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The Rutland weekly globe. (Rutland, Vt.) 1873-1877, December 15, 1876, Image 7

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Iil a. little rosebud nlvcn to mr
Idroopol ir ns I woro It ono fair day i
ould not turn to peck It no i for ihcn
wcru piain 1 pnzju ii j bo i wem uiy wuy.
lnd a Iotp that mado my llfo alav !
ItteeuiPd tafalter, ono brlght bummcrday;
iuiu navu won 11 dupk wuu uul n Binuo :
i wouid i oi siniiti eu i went my way.
prldp. hoit stoilest our inost troasured
hlngs whlch to galnwtd rlsk all o'io be
Idel lt lobt, iny roecbud, loat my lovo nlasl
urgiu iuvo louua tuem, uuv ior tncc, u
Secretary of tho Trcasury's Kcport,
li'lic annnal report of thctccritary of llio
loeuty ls n very comprehentlvo ititcmcnt
I th f.innciiil ccndltlon of the goTcrn-
iTho tnoneya rcceled itnil covciol Itilo
lu tre i.iiiry by wnrriin R durlng tlo fiitnl
;ar cuding .lancuj, lSib, wetcnt rollotvs :
lom customs f 149.071 01 01
Irom latorual rovoauo no.tu) 732 08
rom otuer sourc" 3 18,935,770 "
Total ordtnary r.'celpts
romlum ou aaies ot coln
I Total nct rcceli ts, cxelu Ivj of
2S7,4S2,CB9 16
IrocceiU ot bonds ot 1881, (lencvn
0,013,820 1!
I Total netrccclnts,,
. fl,09.61 2S
Iiiuocu in irusriry.iiine uu, is..-).
lneludlngd:poslui ot coln aml
United siatc.H notes represented
by cc-rtlllcatea outstaudtng 141,702,410 41
iTotil avallablocash.....
$133,7115,291 OU
ITho nct expcuditures by w
arranta dut-
m iiiotnmo perloJ wcre :
rclvll cxpeiws
r forelgn intercotirse ,
r Indlans
r penslons.
r inllttary cslnbltsbment
ir narat cstubllshment
r Intercst on tuo publlc debt
Total net ojpcndllure
1253,45.1,787 33
r.umpuon ot ino
DUbllodebr .. .. tsi.sj.ict so
Itdjments cf cotirt
ot Alubamaclulint. 0.011,237 20
t8.orO,702 06
I Total nct dlsbursomciits iro,sof),cij 33
ilttLco In treusury Juno 30, 1870, 121,807,832
I Total $137,733,281 09
Tho ord mry rci oip's for llie firjt tpjnr.
It of tho current year wcre $75 510-
FOO'J; cxpcridlluica. 878 i41.fl!KJSU:
Hllmitoil rrcrio'a fnr tLo rtmalnins tbrci
I mrtcrs, S1I)1,18101j 10: uspeudilurce,
llSS 870.800 00. Th nunilin rcveimo foi
liocurrent mr U piaci il ui ij.'i! 003,000 21
IhUIi 13 7 0ia 110-13 IffH ilmu 1113 rc
ilrcaienU of ttiu nnkm ; Ur d. Tlio csti-
iulud rcci'lpls foriuoncxt rl'c:il vear cuil-
IgJnnuBO, 1878, aro SJ70 0.50.000; citi
atid exoonill ures, $21'3,;i,)0,704.
11E11UCTIO.S Of T1IS 1'L'lll.lC DE11T.
HnclpilcftliodobtJulyl, 1975.tJ, 32,2-4,t8I t5
bteroal duo and unnatd. aml ac-
lcruod Interfst touale SS 0I7..UO 19
l'olal ricbt
. .$.,,27ft332.03 14
.. 142,243.301 82
caeu m tlio treasury., ..
Debt, lcascishln tbo treas-
.',123,038,720 32
llnclpalof tho debt Jcly 1,1870 .$2,1SO,S93,OJ7 16
cbi uun uuu uupuiu, auu uo
Iraod Intcruit lo date 33,514,004 C4
I'otal debt
.J2,21R,9II9,07! C!l
. 119,1(9,720 7u
Uasu in tao troaaiiry, ,
Debt, li'ss casli In tbo Ircas-
ury 12,099,433,344 99
liwlng a reductlon, as abovo
atcd.ot f29,!l?,331 33
i'ho sectetaty procceds to show llnt llic
ual icluctlon o tho dtbt elnco 1805 lc
0,002,220.41, vvblle lliu rpduciion Con-
plated by tbo Blaklnit luud nct ni 1802
to tbls tlmo wns S-WJ.tHS.UlO.a.. Ad
junt is next glTeD of tho contrnct with
pynaicato ior niacinir 4 ner cenl.
ii ln leicmp'.lou of tho oluer issucs of
r cenla. ln pursuanco of tlio pmn ior
ndlng, 830,000,000 of 5-203 of 180.J
:u beeu calloi ln dnca Sfptomber 1.
ei tothecxtcnt of 33,071 050 of 4J
cent. Iionds liavo boeii made, nnd re
llng opcrationa aro stlll lu progress.
ho eecretory givca consldsrablo attcn-
to tlio ques luu ot rojumptlon, recnll
tho pludirea of lliu coverniuent, nud
atlng tbe famlliar nrRiimeula iu belialf
pecio paymonle. The lcgal tcndor
i hc rcsards as an anomilv to be not
)f ai uoon as posilblo, biinfr a parl ot
natlonoldcbt lustiUcdin ils issuo onlv
he cxigencies of tho war. Wlth rcgard
urtber prcparation ha sayf: As a fdi-
iruvi9.on uoomeii uBsemui to tuo pur-
p of rcumptlon, lt Is iccommcndccl
in additlcn to the n'lthoritv of the
ctiry of the treasu'y already conferred,
roviua ior reuenipuon ot ii'gai tcnt'er
a on 8nd nller ll.e day providcd for
imptionj liy tno ancumulatioii of nu ad-
alo nnouiit of nolil to itiect llie vol-
i ot SuOJ.uuo.oou ol k-gal t;ndcr iiotcc,
ci will ttien to outstandiflg, by the sile
jnitea oirus oonas, autborlty bo glven
irom tirao to little, as no raav tieem cx-
lebt and ihe stata of tho flaancca admlt,
unu iucbo notcs in.o a uond bearinir a
i of Inteioit not moro tbau four and
-liilf per cent., with m.t lces than thirtv
ra to run, Mith such lim'tatlons as to
amount to be so fundol in any glvcn
od as congress, la ila discrelion, may
6iiJden accumulalion of cold in
jmnts suiTlcicnt to meet so larg'o a dt
lid as tbat contemplalcd in January,
p. is dccmsJ impiacticable: vhi!o to
imulate lu advance of that llmo would
ittendcd wlth rjecessa'y loss of intercst,
ild lo llkely to dliturb monoy cxchange
emturnim tna tiinuing ot our national
iritles. The preeent lime i3rernrdrd as
ortuno for tbe gradual withdrawal of
e notca. It Is believed they would not
grcatly mlssed from the circulaliDg
lum, as liiolr plano will rcadilv bo cun-
d by tiie I'tue of nstlonal bauk nclcs
cr tbia ait
o procctda to sbow what has bccn dono
be Ifsuo or sllver coin, Vw coln8g3 ot
ana rcuucing 1115 excess ot lcgal.ten-
nbnyo S300.000 000. M'ltli regard to
uejus oi ino treasury. in orilsr t ) ro,
ii lfgal-tendera in 1879, Lo tnysi Tlie
contemplates tho nccumtilalion of the
lful amount ot coln ngaln-t tho diy of
mpnou, uut.se tbo rcceesarv amnunt
givea uay Is detormlnate onlir at tbo
on of tho holdeis of tho notes to bo
emoJ, tlo amount to bo iirovlded
Is coiesjarily uncertaln. and, na il
depend upon crents or a candltlon
thlogs ovor whicb he has little
uontroi, nppoeslblo for hlm to uot.tr
IIo H nuthorlzed. lf in hls 1:idu.
t decn-cl necessary to cury the nct
cffect, to nccumulato an amo.int of
nml ti ihe cntire mnount of the li
enders outstanding on Ihit day; but
lt il wcru not inorany impositble
d bo fo tnexpedlent, as n llimnchl
ure, th it it Is nct to bo prceum?d to
len onntemplated by congross, md
il inouinoooi on ini secretaty. a'lii
expected and renmred to meet Ihe de-
I ot redtmplion by tho acciiniulation
an ailenuitoin amount, nt lils dirnre
wltti no ccrlnin data for bla uiikhiitu
s ( xerclso nf It Wfcat is csscntlal for
to know in order to the perfnnuancn
e dutv ! wlmt amount of co'cs will
dnly bo prescttcd for redemptlon, on
irst ot january, lbw. AB UH3 is cleai
t attatnable, be il lef t tn deal willi
' is nrobsble. detcrmlnablo upon tbo
Itlon of sucli eeneralcausia ns will bo
y to atlcnd tbat cvent. It would not
lucult in the prcsent slate of mnncts
Iiirs, to msko a nrobable cstinntc of
mount rtqulrcd If the redemptlon was
ie pIaco In January nexi: nnd it Is
ible tha accum'ilailon of an amount
lu cnvsl to a molely of tbo sum to'al
eie notca would ba an amnle prepara,
tiut, whtie lt is to bo lioped timl tno
t or our liouds nity not bo lesa in iorJ,
y not bo known tbat Ithotner icspccls
ta&tlon will faror sucb resuit. lt is,
vor, lUemed probabla In any supposa'
J17,2.12,2IJ 68
.1,4 1II.-J5J Wl
6.9C0.MH 17
28,2.M,M'3 0
88,070 8'S 04
tS,9n,M'J H,
48 815,872 4.1
1110.21 1,211 il
blc condltion of monctnry nffnlrs, tlml, If
no inconsldcrablo reductlon of tho volumo
of theso notca sliould bo mado ln nnticipa
tlon of tho redemptlon of 1870, tho prcpa
ration rcqulrcd by ncrumulntlon of coln for
the dcmands ot January, 1870, nnd
immcdiatcly thorcaftcr tnuut bo at lcastan
cqual propottlon of tlio sum total of tho
notca outstandlng. Astotlio surplua rcv
cnucs as a rncisuro of redemptlon, sucli is
tlio preeent nnd probablo futuro of tlio-o
tcvcnuca and thodcinand upon tlicm, that
lt is not dcemcd at nll prohabablo that any
considcrahlo sum not othcrwho npproprl
atcd could bo dcvotcd to this (nd. In tbis
oonooctlon, liowefcr, il Is propcr to ob
servo thn', now, for Iho flrst tlmo ln many
ycnrs, owlng to tho largo reductiou of tur
rency payiiKii'', tlio Fnlcs of gold, to ob
taln tho rqultralent currcr.cy thortfor, otc
no liingcr necessary, nnd thus a consldcra
ble nrciimulatlon of gold may to nntlel.
patcd frotn tho BUrplu3 from Ihe customs
The aiiotint of lcgal tonder mt'R niit
lndlni NoTcnihtr 1, 1870, was $337 535,
710 Tho amount of toll nnlcs on dcpo.
It for tho purpopo of retirleg circulation
wts $20,010,010. The amount ol national
tnnk noto ln circulstlon on that day waa
$30,143,401 loss, and of lcgnl tendcr $14,
404 281 lesa than on January 14, 1873 -a
tital dccrosfo in circulation, undcr the op
c:nlion ot the act, of $43,007,748.
From thcse facts, ns well as from tho
largo nccumiilatlonsof moncyatthc nionry
ccntcis nnd the kck of demand for it, It is
ipparent tbat tho volumo of cuncnoy ia
largcly In excess of tho rcal dcmands of !
s'ltlmatn buslnera, nnd that n portion of the
icgal ttndera uilgnt bogradually wlthdrnwn
Althnut tmbirarsment to tbo builneta of
be country.
Tho sccrctary cotcis into an nrgumeut to
how that tho provisiona for tbo tnyment
if tho govcrnnunt obllgtiori In coln con
iBinplalcd tho uso of gold ard not of tllver
for tbo purposc.
TI o rcport of tho comptroller of tho cur
rency contidna full ititistlcs of Iho re
wrvcs, taxalb n, dividcnJs, earnlngs and
iosscs of tho national l.nnka, togcthcr with
i summaty of tbelr rcsourcca and liabiliilts
Ior cach year, slnce tho pystem wcnt lnui
nperallijn. From thls rcport it appeart
iliat, up to October 2 i f tbo prrsciit joir
2,312 batiKs iu all had btcn orginlzod, ol
Ahich 2 087 wcro In op-ration at that t'o'c.
I'he reluriis of thesu b n'ts bbovr that tlicy
licn hud nu aggrennte i Hpital of $400,802,
i.U; surplm "I $1.12 202 2S2 i circulation
outstam liu, $201,544,020; Indlvidiial
pnita, $fi31,3,").210 ; loaus, $027,574 070 ;
-pcclu (iutldidag coin ceitiBcatJc), $21,
300,707 ; Kg.il-'.iitider notfs (incliidlnp
L'nPc I States cettilicites of dopoBlt) $113,
120,817 i redcniplioii furd witb the Unltid
Sttten treasurer, S10.7-I3 003 ; 852 833.C00
of lcgal tender nolea have been Ueposlicd
in the treasury for tbo purpose of retirlng
litculatiou, anl $37,122.01,0 of luiik uo c
huve bo in redicmtd and diBlroyed. Tbe
hole iimouut of additlonal clrcu'a'kn .8
iiicd rinco tho passagc of the latter act l
$18,080,335 ; und legal tendtr notea tq lal
to clgl.ty pcr tcat.,tliercof, or 514,401.231,
tinvo btoi letired, leavlng "lu amnunt ol
lecnl tentlcr notes outstandlng on Novem
e"r 1, 1870, $07,535,710. '1 ho amount ol
lcgal tcnJer notcs ou dcposit w.th the treae
urer on Novomber 1, fi r tho purpofc of ie
tlring circulation, wai $20,1110,010. Tbc
amouot of nationil 1 .fik nolcs m clrcula
tlon on Novembcr 1, wa) $20,143,401 lesn
than tn Juno 20,1874; and tlut of lcgal
tcndcr uotes waa $14,404,281 les? than or
January 11. 1875 ; tho total dccrciue ol
lcgal Undcr notea and national bank no'.es,
undcr tliQ oporatlcn of tbeeo acts, biiug
Tbe dcpo8its of gold nt tho mlnlo and aa
say ofllces iiinctint to $57,4SO,270.50 ; Ml
ver dcposits and puichascp, $23,515,702 70,
to'al amount of bnllioii ri ceived ard oper
ated unon, $85,005 1)73.20. Dediltt'ng re
deposiu of b.vs mtili aud liBinl by onc
iiKtltutiou nnd depotltcd at nn tber. tht
dcposilfl wcin: Gold, $ll,943,2g5 4i
ilvcr. $24 574 S51 81 ; niaknij a li t .1
$00 517,837 TJ,
Tlio total gold coinago was ij-kS.lia,-002
50; to'n" fiilvfr coinago, 10,120-
00-' 00, ol whlcli ti.iuu.usu wtro ot triuie
dollarH Tho inluor coinagc amountcd to
$200,330; Iho total numbcr of plectf
tiuck na 87.101,403; total valuo of coin-
agc, i;.j7,oGj,8Ij.
, The lccelpis frnm customs for tho j'cai
rtuliiii Juue 30, 1875, were $157,107,
722 35, nnd at the cotropondicg ditc ol
1870 thcy wrre $148,071,084 01, a dcclinc
of $0,005,737 74 Tbo rccclpts for the
flrst n,'iarter of tl o current flssal year werc
$37,531,723 53, while for tho orreFpmid
ing'pcriod of lait year thcy werc S44.233,
020 23, showing c decteaio of $0,078,
807 72.
'1 ho coln valuca of tho cxporla and lm
potls of the Unltcd bHates for the last llscal
jear, ns nppears Irom otllcial rclurns madt
to nnd compilcd lylbe burciiu of Btatistlcs,
arc a follnws:
Exportaof domeatlo mcrcliandlse, $525,532,217
hxports ot forelgn incrchaLdlso... 14,302,121
TOtat 540,331,071
ImpsrtaotEooda 400,741,190
E.XC033 ot cxporta over tmports, 79,013,181
For tho fisod ;oir 1875 tnere was au cx
cces of Imnorts ovcr cxporls nmounting to
$19 502,725, Bbowinj a dilt'ercnco of $00,
200,200. Rxports or speclo and bulllen t',6fM,SM
Imiorl3CIirccloaul bulllon 1S,93C,CS1
Excess of cxports ovcr linport', 40,503,021
Total excsaot exports of racrcban
dlso and the nreclous mctals over
Irnpoits (120,213,102
Tho rcglttcr of tho trcasuty rcports the
total tonnago of vcssels ot tho United
atntci to bo 4,270,458 tcni, a decreaso ol
574 274 tons from that of tho flscal yf at
enueu juno yu, iH7r). tuis uecrtaso la
prlnclpally causcd by tho dropping of canai
boat tonnago cxempt utidor tlio act of con.
grcsa approvid April 18, 1874.
Tho following tablc cxhiblts tbe tr.tll
tontu;o for tlio lnst two year3 :
r 1370 , , 1870 .
Vns- Vi'S-
ffK Toni Rfls. Tona.
Iteglstered.... 2,98! I,533,t23 3,000 1.W2.821
J:rn olletl and
llccnscd. .. 19,301 3.293,901 22,9 5 J.CS0.037
Total 32.S5 4 853.73J 21,921 1,179,158
Tbe remalnder of tho lopoit is lakcn up
wltli a Btetement of tbe operatlona of the
revenuo marinc, tbc Ilfe-f-avirg tervice, Ihc
llgblhoiise oitablUbment, tbo coast fcutvcy,
ctc wblch sbovr ifllelency in lliotc deport
mcr.ta of tho bcttIcc.
Brief Chronicle.
Tbc exportB of butlcr to Europe are un.'
uiual y largo thls season.
It cost Itenpselaer counly $28,031 to Bup
port its poor the past year.
lirooklyn has n fcmilo burglar, clcven
yu.ira old, wlio Btcals dolli.
Kxnoitcrs of grain in New York are
troublcJ by tbo lack ot ftelght rooni.
A parly of Kngllsh blooda are in Omaha
gittlngrcady toucsiriy bullalos Ior sport.
Iu I'ftistla thcre Is one savinga bmk de,
posltor tacycry a'xty.two of tbe popula.
The bect root ciop in Ucrmany, ns well
as in l' rance, etinis to bo u coniplelo lall
uro thls jin
Therelstolo an internallrii'il hnr'icul
tural cxlilbititn, on u very grand ecalc, In
AmHttruam next jcar.
Wotkmen In tlio Troy 6tovo fonndrlcs
Riutcl i ) worit nt rojucni rates. for tue
pn nut Iho worlta aro Idle.
liev. K I). H.iuimond la preacbtng to
ovtr 2.C0J persons dally in l'biladelphla,
atii tias 11130 i c il an open nir raecting.
Tho lirooklyn chailtable lnttitullons nt
V latbusn bavo li 50U inmatea ; cr an cx
cc8i of 300 comparcd with a year ago.
Ure. Mary O. Ualo wlio died ct Jtan
cbester.T'I. II , tbo olher day, lcft, amcng
(tlior Ixquctti, $50,000 to fuund a bome
for ngcd and Indigent wnmcn.
Uuaycra lmo mado thclr nppearanco In
largo numbel in Cumberlaud and nijtccnt
coumics M virgintn, anu aiong tno triba
tarlcs of tbe Appomattox rlver.
Tho dcmands for riliif iu tbo Buffalo
poor dcrarlnunt a-o largcly ln ixccss of
last jcar Tho npproprlalloiismado by tbo
rnmmon councilln Blarch last was yr.'U,
480 00, out of wbicli tbe poor lUparlment
cxpendlturca b?nan in January last. Thcro
is aooui yiu.uuu remaining, wiucu is cx,
licctcd to ba guMclant otily tn Deccmber 2,
Curioas Facts ln 1'atural Itlitor?.
At tbo meetlng of tlio Gcographlcal so-
clety In Now Yotk Wcdnesday cvetilop,
Mr. Alcxander Humboldt, Van dcr llorck,
rcad a paper glving nn nccount of a jaur
ncy to tho Bpll7.bcrcn scas, in wbicli he
rclatcd tho followmg cutloua ndventure ln
Lipland i Whllo ctosslng a ln;usttlne part
ot tbo tircr (n'.lcd Kjoalmo jiurc, In the
catly pwt of tho nlglit wo wcro tuddenly
surroundcd bv awarms of lemtnlni: f.Mv-
odca loiquatu?), nn nnlinnl liko tho tiioiiii-
taln ral. ibcvswam rounu ino ucii' inu
attemptcd to c'nmbfr inlo it, fo llist lt ns
wlth tho grcatcst dllllculty we could ktcp
tho flcrco little creaturcs frotn boirdlnp us
by bcltlng nbout wlth llie onre, nt wl l-b
thev would let lil) Bharp, t-htlll stt in3
slrailor to thoio of tho mitfkrat. Aftir
somo tlmo wo succccdcd ln pawdng Ihtm.
rheso little nnitnals cnmo uncxposteniy
down from the mountalns no rnc knowing
cxaciy whcnce and nppiur in iiiilllonn,
swarmlng ovcr tlio wtioiu coiuury, caung
lipaluirBt cvctytliog tbat ciiiucs In tbelr
way. Ncitlirr rivcts nor lakcs mem to de
lerthem, litfi of whlch tney pim wlth
caae, usually ltccplng nu thcir dtelructlvo
paili unill reacmng uim open iri, wniiii
they Miinly attempt lo crota. r.over Bweiv
ing from tho dirrrtion oncc t il.caun'il tbey
dnk cxhaustcl beneat'i Ihc wiivm. Tnua
perlsh counllesa miiiibrr. 'Ibey commlt
grcnt ravagea, and nio ua d-eailcd in iho
north as tbo locus'a uro In K)P'. Ycnif,
howevcr. ilaiso betwcen llicir iciipicii-
ancc, or until thcy suddcnly dercei.tl liem
thcir rocky tctruats i no iiipps leii us
thnt thcv raln Irom Iho fliy, many of il.cm
ttitlng tliat llicp li.ive nciiinlly (cenllnm
Ocvcr MlnlrB 1 rilew.)
Vermont BoysIQold Mininij in Col-
Col. Tnrs. 11. Fiillcr. rfirineilf f KnoF-
burgh, Vt..) of lloston Sliss , tte.if.uiiT of
Ihc cclebratcd Globo Nall c iiipany, a cup'
tallst of hrge niennp, ln piitchalcl nnd
located about 1 ouu nerca oi piaccr gmumi
ln Sumnilt cnuntv. Cnl , all uuder contrrl
of wiitcr In fii(lki(ir ipntnl I 'd i woik nui
the samc. lle Iijs t'xjiiir.ded renrly half a
mllllon ot dollar8 In puitlnfcsnad lnprovt
metlj, nnd liaa all tbe tlnpi! rKmUHia for
succcPBful phccr in'nlng, v!z : gi 11 b?!irlng
gravil dopoBlt, ont lel ior tail'iua. Hr.a
abund mt and permanent cupply of wati r
r rnm tnrcfill niiasutcnicnta tc Iirb 40 UDU,-
000 cublc fcot nf piy dirt all undtT coiitrol
of ditcli nnd flumo, C'iinpriiiig ckims In
MnK). Ht'cro, llllnolF, l)rv iforcla, lttle
Georeia, llumbug, Amrricin. Diy near
Amcriean. Monilor. Miill'ftry. MytiiF,
S.tnth Snnn, l).'d Gulcbtsnid llotton
Col. Fnller has iust tiuncil over tlif m
ltre property to tbc Fulltr I'Ucrr iuining
conunny, whicb, widi a cajiltfl itickot
JuOO.COO will aa-utne tbe iiunngiTiictit Ht -
otherfca'on Ti c tru-t-c n-c: Col. T.
II. Fdlli r, lJocloti ; (,apt. M 11. Carpentcr,
Djnnr, (lnriiurlv of tjt. Allans:) O. I.
llavcnf. 1'arkvilli". tit.d tlidr nsnciaics.
The conipany have dccicl Jlr Fulltr,
presidcnl nad trcauiror; Jlr. I a-peuttr,
spcro nrv, and Mr. l'aicu, fiirerinlcnd-
Vioinity Itcms.
Whllo Abel I SkilT, tri . was dritlng
in a bugcy noir IMnard lltl citV, nn Tuu
day, Hov. 28, 11 c lion fisli'niug nnn llillt
to ttie xle was brnken unu .mi. MMlt was
tbruwn violciitlj to tlie un ' nd. The ch'tk
bono was !)( ken on n-ic Blilo of bis faw,
and bo was liikcuxil 1 Ior n Vfnl Imtin
I)r. Hhi'whll h nll, d nnd Mr. Skiff wi
removrd to hin b uiP' on tbc sme iluy iv d
is il i ig us well as could bi (xpectcd.
.Mr .larnfB Wl lurill of Crown l'olut,
V.. rLcentlv ol ll.hlnort. dl d nullo
suddtntv on balurdav, Oio. 5, from a
slrokH or npoplcxy. Illn tunorul ceouried
it Bridport villago oa Tuesday, tbo 5ili
Mr. Ueeba Hice of lvinea, n intlte of
Bridport, has lcca ntbis old liotne for ser
ernl w(ek, visitiiig hls aied tuther. Mr.
Asi Hlcc. It will be rfc.'ll 'cted llnt the
old geiitleinan was llirown from 1 li wngon
last eutnmcr while returniag from Ver
gennep, nnd feriouslv injurcd. Ile ii itill
sullering from tho clf c s of liis Inj iriei,
altlnugh ho is ab!o to le about tl e houso
and to rlde out occaslonally.
Mr. James Kussdl liis recclvcd from
WashlDglpii a pat int o i a clothes paundcr,
wblch is Belling qulte rnpldly md icsms to
a usctul mvenll n.
A counly meeting of tie nranjers was
held at Hrilpoit villago on TliursJay e?e
nlng, l)ec. 7, wblch was well nttendcd.
Col. J nli n U. Mead of Itandolpli dclivcrcd
an address in tho evening.
Miss Smiloy commcnces a scries of rnret
inga at tho Methodlst church on Mocday
Tlio Mary Fletcher hospital has been or
gani7.ed with the fjllowing olllcers :
I'rrsldcnt, Waltcr Carpenter, M. IJ.; Vlcc
Presllcnt, Rev, M, H. liacklum ; Treasurer,
Ilon. Torrey E. Wnlrs; Mecritar, liev. s, ().
WarHj Kxfeuttvp uninmlttee, Waltcr Carpen
ter, 8. Jl. I'ope, M. II. llucUhara,
Frank II. Parker, son of Ilon. Natban
lel Parker, has been appoinlel marujcr of
tho gas worka. Uo baa been for tcven
years conncctel wlth tho cngineer seivice
of the government In Minne&otn.
Tho Chittenden county agricultural t-o-clcty
tneet at lldrllngton, Wednea 'ay, De
ccmber 23.
ln tbo involuatary binkrup'.ry taio of
Uenry II. IIowc. la1 j ot the Amsricn bp.
ttl, on Wedaenhy, 112 cr?d,t irK pimcd
ihclr clalm, nggreititing $10,000 Th
mallet,t claim h $1.49, aml llie hrgtst
$1,000. C'jpt. Uin. ijyou was chosm tho
Tho dircctora of tho Mary F.utcber l.oa
pltal. have decidcd up u tlie pnrclwu uf
tl'O Henry V. Cniln place oa tbe road to
Wlnoobkt. Prlce $30,000.
An act of tto legltlnuiro passed Et Ihp
hst bpbsI m, incorporatoi il uavings bink,
to be ltnown aa tho Dlmo tnvlnjs bank of
An Knglls'iinan tamo inlo tlu Jlrformer
olllce tl o otl crdsy, nnd innocently ahkcd
whoou pktuto hitng ovcr tho cdltorial c'odt.
Ilelng told it was tbat of Danlel WpbttT,
ar.il reading undernett'i tbo words, ' I stlll
life," ho Inqiiircd, nfter profound thougbt,
"Is he dcad ?'
The t iwn feds prctly bluo over the dull
tlmcs at ll.e ICfteyorsna worka. They i re
oulyrutnlng from 8 a. in. to 5 p. m,,
thrco dajs in tha wcrlc, nnd thero aipsars
to bo no extin demand for llie lmluayp,
conlrary to all lormtr expi'rUnce.
A new ikul of vil ngo cdllctrs Isconccded
at tho r,cxt cloeth n, uud tbo matter of psy
Ing tho flro depsrtment nnd tuylnj a new
enjflao will coiue up.
ThoBmendmeet to tho vlllilgo chaiter
whlch is to be acted on at the comlog au
nual vlllage mtctlngallowsthem to borrow
3500,000 for a cysterri of water-works.
Tbcro nie erins half a d( 7.en prlta'.e waier
companiea in operation, lnt nn hnur'a
pumplng by tbo flro cnglncs would (Xbuuit
tho wbnlo An claborato survey has de
velojcd a plau for brlnging water from n
hill In Duinmertton nnd lcctllng a rctcr
v. ir of $1,800,000 gallons" cipaclty on
Hines's hlll abovo tho t&wn. Thla would
neccseltate a 30,000 foot in iln, aud proba
bly rcquiro xdditloral plping to loeure tho
water Irom Marlboro pond. The movo
mcnt hasacood many ttrong opponenla
becnuieof cxpenso, alihough tbo patrons
nf tbo small companiea nio glrlng a gencral
nr.tlro tbat tbey mo ninrly out of water
and llicio aro but four vlllage wells to de
pend on.
The parly known as "Bly Fax," sen.
tcnco.l lo state prlson for (lve jeara nia
flro bug, t omu two years n$a, has becri par
donrd and rcturtcd to town,
Tho town is unl nppy over Its falluto to
gft from tho lfglilatuto a inunlclpal court
whlch sliould have powcr to try cafcs that
could bo duly appealed ti the aupreme
cnurt on questions of law. The frlcnjj of
llie monuro say lliat it would have tmvdl
tho county n hcavv annual 1)111 occatloncd
by IransportlnK wltne stea to tbo county acnt
at Newfane, and tl nt lt wa unfortunitely
taKon up cariy in tuo ecssion, wuen ercry
hody was parslmonlous.
(Uy Kdmund Clarcnco Etcdman.
Tho rrlntcrs' Monumcnt of Qrecloy.
(111EENWOOD, DCC. 4, 1370.
Onco morp, dcar Mother Karth, we atand
Inrevprcnco whoio ttiy boiinty gato
Our btothpr, ylclded to tny hand,
'llio Bwcet protertlon ot tlio gravo I
Well liatt thou eoothel blm through tho ycara,
Tno j cara our lovo nnil sorrow number,
Avil witli thy sml'cH, and wlth. tliy tears.
M tde grdr-n ii'id lair hls placo o( Blumbcr.
Thlnr to the kepplnir of tlint trustt
Aml ouu thla lmn,'c, born of urt
ln al.lne abovo hls hidden clusl,
Wlui llmo Iho runrlBO breez'a part
Tho irei B, nnd wlth nnw light cnwreatho
Von lieail, untll tho llpa aro golden,
And from llii'in inii'lo seuins to breatho
Ai from tlio desert fctnluo olilou.
Would I wcro so t tlut nOT we rclghf,
llcur ooce lila utlered vlco aitulu,
or lioid hlm prfvnt to our algttt,
Nor reucb wlth empty balida aud valn t
O that, from s mp far placo wrrc heard
onc eadence of hls sptecli rcturntng,
A vlnspoiPil loni, a ainglo word,
Sent baek ln cns.vcr toouryearlngl
It may not br? What, thcn, tho spark,
Tho tttcni'o whtch llluinfd tho wholc,
Aml mi'ie hls livin;: form Its mask
And outwurd llkenet? Whattae eoul
That wanned llie heart and polscd thn head,
And spokj tlio tliougliu we now Inbeiltt
nrlfftttloic-oi llro and ilber breJ,
Wlipre ort tuou now, cluslvo bplill?
Wlipro, now, tlie siinburst of a lovo
Wnic li Wimi n it -tl.l witli mldeu wr.ilh
To i.ithi tlio iigliUous hand that etrove,
Anu blize in tue opprehS'ir'a patli?
l'jlr oarili. nur (IU3t H tlilno Indoed I
Too soon bi1 ro iched tliu voloelP33 portJil
That wluiliii Itmls? U'bPro l r,l tho mead
lle i;.lued,iaiid kncw lil rsclt lmmoitai;
Or lcll ui, on whnt distant star,
Vlii r ewn ai h' re uro toll nnd wroag,
With ttrrngth reiicwod no lltta atar
A olce oi ald, a war-ery btrcng?
What. Irult, llilflM Tn Oliinplnd past,
llaathat. rlcti natuio olsoivlicro jkldod,
WiiatconqijPstKalned and knowlcdgovaisi.
lut kindred tclug3 lovcd and Bbicldcd I
Why tck to know? he llttlnFotight,
iiunBcii. in iii nu ciobo nrawu au,
Kir for hls on falvatlon wrought
Anu pli a'lcd, ay, nnd wore ht mall ;
No n Ititli grusp of llfn, no lcnr,
on for iu ui lnd hls eoaseli'sa carlng,
llul fortliO'iiH lv- be licld tlicin dcar
b Ir b rih und aliroU'ledexltBuar.n;.
Not hli thn f. verlsh whh to llva
A tunii er ir -. iiinnuer sdk c.
Sivo tlut iln- K.ernal Iav mlgbtgtvo
I i.o nrj n in eominon iu un uice.
Karili, Nwuh im lieaven no loved, and btst
1 ti v i rei loiis on.rrllu'. man Hid woinan.
Aud 1 ib r fnr llii'in sreined but ri'it
To nlin, wuus nalure was o liunnn.
Ercn hcre hli aplrlt bsply longcd
To s'ay ri'neiaberod by our l:Inil,
And li"to tliu l.iiuntaof men ure lhronbed
.iutiti aiion; i utiii, sfuh uuu unu
A pri S"nci!. t tioiigh liH volco lias ci n30d,
MIU, cvi'ii wl.eie e dwill, rnnalnini;,
Wl lmli iMtei iIitphI ttirlllt Inrreaied
ii J b ll n. turLU iu ii' k, ,iu;aiiiiii
I.'sf, lifiw thn vnilcd tMnga lliat took
i in' imnii) m ni ius Di'U oa rare
Make uiiswer ! To tliu romlwaTB look,
i,ii' wftii'ifu viih 8, in1) nauiieis rhir.
Ile walkB uusccli Iho llr ng wwd3,
TLo Ilelds tlio to n, i' o Bhaded berough,
And ln tlio atoraI follluiU'a
Uiil lits iu vitw ihe kiiglhpulng furrow.
'niefnlilimiltafctth.tr cr.i lcdllm,
Mii. nup nn oei ina iiit Lurauu.' biei ih.
Slts oy hn i oui'li wrh viatonulm;
'i lie nlt nti'om Wrst hls featt- ay keen3 :
'IIid vlalful hciulh rcculls tlio waja
ui uriii wuo in tna luie etiwoiina ucr,
Aii'i hiayid li r lu lliu evll da)s,
w nu uiuis or comii.rt luronu nrouua uer.
II i llves wtiJp'Vpr rncn to nifn
ln LcrlloUjliuU'HMiWoriis reD?at.
Whero cl.inir3 tlio foiite, wliero glldes the pen,
ucre nui uii'i iiuiue eruwu ino bireti;
An.l ln whaiipr t inu or plice
aitli'a puri'ht fouis tbelr turposo strcngther,
Djh n t li.- ino.id pithway of our raco
Ihe sl) dow or liia tame thalllccgthcn.
"."'IU wlth us ! ' nll tho llcmcii ery
Wlio leul lns lu.irl nnd lif ln blm doar:
TlinliHNdOLiiic, Ho bUill not dlo 1" ,
Tlie prubUM atiswer, ' tlo Is licrc r
Iiumurlnl Uim, l.o drcid of falo1
lle rurs no valn mosicmo morl !
Llte, lire, nut dcath, mo cnnsecrate,
A U!uiig preseLco loucned wlta glory.
The htar nmy vnnlsh, but a ray.
'ni. lorui, s uaL manaaie can rccaiir
llio clrcllng wave stlll kecps Its way
That marktd a turret'H tpawnrd fall:
Tlio leaut ot muslo'a uttcred Etralns f-
1 uart nature'a v oice forever : i
And aye beyond tho cravo remalus
Tua creat, tue coou lnau'a nign enaejijr i
Wi'll may the broodlng Earth retaka
Tho form wo knew to bo a nirt
Of ntoom nnd herbige, fern and brake,
m:w iica tuai irom ner nuogfiiari,.
Nuu?lit ot ihe aoul snalt thero rcmaln :
'i liey camo ou vold and ilirkncsa aslciy
Wlio tho alled SplrltEougUt ln valn,
Wltliln tho tcmFk'd sbiine mo3t lloly,
That, that, ina found agatn the Boutco
rrom wmcn iiseu io uswas lent:
Th") joivcr lliat, ln perpetual course,
.iukl'9 ui iuu uu,l uu lusiruuicm
Sunremo ; tho ut;l crsalroul;
Tbo current lnnnltonndalnglo
YV'iirrcln. as agcs ouward roll,
Llfe, thought and wtll forever mtEglc.
What more Is lf tt, to ko;p our hol 1
cn hlm who was so Iruenud strougf
Thn fcmi lunce, ralsed abovo tbo mold
Wlili onerlnga mict or word and saas.
Tbat iiicn muy teacb, ln nttertlme.
'incir 80i)9 uowgooaneas unrKcu tuo icaturcs
Of olo whoso lire wus made bubluno
By tcrvleo lor hU brothcrorea.ures.
And lavt, an 1 1 irdllrst. hls f atne,
A f tn'.lon ln tLo btnrry llne
Ot heroe,3 lliat havo kft a namo
Men conjure wi'h, a pla:o dlvluo,
fclnci", ln tliu wtrld's etcrnal plan,
Dlvinlt.v Itself lsclvcn.
To hlm who lltc) cr dlc3 for ) nn
And lcoi s wlihln hla eoul for lieaven.
You will care for iny diild. You will
not Ut tny little onoBulfer."
My o'd frlecd, John Hannou, f&ld th'.s,
a3 hc wrubg my hacd liard.
I repciud my promko tlut ln my homo
nctt, wbert! tbere waa a nurscry fud of lit
tle oucs, Bdsiu llarmou ubould huldadaugb
lcr'a place.
We wcro standing upon tho wbnrf, wait
ing for the ivfiial that It was tlme for my
fiicnd to it 'p ii iroad n Gilifr.ralanBtcimer.
lle had 1 ist hls wife wlihln tbe year, and
torin sitttr wh3 I'cggucil by a llro that to.
t illy dpttrojtd tliu mills ia which he had
lu IU tliu posliion of t uperit tendeut.
IV'itii hli hoine di'rt l itp, hls purto empty,
he ri"olved 1 1 wik hW foituie In the mod
ern VA Dormlo.
Thn tioly drawback to tbis Bchemo wnc
tliu dillicully ot takiug hls thiee year old
I a'ki'd wlth iny wlfe, tnd found hcr
mgerly wililiu; lo tako caro of the littlo
The naxt mornlnc, I returneJ home to
llnd Susie a'most inconaolable, crylng per
ictiia'ly for "p.'iiia to come to Sutie."
My wlfo waa dlstracted at tho fallure to
coiufoit thls childish eorrow, and nurown
llme ehlhlrpn lookcd on wondcrlngly.
Foitunately, Sus'owuaaccustomedto Sfo
ihp. uud tbe nllowcd me to comfort bf r.
In tlmo thls vlolent giief woro away,
btitl tbe cblld b-tnme very kappy In our
My butlnesF, belpg very prospcrouc, wo
did not fcel Iho nlJdlonal oxpcnso of tbo
cLl d'a eupport n I'tirden, and as the ycara
w'oru by, Bbe wi a ts dear to us as our own
little rnoi.
llut Bho ur.detstood ulways thst Bbe was
not our clrl I, but lind a dear father who
lovo! hrr londly, and was nwny from her
onlv to iniko a fortuno for her.
As eoon ua tho was old enough, sbo had
Ikt lutlur'a IctterBrend to her, and her flrst
flf'itt at peninanshlp weio lnlttrs to
John wrolo often for ten jeare, recount
ing hls vnrying succees.
IIo was wlnnlng fortuno slowly, not at
Iho minca, wbcra hls heallli broko down,
but lu tho omploy of it uierchsnt, and somo
Uu wasmtailcliman, bo wrote, after
annbsenceof ton 30 ira, but prospering,
wl on ho purpoie I paylng ua n vlslt.
llo wrcto hopefiiily of eeelng hla chlld,
porhaps of taklngher homo wl h hlm, Eet.
Ilog 110 dellnllo timc, bul loullng us to cx
pcct foon toBco hlm,
Thtii bU leltora ccascd, and ho dld not
Aftcr ntnrly two yoars moro paswd wo.
sadly thougbt bo iniist bo tlead.
It mlght havo secmcd to many unnatural
for b'lulo to grlcvo bo dceply as tho dld for
a fatbcr iilmost unknown to her in inalliv.
Imt tlio was a gitl nf inost ecnBitlve lcel
ings, tnd wo had alwavs kept her fatber'u
namo beforo her, Btnvlng to wln hlm n
placo ln hcr fbndou aui'ctlon
Wbcn wn had reallv Intt all bono. lt be,
caine Bdele'a great pleasure to elt bctldo mo
nad ask me ugaln nnd ngatn for tho etorles
I remcmbercd of lcr futhcr'8 bojhood and
youlh, our many cxcurslons, and, abovo
all, of his marilago and tbe gentlo wlfe nnd
motbcr so carlv callcd to lieaven.
Tlmo sof teccd Busle'a grlef, tnd at elgbt
ccn Bho waa ono of tho aweetcit, most wln-
mnggitia 1 erayaw.
8I10 wa well educatcd, liad a fair miisl
cal talcnt, aml a swict, wc'l cultlvatrd
8bo was tall and graccful, nnd wlijn sbi
was Intnmluccd le Boclcty wlth Jontir.n, my
hanilsoinsbiuiutludiillitui', botli b.otmo
Albcrt and William, my boya, waro plder
thcn tho glrl'.
Albctt was In bualnosa wlth me, nnd Wil
liam at collfge, H10 wlnter wloa Jinina
and Huslo mado Ui Ir (Wiit.
It would tako 1110 loo long to toll ot 1 10
plesfiircsof tLo yonn.? folks during tms
wlnter, but Joinna wns won from iih b,y n
gentlcman, aud Huiio lcoimc, If p.H'iltile
dcn'cr than over.
fprlng lnd 0.01110 when oco ctcr.lng AU
bf rt rnmo loto iny hbrary, and t alil, ub
rupllv "Fitlor, you have often sild Sudo, la a
dcar to "' n ne uf your own chlldren."
"Well?" 1 il'ked.
"Will you inako her your d.uwhior 1 1
fact, by glving hcr to mo for a wlfe?''
To tblnk I lnd been bo Lllr.il.
8uslo had ln truth brcomo so mucli ono
of our chlldren lliat I was ns mucli aiton
lh(d as il Alb.rt had fallen In lovo wlth
Ilut I soon found, when Susio's blnshlng
furu wns hlddcn upnn tny lircatt, thal she,
too, 1 given away her lirnrt, md I wai
only 1)0 nell pleascd, lliat 110 stnnuer had
won the picclous gllt.
Thfy weie marrietl, tny eon and the chiM
ot our adoptlon, nnd I tnve thcm n hnue
next our own for n homc.
The new home was n gcinof neul,nc8s uu
der Su'ie's dalnty flngcra, and tbe splrit 1 f
pcrfict Invekrpt lt cverbritl.t
llaviog been biothcr and il-tcr for to
many years, Albert Bnd Huio llioroughly
nn.lersiood cach othcr'ri dl-poB tioni, und
I bavo ncver known domtttlc hupplneis
mntc pctfrct fian tlu Irs.
Susio'B flrst chlld, 1 mied r.f er hcr fathtr.
John Ilarmon, ns two years old, whin
onc mornlng brought me 11 let lcr lu an un
known lnnl
I oncnid it, nnd unou 11 ln-rc thio' of vi.
per found written, In a Ecrnwllitg 111 0 ci
hand, thrra liacs
"Drnr Ircd. Will yott como titro at
67, MlEb 11 street, without lctiiiig ttisie
knowr "John llAHMoK.
At flrst I believed Ita hrav.
John tnd wri tcu a bold Lnnd c'.e.-ir ns
Thls was n sciawl.
Uut Ihemoiel poudercd ovcr the nint-
ter, tbo maio I wns Incllntd lo obey tbo
Soaailng nolhlnif nf Ihe kt.tr to any
onc, I li It linme.
No. 47, M nion streu!, I foutid to be n
boarding houso f ir tbe p lorcet cla'ftp, nnd
in a Bl abby roDni. balf lutn'.hbeil, 1 loilnd
an agol, woru nmn, pirfectly bllnd, who
lose to gicjl me, aonbiug.
Fio.ll kncw you would coitc "
"Why, o'd frlenil," I sud, wbcn surp'I-t"
and cmoll: 11 would let tno tppnk. "how if
Ih's? Wc thougltt jou witc dei.tl."
"I lin'd Snde Ihitjk n V"
' Yes. We all gnvn yi u up "
'l)j not uiidcctlvi! hcr. I tneant t)
come home to hcr ricli, ub'o lo ciailfy
cvcry des'.n; of lur giilifh bcirt. I).i nt
let hcr know that only 11 bllnd, tlck wn tcb
ia bft forhcr to call Inihcr. Toll tna nf
hcr. Iathe well? Is bbe happy ?''
Bho is both, John, nliippy wife unu
"Marricd ! My littlo Susie ?
Marrlcri to Aluert 1117 Bou nf whnm jou
miy judge when I tcll you foll'8 8 be ia
tny lalher orcr n.!jnin.
' I would a k no niero for my chlld,"
titid Jobc.
Tlci ho told ni3 tho sto y ot tiojears
of lu nrv.
lle wusprefii-lnctn piy us hia piouiis'd
vNir, wli'U u gre t lire broke o it lliut
ruin-d his cmplojer for Ihe tlu 0. iv A
swcpt nwy bullduus unimured, ia wbitb
John haJ invcsttil all hia tavmg.
worai 01 nu. in trytiig 1 1 aave 1110 iiooks
of tbdAlrm, J.ihn uaa Injurel nn bis head
byjifjAUjg beam, aud lay for months ln a
Whcrtlie so far ltcovertd as tolie bo dir-
chargcd, hls inind was silll impaircd, cn I
r.e.rould un pcitorm Iih ik'tle?.
' I struzginl for dndy bread a'oip," hf
told nie, ''urd when I rcneived vour lavlnt;
letlcts, und dear Silfie'a, I would not wtlir
hoping ti'Hil betlcr lilidgsit 1 wallid for
a turn nf foriune's whctl. It neve cunc
I lcft Oiiiloriila thrco jiu-k iuh, 1 nd cnie
hete, vilnn I was proinl-(d n plic in n
great pseMng hou-e. I nved a llitk
mouiy, tod was hoping lor Ii tur t.mu
when myheal'h fidkd aguin, rt-id 11 i tlini-,
wlth it iny -miiihi I lioped ngainht hope.
spendlrg my tavlnc ? to n ivo tbc bett ad-
vice, n-itl not untll 1 waa proimiinreil in
c unlile nonld I wii',. lo y u I wui.t you
10 tnko me to uu um liim.
"I will Uko jr.u to nn asjluti), Jiibti," I
"And mis'c? You willkcp my ccrtt
You will not dljturb SusIb's bappiLees," he
ia d.
Yi t an hour later I wn wilting to unie,
n'x! I iklaH'd our depar'.u.o tiil un ai.Btttr
lt was Iho nnawcr I ixpnMtd from t) e
tender lov.ng bparl, but l mld nolbiug ol
it to John.
CariDg t.'iulerly lor b'n comfoit, I tool.
1.1m on Us way I ioi-.iu , a 1 tl.
We wcre nut long in teachlDg Sd'k'a
She wls alone li Iho thu'ifol Billlng
rcoai ss we cntercd. but ob.'jed my nn tion
for sileiico ns I phc. d Jotiii Iu n ifieat niin
chalr, aftr ttmoving hi" Pat u il cott.
lle looktd wreti'.betlly old 1 11 1 worn, nnd
hls cli t'tes wiTo tbahliy, j(t t?usle's Boli
ejc nil-ty with teira, lud only live ln
thtir exprtrtslun tashe walted ptrmlsalon
to tpcak.
"John," I sald to hlm, ",f I had found
ou iu a pleabiuit bonn, b:ii)y and pri)3
crous, rnll had kno.in ti nt Bu3u wu
poor, eick uud b'liid, would ltli iv- b'Cii u
kfndly act for 111c to lm.'e hcr mUfortun.
frnm you, aud pnssing by jour home, lo
hnveplacil U'.T m tbe ciru uf clinit iblo
"Fred, you would npvt r hivedoiiclhi.t,"
ho said, much ngitati d.
"Notor," 1 aiisnrcrcd. "You itrer'ght.
Ilut you, jo'm, nk m 10 take frnm Susie
tbe happincsi of knowlng n folher'H l.ive,
tho twcet du'y of catlng lor a falhcr'a at
fliclou." "No, m, Frcd; I only ask you lo nut in
burden upou l cr youn'j l,fe, lo tlirow nn
clouil over over ner tiapplncs. 1 am niu
nnd fceble! 1 tball troublu uo ono lnni;."
"And when you dle, you would deprive
your only chlld of tho s.i.Ufacliou of inln-1-terIng
to your wat,ts tako from lisrher
lalbersdyiug biesingr'
He turned his slghtlejs oyes townrds me,
hls whnle faco wnrklng ponvtikively.
"Where U thp, Fr.'d? You would not
tnlk so it you did not know iny cuild ftlll
lovcs hcr la'her.'
"I am bcre, f ither," Susie sald.
And I Blole Rofily awuy m John c'.ntpej
hls chlld in liis nrms.
Albert was in the dlmng rooni wlth John-
nie, and I was chatting atill wlth blm, when
1 hParu John caiung
"Fred. Frcdl"
I hunled to tbo room to flud hlm etrug.
gllog to ilse, Suile anly Irylng to calm
"I want my chlld 1" he rrlpd dcllrously ;
"vou nromUol me my chlld,"
I siw at n glance tbat tho ugitatlon of
the evening hau urougui uick tno wniuier
Inu mlnd of w lilch he 1 n l told me.
Albert and 1 relleved Suslc, who loft us
Boma flnor lntticcl Uipii wo possejaed
culded her. forsne leturr.eil with Johnnie,
and whlapeilng blm to bo very good md
klts erdmljiapa, she put hlm in hcr fathcr's
In a tccond, hls excl caicnt waa gone,
and ho fondled tbe curly btnd, while John.
nio nbedlently pretsed hia lips upon tho
whMiered check.
Wo watchcd tbom allcntly, tlll we saw a
shadow aVs over Jobn'a faco, and n ohango
stt'te llicro iti"t coii cj uut oncu in ure.
Gcrtlv Albcrt 1KUI tbo chlld. nnd cir.
lled hlm (o his mirwry, whllo Bu-lo and I
sat befido tbo arm-cbair.
"Fnther." he whltprTi'd, "Albert will
go for a tlottor. O.i, let blm tpcak to mo
onco moro "
Kven ai tho Bpoke, Joha Ofcnol hls
All tho wlld lookwas gono from Ihtm aa
he groped a moment tlll Sutie put her handa
In bii.
Then a hcavcnly smllo m upon tho
watul llpa. nnd lio Bald aoltly, tendoily
B iIp, iny onn littlo Sutlel
And wlth tbo namo on Lli llps Jobn'a
Patrous of Husbandry.
D.puty U. 1). !inyn, of Wfiit-fleld, 01
guriwd 11 inmc nt Wblllng, Nov.27.li,
wlth n full cborttr II ,t. lt la cn led llural
Graogo nnd Iti tfllccra nrwi
Danlel Holmcs, mattr; K. A. Cnscy,
ovtrpr; F. I). Di'tigUia, iecturtr; II. A.
Ualdli). itownrdi A". II. tliiblnrd, n s'et
nl Rtcnrd; Allcii Kttcbtlm, chsnlalni C.
11 irfllchiiiu, IreiBurcij 1!. I). Nocdham,
pppieii'yiJ Worcrs'orgato keepi r; Mib.
I, P. lhniB, ccrep; MIsh Kate llunllcv,
tiomon; MrB. I). Ilolmes, Flotn; Mrj. F.
I). Diiiglnia, lody nsplilnnt Ftcward
riilnn I luprufcNioii,
it lt gonprally ttipposcd by a ccrtnlu
cla'8 of ciliiens. wlio uro int pinctlcal or
cxperluiced, lliat Dyspcpsla cannot invflrl
alily ln curcd, Imt we nro plurel toeny
lliat GnKKN'u AroiiT Fi.owkii has nevcr,
to our kiiowleilg", fnlkd to curo Dytpop.-l i
nnd I.lvcr Couiplalnt lu nll Ila fortns. sucb
r.s Sour Htninacb, Cosllvcncss, Slck llcad
ncbp, pa'p tillon nf tbo lirnrt, low HpliltB,
etp. , c'c. Out of 30,000 dn.ati bottlea told
last jcar, ni t n ainglo fniluro wns rcported,
l,ut tboiisands of cntnpllmcntnry lettcrs tc
icivt d Irom druggista of wonderful rurcs.
Thric tlnsis will icllpvo nny cssc, Try It.
Satnple bottles 10 centB. Kpgular si7.e 75c.
For fslo by Albert W, filgglna; nlso
Hlco ife Co., Castleton, and L. lCellogg,
Falrliaven, nnd get a boltlc for 75 cetits
aud try it. Sample Lutllpe 10 rct.ts. d&w
now liulr storc.
Hcndq'inrtcrR for rcal halr snltchrti,
puIT, cuili, frlw.fs, handa, wlg, ctc. Halr
coaibings uiado Inlo swltcbps for 50 centa
per ouncc. Faded swltcbe3 colorcd any
Bhado dcBircd, bo tbat they will lnok na
good aa new. All ordera tcnl by mall will
recelve prompt attcntlon.
(.'ush pald for gray nnd llght shadea of
Miia. O. T. Loop,
No. 20 Center St., up staira, ovcr Tovttia
hcnd's f urnlttirc roomB.
Castotia Is a pcifect aubsiUuto for Cas-
tcroil, wltLoutanyof tts objectlonr, for lt Ii
ptcanant to take, nnd docs not nauscate or
giipe. For Costlvencts at any ngp, butctpocl.
ally for s-'our Ktotnach, V lnd CollP, Wnrms and
tlio Dlsorderol lloweH cf Clilldren, It Is llio
inot elfcttlve rcmedy Inpxtstcnco. lt hlisrm
lc33, It ls rillabb.', and lt la chcnp.
There need bc 110 pain wbcro Ccntaur
l.lnlrnetit la uad. llurns nml ScaUli ure
hoaled without ascar. ltheuinallsiD, tijraln?,
nnd tnost lli'sh, bjno aod inu-clo allments can
be nbsolutely curod. Thero are two klnd.
The White r'pntaur I.lnlment. Is for famlly use,
tueicllowforliorseH u'jd anlniala, Ono trlal
will oonUnco tho Inrredulous.
'I'llic I'at ul Tlirll.
Nn olhrr iiiHUilfHitiur iliuo itlvo his
niediciiie iw lorere uirt ilw ni tits hao
for 1 vc ivm uHrs hold Sbiloli'i. L'oonm i.
tlon circ on u pipl'ive guariti'ii', i.llowlne
uuy pa t" to 1.B1 to ilnrd ol 11 b,,ttlp itLil
II 1' b'i old not. buvc t .e 1I1 mid 1 iKcr,
coulu Iki letiined, ui.il 11101 n tuiiicl.
Tlio pmpriiin-8late with pride, that n( t
0110 bulre 111 500 lat ln any caso failrd.
tor Li ii iitnntlnn, Lbronlc Loualis, (JoIiIf,
Croup, Atama, lironchltls, Whootlng
Cmuii, und all IJDK diseases lt ia wondcr
fullv euii) and clTcclive. Oa sucb ternis us
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perfume sold by tlio abovo dealerF, cIfc
wbere by doalcrs generally. d&wly
I.TON-3 KATIIAIROH crpvMita tlio Halr frnm
rnlllnir out nr turnlng i;ray, renews lts growth,
andi.lve8str rigth and vlgor. ltlsdcllgbtful
tv perruiiied. aud lnakci a Bplendld dresilng.
It ls tho cN'iipM und most destrablo Halr
Tonle pvi-r Moduced. Uaed by the ellte. I'rlco
or, siihr-i'iniaiiitVATio.-v.
(iolit tlrditl Awnrili il 111 llio Ailtlior
by lliu '.Milioiuil llnlli ii) AkMicln
tlon." iimrili ;ill, IS7U.
" I'hn iiuto d inlserlcs tliut r- Milt from ludla--r.
tlon ln caily lifi", may ho ullcWatcd and
curi'd Tlsoi who itotiot ilua asstrtl ,n hlioula
pureliasp inu n-w Mo Ueal work piib:i8h,"d by
tlie l'eabaiv Msdlcal Instltutp, Oiv'nii, cn
tltlul 'Tliu SPleiiCH ol Ltle, or Mli I'lncna.
tlon.' I'rlcpfl. Vltiltty Impilreu liyttioer
rura of you'h or tooclose appilctilon to busl
nebi, may be reslurcd and iiiaubood realnod.
Alao imother valiuble in.jillc.il book trcatlng
exuluslu'lr 011 Mentnl and Nervous Ulseascs;
moro than two hundred royal octuvo pagea, 20
plegant 1 ngravlnira, boundtn Bubstantial mus
Iln. l'rlro only it, Uaiely enough topayfor
prlutlng." London Lanett.
Tlio "Kclciico of lirn" conlnliM
uiirii tliim litiy viiluuiilc inpiiiriil
prchrrlpiioiiw cnrli otiti r ivlilcli l
worlli Iho prloo ol llio booli,
"Th llook for young and inld.1lp-aged men
to readjustnow. ls tho 8clcnco ot Llro, orelf
I'rcarrvuilon. Tno author haareturned from
I'.uropp ln excellent bealtb, and Is agaln tlie
Clilel Consulilng l'hyslclnn f the Peabody Mcd
lcal Instltutp. No. 4 Uuldnch street, liostoD,
UithB "RtpubUcan Joumal.
"Iho Hclenca uf I.lfo ls beyondall comparlson
tho most exlriordlnnry worlc ou i'bjaiology
ewr pitbll&hed." Ilotiton Ittraht,
"ltopi nestled ln the bottom ot randora's
box, andliopj plumea her vlngs anew.slnco
the Isbiilng uf tlieso valuable wurks, publlshed
by ths I'eabody Medlcal Instltutp, whlch aro
ti-ai htng tbousaids bow to avold the maladlcs
tbat aap tho cltadcl of llfo." fhUaiilphta ln
qutrtr. "It Bhould bo read by the young,;tha mtddle.
aged and oven tho old," Xiic York Trtoune.
Tho llrat aud only mcdal over conrerrea unon
any Medlcal 11 an ln thls country, aa a recognl
tlon ot skll! and professlonal servtcea, was pro-
BenLea 10 luo auiuor 01 uieao worKS,Marcu sibl,
1370. Teo presenlatlon was notlced at tho tlme
nf lta occurrcnce by th lloston i-ress. Andtnn
leadlng journala ttiroughout t he country. Thla
magulTlcentmedal 13 nr aoild gold, bet wlth
moro than ono hundred lndla dlamouds of raro
"Alloirethcr. ln lta pxecutlon aml thn rioh.
nesa ot lts matcrtals, and slze, thls Udecldedly
tho most nutlccablo medal ever struck tn thts
country for any purpose wbatover. Hls well
north ihe InBpocllouot Numtsinatlats. Itwas
f ilrly won and worthlly bPMowed." JfaMfAu.
MU I'loutihman, Juue Sd, 1S70.
IP"OatalOiUosentou recclptot 6c. forpost-
Kitbcr of tho abnvn worka aent bv mall on re
celptof prlce. AdlreSB l'KAIlouV MHDIOAL,
iNsi'iTirn:, (or w. ii.i'aukkh, m. d, con.
suuiug riijsiciun.) no. 4 Huiunciim,, njaioii
N. li Thn nuthnr can be consulted on tho
abovo namcd dlseasea, as well as all dlBesHea
requlrlngeklll, secrccy and oxperteuce. onico
uoura, v a, m., nio ji. ui. jijtwij bj
. inui ; JUUUIIUI lUli'IUUVUlVi WI1U
hftvo trloj In raXn otcrj known remed r,
lor tlio ipoodr cure of m-rTuui debllltr!
ttrematuro decaT. loit inanliood, aod all
uiiiikiki. 11 u niu lnuruuiCDis. Aauret
(MrO dsr7'7a week to aBrofiis. Bamplea freo,
Jl United HatfR fr thn illstrlct of Vermont.
In tho matter ot Wllttiir 1'. I'aUc, bank
rupr. 'I'o the crodllora cf anlil bankrupt, nnd ali
otlp rs whom It may lonccrn :
Tho iinleralBiieif uwlgnfo of tho CBtnlo of
fnld bankrupt Tn'reby ilvrs notloo tnat It lins
been ordcred by tlie d'sirlct court or sald dl
Irlct, lliat thn Mcondnnl thlnl Kcncral mpt
Ingsot tliocrcdltora ot hsIiI bantrupl, bo hold
nt tno cnio'o ot I'rour, Himona A Valkor, In
Holland, ln bald (llstr'tt, on tht fouitb
day of lloccrnbir, A U, 1870, nt ten
nvlork, A. 11., bpforo ilon, I I., Ijiwrpnrp,
reglstcr ln bankruptey, for llio purpoai'B
nameil In Iho 27th 11ml 211 li aectlons 01 tlie
b.inkruptopt, of Jlnreh tlie sd, 1807, nud UiH ls
n'bo o glvn notlce that I liavo tllod my Ilnal ac
count, 111 nsalgnip of fnld bankrupt, atul that
at fnld tlirio nnd placr, I nliall npply tosuld
court lor tlie n ttlt mpiit ot tald nicuunt.nLd
rorudlschargu from nll llablllty na nsslnn-o nf
pald ctulo. ln accordauco wlth tlie pruWslona
of 8.1I11 2Slll RtCllGIl.
DatPil nt iiutiatnl, In sald dlMrlcr, Ihla
tilh elay ot Novcinber, A. 1M870.
J isDOKltto.N, ABslgnee,
CamO IntO tllO pnclrHlirn tt thn AlOiwrllur
abouttliollrHtot.Septeml)Prlistt,two 2 joain
old helli'rs, ot n redulsh color. The ownei- can
havo property by piotlng avre nl paylng
cliarg?s. u. c, ckaMtun,
Tiniiioulh, Vt., Nov. lo, 187J.
Thlsls to glve not lco, that on theMldayof
November, A. 11 H7il, a wnrront, In liunk
ruptcy was Issuod ngatnbt the estate of
Iten K. Chaso of Rutland ln tho couu
ty ot llutlandand sluioot Vermont, vliohus
I'cen adjudgcd ti bankrupt 011 hla own tir
tltlon; that lliu pjyment ot any tlebta nnd
delUcry of nny pruperly bfluns'ing to k.ild
banhrupt, to blm or for b;u ump, nnd tlie
iraiisfcr of nny proporty by hlm, ure torbldii-11
by law ; thatu mwiliiL' of tbe credltori or ild
bankrupt, to provo tln lr ilebls, nnd to 1 boonc
oneoriiiorniibslgnot's of hls cBinteuliil ebeld
ntacourtot banKruptoy, lo bo hold-n at th.'
olllco ot Dutiton x Vuo7ey, ln liutlnml, in
Ihoeounty of It-it ' md, nnd xtatn ul Verumnt,
beforo w, (1. Vpaipy, u.. reglater, 011 ttic oib
day ot Ucccmber, A. 1). imii, nt ten ovioek a. m.
Deputy Unltcd Stntcs Jlarobul, us Measengtr.
X United Stutes, for the Dlstrlct of Vermnnl .
Intlioma'tcr ct Cluuncey L. IUiber, bank
rupt, ln binkruptcy.
'lo tho credUors ot sald bankrupt nnd ull
whom lt may conccrn .
Tho underslgncd usslgnso ot tho estalo ot
pald bankrupt, bereby gues notlce that tt has
boeuorderea by th dtutrlct court or bul.l c.l-,-tilct,
that tlnjbccond nnd tblid generui mett
Ingsottlioercditoiaof sald batikiupt, be lu d
ln (Ualleton, Vt.. tn mld dlitilct, 011 the 28d
day ot Dtcembcr, A. 1). 1S7H, at 1) oVlock i. ni.,
10 tho onico ot llromlcy ciarl:, bi toie W. 11
eniey, ifglbtir ln bankruptey, lor tliu purpo'-i'
namcd ln tlie 6,cti2d anu s.oootn atcilonn or n.o
rtvlsed btatiitca ot tho United htaii's: und thls
ls also lo glvo noilco thal I hsvr nleu 11, y 11 n 11
nccount, ns asslgiiee ot aald bankrupt. aud lI1.1t
nt sald tlmo and plaei, 1 shull npply tosntd
court lor tbo setUeini'iit ot bald an'oiit, . lid
for a dlspliurKO from nll llabUliles ua Dbt-lfrr.i e
ofaald catnte, ln nccordance wlthtii" proil
blous of sald 5,C9iiihse('ion of s 11 sl 'tuiis
IJatcd at Castleton, Vt , lu aald aHlrlLl, thls
lat day of Dicember, 1S7C.
dec.',w2w V. A. 11AR1.0WM, Aa.'gm 0.
X United States for the Dlstrlct of Vermont :
ln lle. I.eedi A, UllllDgs, bankiup', 1) binct
ot Vermont, s.
Notlce H hereby g'ven that, n petlttonhas
bcn fllol ln sall courr, by hecd3A.lllilik.-8.
ot Itutland, ln tald oiatrlct, du y L'do u u
banvrupt unarr tiio aet or eonirrtBs of Maich
2 1, ls7, for a illachargp and ccnlllcatp t'len oi,
from ull hl3 dcbts aod otbcr ctulma prov.tt)!t
undtTcald aet, und lliut tlie 2h dj.vof D'.viu
btr, 1870 ut II o'cljck k. 111., b-rjrc l Ilon Ii
. (jinulley, Jmlge or sull court, at tl.f L'i.I'i-iI
Si.itis couii roums 111 lliirongiou. la ahblK'io 11
forthtj licuiln 1 f lli 1 s ln", bi'ii and r'
ull cu'illturs who linVi' prov.d tbelr di uif, 11 I
other p rsons 111 ln'ere-t, irui) utti nil un I i-li
eaus-, If any tbey 11 ive, i liy lli': pmyi. r ui b il
poikti'ii sh uld not begiabfil.
l),uedur l'.,lillna"on, 011 tuo 2011) dj o: Ni
veinber, ls:o.
Uoe53w 11. II. S1IA1.1.F.V, Clerk.
in tiii: nisTiiicT cotmr of the
JL United Slaies for tl.u Pibl lctof Vermont!
ln tbo lnaller ot Ilorjce kini;ster. hniilriiui. :
To tlio crodllois of pald bunkrupt, and ull
1 lut-rs wn 111 11. may concern :
Ibe underblirnpd aas'L'nen or tlut e-itate cf
sall bankrupt hereby i'tves notlce tha' lt lns
bicn oiderciiby thvdNtrlet couriof sald ib-
iiiri, niai, inu h-cuuu uuu iniru gener.il meei
lngsot tlio credltors of fald b,ckrupr, bchell
at llie cincoof Dumon k Vi'azev. ln itutland. lu
sal.1 dlstrlct. on tlieThlrtkth dav ot Iiji caibjr
A. i). ln.r.. atao'ciock, n. m., uerore w. ti, via
zey. rprlster ln tiankruntcv. for llie nuroosi s
nained lu 1Iio27.1i nnd 2-."li sectloio, of the
bankrupt aet of Mnrcli 2d, 1S07, and t'lls la also
to biv notlce tbat 1 have ilied iny 11 ni iiecount
ns asslgneo cf si(d bankrupt, und tlar, at tald
tiuie uuu 1 uc, 1 siiainppiy to taiu tcuri ior
the tettlemeut cf B.ill ae.ount. and foradl'--
cliarge from nll llablllty na nk'iiee of sald
ciuie. in uecoruanco vnu luo provisicns 01
sald 2.8th bcctlon.
nated at itutland. a svd d str ct. t hlsMU
day of IUceniuer, A l).. IS71I.
UCC5H31V J. W. CltAJlTON, ABSlgnop.
i United Males for tue Dlstrlct of Vermont :
ln tbe matter o; Ttmolhy o. GiIhoo, bank
rutt: To tho crpdlt-irs of B.U1 binkrupT, and all
others whom It muy cu-ctrni
Tho unleislgned asslcneo of tho pstate of
sald bankrupt heieby glves notlce ihst lt has
boen orden d by tbo dlstrlct couit ot bald dl-,
trlct, tbac tho Recond nnd thlrd general ineet
Inga ot the credltora ot sal-1 bjukrupt be beld
nt the onioo ot Dauton Veazey. ln Itutlatir),
la sald dlstrlct, on tbo iblrtlethdayDecoui cr,
A. 1). 1870. nt lo o'elock n. m., beforu w. (I. Vuh
zoy.rcglster ln Daukruptcy, for tho purpooa
namcd ln the 27th und 2-tii sectlons of the
bankrupt nct of March 2 1, 1807, and thls ls also
tOL'lvo notlce tbat I havo ille.l mviln.il nc
count asusblgneo ot sald bankittpt, nnd that
At,aauitime anu piaee, 1 suau uppiy iobuiu
court for tho settlemi'iit cf sald necount, nud
for a dlseharged from ull llablllty us uatUnce
of aald estito ln nceiidaueo wltli tbo provl
blona otsald 2Stb secttou.
Datednt ltuiluuU, la sal l dlstrlct, thlstth
dii of l)i c.mbcr, A. I , 187-1
decSwJA- J. W. CUAMTON, As-lgnee
X Unlled States, fnr Iho Dl tiltt of Viruo t
11 f.v. Frank J.WJilla nb, bdnkrupi.Dlbtrlct of
Vermont, nt ;
Notlce ls hereby gtvcn Huit n pi uiici, Insbepn
flled ln bald nou-t by t' nn). .1 Mllaini-, 01
Cisllclon.lri sald .ilntrlcr.ilu yileeluicl .1 tmiik
rupt under tho aet ot tuure k ol M. ri-b
2d, 1807, for a Clacliarge uu 1 certlllL-ate lli. i'i
or, from all hls deniR uiul ou-.er clulins provab'e
uuder ald ncr.and tbat tlie 21 day f .1 .11. lbli,
at cleven o'elock a. ni., betore Uuu. 1). A.
bmallcy, Judgo ot sald rouit. nt tbe Ui.b
tod states eourt rooms In Ilurllnston.ls as&lgned
for tho hearlngnf tlio bame, whon nnd htrt
all cridltora who hftvo rrovel thelr debte, a d
othera In luterobt, may nttcnd and sliow enuse,
It any thpy have, wby the prayer ottaldpeti
tlon Bhould rot bo grnntcd.
llated at burlington, on the Mh day of Dec,
1878. II. 11. ssi AI.L1SV, Clerl;.
D. Atwood & Co.,
Wbolesalo ana Bctail Dcnlers in
3 i Faneuil Hall Square, Boston, Htiss.
I'liovinr.vci: 1t1vr.1t n vsii:its,
tl 'to I'er ilallon.
VIItlllMt StVVI'IlltN, UO ci. l'c-r
llas made arrangements to be ntthe Waltlug..
ford houso. Walllnirff rd, Mondays andTues.
dayai at tbe east Wallingford hotel, Wednea
daya and ThursdnyB; and at the lloinosoeu
Uousp, castleton, Frldaa and Haturdays. I'er
ona ln want ol dontlalry will recelvo nr t
clasa work by applylng to mo. I uso nothine
nut tne uot t uiaicriais, ann warront iny work
to be the very bobt.
Jtoro than 90 p-reont. of lta graduatahold
lng good posltlons and wll starteil on tho road
to auccess In llfp. Students thnt entcr now
will be prepartd for placcs by nprlng. No va.
catlon durlng the bolldaya. Wrllo for cata
lcguoto lIcCHHMlViHlliiaDs
augwtanl Troy, N. V.
Manutactured by WM. J lll.ANCIIAItl),
Pownal, Vt Is dolng wonderful curps. Itcurea
Dlptherla, lllienmntlsm, Cliolera Alorbus,
Fevcrs, t'oilghi. Colda, lleadache, ToothacbP,
colic, IndlgeHtlon, Ileartburn. tmur Momurh,
DyBentcry, Cuta. Horea, llrulse, Scalda and
llurns, Oall at Morso liroa.. Ilutland, Vt, and
procure a bottle. Uae one-llilrd of lt and lf you
are dlasattsfled rtturn It, and your money will
be promptly refunded. uuasoncmo
Papesr Hangings.
Of all gmde! from 90 to tt.to per roll,
Itouatikncpors are tnvliedto call'lnandlei
flinioo our atylea.
Wc Show our (Jtimls wlth Pleasure.
AIo can show you a full llue ot
ar.il FUHN1TUHE.
Mieei,.N i t-i-.ni.L-i t oiitiuds of purchaners
of our lrep..red t'a nt ' wi''iue yet 10 hear the
flrnt eoun .1011 11 1 i-m'-ui Ir, apparent. our
palnts bave bio' d tli iibi Lf jtMry, whetp all
otlier pulnta hne tnlled lu diuabl ky. Thelr
eovciliii; enoHi'Hy, l"):,i- yeAti-i iti-jnthator
iui otlier piti.i, in-'ti.ib 11 1 r.,i Hcjl lteni ot
ecoijunit. t'liri'l m um- vrti.i-niiti-ed ln tvery
panicuiui-, -nn- uu huui i n-iMirning 110 rlsk
wli-ti vtr, as we w-ll updnt an) bulldlngon
whleh oir phIiii! do not piove buiutnctory : al
lotilni' uclio.ti-otnullili U. 1). WUle Und, or
uny otliei- p.uol, lu u-se Kor Sale b
DU.N.N .tUll.MTOV,
B23wrn t-. UutUnd, Vt.
IIiRbct Aw.inl at th" Ceotriiiilul
CMvIfl nm55'H yAS5!KU.
Valip ri KN. Ot'H-K nnd KtbV. liiliu
nottrm thf rti.Uo-M, a fiimt'y wnhtng donelu
nn lirilir II 1MI iti fimx;. 100..
0111) ln ai tuai ih -, r.u uny bavo ihelarget.t
pale nr unxWu-titti; Micl,lr,- ln tbe United
Sla't". Un I Hullrilgu llio Worlil to
prl'n-i- I'S i ipi'il.
I'hk-i ,7 Samp'o Mach'nn dellv-
rrt d tr.-e ao w t. i . 01 rretlpr. ot prlce.cllher
by in"-) il old' r 1 r ri- 'ln-ied leuer.
Alll'Nl'H WANTtl) cverjwLere, to whcra
llbt-rul liidueciio'nis .iro orfeied. Address
CalkifisCltiiuipion WnslitT Co.,
liU I .UiiclUon st., Clilcncn.
Z?rS(ty iche-t joii anir fo. Bepl9iviy
lllchebt msrket prlce rntd far hld'B. Karmers
wl l cjnhult tbelr b lettbtH bv brlnging hldea
dlrcctly to us.thcreby :n lng largo commlrslon
totpeculator-,. ,
Itu laud, Dcc. isto. nov24wSw
Iteal Ifstato Mcrtgagos, Jlun'.clral Honda and
County Wmrai.tB.
Vulnain Sawyer's Ulock.
Mrcbunis' how Itutland. VC
mai lowiy
1716 JITIGE 1876
Kcal Worth Rcwardcd.
nil'i.OMA OF HO.NOl!!
Garpeting !
Ten jtars1 tRt ; har.daomp, durab p, cheap; 50
ccnta jer jaid. ltetail'dby
Hadaway & Wood,
lir- ror tcrm3 to local ag.nt', aldress
iii.w Itutland, Vt.
H0WE STHEET, re nr ot KtiUand l'oundry.
Kntlroly remoielwl andl'alnted. Uoolndlars,
ganient, sheds, tlu.
Or cnrpilro ot S. T. lll'Illi.MU), houae opposlte,
dtf '
1 Set l.fRlit Tfvcrie Melghs,
For sa'e by
dtw W, U LANDOH,
'ssasfxr-i , .ktMlia:'A W

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