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She gutlmul gutty (Dtok.
SATUitDAY, OCTODEU 23, 1373.
AlllllVAl, ASH llL'PAItmtl'. OP TliAI.VS.
IYoni ISellows l'alls, 1:40 A; tO:ZU a. m '2:J0 &
ts:. p. m.
" Burlington I5:4D 4: "11:32 n. m., 12:50 t7:4D
i. in.
" Port Henry, '11:52 n. tn
" Hennlujtoii, MM p. m., is.rn 4: "MS p.
" Saratoga, 11U' n. in., 9:00 p. in.
" halem, t: to t8:so a. in., t3:4ii a: '4:Wi p. m.
Pur flcllows Tails, 12:60 s M:S0a. in., '12:10 , tfi:W
p. in.
" Hurling ton, 1:13 4 two a. m '2:3n r..ors p.
" Port lP'tirj, B:os p. in.
" Pennington, t3:oo & '9:50 n. m., H t2:2.- p. in.
Naratouu, 6:tw n. m., ft '8:0.) p. in.
Salem, 1M0 S H':00 n. in., '1:00 a t!WM p. in.
Mull Train t.Mlx.'d.
I'OS) Ulllt'C.
mails oi.osn.
Harlem nttnuslon way, su'fi n. m.. .ml "."n p. in.
Lustcru way, 11.10 a. in
Troy way, 12.40 p. in.
'1 rnv, 12.40 p. in., 2. in p. m., ami u.s.i p. in.
Albany, 12.40 p. in., 2.11 p. in., ami u .'o p. in
lloston, 11.40 n. in., ami '..:') p. in.
( nnnda'i, 1.15 p. Hi.
N irMicrn way, 2.00 p. in.
11.11 tlngton, 2.011 p. in. unci 0.3O ji. in
H.ir.itnua w.ij, 2.4,1 p. in.
V v Vni'l;, 2.41 p. 111. ami 9.80 p. in.
( 11 Hurt I' ill IIL rr WttJ , Mil) p. 111.
WllJll'ltUI'k HllV, (SlUgO) 1.00 p. III.
Chittenden. (Tuesdays n lid sj.it urn, n si 3.011 p. tn.
siu. kliriilv it .ibp), 1:"0 p. in.
MAIt.fi AltlSIV I'.,
llarli'in IMi nslmi Way, !.2r, t. in.
Iiastern wuv, 2.211 p. in.
Troy way, 4.f,r p. 111.
Troy, 1.40 n. 111., 11.4.1 a. in. mm p. t.i
Albany, 11.45 a. 111., 4.Ki ami o.ln p. in.
Iloston, 1.40 11. 111. ami 2.20 p. In.
Camillas, 12.49 11. in.
Northern w n , 11.32 n. 111.
IturlliiL. ton, 12.411 timl 11.H2 a. in.
1 Surjtiimi ", 11.4.1a. 111.
I New York, 11.11 a. 111. ami I.M p. in.
' t iniici'ilrut UUrr way, 1.4.1 p. in.
Wo vlitorlf wav, (stage) HAi !. 111.
1 clilUciiiten, ( Ph. a.o s niiilM.itiinlajhilo.siiii.ln.
Muckbrldge (stage), 12:30 p. in.
fMall' v, III 1)0 promptly closed at tno sped
Herd Innll'i all leltcis deposited 111 the htrecl
liovcswllt lie collerleil at s.crs and ll.no n. in.,
12.111, l,:ui, 2.21 mill last collection lor all nlgut
mails at I'.no p. in. All letters deposited In tho
Letter Hov ul til' Depot Will lie collected by
lioiite A, nts live mliiulos previous to tho de
parture 'i r irli mall train
Viliuiilli Services.
AnvKNT Ciimti ii. No .'en lees.
Huhst. llrv. i:. .Mill", Pastors .services at
10.4.1a. in. and ..nop. 111. .S'abb.i I h school nt 12111.
t.vTiioi.ic ltev. I'liailes llojlan, Pastor i ser
vices at 8.00 and 10.20 a. 111., nnd 1. 00 p. 111.
l'ltr-scii t iTiioi.tc Itov. II. cardinal, Pastor;
Seniors at 11.00 a 111. and !-(() p. in.
CON'OKEUAIIONAL. IICV. .T. (I. .lollllSOIl, P.lStOl';
Sen Ices at 10.45 a.'m. nml T.00 p.m. ITuut
meetings Thursday and ...itiuday evenings al
Li'iscorii.. llev. W..I. Hau ls, I)l.,l!ertoi'; Morn
ltilf Prajrr with Sermon at 10.30 a. in. Niniihiv
School Immediately ntler inoi'nliu sen lee
Jlvenliv Prayer with sermon hereali 'r at ;.oo
p. m.
Mktiiodkt. lle. H. 1'. Austin, Pasior; Ser
vices at IO..10 .'. 111. Siblialh School Concert
at 7.00 p. in. Prayer Meetings Tuesday ami
Tlllir (I ij cM'lii'i fs at ll.oa, in the Cll.ipel, West
Wist HiitUtnl Mcthn.llst l'rcnr-lilnt; In Cu
tral Hall at 2.0) and 7.00 p. in.
Vouii;r tlen'. (.'Iii-istitiii .Vm'rlaiion.
Meets at their Hill, llulTum'.s lUoek, Monday
evenings for devolluu.il services ut s o'clock,
led liy lien. K. Chase. All aro muted. At tho
cloio of the il'-wjtlonal cii'i'ciscs there will he
a meeting Tor business. The members 01 tho
Hoard ot Directors, and working: committee
are requested to lie present.
Heading Ilooui freely open lo all, from 8.00 a,
m. to 10 p. 111.
Meeting at the Jail at 4 o'clock p. in.
Pooler Dlstilct. At 0.80 o'clock' p. 111.
Advert Iv d I.el tors for the wool; ending: O.'l.
2.1, 1S7.1.
I.ADILS' Lisp.
Anthony Mrs 1: 11
lleldln, Mrs M ,1
I jok, .Mrs M A
Colston, Mrs 1: A
Collins, Mrs 1:
Hailing, Mrs H
l'oss, Miss (1
Hawkins, Miss r it
Hany, Mrs Hiram
Johnson, Mr- Margaret
Konny, Mrs draco
I.nwls, Ilattie 1)
Mcl.inni, Ml-s il
Marvin, ).l.lo 1:
McWadc. JllssXrlllo
Poland, Mrs 01 Hi
Mliison, ills Hiluln
Smllli, Mrs it A
Sullivan, iirs -Mary
Scanlon, Mrs llrldiret
Salter, illss
Sumner, l;rniiels
squires, .Mrs Win
Taylor, ilra Praucls 2
Tucker, saiah A
White, ilrs Aurora
W ilder, .Mrs L A
Ml, tin, I.
llldo, .I111 lo
llarret', I.n a" .1 lines
cole, Win
1 Tipper, W c
liurinai;e. Dir. Id
Dirsnii, M
D.ilsaull, P M
Drew, P A
l auuer, A H
l-'allls, lllcliard
riannerv. T V
1nu1IUr.nl, Allien
.tones, 1: 1,
Kemptom, C II
l.avrlle, Adol)lils
Lapaile, David
I.aparte, 1'ranris
Lincoln, (leu it
Little, Xorali
Moo Iv, .lohn
ilcllanoy, .lohn
ik urea, Lwnan
.stluchoiir, c w
se.nlt. (ieo W
.Sjituldlmr, (i p
SllK'lllll, v P
T.nlor, Win K
Tou ue. It ,S
W'llllainson, AIe.
1IHI.I) l'OI! l'OSTAdi:.
( arpenler, Mr. II II (Ulil)-, Lejnuin
1 'l.iv, illss.I'Uinli: Il Sweet, il
liourne, A II
When application Is made fir nn advertised
letter, tho applicant must irlvndatoot advurllse
inent. If not called lor within one month they
will Ijo sent to the Dead Letter Ollice.
.!. n. K1LI1UHN, P. il.
The Biin fcets lo-iiiglit at (7:03 j rises to
morrow morning at 0:20. Sets 011 Stmtlay
evening at 15.03 ; liscs oil -Monday inorning
at 0.27.
The legulrtr ronyeiition of tlio Iv niglits
of l'liythias will lie lielil at Odil Fellow's
Hall, Globe Illock, this Satiutlay evening,
at 7.K0 o'clock.
Hegular meeting of Washington Kngino
Co. Xo, 2, tliis Saturday evening nt 7.!i0
liev. P. N. Granger, agent of the Ver
mont Stale Temperance Society, will speak
at the. Town Hull on Sunday evening nt
7;!i0 o'clock. Tilt? public me earnestly in
vited to attend.
The Central Vermont railroad lnvo put
upon their road a new engine hearing the
name or "T. V. Park-."
Hon. William T. Ilorrlhln nnd wife,
daughter of Hon. W. S. Southv.oi lit of
UennlngtoiO sailed from Liverpool in the.
Abyssinia. vhi( h is duo in New Yoik lo'
As an Instance of Hie tightness of the
money market, says the Troy 1'rm, wo
need only say tli.it ijOO.OOO of tlio paper of
a rcitain piomlnent lion maniif.ictui'iiig
company of Troy a firm woilh millions
was offered a couple of days ngof,r salo nt
eighteen per cent, discount.
Harvest homo festivals with inleiesting
pervices ate being observed in tlio Kplseo
pal churches throughout the country.
The Vergeniies Vtrmonter says : -'Uieat
times nt tlio liuthind Opera lloum, Octo
ber 28lh. Nost, the Inimitable, with black,
board sketches, will convnUo nil who may
attend. Persons with (iosc-lUtlng gar
incuts ate not advised to attend."
The town was enveloped In u heavy fog
last evening.
air. I). M. Varney, the well-known liur-
lmston gim-Miilth, dledon Wednesday last,
after a short Illness.
A largo number of loouisat tlio llutr
and 1 Jut ton seminary arc engaged for the
winter term. This lline-liomned Institution
under tho efficient management of Piof. II.
II. Shaw, Is winning golden opinions nnd
a full ineasitio of 6ucceas Is due him for
Ids many qualifications as a teacher mid a
The ('0111111)11110118 of tholloston churches
to the American board of commissioners
for tho current year iiinoiiiite I to more
than 830,!!00 Including tho funds which
reach the treasury through tlio woniens
Prof. Herrick of Ilangor (Maluo) Thco-
logical Seminary, la to deliver a seilcs of
of lectures, at Chester, entillcd, ''NoU'iof
Foreign. Travel."
The National life Insurance company of
New York, which lias just failed eliould
not bo confounded with the Natbnal of
Montpelier, of which Dr. J Y Dewey Is
president and Hon. Cliailes Dewey, vice
president, or the National of Washington,
of which Jay Cook Is director, as both me
sound and reliable companies.
G D Croff says the Snratojian, architect,
lias recently returned from Europe where
bo spent a couple of months visiting many
of tlu-places of Interest In Great Britain
nnd on the continent, storing liU portfolio
with valuable sketches, nnd adding to his
Store of professional knowledge. Sir.
Cioff was formeily a resident of ltutland.
Shade trees have been attacked liy the
borer worms. Unless tlicc worms nie re.
moved, they will kill tho tiers.
Our merchants aro canvassing the sub
ject of the eaily closing of their stores
dining tlio winter months.
lion, Thorn is K Powers of Woodstock,
h.11 been elected vlce-picsident of the New
England informed men's association, a new
organization composed of men who have
been reclaimed from Intemperance.
Thomas Nat, who lectures la the ltut
land course next week, lectured In Law
rencf, .Mass., on Thursday evening and
created Immense amusement by caricatur
ing mayor Taiiiov and postmaster Merrill.
The joke was Intensified by the presence
of both gentlemen on tlio pi ltforin.
On the first page will be found an attltie
about "Making Home Attractive." It Is n
nioft sensible nitiiio wiiltcn in n familiar
style, full of vciy excellent suggestions.
The author is a writer of more than ordi
nary merit, who will pi escnt from time
to time in the columns of Tin: Uioiik
sketches and familiar eiery day thoughts
for tho people.
How line nie the 'words of Ihe poet in
these days :
"There's something hut what I can scarcely di
vine Pciclintice 'lis thelireatli, like a potent wine,
of the conllal, clear October
Which makes when the JoMal month comes
The life Mood thrlli, and tho puls;s hound
Anil the lieurt go forth II ko a monarch crowned
find's grace 011 theliravo October 1"
Senator .Tustln S. Morrill is spending a
few days In New York.
A musical soap man gave an exhibition
near liie north end of the depot park last
William M. Field will sell at miction to
day, at 2 o'clock p.m., a lot of land, near
Ihe Fairgrounds, on which are several val
uable building lots. Mechanics and others
desiiing to i-ecurc for themselves a good
building hit will do well toghe it attention.
Head Kenn's new advervtiscnient. He
keeps a large vaiiety of fancy at tides.
Hon. Willi im Parsons of England opens
the Manchester lectin 0 course Nov. 13th.
Hon. Daniel Baldwin has been Pie.-I-denl
of the Vermont Mutual File Insurance
Company thlrly-one years, and James T.
Thurston its tie.isurer tlihty years. Hon.
Joseph Poland has been secretary of the
Farmers' Insurance Company twcnty-tlucc
years as has Samuel Wells, V.-i., been its
treasurer for tlio same period.
The I'.inoiama of California, Oiegon and
Iho Noilhwcft at tho Town Hall this (Sat
urday) c cuing. It is said to be a good ex
hibition. Sec advcitisemont in another
(albciTd gems and fashion notes on first
Poetry and two stoiies on Hie fouilb
Intel estlng reading 011 the second page
of to-day's lii.om:.
Miss Minnie E. (iiegory daughter of ihe
Hon. John Gregory of Northlli'ld, is read
ing in vailous pnits of tho State, giving
great satisfaction to her audiences.
I'll" docket for the December term of
the Windsor county remit contains 27i!
civil cases, 7 divorce, fi ciiininal, and 41
chancery cases.
Chnilcfc ,. Dana of Woodstock is clctk
to the committee on public buildings at
It will be seen by lcferencc to another
column that Mr. Cailton of Woodstock
challenges A. II. Danfoith to match Kitty
Thorn against the hoiso Fred. Billings in a
The Bethel races netted about $1,000
those at ltutland did not pay. Itcaon, dif-
feicnce in management.
Enllow, mcichants, close their stores nt
dark on Tluusday evenings.
Sewing machine agents hae been busy
this bcason at Wcathcr.-Iicld, and quite sue
ccbsful in making folks believe them. In
one neighhoihood of the town fifteen first-
class machines have been bought within the
year, nnd It isn't much of n neighborhood
cither for sewinir. machines.
Eleven hundred mid llfty dollars in pur.
bcs were trotted for 011 the Gteen Mountain
tiottlng pail; in Banc, on Tluusday and
Friday. F01 ty entries weie made.
Tho editor of the Bellows Fulls Time
has a lock of Captain Jack's hair 011 exhibi
tion at his ofllco.
A new mixed train has been put ou the
tho valley load from Bellows Falls to Biat-
tlcboro, leaving tho Falls at 10 p. 111.
Mrs. E. J, C. Noble of Chester, gives a
leading at Bellows Falls on Tuesday even
ing, Oct. 2.
Milieus I), (i rover, the acting district at
torney in the Shaw poisoning case, noticed
In the telegraph columns, whose masteily
argument and successful triumph Is
commended, Is well known to many
of our cltl.ens. He was for four
ycais repicscntntivo from Wells In the
Icgislatuie. Ho was opposed by two of
the ablest lawyers in northern New York,
lie studied law with our townsman Hon.
D.iUd E. Nicholson.
Wnsr lltni.AND. Key. Dr. Iliiiris will
officiate nt West ltutland, to-morrow at
il.!!0 p. 111.
Tiusiiv Ciitnnat. The I lector will speal;
upon " the Evangelical Alliance " to-mor.
row cicnhig,
hclucliiill ill Selils lor lliii !, Hun
The lecture committee of the Young
Mens' Christian Association desiring and
Intending lo deal justly with every pur
chaser of their season tickets, and with fa.
vor towards 110110, will restrict tho selec.
Hon of seats to tho actual number of tickets
taken by each subscriber, and in no case
will n singlo Individual bo allowed to ic
rcrvo nioio than six seats at tho same
The selection will bo made in tlio usual
manner nnd will take placo on Tuesday
morning next at nine o'clock, at the music
store of Ji B. Sleeker,
Kill)' Tlinru Wlllsllio Purse of SlflO,
nml l.mifffollou' the ICtluiililff
At the race on Friday nficinonn
for n parse $100, gheil by the
cilbcnc of the vlllageand vicinity,
but two horses weie entered "Kitty
Thorn" entered by A. II. Danfoith
and "Hoyal Mike," cnteicd by Mr.
Wright of Biidporf. But n small number
weie In attendance, Hie clouds poi tending
rain up to the lime Hie race was called.
The judges weie Messrs. E. Dawley,
Hiram I.ineoln ami Walter Smllli.
rilSHT 1IKA1.
Iloyal .Mike started 11 little ahead,
Kitty Thorn had tho polo and soon passed
to the front, maintaining that position
throughout. Itoyal Mlko broke once
badly, while Kitty Thorn nocr lost her
feet and came In neatly a length ahead of
'lime, 2.4.-.
HliOOS'I) Iir.AT.
This was a close race to the half uillo
pole, both horses neck and neck until
Kitty Thorn broke near tho placo named
when Itoyal Mike passed to (lie front and
kept it to the close, tiottlng finely and win.
nlng tiie beat by several lengths.
Time, 2.44.
11111:11 IIKAT.
Itoyal .Mike broke badly on the Hist
quarter and Kltly took the lead to the first
half when she broke and Mlko passed her.
Kitty, however, regained her feet and at
the lliiid ipiarter Kitty wal ahead. Mlko
again passed her and won by n few feci.
Killy Thorn, however, was given tlio heal,
Mike being set back fo second for run
ning. Time, 2.11.
rornnt iikat.
Kitty kept Iho lead to the fiisl half,
when Mike passed her. Kitty again went
to tho front at the third ipni'lrr, lull near
the mile pole Mike pa ed f'01 ward nml won
bv a neck.
Time 2.-15.
ririii iilai.
In this lieal some good tiottlng was
hown, especially 111 the last half mile.
Kitty stinted ahead, but broke and Mike
passed her. At tin1 half mile pole Kitty
was a trill ahead, when ensued a line con
test, the horses being neck and neck for
the third quarter of a mile. Kitly, how
ever, passed to front and kept It to the
close, winning by a length.
Time 2:11.
ni'sxtxo i:ai 1:.
This was for n purse of fsin, half mile.
heats, best two in Unco.
John Engl em entered b g ltutland Boy.
J E Iluntnou cnteicd s g I.ongfellov.
A -McCoy enleied g g Gray Eagle.
l'lnsr 111: at.
ltutland Boy took the lead and kept il,
running like John Gilpin's horse of famous
note passing the half-mile polo on the
keen jump, and ticer stopping till the mile
was finished, his dihcr labeling under the
impression Hint It was a mile heat.
Time, 1:07.
sl'l ONIl IILA'l.
.Much liieiriincnt was created throughout
this race in both heats 1 111010 fun than has
been seen on the grounds this season. Biit
land Boy had a groat piopenslty for shying
it a hole hi the fence, nnd in Hie first heat
neatly put an end to the existence of sev
eral spectators. No injuiy was caused,
however, but a good deal of laughter. In
this beat a close contest was bad between
liiltland Boy and Longfellow to tho first
quarter pole, when Longfellow took the
lead and kept it to tlio dose of the half
mile ; ltutland Boy second, Gray Eagle
Time, 1:01.
Gray Eaglo was drawn at the beginning
of this heat, leaving hut two to stmt.
Rutland Boy again shied feai fully, while
Longfellow 1 tin well, and kept the lead
Time, 1:0!J.
"lire Court.
Oscar Phillips was ai ranged yesterday
befoio Justice IL W. Porter for intoxica
tion, and was fined sria.'.ll. Ho disclosed
tluee offences against C. E. Stone and one
Peter Hunter. Stone appealed, and Hun
ter's case was continued. Geo. E. Law
rence appealed ns grand juror,
.'! Village Dlri rloiy.
Our village Is now being canvassed for a
complete general directory of our citizens,
to which will bo added a business and
street directory, nnd much of useful infor
mation of local interest. A good dlieetory
will be a ciedit to Rutland, and as it Is over
two years since the last 0110 was published
wo hope that the enterprise will bo piopcr
ly supported. Messrs. Fitzgerald and Dll.
Ion mo the publishers.
A Bui-si! ItAi'i: A brush nice took
place on the fairgrounds yesterday morn
ing for 11 purse of ir-10, between a horse
owned by Moses Gordon of Brandon, and
D dry Maid owned by Mr. Todd of Rut
land. The Dairy .Maid, driven by C. E.
Stone, won Iho first he.it ; Gordon's horse
tho second ; Dairy .Maid winning the lliiid
and fouith heats. Time, iLOJI, :i,13, 11.11
mid 8.10. On the foiiifh heat A. McCoy
was substituted for tho dliycr of the Gor
don horse.
A (iillllcnu'tt lii llmiliirlli,
LuiiiKU o, (litr.r.NT, Lsij.
Dear .Sir .There bus been Unco Hie Windsor
county fair 11 hii'Ko amount of talk liy tlio fi lends
ot tlio horses 1'rul llllllnirsand Kitty Thorn, in
lelatlon to their tiottlnt; qualities. Now to
fflvu euTjliody 11 eliunco to Judi-o which Is tlio
fastest and hestliorso I will make .Mr Sawyer
ami tho owners ot KUty Thorn an oircr to trot
tho horse, frcd Hllllngy against their maio
Kitty Thorn, for $too 11 side, best 3 In n to har
ness, on tlio track at llethel, Veimonl, nccord.
luff to Nulloiml rules, any day this month, by
their cuing mo uotlco In willing llvo days be
forotlio racotliat they accept my proposition.
If either party falls to Hot, floutobii forfoUut
lo tho other party, nil of Iho money to bo de
posited with II OTciinant, Ilsq., ot Ilctliel, Ver
mont, by la oVlock noon iho day bcforolho
race. To bo good day and good track, If not,
next good day mid track, conUIIIoii of day and
track to bo decided hy iho Judges selected for
tho race Judges lu bo appointed by Mako
uolder, J. W.Cuimom.
Woodstock, VI', Oct, w, 1973.
Special to the Olode.
The Conviction.
It 1:
II If. Ml.
Sandt Iltt.t,, Oct. 21.
Tlio trial of Shaw for the murder of his
wife ntut three children by poisoning at
Cambridge, N. Y., some months ago, was
concluded to d iy. M. 1). Grover, of Gran
ville, acting District Attorney commenced
bis argument nt nine o'clock hi the 1110111
lng closing at one o' lock In the afternoon.
Ho reviewed Ihe whole case thoioiighly In
his addles to the Jury which was an able,
convincing mid eloquent effort. Mi" Grov
er was wai inly applauded on all sides at
flu conclusion of his argument.
The charge of the Judge, which wa9
about an hour In delivery, was nil able and
and impartial review of tlio testimony and
a clear statement of the law governing the
The jury retired at four o'clock and re
turned at eight o'clock. They rendcied a
verdict of "guilty of murder in the Hist
At eight o'clock lids morning the pilson.
cr was brought Into com t. lie had cvi
do. illy spent a sleepless night. Hon. Jo
sepb Poller of Whitehall, the presiding
Judge, then pronounced the following
Charles Shaw : The jury vhtually select
ed by yourself have convicted you of the
ciiine of murder the murder of your
w'.fe. It now becomes the painful and
f oleum duly of the com I lo pronounce the
judgment of the law upon such comictlon.
What have you to say why judgment
should not bo pionoiinced against you?
The Piisoner I am innocent of the
crime of which 1 am convicted. Thank
God, I am Innocent of taking the lives ol
my little children nnd my wife. If I die. I
die Innocent.
The Judge -The court will now proceed
lo pronounce the judgment of the law.
You hnc had a fair tihd. The county has
provided you the ablest counsel of the
country. The county has pioeuied such
witnesses for your defense as you and our
counsel de.-iied. Those counsel haio
brought to your defense all thai patient in
quiiy, earnest woik, high legal attainment!)
mid eloquent advocacy could uccoinplMi.
lilehes, le.-pectabillty and filends could
have done no more in your behalf than has
been done by them. Notwithstanding all
this, and much nunc, the eiidcnce has con
strained tiie minds of tlio juiy Intonicr
dict of guilty. Tho conn will lefrain fiom
further cxpicsslon. Us wouls would not
be heard by you with your present sur
roundings. Standing ih you do, with Hie
grave- of your niurdeied wife and chlldien
on one side mid your own preparing upon
iho oilier, my words could signify nothing.
I will only say that in the Interval of time
thai awaits you think not of pardons, com
mutations of sentence or new trials, but de
vote Hint time to a ici lew of Ihe past and
preparation for the future. The court now
oidcis nml adjudges that you bo taken
from hence to the j.dl at Salem ; that you
be detained theicln unlil the SStli day of
November next ; that on that day, between
the hours of 10 in the forenoon and 2 in Hie
afternoon theirof, you be hanged by Ihe
sherilf or oilier proper olllccr by the neck
until you nie dead.
When this final doom was pionoimeed,
the prisoner wept like a child. When the
verdict was lendered by the jury, Shaw
buried his face iu his hands for a few mo
ments, and looked about him as if con
fused by Ihe unexpected blow.
Largo audiences lime been in attendance,
and public opinion seems to bo divided as
to the justii c of Iho verdict, for a majoiity
believed tlio jury would not agiee.
lion. Chailes Hughes, 1 ounsel for Shaw,
announce this afternoon his Intention to
move for 11 new trial, and Hie couit ad
journed until the ICth of November, to
settle a bill of exception.
W. II. T.
Special to tlio (I1.0H1:.
E. Dickenson at Brandon.
Biiamiox, Oct. 21.
The first lectin c of Iho Brandon lecltuo
couiko was dellveicd by Miss Anna E.
Dickenson on Iho subject, ''For Your Own
Sake." Tho Congiegatlonal chinch, wheio
Iho alfalr occiincd was well lllled by the
best citizens of Brandon, wilh a good
spiiukling of people from ltutland and ad
joining towns, Iho chinch is spacious
and well ordered for such au occasion nnd
this ei cuing was handsomely decorated
with How cm of rarest hue and sweetest
pctlmue, In honor of tlio lcclmer and the
object which brought tho spectators
Judging from tho attendance and the
general inteiest manifested nt her appear.
unco here, Miss Dickenson is eiidently a
faioilto with Brandon people. Wo under
stand she Is not 11 stranger fo the lecture
going public hcie and consequently tho full
attendance may bo ronsliloicd 11 compll
incut to the fair and famous Anna.
Whether tho many and ficqticut repoits
circulated with regard lo tho appioachlug
nuptials of the l.idy in quesTlTTrnivo Into or
enlliely without foundation, Is not n matter
of Inteiest In the least to Iho audience- s
they go lu hear and to enjoy what they
hear: to be icgalcd by the pointed sar
c.isin and sharp tmtrio which 111 0 sum to
come fiom tho lips of tho Icctiuer, and to
hear a lain (because true) expose of some
of life's secret faults. Although the tluciid
of Ihe argument runs not like a tale that is
told and Is but dimly discernible nt times,
yctlhu mind is very well Interested and the
attention Is very pleasantly diverted from
surrounding circumstances to the subject
In hand.
Miss Dickinson, wo lollovc, made a very
favorable impression on tho minds of the
audience, In this new nnd latest production
of hers with so curious a title.
She was Introduced In fitting wouls by
Prof. J. S. Clllcy, who spoke, In compli
mentary leims, of her fame as a speaker
upon the platform. The lectttrcsr then
Immediately entered upon the theme ot the
evening's addrcs9, and, as she continued,
warmed with the subject.becomlng Imbued
with an earnestness which at Hi1! close be
came decidedly eloquent, Impressing the
audience with her superior powers as a
champion of tho theme under confident
The nnln points touched upon were the
great tendency of hum inlty to Ihe, not for
their own sikes, but for the sike and In
fear of other people. From Infancy the
child Is undo to fill a cerl iin role in life
niuikedoiit by lis p iicnls,whn, luoiderto
make him what they dcslic, chip off Hie
eilgc.sofliisn.itiir.il cliir.ieter, dwaif his
Intellect and powers of thought and action,
an 1 consequently the child 111 ikes precious
hard woik living at all, The speaker ic-
ferrcd In pointed rennrks to the great fear
cntcitalned by mankind iu general for the
opinions of society, living not In the enjoy.
ments of life for their own sike, but even,
in their otherwise happy condition, ate In
constant fear of other people, but, said
the speaker, people don't say lulf as much
about us as we think they do and don't
think so much nbout us as they say.
An abstract of Ihe lecturo will be given
In our next issue. Soi
Special to the lllobe.
I'irc al Keeue.
Kklni:, N. IL, Oct. 21.
A wood shed and about two hundred
colds of wood, belonging lo the Chcshlie
railroad company, about four miles west
of Krone, were destroyed by lire on Thurs
day night. Loss, .si 1,309.
Woallu1!' Probabilities.
i au Dr.rAici jii.xt, On ici: or 1111: 1
hlll'.rSlflN'ALOlTKTIi, WAsliiXiilON,
1). C, Oct. 21, IS7JS 8 P. SI. )
On S.ituiday for tho Middle and Eastern
States sout-we-t wind wilh putly cloudy
The Union Trusl Companj.
Ni:h Yoiiic, Oct. 21.
l'lie meeting of the Union Trust Coin-
pany dli colors yestei day was very stormy,
mil the attempt to lix upon a plan for re
sumption was a failure. Resumption of
business hinges upon the payment of the
Lake Shoie loan by Commotion1 Yander-
bilt. Theicis no hope of the lesiunption
of Ihe tiust company unle-s the tH.ToO.OOO
is obtained from the Luke Shore company
iu cash. The commodoio has been request
ed to give his notes and say that Hie com
pany can get them cashed on Wall stirrt,
the proposition was icjecled. It is said
that unless 111 rangemcnts me made um1.iv
for an Immediate settlement of the loan,
steps will be taken to throw tho Lake
Shore inihoad Into bankiiqitey.
The Yellow l'cier.
Mmii'ins, Oct 21 Noon.
Theie has been twenty-four deaths from
yellow fever within the past twenty-four
Their was a heavy I rost la-t night nnd
Ice formed a qiiaitrr of an inch In thick-
A jcilow lever iiuiso gave catholic acid
lo a patient jesterd iy by mistake which
caused his death in a few minute. Another
nurse attempted to outrage the wife of a
patient In his chaige.
A magistrate was summoned to a lrsl-
deuce iu the city yosteid.iy to marry 11
couple and when he arrived he found
another magistrate holding mi inquest over
a member of the family who had died tud
denlv. The maiilago was postponed
The weather to-day is clear and cool.
The Masonic fraternity have aiisweied
so liberally to the appeal of their btethern
In this eily for aid that 110 fiulher assi't
anco is necessary.
The Lake Shore and Union Trust Co.
Nkw Youk, Oct. 24.
The Kxpiess says tho Lake Shore matter
with the Union Trust Co. Is being rapidly
cleaied up and has much heller look than
this morning. Commodore Vandeibill, to
day, offered in settlement for 11 loan of
4,?no,000, bis note at three, siv and nine
months collateral understood to be Ilar
lcm nt HO. Trustees of the Trust Company
hnu1 just voted to accept the offer and tho
matter may now l e considered closed. An
oiler to discontinue notes has aheady been
leeched and the receiver will ask permis
sion of Hie court to accept tho same, lu
regard lo many stoiies afloat to-day it is
proper to ' to that Sir. Wesley continues
to deny them. L ike Shore bonds w hieh
were transferied to Grinned A Co. came
to that firm in the irgidat way, nnd their
transaction in tho matter were perfectly
straight. Ills lepored that Iho transfer
of propci ty fiom Mr, Banker to Connno.
doie Vnndcrbilt w as to secure the latter for
advances made during tho lato panic.
l'lom Washington.
Wasiiinoion, Oct. 21.
The Spanish legation has been raised to
the rank of embassy, and cx-Picsident
Figuras has been appointed ambassador.
Sccretaiy llobcfoii ic-alllrins that theiu
is 110 longer any doubt Capt. Hall died a
natural death; that their are no facts
pointing in tho slightest degico towards
any other story, and that the whole tepoit
had Its oilglu In supposition by a news
paper. Skulling Down.
Bosion, Oct. 21,
The nail works of tho Bay Slate Iron
winks, employing 2(15 hands, have sus.
ponded operations.
Tho Atlantic mills at Lawrence have shut
down and will am only four days per
Held lor Trial.
Boston, Oct, 21.
Tlio threo men arrested for throwing nn
old woman out of a second story window,
have becu held for trial.
I'rom New York.
Nnw Yoi-.i;, Oct, 31.
Tho steamship Kronprlnr. from Bremen.
The steamship France lroni Liverpool,
and Rhine from Bremen.
says n's A UE.
Rev. Win. Muuscy brands as maliciously
false the published story of his being an lu.
Thompson's shingle factory nt Oshkosh.
Wis., Is burned. Loss SI 1,000 j Insurance
James Lowell has been committed for
trial for murdering his wife In Maine,
Tluee Inches of snow fell nt Negotiate,
Wis., nnd seyen inches at Foit dairy Man.
sa 1 1.1:0.
The steamship Pennsylvania sailed from
(Jueenstown for Philadelphia to-day.
The governor's private secretary lias ob
tained the views of one hundred persons at
Huntington on the Kelscy affair.
The body of an unknown man has been
found on Newport beach with a note say
ing he had committed no crime, and ask
ing lo lie bulled at sea.
At Boston a meeting, piesided over by
the mayor, was held In tho exchange to
day. It appointed a committee fo raise
stibsciiptlon.s for Memphis.
A despatch from Sluevcpoit, La., says
tlio sudden change in the weather Wednes
day night hastened tho death of all In a
critical condition and developed quite 11
number of new cases, most of them in the
outskitts of the city.
Twenty-two thousand dollars wrre sub
seiibedat Louisville for the Sleinphis suf
fei crs.
A gentleman recently leturned from Con
necticut represent the lnunufacUiiiiig in
terests of Hint state as In an unfoitunato
condition. From fifteen lo twenty thous
and opeiative and factory bands have
already been thiown out of employment.
l'lUZ.i: KKIIIT.
A dispatch fiom Chicago says Billy Slad
den and James Taylor fought 1111 hour and
ten minutes, llfty-llvo lounds. Both prin
cipals and every spectator weie captured
by the police.
Tho e.i-e of Shanks, the editor, has been
adjourned fill to-moriow by Judge Fan
cher, and he was lclcased on his own ic
eogni.uncc. The couit room wasciowdcd.
It having been icpoited that several of
the associated banks were embairasscd, the
manager of the dealing hou-e states that
theie i- no truth In it, and Hint all the banks
are iu a portion to pay live times their lia
bilities. I UK w LSI I'.liX t'NION.
President Otton of the Western Union
telegraph company denies a minor lately
circulated that the lines of the company
weie to be leased toapaifyof capitalists.
No piopositiou has lieen submitted. He
al.-o denies another rumor that the dimeu-sion-
of the new telegraph building will be
1 educed.
The conform c committee of Apollo
I Hall and the Republican county conven-
tj,, to-day agieed upon n joint ticket
which will be submitted to Hie general
bodies to-night for their appioval. Judges
of the siipienio com t, Enoch L. Puncher,
Judge Van Vorst j superior court, Isaac
Dayton, Alexanders. Spaulding or Wilder
A'lcn ; marine couit, Judge Howiand,
Apollo Hall has not named a candidate ;
sheiilV, John .McCool j county cieik, Saxe
H. Bailey ; coroners, Michael Ciegan,
Jason N. 1 Ici man, Patiick Kcenaii or Cor
nelius Flyiin j nldeimnn not yet named.
Nor liK.MH) nam.
No news yet received if the missing
steamer Isinalla.
Julius Wadswoith has been nominated
liy Apollo Hall to succeed Congressman
James Brooks.
Nor u:r.
The statement that Thomas Miuphy had
declined the seventh district seiiatoilnl
nomination is premature.
OOlxn lo hllMKK.
Tiie cigar makers last night determined
lo strike against a lcilnction of wages pro
posed. The reduction Is about two dolhus
per thousand.
A picked ciew of the Nassau boat club
was defeated by a picked crew ot the At
lantic ycsteulay on the llmiein river, ills
tanco tin ce miles.
At a Tammany ratification meeting in
First avenue last evening, Hie plitfum
g.ie way, burying tho speakers, commit,
tee, band and lcpoitcrs. No one was se
riously hurt.
The board of police yesterday received a
communication from the grand jury asking
for information that will enable them to
take action for the suppression of gambling
Henry New man, alias Dutch llelniieh,
was yesterday taken from tho Btilovf.o
hospital and' balled in ijfi.OOO. It Is not
piobahlo he will live lo bo nt tho new trial
granted by the couit of appeals.
The Mayor Is to scud ill a now batch of
pollen justice nominations nt tlio next
im cling of Iho boaul of aldermen, Ho is
greatly surprised at the summary manner
lu which his nominations weie rejectedyes.
The Tammany nominations last evening
weioi Secouddistrlct, W P Kilk ; third
district, James Hayes j ninth dlstilct, A J
Slattensons twelfth district, Francis
Murray i thirteenth dlstilct, Joseph H
Hortou j fourteenth district, John Slur,
phyi eighteenth district, Bernard Sic
A VACItr 1'ltlE.
J F Louisa, captain of tho yacht En.
chanticss, has wiitten a letter to the New-
York yacht club declining to accept the
Cape Slay challenge cup won by the En-
chantress without the fullest endorsement
of the club. The action of the legattn
committee lu awarding the cup was fully
Tlio pioceedlngs in bankruptcy against
the estate of Peake, Opdyke & Co., pie
viously referred to, were Instituted by
Low, llairisou & Co., and other ciedltor
of the suspended firm. It is said Mr. Low
has now withdiawn proceedings because
such a step would cmbairuss the cfforls
which aic now being made for a general
extension of the Indebtedness of the con
cern. ANOTIISIt sonmn-law.
A large amount of valuable propel ty in
this city was turned over to Commodoie
Vimderbilt ycsteulay by James H Banker,
treasurer of tlio Lake Shoie road. The
deeds of conveyance are published In full.
Banker, a son-in-law of Vnndeibllt, pos
sessed nn Immense foitunc nnd hud mi In
come estimated at 30,000, but Is now sup
posed to he ruined. Ho was one of the
tluee largest debtors of Grinnell & Co.
The above transfer of property Is to secuie
Vnndeibllt against Banker's losses,
yr.i.i.ow rcvEis.
Four yellow fever deaths In .Montgomery,
Ala, have occuned within the last 21
Hamilton Fish, jr., was nominated for
the assembly by the Republicans of Put
nam county to-day.
The Washington monthly report, No. 1,
of the bmoau of statistics, contains statis
tics of our fotcign trade for the fiscal year
1S7JJ, as compared with that of 1872.
The Imports of ficc articles iu 187ii were
i:t0,0Sl,S0.1 ; In 1872, :i0,94,870. The Im
poits of dutiable articles iu 1871! weie 4S0,.
10S,02S , in 1872, 458,0 17,403. The do
mestie exports in 1871! weie 003,078,000 : In
1872, 501,U0a,8!):j. Foieign exports in 1873
weie 1;J,:J02,-1!11 ; in 1872, 0,003,312.
Mi'.KiiNo or cmuiiioiis.
At a largo mooting of Hie cieditois of
Kenyon, Cox & Co., to-day, a proposition
was submitted which was accepted by all
present, numbering seven-tenths of the
whole. Particulars of the provision with
held. I'OI.OMNCI.
Capt. Samuel N. Smith; a ship bioker,
residing at Patehogue, L. I., was arrested
on a charge inado by a scivunt gill, tli.it
the latter was compelled by Smith to give
his wife poison with intent to kill her. The
woman had evidently been poisoned, but is
recovering. A woman in the neighborhood
is also implicated.
Smith denies the w hole story. All the
parties ate in Hie hands of the police.
COKONEUs' VKimior.
The jury decided to-day that ex-as-seinblynian
Tower committed suicide.
stai:vi:i) in death.
A man named Gwynno of Brooklyn,
who has been missing a fortnight was
found In the woods near Jamaica last night
starved to death.
The Stokes Trial.
Nkw Yomc, Oct. 21.
In the Stokes trial then: is nothing new
this moiniug, but he went over thestoiy of
his troubles witli Fik, his law suits, ic
conciliation, flesh quanel, etc. He never
said Fisk would not live to sec him tried if
he was indicted iu Judge llixbv's court.
After describing his stib-equent movement
up to tlio 111 rival at the hotel, the witness
was asked, "When you went up stairs and
saw that you did not know the lady that
you went up to look at, why did yon not
immediately go away ? Answer : " be
cause theie weie a number of ladies in the
other pailor, and 1 was rather attracted by
them, I think ; besides I was admiring the
hotel had never been In that poitiou of il
The Like Shore Bonds.
Nkw Yoiiic, Oct. 24.
Tho Times claims in relation to the trans
fer of $2,250,000 lu bonds of the Lake
Shore hy tho Union Trust Company, that
au attempt has been made to cover up one
of the most stupendous fiamU iu railroad
management ever brought to light, and
keep a matter of immense defalcation hid
den away fiom tho public, on account of
the reputation for lcspcctability which his
attached to men most prominent in diveit
Ingpiopcrly of 11 gieat railioud to their
own uc.s. It says the receiver of Hie
Ti 11st company scouts tho idea of itiegu.
latities in Hie Lake Shoie bond matter, as
connected with the Union Tiust Company.
The Times says so far as Hie Ti list com
pany is concerned the transfer of $2,250,
000 wasonliioly legular, hut, on authoiity
of a gentleman thoroughly convcisaiit witli
all tho facts, we 111 0 enabled to say that
the bonds weie used for purposes of ptl.
vate speculation by prominent olllcials con
nected willi the Lake Shoie railroad, and
that the eoipoiation has lieen absolutely
swindled out of the propel Iy. The Trust
company, acting on nulers, tran-fened the
bonds of George B. G1i11m.il A- Co. These
bonds weie hypothecated by Grhincll A;
Co., and 11-ed as collateral for loans. The
money dciived in this way was Used iu
slock speculations for the private account
of prominent people in the Lake Shore, and
bus, In consequence of tho panic, been
swept away. The Times also say : "Not
only have $2,250,000 hi bonds of the
Lake Slioie company been embezzled and
squaiideied, hut theie is no additional de
falcation by which the cash ot the corpor
ation has been is a large extent depleted.
The loss lo the Lake Shoie railroad, accord
lug to the best information at hand, Is
about 3,000,000.
. York I'roilucii .Hurler).
New Yoiik, oet. 2J.
I'diioK-Miuket Is hi moderate request for
OMHiit mill homo Use ill ',0 decline 011 all
ifrndrs cu'cpi ordinary. Ilecelpls i.sdo bales
at 15'4'i! for uplands.
l'uiuu lieccliils I5,i5 bbls. .Market rather
more active and pi Ices rj'hci ally without dr.
elded chaiiice. Thru1 Is 11 llllle better export
Inquiry, ami triidi) are also disused to buy with
rather morn fieedoni., Hales UkLOuo blsnt f.1
t 75 for buierllne slato and Western; fo 00 14 0 10
for common to k'ood KMra western and suite j
a -ifkT no for irnod to choice do; $1 CK)i.s7 CV
tor coiiimou to cholco wiilto wheal western ex
tra; fillulo 17ft for common to e;ood extia
Ohio ; fa 8ft .?lo 75 for common to choice exlia
M. Ixiuts, tho market closlni; heavy on slilpplnu'
ltv-K l'uiuu. Tlio market steady tit M w
$a ft),
L'okh JlrAt.. The inaiket for corn meal Is
in fair request mid steady at MUM aivsfor
Western; f 3 m . a lis for nraiulywlnc.
Whiskey, Tito miuket Is shado easier
at SJWJIe.
VViiKtT. Receipts 11)3,803 bush. Tho market
Is nqout 0110 cent lower and holders 1,'cneral.
Iy tiro morn disposed to readied the bcurclty of
freight room uialerlallr oliecks thoexportde.
maud. Sales of isi.uoa bushels at il 1131 us
for Iowa sprlnir; l Hi yl S3 for No. iliil
euiro ; l 8.1 tor Northwestern sprlnir; tl 07 for
No.s Mllwiiukeu ; 11 40 for No 1 Milwaukee;
Jl 43 for mixed winU'r; tl 451 s fnrwlutfr
red western ; tl 4,1 fur common whit western ;
tlw for choice Auiber Mlchlyuu.
ItVE Tho InntK-ft la .lull nhrl ,.,,,.,1.,.,, , , . ..
a 'i' ""?' a" ,T1ie m-trkft Is firmer and -I'll.-Salrsof
ir,,ooo bushel, at II tuyai : for 2 im i I
yfj'i nW'l!''ii 55 for 4 rowed stuto ; l m f
Canada West, ronon i.,wi,ai ,,i i. nu .....
ordered from France. '" .
tni.J.i'VT A". 'J im lnarKft Is dull ; wn
terniui) ana now tn-o-iwud statu ul il no
rVi'Jtif'T."f'''lr m'r':r' bushels. Tlio marki :
ii TV !-my u mur wlt" f'"1 "Won Inquirv
aJr ?toam;r vVrsiern muml mk
iw western.' ''C ,ur U"" ""'"d"'"'
t)TS-ltece'lptS 82,979 lillsll. The market I
shado better. H-Ios ot 47,ow buViicla i f.
47;c for poor wliitn state ; u'wVt", for n"v
western mixed oiloat ; dsanijjc white v" t
r.iios The matket Is heavy "at 5BTtW f r
western and Canada ; SCrf27n for state una
t'cniisjivnnla ; swHcror Ltmcl sute. '
Hay Tho market Is dull mid In Inner! mVoi
tMCSi ss for prime; Kit 21 for good"
llniu 'I"!,,. iy...Wi I. iiitn
Iteeelpts 80,701) bales.
Coai.. The market nulet. nnd nn.. i ?. ,
SO to for Anthrlclto per ton per rarii
I.EAUIP.it. 'Ihmmirket Is very ifull and n ,
settled Hemlock sole, Iluenos Ayr s, nnd u ,
(Ir.uide, high middles, nnd heavy vtchchi' m
27,sj(n so; California do., 0 , as; oi ii,oco dn t
Wool.. Market Is dull and will, ' i i
change In jirli e at 41; Ohio Is ipini. I ul : ;
California pi Hn: nt '.'I ,2S',, ; tin li Lie ml
Cofi fe Market Is more rpilet mid Him
Hlo nt lliww22,sjr. Moil;, I:lu0.',,(j 0 i :ibs.
stunt. Miuket is steads niih r ifiilii',' ii
'i'1'" l L'ood centra fuifnl al s p-ici
Moi.issi.s TJie market lis dull und iliichaii--ed.
IIK'E The nrilkel Is dull. S ,1! sale, nt
Carolina ut7jv (4914c.
PKTiioi.KCM. 'I he maiket Is rpn t anil easier
,or. r'.,"".'',1 "I10" B'.ftBi! fir crude In
culk and shlpplnst onler.
.. l'o"k. Tho inaiket Is dull and lower al
114 f,o n Sis for new mess on spot.
IIekf.-'I ho linn kit Is quiet unci 1111 'bans', d
IIEI r IlAMs.'iii,. mnil.it Is dull and hejw
at ir,crs2l for common to prime lots.
TiEiicKllKnK.-'liiemiirKi tis.viry dull nt 10
(alsc for lirlme mess 1 India do. 1920e.
L'CT Mkats Dull and unchaiiffed. .Middles
inoio 01 live nnd inn hunted.
I.Aitn In icood roqui'st aim a shade easier 1 .
old western steam on spot at .
railcrrr.it Mni kft Is In fair request am
steady nt 3li..Mc for fnlr to prime slate s h .,1
,',riL,;s"t40.'-' ' cholco oruiiKn county pall, ,
i.V?.2'K'. ! .'"lr to t" ' western itikliiH it is sr.
illllo, tubs.
CiikESK .vtnrket Is In moderate request .in t
unch.nijred al 14c for full parcels or si.it. t.
tory; prima lots strictly choice stitc 1.
good to prime western fattorj at 18m 1.0 ..
.'eiv Viirk Min n linn llinir) llurlu l
Nr.w Yoe.k, CM. .1
L.llKsr UOSmilV.
Money ut Tit-S2 preinliiin.
Oold closed nt !is. lOj , .
Carrjlng rates 1 to 0, closing .0 c.
Clearings at thesti.Id e. han,'.' 1 .'a n.ii.ir.t.
ed to 23,1 Crt.Mti.
Sjterllnifexeliangr iluli, 11 1111)1, in-cmin
and ins for sljflil, and 1 1.1-1 a Jin.,.
Treasury illsl)in-s..neiiK 1.1-1 u ,, .mil ,11.
TiU ellsI'-liH l.-ieilll I j- tin . , p. 1 1,
Male bonds quiet anil le.ln I.
(loverninents str mi ".
There was a Inl-k .1. 11. n, .1 1 ejr'' ,1
thodayand Mei.'W.'.il ml ,n ,.1 1 ,m.i ,,
cllned from ft" ''.',. 'He le . 1.1 . .mr u
In Lak'1 s!i',i( ,i,iii ;i i.-u .i.nii o: 1 ni m
closing prler 1,01. Aliu-luo.. , in.. ,., , .
ket Improved st, ad.li 1 1 th . i. vv,.- 1
Union oiicne I al r.i).. .111.1 Ml !. r.i ,, 1 .1 , 1 1
at 61. P.iclllr Mali il.., ,1 in .in n.'e :u 1
over opening:. Ilarleui at 2 , in .1 ' an . Pit' -burg
at 1 advance and to , in ,1 n n v nut
opening price In the r. ni.d, 1,1 1 ,,ttn prln I. mi
Where blanks occur thei" v ii.iii.i-.
Tho following are the elo.ln,' qi,. iiulnu,:
IT. H. cs 'si rr'; llli, Clurl.ni 1, cium-
U. S.. lis '02 co 11 poll. 113 1, j 1, 11 , a (in.. I,:.'
L . r,. Mils i,j leg.. 10.) N. ,1. c
1111 1! ...
L . .V20S hi COUP. 11)7 .Hoi
W.U.ll ...
l.S Mes'ii-I conn. 10S .MIL.'
Ml. P.nll...
L.sl. .Mm 'ii.1 olil..lU'J do.
im 1. ned.
lT. Si S-2DS V..1 liuw.llM.iT. W'.
. A. H
U. K .V2US '117 Ill do.
II. K s-2u.s 'ii-- Ill fort
it. ti lis lien lusi, Alton unit True
11, in-
u. s.. nwo, icg. ...liw 1 Haute
I' .s. li)-4i)scouiion.liiilsj do. pielinvd.
CTuirency lis tun y Chicago a. Alton
uclauuio and Hud- do. i.rei. red. !
son Canal 10.1 Ohio a. Mississippi. :
Mariposa ' I l.'L, L.i.'li, . Wesl.
di pief 'Host. ,n, itjriwrilA
CanK n 4u i:n.-
Cou-cllilaied Coal -i'.1', c. c.
I'. I.111.1
iiiuceri.-in mj c uii.il
Western L'nli.n 1 . 1. i)
Telegraph r,ir, llaniin .r. s .
(JlUcksllrr '.0 sepb.
do. prelelled. 2. , c. inr.,1 p.. 11
Paelilc Mull .2 , 1 m.in 1' 1
notion w a I e i .oi.iiiis
Power lr. In. on..
.V.lalns Lvpiess. . sn1, T.
Wells, t'.ir.'o .c Co. t,s
Aitieile.iti M.I'.Ls-
press r.2',
I'ulleil states Ls
111 ess w.'
Vlr.ml 1
M,,s 1111
SI. .1.,-
1.1. ,
1. 1. 1.-1 .
L' V.'.- II
1I1 1. -Al.i.
New Voile Cenlr.il
,1 1. 1!. IL. . s:i.
Urie 40 1
do preferred. .. 11.',
Il.ulem . ,7
Ho. pier.'iied. im
Michigan Cen11.1L. ;u
Panama ss
Union Pacini- ... 17.
Lake Shoie Midi
So cr,
Illinois Crnli.il .. Hi'
1 (la. 11
do. 7's
Special Tax ..
Nuith i'ai'iitln.i u .
tin. lll-U.
Cleveland .V IMtp- iSoiiih Carolina 0,.
ourg 7.H,, do. in-w.
Chicago A. Nollh- lAchalige, long .10,.
western 3d ' . Do. short . lo- ,
do. Pleleired. CJ !
itw tU'cvti.cifmcnt.ci.
TJOAKl) vVAXTKD-liv a single gen
LJ tleinan. In a private f.iin'liy, with a widow
lady prefeneil. (iooil references.
Address, pox 203,
oct25J3f Kutland P. 0.
iji his 1; v 1: x i x c: ,
S.vii'nn.vv, Octoiiui: 5,1111, 187.1.
0 .t 1. 1 r o it x 1 a , o it i-: o n
VM Till.
X O li T 11 V K S T .
P.ilntod in oil ,.
I tl , II U II r 1; 1! T (H C A N V A s s ,
at an "pt 11 . , i
$ '-' ."i . ( (I 0 0 .
WIlllu exhibited at TOWN 'IMI., 11 m .
nt s o'ctock,
Amii-smx, Kirch's. I hli.Ire.i :v 11 s.
rc'Tinx sai.i: of i.vnd.
I "111 soil ,11 pllLllr an, 11. 1, I., ill. hl 1
Ifl.KVKN" ANIITIIItn llitl.iils u ltj -ot
laud 1,11
s.vrrmuY. uciMiir.n -- i .1.
iiltnon'clcik p. 1.1. s.,iu 1 ,;id 1- in I'll ,1 1
huuiestoud nt tl. L. Mir 1, .i,,,l ,.11 ,,!,,
Inlstl'om acles 10 1 a. n-s e 1. l, ! n.lii,r
the east tilr ot the Inlr i:r..uinl- I 11. -i 1
Ullage. There are sevei.il Ursii i' buiMli,-r
lols nt llrst quilltj ot land, 111, 1 11 ,
ik'iilin.l In Lull, 111,1.
A road thire ions win n ,1
house will be opened 1, .nlln - 11 1
ro.ul e.isi to the liutlaiul i.u'i ..d
In 1111 I ..M' bidding. Ap.ii! " Hi
1 -li r
nil 1,1 lie
1 til.' I.i .11)
lllne wi,
uiiiuey can remain on inurt
I will ';i .,
M I'll'l II.
1 I17i!Ai
warranty deed.
ltutland. Del. 17, P
Ki:i'oi;t oi-' tiii: condition op
The HaMrrNatlon.il Hank, nt ltutlaniim
Ihe slate of Vermont, 111 ihr rl,.. ,. busine,
on the will das 01 sepn ii.iirr, i-;
nr.. 1 in ks
lAWiisund lil-eminls ftoT.lvj . j
1'. S. Il'ilid'. to sei'Ul .-ill. Ill ill 'l , Ian iivin 1111
Duo from approved rede, lain , .u
Ill.HTil ,1)
II. uiij l.
4.014 U 1
17,411 ml
.1,41. Ill
Dae from oilier N.iiIhimI II 1 ik
Fiirnliure nml ilstures,. . .
lVeiuluins lul.l
decks and oilier casu il, 10,,
Hills of oilier Nulloli.il ..,nk-,
l'lMCilonal currenc.
I.e,Ml Tender Notes,
1.11 11 1 1.1 r,F.s.
Capital slock paid In
.surplus fund
Proilt and loss
circulation oulstiiinilutt
Dlvliluuds unpaid
IiidlMiliuit deiui-lls
Dun to other National Hank-
2 ll).J,IHKl On
iiAaiiio im
B,S.V lii
VH7.472 no
120 oa
I2n,n2l . 1
712 ;.
S72l,lsl 11,
I, (I. It. Ilottuia, Cashlei of "The llavlor .Na
tloual Hank, of Itullaml, Vt.," ilosnli-inulyawr.ii
that tho above staleuiKiit Is Hue, lo the host in
my knowledge, ami belief.
(I. It. IIOTTl M, c.isuivii.
Altost; JOHN N. liAXTKIl, )
J. W. Clt.VM 1 ON, , lltre.t..
Countv or l!ni.i.... 1
Mwoin to una -uii ni. i 1. 1 us- m tu.
twcuty-thlril dav 01 in 1 i, is...
V. c PlfJW N, -v miii

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