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The Rutland weekly globe. [volume] (Rutland, Vt.) 1873-1877, May 23, 1873, Image 2

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Thc New York IIWM snys n hullder Imd
n fcncc madc In I'ntcrson, to shlp lo New
Huven. Tho frclght liy rallroad from
I'ntcrson lo New Ilnvcn cost $0. Thc
cnrtngo through New York clty wns
828.00. It 19 vcry well our western
frclght iloes not como tlirough tliat clty.
We notico tliat n special vlllnge nieellng
lias bcen callcil for Tiicsdny cvenlng, Mny
JJOtli, to scc if tho vlllage wlll voto a tax
sulllclcnt to mect tho ncccssary currcnt cx
pcnscs of tho ycar.
It Is to bc hoped llint there wlll lic n full
nttcndanco of tho taxpaycrs at thls niceting
nnd tti.it n tax may bo voted sufllcicut lo
covcrnlt ttic ncccssary curicnt cxpenses of
tho vlllage.
Tho vlllngo eorporntlou It heavlly !n
dcbt, wc nrc nwarc, yct tt is lio sulllclcnt
icisonwhy n tax should not to voted to
pay ttio currcnt c.xpcnsos. Itetrenchmcnt
imd rcforni nro propcr nnd right, nnd pcr
haps should have liccn coinmcnccd ere thls,
tmt tlieie ls n limlt cvcn to ccoiioiny in
publlc iilTnhs. Tho olllccrs of llic vlllage
should not lie i-mhamsscd In enrrylng for
ward sueh mensures ns nre for llic nbsohitc
BimkI of tlio iiulillc, and fttcli ns cannot he
ubnndoned wllhout dctihnent lo Ihe publlc
wcd. A cerlalu roullno must !o kcpt lu
operntion for tho publlc convenlenee mid
safelj . Onr vlllage U In rc.ility n clty, nl
thougli gouTiicd In n nioie cooiionilonl
, wnytrtlml tlio Ilonnl of Trustecs rcpicscnt
u clty govcrnmeiit wlthout tho cxtrnordln
nry'ppwern granli'd to n cotiiioil nnd board
yf nldcTincn, llius mnklng tlio cxpeiidllures
and dlsbttrseiiients forciincnt cxpcnscs f.ir
kw In nnionnt, aml cnabling ii.m lo savc
tli'iti-aiuN of iloll.irs which would olhcr
wio lie imrc-.i'.nnably expeiuled or wnslcd.
Aiewe not as well govcrned as llurlinglon
uiider IU city organlzitlnii, and wlth Icss
taxes ?
'I'lie lloard of Truttccs must bo sibtainod
In all legitlmatc expons.es, and we hao no
fear of tho abuc of thc powcr plaeed ;in
lliclrhandb. Tliey cannot u.-o the powcr
grantcd them unless they hae such nppro
piinttons ns me suHlcieiit to enrry on the
every ilay nlT.iirs and legitlmatc oper.itions
of tho coiporatlnn. Tliat bullicient nppro
priatlons were not voted nt the niniual
niceting is cvident to all who have considcr
cd thc subjcet, nnd it has coinpclled thc
Trustecs to nsk for lt, and iinlcss thc tnx-
paycrs bhall voto (which they nio.st ccitam
ly ought to) a t.i, to nicct thc ncccssary
currcnt oxpen-ca of tho ycar, they will bc '
coinpcllod to ccase tho llghting of tlio
streets, dUeoutinuc tho niglit pollce, nnd
otherw ise cut off expenditures which nrc
ubsolutcly ncccssary for tho protectiou of
tho propcrty and tho safet'y of tho livcaand
pcrsons of " individuaU. l)o our citlzcns
dcsiro darkcucd sticcts and unsafo
thorouj'hfiircs ? Is lt cconomical or safc
to have such n conditlon of thlngs ? Thesc
nru qucstions which tho pcoplo should con-
i-ldor and dlscii'-s.
Au iniportnnt vlllage llkcliutland, nijtiil
lr inonlmr nnd c.xiwndhw. inust linvo ox-
tronnUiiiiry fxpenscs. Tliey cannot bo
nvoldcd. Tlio liealth nnd safcty of tho
coinniunity dcniand them. Thcro may
havo bcon crror and misniaiiagcnioiit In
Mimo dcnartmcnts In the nast, but wotblnk
not In thc lcgitimate currcnt oxpcnscs of
thcvllla!re. Such rspccially as nro ac-
knowlcd"cd no Indlspcnsiblu nnd reiiuls
lio fr .n,nion wclfnro. Wo fiulto ngroo
...tn n ivhoTtsilinml a pnymcnt of tho
-oll fnr retrenclimcnt nnd icfurm
... of tho oxDondWecs IJ"t wo must
firnollv ilUcumt. froni tl0 V1CW OI
" j - ,
omo that tho propcrty of thc vll'ago should
nnt bn nrntccted bv a nlirht nollcf. nnd the
pcrsons of iudividuah savcd fror' linrin
and, pcrha)S, loss of lifo by tho j reseucc
nf nllllinrlf . nr frnm boililr !liiliru'M,inat
-vi j
nilglit bo rcccivcd wliilo jiassing tlirl,"
our darkcned strects nf niglit full. 'O
,.ftt tj iinii' riloi-K' nin rilf tf't Iiu.er 1110
restraint of wliolesoiiiosafi'giianl", but we
.iiuuM Uicso bo nb:indonded ns
(ijcy jicTHiiri)' wlll bfinftcr junc lst unlcss
a tax U voted, rowdyism would bo dovcl-
opcil, nccidcnts would occur, nnd numcr
ous other llla would bcfall us wltliln thirty
duys, such ns our cltlzcus would rceret.
"An ouncc of prcvcutlon 1 bcttcr thnn a
pouiul of cure," Is nn oW ndage that should
bo nctcd upon In thU cmergcucy, and llic
Trustecs should bo furnUhed BUlllciont
fnnds to cnrry on niuulcipal nfTulra in such
nianuer aa shnll protcet tho coiinmuilty
and savo tho credit and gooil nanic fif the
The lloard of Trustecs nre qullc liglit in
cnlling for a tax instoad of numing to
riin tlio vlllage In deht or inrur personal
linbilities in tho managcment nf tho trusts
comniltlod to them. Thia Is an evldence
of their Intcnt to givo us an ccononilcnl
adniinlstratlon nnd to procml no further
tlian they havo fiuuls to carry on tho
propcr fuuctlousof tho corporalion, cvcnif
they must stop tho vhccls of govennnent
until they can "pay ns they go."
Yo havo a board of Trustecs compihcd
of practlcnl buslness nien, who can nnd
wlll heod tho publlo volce, in an cconom
ical ndinlnistration, nnd wlll not nsk nny.
thlng unreasonablo at tho hands of tho tnx
payers. A ninjority of thc lloard, nt lcn.-t,
Jtcssrs. Cranilon, Tuttlo, Dunn, and Otis,
li.ivo had largo cxpcrlcnco in busiucss and
know tho wants of tho corporalion. Theio
foro Ict tho votei-s como out to tho vlllnge
meotlng on tho !J0th, candidly dlscuss tho
suhject, nnd voto siuh tax nsninylHineccs.
s.iry to carry on our munlclpal affnhs.
ii:itn.s ot' i.to.vic'A'j io.v.
It ls a coimnon uotlou tliat thcro Is a for
tiuio which hcdges tho safcty of a drunkcn
man ; that if ho should fall from n roof hc
would como down Hmp llko n pillow or in
n ball llko n bcar, nnd ho mlght stilkc nny
whero nbout his peii.on, it would bo nll the
B.mie, ho would not bo hiirt. That may bo
truo as to falllug from houscs ; so fow pco.
plo fall from houscs that a rulo cannot be
rcliably generall.cd from linown cnses.
Itut it Iscortain tliat in railroad pcrlls tho
Intoxlcated man is at n disatlvantae. If
ho wunts to Ho down to slecp, nnd lt hnp
pens to bo convcnlcnt.ho knows j ust cnough
to int his hcad on ono rull nnd his feet nn
tho opposlte. If ho is walklni' on n mllroud
track and nn ongliio Is comlng, ho kcIh lt
tlirough his hcad that ho ought to step off
nbout tho tlmo ho (lnds lihiifelf unnblo to
step nuywhcro.
Tho poor mnu who on Jlonday had his
rlbs crushcd nnd lcgs bcvcred ls u wnrning
against tho uscless practlco of iiitoxicatlon.
llaruum hnsbccn ln Fhlladclphlalookliig
for 10 or 12 ncres of iiasturu land or vncant
lots on which ho can put up his sliow for
We fear thieuggestlon of 1 Connncrco "
lu nnothcr lolunm, that lnvcntors should
bo rewnrdcd wy n pension from tho govern
mcnt, wlll hardly flt tlio cnso. Congrcss
hn? nlrcady ggt too much in thc wny ot
tnklng fccs for passlng bllls. Huch n sys
tcm would givo Twced n llno opportunlty.
IIo would Bliino foitli ns tho lcading Inven
tor of tlio cointry, and would havo patcuts
on crowds of uscless traps, on which hc
would draw a prlnccly lncomo from pen-
slons. Undet tho prcsent system If n tnnn
invents n tlilng of no valuo It wlll not sell,
and consciiueally ho gcts no lownul.
It ls truo liic stock of new ldcas lu tho
gcneral avcrniro of books nnd Invcnllous is
not iinboundcd. llut wo havo many thlngs
now, sinnll nnd great, ln which wo nro nd
vnnced boyond Solomon's tlmc, whcn thero
was notlilng new. Kveiytlilng tliat Is
both new nnd good should bo welcoined
and pald for, howcver sllght it may be,
that we may cncourage tho brlnglng forlh
of inorc that is new nnd good, nnd thus
inovo up lillle by little nll nlong tho lliie,
ncconiiili.shlng n long niarcli hcrcafter n
wc JiaM'hcictofore, lf we linvc tlniocnough
j'jui mv .iii.m.vj-i:u 'i'o nt.
lt is nnnouneiHl tliat Ilon. Kdwnrd I'icrrc
pont of New York hns nrcrptcd tho mlsslon
vHt. I'l'lcri'burg. Tho Now York 7V.
says he ls n gontlcmnn of nblllty, nniply
(lUalllled for tho dutlcs of thc positlon, of
hlgh Miclal slandlbg, and unlcrt.ally rcs-
poclitl for bls probity of clinrnclcr iim)
publlc splrit, nnd will inako ln cvcry wny n
crjnlltablc nnd deslrnble rcpicscntntlve of
our country nbroad.
3Ir. Piericpont wiw bom In New llnven,
Conn., ln 1817 ; grnduatcd at Ynle Collci?)
ln 18117, and studlcd law nt tlio Icw jinvcn
lawschool. From 1810 to 1815 he practle
cd his profossion nt Cohunbus, Olilo, nnd
slncc ln Now York clty, ntlninhig cinliieiice
nt tho bar. IIo wns Judgc of Ihe Suprcnie
Coui t of New York from lB-'iT to 1800 i n
niembor of thol'onstltutlonnl convention ln
1S07, nnd Unlted Slntos District Attomey
for tlie DNtrict of Southcrn New York ln
1S0!) to July 1870.' IIo wns fonneily ln his
imrly nlllliatlon- n ilenmcrnt, but nt thc
brea'klng out ofahe ldicllion ln 1801 bc
canic n rcpubllcan, zealously Fiipportlng tho
adniinlstratlon of Mr. Lincoln nnd his rc
clcetion ln 1804, nnd alded in tlio llrst clcc
tion nnd le-cleetionof Gcn. Orant.
Tiii: i,oi)isi.NA Titoi;iii.i:s,
Thc niystery of how tho frionds of 3Ir.
Kellogg ln Louisiana found out last Deccin
bcr,that i-eventy-tcvenrepubllcans to tlility-
two libeinls wercelccted to tho Statehouso
of rcpicscntntivcs, and twcnty-elght lepub-
licans to cight fusionists in tlio benate, is
yct uu.solved. Tlio olllcinl returns were
not 1 n llic hand.i of tlio canvaers who
mado lheo returns. They counled well,
howcver, con.ideiing thclr disadvantagcs.
Tho fuslonlsts uccurc them of addlng 12,-
02.i to Kcllo'g'slegitimitc voto, nnd takln
off 11,110 from McKncrv's voto. If thls
was too libcral it must bo leinembcied that
they were acling rnthcr in the daik, and it
was be.-t to havo cnough vntes on thc right
hUc. They were not to bl.uno. They had
nskcil for Uio ollkinl ictmns, nnd had bcen
....r , .... r . . .
ii.-iucu. jiio iiiif,n Doani ol canvasscrs
actcd holllshly nbout thc iimttor, li'tulniil n
monopoly of tbo onlclnl rctilrun, In a1i!c!
they wero uphcld by Wnnnotb, then gov.
einor of the State, and proclalnied JIc
Encrv clectcd by 7000 or 8000 innjmlty.
Tmi lmrlsl.itnics nict hi IX'ccnilicr. Tlic
ICcllogg lcgislaliiio Inipeachcd Varmoth
and suieniled him from ollko as govcrnor.
ThU lct in ns nctlng govcrnor I 11. S.
I'inchback. tho Lleut. irovcmor of the
Then tho. dopo-l Oovcrnor ll'nrnioth
comnieiiced i-Milng proclanial'ns. IIo
warncd nll Hio pcojilo ngahi',rccogiillng
cilhcrllio Kclloss lcgbluturt or uovcrnor
I'incliback. Tho Iattcr yicgrnphed tho
siluatlon lo l'rcsident 'P"t, wlio rcplied
lir tr-li-.rrnnli lhrnmrl'iltorncy Gcneral
Wlllinnw. uil,tnni!nlJrccoguI.iiig him ns
Govcrnor of Louis-M-On
InaugurntioiW lwo govcrnors tooli
chargo of Louis3na nllaiin. Jioth Kellogg
aml JIeKncryl'cl' inaugurnted.
Two bcun-0''9 nppearcd in Washington
and clalmolthcsainc bcat by claslung titles.
TJio bellows eomniittco of lnvcstigation np-
poinlcd to ascertaln which candldato should
bo adiaittcd, took bomeugly teslimony con
cerulng frauds, and rcconimended that n
new cleclion be hcld in Jlay. Then a rcso-
lutlon wns passed, declariiig tho Kellogg
govcrnmeiit the do facto govcrninent tlll tho
rcsult of tho Jlay electlon was known.
Thls was on thc nightof Februarj 28th.
Thero wero only tlirco nioro working days j
tlio sahuy-scizuro blll had not bcen pnsj-ed ;
there was not tlmo to bothcr wlth the
tlircatencd Louisiana civll war, nnd tho sciv
nto ndjourncd wlthout doing nnything
nbout tho May clcction. Coiiscquently tho
Kellogg govcrninent is etill waiting for tho
May electlon, and ln the meantinio will
contlnuo to bo the do facto govcrnmeul, ro.
cognizcd in thls hinting sort of way by tho
benato, who had found too nnicli fraud to
venturo on admlttlng Mr. ltny, from tho
Kellogg leglshiture, but vlolcnt nnd pcrslst
ent clalins on bls liehnlf cnough to cxcuso
llicm lrom tnklng In Mr. McMillan from tho
McKncry lcgislatuio.
Thoso tav-paycrs of tlio Btato who sim.
portcd McKncry resolvcihiot to puy taxes to
the Kellogg govcrninent. They ralsctl tho
standard of wnr nnd innrchcd agiilnst u
pollco Btatlon lu Now Orleans, but eiicoun
tercd tho forccs of tho L'nltcd StnU"s imdcr
Gcneral Kmory, nnd wero icpiilsod wllli n
lossof two or tlnco klllcd nnd woundeil
llut lf they could not whip tlio governmcnt
ot tlio unlted btntes they could tho troublc
somo colorcd pcoplo, nnd In Colfnv, ln
G"rant l'arish, slxty de;id Afrlcans boro
niulo witncbs to fuslon prowess.
In St. Martinsvillo, in tlio parlsh of St.
Martin's, tho ftisionlstB wero not so fortu
nate, for thero they met tho Unlted States
troops agaln, nnd in conscn,iicnco tlicrcof
tho two or tlireo hundrcd rcbclliously
inciineci undcr Uolonel Alclblado Do Illanc,
havo dlshanded. In truth thcro ls no moro
w ar to bo oxpccted lu tho South against tho
powcr ot tho Unlted States. It ls found In
Louisiana, as lt hns bcen notlced in Alaba
ma undcr tho Ku Klux oxeltemcnts, tliat
n corporal nnd two soldlcrs wearing Unlted
States unlforms cnn nrrcstn scoro of armed
nnd fuiious cx-confederatu soldiers. Tliey
will not rcsibt ovcn tho bliow of Unlted
States nuthorlty. This liclng tho caso lt ls
too bad to toleruto nny wrong upon them
in tho iiamo nf our common Kovernincnt.
AVo hopo Congrcss nt its noxt bcsblon wlll
honestly cxcrt Itbclf vlgorously to rlght
whntover ls wrong in Louisiana, wlthout
inriulring whctlicr Its nctlon will nffcct fnv.
orahly or uufavornbly rcpuhllcans, dem
oernts or llhcrals.
sitAi, itiiviinv.
Tho latc festlval bo Kiicccssfully carri
on ln thls vlllage last weck was ono of no
ordlnary Importniico to tho Intcrests of
niuslc nnd intislclans In Vermont, nnd wc
conscqucntly cnnnot lct thls occnslon pass
wlthout saylng n word or two conrcrnliig
its rcsult, lti contrnsts wltli olher cntcr
taliimcnts of tho kind, nnd wh.it nilglit bo
learned from 11 to guldc lls pnlions ln thc
futtirc. Verinont Is nnd always has bcen
n tuusic-lovliig state, nnd ltsluliabilnnls nre
iialurally inusiclaiis. Look ovcr tlio ntnks
of fninoiH intislclans lu our hirgcr cltlos
nnd you pco that Vciinonlcis nro to be
found lu largo liumbcrs nnd nmoiig tho
vcry llrst ln inuslcnl altalnmenls. Tho
iianics of AVhllney, of Dudley, of Mrs.
Ollvcr, nnd many nlhors nre known in
lloston inuslcal clrclcs, nnd J. M. Hiibbai-d,
II. W. Sabin, II. L. Slory. and olhein,
stand llrst nniong t'hlcago inuslclaus nnd
coniposcrs, nll natlveboin Vcrmonli'in.
To cilucato and producc lalcnt such ns
thcsc inen posci, from Jlmong u, thoic
must bo enlcrinlbo nnd cnlluuiasm--a
publlc spirit such as has bcen nianlfolcd
In Itutland diiiing thc p:isl two nioiiths
ln order to biliig togolher the combinatlons
reiiuisllo for tlmlongh iiiuicnl cdiicnllon
and tralnlng lo tlio yotnv .sH loving
pcoplo. Tho .M.T-fcnl festlval decloped n
hlgb order of iiiii.l nl ainbilloii ln Uie
inindsofour cltl.ens that ought to bilng
forlh iiiurh fmlt for - fntuic, Tho
wotk accomplMicd by a rertnin fcW ln our
inldst towurds cnirvlntf ''! Ua nl.iu of tho
festlvnl wns ciy largc ln ninounl, nnd de
f lil.idlv i.mlfOMOItliy.
The muslc icndered by tho cIioium's dur-
ing tho tlirco days of publlc cntcrtnlnment
ilpsi.rvi'S nioi-e thnn the passina conitnent
nnld to It bv us at tho lline. Of eourse thc
"Stabat Mater" was tho gieatest perforin
nnccglvcn, not only In lls Inccptlon, but
also In thc inanncr in whlcli It was produc.
il. Wc undcrstand the same wns given nt
'ouventlon hcro bonic cight jcars ngo,
with n larcer chorus then than nt thc festl-
nl. whllotbe koIo tnlcnl, which by tho
wayls onc-half nt lcast of lts produellon,
wns decidedly inlerlor. 'llic convemion
had Mre. II. M. Snilth, .lames hltncy nnd
M. W. Whitncv, nll fiunous blngcrs, but
wo thlnk lt will detrnct 110111111!; from thclr
iime to coiibidcr Mrs. Yan Zandf, Fesscn
dcn nnd ltciiimcrtz, bupcrior. Mrs. nn
Zandt has talcnts that must ere long bc rc
ognlzcd jis ciiual to thosc that cl.ilm thc j
hlghest necd of praibc, and thc opuatlc
stngc wlll flnd lu hern f.imous nccession to
tliosc who now hold lt by just rlght. Of
Fcs'-cndeii we must wiy that justlco has not
ns yct becn dono to him nsntenor einger.
In his rcndering of llic lamous sccna lrom
"Trovatoro" on Fridny evenlng, he cqualed
in our opinion, the singing of Wm. Castle,
who has cliarnicd tho world by his vo'.cc
while connccted wltli thc I'.irepa-llosa
Opera Couipany, and w o thlnk Mr. Fc.-en-dcn
slioulTraM.cnd tliat ladder, ln whkji ns
ccntambltlon only Is, inhis casc, ncce.-sary.
Wc have not tho spacc to spe.ik of thcse
nrlUts as we could wisli. AVo hopo that
ere long they may bo pcrsuadcd lo Isit us
Wcstern Vermont lias a large niimbcr of
liiusical children wltliln its limits, who
bhould leceivo the right soit of tcacliliii',
nnd by ineans of thcs-c publlc- jiiilliorJiijr'
u good nniount of InMiuUloii c.in bc ob.
talncd, nnd in nn ceomieal y. Lct tho
n.uslclnns on tl.ildcof llieinouutnln kccp
up Uio lutcicstbo will liiaugurnled hcro
l.ist weck nnd bo jiii'jinu-'l for n n-nl
hiirv" n(it Umcj
Tlio singing of llic childicn on Filday af
tcrnoon was ono of tflc most intcrebtlng cn
tertninnicnls givcn, nnd bliould bo ciuour
ngcd hi cvciy way. It is tho btarllng
;ii'nt ln thclr muslcal Ilfo and In tho ikrlit
channcl. Mr. Jllctzko denionatratcd then,
if nevcr boforc, thc gicat facully tliat hc
posscM.es in tho tcaclilng of tbcbo ADiing
Ideas tho fumlaincnta! ails of nuiblc. Our
schools bhould not nllow iiiumc to bo cx
cludcd from thclr doors.
Tho grand plano uscd dliring thc festlvnl
was n grcat help to thc chorus ns nn nc-
compaiiuiiciit. Its tono wns vcry llno for
tho vigorous woik, nnd could c.islly bo
heard throughout. Tho ngent for its sak,
Mr. K. N. Merriam, of our village,
descrvcs the thanks of nll for kindly l'ur
nisliiiig it during tho fcbtivnl, nnd it must
hnvo bcen n good ndvcrtlscmcnt, ns cvcry
ono bpoko of tho cffcctB lt produccd ns bo-
ing slmply woudcrftil. Tho Kstey orgnn,
thnt blione resplcndent in the background
of the chorus, wns n dccidcd ornanient nt
lcabt. Oning to the fnct of its being
pitched on n diffcrent key from the plano
lt could not bo uscd ln conjmictlon with
tliat instruuicnt. Kvcry ono know s, how
over, that tho "Kstcy" cannot bo surpassod
in its qualily of tono or ln its bcaullful
combinatlons. Mr. (lcorgo Q. Day is tho
ngcnt for thc orgnn, nnd wc belicvo is
niceting with good succcss in thls vlcinity.
E'i;icrin:ic . .-tiomi'oi,ii:s.
Mimtrn Jiditvra ;
My nrguincnts on "liiononolles" may bc
"lndefeiibiblo" as you say, yct I must con
fcss, that ln your rcview of them, I cannot
bce w licrcin. I ndmittcd tliat thero inluht
1)0 cascs wlicro nionoimlies nilglit bo sanc
tloncd hy law, ns n ninttcr of tcinponiry
jiollcy, but ought nlwnys tobowcllguarded
and lookcd nftcr. To icwaul thc mnli who
"ciidgcls his hinlns" and Invents bonic In-
horb-avlng niaehinc w ith n bhort llvcd mo
nopoly of its luanufnctiuc, UbC, nnd snlo,
mny bo polltlc, tliough I thlnk u moro ccr
tnlu rcwanl would Inuio to tho hivcntor
blmsclf from n dlicct coinpensallon or
pension from govcrnmeiit, throwlng tho
machlnoiit prlmo cost into tlio hands of
tho publlc, nnd thls would do nwny wlth
ull "roynlties," cndlcss costly sults for "In.
frlngenieuts," nnd "brllio moncy to Con
grcssnien to bccuro cxtciislons." As it Is
now, tho rcal invenlor of n vahmblo ma
chlno bddom gcts nnything for his work.
lly tho tlmo tlio inachhio licconics n succcss
his moncy Is nll gonc, nnd bomo shaiks
hnvo becomo owncrs of his patent, nnd
whllo ho starvcs, they llvo iu luxury on his
liaril worlc of hand, hcnrt nnd head.
llut lf tho luvcntor of such u innchhic is
cntltlcd ln natural rlght to itsniaiuifnctiue,
salo nnd uso for bcvcnteen ycnrs, (accord
Ing ns I undcrbtand onr patent laws,) why
not for bcventecn timca bevcntceii vcars.
yea, why not forcvcr? Whnt rlght has leg.
lsinuon louny wiien hlsmoiionolvsliall cnd?
Accoiillng ua I understand your argument,
lio has as much rlght to his Invcntlon ns ho
has to hU llngcrn, nnd lf so, why bhould your
lcglslallon nrhltrarlly intfiffi-o with that
liglit? Solcly bir, on my grouiid, and not
on your's can lcglslatlon Inlerfcro wltli him
nnd tnko his monopolv fiom hlin vlz.
thnt whllo lt may bo awnrded lo hhn for i
tlme, ns n rownnl for his servicc, yct bclng
nt "nnturnl cnnilty with humnn rights," It
siinll not bo mado n permanent rulo.
Hcro I mlght propcrly nsk, how much,
in cnso of nny pnlentcd mnrhlu docs nny
ono man really Invcnt ? Lcm. 1 thlnk, than
Isgciicrnllylliongl't- lie may i-i bo.no
-i mntcrlnl or lonciu i.m -
that i nbotil nll. WhUo tho 'l)ori
nnt lnvcmnB of hiunnn gcnliw-- Hnst lu
tho gcrms-linio nevcr liccn puniiicu m
nll. Tubal (aln nevcr got n patcit for
working Iron, whlcli Is thcgioatcst dvlllz-
Ing mt known lo man. I ' uoi nwaro
thnt the Invenlor of prlntliig, ln tho uro of
.nvi.nl,1i. Ivncs-nn "nrt prcbcrvnllvc of nll
nrts"-cvcr got n palent on his Imiutlon.
Thc lllndoos, lt Is said, Invcnlcd gun-pow-der,
and tho Ciilncsc tlioinarlner'ilcoinpasM,
nnd vct they hold no paienw outitncr.
Now. nn Invenlor of lo-day, u.ses tliff-bboi-s
of fornicr tlnies nnd other men, nnd owcs
lo tliem n dcbt ho ncu-r tmnkB of paylng,
. ... ... .1 t.luira lirt lrml.1
nml wiinoui uwm: w-" -" i)
hnvo thoiight of doing his. 1 ho samo lc
marks applyto book mnkcrs, who mnko
books out of other aulhors' books. A ropy-
k'bt inav bo L'ranted for n linilled tlmc, to
nuthors but the moimpoly prlnclplo being
ln lls nnturo nnlagonlsllc to liunian llglits,
must not 1)0 mado icrpetual. I chccrfully
grant, Mcssrs. Iilltors, flmt in rolatlon to
lnvcntors and nuthors, thc prlnclplo of
monnpolv. l icmpornry npplicallon, ls,
tinhps, tho best uso that vam bo inado of
It-until wlFcr leglhlatlonBBU flnd
somo bettcr wny to rownrd lvcnUV'kl')li,
and incntal toll. llut were not tho 5m.im.j
nle In nnd of Itsclf nt cniiitty with
rlglits, no law-glvcrs wltli iilhiiij
of brainsln thclr crnniunjjsjtPBiu'
thlnk of llnillbig its npplteiilon to
numbcr of ycnrs. Na-grcat csscntlal hu.
man rlglits cnn bc thus mado by lerjflatlon
or allenntcd ' t Tt. Ilumnn. rlghUs If tb
Dcctnrntlon ot lii(lejftndciicofJ.ntjtlrlly,
andnotnstrlngof 'IItt&lfigBduprairilc" n
liufus Cho;
hoatc cnllil'irllumnn ltlulits,"
Ood glveili'nnd nrc '"lnhliable,"
slrs, me
...... l..u, niiri. HlJlll "bnvcnff.pM vi.nru
liiiit itii. - I
Monopolles nro not natural rlglits bjjt cxpe-
dientH, at best, nnd ns ercntures of lljw, may
last ono Iiour or scvcntccn vcars m human
lcgMation may ordaln.
A word as to KUlhoisof iKmks.' Origi
nal books aic llko "nngels vlslts," fcw nnd
fnr between. Most books, llko tho compo.
bltlons of school children, havo liccn mado
to do-servioeovcr nnd ovcr ngnln. So with
wliat wc call our learnlng. It Is borrowcd,
malnly from the prollfie past, wliosc treas.
iiroa of lilerature nnd bclcnco we Inherit,
not by merlt, so lnucli ns by "nccidcnts of
bhtli." Strikcfionithc thcsaurus of modcrn
knowlcdgc nll thnt wohavc borrowcd from
thobe who have gono bcfoio us, nnd the lit
ticwc have actually contributed will pre-
bent but 'n bcggarly nccount of cmpty
boxcs." Why so much readlness to eopy-
right btolcn gnods 1
Finally. Whilc I have to rcgret thnt
havo not salL-lled you that bone of my
posltious nre tlcfcnsihlc: I li7'J.cougrnt
ulato mvself nnd thc nublic thnlnt lcast
you fccm to agrce with mo ns to tiS Ieglt:.
inacv of niv )rnrthi wrltlni; on'lionopo-
lics, nnd that, nt the prcsent tlnw (he puli
lic good is meiiaceil with tlior Igignntio
pronortions. incrciing grced. nsd corrupt'
ing influencc, lnucli bo, llintilhoso which
nh'cady cM bhould bo kcpt lf posbihle
witln rc.isonniuo Doumls, nnd they should,
hcrcidcr, bo bparingly atitUirlzcd by law,
and oniy Uicn, with anplo rescrvations
totho crcaling powcr lo guard tho rights
oi tlic pcoplo lrom harin nt their lmmls.
F. 1'. Fletcher, Ks(., has loninienccd
vigorous opcrationv upon tlio hulldlng
known a.s tho "Old C.is llouse." A 'por
tlon of II Is to bo llttcd up for a niachino
bhop nnd furnacc. lt Is a good niovc to
con ci t a lmilding Hmt has laln so long inc
libs into an otivo business ccnlir. Jlr.j
Fletcher ls enllllcd to gicat crcdlt for put-'
chaslug tho cotton faetory propcrty which
for tlio last fow ycars had bcen runuing
down, nnd putthig It In complctoieiialr for
Mr. Hcnry S. l'utnaiu lias pit in new
machlncry and leascd it forn terni if ycars,
nnd is now doing n profltablo bmlness in
thc iiianufacturo of cotton j-nrn andbat
tlng. Itcv. Mr. Grnnger, ng6nt of tho State
Tenipcrnncc Socicty, gavc a vcry nbtc nnd
practieal addrcss in tho Mcthodist chiirch
on Stmday cvenlng. Tlio honso was full
nnd tho audienc e boenicd to bc well plcascd
witli his cffoi t. Thero nro vcry fcw mcn
tliat lccture upon tho biibjcct, tliat com
prchend thc bltuation of tlio causo moro
clcarly than Mr. Grangcr, nnd wc thlnk
tlirough his lnbors the causo wlll rcccivc n
new Inipetus.
Oii Thursday aftcnioon Sheriff Trlpp nnd
others from tlic police forcc, armcd with
tlio right to seareh, vislted thls placo of cn
tcrtahimcnt for ninn nnd "beast." Thc
Sheriff plaeed a part of his forco between
thc saloon nnd hnrns, thnt thcro bhould bo
no conncclion between them wlthout being
olocrvcd. On cntcrlng tho snloon tlic Sher
Iff commenccd reading bls mcssnge of "Hy
nuthority of thc Stnte of Vermont,;' to Mr.
Dlx, whllo tho hoy Ilroussa stnrted ncross
tho back ynrd pcll.mell, wlth n largo white
jug, whlcli ho hadn't tlmo to cork, contain.
ing liquor of somo sort. Thls wns nftcr.
wards rccovcrcd and plaeed nmong the
other trophies,
' Aftcr tho reading was conchtded, tho
Sheriff bcarehed tho prcnilses "urdently,"
but found n vcry little whisky. Hc, how
ever, found u frcsh barrcl of boer wblch
was rolled out Into tho back yard. They
thcnwcnt "prospcctlng for n new lcad,"
nnd procccded to senrch the houbcs of tho
proprietors of tlio Bnloon for tho main dc
poslls. They found notlilng in tlio li'nuses,
imd procccded to tho barns. Aftcr seareh
Ing tlirough tho stalls, hay-loft, blns, ctc,
they found that n barrcl of whisky had
bcen put Into n diing head, but ln tho hasto
had not bcen covercd suftlciently to bo cn
tlrcly out of slght! Tho "crlttcr" wns
sclzed by tho olllccrs nnd exhunicd from
whcro lt had bcen bo hastily intcrrcil.
I'ollccman Wullcr wns plaeed In chargo
of tho barrcl by Sheriff Tripp, whllo n
tcani wns bclng procurcd to cnrt it to n
plneo of Bafety. As soon ns tho Sheriff
left, Dlx nppcaicd withnxo ln hand, for
whatpurposo It wasqulto unccrtaln, but
it was soon nscertnined that lils innln ohjcct
wns to uso his Ilcrciilcaiistrength to Binnsh
in tho hcnd of tho barrcl, ns ho smashcd ln
Herrlck'u fnco lu his snloon n fow weeks
ngo. Wallcr lnterfcrcd, but nt last Dlx
broko n holo Into tlio hcad of tho barrcl,
but Wnllcr rlghted lt up on cnd nnd pro.
tcclcd It ngnlnst further nssnult, so thnt
vcry little of tho precloua Btuft jvas splllcil.
lly thls tlmo n largo gathcring of mcn nnd
boys wero nsscinblcd to sco tlio lhpior cnrt
cd off to a placo of Biifo-kccping for stor.
ngc. Thls endcd tho "senrch and sclzurcs."
Tlio noxt dny (Fridny) tho Sheriff went
to "slezo" Dlxjor rcslstlng tho ofllccrs nnd
other dlsplnys of his pugllistio sklll, but ho
wns not to bo found. Mr. Trlpp suggcstcd
toDlx.s lawyer that ho (I)ix) had bcttcr
show hlmsclt nnd nnswcr thc sunimons.
Ho soon nppenred nnd n hcarlng was hnd
licforo justlco Knapp nnd ho wns put undcr
!300 bonds to nppcnr bcfoio IhcCounty
Court. Aftcr vnrlous ultcmpts loobtaln
ball, ho lliially succccdcd lu "inducing" S.
11. ltockwell to bccoino surely for his np-
pcarancc. As Dlx will not bo vcry llkcly
to bc nt tho trial, ns ho would not llko to
lenm tlio shoo-maker's trado nt Windsor,
ho wlll vcry llkcly leavc, nnd of cotirsc
Mr. lt. wlll pocket Uio "iiiduccmcnts," for
befrleudlng him lu his boio cxtrcmity.
Dlx wns iirrnlgncd ln bchalf of thc Slulc
for knocklng down Ilerrlck in his placo n
fcw wccks ngo, nnd put undcr 500 bonds
to nppcnr bcforo tho Counly Court. Wc
uudcrstnnd thnt .lohn AV. Martln ballod
IMOAl'EII ll'.OM ,I.MI..
OnThursday niglit two pilsoncis con
flncd ln tho couuty jall, broko out, nnd loft
for parts unknown. .loscph Carter, aluts
Albcrt Stone, the nolcd horso llilcf, cithcr
wns slck, or felgncd slcknoss, nnd had not
Ik'ch conflned ln his cell for n fcw nights,
which gavc him an opportunlty to work nt
tho grntcs ln tho wlndow. That niglit Jo
seph Gcnnaln, aFreiicliman, who was con
flned ln Jall on cotnplalut of Samucl An
drcw of Cornwall, was pcrnilttcd to slny
wlth "Carter," who was consldercd qullo
slck. They tojrether mnnnscd to saw olT
two largo round ban, ,.f iu-o, , ),y finmc
meniis bent them so ns to cscnpc, nnd thus
fnr no cltio to thclr whcreabotits is had.
Anothcr corrcspondcnt furnlshes moio
tlctiillcd parlicularn ln rcfcrenco lo tho
niellKKi f i.b(.,i,h) f Carter. They snwcd
off two bars or tbo norlli-wcAt -muv of
thclr prison and passed out of thc opcnlng
thus mado. Somo two weeks slncc Cnrtcr
was slck and wns nllowcd somo nddltlonnl
frccdom, but wns rcturncd to his (martcrs
whcn lio bccamc bettcr, but has coniplalned
vcry much sinco of rhcuniatlsni nnd prc
tendcd to bc scarccly ablo to walk. IIo
cut oir tho lowcr cnd of thc rlght hand bar
ns n woodnian would cut down a trcc ; at
tlio upper cnd they mado n squarc cut nbout
ono thlrd tlirough llic bar nnd then hrokc
It ofr by springing tho lowcr cnd. Thc
left hand bar was cut buuare oll at tho top,
nnd n small squaio cut madc nt tho bottom
by snwing cntlrcly nround tlio bar. and nn
attcinpt made to bicak lt off by sprlnglng
tlic top cnd, but it plnched nnd tho wholc
had to bo cut off. They have becn to work
scvcn days, ns Is cvident, but the woik on
thc bars was conccaled by n dark compobl
tion tliat cxactly rcbembled iron. How
they wero furnUhcd tcxils is n mystory, lmt
susiilcion rcsts on somo unknown pcrsons
who vlsltcd tlic jall about n weck ago. Of.
Ikersarc iu pumiit nnd they may be le-
eapiurcd. 'lliejnil was repaircd only last
ycar and wns consldercd ono of thesafcbt
ln thc Stntc, bclng wliolly cncabcd in iron
li v iif.xi:v ii. iiioi!i:ai-.
W liateVr ivu lcnvo to (locl, (loil docs,
And Ijlosscs us;
i no work wo cliooso bhould lic ruir ow n,
lod lcls alone.
If, wllli llght head ercct I sln?,
1 hoiiRli nll tho museslend tlielr forco,
Jrnni iny poor loio or nnj tliliiR-,
liie vvrbc ls weak' nml dImIIuw as Itsbouicc.
But If with licnclod ncck I jrmno.
,..y?lrn,n 'H'hlnil mo ror my 11,
w 1th rnlth KUiK-rlor to Iiom'.
Jloro nnMous tokepp tmeii Ihnii tonv.ud II.
Mnkln? my soul accom)llco ihprp,
l.'uto llic Haiue my licnrt lintli lir,
Then lll Iho pio I forovor wcnr,
Tlmo cnnnot ueml tlio llno whlili iod li.ilh
Aluiys IIio K"eral show of IIiIiikk
ri.i.un iu lu.iy.r ih'IOI-u my IlllIIII,
Antl sueli liuo lovn nnrt inw.ri'iKO l,rlnir,
'1 h.ii Boim.times I rorgcl nt iau i,um,
llut now thc.re comes, unsoushl, uiisccii,
Somo clenr, dlvlno clcctiinry,
Aml I, whu imd but ncnsiial lx'cn,
llrotf scnslblr, nnd as Ood Is, nm wary.
1 lic.irlns sret ilf) i,.ui imt car,
And bliri'i. wliu.iiNj ilt ,.yC.s binro
I inonieiiis llvo, w ho llvca imt ycnrs, '
And crtiili dlseorn who kncw Imt leu.ning's
I henr tu'yond tlic ranjfo of sound,
1 sco boyond tho rnnifo ot Rtjrlit,
Now cnrlns nnd sklcs nnd soas nround,
And ln my day tho sun doth jmlo his liglit.
A elcir nnd nnclcnt harmony,
l'llrces my soul through nll Its dln,
As tlirouKli Us utmost uiclod,
l'u thiT bcblnd than they rarthcr wltliln.
SIoil swlft Its bolt than llRlitnlnK Is,
lUvolco than thunder ls inoro loud.
It dttli o.xpand my prlvncles
ItilUli o.xpai
'1'JnlI, and
Itsil.nks wlt:
nu icnio mo bingio in me crowu.
ltll such nllthnrltv.
Wltli soscreno nnd loftv tonc.
Th; Idlo Tlino runs gaildlnit by,
Ad Icnves mo wlth Kternity ulonc.
Tlienf lilclly ls my natal hour,
Anlonly then my prlmo ot Ilfo,
Or nuihood's strongih lt Is tho ilowcr,
Tlilieace'a end nnd wnr's bct'liinliitf strlfo.
Tli.it j como In summer's broadest noon,
lly iBray wull or somo chnnco place,
UnsvisMii'd tlme, lnsultod Juno,
Anf vexed the day wlth lts prcsunilnj facc.
Siiehrncraiico round my coueli lt makes,
3lio rteh than nro Arnblnndruj,-,
Tliafmy soul scenta Its lllo nnd wnkos
Tjju body up bcnenlh Its porlumcd rugs.
Suci Is the Jlnse tho heavenly mald,
Uio stnr thnt iruldos our mortnl courso,
WUeli bhows wlioro llfe's truo kcrnel's bdd,
ls whent's llno llour, nnd lts undj Ingrorec.
Sli wlth ono brentli attucs tho sphcrcs,
And nlso my poor liumnn lieart,
Wllli ono tnipulso propels tho yeurs
Arouml, und tles my throbbln nulso
t wlll not doubt forovcr moro,
Xor lalter from a stcadfnst lallh,
For thouBli tho system bo turned u'er,
Ood tnkos not back tho words whlcli onco ho
I wlll thon trust tho lovo uutold,
.w.h!cU not !"y wortli or wnnt lias bousht,
Whlcli woocd mo )oun! and woocs mo old,
Aud to thls cvenlng haih lno brought.
Jly memory I'll edueato
To know tho ono iiistorlo Inith,
nemcmberlnj; to tho Intcst dato
Tho only truo nnd holo linmorlal youth.
Ho but tliy Insplrntlon Klven,
No maltcr tlirouKli wliat danger souelit,
I'll Inthom hcll or cllmli tn honi on,
And yct cstecm tliat clieap whlcli lovo hns
l'nnio cannot tenipt tlio bnrd
Wlio's rumoiu wlth hlsdod,
Nor laurei lilm rcwanl
Who hnth lils Maker's nod.
Mv i
uncle, Alcxnnder McFnrlnnc, wns
wnltliig brcakfast, nn cvent vcry uiicom.
iiion wlth hhn, for Aunt Nnncy wns tho
boul of punctiinhty. Ncvcrtheless bho was
n little lato thls inoriiliig. Kight o'ciock
was tlio brcakfast hour, nnd lt was now
fully tcn mlnutes past.
Aunt Nancy wns not my Unclo McFar
lano's wifc. IIo wns n widowcr of somo
fiftccn ycars' standlng. Flftecn ycain bo.
foro his wlfu had left him n dcllcato little
Imy for a kccpsako, nnd hnd gono nwny,
wlilspering wltli her last brcath thnt bho
was vcry liappy. Hcr niothcr nnd slstcr,
wholind couiotothu houso to 11111110 hcr,
rcmnlncd nftcr her dcath, nccoiillng to Un
clo McFarlnno's pnrtlcuinr rcqucst. Ho
would bo so glnd, 110 said, If lt wero notcx
uctlng too much of nsacrlllcc, to havo Mrs.
Hownrd nnd Nnncy stay with him, kcep up
his houso, nnd nttend to his little boy. So
Mrs. Hownrd, who wns a wldow wllli 11
vcry strnltciicd lncomo, rcntcd her llttlo
houso Iu tho Now Knglnnd vlllage, whcro
sho had nlwnys llvcd, nnd camo to prcsldo
ovcr Mr, McFarlnno'B epnclous mnnslon
nnd lllK'ral housckccplug In Grccnwich
Btrcet. New York my Unclo McFnrlnno
2S, 187S.
llvcd ln Grccnwlrh Btrect, n fact whlcli
inarks thc date of my story wlth milllclcnt
Mrs. Howard had bcen dcad thrcr
montlis, nnd stlll Aunt Nnncy prcsldcd
ovcr UncloMcFnrlnno'sliouseliold. Nelllicr
of them hnd cvcr thoiight of n chnnge ns
cithcr ncccssary ordcsiralile. Nancy had
bcen n fair, prini nnd fomowhnt cmk-t glil
whcn sho camo to llvo ln (Itccnwlch slrcct.
Sho wns sllll n fair, somewhatprini woinan
of thlrty-llvc, with pretty, sofl brown hnlr,
vioici-niiic cycs, nnii n p
whnt changcful complcxli
mre, soft, somo-
on. Sho wns not
ln tho lcast llko n modcrn young lady's
herolnc. Slio had no parllcttlnr nsptrntlons
beyondlhc llmilcd nnii old-fnahioncd onc of
doing hcr diity ln thnt stntc of Ilfo to which
lt lilcasod Go(I to call hcr. Shcdld not con
sliicr herbclf ninartyrloimcongcnlal clrcuin
stanccs, bccnuso sho 'mado Lnclo McFnr-
1.,,,,,., ui.t,,u ,.,,.t ,,,,,..,l,l i.i., . . , II. . ..,,,1
cvcn tlic fnct of golng down Into tho kllch
cn, to do up his iinniaculalo rilllles, whcn
old Mrs. llrown s hands were too lamo, nnd
tho cliaiubcrmaid's too uusklllful to be
trustcd wlth them. did not nwnkcn In hcr
inlnd nnv dtKlrc to rush out Into thc world
in search of n carccr. No such fancy had
cvcr cnteicd Nnncy Ilownrd's hcnd. She
wns nbsolutely "contcntcd with hcr prcbcnt
conditlon," willlng to go on iniiklng L'nclc
JIcFnrlniic's shlrls. kcciilnir his liouso spoll-
ing his cliild, "inaking it iiicnsant for hhn"
ns sho bhnply said. Hcr gicat ploabiire con
sistcd ln doing inusllii cnibroidcry, isiling
tlio poor, golng to cliurcli, nnii lc.niiug inc
i;ngllsli classlcs, wllli now nim inen u nov
cl. If blio had nny trlalsbho kcpt them t(
hcrsclf, conlldlng them to no spiritunl dl
rcctor. newsiiaper cditor or spiritunl filend,
She was Nancy Ilownrd nt llvc-nnd-thlrty.
Mv Uncle McFnrlnnc was n llne centle
tlcinan ln tbo truo bciiso of tho phraso. 1 lo
wns unimpoachablc in inlcgtliy, tinspoltcd
111 niwiiii., 111 iiiiiiuium uu-tiMtiiui iituiTi-
11 little bct ln his wnv. nnd nosslblv sonie
wliat partlcular ln cut ing nnd dilnhlim. Ho
wns nlso glvcu to nmtising liimself ln n
oulctwav with llie liecullnritles ot thosc
nbout hhn. Hut ho nevcr wlllingly hurt or
ncslectcd nny onc, nnd ho hnd 11 cei taln
Wiitnl f-nlcloURiuM fif mnnmT, wlilcli lnmlo
nu liln (.luployci., ironi Air. rauuocry, nm
conildcniiai icrK, down 10 iuacu rsun, inc
carnian, and D.ivy the crrand boy, fel t the
bcttcr whcn he spokc them.
"MUs Nancy Is 11 little latc Ihls inoi n
Ing," ob.-crved Uncle McFarlane, ns llrown,
bls man, brought hhn thc puiicr.
"Vcs, bir. Sho was out tlll aftcr twelvc
last nlght. nt SAm's, slr '."
"Indeed! IIow was that V"
"Well. voil sco. slr. S.un's irlrl wns took
wlth a qulck consuinptlon last spiing, and
his wlfc nnrt vcry rugged clther.' MUs
Nnncy, she's bcen tbcrc u good dcnl, nnd
whcn Susy was struck wilh dcath last cve
nlng, she bcnds for hcr. So MUs Nnncy
went nnd stayed tlll it waa nll ovcr. It wns
a grcat coniloit to thcin, bir. You bcc. bir
S.un s wifc, bhcs got n little young baby,
100, nnii niiogeiiieru conies nnrii:
"l Hiouid say so, indccd. We must bce
that cvcrylhlng ls donc, llrown. Flnd out
whcn thc ftincral is to be, nnd lct 111c know.
nnd tcll your wlfc to bcnd tliem Mimctlihi
comfortable whcn bhc gocs to markct. llut
hcro coincs MUs Nancy. Send uj) lncak
fa.t, llrown."
IJrcakfat was usually a soinewhat silent
nieal, savc for Alick's chattcr wlth lils
nunt ; for 3Ir. McFnrl.iiie nlwnys rcad the
papcr, invariably u'-kiiig Mi-s Nnncy's pcr
mibbion. "Whvdoyou iook nt me bo doselv,
Alick nskcd Miss Nancy ns bhc c.ingiit
hcr ncphow'H gaze llxcd upon her.
'I was thlnklng how pretty you nrc.'"
nnswcrcd Alick, wltli his usunl frankncss.
"1 thlnk you nrc 11 hundrcd tlnies prcttlcr
than -Miss" Keglna .Schuvlcr, thnt they make
so much fuss nbout. And I don't wnnt hcr
for 11 btcpmother. So tlicic!"
'Wliat ls thnt nbout MUs Schuylcr?"
nkcd my uncle, Iaying down his pnper.
"It strikc.s mo that yoti nro tnklng r.ither 11
libcrtv wltli thnt -oiiix' lady to say notli
lng 01 mvself."
It wasiit me, fnther: it wns Mr. Ilon-
sall," nnswcrcd Alick. "Mr. llonsall a.skcd
me lf I wouldu't llko a pretty young lady
llko Miss liegina Schuylcr to iimo Into tho
houso : and 1 told hhn 110 I didn't wnnt
nny ono but Aunt Nnncy. Then ho said
Aunt Nancy was nn old mald j nnd I said
lf she wns fortv old maids sho was 11 htin-
dicd thncs picttlcr llian MUs Iteglna nnd
bo she ls !"
"Wowont dlsciibs that maltcr! said
my uncle, aunoycd, but rcpiesblng hU nn
noyance, as usnnt. "Vou nccd not inlnd
Mr. llonsall. AVo nll know his wavs!"
1 licio wns bonietblm: iu his fnthcr'H tono
whlcli mado Alick iiwuro that ho hnd bct
tcr drop tho biibjcct. Unclo McFurlano
went 011 wllli bls nancr. but now nnd then
glanccd ovcr it with 1111 expresslon of somo
Fntcrcst. "Nancy is pretty I"ho said to
hlmpclf. "Thcro Is something in hcr fnco
whlcli reiiilnds 1110 of my niothcr."
ll...ml.-r..k, 1...I...K ..-nr nu- Itnfli. Ittit rtn
his ovcrcoat, nskitig, as' ho did so, lils inva-
nablo qucstion, "Hnvo you nny coininands
tlio city r
,'JV,Ai ''' t'10 wiy, please bcc that cvcry
thlngls ci..,0 for Sam's fnmily. Tbo poor
woinan will pt-iiaps bc tlio bettcr for bonic
port wlnc, or ale, nmi iet cvcrylhlng be
nlce about tho fitncral. 1 tako thb ex
pcnso 011 mybclf. Sam is Uihi
"Hcally Nancy is vcry pretty !" buVt mv
uncle, as ho walkod out of tho house. ,;I
nevcr thoiight much nbout lt beforc, but
bho ls decidedly pretty. Miss liegina Sohtiy
ler, iiidccd. lieally llonsall U too bad to
put such notions in tho boy's head." And
Mr. McFnrlnno pursucd bls way to tho of
llcc, uncoiiscious of the fato nwalting him
"Any letters, S.iundcrs '" hc nskcd, ns hc
passed to tho clcrk's desk. "I sco thc pac
ket is in."
'Ycs, bir. They nro 011 your desk, nnd
Mr. llonsall is waiting to spcak to you in
your rooiii, Whnt nlls Mr. McFarlane ?"
said thc cleik to liimself, ns his prineipnl
passed 011. "I don't helicvc ho ever bcforo
i'orgot to nsk for my wifc. I hopo notlilng
ls. wrong." Mr. Saunders hnd nn invnlid
wifc, who wns indebtcd to Mr. McFnrlnno
for many littlo comforts.
Mr. llonsall was wnltliig ln tho olllco. IIo
wns a btout ninn with reil linlrnnd whlskcrs
nnd 11 bhilT, uncomiiromUlng nianner. Ho
had n hnblt, 011 whlcli he pridcd lihiisclf.of
always spcaking lils inlnd that ls, of say.
Ing cverythlng nnd nnything tliat camo in
to lils head u habit which did not causo
hhn to bo bcloved by lils ncqunlntancc. Ho
und Unclo McFnrlnno had onco bcen part
ners, and they stlll kcpt up u klnd of lntl
niacy, at which many pcoplo wondctcd.
"Well, llonsall, how gocs tho world
wlth you ?" nskcd my uncle, lelsurcly tnk
ing off bls cont nnd ovcrshoos.
"Oh, well cnoii"h. If it don't go to sult
111c, I niako it.that s all," answcrcd llonsall.
"llut sco hcro, McFailaue, I didn't como
hcro to bandy compllmcnts. I wnnt to tnlk
to j-oii nbout n scrious maltcr."
"Well, wliat is it ?" nskcd my uncle, pre
parlng to llstcn, not wlthout n longlng
glancc nt liU forclgn Icttere nnd liapers.
"I nm going to spcak my inlnd, us I nl
wnys do 1" said Mr. llonsall. "I wnnt to
know wliat you niean to do nbout Nnncy 'r"
"About Nnncy 1" rcpcaled my unclo
wltli n llttlo start. "Wliat nbout Nancy ?"
"Ayo, whnt nbout hcr? that's just lt.
Of courso you cnn't go on ns you do now.
It wns well cnough whcn tho old lady was
nlivo j but hcr dcath changca nll thnt, nnd
folks wlll tnlk. Nnncy's nn old mald.to bo
euro forty, lf she's nn hour
"Thlrty-llvol" said my uncle, corrcctlng
"Well, llvo ycaw don't inattcr niuch.
Sho's nn old iiinld, ns I said. Stlll, folks
wlll nnd do tnlk, aml you ought to gct rid
of hcr. Tho truth Is McFiiilano, you ought
to many agaln j nnd of courso you cnn't
wlth Niincy ln tho house."
"You thlnk so."
"Why, of courso, not. Theie's Miss lto
glna Schtivlcr, now. Sho'd juinp nt tho
chnnco of niarrylng you j but you don't
supposo S110 W'Olllll bCt up iu
wltli Nancy Hownrd, do you 1"
"Iimistbeir. llonsnll. that vou wlll not
brlng Miss Scluiylcr's naino Into qucstion,"
said my unclo. "Such llbcrtlcs nro not to
bo tukcn wilh respoctnblo young lnillcs."
"Libertyor not, bho would havo you In n
minute, And thcro's nnothcr thlng nbout
it. Nnncy Hownrd ls dcad n lovo wlth
you, hcrself, nnd of courso you cnn't innrry
her that ls out of tho qucbtlon."
"Nancy llowanll" rcponted iny uncle,
In n tono of bcwlhlcniieiit,
"To bo sure, man. Any 0110 hut you
would hnvo mi ll. lliow h V n i i ot
tlic Woninn lo thii iv hcrsclf nt n.ij m..1
hcad, I II ciiy thnt for her Mvwiii h.'
known It thlnoiu' tnnr. nnd I cnn ' "i'
00. m coiirM' vou cnn t marrv lu r. Hu
U old. nnd pl.iln, nnd In dcllcule hi nlth bc- 1
hldi'. Ho, of coiiivc, nll you cnn do Is lo
gct rid of hcr. Kcnd her bonic lo hcr 111- ,
tlic place wilh n pension. 1.1.1111 Hc.ii.ia
Schujler, und begln Ilfo nlic...
"Iloes airn. llonsnll icill lliinK tliat
that MUs Iloward cnlcn.ifi - -111I1 'cnti.
nenls'" nskcd iny uiiflr. .Mr. l!oiis.dl
paiiscil 11 inonicnt: 1.1n1 11 m such
things nioic clearly llian mcn. '
()I coumc bhcui.es. Hhc wns tnlklni!
nf II last iughl. 'Nancy ouuht to have 11
chango,' says she, 'if she don't hc II iro olf
iikc ncr sisicr, Mic snquiei, paticnt t rca
tnic,' siys she ; 'Imt it ls onsy lo m c whnt
nlls hcr' Now, you mki, her being con
bUinpllvc ls nnolhcr Knson why you cnn't
many lier. Mo, incic: 1 ve siioKin m
mlnd. ns I nlwnys do: und 1 hopc you will
h.ne scnsc cuotfgh to iu t iim.ii It.''
"I shall (crtnmlv n t niwin It!" m'h! m
luiclc, cnlmly.
"And soon, I hoH'!" sdd Mr. llon.ill.
rlsing. "The nooncr llic botlcr."
"Thc sooiicr the bcltcr !" is liiK'd mv un
cle. "I quite ngicc wilh you. 'I'liunk
you, llonsnll. tliank yiu !"
"I thlnk 1 dldn good picrc of wi.ik lliis
niorning!" said Mr. llonsall to his wifc. ns
lio wns picpniinif lo go out: "I spokc lo
McFarlane nbout Nnncy !" And hc rcpcat
cd thcstibitancoof llic coiiu'rsnlion. .Mrs.
llonsnll wns 11 qulel, l;ind.liiMllcd woinan:
but, llkc hcr husband, she soinellmes s)okc
her mlnd. She did sooii llds occalon.
"llonsnll, you nre iinldiot! Most mcn
arc In buch niatlcrs, nnd you 111c n jH'rfccl
Mr. llonsnll lookcd ns if someonc hnd
thrown n wcl towcl ln hlsfnic. "Whv,
Murv Annc! AVhal's that rorV"
"Vou'll llnd out soon cnough. Oo nlong,
do, und lcnrr ,110 tn prncf."
Mr. llonsnll wns nlwnys vcry incck whcn
his wlfc took thcse rare lils ol plaln siicak-
lng, nnd ho shut tho dKir wlthout anothcr
woni. Mt. JioiiHaii sat looiiing ni inc uro
wllli 1111 oxprwsnm ,ir vaxntum, whlcli
griuliwliy cliangtsi to ono ot Klmiiiw..
"Aitcrnii 11 migiii nc worbc, suld she,
spcaking to the llic: "Nancy is n good
soul, nnd as sucet ns honcy. She will
make lilm happy, and be liappy hcrsclf,
and lt wlll bc good for tho Imy. llut I
thlnk I sco llonsnll's fnte whcn bc hcars of
For two hours my uncle sat looklng
inrougu nn oincc wmiiow witliout even
thlnkinjf of bls letters. 1 hen bo drcw
dcci) brcalli, ns of onc relieved of n doubt.
nnd turned to his corrcspondciu c. Hc did
not go liomc to dinncr, liut lelt tlic olllco
carly, btopping nt n llon.-t s, wbeic hc
bought some bcnutlful hot-liotic llmicis.
nnd two nicc hy.iciiitli bulbs lu iucltv
giasscs, wiiieh i.m 11c bcnl to .Mrs. .iund
cin. " F.illu r. may I go up nnd see Tom
Snundcisr" nskcd Alick nfler lca. Aunt
Nnncy wn bitling at her woik-tnhle, frcsh
nnd ncnt from lop lo toc. She was coni-po.-cd
us iHiial. but iny uncle fnncicd hcob.
scncd n slight changc in her liianner to
wnrd hiiiiself. l'robnlily Alick's lcmnrks
mlght have di-ttuhcd lier 11 little.
"Ccrtuinly, my win. And be Miie to
nsk pnitlctil.il ly how Mrs. Satiiidcrs finds
hcrsclf. I quite foi got it thls niorning. I
wns thc inorc ic.idy lo lct Alick go ns 1
wUh to coiiMilt you 011 u inattcr of the
grcate.-t impoitancc to us both." Aml
llien, iu lils usual klnd, bomew hat formnl
inanncr, he ojicned the bubject. llo wns
dcsirous, he said, of going nhroud for soinc
tlme, perhnps for bomo ycaw. lic thoiight
tho cli:ui!rc would be "ood for Alick. who
sliowcd slgns of dellcate hinj;s.
Aunt Nnncy's hcait lluttercd. and hcr
colot went nnd camc; but sho had long
becn bchoolcd iu belf-conlrol, mid she madc
110 other bign. "Itwon't bo for long!"
said tho qulet, brcaking hc.iit to it.-elf, lit
lie guessing wliat was in stoio.
Jly unclo coiitlnucil. I don t know cv.
nctly how hc wordcd ll, but he madc It
plain tliat neilhcr ho nor thc boy could llvo
wlthout Nnncy. Would Nancy, conscnt to
bccoino bls wifc, and bc u mother lo Alick
in fact, as bhc hnd long bcen ln 11:11110?
Aml bo in nn hour the inattcr was ull tet-
W c nro iikod to n wcildin.r." k-M Vm
llonsall lo her husband sonio bix wccks nf.
,V Wcddlllir wllosc WlHldill.'V" nl;(4l
Mr. llonsall to her huband. not irrcatlv ln-
"Nancy Iloward's!"
"Nancy llowaid's you don't tncan "
Tbo Idc.i which omirnil to Mr. Ilons.iII
fulrly struck him dimib.
"YcSi Nnncy nnd McFarlane!" nn
swcred iiU wlfc, cnjoying her lord's dis
coinllturc. " They nro lo bc mnrricd nt Sl.
I'.ud's, vcry quielly, nnd sall for lluropc as
soon ns posslblc." "
" Thc deucc they arc. And aftcr nll I
said to hhn!"
" Aftcr nll you Kiid to him !" cchoed
Mrs. llonsall. " Tho liioincnt you told 1110
wliat you said to hhn, nnd Cbpeci.illy as to
Nnncy's bclng talkcd nbout, I knew you
had inado tho inatcli. You could have got
him to m.irry old Mrs. I'.igct ln thc sume
" llut biich n s.icrilice, Mnry Annc!"
" Oh, well, I don't know. I dare say ho
nilglit fcel it a llttlo or 11 sacriliee just nt
llrst j but by thls timo ho lias porstiadcd
liimself tiiat thcro nevcr wns such n wonian,
ml that tlic favor was ull 011 hcr sido. I
don't thlnk, Tor my p.ut, JlcFiiilane will
ever rcgret it."
And I don't thlnk Uncle McF.trl.111e c cr
did. Tht AUUnt.
Itnpid translt ltiim.
A oapltal joke AVuslilngton.
A nollcoof n pcal Llghtnlng.
1'an-ilenionhnii A Frcncli eubine.
Tho Ancicntcst of Marlners Noali.
A giHid sidc-show A pretty check.
How to kill tlmo Tako 110 noto of it.
Tlio worst of imps Iuip-ccuniosity.
Tho first l'rinco of Walls Jercniiah.
ltepealcd pcnltciico wearles tho soul.
Thc hcst thlng out An nchlng tooth.
C-o-il llsh is always sure to bo pald for.
Ilovolvlng lights -l'rc.iclici-s 011 a cir
cuit. A truly pollte man wlll always how to
Tho most stupid "gal" iu Kuropc l'or
tngal. A photograplicr'a epltaph Taken fmm
Tlic cliild who cried for nn hour didn't
uct It.
Tho grcat dumplng-ground for politlcal
oiim iuouuy.
C'on for country Justlccs How- nmny
ncrcs go to mako n wlseacro ?
Tho highcst rnto of inlcrcst that ono ever
pavs is for borrowcd troublc.
What is 11 liomc wlthout a cradlo ? Well,
as n gcnerul thlng, wlthout n baby.
Whnt liiountnin most rcbcniblcs tho
sound of n succzo ? Cntnrrli-dln, of
Isn't it lilgh tlmo that 11 clvll scrvice rc
forin w as lulroduccd Into our city hotcl.s ?
A d.indv 011 shoro ls dlsgusllng to iniiiiy,
hut n swell nt sca is npt to sickcn ciery.
A man ln Delnwnre, who has n half-sls-tcr,
Is now wondcrlng whcro tho other half
can bc.
An cplctircan has dlscovcrcd that tho
pleasantcst way to tako cod-llvcr oll ls to
fatten plgcons with it, nnd then ent tho
What is llic differcnco between a Jpw
niul 11 lawyer ? Tho 0110 gcts his law from
tho prophcts, tho other hta prollls from tho
Tho fact that tho old . Grceks uscd to
laugh ovcr tho biiuio good jokcs that wo do,
lcada Dr. llopklns to rcmark that Irlsh
bulls wero onco calves In Grccce. Ad
vunco. "Tonuny, my son, what nro you golng lo
do wlth that chib?" "Scnd lt to tho edl
tor, of courso." "llut what nrc you golng
tobcnd lt to tho cditor for? Ciiusoho
snyslf nnybodywill bcnd lilm a club ho
will Band thcin n copy ot lils pupcr." Tho
niothcr cnmo pretty ncnr falntlng, but rc.
talncd consclotisiicss cnough to nsk 1 "llut
Toniniy, dcnr, what do you supposo ho
wnnts wlth 11 club?" "Well, 1 don't
know," rcpllcd tho hopeful urihlii, " un
Icss It is to knock down BUhscrlhers that
don't pny for thclr pnpcr,"
( ll ..l.
, I.
li-l I. I 111 l ' I llf ln .'li il lli 1 . i. .
I klinw liill 1 ti 11, 1 11 lld 1 I tlMlH'il It ;
I'Dlsfil II ln in'iii' ow 11 li.oid ; 111.11I1' 110 (r
II II M. I 1 1 t . I ,liln HI. II I I I
. 11 I . .1.! it .... I - 1' '
"I ,U,lil I. ln H, HI' I IiU l' ,
'I liln 1,111,1. .1 -11 i.l o. i,,n. , 1,
S 1 -.11,111 I I 1 1 HIM .,li
1,1: i
tlf I ll 1 1 1 . - im 11 1 M ' IL I''
TO lllllMlS'.lt Ol) II NlllMlllll I l
'I'hi' ifox.-riiiin'iit 01 w.nl.l .
TI1011 nrt not ni'tir ciioiuli : I
tli rn
Mo I InlKht ftiol 111 i lilld n-piiiln
111 I
lit.iii i.A- 1 nif,7 1 kih'h 11 ; 11
ll. !' , ,i !i 1, , lcun lior.l.
ii.i 1,
Miunril H X V si (IOi.iion .
'I'lii. wln'li siun nnd siilwtuncc nf biim.m
history m ij U-leduceil lo thi- maxiiii.
that whcn man depHils from tlic ilhine
111c iim of lcublng thc diini. :i I. bc -nf-I11
I und linim. IT. I'.iiKi i
Onh b n just slcw iril-lnji ot 1'ic
lcnipoi'iil 1 1111 wc hopclo incrit thc cti ina!
Tbi-1 a llic of trlal, und whcn wc aiv
tlirounli with lt, llic wiiil wc deiclop out i.f
timc's diisl, nnd hrlng triiunphnully to tlic
gatcs.of clcrnlly, wlll bc woith inotc ih.ci
our haiidful of gold.- Chlcagn l'ulpit
Nevcr fail lo do dally thnt irsl wl.uh
lics noxt lo your hand. Trust fio.l tn
wcavc your little thread into the grcat wi b
tliough tlic pallcni sIiowb It not yct. Thc
grand hnrvrst oniirg('S sliall comc b II
icaplng, nnd Ihe day sliall hroadcn Ibcll to
11 tbousand, and the Ihousands sliall .-Imw
tlicmsi lics ns n pcrfccl nnd llnUhcd d.n
(lcorgo MiicDonahl.
Indccp. splrilual tciuplations noll n'
hiM hi lpcd mo bcttcr, wlth iiotblng Iium 1
hi'aitcncd lnvsclt, nnd drHcn uwm tlv
ili'WI lictlcr, ilinii wllli thUt Th.it tln, I
the tiue, ctcrniil Son of (!od, Is ln.m
our bone, nnd llcsh of our llesh," nml th.ii
He slts on the rinht hand of God, 111 I
plcnds for us. Whcn 1 cnn grnp llu
1 shkld of fnlth I have alrcadv chiw d ..,
tbo ovll ono wlth bls fleiy darts. ( Lntlii
Chtlsllanlv ls not n llicorv. or n ni-i ul
Ilon, but 11 llfe ; not .1 phlloaophy of lili."
but a lifo nnd a livimr proccs.1. 'i'r.v il I'
has liccn 1800 ye.us in c.itcncc, und h.i
onc indivldual left a rccord Iikc tlic f.illnv.
ing ? "I tiied it, nnd lt did not nnswcr I
madc tlic cxpcrimcnt fnlthfully nccnrdliij.
to the dlrccltons, nnd thc rcsult hns liccn u
convlctlon of my own crcdulilv."- ('lt1
Thc world is Incxorably condltlnncd, ..nd
condilions us ; nnd wc bonietlmcs wi an i f
our cstale, nnd plnc ns in bondaL'i . !l'li
liomcbick soul dcnianiU its rcloac Oh
that wc had wings to 11ft us aboic thc c ,
llnlng tnsks nnd drmk'cry of lifc ! Thc
only wny to e.-cniie thls biindagc 1.- tn i.,ic
oiiimIics to It with inlnil nnd he.ut t,
our lifc in our task, our frcctlom In our ol .
ligntions ; to make our good-w 111 ns hro.ui
ns our neccbsity. licsist llic law of uulv,
nnd it g.dls you wilh an Irou crip : scck to
evnde it, it tmiues you with u incri Hc s
Ia-.li : nccciit it, nnd it liconmes 11 I.i .v 1 1
llbcrty. -!'. II. Ilcdgc.
(-IllIll'l'Cl lclll).
Ile alone has cnergy who canni.i li 11
prhcd of il. Lavater.
Whcicicr vou llnd llnmov 1. 1 iii,,l 1 .
Ihos closc by" liis bidc.
It ls but u btci) from tho f .o.llol f , Inc
Larpeian rock. Miibcau.
Ho who l.iujrho, said tlio mother ol (ii
Ihe, can cominlt 110 deadly Mn.
Hc who has not tho wcakncss of i.i. n.'-i
shlp has not tho bticngth. .loubcrl.
On the outblde of lliingsbcek for diffcr.
cnccs : 011 tho insido for likcnesbcx
To bc "ood nnd dK-urn-enble nt llu s..inc
tiinc is lugh trcason nguinst irtiic.
Tlial isa most Wlctchcd fortliuc thnt i..
witliout an cncmy. l'ublius Syuis
Weare ulways looking iulo llic hi'im
biitwebi-o only the past. Mmc. Swci
IlcroUin is uctivo gcnius ; gcniin. i u
lcinpl.itive licroism. HcioUm ls tlu clf
dcMition of gcnius inanlfcstlng il-tll in
(iu-nt wnnlors, llkc grc.it c.iilhi.. ,i,
iuc gcnenilly rcmcmbcrcd for thc mi-.chi, ,
Ihcy haio donc llocc.
Tlio Inbor of thu UHV ,x.ylL.uv 1H ,
tbo fatlgi.es of tliOM,!,. ,, u u it u
1,a"",f '"
It Is llic mind that niakostKi,,,,. n-, j,
and ns thc sun brc.iks tlirough v. .1... 1 , .
cloiids, bo honor pcerclh in tluV( n 1
hubit. Shakcspeaic.
There would not be half thc dilllcu'u -l.
doing right, but for thc ficquent oceuirjl
cc ot cascs wliei-o the lCbbi-r Mrtuc- au ,
the wrong biile..I. C. Ilarc.
Mnu U physically ns well as mct.iplij.-'k
c.illy 11 thing of shrcds and pntches, bor
rowcd uncqiially by good and bad anci -tnr
and a inistakc lrom tho btart. jF.nicr- 11.
Some pcoplo nro ncicr conlcntcl. Af
tcr having nll their Ilnibi brokcn. their
hc.ids bina.hed, nnd their bralns knoeked
out, tliey wlll actually go to law and liy to
gct fiutlicr damagcs.
Abascniciit soinct'nnes bccoincs deba
mcnt, nnd whcn I hcar pcoplo sing 11 hynui
nnnouncing that they nre dying wornU, 1
nlway wnnt to nrnmiUler x vcnnilin,
Samucl Longfellow.
Iteal merlt of any klnd cannot long bc
concealcd ; it will be dlscovcrcd aml uoth
iijg can dcprcciatc lt, but n man's cxhiblt
ing lt In Jiimsclf. It may not nlwnys bi
rcwardcd as it ought ; but lt will iilwajs 1
known. Chcstcrilchl.' ,
l.nU-Ht Xuwh 8tcius,
Thc Slou.x arc rcstive.
l'ickpockets swann ln Vicnna.
IlUmaick is inaking liimself odious
vlolcnt rcligious intoler.uicc.
Sllll moro dcvelopments touchlng
New York Tnmnianj- frauds.
Thc llnanclal paulc nt Vicnna scem 1 1 -worbo
than nt llrst reportcd.
Thcro has bcen thc usual numbcr of pns
oncrs cscapcd from tho Aulitini, N. ,
Stato I'rUon for the past weck. Sing Siir,
ia ccllpsed.
Tho Doniinlou govenmient has givcn out
tliat it will niako sultablo ncknowledgmcut
of tho lahors of liev. Mr. Aneicnt nnd tho
pcoplu of tho conat nt tlio-rcccnl Allautlc
Ono hundrcd and thirty flrbt class stcnm.
crs nre now cmploycil on tho vnrlous llnis
plylng lictwecn New York and Ltiropcin r
ports. Fortv-four btcamers have liccn
wrcckcd wltliln thlrty-two ycars.
Tho neccsslty Is urgcd of n Hght-house at
Meagher's Hcad, wlicro tho Maytlowcr in
1808, tho A. lt. Dniilnp ln 1800, nnd tht
Atlantlc, last niontli, wero wrcckcil.
Thc Champlain Canal blll has passed tho
New York nsscmbly by n closo vote. lt Is
said to lio weck in thc Senate, having only
ninc fricnds thcro.
Jnincs A. Coc, tlio lloston forgcr, is now
accitsed of nbstrnctlng or proeuring to bc
nbstrncled from n bank vault, ralhoad nnd
clty bonds to tho valuo of iJiK.OOO.
Tlio slilpincnt of spcclo from New York
on Saturday was $420,020.
Tho btriko of tho .Tersoy lloio Khocrs
Btlll conlinues nnd most of tho fhops nro
dcscrtcd. Tho cmploycrs nrc Ilrni ln thclr
dctcrniinallon not to.neceed.
Tho Steamcr Minncsotn, tho flit Lake
Supcrior boat of tho scason uiiIvihI nt
Godcrlch Onlarlo 011 Frlday nlght. She
rcports that tho noith shoro of Lake Supc
rior Is clear of lco, but thcro is somo cry
hcnvy lco 011 tho South shoro,
Tho rcinalns of llrovet Major Kvan
Thonins, bou of cx-Adjutant Ucnernl Lo
rcnzo Thonias, who was klllcd n fcw wccks
slnco by tho Mmlocs, wero interred thls af
tcrnoou with Masonlo honors hy l'otoniac
Lodg'o of Georgotown. Secrctnry llclknap,
Gcn. Shcriiian, Adjutant Gencrnl Thonins
nnd n numbcr of other nnny olllccrs wero

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