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The Rutland weekly globe. [volume] (Rutland, Vt.) 1873-1877, December 15, 1876, Image 8

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Weiiern Union TeletrraDh Otfieo.
omoo In south ond of passonfror dopot, on
Morchants'ltow. oponon Bunday troin.00 to
10 00n.ni.. ftndB.ooto.Oop. m., and from t.ao
p. ra opin nlght ond day throuehout tlw
Arrlval and Uapartare ef Trnlni,
From llollowBsFalls, t9:00 a. m.. . iP'
' Burlington '11:00 a. tn., 6.40 p. m., V.E3
ricondoroga, lt:oft-m'.c;.y;3'll,1,-
Bennington. 4-53 a. m. S:0O 4:41 p. it.
' Haratoi!n,,H:OJm.,i'Bp.ni.
' Halem, 11:33 n.m. :. m.
" rortlfonry, 12.00 m. and oiisp. ni.
Kor DollowsFalls, 10:25 and 2.10 m., t.o
Burlington, 4.63 a.m. tG:S0a. tn 8:10 C
.. :5J.UL'. j.in.m..TiA av.is.it.
nannlngton. 'a 80 lliCJi a.m.. so.tBp.
Hiratoira. 8:18 . m.. 3:13 p. m.
" 8 Ucm, 6:40, a. m., '3:00 p. ni.
.. rort Uonry, 8:15 a. m., and 8.1a p. tn.
MallTraln tMlxca
roit OfHcs.
Ilarlcm Extenston way, 10.43 a. m.
Kastern way, 11.40 a. m.
Troy way. 2.45 p. m.
Troy, 10.43 a. m., 2.43 and .30 p. ra
Albany, 10.43 a. m., .45 and n.so p. ra.
Boston, 11.45 a. m., S.4S and .so p. ta.
Canadas, 1.30 p. m.
Norlhorn way, 1.45 p. ra.
Burlington, 1.45 and 9.S0 p. m.
Karatoga way, 2.45 and .30 p. m.
Horr YorK, 10.43 a. m., 2.45, and J.30 p. tn.
Counoctlcut ltlror way, U.8 a. m.
Woodstoct way, (Stajo) l.so p. tn.
Chittenden, !. P. m.
Stockbridge (Btago), 1:30 p. m.
Bennington, 10.41 a. m. and 0.30 p. m.
West Uutland, 8 03 a. m and s 43 p. u.
narlom Eatcnston way, 4 43 p. m.
lastorn way, 2.00 p. tn.
Troy wav, 11.80 a. ui. .
Troy, lt.3), 11.50, nnd 4.5) a. m., andO.CO p. m,
Albany, 11.80 a. ra. and 4.5) a. m.
Hoston, 11.31 n. tn., 2.00 p. m. and 4 50 a. m.
Canadas, 9.55 p tn-
Northem way. ll.os a. tn., and o.s.i p. m.
Burlington, 9.55 p. tn. and 11.00 a. m.
8aratoga way, 11.60 a. m. .,,
New York, 4.3i, 11.33 a. m. and 4.43 p. m.
connecticut ltlvcr way, s.oo p. m.
Bennington, 4.48 p. m.
Woodstock way, (stage) 18.00 m.
Chittenden, 12.00 m.
Btockbrtdge (stage), H:00 m.
tAa, n.itinnH 11 .11 n. m . nnn 9.00 n. M .
twxTAilaxcni tiH nrnmntlv elos!td nt tho BDeCl
Bad hour; all lettera deposlted ln the street
Boioswlll DO couectea at lu.iu anu ii.iuu.m.,
1 n 9.1K. nnd lnHtnollectlon for all nlght cnalls,
att.0oc.tn. Sundays, from down townslrcet
roxcs.kt 8.30 p.m. All lettersacpos tcainiiiB
Letter Box at tho Dcpot wlll be collcctcd by
KouteAgcnts nvo minutes proYiouaiu
oarturu oieacii inau trmu
Albiny coal dea'crs liavo nilvancid tLc
prlco of coal GOvents per ton.
Keroscno oll has gone up 10 ccnls a gn!
lon ogaln, nntl itill tho uao of it to kindle
fltes ls contlnucd.
Rov. I)r. Aldaco Walkcr of Wnlllngfprd
romalns In tbo samo cmditlon aa for tc7
cral days pait.
Prof. Tico tclla ui ncxt raonlti Jack Frost
wlll nlp and bito wlth uniwual tomlly. It
ls good ln tho profetsor to givc us fair
Oaly thrco of the jastices rcomtly olcct
cd had q'lalilled Tbursday, Charlcj H.
Granger, V. C. MeycrliofTvT and Oeorgo
W. AVarren.
Tho Whlloliall ChronieU thlnks that
that plnco ls destined to becomc tho dislti
butlng pointof norlliorn prcducts dcttlucd
for Now Eaglatd.
Tho Burlington Frce 1'reis inys: In the
rurnldlstiictslhUisthcseascnof blg plgs
anddonatlcn vislts. Both claescsof vic
tltns havo our Bynirntliy.
Tho song of our bartondcrfl under tho
ulsanco act la
"Pull down tho bltnda, pull down tho l llndf ,
A pollceman la looklng ai pull down the
Scvetnl farmers bcreabouta are maklng
arrangcments to go tnto tbo flsb culture,
and will preparo pond for tbo propagatlon
of trout. A nlcc, cold, llvlng eprlng, on a
hlll, prcsenta a flne opportuntty for nny
farmcr to cn'.cr tho 11st of flati culturHts.
Mngglo Egan, a woman of bad characlcr
about twcnly.flvo yeara old, dlcd recently
of destltutlon. Bba was witbout moncy or
frlends and dled 1d a room ln whlcb trater
f roze, and bad not cnough to cat. Sbc was
burled by tbo town.
Owlng to n chango whlch la to tako placc
January 15th in tbe flrm ot Fhck & Jer
kowski, tbe clotblcrs, tbclr ontlre ttock on
and attcr Deccmber 1S, wlll ba eold at
prlcea to sult tbo tlmes. Tho greatcr por
tlon of tbe stock of clothlng wlll be Bold at
les tban tbo wholeaala prico m order to
tnake Ibc doalred cbango.
Fnneral of Henry Conncr.
Tho funeral of Ilonry Conncr, tho well
known rallroad CDgineer, wai altendsd on
Thurtdsy under the aufpiccs of Itutland
lodge, No. 79, of Freo and Acecptcd Jla
sons. At nino o'clock n. m., Killington
cotnmandery, L. I,. FeatEoas, commander,
Gon. h. G. Klngsley, mirBbal, acd Uut
land lodge, A. 8. Marsball, worsbipful
master,proceedcd ln a body to tbo rcsidence
of tbo dccea6ed, on Garden street, wbero
the usual religioua eervlcca wcro conductcd
by Itev. Jamo Gibion Johnson, pastor of
tbe Congregatlonal cburcb.
Tho exercieeu bcgan wlth tbe reading of
approprlato selcctions cf Eciipture, attcr
wblch Hev. Slr. Johnson delivered an cx
cccdlngly approprlato funeral addrcfs. Tbe
ecryicta werc concluded wlth praycr In
whlch tho bereavcd onea and tho ccveral
fraternltlos wtth wblch tbo deccaccd was
connectcd, waro tenderly and forvcntly
commcnded to God for consolatlon in tbo
hour of tbclr slll'ctlon.
Tbo procesalon re-formed and procccded
to tbo rnllway atatlon, wbcro a special traln
was ln waltlDg to tako tbe fncetal coitege
over tho Uutland and Washington rallrcnd
to Salem, N. Y. Tbe mjzlno Gen. Clark,
ono of tbe oldcit upou tbo road and tbo
laat upon whlch tho dcccatcd rcrforracd
Bervlce, was decorated wlth appropriato
mournlng cmblems, George Downs, eogln
ccr, wltb two cirs, formed tbe fuoeral
traln. At ptcclsely half-paBt ten, tbo hour
deilgnated, tho traln left tho dcpot under
the dlrectlon of Charles V. Potter, con
ductor. Btops wero made at Castleton,
Poultney and Granville to receiro mcmbers
of tbo mtsonlo fratcrnlty, nrrlrlng at Ha
lera at 12.30 o'clock. At tbla polnt anotbcr
car was aUachcd totbe traln contalnlng tbe
membera of Balom bdgo No. 391, and pro
cosded to Evergreen cemstery, Bomo two
mllcs below Balem. Thc proccaelon was
formed in the followlng order: KllllDgton
Commandery, Balem-lodge, Itulland lodge,
Itutland dlvUlon of tho Drotberbood of
lncoraotWo onglnecrs, famlly and frlends,
and marcbcd to tho cemetcry vault, wbcro
the concluding ccrcmonics were pcrformcd
The masonlc burlal servlce was flltlngly
and Bolemnly rcndered by Albert B. .Mr-
sball, Jlaalcr of Itutland lodge No. 70, ot
wblch tbo dcccascd was an ofllccr, conclud
Ing wlth ptayer by Itev. llr. Thompson of
Balem lodge, whn ofllolated as chaplalu,
Tbo lomains wcro tben deposlted In tbo re
celvlng vault. Tbe funeral party returned
to tbo cars, n brlet ttop was rnade at Ba'
lem to leavo tbe menbers of tbo maaonlo
fraternlty, and tben came dircctly to Rut
land, nrrtylng about flva o'clock.
Tho scrTlcea of tbe occaalon wcro all tvp-
proptlntc, and fltllngly pcrforuicd, tnaklnn
a dccp Imprcsslon upon nll who partlclpat
cd In or wltncsscd tbcm. Tho rnnsonlc
fratcrnlty was Inrgely reprcatnted. Tbo
Knlghts Templars j)tcscntcd n flno oppcnr-
anconnd nltrntted much attcntlon under
tbo command of L. It. Pcarson, com
mander. Centcr Lodgo, No. 84, liutland,
wa3 reprcscnted by Thomas 0. Itotiblci",
tnailer : Jlornlng Btar Lodgo, No. 37,
Poultney, by Bolon Ij. Wnrd, tnnHcri nnd
Silctn Lodge, No. 89, liy H. M. HtcvcnBcn,
raaster. Tbo Ilrolbcrhood of I.ncomctlvo
Englocers wnsrcprceented by a dclegnllon
compojcd ot C. B. Clapp of Ucnnliigton,
Frcd lilttlcfleld, P. P. Holcoml, Sloacs
Hcach, Gcorgo IJ. Alvord, Chnrlcs W. Bll
loway, Jobn B. Orandey, Allfrt Prott,
Anroii Urounhton and 8. W. IUtclicock,
cach wcattng n mourulng roEctte.
Tho gcncral nrrangciucnls ot tno maeonio
ccrcmonles wtrn tini'cr thc . dircction ot
Honiy Clatk ns mnrshal. U. W. Jlarsball,
ojq , was In cbarpc of tbo hmlly cortrge.
Dcath in Fairhaven.
lly a Btupkl blundcr of a clerk ln Kel-
logg'fl drug Bloie, Mr. J. P. Pcrklus cairc
to hls dcath on Thursday uvcning. Mr.
l'erkiua went luto tbu tliug itorc to pur
chio Bomo valerian. Tho clerk gnvc blm
helleboic, of whlch Mr. Pcrklns tocl: a
lcaspocnfu:). ln it fcv mmncuta bo wns n
coipsc. JIo wns brotter of tbu lato Prof.
JoBcph Pciklue of Cai t!eton, nbout 10 ycars
of n?e, a jewcller, unliiutiLd, tnl n nallvo
of llrldgnwaler.
Hev. C. M. Cluk wlll b;g!n a cnurBO of
lcclurcs at thc Mithodi.t cburcb nt Fair
haven on Suuday cvculng next. Tbo flrat
lccture wlll bo entltled "IIow to ottaln fu
turo bappincrs." Tbe pullic aro cordlally
Invited to nttcud.
N. A. Iiitcbneld & Co., o! Hydeville,
Bhlppcd to Europc, on Nov. 23, forty-two
car limda of roollng elnle, conlalnlng 1C3LI
6quarci, cocsistlng of purplc, unfadlng
green nnJ E04 grctn Thls i3 one of tbu
many 1.1,1111001) tlnt lliis ciitcrprlaltig
flrm Invo contracts lor, and wc unt!cr
etand that thcir shlpmetti nro direct and
not througli any nthcr conccrn.
Tho Shivcrinfj Victiras
0( ovcraud ague, wlio frceo to-daytoburn
to-morrow. mlght liavo bccn excmplCil
from tliclr presont trlnls h d thcy avallcd
tUcmselvos ln tlmo cf that Mleguard
agalnt all malarlons dlseasc?, Hoitettcr'a
Stomach Blt'crj. But It f 13 too late
for prevcatlon, It l not Iod lato for
curo. A slDglo boulo ot thls Irreslstlblo
hcrbal tonlc wlll ttop tho paroxj'Eins,
and a brlcf couiso of It wlll restero
tho prtieut to vigorous hoalth. Tho pru
dent and thotightful, howevcr, who would
rathcr ftrcstall Uls-aso tban walc for lta
aas 111113, wlll rcsort to thls suro defenco
agalnst IntewiUtent and remlttent fevets.
at tho cjtnmcnceinent of tho Benson
whcn ttey prcvaU. Noiv la tho tlmo to
forcarm tho cystcin nralnst fcrcr and
ague, bllllous compblnta nud djsferEla
Ufteascs whkli aro oltLn cnger.dercJ. and
alwajs nggravated, by tho clillls nnd
damps cf wlnlcr and catly sprlng.
Our personal avpiarance la a niattor ln whlch
our frlends and acaualnlaii'ics have n rlght to
a cholco wliether u Bhall lnil'ct upon thcm an
cxtcrlor uncarcd for and unattractlvc, a coun
tenance marred by a neglectcd grlzzled beard,
or acrown gullllcsa of covcrlni', lialt covcred,
orthatched nltUwUlto halra, or whether wo
Bhall ln deferonco to ourfellows. poy duo re
gardto our ownpersons and make thcm pre
Bentabln and accoptablo ln soclety. Thero are
many help3 for tlioso ho deslre to do thls. and
thero aro nono among them tnoto acceptablo
tlian IIall'3 Ilalr Itcncwcr and Jlucklngbam'a
Dyo for tho whlskcrs. Uotli theso prcparatlons
are kcpt for saloct all our drug storcs, and lt
any ot our frlends aro looklnga little the worso
forwear, wo ad?lso thcm to mal.oanoto cf lt,
.Vorth Star, Danrillt, 1 1.
Tli3 wholc Ej stcm la kcpt ln a heallhy
condltlou by takitig Ucnt's IUmeuv.
Dropsy, llrlghfs Dibtnie, Kidney, Bladdcr
and Glandulnr comp'.alutJ, Dinbctcs, Grav
cl, Incontltinico nnd Iictentlon of Urinc,
Iutempcrancc and Discasea of tho Urluo
Gcnital Orgaua, nrc thorougbly curcd by
IIunt's Uemkdv, and IhcpcrBon ls restored
to health.
Infalliui.b Eve Wasii iriakcs tbo Eyes
Ono Hundrod and Scven Eushels to
tho Acro.
So 6oya tbo placard cn a Corn ritalk
Biventccn Feet liigh In tbe Atchlscn, To
pcka and Btnti Fe It. H. Departmint of
the CentennUl Kxhlbltlont Scnd to tbelr
agcnt, W. H. Potbody, 197 Washington
Street, Boston, and gtt Stitements of tbo
othcr cropa nnd tho vcry cbeap prlco at
whlch thcir lcnils nro ioIJ.
MILLlKEN-STltEttTKlt At Oansvoorfs, K.
V., Dpc. Plh. by Hev. A. II. Davls. Albert H.
Mllllken of Baxtnu'd KIut, and Huttle M.
Btrceler of Fortavlllc, N. V.
Er.LI'! iTitlflllT At Jva3x, N. Y., Noember
29th, by J(ov. tleorgo II. Itobblns. Klchard V.
K1I18, ot lllncsburgh, nnd Ollvo J. Htrlght, ot
KINBLKY STHIQI1T At Eprcx, K. Y., Novem
ber S9th, by Itev. ueorgo II. ltobhlcs, Lojal
A. Klusley and Kllcn J. Ulrlgbt, both of Monk
ton. WILLSOX-HVDIt At Bellows Falls, Jlecem.
bereth, by Kov. Charle3 T. Ogdon, Joseph
vvillwn and Hirah a, daughter ot Ool, ltua
Bcll llydo.
Mi)UND-W'AIlDVELI.-At Itutland, Hsccm.
ber Uth, by Hev. Jaines Glbson Johntcn, Dr.
Thomas llound nnd Llzzlo O., daughter of
Oeorge E. Wardwell, cta.
WIIIPrLK In Wfatbetsneld Bow, Decomber
stb, Mr. O. Mandrcl Whlrple, aged 73 ycars
CO.NNBlt la itutland, Deccmber 1211), l cnry
A. Uonner, aged 30 yeara.
WAItltEN In btarkbboro. MIS3 E. P. WatTen,
nged 13 yeara. MlnncFotn pirirapleasocopy.
WIUTCOSlli-ln stockbtiuge, Uccember silt,
AtnandaM, Whltcomb. ased 43 ycars
LINCOLN In Woodstock, Deccmber 3d, Chas.
1'. Lincoln, aircd 58 ycars.
WII.LtAMSON In Anderson's Fcrry, Novcm
ber 26tb, Kov. Isaao I), WUUatnsoD, u. I) ,
born ln l'omfret, Aprll 4, lfOT. Ilo was ons of
Iho brlgbtest Rtarn ot tho Untvtriullst de
nomlnadOD ln the Unltcd i-tates, tnroughout
wkich lt waa v wtt known.
WILLIAMS ln Bellows Kalla, Dfcembcr, 20th,
Abby Nellle Wllllams, agod 14 j oirs.
BOYNTON-In North oncsier, November sctli,
Mra. Frlnda Boynton, aged U yeara.
FULLBIt-In Weston, liecembcr rth, Slrs.
Almlra Filller, aged 93 years and 7 mnnths.
IIODUK In East Charlotte, Deccmber lotb,
llcv. II. 1). Ilodgc, aged (4 years. Ilewasa
wcU.known Baptlst clcrgyman, who lias
laborcd long and tucccsslully la dincrent
parts of Vermont
WHITE In Mielburn Harbor, Decomber 8d.
Lavatcr H. White, uged 7T years.
BAC'ON In Birre, November 3 th, of canccr,
James T. llaojn. aged 43 ycars. lle wa3 a
aergeant In company 1'. socond Vermont vol
unteetBdurlng tno war.
IX);KWO0I)-ln Waltsned, Decomber 4lb, Al
bert Lo-kwood, aged 03 ycars.
BBELUON In riupert, November !Tth, James
Haelden, aged 81 ycars.
AMKH-ln West Itulland, November llth, nt
congcstlonof tholungs, Mrs, t'arollno Amts,
wlte of Mathlan Amea.
Mrs. Amea hadeiirrcicd from asthma for many
yeara j had alwaya brtn acltro nnd, llko
many tothers, was over totling, even beyond
heratrength, for tho oomtort of all whom sho
beld as acquatnUnces and trlendj! laylag
nslde all tns . nuatlom; ovorlooklng all wronga.
In behalf of lliniailier, husband and famlly.
wo would tender our klndest regards and
eyrapathy. looklng unto Ood as tho glvor of
all good.
The annual inoetlnar of the ntjip.khnlilir nr
the Flrst natlonal bank ol Xalrbavcn, Vermont,
wlll bo beldat ihebanklngbouaeot aald bank,
uuiucouajr, wnuuuijr yiu, ittl, HV UUQ V CIOCK
p. m., for tho purposa of elcctlng a board ot
uirouiura lur lua cuoHiur yrar.
dUdtwtd . 11, II. FUELP3, Cashler,
IMite ltock in Flnnics.
About Intlmldatlon In Virglnln.
Wasiiinoton, L)ec. M
Tho followlng la ILo prcsldtiit's mcsiago
rccolvcd by the tcnato to thy :
To tho Senato of tho United BtntoB :
la anewcr to n rctiolutlou of tho sencte
oftbcGth Inetai.t, jcrjucstlDR liifoimallon
as to whcthcr tronps of tho United Btatcs
were statloncd atPotcrtburg ln tbe alalo of
Vlrglnla, on tbo 7th of November, 1870,
and if eo under what autborlly nnd for
nhnt ptirposc, I Eubmlt tbo Inclotcd ltt or
from tbe ticrclnty of war to whom the
rctoltition wb refcrrtd, togethcr wlth tbo
rrpotlof thc gcnernl of tbo aruiy nnd ac-
companying inpcrs. Tbcto Incloauns wlll
glve all tLc Informallon callcd for by tho
rcsolutlon, nnd I confldcnlly bcllcvo will
justlfy tbe nclioii taken. It ls well un
deratood tlnt tho prctcnrc of Unltcd Blatts
troops n p liini; places ncver prevmtcd
a full cjerclso ot tbe franchlso by niy
cltii'.en of wlntcver polltical failb. If,
tben, thty havo-had any eiTect whatcver
unon tbc ballot east, lt 1ms buon to insuro
protcctlou to tbo c'.lizen cistlng it In giv.
Ing lt to ILc candiJato uf bii liubtascd
cholco witbout far, and tltns sccuring tbc
veiy cflscr.ro of llbcrly. It may bo tbo
pretcDce of ttrcnly-four Btildicrs under tho
command of n cjptiln actl liiutcnnnt ()Unr-
lcred in llu t ujlont houfe nt Pctcrsburg,
Va , on tbe 7th nf November, at a consld
crablc d'.strn-c from nny polla, wlthout
nny interfcrci ce on thcir pait wbatevcr
aud wlthnut golng ntar tho poll3 durlng
tbo tkctioii, may Itnu mcurul a (lijl'erent
rcsultfrom uhat rould have bccn obtaincd
ifthcy lul not bccn thcrc (to maintain peaco
i'l casa of n il) in tho face of tbo iclurns.
Dut If eucb ls tbe case It U only proof llut
in Ibls ono ooiisrlonal dislrict ln tho
tUt3 cf Vlrglnla lojal ntA coustitu.tloual
vo'.cts havo bccn ablc to rcliiru as olccted
tbo tundldatci ol thcir cboice.
fdigcctl ) U. B. Gbant.
Excciitive Mmsion, l)cc. M, 1870.
Tbo lottrr of tbo Bocrctury (f ar
datcd IK'ccmber lllh, and cnclotes tho re
pott of the general of tho anny and a con:
municatlon wlth ils "cnclosurcs rccelvcd
from tbo nttomcy-cencral. The Io'.t?r of
tbe lattcr cncloecs ojplet cf pap:ri tn file
in his cfllcc contalnlng infcrma'.l m wbich
be tiiya thows tbe neccsslty for ssndlng
troops to l'etersburg on tbe Cn of ul ;c-
t'.on. Gen. Shtrman'B rcport bays :
I bnvu tbo houor to icpoit tla' ct.inpany
U, Capt. Iircckct ridgo of tl o Unittd Htale
artillery, was pootcd tt lVlctsburg, Va ,
from November 4 to November 1!!, whcn it
was lccallol to iti piopcr ttation, Fort
Foole, Mjrjlcnl. To ti nioro coaiplcto
tinderstar.ding of tro caae I v.illaddlbat
ttnton tbo BCCi:nd ot Novctnbtra gcntlc
rnau came tome fiom the nttornty gentral
rcprcscntlng that tbcre was rea n to ap
prebcnd n bre.i?h of pincert Peterabtlrg,
and osklog tfcat.a dctacbn tnt of lr.opa bc
pent thcrc. Vou bclug tben nt3Jnt I saw
Judgo Tatt In pcrson and be ndviied that n
comraoy of soldicrs bo scul to Pctcrsbuig
If practlcablc, and next day bein in 1ot
York city I eaw GcEeral Hancock in per
son, aud aftcr Bonie inqultica uo to tbo
troops avallable I ordcrcd hlm to tend the
abovc dcier.atcd conipany to Pctcreburg to
remaln durlng Iho clcction of November
7th, and then to rctutn to i!s prs'.
Enclosed wlth tbo repoit wcro nflldavils,
ctc., relativo totbe nccessity lor troops at
Petersburg, ovcring tomethirly pages o
mauuscript. Tho flrst is tho etatemcnt of
Gco. N. Marble, to tlio ell'sct that on tho
Sotbof May be was cngaged in a building
a ebort dislancofrom the poila dUtiibutin:
republican tickets, whcn a i arir.cd body o
the opposllioo, wlth cfllcera nnd mircliiog
tn linc, usaaultcd n few colored men la
frout of his building wlth clubs and atonc?
wbich thcy uscl witbout a Bcmhhnco
mercy, betidcs shoollag one inan nfter
knocking hlm dotvn with a btone. ilarble
who cscapcd at tbe bci;lntiiug of tbo atlack
was immcdlately arnsled aid carried bcforo
tho judges of clcctiou wln coimulttcil blm
to jall for incitlnj rlot, wilhoul any ben
lDg wbatevcr. Wben brouglit beforo the
mayor no one nppear-d to make coinp'nlnl
nnd be was dUchargcd. ilo ndJj tbal he
firinly bcllcvcs tho republioiu v.ilers of ihe
city wlll not go out at tbo fall iltc.inn un
lcea thc cnernment wlll furuMi tl e n itm
pie pro:ei onbyEcniiig troopj for that
Olbcr r 111 ' ri's In rclalb n to oulragca ii
May,andcx.r --Iib belicf that the pns
enco of troops v. s ucccisuy to prctect re
publlcans at tbo polls and whlch wcro made
publlc about tbo tlinc troops wcro ecnt to
Petersburg, and htlcts from L L Lcnl',
Unltcd Btatcs a'torncy, nt,d 0. B. Ittuu
dell, Uulled EtiU) mirahil, urc also np
pendttl. Thcy nlate to tbc tamo tubject
and alao to a la'er ditturbmco cf tbe SOlh
of Octobcr, wben MciBre. B.'gar, Dall nnd
Uczendorf wcrc assaulted and a republican
meeting brokcn up. Coples of Virginia
newepapera and fomc ptlnted coples of or.
ders from tho war dcpartmcnt aro nho rm
braccd ln tho lncloeurcs.
South Carolina.
Nnw Yoiik, Dcc. 1 1.
A Columbla (8. C.) fptclsl tn; : Tho
dcmocrats havo ccrliflod rotles of tho clcc
tion returns from tbc clcrks of tho courts
in cverj county In tbo alalo. Upon them
tbo result wlll bo declarcd, pursunnt to tbu
rcsolutlon pi6icd by tbo dcmccratic houce
yesterday to count tto volo for governor
and lieutcnant governor nt 2 o'clock p. in,,
to-day. Fullowlng qulclc upoa tho nn
nounccmcnt wlll bo tho Irauguratlon of
Gor. llampton. Jndgo T. J. Jlackcy of
tho ilxlh judiclal clrcuit wlll aduilnlstcr
thc oath of olllce to tho govornor nud licu
tenant governor, ln tho absenco of tho chicf
juaticc of the supiemo couit ot tbo stato,
wbo dccllnci, on tho ground that qucBtious
pcrllncnt to tho valldlty of tho preecnt
stato govcrnment aro now reading bcforo
that tf Ibucal. Mr. llampton wlll tben de
lircr hls loauguial addrct a, whlch Is now
In courie of prcparatlon.
Tho inauguratlon of llampton took placo
In front of Garollni hall thls afternoon.
The tqcare in front of tbe ball wai denicly
packed wlth pcrsons of both racce, and Iho
housetopi wero covered wllh spectators.
At a::J0 p. m. tlen. llampton w a cseorlcd
to tbo tland nmld dcmonslratlons of grcat
cnlbuslaim. McmbctB of tho gcncral u-
Bembly cccupletl tbo ifaco Itnmcdletely
BurrouodlnR tto ttand, wlth ncrowd in tno
rear. Gorj. llampton llien rcad his
llo eaUl bo nssumcd tbo reanoEjIbllllles
ofthohigh positlon to wblch tbopeoplc
had cnlled hlm wlth fceling of tho pro
foundet Eollcllude, Ho toolt tho chicf
miglstracy lu tlmuof profotind pcaco wben
a legnl ofllcer bad been rcnletttl ln tho prc-
per dischargo "f his dulles. Ho eaul l"
pcjplo had wltncsatil tho apectaclc, abhor
cnt to rvcty patrlotlo hcart, of fcdernl
troops uitd ti pr.'inoto tbo bucccss of a
politlcal ra ly. Aftcr atflertlng tho euc
coio of hls parly nt tbo polls, hc wctit on
to Btato that It was sought. to wrcit thc
frulls ot hls victory by glganilo frtud and
Imo conBplracy, and tben prccccdcd to dc-
tiil iho raccilt'g ot tl.o gereral a'scmbly,
slallug tlnt tho membera tbtteof trcrocot
frouted by n'tned soldif rs of fcdtr.il gov
ernment, their ctrlllka'.CB patssd upon by
n cotporal of tho guard, ntid tbey dcbarred
from tha freo excrcuo of tbelr rlghts by
the prtioaco of anncJ foioa. S&ld 'je, you
bavo Bto.i tbe minorlty of thc bouie tiaurp
the powera of tho wholo body ; ywt bavo
Beoa tho majority cxpclled from thcir hall
by Ihreats of force ; you have icca per
sons bnving r.o ahadow of clalm as rncrn.
bers admlited to ttn's by lle votcs
ot nicn who llniniclvia wero ucllng ln
ditcct vlolatlon ottbo couailiutiiin and you
l avo seeri tha last crostnlng act of iufamy
by wblch tho candidntc for the c fllco of
govtruor, dtfctted by tbo pcpnir vote,
Lal blmnlf (Uclarcd clcctcd by hia co con-
cpirators. Ileootorcd eolimn protctt3 to
that wbich ho conaldered tubKislvo of
civil llbcrly aid deflrucllvo of our form ot
govcrntncnt. I.ct us, B3ld he, sliow thcm
that tho tiua Intcrcsts of both rtccs can be
best iccurcd by culllvallng rcico and pro
motlng prcs) erlty among all clitsts of our
fcllow-cit'.sna. I rely ou tbe eupport of
tbc gcnetal asstmlly In iny tfforle to oh
lain thetn laudablo cnda, aed I Irust all
brnncbeB of tbo govcrnment will utlte cor
dially in tliis patrlollc wotk.
At tbe cl(R3 of tl.o ndJrcaa thc oath of
ofllc J wa? adminittered by Trlal Jusllco
Marsball to llampton eb governur, nnt! to
W. I) Himpa.m as lieutcnant gjvetcor, tho
crowd tiHnding uncovercd wbilo ihoterc.
mony was UAns, perfonncd. Thecholr In
whlch llampton was teated wss tben
viappcd in uatiottit colora md he was
borno on the Bhoultlcrs of n dozec mcn to
bii hottl ctoorud by tbo cr.tiro crowd
Tbe congrcsalonal commlitce cccapled i
promlncut positlon lu cnsof tho balccnles
of tliQ liotcl.
Tallaiiassk, 1)cc. lt
The couc.reSflonal commlttco to-dny dit-
covcrcd what is clle gctl to be the lctcrpola
tiou of fC7enly-two names In tbo poll list
ofaprceioct in I.con county. lliisinter
pclatlon tbo dcmocrals charpe wca made
to covcr eeventy-two fraudulent tickets
minulo H.3 tliat wcio found ln tuo bpx
Tho dimucralB chargo that tbcse tickets
werc hlddcn ln tho fo!d3 of rcgular tickets
nnd tbui naiuggled luto tto box. It ls
(.hargcd'tlrit eitl.in3 fall tQ.Identlry nny of
the Bcvenly-lwo uamca. The rcpubliVans
faitordy to-moirov. Tbo aupren)r-urt
procccdiuga wera tloppcd until Baturdy
nc.t. 1
New Oblbans, Dcc. 11.
At a mcetlrg of tbo cougicsslonsl com
miitec, to-day, Clovcr, tupervltor ef East
Baton Itouge, who tesiiflcd yestcrday, was
recallcd by Gen Uurlbut. Clovcr fUbmit
tid n copy of nn allldivit, whlch accom-
panlol his retunn, Bhoniag rlot, tu.
mult, vloluace, fcar, dread and tcnothm
througbout tLc paritb on the day of elea
tion j did u .t wltness auy violcr.ee, but wn3
inforrr.cd of it by othcr pensors. Tte ufn
d.ivit r.ccompsnyirg tbo returns ai prc-
parcd in the cualom liouso in that cily.
Ilugh J. Cimpbcll assltted lu prcparicj it,
A numl erot wltncsscj wero ciamlntd,
Littlo Eock Buming.
Little Hcck, I);c. 1 1.
A flre brolte out 'Ihia racrnlng la Mc-
Cabe's Ico bouse, nnd soon comtnuoicited
to Iho ndjoinlng bo'.cl, and from therc to
tho cily hall, wherc tho flro appnratiH ia
kcpt. At 10.15 o'ebck tho watcr supply
gave o'jt, ai d It is fearcd tho wholc cf
Main itrect will be dcatioycd unlcES water
la prccurid. The loss wlll reach 8200,000.
Thc tc'Ujtraph wirca run throtiBh tte burn.
Ing i trtet tn l coniraunlcation may bo cut
cff at nny momenl.
A Bold Robbery.
ZvSKavir.LE, Ohlo, Dcc. 14
Abaut ono o'clock thls mornlng four
maskcd men entercd tbe dwclllng of Wm.
JI. ltcam at Bomertet, compo'led bim to
nocompapy thcm to bi3 banklng bomo and
opcu thc vault from wbich thcy took 810,
200. Cmcflhe robbcrs icmaincd wlth
ltotm'8wifo to prcvent ber (.Ivlng the
nlarm. Tho wtl.ns'aro ln purtult of tho
A Lovc-Crackcd Murderer.
New Yoiik, Dec. 14
Kugcno Chtlit, a Frencbman, tbU morn
Iuk Bhot Ibio) liaies, probably fstilly.Mary
Ivelly, aglil of 17, who rcfuscd to trn'jy
blm. He met ber on the Blrett nnd flrcd
oue tliot into hcr back. After tbo fell
Cnrlst madeno nltempt to cscapc:
llier Verdict.
I'llItADEI.l'llIA, D0. 14
1 1.0 llbtl auit of Struthcrs & Bon, ccn
trattors for marblo for publlo bulldlogs vs.
tbu Kvenlng Ilullctln, was csncluded yes
tcrday, Damages were clalmed ln 550,
000. The jury tliis afternoon brought ln a
Benlcd verdict for tbc plalntiffs, aud aftesS'
cd daiiisges at ono ecnt.
Large Firo.
AtioubTA, Mc., Dec. 11.
A fiio broko out thls mornlng la a storo
on Wutcr street, and cxtendcd rapldly,
Ewccplng away tho homci on cacli bIJo of
that itrcit from llendeea pbotogrnph
rooras to Hoblns' haruess ihop, and luvolr
lug loases aggrcgatlng bctween $0,000
und 810,000, on whlch thero Is loautnnco
amountlng to about $3,000.
New Tork Btoek and Uontr Mirket.
NIW YOKI. Dco. 11.
Money loaned up to s and dosed at l pcr cent,
rninoiutrcanuiopaperooi uoi wuv.
Htiirllnir exehanea nulet at 481 and 4t3V.
(lold opened at H7, and rlosed at 1U74
wiin saiea in tne inicnm at lus.soiuiri.
Clearlnga at tho Uold Kxchango (23,330,(00,
Cusiom rccelpts, f 101,000.
Treamry dlsbursouienui MI7.CO0.
Oovernmcnta clotod Hrm,
Htmo bonds qulet and nomtnal,
ltallroad bonua lrree-ular.
uiockaearlylntbeday advanced V31.V P'r
ccnt, tho markct contlnulog ttrong Uirough'
out tuo day. At tbe closo thero was a dccllno
ofw pcr cent.
0 transact.lnn.4 Itl Rt)e.trl Irurlnv rvvirrecrAt.
cd Ol.coo Bharcs, Tho prlnclpat deallngs wcro
as followai
i4no Bnorfl, s,600 Erlo, li,0C0 Bt. rauls,
o,ww , tiunuriu uuiuu, u.iw; j'tiixnuiL, i.ui.Kli
wanna nnd Wcatern, B,loo ! Mlchlgan Ocntral,
uoiucioscn at iot;,'.
(lovcrnment bonds aro acltvo and strong,
Moncy closcd at 4 pcr cent.
Htato bonds nomlnal.
Hlocks dull and Irreirular.
Tho followlng aro tne closlng Qaotatlona i
n. tt.es 'si reg n
U. B. 03 '81 OOUp..,llOVf
U,B.B-S03'03 Old. .108V
U. H. e-203 '63n0W,.112'a
U. H. 6-aos'67...,,,ll
U.H. B-M3 '63 117
Ilarlcm ,,,.,.1i9
do prcf ,,,,133
Mlchlgan Ccntral. 43;,-
Panatna IV)
Union l'acinc co;,'
LnkoBhoro Mlch
lgan southcrn... an
llllnolaC'cntral.... C?h
U. b. DS tlOW 110S
U.H. 10-403 rcg.,,,H3W
U.H. 10-40scoun...U2t.'
Clcveland & l'ltts-
Ourroncy ot lat'j
uuri' oo
ueiaware anu itua
t.onCanal........ 70
Cblcngo A: Norlh-
wosieru ha
do urcf wys
Clcveland, (Jolura.
bua ti C'ln 83
N.J. Ccntral mi
Itock Island U3;
Mll. Bt. l'aul 20
do prcf.. itx
Fort Wayne 101 ',-
do prcf.,103
Del.,Lack.&We6t. 71 W
C. B. & IJ 113
Uannlbal a Bt, Jo
seph 12!,'
Ccntral l'acinc... I(8,'
Union raclflo t e s ;
Bxchangc long.,,,S2
do ehurt..4S4
Canton 23
Oouaolldatcd Coal. so
uumocnand 83
Wcatern UnlonTsl-
ograph 72',
OulcksUvcr lt.
do rrcf... lsx
L uuiuu jiinu
Adams ExprDss...I02
Wells, Fario A Oo. 69
Amcrlcan M. U. li-
preas to
prcss 51
Now Yorl: Uentral
and il. n ii ioo.
Erlo o
ao prcr 10
Rtw York Produce Ilarkct.
NIW YOBt, DCC. 14.
Flcok. Heeplnta 11.433 barrem. Mnrker. nn.
changcd. Ealea of 9.800 barrcls of No. 3 at (40O.A
4 40 ; supcrnno wcstern and stato at ts O0t33 to ;
commou 10 good cxtra wc3tcrn ana stato at
1-1 40yo 63 ; goni 10 cuoico ao. at (3 7005 73;
rominon U cholco whlta whcat wesiern cxtm
15 8HS7 0); faocywhlto wheat wrstcrn cxlra
iu. fi w; coinuion 10 gouQ cxtia Ohlo at
13 4T 00 ; common to cholco extra St. Louli
ai v60(S8 25; patcnt MlnueEota cxtragood to
frboatlItoa;8Micholcoto doublo extra ut
4 73(39 to. Market closlng dull.
wubit iteceipta csi.oio bushcls, Markct
ls nuoted dull and decllnlnir. Hilrncrs nmi
tnlllcts holdlng orf. Bilca of B9,fC0 bushels ut
fiifi,r o. s Mllwaukeo ; fl 1131 21 for ud
grad.dsrrlng; $1 87 lor 1 Mlnnesota
ItYE Tho nmrkct ls qnoted 03 bclng
dull. Balea ot wcstern nt b0scc ; cojt03c lur
Jersey, stato and Canada ; aUo 2 800 bushcls
wcstern at sogsjc.
Bablkv Tho market Is quotcd as bclng
dull and dccllnlng. No. 1 C'uniuU ls nomlnal
at l 10,41 uw.
iiaiu.bt jualt 1 no raaruct 13 quotea as
(.oiiH.-Ilecelpta 21,000 buahcls. Tlio markct
13 a shade Ilrmor and actlve. Bales lss.voo
Mtfc for new wcstern mtxedj tsxo for olJ
graaea iow mixca ; Dxa&o rorungraaca wo-i-ern
tnlxed ; coo for Kansas mlxed ; coo for No.
2 Chleago ; coo for old Btcamrr ycllow ; ta53o
for white southern.
OiTS. Iteeelpta 18,200 bush. Tbo markct Is
qulet, flrm and tn fair detnand. Balcs 43.0C0
buih. at S3f(?40o for mlxed westcrn and stato ;
asr.23 for wiuio do., including rejcctcd at
E3,5c; New York Nc. 3 at 37assc : do. No. s
wulta Now York at 89Vo i tloNo. 2 white at
41 xnllc: do. No. I white at 49c ; mlxnd wc3tcrn
at S9XC43VC ; wuuoao. at ayuo; mixeastaic
at 4?,ir.M : wbttu-do. ut il.avi:.
lur. 'ino maruot 13 quoted flrmi coc for
slilpn'.ng. '
llors. Market 13 quoted belng hcavy. Salcs
at iiHis3 loryearnngsj iS(S33o for new crop
.KaiiTU iiuu ,eaieru; 'iwn&ua lor new ttcw
Yorl: atate : co33c for new cron Callfornla.
CoryBK. TUe market for Klu 13 (piotcd as
ueiuK e uiuur uuu quiiL owing u scarcuy;
cirgoea ate quolcd ut 16320o gold; lO'.O
21'ic gold tor 10b lota.
st'UiB. Tlio sugar market 13 quotcd as
belng qulet and r.omlnal at 9';10o for fair
tn good rtnnlng; lo;,'o for prtme. ltdlncd 13
ln fair demand nt lP.allKci standard A at
"H ' i pjnuercu at wtsivx ; graauiaica at
12 Hc
M0LASSE3. Tho market for forelgn gradcs ls
qutct. New Orleans Is quoted dull at 6035De.
Kicc Tho market la quoted aa belng steady
iiuu wiin uioueruiu iuquiry Ht (5o;c lor 1)U'
l3Una : 0k(.t0!(e for Curolinn.
1'xiKOLEPM. Tho market Ii quoted as qulet,
flrm, wlthEalea ot crude allSc; reflncd atc.'c;
casea 33(431": nantaa Us.
TiLtxiw Tno markct la quolcd a3 belng
unsuttled. BJlco of 00.000 pounrts at8'ic.
L'ou3. Market Is quotcd as llrm at 0s:oo
for aute acd I'ODnsvlranla; 23293 tor wesu
crn : Ilmcd dull at 17a21c.
i'chk -ino man:et 13 quotcd as bclng
nsettlcd. Biles of mcss atjio 75.
BKSP. 'Iho mnrker. .ls mint.i.fl ai helncr
otl J 60 lur new cxlra do.
Lard Tuo marKet Is quoted as exclted
and hlgh.T. Sales cf prlaiu Eteam at Jlo 30
10 3, c.oslDijat flMr,.
BoTTKH-vitin market Is quoted as bclng
nrm for Aiolcc, oiher "railes dall at Hd
800 for westgrn ; 2013303 f j state.
OiEeas-yrho market n- juoted as belng nrm
at 7Hror common to prlmo.
Wuina7.l., markct a qunted a.s bclng
uuuuu.11 r uujers n 11, Bcnera at i 12.
BironTiib SxTKKasLT ron ras rctlad qlocb
Vermont Harkets.
The followlng Is a correct cxhlblt of tho etand'
lngof the Vermont butler nnd chceso markcU
for tho wcck :
ht. At.niKa. Tlee. 13.
Butter Common told at 10418c; good. 159
-u; cuMice, ; gitt cago suc, pcr pounu,
Ths market was dull on Tuesday, wlth re
cjlpts llgUt and no chango to noto ln prlcc.
nicnuo.xn uarkkt.
IticnMOsn. Dec. 13,
llutter 1'alr to good, S53270 ; cbolco 33 to
83c. l'ouitry 12316c.
IlutteraoUat 203320; 2S27cfjr good; 103
83c for llao fall made, Chceso sold at 1012c.
Vekoennes, Dec. 9,
llutter 20 to 303; Eggs2l to27c ; l'ou try 10 to
15c ; liay 510 ; rorK 7.
Tho market ay on Baturday was not veiy
buay compared wlth tho wceu prcvlou3. Shlp-
mentsC,4S) &j butter ; 013 lls ot poulory ; tovcn
c.ira cf shccp, mostly for Boston.
Mmni.KBCKV. Dec. 13,
Butter 27 to soc; Checsc isc; cgga 27o ; sprlng
cniCEenspr 10., no; poiatucs, co., oats se:
clear. Jlltot 5 0': tDur.SDrlmr. terbbl 7 00 to
f 7 60 ; do. wlntor, $1 so to f 3 60 ; hay JJ.00 to
l tu w; wooi .u iu ?c.
New Haven. D?c. 13.
Butter 2f :ie; rouliry utolle; Egg321c;
11a) tv to v.
Theshlpmcnts tor Nuw Ilavcu Btallon on
Tuesday 4CC01tsbutter, loso lt3 of poultry ; two
cars ot stave3; ono car of hay.
Bolton Frodaco Markot,
Thursday, Dec, 11
New York and Vermont Flno fa'l 1 .1 1 p ;
nound. 3t.433c: extra d&lrli--. vsvtsou: cwd t
cholco dalrlcs, 25230 ; eummon to fair, 18
Tho recclpts for tho week bave been V.C07
packagCB agalnst 8,6M packages for tho wcck
corrcspondlng last year, and 10,503 packages ln
1574. Tho markct has not changed materlally
slnco last woek. strlctly flno fall lots ot New
York and Vermont conlluun scarco and rcadlly
command 3733 V IW and soaao fancy lots go
lilgher, but mcdlum gtjdts aro ln full Bupply
and msve slowly. Sales raoge from 213!So V
lb, Including fair to cholco dalrlcs, wlth a few
extra quallty at 29330c. Cholco westcrn dalry
packcd rclls a3 fast as lt arrlvcs at 2J52Sc y n,
but thls klnd la In vcry llght recclpt, and most
ot tho wcstern butter lsot a low gradc, wlth
sales ranglng from 153223 v lt. Th3 stock ls
not largo for tho scason, and holdcra aro rot
dlsposed to forco salcs but bujers contlnuo to
cperato vcry cauttously and wo sco vcry little
prosp;ct ot any tmprovement. Wo quota:-
New York and Veraont-Dne fall lota V lt. 429
83o ; extra d.ilrles, 233100 ; good to cholco
dalrlcs, 2532S0 ; common to fair 18323c,
Iteeelpta ol butter ln New York for tho week
wero 21,978 packages ; oiports for tho wcek,30
packages. Thero was nsiloof nncst Octobcr
crcamery, o tubs togother, at 300. Tiiero wcjo
sales of slnglo plcked tubs for famlly uso at CS
S3o ; and llnes ot cholccst fall prlvato dalry
at S2385C. Fall factory mako of creamery but.
ter Is about gone, and Is best Bold bcforo tho
holldays, whlle It has frcshacsa and llavor,
Tlirrn wern Bfllea Of llnO Delnwnrn nnd Clipn,
ango dalrlcs, cntlre, atl332c ; and wo hcar
otonoepecltl fancy brlnglng 33c, Also, thero
wero Bales of Beveral Onclda county loDg nno
dalrlcs at 30v3Slc, and lots tf plcked up odds
and ends of varlousqmlltlcs. Welih tubi fell
at 20a22a and up to 25a ; aUo a salo of a lot ot
poor odds and ends ot Chatauqua, ccunty half
tubs ls notcd at 21c, and llgbt colored, flasby
wlntry made butter brought about tho nmo
prloei, Navlgatton on the North rlver has
closed. The market sums as bright and actlve
for a sparkllng, tull-flavorca fall butter, and
for tho nncst enllro dalrlcs ; but dull and slotr
salo for all klndsof mtddllDg etjlo ot Btock,
and altnost no dcmand for a stale, or a crcam
wbeyod, or a tour or ranctd buttor, We quote 1
Flnest Scpttmber and October creamery make.
359400 ; prlvats dalry, flnest fall, &S331S0 1 good
to cholce, H3la ; wlnter roada, common stock
20t2isoc t rollbuttcr.lesc; mlddloand aouth-
crn counttos, entlre dalrlcs, flne, 80333c north
ern Wclsh dalrlcs,flnc, ssosie; Now Yorl: stato
dalrlcs, good to cholce, "smnc , wostern frosh
mill btittcr, 2oa24cj debrls of tho tnarket 153
soc; greaso lOallo.
Vcrmftnt cholco factory, 13tfatl!fo : fair to
i;00 12313C,
Tho recclpts for tlis week havo been 4,031
boxcsand I0f tons Tho market sustalni a
nrm tono wlth a f.ilr dcmand from tho trhdc.
Cholco wcstern and Vermont factory has bccn
tclllng nt 14sltc V lt, and holdcra aro vcry
slirf nt tlio outelile prlco. Fnncylots aro hcld
at lSc but buycrs ara not prcpnrod to glvo thls,
cxccpf ln a very small way. Kalrlo good lot3
rango from 12tflc and occaslonal ccmmon
lots run down to 1091 ic VB'. wo quotcs ver
mont, cholce factory lt914c;falr to good
lSQlSc; coiatocn lKl!e.
Hoccipls lu Now Yotk for tho wcck wcro 68,.
011 boxcs; rxpirls so.tsi boxcs; gold lCTjf.
Thero bava bccn heavy recelpis freo exports
anl gool contldcnco nmong lioUIcrs. Tho cal
culatlon aoems to bo that tho checso factorlca
opened lato aud clossd carly, thus cuttlng off
tbo soason's make atbolli ends and that tho
drouth ln Canada anl New York, togelher wlth
tho hot, dry summcr In i:uropc, has rcsultcd tn
ashortcrcp. Thero are now, howevcr, hlgli
o:can frclghts. lowcr cold nnd forclgn cx-
chango, nnd any alvanced prctcnslons ot prlco
would undoubtcdly lcsson consumptlon. Wo
quoto : Stato factorj', fancy Bcptcmbcr nnd
Octobcr make, nvsiBc ; prlme, carly mokc,
13143; fair to good. 1!13CJ wcstern, cholco
natandCheddarchcoee, U31 lc; fair to good
carly make. 10Uxc ; tome onMlavorcd chceso
43SC ; bklmmcd, (&s ; state, firm dalry, faney
HJiOlSXo ; statc, farm dalry, good to prlme,
lolic ; state, farm dalry, f Jlr to good, 03100 ;
state, Urm dalry, poor to fair, 7goe; westcrn
fancy, Bcptembcr faney, uxeilWi westcrn.fac-
tory, good to llno Il(!l2e j wcstern, factory,
falrtogood, oxc.' Hc i woatcrn, factory, half.
sklmmcd, 78c ; wcatorn, factory, tkluimed,
Baatcrn. 29aaoc: Northern. wasoj : WostcrD,
Tho followlng are the U33ton quotitlons for
bcans :
Cholco mcdlum t2 37 to ti 10 : l'ia h'ans.
tl S7 to 13 VUi j Yellow Eycs and Ittd Kldnej s
16 Oift IV II IV,
Tho Boston markct Is llrm, and ccnttnu3 ln
Wo quoto silc3 at 11.73-22 to p:r barre).
Markct for onlons ln Boston arc ln fair dC'
EmlrHofic. Slc,ial.lO:,I;iol:snn Whltea csa.
w ; oiucr kiuus vj lu v;.
Potatossln Boston havo bcon ln demand,
Swcet polatoo are scareo and In nomlnal Ce.
Market qulto flrm for ntl klmH and prlces
eontlnuetobs wcllsustalned, pirtl:u!arly for
lloh llecces. The salc3 havo not bcca to any
oxtent, but nro qulto as l.Tga as could bo t X'
pectcd. Most of thc flno lloeccs 011 tho market
aro hcld abovo tho lews ot buycr1", and very
little cholce XX ls otfercd under toc V is. Thc
sales comprlso 275,000 t!s Ohlo and IVnnsylvj
nla, X, XX nnd abovc, at 411433. tr 03 ly from 40
at33 V ! 35,000 tt,i Mlchlgan, Now Ilamps'ilrc
aud othcr flccces at 3la4S, mostly from 3-s4 12c
y R ; 100,000 11,3 unwashcd and unmercbantablo
flceccsats.r,,'s;a35c; 125,000 fts comblng nnd dc
lalne lleece3Rt 49aIBJ for washtd, and 3 u37c
for unwashed; 203,03011.3 fjllOillfoinU nt tsa
27c; 20,000 lt3 sprlng at 21c ; t,),on ir, i tupcr and
X pulled at 3iil5c ; 25 too 1M souredat 4).i7.';
30,ooj r.s tub waihcl at 47c : 23,coo Kn nolli at
3ia3:c ; ntnl co,o.u l3 sundrlos at vaileus prlces
as to (fiallty. In forclgn weol tho salet havo
b3en 153,000 us Capo at lsaWo t' f gold, ln bcnJ
for Canada, atd 103,000 1,3 M illtcrrnncan 111
prlvato terms.
For Wook Endlng Tnctday, Dcc. IS, 1370.
Cattle. Shct, Lambs. Swlnc,
Thls wcck 15iC cnt
Last wcck 102) 1SM 10,570
One year ngo leoi itsi to
Cattle. SbccpLamb3. Calvcs. Bwlno,
Pi. u 21s ....
Vermont.. 233 seis
Mass 2 50 ....
New York. 212 13M ....
Wcstern.. 731 010 . .
Canada ... ....
Total...."i520 CC14 TTT7
Nunbcrof cara over tho dtffcrcr.lrcuds Bos.
ton iuxi Lowell. &tt.
l'rlcea 01 markct Becf A f ow cholco at t? 75
C4S0 0D; extra $7547 60; nrst quallty to wm
(4 75; second quallty $iO0S75; tblrd quallty
tl Ulgi (O.
Prlces or storo cattle Worklng oxcn V Fair,
trom f 100. 1123. J150(S175.
Mllcli i.'ows nnd c.iives from f3Ci3So; extra
jcrnfeo ; iarrow cows f-ujiu.
Yearllnga Jioooi23; two yeara old $10330
three veara old i25i40.
Western fat swiue , llvo 6(370 rer lb. North
ern dressed lioes. , ?.c.
l'rlcesotBheeDaim lambs ln lots. at tl co.
J203, fjto IJ75 eacu ; extra 3V5(!SI75
eacn. or trom a3vo re.
Prlces ot hldes, tullow and Bklns Brighton
nuies ti-ic 5 n,; couniry uiacs ,c a;
couutry tallow co V lb; Brighton tallow
ut 0 V tb.
Pelts tl cach ; Calt Bklns, 10llo V It.
N. B. Beef Cholco gradcs Includes nothtng
out Btau-rcd liou 10 1100 ids uuuocks. i.iiru
and nrst quallty Includes tho bost, largo fat
oxen. Hccoud andthlrd quallty Includes oxcn
and two and thrco year old stccrs.
Bheep Extra Incfudescossets, aud when those
oiintenor auaiuy uru mruwii out.
Cattle ln conscqucnco of tho snow storm a
train oiwesicru caiito anu onu irain ot norui-
u't iiui. pu.iu u,. o),.u.i ui,' v , . .,, .iuuuu
ly atrlvu dmlDg tbe day. Wo llud tho markct
not very actlve, utd on pidlnury grades lt
woum Bcem tuai. rrtcea iniiieuu usoa
cattle at llrm rates. N M 1,'oser.iut, noid 0
thrco year old sietrd, ave 1 l 1,10 ' na, nt tn V
1. l'ollard cold 2 oxen, nverago llvo 1,050 11h, ut
'4uiive, u. .11. nvur fcoiu iuk cuwp, ureaa 01
11,3, at co V , 1. W. I. II. sargont sold 2 oxen,
3,iG0 ibs, ut SMc, llvo welght ; 1 ox at 1 xc V it,
1). W.
Ehehn Tho markct for Rhccn ls at roduced
prlces (hls week ; supply was 100 hcavy for thc
Dcalera pald In tho country ratis hardly ar.
rantable. nnd talk sales at a I033 to-dav. J. M.
Dyer BOldoi shccp, that averago C5M 13, ut u
tiinoover ao tf v. .n. Aiaruu boih vi snee
uclirhlmr 0.3C0 ibsat 8UC. N. M. Knsecrant sol
ossheen. ovcruco so lbs. at5K,c. iAnbort Ilast-
lngsbad Inhlsllockcf 41 head decldodly tho
otfit in marKei ; 111s owu iceuin; ncu nau
i,lc; Fuld to (i. W. IIollls, who nlwnys takes
tirs eiii'leman'allockCTcryicar! tcey welithcd
85 n, im 1 tne prlco3wasperfettly ngrceablj to
tj u 1, r.
lo jli r. -Only a cralo ot 300 tbs of turkcys and
chlekens lu iiarkct: BO!d at 13vtc lb. Cnn bo
boughl ul that prlco oressed, liul tho dcal;rs
wautcdafcw iiva, anu wero wllilng to piy as
mucu ns 1110 uroseu tor tne H'.nuu iui,
late Dairy Mntkcts.
UllOV, 1C. 11.
Tbo Imprcsaiou tbat tho etornge in tho
Interior is llght cobtinucs to icfldcnco
tinde. Dunng tho pist week tbe elluallon
has bccomo etronger lu favor 01 factory
men and holderi. Tbe ca'jlo contlnucs
flim at 70s. Tbo cxtreme ptlco ls pald for
tho cholco Octobcr and Sepieaibcr grades
whlch are vcry scarcc. Tbtra 3vaa lnrgi
falling cff lu tbo rccelpts lait wcck j acd
they wero but little ln cxceis of IIiobo of
tho corrcspondlng wcck U oit. Trade
waa somewhct less activo tlinn on tho pro,
vious e;k, but prlces advarccd. Tbo
cloalngot tho Intorlor mi'ktt) for Ihosin
eou wlll scrvo to lcesuu the rccelpts licrt:
after. Tho tnbular Btatemcnt of linisac
Hons at New Yotk last wcik and tho cor-
rcsponuiug week last year U ns tollowa s
Iteeelpta. Expoilu, OoKI. Cablo l'r,
I)t0, J1,1S7B fO.CtO 17,S3 1M 63
DCO. 9, 13(0 18,011 S'J,0o3 107V 70
Tho Intorlor trado cloecs wilh protnlso of
aprosperoui rcsuniption ncxt eprlng. Tho
atorchousca aro well cleaned, and mauulac
turo will doubtleas thcn brg 11 wlth a b.uo
Tho transactions in butter havo been
sllght, wlth no chaiige lu prlcea or in tho
attltudo of dealen. The Pivductn' JVim
Ourrent revlews tho eiluatlon as followai
Mott rccclvers call lt dccldcdly dull, but
othcri report a fair trado. Very cholce
gradcs bavo rulcj a) hcrrt'jforo llrm, with
u vcry modcrato eupply olfcting. Lttit tbcre
aro eo tow ot tueee 101s 111 tne Bioci inst
tbelr Btreogtb or wcakncas can cxctt little
Inducnco upon tbo gcncrnl markot. Fancy
dalry and creamery pnils, Blcadily reduclng
inBuppiyas tuo atnsoo nuvances, onu the
bnlf-flrhln tubs off, n few cxttcmcly cbolce
dalnea aro tho klntls wblch elinw etrcngth.
Thcrc Is n freo rccoiptnnd larco supply hcro
of good Bound ttatc Imltcr In tUlrics acd
invoicca 01 tub and llrklce, and for nll euch
tho tlomnnd is siack, nppearanccs lcdictt
Ing tbat piiccs nro too hlgli for n dcmand
ln proporllon tn the tupply. Tbo groccry
ttado complaliia tl nt tlio consumptlon Is
cxticmcly llgbt. l'eoplo ato etlll oliliccd
10 pracllco cconomy becauao 01 tho tnl
tlmcs. In tbla rcpe"ct thcrc ia ccilalnly no
Improvcmcnt thls ytnr over laat. Firklna
tlll continuc t ) bo tho dullcet stylc, cpec-
la'ly lots of low grade', of tbese wo havo n
tood many, the pnorer packages ot In
voicca wbich bave been hft as tbo betlcr
gta'lcs have bccn edectcd out. Wo bcar
of lomo euch lols qnoie 1 nt 18S2!J Wclsh
tubs mnvc Blowly nleo tbla wcck ; tbo frceh
liavo sold modcrotcly will; but bodlcs cf
dalrlcs bave movcd vcry elowly. The cx-
port demnn l lor Wclsli feemB to liavo en.
tlrciy cc383d. ilc inroicea ot nan-nrkin
tubs vary in actlvity accordlng to quallty,
tbo hlchest cratlis iclllDir lcit. Wfitcrn
cholco creamery has beld Its own well, but
lew nnrks bavo been coou cnnuRU 10 ten
at our out6ldo qur.tltlon. Frcfh dalry
packcd tui3 havo sold well and nrmiy.
Tne umlcrfcl?nf d liavlr p nurchaeed tho larre
Rtotk of L'oods fomerlv ownid by Iiounds &
Ttittlc. aoiihavlnnaddedtoibc abovo a larco
asa trcsu iot 01
propwo to sell for the next, thlrtv datn at tho
oiu siun'i ut greuiiy leuuctu j ru-t.,
wlll bo scen by tho follovMng:
5,000 Yards Vrmis
Including nll thc now nnd dcBlrable Blylos, for
Six Oents per Yard.
200 Ladics' Hcavy nll W ool Xubias,
I!arglcgfrom40 to 05 cctti.
WOOL I10SE AT 121c I'EH l'AIlt.
11113 flllU MUOliinUSAT
Also sprclat bargalns ln White Wooltn Blao
kcta. Bullalo Kobes, I.ap Hobeb, l'urs, Ladleb'
Sleevuli-as JACkttx, tirnts' Catdlgan .Hckets,
LRdlet' and nents' t'nderwf ar, Scurfs, IIo3lery,
In fact our ftcck ln cvery (lepirtment 13 com
plcte, and partles looklng for
Holiday Goods
wlll rinl lt for their lntercst to examlno our
stncl: bffore bujlcg nnd It LOW PKICKS wlll
securoliapplnciwowlll promlfoto mike you
nll bappy, as wn propose ln tho tuturo to be
lleadquartcrs lor O00J Qood3 at Low Prlces.
E3. K. TU'5'TLE & CO.
West Bulland, Vt Dcc. 11, 1375.
Or.wEi.t.. Addison C Dcc. 15.
Wohave sold tho llght of trapplng on our
fattnt and on East Cretl; to Jcllerv.n M. DodJ,
for ten ) cars from Dctvmber 1, 1670, lllgned
lt. W. Miolcs, t2 ; 1 Ward, t2 ; Edwar.l Arthur,
tt.CO: It. Bnutliwell, fl; J. A. BeeKwltb. 12 ; II.
HfBUaan.S.': S. II. Bascooi.ll ; tllenoy lusioai.
f.'; W.A. n.-fiom,2; 1!. A. VMUiutHE, irn;
Wm. l'r,neh f:; wniinm Larabee, fl.M; 1) M.
Clark, js; llcniy Ca'ilng, t.'. disirl.
CHl "I S) a day nt homi.
iplA Ou'fltand tf rnu I
Agonts wantci),
e: TltlKACO,
AUUAtn, Malnv
Special Coxnmuiiication
Our Anuual Roductionof Stock lm9 couiiuoucetl.
We have Decided to
We have Decided to
At a Large Reduction in Price.
At a Large Reduction in Price.
For Men, Boys
For Men, Boys
Mndo Withotit Hnmmerinp
The "lil.MONDS" sivs . ,
mcans ot heat and premir",
mrrlng, and are Wrrrantrd .
mered saws for the followlr .' r,
r t) hti
Tlio succMaof the tiro:eaM rca r(ri . a
form heat. Insures a neifinl: un f rmtempil
and they lllo nnd cct I11 a tnorc r.M tacijl
manner. 1
Belcg freo from unevcnstrila orl le, tlnl
stand unto tbelr work bcttor. 9
AsthoBtccllslettlnnniitural r nOBlnn bl
thls r,roces. tho ftaws retaln their orlirlnil
Bhapc, or positlon, as they nrc r (lu, J ln euil
thus avolding tho ntcestlty and t ,
Belng mako of a hlgher quall ff
lt is practlcal to use by tUe old ruct
hold an edge longer.
of r
Large elrt ular mlll sas nb 1 n anjl
renBOiiable sneed wlth cuin ,v ircfjil 1 jPb. 1
Bawssoinehesln Uiomcurlia. m ' bfra '. Medl
Irom 4fOto 12V) turns n mu.'.i , v , pcrt era
pnilucunn wunu namin,'i, 3 it 1 r uut 11
haminered illlf 'rnntlv fjr!,l , r u ,.
Tne-'SIMONHV' sawt, re., t ti.'fu enlcn-
nil, a 31 i 1 ;j luuia. m. , ti, 1 ,-. r, rc
portoflheli atd ut .ludgi
"Clrcular - iw- ot beauiitu' fln, , il im.
and onglnnM'j ln themeiii'xi - f ure
A trl.ltt th- 'S1M0N1S"H a','
any mlll mn tant he cunno, 11,1 11 j t j 11 tmm
mercd euws.
Simonds Manfg Oo.,
Kiruniiuuo, mas4.
(11 Wl tlltt
WllUoon be on falo byallll '"ia r.whoare
now Bendlng In their otd 1-. r m the
1'ersons bo unfortunate ns 1 d ris' wuere the I
uoalersarc i.va.t. eaiisiiiib' , r at r U
Bendlng twenty-nvo cent t ' ih
diswtt t f ' ..vrv .N II.
- "
l'lfty pages 3C0 lllustrai, , v
tlons nt tbousands cf lb" b'
VegetablPH In tlto world, ..iul "
lAim all firaTivoCem po 1 :
cd In (iertnan und Engllsli.
Vick'a Floral Guido, iuar
nis a
Vlck's Flowor and Vruatablo Garden, ",0l
cenH ln paLtr; ln eiegant im $,
A.dres-s, JAMEIVHK.I'.jJk 11 r,N V.
If '
Clfifi n wpr-k in vourowntown Tetni-j
i)V-'J andir, ou'llt frt . ii. H'lLl'TT
co I'oriland, Maloe. oltv ,y
Ci K TO fSOA ner dv athnme. 8)ml
iDSJ pltsw rtntsirei . bllNl
bON CO , l'jn land, Malne- fiiswiy
Oflfer our Entire Stock
Offer our Entire Stock
and Cliiidren.
and Cliiidren.

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