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THE FARMET? : AUGUST 30,. 1912
Many Desirable Features in New
High -School, With Renovation to
Others Throughout the City.
r i
AY, SEPTiiBEft 3rd
' Gourl Exchange, State and Broad Streets
Telephone 1 335 ' Cetalo
Car Runs Sixty Feet and Up Goes
- Heavy Cargo.
: Necessity has improved . a new .use
for the automobile. Word has come
from Philadelphia that one garage
manager, in building an addition to
his place of business, has made use
f a. touring: ear to operate' an "eleva
tor: . ,
When the problem, arose of hoisting
bricks and mfiriart-qtche upper floors
a . rope was Uta fcheT to the elevator,
Rasped-" over "suitable "pulleys, at the
-top and bottom and ' secured to the
rear axle of the car. To raise the
elevator the oar is- run about sixty
feet,-this being sufficient to bring the
elevator to the second floor. The in-
terrals at which the hoisting is done
'. calls for" about three or four hours of
: work from the car each day, but in
spite of the ' strenuousness of this
hoisting, the car is apparently none
; the -worse for wear.
Only about five gallons of- gasoline
, are used in three days for this purpose
and the manager claims he is saving
'" himself in the neighborhood of $60
a.':wtlok in labor. The car is said - to
do the work of about five hod car
riers and save the additional annoy
ance of handling o many men. fAt
night the automobile is unhitched-ih-a
minute and stands ready to take the
garage" manager to his residence. Not
"infrequently it is called upon to do
numerous errands during the day. Al
together it is a very busy automobile
and a splendid example of what a
modern, reliable, motor car can stand.
. The. last band concerts of the sea
son will take place tonight, tomorrow
and Sunday. .The .Wheeler. .& Wilson
band will furnish a concert at Sea
side Park tonight; the Bridgeport
Italian band . will play to-morrow
night - at Lafayette Park and on- Sun
day afternoon there will be two con
certs, the Wheeler & Wilson band at
Seasid e Park at o'clock and the
Olympic f ,band at Sherwood driving
A special police detail to escort the
3Farner Brothers arid Good 1 Will :Hose
,f Allentown. Pa., upon their arrival
at the City Dock, foot of Wall street,
Saturday- . at ,3 p. m., has been
assigned by Superintendent ESugene
Blrmingha.m. and includes the . follow
ing patrolmen under command of
Sergeant :Arthur Zj. Prout: Frank Hol
brook, E. J. McCarthy, Thomas H.
Gerrity, J. T.'.Coughliri, William Dal
wik, John Anderson, C. J. Myer. Al
bert Watts, B. J. Malon, James Shee
han, George Bened6tte and J. Ryan.
Forming platoon .at police headquar
ters the command will march" to the
dock, escorting ttoe visiting; delegation
to Seaside Institute and returning to
the Hotel Stratfield. ' " .
Certificate-of incorporation of The
American ' Slavonian Business Men's
Association has been flled at the town
clerk's onica The papers serrorth the
object of the association as -being for
the '-'social, athletic and literary, ad
vancement 01 us memueie. ana 10
buy and sell groceries, coal, furniture,
wearing apparel, food and the neces
sities of life;" also , to "provide a
club house and rent, lease and pur
chase such-real estate" as "is necessary
to carry on and further the objects"
of the association -for .its maintenance.
These are the names ascribed to the
certificate " Joseph Ii.: Stongel, An
drew J. Kohance. Andrew Havanich,
Joseph Kalafus, Stephen Duhous, An
ton Lasoowitch, John Sedar,and Jos
eph Mickalka. "'
... . 4 u .7" :'
Two years from to-day wUl.be the,
centennial of the taking of Alexandria
by the British.
Washington, - Aug. 29. The eighth
. .nternational , congress of applied
chemistry will convene in this city,
Sept. 4 and after a few -dajrs-will -move
to New York. - Representatives" .-iof i
twenty-four 'countries, 'the '.leadins
men in their lines, -will attend and
will read papers. Dr. J. A. Holmes,
director of the United States bureau
of. mines, is .president ,of the , section
on political economy and; conservation
of natural . resources. Dr. Bernhard
C. Hesse of New York-is the secre
tary of the congress. W. D.Bigelow,'
Ph. D. of 'the United States depart-'
ment of agriculture is -president of
the pure food section. John'W. Mal-
lett, M. D., Ph. d., of the University
of Virginia is regarded as the "grand
bid man" of chemistry in this coun
try.. He has taught chemistry con
tinuously since 185 except- for a
time during the civil,. war when. he
was in the Confederate army and; was
superintendent of the - ordnance ' fac
7 f pJf -1?
: immmtemmmkm .
The public schools of this city in
cluding the high school will be open
ed Tuesday, Sept. 10, leaving the pu
pils until Sept. 9, to close their much
appreciated summer vacation.
.Although the Grammar schools have
been renovated extensively to receive
the probable increase of the incom
ing classes the high school students
will nevertheless have to content
themselves - .with the old , red school
house on the hill.
. There will be no increase in the
seating capacity, but judging from the
numbers which graduated from the
Grammar schools, the new freshman
class will be of an unusually large
size. The Sophomore, Junior and
Senior classes which will be organiz
ed at the opening'-of the 1912-ia school
year., are all respectively larger than
their predecessors, which fact predicts
an overcrowded condition. For this
reason the school facultj- with the
Principal, ' Mr. Simonds, and ithe - en
tire school as wed 1 as all those inter
ested in the welfare of the young stu
dents are eagerly awaiting the build
ing of the new high school... ,
This new - school will undoubtedly
have such improvements as a gym
nasium, an auditorium large enough to
accommodate school plays and grad
uation, exercises, besides a .thoroughly
modern, laboratory all of which the
present school lacks'. This school will
also present an appearance creditable
to the city; one which will compare
favorably with those in other cities
of New England.
Under the direction of David Ginand
the Bridgeport schools have been put
into a sanitary condition, y neither la
bor nor expense having been spared
in the general .cleaning up. Consider
able additional work has been done
throughout the schools to make them
comfortable for the new school year.
The school house now nearing comple
tion on Poplar street is expected to
relieve the present congested condi
tiojis in the Maplewood and Clinton
avenue institutions.
To further accommodate the young
people, a new school to be called
"Whittier" will be erected in the West
End, and another on Commercial St.
An addition to the Myrtle Avenue
School is also in the course of con
struction. '
The work of ., flooring the Clinton
Avenue and- High Schools has been
completed. ; T Refinished desks, new
slate- black-boards, also fresh coats
of paint and varnish, with several
coats of whitewash in the cellars,'
are 'among the interior repairs.
' Those schools which were repaint
ed " throughout are the Nichols St.,"
Newfield, Hamilton St., Staples, Hunt
ington Road, Oak St, Gra.nd St., and
'Sterling street schools. New roofs,
where needed, completed the repairs.
1 With these endeavors - on the part
of the Board of Education to keep the
schools in a strictly sanitary condi
tiohs, it is hoped that all the pupLls
will appreciate their efforts by at
tempting to maintain a correspond
ing sta&e of cleanliness through the
entire school jear.
PhiladelpfiLa,, Aug. 20.' Widespread
reports mat John Wanamaker, the
noted mercnant and Republican poli
tician was seriously ill were circulate
ed.and generally credited here, to
day. - Although these reports were
most circumstantial, officials at the
Wasamaker store and the private sec
retary of the former postmaster gen
eral insisted he was not only en joy r
ing good health but that he was in
Atlantic City on a vacation.
The report-of his illness, stated-that
he: was stricken in-" his- office, ?two
weeks ago and removed , to Bretton
Woods. Failing t recover he was
brought toack vhere and . was operated
on for aai intestinal complaint of long1
standing. Wanamaker, the reports
said, raUied from the operation but
was still -in a serious condition. Wan
amaker is 74 years of age.
Joseph . Gorman, formerly a resident
of Bridgeport, living- on Gregory
street, is held under arrest in Detroit
charged with bigamy by the local au
thorities. It is ' asserted by hie wife
that he has abandoned her here ' and
that she has since learned that he
formerly .had wives in Brooklyn and
also 'in New Jersey. - Detective Peter
Hall today left this city to complete
sn, investigation of the facts before
extradition papers are asked for the
prisoner's return to . Bridgeport;
f , , a ii Mini ni . "nii num..
I yy D) 2
mmsmmM nriiiuijiiiinnM-iiw''wMww' - mf
0 Eid of Seasoi Clwaiee Sale f
The' U.'S. Civil, Service Commission
announces that competitive examina
tions for the positions named below
will soon be held throughout the Unit
ed States: . ' . .
' The following named examinations
w-ill be- held in New England on var
ious dates between September 1 and
November 1, 1912:
Apprentice Plate Printer, Bureau of
Engraving and Printing; Bookbinder
bookbinder: Clerk, departments; and!
offloes at Washington, D. C. (held in
State of Maine only): electrotyper
m older, Government Printing Office;
guard, U. S. Penitentiary Service;
press feeder and pressman. Govern
ment Printing O'ffice; stenographer, all
services; stenographer and typewriter,
all services stereotyper, Government
Printing Office; typewriter, all ser
vices. . The following named examinations
will be 'held on September 11, 1912;
Aid, Coast and Geodetic Survey; ap
prentice plate cleaner, transferrer, and
engraver. Bureau of Engraving and
Printing; clerk, Isthmian Canal Ser
vice (men only); computer, Coast and
Geodetic Survey (men . only); Copyist
topographic -draftsman and topograph
ic draftsman, Departmental Service;
junior engineer draftsman. Engineer
Department at Large; electrician; kin
dergarten teacher, Indian Service; lo
cal and assistant inspector 'of boilers
and local and assistant inspector of
hulls, steamboat inspection service;
physician, all services except Philip
pine (men only) ; teacher, Indian Ser
vice; veterinarian, Bureau of-Animal
Industry, Department of - Agriculture.
The following named examinations
will be held on October 16, 1912; Ag
ricultural inspector, Philippine Ser
vice; assistant observer (men only);
cadet engineer and cadet officer,
Lighthouse Service civil engineer (see
Junior-Engineer civil); computer, Nau
tical Almanac Office and Naval Ob
servatory (men only); mechanical
draftsman on topographic draftsman,
Isthmian Canal Service (men only);
engineer, Indian Service; farmer, In
dian Service; fish culturisit; Junior en
gineer (civil, mechanical or electri
cal) Enginer Department at Large;
pharmacist. Public Health and Marine-Hospital
Service; printer, Gov
ernment Printing Office; scientific as
sistant. Department . of Agriculture;
trained nurse, Indian, Isthmian Ca
nal, and Philippine services; wireman.
The railway mail clerk examination
will not be held in the fall of 1912.
The Commission has been unable . to
sainolv tihe demand for Male stenog
raphers, ajid - typewriters -especially;.atl
Positively your last chance to get up-to-date reliable merchandise away
below cost. Every bit of summer stock now in the store marked next to noth
ing. Remember this is the final clearance of our own regular high class mer
chandise and our famous oduble guarantee binds every sale and insures your
satisfaction. .
Suits that were extra . good values at $9, : $10 and $11. Re
liable fabrics well tailored and perfect fitting. Sizes for men
and young men. Most all of these suits are medium weight,
suitable for year around wear. Final Wind Up Price
Strictly all wool pure wursted
blue serge and mixture suits,
in this season's latest styles.
Sold up -to $13.50. Final Wind
Up price. . .... . ... ....... . . .
Guaranteed all wool --pure wors
ted and cassimere suits in de
sirable -fancy mixtures, plain
and fancy blues and blacks.:
Values up to $17.50
Blue serge and dark neat
mixture worsted f abrics.. Strong
ly made and full cut. Sizes 28
to, 43 waist, , all lengths. Final
Wind Up price
Extra good, quality worsteds '
in dark neat stripes,dressy black
thibets and plain blue serges.
All sizes. . . .... -
? Vortli up to $2.50. Sizes 7
to ,16. In Norfolk and double '
breasted knicker styles.
Warranted strictly fast color
blue serge -Norfolk and double
breasted . suits. Sizes 7 to
'Values up to ' $3.50
All-sizes 14 to 17." Full cut, -well made and nicely laundered coat shirts. .Neat
striped desigus on white grounds.1 Strictly - fast color percales. Final Wind Up price
Clearance of summer four-in-hands that
sold for 15c, 25c and 29c. Plain and fancy
colors -
Nev shape 'four-in-hands in a wide
range of patterns. Ties that "sold at
25c and 50c. Final Wind Up price...
Glen's fine lisle , elastic and police
and firemen's suspenders. Best 25c
Good 'quality cotton half hose with double 1
heel an dtoes. All sizes. Regular price I J -r .
124c a pair..?. .
Final Wind T7p price for coa t shirts and knee drawers of fine nainsook. Equal in
every way to famous 50c brands. The following staes only to start with. Shirts 38 to
44, dravers so to vj. ...
Men's fine cambric handkerchiefs wili
wide or narrow liems. Best 10c quality. ... .
Final Wind Up of smart negligee
shirts that are regular $1 shades, ail
sizes .
Men's fine balbrlggan shirts . and
double seated drawer. Best 2c
Made of tan khaki . in the popular
Cow Boy style. Sizes 4 to 10. Re
duced from 50c. ". ........
Final clean up of pretty fast color wash suits that sold at 50c, 75c and $1. Sizes
2& to 6 only. Final Wind Up price
Boys' blouses 'that sold up to
25c. Sizes 6 to 12 only. Final
Wind Up price.
' Tan Ithaki bloomers, 39c values.
Sizes 1 to 10 only
Children's ribbed stockings. Very good
quality cotton yarn,; 12 Jc values. ..
Boys' Forous Mesh shirts and draw
ers. Best 25o quality. Broken sizes
only ......I.... ,
1 19-1 123 Main St. Security Bldg.
During August store closes 5 P. M. daily, except Saturday. Open Saturday until 11 P. M.
Washington, D. C. Young men. wdio
are willing to accept appointment at
an entrance salary of $840 to $900 per;
annum have excellent opportunities of
appointment. Advancement of capa
ble appointees is reasonably rapid. The.
Government Service offers a desirable j
held to bright and ambitious young
In accordance with an act of Con
gress an applicant for examination for
a position in the apportioned Depaxt-jnenta-l
Servjcet -WashinstonD..C..
will be 'required to be examined in
the State or Territory in which he re
sides, and to show in his application
hat he has been actually domiciled
in such State or Territory for at least
jone year previous to the examination.
This provision does not apply to other
Application forms and full informa
tion in regard to the above-named ex
aminations may be obtained by ad
dressing" Edward 15. S-tebbins, District
Secretary,.-. PostoflRce BidS-i Boston,
Mass. ..
For information in regard to posi-,
tions in postoffices, custom houses, ani
other local services, apply, to the loca '
secretary in the Federal1 Building oi '
the city where employment is desired.
New York On - the day that Dri
George G. Eambaud, president of th '
Pasteur Institute, was awarded th
cross of the Legion of , Honor bj
France, his divorced wjfe sued hin. .
foR.500.-., ' w'" .' "
trrv ; . ; 7 :

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