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The Rutland weekly globe. (Rutland, Vt.) 1873-1877, May 23, 1873, Image 6

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Commlsslonor Douglass haa rccelvcd tli
408,000 clnlmcd of tho New York Centrnl
rallroad for taxcs ou scrlp dlvldends. A
tcst sult for tho rcftindlng of tho tax will
BCttlc tho Bftme qucstlon for or ngalnst
othcr rallroada.
Tho subjcct o tho currcncy ls beglniilug
tiEalti to cxclto publlc nttcntlon. At thc
rcccnt mectlng of tho Soclal Sclencc Asso
clatlon, ln Boston, .Tohu S. ltopcr rcad r.
papcr upon tho " llcstoratlon nnd ltcform
of tho Cnrrcncy," lu whlch ho said our cttr-
rency was both unsouml nml dlshoncst, nnd
that tho only rcmedy for lts ovlls was iii
rctreiichment of personal expcnses.
Tho l'nll Miill uatttu cotnmcnts ou
Amcrlcan publlc money spendlng ns If only
lnonnrch'ies wero honcstly cconomlcal. Sir
Uugh AUcn, of Cunada, is nccused of
spendlng S3G0,000 lu tho Gouhl nml Tom
Scottstylc of nidinglho clcctlon of frlcnds
through whom ho obtulned tho conlract
from thc govermnent to bullil tho Pmiil
rallrouil. Tho Canatlluii llouso of Com
lnoiw has n commltti'o lnvcstlgatlng hi l!c
ptibllcan stylo.
Many pcoplc, pcihaps most pcoplc
live ln tho cstlmatlon of othcrs. It ls the
nir thcy breathe, thc gcxl thcy worship. 1
ili.il U liriiiml im nll thelr honos nnd fem
.T.uncs At Coc, of Boston, who U chnrgcd
with forglng and uttcilng certlllcntcs
rallroad stock, deslrcd by thnt mcans tohn
provc his lcspectnblllty ln thc estimatlon
of his neigliliors. Whcn thc cxpostirc of his
ciiors cnmi', a nervotts prostration cnsucd.
nml hc hail to bo supported by thc ofllcciD
ou his way to thc court rooni. The l)is
triot Attorni'y trtnted that thc forgerics
nmounlcd to betwoen iJlCO.OOO nnd 200,
000. Bail wns flxcd at $-100,000.
Tho Xew Yoik Hun tells a hard btory ou
Bomc of our ofticers m tho New 3Iexioan
frontler. Tho piicc of bcef at onc of tho
posls wns eight cents n pound. Thc com
missary rejccted becf offercd, ns unsouml,
nnd thc herd wns condcinncd by thc com
mandcr. Thcro bcing no othcr bccf to bo
hnd, n 111:111 ln tho ring with thc comniis
sary nnd conunandcr, offercd to Biipply nll
thc bcef nccdcd at twenty-llvc ronts n
pound. Thc oflfer wnS acccpted. IIo
lnmght the condcmned catllo ou tho hoof
nt eight ccnls, and sold thc lot to tho gov
I'rnnicnt at twonty-fivc ccntB.
That country is a long distancc froin
headquaitcrs. and there is a sort of irrc-
sponsibUily about cvcrytliing vcry cncour-
nging to rascallty. Fraud, perjury and
robblng hcn-roosts aro ststcd to bo nmon,
thc dlversions with whlch lonely olllcers
whllo nway thc timc.
provlslon that tho houso of rcprcscntntlvcs
Bhall conMet of persons most notcd for
Isdom and vlrtuc." Wc wlsh lt could nl-
ways bo bo. But If wo cannot bcc tho plc
turc ns lt la palntcd, lt Is boiiio Batlsfactlon
to bco whnt thc nrtlsts of tho constltutlon
lntcnded for n llkencss of our leglslaturcs.
All thcso provlslons nro dusty, but not
uncleaii. Thcy lnny not bo all nccdcd now.
but thcy nro lmnnless, nnd Intcrcstlng as
rcllcs of anti(Ulty. So thcro doos not nppcar
to bo nnythlng to nltcr, unlcss lt mlglit bo
tho manncr of maklng nltcrntlons, nnd lt
sccins scarcely worth wliHc to go through
with so liuich for bo little. AVhcn nltcra
lions nic ralled for, llio inanncr of maklng
thnii lnlght propcrly bo lucldcntally con-Bldcrcd.
llut v hethcr nny syHtein of clinnglng tho
constltutlon Is to Ihj found better than that
ln usc now ln Vermont wc havo tcrlous
doubt. Wo do not call to mlnd nny bcttcr
nrrnngemciit ln nny othcr Slnto. "'o havc
tho conimon mcthod of prcparlng nnicnd
lncnls ln onc legMatuic, votlng 011 thcni ln
thc ncxt, nnd thcn Bubnilttlng tlicm to thc
pcoplc. Thc work of ehaugiug thc con
stltutlon Is mado a matler of liuich dcllbcr
nllon, oan only occur nt legular lntcrvals of
tcn ycars, nnd U not theiefoio subjcct to
party hnpubes or unduc hasto.
Constitutlons ought not to bc eliangcd
too ficcmcntly. Tlic iroof of tho wlsdom
of Interposing dllllcultics ln thc way of
liasty ehaiigcs Is eliown by tho amcndmcnls
of tlic Yennont tonstltutloii, vhlch havc
poL'KMtl two exccllcneies: thcy havo bccn
few ln numbcr, nnd biich ns ought to havc
nxn nimU. Tlic lnst, ls tllO cnangc fnnn
auniial to bicnnlnl tesslons of thc lcgisla-
tuie a dccidcd Iniproreincut, whlch hns so
fai-Morkcd wcll. Ixglslatmcsarctoo prono
toinakcand iinninko Uiw s nnd to blcss ln
dlvldtials nnd corporalions nt thc cxpcnsc
of nsliccolf tlic gcncrnl welfare. Oncc
ln two ycnrs wlll glvotinic to notc tho eflect
of tlic laws of tho prcvious bcsIoii, and
avold kccping thc Statc ln a perpetual whirl
of new acts llung out upon partlal consid
cratlon nnd nftcr lnadcfimtc cxpcricncc.
So long as tho prcseut systcm works wcll
why lncddlo wltli lt, nt thc risk of Bubstl
ttitlug soTiicthing morc cxpcnsive wlthout
niuch rcason to belicve that futuro nniend
ments will shnw nn Iniprovcment ln tpial
I'ltllMIVTI'.ltlAV ;P.M'.ltAI. AS.
Thc Gcneral Asf.cnibly of the I'rcsbytc
rian Cliurch ln thc Unitcd Stntcs nict nt
Baltimore on Thui-sday last, and organizcd
by thc clcctlon of Dr. lloward Crosby of
New York, ns Moderator. At thc scssion
on Friday tho comniitteo of tliirtccn, m hicli
was appolntcd for tho pnrposo last year,
rcjiorted n plan for tho participation of thc
I'rcsbyterian Church in tho Centcnnial Ex
hibitioii in 1870. A resolutlon rclativc to
wliat action should bc taken by the Church
on tho useof intoxicating liquors wns pre-
Bented and rcfcrrcd. A comniitteo wns nlso
appolntcd to considcr nnd rcport upon thc
terni of ofllco of cldcrs ; whether thcy
Bhouldhold ofllco for lifo or tho rotary sys-
tcm mlopted. A largc amount of import-
nnt buslness ls tocomobcforctho nsscmbly.
The first Qcnernl Asbcmbly of tho Prcs.
bytcrian Church in thls country nict at
Phtladelphla ln 1789, nnd "was organlzcd liy
tho clcctlon of Dr. John UoilEcrs of New
York, ns moderator, and Dr. Ocorgo Duf.
lielil as Btatcd clcrk. For flfty ycars the
Church madc grcat progrcss in nunibers
nnd inllucncc. In 1838 qucstions aroso
whlcli rcsultcd in dividing tho bixly into
two brauchcs which wcro called rospcctlvc-
ly, "Old School" nnd "New School,
Thcse, not bcing Bcparatcd by gcogrnphical
lincs, cxtcndcd into nll Bcctions of thc
country, and sido by sldc, malntaincd thcir
fonncr rcputation for cntcrprisc nnd pro
Duringtho war of tlic rebcllion thc
soutlieru scctions of tlio two schools
unitcd, forming tho " Southcrn 1'rcsbytcri
nn Church of the Unitcd Statcs." In 1870
tho Northern Bections of tho Old nnd New
Schools unitcd, forming tho Cliurch whosc
nsscmbly is now ln session nt Baltimore,
and whlch comprlscH thirty-flve synods,
coniposcd of onc hundrcd nnd slxty Prcs-
bytcrics.liavlng under thcir care,4,4-ll mln
iRtcrs, 4,730 churchcs and 408,104 com-
Our nclglibor, in a flt of disagrecablc nicd-
dlcsomcness, wants the constltutlon of tho
stnto changcd. IIo does not flnd any p:rtlcu
hir fnult with It. IIo only wants lt inadomoro
convcnicnt to nltcr, bo that ln cnso fnult
should hcrcnftcr bo found lt could !c soon
! corrccted. But tho Oi.onn tliinks tiic
Coustitution nnd tlic nrrangcmcnts for lts
nnicndment nrc good cnougli. Tho Stato
Constltutlon hns a mouldy nppearaucc, ns
nnythlng would havo that had lahi llkc a
mumniy cmbalmcil lictwccn book covcrs
for nearly n round hundrcd ycars. It
strlltes us oddly, to bo sure, to bo Bolcninly
nssuml In tho inanncr of a vcry nncicnt
grnndfathcr hmklng down on us ljcnlgnant
ly through the hugo round epectnclcs of
tliolast century, that wo shnll notborc
talued ns tlavcs nftcr twcnty-flvo , nny of
us, or our wlvcs or dauglitcrs after tho ngo
ofcightecn, cvcn if woranio "lromovcr
sca." Tho blcsscd old constltutlon hns not
heard of tho lato "crucl war," nor of tho
lnovcmcntB by whlch long beforo our grcat
clvll strlfo slavcry was swcpt clcan from
all tho hills and vnllcys of Now Kngland.
' It sounda oddly ln theso thnca of golng
to nnd fro ln undnmmcd nnd unimpcdcd
streania of cmlgrntlon, to rcad tho fatherly
pcnnlBsloii, allowlng to nll peoplo tho
"rlght to enilgrnto from ono Btnto to nn
othcr that wlll recelvo them."
Wo percclve Bomcthlng nbout Iinprlson
ment for debt In tho old text, but It hns
gono tho wny of mortnl tldngs moro llinn n
thlrd of a century.
Wo havo long slnco past nny nccesalty
for n provision to rcgulato cntails, or tho
timo for prohlbitlng tho forfcituro of a su
lcido's cstato, or tho forfelturo of articles
occasionlng accldentnl dcath. Tho latter
rcllc, If ln forco now would causo tho
loss of many a locomotlvo whccl nnd car
Thero la n etarchcd morality nlwnit tho
In Satunlay'a papcr n rorrcspondcnt over
tlic pscudonyni of "Conimcrcc," wrolc iw
Btrong artlclcon "monoponvs," lmtthcrc
in nsumed positions, somo of whlch wo
rcii.inl as indcfcnsiblc. Tho assortion that
c.xcluslvc pilvilcgcs and hunian rights nre
nt natural cnniity with eacli othcr, and
wlicrc thc firr-t obtaln the last aro liablo to
sulTer," is to bc taken with morc grains of
nllowancc than nppcar on tho fncc of tho
statcmcnt, wliatcvcr may havo bccn tho ln-
tcntion of tho author. A patent to thc In
vcnlor of n niechiinlcal iniprovcment is an
cxclusivc privilcgc," yet it is so far from
bcing nt cnniity with hunian rights, that
thc best intcrcsls of thc publlc aro scrvcd
by liolding out n monopoly as tho rcward
to the inventor for cudgcling hia brnins and
of tcn rcduchig himscl f to povcrty taking
hcavy risks bccauso tho induccmcnts are
strong. Tho author of n book must havo
a monopoly in lts proflts or nn inducement
to Beverc mcntnl labor is lost. Many riv
crs rc((iiiro ferrics wlicro but ono can be
Biipportcd. Thc publicconvenicncedcniands
that a monopoly shnll bo givcn to Bonic
pcrson ho wlll cttablish n fcrry. If n
nian bullds n iuill on nstrcam of wntcr, and
nccds it nll to run his machincry thc law
glvcs hln'i with his rlght to a mill cltc a
monopoly in tho wnlcr llowing from nbove
his dam.
Tho cascs supposcd by 'Comniercc," iii
whlch n monopoly is inwgmed to bo givc"
to dcalcrs ln mcat, shocs, cotton cloi"
groccrlcs would lic.Hlustrntloiis ot cascs in
whlch monopolicn would contlict with tho
publlc good, and in buch casc, by tlic tcst
wc apply, thcy would bc inndnilssiblc. Wo
wnnt propcr tliinga in jiropcr placcs. A
slaughtcr-liouso ia uscful, but wc don't
want it in tho publlc squarc. A church ia
good in ita placc, but wo aio not prcpared
to bcc that the publlc intercsts would bo
Biibi'ei'vcd at prcbcnt by placing onc on thc
Bummit of Bnld Mountnin.
Tho hlgh tnrilTs on rallroads bctwccn tho
east and west result from monopolies j but
thc monopolies aie not bo niuch tho crca
turcs of law as of tho concftitrations of
cnpital, nud thc inndequacy of rallroads to
tcrvo tho commcrcial neixls of bo hroad an
cxtcnt ot country. That rallroads cxcrt
too mucli powcr, that thcy intcrtcro too
niuch in lcglslatlon, thnt thcy carry lcgisla-
tors, judges, lawycrs and ncwspapers too
numcrously lu thelr brccches pockcts, nnd
gnnoto thcni if thcy nttcnipt to spcak, aro
notnblc and Bhnmcful fncts, but tho rcmcdy
Ia not clcar untll lt bo asccrtained whcro
thc powcr nnd tho mcans IIo to control all
tbewj lnvnfelons of tho people's rights. Tho
powcr of railroada looms up tlll it casts n
shndow over tho whole land. Wo do not
know wlicrc, ln our blindncss, to placo our
handstoilght ouiR'lves. If wo tttm to
congicss. thc Bpcctre of Oakcs Amcs ia
bccii forbldding us to cntcr thcro nnd hopa
to flnd justlcc. If wo turn to stato lcglsln.
turcs, wo flnd ln Illlnols, whcru tho only
wgorous populnr stand agalnst rallroad cx
tortlons lias bcen taken, tliat thc judges nrc
sald to flnd tlic Btato powera havo bcen
unduly strctchcd ngalust tho rallroads.
Our corrcspondcnt is cntlrely corrcct ln
nssiunlng thnt Ycrniont nnd Rutland county
nccd chcap frcights for carrylng away mnr.
blo and Bl.ito and bringlng in food, fucl and
othcr nccessarics ; thnt wo should havo
moro rallroads' in the statc, and partlcularly
moro to our quairlcs'; that thcro ls tlio
Banie ncccsslty hcro as In the west for com-
pijflng lincB nnd chcapcr frcights j nnd that
wo must look to Intclllgcnt lcglslatlvo BU'
pcrvislon of frclght nnd jiasscnger ratcs.
Jn sliort, wo must innl;o coininon causo
witii tho grangcs of tlio west. Tlio fnrmcrs
nnd busincss nicn of tho country must
nrousc. bomo wny wlll Iki found to con-
trol rallroads If wo kecp dlgglng for it. It
wlll bo found cithcr ln congicss or tlio ln,
dlvldual statcs. Thero may Ikj many mls.
takcs, but trlumph wlll como nt last, for
tmth"and tho pcoplo aro mlghty nnd wlll
In nll wo havo snld, thcro ls no woril
rlghtfully to Ijo construcd ngalnst rnllroads.
On tho contrary wo, Uko our corrcspond.
cnt, "Comniercc," wnnt moro of tlicm, nnd
desiro thnt they Ijo controllcd bo ns to In'
crcaso thcir uscfulness to tho pcoplo.
more tlian the estlm.itcs for tlic cntiro
Tlicn wo had n grand patrlotlc coinmia
Bion to rcprcsent tlio honor nnd dlgnlty ot
tlio Unitcd Statcs at Vlcnna. Thcy pcd
dled out rights to kcep rcslauranls, nnd dld
othcr little mcanncsses for whlch tlcii. Vnu
Uuron nnd his trlhe hnve bccn callcd homc
ln dlsgrace.
llut whcn wo cnmo to rcal bcncvolcnce
nnd tho cducatloii of tho rlsing gciieratlon,
wo hnd'rcason to cxpcct that cvcrytliing
must go sqiiarcly nnd honcstly. Mr. Mc
Oulro has madc n epcech ln tlio New York
Asscnibly, clinrglng thnt K.r.i Corucll
klllcd over m many blrds wltli onu blono
In that mattcr. IIo g.ivo tlic land to tlio
Unlvcrslty on whlch lt was bullt, got his
namo mado hnmortal by nttachlng it to tlio
Unlvcrslty, nnd mado grcat Mtius of inoncy
out of thc opportunlty for n spcculatlon
conncctcd thcrowltli.
Tlio liislory of tlio mattcr ns statrd by
Mr. McOuirc will bo ueful forits gcneral
lufonnation, If tho partlculnt chargcs
should not bo swtaiued. Tiial hitnry in
substaiifc ls thnt lu 181M (.'ongitw don.itcd
to thc scvcrnl statcs qiiuilllies of land
tlihtccii lliousjnd acros for raich yenitor
nnd rcprcscnlatlvc to v.hlcli oach Stato wns
cntitlcd. Whllo thls g.ivo to Vermont fV
000 acrcs, whlch land w,n lnvctcd ln
Unitcd Statcs bonds for tho suppoitof hcr
ngricultui-.il oolli'gp. New York was not k
honcstly sencd, lf wc m.iy bcllcm Mr. Mc
Guhc. Now Yoik's sliaro wns Dim.OOO
acrcs. The statr livialatuic nci-cptcil ttic
graut, agicclng in (ho nct of ai'i cptiiuci' to
lncst llio monry, iicpnnlhig lo thc ti'l'Ilis ot
tlic nct, lu stocks of tlic Unitcd Stalci, or
of somo statc, and to kecp thc prhHpal
inviol.ito forcvcr. In 181.1, llio lcg!l.iturc
of New York creatcd tho Corucll Unlvcr
slty upon conditlon that Mr. Corncll Bliould
pay to tho Gcncsco Collcgo .2o,000, nnd
furnlsh n ccrtiflcato tliat Corncll Unlvcr
slty had n fund of $!i00,000. Thls ccrtifl
cato was obtalncd from tlio treasiircr of thc
Unlvcrsity upon thc flllng of a bond for that
amount payablo In tcn ycars, sccurcd ny
iJ7.r,0,000 of Wcstcrn Union Btock. Upon
thc trcasurcr'a certlflcatc thc wholo fund of
ncarlva mllllon ncrcs ofl.ind was turncd
over to Mr; Corncll, wlthout his having In
vcsted a dollar of money cxcept tho $25,
000 pald to llio Gcnescc Collcgc, nnd the
ncxt lcgislaluio rcturncd that to luin.
Scvcn ycara havo passcd, and nll the
Statc has to show for tlic land is n personal
bond of Mr. Corncll for $200,000, nnd
Bomc Bufl'alo bonds, statc stocks, nud oth
cr propcrly amountlng to a fcw hundrcd
dollars over four hundrcd thousand or slx
hundrcd thousand dollars. Whlch of thcse
lattcr Bimis is not entircly clear from 3Ir.
McGulrc's manncr of statcmcnt.
Tlicse facts or prctendcd facta wcrc statcd
by Mr. McGuiro in a spccch oppoMiig a bill
to givc up to Mr. Corncll his personal
bond for $200,000, nnd to accept In lts
placc, not Btocks of a statc or of the Unitcd
Statcs, but contracts ho had madc out west
for thc salo of 400,000 ncrcs of Jhc lands.
Tlio projcct of Mr. Corncll, according to
Mr. McGulrc.is to trado ofT to thc lcgislaturo
for his personal bonds, contracts whlch hc
holds for salcs of 400,000 acrcs of poor
land, lcaving ln his hands 400,000 ncrcs of
white pino lands in Minnesota nnd Wiscon
sin, worth $00 nn ncrc, or $24,000,000.
In 1803 Mr. Corncll procurcd thc pas
sagoofa law through tlio legislaturc for
the incorporalion of a company to dcdop
industry. Into lliis conmany lil dcslgn ls
to put thls 400,000 acrcs nt $B nn acrc.
Tho company to devclop, if wo un
derstand the drift of Mr. McGuiic's nrgu
ment, would pay d' 'f Nto" York
tho $2 000,00" whlch that amonnt of land
would ctfrcSat0 at !5'5 nn acrci lcaving
lyoiiicbody," probably mcaning 31 r. Cor
ncll, to clear $22,000,000 on thc land which
was lntcnded to cducate thc rislng gcncra-
tion. If this ls truc, thc case isworpc than
Twccd's, for lt ls dcfrauding children of
thcir right to cducatloii. In tho company
to devclop Industry, 3Ir. Corncll is tlio
principal stocklioldcr, nnd somo of his fam-
ly thc balanco of tho slockholders.
3Ir. 3IcGuiro closed by dcniamling that
3Ir. Corncll and his accounts bc Invcstiga-
3Ir. Corncll reipoud'j by dcniandlug an
A corrcspondcnt of the Trlbune undcr-
takes to explaln for 3lr. Conu'U, but the
dcfcnsc is weak.
too plalnly provcn susccpliblllty to Wbory rc wnce to tho pulplt, to law nnd to medi
bythe mcn whosc Bunnoscd tmriljr had olnc. Thcv ncvcr tiroDosed to bc mit on
lnauo tlicm our pcttcd ldols. "Jlcnrv nn-
Bwercth nll thlngs," aald Solomon. jtrnn,
nt lcast, shnpo lcglslatlon, na wo ktt to
oureost. Oakcs Amcs know thlsjor ho
would not havc uscd it, as lio dld.
Tliat somo of ttiogrc.it rallroadof tho
country-cicatuics of lcglslatloii--nrfl bc
comlngso powcrfulns to lnrgcly aiul cor
miitly inlluenco lcglslatlon, Is tlicrefore, wo
considcr, wcll known. It Is bclicveil, too,
that thcir bribo money nnd patronngc havc,
ln somo histnnccs-wc hojio but fcw-soll-ed
tho ciinlno ot juillcl.il Intcgrity. And
should thcso fountnlns o( law nnd justlcc
bccomo wldtly corruptcd, tho con.lltlon of
our country wlll bo dcplornblo, boymiil tho
powcr of langungo to tcll. Grcat, Irrcspon
Blblo corporntions, wlll rulo us nnd bgconio
our ruln. Coinbinlng nnd ncllng ln Co
cert, they wlll hold tho prlco of cvcry
man's farni nnd shop ns wcll ta food nnd
fucl, ln thcir excluslvo control. And lt Is
bccnuso of thcir oxtortlons now. thnt corn
nccdcd for food for man nnd bcast in thc
Atlantic Statcs ls buriicd for fucl In Iowa
nnd llllnois. Thls crushlng monopoly can
only bo prcvcntcd by honcBt nnd Inuilt-
gent lcglslatlvo supcrvislon over frclght and
passcngcr ratcs, nud by opcning up new
nml clllcient cimpcllng llncs from east to
w est,
fo como dlrcctly bomc, Vermont, mul
cspecially Itntland county, need to-Uy,
nnd wlll need for nll timc, chcap frcights.
Wo havo immciisc quantltics of marblorma
slato to scll. and wc hao a vcry ronsldcra.
blo portlon of our food nnd fucl, as wcll ni
many other thlngs to buy. And wc sliouii
not bo placcd nt tho mcrcy of ono or two
lnllioiuls, nor bo conflncd to ono modc (jf
tr.insporlntlon, to tako toillstant markela
what wc aro glad to scll, nud brlng toour-
sclvcs what wc aro compcllcd to buy, Ia
stead of ono road going to or passlng nor
our principal quarric, wo sliould havo wr
ernl, nnd instcid of dcpcnding nlonc nn
Iron ralls nnd whccls, wo should havo our
canal and canal boats to ald us ln our greit
3Ionopolics arc n dangcroti3 power, cvcn
whcn wieldcd by mcn wlio, as individuah,
would wlsh to do rl;lit. For tlie mcn wlio
pull thc wircs of corporntions iu presi.
dcnts, dircctors nnd supcrintcndcnts, will
oftcn flnd cxciise to do acts of Injustlre,
whlch as individuals thcy would Miuddcr to
contemplate. Thcy Bomeiiow dlvcst tlicm
sclvcs of tho idca of n personal nml lmlivld-
ual accountabilil', nnd so tho saying tliat
" coriiorallons havc no bodics to bo klcUed
or souls to bo damncd," has passcd Into
iuovcib. All powcr in hunian hainls Is
liable to bo abuscd, cspecially Whcn theln.
dlvldual is ignored, nnd might hidcs safcly
bchlnd tho hugo walls of " corporate
rights." Tliough creatcd, Indeed, ostcnsl-
bly for tlio mblic grxid, monopolies bc
como not unfrcqucntly a publlc evil.
Creatcd to devclop nml diffusc wcalth, yet
on cquallty ns to tlio rlght to practlco.
blacksmlthlng, carpcnterlng, or diggl-
We notlco thnt It has appnientb rs(nrca
3Ir. Alkln's nttcntlon that thc ''ght 10 110
hard woik Is alrcady conccil 1 womnn.
Slio may mn n scwlng nuchine, spllt wood,
dlg potatoes, wash nd Iron, ploW nnd hclp
gather harvcsts Ilnving acipiircd hicbc
rights, and bcing long ln tho pcnccable cn-
joymcnt of them, she docs not plno for Thls was when thc lowcr part
ii., i,nv nnv npc-nslnn to clainor for bullding was uscd for an cnglne
n., l,nt mwnnMnl to tho next Btcn LnsWnll during a urnnt proccssion u wns
n,i nv i,. i,n nitnwml lo studv law or nicd- iet on lli'c, whcthcr by tho Orant mcn for n
lclnc, or thcology, nnd practlco It, hoplng bonlhc, or by tho Grcclcy mcn to brcnk up
for nvcraco success with tho mcii,lnnl not tlio proccssion, lias ncvcr occn ucnniiciy
liplnir dlscouraircd wltli a falluro hcro and BCttlcd bctwccn thc two tiartlcs. Tlicre
thcro, Fceing thnt tlio mcn nro not.
uooi A1IV1CK.
Mr. Alkcn concltidcd wltli somo wlso
worda to young mcn. Hc ndvlsed thcni
ngalnst whinlng nbout not bcing apprecl-
atcil. H llicy tlilnk thcy hnvc talcnts, let
tlicm put tlicm to thcir bcst use, fecllm
well nssurcd that tho world ls qulck to dis-
cotvi uiiu iiiipiunu rcai nicra. ir ls so
qulck indeed that lt Boinclhncs nccords un-
.i vlllagc hall, whlch btrncd Brst,
.,'flil bv n dlsimtcd tlllc. It IinI bcm
JSflt by thc vlllagc on rallroad ground, with
Ilon. .1. G. McCulldiigh of C.'allfcirni,,,
6on.In-law of Ilon. T. W l'ark,!" i'xfnfti,i
n contract lo move u nucr n jtamuuuie. nn to tnkc up hm rwldcnce nt I!r,.nin
About thrcc years ngo tho ltutland ltnllroad ton:
nrc cnm i.ni u.i I
piopei i Kuwnii '1
Hlllne 1INH' ln iih-il
lif". Aml 'I . I! !
1 iM .itil', :ni I I U
i I I f'lll (iww.l, .iii 1
nllii hilluiiliUv ii j .
1 ll .))!
Company gnve thc requlrcd notlcc, but the
vlllagc neglcctcd to tako thc bullding nway,
Blnce whlch timc llio rallroad has claimcd
lt, nnd would not nllow It to be tom down
or tnovcd. It has long bccn rcgardeil ns n
nulsanco. It caught flro from a stcamcr's
Bparks oncc, nnd llko lo havo buriicd up.
ot liie
bcing nbout tcn thousand mcn prcscnt, nnd
the llrcnicn working, it wns snved, but wns
bo charred Insldc ns to lcave o mcre shcll,
hardly good cnough for klndling wood,
whcn tho naiis aio taken Into consldcra-tlon.
Thc little biiildingndjolnhig, nlso on rall
road ground, wns crcctcd by Dr. Allcn for
un olllcc, nnd wns latterly occupicd by Dr.
Goldsnilth, wlio canio to thc sccnc of the
deservcd prnlso to hunibugs-nnd woodcn eonllagratlon Saturday nlght with that dc-
Idols. In bucIi casca thcre nro nccdcd mcn
with thc courage of Danlcl, toBay : "Tlicsc
bc no gods, nml I will not worship tlicm."
Thcro la n klnd of curo whlch conslsts in
poundlng tho body, tho Bloniach, tho bnck,
tlio abdomcn nnd sidcs. If a young man
Btarts ln lifo with inordinate Bclf-eoncclt,
the world will obscrvo It nnd tlicnco lio Is
brought into a licalthy conditlon.
liie young man who clahus thc posscs-
Bion of tnlcnt or genius, sliould provo it by
tlio royal seal of dccp tliought and good
A G'O.M-I.AIilt.VriO.-V.
Tlli: (11,1) VII.l.AdK IIAI.I, MtliNKII.
Somu t'icry llvinliiKrviirfs.
Slccplng pcoplo wcro rouscd Saturday
nlght or Sundny mornlng by tho cry of
"Firc!" Slecpy heads wcro prcsentcd nt
windowfl. Somo pcrsons in tlic strcct weie
runnlng, othcrs wnlking, nnd othcra stand-
Ing nlioutj This Bccmcd ratlicr cool for n
flre, nnd tho slecpy lookcrs-on went to bcd
resolvcd to complaln of thc pollco through
the ncwspapers for tolcrating noisy sounda
In the strect alarnilngly llko the cry of flrc.
Thcn thcro was a ytil of "Fi-cr !" which
was probably somo lnorelarking, for slecpy
eycs agam ai uic winilow could not pcr
cclve that thc pcrson who orighiated thls lmd mado thc tour of Pcnnsylvania, biiiii
llbcrntlon nnd phllosophtcnl rcslgnatlon
whlch mnrkcd the movcnicnts of nll con
ccrncd on that occaslon.
iVdjolnlng thc doctor's olllcc, under the
sanic roof, was a tool housc of thc rallroad
company, from whlcli bcddiuii. ito.. w i-m
rcBcucd enrly ln the progrcss ot the fiie.
Ncar to this was a rallroad bullding ot
Bomc value, nml n lot of lumber. Thc llrc
nicn savcd most of tho lumber, nnd nllowcd
the liro to mako no mark on the rallroad
bullding bcyond drawing to the surface a
go(nl dcal of turpentlnc.
Ol'l! FIIlEMr.S.
Tlic fueinen nro not tobo judgcd by thcir
apparcnt imlifferenco to tlic burning of
tlicse nuisanccfl, cspecially as thcy had bccn
scolded for putilng out tho Vlllagc Ilall
last fall. There nre no bcttcr fircmen in
the country. If nny thing worth savlng
sliould gct allre lt would doubtlcss be Bcen
that thelr work would bo donc ns gallantly
ns whcn thcy savcd the Centrnl llouso last
otiiki: FIIIES,
About eight ycai-s ago there camc Into
this village n llnc looking man nanicd Piper,
but who ralled himself O. B. Clark. IIo
had a picparatlon for taking thc dcnoinina
tlon from a b.mk noto so clcan ns to lcavc
no tracc. Hc said hc had bccn offcicd
$150,000 for lt. IIo was execcdingly sharp,
but not Bmai t cnough to lake tlio inoncy
and kecp out of thc pcnltentlary. IIc
""I' !. H. Giiloa of Bennington, who i.
ln ill heaiu,, 9 to spcml the coniin" "iiii
mcr ln Pcinyvili,la.
C'apt. Ii. S. ShurtlllT of tl- war Klc uncr
Bache, whlch U stntinncd off thc South
Caiollna coast, on eoast duly, is spcndln.T
nfcwdays with hlnbrolhi r. .lolinT. Shurt
lllT, Usi., at Bennington.
ltev. K. II. Cnnflcld, 1). 1),, .r Ail'mg
ton, pieachcd his flrst scrmnn n icruir of
St. John'H Church. North Adam, an 8un
day last.
llev. Ii. B. Illhb.ird, formerly of (Vnf
lou, Vt., Is lo dcllvcr tho nddrcm on I)r.
oratlon dav at South Adnnis. Mnss.
Gcn. Burnsldc is to lc picsent nt thc
Decoiatlon day cerenioiiies nt Athcl,
ltcv. A. h. Park, a brolher of Ilon. T.
W. Paik of Bcnnlnglon, ia nojnurnliig in
thc lloly hand.
K. lt. Ilall, Kq., formerly of Shclliiirn.
ls county clcrk of .lefforson county, Tcn-
Hon. Justin S. Moirill wllldclivcr tlic ad
css bcfoic thc lllerary socictlcs of the
;ricultural Collcgc of Amhcrst C'ollcg'',
nt thc ncxt connnciiccnicnt.
J. W. Chmcliltl tli nUtmt Fi'inajon
n Troy, N. Y. IIc joiucd the Iodge at
Vergennes, Fob. 1 1, 181!.
t Iiimi '
I Mi.
lh l ,
IMl I.,
i HI I i 1
I Ii .1
i'Ui- h
1 ' l"JI .
I' l.i
.1 1 Nl
; Ii l
mill in,
lo -'ll
I I,
li in,
i Mr
hi 1
li,i I
Iii hi
nl W
Bound wns doing nnythlng nbout it. After
awiiilo thcro wns tlio rattlc of tlic hosc car
riago hcils, and tho lioso carriago pauscd
in liie Bticct opiiositc tho Bardwell llouse,
and pondered a long timo, ns if in doubt
whcthcr tlicro was n firc or not. Somebody
umicrtnoworKingsoi u.ormg, uicy oi- u ,... ol(, , .,. (lf
ira-, i
ir.iiA coitMu.r,.
Wo do havo n hard timo with our publlc
trusts. 'llicro was tho Ilrooklyn bridgo.
Thcro stood at tho heatl ot that entcrpriso
ilr. itocbllng, n distingulshcil englncer.
But whllo ho, os It has Becmed, performed
his dutlcs satisfactorlly, thero was a sort of
flfth whccl callcd a Bupcrlntciulent, nnd up
to dnto tho towers of tho bridgo havo cost
Wrlttcn tiir tho Olotic,
"Otlier selllshness may bo ns Intensi', liut
nono ls so unulushlng, becaiKO nono ls so mucli
tolcratcd as tliat ot n inonoiKilkt clalmln'n
vealed inUrett ln n'publlo tnjury. Sentor's Lcc
turcs on rubllo Economy.
As a mattcr of temporary policy, mono
polies may Bonictimes, pcrhaps, bo propcr
ly authorizcd by honest and Intclllgcnt law
givcrs. But tho rulo for wiso and just
lcglslatlon is that ot uou-Interfcrcncc with
tho industry nnd entcrpilso of tho peojilo,
and whllo giving cipial protcctlon to all,
granting cxclusivc favoi-s to nono. Indeed,
It requlrca no nrgumcnt to show that mon
opolies in trafllc or commcicc, or ln tho or-
dlnary mcans whlch thcy must eniploy ln
thelr pursults, aro nntngonlstlc to tho com
mcn rights of a common humanity. Thcy
certalnly nro not dcmoeratic in principlc.
llnthcr, they rcst on tho nristocratic basia;
tho bcncflt of tho few, n clxss, nt the cx.
pcnso of tlio mniiy.
Such hnvo bccn thonbuses of monopolica
In tho past, It Is now couccdcd on nll hands
that nono should Iki grantcd hcrcnftcr by
law, unlcss always opcn to scrutlny, nnd
subjcct to any subscipicnt lcglslatlon, of
rcpeal or amcndnicnt, whlcli futuro oxpe
rienco or thcir mlslichavlor may suggcst as
propcr to protcct tlio publlc from iniposl.
tlon. But, ns thcy aro foundcd on n had
principlc, thcy should bo dlscourngcd in n
republlcnn communlty. Nor can thc prcs
cnt Inercaslng jealousy of tho jicoplo to-
wnrda ovcrgrown and grnsplng monopolies
bo regnrded ln nny othcr llght tlian that of
n wcll founded convlctlon on thcir part,
that excluslvo prlvilcgca nud hunian rights
nro at natural cnniity with cacli othcr, nnd
whcro tho (IrBt obtaln, tho last nro llablo to
What ls ono of tho grcat quc&tions of to
day ? Surcly tho coloesal corporatlona of
tho country, with tliclr "vesteii rignta,
thcir powcr, thcir disposltion nnd habit to
control both Btato and natlonal lcglslatlon
ln tholr lntcrests nnd to Bccuro Immunlty to
thcmsclvcs ln thelr rapacloua BelfishncBS.
Thls stato ot thlngs ls propcrly nrrcstlng
tho nttentlon of many thoughtful mcn. It
Isa qucstlon that wlll not down withonta
hcaring. It was to provcnt "hostllo lcgls
lailon" to a mouoioly that Oakcs Amcs, as
n dlrcctor Intho Paclllo Itallroad, dlsburscd
his "Crcdlt 3Iobillcr" Btock whcro lt
would "do tlio most good," nnd many
hands, tliought tobo clcan, bccamo Binearcd
with thls pltch of dcfilcmcnt, nnd n grcat
natlonal shamo camo upon us, through tho
(pn i,ni'nU'7R Indiistrv. and draw tho hnri
caincd money of thoso who do tho worlds,
work into thc coffera of tho Fisks, Drcws,
Goulds, Scottsnnd Vnndcrbilts of tho timc'
Labor toils and swcats- (radc buys and
sclls the furnaco fircs glow and melt thc
quarryman drills nnd blasts thcmlncr, far
down in tho bowels ot tho carth, plcks and
shovels tho fanner plows nnd hoes, aad
wcalth ia tlic result; and yet tlio lioa's
fclinro of thc pmflts of all thls toil goc.i into
tlic pockcts ot tho fcw !
Would It be n good plan (let tii ask in
conclusion) to iuo only ono man to bcII at
l.is own prico all tho butchcrs' meat for
Htitlnnd ? Onc man to scll us nt hia own
llgurcs nll our groccrlcs? Ono man to fcil
nll thc shocs wo nccd on his own tcrms,
nnd anolhcr to furnlsh nt his own prico all
tlio cotton cloth wc want ? And yet such
monopolies aro just as right ln principlc,
nnd far lcss evil In practlco tlian many
othcrs cstablUicd ostcnslbly for the public
good, but rcally for privato bcnefit, nt thc'
expcnsc of that pcoplo by whosc authoritr
thcy cxist, and who havo only to spcak tb
word and thcy perish forcvcr.
Our conclusion ia tliat monopolies w
autl-dcniocratie in pi inciplc, dangerous
tho rights of tho pcoplc, nnd should
pparingly nuthorizcu by law, and whiu
so authorized, should bc subjcct to perpK-
..-i .. .. li.i 1 .i.
ual ui;iiiib ui itiiuouiuituiuii uuiinrtf,
as thc publlc good rcquiros.
Merchants' Ilow and Washington Strcct,
orposlto tho Bardwell Itousc. Still the
losccarriage stood and pondcrcd. Thcn
hc steanicr arrived and pauscd and smokcd
aid pondered. The old housc grcw rcd in
tie windows nnd smokcd. After awhilc
tio sttnnicr Btarted leisurcly up thc strcct,
Pfcokingand pondcring, nnd travcling wltli
Illic nlacrity of a hcarsc. Two mcn stood
'ly the bunilng houso llko tho boy who
I 'stoiHl on the burning deck." Ono lcant
'agalnft tho door nml tlio othcr had his
hands ln his pockcts. Thcy convcrw.ii
till thc IMmes lcgaii to burst out thc
roof nnd through the windows, wlicn tliey
Ing away $G0,000, nml nll his forgcd papcr
picked up after hhn. Bankei-awcio not
honest cnough to prosccutc him. They
took part ot thc inoncy baek and gave Iilm
the balanco nnd the evldcnco of his
foigcrics. But hc found sterncr irtue in
Vermont, llewcnt through thc ltutland
County bank for tcvcn or eight thousand
dollars, besidcs taking in evcry bank from
Buillngton to Bellows Falls. Tho Ver-
lnont bankcis had hinl arrcsted in WiscoiiMn
about thrco ycara afterward. IIo was
brought herc, tiicd and scnt to thc Stato
prison nt Windsor, wlicrc hc is now spcnd
ing ten ycars.
Whllo Clark was in jail awalting tnal,
fircs befflin to brcak out in tlic village. A
lcttcr was picked up in the strcct nnnounc
ing that n firc would occur cvcry nlncty
OitVH 1111 l.u w.m lonw.l. 1I. Uillti 1
promlsc about n ycar nnd thcn bcgan to do
moro than hc ugrccd. A fire took place
lio nillllitr)- Iti iiiilons n( A;v IBa-
Tho leunions of tlic nnny ctcnms at
cw linu'ii, wlucli BUlislanlialty cliwil
Wcdncsday, wcrc BUpplcmcnlcd Thui-wl.iy
by n grand parado of lnllitary companics
nnd n icvicw on thc Giccn by l'residcnt
Grant. Vicc Picsidcnt Wllson, Gcn. Slicr
man, Gcn. Shcildan nnd othcr dlstinguislicd
lllccis attending thc rcunions also paitlti-
liatcd, nnd tlic spcrtaclc wns n vcry fine onc.
no city wns iiirongcu wun pcniiic, tlio
ubllc schools wcrc closcd, nnd tiie diiy wns
gcncnit liolidny.
lhc natlonal convcntlon ol tlic Ur.md
Arinvof the llenublie continucd lts M'ssions
nnd comph'tcd lts busincss ThuiMlay. Thc
loliowing olllcers wcrc eicricd : L onimami-
i-ln-cliiet, tico. I liaiics Dcvcnsol jlassa-
husetts : Bonior vicc eouuuandcr, Coinrado
(.lablo ot rcw .lcrscy: jinilor vlce com
mander, Coinrado Fenruson of Wlsconsin
surgeon-ln-chlcf, C'oinradc Powcr of New
lork: cliaiilain-in-clilel. t omrailc Aiurus-
tui Woodbury or lthodo Island ; rouiuil of
ndnihiMratlon, ('oinrailes Georgc I,. lic.il
t .Mnlnc. i i lllutii rill .Mom's ol jscw
Ilanisphiic, .1. II. Gouldim; nf Vermont.
Wllllam Coggswell of 3Iassuiitielts. II.
iav Trunibull of Connecticut, lrvln .Mct
nll ot lthode Island, llcnrv A. liirmnu
of New lork. Itichard II. I.cc of New
lcrscy, lloliert Ij. Orr ot rcnnsvlvania,
Wllllain Thatcherof Vhginia. T. I.ulicyof
(itomae, C. G. liusscll of Oliio. Jolin JIc
Aithur ot llllnois, Gcorge W. Norlliruii of
KenlucKV, ueorgc A. Ilanatoid ol Iscon.
sin, Jnnies licorgc ot .liinuesntn, .laincs
Locyot (. nlilornia, b. Ii. (li'alton ol Jex
ns. Gcn. Dcvens mado nn tioqiient spccch,
ncccpting lhciosition to wliicli hc had bccn
lccled. A new lorin ot inuiai scrvicc,
ccommcmled by tlio dcnarlnicnt of 3Iass.v
chusctts, was ndopteil, nnd new dcviccs for
ladgcs ol dcpartincnt olllcers nnd poft
All liie rcunions of ncxt ycar nic to be
icld at Jlnrrisimrg, I'a.
rctircil, and nt tho samc timo tlic hoso car- evcry Saturday nlght for forty-six wecks,
lagc, whlch had dis.ippeared in tlic gloom,
followins off tlie enginc, rcturncd, unwlnd-
ing its coils, nnd began to play on thc
housc. liut soon tho bullding was Bcamcd
from to; to bottom with fiery gaps like
blazins crochet work. It was made up of
n compound of tlanics and glowing coals,
trarlng thc archltccturo with white and rcd
At ono timo llrea wero startcd slmultane-
otisly in tlirco dlffercntpartsof tho village,
nud nierchnnts instcad of alding in putting
tlicm out, rushcd to thelr own Btorcs, not
knowing wlicrc tho next fifO would nppcar.
Pcddlcrs grcw afraid to stop here, and
niiulo a point of passlng on to Wcbt llut
land. Tho village becamc widcly notcd
litics, whilc llamcs, Bparks and nnoko rosc for its flrcs.
in volnmes high in thc nir, nml sprcad as Citizcns fornicd patrola with n quasi
gcutly as thcy could in tho still nir townrds military commamlcr for cach ward, who
tho Bardwell Housc. It was too lato to
savo tho old villaco hall. wiioso roof iu n
Bhort timo bcgan to fall ln, but Dr. Gold-
smith's ofllce had taken firc, nnd n power-
ful 6trcam was turncd on lt. Anotherhoso
was brought, whlch ovcrdid itself nml
burst. Tho locomotlvcs Bcrcnmcd long and
loudly as if thcy felt a personal inteicst in ashcs.
had a rostcr with tho nainca of propetty
owncrs, nnd lt wns (pilto conimon to sco n
govcrnor on his rcgular bcat. 3lcn slcpt
by thelr boots and othcr raiment, not
knowing when thcy might bc callcd to at
tcnd a firc. In spltc of all efforts and prc
cautlons, many buildings w cie reduccd to
lEt'V. V L. Alkcit'N Scrmoii.
Itov. W. P. Alkcn iircaehcd in tlio 3Icth.
odist Church, on Sunday mornlng, and ns
his Bcrmon had somo practleal bcaringa on
soclal problcms of tho day, we givc an nb
etract of portlons of his rcmarks.
Thegospclwns preachcd to tho jioor.
Tlicro exlsted prevlously to tho advent of
Christ crroncous idcas in tlio cquallty of hu
manity. Tlio Homan cmpcrors, tho pa.
tricians, the noblo ladics of Bomc, wntchcd
combats bctwccn slavcs und wild heasts,
anxlous to bco llmbs torn nsundcr. What
mnttcr lf u few gladiators wcro dcstroycd?
llomo liad plcnty of jioor. 3toro gladifi'
tors would rcplaco tho loss. liut Christ
appcarcd with hia credcntlals from thc
skles and proclaluicd that In his humanity
the slavo was tho cqual of tho cmpcror.j
Whcn thnt camo to bo undcrstood tho slavo
was clovated abovo tho scalo by whlch hc
had bccn rated as only food for wild hcasts.
3Ir. Alkcn might havo cxtcndcd tho lcs.
Bon to modcrn tlmcs. Away out in thc
wcstcrn mountnlns n little band of Indians
ia bcing purbiied by a largo numher of sol
dlcrs, not to 1j eapturcd or put ln a posl
tlon to do no moro harm ; not to bo trlcd
nnd tho gullty hnngcd, nnd tho acccssorici
sent to tho penltcntlnry, not nt nll to pun
lsh them for crhnes, but to Ikj butchcred hj
order of tho head of a Christian natlon, m
Indians, too low lu tho Bcalo of humanltj
to Ikj punlslicd aa whllo mcn would lio fo'
tho Banio crhncfl. Ilow mucli bcttcr nn
wo than tho llonians ? Thcy BCt wild bcasti
to tear to plcccs slavcs bclonglng to othcr
rnecs. Wo Bct our Boldlers to hack to plccw
ireo mcn bclonglng to anothcr raco.
Mr. Alkcn dld not clalm that thcro Bhoull
ho Boclnl cquallty. Tliat would result la
stagnatlon. No mill whccl could turn If It
wcro Bct rdongsldo n Btrcam standini;
Thcro nro plcnty of pcoplo rcady to pull
down. But tho cquallty to bo sought U
not ln rcducing cvcry man to tlto conditlon
of n vagrant or liegear. but ln ralshn? m,
thoso who aro down, whllo rccognlrJng U
hlnd tho covcrlngs of rags or royal robcs
ono dead Icvcl of a common humanltyj a
glft for overy man to bo proud of nnd
uiaiiKiui for.
woman's kiqhts.
3Ir, Alkln ohscrvcd that women who ask
to 1k plnce.1 on un cquallty with man liaro
tho mattcr.
A crowd bcgan to gathcr.which gradual
ly bccamo largc, and afforded thc llrcmcn a
chanco to givc tlicm a sprlnkllng, nt whlcli
thcdry oncs laughcd, and tho wctonca scnt-
tcrcdandhypocriticnlly prctendcd to cnjoy
thojokc. Tho fenco took fire, but tho
tlamcs wcro Btoppcd by pulling away n scc
tion. Thcn tho wholo houso staggcrcd and
A lloston dctectlve was scnt for. Durin
thrco inonths ho Btnid with n btispectcd
Buttcrlly family. IIc ate with them, play
ed poker with thcni, Bchenied with them,
IIc got nll thcir plans. It had bcen ar
ranged to sct flro to tho Centrnl Housc, on
Saturday niglit, and thcy wcro to bo caught
ln tho nct, whcn the incendlarics would
doubtless havo been hangcd on tho spot by
fcll, Bcnding up n grcat gush of flamcs and tho populacej but during a gamo of poker
hcat, followcd by nu cxplosion liko n Binall
quantity ot powdcr among tho rulns.
Threo or four tnuns cnmo In nnd gavo
thcir passcngcrs a chanco to cnjoy tho
spectaclo of tho brllllant lighting up of
ncar objccts and tlio fadlng of tho moro
distant Into dlmncss nnd obscurity,
Whllo tho llamcs wero consumlng tho
roof of tho Doctor's ofllco two mcn cnmc
out nt the door nppnrenlly through the
mldst of tho flrc. Thcy brought tho plgcon
holea of n tlcflk, They rctunicd nnd
cmergcd with tlio balanco of tlio ilcsk.
Thcn anothcr darted ln nnd cnmo out. At
somo personal pcril ho had rcscucd n broom.
Tho doctor'H vnluablo llbrary was next
brought forth. Thcn tho llamcs wcro got
a few nights prcvious, thc dctectlve incau-
tlously nllowcd his shlcld to bo scen. The
old womnn of tho gang sald be must bo
killed, nnd, bringlng n quilt, tlircw it over
hia head, whllo tho rcst poundcd him, mcaii-
Ing to klll hhn ; but hc crawied out, got
Into his slcigli, which wns stnnding at tho
door, and drovo to tho Bardwell housc
Clark had offercd tho dlsrcputablc But
terfllcs $3,500 to tct tho town on flrc. HI
go-betwccn was n boy nanicd Petcr Nairy
cmploycd by tho jallor to work nbout tho
jnll. Tlicro wero tcn of tho incendlarics,
eight of whom wero scnt to tho pcnltcn.
Wc rcvlvo thcso rcnilnlsccncca for thc
under, but burst out agaln, nnd though tho juirposo 0f eautlonlng tho pcoplc of Hut
llrcmcn fought nobly, nono of tho dry
woodcn structure was savcd.
Of coureo It la casy for a man slttlng ln
n hotti window, to crlticlso othcr peoplo nt
work. Ho nnlurnlly wnnls to hurry thcni.
What Bccms to him half an hour may bo
but thrco mlnutes. Timo lllea vcry rapidly
whcn n houso ls on flrc. Tho flrcmen
workcd wcll and marchcd closo up to tho
flro whcn thcy had onco got tho hoso turn.
ed upon It,
When tho Doctor's ofllco llnally got
thoroughly aflro lt buriicd vcry hrlghtly
nnd with n good dcal of crackllng, nnd
was much longcr ln consumlng than tho
land to bo on thelr guard ngalnst Inccndiary
fircs, and to rcsumc Bomcthlngof thelr past
watchfulness. Thcro ls no doubt that tho
flro ot Saturday nlght wna n caso of luccn
dlarisni, na tho villngo hall had not bccn
occunled or used for nbout a year. The
flro probably has cost tho insuranco eoinpa'
nlcs no lcss than two thousand dollars. Tho
rallroatl company lost eight or nlno hundrcd
dollars worth of toola : tho lumlicr was
datnngcd pcrhnps bcvcral hundrcd dollars
and Dr, Goldsmltli will probably loto
thousand dollars. It Is not to 1
presumed that nny ludlvldual took
tho responslblllty ot tlestroying prop-
" 1 . m i .1..I
Vlllago hall. Tho brlghtucas of tho display iy lor n mcro joko. i w o uiousami uoi
wns llttlo Interfered with by tho streains of lar jokes aro ratlicr oxiicnslve, to say notl
.mr. wl.lch Bccmcd to ito cvervwkcro lug nf thc rlsk to whlch othcr propcrty 1
clse tliouehofcoursoan idlo lookcr'-on Is cxposeil. I.ct tho peoplo thcreforo bo on
not cxnccted to coiiiprehend all that ls thelr guard agnlnst n rcnowal of Inccndiary
dono by tho nctlvo workcrs. When tho flrcs
r ,i. II 1,,1 o.il.ol.ln.l II, o
llcrccncBsoiii.u.uuHin .... . - , .... 1,I-Arrgn0Ra. Tho town of I'latts-
Btnndlngparts wero knockcd down, and ,",.,18 ln debt nctuallyand coiv
u.n aiwiw was over. ,unnniiv 20."1.000. havini: nlrendv nali!
w i,vn thrco flro cncincst No. 1, n over $38,000 on tho rallroad iKinds lssued
: . , , r , f to build tlio road to roini oi iiocks.
lmndcilLdllO. Whlch dld not COlllO OUt No. r0,"1,1' ',,LlniH.a of Ibn loun U mnr
2, nnother hand cnglno, whlch had bccn tlmn j,cr ccnt, 0 t10 asscssed vnluo of
i ninpiMi nml was hclne nalntcd t nnd tho rcal and ncrsonnl propcrty of tho wholo
w n atpnmer whlch brouiiht out hcr town. But tho vlllago must pay aliout
No. 3,n Bteamer. wuicii urouy v uuv two-lhlrds of tho wholo Indebtttlncss ot
oldlcather.lcakyhoBO.iiouuuess Duiigm.. tUo tow and tho $180,000 debt for tho
willlng to Boll hcr whlto now rublicr Iiohj W(lter worig; mnklng tho vlllago Indebtcd
with tho luitthig out of n burning nul. ncss nnd Uabllltymver 25 pcr ccnt. ot tho
1 asscssed value ot ino vuiago.
1- i m ut
"K . 'Ill
'.'i li.i' aiiu.
v i h inllli ii ii' ii, i
llll S i i i ,, v,
11111111 liiin-il i h i ,
nll iikii. , ,
llli' I'IImiII mul r I I
lltH llllll.'. is ,,,
II, .lll.l nl llll
niilln.yi,,(.i,t ,,, u. ,,,,,,,, ,
0'."' .',"r.HFui,'," '' i ii
oui a. i iii ni. r (1 tlir j,,
ii, , nul - ,i nll I Ii- jn-.,.,, ,
I II HU' , tinii i oin i 1 1,
1MIIKI' 1IIII .lllll M'1,,,1,,1
Herrn.ir otWui: .nul
iimlwiili llii' nipnivi,i ,,,
einiito . Utr me hi'iii'iii oi uH
CUmlct ul SUcli lHlf-r nul , ,
lnny ln' !' omoil l si (,n tm.ir i
liialluii. Ile sball Im, jkh.i r
ii.in' ot nny nillcli's m. tmi.i, i
MttB, nml slinll rcKiilail iui r. ,r ,
ci'cils llM'n'of, anil slmll -;' . ii uil inni ,
r.ir Uic tiiltliful kecpliiK aui , miiii,;
lniiiii'in iviiu intipi'nj (unniih ' ) him tin
Micli i imiiniiiiUaiit. IIc sli.ill (nkr r, ,i
nmlM' ncanlnr tlic (toihI I'nndui ntn,,
vici.i, iinii dhii Hiiorii'ii un' iianj
liiijor lor nul! wtio,
I'Mtv. nul tiv. nr tnM!
SUl'll IllMil'., UIIC llll Bf'ITL'I lir.) IH 1111 ul.
Iliorl.cil and UInhhmI lo rcnilt, ln part, Hin.
tenccHof surli finvlctM, nnd lo t;lc tln U,
lionoriihLc ri'Htorutlon lu duty ln I'iisi1 tlir
ls invrlteil: nml Iii cnw on) conMi t slialli.
obey tlic lawful ftrdcrs or llio onircn nlle
lirl-uin, or refini' to rin)l wltli tlio ruloi ,
ri-(ftilntlons Ilicri'Of, hc may lic jiluoi'd lu .
Itnry conllnoinoiil, arnl tlic rominanilant nli
ut onee rciKirt tlio case to the Hecn'tnr. of W
MliiiKlinll illroot tlio lnsneotor (o in.ik.' rtlll c.
niiiIiiiiir'iArtitiil repoit tlic mnttcr nt tlu ik i
Inspt-CjViin but ln no casc sliall nnj pri-oncr b
sulijcch"fl to wliliiiliif, liniinlliijf, or tlio carrv
njf oi itoigiiiM lor ino liuriopiU lliscipnno, or
H' (flHMl niiiimn III 1 lli 1,11,
irton tlio ilally Himo ,,t m nl
o, by thelr owslH i. a ,tl
rent'rul If'xid i'onilii' r,,.
Fisii Cri.Trnc Scth Grccn's vcntuio in
the walcis of the Saeramcnto ItWer, C.il.,
has proed succcssful. About two years
ago 3Ir. Green took 10,000 young shad, just
cmcrglng from tho egg, to San Francisco,
uiui Oi'poHlu-il tht'in In thc iqiper waters o
thc rivcr. Thc San Francisco ncwsiiaiicri
coutnin accounts of tho tlrst catch of thoso
flsli. whlch was mado iu thc VnllccoStraits,
The prizoof $50 of tho Callfornla Piscl
cultural bociety lor tlic lli-st tisli caught o
this sneclcs, w'as awarded to "Baltimoi
llarry, a lishcrmau ln thc cinplovmcnt o
ii c.iu i" iiiui;isi;u iisiiiiiir jniii.
Ax Aof.i) Yeumost .Ttinoi:. A few years
Binco .labez Knapi), i-.sq., ot Woixllonl
was summoned ns a pctlt juror in thc
county conrt. 'Whcn tho tlrst panel to
wiueii -ur. ivnapp was callcd liad taken
thcir placcs, nn nttorncy infoni'cd thcpre
sidlng judgc, tho lato ilon. Loyal C. Kel
logg, that Mr. Knapp lackcd only two
ycars of bcing four scoro ycars of nsre.
Jiidiro Kcllogg, in a voico not nbovc his or-
dinary tonc, infonncd tlio juror that hc
was cxcmpi lrom juryuuiy oy rcason ot
hia a."c, nnd quietly nskcd hhn if ho dld
not w lsh to ho excused. Unclo Jnbo said
ho didn't know ns ho carcd to bc. "You
Bccni to hear wcll cnough, how is your cye
slght?" "I tliink I can linc a bcc ns wcll
ns cver I could," was the rcply. Judgo
hcllogg sald ho Baw no reason why 3Ir.
Knnpp wasn't pcrfcctly compctcnt. About
llko thls wns tho rcply of Unclo Broin.
IIarrinj;toii of Shaftsbury, several ycars
ago whcn inquired of by Judgo Wllllams
na to tho lltncss ot n jurynian. "i iiiniK
my nnrtouK systcm is a little wcakcncd,
but my mentalUiea aro as good ns cver they
wcrc, was the old gcntlcman's conlldent
nnswer.Jlenningbm Jlannei:
Fot'Ni) Dead. On Friday afternoon of.
last wcek, a Frenclnuan, wiioso namo we
havo not learncd, camo to this village trom
Jlincvillc, whcro ho had been nt work for
a month or two, and got "tlght," nnd kept
so, up to Sundny mornlng, whcn lio wns
taken by n cotiplo of his fricnds up Into tlio
ioi noriu oi ino dcuooi nousc, wucro in n
Btato of beastly Intoxleation, they left him,
supposing be would soon gct over thc cf.
fccta of the widsky, In hia ilrunken stupor
ho rollcd over upon his facej iu whlcli po-
sition no tnrow up ino poison nc nau necn
drinklng nnd nlso w lint hc had caten nnd
dlcil of BulTocatlon ns ncar ns n .lurv could
eoncludo from tho posltion -ln wliicli ho
was found. Part Henry Jftrnltl.
for firoiliicinir noiiltciico: amiirrcrv nrls.mor. un.
on boliiff illsrlinnrnl from prlson, sliull bc tur
iiMioil llli ilocont clotlilnir.
hkc. 1. 'ilinitlio uso ol neivmmncrs nnd b'mks
sliull not bo ili'iilod tlio conMcts at tlmcs whcn
not I'liiino ou; nml tlmt unonicial visiror. Rlinu
be iiihulttoii to tlii' prlson tinilor suohrntrii
tlons ns llio buiird ol coiiimlsstoiiorii inav im
poso. Tlio prNonors shnll not bo ili nloil tti
)ll,110TO OI t OlllIlllllllLUIlllK "llll IIU'II - iiiriiu
jy kttor, nml from rccening llko communlra-
Ifiuis from tlicm, nll of wliicli shall bc auliloc
to tlio lnsncrllon ot tlic coinmatiii.inr, or ,ui u
olilcor ns no may nsslen to that dut.
S. lliailllO Iinonon nuail ur nuiiun-ii
with nianlo nml clcan bcdilliiK, nnd wltli whnli
.somo and sulllclent fto', but;wh n Inhisiltal
or unilorillsclplliio tliolrillct bhall ln pn ,i rli
citbj tlio propcr nutliorlty. Thc prlson Bha I
bo sultably ventllatoit, and cach prl.iom r iliia'
hac a weckly bath ot cold or topld wnler,
uiiicn snau oc appiiou 10 ino ivnon- iui.u-o io
tliu bodv. unless thc Kiireeon shall dlrect otiu r-
wlso (or the hcalth ol tlio prlsoncr.
hkc. v. 'iiiai no oinccr oi ino prisoa, oroiin r
pcinon conncctod thcrcwlth, sliallbo toncoiiii il
or hitcrestcd, dlrcctly or lnillroctly, ln am c m-
iracr. purcnasi', or saiu niauu on iircoiuii ui ino
pi tson.
HXr.c. 10. That any onioer wlio shall siirf, r a
COI1V1UL lu uhcaiii., oi miuu iu uiij i.n.i iuii rt ii'
to hls cscapo, or shall alil him to csoupo, or ln
an attcmpt to escape, shall upon cumlctlon, be
dlsmlssed lrom tho scnlce, and snnvr -.mii
othcr punisiimcnt asn rouii-mani.il iua m
Hec. 11. That nny goliltcror othcr pcr-ton cn
ploycil ln tno iirlson who shalt sutTVr nconMi
lo cscapo, or shall ln any way consoiit Iu Ii, c
cnpo, or shall nlil him tnesoa', or ln un m
leinpt to cr.cni)C, shall, upon couilotioii b u
court.uiartlal, be coiilinoil tlioieln nui l, tn.m
onc ycar.
ec. ia. i nai an pri-ioiioi'H liniior c nn , 1
ln sald mllltarv iirlsons tuulorirtiliitf 4-ciit. mcc u
coiuts-iiinrtlal shall bo llablo lo tilal mul puu
liliiiiont by coiirlH-martlid lititlortlic rult ,unt
nrlliics ol war lor oiroiicos coiiimlit' il in n
llio snlil couiiiioiiient.
Appioioii, jiaioh .1, is,3.
No. I'.'.-AN ACT lonmondanncl i nl II h ,1 Au
aot tu proient siiiiiskIIiik, nml ! . i ' rnur
pos","iiiii)rincil.IiUi elglitoontli, 1 1 rlii ii m
ilioil and blxly-slx.
lic it cnactetl bit the .sVikic aiul lltnnc f V, ,
H'ntatirc of tlte I'nitetl .Vrtfr nr.lniiTi, d m ., -
riic!ftaembhtl, That tlio soonth scftlon ut ilu
nci cniiiiou ".n aci io niriiior iircciii -inu -
Klln:,'. nml for othcr puniosos," uppr.'M il .lu'
iij;lilooiilh, (ightccn hiiinlrcil ninl slsti-slv, is
noroiii aiiioiiiicii so ns ui le.ui ns iuii.'ii 'i u ii
lt shall bo tlio dlltv of tho sovor.il euU'', tors li
cuitoun anitol lntornal rooiiuo lo rcport with-
in ioii uajs io uic uisirioi niioruo.v oi ii!-' no
lilut ln whlch nny llne, ponalt.i, or fmi Itui'o
may bo lnciiri'od tor thc Mol.it lon or .m 1. w oi
tho I'nltod Statcs rclntlnsr to tlic iciomic. a
statcinont of all tho facts and clrcuiiistain i nf
tho caso withln tliclr kno lcuc, tuj;cthcr wllh
tho naiiio.s ot tho wttnosses. aml whlch mai
coino to tholr kiiowicdo from tliuo lo timo,
stntln llio provliloni ot tho law bolli ocl to bo
Mul. Hcil. aml nu whlch a riilunci' lnii bo had
for conilomnatlon or conMctlon, aml such iltv
llici niiorncy snau causi' ino propcr iiroccou
lnsi to bo ooinmeiicod nml proiocutoil iitihout
ilelay for tho tlncs, pcnalllcs, nml toriolturcs n
law ln such caso proMiloil, niiloss, upon liiipilr
llllll OTOlullllitlon, ho Blinll ileclilc that hlldi piu
cuoilliiirs cannot probatily bo siislalnoil, or 1 ii.it
thoenili ot r"blio liistlco do not rciiulro ihat
nrocooiltntrs slioulil lio liistltutoit, lu whli h c.i-,o
lic shall repurt tho facts In custoinsi . si.s io iii
Sccrotary of the Tri'asury, nml ln lui. riul-ii -ctiuo
casos to thc t'oinmlssloiicr ul lniiin.il
lloveiiuo, for tholr dlroitlon; nml tur thc o -pensos
lneurred nml scnlcos roiuj' rcd lu nll
such cascs llio dlstrlct attorney shall roci ivc
and bo pald from tlio trcasury such suiu as thc
bocrctary of the Treasurv shall docm Jiiit uml
roasonable upon tho ccrtltlcate of thc Juilso bo
fore whom such casos aro trlcd or ilHo-od of:
J'rovitlt'd hoicecer, That tho nnmial couipcnsa
tlon of such illstrlct nttorncy shall not ccocil
thc maxlmimi amount now proscrlbeil bj law;
nml if any collcctor shnll ln anj caso fall to ro.
liort to tho propcr dlstrlct attornoy ns prosorlii
oil lu thls soction, such cullector's rlsfit to any
coniiionsatloii, bcnclit, or nllownnco ln suoh
caso shall bo forleltcil to the I'nltod Stntcs, nnd
tlie saiae may, lu thc dlscrctlon or thc socro.
tary ot tho Troasury, bo nwnnled to such pcr
sons as mav make coniplalnt and prosfcuto the
samc to Juilffment or com lctlon.
Approieil, MnrcUS, 173.
I'ASSKP as tiik Tllllin bession of tiir fobtv-
No. TT. A'N ACT to provldo for tho cstabllsh
mentol n uillltary pilson, nnd lor Its t'ucrn
ment. Cn i( enacttd ly the Htimlt aiul lUiuntaf Rtprt
untattveiinftlie lin'tnl Ntattt o .1 mt rica in t'un
ffiwt awmUnf, Thntthoro bhall bo establtshed
nt llock Island, In tho stato ot Illlnols, a prlson
lor tho coiuliii'iiu'nt and rotoruiatloii of otfi'n
ilors asalnst tho rulcs, ret'ulallons, and law s lor
the KoM'rnmcnt ol (ho nrmy ol tho I'nlteu
Statcs, ln whlch shnll bo sccurely eoniliicd, aud
cmploycd nt lntior, nml ipncrucu ln tho ninnner
horolmilter Utrected, all orfonilera convlctod be
foro nny court-martlal or uillltary commls.slon
In llio t'nltea suitos, and scntencod iicconllnB
Skc. i. Thnt llio Ki'crctary ot W ar shall or
pinlzo a board of mo mcmbers to conslst ol
thrco oniccrs ut Iho nrmy and two iiersons from
clvll llle, who Bhall iulopt a plan (or tho bulhllng
ot such prlson, nml who bhall tramo riTUla
tlons for tho Kovernmcut o( tho prlsoncrs. In
nccorilanco wllh (ho provlalons ot thls nct. Tlio
snlil commlsskmcrH lrom clvll llto bhall hold
tliclr onicpK lor tlio tcrm nt thrco ycain, and
Bhall bo puld tlvo dollars ailay whllo on duty.
nml nocessary travelllng oxik'iisos: aml tho sald
oniccrs ol tho anny sluill, ut all tlmcs, bo sub
jcct to rcmoval by tho socretnry ol Wnr.
Hkc 8. That thu Hecrotury of War Bhall, with
sald commlsslouera, scml-annually, and ns
much otlencr as may bo dccmcd expoillont, vls
lt sald prlson for tho purposcs ot exatnlnntlon,
Inspcctlon, nnd corrccllou: and they shall ln
nulro Into all abuses or ncKlccts ot duty on tlio
pnrtot tho oniccrs or othcr liorsoiis ln cliargo of
Iho Bame, and mako such chanffos ln tho itcn
cral dlsclplino of tho prlson as thcy may hold
to bo easontlal,
Hca. 4 Tlmt tlio oniccrs (it tho nrlson shall
conslst ol a cominandant aml such subonUiuilo
icot), and a cicrk, who shall bo Uetallcd by tho
Ko. 75. ACT provlilln? for tho pn.nmnt
to tho L'ovcrlimont of .laoan lhc sllm duo on nc-
count of rents for lands aml bulhllnjrs occupicd
by tho dlploniatlc and consular reprcscutatli cs
ot tho Unitcd Statcs to J.ipan, nml for othcr
He it enaeted bjt the Senate aml llou of 7.V))ri--
sentattve nf the t'nttcd titatea of Avienra ic tv.n-
grc aM&mbledf That Iho Sccrotary ot Statc bo,
anu uo is jicrcuy, auiiiorizcu io iuy io ino
cmmcnt ot .lapan, throiiBh lts lesiilent clljilo
mntlc reprcsentatlvo ln tho I'nttcd Statos, out
ot any monejs ln tho trcasury not otherwiso
nppronrlateil, any sum not cxcccilins slx thou
sand dollars, whlch may bo lound to be duo to
tho Rovcrnmcntot .lapan by thatot thc I'nltod
statcs, ou account ot ronts lor lniuls or biuiil
lnss oecuplod for hospltnl imrposos, Jail, uml
court-houso, by tlio t'nlted btates lii Jnpiiii.
m:c, inai. ino r,ccn.'inry oi Maio, inoii'a
tho mlnister rcsklcnt at .lapan, bo, nnd lc ls
hcreby, authorized to rcnt, furnlsli, and koop
sultablo bulkllmrs, with irroiuids iiipuiti'iiaiit,
ln.Icdilo, or such other placo nshu mny ilohljr
natc, for a court-houso nnd Jatl, nt nu auiiu.d
cost not exccodlnit ttvc thousand dollars: Vi
tided, Thnt tho lH'rlod lor whlch tho sald butkl
lngs bhall boreutcd shall bo for twojeors, wllh
ronownls fpr two ycars as tho Socretarj or si a'
shnll dctci inliic.
skc. 3. That a turlhor sum, not to evivd t a '
thousaml llve huiutrcd dollars, bo,:indtlii .imc
Is hcreby, also approprlatod, out ot un m ww
In tho trensury not nthcrwlso npnroprt.iicil. im
tho purchaso of a sultablo law-llbruri lor 1 1i
useof saldlesatlon ln .lapan, tho soloi tlon m
such llbrary to bo mado by tho Socritan oi
Approvcd, March 3, 1ST3.
No. "0. AN ACT nuthorUlns tlic Sccrct irj
ot Wav to rurnlsh a diipllcato certllloato ot dls
chargo whcro tho samo has been lost.
Be it enaeted by the Senate and llottne oflirvr
entattee of the Uttited State o Amerten in (Vi
lire uHtemhled, Thnt whenovcr batlsraclorj
proot shall bo turulshcil lo thc War Dcpait
mont that any non-commlssloncd olllccr or pri
vato soldler who bcrvcil ln tho nrmy ot tho l nl
ted statcs ln tho lato wnr nualnst the ru bellkm
has lost his ccrttncato of dts'hariro. or Iho sami
has bcen dcstroycd wlthout his prlvlty or pro
curoiner.t, tho Hwrelary of Wnr bhnll bo all
tliorlKml u lurriljili. uu rmiumiL 1, miicIi nm
commlsstonod oniccr or privato, adupliento or
such ccrtlrtcato or dlschnnre, lo bo Inilcltlily
llllll fcCU, D. lllll, II. IIIU, UW nt.u.. .. .1.1. ....)'. u,l ,
I'toelded, such ccrtincuto shall not bo ncccptod
oniccrs as mny bo necessnry, a chaplaln, a sur-
gcoo, niniacicn;, wna Bnau ou iiciiiiicu oy uic
ocretnrv of War from tho commlssloned of.
Ilcers ot tho nrmy; and n suniclent numbcr ol
onllxtnil mcn slinll bo dctnllcd bv tho Sccrctnrv
ot Wnr to act ns turnkcys, euards, nnd aasbit-
ants ln tho prlson,
Seo. B. That ono ol tho lnspcctors ot tho army
shall, at lcast onco In thrco iiumths, Mslt Iho
prlson (or tho purposo of oxamlidng Into tho
IuviVm nml nll tlio analra thercot. andasccrtaln-
lnc whether tho laws, rulos. and rcKiilntlons
reiadiur tiiercto nro complled wltli, the ortlcers
as a ouchi'r tor tUo paymont of niiy clalm
ouuui i , ur
anj olhcr
airalnst tho I'nlled htates lor yi., bunm
:o iu
other allowancc, or as c Idonce
SeC. 2. Tliat tlie army roifiuaiioiis now in
forcearo hcreby modltlod In nccorilanco with
tho provlslous o( (his act.
Approvcd, March s, 1SI3.
' No. 73. AN ACT to regulale lhc tnklnc; o(
(estlmony In ccrtaln casos.
lle it enaeted by the Senate and Ilttnse a,f llrepre
Mntattce of Otf Vmted Staleof Auteriea in (Va
nrtu aatembled, That no wltnoss shall bo com
m'llodtoapiwnror to tcstlty bctoro nny com
lalssloncr or oniccr appolntcd to tako tostlmony
under lctters rountory, lssued or to bo l.ssucd
from any court In any forclcn country,
ln nny BUlt or prococdlnsr ln whlch tho gov.
crniiicnt ot such forclgn country bhall bc
a party nl rccord or lu lntcrcst, cxcopt (or
(ho puriioso of onswcrlng bpccltlo wrlttcn
liitcrrogntorles lssued with and nccoin
imnjlng such letters rogatorv, nnd aildrcss
cd to Biichwltness: f'rorfcW, That whoaeouu
scl for all tho partlcs attonil tho cxamlnatton,
thcy may consent that qucstlons ln nddltlon to
thasOaccoinpanjlng tho letters rogatory may
lw put to tho wltncss, unless Iho lcttcra ro
gatory, cxoludo suclnuUlltloii.il Inten'ogatorles.
ntii . i iirti nu ii iwii-Ev niiuii uu loillllix'll, OU
Biicn examiiiaiion, or nny otncrs letters rogn
tory. to mako any dlsclosuro or dlscovery whlch
siitiii icuu iu ciiiiiiiiuio uiui I'uiier imiicr tho
laws ot tho Htuto or Tcrrltory wllhln whlch
such cxnmlnatlonis had, or nny olhcr, or nny
(orclgn S(ate.
Approvcd. March 8 ista
No. 78.-AN ACTrcstorlng Captatn Alonzo J,
Mnrshtohls posltion Intho army, and that ho
bo hoaorably mustered outot tho servlcoasot
thodatoot tho musterlng-out ot his rcglmeut.
lle. it enaeted ly the Senate and lotie oflieme
tentaUenafthe. Vnited Ntatetnf .Imericn in Con
greu atmnbled, That tho Secrctary otWarbe.
and ho hereby ls nuthorlicd nud dtrccted to
Btoro Alonzo J. arsh, lato n captaln ot com
pany II, cleventh reglmcnt vcleran resono
loriH) io iiii injsuion as Bucn captaln, nnd grant
iim uu uuuuiouii, musuT ouinsoi inodalo or
whlch ho was dlsmlsscit, lo wlt, on Jlarcli bcv
vi...., v.iii.ivvi. iiunuiim uiui bl&ty-UVC.
Approvcd, Mnrcu a, 1873, '

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