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1 - .i,ra,AiAi'WfaAaXAAo.Wa
A Most Extraordinary Opportunity for
Filen and
1005020 YEARS AGO
"Taken From The Files Of
; . . i.
m r n i ni ii r n
ma s s a . ta . a - -. .jts i t a s. i '. j
tote op raasHSt
toae, of Representatives, Friday, Feb,
XX, 1315:
J&esotved. That tb thanks of this
iH erase be presented to Major General
AndVrew Jackson. and the brave offi
eccs and men nruier bis eoinmand, for
the assiduity in the acttoi of pro
teetmg works, "while the enemy were
opposing them, and f oar- the vakwirv
talenia, prodenea and parrtira, ; ex
SaSbtted lay them In defence of the city
of Sri Otrfeans, sgsmsfc- the ga,Ua,nt
-e.tielE - of 'a powerful Bltfci amy
ewler the 'command of lAetit-aenearal
y ifMiham; wauh, .with a trifling loss
ea ' oar part, -"' . terminated in. a. tonsil
who was in the last stages of diphther
ia when lnaocutetod with axrtt-toadne.
has completely reeoWBreL .It la re
garded aa little short of a miracle, as
when the serum ma taiaeted she -was
almost in a dying condition. Of tha
eavn oases where this ars&t discovery
was used, only' one resulted fatally,
the little CKCooneil efaild on Lafayette
street "who was nearly dead, when the
serum was Used. . - - . .. .
baa passed an act to pro-
&tki additional revenue8 for defraying
' M3eMses t tl government The
.go-ltowtrwc tax rata Ins loeen snposeo
ttj t&e aoamifaetnrje ot ilse good.s(peo
s-di .. .- NvyM- 7: ' :'
Oa pig- Iron, per ton, one deHa
Vtria easfctoes, per ton. oare doHar and
.feVCty mtiratet tier tefori. per ton. na 4ol-
"iton -roHed. or stst israns, per .-ton.,-one
taeniae; naSa, ferods and sprigs, 4 other
Sfchjaaj.- , these stsuaMy - denmnicaarea
wiiaaeak per: potmdv essa ent; eaj
h&a wSiit -asaac r in port of white
fpesr p&snd, flva oeatst bmH eaodleii
of t&aow or or was octxer una wu
fittaf in eawxot at& Khsreo canta per
t hats and eetps in whtrie or J?t
tViair of leather -wool or iaiaj ,onhsrf
f.A whole or ib twsff t Woed sr fws fit
fcafEwwa ts'dwSsra in 'value fttent- er
i! Eata '.of .. ehto wood covered -wtSh,
feseSt OiersaBfleias, r mot corosrea.
tSxyr two dioUars in raiue
jkI prtuofe if bow So win of
i stxo deSesa eight por oantoi ad.va
; . -irewmt mefves- Ores er Qestwtn d
-i3aai eestam ad -wotorenu saddles ana
afartte-sat per ownMn 'Wfioreny
-' i soos - sad toatrnk exeeBng- 'fitve
"JiSiisaM- wr patof . In ; ,: Talas -fire per
cw9Btaaa3 cd riiiotf r; teeo, ale ; and
. .,(:! t-ssc msmsSfaetJed segara..;' and
'sauf'-fn, - twenty' pr eccttk ad wJorem,
TBissiasdi fclanfc "toonds' and ase& ter
-'i-eAss as wal asil4 the mannfe
- tesnsr fc csmpty wiii the scneral pro-
Cbsotov f the XteTWBrae for the Sec-
! ocvd OoSeotion Distriot of Con
. '. moicstrt. .v - ,
, ' OoHststctr'B Ofitee, :, - ,-.-...
, Feh. 10th,, 1815. 1 V -
e ppea-tre aodlenoe assisaiCCed at the
Meilvwiiat efaoxch, to sten to Qeorigs
Va.radeBj3ioC, the Jitly oeaedSmbed e&o-
cmeioedist. under . the susptojs of the
' Ijtbuary Asssoctailon. The Tesidings In-
ci3ded scenes from the finst. and sec
ond acts of Shakespearefe -r3Caobeth,
which was admiraiy rend ered- -the
Tmmb WaJtw," from the - Spaiafow-
jrrass Papew," ni "Wonderful ,On
j.-i.ow ewr, tuna s mesmea ana
toajchtc Keza. One More TJxxfortun-
," f A.V. Soldier's f Tfasnimgl tog.'
ToonxdEidlng- with the imafibet'ic (Xcish
"soiry, : -oy J-overi , or Htddy, at&
J .Pipes.-
Tbo fair for the toeaef t of Bt.
jsaa Eoman CathoSio cttsroh, WiU
MscKiizEsaloe en Thursday of next suk.
jCJlse. fcvtr of last yeer waa an iinznense
encoess.1 tout aooording- to tha 3pe&r-
nnse of things, jwtt now, fas oomiisgr
cone will 'he far ahead of it Certain
kTonns "Aelianar tetesd t) astonish
4EtH the adxinliiers of tmrct cork nlit
smtrels with their wartdlngB;. ooaxscali-
and eocentricftlesk
SiKH WAKSTISfOv--Several persons
'were brought up-: bef ora Ills - Hoaer
tiMi 3iayor, today, on oompj.aint of the
tCtty Attorney. s4 fined for negteetineT
' to ictean the sttnr ana los from their
tevldesrslka.-. , " .. v . -n' .-
jiisiocaiA3rxo errAXE! tjscjkee. -
; tEletstioaa, Monday, April 8.)
- For Ooveraoxt, ...
Wgei & Seymonr. of Litohfleld.
3Tor X6iit.-3ov. ."
fnunnss XL Bond, -of New Haven.
. SVw Secsetary of State.
' JTaanes XL Uoyt, of Greenwich. .
;....-... Sor rrreasorer'
oOsesr Kidstoa, of Ktew Bamo,
t For Comptroller '
jrtoyiS H, Baldwin, of "Wtodhaan.
- TTTirorar years ago.
T&gougii the secteTostty of . W. D.
s Coolc . and Bona, more . than 8,000
onsds of freslj fish w yegtorday
jlyen amy to 8.863 poor persons
qiost of wboon hod been rermxnmended
ft) j- the various charity orsanizatlansi
TSie fish, was hsddoc.k, and of prima
Xiast erpesitag at the Saasids cltrh,
W. K, Baldwin and dm Hs&sls. of
UoTwatk txeat TTinicrfca lad WaHcef o
this dSy t wlnst toy aeors of 10 to
i In tha eeoond gam ZXalfflvand B.
Halla were defeated by SVanlc
ffOar and Col. Tten Kaurco. U to 10.
fCSsaprrtan and JTetoher tat WMppal
Ksnd Baaien, to .
. OoeSr Stohta KnoeasKd On.
Xaondon. B'eix. IB: -At Central Hall.
Solbom OL Jciinsoo. an - Anverioan,
Ictioofeed emt Robinson, -- alias CooX
Bohdn, In aevea rounda .
, . ' Income Eatx CoJIectznev .
"WiiilJaan ttxrty. of this oi-, was
yesterday appoinbed eoUector of ' the
income tax for - the. Emrth Congrea
alonail distttet-'; Bfe at onoe raalifled
na will eonanwjnce his duties in-' a
few nay& ' -.i.
Crowtey, ared . SS. of 219
Broad steeet, nt the . end of the first
finger--eotv fats rigbt hand mushed in
a drop press yesterday afternoon aX
va ctonaeetieut Web- Co'a factory.
"HMW A&drev. of S3 Saltan atrt
ev Efesli in hfes Jeft knee yesterday
tow cnopping ice, ;
Plans axe
nas .
drawn for a hand
fetnlc&nar to he
erected at: the eorner of Bast Main
n Jtnn Btreets y Wnliann CUtsaaian
wll ost y
h vtty a3, is gjte oity
psuntHwa see an aproprlation
eustoanar' ..crSvSesua for h
hOhUftl? in the Cits-. of ItSTttrtstfi
the next year of an exposition of arts
and fcrthnsfcries, with, a; department for
rareign industrtes whion it Is said will
we oecv&ted hy. the tl S., EnlndL
- raoaa, vrermany and pnln. i
Zxmdon, Fob. 1.- daily ration of
ram is sou part of the regular sup-
V"" enaun jsoidiers in. the -actual
nsQans nnes, DM. it is doled out un
aer.me neaa ; of ' Ttnedicine,"'. and the
qanty, allowed , is only three table-
Hpoonrula with rations for two da.v.
"This sntil ration , of alcohol' was
considered indeapencable by the army
prysieianfl" writes a correspondent to
tna LiTarpool Post 'They oonalder
ad Unnecessary that the soldier ex.
poaea .vo. the. cold for hotirsi - in the
trsnohea, shood have some stimulant
aa.-ilaba, - and experience taurht - that
tne xwpf , or ram; -taften ' either
snmi&BX ar in his tea, was t&e thlne.f
m soxne-suartan feare have ..been
WMcpressea that the 'distribution of an
"M0 Rtlm-ditMit to the soldiers
mignt, lead some of the men to form
permanwit habits' of orinMni. but
army leaders replied that the quantt
ty handed out was too Ismail to. Justi-
r , ttny - sucny fear, and moreover, it
is given to men only when thev are
actually in the front lines or in expos
ea positions on ootpest duty.
,Aa a matteriet fact, everythinjj is
done to 'ensor the sobriety of the
troops. . Whan the:; armies are . either
a&vaxkoinar ; or -, retreating through a
town aa toe saloons are closed, and
the same measure is taken wherever
the troops are in occupation . of
town., . ; , , . . -
Old oampaigners declare tha' their
daily spoonful of rum la a s&fee-nard
mnw certain assoases, such - as
cholera..,-'. . H. e, i ':- ': .
Ab a 'matter -of fact, notwithstand
ing the. army's porchsjse of mm. the
total importations of this :bereraie
Daw fallen off more tban'half lnce
the besinnins- -of. .the war.:; Import'
era - explain this by raying- that the
mm makers in Jamaica and the West
Indies are not-' making as much i
sormerly, because a 'greater' profit is
to oe realized T just now from the sale
of sagar, . although the price of rum
baa advanced about seventy per cent.
Preafldent Wilson named Francis
XarKln for postmaster of Ossining, N.
T. .
Mies Mary . Bhaff enhsciwen
pleasantly surprised at lur jresidence
ten Brooks stroeet last nigrtrt y about
40 of her young friends, ihs occasion
Sbeine' the celebration of heir birthday.
Brannlsan's orchestra furnished the
ijnuslc for the dancls?.
'A va.lua.bla ' tf uok fcorse, the jaroper
ty of George Btapelton of Washintson
fivriue, died yesterday afternoon from
- trunpa ' The animal was worth 850,
ha mate, a fine -hay and ettually as
aitia3Me guceumbed to tibia same fti
errt &tvoot a. month asow !
; ,WS1 Ask XHuBoapes
M-affgle Craig, f : SIT Arotio stveet,
through, her attorneys, Wilson' paid
INabbs, today,- notified City Clerk Jfced
Sfiiirt&a of her intention to ask the
(City foe damages for injuries sustained
while creesins Arctla street near Park
street, on the, night of Jan, 39th, She
S-lleffas that she received (vrp ibodlly
injuries which confined her to her
home for some wasks, ' .-
Ecnir, Kofst, litt's C-ormn girt
Yields To Lydia E. Pink
. ham Vegetable
'- .vi. , . i
Elkhart, IzjcL : I suffered for-forrr-teen
years from organic in aammation.
iemale weakness.
pain and irregiiiari
ties. The pains In
my ; sides were in
creased by walking
or standing, on -my
feet and I had such
awful bearing down
feelings, was do
preesed In spirits
and became ihin and
pale with dull, heavy
eysa. I had she doc-
tore from whom I received only tempo
rary relisf. I decided to give Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegatabls Odmpoand a fair
trial and also the Sanative Wash, I have
now csed the remedies for four months
and cannot express my thanks for what
they have dona for me. '
"IS these lines wHl be of any benefit
yoa &ays my psrmkwion to publish
them." Ma. Sadib WnxiAMS, 4fi5
James Street, Elkhart, Indiana.
Lydia X. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
poad,aiiade from netivs roots end herbs,
contains no narcoila or harmful drags,
and to-day holds the record of being tha
most Bttocessf ol remedy for female Ola
we know of, and thousands of voluntary
testimonials on tHa ia tha Finkham
laboratory at Lynn, Mass., seem to
prove this fact. -
If you have the sMIites doo&t
thatXydia E. Plalcham's Vesreta
W Cpmponndl will help yon, write
to JjJUa E.jPitLkJiam SleSiciacOo.
(coaflaetatial) iymt,SIsss for ad
vice. Your letter will be opened,
rcad p.q teaisvrered ly a womaia
r--V A
r r" J- r i
jJ u LnJU'
-j: .S8e;.0Hr Window Disninv
. ; - ' A
; 1
- " 'efc.sV f ' "Aw - "aW sTL VteST B 3 "" ' ' ''" - ' ' "'"" :"'';" v' " - fc ' Ji',MM41'' --J.-.w..sas;--,i: LVi-:V--;-!-.-''-'.-A'M-Li-'-ww:
AyrfewM i .
J--.n''iW-, Of the Season Starts ,: Wtell
f 'lC-''rJ''J Garments that yon can see are , , "" " , - ' AVjsVV
L 'Vf-V ." X'rj superior to tiiose of other stares j., sL-" VX. v-y -.
U ;,. at the same prico? garments that 1 1 I ' . v '
I s.'-, J-ftr'' -?J ' ' - y011 jan eP wpon for satis- TT ' t J - .
l'P'fv, 1 ( factory loofcs fit vnd wear; iade ' 71 IN ... v - .. ' fjT
1 Va"'?'f't V'-f ' ' r exoel,ent Onslttr tMbets, N ' iV i
' ' frtncy worsteds," and plain' blue, , I . ! ' ' . I 'i'," 'jjj ' ' '. ""T1
V -ik'i' V6! Tf ' serge; size 2 to 42 waist meas- - - ' V- ' ' ' V " fTJSS,. f t .J
l'--.V- ' me; SAIjE PRICE '. t . . . glU " T yrriHHHimiAlllslsI sn4 " ' V...-
fStef- 9 75; simml ftft PibOfi I $2.00
' i.i i iniiiia j .iy.'i... 'Thousands, 'of pairs-v no better: than ,-.,-'''"" '
; t -i,1, ' "' '' 'these, are being sold-every . week in other ? t 1 jTn .
-H. "f- i' 4' " stores at- tne abore.prioes; and if wedon't g ' '
' S I ' 'r a thonsand pairs,' tc. won't fee the faul ' JL, ,1 I I
"UliS ' iui'""''''l"M'Hl'l ,of VaIne offered; eplendid qualities and a" Tj ' - .
" jy gooesJraWtternsvia': serges, cordt . , ; - j
''''' iS. 'V""''' ' :i ': ' ,; ' , roys,-:. casstmere- 'a'll h'"'"' '
. i.1 V'T''? ' - ' ; .. -. .J'""""".1 . a. .stetlsr all sizes up' ' ( ' A
. - .......... , .; ...
, IK '
rirmsnaf-S " t this is i most
. " iuxies at the nri,
la. almost unlimited and
No otheSf h't
pants nor such a variety J " .ZST f anT
splendid qualities at toe r" Ie' "('L -"I1'
v in J U aiJJUajJtt
Every Pair is Guaranteed.
ress pants, Work pants, binsiness pants and
' ' many snitable for matching'
. i . ' . ' ' with odd coats and
vests. All well made,
v .;fnU- cut, ..and,. ' csre-
folly finished gr
-N ' Bring back any
pair that isn't en
tirely satisfactory.
ami 2.'25 FspIs
" ' As matter of fact the above prices, are low for the pants offered
and at no other store can such, cm',"-i he honeht for leas; they consist
of good,' ; durable- bine
.'--.. -' , T v- - ' '
Serges; ' fancy mixtures
- - ' v ; . '.'
and worsteds; 'variety
of patterns and a!
sizes' from Ias-i4iot" -
.waist measure; SAL:
VotiTI see the same v erodes . offered -.
'"' 1 ''-' ' '" : i - - 7 . . - . 1 . ,'. v.'. sw,:
a,u.. u.h. c ai KA aniV t& OA) frr .. V - 1
are worth the money;-, hut here IJhey ar J" .'Sr : - - j
1 tttft to tlSA Inn JvJkn thnm fisniir -' ,4; '. '. - -
fine; blne serges, neat and servia
mixtnrea, and browns,"., blue- and gril ,
stripe Worsteds; all stses up ,to 62(wai.si
measure; SAXlB PRXCE.i a , ; . i ... . : .'...
line all-wool ; garments that are rich
and dressy in appearance and lasting
in quality; perfect fitting, thorouhly tail
cured, and ' neatly finished; , handsomt'
blue . serges, - black thihets, and a big a&
aortment of cassimeres and fancy worsteds;
all sizes up to 52 waist
measure; SALE
... .
Xs ..I'i
. When ; accompanied
by money order, will be
-filled and charges pre
naid.v '
or goods exchanged for
any unsatisfactory purchase.
f-1--rrT l fill -iflSlrrT'- - - -,. ArfTaty- - iirira in-rri
: 1
- r
. IE! WESTER!! LlilE
London, Feb. 18 The military cor
respondent of the London Times in a
reoent survey of conditions, said that
there i little likelihood of any im
portant advance movement y either
side, on the western front for a long
time to oome.' Under the present oon-
dltions of weather and saround, with
artillery which knows the. ' range of
every landmark exaotly, be argues
that a successful offensive Is next to
imjpoaaiible. .
. "The district in which the British
army is operating is practically a.
swamp," declares this observer. ,
"Water stands on tha stiff slippery and j
holding clay, rendering the movement
of infantry across country impossible.
For.weake on end it has rained, and
when it has not rained , thick mists
have enveloped tne country. , The deep
trenches ara filled with water, and the
necessity of standing in ' this has cost
us many casualties. . .
"It Is only on slightly rising ground
that life is at all supportable. The
fronts of the rival armies are covered
with a IsaibyrixrtJl of . trenches. On
both sides the front lines are often
only peats of observation. Acres of
barb wire cover meat of the positions.
In rear stretch many Unas, sigsags
and communication trsnohea.
. ' Breastworks have been construct
ed toy both, armies on the top of the
ground to meet the difficulties of hold
ing1 flooded trenches, while strong
posts, defended . villages and . farm,-?
steads, and other arrangements, com
plete the positions. In the - rear
Rmsses of eu&s f all call twos, so well
concealed that they are practically In
vulnerable, .and Joined up - by; tele
phones to all advanced - trenches,
make a strong framework for the de
fense, v, ..'
"Iuring all the months that the
British have occupied this district,
only three direct hits have been made
fcy Oerman shells upon the British
guns. An attack, therefore, has to
deal I with an intact artillery which
knows every range to an inch.- , ;,v
"A forward trench may often (be as
saulted or mined by either side, or it
may 'be knocked to bits fcy heavy
shells, or cleared' by trench mortari
and hand grenades, but a local success
of ' this character has , nq conse
quences, i'. ' The battling ih front Is
largely between snipers and men' in
the sapheads. , r '
. 'Ae for the Flyirtg Corps, despite
weather. It has missed only six days
in the air since August, v Not easily
oan any hostile strategical surprise es
cape the notjee of theae airmen.
"The British army is not accustom
ed to winter campaigning and Is hot
Inured to it. Its . campaigns have
usually taken place In warm climates.
It had its lessons to learn and It haa
cost something to learn them. In
spite of this the army has stood the
test remarkably well, and is probably
in 'better health than any other,
friendly or hostile, operating rn the
region." a . '.::(- .'..'-;'
Sunday, Jan. 24. Almost immediate
ly firing had begun the . pheasants
made' a great stir- and fuss, and those
old residents able to read the signs
realized that the sensitive birds were
aware 'of. distant cannonading. Simi
lar demonstrations by the .birds had
been made on previous occasions.
The Rev.. .W. M. L. Evans, writing
from Saxby Rectory, Lincolnshire, on
the East Coast, . says: "It may be of
interest to Admiral Sir David Beatty
to , know that a large portion of the
population of , this, remote .parish, : in
spite of the censor, . knew all about
his doings on Sunday , morning' at an
early hour. ..- -
. "Our worthy clerk met me with the
announcement, 'There be rare goings
on In the North Sea this" morn., '. .
. "Why?' I inquired. , y
'"The pheasants is all . oyer ;- the
place -with their fuss,' " was the re
ply, "Many villagers," adds the rector,
"confirm his statement as to the ejtr
cited condition of the birds. '
1 The London Times, investigating
the matter, finds that pheasants else
where along, the coast have displayed
the same uneasiness during naval en
gagements. : Their sensitive, organism
catches the faintest distant tremors,
urban the human ear la not disturbed.
to a - bereaved , mother Is , worthy -of
repetition: " . i
.-- " Executive Mansion,-
Washington, Nov. "31st, 1881 .
Dear Madam;. - -
: I -have been shown in the files of
the War Department a statement ' of
the Adjutant-General of ; -Massaehu-,.
setts that you are the mother of five
sons who , have died gloriously on the
field of battle. : y , . .. ...
': I feel how weak and fruitless must
be any!- words of mine whichishould
attempt to beguile you from the grief
pf a loss - so overwhelming. ; But I
cannot refrain 'from tendering, to you
the consolation that may be found
in . the thanks of the Republic ; they
died to save. I pray that our Heaven
ly Father may assauge the anguish
of your bereavement, andl leavayou
only -the cherished memory of - th
loved and lost, and the solemn, pride
that must be yours, to have lald;so
costly a sacrifice upon the altar of
BYeedom." '- , - .
t . Yours , very sincerely and respect
The case of Mrs. Hielen II. Artsrle,
the former Bridgeport woman, charg
ed with manslaughter in connection
with; the- death of a wealthy Stamford
man,, may be - tried at the-next session
of the criminal superior court, which
opens here next Tuesday. Mrs. Angle
has twice had her case postponed on
the ' plea that ' her delicate physical
condition could , not. 'stand the ordeal
of a trial.
: vvaldo Ballou was found dead; in a
Stamford apartment house in whiciv
Mrs." Angle resided and - it waa sai-.l
that she was responsible. She ia out
on gS.000 hall. Judge , Williams will pre
side at the eomng term.
London, 5"eb. 1!.: Folks '.'-'on the
east eoaat - have no need of lookouts
to warn them of a battle in the North
Bea. Even- when they can not hear
the gun-firing they have auguries of
the battle in -the pheasants, in which
the country thereabout abounds.
Hours before ' the people of Lon
don were aware .'of it, many . East
Coast residents knew there had been
an engagemeat on the morning of
Throughout the larger part' of the
world's greatest republic the . birth
day of Abraham Llnooln will be cele
brated today. Of the many quali
ties which made the immortal Ken-tuckian-
a commanding figure in - hu
man history, not the least was his
spirit of compassion. Weighed down
by the responsibilities'1 of , a terrible'
civil conflict, he yet found time to
comfort tb e afflicted - and -" condole
with the sorrowing. In these days
when thousands of European moth
ers are mourning, for sons who will
a over return, oaa oX linooln's letters
The Hast facdiSfin'i Ltx&ah cf Ifcsrsfclriu
' Avoid Imitations Take flo SubstSSsita
RkJM3Ts malted grk m powxierfonal More healthful than tea or coSee
Forinfant8,invalids and growing childten. Agrees wilh die weakest dlgesiioa.
' l:lenutaoupbulI3ingthewhoIeboy. Keep it on your sideboard at home.
' 'UmgOTatesaursinginoShers and the aged.. A quick lunch p pm i i s-

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