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VOL. 52 NO. 265
. 18 TIE rati
Estimates based on returns received up to 2:30 o'clock this afternoon show that the Presidency hinges upon the electoral votes of four states: California, Minnesota,
West Virginia and Oregon. x
Claimed by both sides, these states have 38 electoral votes. Returns up to late this Wtqrnoori showed that President Wilson is reasonably sure of 254 electoral votesr
while Mr. Hughes has been conceded at least 239. Necessary for choice are 266 votes in the electoral college. - '
EfflR' Ml JP.F-: - HF All-, vttf OTH
' ; Police Superintendent John H Red
gate will retire from office next June,
' on a pension of $1,750, if the contem
plated raise of $1,000 in salary is
pushed , through, and the Republican
political leaders will demand that J ohn
,T. King have Capt. Charles H. Suck
ley, the unofficial assistant j superin
tendent of the department, appointed
to the position, according to reports
in circulation1 today.
Capk Philip T. Blansfield, a Demo
crat and a relative of John T. King's,
probably will succeed Suckley as as-
i Biatant isuperintendent at an increas
ed salary of $2,000. ' His chances of
Toeing superintendent at present are
! discounted by Aiany because of his
'political faith. - ' t
' The present salary of the superin
tendent's $2,500. According, to the
schedule of raise in pay recommended
London, Nov., 8 The American-Hawaiian steamship Colum
bian of 8,579 tons gross, is sending out ' wireless telegraphy .
calls for help, stating that she is being shelled : by a sub
Bridgeport may have to spend $5,000
to decide who has been elected to a
$100 job as selectman.
The official returns in the town
clerk's office ' show that two Demo
crats, James P. Griffin and Francis
Heavy, have received a '. tie vote of
8.694 each. There being no choice as
to a low man on the' Democratic ticket
it is quite probable that City Attorney
William H. Comley. Jr.. ' will under
jthe law declare no election ah& require
i a special election for next Monday.
This is in accordance with the stat
utes, which in the event of no elec
jtion, require that the special election
shall be held on the Monday follow
ing the regular election day. Since
jthe special election must be held .in
ithe same manner and form this, means
that voting machines must be used In
x every district in the city and almost
ian equal number of workers employed
.es? might be employed at a regular
Selection. .
In Bridgeport the selectman are not
very important officers. They have
only to do with the making of voters
and hold sessions once each year re
celving $100 each and some slight ex
penses for these services. .
The returns as filed with the town
clerk last night show James A. Turn
er to have received 10,107 votes.
Ralph S. Broderick received 10,104
votes.. Joseph L. Verilli received
j 10,077 votes. These candidates were
Republicans and had. the Democratic
vote not been identical they would
have been declared elected.
Thomas Hungerford led the Demo
cratic candidates with. 8,709 votes.
The other Democratic candidates were
tied as stated above. Had either re
ceived one less then the election
cc-uld have been decided. As in the
vcustom of years past the low man on
the losing ticket would have' been
dropped but on this record there is no
low man.
The matter was called to the atten
tion of City Attorney William H. Com
ley, Jr., today and he '-still had it
under consideration at press hour. He
would not say whether or not it would
be necessary to call, the special elec
tion. Political" dopesters at city hall
today were of the opinion that the
special election must be called.
Former Mayor Hugh Stirling said
that there was no other course . and
that an election must be held in each
district In the city next Monday in ac
cordance, with the election held yester
' ' day.
, It.wase also said that if either
James P. Griffin or Francis P. Heavey
hould refuse to serve that the mat
ter' would be settled and either might
mm but
hy the police commissioners and
which will no doubt be pastied by the
common council, the" superintendent's
salary will be increased $1,000, to take,
effect April 1, leaving' a . pension' of
$1,750 for the retiring head.. v
"In the Republican caucus last year,
Suckley was the choice for the posi-
tion over Redgate by a majority of
9 , to 3. King refused, however, to
have Suckley appointed and stated
that if Redgate was not acceptable he
would see to it that the late Eugene
Birmingham was continued in office.
The selection of Redgate was finally
agreed upon. : Y
Suckley is an extremely popular of
ficial with the -Republican leaders and
possesses high qualifications, being
the logical successor in event of Red
gate's resignation, which will be, de
manded by political leaders, as soon
as theraise in pay is effected.-
be sworn into office. -
' The phase of the law which City At
toney Comley is considering today pro
vides that wher no plurality shows for
candidates the special election shall
be held.
In the event that the special elec
tion is called it will ,be necessary to
apply to the judges of the superior
court for an order to open, the voting
machines so that 'they may be used
over again. City Attorney Comley is
also considering whether the Repub
lican candidates having received a
plurality over all other candidates, are
not elected and whether the vote at
the special election, if one is held.shau
be only between the Democrats, So
cialists, Prohibitionists and Socialist
Labor party candidates, with the Re
publicans declared in office.
Again another question has arisen
as to the name of the selectman voted
at the head of the ticket. On the
voting machines the name of James A.
Turner appears. James A. Turner is
a lawyer and real estate operator,
prominent in- Republican politics and
living in Iranistan avenue in ' the
Fourth districtt James Turner, the
real candidate', is a president of the
former board of selectmen employed
in the Holme3 & 'Edwards Silver Co.
and has lived for years at 761 Central
avenue .in the Twelfth district.
Miss Ruth'Macdonald
. Struck By Automobile
Miss Ruth Macdonald, 20 years of
age, of 1955 Park avenue, was struck
by an automobile, driven, by an 18-year-old
girl. Miss Ethel Glasner, of
35 Washington place, this noon, in
Main street, hear John street. ; Miss
Macdonald was rushed to the emer
gency hospital in Miss Glasner's car
and treated by Dr. S. L. Aranki for
bruises on the right arm, "head and
hand and lacerations of the right leg.
Miss Macdonald was taken- home
after treatment by Miss Glasner.
Inventory of the estate of Frances
I. Kennedy filed in the probate.-court
today shows $2,000 in equity in prop
erty in Warren court. George N.
Sears and William J. Buckley are ap
praisers of the estate.
Connecticut: fair tonight and prob
ably Thursday; somewhat warmer to
night. 3Ioderate to fresh south and
southwest winds.
Myron? T. Herrick is De
feated By Pomerene in
Memorable Ohio Contest
--Democrats Sure of Eight
Majority inj Upper House.
New ,Tork, Nov. 8 Late returns
from Ohio indicating the re-election of
Senator Atlee Pomerene, Democrat,
over 'Myron T. Herrick, Republican,
virtually ended the possibility of .Re
publican ascendary In the Senate.
With .- Democratic leaders , insisting
that Hitchcock in Nebraska and Pitt
man in Nevada had been . re-elected
and with Kendrick probably elected in
Wyoming, the political status of the
new Senate would thus be: Democrats
52, Republicans 42, with the result In
Arizona and New Mexico "- still - in
doubt.- ' . : -', . - ..
Should -the Republicans carry both,
the Democratic majority In the Senate
would be eight.
: 4,
New York, Nov. 8. With -76 congres
sional districts to be cleared.-' up. Re
publicans now. have gained: 19" seats
'over their quota. In the present House
while' the - Democrats have - gained 1-0
a-net gain of nine for the Republi
cans, which t reduces the present Dem
ocratic " majority of 23 to Ave. Two
Democratic iistrjcts In .New Jersey
now reported doubtful,, would, if re
versed, reduce the majority to one.
London Admiralty Claims
Submarine Sank P. & O.
Liner Without Signalling
Its Intention of Firing.
London, Nov.; 8 -The Peninsular &
Oriental Line' Steamship Arabia,
which was sunk by a submarine, was
torpedoed " without warning, the Ad
miralty announced today. All the 437
passengers, .including 169 women and
children, were saved.
German Fire Breaks
British Somme Attack
Berlin, Nov. 1 8 British attacks be
tween Le . Sa'rs .and Gueudecourt on
the Somme froiifc; last night, were
broken up by the German fire, the war
office announced todays South of the
Somme the, Germans lost -possession
of the y'illage of Pressoire.-.
Berlin, Nov. 8 The Rumanians
gained further . ground yesterday on
the Transylvania front, in the Tulghes
sector,- it is announced officially. Near
Bodza Pass, the Austro-German forces
recaptured positions taken recently by
the Rumanians. , ,
Paris, Nov. 8 The Bulgarians took
the ' offensive yesterday against the
Serbians in thje Cerna river region, on
the ' Macedonian front southeast of
Monastir. They made three attacks,
the" Tar office announces, and were re
pulsed. Concedes Wyoming x
to the President
Cheyenne, Wyo., Nov. 8 A state
ment issued by T. B. Kennedy, secre
tary of state Republican committee
at 10 o'clock said "Returns indicate
that Wilson and Kendrick have car-
ried Wyoming."
Extending from the coast to the Mississippi river, a veritable landslide for Wilson upset
calculations which late last evening seemed to indicate the election of Mr. Hughes as assured. The
vote from the western and middle western states dumfounded the Republican managers, and even
startled some Democrats. '
This noon, both sides were claiming the victory. Both said they had votes to spare, but,
both were basing their information upon scattering returns from the doubtful states of California,
Minnesota, West Virginia and Oregon. v.
The race in California is very close. Wilson left San Francisco with a plurality of about 10,
000, and this was increased in Sacramento County by about 9,000. Partial returns from Los Angeles
county, a strong Republican district, showed Hughes leading there, and in the partial count in Ala
meda county, the Hughes plurality was 5,000. -
There are 5,917 voting precincts in California Up to 2:30, 3,091 had returned their figures,
showinsr Hushes 246.182: Wilson. 237,586. -
- '
Democratic Republican.
Alabama .12 Connecticut 7'
- Arizona 3 Delaware 3
Arkansas 0 Illinois 29
' Colorado : 6 . Indiana 15
Florida : . -. 6 Iowa 13
Georgia 14- . Slaino. '.
Idaho 4 - Slassachnsetts 18
.Kansas 10 Michigan 15
Kentucky . . 13 New Jersey 14
Louisiana' 10 New Hampshire - 4
Itfaryland 8 New. York v 45
Jltlsissippl V 10 North Dakota 5
' aiissoorl 18 Pennsylvania 38
' Montana.- 4 '; Rhode Island ' : ,r5 ,
- Nebraska . 8 . . ' South Dakota 5 ;
Nevada Y 3 Vermont 4
New Mexico 3 Wisconsin 13
" No." Carolina 12
Ohio - 24' 239
- Oklahoma "10 "'. '
So. Carolina 9
.Tennessee 12 . . .'
Texas' ' 20 ' ' .
: Utah ' . 4 . -' ' N '
Virginia" ;; 12'. ; ;"
Washington 7 .-
. Wyoming 3 ,
.254 '
Oklahoma's Margin 1
For Wilson 25,000
Oklahoma City,' Nov. 8 With one
third of the total precincts in the state
reporting today, ' President Wilson
had a comfortable , margin over
Charles E. Hughes in Oklahoma with
the count from 716 out of 2,572 in
the state gave Wilson 54,517, Hughes
Democratic leaders claimed Wilson
would carry Oklahoma by a plural
ity ranging from 25,000 to 35,000.
According to returns from these pre
cincts, "six . Democrats and two Re
publicans will make up the Oklahoma
Congressional delegation, a gain of
one member, for the Republicans.
Kentucky Plurality
For Wilson 23,000
Xiouisville, Ky., Nov. 8 Democratic
headquarters this morning claimed a
majority in Kentucky of 23,0X0 for
f i esiaent Wilson,, while . Republican
leaders conceded his majority In the
state would be at least 10,000.
Nine Democratic and two Republi
can Congressmen were elected. ' .'.
Michigan Goes For
Hughes; Votes "Dry"
' . . .
Detroit, Mich., Nov. 8 The plural
ity of Charles E. Hughes over Wood
row 'Wilson in Michigan mounted to
nearly 25,000 this afternoon, when re
turns from . about one-half of the
state's "precincts were compiled.
Hughes'" plurality, was constantly
growing . and Republican leaders
claimed he would carry Michigan by
more than 40,000.
The sweeping victory of the , Pro
hibition forces was emphasized by, to
day's returns. The majority for the
state wide ". Prohibition amendment
was more than 60,000 and a similar
majority: has been recorded against
the home rule amendment. ,
. Clbse Congressional fights marked
the' election.
BY 10,000 MARGIN
Helena, 'Mont., TTov. 8 Returns
early today indicated victory for Pres
ident Wilson in Montana by 10,000,
the re-election of United States Sen
ator Henry L. Myers, over Charles N.
H. Ray, by about 10,000 and the reelection-,
of Governor Stewart, over
Edwards, r., by 2,500 to 5,000.
WHaSON STIMj gaining
Cheyenne, Wyo., Nov. 8. One hun
dred and seventy-nine precincts out of
588 in Wyoming gave Wilson 8,218,
Hughes 5,840.
' . . . .
California ,
Minnesota ,
West Virginia
Oregon, Doubtful, '
Leans to Wilson
Portland, Ore., Nov. 8. Oregon was
still in the doubtful Column shortly
before daybreak with. President Wil
son maintaining a 400 lead on the face
of incomplete returns from 30 out of
34. -counties. Republican . leaders
claimed that sections . yet unheard
from were strong Hughes centers and
would swing- the state.'
Seventy-two complete precincts out
of 375 in Multoihah county, v Portland,
give Hughes 3,630 and Wilson . 3,097.
Albany, Ore., Nov. 8. Fifty-three in
complete precincts out of 90 in Lynn
awd' Crook counties give Hughes 2,159,
Wilson 2,624. .
Oregon City, Ore. Nov. 8. Nineteen
complete precincts out of 81 in Clayka
mas county, Hughes 1,498, Wilson 1,157.
Cincinnati, O., Nov. 8 Returns
from 4,436 precincts 4 of a total of a
few more than 5,570 in Ohio give Wil
son 454,323; Hughes, 386,032. From
4,147 precincts Pomerene has 391,
077 and Herrick 31,931 for the Unit
ed States Senate.
The count of 4,182 precincts gives
Cox, d, 404,732 and Willis, r, 391.171
for governor.
Democrats estimate that if the ra
tio quoted continues Wilson's plural
ity will reach 80,000.
While there is no doubt' that Mr.
Wilson has carried' the state by a
substantial, plurality both -sides are
still claiming to have elected a gov
ernor,' a Senator and a complete state
' ,This morning five congressional
races in the state remained in doubt.
Chicago, Nov. 8. The vote of the
city of Chicago, complete, for Presi
dent, shows the" following: Wilson,
men, 211,139; women, 130,051; total,
341,690. Hughes, men, 229,886; women,
135,150.. Total, 365,036.
Benson, Socialist, men. 21,747; wo
men, 6,684; total. 28,431. Reimer, Soc.
Labor, men, 593; women, 377; total,
970. Hanly, Pro., men, 639; women,
624; total, 1,283.
Kansis City, Mo., Nov. 8 With
complete returns from 1,224 of the 2,
474 precincts in Kansas, Wilson had
received 170,890 and Hughes 157,
778 votes, v .
t I 1 1 11 ; V I
Minnesoia looKea origin, ior uie uemocrais mis auer
noon. -The returns from 945 out of 3,024 voting precincts in
the state showed Wilson 83,470, and Hughes, 74,028.
Hughes is leading in the returns from 995 of the 1,713 pre
cincts in West Virginia. The vote stood, Hughes, 49,771;
Wilson, 45,797. , . x
Oregon is developing unexpected strength for Wilson.
Scattering returns from several counties show the President
to be holding a slight lead. v
Kansas, claimed by the Republicans, was conceded for
Wilson by 10,000 by the Kansas City Star, a Hughes paper.
Senator Thomas J. Walsh, manager of western Demo
cratic national headquarters, at Chicago, declared at noon
that he '-was positive that. President Wilson had been re-elected
by. at le'ast 304 electoral votes, or 38 more than the num
ber required.
. He -received reports from party leaders of every dbubt
ful '! states in the western territory today. After tabulating
these latest figures, he. declared that President Wilson had
surely carried these western states: Montana, Utah, Colora
do, Nevada, New Mexico, Nebraska, Idaho, Arizona, Washing
ton; Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, California, Wyoming and
North Dakota. - '
- - i-
St. Paul, Nov. 8 Returns
from the rural districts short
ly after noon today increased
Wilson's early lead over
Hughes in Minnesota, 1,029 of
the 3,024 precincts in the state
giving Wilson 92,066; Hughes,
83,144. . '
New 'York, Nov. -8 Demo
cratic Chairman McCormick
said early this afternoon:
"When thexount is finished
Wilson will have more than
300 electoral votes."
He added that his advices
were that West Virginia had
gone Democratic by 10,000.
Gerry Defeats Lippitt By
6,800 Votes In Great
Providence, Nov. 8. The defeat of
United States Senator Henry F. Lip
pitt, R, by Peter. G. Gerry, D, in "the
first dastrice election of a United
States senator In Rhode Island, was
the outstanding, feature of yesterday's
vote. Mr. Gerry's plurality was about'
Hughes carried , the state by 4,700
plurality. In the' three congressional
districts the presetn incumbents, . Wal
ter .'R. Stiness and Ambrose Kennedy,
Republicans, an'd George F. O'Shaun
essy, Democrat, were re-elected. Gov
ernor R. Livingston Beekman, R, was
re-elected by a plurality of about 13,000
over Addison P. Munroe, D.
Washington Gives
Wilson Big Vote
Seattle, Nov. 8. 1,071 precincts of
2,385 in Washington, Hughes 82,684,
Wilson 90,685- . v '
A 8
11 TV I 11 o
. From O. K. Kushing, chairman of
the Democratic v state committee of
California, Chairman McCormick early
this afternoon received this teleg.5Lnl:.
"Counts, continues to increase our
confidence that Wilson will carry,
state." .
' President WJJson remained at
Shadow Lawn during most of the
morning receiving returhs and then
went golfing with Mrs. Wilson on
nearby links. Although outcome was
still uncertain when he left no efforts
.were made to supply him with returns
while he was golfing.
Denver Returns from 613 of
1451 precincts in Colorado give
Hughes 38,103; Wilson 60,792. Re
turns for governor from 506; precincts
give Carlson, ' Republican, 42,558.
Gunter, Democrat, 51,325. Republican
leaders practically conceded the state
for Wilson but early today still held
out hope that belated returns would
show ' increases for Carlson. .
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 8. President
Wilson appeared early today to liave
carried Washington by more than
10,000; Senator Poindearter, r, may
have 50,000 majority over Turner, d,
for senator. . Governor Lister, d, main
tains his lead , orr McRride, r, his
majority in one-third of the state toe
ing 1,700. -i.
Fargo, N. D., Nov. 8 Returns on
President from 676 precincts out of
1,859 in North Dakota, give Wilson
22,642; Hughes, 21,882.
Democrat Elected
Delaware Senator
Wilmington, Del., Nov. 8 Returns
up to late forenoon showed that
Hughes carried Delaware by about
800. . '
Senator Dupont was defeated by
Josiah O. Wolcott, Democrat, 900 to
1,000. v ' .
Voting for Congress is close between
Representative Miller and Albert F.
Hoik, Democrat, with probabilities in
favor of the former. ,
The Republicans elect their state
ticket with the exception of possibly
the attorney general.
Utah Democratic
By About 15,006
Salt Lake City, Nov. 8 President
Wilson carried ,Utah by a plurality r,
estimated at 15,000. King, d., was
elected Senator by an estimatod plu
rality of 10,000. Bamberger, d., can
didate for governor, .and; the entire
Democratic state ticket were-ylccfrwV,

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