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(The Outlaw! gaily C&lobc.
tiiim u. imi in:i'Utn it v: ok ntviN.
nuts mini h T mciuvh.
1 run ll.'llmfi Falls, l:4n , n:4i n. lit., a:teii A
! is p. in.
" Huiilngtim HM'i A -n::Wn. In.. H:M.V T:i
l. in.
" Port ll 'iirv, miim ii. iu
lll'lllllluliill. IK:iH i, in., is.2.1 A 't:jr, p.
" Saratoga, '11141 n. in., I': lit t. in.
" Snlcm, mil A t'iiiii ii, in., t3:4n A N: p. in.
For tlellows Fulls, 12:W .V t4::!iiii. in.,'1 JMn.V lf:"0
ji. in.
" llurlliigtoti, 1:43 A- tfisio. i, in., "JiiW A :s p.
" Port lloiuw, r.:ii."i p. in.
" llennlngton, IHlliil A' '9:30 ti. In., A" Hl'i'ip. in.
" Saratoga, r,:ii n. in., .V Mini p. in.
" suli'iii, mioA imiioii. in., l:iiA-tr,:iKiii. in.
"Mall Traill t.MIi"L
I'ost Oilier.
Iliulcin lixtoiislon way, !. a. in., nml .m p. in.
liastern way, ll.ioa. in.
Tiny wu), 12.40 p. "
'Inn, 18.4" p. in., 3.:m p. in., nnd 'J.:n p. in.
Ml'illl), 1 2.411 P. in., JU" P. in-, mul P. I".
Huston, 11.40 n. in., mul .) p. in.
'Hindus, 1.1(4 p. in.
Northern way, s.ou p. in.
li.irllngton, 2.w P. i. and Mo !' I".
s.i utoirti way, Mil p. in.
No v York, 3.:io p. in. nml tun p. m.
Cui iipctl"ut HtHT way, 9.30 p. in.
Wujdstoek wnv, (Stage) I.im p. in.
ciiltii'iiili-n, (Tuesdays mul SaiunliiiNi :mi p. m.
Stockbrtdgo (stage), 1:0) p. in.
Harlem Extension way, ti.sr, p. in.
K.istcrnwiiv, 2.20 p.m.
Troy way. 4.mv p. in.
Troy, 1.40 a. in., 11.4.1 a. in. ami i.m p. in
Albany, 11.4.1 a. in., 4.M anil 9.10 p. In.
Iloston, 1.40 a. in. ami K.mi p. in.
Canada, 12.40 n. in.
Northern way, 11.31 a. in.
mirlltiglon, 12.40 ami 11.112 a. m.
Saratoga was, 1t.4." n. in.
New York, li.4.1 a. in. nml l.f P. m.
Connecticut lllver way, .4.i p. in.
Woodstock wav, (stage) ll.f-i a. in.
Chittenden, (Tuesdn.vs nml Naturda) si u.in.
Stockbrldgc (stage), 12:30 P. m.
SJ?Malls will be promptly cIospiI nt Hip siiecl
Iced hour: nil lPtti'rs deposited In Hi" street
boxes will Im! cnllpclpil nl M.i ami 1l.no a. in.,
K.iii, I.im, s.ii.1 nml Inst collection ror all hlgiil
malls, nt turn p. m. All letters deposited In the
Letter llox at tin Depot will bo collected by
Hotito Agents live iiilniitps previous to the de
parture of each mall train
The Mill sets tn-nlifht lit 7:01 ; rises to.
morrow morning at 1:0.'!.
OtliT Creek Kncnnipment Xo. 7, I. t).
(). meets at Oilil Fellows liall, Oi.ohk
block, this Thursday eveuiiift at 8 o'clock.
Work. A full' attendance is iciiicsted.
There will lie a special communication
of Center Lodge, Xo. ill V. fi A. M., this
Thursday evening at 7,:!0 o'clock-for work.
All members of ilie fraternily in tegular
standing are eonllally invited
Company A, Captain YVhllcoiiib, meets
this Thursday evening at the town hall, at
7,"0 o'clock.
Third (iiiarter of the moon at 11.15.
Look out for fruit thieve now-n-days
Abundant Illackberries.
The llutland Hoard of Health seem
afraid to visit the cholera points of our vil
lage. What Is it that causes the non ic
moval of tlllh wliieh is hi-ciling disease.
llev. X. Cyr has favored the Oi.om: with
n copy of his translation of the address of
llev. J. II. Merle IVAublgne, 1). I)., ml
on "The Council nml Infallibility."
Tills translation lias been admirably done
by Mr. Cyr, with the assistance of Mr. W.
1 Winslow. It Is published by the Amer
ican Tract ijociciy.
The Methodist Sunday School and its
friends leave on tin: Ilnrlem K.xtenslon
railroad at !) o'clock, for an excursion and
basket picnic at llennlngton to-day.
The Trinity Church Sabbath school had
a fine picnic at Clement Wood yesterday
afternoon. The weather was cool enough
for the hearty exercise and every one im
proved it to the best ndvantage. About
Ilfty children participated and numerous
fathers and mothers aided the good work.
Tables werespiead upon the lawn, swings
were put up In tho grove, and everything
conduced to a pleasant day's sport.
We learn through n private a-soelation,
that a course of lectures is being organized
forllutlund this winter, which will Include
llev. 11. l.aird Collycr of Chicago, Wendel'
Phillips of ltoston," llev. K. II. Chapln of
Xcw York, llev. T. DeWilt Tnlmage, llev
Henry Ward Needier of llrooklyn, X. Y.,
Hon. Geo. W. (.randcyof Vergennes, llev.
Dr. Lord of Moutp'.'Hcr and President
lluckliam of liurlington. We doubt
whether two courses of lectures can lie
made to pay, and a compromise should be
effected nt once, as the failure of both
would be inevitable. That is financially.
A. new ticket Is about to be introduced
sin the Itcnssellear nnd Saratoga railroad,
known as the "patent duplex drawback
llckct." When a passenger enters a car
without having purchased a ticket of the
agent, extra fare is charged by the conduc
tor. The latter gives the passenger u re
ceipt for the entire amount on the draw
back ticket. The passenger picsents the
ticket at any ticket agent's olllce nnd has
the extra charge refunded.
The time of the Knights of Pythias' ex
rursion to Saratoga has been changed fiom
Wednesday 27th to Monday the SHlh of
A movement Is on foot for the organiza
tion of n good brass band In llutland as n
permanent Institution. A good band is
much needed here, and it is hoped our citi
zens will give the boys liberal encnuiage
ment. Tho public schools of the village of llut
land commence on the first day of Scptcm
ber. Uy n recent change In the time-table on
the llutland & Washington railroad the
night express leaves llutland for Xew
York at 1:40 a. m. Instead of 2:1(1 a. m.
Mine. Van Zandt.the prima donna of the
llutland Musical Festival, has accepted mi
operatic engagement in St. l'ctcrsbiirgli,
One boy met another yesterday, nnd ask
cd him If ho was going to the Methodist
excursion on Thursday, lie said that they
were going to have a game of base ball
when they got to llennlngton, and they
were going to ndliool for it, too.
Tho Nlckwackett Knglne company weio
out for practice last evening, and threw
two hundred nlno feet and six Inches.
Their competitors at the Ilennlnglou mus-
tcr next Saturday must look well to their
Wo regret to hear of the serious illness
of our townsman C, L. Ilabcock, general
agent of the Metropolitan Life Insurance
Mr. George ,T. Ward well, of Rutland,
reads i paper before tho American Associa
tlon of Science, nt Its .meeting at Portland,
Maine, on tho 20th inst.
Hon. John Gregory Smith Is Btopplng at
tho Westminster hotel, Xcw York.
The assessments In the Vermont Mutual
are two per cent only for 1873. II. W.
Porter Is tho director of the company for
Rutland county.
Tin' curly vatiety of grapes are ilpenlng
rapidly and the yield. It is said will be
tuiliiiiilly large.
The mayor of Tmv h is ordered the men
employed at the depot in tli.it city, In con
jiletlon wltli the police, to arrest all boys
found jumping on the ficight or passenger
trains nt (he depot. Such on order In Rut
land would be n wholesome movement,
Joseph I,. Ifnapp, Ksq., President of tho
Meliopolltan f.lfe Insurance company of
New York made (lie Glome establishment
a pleasant call yesterday.
The weather was cooler jesterday.
Trau'lers are complaining of the dust s
farmers of the sudden appearance of the
potato rust.
The custom of this section at the present
time, for parties riding out for tho Improve,
nient of their health Is to have an ample
bush of pin or choke cherries In their wag
ons, from which to appease their craving
appetite. This remedy produces such a
beneficial result upon the Invalids that they
do not need to ildeotit again forscuTal 1
days. So says the St. Albans Mtnvnqtr.
The Rutland county fanners nre linii-h-
ing their having with rather more limn an i
average ciop.
Kev. George S. Guernsey, of lloche.sler,
will preach In I'lelcher, net Sunday,!
August 17th.
The St. Alb.ins Mtnrnijrr sa.is: "If a
corner In coal takes place theie will be
cry little coal In the corner: hence now
is the time to gel in your coal."
The appearance of our sttcelh arc not as
lively as last week.
There Is a man In Troy w ho has done
business about one year without expend
ing a dollar In mlicitislng. He has nt last
com-euled lo commence to niheilise. His
first advertisement was headed "SlieiHT's
The fourth million postal cauls hae just i
been ordered for Xew York city.
Dr. C. H. Carpenter of l'idiliaen, has .
in ids garden a sciuah that measures -l feel
and 1 Inch in circumference. Who beats
tills? Xet. i
A reprcsentatiu' of the Central Vciinonl
railroad was at Springfield, Mass., on Tues
day, and arranged with the officers of Ilie
ltoston and Albany railroad to issue coin- ,
blued coupon tickets, giving a dis mint cm
both roads, to persons going to the Spring
field races next week. The Central Vet-1
mont expects locally several car loads of i
spectators f i inn the central and noitliern '
portions of Vermont. 1
Rev. John Todd, D.I), of Piltslleld,
Mass., his many fi lends here will icgiet lo
learn, remains very sick, and although his
condition docs not change much from day
to day, he is growing perceptibly weaker.
The I'nheisalist State Convention will
be held at llrattleboro the lal week in this
ICii.i.ki) ox im: Rah., A second section
hand on the Rutland and liurlington road
named Peter TaneM, was killed at Rock
lugliam station on Saturday night last, lie
was piobably run cner by Ilie expiess train
going noi th at about midnight as lie was
found slimtly after on the track, his head
nearly severed from his body and both feet
cut off. Ho lived at the Million and leaves
a wife andseven children, lie was seen at
his home only a few minutes belore about
preparing to rctiie. The case strongly
points toward suicide, as he was heard to
say that night that he had winked his last
clay for the road, and it is thought almost
Impossible for him to lune been run over
accidentally, and that hemust have thrown
himself under the train. He had winked
for the Railroad Company for a number of
years, nnd was foiinerly foieinan of the
Rockingham division. He was nboiil forty
years of age.
Mr. Meitzke's arrangements nie now
completed, and on Friday evening, Ihe 22d
Inst., we are to enjoy one of tlie finest eon
certs oyer given In Rutland.
Mrs. W. X. Oliver, who is to appear,
needs no compliments from us. She is nu
established favoilte. She has for the past
two years devoted herself to closo study,
preparatory to making her debut in opera,
consequently her voice has gained much
in strength and flexibility.
Miss Belle lluntoon xvill favor us with
two beautiful cavatlnas during tlie evening,
which announcement will bo gratifying to
her many friends in Rutland who admire
her splendid voice. Her singing nt the
late musical festival gained her many en
comiums of praise, and her appearance at
tills occasion will bo second only lo Mrs.
Oliver, in pleasure to the audience.
Little Ella Karl, the musical prodigy, will
perform the difficult fantasia of "Home
Sweet Home," by Tlialbcrg, never before
attempted by a child of her age, and rarely
well executed by a professional pianist.
She will sing a new song of Campanas.
Mr. J. II. Colo will perforin choice selcc
lions on the violin, including the beautiful
air from "La Somnambula." Mr. George
.V. Meitzko will play a brilliant conceit
Polka, and n male quartette from our own
town will appear in two numbers. These
gentlemen are modest and no boquets will
be accepted.
Let us give Mrs. Oliver, and tlie corps of
talent who are loassist, arousing welcome,
thereby showing our nppicclatlon of good
music and of our enterpiislng citizen mu
slcl.vi Mr. Mcltzke.
Itulliiuil Count)- Afc-rleiilliiral fair,
The twenty-eight annual Fair of the
Rutland County Agiieultmnl Society will
bo held on the Fair Grounds In Rutland cm
Wednesday and Thursday, October 1st and
2nd, lh7!l.
The society olfer over a thousand dol
lam In picmlums in the vaiious dcpaif.
Rac es will lake place cm both days of the
X'otliwilhstiiuding the holding of the
Stale Fair here early in September, it is e.v
peeled to make this one of the best, and
that tho State Fair will stimulate to that
Thais. A death occurred on the Harlem
extension train arriving nt llcilln Sun
day evening about 7 o'clock. 'It was that
of a young gill nppaicntly about eight
years of age. Slio was accompanied by her
parents, who were on their way from Colo.
nulo to Xtoitn iienningion. it appears
that some four weeks since she was choked
with a kernel of corn was supposed lo
havo been relieved but b.'gau to dccllno
in health, and when tho train reached Her.
lln elio was bo far gono that Dr. Hortou,
was summoned, could do nothing for her,
He was of tho opinion that tho corn had
not been removed, nnd inflammation cue.
ceeded, ending In mortification.
Now Unveil Ciinni .llecllllti.
The annual camp meeting will beheld
mi the camp ground (Spring Grovel, hi
Xew Haven, Vt., commencing Tuesday,
Aug. llith, nnd continuing over Sunday.
Special tickets may be had for that plai'c
at every station from Rutland to Ksscx, In
clusive, for whlcli free return checks will
lie exchanged on the camp ground. A
boat-cling house and accommodations for
horses ato on Ilie ground, The roads and
walks bio being covered with new planks,
and the directors are endeavoring to pro
vide all reasonable facilities for the comfort
nnd profit of those who attend. The
morning trains nnd afternoon express going
not tli, nnd the morning mall and afternoon
accommodation and night trains going
south will stop at the depot, which Is on
the camp ground.
Iluller .llllrlu'ls,
On Tuesday the niaikct was only fall ly
active, but theie was gieat Inquiry for
good lots. The quotations were! common
to fair, 1," lo 25 cenfs; medium to good,
25 to 28 cents : selections, !i0 cciiK
Tlie maiket was quick with piices about
the same as last week. Iluller from 20 to
25 cents for fair lo good, 2(1 lo 28 cents for
Cheese -from 11 to 12 cents was paid
for good dairies, and 1!J cents for u few
choice lots. About 500 boxes of chce.se
and 200 tubs of butler were sold.
At Walenllle, in Lamoille county, on
Tuesday, butler sold nl pi Ices ranging from
25 to 2S cents.
Gisahsiioi'I'Kks. A letter has been ic
celvcd nt the Agiicultural department at
Washington, stating that the ginsshoppcis
me cry numerous in sonic localities In
Canoll, Xew llainp.shiie, and that unless
checked by rain it is fcaied they will do
gieat damage! to glowing crops.
Wnnleil li- mi Old I, ml) Mold
In one of (he iur.ll cllsliicts, a dry goods
salesman to drive a fractious donkey. He
must be willing and obliging. An "Irish
man" picferrecl, To the right person good
wiures will be uiven by applying to
M.miy Sami'li:.
Among the airivals at the Ii.irilwell
House, Aug. 12th, aie the following:
V S l.ainlieit nnd daughter, X'ew Yolk ;
.1 W Snow and Wife, Xew Yoik : Ilcmy
C. Ramsey. Chicago ; Prof U Warner and
wife, X.iw Haven, Conn.: Taylor Ross.
C A Hunt, Sleiling, Mass: T Putnam and
wife, Lowell, Mass : Clias Andrews,
llovlston. Mass : PM Abbott and wife,
ll.unet, Vt.: I'. 1! ISurtou, .Manchester ; A
I, -Miner, Manchester! Henry Sparcm,
Round I.akc : Marcus Peck, lirooktleld :
0 V Hammond, Hariisburgli, X Y: Solon
1 Atheilon. I.udiow : K.I Moore, Xew
York: WS Eddv, II C Hall. Fred Gard
ner. Whitehall; ii () Smith. liuiUnganu' :
l-'M Reynolds, ixcw Yolk : K Cfails, ,lr..
.Mass : Tlios C Mallonv, Troy : A I)
Smith. Dauby: O S Glipon, Jr., II. K.
Stillnagon, Philadelphia. Pa
Allen it Diew, 27 Merchants' Row, are
selling goods nt cost for !!0 days, to close
out slock : Hats, Caps, Furnl-hlng Goods
mil Heady .Made Clothing. Good Goods
at veiy low prices.
House elp.inlnir Is a crreat horror lo nine men
oul or eMTy leu. Wlien that limn comes, tlie
men ioiks. ' as a nue, kih uuhu-mii;
health ;i "wlilo beitli." Oceans ol suits tlie
product of lonsol soap fairly Ilooil everj part
of tlie house. The women, from the mlstiess
down, labor as they necr woiked liefor.-, and
Wlini Willi 1 110 lliseoillioi I, ilie hllieu oi miosu m
tho dampness, and not. untreiiuenlly sickness,
tlie product of colds and overwork, mailers are
generally disagreeable. Tliu simple usn of sa
IhjUo Instead of snap does away with all this
illsentiifiirt. It Ihrhlciis the labor :l hundred
per cent., because It remotes dirt, urease, stains ,
nml spots, with hardly any labor, with bin ill-
III! waiei. ami in liue-ieillll lliu untuu linn .
I.'.e ln.unl Atiimllrn. llVKneiwI:! . 1 1llllt-Psl 1(111.
Depression of .spirits and cieneral Debility, In
their various forms. Fcrro-l'liosnlioratpd lillxlr.
of C'alls.aj a made by C'aswki.i.. IIazmih & Co.,
Jsow Yoik, nml sold uy all ui-iikkisis, is hip nesi
tonic. Asa stimulant tonic tor patients recov-
Ttnji" irom reier ur oiner mukiicss, u nas no
iiii.iI. If taken durlnir the season It irccnls
fever anil asue ami other Intermittent feiers.
JIT 4v
Agents lor llic ('lube.
II. I.. Sltlson. lleiintngtoii.
II. I'. Murtfiin, Wnllliijjforil.
Ileibert Mnlth, Factory 1'nlnt.
II, s. Hard, Arllns-ton.
xi. II. Kelley, south Walllinrroiil.
c. C. Pierce. East Clarendon.
K. J. Carpenter, Ilrnttleboro.
clbhs Co.. llrmitloii.
Iieiinlsou Hrotliers, l'itlsfont.
W. JI. Day, Mlddlebiiry.
Hums Holt, I'lttsllelil.
.1. D. culler, lldellle.
'1'. K. Ilorloti, Clarendon.
D. 1'. l'eabody, i'lttsfoid.
Alden ft Co., .Mlddlebiiry.
II, U. Hpeneer, Sutherluml Tails.
.I.N. Haskell, l'alrliaien.
A. L. Kellous;, castleton.
c. .1. cillmore, West llutland.
U .lolinson, West l'awlet.
W. S. llassett, Jlidilletoivn.
.lames ltlce, l'awlet.
II V. I'armenter, Mechanics! Ilie.
D. llorlon, Mount Holly.
W. V. Hlbbard, l'oulliiey.
1. 1 lull on. Dauby 4 Corners.
William l'leree. Dauby
II. A. Carter, llrnsun.
W. II. Hull, Wells.
o. I'. Woods, Ilellows l'alls.
P. II. Itobblns, Chester.
Ii. II Allen, East Wnlllngfoiil.
Sherman Hrotliers, I.iidlnw.
Ilrown & Clark, Chittenden.
.1, J), l'unly, .Manchester.
"yyi:sT rupf.rt
V. DUC A T I O X A I. I X ST I '1' UT 1'..
Tho I'all Term of this School will commence
under tho tuition of Its former teacher,
miss lizzn; f. mkrrill,
with competent Assistants.
Instiuctlon Is offered In Common and IIIrIht
iil'IIsIi llrniiche. yialheinallcs. Flench. Latin
nml Herman.
Hood board 111 pilvnte families nt reasonable
Persons ileslrlnj-to patronl.o this school call
obtain further Informal Ion by addrcssliiL' .1.
YVILDKK, West Ituperi, Vt.
itcii'rciicu is nun lo loriiic i piurons nun inn
followlnif gentlemen w ho havo attended exam
inations of tilts school: .liidah Dana, A. ,M
ITIiiflri.il of llutland HlL'li Hcliool: Hon. Henry
cinrk, Member of tho lliitlaiul Hoard of Ediicn-
lion t ltov. ii. iinyiicn, ivesi unpen. erinont ;
Dr. W. II. Mnynard, Milein, New Yoi k.
TAXTi:i). All men wishing to make
1 T money to send for a pamphlet contain
ing Instructions, Ac , which everybody should
know. .1, C. TILTON, I'lTTUBi'iia, Pa, 1IW4W
XJCrAXTF.D. Wholesale Purchasing
1 Agents for tho Ilartrain Sewing Machine
Hindu at iianbury, conn. Tho latest mid best.
The stillest, fastest and easiest lockutlteh, self
setting, straight needle machine In tho market.
Iletter terms than any company Address,
JOHN A, DOIMIE, (leneral Agent, Danbury, Ct,
mm; jikst paper i
Tim Keipntltlo American Is tho chennest
nnd best Illustrated weekly nailer iiiibllshed
Every number contains from le lo Hi original
cngruiings oi new machinery, novel imcnmms,
orioles, I Ilgllivil 1JIK "Ulna, tMimii-tiiiii', nu-
proved farm Implements, nnd cery new dls-
..m.nv.P ,., nlinmlktrl' A Vt.llWs 1,1 1 1 ,11 1 IPl POII-
inln k3Q nntres nml saiprnt hundred engravings.
Thousands of volumes are preserved for binding
and reference. Tho practical receipts are well
worth ten times the subscription price. Terms
3 a year by mall, bpecliiicnis sent free. May
bo nun or nu newsueaiers.
I'A'IT.NTH obtained on tho best terms. Moil
els of new Inventions nml sketches examined.
and advice free. All patents are published Hi
tho BcicntUlc American tho week they Issue.
Send for luinphlct, Ho pages, containing laws
uuu lull uirccuons lor ouillllllllg piui'iui
Address for tho Paper, or concerning Patents,
JlUNN 4: CO., 31 Park How. N. Y.. Ilrauoli Ofllce,
cor, V and 7lfi bts., Washington, I), C, uul4-4w
From New Vork.
Xkw Yoiik, Aug. 111.
The steamer Krnst Moiliz was again
spoken Aug. 10. by the bark Delhairee
from I.ivei pool.
The Tienocile. from Glasgow, arilu'd
heic fo-claj.
Steaiuslilp.1 California from Glasgow and
Scofla from Umpool.
Tho government accepted $15,000 In
bonds af 115. 12.
bii.vli: CIOIXCI OPT.
Steamers Dulling for lliirope lo-dav take
out 2.12,000 in silver bars,
Tlieie weic two proposals In sell bonds
to-day. airiiicgallng .j'J.l.fiOO. nt from 115.12
lo 115.21.
Daniel Diew Is repented III. Geoige X.
Sanders was leading n crv quiet life when
he died.
ci'.X'iiiF. sii:i:i:r iiiik.
Later estimates make the loss at flic
Centre sticel fire last night fiom 100.000
to 9 125,000.
At a lale hour last night the condition of
Schonlank and Stclnhait was regarded as
sllll more favorable.
IIIIAIMl or iikai.tii.
Xo less than twenty suits were begun by
the Hoard of Health ycsteiday for fat rcn
dcilns and other nuisances.
The opposition iu the county lowns of
Kings county to annexation In lliooklyu
has been fur less than was anticipated, and
Ihe present prospects indicate an early nc
coinplislinient of that object.
Paliick Hill, while jumping oil' a Jer.-ey
City ferry boat last night, nilsscd his foot
ing and was caught between the boat and
tlie bridge and dicadfully crushed. The
right thigh iie.il the groin was neatly
Ill feels of a Heavy Storm.
Xkw Yoiik, Aug. lil.
The slid in last night and this morning
washed away the tiaek of the Xew Jersey
Southern railroad between Long Krancli
and Sandy Hook, also Long llrimch and
I'liiladelphi i. Xo train arrived at Long
lirauch from Philadelphia to-day, and liie
eleven o'clock Long llrancli train from
Xew Yoik was obliged to return to the
lirauch. The stoim was very heavy at
Cape May and Atlantic City, though no
damage Is lcpoilcd.
Considerable damage was done to rail
roads between Philadelphia and llaltimoie
and Jersey City and Philadelphia, attended
with nothing menu serious than a few houis
detention of the trains and transfer of pas
sengeronlhe Philadelphia nnd ll.iltlmore
road at Xcwaik, Delaware.
The train fiom IlulTalo which an i eel yes
terday was several hours behind lime, ex
pcricnccd great elitllculty between Coming
and Llmlr.i, Ihe llood covering the track
for several miles, lo the depth of nearly
two feet, the cars having to make tlie way
slowly through mud, gravel mid tbiftwood
nearly extinguishing Hies in Ilie locomo
tives. Tiie Slonii nl Long Itrnnrli A Cruel
Xkw Voiih, Aug. lil.
A ciuol hoax w.is circulated to-lay
mound the lintels mid public icsorts of the
cily that the Long llrancli steamer had
sunk on Ihe way lo Sandy Hook and -100
lives lost. The bonis have made regular
tiip.s all day notwithstanding the storm,
mid p.is.sengeis by Ilie last boat icaclied
Sandy Hook on time. Telegraphic des
patches from Quarantine Station, at Sta
ten Island, limn Foit Hamilton, on Long
Island side of the Xarrows, ami from
Sandy Hook, all state that no accident to
any steamer is know u at either of these
points. Tlie storm to-day lias been heavy
from Hie eastward, and large munhcis
of M-seLs have come In from tlie sea.
Aliianv, Aug. lii.
Senator Lewis of ittiffaio, who is tlie
chairman of the joint committee of Ilie
legislatuie of X'ew Yoik, lo make a tepoit
upon t lie subject of Iranspcutatlon of
freights in tlie slate, lias issued a notice lo
Ilie members of the committee to meet at
Albany on the 11th of September for the
purposo of making n tour through the state
and obtaining the fuels requisite to make
their report. Senator llaker is a member
of this committee.
It Is probable that the congressional
committee, or a portion of tho same, will
accompany tho legislative committee in
their tour through Xew York. The legls.
lathe committee was appointed with the
view of such co-opcratlon In cffoit.
Itnnk Clerk Discharged.
CiiicAoo, Aug. lil.
George Harper, a :lcik detected after
robbing the Illinois central bank of s20,
000 by fictitious names on pay rolls, having
disgorged $12,000, nnd fi lends promising
to make good tlie balance, will probably
not be prosecuted.
(,'ale nl Long llrancli.
LoNCl llltANCII, Aug. lit.
A heavy gale is blowing heio and tho
surf is running high. The bathing houses
have been removed to prevent their being
washed away. Tlie shoio Is lined with
people witnessing tlie magnificent appear
ance of Ilie sea. Tlie storm is increasing.
A Ticket Tlilor.
llosro.N, Aug. lit.
Henry F. Rent, a carpenter icslding In
Lawrcnc, after tin est on suspicion con
fessed the the theft of n largo quantity of
season tickets from the Uoston and Maine
railroad company,. He has returned In
money nnd tickets 2,000.
Wants His Pay.
Xi:w Yoiik, Aug. 13.
In tlie btipsemo court chamccrs to-day,
before Judge. Davis, application was mado
on behalf of Warden Traccy, keeper of
Ludlow slicct jail, for a peremptory limn,
damns ordering Comptroller Green to pay
him for eighteen months' supplies to pris
oners, tho bill for which was allowed by
tho bonid of snponlsors, Decision re.
A Fatal Collision.
Xkw Yohk. Aug. lil,
Collision of two fugs with an excursion
barge last night on the Hudson liver near
Albany, resulted In one boy being fatally
Injured nnd four others badly w,.iunled, by
the broken wood of the guards.
Maiiiuii. Aug. 111.
In the eortes to-day the minister of Stale
cleclaied that lie should demand extradition
of Insurgent refugees in foreign countries.
A Carllst Success.
Lonijox, Aug. 111.
A special dispatch to tho London Stand
ard, reports that Sessaragara lias captured
of Vergara, iu Gulpucoa, twenty miles
from Tolosa. The Carlists claim that this
success is the most Important they have
had slncn tho beginning of tho campaign.
Wentliei' Report.
Wasiiixciion, Aug. 111.
For the Xew Kngland states iiortheasf
eily and noilherly winds, threatening
weather and rain.
Tlie Smuggler Slinofliig Case.
Washing rox, Aug. II).
Tlie treasury depaitmelit has requested
the department of justice to instinct the
district nttomey nt Haltlinorc, to appear ns
counsel for custom officer George M Car
son for (lie shooting of a paity who
attempted, and smuggled gin from a
steamer at that port.
A .Million Hollar Suit.
Xf.w Yoiik, Avg. lil.
A joint suit commenced hi tlie United
States district court against .1 R Piatt and
K R lloyd to recover a million dollars In
gold for undervaluation of Imposts. Sep
urate suits against each also commenced to
recover 20,000, and 10,000 for similar
Tlie First Cotton Sale.
Xf.w Yoiik, Aug. lil.
The Mi st bale of new cotton was re
ceived lieie to-day from Savannah, and
sold at auction for 1I)J cents per pound.
Heavy Robbery.
Xkw Yoiik, Aug. Ii).
A gang of river thieves beat off some
men of the burned brig Oscar which is
aground near Astoria, Long Island, and
then robbed the bulk of one hundred
fathoms of chain cable, three hundred
dollars In gold belonging lo tlie captain,
and stiipped off 1,500 worth of copper.
X'o arrests are made as yet. although 4,500
pounds of cable was found by the police hi
a junk store of llrooklyn.
How tlie Pope ltecehos Sympathy.
Romk, Aug. 11).
Cardinal Antonelll lias addressed a com
niunicatlon to the clergy of the United
States stating that the Pope Is deeply
affected at the manifestations of sympathy
he receives from Ids children in that dis.
taut land.
Ilriclge Washed Away.
Xf.w Yoiik, Aug. lit.
A dispatch from Perryville to-day lo the
postolllcc authorities hew stated that a
bridge had been carried away by the llood
In that icinlty, and the southern malls
consequently did not arrive here until late
llimicd fo Death.
Xf.w Yoiik, An;
Kllen Dienii was burned fo n eilspnt
Woodbridge, X. J., Monday, while light
ing file with kerosene.
From Washington.
Wasiiimiion, Aug. lil.
No I iql lll: Fill! INDIANS.
The Attorney-General has decided that
no spirituous liquors can be introduced into
the Indian country without nn older of'the
war ilepailmcnt, and that the jurisdiction
of Unit department is exclusive of all other
NAVAL OI!llKl:s,
Pieparatory order have been Issued from
the Xavy department to Real-Adinirnl I..
M. Goldsborough, commanding the Wash
Ington navy yard, lo take command of the
Asiatic station, lelieviug Rear Admiral
Jenkins. Admiral Goldsborough will sail
from this country fo take charge of the
fleet early in November.
Xkw Yoiik, Aug. lil.
A Washington special says thelibrailan
of oongiess lias issued !),."fi0 copyrights
since Jan, 1st.
City Prison.
Xkw Yoisk, Aug. I I.
The morning journals approve of the se
lection of the new city prison block bound
ed by Canal, F.lizabeth, Mott and Kayard
sticets. The site was selected on account
of nearness to crime centers and dryness of
Attempted Murder.
Xkw Yoiik, Aug. lil.
A man calling himself John Somers was
arrested last night for at'empting to mur
der J Wilson. At the station houso Som
ers was recognized as Edward Dusenberg,
a notorious criminal and thief, and also as
the man who robbed a lady of 13,500 on a
ferry boat, and for whom tho Hriioklyii
police weio searching.
Steamer on Fire.
Xkw Yoiik, Aug. 13.
The, excursion steamer Favorite, with 150
persons on board, took fire in Boston har
bor to-day. A panic ensued but the fire
was extinguished w ithout material damage.
Tho passengers were taken off by a schoon
er which camo alongside.
Yellow Fever.
Havana, Aug. i:i.
Tho United States man-of-war Camm
dalgua lias arrived at Kingston, Jamaica,
from Asplnwall with seventy of her crew
sick with yellow fever.
Fatal (Jimrrcl.
Xkw Yoiik, Aug. 13.
Two masons at Amsterdam, N. Y.,quar.
relied while upon n sprce,nne named Thos,
Quhm of Troy, struck Peter Jlrciwn of
Bath, on tho head with a chair, fracturing
his skull, Brown died yesterday, and
Qnlnn was jailed at Fonda.
Proposed Restoration or Mclz.
Pauis. Aug. 111.
A repiut Is i illient that Mclz will be )e
stored lo France through the Inlluiienci' of
Hpffaio, Aug, lit.
Coroner Morrow concluded to-day lia
bilities! on the body of Mr.'. Pierce, who
was killed some days since nt the collision
on the Xew Yoik & Kile and Hufmlo.Xew
Yoik and Philadelphia railways. The in
vestigation was very thorough. The. jury
condemned the Frio railroad for running
nt nn Illegal rale of speed and the Iluffa
lo, Xew York & Philadelphia railroad for
employing an Incompetent switchman.
Another Druggist's Fool.
Xkw Yoiik, Aug. lil.
At Kingston, X, Y., to-day a druggist
named Ktlinge compounded n prescription
with spirits of camphor Instead of camphor
water, causing life death of the child of
William Holmes. There Is much feeling
iu the city over tho fatal blunder.
Proroguing of Parliament.
Toi'.oxio.'Onl., Aug. lit.
Paillamciit prorogued to-day. In his
speech the Governor-General announced
the appointment of a commission to inves
tigate the Pacific Railway scandal upon
the completion of whose report he will call
pailiament together to take the report Into
An extraordinary scene look place on
the mooting of pailiament to-day. Tlie
chair at half-past three o'clock,
Mr, McKcnzle, leader of the opposition
party, rose and moved n resolution con
deinnlng tho removal of iu estimation into
charges against ntembeis in connection
with tlie Pacific railway scandal from tlie
parliamentary committee to aioyalcom
mlttcens u iolntion of piivllcgcs of Ihe
The Speaker then left the chair and
with the supporters of the government left
for the senate chamber to hear the Gov
ernor's speech, amidst groans and hisses of
tlie occupants of tlie opposition benches,
who remained in their seals.
Great excitement pievalls with regard to
these proceedings. The opposition iiiem
tiers hold u meeting this evening.
Count lie ('lianiliiiril.
Xr.w Yoiik, Aug. Ii).
A Paris dispatch states that the members
of the right propose presenting a constitu
tion to Count de Chambord which if he no
ccptsthey will juocl.iin him king nnd if lie
refusing the republic will lie clelinilely es.
P.uin, Aug. lii.
I.e Temps and Le Constitutloiiel pub
lish the rumor lli.it Count de Chambord
has partially withdraw n from his position
iu icgard to tiio wliltc Hag and will come
to Franco to take up his lesidence (here
about the tilth of September.
Absurd Repoit.
Xkw Yoiik, Aug. lii.
Tlie report by cable of the collision be
tween the steamship Alabama and the ship
Abcona Is pronounced absurd by the agents
of the Alabama heic, as tlie Alabama sailed
from Belfast, Ireland, on the -ftli Instant
and the Abcona from -Montreal on tlie 8th
Inst,, consequently It Is impossible for them
to have been within hundred of miles of
each oilier.
French Cum ids.
Haliimouk, Aug. lil.
Thice e.-caped Algerian convicts from
Ilie Flench penal colony of Cayenne, on
the noilii coast of Soutli Aineiicn, whither
they had been sentenced lor lenyeais -one
for rohbciy, one for murder, and one for
assaulting French olllccrs, have anived at
this pint. They claim to have escaped in
company with one bundled and fifty fel
low convicts, and after teuilile sufferings
iu swamps and jungles, reached Demerar.i.
Marshal Gray yesterday committed them
lo the Hay Ylew asylum. The Ficnch
consul here wrote last night to tlie consul
general at Xcw York for instruction in the
Wheat Crop.
Min.nf.ai'oi is, Aug. lil.
Wheat tluosliing commenced a week ago
to-day, and all the machines are at work.
Tlie yield in ino-l Instances turns out bet
ter than was expected, X'o field thus far
threshed has yielded less than 2." bushels to
lite acre, while many run far above that
By t lie Cable.
SotTiiAxti-ios, Aug. 13.
Steamer Koln and Mim'1 from X'ew
MAllltll), Aug. 13.
The republicans of Barcelona have pell
tinned the government to establish a junta
of public safety In Catalonia.
London, Aug. lil.
It Is icpoilcd here to-day that the Allan
line clipper ship Abcona from Montreal
for Glasgow was run down and sunk by
the statu line steamship Alabama fiom
Glasgow for X'ew York, and that the
wietkage which it was at first thought to
have come from the Alabama was a pen tlon
of the Abcona.
Bavonni:, Aug. 13.
A British steamer to-day landed nt Fon
turabla 200 lilies, .10 cwt. of ammunition
and 10 horses, for the Carlists.
Madiiid, Aug. 13.
Tho British vessel which landed supplies
for tlie Carlists at Fontarabla to day, was
subsequently captured by a Spanish man-of-war
and towed Into the haibor of Sim
Railroad Accident.
PlIILAHKLl'llIA, Allg. lil.
The cnglno nnd baggago car of tho 7.30
a. in. Long Branch train from Philadelphia
lids morning, ran olT tho track just beyond
the Buillngtoii county railroad junction.
Tho engineer nnd fireman were slightly
Tlie ltnllrof.il Problem.
SaK Fiiancisco, Aug. lil.
There was an Immense mass meeting
held hero last night under tho auspices, of
tho people's union. Gov. Booth dellveicd
an nddrcsB on the subject of the railroad
problem In American politics.
A Ship.
l'lllt.ADKIPIIU, Aug. 13.
The steamship Pennsylvania from Liver
pool passed In at Lewes this morning.
Nell Vorli silicic mm iilone .llurkel.
New York, August IS.
Moiiej was easy nt 4.
Clolil dosed at 1W,.
cnirjlng rates lsjcsr, percent,
The clearings at the (told Exchange to-day
were H90,000,ooo.
Treasury disbursements to-day amounted to
Customs receipts tcoo.ovu.
Stocks moderately active, lower In the mom
Ing, closed llrmer with partial recovery. No
marked fluctuations In ny stock.
Tlie following are the closing quotations I
I', s. cs'ei reg lis
U. S. 0s '81 coupon. 110
IL H. rwos 'ej reg.. us
U. H. B-20S 'IWrrillli.117
Cleveland, Colum
bus Cln 811
N.. I. Central.... 103
Hock Island lio'i
MIL A: St. Paul C2j
do. Urpferreil. . . 7m
U. s.mos 'fir, old..l!9?i
u. h. mos'ci new. lit;
U. S. M0S V." 119'i
U. M. MQS'liS Us
I', s. 6s new iu.'.
U.S. liMos reg....iu,
U. s. lCMOscoiiixin.lir.w
T, W. x V J ijl
do. preferred . so
Fort Wnvhe im.
Alton and Terre '
name so
do. Dreferred. nr.
Currency Eh 113,
.wtnt.uo. .mull . . iin.i:
do. nreferreil. . ill
nt,nn,... .. . , ...... .
i'ciaivuru mill liuu-
son canal..
..113 'Ohio ii .Mississippi. 39M
uo prei.
oosion, uunioruA.
.niin i r.ue
Consolidated Coal MM C. c. K Indiana
Cumberland To i Central 31L-
western I'nlon Ic. II. k C) hhJJ
, , 1 1 4 .iiuiniioai & oi, jo-
do. preferred.
Pacillc Mall
Boston W iter
scon 3S
Central Pacific... loo1;
Union l'aelile. .
, M
u", " income
Adams lixpiess. . lUjtflTentiesscc Cs...
cower . ,
Wells, Fargo K Co.
. do. new.
American .m.l.i;x
press cs
United Mates Ex
press on
New Vork Central
x 11, H. It n.T,'
Krle mi,
do preferred.... in
Ilnrleui 131',
do. preferred.. 183
Mlchlgnn Central,. 04
Panama Wj
.iiguiill bl
do. now.
Missouri Cs
St. Joseph
La. Cs new
Luvco os
do. 8's
Ala. 8
do. r's
(la. 0s
ruioii i-aciiic x,
do. 7V
Lake .snore x Alien i.sneciai Tav
so 94', .North Carolina Cs. i'i
IllliinlsCenlrnl....lOS do. new. 10
Cleielnnd X Pitts- iSoutli Carolina 01.. 2;
burg 89", do. new, ir,,J
Chicago X North- li.tchange, long... sv
western mft Do. short o'i
preferred. S3
Sra Vork Produce .llnrkci.
New York, August 13.
ConoN Market Is dull an J Irregular: )9'.c
for uplands.
Flock. llecetnts lf.4s3 bbN.. nt 1fl,
betler on shipping grades, which are In light
supply, and In ralr enquiry. Trade brands are
Ininodernto request, without n decided change
In price. Sales of ir,,;,oo bbls. nt $-1 j.va,.i no tor
superfine Western mid State ; f cms c5! C.45 for
coiiiniuii in goon lixira western nnd state;
0VK47iis for good to rliolcu do; 17 2.-, c 8 4a
for common to choice White wlipnt wnl.,n
extra; to som ts 4" forcominon to good extra
Ohio; o ,0(10 ;r, for common to choice extra
m. i,oiiis. hip market closing quiet.
Kvk Fiflcn. Is steady and fair Inquiry at 4 w
"Con's Jlmi. The market is nrm and
In moderate demand at 3 ims M) for Western :
latter for f.mcv; ikom3BO lor Ilrnnilywlne.
WlllSKKV. Tlie Inni'kel. I llrniee nf nvjuwp
cliletly nt latter price. "
Wiikat. Itecelpts 15IUM, hush. Tho market
opened a shade tinner nnd closed quiet, hold
ers little moro disposed to realise. Sales of
lss.ooo bush, nt St ssiii 42 for ungraded spring;
144't 4 for No. 2 Chicago ; tl 4Sis l r,i for No.
2 .Milwaukee; Ji.40 for common do In stoic; II.,
Milieu for new winter red Western ; Jl 47 for
.Minnwesi spring.
IIvk Market Is moro active and llrmer.
Sales 32,M) bush Western at ("l.cai In store,
closing nt latter price.
IIaiu.kv. Tlin market for barley and barley
malt Is dull and unchanged,
cons. itecelpts 177,951 bushels. Market ac
tive and about 1 cent better with n fair export
and have a trade demand. Sales of 173,ikx) bush,
at B4isr.il for steamer Western mixed mm
H',' for sail do: f9tfCln for 1iIl-1i mlxeil nnd
yellow western ; UK&S3 for heated and uh-
souiip; S4X ror While wesfcrn.
OlTS ltecelnts 33.22.1 bush. .Maiket Is dull anil
and declining. Sales of 8sn,ewi busheli at 4K
4.1 for new mixed western ; 43wr,3c for white
wehicrii ; i(.iie lor umcK wesiern.
Con The market Is steadv at tn .Mlil.'in for
iinthraclle per ton per cargo.
jjiiiw. jiarKei is sieauy ai -sitrjaie lor Mate
and Pennsylvania.
Hoes Market Is dull and unchanged.
Hav. Market without decided change.
LKtTiikii. Market more nctlio and steady
for Hemlock soles, IluenosAresnndltlo Orande
light to heavy weights weights quoted at 2S(i
Sue California do nt 20.,i27c. Orinoco ditto at 20
( 27e.
Cou'EK Market Is decidedly firmer lllu at
Sciuk. Market Is strong; retliilng nt 7.'."5
Molassks. The market Is quiet and un
changed. Hick Market Is linn nt eijcssc. for Car
olina. 1'ktiioi.kum. The market Is lower at die for
crude and ldtfc for rennlng.
I'oiik. Market Is rather more steady and
very quiet at f IS oo for new mess.
1IK.EF. Market Is steady at 19 00,5)10 H) for
plain mess; 111 2."i(12 M for extra mess.
1IKF.F lUsis. Market Is dull and heavy;
new Wesiern 2.Vd2s.
TliaiCK IIkek Market Is quiet at 17Ci2lc
for prime mess: 2223 for India mess.
Cut Meats. Market Is quiet ntt2H(Sl2V for
hams ; S'4(SS'4 for shoulders ; Middles quiet ;
light long dear, S-.
Him. Market Is weak. Sales of news.Va
S', ; old western steam 111 s "-li'sjc.
Ili'TTMi. Market Is nrm fnrprlinn lols, at 10
(24 for prime western; 2M30 lor suite.
I'liKEKK. Marki t Is !lnn for good stock,
VJi.i,. I.T. for fair to prime Slate factor).
WA'I'llll'I'IIW.V IIMII.V 1.1 vi: Vl'Ot.'K
.11.1 KKIi'l'.
I'nr Ilie ivceli iidlii; Aui. I'i, IS J.I.
Cattle. Sheep k Lambs, Siilne.
This week r.'l r,7f.o
Last week 1319 4S70
one j ear ago 790 7413 1911
Cattle, SheepA'Lambs, Hoi-sev.caUes.
N. II. SI 20:1 .... S9
Vermont... !120 'J191 .... 360
New Vork. .01 MiA 40
Western ... .so
Canada 2-A7 .... ....
Total.... tM 070.1 .... 4l.r,
Number of cars over I ho different roads ltos
ton and Uiwell r.l, Fltchburg 33 total S4.
Prices of market Ilcef A few choice 110 ojK
: extra 19 no.s9 mi: llrst uiiallty ls 8.W: sec
ond quality 0a 7 to: third quality tftu&Mi.
ITiees 01 siorocniue worKiu oxen f pail ,
from two, 1170, 2iX),n 276.
Milch cows and calves f rom Ma,., 0.1 ; extra c,
Farrow Cows HNS 111.
Yearlings Ileitis; two jears.old t.,iH52S; three
vears old f3ix.t45.
Prices of sheep nnd lambs In lols, wool sheep
ij, 1 n encu; extra i ihiou,, neau, 01
from Ha 00 l lt.
spring lambs 7(a8 V It's sheared sheep 4
Crt.."! i in.
Veal Calves 4S 12.
Prices of hides, tallow and sklus Ilrighton
hides 90 V it,; country hides sic v n,.
Ilrlglitoii lauow rHrfase i'1! eouniry iiiuow
MrfftiVC V II,.
I'eiisfi ::,i2Miciici.
Sheared slieep skins Me each ; lamb skins
Mii7Mj each ; calf skins Hkrflsis y 11,.
N. II. llecf Cholco grades Includes nothing
inn uinll.fetl 1UKI to 14110 lbs bullocks. Kxtru
and Iln.1 quality Includes the best, large fat
oxen. Second nnd third quality Includes oven
and two nnd three year old steers,
.sliecplixtrn Includes cosset, nnd when those
Ol Ulterior qillllllj ill u I 111 Ml, ii mil.
C.itllc-TIie stock of cattle thlc week were all
noi them, excepting me loads to J S Hyed of
ii, si, th. a eorrforiabtu demand not nrtlilng
what inlghl be called smart trade, but the
stock were worked off. Small stuff, consisting
of steers, cows and tielfers.trom cx?71e v n,,d w
unit stock In better Ilesh S3914C. Cattle that
havo been fed In Connecticut Hlver Valley nro
In good condition for slaughter. II Oray was nt
market this week with 31 head of likely cattle.
It has been soniii weeks since I10 lias been Iu
market, nnuuoiri line. 1110 prices niiereu.rnces
remain as last quoted, but butchers thought
ihev weru Having full ns high. M T Shnckett
soldll three )ear old steers too Wentworth iu
90 V I'i, d w, estimated "on lbs ench; 11 cows and
hellers at Sc to dress MW to boo lbs. Shuckett v
lllsseil sold I steers at 9'4C, to dress sao n,83
helfei s at se ; 3 at 7c v li, d w, F F Brady soil
I stags at 90 V II,, dw. 2 cows at bo or 193 the
pair, llliowhouii uueo vuv 0111 wiecrs ai we
dress 700 lbs; 2 cows at 8c, dress MX) !ts.
Sheen nnd Lambs Verv little chaneo fo note
In tho Iamb t ratio, so appears to be tiio outside
highest pi ice, irom imu nguro uown io ic. no
lllllllV II1U llllllllllll 11111 us yuoii us iuai u ,
most of tho Iota sold earlier. It seems as If
prices 011 minus wero as low as nicy can go, imv
(11 roiilersiittrili with n i-pnllemlli that has fol
lowed lliomntkots for ears, and perdlcted sov
erl weeks ogo tiio decline o! tfSc V ,, 'V '1;1'
proven irue, says 10-aay tnat prices niuiuiiw
lowet, that wo havo not seen tho bottom price
yet. Nearly half of the supply this week were
from Camilla. M V Bhackeu sold a lot of sheep
and lambs at OVic, average 00 It. (1 W Clark
noli! a Hue lot of I2S lomfis at fo, average l ft.s.
c llroivii sold 138 lambs at II.W tl head or so J
lb. I II salgent sold Iannis ai iv. uivi .
Poultry-Chlckons nro plenty, and I""":
men have knocked down the Jfflce M.
as previously expected. We quote chlckenssoc;
Turkeys anil hoi) lie I ordinary srades lo V
A N T K I)
Two active and enerifetle
to vjlldt tor one of the oljeit and best Life
Commission or Salary will be paid ai can b
agreed upon.
can bo secured to responsible men.
Address, with ic ference,
IJOY 1113, Itutland, Vt.
Aug. t3, B73.
Al'Ol'.ST 13 and III, 1S7J.
The charming nnd nccompllstied
I li N N I li I' A II II O I, I. ,
Assisted b) the Popular Voung actor
Of eminent dramatic talent nllh
rillllAV liVKNINII, Al'dl'NT 15th. Ii,3.
itrimatlnitloti of Charlotte llronte's
" .1 A N i: K V It K "
SATt'llllAV LVKNINO, AITH'ST icih, is.
The gie.it modern moral lesson Irom Wllkle
Collins' celebrated novel
'or cast of ch.ir.ielers and Incidents see pro
gramme, fleneral Admission, fi) cents. Unserved seats
a cent.
Sale of seats w 111 commenep 111 J. 11. MpeLer'
Music store, on Wedni'sdiiv, August I3tli, at 10
o'clock a. in,
.1. WATsON I10CI1.K. Press Agent.
toi'cs and Eiu Ware.
Maniifaelurers of all kinds of
and dealers In
of every description.
nnd a general assortment of
special facilities for Jobbing nil 1-tnds of
tv All kinds of BiitTRit tiil.'eii In exctisuge for
llutland, VI., May 1, 1S73. mjldtf
K .M O V A I.
S. CI. Statey, of the lale llrirt of Matey Up
plucoit, has removed his business from No. 31
Center St., to No. 12 Merchant!,' How, whero he
has formed a Copartnership with Messrs. Dunn
A Cramtoii, under the llrm name of s. O. Stale)
x Co. He will be pleased to see all of his old
customers, and as many new ones ns will favor
htm with u call.
Q (I . S T A I, K Y Jk CO,
Dealers In
The Stewart and Now American Cooking
stoves, ror both wood and coal, constantly on
hand. Manufacturers of aud dealers In
V I, V M It I X (.
In nil Its branches, llath Tubs. Water Closet
lias and Wntci Piping, and Fittings of
Of all kinds promptly attended to. None but
skillful and reliable workmen employed.
M.I. Ill),' A' IIM f.'f.l A 7'KH.
1 o
s a 1. 1:
A llrnt-elass safe tlm nnd burglar proof com.
blued one of "Herring's Patent Champion," In
perfect working order. Will be sold for less
than Its real Millie. Appl) at the Baxter Na
tional Hank,
))l.vltl CI. II. IIOTTl'M.
71 O It
S A I. K
The subscrlbir has 11 Candy apparatus com.
prising 11 complete oul lit for nmnuractuilmf
caudy, which he will sell for less than oiie-hart
Ihe orlelual isjst. Also, 0110 heavy Truck Wa
pon, very cheap j and one pair of Double Work
IlliO. W. CHAPLIN, in.,
9 Merchants' How,
llutland. May 2D. mjSMtf.
71 O It S A Ii E .
My house on the corner of Main and Washing
ton ktrret with or without the two houses ad
joining. Also a desirable garden lot on tho south end
M A 1 N S T it K E T ,
containing about fifty cholco fruit trecU.
Khqulixi ol (', F, lluntoon, at

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