type of woman who
-will bury her face in a clus
ter of American Beauties or
breathe the incense from a
spray of Violets Sylvan
, Toilet Soap is made for her.
It is the soap with a senti
ment because it permits her
to enjoy the delicate per
fume of her favorite flower
in the very soap she uses,
obtainable in Violet, Rose,
Carnation, lilac, Sandal
wood, or Heliotrope, at Cy
rus Pharmacy, 10c the cake.
The box. of three cakes, 25c.
IWrleU At Cor. Command.
lea. and associations subject to this
tax) derived from all other sources as
shown by the entries on Its books from
January 1 to December 81 of the year
for which return Is made.
' Relating to statutory deductions the
regulation Is to the effect that the
deductions authorized shall include all
expense items under the various heads
acknowledged as liabilities by the cor
po ration making the return and en
tered as such on its books from Jan
uary 1 to December SI of the year for
wmcn return is made. It will appear.
therefore, that the return is to be
made up from the ledger and not the
cash book, and that entry on the led
ger from January 1 to December 81 of
the J ear for which i return is made is
the evidence which will determine
whether or not .an Item Is to be taken
account or in making the return.
It is believed by Secretary MacVeagh
that this - interpretation furnishes a
practical working method by which
the amount of Income subject to the
tax can be fairly and Justly determined
In every case.
Of course In administering a law
applying to so many taxpayers (lists
prepared dv collectors show something
over 400.000 corporations which will
have to make returns) some of the re
turns will be inaccurate. The causes
of Inaccuracy will be two: First, hon
est .error; second, willful intent to de
fraud the government of revenue. If
an honest error is made In calculating
the return for one year it will be cor
rected If possible, and even if not cor
rected "in one year it would more than
probably correct Itself later. Where
fraudulent purpose Is discovered vig
orous prosecution will follow. This
bureau feels that In dealing with the
Incorporated business of the countrj
It Is dealing. In the main with honest
men. However, the regulations ar
drawn sufficiently rigid to restrain
anyone who does not measure up t
this standard.
The regulations do not call for spe
cifllc methods of keeping accounts or
any particular method of bookkeeping,
the requirement is simply that the
transaction be so recorded that accur
ate returns can be made therefrom and
verified" when necessary.
In many corporations, mercantile
and manufacturing particularly. -an in
ventory, or its equivalent. Is essential
at the close of each calendar year. The
law specifically states that the tax
shall be collected for the calendar year
and no return for any other period can
be accepted. Provision Is however
made for preparing returns for the
present year, when no Inventory or
equivalent was taken at close of last
calendar year. Provision is made for
a method of fairly determining amount
of loss and depreciation claimed: also
for a fair adjustment of profit or loss
In case of sale of capital assets ac
quired prior to January 1. 190: also for
properly accounting for materials and
supplies, etc
Great numbers of communications
have been received relative to the pub
licity clause. While there Is appar
ently some Inconsistency between the
two paragraphs of the law relating to
making public the information re
ceived, the language of the law relat
ing to filing returns for record, and
public Inspection is so clear that the
Bureau of Internal Revenue has no
discretion whatever in the matter.
The forms and regulations will go to
the collector of each district, who will
send copies of the blanks and a copy
of the regulations to every corporation
whose name and address the collector
has been able to secure. Failure to
receive the blanks or any notice rela
tive thereto will not excuse a corpora
tion from making the return required
by law. nor will it relieve it from pen
alties for failure so to do. If copies
of blanks and regulations are not re
ceived on or about January 1. applica
tion should be made to the collector
In whose district the principal office
of the corporation Is located, so that
the return can be In the hands of the
collector by the time required in the
O A..
laantla ylM kai I at lUtt dinars $tug
Bill For Aliens
To Eecoms Citizens
(Special from United Press.)
Washington. Dec 15. Every foreign
born soldier In the United States army
will be granted citizenship papers af
ter an honorable discharge If a bill
Introduced In the House by Represen
tative Howland. (Republican. Ohio.)
becomes a law. The measure will. If
passed, also apply to the children of
such soldiers.
Howland also Introduced an amend
ment to the existing laws by. which
aliens under 15 years arriving In this
country and living here 21 years may
be permitted to vote without further
formality than proof of 21 years res
idence. The amendment also provides
for the franchise for the sons of any
alien United &tates- soldier, or sailor.
3,720 VOTES.
Worcester. Mass.. Dec. 15. With ai
lanosiiue vote the people of Worces
ter, the largest no license city In the
world, decided yesterday for the re
turn of the saloon by a majority of
3.7-40. as aealnst the no license ma
jority last year of 200. The landslide
tor license was big enough to cause
even the most "rabid liquor man in the
city to wonder how It happened, and
although during the campaign all
Kinos of predictions were made, no
one believed that license would win at
It was evident that spellbinders for
and against the open saloon had noth
ing to do with the majority that was
Piied up yesterdav. and that the peo
ple of Worcester had decided that the
speak easy and the unlawful dive were
worse than the open saloon. The vote
showed that the people have tired of
prohibition and are' anxious to return
to the open saloon and to the lawful
sale of liquor in regularly licensed
James Logan. Republican candidate
for re-election as Mayor, and one of
the strongest advocates of prohibition
In the State of Massachusetts, defeat
ed his opponent by a majority of 3,
832. "I regret exceedingly to see Worces
ter go for license," he said. "but. if
that is the will of the teople I prom
ise that the license law will be enforc
ed, and enforced to the very letter.
All the licenses allowed by law will be
granted by me. but the holders of them
must live up to the Jaw or have them
taken away. They had better remem
ber that."
The license question was voted on in
fourteen other cities of Massachusetts
yesterday. Last year the no-license
majority for the fifteen cities. Includ
ing Worcester, was 8.925. ' This ma
jority was cut to 2.197 by yesterday's
vntft. Pftlpm however weVit 'bArle to
no-license by 500 votes, after a year of!
license. The other cities remain as
they were a, year ago on the license
question, ,
The report of Health Officer E. A.
McLellan read at the meeting of the
Board of Health last night contained
the following:
"Scarlet fever continues to furnish
much work for the department. The
work of tracing the sources of In fee
tlon in the schools is very improper
ly done owing to lack of time. It
should be done thoroughly. This is
the point of attack upon the disease
that In my Judgment would give the
largest results. The sources of In
fection are in the unrecognised cases
of scarlet fever that are always pres
ent in the community. I have en
deavored to have the teachers give
the children who have been absent
from school for a day or two careful
Inspection and questioning on their
return to school. Teachers however,
are not trained in this kind of work.
Kurthermore their regular duties oc
cupy all of their time and should not
be added to. If we cannot have
regular school Inspection for lSlOthe
department should certainly be fur
nished with money to employ a regu
lar trained nurse to give her whole
time to. visiting the schools, to fer
reting out sources of. infection of the
communicable disease and discovering
and reporting physical defects that
Interfere with the scholars progress
ing the schools. The nurse shall also
vleit families in some Instances and
give elementary instruction in the
yare of children.
"We owe the rising generation a
duty, which for the sake of our city
and state we must not shirk, that of
giving the very best possible equip
ment possible for the struggle of
During the summer months Dr.
McLellan suggested that the nurse
might endeavor to lessen the numoer
of children "annually sacrificed to
bad management and to errors of
During November there were 39
cases Of scarlet fever reported to the
department- Of these 2 died. Out of
11 cases of diphtheria 3 died. Tuber
culosis claimed 8 lives and measles
and erysipelas each caused the death
of one.
The suggestion as to the trained
nurse was favorably commented up
on by the members of the board. An
appropriation for nurse will be asked
for in "case a. doctor for medical in
spection of schools Is again refused
as it was last year.
The above is the name of a German
chemical, which Is one of the many
valuable Ingredients of Foley's Kidney
Remedy. Hexamethylenetetramlne Is
recognized by medical text books and
authorities as a uric acid solvent and
antiseptic for the urine Take Foley's
Kidney Remedy as soon as you notice
any Irregularities and avoid a serious
malady. F. B. Brill and Curtis Phar
macy, local agents. 1 S S
Corinthian Lodge
Elects Officers
At the annual communication of
Corinthian lodge. No., 104. F. A. M..
held last evening, the following of
ficers were elected: H. H. Brautigam.
W. M.; Chaa. Parker. S. W.; F. I.
Coglll. J. W.; P. Lu Holzer. treasurer;
R. H. Brodertck, secretary: J. L.-A1-vord.
S. D.; W. W. Birch, J. D.; C F.
Slemon. 8. S.; R, H. Whiting, J. S.;
O. A. Murphy, organist; C. E. Roath.
tyler; S. Loewith, W. W. Ingham,
trustees; H. - O. Canfield. Zalmon
GoodseU. A. H. Bullard, finance com
mittee, i
The officers elected were Installed
by Wor. Bro. Geo. E. Melius. The
lodge elected Wor. Bro. H. II. Brautl
ftam as an honorary life member of
the Masonic Charity Foundation of
II OS LEY GETS f 1.200
New Haven. Dec 16. Damages
of 1,300 have been awarded to Byron
N. Hosley. of 348 Howard avenue, in
his case against the New Haven road,
for injury to his residence by the
smoke of engines of the railroad kept
in the roundhouse near Howard ave
nue. This is the second smoke nui
sance suit against the road this year,
and decided against the railroad.
There are now from seven to eight
more pending against the road.
New Haven. Dec IB. 8uit for di
vorce has been brought by Mrs. Elis
abeth H. McGrath of Dlxwell avenue
against Peter L. McGrath on the
ground of desertion. The couple were
married in 1902. but in 104. Mrs.
McGrath caused his arrest in Bridge
port and he was given a nine months'
Jail term there. Nothing has been
heard of bim since.
Whenever you have a cough or ecld.
Just remember that Foley's Honey and
Tar will cure It. Remember the name.
Foley's Honey and Tar. and refuse
substitutes. F. B. Brill and Curtis
Pharmacy, local agents. 1 3 C
90S MAIN ST.. Hartford. Conn.
What would be more acceptable or more practical for
a Christmas Gift than a Reliable Fur Scarf, Fur Muff, Fur
Set, Pony Skin Coat, Caracul Cloth Coat, Seal Flush Coat,
Choice Trimmed Hat or an Ostrich' Willow Plume? We
are offering extraordinary values in these goods and will
save you at least one-third on the purchase price.
$7 Fox Muffs. $4.48
$10 Fox Muffs. $7.48
flS Fox Muffs. $10.98
110 Fox Shawl Scarfs. $7.48
$15 Fox Shawl Scarfs. $10.98
$20 Fox Shawl Scarfs, $13.98
$25 Fox Shawl Scafts, . .$19.98
$20 Fox Muffs. $13.98
$25 Fox Mugs, $19.98
$S Brown Opossum Muffs, ....$3.98
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$ Brown Opossum Shawl Scarfs.
$8 -Brown Opossum Shawl Scarfs.
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$10 Brown Opossum Shawl Scarfs.
$2.25 Coney Muffs. $1.48
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$20.00 Black Lynx Schawl Scarfs,
$30.00 Black Lynx Shawl Scarfs. -
'. $24.98
$40.00 Black Lynx Shawl Scarfs.
Taking advantage of the presence of
the largest assembly of representative
business and professional men New
Haven has ever seen gathered together
at a. banquet, at the annual dinner of
the Chamber of Commerce In the Tale
Unlverelty dining hall last night. Pres
ident William Howard Taft set forth
several Important announcements of
his position on matters of national Im
port that made his address of vital in--tereet,
- M , .
He came out fairly and squarely In
favor of the idea, of civil pensions to
take care of the superannuated mem
bers of government departments, bas
ins; his support of this on purely busi
ness grounds as absolutely requisite to
the necessary plan that he set forth
for obtaining economy in business ad
ministration through the avoidance of
duplication In work done for the gov
ernment and the obtaining of the high
est possible unit of efficiency from
each employe. ,
The President also favored the in
troduction of a system of gradation
in the charges for second class mall
matter so as to avoid the deficit which
that class of the government's mall de
partment is showing, and he also In
sisted strongly on the cutting down of
expenditure wherever possible, but
never at the expense of crippling or
cramping' the necessary growth of the
functions of government in order to
reduce those benefits which it is the
belief today a government should con
fer upon its people. . '
Besides President Taft. the other
speaker was President Arthur T. H ad
ley of Tale in place of Gov. Hughes of
New York, who was unable to leave
the bedside of his father at Albany.
In his address President Hadley said
there were two sets of problems with
which the government had to deal:
Those which should be decided by spe
cialists and those which should be de
cided by the people. - Of the latter he
Instanced slavery, the relations be
tween State and Nation and the an
nexation of the Philippines. But, he
said currency taxation of the rail
roads, and the tariff require expert
advice If the government is to be
more than a piece of wastful bung
ling. -
In the proper separation and co-ordination
of these two depends the suc
cess of the government and the future
of the (Democracy. If the people leave
everything to the experts. Democracy
dies of dry rot. If they try to do
everything themselves it results in
deeds of violence like those of the
French Revolution.
Mrs. S. Joyce, Claremont. N. H..
writes: "About a year ago I bought
two bottles of Foley's Kidney Remedy.
It cured me of a severe case of kidney
trouble of several years standing. It
certainly Is a grand, good medicine,
and I heartily recommend It," E. B.
Brill snd Curtis Pharmacy, focal
aa-entsl 1 3 6
New Haven, Dec 15. A movement
is on foot among local Knights of
Columbus to consolidate all the New
Haven councils into one or two great
councils, the object being greater
unity of purpose, economy and the
general strengthening of the organ
ization locally. One definite object of
the proposed consolidation is the ac
quisition, or erection of a common
K. of C. club house, which is a long
cherlsued object of all local Knights.
While there is a fund being accumu
lated towards that purpose, this fund
Is not progressing at a very rapid
rate, amounting now to about $2,000.
As the proposed consolidation would
mean great economy to all councils
and it is estimated that from reduc
tion of expenses alone from $700 to
$1,000 could be saved per annum.this
money could be applied to the club
house fund which would hurry the
realisation immensely.
With his bride, formerly Miss Clara
Clemens, daughter of Mark Twain. M.
Osslp Gabrilowitsch. Russian pianist
left New Tork Saturday on board the
Amerika of the Hamburg-American
line. Mr. Babrllowitsch said they
would be away probably a year spend
ing the first six months resting in
Switserland snd near one of the Ital
ian lakes Mark Twain is now In Ber
muda, He will leave there Dec 18
for New Tork
10 RCE ST. Ceclle. Pnrls
$50.00 Black Lynx Shawl Scarfs.
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., $8.98
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$50 Eastern Mink Shawl Scarfs,
$65 Eastern Mink Shawl Scarfs.
Children's Fur Seta from
$1.25 to $10.00
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long $38.98
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long . . . '. $48.98
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long, $82.98
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long : $79.98
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long. , $14.48
$25 Black Caracul Coats, 62 Inches
long "..$19.98
$30 Black Caracul Coats, 52 inches
long. $23.98
Dirigible Ship to
Drop Dummy Bombs
on King's Palace
(Special from United Press.)
Paris, Dec 15. Preparations were
practically completed today for the
Paris to London cruise In the huge
Clement-Bayard dirigible ballooon call'
ed the "Dreadnaught of the Air." The
big airship Is assembled and is only
awaiting profitable weather. It Is In
tended to bring the balloon at Worm
wood. England and an officer is now
there training a crew of men in the
art of handling such an air craft.
Lieutenant Osborne, of the Royal
Navy, -will guide the ship' after the
English Channel is reached. An elec
tric searchlight for signalling passing
ships is part of the balloon's equip
ment. The builders of the balloon hope to
prove in this flight that the world's
metropolis would be at the mercy of
a fleet of invading airships in the
events of war. It is intended to
maneuver over London and drop dum
my bombs upon King's Edward's pal
ace, the bouses of Parliament and oth
er Important structures..
At Mealtime, Means Good Appetite,
Good Digestion, Good Cheer, Good
Heart and Stuart's Dyspepsia
Do Yon Use Them? If not, Why?
DYSPErSIA is the skeleton at the
feast; the death's head at the festive
board. It turns cheer Into cheerless.
piees, gaity Into gloom and festivity
into farce, it is the ghost In the
heme, haunting every room and hit
ting at every fireplace, making other
wise merry people shudder and fear.
If there is one disease more than an
other that should be promptly at
tacked and worsted, it is DYSPEPSIA.
It Is the very genius of unhappiness.
unrest and ill nature. In time it will
turn the best man almost into a dem
on of temper and make a good worn
an something to be dreaded and
it is estimated that half of one's
troubles in this world comes of a
stomach gone wrong of Dyspepsia,in
snort, f oods taken into the stomach
?.nd not properly cared-for; converted
nto substances that the system has
no use for and hasn't any notion
what to do with. It Is Irritated and
vexed, pained and annoyed, and in a
little while this state or things be
comes general and directly there Is
"something bad to pay." The whole
system is in a Mate of rebellion and
yearns to do something rash and dis
agreeable and a. fine case of Dyspen
sia is established and opens up lor
If you were bitten by a mad dosr.
ou would not lose a day in Koine to
a cure; do you know you should be
lust as prompt with Dyspepsia? Rab
ies is a quick death, dyspepsia is a
slow one; this Is about all the differ
ence. There is a' cure for rabies, and
so tnere is ror Dyspepsia and one
cure was about as difficult to discover
as the other. Pasteur found out one
the other, and it is no longer a sec
ret, as it is made public in the won
derful Tablet, which so many are
using and praising today. One writer
says or it:
"Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are lit
tie storehouses of digestion which mix
with the stomach Juices, digest food,
retinge the mucous membrane and
Its nerve centers, give to the blood a
great wealth of digestive fluids, pro
mote digestion and stays by the
stomach until all its duties are com
plete." Some cures are worse than the dis
ease; they demand This. That and the
Other and the patient despairs at the
requirements; but not so with the
Stuart Dyspepsia Tablet: they are
easy and pleasant to take and no
nausea or ill feelinsr follows. There
is none of this "getting all-over-the-mouth"
like a liquid And making the
remedy a dread. Another writer says:
"It matters not what the condition
of the stomach. Stuart's Dyspepsia
'jaoiets only improve tne Juices and
brinsr quiet to the whole digestive
canal, of which the stomach is the
Forty thousand physicians use these
tablets in their practice and every
oruggist sens tnem. trice 60c. Send
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Judging from the large number of
women's names which "were read at
the last session of the Taxpayers'
League - from the list of membership
it would" appear that the organisation
had, leanings toward a suffragette
movement: and then again after sizing
v. mnwra who wear nantaioons
one is likely to suspect that there la
a large tnira sex eiemeou mia ele
ment . is the one that would not get
out and battle at the polls or primar
ies for their rights as other citizens
and taxpayers do. If they cannot "cut
any ice" election day with their friends
snd neighbors in their home district
how much are they going to accom
plish in an organization where the
majority are strangers to one ( an
other. The greatest trouble experienced by
the new conductors who are breaking
in to operate cars on the local lines
is learning how to direct strangers in
the city. The drummers and the" peo
ple having business to do with the lo
cal factories tumble aboard a. car with
svi rrlniHrlt, and ask if toe
car goes to this or that factory. There
are aDOUt MtJv concerns i ii
doing a manufacturina- business. Over
200 of these are good sized concerns
and it is only the old conductors who
can show the visitors . .the way.. There
were dozens of the new men who
couldn't make good giving signals to
start and stop the car, collecting the
fares, keeping a record sheet, helping
ladies and children off and on. giving
ranMeis, wnitiiuig .' - . j . -
only presented at transfer points, ring
ing up all the nickels, being police to
every oooy. Dem jobucu -vice
"by the rowdies, chasing the kids
i. v. n n am tha f.nripm .ninnin? on
time, being sure that the motorman
does not run past crossings where pas
sengers are waning-, so's mirau
signalling the car at the grade cross-
i tn a maw fitu In a mntnr
1 1 1 n, fuiijiip " ...
box when It blows out. getting the
names or ail tne witnesses wueu
motorman bowls over a grocery wagon,
calling off the-name of each street as
you approach it. and a few other
things Including a code of signals used
on the single track' suburban lines.
But there are men pouring in from
out of town to take the Jobs and It
will not be long before all of the va
cancies will be taken.
This ought to be a pretty good sea
son for the boarding houses, as every
day there are mechanics coming in
from out of town and being put to
work in the local factories. Machine
shop help seems to be in the greatest
demand and this class of labor finds
no difficulty in securing employment
The new member of the Grievance
committee of the Fairfield County Bar
Association, John E. Keeler of Stam-
the occasion?
SDecialtv and we furnish the
for Christmas Gifts for either
isiias Gill i
ford. Is said to be disposed toward re
turning toward the old method of hold
ing hearings In chambers. .. The mem-'
bers of the bar are anxiously waiting
for the time when It will be necessary
for the committee to sit in order that
it may see if it is true. Attorney
Keeler succeeds Howard W. Knapp of
this city as a member of the commit
tee. Mr. Knapp has not been able to
practice law for about four years and
the Superior court did not take any
action tq fill the vacancy for over three
years. The public hearings of the
committee were" held ' with two mem
bers sitting to hear the evidence. At
torney Keeler was appointed last Oc
tober. l . - - - '
A prominent- Main street merchant
who is a member of the Taxpayers.
League, was surprised one evening last ,
week to learn that Henry Lee had
signed the car barn surrender several
months ago. He said that if he had -known
it he would't have voted for
him. "But haven't you read the local
newspapers?" he was asked. . ; .
"I don't really have the time," re
plied the merchant. "I give all my
newspaper reading time to my New
York papers. You know I am greatly
Interested in Governor Hughes. I fol
low his every move." ' .
Is there any wonder that Main street'
is full of excavations when a promi-.
nent business man has his eyes veiled!
by the delightful facial adornment of
the Governor of New York.
That little white Locomobile run
about that Chief Mooney used In get
ting around to fires -for a good long
time is ready for duty, having , been
completely overhauled. The chief
likes the larger cars he has been us
ing because they travel faster.
One member of - the - Taxpayers -League
in East Bridgeport won't even
provide a good sidewalk in front of hia
property for people to walk on. He
was served with an order by the city
but he twas aware that the city had
no money to do the work if he did
not do it. and the result is that the
people are wading through mud when,
they pass his property. Other taxpay
ers who have walks say they would
not belong to an organization with
such a type of citizen.
If you want to know why the per
manent paved streets are so muddy
just cast your eye around and you will
see that the mud comes from the dirt
streets which intersect. The wheels
of all manner of vehicle track the mud
which dies out and pulverizes to be
come the bane of those who are fight
Ing the great white plague.
Foley's Honey and Tar Is the best
and safest cough remedy for children.
At the first symptoms of a cold, give
as "directed and ward off danger of
croup, bronchitis, sore throat, cold In
the head, and stuffy breathing. It
brings comfort and ease to the little
ones. Contains no opiates or other
harmful drusts. Keep always on hand,
and refuse substitutes. F.B. Brill and
Curtis Pharmacy, local agents. 1 3 5
Advertise in the Farmer.

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