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-v i
Paves the way to the biggest Values ever offered to the good People of Bridgeport and
vicinity. Maybe the comparative prices below will serve to - inspire greater desire
among shrewd shoppers but they are only "straws to which way the wind blows" hers
1 Yr :frar Err rr ft vsMlii 'L',V r'T . . . f ... . . , ... . ' - .... fc
Rissolxilinn Puts a Tornedo Into Prices
There will be something doing for the man who wants
to pick up an overcoat worth tip-to $35.00 for c
1 Other bargains right through our stock in evei
a ' partment. V v.. . -
1227-1229 I.IAIN STREET .
Stiatflsid Hotel Building ,
every de-
Circular By Bishop Ililan
Prcrauijatcs Papal Ds
crea Plsnaxy Indulg
ences for Assisting.
lit. T-ev. John. J. Nilan, bishop of
h Hartford Dioceso. ht.s sent to
parish prieeta of this dioc jsa a com-mujsinj-xtvon
joined to wbicb. is tha de
cree Of Pope Benedict 2CV, . setting
aside Passion Sunday as a day ot
pr.-s.yere for peace. The communiea
t.on was printed la ' the "Catholi
Transcript"- of yesterday as follows:
FiLeop&l Resit! cm oe -'
Hartford. Conn.. Fi 24, 1915
Desur Father: The enclosed decree
of Our. Holy Father, Beretfict 4 XV. I
cositaJ-as directions for a loiemn and
vi;iIio intercession in order to obtain
tine blessings of peace for the -whole
world. He exhorts ns to works of
mortification and piety and. has nam
ed Passion. Sunday; Marola 21, as a.
day for -all Catholics to approach, the
1 Sacraments and , visit the parish
j church during the solemn exposition
', of the Blessed Sacrament. ; In order
!' that the wishes of the Sovt-retgtt Pon
I tiff may , be carried out most effec
' tuaUy, it : seems "advisable, to suggest
that in each parish .church of this
diocese a trtduu-m shall be held from
the Feast of St. , Joseph,; March- 19,
: till the close of Passion -. Sunday,
which happens to be the!- patronal
feast of Pope Benedict XT. ' The ex
erices of the tridunm- should include
: confessions Thursday, Friday.' and
Saturday, Benediction' of the Blessed
bacramest at which the Pope's Pray
r for Peace shall be recited Friday
and Saturday evenings, and solemn
exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
from the- end of the last mass on
Sunday till the evening,, when the ex
ercise shall ; conclude, with - the Ro
' ?.i-ry. Prayer for Peace, Litany of the
Saints;, and' the customary prayers to
which is added the prayer from, the
Mass Pro Pace,' the Ta-ntaum Ergo
and Benediction of the Blessed; Sac
Tamexit. .
Ifours sincerely. -
, ; Bishop of Hartford.
Iecree of Benedict XV.
- Prayers for Peace . -'.
" His Holiness our Sovereign Pontiff,
i Iope Benedict XV, In deep affliction
i at the sight- of war which destroys
I thousands of young lives, brings mis
'. ry.to- families and cities, and rushes
! flourishing nations to the brlnfe of
; min, yet bearing in mind that ' Al-
mighty God, whose ' prerogative It is
' to heal by chastisement and through
j pardon, to preserv e, is moved by tha
I pra.yera which spring " from contrite
and humble hearts, desires 'ardently
that above the clang of arms may be
heard tha voice of, faith, hope and
charity, alone capable; of welding to-
e-ether the hearts of men in one mind
E-nd one spirit. Therefore, while He
exhorts the clergy and the faithful of
thai whole world to work of morti
fication and. piety; in" expiation for the
, rine by which we have called down
upon, ourselves . the Just wrath of
' God, : the Holy Father haa ordained
jti!Jt through, .out the Catholic church
j solemn prayers shall be offered in or
f der to obtain, the mercy of Almighty
: God the peace which all desire. ?
For this purpose it is hereby ' de
creed that in every metropolitan,
oathedrai,. parochial and conventional
cb.urch tor ail European countries on
L the 7th, day of February, next (.being
Hhe Sunday called Sexagesima) -and
Sa all dioceses situated outside of Eu
larope on the,- 21st day. of March be
iT!ir Passion Sunday) there shall be
eiebra.tod special religious functions
Itl the following order: - t -
In the morning, immediately after
t"5 9 conventual or parochial mass, the
moat blessed sacrament shall be ex
?3?osed with all eolemnity, and duly in
i censed; after which the Psalnj Mis
erere inei, Dus (Ps. BO) shall be
sung with the Antiphonr Da pacem,
fDominei in diebus nostris. Quia, non
iet alius qui pug-act pro n'oois nisi tu,
Eeu8 ttoster followed by the V. Fiat
tiax in virtu te tua, R. Et t.bundantla
in turribus tuts; and the Collect Deus,
a quo saneta. desideria, etc.
The Most Blessed Sacrament shall
then remain exposed to public venera
tion till evening; and t it is desirable
that arrangements be made whereby
children also should take due part in
the public adoration.
In the evening, previously to the
reposition of the Most Blessed Sacra
ment, the third part of the Rosary is
to be recited followed by the annexed
prayer, expressly . composed by His
Holiness in order to obtain the benefit
of peace; then, the Litanies of the
Saints, According to -the form pre
scribed for the devotion lot the Forty
Hours' . Prayer, in the Rituale Eo
manum of -the year J913, Immedi
ately after the Litanies shall be sung
the Parce, Domlne, parte populo tuo;
ne in aeternum lrascaris nobis with
the versicles and Prayer usually re
cited' after" the Procession in quac
umque tribulatione as in the Rituale
Romanum, with the addition of the
Collect Daus, a qoo sancta desideria.
The r sacred function shall conclude
with the Tantum. Brgo and Benedic
tion of the Most Blessed Sacrament,'
more solito. . ; -
In the hope that Almighty God may
pour forth in yet greater abundance
His Divine Grace, thel Sovereign Pon
tiff exhorts the faithful to, approach
tne sacrament of Penance and to re
ceive Holy Communion, and grants to
all' those who, after Confession and
Communion,- shall assist at one or
other of the sacred functions as above
ordered or shall pray for some time
.before the Most Blessed Sacrament
while solemnly exposed, a Plenary
Indulgence. .
From, the Vatican, January 10, 1915.
Peter Cardinal Gasparri,
' , ' Secretary of - State.
- .. Prayer . ' '
Dismayed by the horrors of a war
which is. bringing ruin to peoples and
nations, we turn, O Jesus, to . Thy
most loving Heart as to our last hope.
O God of i Mercy, with . tears we in
voke Thee to end this fearful scourge;
O King Qf Peace, we humbly implore
the peace for which we long: From
Thy Sacred Heart Thou didst shed
forth over the world divine Charity; '
so that discord might end and . love
alone might, reign among men. Dur
ing Thy life on earth , Thy Heart beat
with; tender compassion for., the sor
rows of men; in this hour made ter
rible with burning! hate, with.. blood
shed and with- salughter, once more
may Thy divine Heart be moved to
pity. Pity the countless mothers in
anguish tor the fate , of their sons;
pity the numberless families' now be
reaved of their fathers; pity Europe
over which ; broods such havoc and
disaster.; i SDo Thou inspire rulers and
peoples , with; counsels of meekness, do
Thou heal the discords that tear the
nations asunder; Thous who didst
shed Thy Precious Blood that they
might live as brothers, bring men to
gether once more in loving harmony.
And as once before to tha cry of the
Apostle Peter j Save us. Lord, we per
ish. Thou didst answer with words of
mercy and didst still the raging waves,
so now deign to hear our trustful
prayer, and give back to the world
peace and tranquility. ' ,-
And do thou, O most, holy .Virgin,
as in .other times of sore distress, be
now pur help, our protection and our
safeguard. Amen. . . v
4 New Haven, Feb. 26. Fore- .
cast: Fair tonight and Saturday.
Colder .tonight.
i ' Connecticut: Fair ' tonight and '
Sunday, colder tonight; strong;
west and 'northwest winds.
The eastern disturbance is.
causing some squally weather on
the New England coast but pleas-
. ant weather prevails generally in
all districts east of the -Rocky7
Mountains. - The western dis-
, tur nance now forms a trough of
low ; pressure extending , from
: Utah southeastward to ' New
Mexico. .; The temperatures are
somewhat lower this morning
along the northern border. Zero
temperatures were reported from ;
Michigan. ; .; . . - 't . '
Sun rises tomorrow . . 6:30 a. m.
Sun sets today . . . . , 5 :0 p. , m.
High water today .. 9:03 p. m.
Moon sets ......... 4:53 a. m.
Low water today .. 2:26 a. m.
Waists Join in the
' A lot . of about 400
Cotton Voile Shirt
Waists in many styles
and ;" patterns. Values
to $1.50. 43C
male rnce . . . . .
Stylish beyond the telling apparel that you will be glad
to wear as we are glad to sell apparel; that' steadfastly
maintains the store's reputation as a . -
t A XJbJLi
. . . ....'(... - . . "I- ' V
Regular $1.00 79 q
Dresses at .-. . . ,
iviauc ui guigiiaiii,
chambray and Per
cales. All new pat-i
terns. All siezs.
. s $l ifeK
12 Creps E2'-TCI:2Z
at $1.37. -' -
Orepe de Chine Waists
in'all the latestrshade?, 7' - "
lace ,'trimmed and; em: '- X . Y '!is
broidered.-Former price f'-rV-jV-
Prices ,:vPJ- -fezi
..... Suits of roplins, tiarbadines, Men's - wear serge Black and White Checks,
Blacky Navy, Belgium Blue, Green, Putty, Battleship GreV,' etc. All specially
priced at , . , - . j
$12.75, $13.75, $15.00, $16.50,
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...-rf.tn tmw --"w- .
a Eresses'
i. - o""" ......
Chambray Dresses. All -
pattexiiiS; . . . 1.
Children's1 79c Percale
and Gingham ,!0r- r 1
-Lx esses-' .! -. . .. . -. .. .....:-. ',.-..'
4L 0
1,000 pairs of Manufacturers' Sampled of
Ladies' two clasp Kid Gloves, in fTan,
' ' " - " 'f '" -
Black, Gray; White, and. Mode, ; self
stitched - Also4 washable one: elasp
' Chamois Gloves. At ' . . :.v
- -i ; - .. . .
Women's pure silk hose with high spliced heel and r r 1 ."
deep lisle garter tori.. Rejnilar $1 value. Special
Children's ribbed hose in black only, size 7 to 9. ' Reg- C
ular 12y2e yalue. Special ,
Women's silk hose with high spliced and deep gar- .
liCX LUp. 1 t Xliljg UXitl tiUU ViUUC. . ojeu.ittx . .......
Ladies', Combinations, Nainsook and Batiste,
drawers -trimmed with lace' and embroidery,
I Co vera trimmed back and front.-, Hegular and
" : extra sizes. ' $1.50 and $1.25 valued. .Cl.ZD
One lot of samples," Night Gowns and Combina-.
tions, daintily trimmed with Swiss embroider
. ies, val. and shadow laces.. $2.25 to $3.00
values ........ -. i .Ol.ZD
Ladies " Combinations, Nainsook; vlace and em
broidery trimmed. ' 79c arid $1.00 value. . G4c
Ladies' Petticoats, circular flounces, lace and
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One lot of Petticoats, flounces of embroidery and
lace witn or without dust rulfles. . : $1.00
1 value. . . G4c
Ladies Corset Covers,' Nainsook ,and batiste,
lace and embroidery trimmed. '
$1.00 value "f-: G4c 59c value .44c'
Ladies - drawers, good r quality, Nainsook and
Masonville - embroidery, trimmed, , strp.ight,
circular, and. Helerie styles. '
, t $1.00.valne'". -79c
, . 50c value . . .ic v
, " 25c value 19 c
Ladies' Envelope Chemise, fine Nainsook, and
batiste, lace trimmed. $1.50 value . , . SI .09
One lot of Petticoats of Nainsook, flounce of Val
lace, and ribbon run insertions, others .-with ,
' , "V,
flounces of various patterns, . of : dainty em'-! .1
'broideries.' $2.00 and $2.25 values! '. :G1-3D K "J
All Copper Nickel Plated Water
Kettles, eze .
Rugular S1.S9. - ,-.
25c size.
" I ,
WY v "YOUR STORE", C- jSill
1138 TO 1144 I.IAIH ST.
i;.. : CEDAR OIL.
Regular 75c. ' '
Both for, - r
Anna, widow of John Albright, died
yesterday at the Bridgeport hospital
where she had been removed to un
dergo an operation. -Mrs. Albright,
who was 82 years of age, was well
known on the East Side where she
had lived for the past 38 years. She
was 'one of the oldest members of the
German M. E. church and is surviv
ed by two sons, John and Adam and
one daughter, Lena Albright; also two
brothers, Adam Schempp of this city
and Gottlieb Schempp of Shelburn
Falls, Mass. ; one sister in Germany,
four grandchildren and three great
grandchildren. , , , - . .
1375 Central avenue,' at 8:80 and from
St; .John's R. C. church, where the
Rev. Andrew E. Komara, sang the
high mass. There i were a ' number
of floral offerings at the funeral which
attested the esteem in 'which the
young woman was. held: The pall
bearers were George Wood, K. I.
Bruce, F. ; E. Bruce and Theodore
Braitling. : The interment was in St.
Michael's cemetery.
The funeral of Bridget, ' widow of
William Slattery and for many years
in charge of the household of the
late Rev. Df J. Cremin,; was held from
the undertaking parlors of Cullinan
& Mullins at 8:30 this morning and
from St. Patrick's R. C. church at 9.
The, solemn high mass was sung !by
Rev. John Dooley of Coventry, Conn.,
assisted by Rev. Thomas J. Picker as
deacon.and Rev. Charles Kelly as sub
deacon. Rev. John C. Lynch was
master of ceremonies." As the body
was being 'brought into the church,
Mrs. John Casserly sang "Thy Will
Be . Done." A quartet composed of
Mrs. Fritz Weber, Miss Rose Brady,
William Clampett and Joseph Weiler,
sang the music of .the mass. At the
offertory, William Clampett sang
"Ave Maria" and after the mass,
"Beautiful Land On High." The
body was "borne by porters. ' There
was a large attendance of relatives
and friends at the funeral and the
casket was surrounded 'by many
beautiful floral tributes. Rev.Thomas
J. Picker read the committal service
at the grave in St, Michael's ceme
tery. . -
Many friends of Miss Lena E. Sea
man, whose death occurred on Wed
nesday, attended the funeral, held
this morning from her late home,
Great Incohonee .Frederick O.
Downes of Boston was the guest , of
honor ' at . the annual ' banquet ' of
Wowompon tribe. No. 40, L O. R. M.
in the Fairfield restaurant last night.
The head of the Red Men was on his
way home to Boston from an official
visit to tribes in Texas. Past Sachem
B. B. Plumley was also one of the
guests of honor; Compensation Com
missioner E. -T. Buckingham presided.
Among the guests were members of
Ackenash tribe of Milford, - Unquowa
tribe of Fairfield land Kpnckapotan
auh tribe of this city. ' ; .
Covers ; were laid ... for 75 persona
The . Wowompon , quartet, George E.
Lush, Lewis' C. Fenton. George H.
Tordoff and James . Holt,!- Jr., sang
"Tou're as Welcome as the Flowers
in My" to the Great Incohonee. As
sistant City Clerk Frank Br'aithwaite
sang two original parodies, one of
which , was entitled "Bridgeport Isn't
Such 'a Bad Old Town."
. - The cabaret entertainers at the res
taurant also took part in the pro
gram. The committee of arrange-,
ments was George E. Lush, James
Holt, Jr., James Bundock and Ernest
Morris. .-.;'' v ' .
Sears, Roebuck & Co. certified at
Albany they have increased thedr cap
ital from $40,000 to $60,000,000. .
The steamer Comus reached New
York, from New Orleans, with eighty
seven German refugees from Tsing
Tau, China. .
Get-Together Meeting of 100
Canvassers Will Take
Place Monday Night
Chairman James G. Ludlum's gen
eral committee that will have charge
of the movement next week to raise
the 1915 budgets of the Charity Or
ganization society and the Housing
Association was today rapidly bring
ing its plans into shape. The 100 or
more men who will canvass for sub
scriptions will ' hold their first meet
ing -at- the TT. M. C. A. at 6:15 next
Monday night,- when supper will be
served. - A.t this ' time the men, will
receive; instructions and' lists of peo
ple :on whom they- are to call during
the week. - ' - ' '
It: is the present 'plan to have' these
suppers -and .meetings for the full
force of men on Tuesday and Satur
day night, the campaign to close on
the following Monday evening.
Before the subscription seekers be
gin ! their canvass, the - general com
mittee will send -a -letter" to about 1,
600 Bridgeport people, explaining the
campaign movement, why subscrip
tions are being sought, and with these
letters will go printed literature on
what - the Charity Organization so
ciety and the Housing Association
mean to the community, and also the
names of the men and women who
make . up the boards of directors.
The first team of volunteers . to re
port .to .the general committee was
formed by Rev.. Herbert D. Gallaudet
to represent the First Congregational
brotherhood. It is made up of R "W.
Cogswell, R. I. Nethercut, Arthur
Brewer, R. S. Hincks and Dr. H. S.
. The Christ church team is: Harry
B. Terrill, Harry Curtis. Frank Love
grove, Arthur Wilson, . Edward A.
Wenzel, J. C. Collings, Harry. Ilawley,
Wilbur Featherstone, William . W.
Beardsley, Robert HulL , ; ; " . , , -;
People's Presbyterian team .s IS. pC
Mallette, J. H. ; Robinson L. ,T. t Court,
Edwin Cooper, , D. W.1 Marshall, J. A.
Spafford. y ' ' ' ' fr
The general committee, . with, head
quarters at 401 Connecticut National
Bank building, phone E258, is expectini
that-the make up of theMSther teams
wiH ; be f reported tomorrow morning:
Among those being organized are: Ol
ivet Congregational church, South
Congregational, Park Street' Cpnsrre
gational, St. John's, Park M. E., First
Baptist, the X. M. C. A., and one from
the Manufacturers association. The
directora of the Charity Organisation'
and Housing association will also be
very active in the canvass for .funds.
y.i - y association;.to" me
' '.' .; 1 . ; ; I1ERE ON JUX
New York, Feb. 2. Opening. There
was a fair degree of activity this
morning. The rise, was most notice
able in' the special group where adr
Vancesx of a point or more were regis
tered. Metal shares also were promi
nent, the success of the Anaconda
Copper offering ; acting as a stimulant
tQ those issues. United States Steel
and Bethlehem Steel reflected a dull
tone. ''..,';-.".;.;-'!;'. ; - r- .' '
Noon. Reports that the - British
admiralty had ordered a Suspension
of sailings .from principal , English
ports were seou ted in shipping circles
but accounted, for the pause . which
followed the inltial rIse- Prices shad
ed . generally and by noon most is
sues were only .a trifle over yester
day's close with heaviness in New
York Central and Canadian Pacific
'The mystery of the murder of W. -it.
Gray at Shubuta, Miss., last Su n
day, was cleared up when his 12-year
old eon, Raymond, confessed to shoot
ing him after a whipping' lie had re
ceived, '
Compensation " Commissioner E.
Buckingham, J," A.. Miles of Derby
Wj. E. Danti of South Norway are
ranging a pi-bgram of ten minutes
dresses on . municipal" topics to be
livered Vwhen the Connecticut, May
association 'meet's here June 22,
rangementa for the speaking prog
were begun at quarterly meet;
Which Commissioner Buckingham
tended 4n Hartford Tuesday. . ' X
.- r -ad-
ors' Ar--am
' The body, of John . Marshall, late
hat; manufacturer of -Fall River, and
once a resident of Bridgeport, arriv
ed In his Massachusetts home, today,
from Bermuda, where sudden iat tt
overtoolc-him. Funeral services wui
be held in Fall River on Moni: -' r -"-ternoon
at 2.--' ---'.: - .
- Frank Rasky, 1061 Hancock avenue,
aged .12; Lewis Markevitch,.-. aged IS,
1144 Hancock - avenue,. , and Joh n
Beaty, 101 8 -Hancock avenue, aged -i V
with Anthony Waraksa, 919 Ma.pU--wood
avenue, aged 10, arrested .for
burglary, were , in the city court to
day. Rasky, who tried to ..throw the.
blame for entering "Boone's stor, I.ia
plewood avenue, on his compaiiioris.
was fined $16 as ineorrigiirle. Tha
other oases were nolled 'with' instruc
tiond , to eliminate from the record
owing to the .youth of the boys.
Elias M. .Blanford. -special" fegpnt of
the Department of Justice at "Los An
geles received orders from Washington
to begin an investigation in virion
cities throughout the co-j - ' tf
so-called "junk , trust."
Jeflt Davis, founder of -.1 1
Gink for UnempJowd - in Xw
asked President' Wilson to
some .public land in Arizona 1
"Farm De Gink" for unemployei.
1 Xa
"or k ,

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