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Tie Girls!
ore Is
Christmastide, the most joyous season of the entire year Christmastide which gladdens life and
puts all. of us in happiest of moods is almost here. Only about two weeks of preparation for you
only fourteen days of business for us are left before the advent of the great day.
Dorsen's the Christmas Store is ready now for the greatest Holiday season it has ever known. Ready with larger stocks ready with brightest attire ready with the
things that interest shoppers, old and young, especially at holiday time. . . v
See the striking window display with electric elevated railroad and elevator trestles see the wonderful toy railroad in the basement see the remarable exhibit of gift
things "of every kind "and description spread out on counters and tables in all departments. It is "a royal banquet which we have spread for our friends and to which you
are invited, v- -.v
The Christmas spirit is here in its most joyful aspect come and enjoy it, and take it
Best of Xmas Gifts
No man or woman ever had too many gloves, or could not
find use for another pair. Our stocks are complete with
just the kind of gloves you want to give your, friend at
Christmas time. Here are just a few of them:- '
Fine White' Glaoe Kid Gloves, with black stitching, 2 and 3 clasps
at... ........v.... ...... ......$2.98
Two-clasp White Glace Kid Gloves, Hack fltitoh'ing-at. ;-.;t$2.25
Womeh's Washable Gloves, in greyy tan and champagne, one-
, clasp, black stitching at . ; . .$2.00 pair
Women's Black Glace Kid Gloves, two-clasp, plain and with
white stitching-r-at $1.75
I White Washable Kid Gloves, black stitching, one-clasp at $1.65
Men's Grey Glace Kid Washable Gloves, two-clasp at.. $2.75
Men's Grey Suede Gloves, one clasp-nat. ..,.vi...$2.50
Men's Fine Buckskin Gloves, heavy and stylish, one-clasp; black
stitching at ............. . . .'. $2.50
Men's Tan Kid Gloves, one-olaep, special value-at. $1.50
, r.. . -, .,
Lovely Gift-Things
for Women
Every itenr a thoughtful, useful gift especially from
woWan to woman. Uowhere can you find better assort
ments of these thairwe show now: -811k
Envelope Chemise in pink and white, lace and ribbon trim-
Ilid fit rdtti .tM.rtrff if tfjt -" $3.25
' Bilk Combination Bloomers in flesh and blue, ribbpn trimmed--
Silk Tests in large, variety of styles, flesh and white, ribhoh run
and hemstitched at v . . V.., $2.49
Bilk Bloomers in flash and Whits, all sizes, elastic shirring af
Bilk Camisoles in flesh, with laee and ribbon trimming at 98c
Silk Camisoles in flash, of Crepe de China, ribbon trimmed at
Silk Camisoles in flesh color, hand embroidered at.rr?...$2.39
Silk Batiste Envelope Chemise with Crepe de Chine top at $2.98
Silk Bodice Vests in white handsomely finished at.,., .$1.50
Silk Union Suits in pink and white, large sizes -at. $3.49
, Silk Envelope Cremise in Crepe de Chine, lace trimmed at $2.69
' Silk Stockings for women, Kayeer and Onyx makes at $1.75
. Silk Stockings in all colors and sizes, Onyx and Kayser make
at t f.t i , ' f-igf . ri . , .rr $1.98
Silk Stockings for women in blaek, white and colors at $1.29
' Jftbre Silk Stockings, all colors and sizes at.,,..,..,69c
The. Boy Scout Books
II The Boy Scouts in Europe
The Boy Scouts in England
: The Boy Scouts in Turkey
The Boy Scouts in the Netherlands
The Boy Scouts in Russia
The Boy Scouts in Servia
The Boy Scouts in Germany.
The Boy Scouts in France
Holiday Books
.in the Dec
It's rich in offerings that make such economies certain. It brings to you just
the shoe you want for winter wear. It places before you bargains of rare
value before, the holidays when you can take double advantage by getting
needed shoes, and saving money for the things.
Women's $6.00 and S7.C0 Shoes Saturday at
Women's $5.00 and $6.00 Shoes Saturday at S3.
Women's $4.00 and $5.00 Shoes Saturday at $2.
In these three lots are to be found every good leather, every height of heeL,
every wanted, shade and every size shoe you can desire. Certainly you have
the. best of reason for buying at this time. , ;:. j
Women's $1.50 Boudoir
1 Slippers, 89c
Made of good quality poplin in old rose,
pink, lavender and light and dark blue.
Also fancy combinations of many differ
ent colors with neat pompoms over in
step and chrome elk soles and soft in
,sdles; all sizes, 3 to 8. Special Saturday
. Women's $2.00 Fancy E. Z.
Slippers, $1.49
Made in old rose, haby blue, dark blue,
pink, red, tan, grey, in all one color and
some with fancy collars with. ribbon and
plai 5 trimmed with pompom over instep
and chrome elk padded soles and heels;
all sizes, 2 to 8. Special for Saturday
Painthq; Books
Vatrr Tale .
BJW Stories '1
Hottest Gooao i&irsery Rhymes ...................
Natural History
Picture and ABC Books
Standard lfirary Books AJice ia Wondarland; Child's Garden of Verses; Red
FeaXHer; The Girls of- Dickens; Black Beauty at 50o
Grimm's Fairy Tales, Little Lame Prlncei Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes
and other popular titles . L. ................ 25o
..... lOe to 25o
25c to 50o
. . . 50c
10c, ,15c and 25o
(Els M PI
Fancy Silk Scarfs packed in individual
Christmas boxes, they comprise several
hundred varieties and patterns, made
with Wide flowing ends at..., 58c
Fancy Silk Mufflers in large variety of
patternsconsisting of grey, black, white,
black and white, striped, black and white
figured : designs at $1.25
Knitted mufflers made in grey, white,
black, grey brocade, Roman stripes and
fancy at . . . : $2.98
Silk Web Boston Garters in Holiday
boxes at ... . r . 25c
Silk Boston Garters and Arm Bands in
Holiday boxes at 59c
Belmont Garters and Arm Bands in Hol
iday boxes at. 25c
Silk Web Boston Garters and Arm Bands
with fancy buckles at. ... . . . .98c
Silk Belmont Garters and Suspenders
with leather ends at ....79c
Fine Wide Webbing Suspenders, who
leather ends in Holiday boxes at. . . ,50c
else Mei
Buy them on Saturday and on
Christmas morn, the father, brother,
a friend who receives them will
praise your foresight in seeuring just
the right present for him.
Silk Four-in-Hand Neckties in rich dark
colors in figured effects, an endless as
sortment of the most popular shapes at
$ S5c
Heavy Silk Four-in-Hand Scarfs in ex
clusive patterns of unusual beauty and
effectiveness, a collection" from which
every man may be suited at. . . . . . $149
Wide Silk Suspenders with satin ends in
Holiday boxes at .............,..$1.00
Silk Suspenders with leather ends In Hol
iday boxes at 79c
, Comfort Suspenders with web cord ends
in Holiday boxes at. ....r.... ... 25c
Fine Blanket Bath Robes in a large va-'
riety of patterns, air are finely finished
throughout priced at ........... . $7.98
Blanket Bath Robes with slippers to
match, made of the best quality Beacon
flannel, put up in Holly boxes at $9.98
Silk Stockings in all colors, best makes
at $1.15
Silk Stockings in all colors and sizes at
. . ; 65c, 69c and 75c
Pure Wool Union Suits tit........ $3.98
Pure Wool Shirts and Drawers at
: ................,.....$2.98 each
Grey Wool Knit Shirts and Drawers at
. ..... ... . ...98c
Men's Blue, Grey Wool Shirts xh all sizes
at ....a........ r. $2.98
Men's Khaki Wool Shirts in all sizes at
........... ......... ..'..$3.48
The Merriest Place in Town-
Santa holds royal court in the Toy Basement, and thou
sands are coming on Saturday to do .him honor. You'd
better come, too, and bring the little ones. And while
you're here have the dolls, games and toys you want put
aside for Santa to deliver later. (
Ifs the largest display of Toys in the City and Em
braces everything from the little things that pen
nies will buy to the big Electric Train for a hundred
Here in Toyland is everything that will fill young hearts
with -joy set young eyes a-sparkling start tiny hands
a-clapping and little feet to dance, and lips to laughter.
The children will get the real Christmas atmosphere in
Toyland, and elder people the spirit which keeps the holi
day ever fresh in our hearts.
Soldier, sailor and nurse dells .
.... 25o to $3.68
....... .
Btuffed animals, consisting ef degs,
eats, bears, rabbits.
Elephants, buffaloes and seals
25o to 81.68
Combination Roller and Rooking
Horses , .6.98 to 9.8
Columbia Safety Alp Guns, single
shot, 3S0 shots and 506 shots
$1.S5 to $2.50
Mysto Magpie Sets , , $I.O(Mo $10.00
Electrical Sets $3.00 to $5.00
Erector Sets , , 50c to $25.00
Brik-tor Sets ,....,. 60c to $3.00
Wireless Outfits ; $5.00
Parcel Post Packages, ready for mail
ing Puzzle Parties, Mysto Machine
Sets, Electrical Sets, Brik-tor
50c package
Wonder Builder'
Register Banks . . .
Erector Motors . : .
Electric Train sets
other equipments
... $1.25 to $2.50
... $1.00 to $5.00
with tracks and
v$5.00 to $100
Mechanical Trains .... $1.50 to $5.00
Speedway Racers $2.98
Transformers $2.75 to $8.00
Roller Skates for boys and girls $1.08
Friction Hill Climbing Toys
f 89c to $1.50
Sand Toys , lOo to 08o
"Buazy Andy" Trip Hammers . . lOo
Doll Carriages $2.49 to $10.98
Automobiles. .$8.98 to $15.00
Children's Rockers , , . , $2.49 to $5.98
Doll's Couch Hammocks $1.25 to $2.74
Games of all kinds 10c to 98c
Babies'. Door Swings ,, $1.35
Sleds , $3.74 to $5.98
Kitty Cars
Coasters ........
Sets of 10 Pins ......
Tool Chests ..........
Side Boards ..........
Grocery Stores .......
Panama Pile Drivers,
toy ................
Celluloid Floating Toys . . 6c to 98c
Celluloid Dolls ........ 49c to $2.00
Automobiles ........ $8.98 to $15.00
. . 98c to $3.98
$3.74 to $8.98
.......... 19o
. . . 25c to 98c
, 48c to $1.98
. . 49c to $1.98
a fascinating
Hudnut's Xmas Perfumes
New Style Fancy Bottle, each in appropriate box, make a
most acceptable gift for Xmas. The line here includes:
Lily of the Valley, Ideal Pink, Gardenia, Wood Violet, White
Rose, Aimee,White Lilac, Sweet Pea, White Heliotrope, Jockey
Club, Mona Lisa. Priced at $1.25 and 65c
Hudnut's boxed Combination Sachet and Perfume in their sev
eral colors at $1.25
Hudnut's Travelette Case, containing cold cream, toilet water,
talcum powder and tooth paste at .50c
Hudnut's Toilet Waters in Violet, Sec, Gardenia, Lily of the
Valley, Rose of Omaiv-at 75c
Hudnut's Toilet Water in Soul of Violet, Plaza and Duharry at
v.,.,....,,....;.... $1.98
Hudnut's Toilet Sets, Violet Sec, Toilet Water, Talcum Powder
and Toilet Soap at. .". . $1.75
Handkerchiefs Xmas Gifts
Men's colored initial handkerchiefs, boxed quarter dozen at ...... 69c box
Men's large size wide hem pure white linen handkerchiefs at' '. '. '. '. ' 89c each
Men's extra fine pure linen large size handkerchiefs, Boxed half' dozen. .At
. . . i $2.10 box; 85c each
Men's new colored border mercerized handkerchiefs at' 5 29c each
Men's large colored border silk handkerchiefs at '. . '. '. '. '. '. '. '. '. 69c each
Men's large size soft white mercerized handkerchiefs 'at' '.'.'.'.'.'.' 12' l-2c each
pure linen hand embroidered corners, boxed quarter dozen at
$1.00 box
pure linen initial handkerchiefs, boxed' hall' dbzenat.'. $1.98 box
open work Initial handkerchiefs; boxed half dozen at .... 99c e2
pure linen hand embroidered and hand hemstitched Eandkerchiela
85c each
fine 'linen dainty, hand embroidered corners' ' handkerchiefs--at
35c each
colored crepe de chine silk handkerchiefs-1 at .... .'.'.'. .'. 29c each
white handkerchiefs with hand embroidered colored' comers it
19c each
pure Ilijeh handkerchiefs at ..'...'...'. .'..' .' . '12- 'l-'2o "to 29c each
fine white initial handkerchiefs at .....'..'. , 7c each
I MotHer Goose handkerchiefs; boxed quarter dozen at S5c box
r-w A i T-t-U t-A Mftvalhr tisnIVaiwhUfB At M a uj. a. m. i

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