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She gaity (Btobc.
hily Per month
Thrco months., li ")
six months...
one year....: 8 w
vvi:: kit Tlirce months
Six months $1
one year ' "
uidrossULOIll; F.vi'i.i! in., itmland, Vt.
Tlio Mormons aie said tolio jubilant over
1U" prospect of congressional legislation, or
want of legislation. Tlio excessive zeal of
to many members to dlslingiilshtheni.clu's
in the orlglnatois and suppoilcrs of the
msastiie to solve tlio problem, leads lliem
I believe that It will nil end In smoke ;
.niietlilng, pcrhap, lllc pntting the calar
i. , b.it k to the old footing. We don't v on-
li-r much at their chuckling, but we hope
t ii v arc doomed to disappointment.
vj. ie J'tdicial complications among (he '
,.rmriin .lodge McKean- who would i
In MHiiclliing, if he could has decided that j
i ie prolnto courts have no criminal juri.- '
i, ii, and h is, therefore, held one Klsel, 1
. tin w us .sentenced to ten years' Imprison- .
i-ii' In the penllchli.aiy, by n piolule
(.i.'. in Unl to "answer in the district,
.u " Happy phire for eiimlu.ils I'lali 1
une court hat no jmlsdlclioii, and the
lie! cannot obtain ,i jury, so between llic
' i (be penitential') i 1'ir off. lVrhap-
' i!m-.s v.-'ll '-Il up things" by and hv-
i i 1l is ,li iibllel.
U I he l.i.t Huston city election, four wo-m-n
weie i leel"d members of tlio "llos'.on
,i. enliiiiilllee," but the 'ily solicitor, In
,i' :n tlie q'le-tion was referred, iias dc-
:!iai liny (annul legally hold the
A iliis ' oiiiiic.ioiiahly good law,
- Hi
1 1
in In Iter lale for llio-e
v. "in ii Midrage -and eligibility
i .i i. ittiral sequence --to l..lior
' : ii m the 1 r.s, In!e,ul of -
i'f!i i.s ulno duty it is In In
i..u - ii thev llnd tlieni '; Tlio
-:i f t c a-idc, ii wmiM, reriidnly,
i.ii'ilisli mi re.
In tie-ease of Lang, convicted otMe.il
, I nito.1 Slab's mall bags, the eouit has
.i.-1 Ii-1 that l! 1 iegil to set tisldc nil
i i"; d siMileuce, mid re-sentence u ciinviet-
I orlmi.i d propeily, provided it is done at
iV s :n. c term of Hie court. In this i:n?c,
'.if. iv h sentenced to both tine and Im
i.'iiiiiuent, whereas tlie law ;uly provided
i .r -!i" one or the oilier course. The court
I'MMYercd the error in thu course of two
i.r tluee days, le-M'titcneed the prisoner,
ti I, now, the United Stales chcuit eomt,
i i .ew York city, wilh ti full bench of
tbice judges, has .ldli'mcd the legality ol
.'i's reiUISC.
U there not too much truth in this, not
i uly in Massachusetts but hi Vet moid and
rj whcic else ? James l'lceman t'laike
"H'c concerning tlio need of seme im.
' nenient in tlie text-books for our pub
J." -ehi.ols that "the selection now depends
in the superior business energy of one or
u.otlier publi.-her. The fmartest man
pushes in ids books, good or bad. I w as in
Vic State Hoard of Education in Massachu
setts for several ycais, and I proposed in
that Hoard that we should appoint a
f I,, ,,f ,l,n l.ncl ri-.ti,l..p, 1.. Il.o ..l.l4 oo.n
inuiiity to telect a list of fel;ool book.s, the
mies and description of which wo i-kould
I'C.blMi in a chcular and send to all tench
era and siliool committees in Ihe htalc
ilut the majority of tlio Hoard declared
that, if we did this, the pnblishers would
have our Uoaid abolished In a year. I told
them we could not die in a belter eaiue,
but they did not f.ce it."
'J zeii 'ti:i.icv ;oi.-,:.
If an individual cannot support all of the
principles of the republican party and their
nominees for olllce, they e case to bcie.
publicans ; and, If the Individual who can
"ot do this Is honest, lie will leave the
party. This Is the principle laid down by
ii newspaper which is, just now, displaying
extiaordinaiy ycal, in order to convince
every one that it is emphatically a jcpuh
liean newspaper. In 1 tils It has n two fold
object. Hotli of these objects are so ap
parent, thai the wayfaring man, though a
fool, need not err In finding them out.
I'ortunately for the patty, and Hie countiy,
' stands almost solitary nnd alone in this
.i-itioii. All of the icputable newspapers
uf iho party lefuse to subscribelo any such
' iclilne As we said, a few days ngo, the
iy of old fashioned puly newspapers has
is.-ed away, ami in their stead ate news
,i.i peri, who suppoit the main Issues of Hie
, ally, but do it nunc fcrvico by condemn
mg winng measmes even if they are sup.
a ted by their Senators and IlepirM'iita-nil-
than by an iiidlsrrlmiiuto endorsc
o. it of every thing that has a parly sup.
U. Many of lis can remember tlie day
i" I ..hi (lies of iiowspapeis show it -when
.i"ic was a Mind iidlie'.sioii or opposition to
i'i lain luiMMtius, solely because thin man
in that introduced it. Woe be to the whig
I, . aci eptml eilllco nl Hie hands of" the
.mm lata; woe be to Hi" individual who
"bolted" a caucus lioiiiinallou j woo be to
Iho n wspapcr that daiod utter cvi'ii a
fecblo rotc-t against a corrupt ineasuie.or
i ie elei.'ion of a dishonest, coriupt scoun.
.. vbeii a particular parly, or aineoilier
in- "I, nan auvociueii a i.iiysurc, ur a
,iiiily e incus h id madea nomination, This
niv. us we Invi add, lias passed, leas in
fi.ind it, hero and tlicro in eounliy town
a. one, foiloiu ulies ot the ni l stamp of
The New York 'I'im'i, which l.i pav cr.
i' Uuni-n Hie organ of thu republican party
and of liui administration, snjipoits not
every measure which has Iho approval of
Hie Pri'sliient and of n majority of tlio ie.
public.ni members of Hie Senate and House,
It criticises nnd denounces iueauics which
It believes to ho wrong j It imposes lepub
llcau nominations, wheie the nominee is
known to bo unfit or corrupt ; mid, oven,
advises the suppoit of the opposition noml
nee. L'nder the old rule, it would cease to
bt a republican newspaper. Senator I-Vrry
would havo been read out of thu party be.
i- iiiso ho was elected by democrats over
Ueiii'ml Hawipy ; Governor llooth would
havo committed Iho unpardonable sin j and
thoFo men who voted for him In preference
to tlio regular republican noinhico and
who, afterwards, voted for and elected
Judgo Hagar, a democrat, to tlio senate for
the short teim-lt Is Impossible to tell what
would havo been done with them, In the
face of these) facts, there aro once and a
while to bu found, a newspaper, so behind
tuo ngo or with such extraordinary zeal for
a particular purpose or purposes, us to
claim that party alllllations depend upon a
blind, unrcasoninr elcvotlon to evcrvthlni'
swallowing whole, without enquiry or pro.
test, of every nomination w hether made by
n packed caucus or not. They would, by
their little fecblo oay so, read General
linn Icy, Forney, Governor llooth, Wlllard
nml others out of the party; place nil
newspapers, whose editots were unwilling
"to go It blind," outside of the party's
pale; would suriemlcr the right of self
judgmen', nml an obedience to the dictate
of lonseiem e awl iinteati thereof pin
their fullli upon mc one'-) dictum and,
oven then, ln.t know, whether they favored
opposed, until they had examined some
pol'uieal icglstcr or nlniniiic mid ascertain
cd the politics of the proposer. We are
thankful that these relics of political bar
barism rue few and far between, and we
have hopes of even these. They lollow In
the wnko of Hie Times and when they dis
cover that they arc gutting out of lis foot,
steps, they will quickly wheel Into line.
rias: i;imim;ii r.ti;i.
It w us el.ilnidl, Willi gieal show of lei-
I son, Unit eiiormoiis frauds were committed
I at the I'ennslMinia Mate election, the Oc
tober pievlons lo the piesldeulhil elcclion.
' The greatest of these frauds were eonimlt
' led In I'h'dadclplil I. The object of these
Ir.uuN, If frauds there wcie, was to large
; ly enhanei' the republican majority, l'or
, a time the f.ict wn petsUlently denied, but
i finally, nil men came to believe therein.
! The linlh of Ihe mailer was that 11 corrupt
j ring mled thecilyof Philadelphia, as did a
i similar one New Yoik. Neither of them
eaied for polities, except so far as it might
, pcipetuato themselves in power and enrich
their favorite. The good, honest lepubll
cans of IVniKslt.inla were powcilcss he
roic them. They strove to nominate
honest men and have hone-t elections, hut
the ring was too much for them. It I'm mod
a combination with the democrats ami lode
on the tide. Tiny would huoII the ma
jority of whichever patty happened to be
in poner. One object of calling a constl
tutional convention, and of the adoption of
their work, wit t.i secure hoii'-M elections
mid loot out tills cm nipt ling. Whether
it will f Ucceed In Ibis or nut leinalns to be
M-cii. One thing has already lesiilled. The
fact that Immense frauds have been coin
lliltted 1:1 the l'lrd.idelphl.i eleetlons lias
been demonstrated, and it M'enis strange
that such stupid blumlcieis should have
succeeded so long In imposing themselves
on I In city. Tlie law lequhcs tint tlie
Votes shall be counted eveiy hour, and
some of the statements of these counts are
published ill tlie Philadelphia l.alger. In
the nineteenth ward, the aggregate vote, it
says against the constitution, undei its
various manipulation, was reported as
foliowb: At 10 a. Ill , ;),2U ; at 1 p. 111.,
C,1M; oflif l! p. m., Tuesday night, il.S.'Klj
at 10 o'clock Thursday moinlug, 1.171 ; at
1 o'clock in the day on Tuesday, neatly
twice as many votes weic leporlcd as there
weie at (' o'clock, when the polls wcte
closed; at 10 o'clock on Tuesday morning
theie were a gieal deal moio Ihau twice as
many votes reported a weie counted for
by the r.Hurn judges on Tluti'day ! Tlie vote
reported for the constitution presents slmi
laily man clous phenomena." The explan
ation is that the managers became fright
ened, or concluded it would do no good,
and, theicforc, changed the lesults so as to
approximate to what an honest count
would I ave been. We do tint pioposo to
comment on tins sintemem. nccause it is
unnecessary. The lacts aie unquestioned,
ami it only Kaiininr fur every one lo n-k
him-clf the iiuesllon, what security there Is
for free inrtitulious when election are
manipulated in this way.
.ei. wen: ta.vi.i..
The i iirie-nt of e'onviclions in the "ring
trial"-lias been checked by the acquittal ol
A. Oakley Hall. The i haigo against him,
as stated by .fudge Daniels, was "for will
fully neglecting the pcifoiniance of an
official duly." That duty was to "audit"
claims against the city or ceainty of New
Veirk. There is no claim lli.it he actually
audited' Iho claims, iuthetiuo meaning
ot the word, or in Ihe meaning of the law,
hut the verdict of tlie juiy seems to have
turned upon Hie won! "willful." We do
not propose, now or ever, lo discuss the
verdict of a juiy or the decision of a
court except In so fur as it may affect pub
lic policy and the general wi'lfare of the
community. To this extent and no fur
tlie.', in our judgment, aie they proper
subjects of criticisms and comment. We
regret the vetdict on two accounts, first,
for the possibility we trust it will remain
simply a possllillity-tliat It may prove the
turning or the tide, and lesult in the ihs -
charge eif other and morii guilty pai ties i'on.
Heeled willi the frauds and peculations of I
the ring. We need not spend nny time in
I'omment em this point and will, tlie-iefoie,
piss to tie' otlierc'Uislderatl.in. We under
stand it lo bo true, that verdicts of Juries
do not, In ordlnaiy eases, vMnhlHi piece
dents. They me not authority lo be cited
in, and control, either cae. If wo re
member the rule conectly, vetdict aro of
no weight, so far as the trial and decision
of oilier cause.! aie eoncenied, oxe ept when
other cases iii o dependent upon the bamo
stale of facts, and where substantially the
same parties an; involved. In some of
these cases where a court nnd jury have
pa'seil upon a given state of facts, and the
relations of nil the panics me btought out
and considered .although, they may not
all be actual pailies to that particular ease
-the judgment and veiitlet Is held lo de
cide the other cases ; It is cuisldetctl, us
It is technically called, m iii)iul!eata, a
matter determined. Wo may he mistaken
as to iho extiuit to which Iho doctrine U
carried, but wo believe thu principle to lie
correctly stated.
Although this case of Mayor Hall cannot
be strictly taken as a pi eeedent, yet there
is great danger Hint the matter dctciniiued
thereby may bu followed hereafter in siml
lar eases. If Ihe verdict of tlie jury i.s to
lio taken as a proper construction of the
word "willful," there will bo no trouble,
hereafter, in obtaining payment of fraudu
lent bills i in fact, thcro will he no neces
sity for auditing, Tlio statutes of New
Yen k required that certain persons should
"audit" certain hills, and lint, upon their
certificate, they should ho paid by the prop,
cr olllcer. As stated by Judge Daniels, It
was required that these claims should bo
"audited, examined and reported," and that
they "hould bo only paid after Ihey were
" inado the subject of examination, so as
" to ascertain that they weie falily and
" legally due." Thciervviisnopictenselhat
Mayor JIall examined these claims. U is
conceded that they were in4 ' fairly and
legally due," but were, e n the contrary,
false nnd fraudulent, It Is, moreover, evi
dent that if Mayor Hall hod "audited and
ernmlnei" (h 1 , iM
cred. It was not clalnvd, on the part of
the pi execution, that ho lecclvcd any money '
from these fraudulent claims. Wo believe
that he did not, and that If he lnd known
the extent to which the cltv was being rob-
bed, he would have cndenvoied to put n . m pt0vliled by law tome method for their
stop thereto. Here 1? the point upon whHi distribution ( documents have been printed
his liability to conviction and punishment ' t g,-cnt cost to the Government, which In
rests. lie should have known it. Ho was i many Instances are useless ; those to whom
granted Ids powers for the express purpose tlicy are sent do not lead them ; no docu
of guarding the ticatury. It was his duty i mcnls, unless a small number for public
to examine thee claims. He utterly neg- libraries, should be pilntcd until those who
lectcd and failed so lo do. As we; under,
stand the meaning of Ihe wend' "crime''
and criminal," It may be, and douhtlc" is,
line that he was nol the '.tie and had not
e;ommltted the oilier. He was appointed
to do ccitaln acts and neglected lodothiau.
The statute makes the peison "willfully"
neglecting to do these acts guilty of a nils
demeanor. If "willfully" means nn thing
It means "knowingly," and the jury have
Mild that he did not knowingly neglect (Id
duly. If Mayor Hall was half-wilted or
stolidly ignorant, liieie might have been
some sense1 In tlio verdict It'll he Is an
educated man and an nble lawyer, mid niusi
i have known his dnlies. If he knoiringty
neglected his duties, lie lriUfitVi neglected
lliem. The July. In their eidicl, cither
stultified tlieinselvesor O.vki'y Hall vvliii h,
ve will not pielend to say. We lio-t their
vetdict will not bo taken n nn authoritative
exposition of the word "wllllid" cr cd'
"audit" i'r "examine": if i", hi u. ai
once, dispense with the fitee nl oudltois.
and bid a long f.iii'widl to all oppoiliiiiil'n
to pievent frauds upon the lieas uy.
e.'fiiresjionileneo ot Hie eilolie.)
Wtistvliiertoii Letter.
W.vsiiinoiox, 0. ('.. Dee. !!.
Kilitnr f(!Me: -While tlio mist and
feig of social life in Washington ri-es of
leiicr, and ell-closes a broader sea ol sice
and viilue strangely lomiiiingled - the
islands of murder, Fcduclion, nnd theft
pii'doiuinalliig than any e'lly ot its size on
this I'oiitinenl, and offcndeis aie spuied to
repent and icgret tti.it they wive found
nut one sin meets with .swift punl-luiicnl.
Strange as It may seem in thin city of lax
murals, n leinnanl of the old blue laws nT
Connee licut, which Hiouuli iiliiicln.il lo the
statute books of most New ihiglaml Si.iie.
is practically a dead lelte-r, is lu re rhidly
enforces!. Not week day In tlie year but
the police con it shows Ihe lecord of Inun
one to six cases ol "llni'd for profanity,
t for "initd and boisterous conduct,
If John Smith meets yim on the
slli'ct and e'alls you a fool, witli n piof.tue
prefix, all you have to do is to beckon to a
policeman and the offender is straightway
mulcted in I lie above sum j or If one hulls.
ea ectly u-.es tlie old-time ISelehciism, "II is
a hot day," it behooves him lo li ivu
In change about his person. It will
thus be seen that profanity is an cxpcii-lvi'
luxury, to be indulged in only by tlie rich
and -- rccklcfs.
Washington winters aie seldom scvcie,
hut so far this season it has been exception
ably mild nnd beautiful. The holidays aie
near, and we have had but few di'tigice.
able doses. The morning arc bnght and
bracing, and In the middle of tlie day over
coats arc a hut den. Thu slres ts are guy
with equipages and promenaders, Hie mild
beauty ot the cloudless skies luring the
most delicate into thu open air, and me
chanics and l.iboieis me grateful for Hie
..j.j.o i iiit.lt,, fur imnylni; ilielr otll-Otiur
work so far into Hie winter ; Hie dislitute
aie spared Ihe pangs of hilmg cold, and
only the chronic grumbler arc unhappy.
Thursday Is Christinas Day, and it Is
peculiaily the chlhiien'.s day, its ci'h br.i
tions springing fiom Ihe birth of a child
who, as the Master, said "Sillier little clnl-
ihen lo eTiuie unto me, and foihid them
not.'' Its associations are joyous. The
older ones look back to it, and the younger
ones forward to it as the season of gladness
and mil Hi, of gifts and feasts, when li
lior iclaxivi from toil, the heait opens and
expand with the Impulses of kindly feel
lug and good-will j old lends forgotten and
friendships, lenowed. Tlio-e who give
lnmiitifuliy to tlio little ones, as they hear
the childish oxpicvions of delight cannot
bill feel better satisfied with themselves ,
and tlie wot id, and ho happier and puier In I
Hie conscioune.-.s that good deed bring 1
their own lowiud. Why will not people
tealio how little it lake-s to make olliers 1
happy and our-elve too? Iiut while we
icmeinbcr Ihe chlldien we should nol for-,
get tho poor, Suiely we know not how!
much of our fast transgression the rccoid- :
lug angel blots out when we seek the lowly
and unfortunate, in dark places and dismal
ways, to lelleve their necessitic, nnd glad-
! den Ihe heart bowed ilovvn. If we would
I be hannv ourclve. let us remember the
weary and wayworn, mid icjoleu in tlie
Mastei's declaration, "It is inoie blessed lo
give than to iee:elve,"
Congicss has adjourned for Hie holidays
ascveiy one knew it would, although vital
Interests nic'elcniandiug inimedialo legisla
tion, and liieie was at one tlmo a faint
prospect that our solemn might dispense
with the usual recess and content them
selves willi Hie two nays tlio laboring man
and mechanic me so iejoh:ed to snatch
from their life-long toil. In the picsent
mood of tlio country there Is a jealous
watchfulness of C'ongiessloual movements
and a demand from Iho people for extra
ordinary labor to meet extraordinary exi
gencies that tlieise boiie.t of wisdom, do.
nominated by the irievcient and wicked
editor of the flapital as the "l'ug.liank"
and Hie "Cave," will do well In heed. Morn
than ever they will be held to a strict ac
I'ountalillity, and judged harshly if they
fail to meet tlie ju.-t icqiiliemcnts and ex
pectations of their constituents. Iiut little
lias been accomplished so far. After three
weeks of wrangling and dcmoiali.ation in
Iho House, dining which Ihe debates
were chuinelciicd by bhter person.
nllllcH a salary bill was agieed upon
fixing tho compensation at $(1,000
per nullum for members, ami $8,01)0 for
speiker and vice-piesident, with actual
travelling expenes to mid from tho seat of
government once i'acli ses-lou, hut does
not Interfere with tlio Increased salaries of
tlio Pieshlcnl and other officials. While
if 0,000 certainly seems to lie little enough,
tlie-re was such an Intense; eleslicou the part
of somo to conciliate the dear people that
they would have willingly cut It ilovvn to
one-half that sum. thus going to tlio other
cxtieme. Tho icsult was reached by a
closo vole, jeas 11)1 i nays 1!!0. These
figures were at first reversed, but Mr,
George M. Adams, of Kentucky, demo
crat, changed his vote, and thus becamo
responsible for tho adoption of the llurlbut
amendment. The Sennto, however, report
cd a substitute lestoring the old law i and
this is what tho people want.
A lesolutlon being offered in tlio Jlouso
some debate, during which Mr. "Wlllard, of
Vermont, made omc very sensible rcmaiks,
whtch will meet with commendation from
your leaders. lie proposes that no ad
ditional copies be piloted until Cougicis
want them mo willing to pay the nctunl
cost of prlnllug mid trausinis'ion thinugh
tlie malls a circular containing n list of
documents punted, with their cost, should
lie fent to eveiy post ollh'e in Hie L'nlted
State's, to be posted in a e'onpiciious place,
nil then let those who want them order and
pay for them, and not compel the whole
body of this people lo pay for documents
that only go to onedeutli or one'-liuiidicdth
eif them i why should louitecn farmers be
taxed for the printlngof and the postagoon
documents sent lo the llflecntli man ? Con
gressmen enn send tei n few individu lis in
their districts, whom they have scierted lo
sh'.vv their preference for, valuable public
document, valuable pie,ent, but at tin:
expense of all Ihelr cnn'lllutciiK The
honoiable genlleman said theie was no
justice, no e quity, no good sense In such a
distribution, and he was In favor of provid
ing Hut all documents printed at the public
I'Xpense should be sent enily lo those who (
want them anil nic willing lo pay for them
Tlicic is good, appreciable logic In this.
Many limes men reeeave documents they
e'aie nothing for ; Ihe waste biket Is the
convenient iceeplatie for them: while to
olliei they would bo Invaluable.
Theie I n pioposltlou to plaieiilnx on
tea and coffee, i his would fall heavily
upon Ihe poor those h'.ist able to pay it
ami look like small biisinen. Let Con
siess devi'e some wiser method of muting
K'Vi uue liian by t ixinir unhid that h ue
liceonie almost inilispensnlile loliie I iboriilg
Classen. ,ct IllClll l.l IllMllil'S, but let
necessaries alime or. when Hie pei pie's
i turn shall suiely .iin they will be both
' lie-aid nnd fell in this m iller.
, Tlie C'ongiCL'iliiuril Soeii ly ol Washing.
I Ion ate happy in the pns-e-sii.it nl' a line
I church, happy in h iving letenlly iiuinseil
wilhmlts vii led wiill on" of the large!
and finest oiguis In the country. In front of
which clutter n choir of tweaily singers :
and peculiarly hippy in their pastor, who
billeves in prai-lng God Willi heart and
eynibil nml trumpet : w ho believes Hint
'proper ventilation and good music me Ihe
'nci'e'sary adjuncts to good preaching : and
-that when the organist and janitor do their
whole ihilv lliey i.ink next to the preacher
himself in producing that harmony which
i excmplili'Ml liy an inleiested speaker and
an Interested audience Above medium
sie. dark eyed, black bailed, with longslde
whiskeisol the same ebon hue, he stands In
the pulpit nn embodiment of coii'ciou
stiengtb, of nervous iletennlnalioii and or
ganization -every Inch a man. Saturday
tiling thennnivcrsary of the landing of the
Pilgrim Fathers, on Suudav Dr. liankln
selected bin text with special refcicnee lo
that event. The senium was necessarily
somewhat of a historical character, and a"
he piovcd conclusively that the Pilgrim
r'nthcis and the Piuitans were entile ly
sepaiate and distinct, Hins collecting a
populir error, it was exceedingly good to
hear, fori never ilid think much of those
bigoted lagots of so-called piety who perse
cuted Quakers and hung witche'S. while I
1'ould not help admiring Ihe Plymouth
As long ago a I .'.IS tlicie were those hi the
Established Chili cli of Kngland w h dissent
eil lioiu nit; tlos'itliii's tiiav religious piling
was amenable lo ciyil authority. In time
their niimbeis increased: they withdrew
mid weie known as Sepai itlst?. worshipping
Gnd lu semi ; while their leaders were up
prehcndi'd, thrown into dungeons, and in
some cases suffeaed inailyrdoni. i'hey or
ganized into a church, calling themselves
Separists, and filially lied to Holland lied
from the pcisecutions ot Hie Puritan.
Chccrfullv banishing themselves lo lb" un
known wilds of savage America, lor eon
science's sake1, they landed upon the Inhos
pitable shoies of'Ncvv Dngland, at Ply
mouth, hi lli'20. Ton yea is nflcrwaiil,
where they had aceiuiicd a foothold beie.
were living innlcahiy with llnir untamed
neiglibois, and had made it Mfe for others
lo come, Ihe Puritan, who dllfercil in
some minor points from the IMublishi'd
Church, but slill held to the supieniacy of
civil over lelinioiis authority, landed on our
shoies and settled the colony ot Massachus
etts May. These were the men who perse
cuted linger Williams. Thirlv-slv years
after IhePilgiiiuI'.ilhcinlandnl.'in HKfl the
Quakers came over.
At this time, after tlie lapse of a genera- I
lion, the leaders of those who landed from I
tlio Mnyiowcr had passed away, two pimn- i
Incut oiies dying in lli.it yea'r. Hut their
descendants were animated by, nnd still ,
held saried Iho grcit principles of niigious
lihcity for winch their lathers had lived .
and died ficcdom to worship God accoid- I
ing to tho dletiUc- of con-clence, They ;
persecuted none ; wore tolerant lo nil. '
1 1 icy sympathized wilh, and weie an asy
lum for, thosu who lied from Hie persecu
tions of tho Puritan at Salem and Hoston.
In conclusion, the eloquent speaker defied
any one in produce erne panicle nl lilstoii
eal evidence to show- that the Pilgrim
Kalhcis weie not as Just, as liberal, and as
tine in Ihe matter of niigious conviction
when applied to others as they were lo
themselves. In niigious polity, lie said,
the Congregational church N their lineal
descendants. Dr. I tankln's oratory Is lin
pieselve mid cons luring. The senium was
nil loo slmit. The venerable mid veneiat
cd Silas II. Hodge n decon lieie, as for
mcily In Ilulland may bo seen each Sab
bath occupying the familiar chair near tho
sacred desk. With silvery hair, and fea
tures allenualed almost to Ir.inspaieneyjiei
icinhu's me of refined gold, refining day by
d iy until every pat tide of tliogiosscrnaliue
is eliminated and the puio jewel I worthy
Hie diadem of king of king. .May Ills kind
lieait long contlmiu to llnob, anil Iho wis
dom of Id understanding long he spatcd to
the nation. Mr. Hodges was Commissioner
of Patents in IftVi-fiil, mid though examln-cr-ln-eliief,
lias been for some tlmo noting
in Commissioner,
A Mcny Christum nnd a happy ..New
Year to you. dear Glum-, and to your
reader, I!osmoi:k.
I, return lit ICon, '3 limiiiis t ill ti,
A fair audience assemble at tho Opera
House on Thursday evening In listen lo tho
ndiniiablu Iceiuie ol Hon. Thomas Pilch,
of Xevada. It may, wilh truth, be said
that Iho lecture was lluely conceived, me
thodically ananged, lnteisperscd with tho
descriptive, the ilietoilcal, and humorous
hi happy combination. H was as a whole,
pcihaps, Iho best lecture that has been de
livered from the lcctuio platform hi Iiut.
laud for years, not excepting John II.
Gougli. Those of our citizens who failed
to hear It have missed, probably, the richest
intellectual treat of tho winter.
At eight o'clock Mr. Pitch was Intro
duced to tho audience by Henry Clink,
Ilsq. Tlio following Is a full abstract of
inn ii:enui:i:.
Tlio orator commenced by saying that In
that ancient pictorial geographyof our c hild,
hood Hint book with torn covers and dog
cared corners- which was to our young
minds a mythical maelstrom of tho world,
and which pictured with accuracy tlie Kast
as an Inhabited country nnd tlio West as an
unexplored wilderness, is the picture of
Vasco Nunez do llalboa, standing on Iho
lay spread out before him. Ho saw in vision
that country settled and peopled filled
with high hopes of the grand picture that
nwnltcit himself and his followers, ills
dauntless heart swelled w ith prophecy and
pride the perils of sea and land, the suf
fering and privations endured were forgot
ten and with scarcely a regret for these
things or for the many wiio had perished
under them, ids thoughts surged toward
the "Xevv Kmplte," lie knelt down then
and theie and iledicatcd the land tei Chris
tianity and civilization foiever. Delayed,
but not disprove)), unacquired but not aliau
eloned, Hie prophetic words of the .Spaniard
cover the pages eif history and of song.
The palm-ttecs wave over Ihe bodies of
Halboa nnd his comrades, tlio land sleeps
In seiiil-'jaibailsni, waiting still for tlie fig
ure that ever stands in the f iregiound
pointing with stately gesture to the "Com
lug Ihuphe "not an empire of throne'
but of giealness In lis Inline tlio land of
mighty promise. Ninth and South from
Calif ol ilia to Colorado, Kast and West
1,200 miles, from tlio Itocky Mountains lo
the Pacific Ocean, there stretches a land
which but a few years aim was nlmuM a
foie-ign country to u.
The Union nnd Central Pacific railways
have opened a portion of it lo the I'yes of
the outer world. The engine now marches
from Hie Hist to California and lo Texas
plepaiing lo gleet thee'iitiie We-t ns u eivl-
., .. mtheitutliat pait has not
kept paie with the Mississippi Valley, but
steam has paved a path by Ihe aid of cheap
labor and lias wrought a lulraoh-. Alieady
San Prnnc-isoo i prepaicd to wicst troni
the land the eoiniucico of China
Thu speiker then referred to tin: eliimile
, ii being genial, with an occasional zephvr
'which snmnlimes would blow off a few
, liouse-toofs, but lis nollilng e-oinpaieil to
, the g.ileof lb" northwest ; a little snow,
! but the winlerof the Atlantic States I un
, known, l-'evcr and ague seldom sojourn
1 In California or Oregon and never in I'lah,
Arizona nr Idaho, w liich me no less than
' -1.00 I feel above the level of the m.i. Pen
pie are sometimes killed bv aei Idcnt and
sometimes die in their heel, but lar i
dying of old ge I roni-crned no in-tani e is
i known. Pi ! sing in prai.-c of the pun-
and life-giving alinosplieic of California.
while at Monleicy its people me enjoying
, the delight of e.i-h.itliing, while you me
I living on snow and Ire. Prom tlie gardens
' of Hie New Hespeetes, the hath of tlio I.ns
Augelos, from tlie far Pacific, to the hills
j of the Wnlisach, the climate is superior lo
any other known The soil is fer
I tile and there i no fiiilt that can
not be produced upon it. No How.
el's s.ieii as I hose from Hie f.eis
Angclo vine,' straw beiiic from I'ehnnry
to November; apple of the size of pump,
kins. strawieiiics like poaches and
peaches like- melons, while: Ihe size of
Hi" pumpkins, tlie speaker would omit
( i unpa i i sou , wishing to maintain a reputa
tion for t.'iilh and veracity. Potatoes tin
vast in circumference i.ud delicate In tlivoi
as to make St. Patrick hiniscH open his
eyes with wonder, and fich garden vege
table the year around. Tho traveler
could stand on the line of Iho Pacific rail
road, and willi ono hand upon a snow
bank, could look down upon a land shining
under a tropical win, icdolent with the
fragrance of tueiiarel and vine whose vege
t.tVl'.n was never checked by snow or Ice
Sldl amid these silent wonders he could not
forget the iibiipiltous domain of man, for
the l.roa 1 cliffs of tho Sii'ir.is boar Hi" inscriptions-"Ward's
Shins," "S. T. ISO
-N,''aiid lcniind us of the powers of
"Nitro-glrceiino" and ''Credit .Mobllier."
The splendid grain ol California excels all
olheis, while tho sheep ranges of those
northern dime, me noleil as unsurpassed.
Cotton Is giovvn and nil-cd in I't.ih, and
Arizona, yet une.xphnod, sliali sonic day
Height the sle.imeis, which shall plow the
now unnavlgable waters of the Colorado
river, Willi the products of her own soil.
Tliousniids of aciesof pare salt ran be here
shoveled up and white alkali abounds In
great quantities. Salt Lake contains brine
enough lo pickle nil tlie beef and pnikln
tin: win Id, while springs of hot and cold
waler aie found side by side, and nunieioi'.s
deposits of aiscnic, Iron, lead nnd coal.
A soap mine in Utah only needs a liltlo
pei fume and the cuterpiiseof man to maku
a paying institution, while an insect well
i Is found which disgorges a never falling
I supply of the finest ol hugs. On Ihe Ccn.
; tial Paeitle is a spring of mineral water
: that closily lcsembles chicken soup, which
', is taken up by hotel propnctois, who llav or
i it well and palm It off upon travelers n the
gcnulno aitii le. Pigs, rahlns, grape and
i other varieties of fruit
,ue ulieady among
the exports and commerce of this country
. whose desetts even are made fruitful.
Never-falling stream piovido abundant
l waler power, mid men can weak in the
open air tho year .around. Invalid need
not seek the German baths or gmw thin in
j drinking the vvalci of Saratoga, when they
, go to tills Pacific coast and drink ol Hie
' waters as life-giving as the pool of lleihsa
, d.i. The elements one and all consphe (o
, tlie wealth and rcsoiitces of the countiy.
The future of lid empiic is coming In Ihe
Head of every emigrant that seeks these
new- fields; coming lu the adamantine
hem Is of the mountains i coming from
your school-houses, w here the youth sit and
think of whcio Ihey shall go and what they
shall do when Ihey mo giovvn up.
Thu miners win) live in Idaho and I,' lab
have-proven the lesults that justify these
piedlclloiis. it is true that the puiMiltof
metals iiillamcs lo recklessness and infatu
ates the hentt, that it seldom remunerates
and less seldom satisfies, but the history of
oilier mining countries Is hut a preface) to
tint of our own. On this thiesholil of
silence wo nru knocking at tho (loots of
voting discovery. Since the railroad lias
been opened success has been established
for thu future ami It will bo maintained by
every new discovery. Those mountains
contain tho nilghtytio.asurcswhlch willlift
tho burden of debt from this nation, and
now hi silence they await thu lamp-rub of
some Yankee Alladin to people those val
leys with cities mightier thauTyio or Sldon
of old, Cotnstock I.cdye, In Nevada, alone
has yielded fifteen millions of dollars in
silver to tho San Francisco Stock Hx.
change. Tlieso nro powers that make and
unmake governors and United States Sen
ators on tho Pacific coast.
Tho speaker then told somo Interesting
experiences of miners who had corno to
Hint legion to make their fortunes. News
paper conespondents, ho continued, had
long been In the habit of writing up the
glories of tho lllustrlal future of the far
west from n car window. Tho speaker
then suggest d tho taking his hearers a
hrlf trfo hron li H
Pacific at Klko, wo take our Journey south,
word. We biealhe in the nromallc odors
of the country and strike out from the patli
to tlio silent mountains, whose bold nnd
ghastly heights have In them the look of nu
earthquake. We cross iicseits whoso
silence is so ilccp It seems to cry out nt nut
approach alone with Hie feathered song
steis of tlio air. So journeying southward
wo pass the mining towns nndln tin ee days
enter the Cathedral Canyon, whoso lime
stone walls tower two thousand feet above
us, and amid some of whose cliffs the sun
never shines. Wo soon strike the "Death
Valley," whoso buiulshed suifuce shines
under the heat of a liopical sun. Its soil
is one vat quaking morass which ten min
utes of ram will change Into a bed of mental-over
whtch a tabblt could not nui with
out being draw n to death. Ten minutes
nfler the lain and an nniiv might travel em
Its sun-baked surface.
Tlila ''Coming Pmpiic" lias hc.cn until
within n few years l1ted only by a few
Jesuit missionaries and cxploied e uly by
llioe barely pioneer", llioMoimoiis Tlieso
wcie the first of pioneers, for I fine Col
orado or Utah was fettled they met on the
shoies of lids Heel fca to iaie up the "bra
zen serpent" In the wildcinc-s. Since then
deluded converts from all parts of tho
wen Id have left nil thu comforts of home
lo i each a land which, but for them would
slill ho one of desolation, lly their patient
and untiring Industry these peculiar people
have made the elcscit blossom, peopled it
with t itles and towns ami harnessed its
natural lesomces to their service. History
makes no mention of a people mine wealthy
and powerful under such circumstances ;
with a financial system Hint defies Hie
vvolld for lis equal : nsvslrmnf cn-opera-
I!,,., ,vn.ln,-f,il In l,r.!,,.U I II.-,. Il, l.'ll.
kennv eats these Mormons have lived on
I i-ncli other until they have all grown fat In
tlio opcintifin. In lellglous failh the Mor
I mons believe all that everybody cbc eleos
I and a good deal nioie. Their itiiulon com
I niences wheie Hie otliers leave oil'. Their
j belief is the Old Testament witli the book
of Mm mons added. They have mingled
Sue) ate nnd Moses with Matthew and Mahomet-
a Iheologlstic olla podrida of big
oliy and Infidelity. This belief is obnox
ion'st. i's only in its gic.it fungus of po
lygamy. Stiugjllng witli an error ol
v, liic'i they mui I soon unburden themselves
they seein to be Inmost In their convictions
o! it" teachinirs. and Hie speaker said he ;
was almost leady to believe thu statement
nvide to lilui lb-it the taking of a second'
' wife was tlono only as a painful religious
duty. They must ho looked upon witli '
J little hatred and with much compx'sinn as I
sen u.inioi.iteii victims ot a cruel oiriiir- ;
liu. The altar of conlugal love never I
burns in their home. The tiros have for- I
ever gone out. Tho wife hears no music
In the husband's footstep, no sweet solace
hi the Icngthlng chain of nolvgamv. while
cm the cold hearth of buried hopes thu owl
forever sits and jabbers of tho joyless pas
sion, lis social life is in brazen antag
onism to lepubllcan civilization. .Much of
missioiruy work is yet to lie done in
Utah, llungling politicians make not
the best of husbandmen, while the
last inlhix of Gentiles Inil to incicase
the stock of piety in Salt Lake City. They
do not prove "Hie evangelists of iniul-
1 loved hlesshi:
mil "ilng-ocraev liadiy
supplies thu ill ice of "theocracy." Al
ieady the gambling hell vexes the. 'quiet of
those towns that formcily listened only to
the inn-do of their mountain streams. ' Hut
polygamy has run its ctiiuse. Tho railroad
has stri '-u it a mental blow, and isolation
no li.iu.- -r guards it ns of old. Tho loco
motive hell has sounded its death knell,
and the railroad has undermined this so
cial Iceberg from ils fastenings and it will
ere long fall lo decay and death. Some-
lime, not far hence, death will claim Hie
hand of liliii w lio tin miide.l !Ib course, end
theie is no modern Klisha in Utah upon j
whose shoulders the mantle of the mighty !
lllljah can fall. Fashion, too, claims its
followers in Mnrmondim, nnd Hrighani ,
Young I. reported to have said ho was
more tit raid nt milliner s bills than ot any
bills that Congress might pass. Feniafo
suffrage exists also in Utah, and this 1 op.
posed to nn excess of connubial felicity
Iiut what, said the speaker, shall wo say
of the ptonccis.' Those gallant men who
have explored tlio trackless wilderness ot
the west? They have gone forth from
your farms, your factories and your shop,
slicing nnd energetic of putpos'c, tiiu best
of your boys and gill, to plant thu seeds
ot the coming empire. In their behalf the
speaker would nsk a iccognitiou of their
enterprise. Most of Iho men ate bache
lors and vagabonds inanv as bachelors usu
ally aie: reckless of gold, and icadicr with
rille than seriptme quotations ; not unac
customed, pcihaps, to good society, but
reeking it not : always icady to relate won
dcrful experiences lo tourists which mo
prepared for their especial edification.
They climb, like a iiugo lly, the imcxploied
mountains, and the primeval hills welcome,
their daring footsteps. At the demand of
the persevering pick of the mliierthu earth
reveals its treasuies, while the nu of tlio I
intrepid guide maiks out the sites of cities ,
yet to be. Not for them Hie sweet folace j
of homo and kindled ; undaunted lieieso
lutely presses nortl-iward to the mountains
of crystal, until the north star gleams be.
1.1... I,'.... I .1 ! - 1, I
west. The explorations of tlio pioneer havo i
1 cached to where the golden gate swings'
back on its hinges. Hut Columbia, Alaska
and Mexico aiu calling to pioneers to come
ion; linn. , , csv , .it it tti(.-iu is lit) liillirer
to their shores. At Alaska is a land we
must ciu long Inhabit We need Ameiieun
waters in which to catch codllsh, and other
than Hritish soil In which that piotid bird
ot irculcin can lieitned. Our J.mpiru hi
i.isi njiiro ii-iiing 1110 iiiiiiiiiueni 01 ii.ll-
onus: propiiecv. as tor literature liooka
don't tlnlve 011 Hie l'.icllle coast. The
most learned men there would be termed
a "literary cuss." Professor llcnjamin
Hilllniaii vvhlle Bojourning liieie was called
'ihat scientific cuss fiom Connecticut,"
and his M-ienlille reseaiclics weie outdone
by Iho pickaxe and tliovcl of the miner.
A'nd, Mid tho speaker, lids lias its advan
tages ns well as disadvantages. Litem
turn is thu producer of tho knowledge of
a nation, nnd it must be fettled bcfoio book
literature can thrive. Tlio stump is nu tie.
knowiedged Institution, the lyceum is
not. Literary productions nro liclovcd of
the gods uiidihe caily Ihdllon Is king ;
thu hist inining dlscovciy is our Mncaulav.
l-'ino nils nio ciilcebllng to the growth ot'a
nation. Hut Hie speaker expected befoie he
died, to lead from Hie pens of tho.so who
halt consciously 1110 planting tlio Feeds of
fiituio progiev.-, the wiltlngs of Iho histo
rian, Iho author and the poet. This future.
Idotoiian will tell of the ii'sponso uf a (lis.
tain people, who had watched Ihe pletuio
of this "coming empiic," lovcahng Itself
lu the gallfly ot centuiics j lie will tell of
a sailer lashed to Iho maintop looking out
for new countries to discovcri of
a horseman nt Winchester turning
tho bayonets of a rctieatlng nrniy into a
deadly phalanx of strength ; of a soldier
writing tlio history of his country with Ids
sworil.point nnd punctuating it with vie.
lories achieved ; of a eilcnt (leiier.d diiect
lug the affairs of a nation ; of a firm, wlso
btntesm.in writing the death Benlcnco nf hu
man slavciy, Thcsu will bo photographed
upon the piges of history, never to he ob
literated while the ages go around.
The dpeaker then lecounted several anec
dotes Illustrating Iho peculiarities of thu
miners, each of which were told lu Hie
fpeakcr'a Inimitable, way and convulsed the
audience eveiy one. Ot a deacon lu Nevada
who Introduced a now minister to thu con
gregatlon as "aneiiilneiit gospel-sharp from
Massachusetts," Of n distnct judge in n
land case who spoko of n construction
Jeticc) as "a placo wheie theie ought to bo
a fence, but tlio evidence failed lo "'pan'
one out." Of a defeated candidate for
olllce who gavoasa leason for his defeat
that ''those who know 1110 voted for my op
ponent, those who knew him voted for me, I
nun iiiosu who Knew us noiu biuiu nwtij
from tho polls, 1 had be. n hero loneer I
man If "lie didn't say down at Austin Hist
he thought nnagur better nor an Irishman?"
and wim lcplled "that is another base plun
der of the opposition ; I never said so, either j
nt Austin or nnywl civ else, but, on the con. '
trniv, on tint subh ot, have always ende.iv ,
oleil to conceal , j opinion." Of n miner i
who icturncd li boiUs nnd pamphlets lent
hhn by a life h 1 ir.mcc agent with the ie '
mark that lie Hi night he '"wouldn't Invest,
i for, ns near as lie c-oiild find out, he had got j
I to die to win anything, nnd lie didn't caic
to pocket that ir ime.'" .Ie.e Itiialey was a
i hniely nil' cr, whose wife wus the only wo.
man tor .lies iirounti. une e.ay, uynpie
mature .".plosion, .be was killed. Ills
comrnd. s picked lilm up and placed Ids re.
mains catefully into u sh'.i.'.box. They
then played n game of "seven-up" on thu
litl to see who would cany Hie news to Mrs.
1! .ley. The lot fell lo a miner unused to
1 .les' society. He put tho box on to a
o licelh.it row and trundled It olf to the cot
tage of the late lamented Mr. Ilagley. He
knocked nt tlie door ami asked Mr. II. as
she came to his call, "Does the wulder
Ilagley live here?" "No, sir, there's no
widow lives here." "I'll bet you two do,
larsnnd nhnlf she does. You won't bet ?
That's where you'ie right, for I'vu got old
Joe lieie In this 'ere shoe-box, nnd when you
see hhn you'll think the only thing Miat'll
comtort nun now win ne a coroners in
quest. Hciehels!" i
The need of this coming empiic Is peo-
pie. We want, said the spe.-ikci, the lic-t
of New Unghind men and women Hie
blooded stock of the country. Not the fol ;
lowers of the '-Old lied Sandstone ' era ; j
not tlio Idler or the shiftless man ; neitliei
the man who cannot remain nny where
with nnv comfort nor get nwny with ndvan
'age. Peitilo fields a, wait Hie careful Ini"- !
handman and woo the follower of cvei.v
trade and plofesslon. The Shasta defies ,
the ai list's pencil anil Its lulus puzzle the
mind of Hie antiquarian's scinch. When
1000 shall have elapsed, it shall have ex
tended its boundaries j through three zones
shall this c-mphc stictch. It shall rival
New Ungl.ind a the esluai v of comincicc,
and, Instead of tlihty, the flag of our conn,
try 'shall I ear fifty stars upon Ils silken
folds. The pride of the land shall be in its
Pacific lusiic. In sons and daughters shall
be til custodians of the mighty trust. The
mountains in nil ages have hoc'u thetnrtres
of freedom and the Inspiration ot its de
fcndeis. Slavciy can never again inhabit
our land while Ihe Mcna lift their proud
summit!, to the skies. Our lileratuic, lan
guage and laws will never become un
wen thy ot our destiny while the Yo Semite
stands'. It has been proven that time's
noblest empire is ils last. There shall be
eliminated from the dead isms the diamond
of a pine faith sparkling with a glorious
radiance lit for the brow of the gicat King.
Watches ami 2!wclvi).
C II It I ST.. I A S.
I fl
noi. id ay noons,
RVi Iiioiii Messed In jftvo than to leeetvu;
theretoie, wo giro hotter good, ami more fur
your money, than can Uu found If you travel ties
world over. V havo a largo stock eif
eiejl.li AND Ml.VI'.t: WATCHES
'Stein and key Hlti'tlngv.
1, 11 1. 1) C- II A I S' i-t ie v.-rj I m-i.
(ill. Oil, ll-lil, l.('011line 11 tul tl-'llln'V'est C h.llllS.
iii'.uiiiiul si ts or
.IKWI.I.ln, stoni:, CAMUO, eOlt.v!.,
Tt nK(ii.s,.tf;T, with riaiii.
VSM) fiOI.I) S
elohl ivns nnd 1'enells,
bockotr, flnser Rings, Ac.
Sll.vrn .,rooS of our own mako and Plated
Ware In abundance at
I1AII,I:Y .V l'AItMKNii.IiS',
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Of nil qualities and Kinds.
eiUN'S, .Vc., .tc.
I ChU'iiuiiu'ier and Flue Watch Repairing a
I specially. Also Clocks and Jewelry repaired In
1 '"""' """
Low Kent and Low Prlco" Is our motto.
SlU.K.N'nil) OUOAN
roit io ii:it month
II Ma le, lleiuitlful Tone, Doublo Itted,
octal i-s, nml full) warranted.
The best ami Standard Organ Is
Sue them. A largo stock rtlwny.s on hand.
I.tbritil discounts for rash.
First Class, Seven oetnvis, liosewood, and
fully warranted.
.Altai: discount: foii oash.
If j oil w ish a Piano or Organ, Just Inquire tor
prices and terms. You cuu savo from fw to
Sau. cutaloEuea free.
dccistt 19 Merchant's lion.
sew only two dollars. A lieautltul Christ
Hint present for a liltlo Rli I,
J. It. .mi:i:kku.
Won pockets, etc., aa cents to t'.oo, at
J. 11. MF.KKints.
QIAHIKS for 1871, nt
J. 1). MBKIXKH'S Muslo storo.
PICTUHK FKAMK3, Mottos, Itcwnrd
J. Cards, etr, at
J. 11. MBKKKIt'S.
JIIKKT Music and Musical Insttumonts,
13 nt
MKS fur the Holiday Trade, at
Sry (Boorts
$ li , II II 0 IN
P V It 9
Xone should tall to gtvo as a call tor Ladles'
Furs. Iji lles who nro 1 buyin? on approval,"
wllltlo well to look at our sto.-k mronii hiino
-riihvr, ana wo will prove to you that no party
can order on approved and sell as cheap aswu
can soli you. All we ask Is a call, and thou ve
w ill convince you Uia' j-ou can save from
Wo do not ask- you to go Lack to ts;o to com
pare pi Ices as they wcro S5 per cent, cheaper
last year than the season before .
Mink Mull and Collar, l'.'; last .tear Si).
Mink Mult anil lloa. last year, $15.
l'lteli Sets (Murr ami Ootlun f 13: worth last
i ear, 12.1.
Mini: .Sets, $33; last ear. ia.
Seal Sets, (Mult and Ileal, tis toiij,.
Imitation Seal Hots, t'J to ir..
TIlO best a-ur.rttnont ot FLICS 111 the sljti-
$30,000 IN DHY ooons.
Kverj thine In the lino always 011 huei.J.
&w DIFFKItlLNT .vn I.K-4
mo it a lit njtK.s.s ooons.
Nune s'.ioulJ fall to 1
Aftnitiu-.nn stock befoir
3; Merchants' Kow .
U 11 T it S II I-; It M A N
ain now prepared to order Furs In
mink, ska i, bQuinnn., w.ack mauti;n.
and all olbcr kinds of
i' a s 11 1 ox An li; furs
At a sailncr of from W to in per set. Our cus
tomers throiiirhotir. tho county will pleuso bear
la mind that Furs carried m m one season to
another by merchants nru seldom worth half
price. Thcro is no article of merchandise thm
is handled more, or tried on by as many diner,
cnt people as Furs.
If you want a fresh, chotco set of Furs, direct,
rroiutho largest nnd most reliable ladles' fur
manufacturing establishment In the cttj of
New York.
utvi: us vouit oitDKit.
and wo will furnish tlio artlclo It' three dnss
subject to your approval.
Mink at $"0; prlco lu I ST0, $73 to lleo.
Mlnknttss; " " t.Mi.
Seal at jsa MufT nnd boa)
Seal cap, to.
Imitation seal sctstis.
Snulrrel sets, $10.50.
Alaska sets, $5.
Ulnck Ijni, tss.
Imitation liluck Aslraean, is to III).
Heal ; " 25.
coney white muffs and boa. fs to !
Coney white saccules, miins nnd caps for child
ren, s, a and 9) ears, $'.,' tolls a set.
Will open to-day
OfTcr extraordinary bargains la
lliaCK MOIIAIP, and
ni.vci; OAsiiMintF.s,
I1LACK ALPACA, 3T', cents.
December 6. 157S.
Wish to say to their FltlKNDS and thoimblle
trcnerally, (notvvltbstandlncr one or our brother
uierchauis says wo keep no tlrst class goods,)
thntwohnvo received, tno present week nn-
Including a full line of
YOltli and Ol'IPimi: LACK.S,
boueht t heap nnd first qualtt,v.
und n full llnu of
and a world of
n a 1: s s
nt twcnty.nvo cent a yard nnel upward.
Wo want money, and will mnkott for the In
tercst of ny ono wanting goons In' our line Is.
Blvo us a call.
n v r t h n i c r v s r r k n ,v ,v ,
onioiNAi. one rmcK sTonu.

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