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tT he itutUmd gaily (ftlobc.
I't 1NDAY. SKl'TEMBEK 30. 1S?i).
a lMloivs KnlK 1:10 A tortn a. In., :20 .V
:. ). in.
lliirllnctim l:io A M1M1 n. iii.,1s' A 't:ni
t. in,
Con Henri, Ml:3i n. in
lli'llllltllttoli, tj:lls p. in.. ,;: A -ii i
"iinitnxii, 'lliiSn. m., S:ca p. hi. ,
s.ileni, l:io a: i:su n, in., tn:io A UXA p. hi,
c llellotis 1'nlls, 11:60 ,ttl:30n.li.,li:lo,vtr,:0ii ,
i. in.
lliirllnjfloii, 1:11 A: tsuon. tn !: AM'; p. '
I'nrt llcnr.t , tl:on p. in,
llciiiitliKlon, M:(i A. '9:30 u. in,, A tiftr, p. in.
s.irutoso, 6:oo n. m., A 'C:w p. in.
alein, mil) ,t ti:00 ii. iu J:Cx A tfcno p. in,
Mali Train t-Mlxed.
Harlem LMenston way, fciwn. in., and .ii p.m. '
Kastcrn wnv, 11.40 n. in.
I'rov wav, li.lo p. m.
'i i o , ion p. in., 3.:io p. in., una .:o p. in.
MNuiv, 12.40 p. in., P. in., ami v:-f p. in.
Huston, 11.40 :i. in., una u.w p. m.
t'anadaM.inp. '
Northern nay, s.ooi. in.
11 ulthsrtoii, s.oo p. hi, and P.O" p. in.
sj -aiiii,-a way, s.si) p. in.
Nr v 0!k, 3.50 P. In. mill .5n p. In,
( en noctlctit Hltcr wny, 9.30 p. m.
to.lslockway, (Stnito) l.nop. in.
I'lilttcnili'ii, (Tuesdays and Saturdnvsi n.no p. u, I
siookbrhlifc estnirci, 1:00 p. in. i
Harlem Extension wny, 9.3S p. in, '
Kimtrni oi . s.so ji. in.
Tim w.i, 4.M1 p. in.
'11 ot, 1.40 a. 111., 1I.45U. III. ntnl 4A1 p. Ill i
Albany, 11.4.1 n. in., 4.r'.and.10p. m. 1
Uoston, I, in a. in. and 2.2" p. in. j
i iiiiml.is 12.40 a. in.
Mirt linn way, 11.32 a. in.
Iiiirllinjton, 12.40 mid 11.32 a. in.
Saratoga wny, 11.4.1 a. in. ,
v Vml;, li.4.r, a. in. nnd 4.m p. in.
i oiinocl Irut Hit or w ay, 8.45 p. in.
tt'oodstork way. tstnire) 11.K1 a. hi.
Chittenden, (Tucsda s and Saturda.ts) in.sn a.m.
Slnckhrldgc (stajfe), 12:30 p. ni.
Jjy.MnlHwill lio promptly closed at tne spccl
:l 'cd Hour; all letters deposited In tho street
boxes will ho colloctod at 8.4.1 and 11.00 a.m.,
12.10, 1.3H, 3.0.1 and last collection ror all night
innlls, at win p. in. All letters ilcposllod In the
Letter llox nl tin1 liopot will he collected by
lioute Agents llie minutes previous tn the de.
pnrlitre of encli mall train
Till' Mm sets to-nlghl at 5:4 1 ; rises tn
Minnow morning nt fi:0fi.
The trial of 11. 1!. Adams commences
l lils morning.
A new panel of eighteen juiois has
boon drawn anil snmmoneil for the county
The lulled Stales circuit anil district
com t commences its session at the t'liiteil
States couit linuseon Friday next.
Mr. Samuel Wllisou, son of Z. V. K.
Wlllson, Esq., gnve a pleasant birthday
party at the Hates IIou-c, last evening.
Music, dancing mid u splendid supper made
the evening one of rare enjoyment to the
young people assembled.
Tho Sherman Comet Hand of Wiuooski
lias been secured to furnish the music nt
the Rutland County Fair this w eck. They
discourse most excellent munlc, which, to
gether with their attractive uniforms, will
ho one of Ihc licst features of the exhibi
tion. The season of the Rutland lecture course
opens earlier than usual, as the committee
liavo to accommodate themselves to the
convenience of the lecturer. The course ft
well arranged, and on the whole is an im
provement on that of last winter. Our
citizens should give it illiberal patronage.
The Iiuilington Free Preti is in error in
saying that the Windsor county fair will bo
held tills week. It was held last week,
and Rev. Mr. Murray did not make his ap
pearance to deliver the address.
Spauliling & Co. have Seribner'n Maga
zine for October.
flough, Ileccher, Sumner and Anna Dick
inson are said to get f$400 a lecture this
Senator Kdmuwls sails from Liverpool
for Xcw York on Saturday next, Oct. -1.
Tom Thumb and party are on their wny
In Holland.
Interesting miscellaneous reading on tho
first and fourth page.
A full description of the new house of
worship of the Baptist Society, which will
be dedicated to-day, -will be found on the
second page.
A letter from Senator Kdmunds on the
back-pay question will be found on the
second page.
The Xcw York train nnd the Saratoga
train were each one hour late last evening.
M. .1. Francisco is remodeling the dwel
ling recently puichascd by "him, on Wash
ington street.
A new dwelling house is being erected
by Mr. E. M. Kgcrton nt tho coiner of
Lincoln avenue and AVest street.
This is to bo an extraordinary busy week
In IJutland, commencing to-day.
The liccthoven quintette club of Jioston,
was at St. Albans on Sunday last, on their
wny to Montrcnl, and In the evening gave
the congregation who attended nt the Con
gregational church In that place n niro
musical tieat by assisting in nn admirable
manner, the choir services of the evening.
A tine soprano soloist, Sirs. .7 M Osgood of
Boston, was with tho club and sang "I
know that my Itcdeemcr liveth," aeconi-
iianied by tho wholo club, which consists
of two violins, it violinccllo, Unto and
clarinet. The singing w as excellent, while
the playing of the club was exquisite, and
tho scene us a whole was one worthy of
noto not only in its rare musical qualities,
but also from the fact that it shows a lib
eralizing of thought nnd action among the
staid and staunch churchmen of that region
quite convincing, as well ns differing from
tho views held years ago.
Special attention is called to the new ad
vertisement of Hurt and Sherman. This Is
the oldest and lnrgest dry goods establish
nient In this section, if not In Vermont.
They have, n largo and choice variety of
goods, selected with great care and taste,
and nt prices that cannot tail to satisfy
their customers. The sales of this firm ate
extensive, nnd their store is thronged with
customers, indicating that it is a popular
resort of those w ho desire the latest slyh
and best goods.
Tho excursion to New York takes place
on Wcdncsdav of next week, over the
Harlem Kxtenslon railroad, leaving Hut
land at 0:80 a.m. and nrrlUng In New
York at 0 p. in,, returning on Saturday,
leaving New York at 10 o'clock n. m,
Tickets for tho round trip 5.00, can be
procured nt Meeker's music store. This
will afford n cheap trip with a two days'
tarry In tho city,
Fat Peoi-u:. Bhaflsbury can put foi
ward a claim for tho championship of the
state, on fat people. Living In that town.
which hns a population of only 2,000,
nro flvo persons (four of them in onodls
trlct,) who weigh between 302 nnd U00
pounds. Among the five Is u young lady
seventeen years of age, whoso weight Is
X15 pounds, whllo ono mnldcn tips tho
scales at 800. Tho other, throe arc of the
malo persuasion, the lightest one of which
weigh 205 pounds.
i i; i i c t ii it v nx i: it o i hi: s
s.rlciiiliT lloih, JSrU,
1. Anthem,
'!. Invocation and llvmn No. (133,
Rev. II. F. Austin.
"Lout of hosts, to time wo raise
Here n house of prayer and praise ;
it. Heading of Scriptures,
llev. .Tames (llbson Johnson.
I. l'lllUT
llev. i:. L. Magoon. Philadelphia,
."i. If inn Xo. 080,
llev. C. P. Sheldon, I). 1).
meat Sowelsn of the earth and sky.
And Lord or all below,
!. Sermon,
llev. C. P. Sheldon, 1). I)., Troy.
7. Statement of Dullding Committee.
S. Prayer,
llev. .1. 1'. Karrar, Ludlow.
!l. Hymn- Xo. 033,
llev. S. F. Urown, Cavendish,
i ii eat Klnjr of glory, come,
And with tli fnvnr crown
Heading of SViiptllies,
l!ev. M. A. Wilcox, lSuillneloii.
Hymn Xo. 1)10,
llev. Kdttln M. lln,v tic.
Ureal father of mankind,
We Mess that wnndnms ui:mv
llev. L. .). Malle-ou. Ilrnttliboiip.
llvmu -Xo. 031,
ftev. C. A. Thomas, J). 1)., Hiandon.
Here, In thv name, eternal nod,
We liiilld this enilhly house ror thee;
llev. H. L..Miii;oon,l).i)..PhilailelphI,i.
Heport of Building Committee,
Prayer of Dedication,
llev. Kdttaid Mills, Pastor.
Hymn Xo. f)14,
llev. John Ooadhy, D.I)., Vergennc.
To Thee this temple we ilouite ;
Our Father and otirdixl,
Tilt I'r4"t'ii1iiifiit of tlir t'miuf) .lull.
Stale of Vermont, I
Holland county. i '
lie it lltmnnlifird, That at a term of the
county court begun and holden at Hulland.
with and for the county of Rutland, and
on the second Tuesday of September, in
the year of our Lord, one thousand eight
hundred and seventy three, the grand
Jurors within and for tho body of said
count' ofllutland, here in court duly em
panncled and sworn upon their oaths
That they islted the county jail and
have examined the same, anil, that in their
opinion it is wholly unsiilted for the pur
pose for which a jail should bo built, with
out any appropiialc means for the con
venience of the prisoners confined therein,
and N quite destitute of any available
means to promote health where the male
prisoners are crowded together liiYme damp
room, regardless of age or character, sick
ness or health, wheic the boy of tender
yearn Is shut up with the. most abandoned.
Wo know of no remedy for such a sad state
of affairs, but in the construction of a new
jail, or of a somewhat extensive repairs of
the present jail which we think practicable,
which tlie best interests of the county de
mand, and which, in our judgment should
be undertaken as soon as may be. The
jail and its surroundings are neat and hi
good order, great regard seems to be paid
to the welfare of the unfortunate persons
incarcerated therein, and so far as we are
able to lentil the treatment of prisoners by
the present jailor and his assistants is kind
and considerate. IIiiaiii r.v Fish,
lnaiiCllraliiiii o( I lie lili,iul
Die monument to Hon. Xathaniel Chip.
man, which the legislature ordeied to he
erected at his grave in the town of Tin
mouth, will bo Inaugurated with appro
priate ccieinonies on Friday. His Excel
lency Julius Convene, Governor of tho
State, will be present and preside. The
histoiical address will be delivered by Hon.
P. n niton, of Montpellcr, who has
given lunch attention to tho services of
Judge Chlpniau In connection with the ad
mission of Vermont into the Union. IIIs
address will be one of rare interest. Pro
minent gentlemen of the legal profession
in the Statu will also be present and make
I 'ho Rutland County Court will adjourn
to attend the sen ices. Tho United States
Court which assembles on that day will
also, undoubtedly, immediately tako a re
cess for the same purpose, ns Judge Chip-
man was the first United States District
Hon. I). A. Smalley, the present Dislrlc1
Judge, was familiar with Judco Chlnman's
life, nnd an admirer of his legal abilities,
and it is earnestly hoped he may be in at
tendance and make an address on the oe
caion. We ti list there will be a large
gathering of the people at the Inauguration
of the monument on Friday.
Collision or Tisusn at Casiixhixv -
Tho Whitehall freight train duo hero nt
TO Ji. m. yesterday afternoon, being be
hind time at Castlcton, and unable to reach
West Rutland tho place for passing the
mail train which leaves here at 3:50, was
setting off on tho track of the Rutland and
Wellington railroad at Castlcton, to letthu
mall pass, had not quite succeeded in so
doing when the mail train came at Its
usual speed causing a collision between tho
two trains. Fortunately the only damage
done was the demolishing of tho cow
catchers of tho two engines, amounting in
value, perhaps, to 100.
A Mraii(re fuse.
The following are the facts lelating to n
case which has excited much attention not
only among tho inedlcnl profession of lien-
iilugton, but nlo in other parts of tho
county and In Xuw Yorki fioino ten
weeks a'o Sylvester Cutler, u young man
of this place, 21 years of nge, whllo driving
into it bain on a loaded wagon his hand
came in contact with a beam over tho door,
in consequence of which ho received a
blight cut on tho top of tho head. The In.
jury wns so trilling thnt fnrn week hopnid
no attention to Itj but then Ids fnco be
ginning to break out, ho consulted Dr. K.
N, S. Morgan, who pronounced It erysipe
las, and prescribed tho usual remedies.
From tho fnco It sprend to the sldo of the
neck, from thero to tho left breast, nnd
then to tho left arm, destroying entirely
the cellular tissue of the arm, so thnt by
taking hold of tho skin It could be conr
pletcly turned round, nnd nn Injection put
lu at the wrist could bo seen running to tho
shoulder. Dr. Mlddleton Goldsmith, of
Rutland, Was called, who pronounced It a
case of ctllular gangrtnc, a disease that la
very seldom met w Itli. Drs. Swinburne, of
Albany, and Bowling, of Xcw Yolk, nIo
visited him, nnd everything that science or
skill could do was done to save his life, but
to no effect. The drain on the system wes
so great, mid such nn amount of decom
posed matter had wotked Itf.clt through
the whole body, that nothing could save
him, and Friday of Inst week lie died.
This Is the first case of the kind that lias
ever come under the notice of physicians In
this section, and Its effects hayo been very
closely watched by them.
Ccnlilil Vermont 1 flees,
A cliniigo Is about to be made In the tn.
llous olllccs of the Central Vermont Hall"
road at their lieadquaitcrs In St. Albans.
This change has been brought nbout, princi
pally, lindei tho new regime of Lansing
Mllll, who has lately been appointed Gen
eral Superintendent of Traffic vice J. W.
Hobatt, appointed Ocncrol Superintendent
of the wind. The olllccs of tho Freight
Dcpaitmcnt now occupy the southeast por
tion of the depot building on the first lloor.
when- ate some twenty clerks under Mr.
Mlllls. This depaitment Is now to be re
united to the third story where the civil
engineer's olllccs arc located, with the ex
ception of Mr. Minis' private office, which
will be on the second floor, taking the II
braiy loom ni.d another heretofore occupied
by the Xallonid Car Company, making a
veiy fine olllcn and a great linpiovenient
upon the present quarters.
The room In the third story, which me
In be occupied by the clerks under the Im
mediate dhection of William Leard, the
eh.ef cleik of Mr. Millls' department, are
to be turned into one large office for their
lecoption, which will necessitate sonic al
terations in the appearance of that lloor.
The civil engineers will probably occupy
Hie rooms on the first lloor, In lie vacated
by Ihc tralllc depnilmcnl.
".Mr. Mlllls is agisted in the multifa
rious business bt Mr. Leard, as abote
slated, and Mr. Charles A. Comcrse as
ciines)ondIngsecietary,with some eighteen
others, who attend to the details of the
freight business on the Central Vermont
and its many connecting lines.
'i'iiv I'.mliiir) nioiitiiiit'itl.
A meeting of the national local pi each. ;
ers' association (Methodist; will be held nt i
Cambridge. X. Y;. Oct. 1H-S1 lnss. On
tho last day a monument to the memory of
Philip Kinbuiy, In Wondlawn Cemetery,
will be unveiled, llev. lllshop Simpson I
making the address. This monument I
which has been elected out his grate is of
Hnrre, Vt., granite, Is ill feet high, weighs
27 ton3, and cost ,?l,n0i). In Ibis cornice,
tion it maybe well to state that Philip
Kmbtiry was the founder of Methodism in
Xcw York city, and he died in Camden,
X". Y., (Salem township,; in August, 1773,
and was there buried. In 17S2 bis lcnialns
were icmovcd to Ash (iiove Cemetery,
where they were leinterred near the church
creeled in' 178S, llev. .1. X. Maflllt making
an address on that occasion, in 1SC0 they
were again icmovcd t Wondlawn Ceme
tery, (in Cnmbildge,,) lllshop Jayncs and
llev. S. 1). Drown, D.D., making the ad
dresses at that time. This association
numbers about one hundred preachers,
neaily all of whom will be present on that
occasion, and the cxeicises will be of a
solemn and lnipie-!v diameter.
CIciiiiIiiuioii Count).
huhi.viii school r.xirn-ioN'.
The exclusion of the Sabbath schools
connected with the Second Congregational
saeiely it 111 take place Friday, Oct. 3. The
excursionists will tnke the morning train
for Tiny, and, upon mrlving there, will
proceed to Ihe steamboat landing, and
embark upon the steamer Mctamora.whlch
has been chattered for the occasion, and
enjoy a ride down the lluil-ou liver, re
turning to Troy In time to take the train
for home, which leates about r p. in.
Should tho pleasant weather that we haw;
enjoyed for tho past week continue, a very
pleasant time is anticipated.
'NIK xr.w lllfUl ll.
Wink on the new church Is progressing
rapidly. Already the side walls arc up,
and part of tho root is on, and Ihe slaters
have commenced slating It.
From the last census icport the follow
ing items nio culled in lcfcrcnce to nianu.
facturcs in Bennington county, which may
perhaps be of some intcicst to ninny of
your rcadcis, especially in this section. At
Hie time of taking the last census there
were hi Deiiiilngton county 237 manufac
turing establishments, giving employment
to 2,128 hands. The capital invested
amounted to 2,0 10,22.1 and the nmoimt
annually paid for labor reached the sum of
ifW23,810, The amount used for the pur
chase of material was l,C5sl,70, Jand the
total value of the products was 3,820,330.
AVhllo there are six counties in tho State
that have a larger number of establish
meats, only foiu- lead us in the number of
hands employed, three only in the amount
Invested and wo ate third on the list in tho
amount paid for niateilal, whllo only ono
leads us In the value of productions. Were
the railroad facilities of the county, equal
to thoso In tho counties that are ahead of
us (to say nothing of the water communi
cations enjoyed by some) we think that wo
would bo equal to most of them If we did
not lead them.
Sr.VTi: F.mi: a.nii Housks, The Ludlow
Gazette says: Tho Vermont Horse Fair
advertised as Vermont State Agricultural
Society and Wool-Growers Association,
was held on Wednesday last nt Rutland.
Wo have given It the nnnio of " Horse
Fair," from the fact that from 11 a. m. to
4 p. m. on Wednesday was devoted to
horses. On Thursday 111011011-0 show com.
menced nt 11 a, 111. nnd closed nt 3 p. m.
Thero used to be some time devoted to cat.
tie, agricultural products, and farm stock ;
but now tho horso Is king.
Daniiv. The Rev. L. H. Stone of Cas.
tlcton, will lectuio nt Dauby Dorougli on
Filday evening, Oct. 3d. Subject, temper,
New Diikss. Tho St. Albans MtMmjtv
appeared on Friday morning in u new
dress throughout the size, typo and gen.
crnl inako-up and presents n haudaomo
nppenrnuce. Tho general reading matter,
both In quantity nnd quality, has also been
considerably Improved of late, nnd tho pn
per has consequently beenmu nn enterpris
ing nnd readable, sheet.
DOOIC BINDINQ.-AVo nru now ready
n-.tiw uiuim lur uii K111U& ui Hum.
aittv gwlvvrtlss!m(nt.s.
10 MA K K liOOM.
AS I am hound to
. It .9 K
a r r
I'KKViofS ro (KTOIlLli l.irn.
i ; .
II U 1! II A I) .
I 7 .
MKui'iiA.vr.v now.
T . C
p v. it a ii o r s i:
j u x i. r : r uxi x a ,
llVinf Kiihic Jif )',"' .
II I Lsl'ltllKM lit
AIIMlssIOX, :,
i(t:si:itvi:n .si:.'is, w.
UltT iV SIll'.R.YIAN
Si .i o . o n ii . no
(no i ci: st dry noons
nils sun: ok xcw voiik
He. He.
lie. lie.
iuKi"""", l-iJv loiii'. Pound l'ilnl,4.-,e., s iU.,
In a pound. Host Feather Tick, sac. Ladles -Vests
ti.no, tl.li.'f. tl.s. ti.ro, two.
The hest of yootls. All sles.
J.ooo VAltlls NL'W llltl.ss OOOI1-
t I'.LVKTKI'.Xs,
t i:i.vm,
IKisKltV and
mid an elegant sloek of
i: I. a c i; i o o i) s .
Geiht'ta Itliirk JiroiHkltitlt antl AW. "!.
In short, ever thlni; usiialli iniuid In a tlist
class Dry floods Kstnbllslinient,
:rn miokn
T i: M P I,'i: O F F A S II I O X
At the recent State Fair for the most
stylish and handsomest assortment
of Millinery, Fancy and La
dles' Furnishing floods,
In opi'iilnsfof the Heuson, l ull Hue of .Millinery
millions, Notts, Luces, Frames, .te at pi lees
ehcniwr than ever.
'1' IKS! T IKS!
Loniftjlllc Windsor Ties luiill shades at 35 cents
l-'rliised at isoc., l'ulka dot Tla nt 40c, and a full
and complete linn of all the latest stjlesand
shades at bottom price".
U X I) K It (i A It M K N T S .
We will sclloua soten tucked skirt at tl,
embroidered Chemise at II, tucked and em
lnoldered drawers at tl, lone uttflit robes, beau
tltully made, tt.eo; Children's sups at all
worth double 1 ho money,
Hells liifants'wear,llosler.v,I.aeeroll.ii,, iltilit
Intfttiid Coltnrets.
At'lne., Alexnndre's Kids nt ft ;
two hiiltons,
All styles and prices, from vc. upwards,
UliAL HAllt.
Wo still continue to sell those long, liemy.
tlrst class hnlr Btvltches at f.i.inimd ("; Linen
braids one j aril long, at 40e.
Iu ubundancc. The latest und hnuilsoinest
novelties In this line at prices lower llian ever.
made of liundsorao nnd best prints, cut lblon
nlse, at tl.75, aud lots or useful, stylish and
cheap uoteltles at
Nonpareil llloek,
No, 1),
Any ono buying flvo pounds, for cutli, of the
teas sold for one dollar nnd upward, will r
celve fifty cents deduction. All other goods Id
Rutland, Sept. Sib, 1SIJ. dim
Hpecl.it to tho Ololie.J
The Itnces nl Smut) HIM.
Four KntfAiiii. N. V., Sept
. an.
A lalge number have milted to attend
the fall meeting of Ihc Wellington Park
Association, which commences tn-mnnow
and rnntlnitc.s'untll Thursday.
The races lo-moiiotv are first, "sl,500
for horses thnt hnvc neter beaten 1A'',
second, 1,000 for horses thnt hnvc never
beaten 2.2. The celeliialed incers Ilun
liess, Sensation and Xelhe Walton iiiiImiI
to-day, .Should the weather clear up and
be favorable to-niru row a large concourse
of people may be expected.
The .Money Troubles.
(lliKAT Itll'KOfKMLXT.
Xkw Yoiik, Sepl. 20, 12.30 p. 111.
Allalis In financial circles shown most
decided iiiipiovemciit to-dny noon as coin,
paied with Saturday. There is a icellng
of buoyancy 011 T'rnnd street, nnd brokers
me anxious to bate the board re-opened.
They ale doing considerable business this
morning In filling cash orders for stocks,
but decline most of them to operate either
lo-day or lo.inoiiotv on a niarg.n. A few
houses oiler to buy and sell 011 a twenty
per cent, margin. Stocks continue to Im
protein pilec, and but few are nlTeicd al
the sheet exelhimic.
Oold opened at II3; now 112.
'i.tMiO sliaies Klic sold nt a private side at
fil. The following are the present cash
sticet prices: Xcw York Central 00;
Lake Shore W: Wabash 12 bid; Western
Union II.-, bid: Harlem 107 bid: Pacific
Mall 31 asked; St. Paul 32; Union Pacific
21 asked; C. C. A- I. C. UM.21.
The gotcinlng conunlllcc of the stock
exchange held u meeting this morning to
decide upon a plan for opening the board.
siocK .1011111x11 rnosi'Kns.
Jay (lould has been intertlewcd and said
that Ihe settlements of Ids house as well lis
those of the other great stock concerns of
Wall stieet bad been straightened upon
I Saturday, and thnt combinations looking
I to an advniuoin prices of an extensive
character, had been formed which would
be strong nnd complete cnoitsh to sustain
the market in any event.
oi'Kii.t 1 toss ok hik st ii-n:KHi i:v.
The amount of cuireney paid at the sub
tieasury for bonds purchased last week
whs !tl2, 803.082. 02. Coin paid for inter
est on the same, .v00,022.21. Interest on
Xb ember coupon bonds, payment to com
mence to-day, s10,477.02,'i. Interest of le
gistcied hoinK .2.02-'i,fi!l3. Total, A13,
103,0211. MM-vciri!Ki: 1 t.UT.tit.iNfi niKii: nisi-
N Kss.
The dlstiubcd slate of the money maiket
has made it necessaty for some large firms
in this city to discharge many of their
hands, and toghc others only tluee or four
days wink a week, fine large manufac
turing firm has closed up altogether.
HIKSlllX tl.VM F.tl IfliKlls IKUII.K III IUV
Theie was considerable excitement
among the working people at Tienton
Saturday by leason of the falhue of the
manufacturing establishments to pay off
employes In full. All the banks of Tien
ton arc sound, none having less surplus
than 11 bundled thousand, but the supply
of ciiiiciicy could not be procuicd In X'etv
Yoik. The cuireney on hand wasditided
as equally as possible mining the inanufac.
Hirers, The parlies failing to obtain cur
rency were the Amciican saw company.
Xcw Jersey sttel and iron company, Fish
criiMii A- Son, Samuel l. Wilson and inu'l
of the lulckyarils and pottciics. The woik
meii seem to understand the situation, and
110 trouble is apprehended.
sril'K.NMOX ok uuivt wool. HK.tl.Ki:,
Piiii.AiiKi.i'iirt, Sept. 20.
lienjaiuiu Mullock sons, extensive wool
dealers, suspended this morning for a largo
sum, but they have ample assets to pay all
their obligations Thiir suspension was
caused by tne failuic of Ihe Olenhani man
ufacturing company of Xctt Yoik, who
owe them about s-l0l,0()(l. Joseph Dill,
lock, one of the firm, Is diicclor of Ihe
Corn r.xchangc National bank, lint they
owe Unit Institution only Mt.'i.OOl), which is
courcd with collateral for twice that
amount. This nll'nlr ms cau-cd no nniisu-
nl excitement, and In business elides gen
I enilly there is n confident tone.
M t NI'K tl'l I'lIKUS CK.WICKIl.
Xkw H.ttKN, Sept. 2!L
1 Several nianiiliictiiilng establishments nro
unable to get sulllcient currency to pay
their workmen, and hate suspended opera
tions for 11 short time.
HtM.'s s'i.'K.MIi;il,
Camon, 111., Sept fftl.
The National l'coplc's bank ntnl Homo
bank of this city have suspended payment
until the llnanclal crisis is over. Tlie rea
son given is the teceiit action of the hanks
in Chlcn,i?o, Cincinnati nnd cl-ewherc.
ecmiKM'V ci.imi.xci 1x10 si'. 1.0ns.
Si. Lot-is, Sept. 2!l.
The expiois lines centering here nro
bringing to tlie city a much larger amount
of currency than they me taking a way,
Tho banking bouso of Curry Jc Klrby, at
Jeffeisoii City, and two atChlllocotho sus
pcuded Saltirday. They are regarded as
solvent, and no losses will be sutained.
Hanks lu other parts of the state -v ill hold
out as far as known.
is i.owki 1..
I.owKl.L, Mass., Sept. 211.
The bank otllclnls of this city at a meet,
lug to-day decided to follow substantially
the action of tho hanks In Boston and
other cities lu icgard to cuireney pay.
liients. Ample provisions havo been made
to meet tho ccuporalloti pay rolls duo the
present month, amounting to iJSOOOO.
Theru bus been no Indication of alarm by
savings bank depositors.
W-tsiiixcnoK, Sept. 2U,
Assistant United States Treasurer Hill,
liouso at Netv lYork telegraphed to Sec
rctary Richardson that the feeling this
morning Is 111010 unlet and hopeful, The
Impression Is that the; worst Is over and
that the situation will begin to incud.
Another telegram froni a prominent Now
Yotkersaya thero 1st H favorable change.
Tho president's ntllludcils approved and all
are more cheerful,
The Km mew' and Mechanics' Xatlonnl
bank of Ocolgelown, the National Dank of
the Republic. Hank of Wnshlnston Mild
tli; bntiklntr houses of Itlggs A Co. and
Mlddleton ,V- Co. of Washington ale all
paying demands upon llieui as usual.
Other banks and banking houses Ih the
combination foimed Ial night loieitlfy
checks Instead ol paylmr cuiiency will not
pay men the smallest clu ck to-day, Thl
bus had tho effect of cicatlng 1n111.l1 dis.
satisfaction among dcpollors and icliird
lug business operations generally. The
paying Institution, however, afford In the
cominniilly lellef which Is sensibly felt
and appreciated. Since the coiiiincncc
mciit of the iiiulc four Institutions hate
entirely closed Ihclr doors, namely, the
First National bank ami the Washington
City Satlngs bank, now In liquidliitlon.and
the banking houses of Jay Cooke ,V Co.
nnd Foil, Washington fc (.
Financial News From Knglaiul.
I.OMKIN. Sept. 2!l.
BIMIkT.llS K.tll.t.XO.
The failure of three brokers In conse
quence of the fall hi the price of Krle rail
road shares has been announced in the
sloek exchange.
liUK 01 nisrol m.
Is LI pin -The diicctors of the IlaliU of
Knglnnd nt their meeting to-day fixed the
minimum rate of discount at the bank al
percent. Klic llj.
2 p 111 -The announcement at 1:1.1 pin
of incieasc in the rates of discount by the
Hank of Kiigland caused liuich smpii-e In
financial circles. Krle tl?.
MOXKt M.tllKK.I.
3:30 p 111- The aniount of bullion with
drawn fiom the Dank of Knglaiul on led.
ance to-day is .(130,000.
3:-l."i p m The rate of discount in open
maiket for tluee months' bills Is the same
as the bank rate. New ,Vs, 00J ; Krie. 42.
4 p in The demand for discount at the
liiuiK 01 i-.ngiaiut lo-uay, as well
in the open market, has been heavy al
per cent.
One hitudicd and twenty-four thousand
pounds of the 038,O0O drawn from the
Dank of Knglnnd 011 balance to-day is for
shipment to America. The remainder goes
to Germany.
Two bundled and twenty-lite thousand
pounds lu bullion were shipped from Ply.
mouth for New York on Saturday by the
Silesia. The America, which sailed from
Southampton 011 the same day for New
York, took out .10,000.
KngagcmcntH have been made for the
shipment of W0.000 by the steamship Do.
nan, which sails from Southampton to
morrow. It Is said that XoOO.OOll are book
ed for shipment this week.
Clenriiiir House Association in Ken
tucky. I.oii-ivii.i.k, Sept. 20.
The majoiity of banks formed a dealing
house association yesterday and resolved to
suspend paying currency in large amounts.
The banks that suspended on Saturday are
making arrangements to enter the clearing
house association.
The Dank of Kentucky declines to go
into the association and continues to meet
all demands made upon it at its counter.
There is no 1 1111 upon It and theie Is no ex
citement in financial circles.
Meeting of the Slock Kxchnnife.
Xkw Yoiik, Sept. 20.
The gotcinlng committee or the stock
exchange met at 1.30 p. 111. tn-dny. and
passed the following resolution-:
Resulted, That nothing in the action of
Hie governing committee, of the stock ex
change shall be construed as absolving any
member from obligations to the mlcs.
Resolved, That all parties to exliiiiiui.-h
unsettled contracts who were suit cut at
the close of the stock exchange, hut who
' shall lefiise to surrender satisfactory prin
cipal or furnish a margin in cash or seeur.
I ilics, shall be regarded as insoltent.
Resolved, That so much of article 2'i of
the by-laws, as authoiics an officer of the
board to close contracts of parties in de.
fault, be suspended as to existing contracts
during three days after the opening of the
exchange. The ptesident shall appoint a
committee of three, which shall bcln ses.
sion from 2. lii to 2.15 o'clock, to determine
011 an equable market pi ice lo
which margins shall be made to
conduit, and aKo to determine a market
price at which contracts of defaulting uni
ties shall be settled.
Resolved, That all loutraets shall be
settled by check, certified ns good through
clearing house, but wheic check is tendered
upon 11 bond which i- not satisfactory, par.
Hi's must agicc upon what shall be sails
factory, but no demand for greenbacks or
currency shall he allotted.
rnispccls in t'hlcnifci.
VKslMI'llllX ny si'srnNDKI) lltXKs.
Clili:.tcio, Sept. 21'.
l'iuancial piuspects in this city thi
morning arc decidedly hilghtir. Union
National, Cook County National and Na
tional Rank of Commerce, opened their
doors and resumed business at the usual
hour this morning, and although they have
paid out considerable money, there Is noth
ing that can he called a run upon cither of
them, while there have been considerable
deposits made.
The Iiillux of currency from New York
and f nmi the country continues to be larger
not less th.m three millions hating been
received during Saturday and Sunday. Of
this incoming currency a good proportion
goes directly into the banks and the rest
Into the hands of commission merchants
for the purchase of grain by outside par.
ties. Hut It all tends to relievo the present
stringency. So tar as can bo learned there
Is no urgent demand from country banks
upon their correspondents here, and In nil
nunrtcrs confidence appears lo be icturn.
lug. This tiew of the situation Is based
upon interviews with a number of promt,
ncnt bankers and business men.
Tho New York Stale Fair.
Alhany, Sept. Sll
This has been another splendid day for
State Kair. Krom fifteen to twenty thous
and people were on the grounds The trial
of steam lire engines will lake place' (n.
Temporary Huspenslon In Albany.
AruASV, Scpi, 20.
The batikB here wo working under the
New York plan. Ford & Fuller, brokers,
announce their suspension until I'm titer
TrOill Wnslilnifloii.
rr.vsinXs PAiq '10 'v.MF.f!ICAN IN KL'tiOPS.
WtiiilNOTox, Sept. 20.
Col, Cox. pi'iiiioti agent for the District
of Columbia, has lecciitly paid four linn,
died pensions to American cltUcns redd
ing In Knglaiul. Scotland, irclnud, Wales
France. Prussia, and In tunny Instances, to
penloiieis rc-ldlng on Ihe Wands of the
Pacific and Atlantic oceans not belonging
to Ihe t.'nlted Slide-. All these arc paid
by bills of exchange. The L'nlted Slates
Is the only government that pays pemtont
to eiti.ons wlio have taken up llieir n bodes
In other countries,
The President and Sicrctnry Richardson
were- In consultation o-dny on financial
Then- tt 111; drawn fiom Ihe Frecduien's
and Washington City Satlngs bank within
ten days s)",7."i.00(i, and from other b.mksln
this city about R00,0O0. On Friday one
person alone drew from the National bank
of the metropolis- 10,000, and placed It In
the Safe: Deposit company. Most of the
money drawn Is still In the bands of prit ale
Meetlns of Dank Presidents.
Nkw Yoiik, Sept. 20.
The bank presidents met this afternoon
to consider Ihe proposition from the produce
exchange In lefercnce to the purchase of
foieign exchange. Ym lulls plans were
discussed and one finally referred to the
loan conunltteu for action.
Filial llnllrond Accident.
Prrisiirnu, Pa.. Sept. 20.
The southern cxpicss train nn the Penn
sylvania Central railroad bound east on
Sunday morning run Into a number of
Height cars that were standing on the main
track, near Dolivar station, and one pas.
nengcr, a negro, was killed and set end
others were bruised.
Dunk Kxchange.
Xk.h Yoi:k, Sept 2!L
The chamber of commerce at Charles
ton. S. C, has adopted resolution lequest
Ing Ihe secretary of the treasiirt to place
and Keep on deposit with the snb-trcasuicr
at Charleston half a million dollars for
to purchase from banks of New York.
The exchange banks at Cairo, III., and
Concord, X. 1L, linvc adopted a certified
check and a small currency payment y
torn. Weather Probabilities.
Wai: Diuinisii:,T, Omci: or hik
1). C Sept. 20. 1873 S P. M
For Xcw Knglaiul and the Middle Slates
cloudy weather and rain will prevail. To
night the winds gradually vceriusr to fresh
and brisk noitlitvesteily, decidedly lowest
temperature and very generally clear w ea
ter on Tuesday.
. Dank Kxaminor's Repot I.
Xkw Yoiik, Sept. 20.
Al the lcqiicst of tlie directors of the
llingliam (Mass.j National Dank, this in
stltutlon has been dosed by a bank exam
iner, who' makes the following repot t :
The loss by defalcation of J. C. Lotetl,
cashier, will amount to is 11,000; to meet
the liabilities of bill holders and depositors
the bank has deposited nt Washington
At (1,000, and hold notes and oilier securi
ties to the aniount of .ir23S,000, n large per
centago of which will ultimately be releas.
cd 011 deposits and circulation.
There can be no question but that all the
1 ci editors of the bank will
be paid, and a
large per cent age of the original intesf.
incuts returned tn stuckcoldcrs,
fSigncd 1 ID.vNiKt. Nr.LiiirtM,
National Daiilt.K.xainlner.
Liivett is about I'm years old and has been
e.ishier cvei since the bank was established.
Ail (tilel in New York,
Nkw Yoiik, Sepl
Wall and Ifroad streets hate been com
paratively quiet to-day.
The feeling generally N hopeful and
cheerful and theie appears lo be a nenernl
disposition to make all settlements.
The premium on legal lenders over cerll
li. d checks fell 2? to-dav.
(,'old loans were tint to picmium.
Clearings to-day were :l4,000,0Ofl.
Xo sales uf government bunds to-day.
UKsnl.t llnxs nl' lltK CI.KAKINO llol'sK.
The following is a pioposltlon .submitted
by the clearing house association to-day by
a committee! from the produce exchange,
and submitted lu the loan committee of
banks ; "That the clearing house associ
ation appoint a committee of lite, repre
senting as many different banks to buy
conimeu'hd bills witli bills of lading
attached and make requisition lo tin loan
committee tor issue of clearing house per
tlllcales fov Ihe beiivlllof shippers,
iikavy I'f.t: u:si.
It is stated that several heavy business
men of Ibis city on Saturday hist paid 11s
high as four and lite per cent a mouth lo
obtain money to meet pressing engage,
incuts. One large dry gooiN house Issued
a circular lo its customer otTeilng tun per
a month discount nn all paper due them for
IIBtt v l'.tll.l IU'.
The Clcnluni Woollen Manufacturing
Company of (ilciihaiu, N. Y., suspended
to-day. Its piesident Is not piepared to
make any statement. Its capital is est!,
mated ul (iter a million dollars. The coin,
puny ow ns 200 acres of land at tJleiih'am
w Hit large factories, iltt elllnirs and over oOO
Mlhtiiukci ('haiuber -itt Commerce.
Mll.tVAl'KKK, Sept. W,
The chamber of commerce stands ad.
joiirucil until to-morrow tn tldi meantime
the settlement or continuance of contracts
by pilt nte agiccmeut Is recommended.
Failure In Hamburg.
. ti , t ,L(ifNpos, Sypl. 21.
Ouillurv U reported' (from 'Hamburg
and It Is, cxjH'cteil tliat .'nildltloual suspen.
sions wlirbo iinnqunccd In London to-nior.
'row nuirnlug; ' .'. .
Mtiiv VorK NtocK nua. jiloue' iciurkrl.
' ' '" 7'kw YoKit, Sept, s,
. ..Liitav.uok'Kriuv.
The Cust9Us receslpts todaj' aniouptei) (o
WS.T0O.S 0' ' , ' ' " '
Money Is fieo ut a c premluui,
Stocks closed on street Mrons.
Gold closed ut 14.
Ac" Vnrli I'romicc ,-urkrl.
Nsw Yost, Sept. w.
Conoif ll .S hhtlier, ttllll raWc doing fof Hip
spinning markM, closing firm. !o1os hi bun-
nt 1SXC for middling upltihUs.
PiflCB. lleaqy. Receipts, tz,w, bbls. nt l&a
15c. lower, the demand belnif chiefly forjocal
trntlc, the difficulty heln ln selling. Tin Kx
change materially rcstrlctstho demand for ex
port. Soles of c,loo barrels of flour nt t.H
wo ;o for superflna Western nnd State ;
te.ooistuw for common to srood Extra western
and state i f0SM?I 00 for good to cholCB do j
t; 00 a 7 s for common to choice white wheat
western extra! to 10 to see for common to
pood extra Ohio i M 40 fi?10 M for common to
choice e xlra SI. Louis. Also sales of 4,000 bbls
of extra mill nour tit to.Wsr.SP, for export.
Market closlnirlieaty.
IIvk Fiflcn. The market Is quiet, wlihout
decided change, attl "MM 000.
w Corn JIkai.. The market for corn meal Is
In moderate request, without material elmnse
ln tho price at tS'joascw for Western;
M (K4 0o for llraiidywlne,
tvinsKKr. Hie market Is flrer at PV
Cash vc regular,
Viikt. Itecclpls CflS.lW bush, with licavi
prices. The market, however, Is without decid
ed clinnttc. There Is a little inoro doing ln the
atcrllng K.xchaiige, unit this has call an In
creased demand for export. Sales of
lsr,,iieO bushels : (1 KWt .". for No. 2 spring::
fl.XMl.34 for Iowa spring; lsiisl 40 for No t
Chicago ; tl 46 for No. I inula mixed Milwaukee;
tt.'1'i 1. forN. 3 Milwaukee); boat loads ut
11.41 (t 1.45 for red western ; !.47.'fl JO for re
jected sinlng.
HvK Ihe market Is quiet and iiomlnall
IHki.kv. Th market Is stesdu. Sales S5,oisj
bushels of Canada at tl.4.',.
lUut.KV Mai.t. Market Is in fair request.
Sales 1,100 bushels of ci-rowed state at tl.l') for
Coax. Itecelntsti 1,19-2 bushels, and scarcely 1
cent belter ; w.ooo bush sold e.i p imsfc iw
Western mixed: m to CT for sail do, C7ifl6s
for high mixed and Yellow western 61 for
white western C5,Vi: for sail westein mixed lu
store ; c.v tor steamer western mixed In store.
OiTS-Uecelpts B.".,voo bush. Tho market Is
scarce and tinner. Miles of .W.OOO bushels nt
taatave for old nnd western mixed ; 4s; for
old do ln store ; Mat?, while western j waste
tor black western.
Kims The market Is ilrni at to .inc. tbr
state and prime ; ate a. si for Canada and West
crn;s7cM9T. for southern.
Hay. ln fair request and iiiKh.uiged at ts t
t;o for prime.
Hoes The market Is qui, t and Una.
Com:ii-Murkel Is quiet and .uuihaii.ed.
l'.lo at 216125c.
much. Market l.s quiet aiuliminlii.il ulfi
MoLAs-ts. The market Is dull.
Hick Market Is quiet and iinoliunued.
ai'KTKOi.KCM. The market dull anil lower .11
ti:rfvfnr crude; ir;;3lAfnr retttied.
Total stnek nt zrnln In warehouse sent. ti,l,
1-73 ;
Wheal 147,sy.
Con S46.NM
flats ;'.ti,m
Hurley List
Ilarley Malt 177.7PS
Cl'oiiK. 'Ihe market Is dull and unsettled;
new mess at f 17.2.', to 17.ro ; exira prime tll.75.
Hkkf. Market is quiet attstvU'sin for plain
mess; tio 2M12 00 fur extra do.
IlKKf IUms. Market Is dull at iwasl no for
common to prime lots.
. Tickck Hum Market lsqulettieinYnlsno foi
prime mess; Its on(S20 00 Tor India mesn.
en Mkvts Market Is dull and unchanged;
mlrtdks steady; long and thort clear winter
deiu cry at 7.v i-;: long clear on snot f .
Ltim. Market Is higher old western sleatn
er nn spot quoted at B.7.I6fl,s)y.
UlTTi.it. Market is quiet nnd stead at 21'w.
2so lor fair tn prime western; and 110535 for
fair to prime state.
CHKKSK. Markit Its quiet and without
material change t2"" 1.1 for lair In prime stut
(fitoccrics anil groilsiions.
& T. V A T) V. N ,
tfh.,les.ile and Ket.ill Healeis In
f'AXNKH KI'.flTs, VICICLl'.s, Sc..
Also, liealeis 111
II1IV c.OOIIS, SHAWLS', Hill'.-, uolilis,
iicisihitr, cii.dvks, ,tc,
All :lss.,rlliienl ol
constdiitlj on hand.
I'KOM KfltCll'K.
J) K T E It II U N T E K ' m ,
M A I N S T R E E T ,
Is the place tu bio
srilAKS, TKAS, COKKEKS, 11UTTEII, crfJtl.-iK,
I'lslI, uf all kinds, OHANC1KS, LEMONS,
Kill. CANNKH Kltl'ITs,
nl lower prices than any ether place in town
Tr It lllld be cnlltlnced.
MAIS' ST1IKKT, (Kat nl.lt',)
Q. It E I", 11 T U It N K I!
Oder for sale all lhoailoiisi.iades of Keroil
susarot Superior Quality at the lAiwedt Market
Vrlcos. A siijK-i lor quality "f White suarfor
Conlectloners Use, Als.).
JAnil llie lower Stad'sOt
i' : i, 1, 0 ic .v 1.' oa it .
Ortleri I o l' stldre.s.M',1 to uur ninee In New
York, TU Wall Street, Cor. 1'eatl.
Parties iiiderliiif 10 barrels cull lime them ,is
sorted. Tekms 'Ihlrlydajs, or Cash lu films, less
K per cent, discount,
E. (i. RANTER,
pi V h T O N 3T TTrK E 'I',
All kinds of Meals, Vlsh, VeKvlablej sud
Krults In I heir seasou.
Klngnley 1: Bpiuiruci's block, Merclunls' How,
fllAGB. Wo HI Dcnnlson's Tags to
X l'rlutors and Stationers at IH'uulson'.
lowest wholesale prtciM.

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