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The Rutland weekly globe. (Rutland, Vt.) 1873-1877, December 15, 1876, Image 4

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FMDAY, DKCKMUKlt 15, 1870.
Are not tlio jaJges of tbo Unlted Btn'.cs
suprcme coutt, 08 well of Btato Bupremc
courls, talklng lltllo too much nbout poli
Ucr for pcnons supposcd to holil non.par
tlsnn posltlons and to kcop aloof from poll-
It la reportcd from Washington, tbat tlio
tcpubHcau prottrammo rclallvo to tbe
preniilentlal successlon lias been mnturcd ;
and that, rccognlzinjr, tlio doubt lo tbo pub
llo minJ, tbey wltl occupy tbo timo unlll
Ibo countiog of tbo votcs, In February, "in
'dcmonstratlnR that Oovernor Hayes bn9 a
"moral as wcll ns a legal tight to tbo ofllcc."
An cxcollcnt idca,and ono whicb, wo trust,
wlll bo curlcd out to tbe leltcr.
A'fcotcmporary, wlth ouo cye on tho post
ofllce, and tbo othcr witb a tbcnlogical
twist, rtordJ, ns n pait ot tbo results ot n
clergyman'a labora, wbilo vhsilinn a nclgb
borlng tovui, that bo hnptlzcd thrceper.
aons, and nalvcly ndds i "One of thcse pcr.
" sor.s 1) tho poitmaster of ibe placc." Im
portaut, If ttuoi and, certalaly, vcry wol-
como ittolllgonco. Wo can only ndd, ly
vvay of commcnt, tfcu',, aftcr all tho "bob-
" bcry" thoso poi-tmisicra havo been klck.
ing up In polltlca for tho pait fow vvickB
or monthe, it is bigh tiitc thcy bccdcd Ihc
advlce of St. l'ctcrto "reptnt, and bo bap
" llzed cvcry ono of you."
ThoAtlantl Contiilution Atlanla istbe
placo wLoro tbo potmastcr "tloshcd
" atound" so "gcncrally," that Poatmastcr
Gcncral .lowell rcmovoJ hlm ia jubllant
ovcr tbo Orcgcn trick, and eaya i "Thc
" Rovcmor of Orcgon ougbt to have n placo
1 la Tilden's cabinat." And so bo ougbt.
Orccon U Ihe unturnl bomo of nttorney
gcnerals. It lurniibtd WilllauiB for Urant,
and now It has Grover all ready, if Tildcn
ehould cver happtn to bo in n poeitlon to
vvant an attorney general. Eitber ef tbcm
are proflcicnt la flnding tbo right law just
as well nherc It isn't ns whcro it ii to tult
every concelvablo ctncrgency. Frcm Gro
ver'a lat cxplolt, we nre incllncd to think
tbat Uo can givo Wllllams eeveral pointe
utid lia,t hlm at hia own eamp. Of couibc
l o "ougbt lo have a pln"e in Tildcn's cab-
inet."' Tiidtn Bliould summon him to
hls councils-at cnce. Ho uccds hlm nioro
now than ho will aftcr tho fouttb of
March but'iio wlll Itccpancther fourycars.
Our attcntion bas becu catlcd to tbe nu
morous fcroES cnora nod b'lindera in tbe
tbird bicnnial rcport of Ibe bocnl of ngri-
culture, mnnutlciurcs.ond mliilng, witb
tbo riquett that wo slall call nttcntioo
thorcto, and corrcot tho Bamc, for tbo lea
Htrn tbat "our iarmera' chlldren aio vcry
" apt to go to thia kind of book for their
" a'lthoilty !u apcllin?, punctuatioD, dlvis
ion of wordt, ctc." AVo bavo noliced
many of tbeso ctrors and b'.unders, but
must rcspcctfully dccdao to convcit our
pircr into an errata for Bevcral rcaeone.
Among thcfo arc, that a corrcctionof tbese
errora would more than occupy our cntire
spicc ; tbat wo have como to look for thcso
orrors and blundera from that somcc ; tbat
it is ratbcr lato in tbe day to comraent
tbcrooD, tho printcrg and proof rcadcra har
la, pjosumablj', oljtnincd Ihclr payj nad
tbat, in our oplnioD, "our fnrmera' chll.
" drcn" ore too intelligent to acccpt a
book eo pnntcd as nutboiity for cither
apellicg, punctuatinn, divislon of words, or
i;ood tastc.
Tho General Statut03 rcquiro thesccretary
of state, at tho cloto of everj'f caslottof tho
ecneral aseemcly to "desiguata forpubli
" cition in tho ncwspapers all tha publlc
" acti of bucIi eccsion wbich shall be of
" general intcrest." Under tbia icquire
ment, tbo secrctary of stato "dcsignatcd"
Eouie ono hundrcd and nlne acts, paescd by
tbe goneral aB3embly, and dclivercd coplea
of thera to a cgrtain llrm to be printcd and
allpj furniehcd to the ecvcral uewspaperB
cf ibo Btate. Araong tbe acts sa deslg
ted wns tho "icEolvency law," 60 called,
and if any act passcd by the- gcncral aa
Ecmbly iiof "gcneinl intercst," raost ccr
talnly lliia one is but, aa it ia eaid, tbe
printers flnding they would Ioeo raoncy by
their contiacU madc wlth olherp, pcrsua
ded tbo Bccrctary of Btato to revoko bis
"designation," nnd bo the majority of the
newepapcraof tlio itato wlll not j.uUieh it.
In order to Bavo a firm on their contracts
wlth thlrd parllcf, tbe people nro deprlved
of tbe law of tbo most iuipnrtance paescd
in Vermont for ycars. And yit publlc
oiilccrs are tn'.d to be tervanta of II o pco
pU! It ia furthcr Btatcd that tho firm, bc
fore tto revocaticn of tbe deiignatiou waa
obtaiued at their rcqucst, La the insol
vency law in type, and now, aftcr the
Etate haa Eavcd thcm from losa on lhelr
otbor coDtracts, will exptct tbo state topay
thcm for placlDg it in typo! It is, pcrbups.
fortunato 11 nt tbcro was a change in the
auditor of accounts.
TION. The conBtitutlon of tbe Unlted Btatcs
inakcs It obllgatory on congrcss, on tbo np
pllcatlon of the legislaturca of two-thirda
of tbe itates, lo call a convcntton for pro
poeing amondmenta tberctoi and Senator
Ingallj, of Kansas, haB iDtrodttccd a joint
rcsolullon ictling up tbat it "ia apparent
" that thcic are Impoitint defecta in thc
" ays'.cmof tho fcderal government wblch
" under tbe tituation of tho Unlted Blates
" at tbia timo ddlcata and crltical," and,
tbctcforc, recoinmendlngto tho legislalurca
of tbe eeveral itatca to npply to coDgress
wlthout delay to call Buch conventlon.
11U rcBolutlons dechre tho oplnloa of
congress to bc, that n convcntion of dele
Ra'cj from the fevcral 6tates Bhould be held,
t Columbui, Ohln, on the eccond Jlondny
lnMay.1877, "for tbo eoloand cxprcss
" purpose of icvlsing tbo conatitution of
" tbo Uoltcd Blatea and reporting flucb al.
" tcratlona anrt ammdments ln tbe nature
" of an entlro lnstrument," wblch, whon
latlfled provided In tho conBtitutlon,
thall render tho "federal conBtitutlon ade
" liate to ths exlgenclea of the govern
" wcnt acd tha presetva'.lon and supr.ort
f 'bo Unlon."
T be rea(,imon, furtber declaro that, in
, 0 op,nlon t coDBreBB, cach itato ehould
rePr"ted In such conventlon by ai
many dclegatc. cs t ls cntukQ to ,onutors
nnd nprcBcntUiveB in congreiB-two to bo
chotoa bytheleBsUtur0i,n4 one l0 bc
clectBd by cach coDgteiMona, d,ltlU.SHmd
tbat no pereon holdlni an nni. f ......
proflt nnder any etaf or the Unllcd Btatcs
Diisii uo uhkiuis aa a ueieKats tn th
llon; but tiiat tho chlef justtco of tho
6upremo court of tho Unlted Btatea ahoulrt
be, tx offlcio, the prtaldlog ofllcer o tbo con-
Tcntlonj ocd that its complc ted work eball
b rported to the preildent, to be, by hlm,
lmincdiately BUbmltted "to a convcntion of
" tbo dclcgatcs chotcn in cach state by tho
" pcopla thcrcol, under tbo rccommonda
" llon of its lcgialalurc, for tbclr asecnt
" and niMsfnsllon."
CongrtB, of Itsclf, has no powcr to call
a conrention. It can simpiy, wlth tho ns
sent of two-tldtds of tbo members cf bolh
houecs, propose amcndincnta tbcrclo to tbo
Bovcrnl tate. l!ut on Ibo applieatlon of
tho lcglelaturcs of two-thltds of tbo otttos,
congress i rc(pilrd lo call bucIi a conven
tlon, nnd tbo objcct of theao rcaolutloin Is
to procuro tuch an nppllcatkn to bo made
to congicj. Two tbirds, or twcnty.Blx
itatfe, of thc L'nlon wlll have lcglelaturcs
In ccislon during iho month of Januoty,
nntr.oly : Dclnnnrc, Klorlda, Georgia,
Connecticut, IlllnoiB, Indlana, Inwa, Kan.
6ns, Loulilana, Malne, Jlaryland, Massa
chmcttp, Allchlnn, Minncaota, Mlfeourl,
Mlisluippl, Ntbroska. Nevada.Kcw York,
New Jcrscy, 01 lo, lVnntjhnnU, Hbcdo
Island, Texas, West Virginln and Wiscon
ein. Tlio leglslaturcs of thrco othcr Btates
Californla, Coloradc, and Vlrglnla ato
now in fcstlui, bo tLnt if tbcro Bhould be
anything approaclilng to unan'.mlty upon
thia qticstlon, tbo proper npp'lcatlon coulil
bo maUo po tbat esngreBB coulil call n con
vcntion ln Bcaion lo have tho delfgaics
electcd bo as to ascmblo tt Columbin or
aucb other plar o as should te deslgcated
by the tecord Montlay of Jlay ncxt.
We cnll tbo attcntion of our rcaders to
thls maltcr, lc:aue lf J.be jolnt resolution
should pass Lot'i liouers of congrcs?, of
wblch tbcro Is moreorlossdoubt probably
more than lets it mlgl.t to dcemed necet
inry t.nd propcr, in n case of so much 1m
portanco, to cnnvcno our lcgltlaturo ln
epcclal icssidi, h that Vermont mlght
joln, or refufe to J in, ln tboopplioatlon to
It tcema lo us that tho neccfdty for Buch
a convettlou cxlsts, and bas cxUtcd for
.aoma ycn'P. Just lnw, tto neceEBity 13
more appvcnt than It has bccn beforc.
Wc have ju-t pas.'o 1 througb n prcfidential
olectlonj the clectora bavo rr.ct an,l votcd.
and yct tbo result ia r.ot settlcd bcjond all
rcaaonable douht. Hceult aj it miy, n Etia
picion qf Jraud will htn? about it. Tbcro
lS no wev, apparcntly, now kncwnloour
.laws, by wblch tho real facts lu tbo cnse
Sn ln judlcially aiccrlaincd; by whicb
the hoct expTCSsion of tlie popular will
canbo dec.lB.rcd. Kiir vears wo have all
jecn the defecta la our fyjtom of prcsidcn
tial clections, and our wiscst statcsmcn
hatc laboied in valn lo remody thcm.
Thcy li.ive failcd bccausc, in come Instaccrs,
paity bns been prtferrcd to couutry ; nnd
at othcr times, on nccount of an honcst
difTtrence of opinlon ,u to tho rcmedy
ConstltulLnal amcnlm:nt nrtcr constlut
tiocal nmendmtnt has becn propoicJ, but
eacb and a'l have fnlltd to recelvc thc as
scnt of ccngreBi so ns to be f ubmlttcd to
tbe scvcrnl ttatea' for flnal actlon thetcon
and although tha pic cnt crisis has bccn
clearly foreseen for ycars, and at'cnipts
have tocn made to provide forlt, yet, whdi
it came, wo found ounfltcs unpreparcd to
mcct it.
So too, tbere lias bccn n disagreement
relativeti tbo iength of the preEidential
tcrm, and ns to tbo propriely of making u
prcEident ineligiblo to re-clectioni and up.
on lliesc qucstiona congress Ia not, and has
not bcen, in accord witb tho people. W
refer to thcsc two mattcrs bccaute they arc
uspccially piomlncnt Just now, but thero
aro othcr paiti of tbeconslittttion that need
amending. Tbo cols itution, at tbo timo
it was frumcd, was, probably, ua perfect oa
a mero buman lnstrument could bc expcc
edtobej but witbin four ycars aftcr iti
ratiilcatlon it was amcuded in aeveral im
portant parttcularB. Thus nmended, it rc
malncd until tbo adopllon of the thirteentb
amendmcnt, wbich with tho fourteentb and
Qfteenth amendmeutsendeavorcd tosoalle:
it tbat it would suit tho changcd condlllon
of affairs brougbt about by tbe rebelllon
and its suppressloa. It did not wholly buc.
ceed ln this. Mcrc nmendmcats, at th
best, aro vcry apt to mako mero patch
work. What we necd is a complitecnd
perfect wholo. Thls can only lo oblnlEcd
through a conventlon. Such a convcntion
might fail to frame a ccnstltution accept
able to tbe poople : lf eo, tbrec-fourtha of
tbe Btatcs will not ratify It, nnd tbe cons i
tulion would remaln as it 13 and we should
at lcasf, bo no worss off than wo are now,
Wobelleve, bowever, tbat Buch a convcn
tion could agrtc upon, aid pic3cnt, "such
" alteratious nnd nmcndments in tbe na-
" turo of an cntlro icstrument," as would
command tho aEEent and npproval of tho
people ; but, in any cvent, the meeting of
such a body ot rcpresentativo men, as
would nalilrally be cho3tn to euch n con
vcntion, and a frco lntcrcbange of vlewa
atnong thcm, would do moro to bring
around a Imtlcg rcconcillation and union
between tbo differtnt sections of tho coun.
try than all other coUKes combincd. It
too late, of oourse, to affect tbo prcscnt
contcet, but we all tmst nnd bclieve tbat
tbcro is yct n long lifo beforo tbe natlon,
and it Is tho part of witdom to prepare for
the futurc.
Tbe bomo contcU ovcr tho Oregon pres.
idcntial clectors eccrcs to have degenerated
into a qucEtlon ot veracity bctwccn tbe
rival claimants, Tho rcgular collcge intht.
lng tbat Crcnln rcfused to exhibit or read
to tbcm tbe executWo certiflcn'.o of elect
ion, and tbat bo distlnctly refuscd to act
wlth them; wbilc, tn tbo other hand, Cro
nin IneiBta tbat lio did e.tblblt and read tn
thclr heanng, tbe cxccutlvo ceitlflcate, end
that tbey OJell atd Cartwright une'
qulvocally refused to act witb him, Cronln
Wo tako it tkatlt is not n mattcr of much
imporlanco -whctber Cronln nfj6cd to ac
with Cartwright and Odell, or whcthcr it
was uartwtigui ami Udell, who rc-
fured to nct wlth Cronln so long
neither party refused to act aa n prcslden
tial cloctor. Tho Btatemen's of both par
tlos and wo tako it that tho ofllchl record
U to tho Bame cffect is tbat'cach and cvery
of them Cartwright, Odell and Cronln'
nct only claimed to bo a projldential elect
or, but that cach undertook to pcrform th
functlons of tuch clector, not only at tbe
lamo tlme but in tho tnmo room. It docs
not appr ar afllrmntivdy, or cvcn by impli
catlon,;from tbo statemcnt of eitber, tbat
thcre waj Buch n "refusal to nol" aa would
havo constltutcd a vacancy, and ono whlch
wo other eljctorB wero authorlzsd to fill.
lOncedlng for tho sako of the argu
meni, mat cIO , v.as dy eC0e(
i ,
uusutu 11 19 10 now mal n mero
minortty ot ouo oould declare tho
eeata of all of hls co-clectorB vacant,
for tho Blmple reason tbtt they dleputed the
valWltyof hia olecllon-belnrr all the tlme
ready and wllllng toprocced to dlsobargo
the duttes dcvolvlng on them by their ap-polntment-and
then proceed, they remaln.
log In the sirae room wlth lilm, to flll the
so callcl vacanclcs, so inldo nnd declarul,
with crcatttreo of lij own! Tlo mero
BtatcmcBt of tho clalin and tbis is Ibo BUb
Btanca of tho clalm on which Cronln baeca
tbo valldlty of L1j clecloral collcgo li
cnougb to rcfuto it. Whcn to thia is ndd
cd tbo fnct tbat Cronln was not dttly nnd
legally electcd n prcsldentlcl olcctor nnd
was, in fact, usurplng the ofllcc, hls wholo
clalm fadcs nwny llko tbo bapelc-s fabrlo nf
n dream, nnd tbe acti aud votes of hls po
called clcctoral collcgo go with It,
Tbat Cronln wns not duly and legally
electcd, tbat ho was uttcrly destltuto of nll
powcr or authorlty to not ni a prcsldcctlal
clcctor, doca not ecciii to tn to ndmlt of n
Bhudow of a dcuht. Conccdlng thafWfttts
was Intllgiblc, nn.l tboto h 110 doubt fiat
bo was iteligtble, It dors not by any meain
lollow that Cronln, who rccelved tho next
blgbcft number f votcs, was clccted. In-
ueca tho wuolo cuncat ot Aractlcan nu-
thotltles, wlib n Bolltnry excoptloo, ns wcll
as tho law of dections, ns ecttk'd by bolh
tbe r.atlonal senate nnd hotiso of rcprrscnt-
atlvcs, aro to thc contrnry. Watts waa nol
electcd, neither waa Cronln. Uulees tbo
well Bdtled law of tbo Unlted Statcs is
ovcrturnul, Cronln was nu lutirpcr, and
hia acts as 1 presidcntlal ilcctor wcre utler
ly withotit aulliorlty of law.
Thls brlngs tts to ILo really serlous part
of tho raatter. If Cronln was nnt electcd,
neltLcr was WattB. And tho samo is true
of Sollaco In Vermont, aud of the lntliglblo
clectors in New Jersov, Noith CaroKuanud
Jllraoun. Tbo voting for an iniligible
mau, wbllu It did not elect the pcmn bav
Ing tho ntxt hlgbctt number of votcp,
niiberdidlt ciciton "vicancy," in tho
meanlngof tbcftjtttteof thc Unlted Statts,
or tho ain'utos nf Orcgon and tho other
Btates namH Itlj nbsutd to tnlk abcut
"eicilinga vacnncj and yct wucu wo
say that Watts was not declcd lut that r
vacancy was crei tcJ, wo commit tho ab
Btiruity ot BRiii'B that "a vacancy was
"(lected." Tbe reeult was that tho peoplo
fnllcd to n nko a choicrj" 011 the daj' flxed
f jr the nppoinlment of tltctors.
TLc difllculty with tbe tnatter is, that
wbile congresa has atithoiized tho tevcrol
Btatea to provide for lllling vacaucics wbich
may occur aftcr tbe dectlou, nnd, also, to
provide the maucer in wbich clectors sLnll
be cbosen " whon any stati shall havo bcld
'an cttctlon for tbc purpcso of chocslng
deitois and Eball fnil to maic a cboicc'
oa tbe Tucfday after tbo flrst Mom'ay in
Nocmber, Orcgon, VermoLt and tbu othcr
Btatcs named hac provided ior lllllng vt-
cenclee, but nol for thc inmnir of pro
ceeding when an dectiou has bctn tcgulnr
ly beld and tbcro has btca a fn'luro to mako
a choice. Watts, Sollaco nnd tbc ttacrs
wero not appointed, beeautc tlio toutlita
tion declnrcs tbey Bball nol be, tLe people
simpiy failcd to make a cholcc. nul for
such cascB no provisicn lias bccn made by
law. Our Vermont law raal;er3, whcn
thcy undertook to flx up the Sollaco mc.
cvidcntiy did not tcc the pokt, and, couec
nueatly, tbclr new Blalu'e "fiilslocon
It was n' plrtit) Baihng cnougii, if Watt
nnd Sollaco and thc others hid rcinalncd
at liome, for those who LnJ to do with tbo
counting of tho vttes, tue dec'aation 0
the result, and tho ifsttlDg ol certilltalts
and, evcn.thodcctoral coll"ge8 tlcinsclves
had notblng lo do with tbii quis'.ion of cl
igibility. Thcy had no powcr t Jgo behUd
ttio ccrtiflcates, ai.d 60 ihe piruplc nbatnce
of an clector, rcturncd ns appolLted, wonld
have creatcd such a vacancy as they wfre
authorlzed to fill. IJ'it wheu they assumo
to go bchind the certlficalcp, inquire iuto
the queetion of dlt?ibility, find that a pcr.
Bon returccd as an clector was ico'.igible.
and declare tbat a "vanoc" cxhtj, tbci
declaiation ip, iu (flect, 110 matter what
words they use, not thst 11 '-vacancv" ex
iats, but tbat tbcro bas becn a 'ailuro to
elect ; and neither tho laws of Oregon
Vermont or the othcr s'.V.es namcd coufe
upon tbe dectoial college the povver to fill
out their number ln euch a casc. llhod
Islsud has provided lor Buch n cafe. Cor
liis' eligibillty was inqulrcd into, by tbe eu
preme court, acd tbe jtito legielature was
convcncd, in fpechl tctsion, t j elect as 1
a caso wbcre Ibe people had failed to nnke
a choice.
But supposwg that tlu tevcral clettornl
collegea ln assumlng judicial powers nntl
passing upon tbe questlon of eligibillty ex
ceedcd tbeir powers, and so their ncts wcre
cxtra judicial, so to spcak, and void what
then ? It follows that tbe prctcndcd np
pointmcntB to fill vacanclcs wero vold aud
conforrcd 110 authorlty on tbe appomtct s to
aet. This would th.-nw tbcm back oa the
oiiginal appointment, whicb, being in vl
olallon of tbe cxpress terms of tbe consti.
tutlon, was, also, vold.
We have, so far, taken no nccount of th
80 called "rcsignalitiij" of t'jeee iueligibl
dector', iccame, as it secm to us, they d
not have the 'or. 0 of rctigiatioES. To be
valid ns sucli, iny mu6t, as it seemRto us
havo bccn iu v 1 1 ing nad coinmunicited to
the cxccutlvo rr Becictuy of ttile. A
odlce, if we underttmd it, muat be tesign
cd to tboponer cmfering it, or to the pro
per reprcsentative of that power. A judgi
of tbo supicme court has the rlgbt to rc.
slgo, but the declaia'Inn made ln court,
" rcaign," does not couatltuto n reslgnatlon,
Aselectman my rcsign, lut hls dcclara
tion in n nuss mectlng tbat bo icsljns wlll
not tako ellict as such, A governor inny
lay down hls odlce, but hls publlc dcolaia
tion that ho re3lgns wlll rot vacnto liia of
fice. And tho Bame Is truo of every otlier
ofllcer from a Unlted Stn'es senator down
unlcs3 a presldcnlial elcctor may ba an
ceptlon whicb is bardly nasonable.
If wo nro right upon the qucstlons In
volvcd In tbii Oregon cnse, thero should
bo authorlty eomowhcre to InvcEtigatc nnd
dctcrmlne tho mattcr, nnd so cnforca the
constltutlon and JnVB. We bellcve it per-
fectly compotcnt for ongicsito crcalo
Buch a tilbucnl. Wo bellevo it to bo their
duty to do so, bo tbat n prcehtcnt may not
bo electcd by lliegal vttes. Thero Is no
qucjtlon of polltlca Involvtd In tbo qucs.
tion as much ns Bouic of our rcpubllcnn
cotemporailes trcmble and growl when
word Is ta'd agalnst tho legallty of tbo
votcs of Sol!n:o nnd Watts for thcBC fivo
clectors all stsml or fall upon tbo dcctston
of tbo eamo quettion, and a doclslon eitber
wny wlll not nflect tha gcncral reanlt.
A Tall Lodcrer.
Among tho lodgers at tbo Btatlon bouse
In Worcester, Mass., tbo othcr night, waa
Vormontor named Ilcnry Wade, standlng
eix fcet, slx and a quartcr Inchcs blgh,
welgblng 105 pounds, and only tweuty
years nt age. Wncle ln tbc jwllcml ecnlea
uo was louna wanttng.
Tricca Qf itock rule low In Windsor
connty, Good calvea Bell for 83 nnd $1
each yoarllnes from $9 to 13 1 cows
from $15 to ff 20,and otber stock ln pro-portlon.
tWrlll' n fcr tho Iloaton Journnl.)
Ty a Young rarmer.
Mceliiic; an r.cq'iaintanco nt tbo dcpoto
fcw dats n -", Im rematkcd tbat ho had
beon reading my rrntrlbutlonato TU Jour
nnl lately, ntd bo thought tbat I had had a
h.ul toitcb of "iho blurs" thls fall. tac
lcnonledgo it, tboitgb I hf.d not intendcd to
mako it manifc't in thcse cotunins) butif
It is ncl'cfablo in pnst c-imniunlcalions, I
miy tn wcll make n clean brcost of it, and
perl npu 1 1 ball feel bettcr nfler 1 bavo had
my Rtumblo out. This has bcen ono of tho
mottioveiu Bcasons lor larmcrs that has
liecn tiiu-o I liavo bcen ln tho Ijutlnts?. and
as I nm upon tlds f.irm nnd in thls locnllty
tnis ycar ior ti.c iirsi iimn, u 11ns oecn pc
culiaily Itying for me. Tho cold nnd wet
snilog blndertd cnrlv farm work, nnd aleo
ulncercd vcty mucli tho growtu ot iticM
crops M wcre pnt into thu Bfouml carly,
Thls farm is ratlier wet nndcoldct thebcst.
nccuing a inorougn fiysicm 01 umicrtiraln
iog vcty much. Wlicn tbo droutb comcs
beitn unottjli to dry 11 p tho6urfaca6prlngs
thcu it Is dry cuough, nud tbo ploned lnnd
la atl to bnko hard ' not kept tborouehly
worked. It nccds, or would bo bintlltid
by an npplication of saud. I am not 6tiro
but it would pay to draw f and a milo if it
could not lo not easier, to uio for inlxlne
witb thc slalie manure yaru anu ccllnr, to
bo atlcrwntit usui ns a top-itrcssing ior
gtnip, or rh n.nuuio for crops. ln aomo
pirts of it I would expect nt good rcsults
tho flrst ytnr from n top-dre3Elng of clear
tnnd as from tbe aamo amcunt of tiablc
mamtro nnd loain, to I bavo bc 11 npp yine
it this fall.
llui I did nol etatt to tdl wbatls the
trcublc with tbe farm, but what Is tho mat
tcr witb me. A lato etnrt of crops In th;
Biirlni'. foiloc 1 bv a lona droutb, ncoom
pantul ty n m )6i vigorousgrowin 01 weeus,
whlch niado n urcnt dcnl of cxtrn labor neo-
cstary, havo tnauo my l.arvest llIit wneio
1 liait linrcil ior Bometlmi; a licilo extta.
Tben tlio failurei of tho nastures made Ii
ncccsdary to lecd corn loddcr green tbat I
had hopul lo savo for wlnter, und even then
to put tlio cotth ln tbo uarn carly in Octo
bcr, nltbmtgh tho wcather bas bcen mcb
tbat tbey nitRbt have stnved out until the
mlddlo of Novtmtcr, lf i had had the priv-
liege ot liirnlng.tlicm into tlio mowlnp
ficlds aficr the pas'.ures cnvo out, whlehl
tblnk would hac bcen obcneflt to tbo flelds
in asiuo puits nt least, but wbich tho owner
does lut Eee as I do. Kvcn witli tbe ftcd
wbich 1 bavj eiven nnd nm now Eivinir. 1
liave not been nbio to keep tbo producllon
ot mllU up lo more llian lialt wliat It should
be. So tar, iiit n, 11 li linl crops nna Iieavy
c.nen.si Add to tbat the ceneral lo
nriccoffitm prnditco and a Uull matket.
wbich lia mide it aboat ns much work to
fi'tlncrop us li grow it. fl went out
lew clnys neo, wltli a load ot turnlp?. ancl
wmked haid all div. niyEclf nnd tuam, to
pell lets than three doltara' wortb, not qultc
nn avctniiH ilny i work, but scvcral day
have not Ijjen much better), tnl 1 thluk
vou will not wcmler that Ihe indnro Ebowed
throusu 111 epite ot me. And I om not Bor-
ry now to tell just how It U, for farmcrs,
like mercimritn and manufaciurcrs. will
liav.' aomo unfavorablo ic.bius nnd soint
bnrd luck, tnd nt I havo stid c iuiderable
nbout the nnniblo ptohls nnil plcasurca ol
farniing. it may do now for me to ncknowl-
cugo popstwe loen und unpieaat.t lallures
in it. It is well for thojo who aro in t'oe
busincts, nnd tbosc wbo think of uoini: In.
to it, ns uinny nre now doing lcciiiEi ot
hard tim',s in other busiuefB. to know tha'
tbcrc is also a dunce lor hard timcs in
farminif. and tbosa who havo n dectnt llv
ing at il tbi3 year nre vcry tortunate ex.
cepliom lo tho gcncral ruic, 1 tcar.
Il ii ta'd thst "mlsjry likes company,"
and if I nm mitcrable bccaiiEO I havo not
bu:i nioro procperotts thls cir I have
plenly of cc.mpany in it. Ouo of ray old
neiirlibois who is on n farm wlieio lio Uaa
Iixm flvu cata. aud & fnrm tbat is unctl
gotxs cultiva'iou and will suppllcVrRltb
etocl; and tools ot l lio best, wtiicn lie blrc
at modcratc rcnt, told me tbat be ecarcclv
cxpected to como out Equaro thls year. The
nian who took Iho farm wbich I left lasi
spiing is ri'poited to bavo lost oa much at
lf he bal done nothlng thls year, and from
matiy otliers btttcr fltuatcd llian 1 nm, J
hsar firnilnr reports. llut tbere willno!
bu likc'v to ba any very hcivy faliurec
among Iarmera, tbough 6ome must put off
for a 111010 favoraolo scason lnueh desircJ
improvements, and others may tind them
felvcfl incumbered witb debta whicb it will
tako tho nroli.s of more than one cood sca
sou lo clear np. And it is posaible that
farmer J havo nveraged r.s promablo a sea
Bon at fdrmlai; ni thosoin otbcr busineta,
Tbo profiU of tbo successful farmer arc
pmall eimpared to tboio ot tbo Buccesitul
mercbant or uanker, butthelossesnnd rlski
of lcns are nlao baiall. Tlio farmer is rca-
Bonsbly auro of cnough to eat nndcomfort
aule rlotliin? and fliWtcr, acd tbe mlllion
.nre nn have but lltlle more tbough heraaj
havo n bettcr nualitv. Tboucb disappoint.
ed tbia year I nm not nuito.dlscouraced nor
disgiptsd wlth fnrmlnj, nnd if a little blue
at times my giit is good yct and I bopo for
"better iuck next tlme.
I havo bcen barvcsing my turnlp3 thc
past wcck j Ibcy nre only a fnlr crop, but
I am nnt dlasatlaflcd wlth thcm. I did not
sow tbcm cnrly; I do not believo in Bowln,
turnips for eating until July, though somc
sow tn jur.o nmt ctcn tn May, butEucU tar.
11I113 ure npt to I13 coartc. touuh nnd stronu.
wortli notlnng to cnt, tbough good cattle
feed. Wsiting for rnin I did not bow un.
til tba inlJd'o of Jn'y, aud they havo had
to grow q iickly. 'lney wero ncver grow
ing tastcr than whcn 1 pullcd them, but 1
dnicd not have thcm longcr in tbo grotind
le-,t they Bhould cct fa6lened In by tbo cold
wrcther eoiiv) night, nnd I mlght not be
nulo lo get ttiera whcn 1 wanteu thcm. It
Is considerablo work lo harveat tirrnlrs,
pull them nnd trim ciT ibo tops nnd roots,
but I lc'.ievo the tops will nlmost pay foi
tho labor lf one has pood mllch cows to
fccd tbcm to. iuino have begun to gal:
conhiderable iu their milk Binco I havo been
feeding tbe turnlp lcavep, nnd It mnkca
crcut rating in Lay. Tho round turnlpi
whlch 1 Eowed wltli graps secd will not bc
woith tbe linrvcstinz. Aticr 1 was readj
to sow tho ilcld I had to walt two
wceks ior tho owner to get tbo crass sccd
nnd tbo field was nnt rlch cnough to bring
them to any slzo ln tho ehort tlme. There
1b, howcver, a dccent catch of tho graBs
eced, und I think tho turnips will do no
hurt nrnong it. 1 fhall only loeo my labor
in piowmg and eowintr, nt tl:o worst.
(Jno of my nelghbotB had a field of corn
atovcr left aftcr he had plckcd tho corn for
lb cannlng factory. It vuii rank, coario
fctulr : the Inreett klad of Bwcct corn
grown on blglily manurcd land, plantcd
veiy Mir.iuriuK. goi me 10 cut and
atoox tt lor uim, whlch I did lust as I
would havo dono lf It baJ been my own,
only that I il!d not wltho the stooks, leav
Ing tbat for him to do. Uo left it in tho
flcld ttutll it wai fUlto dry ncd lookcd well
cured, then nsked my ndvlco about puttlng
It into Iho barn. I advlsed hlm not to do
bo unless ho had room to s'nnd it up thcre,
as I never know Buch foddcr to kccp in the
barn ln as good condition ns It would in the
ttock. Attcr gettlng my advlce be did just
ns cvcry one does who nske ndvlco just tbe
Bame ns If he had not recelved lt. He put
it Into tbo corner of tho barn, pnckcd closv
ly down. In n wcck it wn so liot I could
ecarcdy bearmy band ln lt, nnd my ndvlco
was nsked ngaln. I adiiscd Btandlng lt up,
but he had not room cnough. Tbeff 1 aug
gested cuttlng lt up and mlxlng It wlth bog
hay, ot whlch bo bnd plcnty. So it was
cut up and a llttlo bog hay mlxcd wlth It
(not half cnougb I thought.) but instcsd of
bclng put Inat tbo back sldo of thobay ilrst
nnd tbo hay nddcd In layers from bottom to
top, so ns to form channcls througb whlch
the moiaturo could cscapo, as I adrlsed, It
was packcd In lovel layers and plcnty of
salt addcd, ln two dnya lt was as liot as
bcfore, nnd as wet as steamed food. Then
I was asked to buy It. and I did. That
was whero I was fooliBh. I wns nlso bo
foollsh as to tecd very llberally of lt, ln tho
bopo of uslng lt up bcforo it mouldcd. aod
as tbo cows took bold of it very hcartily at
flrtt, as a chongo from hay, they soon de-
cldcd IM.t they did not llkolt nswcllm
thcy cxplcted to, nnd I liavo had to Btop
jcvuiois , ior a icwunys 10 let tncm got
ovcr tbo ( ftccts of tho flist too hcatly foeil.
Now I cxWct bcforo thoy regnln their ap
pctlto foAtwill bo to badly dnmagedthnt
thcy wiU not o.U it nt nll. Bo thero wero
twoofus that wero not wise, but Lnvo
lcarnccj somctblng by expcrienco.
I Ir'arned last wcck that ono of my latnhs
whlca I sold last sprlng had been ltillcd for
mariet. It was ono of twins- from my lit
tle fy'ospet shccp. Sbo wns lnlf Boitthdown
nnd halt Cotswold nnd tho lamb was thrcc
quartets Cotswold. Ilad no vcry cxtra
lccd wbilo 1 owncd it, nin was v;cu itcpt,
Chil I supposo has bccn n little more than
well kept sinr 0. 1 ua not 10am wnicn ono
it wat, to I cannot tny If it was n year old
last Jlny or two ycare old, but ns I was told
that It wcighed ono huiklrcd and tcventy
Ilve pounJs drcBEed wcight, I think it
showcd tnat tho crors of Cotswold buck
and Sottthdown cwcs Is a good mutton
crosa. The mothor (half brced) Bbearcd
ovcr twenty-flvc pounds ot wool In thrco
ycars ncd lalscd four larobi in two years.
Yct ihe wni cm of twios and tbo puiallcst,
pooreat, winkcjt lamb I cver paw llvc,
whcn Bbo was drorped.
Tbcro Is a vcry general Idei among farm
crs tbat npplcs, cspcclally soitr npples, ato
InjurlouB to mllcli cows, nnd yct I see
every fall, in somo of the ngrlcitlturul pa-
ps, aritcicR irom mose wno ci imrno navo
I'cd them frcely and hnve found tbcm of
considerablo valuc, and, nsone wiltcr Bays,
bettcr nnd cneapcr innn rootn. it so, wny
this ptejudlce ngalnst them? It may Uayc
ansen Irom thetact that cons wcre not led
regu'nrly with thcm, buttbcowinraiydgcd
by laeeltcct ot tlio cows gettlng jppas un
c'cf Biattcrlng trcea ln tho paiturc, or i!t va-
rious umcs wncn inoy broKo into the or.
cbard and fllled thcmBelvcs In tbo flrtt
placo, wben npplcs bcgln to fall in tho pat-
turc tho cows nto npt to ncglcct grass, llut
best of nll fccl for mllch cowb. to look lor
npples. iheywillwnit under tu trco to
iook ior tiipm. 'Hiey will roam tromc nj
trco to nnother nll day, backward nnd for-
ivnrd, hopine for n brcezo to bavo Bbakcn
off n fcw more. In conccqucnce, thcy do
not gei graBs cuougn, nrr yct applc3 cnougb
lorjaice up ior lacic ot grass. When luej
break into tho archard thcy get too many
ipplcs. Too mueu clovcr at one feeding
111 luuro n cow, and vet wo all know
rjicnTlovcT tu bo good feed lor them, il
teu Kfproper quantitioj. jlny it not be so
wiinWnlcfr? 1 own tbat I nm not an advo.
cn'.c'nf feeding Bonr npplcs lo cows, al-
inougn 1 Lnvo not iried it. 1 6hould fcai
that thc acid would luiure tbo tceth. orni
lc.iat m.ike them bo tore, an "on cdge" as
ine siyn n, iLat it would ratbci Injurc
the abillty to chew othcr food. It mnv mt
be bo, howeer, nnd I think I Bhould nct
heetlate to try them if I had no other use
ior thcm.
Nasby ia Despair.
Nasby is bowed down witb dcjpair. 11c
wtltes to the Toledo Jllarle that tbo bcnrtB
of tbe cit'.zens of tbe Corncrs nro nearly
nroKcn, adding: "Iho iron hez mtered nll
our BoJes. A nicccr will bo continued in
tbc post oflh, nnd I, wich nm cntitlcj to
tbo place, will licv lo livc iu a dejullory
manner all tho rcnuinder ot my lilc
nei ncver bo postniaF.ler. l'out more
yeers out ov place will kili me. IJofor
anothcr eleckiben tber will be 11a unmark
ed grave at the t'nrucrj, and cf pctchacce
tncrc buci oj n pino aiati bci un outo it, tu
inEcrlptlon wlll he: 'Dicd uv r. broken
hcart nnd unwaimed bowcls.' War wot.
propnscu wiiii this rrault: 'l'bo war ppcri
lited up tbo face ttv ovcry mau in tho room
nnn a uemoninc giare.' I never anw sich
yoonanlmity nor sich .1 sclt'.sacriflcing epe
nt. 'Warl warl was tho cry uv cvcry
wun uv cm, and cz if by one itnpulsc thci
marched out uv lliscom'a to the mectin
housa and orgnnleln mcf.iii. 'No corn
permlsc! NoyieldlDr sboutcd Ite cotirt
inrttiuj 'wo will dfe rite Iicr., or any.
in dofcnso ci' . ur rltca.' 'Gcntle-
v," jaHt iB,my cjo.iy ur perpeiyooai
'TliliiiD, is lt jYor purpns to march
uaiwunstto WnirVington, nnd lay down
er iivcs mer, or nm yoo dovastatt
'he abllabn paits uv Ingemy and Ohlo,
ui 1 icn timo tz tue ciimocrtiy uv tho othei
iav-i snci Jlne use "lo Wasiunton:
shouted Issaker, 'the trcisurj- ii thiro:
Inj;any nnd Ohlo '.' la'd Mcl'e'tcr ; 'them
ttaus is rich in bosses and sich ! 'And ii
tbcsouthern patt uvcrather is clistillerles!'
eu licPKln I'ogiam o'tietly but c.ctennln-
edly. Jrs' at this criliKle tuoinent Jce
Uijlcr uiipeared at thcdoor, nnd whispcred
to Snuaro McGintb tbat hostilitles mltc
conmenro to wunst, nnd n glotioqs bcgln
nia mita bs bc 1, for a Yoonhcd Statcs raar-
ihtl, wich wttz in Iho vissinity looklng
after Eome crookod whisky, licd heerd uv
the proaecdins, nnd wuz on hia way cr to
arrtst ihc cstirc blloa lor ticisorjauie pro
so.dinp, and in n minit the ii.telll)!encc
wuz tll ovcr the bomo. Tha avengeis put
meir rtvoivers in tnwr poKK.ts, nnd n elis.
trcisla etillnis pervaled the inectia. Si.
lencowuz broken by Isiakcr Gavitt. 'Pai-
on, ted he, 'wnodent it bo wel! cnougb to
dctroy tbat roll?' 1 did it prouiptlv. Mv
preience uv mind don't ofteu foroako rac."
Brief Chroniclo.
relro is skooting nround tho Iloly hind.
Thc Kansas Insane .vyluni is overcrovvd
Wiscocsin tobjcco Is shippcd to Ger
Tboic'uinlng boerda havo cc.ned to be
Catlyle hss just toicbed tbo a?o ot 81
hatdoci ihe crcmilloniat do wlth hia
Sla'u; hss 350 rcf rm clubs, wlth SO.COO
Thcre wlll bo only two Smiihs In the
next roogrc63
Half-adozen navlriga banks have fa
in Jliswuri within 11 year.
An atrodous jiit-'r nivlpod n dinpniiil
pnsoner lo get bniieu om.-
There we-c 1804 de Iu in Nuv V..il
city duilog tbe month i f iNovembsr.
I.umter dca'crs have nn Immcnso nunn
ttty of tlaiber nt Calais, Jlc, whlch canuot
be movcd tor want of vessels.
Cookln? clubs for tbe initlallon ol fair
maideus into the ruytter'cs of li cuitine nre
Bprlnglng ud all oftr me country.
It is proper to isv II Ihe "Shoit Horn
convcntion" jutt bd 1 1 1 3t. Louis, wns nct
a ooncnit0H 01 mouerair uriusirs,
"Sau l'rnnrlsco is auiti.tine tho last mai'
quoilloii," Kxehange. Tlmt'a Just what
ttio wivea ot tbe last mans are doinz.
An iiitoilciteil fathor 111 Iliooklyn
crushed lo dcnth hisinfant child, tx wceks
old, by falllm' upon lt wlillo It wns Ueep'
It Is nnnounced tbat I.owtll, Mass., is to
try tbe plan of bavlng but ono lojBion
uauy m the puhlic Bcnooir, oeginning at
H:8U and cloilng at 1 0 clocic nn iho ycnr
Willlams collcgo has graduated thlrty
rocmbersot congrcsa, llvo Unlted Btates
scnators, elght fovcrnurs, Bixteen judgca
of Buprcmo coutt, thitty-two prcsidenta of
collcges and 891 clergymen.
Lato Ban Fianclsco journala mentlon
thosaleof 18,00(jtons of wheat, cqual to
auuuv iiW.UOO CCnlala, WUICIl n piuuauiy
Ihe largcBt ilnglo transaetlon cver mado iu
Californla. 'Ihe prlco waa i1.80 percen
tal. It Is tbo bcllcf of Dr. Ihrrctt, he.ilth of.
flrer, tbat tho death rate In 8t. Louls for
1870 wlll not cxcced H per Ihousand. Du.
rlng tho tlx montbs cnding Ootobor 9, 1870,
thero vvero 3777 dcalhs, agalnst 4013 for
tbo fame monlliB of precedlng jcar a lav
lag of llfe that fcprcionta n decrenso of
ntnrly sevcn per ccnt. ln tho nnnual mor
talilyof 1370 89 compnred wlth that of
last ycnr.
HcrmanOtt, of Omaha, could not got n
Hving as acarpeoter, and conEeqttently be
came n grarcJigger. Thls employmcnt
inado hlm rae!ancholy, and be saye that ho
wasunablei0 repel tbe Idca that ho ougbt
to bury hluneif, Sohedug n grave, Blint
hlmaclf at tho brnk 0f t, ond fell In. lio
had nrrangy toverl bttshcla of dlrt to fall
on hlm wh0ll h(s knocked out a prnp,
but tbe conlflyance (1dnot work, nor did
tbo bullct kt him. Hls pbyslclan advlses
a change cf ,mploymenti'
Narrow Escnpo of Thoso on Eoard.
We learti from Jbo Vrce.d'rm, tbat ditr-
Ing the vlolont galo of .Siturday nfternoon,
tbo schoOEer "Gcn. Ilit'ler," of Ialo Ln
nlotto, loaded wlth Btone, was tunk ntar
tbo breakwa!cr. Hor pasBcngcrs wero Lor
captnlnj Wllllam Mcn'gomcryj n sallor 1
Mr. K. It. Goodifll j 11 d.iughtcr of tbo cap-
toln and a ln ly i 1 lend of bers, nll of Isle Li
Motto. When inulng tbe north cnd of
brcakwnlc sbortly nftcr noon, tbc echocn-
cr'avtlicel gavo wny and tho vosscl bcgan to
drift nt tho mcrcy of tho winds nnd wavcs.
Sbo was then flowly drlvcn eouthward, out-
sldo tbo brtakwaler, ttutll n ehort distnnco
pasttho ccater, whno tho let go her nn
chornnd draeged ntv)y up to llio sttttc
turc. A little wny lcvond the routhcin
lighlsboitso sbo Btru'-k, ned nll.handa made
haite to land on thc brcnkw.ilcr.
To lnnd on tbc brcti'iwater tho trcmbcrs
of tho pitty wtiu obligcdlo J'lmp from tho
ectinoiier wlicn lt wns on tho citH or tlio
wave; acd tbo undcrtnkins icnulrcd a Itnn
01 s me eigi tten lec. on to a nmsj nt inrge,
rouph stoncs covercd vvttli ico. All, how
cver, inado the pciilous ciay with llttlo nr
110 ltijury, pavo iVlr. uoodtell, who Etrucic
on hia hcad and wni Unocked BcntcleEs,
nnd was nflerwards found to bo qttlto 6e-
vercly cttt ni.d brul'cd. Tbc Irt to mn'cn
hls cpcape nnd a nnrrow cno lt was wns
fwinlnln Arnntrrnmi'rv. ilrt litmnpil wlirn
tho boat wns ( n tlie orest of 11 wave, und ns
il.c wao rcccdcd tne Er.hoouer went to the
boltoiii. Tho patty wcre drenchcd to tbe
ekln nnd chilled totho mnrrow. nnd nlmost
every wave dished over tbe brenkwaler
giving them n frepli drenehing cvery mo
nient. At this juui turo Mr. Jdmcs Wuke-;
flcld nnd one ol Im nr s ronp 1 out and ree
cued tlio parly. The two ladics wero so
ovcrccmc by exposure tbat for 11 timo Unrs
ncro entenalned thit thiy wcti.d not re
eovcr. All wcre tnipilonhoupcuid med
lcal nid tuniinor.cd, nnd thcy wero poon
prouounccd out of danger. Ttc er.tirc
drama could be i-eeu from all rarlsof tho
clty, nnd the diiltingof the Ecbooner nnd
ibe sul scrptcnt r.dvn'iture-i "f the party on
board wcre 'Vxytcbel witb i iter.s? inti rca'
by Bcorcs of psople.
The Tildcn Programuic
It ia cl (lloa'.t tn diBcover tbe dimocratlc
prorimme. There does not nyct nppear
to b3 onej dcmoomti say that lt wlll be
known witbin ten days. Thope who talk
tho loudest declaie that the hou3o will wilb
draw fiooi tbe penate j that lt will pis? n
resolution dcolarlng tlut thero haa becn no
elcction by iho clcctoral ollege j that It
will elect Tildcn, and that 1 ildca will issue
a proclamitioa to t'.c nrmy nnd navy, to
tbo executive dcpartments, nnd 1 0 the peo
ple, deminding reoognldon atid commnid
Ing o'oedienro. lleyond this tlw most ind
ical dc'iiocratlr. comT.it'ro bc.it ly vcn
turca to prclic. what wlll follmv. The
presetit djmocra'.io policy uppear3 t y l c a
game of bluff, to tn k loudly, to creato nn
uneaiy sentiment imon tho publlc, in 1 r
der to forco n compromlee from Ibe repub
iicjna. Tbo addref3 to the country ccn
temp'.atcd by tbe democratio roinmlltee is
bclicveJ t bo a part of tbo phn to Intiin
idate tho public fcnliment of the noith, in
order that there may Le n reaction which
would Influence tho rcpuhlic.m pcnBtn
Tho Brooklyn Tra'edy.
Ilorrible as was H13 ISrooklyn trpgeJy,
It djes not F02m to hive s ) impreERjd Uc
thiev.s md v.llians who infcst tbat cit y ai il
NewY'otk, for thcy liavo bceh busily c-iri-
plojejln taeir nefarious opcrations nt tho
spot and among t;o charrcd rninilni f tbo
dead. They aro worso than tlio gbouls who
follow an army nnd prowl ivor thobattle
tlelds rifling the persans of 1I10 elaln. It is
hard to conceivo of auch obduracv nnrl
callousnoss of beart as bavo been cvhibitcd
ln Brooklyn by creaturoj in humau shape
who forcjd themselves betwcoo tbo dead
and thclr wceping, ngoniz A relallves, nnd
claimed tbo bodies of their own frlcnds,
aimulatlng the mott poiguaut grict at the
sarae time. 1'lur.der was their objsct, nnd
Itrcq'tiiel Iho itrictest wntch to prcvent
thcs iiyenaa from carrying 1 ff the bodics
for t ae purpose of eecur'ng wbnt valuablea
might bs found upon them. Such wicked
libcds upon our race would lnvo bcen Eum
niarily deslt witb in othcr parls of the
country wbcro bempen cords or iron bars
would havo urectually put an end to ll.clr
lire at Plymouth.
Saturdey night of tho tlih inst. wlll be re
membcred as the mo6t incltmeat night of
tbo prcscnt osr'y wintcr month. Tho wind
wai Bometblng to be dreadcd, more cs
peeia'ly as ibe alr wai literally lrnded wlth
bllnding saow. SoracwberefromdiTcn to
twelvo o'clock of the tbat nlgbt, tlie dncll.
ing houtc bdonglcg to one A. V, Saunders,
butcccuplcd by Abram Merrill. Bituitcd
about two miles northwejt ot Tysnn Fur
uaco was diicovered to bo tn Ore. The
firo baving male Euch progrcss when
tho iamlly was nnake'cl by the roar
ing of tho lUmep, ii t tto difTerpiit
mcmbera bnd lmcly lirnu to eecopo wlth
wtat cktheG they could moFt rcaddy hy
their baoda on. Scarccly nrything
Bavcd from the devourlng element.
In tho hurry of CBcapiii;; from Ibe burn
Ingbullding, Mrs. M. md hsr daughter, a
smart, robu6t girl of some twelvo Bumnierp,
negieciccl to securo tbeir sbocs, which, of
counp, in a momeut or two wero beyond
their rotch. In this half denuded condl-
tion t'i" famlly s'a ted through tbo lilind
itig t a 111 for tbclr ncnrest nclghborV, tlie.
tant nol ir fiom one half mile, gr.lug llie
entlre dlaiRuco in their atocking fejt. Ae
mlght bo mppofcd, Jlrs. M.rnll and her
unugmcr BHiierrcd terrlbly licm ILo cold ;
tbc fect of tlie tUugbtpr b'conilcir frczen
during tbe Journey. Thellrst ipkiiH wcre
o tlio ciTect tLnt the glrl's limlu vvcrj
frozen. Moro reeent iinil rtli ib'c luformi-
tion n not ot bo t'ojlorable it nature, a'
though bad cnougb at tho vcry bit.
Tho orlgln of liicftro Is supposcd to havo
bcen from burnlng aoot falliug down tbo
cldmney agninst a flrt-board lu nn uucccu-
pieu room, Bettlnc It on Hrr. and thence
communlcating lo tue wood-work of thc
room. 'Iho bulldlng wos nn 0 d.fasbioncd
onjMtory farm-hottse, formeily kuown as
iho "Green placo." It iu insured for
SfOO, underttoad t) bo iu tho Vcrmott
A Gold Mine in East Middlebury.
East Middlebury has bcen somowhat ex.
cited of lato by tho report that a gold mico
haa been discovcred in tho town. Newe
paper comments and paragrnpbs bavo np
peared from ilme to timo, some of them
prcdlcting a bonanzi, whllo othcrf, bo-
llovlug that gllttcrlng partlcles aio not ai.
vvays gold, have "dravvn lt more mildly."
It remalns for n reporler of a Doston pi.
pcr, bowever, to gtvo tho followlDg rIow.
lng deBcrlptlon of Iho "llel !." Ilo Bys
tho mine la situited in tho emtern put of
the vlllngo of East Middlebury, nnd ia Iu n
very lillly regloa, belng In fact Bomo dls.
tanco up tbo Green Mountalns, probably
about a milo. Tbo road lcndlng up to it is
Bteep and rocky, but Is much uecd by tho
farmcrs who liro up on tho mouotaln for
drawlug down their farm producoand Baw.
ing 10 tue nata netow, Two mllcw beyond,
and ftiil hlcl.cr tip oa thc mnuntainp, is tiic
villaf'u of lilptoo. fnmous for its iintoual.
cd trout flsbiug. On tho fhlo of tho motin.
inin i tne r.ow.founu iplnc nnu Its extent u
qolici Isrge, and, wbcn all la ltnonn, mny
tio very much larger. Uold lias been found
at placea thrcc or four humlrcd fct npirt,
nri'l Inc'eed tho ncttial ( xtcnt of puifnce
whlch Is covered by tho liilno cannot Just
yct be cd'linated with nny degtcc ot aocur
ncy. Tho wotk of mlnlng, whlch has prn
cccded only n llttlo way, bas not thus far
produced uny vviy grent or puipiislng rc
niln. It l,m provcn l-pyond n doubt, how
cver, that thcie Is gold 111 the Green Moun-
lains, ni 1111s placo, nnd givrs prelly good
i(itoni for Ihlnklng tlnt tlnro may bo a
grent dcnl more thati Bomo penplo liiinglnc.
Golil haa bcpii found in dii'l to Ihe amount
of nbout 10 lo a ion of orc and cach Ion
of orc contains n's nbout ly l worth of Bil
vcr, nnd not n little lead. Thls ii the avcr
ngo nn the nirlacp, lt should he rcmember
cd, for 110 pit if.N Into bctn pnnk as jct, nnd
no work Imp beci. rii 11 j nt u dr,tii cif more
Ihnn n oouplc ot fe"t. Thc mine U owncd
by a Btock compinv of capltnlnlR, tlie l.irg
cst tlflchliolJvr Ixinir Mr. Chpln from a
Now Jrr"y, il.c o h". rs Ning princ ipally
New York city nnii Tl c conflderce of
thoso rtcntlemen in tbe luturo yielding of
tteir nilno. mny b9 teen from the fact tLnt
Mr. Chip'n h'ts purphased thrco or four
hottfcj ln List Middltlmry, pnd has lcen
negotlating for otbcis, wbleb ho wlll most
likcly ptirchaa-.
Addison County Counoil Patrons of
Addison counly c urcil of patrona ot
bus'.nndry convened n its nkth (piartcrly
rcsslon upon tbo luvitntion of lirldport
grnugo nt Ihe MetbodUt cliurch in lirldport
villtBeon Tbuislsy I)ec. 7, 1870.
Tho wcather was propltuirtu for tbe sea-
eoq and t'ocrj was a lirgo atU'nJincc moat
of tbe granfe ot Ihe connty being tcpre
sentcl by delcgitia and otl.tts. F. A.
fjroilh, tnailer picid;d In hls usual cay
and ginoeful minLcr. L. W. Stcnvonver
sccr, W. S. Wriglkccrctiry and A. K.
rr lecturcr vveroJiflso picsent and con.
butcd largply t ) Uiff'CLtjititnmer.t. An
iniproniptu cholr,WH organi.eJ, mado up
of alngeis frori? JUIddlebury, Cornwnll.
IlrUtol, Ac'dlfiou aAd Weybnclir?, wlth J.
A Clnld ot WtvHiidge ns lcidir. Thc
foicnoon was oecuiiitd with louiine business
anu n very cnasicnnci i irquc.oi nuuress ot
wtleome ny 1. mileyot lindpoit grange.
At tbo close of tho foieaoou Ecssion tbo
coutcil wcre lovited t . u rich cnl bountt
ful repaat consistlng in addltion to the utual
substant'a'.s nnd delie.icies of euch occa
pionp. OyMcrjin profusion which will be
lojg lemtmuerc'tl nsni lyousoccaaioti. Thc
iifn-rnoon entertnliimeDt was moro than us
uall inteiettiog, which consistcd of Ihe
lollow ing.
l'lret, nn clabnrate cssav by AlbCFt Chsn
m in, ngilculttiral edi'or of Ihe Middlebury
lltgititrr. Hiilprt i "Special educatlon for
a tpc l .1 rallln.v Tae subject wm haudiccl
in un ontiaal nnd iudrpin lent manner und
ns tlio uutuor l n dccp thinker a ready
writcr anden carnest ind uttrnctive ei uut
rr. TLc coun'il waa intercstid and prof.
Second, "Irnits ot New Kuglnnd char-
ncter,'' by A. K. Car of Cornwall grange.
iMSPEsay vvua ctintite 111 tnnugnt anrt lan
guage and bein delivcrcd 111 nfaEeinating
mmncr conimanclel tho almrst brcathle3e
attcntion during its duivcrv.
Tbird, Col. Jobnji. Meid of ltindolph,
Fpoke tot Inlf an hour In a manrier thit
eonvinccU tils bcnrcrs that lio is aman fullv
up to tho times, u man of culture, 11 id le-
vdedto tbe Inteic ts of hia pililac, thc
fatncr. A man devotcd to teniperancc.
trulli, and progic-?, Lut hcis lowell known
ln i imonlto ueei! nwonl of commenda
tion IroP: in.
Th ii.-'- I stereotj pul rLSolntioiis was
pnpptd nmtilo counc'l niiji umeil to niect
ut New Iloven in Mnrch m.v .
DR. A. J. FLflGu'S
Cough and Limg
A s fe asMl Sure Ifcinetly.
Is tho remedy tat. during tUo past Ititeen
jears. 1ns vron for lili. fl.AOO nn extcnded
ripimtlon as a SI'KCIaI.IsT tur 1 HltOAT nd
I.iJNO iilseAscs. Atterso niauy ycars trUl lt
can Lo tiutuiully knld iliat lt 1 as NtVBK
PAILEI), ovpn ln llie Worst iihsck. lt Is purcly
vet'ftablc, and IN PHect upun tlie si'btern ls at
onco bootlitni; aud 'lonlc,
It Will Curc u Cumiuon Cold
tn a few hours, nol bj rirytn 11 uo. but by ie
uiovlUKlt riom tho bjbf)".. iltV IT.
1 1 wltl ruro a c;liroulc C'ou.u, by sootlitng the
Irrltnlud parr, and elrfnjilieriln;,' the sjtem.
rveu after all otber rcrr.eaies liavo fatled. In
tho earller maBek uf thls iUsmsh lt 111 ctlt'Cl a
tpecdy anrt cf rraln eure 1 aud ln many cases of
aitvaneed l oiibiiiiiptlon, Us efrcct liasseemvd'
iuiiiom iniracuious, rtsioripg to rtiii atrenKtn
and perfect hcaim titosc whomphystclaiuhad
moro pfJeclually than a
y ctlior remedy, by
miiiimj- rcinoMiig liia cau.
H wlll curo lironchltl.i tiy allajtngall lrrlta
tloaoi ihatliroat- 'fltVll.
". jiii 11
u vviii eure Asiuma. anominif lmmedlato rc
llet and a perfect eure. ltVir. ,
It Wlll ClirC JC)KA tit VnlCP. Klrrht. Rtvcata
Ilectlo I'cyer. aua nll sjmptoms ut Consumo
tton. TUV l'P,
For cvery affectlenof theThroat andLunKa
lt only nnous atrlalto eonvlnce Iho most Bkent
lcal 01 Its wonderful curatlve propertles.
llumcmlter Ihni It
Cvm-.s -stoi.os
I'.l'll"1 .VIAIllill.
nu. Wu. Jt, lAnD.aloadtnff di itrglst ot Clare
mont.ceriines usMows:
Kor. many years I liavo kmwn Dr. A. J.
VURg. aa a Bucccssful prnctlo og phyelolan,
aiiu can assuro the publlo that hls ri-prescnta-tlons
relatlvo to the Coueh nnd Luiiff tfyrun can
. "v " upon. 11 uaHDCen used ln
id rrftctlce wltn marvelloua bucccss, aud
It lo be all that ln cluims for lt.
1 Know
.. .... uaJ., .1,, Uk
r. cianKsiosT, N. U., Sept. is;a.
LungSjruphasproved nercat benent tomc.
glvlaif rellef from sevcro (Jousrlis nnd foreness
of tho Lunirs, whon all other remedles aud
ptiyslclans had fallel. 1 havo norcr ivoS .
medlclna moro ploaBant to tho tasteormoro
Batlafactory ln its rcsults.
JM18. LYDIA Vni.t.ET.
Prepared only by
DR. A, J. FLAGG & CO..
Olnroinont, lt. 11, IMIIOE 30 CJIIlxTH
lold by nll PniEElata. teptldtvrlm
4 7
G W. Hilliard.
11 ah
a o, 00 o
$5,000 IN
To bu sold iu thc ncxt 30
and Go days. IScgardlcsa
ofi Oosl,
$20,000 m
At 47
ciai, E.Mnutmssit'iyT. 1 am coMpr.n.BD
fiive us a Cnll Ueforc IJuylujr, or
Send for Snmjile.
BLACK CASHMKUES, 40 inches vvide,
80c. per ynrd, former piicc, $1.10.
BLACK CASHMKUES, 48 inches wide.
U.ls. per ynrd, former price 51. "'.
11LACK CASIIMEUES, 4S inches wide,
S1.10 per yard, former price, 1 50.
Wo have a largo Uno of these gcods, tnd
no mau in tte SUte of Vennont cau gt-t
any where noar us on price of ary
Sl 25 to 81.50 per pair.
10,000 Yanls Calico,
G nnd ii 1-2 cciilsn,
5.000 YDS IiEr.IT COTTOil
36 inches, 7 and 7 1-2 cents. former
price, 9 and 10 cents.
5,000 Fine, 36-Inch,
II 1.3c WOKTlf Sc.
uo imi:ci:s
200 IMeccs
For en and Uoy'a Wear.
300 110URLE 5IIAWL8,
17 Mcrcltnnfs' Row,

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