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In The
St." Paul's ; Episcopal .church, ' aaar
Barnum aveiw8 ,Eev1i Earl H. 'Kenyon,
rector. Services- oh.'. Sunday, Feb. 28:
S a. rn.,' Holy Communion;- 10;8O a. m.,
1 . . .' " nntuvi - T- flV - T
m.. evening prayer and sermon,. :in
day school at 12:15. i
Christ Episcopal church, ; Courtland
street. Rev. John ' G.c Sadtler, rector.
Holy Communion,' 8 a, m.4 morning
preyer 'and .sermoni IQ.i'SO a. m,; Sun
day sahool, ,12:15 m.; evening' prayer
v and sermon, 7:30. P-. m.; Vestry meet
ing Monday 8 p. : m-i united service,
Tuesday, 7:4,- p. m.; .-- Lenten . service,
Wednesday, 4 p. m. t Boy Scouts, Wed
nesday, 7iS& p. m.; Girls Club; Thurs
day, 4 p. m.: Lenten- service, Friday;
4. p. m.; Altar Guild, Tuesday, 4 p. m.
The speaker at -the united servtJM on
Tuesday evening i will be " tthe ,Riev.
Chauncey Landsley.- of Torrmjrton,
Conn. United . services are" held daily
'la Trinity church chapel. Broad, street,
from 12:25 to 12.:45, noon. " .
;".7 ff
9t... Oooygre'a : church, ,, .Colorado .' and
Majjlewood. aTCQUus.-RoT. Hi. E. Kelly,
reotor. Sunday, S a., wa., Holy-Corn-munion;
10:80,. .Holy Connnanloa and
sermon; IS, parish school; T:30 p. m.,
evensong and confirmation lecture on
"Christian rMXTtrine." Servtoes. daily
at 6 p. m. : Wednesday , 8p. m., evensong-,
and sermon. . Special , preacher,
nnarreday. ;&0 a. m. Holy Communion.
. . "1 . t: : --.r .--si;
" Trinity elrurch, corner Fairfield ave
nu and Broad - streets- Sunday ser
vices, Feb. 88, ..1915s 8, a. ra , Holy
Ctommunton;10:l a. in., Matln: 10:30
a. a-; Litany, -Chora -Eucharist and
anon.' by the Rev.C.'W. Aresortj -7:80
p. nc'lchoral leroiBons and eennon toy;
the rector. Sot. -Gilbert K. unaerniu.
Church of- the Nativity. Sylvan ave-'
irae, "North. ; Bridgeport. Sunday,-. Feb.7
28 : - "3 rlS 'p. tn.,1 evensong and sermon
by the -Hew- C. Artson. . i. V-
St. John's Episcopal church, tPark
and Fairfteld avenues. Rev. Stephen F.
Sherman Jr., rector; Rev. Frank 4 H.
BiereloW. "assistant. Services, 8 a. in..
celebration o thft Holy jOommflnion;
li !0 a. m., moring sprayer, .Lflxany anu.
' sermon.- The - rector- .will -preach; 12,
noon, fhmday. school i5ip. m.-; choral
evensong. Daily " Lenten- service at 5
o'clock, with short addresses on Mon-
" days, Tuesday and 'Fridays.-' tW Wed
nesdy" and -Fridays at, Mf : o'clock
the Litanx wiU be" read. , On Tturs
daya there will be a celebration -,of the
Hoty Cbinxaxinton..at 10:30 o'clock. On
Thursday evenings Mr. Bruel will give
an organ iwetll,i;-?.i,J. a -. . t ; j.
. i-5 .. '. -!v
; , T5 epeetal preaober at the Tuesday
cxnitag union Lenten services which
are t4r ,hld, at., Christ , BJpiscopal
ciim'oa will be., the Rev. J. Chauncey
TJtrMlev. rector of Trinity church, Tor-
ztngtem. Oonn. - The aervtee, will be at
7i46 o'clock. -.-
F&wt Congregational churfihv' Bank
and Broad streets, ' Rwv. Herbert l.
OaJtaudet, pastor. Morning service at
10:30, .with sermon by the pastor,
"Jeara ;and i Erayer." --. 3 Sunday school
at 'noow; A abort irsperi service at j
4:30. Tbe choir -will give a special pro
gram f trf- Lenten - music, anthem .. by
Oora;"nd solos from Rossini's; "Stabat
Mater," - and Haydn's "Stabat Ma cer. '
Brief address, "TThy Will ' be - Done on
Eearth," the second- in a series on the
Lords' Prayer. Midweefk meeting Wed
nesday evening, 7:45-8:30, the tbird
discussion on' 'the meaning- of ' the
Christian life, "'What Prayer Means to
' Me."
Sooth Congregational , church, corner
Broad and Gilbert streets, " Rev.. Rich
ard L. Swam, Ph. D., .minister. Morn
ins service at .10:30 with- sermon by the
rriinister; from the words, "Behold, I
stajid at the door and knock." Sun
day school at 12 o'clock. . Junior En
, deavor, 3:45 p. -m. . Vesper .Institute a,T
5 - p. m. " A peace service under . the
aspices of the.'Woman's Peace party.
Mrs. Elizabeth , -Glendower Evans of
Boston, national organiser of the so
ciety, will deliver an address discuss
in g the following questions:"- "To abol
s'a war, will , it not, be" necessary fn-st
to '.change human nature? Is not ours
a. life of struggle, . under God's provi
Bence? Ought we really to want a
life of peace? Is there danger: tha
preparation1 for national defense now
urged for the United States may cre
ate the danger it seeks to avert? What
ought to be our policy as to arma-tD-snts?"
All are welcome. . . 1 . '
The Olivet -Congregational church,
Main street at North avenue, Rev.
George Olver Taanblyn, minister. The
P&stor will preach in the morning- at
10t45 and a-t the vespe- service" at 5
0'dock. The subject - of the morning
sermon is, -"What Are We Christians
For ?" and the vesper, address is upon,
"The Look' of. Jesus," and ; illustrated
by;-many beautiful colored slides. The
midweek service is- held Wednesday
night' at 7:30. Subject, "Famous Wo
mn of the , Bible (7) Hannah, the
Lady Macbeth of Hebrew Literature."
The Bible school meets . at 9:45 a. m.
and the Christian Endeavor, at 6:15 p.
m.t. The public is cordially' welcomed
to . all , these services. :
! The West , 'End7 .Congregational
cfaurch, Colorado avenue, between
State street -and "airfield avenue.
Morning service at 10:30. Preaching
.by Rev. E. A. Busden of New .Haven.
Sunday school- at noon, Supt., G. L.
HubbelL Christian Endeavor meeting
at fe:30 p. m., leader, E. M. Jaycox.' No
evening service. Regular monthly
meeting of the Brotherhood on Mon
day evening, ' March 1st, in the chapel
at : 8 : o'clock.- Wednesday evening
Xrayer meeting at 7:45, leader, HL BJ.
Nettleton. ' ' ; .
J Betbany Congregational, the little
cbyrch beside the road. Rev. Nestor
Light, pastor . Morning- '- worship at
10:45, "The Fall of Dagon.", Sunday
school at 12 m. Evening at 7:30, Leet
B. Myers will speak upon the bousing
of .the poor. . He will use many pic
tures. All seats free and all welcome.
First Methodist Episcopal . church,
Fairfield avenue and Broad street. The
pasior, George M. Brown, will speak
morning and evening. Public worship
at 10:30 and 7:30. - The subject of the
morning sermon will be: "It is Time
to Awake." Evening subject: "Billy
Sjuday, . Evangelist." The .Sunday
sc'aool, will meet at' 12 o'clock- and. the
Men's Assembly at the same hour: .The
Epworth League service at 6:30 will
be conducted by Mr. John A. Wells.
There will be a short praise service at
7: SO followed toy the sermon. :
Newfield Methodist . church, corner
Stratford and Central avenues, Rev.
I- niel M. Lewis, pastor. Morning
f-ship at 10:30. Sermon by tbe pea-
tor. Sunday school' at noon, Tracy w.
Hughes auperinterjdent. Classes for
all ages. The Men's Forum taught by
the pastor. Other organised classes.
Epworth Ijeague at :45, leader, Fred
Kupper. Topic, "winsome to ' Win
Some' ;.. Kvening worship at 7:30, ser
mon by the pastor "On Probation, or
a. Soul Tested." Chorus cnoir. congre
gational singing. -! A cordial welcome.
Strangers are - invited to hand their
names and addresses to the .. pastor.
Monday evening at. 7 o'clock; the week
ly probationers" meeting. - Monday eve
ning at .7:45, "the monthly meeting pt
the. official board, with annual election
of omcial board officers. Wednesday
evening at 7:45, the weekly prayer
meeting, - of the church, "jravorita
Thursday - afternoon at 2-o'clock, tho
regular meeting of the Liadies' Aid so
ciety; - Thursday, evening; March 11,
illustrated ' lecture, A Trip Tnrousa
Canada," by Rev. EJ. C. Carpenter.
TPrinitv Methodist Episcopal church.
North avenue and Re mer street, M. L.
Proper, pastor. - Morning worship
at 10:30. - Subject, "Life's Great Pur
pose." Sunday school at 12:15. The
pastor will speak on the Sunday -school
lesson subject, "Samuel, the "Victorious
Leader," at the evening service. Ep
worth League at 6:30.- Topic, "Win
some to Win Some." Miss Alice Baines,
leader. Evening preaching service at
7:30. - ..,
Washington Park Methodist Episco
pal church.; Barnum and Noble ave
nues. Rev. , ; Everett A. Burnes, . minis
ter. 9:30, -class meeting;: 10: 8, morn
ing worship , with sermon; 12:10, Sun
day school; Brotherhood class, Mr. E.
H. vWilliams,-teacher; '232". class lea
by the minister; .. 6 : 30, , early evening
meeting; Young People's choir will
sing; 7:30," popular evening service with
music toy the quartet. 1 A series of spe
eiall prepared services will toe used on
Christ's call to me. The first charac
ter studied; will be 'that of Matthew.
A special invitation to men.'
Bethel A. ; M. E. church, Rev. F.
Stanley Jacobs, pastor. 10 a. m., Sun
day school; 11 a. m., preaching ser
vice, . subject, "True Repentance"; 6:30
p. . m.,,--Christian Endeavor; 8 p. m.,
regelar monthly' sacred 'concert under
the direction of Mrs. Arlin6 Jackson.
All are welcome. . .
First Baptist . -church, .West and
Washington avenues, - Rev. John Rich
ard Brown, .minister Services at 10:30
and 7:30. Sunday - school at ' 12. The
pastor's .class for' men. C. E. society,
6:30. Morning subject: "At the Break
ing Point." : Evening subject: "When
the World Is not the Measure of the
Man. The public is invited. "S
. , ' - ' , -.': -
Black Roek Baptist chapel, Brewster
street, near Fairfield avenue, W. Ti
Oakley .in charge. Sunday school at 3
o'clock- Evening service at 7:30.
First: . Presbyterian - church. State
Street, corner : of Myrtle avenue, Rev.
John - Macliarfen - 5 Richardson, pastor.
Services, 10:30 a m., 7:30-p. m. Sun
day school,- 12:05. Christian EndeaVor,
6:30. ""Second Lenten organ recital at
7. o'clock,-E. S. Joyce, organist. "'
'The People's . Presbyterian church,
Laurel 'and Park avenues, llev. IT. .A.
Davenport, minister. Prayer meeting
for all at 10 a. m. Divine worship.
10:30, with sermon on 'Tie Achieving
Grace." Sunday school. ,12 1. C. E.
meeting, .. 6:30, led by prayer, meeting'
committee. Service at 7:30, under the
auspices of. tha. Men's League, at which
Miss Ruth Angel of New York speaks
and a quartetof ladies will sing. Wel
come for all. Missionary service Wednesday-evening
at 7:45. 1
Services as usual ' at the A. M. E.
Ziohf church, . Broad and Gregory
Streets, Rev. William H; Eley,. A. M,
D. r..' pastor.-; Subject, 10:45, "God and
Israel"; 7:45, -"Protection ; 12: lo. Sun
day school: 6:30, XJJ C. E.; 5 p. m., Red
Shield and Boys' Brigade, y Mrs. Alice
Farrar,- organist. All are welcome: -
The Bridgeport""Chrislian Union, Inc.,
the interdenominational work of the
churches of, the city in. rescue and re
lief, 24' Bank street, Rev. C. W. Simp.
son, Supt. Services every evening at
8 o'clock, except Wednesdays and Sun
days at. also Sunday -afternoon at . 3
o'clock. 1 . . -.
Lutheran Zion church, corner Grand
and Catherine streets. Sunday school,
9:15 a. m., German Lenten service,
10:30. Theme, "Peter." German ser
vice, 7 p. :'m. , - Therae "The Fruits of
Repentance!- H. Wehmeyer, pastor.
German" Reformed church, Congress
street, near ' Main street. Rev. Herman
G; Wiemerv, minister. - Morning wor
ship at lft:3 o'clock.' Evening at 7:30,
Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Confirma
tion classes as usual, v -r '
First Church of Christ, Scientist, 871
Lafayette street. Service at 11 a. m.
Subject: "Christ- 'Jesus."- Sunday
school at ' 12:15. . Wednesday evening
testimonial -meeting at 8. - The reading
room is open every day except Sunday
from 10 to1 1 and from 3 to 5 and also
on Thursday evenings-i All are wel
come. . : V,.
r The Salvation Army, Elm street, Ad
jutant E. J. Atkinson in charge. Sun
day services at 3 and 8 p. m. Colonel
Joseph. Atkinson of Boston will speak
at each 7 service. Special music ana
singing.' Mrs. Lyman Finkle will sing
at each meetings Meetings for the
comingVeek every7 night, Mrs. - At
kinson will speak every. Wednesday
evening-on "Seven Things Fpund in
the - Scriptures." 7 The series' -will last
during -Lent. , Next Wednesday the
subject will be, "Seven Gifts of God."
All are welcome.
A hundred 'years ; ago this month
the last gun was fired against England
by the United States. " In commem
oration of this long time .of peace be
tween English speaking peoples, tbe
Federated Churches have urged that
each church shall recognize in appro
priate way the event in this -city. The
First Presbyterian church is to have
a special service to-morrow night and
at that time will welcome as its guests
the 'Clan Campbell and also the
Daughters of Scotia.
, Mr. Joyce will give a preliminary
organ recital from 7 to f7:80. All
seats are free in this church and
friends of peace are invited to join,
even in the face -of war, this celebra
tion which has marked- the date of
the century just passed.
Local Militiamen Exercised
at Unaccountable Disap
pearance of Officer
Missing Lieutenant Was In
spector of Bridgeporters :
During Encampment
William ' II. Weggenman, , second
lieutenant. Twelfth company, C. A.
C.,- U. S. A., is -still missing from : his
post at ' Fort HT: G. Wright, Fishrp
Island. N. Y.. and although a general
search for 1 him through army . and
Coast Artillery reserve channels in
the east has been Underway for sev
eral days, no -trace as to. his where
abouts has been - found! . Lieut. Weg-
genman was custodian of the post
exchange at Fort Wright and had
$3,400 of the funds of the post .under
his charge. This money, is -believed
to be on deposit in New London
banks but as yet the bankbooks have
not been found. : , -
Lieut. Wesgerman ' was ;, widely
known lo the officers .nd- men of
the Bridgeport Coast Artillery bat
talion."; The two mortar companies
of the Connecticut , corps are the
Fourth and Eleventh, both Bridgeport
organizations. Lieut. W&ggenman
was the emplacement instructing of
ficer during the past two summer en
campments. ( He was a favorite with
both officers and men and much sym
pathy is ' expressed for him. ,
Lieut. Weggenman, obtained leave
of absence for four days on Feb. 14
and- he immediately left tbe post,
presumably on a trip to visit his pa
rents at Wilmington, Del. Capt. John
T Terrell, post adjutant at Fort
Wright, said today that HO word had
yet been, received from the- missing
officer although he had already over
stayed his leave eight days. Oapt.
Terrell - admitted that' a search, for
the missing, officer was, being- Insti
tuted through all. eastern army posts,
hospitals, etc., but as yet no police
alarm has been sent . out for him. Z .
"'Lieut. Weggenman in addition to
his other duties was prison' 'Officer
at Fort Wright and some men who
had ; committed serious breaches of
discipline have been'' under" his
charge. ''',"'.- '' '';';'
His brother officers have three the
ories as to the cause of his disap
pearance. , One is that., he has met
with foul play "at the . hands of some
malefactor . who , has been under his
charge. Another is that. he has been
waylaid and robbed of the post ex
change money .of which it was known
he carried large sums, for .deposit in
New London banks. , A third theory
is that while suffering' from mental
aberration he has ' wandered off. ,
, Weggenman's army record is a most
excellent one and although but in the
service three years he was already in
line for promotion to a first lieuten
ancy. 7 .' ;.;v;. V ,:-'S j' -. ,,: '':'f - ,
Lieut. v"egrgenman was born-Oct.
10, 1880, and was graduated from
Delaware college, , Newark, . Del., in
1910, with a degree of B. S. . He was
commissioned Jan.- 22, 1912. , About
two years ago he was married to
Miss "Virginia LaForge, a civil en
gineer "stationed at Fisher's Island.
Miss Mildred , LaForge was - recently
married to -Capt. Claudius : Seaman,
formerly stationed at Fort'' Wright,
but lately transferred. I ." . -i," .
1 His wife was a former resident of
Waterbury. 1 Both Lieut. . Weggen
man's parents -. are wealthy. ; '.His
wife's parent are- wealthy -also, and
therefore his friends scout !the idea
that he was in financial difficulties or
short in bis accounts. v ' ,
St. Augustine's, Washington avenue,
corner of Pequonnock street. Low
masses 7 and 8:30. Children's mass.
9:30., High mass, 10:30. Vespers, .4
p.' m. .1
St. Mary's, Pembroke street,' corner
of Steuben street, Revi John J. Mur
phy, pastor. Low masses, 7:30 and 9.
Children's mass, 9.30. " High - mass,
10:30. Vespers, 3:30 p. m.
Sacred Heart, 718: Myrtle avenue.
Rev. Richard Moore, . LL.D.; pastor.
LOW, masses, 7, 8:30. Children's mass,
9:30. j. High mass, 10:30.: .Vespers, 7:30
p. m. : '-: : -.- ':'.'"..'- ..,
' St. . Joseph's, (German). 43 Madison
avenue. Rev. Hubert Dahme, pastor.
Low mass, 8:30. '' High" mass, 10:30.
Vespers, 7 7:30 p. m. , . '
St. Charlsa', 1255 East Main street.
Rev. Patrick McGivney, pastor. . Low
masses, 7 and 8. . Children's mass,7 9:15.
High mass, 10:30. Holy hour and ben
ediction every Sunday evening at 7 p.
St. Peter's, 621 Howard avenue. Rev.
Thomas Kelly, pastor. Low mass,- 8:30.
High mass, ,10:30. Vespers, 4 p. m..7
Holy - Rosary, 385 Eas Washington
avenue,. Rev. Angelo De Toro, pastor.
Low masses, 6. 7:30. ' Children's mass,
9.- High mass, 10:30. ' Vespers, 4 p.
St. Patrick's, . 851 North ' avenue. Rev.
John Lynch,7" pastor. '. ' Low mass, 7.
Children's mass, . 9. High mass, 10:30.
St. John's of Nepomuck Slovak, 320
Brooks street, Rev,'. Andrew Komara,
pastor. Low masses, 7 and 8. Chil
dren's mass, 9. High masr:, 10:30. Ves
pers, 3 p. m. -
St. Anthony's (French) 96 Colorado
avenue, Rev. Edward Plunkett, pastor.
Low mass, 8:30.' High mass, 10:30.
Vespers, 3 p. m. - : ' , , V r
St. Michael's '(Polish), 310 Sterling
street. Rev. Alphonse L. Figlewski,
pastor. Low -masses, 8 and 9. High
mass, 10:30. '.Vespers, 3 p. m. f
St. Stephen's . (Hungarian), Spruce,
corner , of Bost wick avenue. Rev. Ste
phen Chernitzky, pastor. Low mass,
9. High mass, 10.30. Vespers; 3"p. m.
St. George's Lith. R. C. church. Park
avenue. Sunday masses" 8 and 10:30.
Vespers and benediction 4 p. m. Week
day mass 7:30.- M. A. Pankovski, pas
tor. ;
The gold reserve of the Imperial
Bank of Germany increased last week
to. the extent of 27,000,000 marks, now
yilKJUng 2,255,000,000 marks.
Stuart & Donahue, who occupy a
prominent spot in the current bill at
Poll's, are presenting -vhat critics
and patrons agree Js thei finest -variety
act of its kind . ever seen here. Mr.
Stuart is a wonderful eccentric danc
er, and his partner, Miss Stuart, is a
very ; versatile - - comedienne.- The
dance numbers of Mr.- Stuart are a
revelation and repeated encores are
his lot at every performance. .
This evening affords the last op
portunity to see this dainty offering
as well as the other big features, of
the bill. The Six Song Birds, clever
boys anad girls, presenting a pleasing
song revue, continue to be big fa
vorites, and Edna Luby and company,
offering a ludicrous sketch,- "The
Crucial Moment," are a- hit of the
program.- ' "
Fields Brothers, formerly with
Primrose and Dockstader,. are most
pleasing in their dances, and Bowers
and Saunders, two very pretty misses,
present a song repertoire of merit in
a happy way. 1 Soretti and Antoinette,
in a European pantomime novelty
that is very; funny, . complete the
vaudeville bill. - '
. The feature photoplay s "Children
of the Ghetto", a five part filmization
of Israel Zangwill's great play. Fea
tured in the cast for this production
is Wilton Lackaye, the eminent dra
matic star, and he! 'is ably support
ed by a big companly. ; The picture
is' of gripping interest throughout.
"Children of the Ghetto" will be
shown between the . vaudeville per
formances this evening, and there
will be other photoplays.
"The Hallowe'en Party," a musical
comedy in condensed form with a cast
of nine clever young people is holding
the headline "v position on the Plaza's
vaudeville program for the latter half
of the ' week and receiving an en
thusiastic reception at every presenta
tion. The act is full of life and color,
is handsomely, costumed and staged
with a wealth of special scenic effects
that add greatly to the attractiveness
of the piece., A chorus of pretty and
shapely girls go through a" series of
pleasing dance numbers and aid in
nutting over a well selected repertoire
of song hits. , 7 -
- Without "question the cleverest col
ored entertainers to appear in Bridge
port this season are Davis & Walker
who title their little offering '"A Les
son in Dancing" though the singing of
the female member of the act comes in
for some special credit, as well as the
very difficult and exceedingly pleasing
exhibition of soft-shoe dancing offer
ed by the male member of the duo.
: "The New Chef, is the way Spissell
Brothers & Mack term their offering
which is constructed simply for laugh-
creating; purposes. There are three
men and a woman in the act and the
knock-a-bout .work Is a treat.
The Bolger Brothers are doing then-
share toward making the bill a most
gratifying one from every viewpoint
in a tastily arranged banjo offering
that is far superior to anything of its
kind before presented locally.
E. Edward is also there with a
donation of mirth and artistic talent
in a silhouette act that holds interest
to the last. ,'. s.
-, The Keystone comedy, "Hearts and
Planets' is up to the, standard and
brings many a laugh while -"Mother
Hulda," in two , reels and "The Con
stable's Daughter" please. ,
Patrons, of the Lyrlo theatre attend
ing the performances of "A Woman's
Way" this week, havei. had a chance
to inspect the handsome prizes which
are to be given to the winning ba
bies in the big "Mother's Week" ba
by show at the. theatre during the
coming' week. A handsome $350 Ru
dolf, grand piano, a f irie sewing ma
chine, dozens of "gold bracelets, scores
01 line parior clocks, whole sets of
silverware, . babies' spoons, ' Laval-
lieres, and scores of other handsome
presents are displayed In the lobby
of the theatre, in order that the
mothers may have a chance to see
what , their babies are contesting for
next week.
That the baby show will -be one of
the biggest theatrical features . ever
pulled off in Bridgeport goes , with
out saying, more thanSOO "entries be
ing already listed :-. with Manager
Rich, who is superintending arrangements-
for : the big - event-. The play
itself next week, "Baby Mine," is
one which 7 will be sure to make a
hit with Bridgeport 'audiences. This
play ran for more than a year ta
New York, London, and Chicago and
is advertised as "-."tbe funniest play
ever written." '
, The attraction - at the Lyric this
evening will be '"A- Woman's Way"
and as - this evening's performance
will be- the final performance of the
week, it is expected that everv seat
in the -house will be taken for the
"The Country Boy" a four nart
adaptation of Edgar Selwyn's most
successful play of the; same name
will be shown today for the last, time
in conjunction with , a number of
other first class entertaining sub
jects, at 'Keeney's Empire theatre.
The feature heading 'the program to
be offered Monday and Tuesday will
be "David Harum" a five part Fam
ous-Players Paramount feature
which can truly be. classed as a mas
terpiece. '.
William H. Crane' makes - his first
appearance in motion pictures in the
title role in this production. -Crane
enacts the screen portrayal with all
the art and dramatic power 7 that so
distinguished .it- on the 1 speaking
stage. There are moments .in the
play when the sheer beauty of the
emotions displayed are overpowering
with that great effectiveness . that
comes only of simplicity and truth.
Mr.Crane repeats and even sur
passes the charm of his original char
acterization of David Harum. The
genial humor and sunny atmosphere
that, pervade the drama are in sharp
contrast with the exciting counter
feiter's plot that provides . the more
intense element of the play.
. On Wednesday thet latest instal
ment of the greatest of all , serial
films, 'The Master ! Key featuring
Ella Hall and Robert Leonard will
be shown, together with the regular
select program. -
Monday evening will bring another
visit to the : Colonial Ball Room in
Fairfield avenue of the Singing McEn
elly . Orchestra, which will play and
Eing for the usual concert and danc-
ing to follow. There will be a 7 new
repertoire of the latest vocal and in
strumental hits, the dance program
will be fairly divided between the new
and older dances, and there will be a
good time for everybody. The Mc
Enellys are unique in the quality of
their music, play a. number of instru
ments in various combinations, and
introduce many pleasing novelties in
the program. The admission is kept
at the same popular figure, and you
are cordially invited to attend. V
Hundreds of people gathered in the
chapel ' of the North Congregational
church last evening to attend Ye Old
Fashioned concert which was given
by a number of prominent members of
the church. A sale of homemade
cakes, candy, and Jellies followed the
concert. . The program consisted of se
lected and well rendered old time so
los, anthems, duets and readings.
Among the participants were Miss
Margaret Hogan, Miss Norma -Weber,.
Miss Sarah Richards, Miss Carrie See
ley, Miss Lois Perkins, Mrs. H. W.
Hincks, Mrs. Samuel Hawley, Mrs: ;J,
K. Williamson, Mrs. H. B. Van Gieson,
Mrs. C. S. Huth, Mrs. M. A. Ludlum,
Mrs. M. A'. Warringer, Mrs. H. R. Phil
brick, Robert Clarke, J. G. Ludlum,
H. R. Philbrick, Samuel Hawley, H. D
Simonds, A. Howell, E. Christianson,
Lorenzo P. Oviatt, Clarence Anderson,
Joseph Hafner. The accompanists
were Miss Mary Cogswell, Miss Eliza
beth Durand and Lorenzo P. Oviat,
Herbert Bottomly and Clarence An
derson. ' . " ."-U- '
The Country club program: for the
month of March follows:
Saturday, March 6 The Dansant.
Music fronu 4. .to 12. Table d'hote
dinner at 7 o'clock.
Saturday, March 13 The Dansant.
Music -from 4 to 12. Table d'hote
dinner at 7 o'clock.
Wednesday, March 17 St. Patrick's
Day luncheon. ; Table d'hote lunch
eon at 1 o'clock. - Auction bridge at
2:45. : Three rubbers. , Scores taken ,
at 5 o'clock. - Prize given by ; Mrs.
Lewis B. Curtis. .
' Saturday,, March 20. The Dansant.
Music from 4 to 12. ' j Table d'hote
dinner at 7 o'clock. ' V -.v
Saturday," March 27. The Dansant.
Music from 4 to- 12. Table d'hote
dinner at 7 o'clock.1
The members of the Wesleyan
Brotherhqod held a very pleasant so
cial at the Swedish M. E.: church.
West "Liberty street Wednesday eve
ning. There was an interesting pro
gram in which all members took part.
Refreshments . were served- The next
meeting will be held Wednesday eve
ning, March 3, in the Swedish M. E.
!Y. W. A.
The usual vesper service held every
Sunday at the Young Women's Chris
tian Association, will be . omitted this
week so that all may hear the Hon.
Thomas Mott Osborne, who will speak
at Poli's theatre Under the auspices of
the . Men's League of the People's
church. The meeting, at 3;30, is open
to men and women, 1 '
E. H. Dillon & Co.. 1105 Main street 1
are displaying all the advanced spring :
styles in satin and eilk covered hats .
! and straw hats . of every shape and
AUV, , . ..- . : i
The Halligan millinery establish-
I ment, 989 Broad street, announce to
incur pairons a very :noice ana attrac
tive assortment of all the latest and
up-to-date styles. Many are exclusive
shape with' new models received every
week during the season. See adv.
Wedding Girts. '
In - anticipation of a sronri manv
spring weddings,' we have paid partic
ular attention to our silverware de
partment. The popularity of cut
glass will, be - more pronounced than
ever this soriner. . Our stor-.b- la t-
most complete that we ever : carried,
affording,, you a wide variety from
which to choose. Individual pieces.
tncludinar everv neeri art rtlcl of hi.
ble service, at very reasonable prices.
. : . . .
When pleasing news reaches us by
means of. a letter, it is an additional
pleasure to find it written on paper of
delicate texture and finish. -When sad
tidings arrive, the mode of sending it
does, not change the facts inclosed in
the letter, but the paper, if it be of
dainty quality,, seems almost to soften
the unwelcome truth. Linen lawn.
Highland -linen or any of the letter
papers of the Eaton, Crane & Pike
Co., ! manufacture, may be depended
upon absolutely, to fill all require
ments as . regards correct stationery.
The highest aims toward perfection
in paperdom ' are , reached through
Crane's writing paper. : Stop and
scrutinize the display, window at the
P. O. News Store, 11, Arcade. This
store carries at - all times Eaton,
Crane and Pike Co.'s make of sta
tionery, Who by invitation are mem-.
bers of Rice Leaders of the World as
sociation, which emblem stands for
honor, quality, strength service. ; ,
of certain lines at a
reduction of one
dollar on eaqh pair
to close broken lots
. ..'''
For fashionable
boots of different
makes and prices to
finish, odd lines
W.K. Mollan
1026 MAIN ST.
Farmer Want Ads. One Cent a. Word.
Prescribed by
physicians for
twenty years
clears pimpiiy sianni
Pimples and blackheads disappear, red, .
rough, blotchy complexions become
clean, clear .and - velvety, and hair
health and beauty are aided by the
. regular use of Resinol Soap and an oc
casional application of Resinol Oint
ment. These soothing;, healing prep
arations do their work easily, quickly
and at little cost.
The flew
' td - -
The flew Empire
f if-11 . V
Costtrme 8194 Ke.
Tbe above design for
Misses is J7umber 6192
A healthful. Invigorating7 drink which is absolutely pneon tf m I na-t ed - bj
Imparities of any kind and has passed, the most rigid teste
. ' . Bottled Daily Delivered Daily
Highland Spring Water Co.
i:f 'Phone 987
6 45 W A R RE
Nut Coal
Stove or Egg
1 25 Cents Off Per Ton Jot Cash
lilie' Wfeeeleri
Sprague Ice
1848 ''," lvio
STOVE AND EGG...... .6.50 PEE TON ;
NUT J -. . . . ..... V. ... ... . . .f 6.75 PER TON l-
&D w o
Main Office & Plant, 421. Housatonic Ave. Tel. 597, 598
Farmer Want Ads. Br!
: Keainol Ointment and Ke
fhol Soap bfq sisa excl- ,
lent for eczema, ring-worm,
and other tormenting: ekinf
erupt lor. They to5 itcV.
1ns and bnminK instan'ly
and In meet eases healns
beeins at once. Idea'.-for
chafing. 1
Practically every djmsr
stat aella Etasmol fimm and
Beaiaol Ointment..
Dn ' A : '
tela taaue. thm itf Af 1
in soy o&Ks- j
iiixs If- yeu a- sj Tls'r -fcilft ' -:i
of. the Ceiebxated
on sale, also
Bmrj'ra '. 'unic 6179 15a.
' Sfcirt 64ST 15c
. . $72'5
1'iowes Co.
1221 MAIN ST.
& Goal Co.
PHONE 760 i ,
o o

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