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The Rutland weekly globe. [volume] (Rutland, Vt.) 1873-1877, November 14, 1873, Image 1

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ono jrcar.C, ... ,, v
A(Jdrras Bt(0H VAPKR CO; RntlaiW.-gW
tha, wfii$plc.oCtliq. statc, nrti to ba tauV
"cflnaiiliyi Aaa.th -ckfiHon.of a jrWfa-
puWt(w&.td'lidn9t'fean ltx lila bIcu
W..DIke.TfittoT5oW cahdhhto ft,
slato- Uyaeuwr; .iisifcteen clcclcfj, bs lw
poDeBMfo'ls .avRatfenty manftf;
tjnviujr tuniiiui,wiri;rciiwTiiiuK
V fiiiiUHwoiniSa &tate,UeauTgri&
or 1113 inenus, 10 nu n vncancy causeu uy
tlio lmpenchment of llic tlien incumbent.
A man abovc reproach, of unblemlslicd
rharactcr nnd spotless lnlcgrlly, Goyernor
Austin sought liim for tlio ulllco not lic
tlio ofllce. For some lcason, probably bc
canso lio was nnt nn olllcc sccker, the rc
publlcau party llucw lilm oveiboard, but
tlio pcoplo took lnm up and lmvo rctalned
liim in olllcc.
Tlio llrst nuinbcrof tlio "St. Albans
Daily AdcerlUer" niailo its appc.iraneo
Momlay. Il Is a briglit, j;ooil.Ioo!;liig,
tastj' and ncwsy slicct, niul If it contlmics,
ns It commenccs, linist supply n necilcd
want In tliat sectlon of tlio state. Ita cd
Itor, Lucius Higclow, lias liail journallstlc
nml cdltorial cxpoilcnce, aml widils n
rcaily, able nnd, if nccds bc, n caustlo pcn.
AVo rejoice that lio lias onco lnnic rcturncd
to Vermont journalism, nnd vo glve blni n
cordlal welcomc to the cdltoilnl MiiUs of
the statc. I-Yom what vo kimw ot Mr.
11., wc liave no fcars tliat he will fallcr In
tlio advocacy of tho right, notwithstaiiiliiig
all that lias bcea Raid to tlio contiaiy.
Sliould it piovo otlicrwlfo, wohhall sincerc
ly icgrct it, whllo, at thc saint- tliuc, licing
assurcd that his papcr will bo nbly con
ductcd and bc, ns all papcrs onght to bc, n
?ifif.papcr iiulccd. Ag.dn wc wclcomc
tliis new dally, and proposoto givo it n fair
lleld beforo condt'iniilng it, in ndvancc, on
tho strcngth of mcre nnnor.
i it true, ns Mrs. I.ivcrniorc claimcd,
Tuesday nlglit, that tho lnothcra of Ycr
ni.int havc no legal ownerehip in tlieir
cliildren ? How wc liatc that word "own
crshlp," whcn spcaking of llcsh nnd lilood,
cvcn if it docs convcy nn idea. Our courts
nnd juclgcs cannot act outsido of, or con
trary to law, Imt nre hodgcd in, on cvcry
side, by its rcquircmcnts. A judge could
not, in a divorce suit, decrco thc custody
of nilnor childrcn to their niothcr miless
"VliclaVpc'rmlttca it." Tho ln' is moroTi!o
nnd humano than, cvcn, Jlrs. I.ivermorc,
and tho judge? ouly carry out its wisc be
liests. Not evcry niothcr is flt for the caie
nnd custody of those who nre coniielled to
oall hcr mother. Keitlicr Is cvcry falhcr n
pioper custodian of his rhihlren. 1 hc laws
of Vermont havc wisely providcd for this
vcry contingcncy. So long ns it (leeincd
proper that divorccs sliould bo grantcd,
thc carc nnd custody of thc childrcn of "111.
nssortcd" marriagcs inust bc lirovlded for.
The equal carc, custody and "owuershlp,"
if you plcasc, of father nnd mother is rc.
cognizcd In their joint oll'dprlng by tho
powcr conferrcd upontliccouit toplacc the
mlnor childrcn witli thc parcnt wlio will
best care for thcm. Thls is right, just and
tibi: casi: or -i iii: viikjimus.
Wc niay havc " Cuba on tlic braln," thls
morning, but it prescnts so mnny dlffcrcnt
nspccts, so many and so gravo complica
tlons, its past liistory in connection witli
filihustcring expeditions from tlio Unltcd
Statcs is so intcrcsting, and tlio otlier inovc-
ments, dircctly nnd indircctly, connccted
tlicrewitli, nrc so nnportant, that wc may
bo nardoned. " nist once," in dcvoting so
inucli spaco thcrcto. It is gratifying to ns
certaln that tho govcrnment do not appre-
liend any particular troublo witli Spaln In
refprcnco to tho capture of thc Ylrglnlus
nnd tho subsequentexccutions. A meeting
of tlio cahlnet was held, in Washington,
Tuesday, nnd tho mattcr was conslderal, so
far as it could bo In tho nbscncc of oflleial
renorts. Wo nrc informed tliat ono of thc
rcsults of their dellbcratlons was n deter
minatlon that Spaln inust bo prcsscd to
sucli indemnlty " ns can properly bo given,
" i thtfaclt eatablisJi her ttgal liabilUy as to
' tho vcssel nnd passcngcrs, or cillicr."
Ncithcr our govcrnment nor the Spanisli
legntlon, nt Washington, nio in possesslon
of olllclal intclllgcncc, but lt ls luithorito-
tlvcly statcd that wliencvcr it oflleial in
telligenco arrives " tho legation will bo
" prcpared to mcct tho complalnts of our
" govcrnment in tlic mnst candld and opcn
" inanner." It is clotlicd wlth full powcrs
to act in tho prcmlses, and Is, ns a scnii-oill
cial rcport statcs, " prepaicd to adjust tlo
" issuo In dlsputc on tho Bpot nnd wltliout
" rofcrenco to Jladrid. ' Jloreovcr.lho new
Rnimlsh nilnlster. Senor Figucras whoso
nnmc alono is n guaranty of lionorablc dcal
lng will bo In Washington wlthln tlio
courso of n week or ten days, clotlicd wlth
llko powcrs Imt, of coursc, npon his nrrl
val BUpcrccding tlio othcr and will, if tlio
mattcr is not prcviously nrranged, nttend to
the ncirotiations lilmself. The I'resldcnt
nnd sccretary of war do not npprehcnd nny
trouble, nnd douht uot that thc who'o inat
ter will bc settled honorably to both na.
tlons. Thls may not Biilt thoso who do.
blrc wnr, but It will bo n cnuso of satlslac
tlon to tho mass of Amciican pcoplo.
wo.vr taki: m:ni.
In looklng back upon tho Cuban Invasion
of 1850 nnd 1831, somo curlous fnets aro
dovclopcd, in rcfcrcnco to llioldeas of tlie
Bouthern statcsmcn on tho qttcatlon of stato
nnd nntlonal Bovcrclcnty. Somo of thcso
nuestlona wero flually settled hy tho rcbel.
llon and thcro aro somc, poasibly, whlch
wero not. In any ovent, thcso iiocumcniB
show that tho govcrnmout ouglit to havo
bcea prcpared for tho actlon of tlio south
in 1801. John A. Quitman was thcn gov
ruor of JllsslBslppl and waa ln tho secrets
the Cuban lnyadlng forcos. IIo coun-
immlLmliyim oterwl ili6 chkf cotmiiiM
omcilHo. trwni, hoyT?,'ln
!elf o4,.1ft:ko cliwg.bcjof at tbMairo
Dettlriiliiyjawi Tio; Vaa lBillct-cf 'thq
inltcJ Statcs clrouit ciwrt ?i-Quianav
Bndjiivarrtht "waif biticd ffr "Vi nrrtsk
Mto.'liOf Ih'aud tho south tyo
UWn prccJpitaicCll Jlisjife
l-MCHUU WU3 pUUllIlt.'Uj.UJ'
finers, ieiore inn ouyircs;
that tU? gorcrntiK'ulV
tbcif t1an3 and burpom:
-.roto himiliirflhey 6h1y cicd o Unlw
iU S tiib Veoaiue''rti6 )itatc 'of 'Jri88b9lpnf,
rcprcscntcd tho sovcrcignty of thc statc. In
a lctter, Urown uscs thcso slgnlficant worda
in iciercncc to Jllasisslppi nnd tho Unltcd
Statoa, "Uut whcn shc Bays I owo obedl
cncc no longcr, right or wrong. comc wcal
or woo, I Btand tlic lichcsta of my lcgitl
inato sovroign." Tlicy carcd uotbing for
Cuba, but that wns tho clicstnut, nnd Gov
cmor Qultinaii wna tho cntspaw to with
dr.iw It from tho llre. Tho goycrnor did
cai'c forCub.i, and, iilthough he w.nnn In
tcnso stato righta man. hc dld not propose
to bring on n wnr, if It niay be bo c.ilied,
betwcon the gcncral and stato govcrnment
IIo thouglit tho nentrality law wnscontrary
to thc gciilua of ourinstitutlons, but ho did
not Intend, hlle occupying nn olllclal
capacity nnd undcr a solcmn oath, to opcn
ly break it. IIo bclloved that as thc gov
ornor of that statc lio could not bo takon
hcnce by the fedcral governmcnt, but hc
did not proposo to le9t it in his mvn pcr
pon. IIo l'csigncd hU posltion, (ptlctly etib.
niittcd to nrrcst, nnd was, subsequently,
discliargcd. Xotwilhstandlng all thls ror
rcsiiondcncc, nr.idc public in dtio se.ison, no
stcps weie taken to picparo against thc in
ovitablc. It scems tliat our govcrnnicnt 1s
alwnys dctcrinlnud to purstio n bimilar
policy. It U taking tho sanic courso noiv.
Wedncsday morning, snow covcrcd the
fncc of thc cni'th morc partlcularly those
parts wliosc "hub" is Ifutland. Tho day
was comparatlvcly warm, so that It meltcd
from thc roads, lcaving tlic ldewalks c.-
ccpt in fiont of llic pieiniscs of thoso wlio,
u compliancc wlth the law, had reinovcd
tho snow thciefroni wet and "sloshy."
Wedncsday nlght nnd Tlmisday morning,
thc ntinosplieic changcd, nnd tlio mercury
dcspended fnr lielow thc freczing point. As
result thercof, thc sidewnlk on tlio north
slde of West strcet, and, perhaps, of otlier
streets, wns covcred with icc. An ordi-
nancc of tho villngo of Ilutland wliich is
ns of imich forcc nnd clfcct ns n laV of thc
slnte di - Vcrindntoiftpt'jlliOiy pi4l3BtECyj
dcclares that "no prrson Bhall coast, coursc
or slldc on nny sleigh, sled or other vc
hicle ln nny of the streets or hlghwnys of
llic vill.igc, iwr vpon the aideicalfct thercof,
c.xcept such streets and hlghways as bhall
'bc deslgnated by tho trustees." West
strcet lias not bccn so "designated by thc
trustees," but it was in constant usc, ycster-
ly morning, nt least, by lioys in coasting,
coursing and sllillng witli slcds. l lic proii-
abllitics nro tliat the present snow nnd icc
will not long rcmaln thcrcou, but, whethcr
tlicy do or not, tho law is tlic same. Two
didlculties nnd dangcrs wcro cxperienccd,
esterday, lioth growlng out of thls lllcgal
usc of thc sidcwalk. Tlic walk was reu
dered nlmost onocontinuouspleccof "glare
Icc," making it nearly impossiblc, nnd cx
ceedingly dangerous, for n pcdcstrian to
pass up or down tho same. o havc bccn
told of many instances In whlch individu-
nls wcrc scrlously hurt by fnlls, occasioncd
by tlio condition of the icc rcndcrcd mnro
llppery by coasting, shdlug, ctc. Thc
othcr dangcr was In nvoidlng llic Bleds of
tlio boys, aa tlicy camo down tho hlll wlth
constantly Incrcaslng momentnm, when,
pcrliaps, thelr slcds wero bcyond control.
Wo like to sce boys enjoy themseivca in
thcso wlnter sports. Wo rcmembcr how
wc uscd to dcliglit ln coasting, or "slidlng
down hlll," a? wc callcd lt. Those sports
sliould nhvnys bo nllowcd, but ncvcr nt tho
rUk of tlio llfc or llmh of othera. Thcrc
nTe streets, but little trnvclcd.'that thc trus.
tccs could dcslgnato for Biicli n purposc, but
thoflldewalks sliould novcrbo so uscd. Hct
ter still, thcrc aro hllls that can bo uscd j
illls tliat nro ncar by, whose uso could
eadily bo obtalned, whcro thcro would bo
no danger. Kow is tho timo to 6tnrt riglit
for tho wlnter. Vix il right, both for tho
boys nnd their parcnts,
.iikjiit ii.vvi: iii:i:.v avoiiii:i,
It is Btrangc, moro than pnsslng Btrnnge,
that thc Amcricun pcople, nnd its govcrn
mcnt do not tako liccd to tho past and gov
crn thcmsclvcs nccordlngly. Much of
trouble, danger nnd difllculty mlglit bo
nvoided tliercliy. Vast cxpcndlturcs of
treasuro mlaht bo savcd nud many valunblo
llvcs prescrvcd by such n coursc. Iluman
llfc is vnluable, wltliout legard lo tho
charactcr of tho man. Undcr certaln clr-
cumstanrcB, lt ls truc, lt ls right, proper
nud Inwful for tlio govcrnment to dcstroy
human llfc, as lor cxainplo in caso of war,
tho suppiesslon of a rebclllon or nrlot, or
for hlgh crlincs, whlch tho law pronouneca
puiilshablo witli dcalh. In our rebclllon,
for Instnnco, overy pcrson voluntarily cn
gaglng thereln waa punlshablo wlth death.
So n pcrson convictcd of wilful nnd
premcdltnted murder ls llublo to tho sanio
pcniilty. Our govcrnnicnt, in tho cxcrclso
of a chailtablo dlscrction nnd wlth nn nl
most unlicard of clcmcncy, decldcd to rc
lcaso nll partlclpanta ln tho rebclllon from
tho pcnalty of thelr crlmo, just ns an cx.
ccutlvo, oftentlmcs, commutcstho Bentcnco
of dcalh passcd upon a condcjnned mur
dcier. Tho llvcs of tho ludlvlduala sac-
rillccd, reccntly, In Cuba inlght havo been
eavcd 11 tlicy hnd rcgarded tho expcrlcncc
of tho past, or If tho ndmlnlstrntlou had
bccn on tho nlcrt to glvo practical cffcct to
to that poitloncf tho fourth rcsolutlon of
tho uatlonnl republtcnu convcntlon of 1873,
whlch dcclarcs that "tho uatlonnl govcrn
" ment sliould Bcek to malntnln honorablo
" pcaco wlth all nallons." IIow can such
"honorablo pcaco" bo maintalned lf ycsscls
1 ( 1 .T J 1-1 " i
r i r rht
arepirmHMd to m!-fro our hbrw,.rltk
rra9, aibijihon ftfid tgldtera, to atd th4
dubansiWijth whlch W. ifigllt BpalriJ
Tfrey, relyjlVetljo sarac'.qaSiso' pt cora
fllirfi&i'id.ch. -woJiad.egalnBt Cat Britatn,
It k co wdly-for our' goveramcnt, to fif '
0d a .diffcrent toutsf toward .SjJatbj'b
cacw BbcJa cngngcI In a Btrufeg1 ;iorfreo
JnjtHutlona at'S'om'tfilhanU oulrf tSWard
Qrcat Jlritalii;, -wlHf flilt hbr lycallli, powcr
ikh)tofience. Tho gbTcrnmciit by tnklnU
hmd tlliq pi&t botk'Jo'jrcfcrcnco' to niw
MHiVRcreBeifHHi,Li:ittiiu imtu
KlUwJiWVVlM.nlrts und
k)s4t)f 'KfX'-'thcltf'CD.rofr
' .....I
pcttntlil Un.eommand or, or pronuat'nt
part In. cucfi an ekpcdltlon nnd the;coiial
kniiiwt'.vtiirfifre! iliptf miiat Iiivo kn'own' IiOW
' tdok their lives In thelr hands,
knowlng full wcll tho conscqucnccs, nnd
stakcd their llyes ngaiuat bucccss. Tlicy
playcd the gamc, tlicy both lost thc stake,
and suffcrcd n crucl death. Sliould vo
cinbroll oursclvcs in nwar withSpalnon ac
couut thercof 1
From tho Speclttl ltcporter ot tlio Olobc.
Orillnnliuii ii nrt IiiMnlliitlon of Itev.
i:. '. Vrlj;lil, nt Iluilli)', VI.
iVccordlng to piograminc Kev. K.
Wrlght wns duly ordalncd nnd lnstalled
pnstor of thu Coiigrcgallonnl cliureh nt
D.inby, on Tuesday, Nov. 11. Aneccleslas.
lical council wnsconvcncd for thls purpotc,
nnd ngrcenble to lcttcra nilsslvc, nt tlie
houso of Dcacon V. A. Uroughton, whlch
wns dclayed untll the nrrivnl of tlio train
from tlic north nt S:3" p.ni. Tho council
was orgnnlzcd by the clection of Hev. 1.
S. Prntt, modcrntor nnd Hev. .1. IC. Wil-
llama scrihc.
Aftcr prayer by the inodcrator it was
fouud the followlng churches wcic repic-
bcntrd by pastor nnd delcgato :
Itutland Hev .1 O .lohnson. nistor; Hro
10 V N llarwood. deleg.ite.
Walllngfiml Hev Aldace Wulkcr, pas
tor; liio C 1) ChlldK, ilelegntc.
l'awlet Hev .1 F Alkeii. pnstor : liro
W O Jlonioc, ilelegntc.
west icutlanu llev J iv wiinams, pns.
tor ; Hro S W Uoardmau, delegate.
IJorsct Jtcv l' a i'rntt, iiasior : Kev
N Kellogg, delegate.
Hev II II Shaw of Manchester wns nlso
present by Invitalion, ns nicmber of tho
The usunl prclliulnari- papcrs, contnlning
thc call of thc church, and ncccptaucc by
tlie candidatc wcro presented. Aftcr n
vcrbal statement rcspectlng tho pccuninry
support pledged liy the soriety, the papers
werc declaicd satisfnctory and the council
procceded to nn exninlnatlon of tho cnndl-
dalc in rcspeet to his thcological bellef nnd
christlan expcrlcncc. Tho exanilnation
was conductcd In nn nble manner, involv
lng all tho fundamcntal points conuectcd
1-with.the doctrines of tho Kvsngcllcal
cvlnced q'ulto ft IhTirpnghiknoletlfleyfilT
thcso vnrious BUbJcct8.
Aftcr thc exanilnation it wns votcd that
u.c cuu, e.l oe u) ..bc... ..c ca,u..iuuu.
was declaicd satlsfactory, and it was voted
that tlicy procccd to thc ordlnntlon ser
vlces nt sevcn o'clock.
Voted, aftcr tho ordinatlon servlces, the
council bo dlssolvcd.
The followlng order of cxerciscs wcro
nrranged In consultation wlth tho candi
datc :
1. Reading rcsults of council by tho
2. Introductory servlces by Hev. II I.I
Shaw nnd Hev. J W Hennctt.
!!. Ordlnation scrmon by Hev. .1 G John
son. 1. Ordinatlon prnycr by Hov. P S Pratt
5. Chnrgo to pastor hy Hev. Aldaco
Walkcr, D. I).
0. Hlght hniid of fcllowshlp, Kcv. J F
7. Addrcss to thc pcople, by Hev. P S
8. Ucnedictlou by pastor, Hov. E F
Thc council thcn ndjourncd, to mcct nt
tlic church at 7 o'clock.
C'.U.I. OF tiie cniT.cn.
Tho undcrslgncd, a commlttee of tho
Congrcgntlonnl church of Clnist, in Dan
hy, Vt , would rcspcctfully submit toyour
conslderatlon, tho followlng vntes of tlic
church. At n regular meeting of liio Con
gregational church, In Danby, on tlio lst
day of Novcmber, votcd that tho mcmbcrs
of thla church (m n largc majoiity) nrc cn
tlrcly satisficil with the plely, orthodoxy
nnd ministcrinl quallficntlons of Mr. E. F.
Votcd, That Mr. 10. F. Wrlght bo in
vltcd to bccomo tlio pastor nnd tcacher of
thls church.
Voted, That Hiclhrcn Jamcs McLclIan,
P A Uroughton nnd A D Smith, bo a coni.
mlttco to conimunlcato thcso votcs to Mr.
11. F. Wright, nnd to mnko other nirangc
nicnts wliich may bc neccssary to carry out
tlio wlshcs of tho churcli lu rclatlon to
tlieso prcmlses
G. S. Taboh, Modcrntor.
A. D. S.MIT1I, Cl.EI!K.
Thc commlttee nic happy to sny that ln a
lnrge majorlty a unanimlty of fcellng prc-
vaus in tno parisii in rcicrcncc lo your bet
tlcincnt nmong us. Thc dolngs of this so
clcty will nccompnny thls comniuniration.
And now,
Dear Siri Permlt us personally and ln
bchulf of tho church whlch wo rcprcsent to
cxprcss our earncst desiro that you will uc
cept of our iuvitntlon to tho pastoral olllce
among us nnd namo an carly day for ordU
natlon servlces.
Praying that God will guldo you to a fa
vorablo dccisloii, wo subscrlbo oursclvcs ln
behnlf of tho church.
Your brctliren ln Chrlst
Jamcs Mclellan,
P. A. Uroughton,
A. D. Bmlth,
Cominlttco of tlio Churcli.
8. Ii. Grlllltli,
h. 8. Waldo,
J. K. Tnbor,
Commltteo of tlio Soclety.
To Mr. K. F. Wright.
Danhv, Nov., 1873.
llrcthrcn of tho Church nnd friends of
tho Boclcly i Your comniunlcatlon lias
bcenrccclvod and duly consldcrcd. Hav
lng bccn wllh you lor tho post fiftccn
inonths, and fcellng that wo havo had nm
plo timo nnd opportunlty to bccomo thcreby
ncqualntcd wlth cach othcr, I can sco that
It will bo for the ndvantngo of tlio churcli
to havo mo ordalncd nnd lnstalled If I nm
to remalu hcro longer. Also, I fecl that It
wtll bo much bcttcr for me, as thcn I Bhall
bo quallllcd to perform thfl varloua rltes of
tlio church.
In acccptlng your call I do It wlth vcry
grcat liumillty, fcellng and knowlng that
TI)q VoHw" t-.tm nilnlster otji,;
trod, nntt x hoid tnat ntrotner ouw.i w
mcans to ossume lt. J, rtpg your'P'WJI.ItBomii
iil uijr uciinii iiiui in nu ibtH" " "IBJUfty ni
Let u ficck to labor logelher ln love'anw
tus advanco thc cauio of our bless
' nespWullyyewbrothcrln ChtlAUnd
your fricnd ln ttft'rho valks of llfc, JVnm
- J&rr.' W W WnmnT. J
il? liVEINO 8EHVI0I& lw
i'rha erYJccs-corpmcnccd.-ttt Uie churcli
tliom it appcarB that thc dlffcrcnt
Ine tlio 'rcsults of tlie council hV'th'B scrlbff.
Thls was followttUrtwlih elnglng? by ;tlift
t'hrr ,hTir. I.-tj. . .'-n' ri. RhV'w. ffinjri
wlilch was foundcd upon tho lst Epistlo to
tho Corlnthlana, lst nnd 2d vcrscs. Thcscr
inoii was nn nblc ono and hlghly intcrcst
ing to nll present. As Puul prcachcd Chrlst
nnd liim cruciflcd, bo sliould tho prcachcr
nt tho present day. Thls was tho founda
tlon of nll cvnngcllcnl cffort. Tho slniple
btoiy of Chrlst inecta the nccd of nll. Noth
Ing clse would nnswcr, ns all otlier modes
had falled. It was thc preaclicr'B mission
to labor for tho souls ot men. There werc
no othcr means wlierebywe can be bnvcd,
but tlirougli Clnist, nnd to proclnlm this
mcssago to fallen man is the duty of the
mlnlstry. If wo lcject thls offcr, whcro Is
our hopc? Thls scrmon wns full of thouglit
and Bhowcd that the rcveiend gcntlcman
had cxpcndcd grcat study upon tlic subjcet.
Wc rcnret that wo liavo not timo to glve n
full nbstr.ict.
Tlic chargo to tlio pastor wns glvcn by
Hev Aldaco Walkcr in a grnccful und
pleaslng inanner, nnd was hlghly Instruc
tlvo nnd full of wlsc suggcstious to tho pas
tor In perfornilng his various iluties.
The light hand of fcllowshlp was thcn
cxtended by Hev. J. V. Aikcn, whlch was
full of synip.itliy for thc pastor, In llilngs
wliich aro connccted wlth hla pastoral rc
lations. Tiiis was followcd by slnglug, nfter
whlch Itev. 1. S. Pratt gavo tho chargc to
tlie jicople, and bencdiction was pronounc
cd by tlie pastor.
Tho meeting wns wcll nttcnded in thc
evcning, nnd tho cxerciscs hlghly Intcrcst
ing. This, wc bclicvc, is the first ordina
tion whieh cver took placc in Danby.
msTonr of thc ciiuitcit.
Tlic Congrcg.itional church wns orgnn
i.ed hcrc somc flve ycars ngo. Hev. J. 1'.
Stono was tho llrst settled pastor. Pievi
ous to his settlcment here thc church was
suppllcd by vaiious prcachers,nniong wlioni
nre Hev. Aldaco Wnlker, I). I)., of Wal
lingford, Hev. V. W. Olnistcad, of Dorset,
Huv. L. II. Stonc, of Pawlet, nnd Itev,. V
jiuinbcrg ovcrthlrty merabera.rat..tyauG5-.'
cnt timo and is in n llourishlnR-conuTtlon,
Mr. Wrlght ls grcatly lcspcctcdby lils
dUrch Bml Q , nm, m ,
! . , . ... .',. ,, ,,
nnd cstccm of tho cntire conimunlty, nud
his bcttlenient nmong us will givo grent
plcasuro nnd satisfacthm to nll. J.C.W.
C'mivicl I)) 111(1 f Volimtiir)
Stltn lilion.
On thc 25th of May last ChrUtophcr
Schwartz, a half-wltted Gcrman, employcd
in Goshen jail ns wntchman, was choked to
dcath.in an nttcmpted cscapo by a ncgro
named Alexander Dinmond nnd n white
man nnined Morgan. To this nttcmpted
cscnpo nnd resulting murder nnothcriiiniate
of tho jall, Jcrry McDanlcls, wns prlvy. K. A. Colc could not bce tho reason wliy
Dlamond and .Morgan werc trlcd nt tho last tcinpcraneo mcn of tho county could stnnd
tcrm of tlic court, nnd wcre sentenced tp hy nnd scc ono of thc best laws on the
ten ycars' imprisonment cach. McDjnlcls.blntuto boolcs dally tranfplcd upon, neithcr
wns not trlcd, nud leniained In jall. On( could he perccivc wliy thc moral powcr of
tlio l llh of Oetober McDanlcls rcfused t) tlie friends of tcmpcrance had lost its cf-
lake cillier food or drliikj He would glve
no cxplanatlon of hla rcnsons, talklng to no
one. but perslstcntly malntalning a mondy
sllcncc. Two of his fellow prlsoncrs uuit
cd wlth hlm in thls plan. Their naincs
wero Jcrry I.Ucy, from Goshen, awaltlng
jtrlal for petit larccny, nud John McCurthy,
from Mlllsburg, who wna scrvlng out n
four inonths Ecntcncc nn n convlctlon fnr
tho B.imc offeneo. Ail perslstej In thelr
rcfusal to e.it or drinlc uiuil tlicy bccaino
vcry wcak, nnd on u physlclan's ccrtlfying
that longer co'nfliiemcnt would cnuso death.
McCarlhy waa icle.ised nnd I.uey wna ball.
cd by his friends.
No such luek wns in storu for McDan
lcls. IIo still persistcd in his deslgn. To
tho Inqulries of tlio kccer ns to whethcr
ho wnnted nnythlng ho rcturned surly an
Bwcrs, and rcsolutely icfused all proffcraof
pynipathy nnd rellef. In tho cnrly part of
last week n physlclan who had bccn called
sald that hc must tako a tabtcspoouful of
whlsky in linlf ncupof mllk cvcry two
hours or dio. lio took tho mixturo n few
times niiii thcn closcd hla tccth whcu tho
cup wna proffcrcd hlm. He nlso rcfused to
lio upon hla bcd, nnd ns long ns ho was
Btrong enough rollcd off lt to thostono lloor
ns oftcn ns hla attcndent phiccd hlm upon
it. IIo rcfused to sco n clcrgyinan, cven
wlien told tliat ho must dic, nud whcn Mr.
Unldwlu, tho turnkcy, nskwi hlm if he
wlshed to leavc any messago ho increly
muttcrcd nn onth, nnd nt nlght when all
was ntliet lio filled tho jall wlth blas-
phcmles. For Bevcntecn days lio took nn
Bustcnunco bo far as ln kuown, wlth the
cxccptlon of tho fcw cups of whlsky and
mllk, nnd llually on Thui-sday, Oct. 30, lic
dled. Hla death wns fcarful. IIo waa con
Bclous to tho lnst. nnd dled with nn un-
flnisued curso unon his llps. His iicaui uy
his own dcllberntonct wna perhaps a nuuv
cnd to ii llfo tliat was not brlghteneil nyy
Binglo good or honorablo nct, unu mo mji
...m....i .. 1...1 nnliirnl rcBUIi il
' . ... Lt
iiiiui;ivu uirouv wun uu
ii,n..,wh,.i.,.,,M,Mivthatinarked al bls,
ncts towanl ovorvildiiL' to whtcli cruelW
could posslbly bo shown. I
Ekqi.isii TAxrAVKits. Engllsh taxpsj tomoof tlio rcmaru tliat j)Iui UCCI1 mado
cre, now that they havo got to fnr Into thc ,mt t)l(J (raIj0 jl )uor cou ll0l
Ashnnteo Btrugglo that thoy can't got l)af i stoppcd lio announcd that ho would como
urobcghinlng to ask what It's all uboutwelint,, tj0 (. ( shaftsbury, couvlct cvery
why thls lavlsh cxpcnso of mcn and ,rera"ruin seller and closo lU.'m up, If he fallcd
uvo. It Is certainly hnru 10 umhu
qucsllou, and as nobody lu Jiuglanu con
ablo, wo glvo lt up.
onniiicton Couuty ood Tiiiiilnrs
MonsiNO besskw
l 1uartcr' meeting of llcnnlng.on
yuumy union ot uoou Tempiars mct with
Sliaftsbury Lodgo No. CO, Wednes-
orning nt 10 o clock, and wns called
f wicr ny v u r Atuerton of Kcauaboro.
ilh the abscncc of the Bccrctary. L. W. Colo
Bbaftsbury, waa nppoln'cd sccretary
f A tommlttcc on llnauco was nppolnted ns
..ll n,. r iir ...
- ! Heporta from tho Bovcrnl lodgcs (sevcn In
'Lnu'abcr) rcprcscntcd wore presented, nnd
B ?9 In thc county arc ln good worklng
ordeiind conslantly recclvlng lnrge acqul.
Itfini to thelr numbcr, nnd still contlnue
ik m means qf dolng much good.
eTiaviui: thc largcst"
.l-Ta i'iiii" ju..hv ........
bcri is Uenuington Lodgc No. 87, who rc
port 13d mcmbcrs, nnd tho sinallcst, Ilart
wellvilo Lodgc, who rcport only 10.
Hcpoits from tho diffcrcnt lodgea hnvlng
bccn presnntcd, uftcr llstenlng to vcry nble
remarks tiom Mcssrs. Ellcnwood, Puffcr
nnd othera, tho meeting adjoirned until
1.30 p. m. '
Thc publlc nvctlug in tlic nftenoon wns
called to order l.y Col. J. II, Meac W C T
of tho statc, who in company wiJi Hev.
Hichard Crognn, lud nrrivcd on tc noon
train, who, at tlic lcqucst of iV C TAther
ton, prcsldcd over thc nflenoon Bcsslon.
Tho servlces wcro opned by tlngiug
"Tliere's n good timo coilng," nt tho coir
cluslon of whlch Col. Jfind inadc n few rc
niarks nud nlthough licf werc vcry Im
presslve nnd full of eicouragcincnt to thc
audicnco wlio had nrmblcd to llsten to
tlie deliberationsof tu-unlon. Although tlie
weathcr was vcry 'unfnvorablc nnd thc
storin, whlcli nbout noon had given fair
prmnibo of brcaklK nwny, had rome on
agaln strongcr thnoevcr.
Hcport of commitces havlng bccn made
nt tlic morning scson thc discussion of thc
followlng resolutlcis wns opcned :
llesolcetl, Tliattie timo lias nrrivcd whcn
thc teinperance orjanizntions, togethcr witli
tho temperancc nen of our county, takc
preper mc.isures(l)r tlic suppressloii of tlie
trnlllc in nlcholicllquor ns n bcvcragc.
llttolrtd, Tha.1 wc ns temperancc men
nnd wonieu wililo nll in our powcr (legal
ly) to stippiess il
lUnolttiU Thi the objeetions that are
urged against tli- organization of tlie dif
feient oidcrs of temperancc, nrc not
foumled on nn' good rcason or judgaicnt.
Tlie first spciker was .1. M. Ferry, whoso
icinarks weru mostly to show lliat If thc
fricnds of teiii)er.uiec wcro unlied togethcr
tliey would soin hold thc balanco of power
ln thc county ud statc, an.l that theicby
the Iralllc In intoxlcatirg llquors would
soon ceasc.
C. Ellinwood thouglit that the timo had
anlved, lcrausc of tlie degradlng effect8
upon liidiviilunls w Uolmo lutoxlcatlng 11-
Jo-hickJ wiijfoisnjiuUM.aro,liw:i
!SSbir-act-ountof Tho urcat in-1
t2S!" r'lne cnutel' ''i' "10 "alc and uso
' j39vfc)hollc drinks, cspccially in those
HWi whcro liquor Is oiienly sold. Tlie
spcakcr was qultc sevcrc in his dcnuncl.i-
tlon of wli.it lic teriucd milk nnd wnter
lemperanec men, nnd of whieh there nre
far too many.
S. A. Whipple rel.itcd an anecdotc whlch
cnnie undcr his own ohscrvaliou, whieh he
uscd to show that hc could not do ju.itice
to the subjcet, ncvertheless his icinarks
ivere nble, convlncing nnd fully equal to
any lliat wcro made. He thouglit thc
temperancc nicn ouglit to comiiicncc nt thc
Imllot box, nud tliat they sliould not vntc
for men for offlcc wlio weic nnt morally
and politically temperancc men.
fect ln latcr years, und gavo onc or two il
ilustratlons of certaln towns to show that
fath wns tlio casc. IIo thouglit that pcr
hapi ono rcason was bccauso of tho strln
gcmlaws of tho stato wliich wcro nevcr
fully carrled out, whlch gave encourage
mcnt h nny person to opcn n ruin shop in
nny bail place nnd thcreby many could
drlnk n .0 would not wcro they moro opcn.
Hc favofd a strlct llccnso law. The same
as thc ontVn opcratlon ln Ohlo, That pos
bly if lliat wns tho cnsc n rcactlon would
soon lake jilace tliat wonld drlvcjovcry rum
Bellcr Into ilosing his doors nnd cmba:k in
morc honorablo busliicss.
Col. Meaito dld not ngrco wlth tho last
speakcr, he lought that tho causo of tcm
perauco waa iha vcry llourishlng condition.
That Ihe paiie'rs wcro laklng tho mattcr up
morc now than in lato ycars. That they
wcro coustnnlly kccplng the subjcet beforc
thclnculers, nud tho thlng ncvcr lookcd
moro fttvorablo tlinn nt present, IIo was ln
"tavor of connwuclng the wprk ainong tho
Mr. Dayfootilld not llko thrt wordlng of
tho rcsolutlon. lIo bcllcvcd In havlng it
rcad tcmpsfau'fl mcn nnd wonien, ns ho
thouglit womeiwcio tho llrmcst friends of
temperancc. iljhough not n mcmber of
tho Good Tcmlars still his sympatlilcs
wcre wlth then I IIo was hcarlily ln favor
of tlio rcaolutlaj and thouglit tcinperaucfi
womcn could v)k vast nmounts of good.
IIo gnvo n vcrjtjiughablo accouut of tho
modus onernm'Of tho wny ln whlch n la-
dlcs tcmpemna' Boclcty ln tho town ho
camo from, ii Mlchlean, workcd for tcm
pernucc, and y hlcli ia callcd tho liullca
smelllng soclctj His remarks wcro qullo
lengthy, but brti dircctly upon tho Bubjcct
whlclt was helij dlscusscd.
Itev. llic innjCrogan of Bellows Fnlls,
bclng called Ipon camo forwnnl nnd
made ono of UC inost cloqucut and con
vlncing tcinpcrlco lccturcs that wo cvcr
i""i uiu nioasim m .inicuiiiu m. iu
il.. ... 1 l.. I...- ... 1T
... . .7 , , ,
gavo vlvhl accoints ot opcratlons whlch
had been conductil In certaln towns undcr
IlIa '"'-ectlon. nndWicro tho trafilc had cn-
tlrely ccoscd. Iil havlng bccn statcd in
tlmt i,a work to W dono Irco.
Bcvcral of tho cttlena of tho placc arosu
and pledged ihcmsejvca, that thoy would
stand by hlm, no mattcr what thc consc
qusncca may bo.
Mr. 0. dcslrcd us to cspccially slnte that
thls was no bombast on his part, nnd ns he
nppcnrs to bo n mnn of ncrvc, nnd lias cn
llstcd rellnble men in tlic mattcr, it may bo
Bafc to predlct that In this town tlicro will
soon bo warm work.
Fnctory Polnt was sclcctcd ns tho plnce
for holdlng tho next quaitcrly meeting of
tho Union.
Tlio excrclscsof tho afternoon wascloscd
wlth Blnglng "Put your shouldcr to tho
Cousiderlng thc stato of tho weathcr a
largc nudlence nsscmblcd In the evcning to
llsten to addrcsscs from Col. J. H. Mcad of
Itandolph, nnd Hev. Hichard Crogan of
IIcllows Falls. 8 Ath:rton of Hcndsboro,
v. kj. r. ot ino bennington iounty umon.1
of Good Tempiars, prcsldcd.
After muslc by tlie choir Col. Mcad was
presented to tho audicnco nud dcllvcrcd
one of his cloqucut temperancc lccturcs,
prcscnting various Btatlstlca to sliow the
vast aniount of crlmo nnd paupcrlsm pro
duccd by tlie salonnd uso of lutoxlcatlng 11
quors, tabh's showlng thc vatt nmounts
nnnually spcnt for llipior and tobacco, and
otlier intcrcsting and convlncing nrgu
meuts. IIIs tpccch wna nble, impressivc
nnd vcry Intcrcsting, nud wns llstcncd to
vcry nttentlvely.
At tho closc of Col, Mcad's nddrcss Mr.
Crogan was Introduccd. nnd dcllvcrcd ono
of his charactcrlslic addrcsscj. This was
nlso llstcncd to vcry nttentlvely nnd we re
grct that we cannot glve an nbstrnct of it,
but ns mnny jf your rcadcrs havc had thc
plcasuro of hcarliig hlm, they must judge
for thcmsclvcs what it was.
Thc mcetings all tlirougli wcro vcry in
tcrcsting nnd much cntliusiam was mani
ifestcd, nnd wo think that all Who wcre
present will bcar us out In tlic statement
whlch wc makc whcu we saythat no meet
ing whlch lias evcr bccn, or cvcr will bc
hcld ln the futuro by this Union, will bc
productivc of morc good to tlie temperancc
canso than will tho one held by thcm at
South Sliaftsbury, Nov. 12, 1273.
7Iaontc Coluniii.
Tho property long known In thc clty of
Burlington as Maons Hall, lias rccently
bccn sold by tho Mnsonlc Fratcrnlly, nnd
thcro ls n fair prospcct that measures will
bc carlv Iniiugurated, for thc crcctlon of a
Ma'onle Templo in tlmt city whlch will
bc bullt in n inanner that will nfTbrd nmplc
nccnnimoilations to thu local mnsonic boilic"
of Ilurlington nnd tho Grand Hodies of thc
juritdletlan of Vermont. Thls will supply
n nced long felt ln Vermont, nnd rejoice
tlio henrt of cvcry niason in tho state. It
should bc tlic priile of Lodgcs so furns their
.pecunlary.afrtlity will ndmitntinjilnl
Cn Cityuionwhom
burdcn must iall, in thc ercctlon of a tomplc
whlch wtll bcan ornaincnt to tlmt bcautlful
city as well as crectlng nn cdifice wliich
will he nn honor to thc inasons of Ver
mont. IIKMS.
Huv. l)r. GuinzhurKh thc distlnguishcd
Ilebrew Divine who died at Boston rccent
ly, was n uieiiibcr of thc Mnsonic fratcrnity
nnd had been such for nearly n qu.irter of a
Tueker Lodj;e nt North Uennington meets
on Wedncsday evcnlngs on or bcfore thc
full moon.
l)r. Aldis Uornard, wcll known ns a dis
tinguishcd Frec Mason, has been olectcd
Jlayor of Montroal, via Cassldy, deceased.
Amnsa W. Hishop, furmerly of Walling
ford, Vermont nnd wlio rcad law with llon.
David H. Nich'dson U editor of thc Callfor
nla Mnsonlc Montlily Magozine.
J. II. Croeker, who fell dead ln his car
ringo whllo on his wny hoine, rccently, wns
buried nt North Hydepark, Vt., under Ma
sonic ritcs. The brctliren from Mt. Vernon
I.odge, of Morrisville, were out ln good
Crescent Lodgo at Lyndon liuvc leased
Miitlnwon's Hall at Lyndonville, for ten
years, wl.h tlic privllego of anothcr tcn
ycars, nt n rent of 100 per annuni. It is
now being (Uted up.
Tho Illinols Masons Henevolcnt Soclety,
miw numbcrs 3440 being nn incrcnso 237
in the month of Scptemhcr. During tho
inonth of Octobcr, two benef.ictions havo
bccn mndo to the fumlllcs of decrnscd
brctliren ono to tho hclrs of liro. II. II.
Hays of $2,035,00. Another to hclrs of
liro. Davld Clark of J2702.74.
Tho new Mnsonlc Tcmplont Plilladi Iplila
costonomllllon threo hundrcdthouiand dol
lars. ItU tho larscst Masonic II all in tlie
worU, nnd whieh, in its nrchitcctural char
actcr, Its nutward appearance, and its inncr
arrangcnicnts, reflccts, the grcntcet crcdit,
ns wcll on those who planncd, as those who
pald, for so magnlflcent a strncture.
Thc Grand Lodgo of the Statc of Illinols
was hcld ln Chlcngo, October 7th. Tlicro
was an nttendanco from 578 Ladgcs, with
nearly 1500 reprcscntatlvcs, whlch mnkos
prohablv tho largcst Grand Lodgo in tlic
The followlng rcsolntlons of syinpathy,
witli tho Masons of Shrcveport nnd Meni
phis wcro ailoptcd nnd suhstantlal ald tcn.
dcrcd :
Reohed, Tliat tho Mnsonlc Fraternlty of
tho Slntoof Illinols In Urand t,oiigo nsscm
blcd tcndcr to tlio pcoplo gcncrnlly, nnd to
our brctliren in particular of thu clllci of
Slirovcport nnd Memphls, cxprcssions of
profound synipalhy In thelr prccnt uilsfnr
tuncs duc totlio di'nth-dealingcpldcnilcnow
rnglng in thlermhUtj nnd
ilciolctd, tiibi tna uranu .uuBicr i iuvrv
by nuthorlzcu to nouiy uy
tclcKrnni the
Grand Mastcr of Masons -ln Loulslann to
draw upon thls Grand Lodgo for tho sum of
8300, and tho Grand Mastcr of Tcnnei
ico to draw upon thls Grand Lodge for
8200 j thcso sums to bo nppllcd by the Grmd
Mastcrs to tho rcllcf of needy Masons, and
widows and orplmns of Masons, of tho cit
ics of Shrcveport and Mcninlils, in dlstress
by reason of tho cpldcmlo thero prcvailing.
Tho followlng Grand omccrswcrc clectcd
and nppolnted t
Janici A Hawlcy, lllxon, Grand Mastcr;
Gcorgo E. Lounshury, Mound Clty, Dcpu
tyt Joscpli Itobhlns.Qulncy, O. S. Wardcn.
W. A. J. DoLacy, CcntralU, O. J. War-
den) Ilnrrison Dllls, Qulncy Grand Trcns
urcr, John F. Hurrlll, Sprlngflcld, Grand
Sccretary, Frnnk Hudion, Jr., Springfleld,
Dcptityj Hev. W. II. Scolt, Mctropods,
Chnplnin; John Dougherty. Jonesboro,
Ornnd Orntor; Hcnry Duvall, Chlcago,
Grand Marshal ; II. E. Ilnmllton, Chlcago,
S. O. Dcacon; J. 1). Hamllton, Carthagc,
J, G. Dcacon
Orlln IIU Mlncr, dccllncd further scrv
Ice of Grand Sccretary on account of 111
Tha first flro offlcers of the Grand Lodgc
wero re-clectcd. Tno new Grand Sccre
tary, John F. Burrlil says Bro. II. O Rcy
nolds, cntcrcd the offlcc of thc Grand Scc
retary, as Dcputy Grand Sccretary ln Octo
bcr 1871. Wlth two and a half ycars cxpori
cnce hc succccds an able mnn. nnd his wcll
known busincss qualittcs, his cxpcricnco ln
umoo.'Ma tuccets Is not a nmtter of predlc-
7igned?$cV irAf r"Mig
Mastcr of Council.
Tho followlng is tho edlct Injrefercnce to
the Grand Lodgcs of Canada and Qucbec.
WitF.nEAS, Thls Grand Lodgc dld, nt Its
Annual Communlcatlon ot 1870, rccognizc
thc Grand Lodgo of Quehcc ns lawfully
formed and entitled to tako its placc among
tho regular Grand Lodgcs ot tho Masonic
World; and
Wiieueas, Thls Grand Lodge, nt its An
nual Communication of 1872 (uelngofflclnl
ly Informed that tlic Grand Lodgc of Cnn
nda had, slnce thc organization of thc Grand
Lodge of Quebec, granted for tho construc
tlon ol duplicate lodgcs witliln thc Provinco
of Qucbec, copies ofwnrrants hcld by lodgcs
partlclpatlng in tlie formatlon of that Grand
Lodge ; nnd had nlso granted warrants for
tho eatablishmcnt ol new lodgcs in that
Provlncc, in violatlon of thc well settled
prineiple governing tho cxistcnee nnd jurii
dictlon of Grand Lodgcs) dld adopt the fol
lowlng; "Resolted, Thntln cne the Grand Lodge
of Canada refuses to recede from her pres
ent po'ltion, tlie Grand Mastcr be requested
to revoko thc commlssion of tho Itepresen
tatlvc of this Grand Lodge ncar tlio Grand
Lodgo of Canada, nnd that hc be authurizcd
to proclalm non intercour e hetwccn the
Grand Lodgc ofCanad.i und this Grand
And Wiif.reas, Ofllcinl Informatlon has
bccn rcccived by us tb.it the Grand Lodgc
of Canud.i still persists in maintaining thc
warrants wliosc issuancc was the Immediati
oceasion for thc adoptlon of tlie nbovc reso
lutiun; and further, tliat thc Grand Lodgc
of Canada, ln violatlon of tlie -overeignty
whie'i tlie Grand Lodge of Illinols recogni
zcs as belonRing to the Grand Lodge of
Qucbec, hcld its Annual Conimunicalion In
thc ehief city of that l'rovincc, thcreby
showlng alike its indilTer.'nce to inter-juris-dlctlonal
law and thc opinions of sister
Grand Lodgcs.
Tiierkfore. Wc, Janics A. Hawlcy, hy
vjrtue of thc power vestrd in us ns Grand
Master of Masons in Il inois, ihi proclalm
and direct that nll ollicial relatlons tictwi.pn
this Grand Lode and the Grand Lodge of
Canada shall now tcrminato nnd censo,
and we rcquire of t'le constituent lodgcs
and the brctliren wlthln our jurisdictlon
that they hold no Masonic intercourso or
communlcatlon wun nny Alnson holuing al
hall bo revokcd by the Grand Master or
llic Urand l.oilxc ot lllinois.
Dono at'Dixon, State of Illinols, thls 24th
day of Septcmber, A. L. 1872
James A. Hawley, Grand Jlaster.
Attest: Onux II. Misi;r, Grand Scc.
Itiitlumt Coumy oe.
The numbcr of taxable licads in Ilutland
county la 10,390.
Thc Congrcatlonal churches in Ilutland
county have six settled pastors und slx act
lng pastors.
Ilutland county has 27,934 nativcs of
Veimoutrcslding witliin its limlts.
Illack, White nnd Quechc rlvcrs nll orl
ginatc lu thc cnstcrn part of Ilutland coun
ty nnd llow cnsterly tlirougli Windsor coun
ty into the Connecticut rlver. Thc Otter
Crcck originntes in Ilutland county nnd
llows tlirougli Ilutland county from south
to north, and Is thc prlnclpnl stream.
Tho populntion of Ilutland county nt tho
sccond ccnsus ln 1800 wns 23,813, n galn of
8,248 ln iilno ycars.
Benson had at thc first ccnsus, 1791, only
048 inhnbitunts.
The Congi-cgational church lu Benson
has a lnembership of 102, (58 males:104
females) thirty of whom aro not now resi
denta Tho 11st for Btuto taxcs in Brandon ls
Mangunese is fouud in Brandon in abun
dance uad of tho best quallty.
Tlio nppraisal of pcrsonal propertv ln
Castleton is $12,227.09
Hev 1, II Stone of Cnatlcton is on n tour
tlirougli the west, visitlng his cliildren,
who nre scnttercd in Minncsotn, Cnllfornla
aml Washington tcrritory. IIo nlso takcs
tlio opportunlty whllo tntvcllng to lccturc
ou teinperance.
The town of Castleton was organlzcd ln
Tho Bomoseen Houso, uuder thc care
ot Its popular landlonl, Mr Colllns, is fast
winnlng its way in publlc favor.
A wooden weddlng took plnco nt tho
rcsidenco of John Castlc ln Castleton, on
Mnndny evcning tho 10th lnst. An abun
dance of wooden waro was tho rcsult.
Chittenden has 05 dogs.
Tho Bcttlcmcnt of tlio town of Chitten
den conimcnccd about tho close of thu rev
olutionary war, but much of tlio townshlp
being mouutanlous, isyct unsettled.
Thc npprnisal of rcal cstntc lu the
town of Clarendon Is $4,254.38.
Thochartcrof tlioto'vnof Clarendon wns
erantcd both by Now Hnmpsliire nnd New
Ynrk, nnd comprlsca n part of tlio two
grants of Soclalborough nnd Durhnm.
Hov. J. P. Stonc, foimerly of Danby, is
now Biipplying tho Conrcgational church
lu Highgate
A full account of tho llrst ordlnntlon scr
vlce In Dauby, will bo found In nuother
Ono per tent. of tho grand llst of Dauby,
Is $,220.93.
Falrhavcn has ubout 0,003 acres of tax
ablu inud.
Fnlrhavon was chai tcrcd Oct. 27, 1779,
to Elwnczcr Allen and his assoclatc3.
The hlstory of tho town of Fairhaven,
by Her. A N Adams, is ono of tlio most
voumlnous nnd well prcpared town hla
lorles Ihat haa yct iK-en publislied ln Vei
mont. Mr. Gcorgo M. Fullcr, tho lawycr of
Falrhavcn, was maulcd on Wcdncbday to
Mlss Myrr. F. Floyd. A largo nuinber of
picscnta wcre brought by tho gucsts. Aftcr
tlio ccrcmony tlio happy couplu wcro con
vcyed to Castleton ln u slclgh drawn by
four liorfcs, whcro tlicy took tho cara for
tho north.
Tho Congregatlonnl church ln Hubbaiil
ton wns orgiuiTzcd ln 1782.
Hubbardton derlvcil Its namo from Thos.
Hubbard, a largo proprlctor of tho town.
Hon. Ilradley Fish, of Ira, has com
meuced tho foreclosuro of a mortgago
ngalnst Wllllam D. Goodnow, formcrly of
Ilutland. '
Mendon lias only 23,185 tnxnblo ncrcs of
lnnd. Tho townshlp lylng mostly on tho
Green Mountnlns, nnd much of it being
hixli nnd coid land, it is nnt ndnptcd to
fnrmlngpurposcs orBcttlement, but lt hn
a hugo qimntlty nnd vnricty of lutnbcr.
Thc panlc effcct8 the lumbcrlng Intcrcstn
of Mendon.
Mr. U. C. Buttcrfleld hns cngagcd In tho
manufacturo of wooden wlndow shadcs at
Wolkcr's factory In Mendon.
V travcllng meat man Is furnlshlng the
pcoplo of Mendon their Bupply of mcat.
Middletown is growlng In population
under thc snur of tho sprluga and tho stay
of vlsltors (lurlng tho suinincr scason.
Tho settlcmcnt of Middletown wn com
mcnccd nnd mills wcre crcctcd there boforo
tho rcvolution by Thomna Morgan, who
dled in tliat town nt tho ndvanced ngo of
08 yenrs.
Mount Holly had no Inhnbltants that
wcre cnumeralcd ntthcflrst. ccnsus ln 1701.
ajjliojtfh, Ihere.wcrgflfewBcattercd.scttlcrg..
Holly from the'cpideinlc of 1813. U't
Thc ladlea of tho Melhodist church al
Mt Holly, nt their first Bociablc, had nn cn
joynble cntcrtnlumcnt.
Thc housc of Mr F Butler, locntcd ou
Proctor' hlll, Mt Holly, was rccently dc
Btroyed by llre.
Frank lloldcn, of Mt Holly, n lud of six
teen ycars of unc, who luu nwny four
wccks ng hns not bccn hcard from.
Thc Otter Crcck riscs in .Mt. Tnbor nnd
runs south Into Peru, nnd thcn west into
Dorset, nnd then north tlirougli the wcstcm
border of Mt. Tnbor Into Wallingford.
Tho contrihutions of tlic Congregatlonnl
church m Pawlet to benevoleut objects In
1872 wn3 00.87.
Simeou Burtou wns thc first town clerk
In Pawlet.
Nithan Swift ls thc postmaster of tho
postofilcc iccently estnblMied nt North
Pawlet, ncar tho rcsidcnce of Hon. lliel
llollister, onc of the judges of the Hutl.iud
county court. Thls is uow lils postofilcc
Six dwelllngs nnd n store nrc being crcct
cd ut West Pawlet.
Thc llollister Brothcrs i f North Pawlet
havc sold during thc ciincnt ycar 18,000
bottles of Saratoga, Conirress uud Emiiire
A potnto staich nilll, n plastcr nnd feed
mill, nnd n carrhigo shop, aro in lull oper
ntion nt West Pawlet.
The dcvolopment of llic slatc Intercst
ndds largely to tlio buslnesa ot "e& Paw
let Western corn-fed cattlo nrc being Import
cd for sale ns bcef, by .Mr. A. E. Pinuey,
thc marketman nt West P.iwlet.
Pittslield has 230 taxable polls.
The .Mcthodist church in Pittsfield wns
nrgnnlzud in 1804.
Pittsford gained 503 inliabilants from
1791 to 1800.
Mr. Joseph 11. Peabody, one of thc mer
chants of Pittsford, a dealer ln woolcn
goods, inlttens. glovcs, ctc, nverngcs nn
annual s.ile of ne.iily lilty thous.ind uollnrs
worth of goods.
Thc Tioy confcrence ncndcmy was cs
tnblished nt Poultney In 1837. In former
times Its students nunibercd from 300 to
400 nnnually, and its rc-cstahlishineiit un
dcr thc patronngo of the confeience will
undoubUxlly njjj'aw .larne patronagotn lio.
Pllor3WHfndtotlS8DD( ilgSBA.'
tlngulshctl Uaptist clcrgyiuan of Buffaln,
was for sevcral years pastor of thc churcli
at East Poultney.
Poultney has a Masonic Lodgcundor tlio
unmo Morning Stur Lodge, No. 37, whlch
mectsou thoTuesday beforc the full moon ln
cach month, and has u mcmbcrbhip of 107.
At thc Sabbath school conccrt of the
Congregatlonnl church in Ilutland. on Sun
day evcning, last, cx-Gov. Pago the super
intcndcnt, gavo n favorable leport of the
condition of thc school, and inercusing In
tercst is manifested on tlie part of both
pupils nnd tenchcrsto ndd to itsprosperity.
Jamas Ilogan, of West Ilutland, has
purchascd a rcsidence on Maiblu strcet in
that villagc.
Four of tho industrious mnrblo cuttcra
of West Hutland icsiding nt Clarendon
Springs walK to their work cvcry morning
nnd icturn ut niijht.
Tho villago school nt West Ilutland
closed u succcsaful tcrm on Tuesday last.
Timothy O'Brirn is soon to ercct n rcsi
dcnce ou Marblo strcet, nnd James Lealny,
the btation ngent. hns purchascd a dwclllug
houso on Muin stiect, West Itutland.
Shcrburno had only thirty-two inhahi.
tants lu 1791.
The town of Shcrburno was settled by a
fnmily of Anthonya, from Illiqde Island.
Scnator Antliony of Ilhodc Island is n dc
scendant of tho same famlly.
Tho Congregational church jn Sudbury,
of wliich Ilcv. H. F. Ilustedt fi actlng pas
tor, Is nlded by the Vermont DomesticMls
sionary Soclety to tho cxteut of 8200 per
The town of Sudbury nbounds lu ponds,
of whieh Hlnkum pond ln thc most consld
ernblc. On the outlet of this pond, wliich
falU iuto Otter Crcck, nio vnluable mill
sites ; nnd at the outlet of another pond,
whlch is the sourco of Hubbardton nvcr,
nrc othcr nvnllable mill privllcges.
Tinmouth orlglnally conLilned 23,040
ncrcs. Its origlnal sizo hus been mlured
nbout onc-third by contrlbuting to nclgh
boring townships.
Tlie lato Govcruor Stcplicn lloyce, so
long a Judge nnd Chief Justice of the Su-pi-cnio
Couit, was a lutlvc of Tinmouth.
Tho town secnis to havo been prolific
ln ralsing eminent lawycrs.
IIou. Jocl W Alnsworth, Hev. Aldaco
Walkcr, D.D., Mrs Lyman Batcheller, Mrs
A II Datchcller.Mre Wllllam S Button. .Mrs
Sarah M Button, .Mrs Matlhla E Hull, Mra
Alticd Hull, Mrs Wllllam Gurlcy Marsh,
Mr Edwin Martindalc, Mlss O M Towu
blicad, Mrs .M.iry A Wnlker, Mary M. Wal
kcr, nnd Mlss Silvia Wnlker nro llfo mcm
bcrs of tho Vermont Doniestlc Misslonary
Tho membersof Chlnmau Lodgc of Wal
lingford rccently mado n vislt to Mouut
Moilnh Lodgo nt Eat Wallingford, nnd
wero served with n good collation nt thu
holel of II, L. Warncr, upon tho Iuvitntlon
of mine host.
Darwln M Hulettot Wells dled on Sutur
dny last at Cbeycnnc. Colorado, whlthcr ho
had gone in puisult of hcalth. Hc was a
mcmber of .Morning Star Lodge at Poult
ney. .
Lako Austin, moro famlllarly known as
Wells' Pond, covei-Biipwiiitlsof 2,000 ncrcs
of laud nud is tlvu mlles ln lcngtli.
Tho township of West Havcn was sct oif
from Falrhavcn by tho lcglslaturo of Ver
mont ln Octobcr 1702.
In 1701 West Havcn had 545 Inhabltants
nnd In 1800, ulne ycnrs lntcr lt hnd but
Witiiout a Pakalieu A ciicunistancc
wltliout parallel ln tho mllitnry hlstory of
this couutrv. ls recordcd lu Illinols. II M
Wheeler ot Schuyler county in that Btate
cnllstcd in thu Unltcd Statcs nrmy undcr
Gen. Lyon lu 1801, was wouudcd, cap
turcd, nnd paroled, but by somo Btrangu
overslght wns novcr discliargcd from ser-
vlco untll n fey days ngo, wheu tho proncr
papci-a wcio mado out, nnd hla backpay
auu pcnsion amounting to ncar Sl.WU
wero pald hlm.

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