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The Rutland weekly globe. [volume] (Rutland, Vt.) 1873-1877, May 23, 1873, Image 5

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MORN1NG, MAT 23, 1873.
A Murkct lloiiHf.
Thcj destructloii ot tlio Villngo Hnll of
fcrs n lomtloii that would bc ellglblo for n
Vlllis,! Mnrkot Houso an Instltutlon qulto
iiecdod for thc cnnvcnlcncc of our cltl
wns us wcll ns nffordlng n rlaco for tlio
fnrniera timl others wlio c'c lu from tlie
ndjolnlng towns, tn "c" tlltir varlous pro
durts. Tlio Inmiton Is ono wcll sulted for
forsnch n liuipose, nnd would nfl'onl dc
slrable ftlclUtlos for trndlc, It lielng ndjn
,.nit tn fho rallroad. An cstablished nmr-
kct rtny, a trttlldtng whcro salcg could
Ikj nindc, would tcnd to brlng tho fnnners
of thlsiichillr (evcntunlly of thc who)
(ntiuty; K msposo 01 uicir proilucc. AVlen
tliry fnlily undcrstood tlmt n a ctTtnln
diyoftlic wcek, chccsc, lmttcr, cggs, nnd
iliicr nrllclos would bo oilcrcd for sale,
'Ahv Boslon nnd Now l'ork liuycrs wmtld
falleml, tw thcy now-Jont Ht. Albans, nnd
Jmakc tliclr ptirrliasrs. H would brln
lcoinpctlllnn whlch would bo of Bcrylco to
our peoplc nnd put nn cnd lo tlio nnnov
nnccof strcct peddlara nnd hawkcrs. It
would aUo savc tlio furmcr from tlio pay-
nicnt ol liie conunissions now pald oiu!
nvold theiiildille-men, U takc nt least o
poition ortlic prollls. whlch shotild go dl
lecllyliitolhepockctof tho produccr. Tlicre
nro many ndvantngoa to lic dcrlvcd from n
ni.irlvct liiilldlnjr, nnd nn cstablished markct
day. Our mcrchants ran rendlly npprecl-
nle wliat ndvaniages would nccrue to tlicin
by tlio urrangcmcnt prnposcd. It would
brlng togetlicr on n statod day nll tbo fnr
mcrs who liave nny produce to sell. Thcso
suggcstions arc thrown out for disctission
nnd consldi'ratlon nmong our business mcn.
At tbo anmial Conclavo of Killington
C'ommnmli'ry, Ko. 6, K. T., hold nt their
ARyluin, Jlnsonie llall, Tuesday cvcnlng,
3lny 20, A. I)., 1873, A. O. OM, thc fol
lowing olllecrs werc elcctcd for tbo ycar
onsulng :
Ij. Ii. l'o.irsons, K. Com.
liCvi G. Kingsloy, Gcncrnlissiiwi.
J. II. Jlclntyre, Capt. Guard.
31. II. Snilth, I'relatc.
.1. 31. Otis, S. W.
A. S Mnwhal, .1. W.
Lcvl 0. Klngsloy, Trcas.
Cbailea Clark, Itrcordor.
Jobn Y. Cramton, Sword lloarer.
A. AVIiitmore, Sword IicarcT.
Oco. .1. Wnrdwcll, Wnnlcn.
Simcon Allon, Ifit 0.
1'Ht W. Hyde, 2il 0.
I). ltogcrs, !ld 0.
Aniasa Poolor, Scnllncl.
.1. 1). Cliandlor, Commlssary.
Ij. Ii. I'carsoni, .1. A. Sbcldon, .1. C.
nunn, riudentlal Com.
I'ollt'c C'oiirla
Tbo fullowing namod partics wcro
rnlgncd boforo .lusllcc IJ. W. Jlarsball.
Kato Ifcady for sclling lbpior, fecond
ronvlctlon, fino 20 nnd costs. ninountlng
to )r20 33, committcd.
.lanies Wclch for intoxicatlon. l'lead
not gullty. Holoasod.
Kato Illcks for inloxicalion. Sbc ap
poar'mg in court wlth a cblld n wcek old,
tbo casc was postpored.
Tbo partloi concorncd in tbo row lu tbc
swnmpon Tuosilay nlght wcro In court,
amongwhomwcro Kato Itlckn, Knto Itoady,
.Iiuncs "Wclch. Tlie cau.to ot tbo row arodo
from n Mr. Strong wbo ownstbo only wcll
or Biipply of wator In tbat vlcinity. Clos
ing 11)1 n pawigo wny to tbo vvfl, nnd ro.
fiibing to lct bis nclgbboi-s bavo ncccss
tbcrcto rcsultcd in a gcncral protcst
tice il nrmi.1. Tbo partics wcro tcnants
of yit. Strong. Nb cvidcnco niipcariug
again'-t tbo partics thcy wcro rcloascd.
'(itvn Uqtior AftviiIs.
Ik'njamiu W. Jlarsball bas mado tbo fol
lo.wing nppolntmcnts of town Ikiuor agcnts
for tlio ensuingycar :
Kutland, I)r. E. C. LohIs.
llrandon, 31. F. Kdson.
O.xstlcton, Ilcnry T. Stcvcns.
Jlount Ilolly, David Horton.
AV'nllingford, llnrvey I). Congdon.
I.Mi,i:oVE.Mn.vrs. 3Ir. Jobn II. Ileynolds
ls bavlng n finc now fonco built nround lils
rcsidcnco on Ccntcr and Court ktrects
wlilcli will ndd not n littlo to tbo gcncral
nppearanco of tbls vnlttablo cstatc.
3Ir. T. S. Gilson bas a splendid new
rc.ldcuco ncar by on Court strect, built last
fall nnd ncarly complctod. Tlio owncr oc
cupk's tbo lirst ttory nnd bafeemcnt nnd is
cngagcd In tltting up tbo samo in clabornto
btylo from top to bottom. IIo bas now a
vcry valuable bouso on a desirablo slto and
is nt prcsent levcling tbo ppacious front
yard iu good ordcr.
3Ir. Geo. A. Jlictzko Is putting on n new
plazza to bls rcsidcnco on Grovo Btrcct.
Tbo mvncrs of Kxcbango 151ock contcm
jilato nceded rcpalrs on tbat bullding booii,
u new rnof bclng nmong tlie Improvcmcnts.
Ciiuncn iMrnovEMF.NT. Tlio Jlctbodist
Soclcty of tbls vlllage is cvlnclng mucli en
tcrpriso in a dccldcd improvcment of tbclr
c-burcb nnd parsonago propcrty. Tbo
cburcb wlilcli is nltuatcd on West, ncarly
frontlng Kvclyn Rtrcct, ls a very bandsomo
I'dillfe nnd bas tbo past Bcason bccn fltted
np In n truly clabornto nnd tnsty Btylo
tbrougliout. Tlio frcfecolng nnd bcnutlful
nbado of paint on tbo insido givo It n dc
cldcdly ballowcd nppearancaand nll looks
kpun novr.--It"mil8ldor Is rcBplcndcnt wlth
a inodcst lmo of frcsli paint, nnd its eltua
tion is vcry Inviting to tbo cye. Tlio SocU
ely iurcbascd last wcck tbo dwclling bouso
ndjoluing tbo cburcli on tbo ca.st Bidc, nnd
nro now prcparlng it for tbclr pcrnianent
parsonago. Desirablo repalra nnd improve.
mcnts nro In opcnitlon, nnd tbo wortby
pastor, Itcv. II. V. AtiUln, is hooii to taku
up bis ubodo tbcrciu.
A new marblo Bldownlk is bcing lald iu
front of tbo cliurcli, wbllo n concrcto Bldo
wnlk is to oxtcnd tip tlirougb llio ynnl to
tbo east cnd of tbo cliurcli, wbcro it mccts
n inarblo walk tbat leads to tlio rcar cn.
trmicc. Tlio front bkio-wnlk ls to bo ex.
tcndcd on Wt-Bt Btrcct tlirougb to Jler
cbants' Itow. Sucb linprovcmciits ns tlicso
nro ccrtnln lo mako our vlllage cspcclally
notlccablo for Its cnterprlso nnd publio
Tiin IIonnev I''atamty. Tbo inaii,
I'rank llonncy, wbo was klllcd on tlio rnll
road trnck Iiero Jlondny nftcrnoon, lcuvcs
a fninily of bovcii clilkircn. A son of tlio
dcccased ls nt prcsent un lnmato of tlio
Btato Itcform Scliool, nnd n subscrlption
pnper ls belng clrculatcd wlth n viow to se.
curo hls rclcnso from tbo Bcbool lu ordcr
tbat bo may nccompany tho rcmalndcr of
tbo fainlly to l'rovldcnco, It. I whcro Jlr,
I'Mrncy, tlio brothcrdii.law of tho dcccased,
proposcs booh to romove, taklng wlth hlm
thc Bonni ohlldren. Tbo paper Is to bo
sent to tbo propcr authorltlca nnd ls Blyacd
by a numbcr of our cltlzcns, nsking W "'o
dlsmissal of tbo boy. Thc pctHun
wltliout doubt recclve duo cousl'-'"111""-
in l.lolit foiiipnnr.
Tho pcoplo of ltutland, liko llioso of nll
cnterpris'.ng nnd tlulvlng towns, nro largo
patrons and consumcrs of gas as n llglit,
nnd havc In their mldst ono of tbc vcry best
gas works In tho stnte.
Tho "IJutlnnd Gas Ligbt Co." so-cnlicd,
wa. organlzcd Bomo fiftccn ycars ngo.
Tlcir works wcro bulit by II. Q. Hnwley,
And wcro mn Bomc bcvch ycars whcn thcy
wcro dcstroycd by fircs tbo works werore-
bulltnnd ngaln burncd n fcw ycars nftcr.
Tho gas mado by tho old company was
manufncturcd from rosln nnd nftcrwnrds
from petrolcum, nnd but little proflt was
mado iu liio opcrnllon. In Octolicr, 1807,
tbe I'coplc's Gas Ught Co. was organlzcd
and works wcro built upon tbo old pitc on
Lnion strcct, nnd opcrntions begun in
Anvembcr of tbat ycnr. Thcy bavo bulld-
lngs of brick, purifylng liouie nnd rctort
housc, liullt by dlrcctlon ot K. Gustino of
New Hnmpsliire. Tiio company is nt prcs
ent olllccred ns follows : l'rcsldcnt, Z. V.
IC. WIIIboh j Clcrk nnd Treasurer, Geo. A.
Tuttlo; Dircctors, Z. V. K. AVillson, .1. C.
Dunn, G. A. Tuttlc, Cbas. Sheldon. .1. W.
Cramton. Tbey bavc n capltal Btoek of
$00,000, nnd nro In a irood Bituatlon llnan-
clally. Tho works nro nianngcd by tho
Supcrlntcndcnt, Jlr. N. O. Dyc, wlio ls
assistcd by tbrcc mcn. An cxamination of
tho works ls intcrcstlng to nny obscrvcr,
nnd dcvclops tbo fnct tbat thcy nro just
wbnttbcy phould bo nnd uro wcll inanagcd.
'1 hc company havo nt prcsent nbout 300
consumcrs, nnd tbclr works nro capablo of
maklng 30,000 fcet of gas dally. Ono of
tbo gasomctcrs ls tho samo ns origlnally
uscd by tlio fonncr conipnny, tlio largcr
one built by prcsent company, ono boldlng
somo 25,000 fcet of gas and tbo othcr
12,000 fcet. Thc tnclcr Is capalilo of rcgis-
tcring 40,000 fcet in twcnty-four liours.
Tlie two gasomctcr rooms nro heatcd by
stcam, so tbat nn flro Is uscd ncar tlio gas
oinctcrs. Tho company bavo Bonio four
milcs of maln pipc rimnlng through our
strccts, a slx-lncli plpo cxtends to tbe I!cr-
wick llousc nnd n fnur-incb plpo tn tbe
Hardwell llousc. Tbo icst is niostly thrce
inches. Thcy bavo nlsn over tbrcc milcs of
Supcrlntcndcnt l)yo bas bccn wlth both
companlcs about tcn ycars, nnd diuing
tbat tlme tbcbuslncss bas largcly incrcascd.
1 cn ycars ngo tbe company mado 4,000 fcet
of gas only, wbllo now over 20,000 fcet is
rcqulrcd nnd uscd iu tho wintcr months.
Tho mcters niostly wcro manufactuied by
I). JIcDonald & Co., nt Albany. Thc rc
toitanroof clny and last somo two ycars.
About seven hundred tons of coal is uscd
yearly, nnd there ls nbout ono hundred bai-
rcls of tar mado in tbe samo tlme. Tbo
cokc that Is manufacturcd ls uscd for fucl,
nnd Bomo sevcn hundred barrcls ofltwcie
sold last vcar.
Tbo company aro nbout to crcct a new
coal-house of wood on tho grounds, to be
30x40 fcet In dimcnsions, nnd tho ihoIo
capablo of contalning ono tbousand tons
of coal or more, whicli, togetlicr with tho
prcsent lituldlngs, will mako a gas cstab
lislmicnt not cxccllcd for coinplctcncss nnd
cxcellenco In Vermont.
3Ir. E. A. Dncr has taken tbc picasanl
placo on Collcgc Btrcct, latcly occupicd by
Asbley 31. Wilson, nnd will mako it bis
rcsidcnco for tbo prcsent.
Frienils of L. A. Ilawcs, nnd hc has hosts
of tbcm, regrct vcry mucli tbat hc ls now
quitc helpless nnd Miffcring acutcly from
tho effccts of hls injurics lcccived in tbo
Septcmber rallroad dlsaster, ho having bad
a relapso from tbc hopcful condltion in
wbicli ho npjicarcd to be a fcliort time ngo.
Our cntcrprlsing young drugglst, 3Ir.
Chas. U. Hlossom, who succecds 3Ir. llur
dick in tbc liuslness, bas rai&ed n handsoino
new sign.
J. Jay Joslin is in town on n visit to bis
famlly, bavlng just nrrivcd from Dcnvcr.
Jcrry Lewis is disposed to mnko tlio most
of hls llniitcd villngo grounds, and bas ren
dcied tbcm vcry nttractivo botli by day nnd
evcning, by tho tastcful dlsposition of
many of hls grccn-bouso plants nbout tlio
yard, nnd by tbo hanging of a lamp nt tho
entranco of hls dining parlor.
Several copics of tlio tlrst numbcr of tbo
Larimer County Erpress, imblislicd nt Fort
Colllns, Colorndo, nrrivcd at our post olllco
last wcek, througli tho klndness of our
former townsman W. N. IJacbeldcr. It is
a tasteful littlo Bheet,spcaklng volumcs for
tho cnterprlso of tho plucky town of Fort
Colllns. It contalns nn nrticlo presenting
n Btatemcnt of wbat bas licen uccoinplisbcd
for tho Biiccp intcrests of Colonulo, by 3Ir.
IJachelder, wblch Is wnrmly welcomcd liy
bis numcrous fricnds nt tho East. Stntis
tics of tlie numbcr of mcrinos introduccd
luto Colorado last ycar by various indlvid
unls nro furnlsbcd, nmong wlilcli is notcd,
"Itlpley Urotbers, ltutland, Vt., 000."
On "Wednesday last'Emmn Porler Gid
dings, wifo of Chas. l'ortcr, nnd only
daughtcr of Cnrlton Glddlngs, was buried.
Sbo has bccn nn Invnlid for many months,
Biiffering from nn Incurnblo nnd pnlnful
Tho funcrnl of Slre. Ilannnh JIcKcogh,
wlilcli took placo on Sunday, 3Iay 18, was
qulto nn imposing nlTnlr, n Bpecial train be
lng nm to convcy tbo numcrous fricnds of
tlio famlly from hcr lato rcsidcnco to tbo
placo of burial in ltutland.
Thc cxamination of Pntrick Larklns for
nssault on Jamcs Kcnt " wllb intent to
kill,"on tho Bccond day of 3Inrcli last, was
lield beforo justlco II. O. llrown, onThurs
day last. IIo was bouud over to tho coun
ty court nnd rclcascd on 000 ball.
All tho orlhodox cliurchcs if Castleton
vlilago bavo changcd iiastora nlnco last Oc.
tolicr. Jlr. Aycrs who commcnced bis
labors ns pastor of tho Congrcgnlional
cburcb, iu Aprll, ls wlnnlng golden oiln
ions by hls masterly elforts ns n prcaclier.
Itov. JUIton Tntor, succcssor to Jlr. Fnrrnr
of tho Slcthodlst cburcb, comcs lo lils
cbnrgo hlgbly lccommcndcd, nnd met tho
wnrm npprovnl of bls pcoplo lu hls labors
of Sunday last.
Tho prcstlgo of tho namo of Hov, J.
Ilelnes, onoof tho ploncere of tho Advcnt
cliurcli In tbo east, prcccdcg tbo comlng of
hls boii to tbo pulplt rcccntly rcslgncd by
Itcv Jlr. JfatlhowBon. Tho licnrty good
wishcs of tho cntlro communlty nro wlth
Castleton Is donnlng hcrmantlo of green,
nnd it ls confldently cxpcctcil, that ns tho
wnrm weathcr ndvnnccs, our town will
ngain oo u.rongcu wun bu iloar(lcrs :
mUo liost Colllna having put K Bomosccn
Ilouso In complcto rcnovntlon, KtNtine n
ns nttractivo ns posslblo by courtcous.-s",.
brcd nttcntion to tbo rcqulrcments of tw
gucsts of tho housc, nnd n cuhine uncquai.
cd In tbls scction. 3Iemo.
Thls populnr rcsort durlng tho sumincr
ls putting on lts best drcss, preparntory to
tbo rcceptlon of fricnds from tho clty, nnd
to mako tbclr Btny plcasant nnd ngrecablo.
Hon. Frnnk II. Orvis has rcturncd from
bis wintcr homo nt JncksonviUc, Florida,
whcro be bas won new lnurcls ns n "mino
bost." Hls hotcl has liccn flllcd to ovcr
Ilowlng from tlio carly nutumn, nnd thc
pcoplo of tbat scction fully liellevo from
hls mnnagcmcnt tbat bo"knows hoiyto
kccp n hotcl." Wc of tho nortli knew tbls
fnct, from our cxperlenccs nt tbc Eqtilnox
llousc, wblch has bccome so jtistly cele
bratcd, nnd cxccllcd by nonc. 3Ir. Orvis
comcs to us Iinlo nnd hcarty, nnd will bo
fully prcparcd for tho rcceptlon of vlsitors.
Tbo Benson promlscs Inrger llian evcr for
Thc gcnlal h. C. Orvis has left for his
new homo nt Cbiengo. Hls bost of
fricnds will rcgrct to loso hlm, nnd nll join
in wishing bim hcaltli, prosperity nnd suc-
AVhllo wc ndmiro thc beautlful vlilago of
3Ianchcstcr in hcr Bunnncr robes, wo can-
nnt nvorlook hcr slstcr vlllage, Faclory
1'oint, wblch is full of liuslness nnd cnter
prlso nnd In thls lcgard outslripping tbo
"clty on tbe hlll."
Tho largo tanncry ot Hon. A. (J. Clark
andCol. 31. 8. Collmrn tho knlttlngman.
ufaclory nnd cxtcnslvc niarlilo works of V.
H. Fulierton, wlth tbe collateml trndes,
makc tbls n Btlrring plncc.
In spcaklng of 3Ir. Fullerton's marblo
works wc ean safcly say, tliat no bettcr or
llncr workmanshlp in tlnislilng up mc of
Vcrmont's matcrlal Btajilcs, is dono than at
his shops. Hls ordcrs nro fully up tn hls
c.ipaelty to 1111, nnd bo bas rcccntly shippcd
tcn cars of llnNned marblo monumcnts.
Tbe storc of Hradlcy fc lilackmer nt tbe
dcpot, and 3Iessi-s. Amcs, Gravcs nnd
ltoncstcd nt tbe vlllage, nro dnin n lucra
tivo and llourishlu' busincss.
There nre two good botels lu town tbo
Thaycr Housc kcpt by Jlr. I)a!s, nnd tho
Lolburn Housc," nnmcd nfter that prlncc
of good fcllows, Col. Collmrn, kcpt by .1.
Ji. Vandcrllp.
All in.nll Jlancbester nnd Its surround-
ings isan nttractivo spot fnr tbe Mimincr
tnurist. Tlie wild mountaln sccnery
spaikling trout plcasant drivcs, and its
splendid and luxiirious hotels, cannot fall
to bring cacb rcturnlng ycar largcr num
bcrs tlian its prcdcccssor, to tbe qulct rc
trcat from tbc busy wblrl nnd tbe heatcd
hticets of tbe grcat cltles, for rcst nnd re-
OiliiiuUiii at K'nlrlinvt'iif
A largc numbcr of peoplc havc becn in
town to-day, in nttendance upon tlie or-
dination of ltev. K. C. Andcrson ns pastor
of thc Congrcgational cburcb.
Thc fnllowiug ls tho
oi:i)En or KxuncisEs.
Itcading of tbe Scripturcs Itcv. .1. 1C.
Wlliams of West ltutland.
I'rayer Itcv. JI. I,. Severance of Or
Scrmon ltev. Gcorgc N. 'Welibcr, D.D.,
.of.JIiddlebury c:(illcae
wrunimug i'rayer iiev. .inmcs uiusnn
Johnson of ltutland.
Itiglit hand of fellowsblp ltev. Frank
lin Tuxbury of Hrandon.
Cbarge ltev. It. S. Cii'.hinan, I). D., of
Itcading of Hymn Itcv. Henry 31.
Holmcsif llcnsou.
lienedietinn Itcv. K. C. Andcrson.
Thc Bcrmon by I'rof. "Wcbber was found
ed on Jobn v. 20., "Scarclitbo Scripturcs,"
cte. It was n very finc cffort, scholarly,
profnund nnd progrcssivc.
ltev. 3Ir. Andcrson, tbc ordained nilnis
thcr, is rcgardcd as a young man of very
fino nbility. IIo is n natlvo of Scotland,
but has bccn several ycars in thls country,
bcing n grnduato of 3Iiddlebury collcgc.
Illram S. AVhlte has bccn clccted Chicf
Englnccr of tho firo dcpartment of tlio clty
of Burlington In placo of P. D. IJallou rc
slgncd. II. C. Gilbcrt, foreman of tho plauing
mill of C. Itlodgctt, Son ifc Co., caugbt bls
lcft nrm on 3Iotiday nftcrnoon, in tbo genr
ing of a rc-sawlng machinc, completcly
tcaring off thc musclcs nnd llcsh from tho
boncs, ns fnr n3 tho clbow.
Tho clty havo Bet apart a lot iu Iiako
View Ccmetcry for tbo uso of tbo Homo
for Dcstitute Children.
Tho clty councll havo approprlated $130
towards dcfraylng tlio expcnscs of cclebra
tion of Dccoratlon day, nnd havo nccepted
tho invitntlon of Post Stannard to partlcl
pato in tbo oxerclses.
Tbo clty nnd battcry parks nro to bo Im
provcd. Prof. F. A. ICIng of tbo Jlcdlcal depart
mcnt, dellvercd n lccturo iu tlio Univerbity
courso ycstcrday nftcrnoon. Subjcct i
"Nothing now iindcr tho buii, or Jlnn in
Artnnd God in 3Ian.
JIiniiLK Ou.vnvii.le.--Itcv. Fntkcr llcr
rlck, tho popular pastor of tbo Cathollc
Cburcb, nt Jliddlo Granville, N. Y., con
tcmplntcs going to Irclandfor bis hcnlth.
Stephen Stcpbens of JUddlo Granville,
found a dog nttncking bis sliccp on n rcccnt
Sundny nnd Bhot tho Btrnngo canlnc A
vcry conscientlous nclghbor thcii Bccuml
tho nnvst of Stcphcns for bnndling hls gim
on tho Sabbath, Tho Justlco promptly
dlscharged tho prisoner.
Hmsrou Jlrs. O'Ncal bad n stroko of
paralysls Jlonday nlgbt, dcprivlng ber of
lier spcccb nnd tho uso of ono Bido of hcr
liody. Sho bas n fanillyof tcn cblldrcn
who nro thus suddenly dcprlved of n moth
cr's caro. Fcnrs nro entcrtalned that sho
cnnnot lccover.
Cl.YDE ItlVEl! ltA1I.I10An. TllO JlisHis-
quol nnd Clydo ItlvcrH rallroad bns now
thrco ronstructlon trnlns at work balhisting
tbo road bctwecn Iticbford nnd NowjMirt.
Tho roml will probably bo Iu rcadlncss for
tho ninnlng of rcgular tralns by tho Fourth
of July.
SuoiiEiiAM. Itoy. W. T. Itoss of Casllo
ton, will prcach in tho Univcrsalistclmixli
on Sunday, tlio 2.1th, nt 10.80 n. m., nnd at
1 p. m. Tho nftcrnoon ncrvico will cim
elst of n mcniorlnl diseourec, to wlilcli a
special Invitntlon is givcn to nll who woutd
hnnor tho mcmory of our patrlot dead.
North Clahkndos. Tiwro -lll lio a
pralso mectln nt tbo cbnpcl, Sufttoy nf
tcrnoon 3Iny 25, nt four o'clock. Tlie
mcetlnff will bo conductcd by Ben K..
Clmsc. nnd ltev. H. J. Austln will speak
. ,ti nnv belIcve,
"-nm I U LCAIi JJU UUb Ulltuui W...J
"vrk V t 80. J. B. Jlcekcr will lead tbp
Blngl Whosoevcr will may comc.
Fatai. Acioent at IticiiFonn. Ed-
ward Fnrrnr. bi f ilm lato Hon. H. U.
Fnrrar of Iticbford, wns tbrown out of hlsey
i .,.i -irlklnir his
u...u..v uiiu.....
hoad on tho grnund, recelvcd sucb fatai in-ia - ...........
jurlcs tliat ho dlcd wltl.ln n fcw mlnutes. BcllUvc.l ilic,- wro Al..i.li.c.l.
Dccenscd was nbout 21 ycars of ngc, andp New Yokk, Mny 21.
hnd bccn n cnttle drovcr. Jg'hlrtccn columns of dctalls of Polaris
oxpcditlon, derlved from tbo survivorfl, nro
iticitMoM) JIaiiket. At thc inarkct oi Qullishcd tlils mornlng. Thc prcvnlllng
Jlonday 140 tubs buttcr sold as follows Imprcsslon of tbcc nlnctccn imforlimntcs
Good, 27 to 29c; cholcc, 30c. fkim chcestwjicn left on tbo lce was tliat I.lcut. Bud
Cto7c.i wholcmllk, 8t()10e. djhgton hnd wllfully nbandoncd tbcm.
Thcy bellcved tbat Capt. Ilall was polsnn-
Vehoennes JIahket. Thcro wcre stlp al. Thcy llved princlpally upon m-o1, oc
ped frpm Vergennes, Jlonday mornlig cftslonally Indulging lu n roasled dog. Thcy
392 packagcs buttcr, 14,930 lbs- nn' 'Mtrihutoil their woiK'crful pioscrvntlon to
boxcs cbcese, 107 ibs. Tho rulingpncoi"
buttcr was 28 cts., lliough a K"
tubs brought 30. Buttcr will hcrcaf" b
shipped Tuesday, Instcad of 3Ioml.Vv ,norL
ing. .
Tlio Pranklln nnd Grand Isle ConUTCW
ot Congrcgational Cliurchcs mects nt Syi
ton, Juno 4tli.
A Fr.w 1'Ectit.iAiiniEs ip Cait. Haiis
Disi'osition. A gentleman, formcily on
ncctcd wlth tbo llritlsh consul.il" in ,1,ta
clty, savs that nt Bca Cnjit. Hnll wasknown
to ho of n very obstlnaio ilisjKilllon, n(l
wns coiisldeml to ho n rfgld lnartlnct. Ho
was bound to achlcvc bis cnd nt nny anl all
rlsk, nnd wltbnut consulting tho feellngs
of thof.c iindcr hlm. llravc tn iwklcff-iess
he rarcJy ivelglicd consequrnrcs, and tt'lt
lli.il cycrybody inust sharo his own pinjni
Ino cuthuslnsin. This dlsposition u.uld
necount for bis qunrrel wllh Capt. lUid
dingtnn. hls sailing-master, at Uppcrna.ik,
vvhu'h was only Bctlled by tlio intci fcr. nro
of tbe captain of tlie Unitcd States ti uis-
port. Tlie gentlcnian vobuitecrcd thr fol
lowing inforniatlnii, whicli bad comc tnliis
Unowleilgo In liis ollicial eapaclty al llie
llrilish consulate, namcly: Tbat on hi l.ist
Aictie voyagc, Capt Ilatl liad slilppeil two
Englislmicn. Beforc reaching New hranil-
land tlicso two mcn bccanic a little rtntv
Tlipv wprn ,1 frfiiil if tlin ,iv,iin. ,mil lln.v
wcni imo unpi nau s cainn nnd tniu inin i
so. "iSow mcn, lic salil, "I havc ticitiM
you well up tho jirc-Bcnt, nnd 1 im- tn to
treat ynu wcll to tbc cnd; but comc nilli
me. You must, now. You bavc sijnol
tbe articlcs." Tbo two mcn wcnt to oik
a little mollllled, but stlll dlssatlsllctl Ti.
wccks nftcr ono of tbcm refuscd to work
any longer, nnd Capt. Hnll, dravvlng liis
revolver, sliot hlm dead. uYar l'url l)U.
pnlrh lo Vhieago Tribune,
Hpi'clal lo tlie Itutlnnil (Ilodk.i
Conlral Vcniionl Itallroad Elfflian.
St. Ai.iiaxs, JIiitJI.
At a meeting of tbe Btockholdcrs f tho
Ccntral Vt. rallroad company helJit thc
Welden Housc thls nftcrnoon, tliSriiwing
namcd persons wcro unanimouslyctcd,
elglitccn tbousand and fortvMlve vAblicin
east ;
Jobn Ii. IMl'o. Itutl.ind. if (
ilhain 15. Dunran, Xcw Yoik
S.L. 31. Bailow, Xew Yoik.
T. V. Park, Bennington.
J. G. Smitb, St. Albans.
1. P. Cbcncy, Boston. ' j
John Q. Hnyt, New Yoik. j
Gcnrgc H. llrown. NcwYoilf.i
IV. U. Sinitli, St. Albans. '
Jnsepb Clark, Jlilton.
J. O. JlcCulIough, Bennington.
J, It. IjHigdoii, 3Iontpclier.
Tlio eharter was ucceptcrt and ii meeting
of thc dircctors for clcciion of oip crs was
callcd for Tuesday, tbo 2Vb imt. At. thrfe
(iVlock, to bo hcld nt tbe depit hcrc.
Tbo St. Albans Iion nnd Stccl AVorks
voted to-dny to issuo notcs for ono liuiubcd
tbousand dollars Bccured by mortgogo.
Spcclal to tboltutlanu Olobe.)
Tlio Itaces at 'Wnshlngton Coinilr Patk.
c ....... ir.. - fl.. '
llll.l., J,, 1,, .114) -,
Pursc No. 1, $1,000 for horscs tht nevvr
licat 2.27; iy550 to firet hie, i,00 to
hecond, nnd 8150 to third.
Aldcn Goldsmitli, Bloomlng Ofivc, N.
N., b. g. "Glostcr"; Pctcr 3InnceK. Y
g. g. "St. Elmo"; W. W. Smlth, iclian
icsvllle, K. Y., br. g. "Jokcr": Ch
lioro, Albany, N. Y., "Hal Tcnill"
"uiostcr won tno nret purso i:
straight heats. Timo 2.31, 2.33 anfl3.31J,
"Jokcr" won tbo seoond piu-Bc ait "Hal
Tcrrill tho tblrd.
rurbo xso. y, nou, lor hort.es tlnlinovcr
bcat 2.50 ; $250 to lirst Iiorsc, 10(to bcc
ond, and 50 to tblrd.
.jamcs nigart, Sandy llill, K. V,b. s.
"Humplircy Chuker"; Jf. P. JlrtllnnU,
Hartford, N. Y., b. g. "Clmrter Oak" ;
TJios. Cavlnaugb, Cllftou Tnrk, ff. Y.,b.
m. "Emma P."; A. Goldsmlth, Ultonilui:
Grovo, N. Y b. m. "Voluntccr licllo";
II. Ballou, Saratoga, N. Y br. m. '.'l',anny
Ilaymoiid" ; Wm. G. JIcDonald, aiens
Fnlls, N. Y., b. g, "Geo. II. JlltihcU";
Peter Jlnncc, N. Y., b. . "Fulfil,"j
"Fnnnlo Ilaymnnd" won tbo nco ln
thrco strnlgbt hcats. Tlme, 2:4o' 2:40,
nnd 2:39J. "Voluntccr Bcll" tho Wond
pursc, nnd "Gco. II, Jlltchcl" tbo thrd.
TiiRTiior athaxdv iim.To iuv,iiim:s-
iiav, Jlny 21. Purso No 3, $001, for
norBcs tliat never lient 2i35 ; i300 U flrst,
200 to sccond nnd .$100 tn third
Frank Bhort. Bchuylcrvllle, N Y lig
AV Clino";
h C Chaso, Boston, AI
'Skjitcr"; Jamcs Dongrcy, Lnnslngjurgh,
Y br iu "I.inda Pictoir; Aldcn
wnith, Bloomlng Grovo, N Y o m
tecrBcH"i II Ballou, Saratoga, N t br m
"Kannlo Itnymond" i E G Buck, Ifl IM
ward, N Y br iu "Nclllo Wcbstcr" i AV,
(! JIc Donald, Glcns Fnlls, N Y 1) ujGco
II JlltclieH" j O W Jlltchcll, Snrntoga, N
Ym,'Fiivorlto"; Peter Jlnncc, n'vIih
"Fuinr fonucrly "Island Chlcf".
I'ureo No 4, $1,500, for horscs that novcr
Iwat 2:21 ; $800 llret, 00 Bccond, . S00
Alcn aoldsnillb, Bloomlng Qruve, Y
ffl "Huntrcss" t Pctcr Jlnncc, NYIis
?mH Allen"i E Hubbard, Sprlnflcld,
ias c m "Nonsucli', i E I) Jenklns, Glcns
'alh, N Ygs "Joo llrown" j Charloa Itos-
prt, Albany, N Y b g "Hal Tcrrcll"j C
f llr1if1t. R'lrnlnif'l. NV fl 111 l,FilVfir!l(",
Ili '
m H Crnwford, N Y b g Jobn W Con-
., ., lVniiilnraro Inln.M ln .,,1
wio mg.icny anu persev eranc e ot unpt'iy-
Bpn. rtmic tho latter s.iys tbat tbo sclcntlic
Tesults nniount lonothlng. Tbe expcditlon
. . ...
iieiiionsinuiMtnnt it is possinic to pcnctrate
jartbcr Intn tbe my.Htcrlnin rcglon
of Ben nnd ice than Franklin, Haycs
or any othcr explorer proccodeil, and fur-
iilbpl evldcnce of tho proli.iblo cxlstence
a Polar Bca.
Jobn Hcron, tlio steward, makcs tbe fol.
lowlng statemcnt: Capt. Ilall bad good
luSalth up to tbe tlmo of retiirnlng from tbo
slodgu pxpnlltlon. Hc wivs not slck whcn
bo camo on Imird, but cniuplalneil bckhi
nftcrwnrds and sald tbat thc licat of
tlie cnhin nrfectod hlm. Ho got
wntcr to wimli and put on clo.ui imdcr
clotbbij;. l anVaX wlml hc would havc ;
wns nnxlous lo gct hlm soniclhlng nice. Hc
ilidn't cnre nhout anythlngbut a cup of cof
fcc, and didn't driuk cvcn tb.U. I bad no
convcrsatinn wlth Capt ilall whcn ho wns
sick, exccpt to nsk liim ir bo was
bctter ocealnnallyorhow he was, nnd siirb
liko. liiMVin sk'k a fortnlght and talked
vcry little. IIo was pcrfcctly dclerious for
tlie last few days. I thlnktbnt ho was par
rnlyzcd upon one sidc. Hcaii'd no ono say
.). It was my own oplnlon. There ff.is
l.l... -.,!.. ..1 1.!.. .!,.!(. II.. .....j
'""""'S miam uiwi .
atlcnded by I)r. Bossclls nnd Jlr. Jloiton,
who did cvcrytbing In their powcr to alle
viale his sulfciings but witbout cffcct. Hls
lllnoss cmt :l gloom over tbe cnlire compa-ii-,
nnd was tbe lirst dWcouraging circum
stance whicli bad occurreil lu connection
wlth tlie cvpedltlon. His deatli lnadeus
nll fecl vcry bad.
Capt. Tyi-on, speakingof Captain Hall's
de.ith, says : Hnll was sick llftcen days.
At thc lirst be was p.ir.dyzed and then dc
lirioii'. He was Insciislblc whcn he dlcd.
He siarted from tbe sbip on a sled expcdi
tlon Norlhward, on llie 101b of October.
He wasabscnt fnmtcen days, and rcturncd
on llie 21th of October to tbe tbip. On
tho 8th of Noveniber he dicd nnd 'was bur
ied on tlie lltb. His gr.ivc bore South,
Sontbcast, nnd nbout livo liundrcd paces
distant from tbc obscrvatory in Polaris
I'ny, whicli was Iu lalitude 81.33, longitude
01.41, on tho sborc. W'o erccted a board
over bls gnuo, with un Inscrlption cnt glv
ing liisname, nu;o (lifty ye.un,) date of
deatb, nnd cnmmand of tbo North I'olar
expedition. All liands fxci.pt tbo rook at
tendnl bis fiincral. It was n ilark, d'lMiial,
cold, windy and disagiccililu day. The
wlnd was mournfully bowling and tbc
bcarts of nll wcio cnveloil ln dccpcst
UntiTii, nnd by it thc
bcnutiful scrvico of tlie i:plscri.al Cliurcli
was road by Jlr. liryaut. Old B.illors
whoso faccs bad bccn broncd by Summcr
suns nnd frocn in Aretle scas, weptaloud.
Capt. Hall was uulvcrsally belovcd and his
deatli at a time whcn tho cnterprlso prom-
iscd M hopefully, was fclt by bis Mirvivoi-s
to be nn inevitable loss.
Those thoughts were uppermost in tho
mlnds of nll, nnd whcn tlie funcrnl p.irty
rcturncd to tbe sliip there wns n liuhcd sl
lcnco nttending tlio pcrforniauco of cvery
duty. Tbo prcvnlllng imprcssion umong
tlie unfortunalo nlnctccn who wcie left bc
hlnd was that Buddington bad wlllfully
nbandoncd tbcm to their fatc. 'Wo bad
bcen anticipatiug tbe breaking up of tbc
ice for somc time, nnd If be hnd wlhcd to
havc Tyson and liis coinpanions on lio.ird
be could cisily bavo rcpresented niattcrs tn
tbcm ln such a bgbt that liicy would not
bavc vcnturcd to 1)0 nbsent nt so critlcal n
juncturc. But no sucb lutlmation was
givcn to tbe mcn on tbo Ice. Tho ves.-cl
ilkl not drlft nwny so suddenly tbat tho
mcn could not havc bccn lcscucd from
their perilous poltion.
Hcrron says: "I made u rusb for tbe
vessel nnd sung out for n linc, but tliey
would not givo mo onc. Chester and Bud
dington werestandlngon tho gangway.nnd
could havo tbrown mo onc. I was, wlth
four othcrs, on tho plcco of ice that bad
provlslons on lt. It crackcd olf nnd wcnt
ndrift. Wc got liack to tlio main llno In a
scow or boat whicli sunk undcr ono of tho
mcn, but wo all got safcly bacli
Tyson savs: "I could havo got nboard
tbo vesscl that night and bcen there now,
but would not lenvo tho womcn nnd chll-
dit'ii. Jly duty was on tho Icc. I thouglit
bo would get back to us noxt day, whlch
bo could havo done. 1 bo breaking away
was causcd by tbo floo to whicli tho Bhlp
was fastcnal, drlftlng ln bctwcen tho land
and somo lccbcrgs that wcro janimcd. Tho
jam broko up tho floo nnd tlio vesscl brokc
away. It wns nbout 0 or 10 o'clock iu tho
night. Tenipcrnturo nbout zcro. Tliat
cvcnlng It luui bccn nlnetcen dcgrces aliovc.
Wo did not savo moro than one-tcnth of
tho provlsions tliat wcro on tlio lce."
Capt. Tyson thlnks tho ill.feeling and
bad dcslgns of Buddington nnd n fcw others
who wcro hls accompllces, had contmued
from tho flrst, on necount of HnU's dctcr
mlnntlon tn go ns fnr north ns posslblo, nnd
Buddlngton's determlnatlon, from fear or
wliatever causc, that ho Bhould not. Aftcr
Ilall'a death most of tbo others wcro in
fnvor of contlnulng nnd pusbing north,
and Tyson uaya that Buddington several
tlmcs exprcsscd bis dctcrmiiiatlon to send
tlicm (Tyson and his party) "on tbo road
to hell ns soon ns nn opportunity was
offcrcd." Ho cbaractcrlzcs Buddington as
a irrcat scoundrcl, anl dcclarcs tliat bo pur
poscly nbandoncd thcm to destruction. IIo
glvcsJlycrs tlio characlcr of bcing cncr
gctlc nnd qualllled In bis dcpartment, but
tliinks ho was not Hulllclcntly nwnro of
tbo condltion of nlfalra nt tho tlmo of tbo
separatloii nnd tlio posslblllty of gelling
rcscucd then to bo nblo to givo nny oplnlon
upon It. Tlio Gcrmnns, ncenrdlng to hls
necount, rulcd tbo shlp aftcr Hall's deatli
nnd thcro was nclthcr law nor Bystem on
board, evcry ono working cntlrcly on bls
own necount. Bcssel nnd Brynnt wcro
nnxlous to cct ns far nortli ns posslblo,
Jlcyera had worked bard and hist nll hls
No. 70. AN ACT In rrnntn ft imrt nf itpUi'pr
nt Ii CnMBe, 1 ii Wlscoiisln, nnd to provlde for u
survejur ot cusknns tlicrent.
R it tnaetttl lu thr tknat and ltmiite ttf llemc-
Itentattte nf tlttt llnitetl StttttA n t .UntrtM. Vn rvni-
grtm ammhlrd, Tlint la. C'rosso, ln tho county
"i i.ii tiuwi, niiu aiiuo oi wisconsm, ue, nnn is
licrcby, coiistllulciln portof ilcllvcry wltlilu tlio
collpcilun cllstrlet of New Orleans; nml tliero
slinll lio nppolntcit n surveyor of ciistoins for sald
lrt, wlioshnll perform tlio dutlos of micIi olllco
nml rccclvo tliocoinpcnsntlon of not oxcccdlii!;
tivclvu liundrcd dollars per uiimiin as s.ilnry.
iii'inuii-u .nurLU ,i mtrt
No. so, AN ACT to prevcnt cruclty to nnl-
inals W'lllln lll trnnslt liv ruUrnnriiir fitlinrtnnima
ot trnnsportatlon wlthln tlio I'liltcd Slates-
lieiltnaclrtby tle SenaU nnd llome n lltprt
,ntatlvr itf tlie Vntled Slalcn nf America in C'yn-
pmt avmnbtcd, Tliat no rallroail company
iviuuii iiic uniicu niaies wnosc roau lorins nny
part of n llno nf road nver whicli cnttle, ftliecp,
Hwnle, orotlirrnnlinalSBhall bo conveycil fnnn
one Dtuto to nnutlicr, or tlie owncrs or inustcrs
ot sti'niii, salllii!:, or otlicr vessels cnrryliijr or
traiisinirllnsrcatde, Rlieep, nwlnp, or otlitT nnl
inals rromoiio Stnte tnnnotlier, slinll coiilliio tlio
saino ln cars, boats, or vesselsof nny dcscrliv
tion, fur n loiiitcr iierlod than lventy.elglit con
secutlvn liours, wftlinut unloadlnir tlio Rnmo for
rcst, wator, nnd foodlnif, for nperlod of nt lonst
llvo I'oiiHi.cuttvo liours, unli'ss provonti'il from
so uiiloailliiH ly storm or otlii'r aoiidcntiil
cnuscs. ln estlmntln? BUCli contlnr.nont llio
tlme durlng wlilcli tlio nnlinals linvo nocn con
llned wltliout sucli rest on connectlii!; ro.idn
from wlilcli tlicynrc reeelved Minll l)c lncliidcd,
ltbclnirtlio Intent of thls nctto prohlbll their
contlnuous roiillneincnt liuyonil tlie pcrlodot
iwcnty-cli?ht liours, cxcopt uiwn contlnjfoiiclos
licrclnlipforo stutec!. Alilmnlssounloadeil shall
lio projwrly fed nnd wntered ilurlnsr Riicli rcst
by the owner or pcrson tiuv lui? thc custody
thcreof, or ln case ot lils default lu so doluir then
liy tho rnllroad company or owncrs or masters
ot bo.ils ot vessels trausportlii)f thesnino nt tho
expensoot sald owncr or perHon lu custody
tlieroof ; nnd Bald company, owncrs, or mnstors
slinll ln fiucli cnsos havo n llen uikhi such nnl
mals for food, cnro, nnd custody furnlsheil, nnd
slinll not lio llnblo for nnv ili'trnllon or bucIi nn
lninls nuttiorlzoit by thls nct. Any company,
ownir, orciistoillnii of surli anliniiN wlniKliall
knowliiBly ainl wlllfully ,'nlt toiomply wllh tlio
inuiiiun oi uiii uil uiui, ior 1'iirii iinuetiTy
nu.v nf not loss than ono liundri.d nor moro I lian
tlvc hundied dollnrs; J'rnrldfl, hocetert That
wln.n nnlmnls slinll be carrlod lu cnr, boats; or
ollior vesHols In whicli thcy can nnd do havo
proiier food, wntor, spaco, nnd opjiortunltv for
rosf, tho rorcKotaff nrovlslons ln ri'snrd to tliolr
boliit; iinlo.idod slinll not npply.
Wec. t. Tli.it tho penalty created by tho lirst
secllon of thls nct shall bo reeovored by cU II nr
tlon ln thc namo of tlio t'nltod Stntos, In thc clr
cult or illstrlct court of tho L'lilti-il Slntcs, hold
cn wlthln thoill.sirlct whcro the vlolatlonot tlils
nrt may havc 1h.imi committcd, or tlio porson or
conior.itloii ri'sldi'sor cnirlos on Its busincss;
iilicl lu.hnll be lliodiilyor nll fnlled .States
marslinls, tliolr iloputlos nnd siibordlnntos, to
pnjsocnio aiuiolallons of tlils nct wlilcli shall
comc In tliolr not Ice or kiiowledjre.
sro. 8. Tliat niiypersoiiorcorpumlloticntltlcd
to lli'ii undcr tlio lirst scction nt thls nct mny
cntorco tho samo by uiK'tltlon llled Inthodls
trlctconrtottlio I'nlteil Btalos holdon wlthln
llio dlitrlct Hhcro tho food, care, nnd cuslody
shall havo bccn tiirnlshed, or tho owncr or cus
todlan of tho property rcsldcs; nnd sald court
Blinll havcpoHcr to Issua nll Biiltable process
for tlio wiforcemcntof siichllcn by B.1I0 orothcr
wlse, and to compel thepnyinent of nll costs,
poii:Uiioi, charges, nnd exponsos of proceodlnys
hkc. 1. Tliat tlils not slinll not ro lnto crfcct
unlll tho lirst day ot octobsr, elaliteon liundrcd
ninl sevonty-two.
Approvod, Mnrch 3, 1ST3.
No. S1.--AN At'T to mako S.in lllego, In tlio
Stato 01 Callfurnla, u port of ciitry.
Jlr it cnactM ly lUt Srnite nnd ltounr nf lUvrr
nrntntiveA nf thr t'mUd Stalc nf Atnrrica in Con
grcM amitmltlttl, Tliat tlie countlcs of S.inta Har
li.irn. I.os Aiwlos, s.in llornarilo, and San Dlcffo,
lutho sialoof Calliornla, nro lioroby detachod
fromlho collectlon dlstrlct ot San Franclsco;
and all tlio lcrrltory, ports, liarbors, rlvcrs, and
watorsof sald countlcs shall contltuto n col
lectlon dlslrlct by tho iinmo ot tho San Dlcgo
dlstrlct ; nml tlio clty of San Dlcpro, 011 thobay
of San UIcro, ls lii-rcby cstabllshcd ns tho solo
port of entry for sald dlstrlct; nnd tlio l'rcsldcnt
01 lliu l lliii'O r.iuii', iy uuii wun 1110 nuiice uiiu
IUI1SC1II. Ul 11IU nvilUll., BLl.lll UllHMIll. U l Ulll-tlUl ,
to rcsldo nt sald port, wliosocoiiipcnsallon shall
00 iiiroo inousanu uouars ner aiiiiuin.
.Vkc. 2. Tliat tho Secrctnry ot tho Treasury
Hhnlthave nnwcr to nnnolut such Insnectors.
weiKiiers, jr.i'OiOiw, int'usurci, unuubiicruiiiccis
ns may 00 uecossary ior 1110 couecuon 01 inu
rcenuo ni sam iioii,uui 1110 I'uiiceojr ui miiu
Kirt mav. wlth tho nnnrobatlon of sald Seore-
sliali bo one thoiuand dollars cach mr nnniun,
roreacnoi tne pons 01 san reun) nnci san
'etironiiu sauia n.iioara, wiiicusuau t'oniinuo
10 oe lKirisoi iicinery.
Approcu, Marcnii,
No. 8.'. AN ACT rolatlns to llie fractlounl
p.iltsofnbnncl eontalnlns Ii'iinontcd Iltniors.
;.V i( rnaclnl hii thr Srnate aiul llunm nf llrhre-
ntHtntitnnflht'l'mM Ntittrn af AutrriritinCon-
urrn ,,..r,i,U,l, Tliat SOftlOll PlllteUII Of tllO lllt
eiiiiiimi 'Annrt 01 ntiu.o anii.'s on uiiiioriH
nnd tou.iluce lutonial tnxcs, and for otlii'rpur-
uvMiroved .nino sixin, cinieoii iiuimrcu
niidsevoiit-two bo aiuenilod by Btrlkliisrout
1 lio lnv.viv, sald soctlon, and lnsortlnsf ln llou
tlii;ri.ot thu i.u.,vin!i n estlmatlng uud ujiii
lmllnjf tho Inti.n..i t:ix onnllboor, TaRerbeer,
nlo, ,rter,nnd othcr i.nnvntctl ll(iuors,l)y wliat
ever ii.uno such llnuors i.y J1( onllod, tho frac
tlonal parlsof n barrelsliiA bo hnlves, thtnK
luani.rM,M.Liis,uiiu eiiiins; niid i,,,v fi-actloiial
part of n barrol coutaliilni,' less tlinn nne-ul"lit
hh.tll be accouiitod ouo-cli;lith ; moro timn ono
c)i;htli, nnd not moro than onc-slxth, shau hc
nccoiintcil one-slxtli ; moro than one-slxtli, nna
not moro th.in oiie.rourth, shall bo nccountcd
one-fourlh ; moro than one-fourth, nnd not moro
than oiio-tlilrd, shall bo accouiiicd onc-thlrd;
more than oncthlrd, nud not more than one-
liail, 1I11U HUblllUlU I.I1U11 UIIV-11.111, Bllllll UU Dl
countoil ono-lialf ; moro than oniMialf, and not
moroinau onooarroi, siian 00 nccoiiutcu one
barrol ; nnd more than 0110 barre), nnd not moro
than slxty-threoirallons, shall bo accoiinted two
barrcls, or a hojfsliead.
Approveu, .iiaicn d, ista.
No. S4. AN ACT lo aittliorln tho contlnuod
cmployinciit ot nn njont nn.l coiiiim.1! of tlio
rinu'u snues.
.V it rnnrtrd lit thr Srnnte and llnnne nf lUurt-
ftentnticrtt nf thr ITnited Statr nf Atnrrira in Cvn-
irreaH.irwbiri, Tiint it snau oo lawiiu ior me
rcs iieni vi tne i nueuiiaics, 111 nis uiscrcuon.
fn omitlnim llu nmiiiliif mont. nml i.miilnvnioiit
of tho prcsont ncent nml counsel ottho Unitcd
States, undcr nrticlo twelvo to Boventeen lnclu
slve, ottho triMty bctwcen tho Unitcd Sta3es
and (ircat llrllalu concludcd May elsjhth, elKht
een liumlred nnd sevcnty-one, nud forsald aent
ninl counsci to nct unucr sucu conunueu n)
polntmcnt nnd cmploymcnt, notwltlistniidliis'
I no ciection oi iuo saui nRcut nnu counsci ns a
ltcnresontntlvo ln tho Fortv-thlrd Conirress!
fmcidrd, That sucli nppolntincnt nnd cmjiloy
incntshallpiot coutlnuo nftcr salil ai,rc:it nnd
counsel Bliall havo taken tlio oatli otoiltce as
such Hepresentatlve.
.Iipiovco, .itiri'ii u, U9U.
No. b.1. AN ACT sunnlcmcntnl to nn nct en-
tltlod "An nct to lncoriwrato tlio Texas I'acltlc
Itallroad couipany, and to nlil In tho construc
tlon of Its road. and torolheri)uriH)sos."nrnrov-
cd Jtarch third, clsliteeu hundred and sevcnty
one. Ue it enarlrd ly thr Senateand liouttr nf llnirr
xntatlce nf thr Vmted State of Auirrira in Con
m anmiMrd, That tho faco valuo of nll bonds
lcronftcr ls.suod bv tho Texas nnd Paclllc Hall-
roail company under tlio provlsions of nn nct
approved Mnrch third, ilk'Iitccn liundrcd and
sotenty-one, shall, nt tho optlou of the com
pany, bo clthor ln KOhl, or olhor lnwful monoy
ot tho Unitcd States, bearlns lntercst, nt liko
nptlon of tho company, clthor ln ROld or othcr
lawiui mouey oi inu uiuieu duuch; uiiu uuy
inortifasro licrototoro executcd by sald company.
Becurlni,' bonds payable In any lawful moncy of
tho Unitcd stutos othcr than lrold. nnd tlio
bonds rcclted thcrcln, nnd to sccure wblch sald
mortitaRO was tflvcn, nro hercby leifallzcd, and
sald iiiortcaKO und bonds slinll havo tho samo
cncci os mouwi inoy ituu uoou uuLiiorieu uy
tho nct to whicli tlils ls a supplemcnt: Jforidrd.
ior rosnccts llio reolllromonts
that law tn recard to sucli lnortgairo und bonds
navo ooeii iuiiy compui'u wiiu.
Approved. Jlarcli 3, 1S73.
Nn. rh an ACT for tho hunnrosslon of trado
In and clrcuialion oi oosccno iitcraiuro nnu np
tlcles ot ltninornl uso.
lltitenaetrilbythr Hrnatt and Jluuu af llrirrr
arnlativ nf thr united StaUa nf Ainrrica in IVin-
grt4 atmnwra, mut wuiwvcr, wnum uio nis-
trlct OI uoiuinma or uny oi liiu lerriionea ui
ilm iinltod Ktntos. or othcr Dlaco wlthln tho
excluslvo lurlsdlctlon of the Unitcd States, shall
BCH, Ul IVllu, v.i u.v . ... ""J ...i....v.
lilull, or buau oner 10 beu, or 10 iciiu, ur iu
givo nwny, or ln any manner to cxlilblt, or Bhall
otlierwlso publlsli or orror to publlsh ln nny
mnnncr, or Bliall liavo In lils possehslon, for
nny sucli purposo or puriwsos, any obsceuo
book, pamplilot, paper, wrltliiff, ndvcrtlsement,
clrcular,"prlut, pfcture, drawlutf, or othcr rcp
resentallon, nsurc, or Imaeo on or ot paper or
nMior matorlai. or nnv east- lnstrumcnt- or otli
er nrticlo of an linmoral nuturc, or any druir or
meuiciue, or nny ariicio, wuniever, lorinopru
vcntlon of concoptlon, or for causlng unlawtul
abortlon, orshalf advcrtlso tlio Banio for sale,
or shall wrlto or prlut, or causo to bo wrltten
or nnuicu. uur curu. circuiuri uuoi., iiuuiiuiii'i.
adverllbeinciif, or iiotlco ot nny klnd, slattnir
when. wlioro. how. or of whom. or lv wbat
mt-nas, any of tho urtlcles ln thls ucctlon licro
Inbcforo incntloned, can bo purchascit or on.
tnlned, or blinll mauufacture, draw, or prlnt, or
lu any wlso mako any of such arllcles, Bhall bo
uecmca iruiuy oi u misacinennor, nuu, ou cuu
vlctlon tlieroof ln nny court. of the United Stntes
having crtmlnal Jurfsdlctlon lu tho Dlstrlct at
ColuniDln, or lu nny Terrltory or placo wlthln
tho excliulve Jurtsillctlon ot tho unitcd Btntes,
whero sucli nilsdeineanor shall havo bcen coin.
mittoib nnd on convlctlon thoroof. ho Bhall bo
Imprlsonod at hard Inbor ln tho penltcntiary
ycars foreach orfense, or llnod not lcss than
OllO IlUlllllllU uUUUI, 1U, lliuiu iiiiiii ,u liw
Band dollnrs, wlth costs of court.
ml'i o Tlmt. ftoi.tlnii nno htinilreil and fortVi
clnht' of tho nct to revlse, consolldate, and
amond tho Btatutes rolatlnir to tho I'ost-onico
lK-partment. approved Juno clRht, clKhteen
liiiiidrcdandB0cnty-two, bonmcnded to read
as follows: . ,
nurn. ui Tlint no obsccno. lowd. or lasclv.
lous book, pamplilot, plcture, paper, prlnt, or
othcr publlcatkm ot un lndcceut character, or
Anvnr,inin nr thiiiL' ilcsttrnotl or lutendod for
mn nrnventlon ot conccntlon or procurliiR of
nborflon, nor auy nrticlo or ihluff Inteuded
ndaptod for nny Indccont or Imtnornl uso ir nn-
U1P', nor UIl. ivrnn 11 or iruiu'(i i.irn, i-iri uia,,
bimk, p.impiilcf . ndvi rl isuinrnt or iioth n of any
klnd Rivlnir liitoriniitlun, dlrci ih or linllrectly,
wlu.ri.. nr linw. nr r,r uliiitn. nr h U'hnt inonn
clthcrot tho thlnRs bororo im ril li licil mny bo
obtalr.ed or made, nor an letter upon the en
vcloiw of whlch, or iwstal card ui)ii whlch tn
deccntorsciirrllous epltlicts mny bowrlttcn or
pniiiuu, Buau no cnrriou in mo innii; nnu uny
,)orson wuo Biinu KiiowinRiy iicposu, or causo
:o be denoslted. for lnnlllnir nr ilpltverv. nnv of
tho lierelnbofore-inenlloned nrllclos or thlnirs.
or nny notlce, or pnpor contnlnlnir nny ndicr-
iisemoni reiainiR io ino nioresnm nriicios or
thliiRs, nnd nny person who, ln pursuanoe of
nny man orhrhrino for dlsinislnif of nny of tho
hercbibeforo-mi'ntloiii.d nillclcs or thliiR, slinll
takc, or causo to bo takon, from tho mullniiy
such lcttor or packnjfo, Bhall bo docmed Rullty
of n lulsdcmonnor, uud, on conMcllon thcreof,
slinll, for ecry olTcnse, bo llned not loss than
ono hundred dollars nor moro than !l o thousniid
dollars, or Imprlsoned nt. hnrd labor not loss
tnau ono ycar nor moro than tou j ears, or both,
ln tho illserotlon of tho JuUrc."
Skc. 3. Tlint nll DorMnim nrn Tirnlilbttoil from
ImportliiR Inlo the Unlteii Htales, from nny for
elRn country. nny ot tho hprelnbeforc-incnllnned
articlcs or thlnRs, cxcopt tho ilruirs'herplnbc-
luie-iurniioni.u wnon ini)orie4i in ouik, nmi noi
mit un foranv of tho nurnosos boforo montlonodi
nnd nll such prohlbltoil nrtlcles ln tho courso of
uiifiuriniiou siiaii oe ooiainod oy mo oiucor or
cmloms, nnd procoodlnRs takon ngalnst the
samo undcr scction llvo oi thls nct.
sr.o. 4. That whoever. bolnR an oHlccr. iiRont.
or employoe of tho Rovcrnmcnt of the t'nltcd
s, shall knowliiRly ald or nbct nny porson
roil lnnnr Molntlon nf tbls nct. slinll bo
ili.omed Rullty of n lnlsdemoanor, nnd, on ron
vlctlon tlieroof, shall, for evcry ollonse, bo piui-
Uhed ns provldod lu soctlou two of tlils nct.
Sec. b, That anv JudRo of any dlstrlct or clr
cultcourt of tho U'liltcd Stnti s, wlthln tho prop
cr dlstrlct, beforo whom complalnt ln wrltliiR
of any vlolation of thls act slinll bo mado, to
iuo sausiacuon of such judifc, und rouuded on
knowledire or bellcf, nnd, It upon bellef, sot
lliiR fortli tho Rrounds of RUCli brllof, nnd sup
lwrled by oathor nnirmatlon of tlin complaln
unt.mny Issuo, conformably to tho L'onstltuttoii,
n wnrrant dlm'ted lo the marshal, or nny deii
uty marshal, ln tho projicr dlstrlct, (llrectlnjf
hlm to Boarch for, bol.o, und tako possessloti of
nny such nrticlo or thlnft horeliibeforo inontlon
ed to mako duo und Immodlate roturn thoroof
to the cnd that thc snmo may be condeinnod
nnd dcstroycd by procoiillnRs, whlch Bhall Im?
conductod ln tho samo mniincr ns othcr pro
cccdliiRs ln cnso ot munlclpal si'lzuro, nnd w lih
tho samo rlRht ot appoul or wrlt of erior: Vo
ridnt, That nothliiR ln thls soc tlon nhnll bo 1011
stnied as rcncullnR tho oih- humii-cd nnd fortj--ftWili'anttfrS'i'Oi
't(, UlfWWjjt A Ji'illh.l4u,9i,
toforo found for olTonni's uruIiisI tho samo, but
tho sald Indlctmonts may be prosoculed to
JuilRment as If thls s.xtl.u hnd not beon cn
acte.l. Approved, Jtaieh C, Wll.
No. 87. AN ACT to cslabllsli n board of loonl
Inspcctors nf Meam-vessels for tho ousloms dl
trlctof Mlchljfan, lu thc Stnto of Mlchljran.
Ilr it cnaelrd Lu thr Srnntr and lluure af i,i-
mtrntatitm nfthr tj'nitril SUlte nf Antrrira tn t'nn
wi'fn aHHenibtrd, That there shall bo a local
lioard of Inspcctors deslirnnt'.d nml apiwlnti'd
forthocustom illstrlct of .Mlchljran. ln tho stato
ot MlchlRan, nnd tho Inspoclor of hulls uml the
inspecioroi nouors, roiii)S)stiiR iuo sald iionru,
shall recclve a salai v ot nlne hundied dollars a
iipproveu, .iiiircn , 101.1.
No. 3.-JOINT i:ESOI,fT1N tcndorlmr the
coiiRralulnilons of tno Amcrlean pcoplo to the
pcoplo ot Spaln.
Ilrrolerd by thr NenaU and oim, nf H.j r rrnti -tllen
af the I'nitrd Stalemif Avtrricit tn Cmnirrut
amifmnkd, Tliat lll the namo nnd bohalfot the
Ainerlcau peoplc, llie coiiRrnlulatlons of Con
Rress nro liereby tondorod lo tho peoplo of
spaln upon their rcccnt efTorts to cousoildato
tho prlnclples ot unlversal llbcity In n repub
llcau fonn nf Rovorninehl.
That tho l'rcsldcnt of tho Unitcd Slutcs bo,
und hercby Is, rcquested to transinlt thls resn
lutlon lp tlio Amcrlcnii mtnlster st Madrld, wlth
lnstrucTlons to prcsent lt lo the Spanlsh ro
ernmcnt. Approved, March 3, 1S73.
No. 41. AN ACT to cntoree the stlpulatlons
of tho conveiitlon wlth Venezueln, of Aprll
twcnty.tltlli, elRhleen hundred nml slxty-six,
und the paj incnt of ndjudlcnted clalins.
Ilr it rnacted bit thr Htnntr and Uounr ni Itriirr-
ncntatlves of thr L'nited Stntr nf America in t'nn
nrittitanncmblrd, That tho ndtudlcatlon of clalms
by tho coi.ventlon wlth Vciiozuol.i of Aprll
tweiity-IHth, elRhtcon hundred nnd blxly-slx,
pursuant to the tcnns ot sald conveiitlon, ls
liereby recognl7cd as llnaland concluslve, and
tobehcldns valld and Mlhshtlnz ngalnst tho
rcpubllc ot Venozucla.
Arproved, February 25, H73.
No. 43. AN ACT mnklnir npproprlatlons for
tho htipport of tho Mllltary Academy for the
tiscaljcarcndtnR.liinetlilrtleth, clslitoen hun
dred nnd scventy-four.
Jlr it rnactrd by thr Srnatr and Jlnnnr nf I'lyrc
rentatlvrr afihr Vnxlrd htate nf Amenm m t'.iii
grrM ainrmblrd, That the foilowliiR stims be,
nndthosuino uro hercby nppivprlaled, out of
nnyiiioney In tho treasury not nthernke up
proprlatcil, for the sunixirtof tho Mllltary Acad
emy for the ycar cnilbiR Juno tlilrtlctli, elRht
een hundred niidseveniy-four, iiaincl):
l'oradilltlonal pay of onioers, ainlfor pay ot.
Iiistructors, protessors, cadots, iinil musiclaiis
two hundred uml twentv thousniid three hun
dred nnd sevcnty.nluo iloll.irs und tllty conLs:
naruirti, 'iiiat uie proiossors oi ino iiuieii
Untes Jtllltjirv Ao.iili'mv wlinso m i-llco nt tlio
ncndomv excetsbi ton loars Klintl luire tlio nnv
nnil nllownncos of iilonel, nud all other pro-
fessors shall havo tho pay nnd allowances ot
lloutenaiit-coloiiel; nud llio liistructors of ord
iiance nud sclelice of Riinnery uml of practlcal
eiiRliieorliiR shall havo the pay nml nlluwnncej
of iiuijor; and hereattcr there shall Ik nllowed
uml p.uu to iuo Nam profpxBura icn porceniiun
otti.i.ireurrent yearly pay for cncli nud cvery
it--imi;i nvojearii mtii' iu iueiinuy aiiu nt
tho acaHciny: J'melded, '1 hat such addltlon shall
in no east fixcceii forty per centuni of sald yenr-
iy paj; nuu snm prou'&iAira ure ucreoy piaceu
upon tho saii.n footliiR, as rcjfanls restrlctlons
upon pay nnd ftlremuut Irom actlve servlco, ns
..ii:i;ia ui inw nriiij.
l'ot rcpalrs nna Improvemcnts, tlmber, plank
boards, jolsts, wall-strlps laths, shlnRlos, slate
tln, sheet-lead, nalls, serews, locks, butts,
hliiRcs, Rlass, paint, turpontlne, ous, brlcks
varulah, stoue; Uino cemeut, plastcr, halr, blast-
'"n iini, oiivi, luuil, iiiaiiit:i, uiiu
other slmllar inaterlals, touncen thous.ind llo
hundrecl dollars.
For pay or cllizen-mcchanlc nnd labor em
rtoycd uiwn rcpalrs that cannot im dono by cn
Istod mcn, elRlit tliousand ilollan.
For fucl and nnnaratus. namclv! conl. wnnd.
stovcs, grates, furnaces ranRes, llrc-iirlcks, and
rcpalrs of Bteain-henlliiir npparatu, fourtocn
tliousand dollars.
For Ras-plpes, Rasometcrs, and rcti rts. nnd
nunual rcpalrs of tho Bame, slx hundred dollars.
For fucl for cadets' rncss-hall. jsimn. nnii
laundry, three tliousand tlvo hundred dollnrs.
For nostairo and telcirrnms. thron lniniiroil
Forstntlonerv. blani; books. naner. eniolnnoif.
nullls, stool pcus, penclls, crnsers, wnx, luid Ink
llvenundrcd dollars.
For transnortatlon of matorlals. dhchnrod
cadots, and fcrrlagcs' one tliousand llvo hun
dred dollars.
For nrlntln-tVDC. materiaia for omco. o nlo-
mas for Rraduatos, roglsteis, and blanks sevcn
hundred dollars.
For compensntlon of pressman nnj lltho
graphcr, ono hundred dollars.
For clcrk to dlsburslmf ofllcer nnd iiuarter
mastcr, ono tliousand sl hundred nnd lllty dol
lars. For clcrl: to nuiutant, ono tnuiisanu nvo liun
drcd dollars.
For clcrk to treasurer, ono tliousand m e liun
drcd dollars.
For uenartmont or Instructlon ln malhemat-
lcs, namcly: For ropalrs of lntriimonts, forty
dollars; text-books, drawlnit.iiiaterlals, und sta
tlonery for lo itructurs, thlrty dnllurs.
rur iieu.iiiiiieiii. ui uiiiucia. cuvuiry. ituu i i-
fantry tnctlcs, namelj : I'or tan-bark. f . .r rldlnjr
bull und trvmnasliun. threo hundred dollars:
and tor rcpulrlng nrparatus for same, lllty dol
lars; for ropalrluir cami-stools; tents, anil tur
nlture, Iltty dollars.
cor iii.purimeiii ui iitu uuu lunuurj I'liKiii
ccrliiR: For tnodcls, lnnps, reiialrs nt lnstru
ments, text-books. books or reforcncc, and stn
tloncry for uso ot lnstructors, llvo hundred dol
lars. For uonartmcni or ornwuic: ror moi eis ior
frec-hand draw Iiir for sccond class, forty-ll o
dollars; mountlnR und frnmlng tho same, sev-enty-tlve
dollars: nrchltpcturai nnd toiKjsfraph
lcal modcls for third class, forty dollars liiount
tntr and framlng the Bame, thlrty dollan.; tar
boards for niountlnR modols, Ufu.en dollars cot
ors, paper, bruslies, and penclls Iwcnty dollars.
For deourlmcnt of cliemlstry, nilneralogy,
nnd geoloRy: For chemlcals, lncludliiR cuoiu-
icai apiuraius, Riass uuu iwrceiaui ivure, i,aiK.T,
wlrc, nnd saeet metal, nnd ores, uluo hundred
nnd seventv-nvo uoi ars: inciuuinsr materiai tor
prnctlcnl lustructlon tn photoRraphy; rough
biwclmous, nies, ulcohol, lamps, liluw.pliH-s;
lieiiclls, and ORnto mortars, tor practlcal tn
structlon ln mtncraloRy nnd Rct'lojiy. two hun
dred nnd twonty.nvo dollnrs; fosslls lllustratlnR
the dltterent rock-formatlons, for dally uso lu
sectlon-rooms, ono' hundred uud bcvcnty.ilvo
uouars; Rruuuai increnso oi me cauinei, nvo
hundred dollars; rcpalrs and linprovcmciits ln
clectrlc, Rulvanlc, maRiietlc, clectro-mintnetlc,
nnd maxneto-electrlo upiurutus, nnd nddltlons
to pncumatle and thcrmle apparatus, elRht hun
dred dollars; cairenters' ainf metal work, nnd
materlals Ior the saino, slxty dollars; pay ot
mechniitc, to bo employed lu cucnili.nl nud rco
loRlcal Bectlon-riHims, und ln tho locturo-room,
one tliousand and tllty dollars; completlnR rc
palrs nnd lmprovemcnts ln lnburutory, lecture.
rooinB, and nilneraloslcal rooms, threo huudrcil
and nlnety-nvo dollars, modcls nnd dlairrams,
one hundred dollars; books ot refcrence. text
books, und stutloiicry, for uso ot lnstructors,
and coutluRencles, two hundred und lllty dol
lars; coiupeiisatlon to attendant, tlfty dollars.
For dcpartment ot naturnl and expcrlmeutnl
phllosopliyi For Instruinenu and apparatus to
lllustrulo tho laws ot mcchanlcs and ot sollds
aiul tlulds, thrco tliousand dollars; lnstruments
nnd apparatus to Ulustrato tho Uws ot ncoustlcs
nnd optics, four tliousand dollars; lnstruments
and nppuratus to cnulp ono tlcld observatory,
two tliousand tlvo hundred dollars; ono break
clreult chrouoinelcr for muruUiit-lo room ln
tho observatory, tlvo hundred dollars; lathe,
forire, toola, and equlnmcnt ot work-shop, seven
huudred and tltty dollars; rcpalrs nnd contln.
ironcles. elirht hundred dollars: comneusatlon
ui mechanlo nnd nsslstant ln charRO ot appar
atus, ouo tliousand dollars; comix'iisatlon ui ut
tciidant, tlfty dollars.
For dcpartment ot practlcal ciiRlneerlnRi For
mlnlnir inaterlal, twenty-tuo dollars; Imnbcr
for prolllliiR, iwenty.llvo dollars: Btallonory and
drawluir muterlal, twcnty-tlvo dollars; theodo.
lltc-trnnsli, two hundred und lllty dollars; rc
palrs of lnstruments, twcnty-tlvo dollars.
For deiiurtmont of Spatilslu For text-books
nnd Btatluncry tor tlio uso ot lnstructors, ilfty
For departmeut ot I'rcnch: Kor toxt-books
nnd sUitlonery for tho uso ot lnstructors, tlfty
llvo dolluiv.
Fordepartinentof law and cthlcs: For toxt
books nud statlonery for tho uso ot Instructurs,
, tltiy dollars.
Tor ctiji ns. s of tno board ot vlsitors, four
thousanii nvo hmidrcd dollarai Pmtidrd, That
llirce incmbcrs of Iho Houso ot Itopresentatlvcs
of tho Forty-thlrd ConRrois, whoso crcdentlals
ln due form of law havo bccn duly lllcd wlth the
Clcrk of tho llouse of Itcpresentatlves In nccord
nnco wllli tho nct of Congress npprovcd March
third, clKhtern liundrcd nnd slxty.thrcc, shall
1)0 npiiomted, by tho Speakcr of the prcsent
llouse of Itcpresentatlves, mcinbcrs of the board
ot vlsitors. nt Iho noxt nnnual cxamination to
bo held nt tho Mllltnry Academy.
I'ormlscellaneous und contliigcnt cxpcnsrs
For gas, coal-oll, nnd randles, for llghtlng the
ncndi'in., einlet-bnrrnoks, mcss-hnll, hospllal
ofllccs, stnble, nnd sldc-wnlks, four tliousand
dollars; wator-pllies. plumblng, nnd rcpalrs,
two thousniid dollars ; rloanlngpubllc bulldlngs,
(not qu.irters.) llvo hundred nnd slxty dollnrs;
brootns, brushrs, nalls, tubs, nnd cloths, two
hundred dollnrs ; chalk, crayons, simngo, nnd
slntes, for rocltallon-rooms, one hundred dol
lnrs; roinpcnsatlon of cliapelorgnnlst, two liun
drcd dollnrs ; compensntlon of llbrnrlnn, onc
hundred nnd twenty dollnrs ; compcnsatlon of
non-commlsslonod ofllccr ln charRO of mcchan
lcs, tlfty dollars; compcnsatlon of soldlcrwrlt
Ing In ndjutnnt's ofllce, tlfty dollars; pay of cn
glncer of hentlng nnd ventllatliig npparalus for
tho cadct-lmrrncks, rlinpel, nnd phuosophlral
ncadomy. Iiicliidlng tho llbrnry, onc tliousand
llvoliundred dollars ; pay of nsslstant ot Bame,
bovcii liundrcd nnd twenty dollnrs; pay of llvo
Ilremen, two tliousand two hundred dollars;
Increaso nndexponso of tho llbrary, books, mag
nzlnes, perliRllonlJ, nnd blndlng, two thuuiand
For pay of Ubrnrlan's asslstnnt, ono thuusand
Forcontlngonclos for Bttperlntcmlent of thc
ncndomy, ono thntmnnd dollnrs.
For furnlluro for cadi t-hospltnl, ono hunilr. d
For bnlldlnRs and grounds : For repnlrlwr und
oponliig ronds, ono tliousand dollars.
For rcbulldlng the dam ut the foot of l row s
Nost mountaln, two tliousand four hundn d nad
clght dollars and slx cenls.
For preparlng slto nnd constructlng f.iunda
tion nnd bcglnnlng BtiperBtructuro fnr ead' t s
new hospllal, twenty tliousand dollars.
For commenclng Bystem of sewerago leudlnc
from barracks ot troops, three thou-iund dol
lnrs. For rcmodclltiig baltery Knox, tcn tluiu'niiil
Approved, reliruary 2S, 1873.
No. 107. AN ACT lo provldo for tbo mio of
lands of tho l'nited States contalning i f.il
J it rnartrd hji thr titiwttrand llmtnr r JUpr, -rfntattreK
nfthr Vmtrd Stntrr nf Amrrica' in lo-l.Mm'jtJM-
-?Cha.,'iuv,wn"u.-liH).tHii. aua
l'nited Siutes orwliolinsdevlareilhlslnti ntioii
lo becomo kucIi, or ulij ussoclatlon of pcrson
sovorally nuallili.d us ahnve, slinll, uimii .ippli
catlon to tlio rcglsli'r of the proiwr land-olllce,
haio the llglit to eiilor by fogal subdlil"lons.
nny (pinntll.v or vncant coal lands of tho l nlted
Stutes not ntherwlse nppn)prlnted or rostneil
by comiietent nulhorlty, not exeoedliiirono hun
dred ninl slxty ncres to bucIi liultilduul ix.rson,
or threo huudred und twenty ncres to such ns
soclatlon, upon paymcnt to tho rcrolver nf not
loss than ten dollars per ucre for such lands,
whcie thc samo Bhall bo sltuatcd more than
llfteon nillos Irom uny conipletcd rallroad, and
not loss than twentj dollars jior urro ror such
lands ns shall be wlthln llftcen milcs of such
Sf.c. 2. That. any pcrson or nsHoclntlnn of lh'i
boiis sovi'rally ciuallni-d us aboie, who havo
oponod nnd lmproied, or slinll hereafter npon
nnd Improve. nny eunl mino or mlncs uikiii tho
ptibltc lands, nnd Bhutl be In netuul prist.sslou
ofthosaine, i-hull bo cntltled to n prcfcri'iic
rlght of eniry, under Iho foregolng nmMslons,
of tho iiilni'S o opened und Improved: I'mi trd,
That when uny aasoclatlon of not loss than four
l'rsons, scverully qualllled as ln scction ono ot
Ihls nct, slnill h.ie expended not lcss than llv.'
tlioui.mil dullars lu working nnd Improvlngnio
such inlno or lnlnes, such assoclntlon mny enter
not cceedlng slx huudred nnd fortv ncres, ln
cludlng sucb iiilnlng lmpruvemculs.
Sec. 3. That nll clalms Jundcr sortlon two
of thls act must be prescnted to tho reglster of
the propor lund-dlstrlct wlthln slxty days nttor
tho date of nctualpi SsesMonandtliecoinmence
Incntotlmproicmeiits on the landby lllliiRot
n dcclarutorv stati ment therefor: l'rondcd,
That whcn Ui 1 townshlp plat ii not on liio at
thedute of suih Improvcment, Ullnc must be
mado wlthln sKty days from the recclptof such
nlatnltne dlstrlct oflice: And pmtidrd furthrr,
That whcro the lmprovemcnts shnlt lmvc bet n
inade prlor to tli.. l plratlon of threo months
from tlie passagc ot thls act, slxty ilajs from
ino expiraiion oi saui inree monms suau ue
nllowed tor tlie llllng of a declaratory Btate
mcnt, und no salc under tho pnnlslons of thls
nct hhall be ullowed untll tlio cxplrutlon ot slx
tnonthi from thc date ttiereuf.
skc. l. That tlils act shall be hold to nuthor
le only onc entry by tho same person or asso
clatlonof persons undcr lts proWslons; nnd uo
nssoelatlou ot persons nny member of whlch
bhall huvo taken tlio beneilt of thls uct clthcr
nsan lndlvtdual or us n member ot any other
nssoclatlon, bliall entcr or hold uny other lands
under the provlsions of thls uct; nnd no member
of any assoclntlon whlch bhall havo taken the
lioneilt ot tlils act shall enter or hold auy otlicr
lands under lts provlsions: and nll jiersons
clalmlng undcr secllon two thcreof bhall be re
qulrci! to prove their rcspectlve rlghts and pay
for the lands lllcd upon wlthln one ycar trom
the tlmo presorlbcd for tlllng their respectlvo
clalms; nml upon f.dlure to llie tho proiier no
tlce, or to pay tor llie lund wlthln the requlred
porlod, the b.iihc Bhall be subjeet to entry by
nny other qualltied appllcant.
skc. n. Tli.it ln case of contllctlng clalins u
on land where tlio lmprovemcnts bliall be here
nftcr toinineneed, prlorlty ot possosslon und Im
proM'ineut, fnllowed bv proper tlllng nnd con
ilniicd good falth, shnll detcrnilne tho prefer
enee rlght to purchasc, And nlso wbere lm
provemcnts hnve nlreudy beeu made ntthedate
of the passage of thls act, dtvlslou ot the land
clatmed inny be mado by iegal subdlvlslous, to
Include, as ncar ns may be, tho valuable ira-
Erovements of tho resiiectlve partles; nnd tlio
ommlssloricr of tho (ieneral Lnnd-oillco bhall
be, nnd ls hereby, authorlzed to Issuo all need
ful rules und regulatlons for carrylng lnto er
fect the piwlslous of thls nct.
sec 0, That nothing lu thls nnd shall be con
strued fo destroy or Impalr nny rlghts whli h
niay havc attachcd pi lor to lts passage, or to
authorlzo the sale oi lands vnluable for lnlnes
of golil, sllvcr. or copper.
AppiMied, March 3, ls73.
No. 10.1. AN ACT to authorlzo certaln post
inasters to deiHjslt publio monojs lu nationul
tlr itcnartrtl by'tlif Stnatr and Ilvtutr nf .'cnrf
Krntatirtr nf thr fnitrd .Statrn af Atnrnea ll t'oii
arr aurmbUd, Tlint from nnd after tlio passr
of thls nct lt shall be lawful for any lwstinnster,
bavlng publio lnuuey bclonglng to tlie gov ern
ment. whero there aro no uaslnated doposit
rles, treasurers of mlnis, or treusurer or assis
tant tronsurers of tho United States, wlthln tho
county, to deposlt the same, nt hls own rlsk nnd
ln hls oniclal eapaclty, ln auy natlonal bank lu
the town, clty, or county wnere the sald isisi
mastcr resldes ; but no authonty or pcrinlssion
ls or shall be glven for the deraand or recelpl by
tho posmastcr, or any other person, of Interest,
(llioctly or Indlrectlj-, on nny deposlt mado ns
hereln dcscrlbed : and lt shnll bo tho dut . it nil
postmasters who liave mado nny sucli depostt u
report quurterly totho l'ostmaster-Ocucral tho
namo oftiio bunk whero tuch dcpostts lmvc
beenmad, nnd also stato the amoun' wlilcli
may btandnt tho tlmo tn tliclr crcdlt.
ApproveJ, Jtaich s, 1S73.
No. 101. AN ACT to nx the compi'iisatlon cf
tho deputy collector ot customs at alnt l'uul.
Ilc it rnactrd by thr Srnatt aml Ilouu af III -f-nentatipr
nfthr l'nited Stutra of Awrrica tn t
men anrrmbled, That tho compcnsatlon, Includ
Ingolilcl.ilcmoluments ofnll ktnds, ot the oni
coruppolnted In puisiumco of the socond soc
tlon of the ai t cntltled "An act to cstubllbh ho
collectlon dlstlh t of Du I.uth, and to crcute
Saint l'uul, In thc rulleitMn dlstrlct ot Minn s
otn, a port of doiuery," uppiMied Mu twcnt.
third, elghtivu hunured und aevent-tvo, hlud
not excci'd the sum ot two thousaiid df llur pcr
nnniun: i'i uviaeti, hmcever, i uui baiu omeer
be requlred, lu nddltlon tuhlsdutlcs ns sui h ui
puty luflectur, to pertorm the dutlos of nn ln
spector ot tho cuitoms, wltliout uddltlonal coiu-
Appruteu, .ujrcii d, isi.
No. 10. AN ACT to amond nn nct cntltleil
An act to ennblohonorablv dtsclmrc.ed soldters
audballors, their wldows nnd nrphnu ihlhlren.
iu uriiiiit' iiuiiii.sii..ius ou ine puntic lanus oi
tho I'ultoil .states," and tho ainendmont.i thore-
Jlr it rnartrd bu thr Srnatt and llou of lletne-
tentatUr of the VuiUd UUU of A iHtrint in C'mi-
rrra aMmtoitat j iiat Hticuon IWO ort ino DCl Cll
itled "Annctto amond an nct rf.lullnir tn uni.
dters' and snilors' hotnesteads,' npproved Juno
eightli, etghteen hundred and seiruty-two, be
aniendeJsous to ieud oa follows: That any iiei
son eniltlcd under the provlsions ot the forego-
nijf buciioub io enier a noinosieau, wno may
havo hcretoforo cntered under tho hwncsicnil
laws a C'ntlty of land less than one hundred
and slxty ncres, shall 1k3 norinlttod to enter so
niuch lan l us, whe.i a l lI Ij thc ipianlltv prc
ilously enteivd, shall not oxcoed ouo hundred
and slxty acres.
Approveu, .iiurcii a, isi3.
No. 103 A.V ACT forthercllcfof theState of
Connecticut nud other States.
Ilr it rnactrd bu tltr Srmte nml Jlottnr af r.ntrr-
urntaticrr of tli t'attcd Stattn af Amrrira in Can
grri unMmtiM, That the Secrotary of the Treas
ury be, uud he ls hereby, dlrected, out of any
tnoney upproprlatinl, to coutlnuo tho settlement
otaceouiib presented under tho net of July
iwemy-seveiuii, eiRuieeu nunureu nnu sixty
ono, tu pay to tho governor of Connecticut, or
to hls duly-authorlzcd agcnts, nny ainouots ad
vanced by the sald Btnto In pajment otchap
lalns, cxtra bitrgeons, or asslstnnt surgeous
employed by bald state In tald capacltles dur
lng tho lnte war; the sald clalms to bo Bcttled
by tho projwr arcouutlng ofllcers ot tho treasury
upon vuuchers rlled i I'rovided, That certltlcalcs
ot nctual cmployment uro llled wlth tho ac
counts, Sko. J. That whcn Uiovouchersot other States
for paynients mndo to chaplalns, extrn surgcons,
orasslstant surgoons sltuatcd slmllarly wlth
thosa of Connecticut nro tlled. tlio Treasury le
pnrtmont Blinll udjust and scttle thein nccord
Ing to tho provlsions of tho foregolng secllon.
Approved, March 3, 1873.
No. 1W. AN ACT to nuthorlze tho Intcrnicnt
ot honorably dlscharged boldlors, salloiu, and
mnrlnes ln tho natlonal eemeterles ot tho l nl
ted btutes.
Ilr it rnactrd by thr SriMtr and lloumt of Itettre
rrntattrr of thr t'nttrd Htatr nf Atnrrirn tn (Wi
gntt aiurmbtrd, That honorably dlscharged boI.
dters, sallors, or mnrlnes, who Bcricil durlng Iho
lato war elthor ln tlin isHmliir nr iniunt...
forces, uylngsubsequent to tho pnssage of thls
nct, mny bo buried lu nny natlonal cetnclcryoi
thollnltodstutca Ireo ot cost, nnd tliclr graw'B
bhall recolvo tho samo care and attontlon as tho
gravcs ot thoso nlready buried. Tho produe
llon ot tho hoiiornblo dlschargo ot tho di ccased
bhall t authorlty for tho supcrlntciideni of lliu
ceinetcry to permlt. tho Intcruieiit.
Approied, ilarch 3, 1873,

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