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VOL. I....NO. 10.
lUitv l'crmonth ?5
Tlireo montlis $J oj
.six montlis 4 oo
ono year 8 oo
Wr.EKLY Thrco montlis J5
Slx montlis tl 23
Onoycar s D0
Addresa OLouu PAfEU co., IlutlonU, Vt.
In speaklng of Jolm T. Drcw's lcttcr ln
rcfcrcnco to tlie "S. C." Crcdlt Jlobillcr
clieck, tlie Jlontpcller Wutchman, whosc
edltor U a brotlicr of Judgc Polnnd, nnd,
consequcntly, good nuthority on tlio sub
jt'ct, says tliat Drew "had pcrsonal lntcr
" vlews with tlio chalrman of thc investl
" irntlnir commlttec-slnce tlio closo of tlio
"sesslon, durlng whlchiha modano UuBlon,ljt OTjsi?(la!S!2Pj
"totUe factSvniclTnnrlrrllto teTy!i6 'hnrt tfccn V;
" light."
Jlore want of judgnient, or liasty leglsla.
t!on, ls found ln tlio dclay of buslncss lu
tlio Postofllce department, for tlie want of
a Buitablc mimbcr of clcrks. Tliere Is no
nppropriatlon, wo arc Informed, "for ad
ditlonal servicc," it bcing ncccssary, wc
tako It, to uso tlio requlsite funds to mcet
clnlms for "back pay." "Whlle wc demand
a true coonomy In tlie management of pub
11c nffalrs, It Is not of tlio nlggardly or
sham klnd, tliat compela tlie publlc clther
to suffcr for ncccssary nccomniodntlons, or
If obtaiucd, to be pald for, In tlie cnd, un
dcr an appropriation for deflcicnclcs.
Wc publlsli in anotlicr coluiiin n elrcular
from tlio trustecs of tlie Art Oallcry to bo
ndded to thc Unlvcrsity of Vermont tlirougli
the libcrality of T. W. I'ark, whicli sliould
be rcad by all and ln wliicli cvcry lovcr of
art sliould take a pcrsonal Intcrcst. All,
likcwlsc, who are intcrcstcd ln tlie ndvancc
ment of tlils entcrpiisc for tlie good of tlie
Unlvcrsity and bigli stnndlng of tlie Statc
ln such mattcrs sliould nnnouncc thcmselvcs
icad- to liclp ou tlio work by contributiou
as tlie trustccs suggest nnd wlilch n lurgc
numbcr of our citizcns can casily do. Jlr.
I'ark lias inauguratcd a wisc moveineut nnd
it sliould be carricd out in tlie bcst nianncr
posslblc by tlie fricnds of cducatlon and art
culture tlirougliout tlie Statc, tbus sbowing
to tlie world wo arc not bcliind our sistcrs
In tlie rcfinlug nnd clcvating inllucnce wlilch
such n movemcnt establishcs.
An "Intcrnatlonal patcnt right congrcss"
convcnes at Yicnna in August ; its objcct
bcing to obtaln tlie rccognitlon of tlio
rights of an invcntor, bccnrcd by patcnt in
onc country, in all parta of tlio world.
Tlils 1s but rlglit nnd justlcc, but wlicrein
doos It dlffcr from tlio clalni for an inter
natlonal ctiy right ? Tho iiiKuiiiciit for
tlio ono npplles to the othcr, yct ptiblishers
of the Unltcd Statcs and of Europe, with
honorable exccptious, bavc plratcd upon
one nuotbcr, nnd robbcd autbors, for ycars
wlthout punlshmcnt on thc onc side or re
drcsa on tlio othcr. If nuthors and invcn
tora are cntltlcd to an exelusive property
in the works of thcir brains or hands nt
liomc, thcy ccrtalnly arc abroad. Lcgallz
cd plracy and robbcry stand upon thc same
footlng, morally, as unauthorizcd ncts of
the same klnd. Oh tliat justlcc would prc
vall among nations and nicn.
Gcn. Uutler is disgruntlcd. He wants to
1m; Jlassaehusctts' ncxt Oovcmor, and mado
n bld for thc support of tbp prohibitionists
on tlie Fourth of July, but lost his vantage
ground by rcfuslng to sign the plcdgc.
Thcn tlio salary buslncss is ln tlio way, and
now, according to thc New York Kvcning
1'ont " ho Is not nltogcther satlsficd with
thc posltlou takeu by tlio admlnlstration of
non-interfcrence, and thinks tlicre ought
to be an outspoken dcclaration by the
I'rcsldent in lils favor, wlilch would turn
the scalo nnd mako his succcss ccrtaln.
Agaln, lio doesnot rccclvctho support from
tlie Fcderal ofllce-holdcrs in Massachusctts
tliat hc cxpccted, and wants the support
of the admlnlstration in ordcr to lnflucncc
thcm j but this lie is not llkcly to get, for
various reasons, thc inaln ono liclng tliat
few nicmbers of tho cabinct havo any falth
ln his political intcgrity."
It scems a little strangc, nfter tho con.
tcsts wo have had, ln thc rccent past,
about the equality of all mcn beforo tho
law, that a dcllbcrato attcmpt sliould bo
made, in New York clty, to create a dls
tinctlon bctwcen condemned murderers, on
account of formcr "soclal posltlou." Shcr
IffBrcnnan, wliatevcr slns bo may have
commltted ln thc past, fallcd to seo how n
murdcrcr In broadcloth was any bcttcr
than ono ln raga. Frank Walworth, not
withstandlng tho intcrposltion of "Inllucn
tlal fricnds," was trcatcd tho samo ns any
othcr crimlnal , lic was prcsumcd Innoccnt
untll proved gullty, and whcn provcd gull
iy was subjccted to tlio palns and pcnaltlcs,
provlded by law for gullty mcn. IIIs cd
ucatlon, associatlons nnd hablts mako lils
crlmo moro rcprelicnslblo thanlf commltted
by an lgnorant boor j and Inatead of bcing
Bhleldcd from publicily, on nccoimt of lils
associatlons, sliould havo bccn, ns lio was,
hcld up asaconsplcuoug wnrnlng to othcrs.
The coniplalnt of tlie publlc tliat tlie
trains ovcr tho Addison rallroad bavo bccn
rcduccd to onc, nnd that ono n inlxcd train,
secms just. Ticondcroga, I'ort Hcury,
Crown Point, Orwell nnd Shoreham, all
thrlvlng towns, nie cntltlcd to bctter nc
commodatlon, nnd it would pay tho mana
gcrs to afford aniplo facllltlcs for buslncss.
Wo nro glad to lcarn, howcvcr, tliat tlils
rcductlon nf trains U not made In nccor.
danco wltii tho viows of tho managcrs of
tho Ccntral Vermont. Tliey dcslrcd to
kecp tho full numbcr of trains on tho road
that havo licrctoforo run, but tho new
matiagcrs on tho West sldo of tho lake rc
fiued to run moro than ono train to con.
ncct with tho llutland road, and tliat t
mlxed trnln, nsscrtlngns a rcason that "It
vvon't pay." Wlillo wo conccdo that tlio
Delaware i.tHiid8on"dlrectors nro ccouom.
Ical mnnagcrs, yct thero aro llmes wlien
mcn may bo "pcnny wiso nnd pound fool
Ish." Tlicso managcrs may havo nnother
object In vlow to compcl travcl to go by
boat to Wlnlcliall, Troy or Jiurllngton, ln
stead of by rall to Jtutland. Itallroads
wcro cliartcrcd ln part for tho bcncflt of
tho pcoplo not for thcir eiclunlce intcrcst
and managcrs of rnllways tbould wcll con.
sldcrthlspolntbcforetlie publlc get fully
posted ns to tliclr rlglits and bcgln to asscrt
TIIi: DVI'.I'M),
Prcscrvcd ln tlio lJurgundlan codo wlll
be found tlie laws of Gundcbald, wlilch es
tablishcd, In A. D. C01, tlio judlclal ducl
or "wagcr of battlc." It waa bcllovcd tliat
a brave man'did not dcscrvc to suffcr, nnd
tliat a eoward was not fit to llvc, and tlio
prcsumptlon followcd, in tlio slmplo crccd
of tlio day, tliat tlio onc would not be per
mlttcd by a just Ood to tlio or thc othcr to
llve, In such a contcst. In tlio Bamc way,
It wns prcsumcd, tliat tlierc would bo a
provldcntlnl Intcrfcrcncc bctwccn tlio
rlglit and wrong. Tlils wagcr of battle
dlffered from lts off.sprlng the ducl In
JH'saTnctticution 'nsiue
rongtil, coum not
nvcnge lilmsclf upon lils own motion.
Thc f orms nnd cerenionlcs prcccding the con
ilict, werc of the most Imposingand soleinn
naturc, nnd the flnal appcnl was lcsortcd
to, only nftcr a miucst had bccn incferrcd
to, nnd granted by, thc courts, that tho
truth miglit bo detennlned ln mortal com
bat. Kacli party made oath to the truth
and justlcc of lils cnusc j nnd tho whole
thcory nnd foundatlon of the procccdlng
was tliat cach was fightlng for truth and
justlcc, nnd that Ood would dctcrmlne thc
rlglit. This custoni, recognizcd ns a rlglit
ovcr thlrtccn liundicd ycars ngo, nnd linv
lng origin c know not in how lcniotenn
nntifiulty, has rcnialncd as such almost to
our own day. So late as 1774, whcn n bill
was undcr considcration in thc liritis.li par
liamcnt, relatlug to tlio "ndnilnlstratlon of
justlcc" in 3Iassac!iusetts,n clauso was con.
talncd abrogating the ducl in cascs of
murdcr, but upon thc objection of liurkc
nnd othcrs that It was n violatlon of thc
constitiitlon nnd the rights of llritish sub-
jccts, tho clauso was Mrlekcn out, nnd the
"wagcr of battle" bccame a part of Amcr
ican jurisprudcnco In 1819, Kllenborough
nnd thc tithcr judgcs of thc highcst court of
Kngland, in n case judicially be
foro thcm. determincd that an nccusod
pcrson wiw cntltlcd to be tried by thc
"wagcr of battlc." Thc effcct of this de-
cision was to causc tlie abolltion of the
judlclal ducl, by pailianicnt, ln thc follow
ing year, and it has bccn, tlicnccforward,
unknown save in history.
Following naturnllj- from tlils came the
ducl, as known nt thc prcsent day, nnd
wlilch, unfortunatcly, scems to be ooming
into practlcc agaln. AVo aic awaio tliat it
is clnimcd by some that thc ducl prcccdcd
thc wagcr of battlc, cnfnicing thelr argu.
mcnt or cla'nn, by refcicncc to thc combat,
ifwomayso call it, bctwccn David nnd
Ooliah, as rccordcd ln lloly AVrit. It bccms
tc na ltuwwL'r, Ihat (1.1 i.itkr moio if
tho riaturc of the wagcr than vlic ducl.
nlthough it was unattcndcd by judlclal sanc-
tion. All " combats bctwccn two " are de
flncd to be a ducl, and If tho merc dcflnltlon
Is to dctcrmlne the maltcr, It would covcr
tho judiclal ns wcll as the privatc combats.
is wc understnnd iludo, ncarly all histo
rians agrcc that thcy date from the eclc
bratcd cartcl bctwcen Francis, the flrst of
that namc, of Frnncc, and Charlcs V., F.m
pcror of Gcrninny, in 1027 j ccrtaln it is,
that tlie custom was thercaf tcr moro or less
sanctioned in " liigh placcs " of church and
statc, took placc upon thc slightest provo
cation, and constantly incrcascd in numbcr.
Ducls becamc, at Iast, so frcquent and
nlamiing that rcpcated, but unavalllng, ef-
forts werc made to supprcss thcm. A his
torian says that "all Francc went mad
upon tlio ducl," and the same was truc
cvcrywlicrc. Thc bulls of Popcs, thc pro
claniatlons of rulcrs, nnd laws of parlla
ment wcro nlike imlicedcd. And wliy ?
Because jiublic opinion sanctioned tlio prae
ticc. Tlie trouble was that if a public mnn,
or even a privatc Itullvidual, was wrongcd
or insultcd and the communlty so rcgard
cd it hc was rcquircd to chooso bctwccn a
violatlon of divlnc and luunan laws, or the
loss of lils positlon in socicty, nnd of nll
hopcsof rccognitlon or ndvnncenient ; in
either event lic must, inamcasure, sacriflce
lilmsclf. Thc formcr course was chosen,
bccauso the llving victlm would bo sus
talned by public sentimcnt, vitiatcd to be
stirc, but consoling nnd sustalnlng, nftcr nll.
Pcrhaps wc, of New Kngland, owe our
frccdom from this tcrrible custoni, to tlie
fact that an attcmpt was mado to flght a
ducl in tho flrst year of thc scttlcment, nnd
that the custom was rcndcrcd rldiculous by
placing thc partlclpants, tlcd togethcr by
thc neck and hccls, ln a publlc placc, nb.
jccts of contcmpt nnd ridiculo for thc mul
lltude. This custom is, as wo havo Bald, agaln
becomlng alarmingly frcquent. Only ycs
tcrday, wc rccorded the result of n ducl ln
Francc, ln whicli both pnrtles wcro wound-
cd, one scriously so. Wltliln thc spaco of
n vcry few days wo have, nlso, bccn cnllcd
upon to rccord thrco scparato lns'anccs in
the Unltcd Statcs, two of wlilch rcsultcd
fntally. Tho othcr combat took jilaco vcry
nearour own bordcr, nnd was bctwccn two
promlncnt New York mcrcbants. Wo
havo rcfcned to tho hlstory of ducls nnd
ducllng for tlio purposo of showlng, by
contrast, that wliatevcr excuso tlicro may
have bccn, licrctoforc, for tho custom nnd
practlcc, clther Intlio law or publlc opinion,
no such plen can now bo urgcd. Tho day
wlicn mcn could dcllbcrntely, and by ngrcc
mcnt, xcttlo thcir dlffcrcnccs nt thc mouth
of tho plstol has passcd by, nnd cannot ro.
turn unlcsa wc, by our tcmlssness, pcnnlt.
Thc law and publlc scntlmcnt clnss ducllsts
among tho hlghcr grndcs of crlmlnals, nnd
tlicro they sliould rcmaln. Tlils mattcr ls
brought homo to our vcry doors, whcn
mcrchanta from n nclghborlng clty jiass
tlirougli our villago for tho purposo of de
llberatcly murdctlng ono or the othcr, nnd
no attcntion Is paid thcrcto, licro or clsc
wlicrc. Kxccpt ln tho caso of tho partlcs
to tlio Richmond nffair, tlicro tccms tohnvo
bccn uo nttcmpt on tho part of tho nuthori
tics to bring tho partics to justlcc. In
rcfcrcnco to all of thcse cascs, thcrc Is an
apathy In tho public mind, nnd on tho part
of tho prcss that Is foreboding of danger.
Slinll tlicso things bo bo, Is a qucstlou for
us, ono nnd nll, to consldcr. Tho Idcn of
an "affalr of honor" bctwccn citizcns of
Vermont would bo no moro etrango than
ono bctwccu etnkl New York mercliants.
Wo do not bcllcvo that ono cver wlll occur
ia tliia Statc, liclther dld wo bellcvc, two
wccks ngo, that two murdcrs would bo
commltted wltbln our bordcrs wltliln tlie
ncxt fourtccn days, but bo It was. Wc
cannot lcll what our own danger, as a
Statc, may bc, but wc arc cqually Intcrcstcd
In tho dangcrs that assall othcr portlons of
tho country. Public Bcntlmcnt secms to
have bccn conccntratcd ln ono partlcular
dlrcction, rcgardlcss of othcr, and, pcrhaps,
gravcr dangcrs. Etcrnal vlgllancc is tho
prieoof an nssured safcty from lawless
ncsd, ns wcll ns tho prlco of llberty. Thc
revlval of tlils tcrrible custom of ducllng ls
frnught, ln our opinion, wltli more danger
to tlio country than is to bc apprehcndcd
from nny othcr causc.
Ilallroads, from thc vcry naturc of tliclr
litifttncsq. mllflt nrriinv-mDro nr.les3 of
from SirtJTOStloiis of
publlc pollcy or Indivldual Intcrcsts con-
nccted thcrowlth. Tlils was lllustratcd in
ourcolumns ycstcrday morning, wlicrein
wcro rccordcd n dinbollcal attcnmt to tlirow
rR. train from thc ralls, in New iiampshirc ;
a colllslon In Indlana ; locomotlve thrown
from tlio track, in tlie same Statc, tho cn
gincer and flrcman mcctlng thcir dcath j a
half mllc of track slnklng Into thc Mlssou
rl river, suddcnly nnd wlthout warnlng ;
clcctions of rallroad dircctoi-s, and sults
agalnst rallroad companlcs In Callfornla
,nnd clscwherej nnd tho opcnlng of tho
New York, Oswcgo and Jlldland rallroad,
bctwccn New York and Oswcgo. This Is,
pcrhaps, an cxccptlonal rccord for n slnglo
day ; yct not a day passcs, but that public
attcntion is callcd to railroads and rallroad
managemcnt, by thc occurrcnce of slmllar
cvcnts. So far as tho nccidcnts are con
ccrncd, thcy may, gcuerally, lie sct down
to carelcssncss nnd mlsmanagcnicnt, nnd
for this tlicre ls nnd ought to bo a specdy
rcmcdy. Tlierc is no ncccssity for an ac
cidcnt, in nlncty-nuio cascs out of cvcry
hundrcd, and thcy can only rcsult from n
crimlnal ncglcct on thc part of thcir ofll
ccrs and scrvants, for wlilch thcy nro liable
both to civil and crimlnal prosccution. Thc
causc of this negligcncc, wc shall prcscntly
scc, but we dcslrc, lu the flrst place, to rall
attcntion to otlicr facts, also, nppcarlng in
our Thursday's tclcgrams.
Tlie wondcr is, whcn we como to con
sldcr tho vastncss of thc intcrcsts involvcd,
that thcy have not, licrctoforc, commandcd
moro of public attcntion, rather thau that
thcy arc now brought so proniincntly In
view, nnd that they are destincd to nttract,
hcrcaftcr,Homuch of tlie time and thoughts
of tho Amcricnn pcnple. We talk of the
magnitude of our national dcbt, tho bur
dcns to wlilch we havo bccn, and wlll con
tlnuc to bc, subjccted In ordcr to pay lt,
scoi cs of ycars bcing consumed beforc it wlll
bo (lnolly extliigulsbcd. Soinc wcll mcan
ing mcn, cvcn, wcnt so far as to advocato
its rcpudiatiou, on account of Its cnormous
nggregatc, urglng that it could not bc pald
wlthout bankruplcy. Such counsels, how
cvcr, dld not, nnd could not, prcvnil ; the
ndvantngcs rcaped by lts cxpenditure bcing
fully commensurntc thcrewith. Ikaring
inmlnd theldca that wc havo nlways cn
tcrtaincd, nnd justly cutcrtalned, of the
inagnitudo of thc national dcbt, tho vast
ness of thc rallroiul Intcrcst of tho Uniled
Statcs can be takcn ln, nt a glancc, by tlio
mcre statcment that they have cost a bll-
Iion of dollars more than the wholc amount
of tlio national indebtcdness. The inccp
tion of thc rallroad entcrprisc, in tlils coun
try, Is wlthin the memory of thc most of
us, nnd yct nll this moncy has bccn raiscd
and cxpended, durlng that pcriod, malnly
by indivldual cfTort, wlthout exciting hard
ly n commcnt. Tho burdcn of national
taxation is, ncccssarily, crcat, because, in
addition to crdinnry cxpcndilurcs, tho In
tcrcst upon the public dcbt, and a portlon
of the prineipal, has to bo constantly pro-
vuled for. i ct tho jieople tho produccrs,
consumers nnd travclers annually pay to
thcse rallroad corporations ten mllllon dol
lars more than the whole rccelpts of thc
Unltcd Statcs, and forty-elght mllllon dol
lars moro than tho Interest upon the publlc
dcbt. 'I his, bo lt remembcrcd, ls tho 6tate-
mcnt for tho past year, and lts magnltudo
ia bcing constantly incrcascd, year by year,
as wltncsstho fact of ncarly thirty-threo
thousand milcs of road complctcd ln the
last ten ycars, and tho entcrprlses just com
plctcd, and othcrs ln tho procesa of com
pletlon. It Is tlils vcry vnstncss that has forccd
rallroad affalrs upon tho publlc attcntion.
Onc must bo n norry readcr of tho slcns of
tho timcs, if he does not seo tliat tho wholo
mattcr must bo consldercd, whethcj- wo wlll
or no. It ls truc, too, that tlicro la-dnnger
lu tho nlr, at a tlmo whcn tlicro sliould bc
jionc. Couceal or dlsgulse it as wo may,
tlicro is more or less of monopoly in thc
prescnt rallroad system of tho Unltcd
Statc. All such corporations, howcvcr,
nro not monopolics nnd in our futuro
dcaling with tlils qucstion, this must con
stantly bo liorne In mlnd. Slonopollcs must
ccasc. If they ceasc, " rlngs," as thcy
havo como to bo known, go down with
thcm. How this rallroad qucstlou Ia to
comc, nnd how lt Is to bo met, It ls Imposslblo
now to prcdlct. Tho Intcrcst of tlio rall.
road nnd tho Intcrcst of tho peoplo nro ono
nnu tno same, and If this fact could bo nn.
prcclatcd and understood, upon all sldcs,
the danger would pass. It la but utterlng
a trulsm to say tliat a rallroad can notcxlst
wlthout tho Biipport of thopcople, nny moro
liian n Bpeetiy translt can bo obtalned with
out tlio uso of locomotlves nnd cnrs. Tlio
oxact rclatlon of tkeso corporations to the
Btate, ns a Bovcrelgn, nnd to tho peoplc, has
ncvcr, as yct, bccn determincd. Wo doubt
wliethcr,-practlcally, thcy could bo opcratcd
as " publlc hlghways," and uscd an wo uso
hlghwaya, or as canals aro opcratcd. If
thcy could bo bo trcatcd, nnd n rcasonablo
prollt assurcd to thoso wlio had lnvcstcd
tliclr mcans ln tho ronstruction thcrcof ; n
rcasonablo spccd of translt securcd j dclaya
in loadlng, unioauing nnd movlng nyoldcd
nnd tho Bafety of passcngcrs assured, tho
wholo dlfllculty would bo Bolvcd, tho
Intcrcsts ot nll bo placcd on tho samo
footlng nnd monopolics, cxtortlons, nnd
rlngs ccaso. Tho qucstlou of vcstcd rlglits,
In nny such nttcmptcd Bolutlon, would lcad
to cxtcndcd and almost Intcnnlnablo litia
tlon, nnd lt would bo ycars upon ycars bo-
fore tho practlcablllty of tho plan could bo
A hcalthy, coutlnucd compctltlou mlght,
lt lt could bo Inauguratcd, also, remedy 'l
existlng evlls. In taklng this vlew oi t""
mattcr, howcvcr, tho vastncss of tlio fntcr
csts alrcadv Invcsted looms up Into proml
ncncc. If thcse Intcrcsts sliould comMno.
to prevcnt compctltlon, wo trcmblo for l"
futuro of our country. Wc have no fw9
but that the actlon of tho courts wlll 1
rlglit j wo wlsh that wo wcro aa ccrtaln
that tliclr dcclslons would bo rcspcctcd,
jicqulcsccd in, and submlttcd to. Courw
must decldo according to the law and con
Btltutlon. In tho judlclal dctcrmlnatlon of
questions, nrlslng out of thcse comnllca
tlons, tho fact Btarcs us ln thc fncc, that thc
peoplo and lcglslnturcs uittingly confcrred
righta, powcrs, aiid, ln somo Instances, ex
elusive prlvllcgcs upon lndlviduala form
Incr tliem Into conoratlons !n on)'"
.iironrITIIll!aS7In lli5iw;i tia-s,
lt would not havo made much dltercnce
what was askcd, It would have hccngrant-
cd wltli avldlty, If so bc It could bo shown
that It was ncccssary for obulnlng & rall
road. An instancc of tlils mty be tound
ln the origlnal charter of tho ermont Ccn
tral rallroad company, oxtjnpttng thcm
from taxation forcvcr. llapply for Ver
mont, howcvcr, that clauso & now abro
gatcd by the passing of theiontrolof the
road from that corporatlon to tho Ccntral
Vermont rallroad conquny. So It may be
found, ln somo ot thc carlier chartcrs, that
exclimice rights to carry insscngcrs nnd
frclght, bctwccn ccrtaln polivp, werc grant
ed to ccrtaln corporations. Vci thc nt
jcnipt has liccn made to providt for thc con-
Btruction of compctlng llncs, (tcn lu tlils
Statc, thc appllcatlon has bccn mct by tho
clalm of "vcstcd rlglits," nnd n outcry
ralsed agalnst "parnllel railroikls." It
would, In our judgmcnt, iiuzzle .'iscr mcn
than thoso comprMng our courts, to dis
cover how n parullcl rallroad could intcr-
fero witli n vcstcd right moro than n parul
lcl bank, but tho clalm and cry haa prc
vcntcd compctltlou even in Vermont.
This qucntioii, howcvcr, muit, sooncr or
later, bo met and scttlcd. It werc bcttcr
for thc partlcs intcrcstcd, and for thc honor
of tlio country, that it sliould be consldercd
nnd mct calmly, rationally and dispassion
ately. Tlicre is, lndecd, no rcason why it
sliould not bo so mct and scttlcd. Thc
issuc as a distinct Issuc rnnnotjic forccd
home for some time to come, and, in that
tlmc, Iet us prcparc for thc inevitablc. In
n contcst whcro thc lights nf tho peoplo arc
rangcd upon ono side, thc rcsult cannot,
even for n moment, bo doubtful. Tli safc
ty of the peoplo has bccn declared to bo
hlghcr than all law, nnd so lt ls, for govcrn
ments are organlzcd to assuro tliiit safcty,
Thcrc ought to be, ns we have smd, no con-
' , ' ,
and can be npne, if re.ison and common ,
..!.. u nri.n ...iti i
scnscconiroi tho r"f,i'r r'"""-'T y
danger tlicre sliould bc. wlll be tho rcsult
of n comblnation of the vast rallroad lntcr
cst into a monopoly, for tho purposo w
crushlng nll nttcmpts nt compctltlou, nml
cxactlng what thcv plcase. Tho cxcite-
mcnt now prevalling In Illinoia wlll yicld
to rcason, and succumb to cqulty and jus
tlcc. If tlicso corporations suffcr, it w!U
be from tliclr own madness. Our Interest
ln this mattcr Is chlclly aa a national qucs
tion. Wc have no partlcular fcara that'llc
rallroad mcn of Vermont wlll attcmpt to
ovcrrldc or opprcs? the peoplo. The man
agcrs of Vermont railroads, with nn exccp-
tion or two, are, and must be, with us, t
us nnd fnm us. Thcir intcrcsts arc our in-
tcrcsts, nnd our intcrcsts arc thcir IntcrcsU,
nnd wo trust that lt wlll nlways rcmaln u
It ccrtalnly wlll If the peoplc nnd prcss re
mnin constantly on the v.-.ilch towcr, rca'ir
to proclaim nnd dcnounco the flrst ap.
proach of danger, no mattcr from whcre
or by whom it may be thrcatcned. '
Tho I'ark Art iallir).
lt has for somo ycars bcen n favorite pro-
jcct ot n few art loving fricnds of tlie Unl
vcrsity to cstnbllsh, ns onc of lts mcans of
lnslructlon nnd culture, a gallcry of tlio
flne nrts. To thoso wlio know what tlie
Instltutlon has long bccn doing in the way
of art culture, this wlll bc no surprisc. lt
ls a mattcr of just prido to tho graduatcs of
the Unlvcrsity, and it dcscrvcs moro public
rccognitlon that lt haa hithcrto rccclvcd,
that tlils Instltutlon was thc flrst in thc
country to Introduco into its courbe of
study systcmatlc Instructlon by leeturcs on
the thcory nnd prlnclplea of tlio flno nils,
Tho leeturcs by Prof. Torrcy, bcglmilng n
far back ns 18:10, nnticlpatcd by many
ycars not only what, undcr tho namo o(
n;sthctlcs or hlgh nrt, has now bccomo
rccognixcd dcpartmcnt of lik'rnl educatlon
l nll 1.tl. I.ll..tl ..e 1
iSu .ua mu.u.is u. ,....ug,
wlilch havo Blnce bccn made fainiliar by
Europcan nnd Amcrlcan writcrs oa tho
flne nrts. Thcresults of tlils Instructlon
nrc maulfcst in tho high.toncd nrt
splrit manifot ln thoso upon wliotn
tho culture of tho Unlvcrsity has lud Its
bcst effects. Thla may cxplaln nnd justlfy
tho conccptlon of nn cnterprlso whlck
mlght othcrwlso appear somowhat ambi
tious for nn instltutlon of such llmltcd rc
Bourccs. Dytho lllicrallty of TrcnorAV.
Park, Ksq., of llcnnlngton, that wlilch has
long bccn n drcnm, or at most n hoiie, is
soon to bo nn accomplished fact. Jlr. I'ark
has offered to assumo tho cxpcnsc of ad'l
Ing to tho library bulldlng n thlrd story,
wlilch wlll grcatly Incrcaso tho archltcctur
al bcauty of tho bulldlng Itsclf, nnd wlll
glvo us n gnllcry flfty-oiio fect long ly
thlrty-ono fect wldo nnd flflccn fcct higl't
lightcd from tho roof, casily acccBsiblc, and
cvcry way admlrably ndaptcd to Its pur
poso. It ls tho wlsh of Jlr. Park, and In
dced of nll Intcrcstcd. thnt tho gallcry
Bhould nt all propcr tlmcs bo opcn to thc
public as wcll as to tho collcgo cominunl-
Wc havo also piomlses from gcntlcmen
of wcalth nnd tastc. that thcv wlll iali0
contributions of pnlntlngs andothcrs works
of art to bo tlio nuclcus of tho collectlon
Wo aro wcll nwaro that for tho prescnt the
gallcry must bo n vcry modcrato ono In
point of bIzc, but who can tomputo the
valuo to tho Unlvcrsity and tho publlc, of
cvcn n small gallcry, provlded tho works
aro of a hliih ordcr of merlt. Kor two
things pro to bo borno In mlnd, flrst, that
tho cducatlng powcr of a gallcry Is In no
dcgreo dcpcndcnt ou elzc. Tlicro aro so
AfORNlNG, JULY 11, 1873.
callcd art-gallcrlcs contalnlng hundrcds of
pictures whoso total valuo fcr purposcs of
atl-culture Is not cqual to that of ono flrst-
.rato plcture. Our entcrprisc wlll not,
thcrcforc, bo a falluro, If wo succccd lu
Jfconttlbutlng to tho Unlvcrslty's resourccs
lor culture only two or three mastcr-plcces
oniatlvc or forelgn art, provlded thcre bc
no epcond nnd thlrd rnte plcccs ndmlttcd to
tlcgrado tho standardand confuso thc cffcct.
And secondly, lt ls to be rcihpmbcrcd that
a collectlon forj)urposcs of art-culturc ln a
Unlvcrsity ought to bo foundcd ona totally
diffcrent jdan from that of amlscellaneous
ait-gnllery. The objcct licro ls not to
gratify tho slght-seelng and plcture
gazlng propcnsity wlilch lt Is wcll
inougn to cncourago clscwherc, but to
iruu.1 siioi worka of art as wlll lllustratn
m . . .
lirruicate, llt follows, thcrcforc, tliat
many works of mcrlt mlght have no ap-
proprlato placo in such n collectlon, and
miglit bo decllncd, if offered, wlthout nny
linputatlon upon cltlicr tho mcrlt of thc
work or tho klndncss of tho glvcr. To for
get tlils and to ylcld to thc tcmptatlon to
fill thc gallcry wltli even merltorlous works
forelgn to tlio Intcnt of tho collectlon,
would lie to sacriflce thc unlty of plan on
wlilch the real succcss of the wholc entcr
prisc dcpcmls.
Annthcr rcasr.n why such a gallcry
should bo kcpt up to tho vcry highcst
standard, cvcn at thc rlsk of Its remalning
small for many ycars to come, Is that nr
tists of thc flrst rank miglit find It to bc for
tliclr own Intcrcst to contributc to Its col
lcction. Thcrc nro few gallcrlca in the
Unltcd Statcs in wlilch an Allston or a
Kcnsctt does not run tho rlsk of bcing de
graded by bcing groupcd with some anony
mous daub. It is not, we vcnturc to nny,
nt all prcsunipluous to hope that wc may
gathcr n small nnd choico collectlon ln
palnting nnd sculpture, in wliicli it would
be an honor to tho works of thc bcst ar
tlsts ln bae a place.
TIk trustcca thcrcforc soliclt from nll
pers-oia intcrcstcd ln our entcrprisc nnd
tliat thould mcan from all pcrsons wlio
havcat bcart thc Intcrcsts of culture ln
conn'ction with the Unlvcrsity of Vcr
mon. contributions in nny of thc follow
lug ilascs, or funds for tho purchaso of
1. P.iliitings art copics liycithcrAmcr
ican or forelgn paintcrs.
2. Works of sculpture, statucs, busts,
rclkfs, nicdallions, wlictlicr origlnal or
copied, mnilo undcr thc cyeof thesculptor.
3. Original drawlngs.
4. Casts from notcd sculpturcs. Tlicso
arc cspccially valuablc ln nrt studics nnd
aic comparatlely Incxpcusive.
Ilronzcs, tcrra cottas,cnamcls,falcnccs
hiicIcdI vasca, works In mctnl and glass,
twslri(,H ,.lc. . Iu ,Ullch the artlsllo mcrlt
fi. altiable cngravlngs, wood-cuts,
i lilnirs.
i". l'liotogniphs from originals of the
Sicat m.istcrs ln palnting, nnd from thc
bcst works In sculpture nnd nrchltccturc.
8. orks of art, blographics, dictlonar-
ics, criticisinx, ctc.
Thc iiames of the donors wlll bo in-
scrlbcd on works of nrt prcscutcd to thc
gallcry and a pcrmancnt rccord wlll bc
kept of all (lon.itions In moncy.
K. J. Pmeu's,
0. G. Henkiuot, J- Irustees.
II. A. P. TomiEV, I
L. G. Waiu:, J
Tlu- I)-ii'iili'iic of Aliimal llixm
Vt-r.-lablu I.lfv.
I ii the flrst article wc spoke of plants ns
thc solo pnxlucers of food for animals ; we
wlll now consldcr a rclalloii that is somc
whaticciprocal. As wo are not writlng
cxcluslvcly for scholars we shall try to cx
plainsuch terms as It may bo ncccssary to
We shall usc the lcrnis oxygcn and car
Ininic acld, or carbonlc di-oxldc : for lt is
not an acid in tho popular scnse.
Oxygcn Ia tho nctlve princlple of tho nlr
whicli wc brenth, to us lt is tlio vltal prin
clple. Carbonlc ill-oxlde (C. 0.) Is a com
pound of carbon nnd oxygcn) and caibon
ls thc namc of an clcment that cxlsts ln
nbmuUnce ln the mlncral crust of thc globc
and cntera largcly Into tho composltlon of
cvcry llving thing. Tho form of carbon
most famlllar to us ia charcoal, lt consti
tntcs tho bulk of woody fibcr, nnd moro
than ono thlrd of thc nourislimcnt of tho
plant. If 11 o burnlng of wood la stopped
licforc tho carbon ls consumed, ns lt la
done in a coal.pit, wo Bhall seo how much
of a plant ls carbon. Tho charcoal Is not
quitc all carbon, for whcn this Is burned
ILtm n..mln mm(s cartllJr mat,er called
Carbon ls insoluble, that ls, It cannot bc
dissolvcd ln any lluld j thereforo tho plant
cannot fccd upon puro carbon. It must
flrst bc changcd to carbonlc acld. Whcn
ovcr wood or coal ls burncd "to nshcs" tho
carbon ls frccd and unltcs wltli oxygcn,1
making carbonlc dl-oxidc. The Bamo
thlng takcs placo wlicnever nny llving
thlng dccnys.
Whcn wo brcatho somo of tho carbon of
tho system unltcs with tho oxygcn of tho
nlr and forms carbonlc dl-oxldc. Durlng
twcnty-four hours ono mnn wlll uso ln
brcathlng nbout 350 cublo fect of alr and
brcatho out 15 cublc fcct, or ovcr 100 gal
lons of carbonlc acld and ln ono hour ho
wlll rendcr about 500 cublc fcct of alrunflt
to brcatho ngaln. Even a lamp wlll mako
tho alr of a closo room Impuro and pol
Bonous. Thus In many ways this carbonlc
acld is mado lu lmmcnso qunutltles, and
whcn lt nccumulatcs in tho nlr, the nlr bo
comes unflt for man or bcnst. Puro car
bonlo acld wlll BufTocato n man at once,
Ono can cct somo Idca of lts cffccts by elt-
tlng ln a closo Bchool-room, hall or church.
Ilut plants llvo upon carbonlc acld j thcy
assimllato it and from U manufacturo tho
carbon csscutial to tliclr Btructuro and
growth. Wo shall now seo how wlscly lt
Is ordcrcd that plants Bhould uso this
clcment that makeB tho alr Impuro nnd glvo
back tho nccdcd oxygcn for animals.
Bomo of tlils carbonlc acld Is wnshed out
of tho alr by tho falling raln nud reachcs
tho plant tlirougli tho roots, but most of It
cntcr8 tho lcavcs wlilch aro sprcad out to
recelvo lt, and then ls mado Into nourlali
mcut for tho plant. As fast ns carboulo
acld bccomes carbon tho oxygcn Is glvcu
back to thc nlr. Thus vcgctablollfe purlflcs
the alr on wlilch wo aro so dcpcndcnt.
Kvcn lf wc hadBomeolhcrsourco of food
nnd no plants to purlfy tho nlr, we could
not llve.
Though tlicro la n reclprocnl rclatlon In
this rcspcct, yct plants nro not dependent
upon nulmals, for dccnying vcgctnble mat
tcr would producc carbonlc acld and plants
would contlnuetogrow wlthout nny animal
llfc. Such was thc caso ln tho carly agcs
of the world. ,
In tho ncxt we wlll spcak of plants In
slceplng-rooms, and thcn conslder further
dcpcndcncc. JIatiibtks,
Atti'iiijit li Wri-ck n
" ' 'f
Ono of tlio most murderous attcmpts at
wrccklng a train nnd at a murdcr bcsldea,
that has cver occurred ln thla country, took
placo ncar Suncook, N. II., on Tucsday
cvcniiig lat. Just before tho Uoston cx
prcss train for Concord was due, about
clght o'clock, a woman tamo Into Suncook
dcpot cxclalmlng "Tho train I thcy arc go
ing to tlirow thc tralu from tho track 1"
Iler friubtful worda and wlld nppearnnec
at flrst betokcncd Insanlty, but soon by hcr
cnrncst manncr the confldcnce of thoso
prescnt was cnlisted nnd Immcdlatcly mcn
werc pcnt to warn tho cnglneer of the com
Ing cxpresa that nlwaya stops tliere. Thc
train soon nrrlved, the proper warnlng giv
cn, and tho train tnorcd caullously on to
ward Concord. Whcn about ono mllc bc
low Suncook tho rcportcd obstrucllous
wcre cncountcrcd ln n pllc of slccpers
placcd upon thc track. The spot was onc
wherc the trnln nlways runs at grcat spccd,
nnd if thrown off it would have gone down
a stccp cmbaukment into tho rivcr.
The woman told hcr slory, wlilch was
that carly In thc cvening, w hllc going nlong
the rallroad track ncar Suncook village,
shc jiotlced two mcn plling slccpers onto
thc track, nnd on coming up to thcm onc
nskcd hcr whcre she was going. Shc sald
"to Suncook, plcase lct me pass." Thc
mnn rcpllcd "no, you shall ncvcr go to
Suncook, I tcll ye that," nnd at thc same
tlmo catchlng hold of hcr, throwlng hcr
down nnd chokiug hcr till Iifc sccmcd cx
tinct, whcn thc mcn threw hcr into tlio
bushes nnd soon went nwny. Thc woman,
aa soon as she rccovcrcd consclousncss,
crnwlcd on to thc track and run to thc
Prompt mcnsurca nro bcing tnkcn to ar
rcst tlio mcn, whom the woman rcmembcrs
distinctly, nnd lt is cxpccted thcy wlll be
'I'liu Hulloonist I.ii ITIoiiiiiaiii.
Tho neronaut I.a Mountntn, wlio lost lils
lifo whlle making a balSoon asceuslon -nt
Ionia, Mieh., rcccntlv vlsitcd icw "iork
for tlie purpofrc of inducing monlcd mcn to
ralsc funds to cnable hlm to attcmpt nn
acriiil trip ncrosa thc Atlantic. Ile was
unable to excitc much intcrcst in his pro-
jcct, nnd left for the West disbcartcned.
Hc nlso ncgotiatcd with the publlshcrs of a
daily ncwspnpcr in that clty, wlio had rc-
ccntly securcd thc scrviccs of Prof. Ise
to makeji transatlantic balloon voyage, but
for some rcason thc partlcs dld not mako n
bargaln. Ln Mnuntnln rcsldcd for a long
time ncar thc clty of Troy, ln New York.
IIIs wife, who now llvcs at Troy, oftcn
attcmptcd to dlssuadc bim from his lmzar
dous profcsslon, but In vnin.
Upon one ocaision I.a Jloiintiiln was nd
vertised to mako an nsccnt from Troy, nnd
Mrs. La Jlountaln.nfter incffcctual cndcav
ors to prevcnt bim, rcsolved to nccompany
hlm hcrsclf, nnd sharc thc danger to wlilch
hc would bo exposed. Sho mado tho trip
wltli him and the ulfalr was a most suc
ccssful onc. The bulhxin landcd lu tho Ad
Irondaeka. Prof. I.a Mountaln, llko most
advcnturera of his class, was bold and fcar
lcas, but lackcd tho buslncss tnct nnd
Bhrewduess to mako lils expcrimcnts suc
ccssful in u Ilnanclal point of vlew. He
was vcry poor, nnd lilmsclf nnd fanilly
werc oftcn dcpilvcd of the ncccssitics of
life, nnd Buffcred many hardships nn ac
count of his lntatuallou fnr aerial expcri
mcnts. M'liu ;lioli-ra.
The course and wnys of the cholera tho
moro they are Invcstlgatcd, Indlcnte that
mcn nre more responslblo for Its vlsltntlon
than Providence. Tho Springfleld Uit
ion suggcsts, tliat, slnce tlio modcra-
tlon of tho scourgo in MciupUIs, tho full
detalls indicato that it was tho shocklng
hygcnlc condltlon of tho clty wlilch Invlt
ed tho discasc, and whicli kept lt thero 80
long. Jlcmphls has ncvcr bad n board of
health or a body of corrcspondlng powcr
untll bIiico tho nppearance of tho cholera,
and at nrescnt lt is wlthout moncy, nnd
conscquently wlthout clllclcncy. Durin;
tho prcvnlencc of tho cholera the disposal
of tho bodles waa left to irrcsponslblo par-
tlca, who sclcctcd n "pottcr's llcld" wlilch
dralucd luto tho clty nqueduct, and mado
tho crnves bo Bhallow that tlie raln boou
washcd tho Band away and tho stench per-
vaded n lorgo part of tho clty. Tho lnjury
wlilch tho cpldcmlo has lnllicted upon
Sremphls la not measured by tho number
of deaths. For Bcven wccks tho buslncss
of an actlvo commerclal town of 70,000
lnhabltauts has bccn nt n stand Btlll, and
tho loss ls to bo cstlmatcd at jnllllons.
Tlio llovciiuo rrilliiU.
In rcfcrcnco to n Bclzuro of ready-miulo
clothing, mado lu Springfleld, Slass., at
lcgcd to have licen Bmugglcd from Canada
tho followlng facts havo bccn cllcltcii
A SnrlnKflcld mcrchant, whllont Montreal
liurchascd of a tallor tlierc n Bult of clothcs
wlilch nttracteil tho admlratlon of lils
frlcndi. who ordcrcd Blmllar Bults. Ileforo
thcy wcro scnt, n certaln detcctlvo, bus
pcctlug that tho rovcnuo was bcing dc
frnmiivl. wcnt to Montreal and ordcrcd
miltnls. In dito tlmo tho clothcs wcro
Bcnt to Springfleld, and tho detcctlvo was
on liami ni ino opcmuK i uu!-i
M-l.lcli r-nntftlncd BOIllCtlllllZ bcsldo tllO
clothing, wlilch was sevcral rolls of ellk
fnr toilll.u' llrCKRPfl. TllO dlltV 011 SHk IS 50
per ccnt. ml talorem, and clothing tho
Bamc. Tho goods wcro selzcd, whllo tho
mcrchant clnlms ho mado no attcmpt to
dcfraud, lcavlng tho mattcr nt tho tlmo In
tho tallors' hands to arrange. All tho peo
plo impllcated nro of gooil rcputatlon j tho
sum Involvcil ls about 1,000.
Tlio Suiijxmcd iHurilcrcr ol C'linrlen
Jonitrlcli Arrovlotl.
AmySlone, allas Kato Stoddanl. lias
bcen arrestcd by tho Hrooklyn pollcc ontho
chnrgo ( murdcrlng Charlcs Goodrl'ch.
Bhe was takcn Into custody nt thc Fulton
Ferry gatcway on thc Brooklyn side, nnd
was lockcd up last nlght In the York strect
pollcc statlon. Tho pollcc had becn Bearch
ing for hcr for many wccks past, nnd fol
lowlng hcr from onc place to anotlicr. It
ls supposcd that she was hldden thc most
of the tlmo ln Jcrsey Clty and Phlladclphla.
Slio visltcd New "i ork sovcral tlmes and on
onc or two occasions narrowly cscaped Ijc-
ing taken beforc night
The detectlvcs clalm to havo in thcir
possesslon facts forming a chaln of cvldencc
impllcatlng her In tho murder of Charlcs
QoodrUU Thtlnquest ln tlio caao -vchlch
was nevc doncluded, but was left over
forfuithcrlnvcstlgatlon, wlll bo resumcd
this wcck. Thus lt secms thcrc Is fionin
lope of nt last solvlng thc mystcry atteni-
ig thc crime wlilch has caused Iritense
cxcltemcnt lu this comuiunltv. The
Brooklyn policc are vcry retlccnt, nnd lt Ia
imposslblc as j-ct for the reportcrs to get
many of the particulara ln rcgard to the ar
rcat or tlie cvldencc to bo produccd agalnst
tho prlsoncr.
.Ilimlcnl Xotc
Jlrs. Jennic Van Zandt la ln Europe.
Madame Deltytbcr la tolocatcln Uoston.
Jlrs. II. JI. Smlth has givcnup hcr cholr
engngcment in New York on account of ill
Lucc.i has spcnt tho coming scason nt
fourtccn diffcrent watcring placca, thus
far, according to the newspapers. and all
tho back towns nrc not in yct.
Jlr. J. E. Pcrkins, tho young Amcrlcan
basso, haa rccclvcd a llattering offer for a
tour ycars engagemcnt with Jlaplcson. at
Drury Lane Tlieatre, ln London.
Jlr. Gco. L. Osgcod, the popular Amcrl
can tcnor, has associatcd lilmsclf with tlie
Hoard of Instructlon of tho New Kngland
Conscrvatory of Jtusic.
Adelaidc Phlllips sallcd for Europe on
the 28th ult., for a summcr conccrt tour.
The summcr conccrts of Thcoilore Tho-
mas' lnlmltablo orchcstra, at tho Ccntral
Park Gardcn, fumisli New York thcir only
muslcal cntcrtainment just now.
Thc Lueca Opcra Troupo conimcnce thc
campalgirat thc Grand Opcra House, ln
New York, on Octobcr Cth.
Tho Strnkosch Opcra Troupo Is to rc-In-
troduce Jladamc Nllsson to hcr numcrous
ndmlrers In thla country, nt Uoston, on
Oct. Cth.
It Is rcportcd that Clara Loulse Kellogg
Is to take the lield wltli Engllsh opern on a
grand scillc about tho second wccklnSep-
tcmber, nctlin Ac-mleniy of Jtusic, In Now
York, she hcri-clf to bc tho brlght partlcu
lar star.
l'lie new singing-book, "Thc Church
Welcomc," by W. O. Pcrkins, is In prcss
nnd wlll be issucd in a few days. From
ndvauce shcets scnt us we prophesy nn cx
tcndcd sale of the same tlirougliout the
The Chicago Juhllco last month waa a
ilnanclal succesa, ita managcrs clcaring
$14,000. Its musicnl succcss was somc
wliat llmltcd, the only featurc of impor
tance belug thc playing of Gllmoro's Band.
Jladamo Parcpa llosa is to produce Eng
llsh opera nt the Lyccum Thcatrc, London,
next nutumn. Castle nnd Campbell have
becn cngagcd, nlso Santlcy, whlle Jlrs.
VanZandt haa bcen offered nsltuatlon nl
though not ns yct acccptlng.
ltubinstcin nnnounccs his Intcntlon of
writlng sacrcd opcraa, to wlilch he ls todc
votc tlie grcatcst part of his futurc.
Dudlcy Buck ls coniplling n muslcal dic-
The lynching of Delos Heffren at Salem,
Ind., has becn followcd by grcat excltc
mcnt amoug his frlends, of whom ho had n
grcat numbcr, nnd they have vowcd ctcmal
vcngcanco agalnst thoso who dld Uic dccd.
The last hanglng that took placo ln that
viclnity waa In 1870. That, too, waa a
lynching, nnd two mcn who had not mur-
dcrcd, but mcrely robbcd, werc tho vlctlms
oflt;butin Hcffrcn's case, tl.ough tlicro
was not thc slightest cxcusc for tho mob,
lt was caslcr to account for thcir lawlcss
ncsa. Heffren was about 40 years old,
flno looking nnd powcrfully built, nnd n
man of consldernblo talcnt. In 18G0 hc
was deputy Bccrctnry of Btate, undcr his
uncle, Judgo Cyrus L. Dunham, and whcn
tho war broko out ho bccame an olllccr in
the army. His mothcr, two Blstcrs nnd a
brotlicr, Col. Horaco Heffren, arc stlll llv
ing. IIIs cldcst Blster ls n rcmarkably bcau
tlful and accompllsheil woman. A younger
brotlicr droppcd dead, some ycars ngo,
near tho spot whcro the lynching was done.
Heffren was a man of strong passions. and
Dr. llnlstcad was tho sccond pcrson ho
had murdcred. Scveral ycars ngo ho klllcd
a man nameil Johnson, but, for somorcn
Bon not known, tho jury who tried hlm
gavo a vcrdlct of ncqulttal. They had no
sooncr dono so than thcy wcnt to tho pris
oncr's box, cnrrlcd hlm on thelr Bhouldcrs
to a saloon hard by. nnd drank his health
and long llfc. Elght montha nftcr, Heffren
marrled tho wldow of tho murdcred John
son. In tho past fcw ycars ho has kept n
drlnklng houso, and his lmblts havo bccn
vcry bad. Ho has bccn vcry popular nlso
among a ccrtaln susplclous clasj, andas
his influence was for vlolence, many law.
lcssdccds wcro commltted for which ho
was dlrcctly or ludlrcctly rcsponslble, but
his tnklng-off was n sad commcntary on
Indlana justlcc
iNCENiiiAitiKs. Thero Bccmsto bo n con
ccrt of actlon to glvo Portland, Jlalnc, a
tccond baptlsm of flrc. A grcnt numbcr
of flrcs havo recently becn Bct ln that clty
which owo thelr orlgln to dcllbcratc Inccn-
dlarism, llro traps havo bccn dlscovcrcd
wlilch nro now ln possesslon of tho mar
shal. Thcse trans aro prcnarcd by taklng
a paper snturated with saltjictro and wrap
piug up tlicrcln n bunch of matchcs and a
Btono ln closo juxtaposltlon. Tho contrlv
Is thcn thrown throuch tho windows
of a bulldlng, so that, when lt Btrlkcs, tho
matchcs aro Ignltcd and a collagratlon is
cxiwtcd to follow.
tiii: coiutv aw m.smvunitn.
Itev. Jolm T. Smlth nnd wlfe nrrlved in
town last Frlday, nftcr nn abscncc of tcn
ycars as mlsslonarles. Thcy hnvc bccn
statloncd at Jlarsovan, a clty of about 15,.
000 Inhabitants ln Eastcrn Turkoy. Jtr.
Smlth was formcrly from Rochester. Jlrs.
Smlth is a daughtcr of Dr. A. O. W. Smlth
of this placc. Of four chlldrcn born to
thcm ln that far off land, thcy bring back
two, the otheis aro burled ln In Jlarsovan.
A bcautlful new Bible and hymn book
werc found onthedcsk of the Jlcthodlst
church last Sunday morninst, havlng bccn
placcil there by some of thc ladlcs of tho
Jlrs. JIcLcod, sistcr of Gustavus Buel,
had a paralytic Bhpckon Frlday last. Up
to'Mondiy'slio iiafl not becu ablo to mnko
tho lcast motion, but on that day shc
chanced to be left alouc for a few mluutes
and whcn her fricnds rcturned she was
found sitting In a chalr.
Thero ls fair promlsc of ni'othcr Plum
ley affair among as. For somo tlmc a feud
has cxisted bctwccn two famllics In Hyde
ville, nnd on Tucsday nlght the housc of
onc of thcm was nssaultcd, the front wln
dows smashcd In nnd a gun flrcd tlirougli
onc of thcm. Appcaranccs nll Indicnteil
thc other famlly as the ngrcssors nml the
male mcmbers werc brought to trlal thc
followlng day. DeclsUm wns reservcd un
tll July 10, tlie defendants bcing releascil
nn hall.
Our plucky little cnnnon asslstcd by our
no lcs3 plucky boys, asscrted indcpendence
cnough for ten towns tho nlght before thc
4th. Happlly thcy cxhaustcd all tliclr
powder nt an caily hour nnd the facllltlcs
for slcep durlng the day werc splcndid.
Prof. Ormsbce, formcrly of nurquandom
Jlcdical collegc, arrivcd in town with his
famlly on Tucsday. W.
H. S. JlcCollum, Esq., was prostratcd
on Frlday morning last by a paralytic
strokc, wlilch affectcd lils rlglit nrm and
his spccch.
Thc Scale works af tcr a wccks suspenstnii
inumcd operatinns on Tlmrsday mnrnlng.
A Lacoiiaih.e Affau;. A laughable
affa'rr happencd al tho railroad statlon at
Factory Point rcsently, the particulars of
which we lcarn from tho Jranchcster
Journal: "A nnn to take chargc of Dell
wood Ccmctcry was cxpccted on the train
and Capt. Clark, who has chargo of tho in
stitution, had a man in walting fnr him.
A stranger from Troy arrivcd nn tlie same
train nnd Pat, supposing him to bcthc man
he was looking fnr, touchcd his bat rini
and askcd lf he would go to the ccmctcry.
Tnkcn back by the suddenness and novclty
'of tho qucstlou, tho man rcpllcd that hc
was neitlicr ilcail nor sick nnd tlie ccmc
tcry waa tho last place he wantcd to go to,
and turnlng to tho statlon agcnt he asked
what time the ncxt train would leave, re
marking that this was the flrst town he
evcr visltcd whcre they had a runncr for
the cemetcry."
Catiiolio Festivals. Tho festivals of
the Catholic churchcs held on the fourth
of July secm to have becn unusually suc
ccssful. The procecds of the (cstival held nt
Dorset amounted to the largcst sum
At Jlontpelier a festlvnl was held at thc
village hall, at which thcrc waa so large a
numbcr that thc waiters could hardly find
thelr way nmong the gucsts, nnd the band
somo nct sum waa reallzcd of $402.42.
At Northfield tho procecds amounted to
At Waterbury thc amount netted waa
Thcse four congregatIon3 have thua se
curcd n sum cxcecdlng slxtcenhundred dol
lars j a result at which a little prldc nu
thcir part would be cxcusablc.
Racino News. A good nttendance waa
had at Barton on tho 4th, on thc nccasion
of tlio raccs. About 1800 tickcts wcro
sold. Two of thc four pursca wcro takcn
by the Dormans of Newport. Thc largo
purse wns won by "Snowtlake," In n sharp
contcst with "Gcn. Grant," of Richmond.
O. S. Dorlnan'a horso "Jlartln Hayea,"
which won the county purso of $100, had
ncvcr trottcd beforo but was much praiscd
and ndmired by thoso prcsent.
The trottlng nt thc cclcbrntion nt Jtorris-
vlllo on thc 4th, ls sald to havo becn cxccl-
lcnt. Tlie pursc of i100 was won by
Gamblcr," n horse entered by Upton
Brothers nnd .Tcrrj- Drcw. Tho $200
purso was taken by "Flora," entcrcd by P.
JIcAnny of St. Albans, whlle tho largest
purso of ij350 was securcd by "Jcrry
Drcw," owncd by Jcrry Drew.
EnnoATiox. Vo lcarn with rcgrct of tlio
death of Prof. F. C. Ilatliaway. tho Prin
eipal of tlio Jtorrlsvllle Gradcd School and
a mcmbcr of thc Statc Board of Educa
tlon, which occurred on Sunday nfternoou
last at his homo ln Hardwick. His health
had bcen falling for sovcral montlis, owlng
to a tumor ln tho sldc, which, togethcr
with a fceblo constltutlon caused lils death.
Jlr. Ilatliaway was one of tho liest tcachcrs
In our Stato and gavo proinise of grcat use
fulness in this capaclty. IIIs loss is dccply
fclt by many frlends.
Sad Fatamty. A pecullarly distrcsslng
andfatnl accldcnt occurred at Weathers
fleld on Tucsday morning last, a Uttlo three
year old chlld of Thomns S. Adams bcing
burncd to death. Tho houso was dlscov
crwl to bo on flro and tho llamcs spread so
rnpidly that two othcr chlldrcn wcro with
dlflltulty rcscucd, whllo tho younger chlld
was obllgcd to bo left to lts nwful fnte.
Fatal Aocident. Jlr. Joscph Bowcn
of Bethel, whllo attcmpthig to Eccuro ono
of lils horscs on Tliursdny of last wcck was
klckcd by tho horso and bo scriously Injur
ed Intcmallythat ho dlcd In about thlrty
bIx hours thcrcaftcr. Tho dcccased was
63 ycars of ngo and lcavcs a famlly.
BunoiJknv. Durlng tho abscnco of Jlr.
DaTld Torrcy, of Bethel, from homo with
his famlly, on tho 4th, tho houso was en
tered and robbcd of Bomo flftcen or twcnty
dollars worth of Ucepsakcs nnd Bllver coln.

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