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; ' '
"Pioneer In Electrification of
Horse Car Lines Succumbs
at Home Here
We Have Opened What Will , Be Known For Years A3
lie (brireatest
T A A-
C J. 1 J J i ..' S .. S.
Simple ceremonies will mark the!
funeral services of Colonel Nathan
Hopkins Heft, at the Heft mansion,
69 5 Park avenue. Relatives and
rlends will, gather there and partici
pate! in the service at 2.:30 o'clock
Saturday afternoon. , '
Colonel Heft died -at 8:30 o'clock
, last night at Ma home, , after two
months" illness. He had suffered from
heart "trouble and several minor ail
ments. He was 68 years old.
The- engineering,-world lost one of
its most valuable assets in the death
of Colonel .Heft and progress ia sci
ence was given a blow by his passing-.
He - had international fame and a
pioneer and developer of electric sys
tems. .. .
Attorney Samuel C. Shaw complet
ed the funeral" arrangements this af
ternoon. The pallbearers selected are
UavidW.' . Thompson, Oeneral Edwin
' S.' Greeley Of New Haven, I. W. Bird
seye. Judge Morris , B. Beardsbsy,
Henry Atwater, Frank Miller, Samuel
11. Wheeler, ' Dr. George Barrie of
New York, Edward W. Harral, Jona
than Godfrey and Samuel CV Shaw.
' ' Immediately after the funeral ser
vices at the Iwxuse, the body of Col
onel Heft will be taken to New Tort
and f thence to Greensburgn, the for
mer heme of his, widow. There he
Will be' buried in; the Moore Mauso
leum, which contains - the deceased
relatives pt MrsHeft "
Colonel Heft' will be the first to
be borne through, the beautiful ; gates
'that he recently constructed as an
entrance to the mausoleum. They are
works of art. ' -: - -- X ' .
Rev. Stephen F. ' Sherman, Jr., pas
tor of SU John's Episcopal caurch,
will officiate at sthe services. Both
Colonel and Mrs.- Heft 'belonged to
that church. - V
As "chief of thfe electrical department
of the New! Haven" road,: Colonel Heft
' was the first to realize 'the, immense
advantage of the third rail system and
to utilize it in New England. lie was
the first to : institute- an electrically ,
controlled railway on a standard steam
eystem. - -. .. ' .. ' -
As fcn engineer he was known all
over the world.". He was accorded -the
honor of inspecting- 7 the underjjround
systems of Parts, liondon , and Buda
past. . His opinions- were sought uni
versally. . w ;- -.; i .
Colonel Heft- and associates ; trans
formed the -old horse railway system
in Bridgeport into the electrie sys-
- :
Over SOO Brass Beds of Highest Quality Will Sell at About Half the Regular, E?riceo!
Ball Top
Brass Beds
For several months, we have been planning this sale, we interviewed one manufacturer after another, we presented to 5 them our plan, S ? '" A
told them of the sale we were'going to hold, and explained to them how with their co-operation we would be able to sell a tremendous number 1 '
of beds in a few weeks. -. -. :...'. -V , - ' '' " " : " - 1 l
contract for ourventire brass beds sales for two years.
We even did more than that. We talked with a number of firms in other cities
and got them tainake the same proposal to the manufacturer, with -the combined or
ders f or two years from thes e several firms; the total assumed such a tremendous pro
portion that the manufacturer granted our concession. t T '
We have opened the sale. ,' AIt is of such importance that ; people from f
. f surrounding cities can well afford to make a trip to this city, in order to prof it by this 1
great orass oea event. . . : v . vs'. - , . - .
" It was at first suggested that owing to the low prices which these beds will be
sold,-that only cash sales were to be honored, bi we' frowned upon this policy, and de
cided to sell these beds for cash or credit at the samelow prices.- If you wish to pur
chase any of these beds on credit we will adjust the terms to suit your convenience.
ill II il I l! I If I
. $10;
Ifcrmirm Mi'ffrtxnmwm
- e jti. - Z
This is the first time in the history of the furni
ture business that a Ball . Top Bed with two inch
posts and one inch fillers ever sold under $20.00.
The above Illustration shows this bed in exact detail.
Sale Is Now Going: On.
Your Credit Is
Good -v.
Easy Payment .Terms
Arranged to Suit.
tern.. His company - bought: out the
hors;e system and educated the public
into believing" in the efficacy of the
eiectric. line; "When at was established,
the value of it soon became apparent.
That was in the early 90's. '
-, Colonel Heft came to : Bridsnport in
1S94, when he -sas appointed to the
position 1 oi ' chief of -the - engineering
department of the New Haven road.
He retired in 1905 and .became devoted
!to art, of which he had. always been, a
student. He made ' a ' collection of
many bid masters 'paintings, whicii
; adorn his jmansion now. Chinaware,
i rugs, and other interesting , objects
(became ; part ' of a great; colleotion . of
Valuable articles. ''
Daring the illnees of 'Colonel Heft,
Dr. George Barrie and Walter B.
i James of New- .York consulted with
Dr. H. LeBaron Peters of this city.
J;Heart trouble and other ilmess com
!tined to render him weak, and the
lefforts of the physicians were unavailing.-.
"- .?--.. y ,
Colonel ' Hjeft first , married in 1874.
Hetook for-his wife, Florence Cease.
His second marriage was-to Mrs. Jo-
se'phine Richardson, daughter of - John
"5V. and Elizabeth ; Moore of G-reens-bnrgh,
Pennsylvania.- Dr. George
Stanley Heft, son by his first fmar--iage,
-and- William M. 'Richardson, a
stepson, survive Colonel Heft,' besides
' his widow. " ,' '. ..t " ' v
He was a member of the Engineers"
Crab, of New Tork, the -"Algonquin,
Bridgeport "Yacht . and ' Brooklawn
Comrtry club- ,He was, a Democrat. '
Nathan Htopkins Heft was the eldest:
child of Samuel and Rebecca - Wilson
Heft ' He w as torn in Carventon, Ln
pem : county, Pennsylvania, N"ovem
i tier 18, ; 1848. . His early .training Wa
confined to the district schools. As a
young man he opened, a small store in
Parson county, but owing to the etrtke
And. general industrial depression' that
.Was being- experienced, the store failed.
Xater he entered the employ of Brod
eridc & Company, a mining" concern.
Her he- .learned the business necessi
ties ttiat proved of great" value to : him
' In. later life. He . learned" how to han
dle men. In 1888 he managed the Heft
Xibrlcaiing Oil works In Eiaston, i Pa.,
where he developed one of the most
flonrishing ; concerns of Its kind. He
was president of the Farmers' & Me
chanics Institute and a director of the
Jorthampton. ; County National bank.
(His connection with .the railroad fol
lowed..'--.-.-:-' '.'-:,:.: ''.'' :
' Among the closest serson'al fxion-ds
of Col. Heft in Bridgeport wasi Fred-
', riek C: Mullin, the well 'known fu
neral director of the- firm; of. Cullin
an & Mullins; Mr. Mulllns was city
clerk when Col. Heft came to Bridge
port. He spoke in the highest terms
of Mr. Heft's loyalty and . enterprise.
, Mr. Mullins said his acauaaintance
with Col. Heft began when he and
Andrew Rati el came to Bridgeport for
the electrification of the horse car
'lines, more than 30 years
"It was the desire of Col, Heft and
- , ' rT I 1 '1 H n ijiJ - , v
,;(f ymU jpf yym
t - ' -
z-incn Jfost .
d i -men t liiers ? - .
,; . . 4 jjyii::-"",-'
It is the massiveness of thss bedstr,ij.tkiaKes
them such remarkable values, v They are all of guar
anteed lacquer, which Is another big point in their
uvjtitv ev-a .v. qi,t;f . . .
. i ; j ' . ! -j. s lit a-a-an os.o's t
GasK Is" UimeoKisiry '
VDurincr This -
: i- ( t- 5 'ill
. 1-- ft, !; y-"
Small Weclily
or Monthly Payments
Accepted on Any. CcJ
2-inch Continuous
Post Brass Beds
' r
v - We have featured this bed In the above manner because it is unquestionably the most remarkable Brass Bed
value in this sale which means that it is the most wonderful brass bed Aratlue ever advertised by any firm. The retail
selling price oi this, bed Is less than the average store -pur chases them from the factory, i They have .large 2 -inch
posts and heavy, center fillers with guaranteed lacquering. ; . :
Heavy Filler $ 11 A .75
These beautiful beds -as you see them pictured
above have very massive center fillers and the posts
are surmounted with unique caps that are distinctly
different. ' .
Every illustration shown in this advertisement is an exact reproduction of these-Brass
Beds, exactly' as they appear on: our sales floors. Every detail of design , is authentically
drawn, so that .you can see exactly justi how these beds will appear in your bed room. You
can make your selection right from this aavertisement.' .
I - A',
11 r i i i '. i i,
ill V WW
u p
2-inch Post G1 mT5
li-inch Fillers
This is one of the most beautiful beds entering '
Into this great sale. See the massive center tillers
and the beautiful spire caps that surmount the cen
ter fillers.' r .j ;.
30 Filler
Brass Beds
These leds have heavy two-inch posts su rmoraitcd with large corner capa and square
cross bars at bead and foot. -
Fancy Filler $ 11 .B0
Brass Beds1 --v :;.rrX 1?
Note the graceful vdctlgsl WiJthlejtept!onaI
beautiful 2-ineh continuous post bed. with the large
center fillers and cross bars. It Is most unique in
design and a wonderful value.
i ii i v..i...i-j...' .....
1JP 'I i
2-inch Posts C qj) rf
2-inch tillers
. This wonderful bed Is unquestionably the highest'
. quality brass bed ever manufactured. It Is extra size
throughout as you can see from "the illustration.
.HadlcS-;'..;' Qiiehess
T S7y ifaal
Terms to Suit.
v v
'' Completei in Every Detail.
'-$19.00 -- ;
. -' Terms to Suit. .
tllTiiaal iimlii si I
Mr. Radel when they, bought the old
horse car system here from Hotch
kiss, Hubbard and the o-ther owners,
to make it one of the "best equipped
electrical roada In the east," said Mr.
Mullins. "Col. Heft and Mr. Radel
spent a lot of . money and time to
give Bridgeporters an opportunity- to
see what electrical roada were in 'dif
ferent parts of the country and took
members art the board of trade, busi
ness men's association and represen
tatives of the city government to
Springfield, Rochester, Scranton,
Wilkes-Barrs and other cities among
the first to have electric . street car
lines. . These gentlemen, at their
own expense, conducted Bridgeport
era to these cities that they might
see what an electric street car system
meant to a city. -
"After the road had been electri
fied, here, changes were made, and
M!r, Radel assumed the ownership
and control of the road and Col. Heft
went to the New - Haven road." . -
Mr. Mulllns, recalling' his national
fame " as - a traction : expert, also
broug-ht to mind his political activi--ties,
-"I feel keenly his death. He
was a loyal friend, socially, personal
ly and politically," said be. "In poli
tics he was a Democrat, and i the
days at 1896 when Democrats need
ed assistance, he was one of the tried
and true men who went to the front.
He was never ashamed to show his
colors." ' '
: Twenty-two. men, charged with be
ing ringleaders of the Lake county.
Tenn., night riders, were jailed at
Hickman, Ky.
: Charles Williams and Annie Fer
guson, American crooks, were arrest
ed in London, charged with stealing
jewelry worth $8,000,
City Plan Commission
And Wall StreetJRTider
(Continued on Page 10.)
street east to Ann street, thenby a
bridg-e into Connecticut avenue. The
commission pronounces -this proposal
as probably too ambitious, but us-
gests that both 'bridges might toe con
nected Jnto. StraUor.,iaxe.nu.eft3UjElijtst
Main , street. .-. .- -. :
"-..i.The comnteion 8trcuaAj-ui -.-- .
building lines be established- where -none
exist, and that no building lines
be 'hereafter shifted without- tha
gravest reasonsu
Jack Johnson must seem quite Kka
a reformer and uplifter amws the
fighter otMaxtea.

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