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r0L. 1....N0. a.
1'ItlDAY MOHNING, MAY 2.1, 18711.
lltll.V-IVrinolllll rs
Tlirce inuiitlis f i oj
Hlx inoiiths i m
I lliii in .
,,, ""UJO"' 3 VU
ekkm TIiipo InotillrS "B
(41 inomlis li s
iinoycar u co
.viiiirowuu.tiiii; IUI'IMl CO., Kutlaiiil, Vt.
Tho elevuted r.illroad iii New Vorli cnr
rios .1,000 passongors daily nbove the dnst
nnd nltructlnn of tho nliwt. II hns cost
Sil,2.(0,000, inul is nnnlhcr vislomiry sehcnie
oondonsod Intn n solid icalllv.
Tlio Montpelier Fneman huggcls witli
proprloty tliat Indcpondent jniirnalism
".hould ilNilii);iiMi hetweoii tritlcisiu and
jTiimblhig. Thcre ls n uood dcal ot talk
nbout lndeponddil louritalisiii. AVe should
Thipy&hoi6p;y of inurder rt'?ckcrnTsort!
oC mmallirnl illustrntlou lrom tho confcs-
sion (if .Toscph Wttltz, which wlll l)i found
upon the llrst page, who tells that hls nio
tlvc for klllingn fcllow being wns simply
nn overwiiehnhig dosiro to ilo soiiicthlug
li.nl. 111s stntctiiciit bcciiis ti Indleatc tlmt
lio inay be onc of thosc uiifortiuiate inoral
monstrosllles who can do notliing but
Tho Vergennes Virmonter niakes tho
bcnslble suggcslion that thosc republicans
who llnd fault witli any of tho prcscnt of
ficlals elceted liy the icpubllcan parly,
would do well to atU'iid the prinurios
lii futtire and M'c that honost, eapnblo men
aro ehoscn lor all tlio party work, fnim tho
ground up. Tho origln of whatcver trouble
of tho Uliid thcre nny ho is iu tho piinia
rioi. llon. Georgc A. llnfscy, of New .Tcrscy,
has direolod the Scrgeant-nt-nrins to eovcr
his hack pay into tho trcasury. Ilo would
havcdonc Hsooner, Imtthmight it wouldgo
thcre itsclf liy oporation of l.nv. Ono hy
ono, llko tho gontlo dow of ho.non, fall
thosc sllcnt dinppingi into tho tioasury, toll
ing talos of lndcoiMoii, of waiting to oe, of
lost hopc, and of to.ufnl fareuolls to wh.it
cainiot lio safcly ictalnod.
If lloorgo 11. Stuait, chalrnun of tho
pnrcha'-lng hoardof tholndiancomniiion,
lolls tho trnth, and ho U siipposod to lic a
voiy ivUahlo man, tho imtory ngnlnt tho
rocout nard of coiitraots U inohably
rai-ed hy momlicr of Indlan i!ng-. Hc
says the pvioo'i ohtaincd for finnWiing liocf
to the Indian ngonelos wcrc 1.03 to 2.70
por 100 pouml nguiiit ijO.riO por 100 im
dorthcold pystem j and tlonr from $l.r0
to 3.r,0 por 100, again-t M por 100 at
tinicspt tho winc uxluu, Tho objoctlou
rll,arThc neupp'l-fros aro too rhcap, and
thor?foroi,J!Wrf'fraud, i n nort of criti
rm winilglil ciiK'ct from n ilolcatod In
dian ling.
Tho Mount AVrii"" Acwrlalioii hni not
hocn reitUfarlorlly "lanagod for wino thno.
Tho iKTSons !n .nincdialo c hargo havo hocn
oxaclhi" ffl fn)ln vIi,"r,, "''i1'1' ,ll(,y
iK)( koto'ns poninisitos. It w.is lntondod
at n "lc lllral'"o"' l,,c' AssocSallon to roni.
r.y tlio nbup, lmttheMassaeliiotHinein
licrs, from wliomconiplaintshad piincipally
i'otnc, wovo not rcpios-eiilod, and this little
spico of rrcdit lnoli'dior will prohably ron
tinuo till tho not inootlng. Tho lato
niooting, lunvovor, removcd tho lady rogont
of tlio As-oci.itlmi on tlio ohargo of drunk.
oiiiHss and Imprnper hchavior, and cleotcd
ln hor plaoo JIjn. .Tnmes lirooks, of New
Yoik. Whether Mio ls tho widow of tlio
hito C'oiigics'inian or not, wo aro not ad
vied. Sho proliahly is.
riBi: auk.vksas ritniiii.i:s.
Tho Arkanpas oaso ls worpo Ihan that of
I.ouM.ina. 1 n tlio oloction last fall, dov
ornor Uaxtor, Liont.aovcrnor V. V. Smitli,
uiitl two mipronio ronrt jiulges woro tlcclcd
in Arkansas, on tho rcpubllcan tiekct, Ilax
lor rimnlng nhoad of liis' tiekct. AVhethor
it hat (.inco lieen diseoverod tlijt somo pcr
wmal d!ah!lity attaches to hlin, or whether
C'laj ton, wlip escapod last winter hy a
whltewashjng invcstigation after fraudii.
lently proeurlng hls election to tho Unlted
Statos Senalo, doserves tho crcdit ho gets
for orgiinl.lng tlio dllllculty ; or whatover
inay ho tho sonroo of tho troublo, tlio fart
t'xistB tliat tho attornoy gcnoral of Arkan
as ha.s lllod an lnfoiniatiiiii of tho lllegal
Hy of Oovernorll.ixter's election hoforo thc
miprenic eoui t of tho state. Tlio govemor
is hitienehed ln tho stato houso, wlth the
ait.oiial, noar by, defonded hy two howit
yern, a privato and a corporal. In the adju
tant goneral'a olHco aro (overal hundred
Sprlngilcld ritles loadcd, ready for usc, a
largo sujiply of cartridges, und a room lllled
witli olkers nml prlvatCH. Tho govemor
dcclaix's hls (letcniilnation to ohey no writ
of tho siipremo court. Ilo at ono tlinc pro
fessed to expeet u inidnlght attnek from
I.leut. Oovernor Snilth, to plzo tho reeonU.
Tho adjutant gcnoral asperta tliat ho can
havo fiOO nieii under anns In an hour, and
20,000 inllitla thiongh tho stato in u week.
Oovernor Uaxlerclaiins to bo ndvli-ed aa
to tho correctnons of hi.i posltlon hy half n
dozen judgos, tliough of what eourts thoy
aro or hae heen judges ls not ntated, and
they aro iinfainlliar to liatlonal fainc.
m;cjisTi:iti:ii iio.mis.
Tlio lloston Journal thlnks tho honds
.iilsslng from Mr. Dorr'g Mifo In tho Union
Safoty Deposlt vaults.inust ha o boen takcn
thcnco liy Mr. Dorr lilniM.'lf, or hls attor
noy authorlzod in writlng, nnd nftcrwards
alistracted from tho pos.sosslon of tlio por
soii authorizod to open tho flufe, ns. hy tho
riilcs of tho rompany, nono hut tho owncr,
or wioh attornoy, couldobtahi accoss to tho
Mr, Coo had n kcy to tho pafo, whlch
liad bccu cntnistod to hlm hy his hrothcr,
wlio had possession of It by vlrtuo of hls
biislnoss rohitions wlth Mr, Dorr. Tho
Journal thlnks Coo could not havo opencd
.Mr, Dorr's nafc, liowever, whcn ndmittcd
into tho vttult hero Mr. Coo liad u safo of
hls own, for Iho reason that an iittendant
jnust llret, ns wo understand It, iiartlally
unloek tho safo wlth lils kcy hoforo It can
lio nnlocked hy tho nwncr's key. Thls
"douhlo gimi-d," liowever, niiglit ho dofeat
ed hy tho corruption of an attendant.
Thero fpeins to ho two wayc, theroforc,
of cxpl.ihiing tho nbstractlon of thc honds.
ono of whlch, tho iionfossion of a key to
jlr. Dorrs nafo liy Mr. Coo, adinlts thc
lonst mystery, nnd Is tho mnst dlrcct nnd
lilaiislblo, thc .hnirnal to thc eontmry not
with'laiiillng. Tho Ylllago IjtiinlnnryV Pilggostloii of
tho uso of rogistcrcd honds for Invcstinents
of largc Kiuin of inouoy in prefereneo to
hoiuls whieli increly paw hy dellvery, is
good or not, necoriling to clrciinistaiiccn.
Tlio rcglsteihig of a hond pmtocts tho o n
or agniust tlicft, biit rendorsit liiroiivenlcnt
to haiullo ln Iradc or pjicculntlon, nnd ron
scqucnlly coiipon honds nlwnyH I'ato lilgher
lu niarkct thau rogisterod honds. Tlio lat
teranswor very well for wldows and otlior
persons whn do not wntit to transai t hii!-!-
lies wlth tho pilneipal, lml only lh to
Tirc not rcadylo cTiecle riHlvaoiicrarjons
uomuso thlovivs occhslonallr ti
divii. si'.Kvn r. iii:e'ic?i.
IIon. C. W. YilIard, our rongtosslonnl
rcprcsentatlvc, has pold outof tho Montpel
ier Frccmnn ; but wc oborvo ln tho la-t
nuinber of that p.ipcr a ('oniniunication on
"The Civll Scrvicc lieforni," whlch Is proli
ahly from his pcn, ns it is Hignod "C. W,
Vi." o aro proiid of luni, bocauso ho is
the fathcr of tlio act Intendcd to rofonn tho
civil scrvico, a l-eform sadly nccdcd, wlion
nien Iiavc le.imod to rcduco applicatious for
olllcc to forins of mochanlcal dcviccs, nnd
to rcgard e cry ollleo as a puinp througli
whieli ono trough ls to hc kept tllled.
Hut l.uvs aro uscloss if not eceiited,
aml Mr. Wlllard, watcliing this matter
witli a patcrnal Mlioitudo, lris discovcreil
that tliero Is a ilisposition on tho part of
l'residcnt Orant 'to rido two hors.es not
that Mr. Wlllard s.iys mi llatly s but hc
is diss.itisllcd. Ho fccls that tlio l'rosldcnt
wislicsto cnforcc tho civll scrvicc rcforni
law ; but ho syinpathlzes witli tho l'rcsidcnt
ln liis besetmentshy politlcians. In short,
tlio Prosldont wouhl llko to purlfy thc ser-
vice of thc country witliout too iiiuch diso-
bllging tho polltlcal iiianoiiveici.s. Thls
dis.ple.ised Mr. Curtis nnd Mr. Medill nnd
they re!.igncd. They left ruform on n shnal,
half on biukI nnd half in tlio water, and 11
able to go to wrock, ns it iiiust do, unlcss
tho I're.sldent helps tho licwcoiiimlssioners,
Messrs. Shollaharger and K.ilon.
Mr. Cmtls's idan, wo aro inforined by
"C. AV. W.," was to apply tho tcstsof nicr-
lt and honesty as thc only tosts of lUnos for
olllcc. The 1'rei.idcnt had ndoplod Mr.
Curtis's rulcs, nud was douhtlos sinccrc ln
promiijing to ndlicro to tlicm, but he mado
the nilstako of uslng them in ono caso and
going on tho old principle of patrouago in
anothor, nnd llnnlly patrpnagc got uljeail of
tho rtlieflr.and for tllttSuturof "l?vn&
nas ins (louias. llc is ciuitieu to incni.
Tho reniody propoel by "C Vir. AV." Is
tliat tho penple (.hould denmiul civll serv'.io
ivform witli tlio Banic cnergy that they nnw
ilenoiiiH'u tlio ".aiai.v gr.ili." I'ocs "C. W.
W." niean that wo nro to deiiinnd It of
I'ro.sident (Jrant, ormiist "o wait until an
othor prcsldenli.il noniiualion nnd K'lect
Mr. Curtis or somo otlier Mi'rn lefonncr?
W'u may do botii.
riii: IMIItl.IC ki:.w.tk.
l'ho Bea.son Is ndvnncing to that period
whcn nttcntion Miould ho glven to tho puh
lio lioalth. Tho hoatod terni will boou be
upon ns, and malarial diseases provall,
Itntlaiid has boen cxtraoidinarily fortunatc
in CKcnplng tho cpidcinics whicii havo pro
vailed ln othcr Bcctlons. Our condltlon of
hcalth has not heen tho rcsull of any pro
toctlvo rogulations ngainst iliscaso. It may
be fatcd to this (ominunily to ho t.coiirgcd
diiring tho pnent Biininicr. Our vlllago is
growing older, and tho cmi'-cs wlilch opor-
ate to brmg on Mckncss nro moro rapully
collecting nnd bcconiing inoro poisonous.
A hcalth oillccr has pciliaps not boen nec
cssary, as tho board of trusloeshavo nlicady
proinptly nbatcd all nulsanccs that havo hccn
prcsented to their nttention,and tho pros
cnt board would do m In cvcry caso whcn
coniplaint was mado. Hut thero aro Btag
nant ecss-iools, dcposlta of dccaying and
noious inatcrial.garbago, and othcr matter
wliicli is iinwholesomo, and If not reinoved
witli tho incrcashig heat of Biuunicr will
occasion Bickncss to icioii8 residing iu tlio
viclnltyof theso poisonous elenionts. A
Bystem of hcwcrage has becn Inaugiuatod,
and whcn fully carriod out wlll relicvc
many of tho cauos whieli nnw concur to
cieate eiildemlcs. It is n. iluty to pro
tcet tho hcalth of the penple and lake all
ncccsfiary mcasurcs to prcvent tho occur
rcnco of malarial fcvcre. It is miggcstcd
wliether It would not bo advisablo for reas.
onahlo Bccurlty thnt a health olllcer or n
board of Bcvcral of our physiclans hhoiihl
mako cxanilnation of tho vlllago nnd report
to tho board of triistecs siicli placcs ns in
tlielr judginent necd nttcntion, nnd nro
liahlo to bo Injurlous to tho publlo health.
Tho truslron cnnnot bo expccted to obuervo
cvcry polnt that may bo in nn iinwholesmno
conditloii, hnt they could net promptly
and Intolllgontly upon n report of n board
of physiclans or a licnllh oillccr. Thls Is
a nubjoct worthy of tho conslileratlon of
our penple, nnd tho cxaminatlon would
cost hut u trlllo. Tho caro of tho publlo
health Is an ohligatlon Ineumbent upon a
well ordered eommunity.
vi:sri:it iiioiuc:i; ami it.vn.
Tlio New York WorM has liitervlcva;d n
pitHluco dcijlor nud leaniB that tliero nro
ifowt prohably ntored In New York City
aboiit 200,000 harrclrt of Hour, 800,000 buh.
cls of corii, and 100,000 hushels of wheat.
Corn Is 10 icnts'per liushel lower than hifct
year, and cholco llours Bomo 00 ccnts lowor
Tho Biuno nuthorlty cbtlmates tlio corn
crop alloat hetwecn New Y'ork nnd Chlcago
at from thrco inllllon to four inllllon hush
els, nnd of whcnt, lnnlnlyBprlng wheat,lwo
milllon bushels. Tho corn croji of 1872 ls
hetter, nnd tho whcat crop not so good ns
in provloua years.
Tho capaclty of tlio railroads, It bcems,
Is not Biiillclent to hnndlo tho vast nmntint
of prodiico Bccklng mniket in New York
for homo roiisiunptlon nnd to nicet forclgn
demand. Tho malu wnnt of facllltleH Is In
thc handllug. Tho WorUTa lnforinaiit rcp
rescnts tlio Kcw York Ccntral a havlng
ils dopot crowdcd wlth producc from tho
west to eiicli nu cxtcnt tliat hmidrcds nnd
thousands of cars Btand on switchcs and
sido tracks all the way from New York to
Chlcago, hccausc thero ls not room to han
dlc it after Its nrrival In New York.
Thls linc may ho overcrowded In conso
(iieiicc of rnmpctltlon witli thn Kric rail
road hctwecn New York and Chlcago, and
resiiltant low ratcs of frcight. If nll thc
railroads In llllnois concentratlng at Chl
cago are nimllarly ovcrhurdcned, tho rem-
cdy of tho grangcs In that stato wouhl
ralhcr i-com to bo ln lmiidlng canals or rall
roads tlian ln forcing roads hy law to acocpt
lower ralos whcn at prcscnt prircs Ihoy
havc niorc iucssod on them Ihan thcy can
irry. I'rcsideiit Orant's idea of Intcrual
iniproenienW wlth government nld inay
nrnvo lo bo hnt i-n millv ivnnt. tlinuirli
;uiliiioww (.coirijtrii'(;doI deal.for miiklng
lf1tfofc'oriijiifcnl co'uld cvcj-got anylhlng
gwloiio honestly,
The rascallty of adultcratlons Is ono of
thc mcanost cvlls witli whleh wo havo to
contend. The candy makcrs hrhig to thc
north from onoof tho Caroiinns, niauy tnns
of a wliilo oarth called "terra alba," whieli
suh'tanco ls also nilxcd wlth pulverized
white sugar. Maiblo dust Is usod to adul
toralo white Higar as well as white palut.
Mustard is luhilteratcd wlth moal. Old
tea loavos uro oflen dried and rc-sold. All
klnds of piiiccs and tc.i and colTco aro adul
ter.itcd. I'eople havc bocomoso nuich nc
cuslomcd to tlicso ndulloration.s that their
food s-fi'iiis faully witliout them. Coffeo
doalers aro ohllgcd occasionally to put wimc
cliloory ln n man's coffeo to satisfy him.
In Ilaitfoid n wholes.ile otabliiineiit hy
mistako sold n sack of puro Javn to n rcgu
lar dcalcr iu n town furtherdown tho rier,
and neaily Io.-t his custoin, whilo thc rc
tailer caine noar lo,ing nll his customcrs.
In tlio adultcratioii of Mooha cofTeo u kind
of pea is u.sed, precisely rosenililiiig tho
graiu in sliape, tliough not in color, u dis
tinetion lost ln hrownlng. Iu ground cof
feo hcef livcrs dried and pulverized aic
Mmictimcs uscd.
In the citios, when butter is liigli, it is
oftcn ndultcrated witli lard, whllo bread,
llour, milk, nical, rider, w inc and various
kindsofmalt limiors nml t-pirits nie iidul
toratcd wlth poisonous sub.-tanccs. Drunk
nrds do not t-imply fall a vietiiu to thc
llipior, tlicy aio iioisonod. Doliriuni trc
inens is n iniioli Tiioro coinnion dieaso than
it was a K'oro or two years ago. In tlio
moiuitains of Tcnncsseo tho disoase was
tinknown wliilo tho peoplo drank their
homo-inadc applo and peaeh hrandy and
corn whisky, but whcn they coiiunenccd
uliuira barrel to Cincinnati niul eottlns
uTrrrctufiTTi' ffwap"' cvcr?Of 'threo barrels of
Cliicinnati wlilsky or brandy, tho Iiowling
inonster boj;aii to lay hold of thcin. Tlmo
wnswhen iv innn rould drlnk prctty hard
for thlity years j now threo years hard
di inking will hring on thc Miakes in thc
bools. Wlth liipior n man would theu grow
niellow nnd hciievolcnt. Now, ho wants
to beat or klll homebodylf a little inoro
tli.in tisiial of the vllriol, tobacco, logwood,
pota.sh, f.tryclmlnc, rottcn wood from sow
crn, nnd otlier poisons, lnimuts to his
To cndeavor to put a check on tho infii
mons tainpering wlth pcople's hcall1- nI1,l
livcs, a new KnglMi law puni-'"os 11 "r'sl
luliillerallon witli afino f--$2.0i nnd n
second by iniprlsoni nl Ia,")r
six inontlisi '-'ile tho M'ller Is llned ono
huiidrcd J,,l:"'s for tho tirst offcnco, nnd
for inc t-ccond hc Is publislied ln tho nows
Kipcni at hls own rxpcusc.
Tho ponplo of this fcction biiffcr iu New
York city from conipetition witli n chalk
inixtiiio called mllk, and from tho fraud
called "swlll milk." AVe liavo a largo mar
ket thero for mllk, nnd If thero wero
nny way to detcct adiilteration, tlio puro
arliclo from Vermont nnd Connecticut
would cominand hlghor priccs. Tlio
New Yorkcrn owe it to themsclves lo
mako htlll Btronger efforts thau they
have yct mado to havo tho mllk olfcr
ed in tliat market cxnmlned sharply by cx
pcrts. If that work wcro well dono tho
nssocialion of Yermout nnd Connecticut
fanners wlio nro opcratlng directly wlth
consuniers, nnd witliout the Intcrfercnco of"
miildle-inen, would llnd tho ilcinand large
ly increased for their puro ahicle. Many n
child'H llfo would bo savcd, and many n
year of comfort addeil to tho harrnsscd,
cheated and poisoncd New York term of
terrcstrial existcnce. It would be n Bpcclal
bencfaction to tho pcople of that city wlio
buy mllk, and to tho pcople of tho country
wlio buy groccrlcs nnd provislons In New
York If tho leglslnturo of that ttatc would
put Iu oporation thero tho KnglMi law
ngainst iidulteratlons, of whlch wo havo
mado mentlon.
duii lios'i'o.N :inti'..si,i.vii:Nci:.
Ilosios, May, 10, 1873.
llarnuin, tho Irrcpntsihle, whoso lioods
cnnnot drown, nor llro Bubduo, Is hcre.
I'IkcuIx T. ll.trnum, hls hill nnnnunccd,
rcpie.sentiiig liim Fmilingly nscending from
tho llamos. On tho vcry ground where,
ono year ngo, tho Collseum, wlth lts suh
llmo promiso of mlglity liarmony, was as
hunilng lts proportlons, the grcnt showman
lias iiltched hls tents. Tliero ls tho talklng
maehlno, nmong othcr curiosities, whieli
t.oino rldiculous gooso has Bpeut yearn in
perfceling.vwhlcli wlll pronounco dlstlnct
ly, various woids. Ono would tlilnk Biich
n liiaclihiQ ipilto n nipcrllulty ln a btato
where tiifei nro nliicty thousand 'moro
wtimeilf than men ; nnd at nll ovcnlB tlio
talents of ' tho Invcntor might bo tiirned to
hettcr piirpfiSc,
Tho benson ls very Into hero ns clsowliere,
Biimnier delaying her conilng bo long,
lliough tho Common is onrpetccl wlth cm
crald velvct und tho trecs nro pushlng out
thclr tnrdy leavcs, wlnter clothlng for iiiucli
of tho tlmo ls not uncomfortahlc, cspcel
nlly when Bhiverlng llostonlaiis nro fnvor.
cd (?) ns is tho cnso ncarly cvery ilay, wlth
nneast wlnd. Hut let us not conipliiin.
Do wc not reiiienilicr how wo groaned ln
spirll, longlng witli gicat dcsire, for tlid rc
frcslilng coolncss of nn east v ind, last (Wiii
mcr ? Hoforo four wccks nie gone.iwe
may ho In a Blinll.tr Mralt this year.
HUNtlAY itmtAitr.
Thc openlng of tho public lihrary-on
Siindny has not yct, to nppcarance, b1li)cii
tho foundatlon stoncs of our I'urltnii dly.
Tlierc lias not becn, as far ns can ho ntvcr
talncd, nny Bcnsllilo docroaic of ntjwS.uioc
upon church (.ervicc. TfieiiHilrSg of
pcople wlio vislt thc library iiion n Sufldny
Bccm dispovcd to bo (piiet nml ordcrlI lt
ls Bald that overy S.ihhath, innmig thce
wlio go llilther, ls n negn), wlio Hponifs lils
tlmo ln studylng Blackstnne, hoing obliged
to work durlng wcck days. 1 thlnk tlt p
very largo inajorlty of rcligioiis pcniio T
hcrcaro strongly In favoroi tho planfot
civlmr to Biich ns dcslredt. n.sgood n lco
of rcsort, tliough Bomeuld-tlmc rojjiMMgpJl
.ii.TiijU(r5h()Cc4,atjtudi n tffjjj
nown pi ino oars r vuij as inc yrj
tlils Tery'ttilng, tlinl hcnfTi!p,;Wn
tho hars lt depcmlcd nltogethcr on'1riethcr
tho cattlo weio out of tho pasturo or w'.tix
ln. If good chmch-going pcople wouhl ho
teinplcd to leavc church and rcsort toho
Ilbrnry porhaps 'tvtore hetter to keep tho
hars up. Hut thero might he a itiction
abotit that evcn. Ccrtalnly tho expcrinipnt
was wortli trying. It had becn tried in
Cincliinati for inoro than n year, nnd tho'.o
who wcro tlio most strenuous ln their oppo
Bition nt llmt would now bo riiinlly oppos
ed to a rcturii to the old rcgimc.
Sliades of tho I'uritans whoi-o ushe ic
pose under theso gray old btonos in the
shadow of I'ark street splre, nnd in tho
Ood'sneie enclosed in tlic Coiumon ! whal
would you thlnk of your dcsccndants CouM
you comc forth from your moiildy nookx up
on onoof lliej-e ploasaut Sabhathiioriilngs?
Wo can fiincy you liftlng yourIiRlowy,
salntly hands in holy horror, thcirWtSnilng
to lleo like I.ot, from tho wlckcdness of
tliis modoru Sodom. m
' Are wc drifting slowly hut hiuelyyto
wards a contlnental Sabbath '! God forbid.
I do not thlnk, notwitlistandiiig tlio enrs
of somo, that tho opening of tlio library is
u step in that dircctlon.
Thoio aro men, and tlicy nie not u fe-v,
thougli I niii porry to confess, in this mol
crn Athens, whosc devotion to thc Molodi
of businoss, would not nllow tlit-ni oven to
sparo tho dcar old Commoii ; whoon ewry
occasion, 11ft their volccs for u picco hcre,
a corncr thero, nnd cven to broachtllc Idea
of a htieijt througli tho very lnidst of tlieso
liallowcd neies !
Tho New Magdalenwhicli has ho
ning as a serinl ln Ilurjicr's Maj
drainatizod by tho autlior, Wilkip
csiicei.illy for CarlottJ-clercq.wnb
put ou tho jtaaiiit.Uu: I"l Tlw.l'.i
I,celerci as Mcrcy Jtcri-lck.
Tlio llaz..ir of tho Nations cios, j on I'll
day of thls wcck. Tho gros leccipts tiius
far, havo becn on un mt'ruge, fnniilwi.nty
llvo hiindrod to Unci! tlioiiaiid dollars por
Qtiitc a lilllo stir was creatod recenliy hy
nn event whieli took pluce intlio I'liiluent
dry goods establi-hinent of Joi(an, Mnrsh
it Co.A ladvMandlng at onc of tlic countor
was adp''5scd hy a "ell looklnjwoinan.who
..itfly'askcd her to hold her babi', (an Iu-
faut of two or threo niontlis) wVHe sho
bhould go to nnother part of tho stoto to
make a piirchaso. Tho obliglng lady com
plicd, taking tlio sinall piocc of limnaiiity
ln chargo, togcthcr witli a well lllhil s.itch
el. Two liout'H sho waitcd but ith no
piwpcct of hcing rcliovcd of her fhargOj
of nn oillccr was called. Tho satijiol was
openod nnd found to contnin an Wg.ienl
wnnlroho for tho child togcthcr wlla forty
dollai-s in nionoy nnd n noto beseccdng tho
lady to takc tho lnfaut under her Chargo,
nnd promising ubuiidant support. j C'on.
ccrning tho denoiienient your cci
dent has not becn Infornieil.
To the wriltr f tfie remttrkn ou "Atlul
ttraUnn" ln the Oi.oiii: of Isterthty,
orfifth ttty.
KsTEE.MKI) riilENU. As I do lllt kllOW
thco by naino, I must omit nll gucsUiig.nnil
only tliank thco, whoover thnu Irt, for
wlint thou did'st writo on tho nboviliianml
Biihjcct. j
"Adultcrations" of tho various coitinoill
ties, neccssarlos, nnd luxurlcs of lifo, iuo
gctting to bo vcry conimon in thls etil nnd
pcrverso generntion, as thou doit nvist
truly nlllrm. Nor can thls lio wondered at,
when wo rellect thnt In sacrcd mattcrs, the
samo tendency to corrupt and defilo good
thlngs, is palpablo cven thcre ; tho piue
lcaeliings of tlio dlvlno word, cven, he
ing cornipted witli cunningly devlscd
fiiblcs, nnd tho holy promptlngs of tho dl.
vino inner llght glvon uuto cvcry man to
piofit wHlial, heliiggrcntly obscurcd If not
wholly qucnchcd by tho deadly vnpom of
hollow profcssions of Oodlincss, whllo tho
Bcrvlco of tho gicat udversary of bouIs is
Btlll tho rullng princiiilo of tlio ilepr.ivcd
hcart. Is it to ho wondered nt, when inen
in thclr wordly mlndcdncss ndulteratc their
religlon, and bring wlekcd rcproach on tlio
grcnt niaster's causo, thcy should choat ln
tho moro trllling mattei-s of tea and inust
ard ? Vcrlly, thou most sagacious of wri
ters, if thou would'st thlnk decply on thls
fciibject, thou wouldVt bco tho impoitnuco
of teaching, as tho llrat of nll ilutlcs, tho ro
formation of that hcart of man whlch, nc
cording to tho tcstlmony, is docoitfiil
nbovo nll thlngs und ilcspcrately wiokcd."
Another tliing in connection wlth thy
articlo hears heavily on my inlnd. Tlico
dost lahor well to tliow tliat B)lrituous
drlnk iloetliiinielunisclilcf, becauso, hy the
wlckcd Invrntlonsofmcn, it ls foully adul
toratcd, nnd thou Becmcst to thlnk that wcro
llqtior now unndultcratcd, thoso wlio drlnk
It would, as ln former times, hcforo theso
wieked nrts wcro known, only " gct lnel
low nnd henovolent." Cnndor compellcth
ino to ndmlt that splrituous llquors aro
worwi ln their cffccts now than fomicrly,
It may bo for two reasons, und, flintly, bc
causo tho polson of nlcohol ls polsonod hy
theso otlier polsous, nnd thus mado woino
nnd, sccondly, liecauso tho ncrvous tlssues
of tho humnn liody, nro now moro susccp.
Inhlo to tho evil Inlhienco of ulcohollc nud
m nin-
MOltNING, MAY 23, 1873.
itlier poisons, than herotofoic. Hut nlco'
T,nl ilself, nlwnys wasn jiolaou to man, nnd
tuitil mans naturo changos, nlwaj'9 wlll be.
I'iii.v look over thc anclcnt tcstlmony on
his polnt. Hcforo tlio nrts of dlstilinlion
,ir idulterallon wcic known, old Noah got
iliuiik nn tlio purc, fcrincnted juico of tlic
itiipprand was undoubtedly well "mel-
mi;, "ns thou d()Bt wittliy remark, but
ttlnl.' Iho iconrd says ho dld cxhlbit mucli
Mdi noy on tliat occnslon, it doos not say
at winc made lilm 'boncvolcnt," but
tiint a- snoii as he got sober cnough
ttiinkiu.' Ins ,ir,n n.iin had not trcatcd hlm
illtoly iluiimj hls bo.iMly "viwHiirc, wcnt
rujwg llnms poor i hlliircn wui.
'iEi-llioily veiigoiiioo.
W'od filond, puro wlno, rontulns
,l H'iCllVal.ldc froill nilf vtfli,..l n,l,1lll.,na
Antl ilcvhfHor liiou. rt diTAdfuI polson, nnd
. ,!J!'Hljr"""lii
iTSttk' nl- tbwo iiiiKlcrn lululteratlons 6T
lioisr.ii la nlr..lw.l rri.,,o artl.l u..1..n.A
inc, or IlqHors, woro known "At hwt
bitelh llko .rerpent and stlnjreth llko nn
i tor. AI1U OllO llllimiii k.'ii.iivtr......,
t. ...1 k Ul.nl.nDlui.INI
wiio wroto hundreds t yeurs ngo, wnoso
pifjfano writliiEs contnlu, I had ahnosl
M,d, dlvlno trtiths, puts Into thc moutli of
imc of hls c haraolors, Jllcliael Casslo, thcj
rt-n...:.. i.,.. ...i.nt ..,.r.T5
tli' puro winos of Cyprus, tliosc hundreds
op years ago, long hcforo npplc-jnek
bkndy wns known in tho lnoiintahis of
rli;iaseo, had ilonc for hlm i
J)riink7 nml sivalc parrot 1 anJ siiiabhlo?
svtHglfcr? dwear? nml dlscourso fiWl.ni wllli
urtfa own shadow? () lliou lnrlslblo Hplrltuf
wHir, Itlhou liast no naiae to Ije known liy, let
iwcall theo devlll"
'And, as if thls wero not enpugh, to Bay,
ho makctli thls s.tmo Casslo alo to bowall
hls own folly ns followctli :
"O tliat men sliotild put nn eiiciny ln tlielr
moiiths to steal uway tlielr bralas !"
And you havo only to recall to your
iniinory otlier classlcal writcrs to sco liow
winc "puro wlno" nido from nll adiil
toiatlons hath over dono uiimcasurcd niul
umacasuiealjle ovii und niiscliief in tho
"Whilo, tlien, thou dost heljbor tho lesscr
cviK, do not forget, I bcsccch lliee, to hcar
thy itiiiioiiy ngainst thc othcr and grcitcr
oneiforjUito get thls big "dovll" tho
''srpTrot wlne "into thclr stoinaehs, thn'
niai, iiis.mely, gulp down thoso otlier
sn ller dovlls thou dost cnll by tlielr foul
imi and bo doscivcdly bcat witli thy pon
derm tudgcl, jiw as tho man who would
cat (.'s chccsc, vhough full of niaggots,
sayiutho could f.tinuu., if thcy could.
ji Timotuv BnoAniiniM.
D.italMt tlio rrieiid's Hetrcat, lu tho year
of Gri.;o, 187U, in its llftli moutli, and
on tne tvi
XvU- V.Hgl,
on tne tvciitv-seconu (lay tlicreor.
liniil Atrririilturnl Miriil).
The trustees of tho New Kngl.md Ag-
lcultariil Socicty nict at thc roonis of thc
Society, et thc Studlo bulldlng, iu Hoston,
TuWdaf lost) llon.- Goorso 1). I.orIn'
X'lesidenti Pol. Danicl Needliain,St.cietary.
Tho tru-tcos nptMilntctl comnilttees to
nwnnl piTinitinis, Tho followlng is tlio
Vc.rmont list i
KhoitliornaX. O, (unimings, Montpol
ier. JhaoiH Danlel D.ivN, Wlmlsor.
AirMre I.eniuol S. Dnnv, lliirllngton,
llerfonl. Jainos A. Mieild, liiirllngtou.
AlJerney. I),i!d (ioodiilo, lirattleboro.
llhtrin. lleiuy Ilaywaicl, Kiilland.
(ifmleor jYnti're. .loioino Ioldon,Wost
mlnMcr. ,'nni;siM
l'horoughbreil.-h'my li. Kent, Dorset.
StiUimn -X'l f. William ltohhison,
RtnlWim iittl eltii. llenry O. ltoot.
Man und Coll.i. Kiod M. Yan Sicklen,
IhUUnyi nml Fitlifn. Honry Crawford,
Mun inul (iittlinyi.VAn S. Stowell,
Matehed lloiw. llenry llotehkiss.Ncw
poit. I'onleiciml Sihhlto Jforncn .1. lloscoo
Morrill, Woodsl.iok. .
Vrtit fornm. I'nnper Merrill, Wood
Shiep... (!. ruller, Pomfret, clialr
man j Georgo Campboll, Wcstmlnistcr.
Sn!ne,0. S. Illiss, Georgia.
l'oultry. Ainos Mlllcr, Dummerston.
Turkeyt itntl Foieln. Goorgo llnnunnnd,
Corn. (Intln nnd Stvtl.V. Iloracc
lluhbard, Spilnglield.
YegtWilt. .1. II. I'eters, llnidford.
Fruils. Willi.uu lt. KInib.ill, 'West,
mlnlstcr. .
Jlutter and Ohceiv. Thonias Haker,
Sugar und Honry. A. D. Smith.Daiiby.
" 'Agrieultural Jmplementn. V. M. Upliam
Woathcrsneld .1), 11, l'ottcr, St. Albans.
Kitohen. Utenalh Hcnry Hlllings, Thet
ford. Corporutlon Jimufaclure. Honry Clark
Artickof Leather and Indui llulilxr.
Joseph C. Parker, Hartford.
Carruiget. Clark llohcrts, Putney,
Machinery.'. S. Carter, Quechee.
MineMineom Artkk. Marvin Davis,
An arrangcnient vas mado for awarding
Bpcclal prcmituns for trotting horscs.
Tlio trustees dincd In a body at tho
Amcrican Houso, Ilanovcrbtrcet. After
dlnncr Bpocchos wero mado by Col. Danicl
Needliam, .1. A. Ilarwood, of Massachus.
etlsi Frodcrlck Atwood, Ksq., of .Maino j
Col. Hlddlonnd IIon. AVarren Hrown of
New Ilampshlroi A. N. 'Wliislow of Ver
mont j ox-Qov. Hyde nnd llon. Ilenjnmln
Bumnor of Connecticut.
M'axliliiKlox now.,
Seiiator AVImliiiu Is hnrd at work nt
work on hls report on Inland Trnnsporta
tlon. II, S. Saudford, fornierly Minlster to
lU'lgium, hut now n lesldcnt of Florlda, is
In 'Wnshlngton to consult wlth tho Prcsl
dent nhout tlio nppolntnient of a Distrlct
Attornoy in that Stato.
Tho Prcsldent fctntcd that ulthough ho
would tako grcnt plcasiu-o in vlsitlng Now
Hainpbhlro, nndhopcHto do bo thls sum.
iner, hc cnnnot now flx n tlmo, nor Is ho
certnlu thnt ho wlll b nhlo to go nt nll.
Willlnm A. AVilklns has cntcrtsl upon
tho edltorshipof tho 'Wliltehall Times. Ilo
has t'onslderahle exporienco ln cditorial nnd
lltcrnry llfo, nnd will bring to thc dlschnrgo
of hls dutics mucli nhility and cntcrprlsc.
Wc cxtcnd to hlm n most cordial wclcomo
to thc editoilal fratcrnlty.
IIon. C. W. Wlllard has rctliod from tlic
cditorial dialr oftlie OreenMountaln Free
man lnit'we-nro pleased to lcarn wlll con
trihuto to its coluinns over liis ow n pigna
turo.' .Mr. Willard lias boen longlconcedcd
to bo ono of tho most vignrous nnd nblcst
cditorial writcrs In tho Btalo, and in
oulnlon nlways occtipying tho ndv.incc
ground oi . v,rogress. Ho has boen n
Icader, whoso littcianrcs lmo had grcnt
wciglit witli lils rculers and thc pcople of
thc state. It Is tn 1,,. .t,.r.n.i,. . nn.i
I thatihe,haari;ti..A ... i ...,,
I no WlcldcdVo grcnt nn influcjirc, nnd hls
retlrfiiient Is n iioslllvo loss fo the journal.
Ibiii ol tlic slalo.
M. lt. I'ock, lale prlncipal of the Norifc
iioiu graiieu scliool, lias boen refucd u II
rcnso to picacii by tho Congiegatlonnl As
Boclatlonof llllnois, on thc ground that ho
iwas n frocinaMin nnd refiiseil to sovcr hls
connection wlth tlio InMitulioii at tho rc-
qucst of tho associ.ition. Tlio Ilibton Con
grryiUhnalUt considers tlio aetion ngainst
iijiu ii-miviseil.
Prcscntt Iteald, foinioilv a tuoininrnt
cllizeii and for thirty ye.us town clork of
Uieslor, dieil at Canton, llllnois, ou tho.
licv. Charles liedllold, of Aillnston. Iia3
aoeepted a call from tho Congicgatioiial
chiueli in Plainfield.
Capt. 1!. II. Start of Hurlington.delisers
theaddressondceoratlon day at Swanton.
Mrs. Rinny Woad, tho vcnerablo motlior
of IIon. D. I). Vcad, died lu Sheldon,
Mny 17th, in tlio 83d year of her ago.
Hcv. W. II. Lord, D. I)., deliversn lec-
turo for thc benellt of the I.adies Temper
nncc Awjciatinn f Montpelier, Mav 28th.
Siilijeot : "Thc Aiitoinatic Aetion of Men."
Dr. .lolin H.ildwln Gilman, n uative of
Chlcago, dicd at Montpelier onSunday last.
Ilo gr.idu.ited from Harvard Uiiivcrsity in
1808, nud sallcd soou nftcr &r lurope, do-
Bigning thcre to study miuJgk and engin-
ecring, but bcconiing intcrcscil in nicdical
studies hc attended lecturcs nt Gottingen
nnd Herlin, Ho rctuincd to thc L'nlted
Statesin 1870.
Tho Montpclicri'wwKii in n notico of
of hlm says :
T lio Franto.Prussiaii wur greatly intei
estcd hlm. from his into rosidcnco in Ger-
iiiaiij , Ml he s.ulcd ngaln for I.uropo, nnd
wns appoimi tll a placo in thc Prti-sian
soiyioc. AK iii.,,,.,,,, i.haracofit bar
rnok or wnrd of nlMv,Ual, he mi well ful
hlled his dutics th.it ho twi.lvinl fimn tho
Miiojtuir a mgiily honoriUuo.toark of dU
tiiietion. ,
Ile returnnl to liostnu hl the fall f 1871
nndestalilislied hini'elf nt Topcka, ICanas,
forthcpractiregf niodii iuo. Diiring thc
last wiiitcr tho sinall-iiox was oiv iiievn-
lcnt and ho took chargo of many cu-es, do- ,
votlng his wholo tinie to thc onie of pi
tients wlth this loathsonie di-c.ivp. lio j
was llnnlly nttacked wlth vaiiolo'ul aml nf- i
lerwarus ny riioumauo lever anci piiou
Oiuo IlEiTlilloANisM. Tho Ohlo lepub
lionus niol at C'cihunbiis, Ohlo, Wchicsilay,
nnd re-noininatcd Gov. Noyes; le.alllniiod
their oonfldpiico in President (lianti de.
elaied for ocononiy, rcdiiotion of tnxcs and
cxtinguishnient of stato and nathmal dehts ;
oppo-od fiitther grantsof Innds to corpor
atlolis, believing they should ho icsonod
for setllers; favorcd prolcetlon by l.iw of
persons cngagod In iiilnlng nnd othcr haz
nrdoiis purtiiiitsi deehircd tliat tho pooplo
should ho protected from hlgli ralos nnd
othor abiibos of thc athitrary and grow ing
power of raiiro.uls and otlier corporations ;
npiilatided the iiivcsUgations of the lato
Congi-css aml denounccdiiill klnds of Cred
It Mobllir spoculatlons by w hatever party j
ileinandeil thc repenl nf tho salary ineie.ise
hill ; nnd favorcd a rediictlon of tho tinie
of proliation beforo iiaturallzod ritlzons aro
allowed to votc.
Kcoxomv. Tlio Provldeneo .loutnal rt'
ferring Ut tlic dull Btato of tradc and inau
ufaeturcs says that ono word to be spokcn,
nnd to be llstcncd to now is, ICcononiy,
indlvidii.il, fnnilly, miliilclpal und natlonal
' AllVKNTfllKS WITII A l'OT of P.V1NT.
Old Mr. Watson, on Nelson Btrlet, lias got
a nlco little hill to pay. Ilo scnt a iii.in
down town for a pot of palnt nnd,n Iadder.
Tho man got tho palnt, nnd thcn wcnt to
n hiinbcr yard nftcr a laddcr, Thcn ho ticd
tlpi palut pot on tho cnd of tho laddor, and
put tho laddcr on his Bhoulder, This was
n very Binart nrrangement, nnd tho man
ldmself ndinircd it vcry mucli. Ho ntnrt
ed for homo tliis way, nnd dldn't llnd nny
troublo in gctting nlong tho tlrst block, hc
cause peoplo had nn imiireslon that n long
latldor witli n pot of yellow palnt dangling
on tlio cnd of it wnsn't cxnclly the tliing
to trillo witli, bo thcy balanced ulong on
tho curb Btonc, or nibbcd up ngainst tho
buildings. Pretty soon tho man niw sonic
hody lu n sloro ho know, and ho tiirned
nround to spcak to him nnd drovo ono cnil
of tho laddcr into a milllncry caso nnd
knockcd tho crown out of nn cightecn dol
lar bonnct.Tlicn ho backcd off In nffrlght,
nnd knockcd down two Bowlng lnaciiino
ugents witli tho otlier cnd. Theu he btnrt
cii to turn nround, nnd nu old gentleman
wlio was dcspcrately cndcavorlng to pull
hls wlfo out of dangcr Baw tho pcrll and
bhouled out "III, thero!" Hut lt was too
lato. Tho pot Btruck agalnst nu awnhig
post, tlppcd to ono bldo, and tlio cntlrc con
tcnts wcnt over tho nged couplc. Thls bo
Btnrtlcd tho inan tiint ho whlrlcd complctc.
ly nround, sniashhig In nn cntlro btoro front,
fi-Iglitcnlng a mllk man'B team, nnd knock
Ing over Bomo thlrtcen iiereons who wero
nctlvely dodglng nbout to get out of tho
way. Thcn ho droppcd tho laddcr and llcd
into tlio country, Bhoutlng "inurder" niul
"llro" ot cvcry jump, A rogular ordalncd
pnlnter Is now cngngod on Mr. AYntnon's
liousc. Vanouri A'eica.
A ToucuiNa Incide.nt, Tho 1'ribune
noy thnt ono of tlio most slgniflcnnt nnd
totichlng IncidcntB of tho funcml of Chlcf.
Justico Chnso at St. Goorgo's Church, Now
York, wns when, nftcr tho bcrviees lttul
oiicncd, tho vcncrublo Uguro of Thurlow
Wccd was bccu tiashlng up tho brond nlslo
nud tnklng his plnco unobtruslvely ninoiig
tho fricnds of tho dead. Thrico ln how
short n spnco of tlmo! tliis grcat politlclnn
hns stood hy tho honorcd blers of liis grent
cst Itopuhllcan collcaguos Sownrd, Grco
loy nnd Chnso. Yitll tantumlo mny say.
No futuro twclvcmoiith can over garnor lu
Biich n harvest of dcath,
I,.tlut iVctis Itrin,
Colunihiis, Gn.,lu, bulltslx rotlon fac
toncs Blmc.tho war, nnd hns thrcc more
under way.
irJJu Klc.-jaP' n'"l Ml') Indlans of
Jlexico conthuic tlielr ralds on the ranclici
on tho frontlcr.
A colony of Fricikls, somo tliousands lu
nnmbcr, projio-io to settla lu WoMern Tox
Fillton coiinty, III., lias paid .300 for
wolf scalps iu tho last four w ecks.
Tho sugar crop in Jnmacu is lcportod ns
henvlcr than during nny fonner seaon.
Tlic liulldlngs of thc Torrc Hautc cnr
works rovcr threo norcs, nnd the groiind
cight iicrcs.
Nciv toal Ulscoveries nro lepoilcJ in In
dlana, nnd nlso ln Bcveial parts of.Kansas.
lt ls qnito ccrtain tliat tho writ of liaheas
rorlina UllPll rillt Itl fln.r.rn t.'V.i.i'.l.. I'mln1
coiium1, wlll ho dlsnnssed, niul Uieu Tmhi
... iju ncni m iuu liiaano iyiuni.
Mr. Justlce Clirford, n-t scnior juslico of
tllf, Kll...n.n IV...I ..r .1... lTnlt.u1 LI. .......
,11,ll.:ln,', C,llr ,ulsllTO until a Biictessor
oi i niei .iusiice i nnso is ap)ointe.l.
fli.,, lt.,i.nnl !- ,..,,,.1. , . .
n .1,1.11, V...H, ,-iin-(i uiKnu
tlio proCablo failuio of tlio Govormnent to
fecd tho Blxtoen lliousand Indlans now
pcaccahly colleetcd ln reservatioin in Aii-
Somo little, cuily.hoadod Now Ilavcn
cliildreii playod " h.irbor slioi. " Iho otlier
ilay. They oilod tho looks of the young.
Detroit lias organiod a stock board, witli
115 inciubors, nnd opencd its roonis Mon.
ost, n boy of four, wlth knoscne, nnd now
tho little follow's miiOior takos tho misrro
seopo, cvery day tilonf thoio aio uiiv
signs of n second cujp. v
A Wllliani-townjle'rlc put up spiiits of
turppiithio for kcmsktnc. last wcck, nnd
whcn Mrs. Harbedjlightcd her lainp, tliero
wns an explosii-rffQuid her two children
narrowly escaped boiiig hurncd to dcath.
A fcdral soldior is to hc liloil b- iln.
civll court at C.uiaiidaigua, N. Y.,iorthe
inurder of lils sprgcaiit,"both being niom.
boisof tho 1st aitlllery, two years nao.
Sovernl witncsscs liac lieen siminioi'ied
from Florida hy the govorninent.
Itiivila pronoscs to hiduk'o in a little
inodet nnnoxatlon to her oirciunscribed
A petrilied" liiko, whieli whcn alive.
must havo wciahed thirtv pounds. has
boen dug up at Ncwton, Iu'., lrom a dcptli
of forty feet.
Tlio fiinds of Smltli Coiloge, for women,
fimnded hv thc late Miss Siuitli of Ilatlleld.
Mass., and loeatedat Northamiiton.aindunt
io irjua, uuu.
Costa Iilca is distiuhed hv another nettv
rovoiulion. Tlic prcscnt outhrcak seeins
ratlicr morc Bovero than many of its prcdc
cessors havc heen. . "
IJuriiiit tlic nast si weeks. a iniinbeT.of
tlic most darin nrtenihts at fomcrv havo
boen pcrpctr.ited by soine iTnknow n ji.irtlos
on scoiul rospeetahle lliius in New York.
ln Haltinioro tlioro nro 178 Ilvainrellcal
Sundar sohools. romnriinir U;lU) lciehcrs
aud :i(I,9."i8 scholars. These si hools belong
to lilteen iliilemit (leiioniin iuoiis oi i nrisi
i.ins. A Cicrinan miiiter ln the olllcc of the
Burlington, la., llnwk l'.ye, who caine to
Ameiiea wlien two yeais'old, has rccentlv
heen dinflod into the ainiy at Vuitcni.
hurg and ordered to report thero for duty.
1'o nro glwl to jj-p that the gnvernmcnt
hns iPMilvod to employ fronlli.rsmcn tau
old htinlcrs in tigluing tho Modocs. Thcto
men know tho Indian tricks too well to he
drawnlnto ambushes or nny othcr traps.
Iiter details of tlic Lrieat llrc at Port ati
Vrinco contlriu thoicportof thc dcstruc
lUm of Notie D.inio cathedral and sevoral
othcr Inruo lmildins. ln nll, ono women,
thip children and 2.10 buildings wcre des
troycrt. T.oss."i 1,000.000.
Tho itaiunl " C.J. ;. Mttlcllehl, who
ror lO veav- taught n Khlo' scliool at Han
gor, Jle., "M a icunion l.yt wcek, nnd
nmdctip u ir.-e of $1,000 for thclr old
A Kroil llill lluil' M'lisalloiis.
UtterJ'rom Dr. 11 f man, a mircicuf of tlie
)tion )hattr.
My wifc nnd I wonl to see tlio hnptUm
of tho converts, nnd too ip n positioii on
tho bridgo nbout thirty t t from tlio tlrst
pier, nud hetwecn it und the nbiitnient.
Wo wcrc surrounded by poi.,.le inen, wo
men, nnd children. Suddonly wliilo Mr.
Pratt wns ontoring tlio water witli n fc.
male, I hcard a report Blniilar tothat nuulo
ny n bmaii cannou, und 111 nn liMant tlio
wnter closcd over inc, nnd I fclt th.it somo.
thini; wus prcsslng mo down. A licivy
wciglit uppoarcd to bo over mc. 1 did not
sink to tho bottoni. I wns jSorfeetly con
bcious, und imincdiatcly thought of gtttlng
out if posslble. My hands camo in conlact
wlth thc trostlo work, nnd, crawling up ns
If nscending a Iadder, I was fortun.ite in
llnding an opening througli whieli I
orawlcd nud hnmcdkitoly nroso to tlio sur
faco. I was thcn, ns near as I can judgc,
about scvcnty or eiglity fect fruin the shorc.
1 swam toward tho banlc, hut whcn near It
my Btrength gavc out, aud 1 sank. Whilo
Bwimmimr somo persou, who inu-t liavo
liccn under tho water, caught hold of my
left log, nnd graspcd lt tiglit, for u inlnuto
prcventing mo from going'lorwnrd. The pcr
son let go as suddcnly ns ho liad tuken hold,
nnd 1 gavo u strokoortwo, whcn I cncotmt.
crcd u dress. Thlnkhig it was my wlfo,
wlio was Ftandingbcsideino whcn the span
fell, I grnppled it, hut, havlng bccoinc cu
crvatcd, 1 was ohllgcd to let it go, I was
alniost cxhausted at tho thno, und do not
know thnt tho dress wns thnt of my wlfo.
I dld not notico it fpartlcuhuiy. My
Ihouglits wcro almost bolely conllncd to her,
nnd 1 liuaglncd whcn Isaw thodrcss it was
licrs. When I sank I was Btlll Bcnslblo of
the surroundlngs. I wcnt iippaiently very
close to tho bottom, The current rolled
mo over nnd over, nnd my hands fienuent
Iv camo in contnct witli tlio grnvcl. I conld
l'ecl tho wnter rimning dow n my throat nnd
lu my cnrs, nnd nll nt onco cxpericnccd the
most dcllghtful beiisatlon. 1 bocincd to bo
nt pcaco witli cvcrytlilng, nnd perfectly
hapiiy. My wholo llfo p.isscil hcforo mo
liko a tlash of liglitnlng, tlio evcnts nppear
ing in scquencc, tlio most prnmlncnt np
pcarlng to bo Indelibly iniprossed ii!n my
mlnd. Circumstanccs I had forgotten np
pcared vividly, aiyl I did not wunt to lio
disturhcd. 1 Bhould havo prcfcrrcd to rc.
maln whcro I was. wliilo in tho mldst of a
heatltlo rcvcrlc, thinklng what my wlfo
would do lf blio wcro Bavc'il, nnd I ilrowncj,
1 fclt n hand on my Bhoulder. I wnspullcil
out nnd placcd on n rock, I was almost
Inscnsiblc, but gradually camo to inyself.
Oh, how sick nud wretchcd I folt. After
remalnlng ou tlio rock nhout an hour, I
was takcn to my homo. Hcre , 1 corn
mcnccd vonilllng, nnd frcquently ojectcd
wnter nnd parllally dlgcbtod foxl until 4
o'clock ln tho nftcrnooii. 1 was takcn out
of tlio water about 000 fcct bclow tlio
hrldgc, l was vcry thlrsty nftcr vomltlng,
nnd tried to drlnk somo wnter, hut tho tnsto
wns bo dlsngrcchlo tliat I could not bear it,
Tho only way I could quench my thlrst
wns hy puttlng vlncgnr Into tho wnter,
aliout nn ounco nnd n half to n quartcrof a
plnt. That Btruck ino ns rnthcr a curlous
circumstnnco. I wns greatly nstonishcd nt
tho iiumher of evcnts that passcd througli
my mlnd whllo under tho water. Nothlng
that occurcd durlng chlldliood wns ovidcnt,
hut cvcrytlilng Binco 1 wns nhout nlnctccn
ycnrs old nnpenreil beforo mo lihoto
grnphcd. Iho bonsation I uspcrlenccd
whllo tho wnter wns golngdown my throat
wns not unploaBant. It K'Ciuoil nn lf 1 wns
going on n journoy, nnd wus nurroundcd
by all klnds of beauliful tlilnxs. Wlule nn
thc rook I folt vcry b:ul and dcslrcd to ho
lcft nlone. The sutfdcii trunltloii from
thebcitillc stnto In tho wuter to the dry
land soemed to hnvc n had clfcct, and mado
ino indirfcrcnt to w hat wnsgolngon nround
mo. Sovernl pooplo camc to inc nnd want
od to tnko mo lioino. but I told them to let
nio nlone, I was so mlscrablc. Tho corpse
of my wlfo wns found nftcr sho had boen
in tho wiitor nbout threo hours. lt is Bald
that Mrs. Iloifnian's counlenaiiee was
llglited up wlth n llfe-liko pinlle, so peace
ful und siiKgestivcof siioh ploaaut thoughts
when dylng, that cvervbody's nttcution
wus attracted to her.
rrom tho New York TIraes.1
'I I H' I.nrliluc ItapliU I li,. I.nir At
clilum Ir'ordiiilitu INclipv if 'J'ulir-
Kvery tourlst who has vhltcd Ciinnda has
shot tho I.achino rnpids and prclenileil nfter
wnrd tliat ho greatly enjoyvd It. In iolnt
f fut't. ml- l.u 'wn, tolMlly iluvolil of
nervos, ho was wrctchpdly unconifortnUo
until he had raMy rcached tmootli wnter
That tho trip is nn oxecedlnnly danKfrous
onc ls siuceptible of eny di-inomtrulion.
The mtuty of the stcanier thooting the ra
plcN ilcppnds upon Iho skill uf her pilot and
tho slrensih i her iimclilnery. Tlw
nllKhtot iiocideiit, eifier to tho cnKinu or
the steering npparntus, is eertaln to throw
the veel upon the rocks, an I siich a ea
tastrophc could not nectir, exoe,t nt tln en
tranec or tlic inil of the r.ijmi-, witliout in
volvlng n terrible Ios of liff. It ii trin
tliat tho raplils hae Iipoii liilliertu mfi ly
nin, hut this nh-eiicc of iiceident has really
heen little elso than a wonderiiilly protract
ed run of hiek. Tho tourist who watohot
frnni Ihp fclpnniorM ih.fl.' ,1... I...1I!.... ...(
whirlii.g water knuws perfectly well that the
ehiuces of hU arriihiK in fafety at the funt
of the rapidsare but little grcnter thnn thoc
of hln suilih.ti Klii,i-n.l' M..,, i.ni..:.....!..
. ...j. ,. . .... ii sitlllv.ll-1111
intelllKcnt to know when thcy are in dangc'r
imi.v iieiraj- no ouiwnru lear wliilo tliev are
in the nrasp of the I.achine rnpid, hut tliat
they aro ns a rulc, horrihlr frlghtcncd, mav
T..t r.,.l ... ,1. ..(......!.. i i--
...U....M , ti... riiipUl.ll IIIIIIIUIIH iriltll
iiceiiient wl.ieli llie I.aehino trnp has hitli
prtn nniiivnil wns hrmMrli, tr. n, .....1 I... .1...
u..n... ... .iu .mi ,y im-
wrceknf the steamer 1 .'eniiud. A l.ugo
party ot excursionists wero on board, and
the vessel had just cntpred the rnpids, hcn
thn i.urrnnt. lt, Ktiili. nf tlw. ..M'..,u .P l... ..i.
lot, tlirew licr on tho roeks. She nt onee
lirokc in two, thc ruhing water extinKuish
ed tho iirc, nnd the cracked steam pipe let
looso clouds of scalding vnpor. l'ortunate
ly the steainer was a short dUtnnce nhove
iuu jmeii oi tne rapm, aml to this cir
cuiiistanco the safctv of lier p.i.seiii;ers h
asr'rihpil. tnnnv , tln, l.i.to ...n..l.l
wero onibarkcd and earried to a small i-
lanu, a sliort Uistanee ilown tho stream, hut
tho forco of the current prevcnted the boats
uuiii reiuriiing. canncs, liowever, were
obtaiiied from thc niaiii land, nnd the re
niaiiiiiig pasengcrs were reeiiedvyj'
naud wa, of eourso a total wreqV, nnd it is
cven douhtful if any of her frauiiients will
remain to warn thc totirUt of the ctmiiii;
suminer of tlio daiigcrs of I.aeliinc.
I'roin whlch story n hasty nioral mav bo
drnwn that no one slioiilil atlpniiit to siiuot
tho rnpi.ls. This, ':oever, would he not
only hatly, hut unjuslitiahle. To shoot Iho
Lnchino rapidi, knowlng tho ilnnxvr, Imt
Cnvelltlir thn i.vpitplm.nt ,,r tl... l,..nK.l....A
r. ... tnv UUUS
entcriirisc, may not he unbecuining a hravo
man; hut to incur so scrintn a risk for tho
inoro pleasuro of Mihsequent hoasting, or to
learr-tierplcss-vromcn and children into a
peril whlch they cannot propcrly estimate,
is eitlicr nn net of vuiger fully or selllh
"MBI'MlsiTi,,,. , (.,1.
llie jjii f,i n ,. ... .
who M-ittnc shrine of lletlilehein, have
JK'on lihig one of thetr yearlv eninhats
liy wh.h they signalizc their devotion to
their c.,r,.tive fnitlis. Not ono oduoated
Pl'ti"n in n thousand rosards the shihie as
( aotual cno of thc Nnlivlty, but this
us not trouble the devotees, who aio
Kady upon any or uo provoeation to make
't n Irattlo lield. Tlio shrine is in a vault
.lindcr thc Cliiiri h of tho Natlvitv. In ap
rraranco. it is dcscrlhcd as rcsemhling a
im.S roaI .ccIlar "r 11 s,"'11 "'ctloii of n dim
il tir -"t" W At onc cnd is thc
"tn d on,;);1?,,vo -Mh.nieda,i soldiers
Stnilll oi Kllir.1 to pnivfnt ll, ClirltlH
from llglituis. Thc neeessitv of this "A"
eautioii Is evidcnccd by thc "fnct that it is
far from being always'successfiil, nnd thnt
tho two elns-es of C'hilstinns searcely cver
meet wlthout recrimlnatioiis nnd wnrdy
strlfc, whleb ls casily etended Into blnws.
l'lie roof ot tho tiinnel is hung witli tap
cstry, nml it 1 from tliis tapcsl'rv tliat somo
of tht llglits have origiuntod, ' for lt has
boen sevcral times Ignlteil hy tho candles
of the worsliiniicrs. :w wn ,i.,in.l ..nitmrli
cousidering tho lowness of tlic roof and
he numbeis of pilgrinis who nt times till
It. Ab n matter of coui-so tliee llres have
nlways lieen denouncod ns the rcsiilt of n
premeditnted design to insult tho shrine,
nnd rescntod nocordinsly It would be n
good l thlng lf tho Tnrkisli Government
would closo tlio placc nltogethcr, nnd dis
perso the rellgious lazaronl who crcati
thosc scandah, but as thero ls probablv
monoy toho madc out of tlio vlsits of tlio
pilgrinis, thoio is not likollhoiHl that thls
will be dono,
l.uw or tiio iiaii.
A list of dcclslons has lately boen puh
lishod by n paper devotod to iallroad siib
jccts, whlch may ho of lutercst to thosc
who tmvel by rail.
Tlic lcgul (letinitlnn of n passeiuier is u
persou who undertakes M tlio co'nscnt of
tho carricr, to tmvel ln the oonveyunco
provlded by tho latter, otherwisc iu thc
sonicc of the carrier as Mich."
Hallwny companles aro bound to carry all
whooffer thcniselvcs unlcss tlicy nio of.
fenslvo ln persou or conduct or the cars uro
nlrcady full.
"aoml for thls dav only" printixl upon a
tlckct, has becn ilccfdcd bv tho court to bo
of no cffect, Tho passen'gcr has paid 1ns
money nnd is cntitled to tiuiiKirtatlon,
lt has also heen docldod hy a New Yoik
court that n tiekct hetwecn auv two points
ls gooipcitlicr way, but tho ilecision is a
douhtful onc.
Al,V tltlllrL. ll 11, n ,U,I, rtl ,Un,...
gcr througli tho iiegllgenco of tho agcnta jM
of thc ruilway, sublects the latter to dnm-"- 1
agos, nnd nny loss of baggago it must 1k
only such ns is nccessary to the comfort of
n travcller can ho vccovcifd by civil pro
ccss and tho contents of n trtuik can bo
proveil by tho oath of tho bailiff.
Sometiuno mi: Piiiw.soi'iiKi:.s Wuo
Srunv tiie Minii. Coiuhictor llrudlcy, of
this city, who wns killed, witli othcrs, hy
a rallrond accident on tho Hartford anil
Waterbury road last Friday, was on n " c a
booso"car nt tlio tlmo the traln rcachiHl
tho hrokcn rall. Tho Instnnt lio fclt tho
Bhock, ho k'ncw tlio cnr wns off tlio traek,
and sprang for n hrako. lt was hls last net.
In thu samo iustant ho was klllod by tho
crnsh, and hls pkull brokcn. Wlien plckcd
up, a part of thc braln was vlslblo, mizliig
outi but tho trtio nnd fiilthful eonduotor
vas nhlo to spcak. And theso wcro tho
words ho uttcrcd tho last ho cvcr spoko
" J'ut out the tignah for the otlier traln l "
Tho lightiiing Biiddcnnes.s of thc crash,
tliough it deprivcd hlm of nll consclousncs.s
of cvcrytlilng happcniiig suliscqiicnt to tho
Instant whcn ho jumpoil to selzo tho hrakc,
dld not blot out hls vivld memory of tho
sensatlon ho had nt iVit moinent of fato.
Tliero wns tho Benso of inipendlng ilnngcr,
nnd nf tho neccnlty of Iustant uctloii to
nvcrt lt, That eonsolousncss renialnn),
diuing tho cnsiilng fow iiilnutcs lu whlch
tho crash had conio, nnd tho fnithful con.
ductor had mct hls fute, Jfarlfunl Time,

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