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She gUtttiuul gaily (Stok.
I'roin Bellows Falls, 1:40 A t:!0 a. in.. 'MO A
tll:00 p. m.
" Hurliiigton 12:40 AMllMn.tn., 18:50 4 t;.0)
p. in.
Port Henry. "11:32 a. m and I:00 p. m.
Ilenntiigloii, t!2:0S p. in., ts.io & 10.05 n,
" Saratoga, '11:45 a. in., 9:0(1 p. In.
" Salem, 1:40 A ts:30 a. in., -13:40 A 4:.vi p. ni.
For ncllows Falls, 1J:50 A 12;20n.m -12:10 A 19:4)
p. in.
llurllnzton, M A touo a. in., 2:30 A COS p.
Port Henry, 6:40 n. m. and S:05 p. in.
Hennlugton, I12:30A'9:00 a. m., lif:S3 p. ni.
Saratoga, 6:00 n. in., A '3:0) p. in.
Salem, 1:40 A 19:00 a. in., '1:00 A tfciw p. m.
.Mull Train t.Mliod
Putt omcu.
Harlem Intension way, 8.43 a. in., and i.iM p. in.
Eastern way, 11.40 a. m
Troy way, 14.40 p. in.
Troy, 12.40 p. in., 2.40 p. m., and 9.S) p. in.
Albany, 12,40 p. in., 2.40 p. in., nnd 'J.JO p. in
Huston, 11.40 u, m., mid 0.30 p. in.
Can ad. is 1,15 p. m,
Northern way, 2,uo p. in.
Hdrllhgtou, 2.00 p. in. and 9.30 p. in.
Saratoga way, 2.40 p. in.
No v York, 2.40 p. in. and ii.ni p. in.
Coi iiectl"ul Hlver way, u.hii p. in.
Woodstock way, (Stage) l.on p. in.
Chittenden, (Tuesilays and Saturdays) .oo p. in.
Stockbrldgu (stage), l:oo p. ni.
-MAILS AltltlVi:.
Harlem Extension way, 10.05 p. in.
Knstern way, 2.20 p. in.
Troy way, 4..v p. m.
Trny, 1.10 a. in., 11,45 a. in. nnd4.M p. in
Albany, 11.45 a. in., 4.M and 9.10 p. in.
Boston, 1,10 n. m. and 2.20 p. in.
Canndns, 12,40 a. in.
Northern vrny, 11,32 a, in,
Partington, 12.4 and u.32 a. m.
Saratoga way, 11.45 a, in.
New York, 11.45 n. in. and 4.65 p. in.
Connecticut Klver way, 8.45 p. in.
Woodstock way, (stage) 11.65 a. in.
Chittenden, (Tuesdays nnd Saturdays) 10.30 a.m.
Stock-bridge (stone), 12:30 p. m.
SfMalls will bo promptly closed nt tnc spect
ilceil hour; all letters deposited In tlio street
boxes will bo collected at 8.45 nnd 11.00 a.m.,
Kin, i,:m, 2.2) nnd last collection for all nlgnt
malls, nt'J.iKip. in. All letters deposited In tho
Letter Hnx at llu Depot will bo collected by
Home A?ents live minutes previous to the de
parturo o( each mall train
cv --uvcrf Iftcuiciit h.
.1. 11. Meeker.
The Weekly World.
ffcctlnir'i, Aiiutfccmciil, vie.
Ktlltngton Lodge No. 29, 1, o. o. 1'., this even
ing at 7:30 o'clock, nt Odd Fellows Hall,01obe
Young .Men's Christian Association, at their
rjoms, lmrfuin's Illock, Merchants' How.
Col. Charles II. Joycolecturesat Crown Point.
Tn.Dav'v (ilolic.
Fir.sr I'aoe. Vt. State Temperance So
ciety Again; IJentiinglrm ; .Sporting .Mat
ters ; Picsident Harrison ; Better and
Fresher Meat Promised.
Sccoxn- l'Arn:. Editoiiais ; Washington
Notes ; Coiniiiittcc of House of Represen
tatives ; Kentucky Tragedy.
Timin Paok. Dashes ; Horse Stealing
nnd Burglary j Local News ; Deaths ;
Latest Telegraph j Sermon hy Picsidcnt
FouiiTii Pagc. Woodstock Farmers'
Club ; lllghts of Travellers ; Miscellaneous
News and Agricultural Items.
Weather Probabilities.
Wau Departmiist, Office of tub
inn 5
on, S
Chief biaxAi.UFi-icr.it, Washington
1). U., Dec. 7, 1873 8 P. M,
For the New England States, increasing
cloudiness, less pressure, and light variable
winds, shifting to casteily, with continued
low teniperatuio nnd possibly light rain ou
the southern New England coast. For the
-Middle States nnd lower lako region, in
ci easing cloudiness, with threatening wea
ther and light rain, less pressure and slight
ly rising temperature
The sun sets to-night nt 4:28; lises on
Sunday morning nt 7:10.
The Grand Worthy Chief Templar of
the Grand Lodge of Good Templars de
livers an address before the Good Templars
of Bennington on the '.21st.
A petition is in circulation asking Con
gress to establish a post route from Beads,
boro in Bennington county to Hoosac tun
nel. On tho evening before Thanksgiving,
Rev. It. M. Luther, pastor of the Baptist
church in Bennington, found two baskets
on his doorsteps, containing nil the materi
als for a Thanksgiving dinner.
The Bennington firemen have a dance at
Library Hall on New Year's evening.
It Is significant "to advertise" rhymes
with "to icalizc."
A postal card containing one thousand
words, was sent through the mall recently.
It is a general expression of the farmers
that they never fed so much hay in Movent.
Iter as In that of 1873.
Samuel Alford lias been elected PrcsV
dent of tho National Bank of Springfield,
to fill the vacancy caused by the death of
Henry Barnard, and the vacancy In tho
Board of Directors by the election of
Henry M. Colburn, a son of Hon. J. W.
Colburn, for many years president of the
The Windsor county court is in session
and the Woodstock Post says: "The de
mam! for witnesses In the liquor business
hero has caused tho usual scarcity of the
article, several persons having suddenly
nnd quite mysteriously disappeared."
Dr. McLean of Troy perfoimcd another
operation recently upon Hon. John H.
Oatcs of Bennington, from whoso cheek he
cut an Immense tumor, some weeks ago.
Ho cut llesh fiom the arm of Mr. Gates'
son, nnd engrafted upon the father's facot
E. M. Welling of Bennington left last
week for Florida to upend the winter.
The applications for relief to Poor-
unaster Janlel Wing are increasing daily,
Salem has a lecture course, which will
"bo opened this week by John H.McFarland,
Esq. Several other of tho prominent fill
ens are to follow in the course.
Tho Clarcinont, N. 11. Jingle tells about
an "ex-Govcrnorof Vermont" whodeclaies
that ho shelled out $8,000 to "tho party
during his electioneering canvass,
Tho Woodstock Post thus announces
lecturo: "NcxtFiiday evening Fred. Doug.
las, best known of nil niggers, will deliver
a lecture nt the Town Hall, and will to all
appearances havo a crowded house. Ills
subject Is. "Self-Mado -Men."
Builders rejolco over this benediction of
mild weather, and If it do but continue
few days, many of them will not be left
out in tho cold.
Tho Brandon Scale company havo, In
tho last week, put In a 40 ton Howes' Im
proved Track Scale for tho Boston & Al
bany railroad at Cottago farms, Mass,
which is a great success In tho way of
weighing machine, a forty.pcnny nail ear
rylng up and holding the beam
Charles Towns has purchased the lease of
the Island Mouse, nt Bellows Falls, of S.
C. Fleming, and Intends to close the house
for the winter, opening about the Hist of
General William F. (Baldy) Smith Is In
quite ill health, and has been obliged to go
to Germany to try the waters of some of
the famous mineiid spilngs.
E. T. Morse, of Joncsvllle, has been ap
pointed roadmaster of the Montpcller &
Wells Illvcr wad.
The desk of the Episcopal church In
Whitehall, which has been vacant for a
loag time, Is soon to bo filled by a min
Ist"r from New England.
lion. William Parsons nays of John B.
Cough, who Is to lecluic In the Rutland
course on the 10th i "I heard him a few
weeks ago nnd he seemed twenty years
younger than lie did when I heard him
twenty years before In London."
The Poit Henry police force has proved
thus early In Its existence how brave Its
members can be under certain clrt uinstan
ees. The Iltnthl says that while one of
the force was walking his beat on the
night of the 21 lilt., four roughs set upon
him, took aw ay his club, slapped ;iils face,
ordered him to go home, and he valiantly
defended liim'clf by quietly doing as di
lectcd. A large anil excited village meeting was
held in Montpelicr -Monday evening last to
see If the voters would bond for $50,000 to
put In water works. They lefused to do It
by an overwhelming voto.
The Villa du Havre never minded her
helm well. That was tho trouble.
It is said there are three nations that
make no paper Greece, Turkey and Per
sia. Rich, rare and beautiful is the display of
holiday goods at the DO cent store. Their
stock has been especially stlected for the
Forty hours devotion will commence at
the Catholic churches soon.
Saturday was St. Nicholas' day, which is
observed in one way among German Catho
lics, by making presentations to children :
hence the reverence of the little ones for
Santa Clans. This is the proper day for
tho latter's annual visit, though It pleases a
great many to imagine him around dining
two holidays.
Mount Washington gao the first promo
nitions of the thaw. The temperature
there moderated twenty-nine degrees In a
few hours.
The two fattest men of Wallhigfiird arc
to have a skating race on Friday of ncx.t
Thomas concerts are advertised in differ,
cut sections of the country on ceitain
nights. Rutland has "Thomas" concerts
cverj- night.
The State Grange of Patrons of Husban
dry meets at St. Johnsbury on Tuesday
next. The lecturer of tho National Grange
will be present.
S. J. West, Jr., has been appointed post
master at Arlington in place of S. M. West,
A colored preacher, in translating to his
liearcis the sentence, "The harvest is over,
the season is ended nnd thy soul is not
saved," put it, "Do corn has been cribbed,
dere ain't any more work, and the debbil is
still foolin'wid dis community."
There is a complaint tha the town liquor
wastes badly In lrabiirgh.
The village schools close on Fiiday
The poi lion of the railroad bridge car
ried away at Watcrbury on Thursday, was
only a temporary trestle-work. Tho new
bridge, ns far as erected, was uninjured.
Mr. Stephen demons has the thanks of
The Gloiie fo. a beautiful boquet of pan
ties. Pal ties desiring fresh flowers at this
season for festivals or paities will do well
to give Mr. Clcmons a call.
Mr. Plunilcy still remains quite comfort
able and no material change. His face is
still badly swollen.
W. A. Wilkins, editor of the Whitehall
Timet, made The Gi.onE editorial rooms a
pleasant call on Saturday.
Tho ico went out of the Connecticut
river on Tuesday.
A man passed through Merchants row
on Saturday with a sleigh, attached to a
poor old horse, who drew as if life depend
ed upon his load over the ground as baie of
snow as in June.
As Evk Oct. A man on the niaiblo
quarry nt tho double road crossing, while
holding a jumping drill, was injuied by a
piece of Btcel Hying off and passing across
the hi ijge of his nose and gouging out one
of his eyes.
Runaway Accident. The gentlemen
composing the firm of Mansfield & Stlmson
of tho Eaglo Works, in this village, wero
the victims of a runaway on Saturday last.
There weio both riding home to dinner in
the same buggy about noon, and when near
the Central House corner, coming 011 to
-Merchants' Row, tho axle-tree broke, let.
ting drop one forward wheel and that sido
of tho buggy, throwing both gentlemen
out. Tho horso took fright and started to
run. Mr. Mansfield had hold of tho rib
bons and did not propjseto let go, altliou;
tho horse In his jumps, had thrown him on
to his knees, so ho held on with character.
Istlc. grit until finally, near the corner of
Center street, ho pulled one rein smartly,
turning the horso toward tho side of the
btreet, and concluded it would do no good
to hold on further. The horse brought up
against the depot park lencc, whero ho
was halted. Mr. .Mansfield was quite so
verely wrenched and bruised. One limb
was badly dealt with on the frozen ground
and he Is still qulto himc in his side. He
Is, foitunatoly, however, able to bo about
Mr. Stlmson escaped without Injury,
m:..l.(j'ii.v cou.vi'V couirr.
Hon, Hoytll. Wheeler, Chief Judge.
John V. Hull, Clerk.
fill II HAY.
HiUunhvj, December CM. The jury In
case of Hull Chandler vs. Isaac nnd Wln
tlirop Smith, weie In consultation ull
night, and neaily all the day but finally re
turned a verdict In favor of the plaintiff
against Winthrnp Smith of .425.60 and
costs. The jury found no cvldenco of as
sault against Isaac Smith.
No. 139. Myron Bates vs. Edgar Taft.
Verdict $13 for plaintiff. A. 11. Gardner
and Tarrant Sibley for plalntlir , W. S.
Southworth for defendant.
Grand Louok,--Tho Grand Lodge of
Good Templars meets at St. Johnsbury,
Jauuary lath. It Is expected that (hero
will bo a largo delegation fiom dlffeient
paitJ of the state. One public meeting will
beheld during the session,
Senium by President Ilticliliniu.
Rev. Matthew II. Backhaul, President
of the University of Vermont and State
Agilcultural College, of Burlington,
preached at the Congregational church on
Sunday, In the absence of Rev. Mr. John
son, the pastor. He pleached In the morn
lug to a large congregation from the text
"Wheieupon, O King Agilppa, I was not
disobedient unto tho heavenly vision,"
Act 20 j 10.
In commencing ho spoke of the circum
stances under which Paul uttered the words,
the occasion of his hearing a voice speak
ing unto him, and saying In the Hebrew
tongue, "Saul, Saul, why persecuted me?
it is hard for thee to kick against the
pricks j" of the conversion of Paul from
that time and of the wondrous works per
foimcd fur Paul by this heavenly vision.
The picacher then spoko of the Idea enter
tained, almost imlvei sally, concerning the
f.illney of visluns ns piescntod to us 011
eai Hi, and then made the statement that,
despite tills opinion, all leligious tiuths
come lo us by visions. As Columbus saw
the new and undiscovered country across the
ocean, so docs the chilslian believe in the
icsuiicctlon and the gicat hereafter. Paul
saw this heavenly vision and liecamu a new
man. The Imaginary portion of the
liuth presents itself to our minds while
the elify!ng state comes after. If
the time specified by Columbus of see
ing the laud he had promised to show his
men had elapsed and no land hove In sight
he would not have doubted its existence
any more than when it beamed upon his
sight. Olhcrs needed a demonstration to
belleye, while the dlseoveier himself
needed nojsuch thing. He then spoke of the
many visions conjuicd up in the brain of
men whereby they were to achieve fortunes
and fame. The same principle was inoic
obvious 011 the pail of 11101 tals who search
after divine truths. They believe not sim
ply by authority or by demonslialion, but
by the moral sense. The child in its in
fancy needs nothing but his conscicnco lo
guide him between the right nnd wrong.
He cannot bo taught a lie is light. 1 Ins
is the strongest evidence of his high ances
try. Not even If the omnipotent seems to
declare the wrong ns light is it Impossible
for us to change our conscientious opinion
or believe mat uou so prouungaieu n.
Still further, the highest truths canbe seen
hr vision, not an idea simply ofievcla-
lion. Wo see nothing as evidence
in the Bible that we will rise at
the icsuirectlou which would l.c called
by a court of law, but it is
embodied in tho spiritual constitution of
man It is asuiueasoiinble for us lo lakeour
wrangllng.s over the meaning of the Sciip
tures to a jury for decision as to settle the;
fact of art by law. Tho truths of these vi
sions h confirmed by experiences of Luther,
Buiiyan and others. The liuth daits like n
tla-li of lightning upon us with a staitling
and convincing power or witli a soft divine
radiance ol light and peace. These Illu
sions are but the successive stages of a
growth of leligious belief which may be
traced to those moments of Ision. The
change is wrought by them and we become
dilTeient men. They aie light at (list but
soon come upon us witli abroad nudsteady
beam. The picacher then appealed to uni
versal experience to verify his statements.
He who is conscious of no such vision may
doubt their reality and truth, but others, al
though Ihey may err In judgment, may be
visited by them and catch a glimpse of
tilings beyond, lie then spoke of what we
must do with falso visions, pietended reve
lations and intuitions, mysteries and tho
like. We must treat them all alike. The
tailor is mislead sometimes in his reckoning
but that docs not palliate the accuracy of
his guide or chait.
One step farther. We can eel religious
truths in no other way. These ideas of
heaven nnd God come only by vilon Not
that we cannot believe in the existence of
the Almighty without, but sonic such vision
of the hereafter must present itself to our
imagination. The atheist may say In his
licait. there Is no God, but in some aus
picious moment he hears a voice which ho
knows to bo tho voice of God j he gets a
glimpse of ills infinite power by vision and
is 110 more an atheist. Others may doubt
tho elllcacy of prayer. They may chal
lenge its medicinal powers, perhaps. It is
tiled, and the sick are healed in a marvel
lous mauner. Does he pray now ? No
more likely is he thai, befoic, but In some
hour of great disticss, when tho crisis is
passed nnd one whom he loes is snatched
from tho arms of death his whole soul Is
moved and his heart goes out to God In
prayer. Faith has broken the chains of
pride and unbelief, and ho is cast in hunill
ity befoio God. The question of whether
God personallyconcerns himself with indi
vidual men, is often brought up in leligious
bodies. The fact can neither be proven nor
dlsprovon, for wo cannot mcaturo a cuive
by a straight scale nor make a moral bal
ance from the germ of natural facts.
Tho preacher then made a few practical
suggestions of the fact of how mercifully
tills idea of vision is adapted to men. If
we depended simply on logic for our leli
gious belief It would go hard with all of
us save a few philosophers. Visions en
join something upon us. They require
not a crisis, but perfect obedience. To the
question, docs God answer prayer? It is
answcieil, "Ask and yo shall receive." By
the sleep and arduous path of obedience
does the Lord guide us upward to heavenly
heights. Happy the man who can say at
the close of life in the words of tho text
"I was not disobedlen'. unto tho heavenly
Tim Cruii!) IJefiilczUiiMii
The defalcation of the Collector of In
tcrnal Revenue nt Burlington is thawing
out varied comments, somo of which we
publish below. Tho St. Albans Mcsxnger
says i
Mr. Crano has brought a suit against
Jewett and it will bo followed by another
action on Iho pait of Iho Government. Mr.
Crane Is nppaiently very much mot tilled
and chagrined by the defalcation, and
wlillo ho docs not pi ctend to hold himself
guiltless of neglect, lu not sooner exposing
Jewett, ho says that ho followed tlio ad
vice of counsel, In tho hope that Jewell
would mako somo display of the money, so
that It might bo lecovercd.and In tho hope,
also, that ho (Crane) might havo timo to
make tip the loss, from his private, business,
in caso nothing could ho obtained from
Jewett. But his business proved disastrous
and now ho has no lesourccs but his ball
and Jewett. It Is a fair caso for investiga
tion, and then ccnsuru.ns well us sympathy,
can be Intelligently bestowed, and not till
Apropos of tho defalcation, lion. Joseph
Poland, formerly collector of tho first dis
trict, and thercforo familiar with tho busi
ness, writes 111 his paper, tho Montpelicr
atchman, as follows 1
There Is somo plausibility to tho charge
which Mr. Crane makes against Mr Jowclt,
nnd yet, we nio tittcily nt a loss to imagine
unless there wns some neglect of duty in
the department nt Washington, how this
defalcation could have possibly been con-
cealcd for such n leneth ot lime. The i
checks In tho office of the Commissioner of
Internal Revenue arc perfect, and knowl
edge of this defalcation must no come to
that office, nnd have been transmitted
directly to the collector, within riz months
from the time it occurred. In tills case Mr.
Crane could have proceeded ngalnst Mr.
Jewett while he wns In Veimont. and that
was clearly tho pinper course to have
taken. Defalcations do not generally de
ci ease In amount, nor Is the case Willi
which accounts may be lineslk'nted gicat
ly enhanced by delays. In niiy ecnt we
think the department nt Washington luuU
bear some of the odium of this shameful
,1MI) tlUlt-
Ohnrlco ISroolis, Colored, mallei it
(.'oiilcsslmi II. ,11, L'uy Soeiircv IiIm
l'ronerl)' 'l'liu Jerry .HcC'iirty (titv
Klury lli lalls, vie.
On the filh of September last, B. M Fay
of Nelson nvenue, Saratoga Springs, had
stolen from his barn a sin ill black horse, a
three-quarter buggy and a rather worn har
ness. A reward of twenty-live dollars was
immediately olleicd in the JMity Sara
togim for the lecovery of the property,
but filially a trail was found through the
medium of this advertisement, which has
led to tho nricst of the thief and the ic
covciy of the property. It was brought to
light hi this manner:
A copy of the Daily Saratogian fell Into
the hands of some Vermont parties who
read the adveitisenient and compaied it
with an establishment which had recently
made Us appearance there and wns 111 nt
Ludlow, Vt. Mi. Fay was Indirectly In
formed of the fact, and a day or two since
went lo that place nnd identified his pio
pcrty. He not being known there, tho fob
lowing despatch was sent to Saratoga:
Lrni.ow, Vt.. Dec. 4.
To I). S. Gil.nitnT, Saratoga: 11. M.
Fay claims a stolen hoise here, lias ho
lost one ? Is it all right ?
W. 11 Wai.kkii.
Deputy Sheriff Gilbert, by telegram, nn
Kttcicd in the affirmative, also Identified
Mr. Fay to Mr. Walker, immedietely nf
lerwaid tho following dispatch came to
hand :
Lt niow, Vt., Dec. I.
To D. S. liii.nr.nr, Saratoga : Anest
Chailcs liiooks, a uegro. Reply.
li. -u. r AY.
In response for a description of Charles
liruoks, came the following :
LriiLow, Vl., Dec. !.
To D. S. Gii.iiki.t, Saratoga: See llattie
Howaiil, at Snyder's Willow Walk. She
will ghe infoiniatloii concerning Brooks.
B. M. Fa-.
Olllecr Gilbert, agisted by Olllcer John,
son, sought out llattie Howaid, coloied,
whoo home is at I 'enter ltutl.mil, but who
is temporarily slopping nt Saiatoga. At
their icquest, she staled that hist Septem
ber she wns at lier ginndf'ather'.s, Nathan
Hays, at Center Rutland. At that time
Chailes Biooks came to that place with
a lioisc nnd buggy, nnd said thai lie had
owned the animal since it was a colt. For
a few days he kept the propel ty at Hays',
afterwards stabled It at one John Callahan's
tlieie, and afterwards removed it to Lud
low, where it has since remained. When
Brooks arrhed liist at Hays" ho gave him
an oerco'it. He wns dressed in suit of
black, and had with him two extra new
o ei coats.
Ashoit time after Brooks icturned to
Saratoga. After ha had left Center Rut
land a copy of the advertisement came to
the notice of one of the mcmbeis of the
family. Officer Gilbert and Johnson,
armed with a warrant, proceeded to one of
Alfred Smith's houses on Marvin sheet,
and tliciu arrested Brooks. He professed
his innocence, but was incaicerated in the
lock-up. llattie Hownid was brought be
fore him and he infoimed of her statement.
He could not withstand such evidence and
Immediately confe-sed the whole matter,
commencing with the lime that he enteied
the barn. He drove the team through lo
Rutland, stopping only to feed and water.
One place ho slopped was at a farmer's in
Moreau, where lie had fonneily worked.
It was at night and he quietly appropriated
eonio oats from the farmer's barn. Biooks
also confessed lo breaking into Jciry Mo
Corty's stole several months ago, and that
the cli tliing mentioned above and his pies
ent appaiel wns burglarized fiom tho West
Congicss stieet store. Brooks wns nrrnlgn
ed before Pollco Justiie Scott Tuesday
morning, says the Saralogian, plead guilty,
and was held lo bail in the sum of one
thousand doll.us lor his appearance bcfoie
the next grand jury on the charge of grand
laiceny. Tho olllcers worked this case up
with commendable ingenuity. Fin llier de.
velopments aie looked for. On being re
manded to the lock-up, Brooks burst Into
tears nnd seemed gieatly affected at the
position Into which he had brought himself.
Waxiki) at Allen it Drew's, live good
coat makers. None but first-class workmen
need apply, ns we want only those who
can woik on lino custom clothing.
Chapped liai'ds, race, rouuh skin, pimples,
ring worm, sall-ihcumnnd other cutaneous nr.
lections cured, and tlio skin Hindu sou and
smooth, by using tho Jiuilpi-r Tar Soap, mailu
by Caswell, Hazard .V. Co., New York, lie cer
tain to get 1 ne Juniper Tar Soap, us there nre
many linllal'ons lniulo wlih cu union Tur which
nro worthless. no24il.v.w4w
lllLNNLSO.Y.S l'ATKNT BlllI'l'lNd TAliS.
(Iter too millions linvobeen used wllliln the
mis! len MMirs. without coiiiiiluintor loss bvtinr
becoming detached. All Uxpiess Companies
use theui, siuld by Printers mid Stationers
in cry where.
Jime2'Jd.twII Wholesalo Agents.
In Castleton, December 6th, Ilebeceu, only
daughter or nieoiioro ji. mm .iniia Micnnnii
uged about 20 years.
funeral from tho resldenco of lier father, at
Caslloton, thlsJIonday allernoou at half past
ouo o'clock.
lu lrasburg, November 21, of paralysis, John
Colton. father of Hon. 11. 1' l.'ollon. master of
the State (Irangu of I'ations of Husbandry, In
Iho ,uii year oi ins age.
$cu (U'cvti.&'cinfnt.d.
MACHINES that will
.1 sew only two dollars. A beautiful Christ'
mas picsunt f jr u Utile glil.
j, ii. mi:i:ki:u.
S'ntleu Is herebv trUen Hint I hao retired
from Iho Una of Tultlo and KeUliiKton, and
from nil business connected with tho Kuthuid
llimlil. 1.. W. liHUMIION
Uutlnnd, December 1, IST3.
pit. S. W. SMYTH,
unit medical specialist In all diseases of tho
r.vi:, r.AK and itissrutAioitY oikians.
Cnnsiiltatlnz Jtooms- Ilnxter National Hank
Olllco Hours 10 a. m. to 4 p. in., and 0 to T p,
in Mituduys, l.sotoa.top, m iinW
Special to the tllobe.
Tlio Naval Spirit.
Benxiniiton, Dec. fl.
Lieutenant commander E. T. Woodw ml,
U.S. N., formerly of GWlelon, nnd who
has lately been detached from the Iron clad
(monitor) Saugus, after a tluec ycais
cruKe, 111 rived heie this morning Com
mindcr Woodward let! Key Wet Tues
dry morning and says tint the feeling of
tho olllcers nnd men belonging to (he navy
who nic there, is entirely In favor, and nre
waiting fi ran opportunity of iwcnglng Iho
insults lately ofTeicd lo our Hag and gov
ciiinienl by the Spantaids In Cuba. II.
Sp"elal to tho Unlland Olobe.
I'lrc nt Kerne
KciiNi:, N. II., Dec. 7.
About !):!!0 on Saturday a Iho broke out
in a stole hoiife nnd shed (onneeted with
Franklin Sc Colony's woolen mill. The
stoic house, with ten thousand pounds of
wool, also a huge shed filled with Wool,
were destloicd. Loss estimated al ..10,
000, probably fully Insured. The factory
was gieatly endangeied. but by peisistent
hard labor was saved. Origin of Hie flic
unknown. r.
a ronrniT AWAi:ni;i n mcmaiion mack
Nrw Yoi:k, Dec. 7.
A few weeks ago Patrick Doyle of this
city and John McMahoii ot Rutland, Vt.,
signed articles to wiestle, eoltar-and-clbow,
for $1,000 a side and the championship of
America, Saturday was the day mutually
agieed upon for selecting a final stake
holder. Doyle's backers failed to plank
the final deposit and McMahon claimed for
feit nnd was awarded all the 6takcs that
had been posted. McMahon now desires
to wrestle any man in the world, square
hold, McLaughlin ot Detroit piefcried, for
from Jl.OOO to 2,000 a side.
was ni ranged hcic Friday, between Albeit
II. Ellis, the English champion wicdlcr,
and Tom Ashly of Downingtown, Pa.
They signed articles of ngi cement and
posted i'i'M a side lo wrestle, Devonshiie
style, best two In time, fair back falls, for
the above amount. The match Is to take
place heie on the 10th ins!.
1'rom 5my York.
Tin: wkathi'.i:.
Ni:w Yoiik, Dec. 7.
The weather is cloudy and mild with Hie
wind 1101 Hi.
nxi'i.unuioxs in l'U.KS'iisi:.
Judge Dalv,;Piof. Hitchcock andotheis
explained the icsiilt of leeent explorations
ill Palestine to a large audience last night.
Mole money is needed.
Kate Bow en has been sentenced to scum
years at Sing Sing, for stealing the six year
old child of Mrs. Susan Brown, nurse in
Le Grand Lock wood's family.
Loans, increase, 4,001,800 ; specie, in
crease, 1 1,U." 1,000 ; legal tcndeis, int'icw,
i.2, 3:12,000 j deposits, incieae, $7,070,000;
circulation, decicase, ij!i3,400.
Henry C. Bowcn publishes a card stating
that the examining committeeof Plymouth
church, appointed tolmesllgale the charges
against him, have unanimously iccoinniend-
cd his dismisnal.
Robert N. Woodworlh, president of the
New Brunswick Carpet company, lias been
arrested upon a requisition from the Gov
ernor of New Jersey on Governor Dix,
charging him witli conspiring with Apple-
ton to defraud the bank of New Binnswick
out of $70,000.
special from Fort Sill, Indian Tenlti
iy, says theio me n prospects that tho
Couiinaucheliuliaiis will give up inaruu
dcis. Theinllitaiv will at once endeavor
to ai 1 est the marauders. Texas border set
tiers and government surveyors will prob
ably sulfer heavily.
rnoMixr.NT akiiois.
,V Pittsburg, Pcnu., special lo the New-
York Herald says John Ross, acting sccre
tary of water commission, was atrestcd,
charged with conspiracy, and also with
embezzlement In depositing water bonds of
Pittsburg in his own name, nnd in nn in
slltutlon with which the city transacted no
business : bailed in $20,000.
Robert Dickson, ptcsident of tho Na
tional Trust Company, Thomas S. Blair
and Frank Onlay, diiectors, were also ar
rested charged with conspiracy to 10b the
city j bailed In $5,500 cub.
orrn oilmen.
At the adjourned meeting of Plymouth
church, Brooklyn, last evening, after
speeches from Bcechcr and others, the lol
lowing resolution was unanimously passed:
Whereas, it Is desirable that tho iclatlons
of Plymouth church with other chinches
should be clearly understood ; thcicforc,
Resolved, That tho church lelterates the
principles declared in rules 1 aipl 2 of Its
manual, adopted April 17, 1848, as follows;
This church is nn Independent cccleslns.
Ileal body, and in matters of doctrine, or
tiers nnd discipline Is nmcnablo to 110 other
organization, This church will extend to
other evangelical churches and icccivo
from them that fellowship, advlco and as-
slstanco which the laws of Christ icquirc
Resolved, That wo Interpret Iheso prin
ciples us relieving all other churches from
responsibility for tho doctrines, order and
discipline of this church, and this church
from all responsibility for those of other
churches, nnd asscitlng for this church tlio
right to judge la every caso what fellow
ship, ndvico or assistance may, according
to the laws of Christ, propeily be offere
and iccelved.
Judge Joseph F. Daly to-day gave a de
cision on applications made to him tor a
mandamus directing tho comptroller to pay
James Ryan, deputy clerk of the special
sessions, 6olary for tho months of Febru
ary, "March and April, In 1873, during
which lie served as a'tnember of tho I-ogls
laturc. Payment was refused on tho ground
that'tho two offices wero Incompatible,
and that tho local office wns vacated byac
ccptlng tho election to tho legislature,
Judgo Daly decides that the duties are not
Incompatible. While the iclator was In
Albany the duties were performed by nn
Independent olllcer. The hw making
these two olllces of clcik nnd deputy clerk
contemplated Hie occasional absence of
ope The local office was rot vacated by
the iclator. at. ', n miinihimus must issue.
The associated banks now hold 41, IBS,-
000 legal lendeis.Hli Ini it a.iM.f $1,U70,0:0
Tin: coxnnioN of Tin: hanks.
Seveial banks wcic left out of Inst week's
statement. I hu 0lllci.1l flgiues show that
the banks nie In excess, n legal icjerye ol
7,072,2.'0, Instead of i0, 090,02.1 as appear
ed in l,it week's statement.
It IsKidd that the steamer City of Merlda,
the fastest ves'cl on Iho coast, will be til
lered into a gunboat mid transport, to be
used In case of war. A quantity of ship
timber Is now 011 her w barf, said to ho used
to stieiigthdi her, so (.he can carry sixty
two pounders.
Thu Herald's Havana special saj-s the
American consul Is quietly guarded by the
troops. An attempt was made Thursday
night to burn the Virginias. Regular sol
diers hate been sent on board to protect
Work was continued In the Brooklyn
liavyynid to-dny with unabated activity.
No visitors were admitted to the United
States war vessel Colorado, which left tlio
navy yard at 11 o'clock last night, and now
lies off the Battciy.
Tiir. ir.i.tVEi:v or the viuoinh's.
Delay of transactions have been unavoid
able, and only recently airangcmcnts for
tho consummation of terms havo been com
pleted. Whatever may have been- sug-
geslcd heretofore as to the programme, It
in now bo asserted that tho Virgimus
will he delivered lo one of our naval
vessels within the next ten days
at a Cuban port, in open day, Jand the stir.
vivlng passengers and crew be transferred
to a United States ship at Santiago In an
equally open manner. Tho vessels to per-
foim these services will soon bo if they arc
not already designated by the Secretary of
Tho Yirginiiis Settlement.
New York, Dec. fi.
A Washington dispatch says that owing
to demonstrations of popular feeling In Cu
ba, the Spanish government has been led
to instinct its minister to make efforts lo
bring to the attention of this government a
proposition to modify tlio protocol. The
modification sought was that this govern
ment should allow the Virginias to be
placed in the hands of a neutral power un
til the actual ownership ot tlio vessel could
l.e dctermimd. No such modification could
be cnleitained by this government without
Hie substantial abandonment of the princi
pies on which the piotocol itself was based,
l'lic sei.uic being Hie offense to be atoned
for, the United States will still picss for
a complete nnd satisfactory vindication of
our rights. Whatever consideration may
bo show n to the Spanish government on
account of the peculiar situation, the Uni
ted States cannot and will not yield the
substance of its fust demands.
The headquarters of the Cuban junta was
crowded yesterday, the Washington dele
gallon having icturned. The delegation
icpoit that they were well iccelved at Hit
capital. Senor Aitcaga said ho had re
ceived a communication fiom Havana an
nouncing that a meeting of the Cuban
chiefs had been held near that city on the
2rfth tilt., at which Modesto Diaz, Calesto
Garcia and Vicente Gaicia weie picsent
What disposal to nitiko of the prisoner
captured In war. was a subject discussed.
It was finally decided that all pnsoners
c.ipliiled by the patriots should bcietllined
to the Spanish lines on paioic. It is said
it the Cuban Junta that the icpoitoflhe
sailing of a filibuster fiom Elizabeth is not
true The Woild, how cut, says that both
of the Cuban factions here viz., the Junta
and that icpicsonlcil by Qucsadn have
been tmitedlv planning a new expedition
fiom this city for sonic time j that nego
nations Imvc l'cen canled on witli Captain
Fiedeiick Bowcn who cnminanded Hie Vir-
ginlii.s in 1872, anil who is now outlawed
by thu Spanish with a price set on hislicad
Ho has selected iho vessel nnd a poitlon of
the men for the new expedition, and only
awaits the pavnunt ofanlllcient sum from
his employers.
SIIEIi: hllll'MENT.
New- York. Dec. I!,
Considerable feeling heie exists over the
fact that the Spanish authorities in Cuba
nro having large numhcis of Remington
rifles iniiiiufuctmcd nt llion, N. Y., in tho
vent of war with tho United Stales. The
attention of our authorities has been called
to the matter, and some steps will proba
bly be taken to picvcnt their delivery in
the event of hostilities.
Fiom Washington.
Wasiiinoton, Dec. 1
The recorder of deeds of this city has re
ceived for record a copy of the trust inot t
gago of the Spraguo manufacturing com
pany of Rhode Island. They turn over nil
propel ty belonging to the firm and the In
dividual incinbcis thereof to Zacharlah
Chaffeo lu trust for tho benefit to their
Theio is tho highest authority for stating
that the Castelar government has not asked
for a modification of the protocol, so that
the Virglnus may be placed In the custody
of a third party to await adjudication. Tho
suggestion nimo fiom tho Cuban authorl
ties to Admiral Polo, and was unofficially
communicated lo Sccietary FUh, but as
was stated Friday It does not meet the view
of the administration.
Tho protocol signed by Admiral Polo
with Secretary Fisli on the SUth of Novem
ber, was with full approbation of tho
Spanish government, After mature con
slderutlon of all its consequences nnd elnco
that time It has cxpicsscd no inclination
whatever for a change of Its terms,
Meeting on Cuban Affairs.
New Yoiih. Dec. '
A meeting hcldlu this city lids afternoon
comprised of prominent cltlcns to arrango
for a monster meeting at Cooper Institute
next Friday night, to give expression to tho
miblio sentiment In regard to Cuban af
fairs. Tho list of vlee-prcslilcnti Includes
somo of the first citizens. Addresses will
bo make by Rev Dr. Tyng, Col, Morgan
nnd otheis.
Pennsylvania Coal.
PoTTsvn.t.E, Pa., Dec. 7.
A leport Is cunent to-day that no moie
coul will be brought over the Mahony
Plains to be shipped via Palo Alto to Potts-
lllc, but will be takeu over the Gordon
Plains and shipped via the Mlnersvllle and
Wcssnna lauchc. Orders have aheady
been Issued to draw thu flies oil the Maho
ny Plain stationary engines.
(letting Bendy.
St. Lotis, Dec. 7.
All the heavy oidnanec sloicd In the nr
sennl since tho war Is being shipped to Pel -
acola, Among the large guns niumany
one bundled pound Parrotts and moi tars.
San Fiiancisoo, Dec. 7.
The Costa Rica of the Pacific Mall steam
ship company's line, which went ashore
near tho entrance of this harbor lecently,
has been rcpalied, and is leady to go to
ny tho Cable.
Cuba and vVlsooiHu from New i'ork.
Paris, Dee. 7.
The appointment of M. H.utholdl, first
secretary of legation at St. Peteislnirg, as
French Minister at Washington, to succeed
the Maiquis deNcailles, is announced to
day in the Journal Official.
Madrid, Dec. 7.
The government troops keep up a steady
fire on Cartagena. The insurgents nro lc
poi ted lobe in good spirits. (Jen. Ccbal
los lias been relieved of the command of
the besieging force, and Gen. Ztvala has
been appointed Ids successor.
IIavaxa, Dec. 7.
The lccling in the city continues to im
prove. Opposition to the delivery of lr-
ginlus Is decreasing. Prominent republi
cans and many conservatives ate lu favor
of the delivery of the steamer and advise
cessation of the opposition thereto. Tho
message of President Grant to Congress is
anxiously looked for. Gold nnd exchange
are declining.
London, Dec. 5.
the vii.i.e nr 11 wee dastardly covv.vr-
The crew of the Loch Karii. which ran
Into and sink the Ville du Havre, have ar
rived nt Plymouth. They were brought
Into poit by the Uritiali Queen, which took
them off the Loch F.am ou the -'.UU ult., nt
which time she was in a sinking condition.
The account of the Ville du Havre disaster
given by the rescued ci cw represents that
the Captain and second mate of tlio steamer
came on board tho Loch Karri shortly af.
tcr the collision and did not nssist in sav
ing any of the passengers and that the ma
jority ot tho French crew exhibited lamen
table cowardice.
Madrid, Dec. 7.
A confeicnco has taken place between
Castelar and Salmeron which Is believed to
hr.vc resulted in the icstoratlon of harmony
between the statesmen.
Madrid, via Paris, Dec. 7.
A Herald special says the Cuban (pies.
tlon is again giave. Minister Slcklei to.
day tendered his resignation as minister, in
consequence of disagreement about the
Spanish complications. This disagreement
has existed for somo time, and it Is under
stood that In the recent negotiations Secie
tary Fish acted directly with President
Casteior, ignoring Minister Sickles and dis
approving of his imperative tone. The cor
rcspondcncc says they have had frequent
disagreements bclnie.
There was almost a ltipturc witli Fish on
the occasion of his correspondence attend
lug the reward of llidvvell from Havana
and the Howard case, when Fish Iguoicd
Sickles and dealt directly with tlio Spanish
minister. It is generally said In diplomatic
circles that the good olllces of the llritisl:
minister accomplished thu settlement, but
now, as Fish pi opuses further concessions,
Sickles resigns.
a c.vihnet crisis.
Cuban authorities demand that the Vir.
g'uilus be delivered nt some Spanish or
Porto Rico poit at the discretion of Solei,
colonial minister, there to await arbitra
tion. Opposition to President Castelar is
culminating in a cabinet ci i.-is. 'I lie w hole
Spanish picss indignantly protest against
tho tone ot l'icsiileiit Grants message, as
nn impertinent Inteifeience In Cuban af.
fairs, which is really none of his business.
Tho cause of tlio cabinet crisis Is tho
charge that Castelar panders to America,
The situation here spiings from astounding
ignorance, haughtiness nnd initio of the
No it Vorlt mock aim .Honey Alarhvl.
Nsw Voitw, Dec. 0.
MTIST monetaky.
tlold opened at 133',, closed at 10J'
Government l n Is are st rone.
Stato bonds aro quiet but nt higher rtrures.
Money easy, on loans at 7 per cent bid,
Htocks are active and strong.
Tho followtni aro tlio closlm; quotations
Wliero blanks occur there were no bhls.l
II, S. 6s 'SI ro'f in iCIeveland, t'oluin-
II. s,. os '6i coupon. UTS, bus .V flu "I
i' h. Mils 'ii-2 rcu-.HO'. X.J. Central.... l'.v
II. Si. t-is'6i eoiip.lll Itoek Island U4t,
U..S MOS'Mroup.tW Mil. aim. l'aul siij.
U. S.a-UUS TO OIU..1U I 00. preienoii.. . ui
V. K ft-20s 'iia new. 110'. iT. W. AW
II. s mos '07 lis'ii do. iiieliired.. 03
I'. 8 5-'.'us 'tis Ut.Sj l-oit VVajiie ss'j-
tT, si fs new U'y,N .-worn aim teno
11. s. 10-iiis rei.'....109
llaulo 0
U. Si. 10-40seoupou.U0
currency os loo.S,
Delaware and Hud
son canal 112
d( prtf
Canu 11
Consolidated Coal 4S
Cumterliuid' t
Western Union
Telegraph 7sj
do. piefcried. w
faclllo Mall 4
Huston Water
Power I2
Adams Kxpress... 80
Wells, Faru'o Co. OS
do. nreurred... 27
Cldcago.V Alton.. l9
no. nreierred. ..loik.-
Olilo.V. Mississippi, US!,
ot-i.tuicK. iv west. v,sj
MUSLUM, llUrilUlUfe
trie S.
V, C. A Indiana
Central 20
c. Ii. A o a i
llaunlbal A St. Jo
senh Ms,
Cemrul l'aettlc....
union p.u- 10
73 Vf
Tennesseo os
do. now....
American -m.l. im
Virginia cs....
do. new
Missouri 0 s....
press ,
United tttates Kx
press MX
New- York Central
Erlo 4
do preferred... . o
llnrlem W
do. preferred. 118
Michigan Ceutral.. 71
Panama 10
Union l'aclllc SS
Lake Shore A Mich
so 73
Illinois Central.... S3
si. Joseph 00
t.a. os....
fj. ns new 40
Leveo 0s ts
do. t'
Ala. ss CI
do. b's
(la.es cs
do. in
Special Tax
Nor 111 Carolina os, 14
do. new. 14
Clov eland A rills
burg Chicago A North,
western, .
do. preferred.
South Carolina os.. 3
do. now. i,
Exchange, long ..loss.
Do. Bhoit . . . lovjv
IViuv VorU 1'rotlnco UlnrlKl.
Nkw Yoke, Doc. 0.
Cotton.- Market Is quoted nt 16c for new
minuting unianui.
i4ch. -Tho market Is quiet and steady.
Itocclpts, lO.ooobbls. Sales 9,000 bbls. superflno
statu and Western nt oo,S0: rommon to
choice extra stato l.,o 47.40 1 common to choice
?.xtr.'.1 n-"'l,'''n tO.01x37.6O ; common to choloo
It. ft. O, tu.-0iS.40.
Hvtf k'tnru M..t-n la ,......,.. u.i-. .uin.
.... .,.uin,.b i-, sbuau,. CUIUS M tjum
at I LIS 40.00.
Ojaii. Market Is a slndo firmer. Hecelpts
.... o,u", m.,uw UU. nt 1 4!K$1 49 TOT
Chicago j ti w 1.51 for No. 'i Jlllwaukeej
11 SI
... ..." ..iv.ji,i iiuteu us ucni nominal.
Hecelpts too hush, kales bush. Western
and stato quoted at tocago.
CotlM Mnrkpf. la mint,.., t.nnAit.
IVB Thu Inn.l.-, ,- .-.-- . . . .
for prlrno mlxud western storo ; 70 (or
Tlllirrv tirisnt Is nul.) ...i . i . . . .
Cimida Weatil is uu' ul
OAT.s.-Mnrket Is quoted quiet. Hecelpts U.ooo
bushels. Males 1,000 bush, at 65(45iic ror now
.win. iuuLi-u uuii. naies none,
f 14.2.14I4..'i for new mess; for old mess,
lloef quoted quiet. Tho market for cut laoats
Is quoted quiet.
I.ari). Market Is quiet and firm. Sales M
IKrees 7v for old steam.
lien-En. Tho market Is quoted atao j53c, for
selected state.
Cheese. cneeso Is quoted at 13X'4l30 for
W IIISk'KV Till, t.t-l
t.t.irL'nt la ntintn.1 nt fin
per 1
:uos. Tho market H firm nnd quoted at
J3S0 for fresh.
for refined.
ioi Domestic Is quoted at 5.50!fl.5O
per ton per careo.
i.r.AinisH. -n.irKci is quoted null. Hucnos
quoted nt 2!'(330c. Cnltroriita do at ows ooe.
Wool.. Market is quoted as without any de
PlltfMl flinnfrn In , t,n ,,pnn ... i .
steady. Domestic fleeco at 40(4.110 ; pulled at
3S$ VI.
St'tigs and 'lUctUcinrji.
Oilers to the pood pcoplu ot Jtutland and vicin
ity the fluent stock of
an Immenso stock.
I.ook out for our stock soon to arrive tor tlio
7 0 J. I D -t ' ,s-
41 Merchants' How, KUTI.AND
At No. 13, Center St.,
an ALMANAC Kltr.E for 1574.
X will soon winr you out. Try Kendall's
pectoral balsam before Its too lato It will
euro you.
F. FENN A CO., PiioniiETORS.
Hutlaiid, Vt.
J. KNIVES! Largest stock In town nnd
every knife warranted at
T thing for the Little Folks, lo make home
happ at
'1IV will you sulfer with that cold
IT when you have a remedy In Dr. Ken
dall's Pectoral lialsam that will cure you. Try
It, onlv W) cents for large bottli s.
F. FENN A CO., PuoruiETons,
d.vw If No. 13. center St.. Uutlnnd, Vt,
)K stone grist mill at ltrlstol.Vt..wlll be sold
cheap and iqwu the most liberal terms of pay
luent. It has a good run ot eusloin grinding
and 11 largo meal trade. There Is also power
enough and siitllelent room In tho second and
third stories lorn chair uno carriage shop. This
Is a line opportunity for a man ot business ea
paclty i beluitelglilj Jears of age I cannot at
lend 10 It. .1AMKS llAHHETT.
ISulLiml, Vt., Nov. js, ls73. ilecotf
All sires, Cheap,
and all oilier kinds of
All sl?os, Cheap,
Warranted llest quality.
of everything usually kept lu a
"P U R N I T U R E .
Parlor Furniture, Center Tables. Mirrors, Ex
tension Tables, llodsteads. Mattresses.
Spring Heds, bureaus and chatre.
Manufacturer ot Illnck Walnut, Chestnut and
Painted Chamber Sets.
C A R P E T S .
Velvet, Iimssels, Tapestry, Three Ply and In-tn-aln
Carpets, Oil Cloths. Ac, Ac,
Itutlftlirt, Nov lil. 1S7S

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